by Staff Report
January 26, 2012

from TheDailyBell Website



World experts urge UN to take up mental health... Mental illness and drug abuse can wreak havoc in global societies and economies, and the UN General Assembly should devote a special session to the matter, global health experts said on Tuesday.


Every country in the world is affected by the burden of mental, neurological and substance use (MNS) disorders, but often sufferers face discrimination and human rights abuse, said the article in PLoS Medicine...


Lead authors were Vikram Patel from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and Judith Bass from Johns Hopkins School of Public Health in the United States.


Investment is needed in three key areas, they argued: expanding knowledge about mental health disorders, better access to evidence-based programs of care and treatment, and protection of human rights.


A list of key needs to be addressed and steps to take could be enshrined in a "People's Charter for Mental Health" accounting for input from policy makers, families, researchers and other advocates.



Dominant Social Theme

The UN is the logical place to address the issue of mental health worldwide.


When you need a problem solved, this is 'the place' to turn!


Free-Market Analysis

So now the United Nations is to take up the issue of mental health on the way to creating a "People's Charter for Mental Health."


But to us, this isn't a necessary antidote to another case of universal human suffering. It's merely the latest example of a fear-based, power-elite dominant social theme.

We try to explain on a regular basis how these fear-based promotions work and why they are so important to the control that a tiny group of humans exercises over others. The creation of a narrative is perhaps the most important part of an elite's toolkit when it comes to controlling others.

War and military conquest can create a temporary circumference of control, but to ensure that a population is not only pacified but actively engaged in its own enslavement it is necessary to create sociopolitical narratives that steer whole societies in certain directions.

The main narrative that the modern Anglosphere power elite is concerned with is the one that emphasizes the necessity of the state.


The elite's fear-based dominant social themes inevitably present problems that can only be solved by state authority. These memes, in the modern day, are funded by control of central banks that give a tiny handful of families and their associates and enablers access to trillions.

Yet the problems are just as phony as the solutions.


Today's problems such as the so-called war on terror, global warming or various impending scarcities (of food, water and oil) all tend to collapse into charades when one examines them closely. In fact, they were never created to stand up to scrutiny. The whole command-and-control strategy was created pre-Internet, and is, perhaps, collapsing post-Internet.

They are not, in fact, what they seem, but are elaborate shadow-plays that have been developed and propagated in order to manipulate entire populations into feeling cowed and generally fearful. The antidote to such fears, of course, is the authoritarian state.

Whatever problems the Anglosphere develops - and it churns out these dominant social themes on a regular basis via various facilities of the "open conspiracy" such as Tavistock, etc. - are to be counteracted by authoritarian activities that only a "state" can accomplish.

The importance of monopoly state authoritarianism cannot be overemphasized when it comes to elite activities.

  • Ancient elites for the most part used to run the state.

  • Today, the elites run the state behind the scenes.

They do this by secretly pulling state levers via the methodology of mercantilism.

The bigger the state, the more effective its monopoly, the more control modern elites will have.


This is why it is important to try to shrink the state rather than to "take it over" on behalf of "the people." Over time, elites will almost always manage to control a state apparatus if one is available, especially a complex one.

The article excerpted above touches on much of what we have come to understand regarding the way the elites work when it comes to creating a promotion and suggesting a solution.

It is probably true, due to various economic stresses and strains, that mental health is suffering around the world and has probably seen an especially sharp increase in the West - which is increasingly suffering from an economic downturn that in our view is getting worse not better.

As we and others regularly document, this downturn is an expected part of the elite's central banking mechanism. By printing money-from-nothing, the elites first inflate and then crash world economies.

This happens over and over again until finally economies are so out-of-whack that they go into a kind of permanent recession/depression that likely cannot be cured except by an outbreak of military action or some other kind of massive social upheaval.

Having helped created the problem of 'mental, neurological and substance use' and having even provided the syndrome with an acronym (MNS), the elites are now ready to advance their roll-out. The next step is to involve the media. This has been done as well, via an increasing number of articles that have appeared in the Western media of late speaking to the issue of mental health, suicides, etc.

Articles on mental health and suicide have been especially ubiquitous in the Anglosphere's elite-controlled mainstream press, in part because overseas wars are giving rise to a generation of emotionally fragile war veterans who are committing suicide in unprecedented numbers.


Millions of citizens overseas afflicted by these wars suffer as well.

We can thus see that world conditions have created mental health stresses and strains via what is apparently an artificial economic depression plus a series of unnecessary and exceptionally destructive wars.

Having created the problem, then analyzed it, propagated it and placed it within the context of the mainstream media, the powers-that-be are now prepared to propose solutions. In this case, the heaviest guns are being brought to bear via the United Nations itself.

Here's some more from the article (PDF format), quoting the initial journal article that provides the requisite "legitimacy" to this propagandistic exercise:

"The time has come for recognition at the highest levels of global development, namely the UN General Assembly, of the urgent need for a global strategy to address the global burden of MNS disorders," said the article.

The article said neuropsychiatric disorders will account for the loss of some $16.1 trillion US dollars globally over the next two decades, with "dramatic impacts on productivity and quality of life," particularly as the population ages.


About 25 million people have dementia worldwide, a number set to skyrocket to 80 million by 2040, with close to three quarters of dementia patients concentrated in low and middle income countries.

A majority of world governments would have to agree that the issue is important enough that it deserves a special session at the UN General Assembly.

"The fact that MNS disorders affect people in all countries should offer considerable incentive for investments by both public and private sectors in this initiative," the authors wrote.

Well, there you have it.


To us it's an almost textbook case of the creation of a dominant social theme.

  • First the elites create the "problem