I remember hearing, in the 1950s, rumors that Hitler had escaped to a secret Nazi base at the South Pole.


In 1952, Dwight D. Eisenhower said:

"We have been unable to unearth one bit of tangible evidence of Hitler’s death. Many people believe that Hitler escaped from Berlin."

When President Truman asked Joseph Stalin at the Potsdam conference in 1945 whether or not Hitler was dead, Stalin replied bluntly, "No."


Stalin’s top army officer, Marshall Gregory Zhukov, whose troops were the ones to occupy Berlin, flatly stated after a long thorough investigation in 1945:

"We have found no corpse that could be Hitler’s."

The chief of the U.S. trial counsel at Nuremburg, Thomas J. Dodd, said: "No one can say he is dead."


Major General Floyd Parks, who was commanding general of the U.S. sector in Berlin, stated for publication that he had been present when Marshall Zhukov described his entrance to Berlin, and Zhukov stated he believed Hitler might have escaped.


Lt. Gen. Bedell Smith, Chief of Staff to Gen. Eisenhower in the European invasion and later Director of the CIA, stated publicly on Oct. 12, 1945,

"No human being can say conclusively that Hitler is dead."

Col. W.J. Heimlich, former Chief, United States Intelligence, at Berlin, stated for publication that he was in charge of determining what had happened to Hitler and after a thorough investigation his report was:

"There was no evidence beyond that of hearsay to support the theory of Hitler’s suicide." He also stated, "On the basis of present evidence, no insurance company in America would pay a claim on Adolph Hitler."


Nuremburg judge Michael Mussmanno said in his book "Ten Days to Die," "Russia must accept much of the blame (to the extent that it still exists) that Hitler did not die in May 1945."

However, Mussmanno stated that he interviewed Hitler’s personal waiter, his valet, his chauffeur, his two secretaries, pilots, top generals, etc., and they all agreed perfectly that Hitler committed suicide.


He said they could not have gotten together afterward and made up a story that agreed in perfect detail without one flaw anywhere, so they must be telling the truth and he was absolutely convinced that Hitler committed suicide. The story at first sounds convincing, until you realized that they could have memorized a story BEFOREHAND and these were all people who almost WORSHIPPED Hitler. Do witnesses ever agree "perfectly" in detail in real life?


Former Secretary of State Jimmy Byrnes in his book "Frankly Speaking" (as quoted in the April 1948 "The Cross and The Flag"):

"While in Potsdam at the Conference of the Big Four, Stalin left his chair, came over and clinked his liquor glass with mine in a very friendly manner. I said to him: ’Marshal Stalin, what is your theory about the death of Hitler?’


Stalin replied: "He is not dead. He escaped either to Spain or Argentina.’" I still have the September, 1948, issue of a magazine called "The Plain Truth" with the headline article: "IS HITLER ALIVE, OR DEAD?," subtitled:

"Here is summarized the conclusions of an exhaustive three-year investigation - together with reasons for believing Hitler may be alive and secretly planning the biggest hoax of all history."

Another article in November, 1949, says "The Nazis went underground, May 16, 1943!" and details a meeting at the residence of Krupp von Bohlen-Halbach, the head of I.G. Farben, etc., at which they planned "for World War III."

Another article in August, 1952, entitled "HITLER DID NOT DIE," subtitled "Adolph Hitler’s fake suicide in his Berlin Bunker now is exposed as History’s greatest hoax! Positive evidence comes to light that Hitler did not die - here’s new evidence that Hitler is alive, directing Nazi underground, today!"

The June, 1952, issue of "The Plain Truth" is headlined: "HITLER "May Be Alive!"" The article states:

"Now, NEW FACTS, or purported facts, leak out. It’s reported now that in 1940 the Nazis started to amass tractors, planes, sledges, gliders, and all sorts of machinery and materials IN THE SOUTH POLAR REGIONS - that for the next 4 years Nazi technicians built, on an almost unknown CONTINENT, Antarctica, the Fuhrer’s SHANGRILA - a new Berchtesgaden.

The report says they scooped out an entire mountain, built a new refuge completely camouflaged - a magic mountain hide-a-way. The recently discovered continent is larger than Europe - 5,600 miles from Africa, 1,900 miles from the southern tip of South America, 4,800 miles from Australia.


It is NOT a mere ice-covered surface, but a real continent, with plains, valleys, mountain peaks up to 15,000 feet. The temperature in the interior is around zero (?) in the summer, and never drops below 20 or 30 degrees below in the winter. In other words, it is not as cold as in parts of North Dakota or Canada."

"Bonjour" magazine, the "Police Gazette," and the Paris newspaper "Le Monde" all had articles about Hitler’s South Pole hideaway.


Admiral Doenitz, in 1943, stated,

"The German submarine fleet has even now established an earthly paradise, an impregnable fortress, for the Fuhrer, in whatever part of the world."

Although he did not specify where the exact location was, "Bonjour" pointed out that in 1940 Nazi engineers had begun construction of buildings that were to withstand temperatures to 60 degrees below zero.

There have been strong rumors, from the end of the War, that Hitler escaped to the South Pole. Yet, most people simply REFUSE to believe the evidence, the idea that Hitler survived the war is just unacceptable! It is too upsetting to too many people!

There is plenty of PROOF that the Americans and Russians LIED about what happened to Hitler, and there are strong rumors that he escaped to Antarctica. There is ample proof that a major group of Nazis escaped to Argentina. What do YOU think? Why did Admiral Byrd lead an "invasion to Antarctica," and why the extreme secrecy about the whole situation?

In 1981, Donald McKale wrote "Hitler: The Survival Myth" to try to lay to rest the questions about what happened to Hitler.


The flyleaf says:

"In this book a distinguished historian examines the postwar world’s most absorbing and persistent mystery, revealing why it has endured and where the mystery leads".

The back flyleaf says "Absolute certainty about what happened still eludes us today."


Just recently on TV there are STILL programs telling "at last, the final, once and for all, this is the real story" about what happened to Hitler, yet they all do not really answer the question. A recent TV program, called "What Really Happened to Adolph Hitler," after investigating numerous stories, ends by saying that, in spite of Glasnost and the new freedom of access to Russian files, the files on Hitler are still some of the most highly classified items of the Soviets.

The "Diario Illustrado" of Santiago, Chile, January 18, 1948 issue, said:

"On 30th of April, 1945, Berlin was in dissolution but little of that dissolution was evident at Templehof Airfield. At 4:15 p.m. at JU52 landed and S.S. troops directly from Rechlin for the defense of Berlin disembarked, all of them young, not older than 18 years.

The gunner in the particular plane was an engineer by the name of B... whom I had known for a number of years and for whom I had endeavored to get exemption from military service. He sought to tank up and leave Berlin as quickly as possible. During this re-fueling interval Mr. B... was suddenly elbowed in the ribs by his radio operator with a nod to look in a certain direction.

At about 100-120 meters he saw a sleek Messerschmitt Jet Model 332 [an editorial comment says this should be an ARADO 234]. Br. B.. and the radio operator saw, and without any doubt whatsoever, standing in front of the jet, their Commander in Chief, Adolf Hitler, dressed in field-grey uniform and gesticulating animatedly with some Party functionaries, who were obviously seeing him off.

For about ten minutes whilst their plane was being refueled the two men observed this scene and around 4:30 p.m. they took to the air again. They were extremely astonished to hear during the midnight military news bulletin, some seven and a half hours later, that Hitler had committed suicide."

On a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation program called "As It Happens," September 17th, 1974 at 7:15 p.m., a Prof. Dr. Ryder Saguenay, oral surgeon from the Dental Faculty of the University of California at Los Angeles, said that Hitler had ordered a special plane to leave from Berlin with all medical and dental records, especially X-rays, of all top Nazis for an unknown destination.


He said that the dental records used to identify Hitler’s body were drawn from MEMORY by a dental assistant, who disappeared and was never found.

An editorial in "Zig Zag," Santiago, Chile, January 16, 1948, states that on April 30th, 1945, Flight Captain Peter Baumgart took Adolf Hitler, his wife Eva Braun, as well as a few loyal friends by plane from Tempelhof Airport to Tondern in Denmark (still German controlled).


From Tondern, they took another plane to Kristiansund in Norway (also German controlled). From there they joined a submarine convoy.

("U.F.O. Letzte Geheimwaffe des III Reiches," Mattern, pp. 50-51.)

The Jewish writer Michael Bar-Zohar in "The Avengers," p. 99, said:

"In 1943 Admiral Doenitz had declared: ’The German U-boat fleet is proud to have made an earthly paradise, an impregnable fortress for the Fuhrer, somewhere in the world.’ He did not say in what part of the world it existed, but fairly obviously it was in South America."

The German writer Mattern said that Admiral Doenitz told a graduating class of naval cadets in Kiel in 1944:

"The German Navy has still a great role to play in the future. The German Navy knows all hiding places for the Navy to take the Fuhrer to, should the need arise. There he can prepare his last measures in complete quiet."

The Germans say they were in contact with extraterrestrials.


Now consider what Ronald Reagan, who was involved with the formerly Nazi Gehlen spy organization, said to Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev at the November 1985 Geneva summit conference: He told him,

"How much easier your task and mine might be in these meetings that we held if suddenly there was a threat to this world from another species from another planet outside in the universe. We’d forget all the little local differences that we have between our countries, and we would find out once and for all that we really are all human beings here on this earth together."

("International Herald Tribune and Daily Telegraph," 5 Dec. 1985.)

On September 21, 1987, Reagan spoke before the General Assembly of the United Nations and said:

"I occasionally think, how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world. And yet I ask, is not an alien force already among us?"

On May 4, 1988, at Chicago’s Palmer House Hotel, Reagan said:

"I’ve often wondered, what if all of us in the world discovered that we were threatened by an outer... a power from outer space, from another planet."

You of course have heard about Reagan’s Star Wars program. If you study what was reported "after" the Gulf War about the Patriot missiles, you will find that the Patriot missile program and the Star Wars program were a big lie and the money was spent on something other than what we were told. The Patriot missiles never shot down a Scud, as learned by Congressional inquiry and reported by Israel.

There are so many facets to this story, it is hard to explain one part because it will not make sense unless you understand the other parts.


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One thing that Admiral Byrd stated in a press conference after his defeat at Antarctica was that the Antarctic continent should be surrounded by a "wall of defense installations since it represented the last line of defense for America."


Although the U.S. and Russia had been allies during the war, suddenly the "Iron Curtain" was created and we and the Russians became enemies.

Both the Soviets and the United States ringed the poles with defense and detection bases, and in between was the barren no-man’s-land of the poles where absolutely nobody lived, or did they? Could it be that we pretended we were protecting against the Russians and they pretended they were protecting against us, while really we and they were both scared of what was in between us - the Nazi Last Battalion?

UFO researchers should now begin to see the light of why the Navy has always been in the lead of UFO research. And you should now understand why, right from the beginning, they issued shoot-to-kill orders against any UFOs and why the situation was so highly classified! And anti-communist researchers have more clues now as to why we were giving aid to the Soviets at the same time we were calling them our enemies! UFOs - NAZIS OR ALIENS?

Let me be sure you understand, though, that NOT ALL UFOs ARE NAZIS. Originally they were Nazi with some alien. Later the U.S. developed UFOs, and the Russians, and who knows who else.


But all along there really were extraterrestrials, that is from where some of the technology originally came. Read the lives of Walter Russell, Nikola Tesla, the world’s most advanced mathematician Ramanujan, etc., and they all say they were in contact with "gods" (The Goddess Namagiri, in the case of Ramanujan) or they had "enlightenment" from a "cosmic messenger" as in the case of Walter Russell.


Russell is one who understood true physics, as opposed to the deceptions taught in modern physics.




Let’s return to the origin of the Russian space program.


The Russians also captured many German rocket and space scientists. Later the chief Russian physicist was Kapitsa, who once headed an atomic research laboratory at Cambridge University. ("Assault on the Unknown, The International Geophysical Year" by Walter Sullivan, McGraw-Hill Book Co., New York, p. 56. Part of the IGY explorations were covers for secret investigations into the Nazi UFO base at Antarctica, see books referenced elsewhere.)


The Russians were successful in their endeavors and in 1972, at a meeting of Communist leaders in Prague, Brezhnev stated that the Soviets would be able to dominate the world by 1985.


He specifically stated they would control the oceans, 90% of the land, and the air and space.


He said they would control, not invade and conquer.

  • In 1974, the construction of the Tara directed-energy facility at Saryshagan was begun.

  • In 1975, a Soviet article in "International Life" talks about weather war, changing the nature of lightning, increasing the power of lightning, and using directed energy of tremendous power at specific targets. It tells of using "atmospheric electricity" to suppress mental activity of large groups of people.

  • On June 13, 1975 - he repeated his call for a ban on doomsday weapons to visiting U.S. Senators. They could not understand what he was talking about.

  • In August 1975 - Ponomarev made the same proposal to a group of U.S. congressmen visiting the Kremlin, same result.

  • In November of 1975 - large amounts of hydrogen gas with traces of tritium were detected at Semipalatinsk by U.S. Air Force TRW reconnaissance satellites. General George Keegan had been paying special attention to this facility ever since one of his men warned him of something "fishy" there in 1972. This was evidence confirming his suspicions of Soviet particle beam research.

  • In October-December of 1975 - the Soviets destroyed at least five U.S. satellites over the Indian Ocean.

  • In 1976 - the State Department revealed that the U.S. Embassy in Moscow had been continuously under some sort of microwave radiation attack from the Soviets. Two ambassadors were killed, other people got sick. All Embassy employees were given a 20% hazardous duty pay increase. In 1976 - Soviet nuclear physicist Rudakov visited the U.S., and gave a talk which was immediately classified and the blackboard ripped down and carried away. Material which was open public scientific material in the USSR was considered classified here in the U.S. Who was being kept in the dark?

  • March 30, 1976 - a huge unexplained boom occurred over the Netherlands. Probable Soviet scalar howitzer test.

  • July 4, 1976 - Independence Day! Russia joined our celebrations by activating its giant "Woodpecker transmitters" causing worldwide interference in all frequencies from 3 to 30 MHz. Transmissions have been continuous ever since. Later the U.S. government said these were merely Russian over-the-horizon radar.

  • September 10, 1976 - European Airways Flight 831, Moscow to London, saw a huge blinding ball of light below them. Pilot contacted Soviets, was told to not ask questions. This was probably a test to measure the British reaction and to determine if the British knew what it was. In 1976 - Sweden detected evidence of nuclear explosions from Semipalatinsk but without seismic activity.

  • In 1976 - Legionnaires Disease strikes in downtown Philadelphia. Kills 34, 187 others got sick. Dr. P. David Beter said this was actually caused by Soviets releasing plutonium gas, but Bearden says it was a scalar electromagnetic attack.



  • March 24, 1977 - a luminous patch of light appeared off the coast of Spanish Sahara, Africa, and a large globe of dynamic lights appeared over it. Bearden says this was a test of the Tesla shield which shields everything within it from any outside attack.

  • June 11, 1977 - Soviet scientist gave a report to "Los Angeles Times" journalist Robert Toth (who was in Moscow) which spoke of energy coming from the vacuum of space. KGB quickly arrested both and charged them with possessing Soviet state secrets. Most American scientists at the time thought energy from the vacuum was nonsense.

  • September 26, 1977 - Russia launched the Intercosmos 17 octagon space vehicle and destroyed the U.S. moon base, as mentioned in earlier "Fire From The Sky" material. Soviets also destroyed our spy satellites and "took the high ground." Russia has prevented us from controlling space ever since.

  • December 1977 and later - mysterious unexplained booms began occurring off the U.S. coasts. This was, according to Bearden, Soviet weapon registration and calibration, and according to Beter was warnings to our government.

  • Also in 1977 - Russia began weather war in earnest. Two huge hot spots in the Pacific were created which caused an El Niño effect and resulted in one of the most severe winters on record. For more information, read Tom Bearden’s materials and check his reference material. January 27, 1978 - all three engines fail on a Boeing 727 off U.S. east coast, restart one by one as plane falls 8,000 feet. Bearden says this was a Soviet test and warning. Four planes crash in 6 days NW of Las Vegas in February, 1978. From this point on the aircraft events and crashes are too numerous to list and are still ongoing. Atmospheric booms were reported over Texas coast, Nova Scotia, South Carolina.

  • April 2, 1978 - 39 pilots in a race off Florida experience "time loss" on synchronized watches. Unexplained lights and lighted objects seen and tracked on radar over Florida.

For more information on scalar EM bird kills, earthquakes, Tesla shield observations, crashes, and much more as part of Soviet man-caused events, see Tom Bearden’s material, Dr. Beter’s material, and related material from other authors. There are far too many for me to list.




In December, 1978, I received Vol. 1, No. 1 of the "Coalition Insider," a report of the Coalition for Peace Through Strength.


This was published by the American Security Council, started by General George Keegan after he resigned as head of Air Force Intelligence to become a private citizen so he could warn about the Soviet particle beam and other weapons developments.


The back page article entitled "Soviets Have Satellite Killers" says:

"At a news conference recently, Defense Secretary Harold Brown revealed that the Soviet Union has placed into operation a space interceptor satellite capable of shooting down U.S. military and civilian satellites."

How did he know the capabilities of these interceptors? Because they had already knocked out our satellites!

The article further stated:

"Last year, the Soviet Union denounced the U.S. for even considering the development of a similar space interceptor satellite, capable of shooting down Soviet interceptor satellites, before they could knock out our reconnaissance satellites. Any such plans, warned Moscow, would be in ’direct violation’ of the treaty for peaceful uses of space. But, the Soviets already had a ’killer satellite’ of their own!"

The co-chairman of the press conference is pictured; his name was Senator Robert Dole.




Also in 1978 I received a packet of Communist literature from the Soviet distributor Northern Book House, Box 1000, Gravenhurst, Ontario, Canada.


At the time, I considered the material as worthless nonsense garbage. Now, as I review it, I am shocked. They talk about humans and animals responding to "electromagnetic waves." They talk about Soviet scientist Dr. N. A. Kozyrev’s study of earthquakes on the moon. They talk about getting energy out of the vacuum.

They brag about the "world’s first supersonic aircraft," the Soviet TU-104, introduced in 1956 (they ignore the German supersonic bomber code-named Horten XVIII, made in 1945).


I’ll just quote the article:

"Remember back to 1956? World’s first jet passenger plane. Changed whole course of flying (vastly increased people carried).

When NN ["Northern Neighbors," publication of Northern Book House] said it (15 years ago), hor-hor-hor, such exaggerating! Plane was, of course, famous Soviet TU-104, long far ahead of USA. Now they’ve {Russia] got the TU-144 supersonic aircraft.

And where is USA? Where NN said it would be. Far behind USSR’s. But darn it all, we missed out! We didn’t say USA would not have any SST at all, like it hasn’t. Sorry, but don’t expect to see us exaggerate all the time. These days it’s hard to see how far behind USA is falling."

Oh, but now we are far ahead of them, we are told.


Our supersonic passenger transport is the, ah, er, it’s the - somebody help me out here, please? And our space station is the ah, er, oh - never mind. We have Disney World, so there!

They quote a "U.S. News & World Report" article "U.S. Superiority Has Ended," April 5, 1971. The centerfold of the magazine is a spread of pictures of the inside of their space station and the four men working there for months at a time. They point out that the U.S. astronauts have to crash land in the ocean on return, while Soviet astronauts land on the ground.

The next page is an article condemning Zionism as racism! One of the articles tells of the Russian educational system. In their system, there is no homework, all study is done at school. Everybody learns another language starting in Grade One. In some of the schools physical training consists of three hours a day! No wonder they win all the Olympic medals.


Oh well, they are probably just bragging.




Anybody familiar with Nazi Germany will be familiar with Himmler, Speer, Bormann and such but few have ever heard of Hans Kammler.


Kammler was a General in the SS, rather an accomplishment any way you look at it. Kammler "was regarded by many in the Nazi hierarchy as the most powerful man in Germany outside the Cabinet." ("Blunder! How the U.S. Gave Away Nazi Supersecrets to Russia," by Tom Agoston, Dodd, Mead & Co., p. 4.)


Kammler, whose position of authority was directly under Himmler, was in charge of Hitler’s most secret projects, specifically projects such as the world’s first jet engines and rockets. He had over 14 million people working for him, mostly building underground factories. Agoston said his projects were equivalent to being in charge of building the Great Pyramids of the Coliseum in Rome.


Speer said that he believed that Kammler was being considered to take his (Speer’s) position.

Working under Kammler in charge of rockets was General Walther Dornberger, who with Dr. Werner von Braun, developed the V-2 rocket. Working with Kammler at the "Reich’s most advanced high-technology military research center" at the Skoda armament complex in Pilsen, Czechoslovakia was General Dr. Wilhelm Voss. Some of the projects at Skoda remain secret to this day, but it is acknowledged that among the projects was one by Dr. Franz Josef Neugebauer, "a specialist in thermal systems for aircraft nuclear propulsion." (Agoston, p. 12.)

Albert Speer, in his book "Spandau, The Secret Diaries," brags that it was he who ordered Werner Heisenberg to stop building an atomic bomb and concentrate on a "uranium motor" for aircraft. Towards the end of the war, Hitler even made Goering and Speer subordinate to Kammler.


Eisenhower admits in "Crusade In Europe" that the Nazis were within 6 months of developing advanced weapons that would have changed the outcome of the war.




Rudolph Hess, Hitler’s best friend and second in command, went to England to try to stop the war with Britain and was arrested as a "war criminal" on May 10, 1941 and was kept from having any contact with the public until he was recently murdered. He was the only prisoner in Spandau prison.


who paid any attention to his situation at all have wondered what was the big secret he knew that made him so dangerous to the Allies?


Perhaps the answer is revealed in Christof Friedrich’s book "Secret Nazi Polar Expeditions" on page 34:

Hess "was entrusted with the all-important Antarctic file... Hess, himself, kept the Polar File..."

If you look at a map of Antarctica you will see that a portion of Queen Maud Land is called new Schwabenland.


This is the part of the continent nearest to South Africa. The Germans made a major expedition to this area in 1938-1939 and began the construction of a major base. For details of this expedition, see the book by Friedrich. This book has pictures of the "warmwater" ponds and other information that will surprise you.


It has maps showing that Admiral Byrd’s Operation Highjump (Naval Task Force 68) military invasion landed on the side opposite the German bases. The book tells of a major food item in the area called krill. Ever heard of "Krill?" The maps of Operation Highjump say that they left the German side of the continent unexplored.

A man who was very influential in modern German post-war politics was Hans-Ulrich Rudel, a frequent guest speaker in German military and political circles. Rudel was the man groomed by Hitler to become his successor. It is known that Rudel made frequent trips to Tierra del Fuego at the tip of South America nearest Antarctica. One of Martin Bormann’s last messages from the bunker in Berlin to Doenitz mentioned Tierra del Fuego.

The book, "UFOs, Nazi Secret Weapon?" says (p. 8)

"Hitler’s appraisal of the Jews can best be summed up as contained in ’"THE PROTOCOLS OF THE LEARNED ELDERS OF ZION.’ This is a very important aspect of the whole U.F.O. story, because in it, we find the seeds for many far-reaching decisions made 30 years later."

Do you have any idea what such a politically "incorrect" subject such as the "PROTOCOLS" could have to do with UFOs?

A book called "America’s Aircraft Year Book" tells about the U.S. using captured German scientists at Ft. Bliss and Wright Field.

"Among those in the German group at Wright Field were Rudolph Hermann, Alexander Lippsisch, Heinz Schmitt, Helmut Heinrich, and Fritz Doblhoff and Ernst Kugel. Hermann was attached to the Peenemunde Research Station for Aerodynamics, where Germany’s V-2 rockets were hatched and launched against England. A specialist in supersonics, he was in charge of the supersonic wind tunnel at Kochel in the Bavarian Alps.


He also was a member of the group entrusted with Hitler’s futuristic plans to establish a space-station rocket-refueling base revolving as a satellite about the Earth at a distance of 4,000 miles - a scheme which he and certain high-ranking AAF officers in 1947 still believed to be feasible."

Later evidence shows that most or all of the craft and flying saucer scientists disappeared. The available evidence indicates they went to South America or Antarctica.

The "El Mercurio" and "Der Weg" papers told of a large submarine convoy discovered by the British Navy at the end of WW II.


All available Allied units engaged the convoy and were totally destroyed except for the Captain of one destroyer, who was reported as saying,

"May God help me, may I never again encounter such a force."

On July 10, 1945, more than two months after the end of the War, the German submarine U-530 surrendered to Argentine authorities.


The Commander was Otto Wermoutt. The sub had a crew of 54 men (the normal sub crew was 18 men) and the cargo consisted of 540 barrels of cigarettes and unusually large stocks of food. The Commander was 25 years old, the second officer was 22, and the crew was an average of 25 except for one man who was 32 years old.


This was an unusually young crew and upon questioning it was learned that they all claimed that they had no relatives. A map from a Spanish book called "Is Hitler Alive?" with the route of the Fuhrer convoy shows it passed alongside South Georgia Island, where later a secret underground base was the focus of a secret battle during the Falkland Islands War.

On April 4, 1944 at 4:40 a.m. the German submarine U-859 left on a mysterious mission carrying 67 men and 33 tons of mercury sealed in glass bottles in watertight tin crates. The sub was sunk by a British submarine and most of the crew died. One survivor on his death bed about 30 years later told about the expensive cargo and some divers checked out his story and found the mercury.


For what purpose was this mercury to be used? And where were they trying to take it?

There are many other stories of other U-boats and German survivors, mostly in the Southern Hemisphere.


The Germans and other European nations required very meticulous registration records of everybody, including their relatives, employment, addresses, children, etc., and at the end of the war the Allies, cross checking these records, taking into account casualties and deaths, determined that there were 250,000 persons unaccounted for.




Hitler signed the order for the atomic bomb to be built on September 26, 1939.


The top scientist on this project was Dr. Werner Heisenberg. (Powers, Thomas, "Heisenberg’s War," Alfred A. Knopf, 1993, p. 16.) Heisenberg won the Nobel Prize for physics in 1932 "for the creation of quantum mechanics."


He was professor of theoretical physics at Leipzig and later Director of the Max Planck Institute for Physics. His best friend, until the war, was Niels Bohr. Edward Teller received his doctorate by studying under Heisenberg (Powers, vii).

Thomas Powers wrote the book "Heisenberg’s War, The Secret of the German Bomb," in which one of the main themes was trying to account for the fact that Germany was far ahead of the rest of the world in developing the bomb and yet the Allies were astonished when they found the primitive experimental reactor at the end of the war that was supposedly the best the Germans were able to accomplish.


Excuses such as German inefficiency, etc., do not fit the evidence, and to say that the Germans were more moral than the American Jews that developed the bomb is not politically acceptable.


It is known that the Germans were also working on the hydrogen bomb, and the Allies frantically bombed the heavy water plants. There are many books and movies about the heroes who stopped the German nuclear efforts, yet somewhere in the hoopla you find that at least one large load of heavy water was never accounted for.

In a speech in June 1949, Vannevar Bush tells that the Allies were extremely concerned that the Germans were ahead of them on the bomb, but finally found out "they had not accomplished five percent of the undertaking which had been brought to success... in this country." He blamed their failure on typical German "regimentation in a totalitarian system."


But if you think about it with an open mind, you should realize that "regimentation in a totalitarian system" is usually MORE efficient, especially when it comes to making weapons.

Powers explores Heisenberg’s explanation that the Germans "had used their influence as experts to direct the work into the channels which have been mapped in the foregoing report." But the "foregoing report" did not explain what happened.


Powers said:

"His account is incomplete. Something is withheld" (p. 482).

On the last page he sums up by saying,

"No one denies what Samuel Goudsmit found in southern Germany in 1945 - a small-scale program of atomic research that posed no threat to the Allies. It is the difficulty of assigning reasons for the failure that have kept the issue tender for nearly fifty years."

When Field Marshall Erhard Milch visited the Gottow laboratories in 1945 where atomic research was being carried out, he asked Heisenberg,

"How big would a bomb have to be in order to destroy New York or London?"


Heisenberg replied: "About as big as a pineapple, and we will have a basketful for the Fuhrer by Christmas...!"

(Mattern-Friedrich, "UFOs, Nazi Secret Weapon?," p. 77.

Some of the material in the book came from classified documents obtained from the CIA. See elsewhere in this text. (It takes 33 pounds of highly-enriched uranium or 13 pounds of plutonium to make a small atomic bomb).

In 1943 Niels Bohr escaped from Denmark to London and reported that Germany was making the bomb. They also had proof that the Germans had "cornered the major supplies of uranium and also of thorium."


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Boris Pash, head of security for the Manhattan Project, and scientist Samuel Goudsmit followed the lead tanks into Paris and into Germany, looking for the German nuclear laboratory, which they found in Strasbourg. This was called Operation Alsos (Greek for "Groves").


Peter Goodchild in his book "J. Robert Oppenheimer, Shatterer of Worlds," p. 110 said:

"Very soon a picture of the Germans’ progress began to emerge. They revealed that Hitler had been told of the possibilities of a nuclear weapon in 1942 and that there had been a whole series of uranium pile experiments. But the crucial facts were that even as late as August 1944 the experiments were still at an early stage.


The Germans had neither the certain information that an explosive chain reaction was possible, nor did they have the material or the mechanism to make their bomb. It was apparent that the project had moved forward hardly at all since 1942. There were one or two people in Washington who, when they read Goudsmit’s final report, suspected that the information had come too easily, but most people believed it."

It is possible that Germany DID develop the bomb, and the Allies kept it secret?


In "Heisenberg’s War," p. 481, Vannevar Bush is quoted as saying in June 1949:

"The Nazis wanted an atomic bomb; we knew that. They had as good a chance at it as we had. In the tense years up to 1945 we thought that they were close competitors, even that they might be six months ahead of us.


Then after Stuttgart fell and the Alsos mission did its work, we found out. The Nazis had not even reached first base."

Surprise, surprise. Or was it lie, lie?

My best guess, based on the evidence, is that there is a strong possibility Germany DID develop the atomic bomb! The Americans managed to capture some of them in early 1945, then on August 6, 1945, dropped one on Hiroshima. This would account for J. Robert Oppenheimer’s curious statement that the bomb dropped on Hiroshima was made in Germany.


Could the Germans have taken some bombs with them when Hitler escaped? Was the submarine convoy protected by nuclear weapons, and were they what stopped Operation Highjump? Perhaps not, that is just conjecture, but I strongly suspect we got the "bomb" from the Germans.

In "Blowback,"

"the first full account of America’s recruitment of Nazis, and its disastrous effect on our domestic and foreign policy" by Christopher Simpson, he states: "On July 6 [1945] the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) specifically authorized an effort to ’exploit... chosen, rare minds whose continuing intellectual productivity we wish to use’ under the top secret project code-named Overcast...


At first this was justified on the grounds that German scientists might be useful in the continuing war against Japan"


When the Allies found the German atomic bomb laboratory, they were amazed that it was just a small concrete reactor in a cave, too small to go critical.


Yet they went to considerable trouble in a top secret program to grab these scientists because they might be useful in defeating Japan? What were they going to do, throw radioactive concrete at the Japanese?


Tom Agoston in "Blunder!" says (p. 38) that

"Unknown to Allied scientists, the Germans had been able to build up a sizeable stockpile of U-235 and had held up to two tons, as well as two tons of heavy water."

William Stevenson, in "A Man Called Intrepid," says

"The Germans had the man [Heisenberg] whose theoretical work was the basis of the bomb" (p. 456) and "In the military field, the view prevailed in 1939 that the country with the greatest chance of bringing together the pieces was Germany."

Let’s see now, the atomic bomb was a German idea, they had the best scientists, they had a proven ability to develop advanced weapons, they had plenty of raw material, and yet their "bomb" consisted of nothing more than some radioactive concrete in a cave in a hill at the base of a church? ("Heisenberg’s War," p. 421.)


The German laboratory was captured on April 21, 1945, then three months later on July 16 a bomb was tested at Alamogordo, New Mexico. Then on August 6, 1945, one was dropped on Hiroshima, and August 9 on Nagasaki. This is not counting the nuclear explosion in the Oakland, California, area, but we are not supposed to know about that.

Pash and Goudsmit in Operation Alsos captured several tons of uranium and,

"it was shipped to Britain and then the United States, transformed into uranium hexaflouride gas for isotope separation at Oak Ridge, Tennessee, and finally in the form of U-235 used to destroy Hiroshima."

("Heisenberg’s War," p. 362.)

Most classified files from World War II have been routinely declassified under the provisions of the U.S. Freedom of Information Act.


Tom Agoston ("Blunder!," p. 124) said of the Alsos information,

"The files continued to be suppressed and remain under lock and key in Washington, well beyond the thirty-year rule. The motive for this remains a four-decade mystery."

He also said that the testimony of Albert Speer, referring to General Kammler, "The transcript continues to be classified beyond the normal thirty-year rule, and is not expected to be made public before 2020."

Kammler disappeared at the end of the War and it was reported that he committed suicide (four different versions). If he were dead, why the secrecy? Kammler was regarded as "the most important man in Germany outside the Cabinet." The chain of command was Hitler to Himmler to Himmler’s Deputy SS General Karl Wolff to SS General Oswald Pohl to Kammler, and later the link was more direct.

Dr. Wilhelm Voss told Agoston what happened to Kammler was a "hot matter" that could not be revealed.


Agoston said one of Kammler’s close associates was Rudolph Hess, who flew to Britain on a secret mission in May 1941.

"The secret British file that might explain why he flew to Britain will remain closed until the year 2020"


What clinched the proof for me was when I read in Phoenix Journal #18 ("Blood And Ashes"), speaking of the Manhattan Project,

"Of course, they utilized the German production urn and, actually, the bomb used on Japan was constructed in Germany"

(p. 159).

The author of those Journals is "One Who Knows."




The newspaper "France Soir" had the following account:

"Almost 1-1/2 years after cessation of hostilities in Europe, the Islandic Whaler, "Juliana" was stopped by a large German U-boat. The Juliana was in the Antarctic region around Malvinas [now Falkland] Islands when a German submarine surfaced and raised the German official naval Flag of Mourning - red with a black edge.

The submarine commander sent out a boarding party, which approached the Juliana in a rubber dinghy, and having boarded the whaler demanded of Capt. Hekla part of his fresh food stocks. The request was made in the definite tone of an order to which resistance would have been unwise.


The German officer spoke a correct English and paid for his provisions in U.S. dollars, giving the Captain a bonus of $10 for each member of the Juliana crew. Whilst the food stuffs were being transferred to the submarine, the submarine commander informed Capt. Hekla of the exact location of a large school of whales.


Later the Juliana found the school of whales where designated."

The French "Agence France Press" on 25 September 1946, said:

"The continuous rumours about German U-boat activity in the region of Tierra del Fuego (Feuerland, in German), between the southernmost tip of Latin America and the continent of Antarctica are based on true happenings."

There have been stories and books written about Germans counterfeiting U.S. currency and otherwise obtaining American money printing plates, which may account for the German use of American money.

The Guinness Book of World Records says that the "greatest unsolved robbery" was the disappearance of the entire German treasury at the end of the war.




In January 1946 industrialist Donald Douglas approached the Army Air Force with a plan for government and industry to work together on long range strategic planning.


This was called Project RAND, a name coined by Arthur Raymond from Research ANd Development. Much of their first government money went to the von Braun team.


(McDougall, Walter al. ..."the Heavens and the Earth, A Political History of the Space Age," Basic Books, New York, 1985, p. 89.)




Groves is known as the General in charge of the Manhattan Project which built the Atomic Bomb.


He was chosen because he is the one who supervised the building of the Pentagon, and by 1942 was in charge of all U.S. military construction everywhere. After the war he went to work for Remington Rand Corporation.




"The stakes in the search for the scientific expertise of Germany were high. The single most important American strike force, for example, was the Alsos raiding team, which targeted Axis atomic research, uranium stockpiles, and nuclear scientists, as well as Nazi chemical and biological warfare research.


The commander of this assignment was U.S. Army Colonel Boris Pash, who had previously been security chief of the Manhattan Project - the United States’ atomic bomb development program - and who later played an important role in highly secret U.S. covert action programs. Pash succeeded brilliantly in his mission, seizing top German scientists and more than 70,000 tons of Axis uranium ore and radium products.


The uranium taken during these raids was eventually shipped to the United States and incorporated in U.S. atomic weapons."

(Simpson, Christopher, "Blowback," Collier Books, New York, 1988, p. 26.)

"Another notable Bloodstone veteran is Boris Pash, a career intelligence officer identified in the Final Report of the U.S. Senate’s 1975-1976 investigation into U.S. intelligence activities as the retired director of the CIA unit responsible for planning assassinations"

("Blowback," p. 108). "

"Blowback," p. 152-153 says:

"The records of Operation Bloodstone add an important new piece of information to one of the most explosive public issues of today: the role of the U.S. government - specifically the CIA - in assassinations and attempted assassinations of foreign officials.


According to a 1976 Senate investigation, a key official of Operation Bloodstone is the OPC officer who was specifically delegated responsibility for planning the agency’s assassinations, kidnappings, and similar ’wet work.’

"Colonel Boris Pash, one of the most extraordinary and least known characters in American intelligence history... his work for U.S. intelligence agencies places him in the critical office given the responsibility for planning postwar assassination operations... Colonel Pash is one of the few remaining originals of U.S. intelligence, and his experience in ’fighting the communists’ goes back to the 1917 Russian Revolution.

He was in Moscow and Eastern Europe in those days with his father, a missionary of Russian extraction, and the young Pash spent much of the Soviet civil war working on the side of the White armies, then with Czarist refugees who had fled their country. In the 1920s Pash signed on as a reserve officer with the U.S. military intelligence service... he... played a role in the internment of Japanese civilians in California, and was soon assigned as chief counterintelligence officer on the Manhattan Project, the supersecret U.S. effort to develop the atomic bomb.


(More than a decade later it was Colonel Pash’s testimony that helped seal the fate of scientist Robert Oppenheimer in the well-known 1954 security case.)

Before the war was out, it will be recalled, Colonel Pash led the series of celebrated special operations known as the Alsos Mission that were designed to capture the best atomic and chemical warfare experts that the Nazis had to offer.

"After the war Colonel Pash served as the army’s representative on Bloodstone in the spring of 1948, when the tasks of that project, including recruiting defectors, smuggling refugees out from behind the Iron Curtain, and assassinations, were established.


Bloodstone’s ’special operations,’ as defined by the Pentagon, could ’include clandestine warfare, subversion, sabotage and... assassination,’ according to the 1948 Joint Chiefs of Staff records. In March 1949, Pash was assigned by the army to the OPC division of the CIA...


His five-man CIA unit, known as PB/7, was given a written charter that read in part that,

’PB/7 will be responsible for assassinations, kidnapping, and such other functions as from time to time may be given it... by higher authority.’"

From "Dulles" by Leonard Mosley (A Biography of Eleanor, Allen and John Foster. London: Hodder & Stoughton, 1978.), we find, p. 459:

"But now he [Allen Dulles] was interested in the more sinister Agency experiments in mind-bending drugs, portable phials of lethal viruses, and esoteric poisons that killed without trace. Allen’s sense of humor was touched when he learned that the unit working on these noxious enterprises was called the "Health Alteration Committee" (directed by Dr. Sidney Gottlieb and Boris Pash)... Richard Bissell... had now succeeded Frank Wisner as deputy director of Plans..."

To learn more about the mind-control and torture experiments of Pash and Gottlieb, read "Journey Into Madness: The True Story of Secret CIA Mind Control and Medical Abuse" by Gordon Thomas (Bantam Books, New York, 1989).

One of the people they killed was Frank Olson (a CIA germ warfare doctor whose specialty was anthrax), while they were working on Subproject-68, also known as MK-ULTRA.


MK-ULTRA started as "Project Bluebird," set up on April 20, 1950, by CIA Director Admiral Roscoe Hillenkoetter (who later was a member of NICAP), and on July 20, 1950, they began using sodium amytal, Benzedrine and other drugs to "brainwash" prisoners. In September 1950, the "Miami News" published an article under the headline BRAIN WASHING TACTICS which was considered the first formal use of the term.


One of Gottlieb’s partners was Dr. Harold Wolff, who appears to be a Paperclip doctor. He worked with Parke-Davis and "...remained closely connected with the M-K Ultra brainwashing project" (p. 191). He helped set up an apartment and introduce LSD to the hippies in San Francisco, and worked on Project Mindbender (a Manchurian-Candidate type operation) with William Buckley.

Isn’t it interesting that so many of the participants in the most secret of secrets of World War II are still very involved in the Kennedy assassination and other more current affairs.


Many books and articles have been written about the CIA being involved in the JFK assassination, and now you know that the man in charge of CIA assassinations was Boris Pash, formerly chief of security for the Manhattan Project. He was also head of the group trying to capture Hitler’s advanced technology, including "flying saucers" and other secrets.

The book "ZR Rifle - The Plot To Kill Kennedy And Castro" by Claudia Furiati, p. 36, says that a man named William Harvey had been in charge of the CIA post in West Berlin until 1960, then was placed in charge of CIA assassinations by Richard Bissell in 1961. The plans to assassinate political leaders was code-named "ZR-RIFLE," headed by Harvey.


Bo Gritz said on p. 525 of his book: "The Kennedy assassination was code-named ’ZR-RIFLE’." It seems apparent to me that Harvey and Pash were wearing the same pair of pants.

In 1941, Ian Fleming, the future creator of the "James Bond" stories, and at that time a high ranking officer of British Intelligence, suggested to William Donovan that he set up a specially trained and selected assassination unit. PB/7 (Pash Boris Seven) was the original of the "Agent 007" concept. If my memory is correct, I believe Nixon stated that William Harvey was the real 007.

I assume Pash was Agent 001, or perhaps he had seven agents working for him (originally five). If you want to understand more of how these various factions such as CIA, KGB, Nazis, Communists, FBI, etc., can be fighting each other and working together at the same time, you need to understand who was above them, controlling them. To understand that, look to British Intelligence! You will find British Intelligence to be an operation of British and European Royalty and "Aristocracy"!

E. Howard Hunt, while in prison in December, 1975, in an interview with the "New York Times," said that the head of the CIA assassination unit was Boris Pash. Pash was assigned to Angleton at this time (see "Final Judgment," p. 207). Angleton was head of the Israel desk of the CIA and was very pro-Israel. He was also closely involved with Meyer Lansky.

In "Cold Warrior," the biography of James Jesus Angleton by Tom Mangold, he says on page 362:

"I would like to place on the record, however, that Angleton’s closest professional friends overseas, then and subsequently, came from the Mossad (the Israeli intelligence-gathering service) and that he was held in immense esteem by his Israeli colleagues and by the state of Israel, which was to award him profound honors after his death."

His place was taken after his death by William Colby. When Kissinger wanted to "get LaRouche," he turned to Angleton for help. Angleton’s tombstone is in Hebrew.

On page 97 of "Final Judgment," Piper says that "The ZR/Rifle Team, in fact, was one of Angleton’s pet in-house CIA projects, which he ran in conjunction with his CIA colleague, William Harvey."

According to Claudia Furiati, Joseph Schreider was in charge of the CIA laboratories and of developing poisons for assassinations, and says that Harvey was in charge of political assassinations, working out of the Miami office run by [Paperclip] Shackley, and was working with Schreider to try to poison Castro. Above we have Boris Pash and Sidney Gottlieb working together in the same manner.


We have Pash and Harvey in the same locations, doing the same jobs, in charge of the same projects - talk about featherbedding. I believe that Harvey was actually at headquarters in Langley, over Shackley in Miami.

"Blowback," p. 153, says that Pash

"...served as the Army’s representative on Bloodstone in the spring of 1948, when the tasks of that project, including recruiting defectors, smuggling refugees out from behind the Iron Curtain, and assassinations, were established. In March 1949, Pash was assigned by the Army to the OPC division of the CIA."

Harvey died June 6, 1976, according to Dick Russell, and Pash was in his 80s in 1988 according to Simpson.


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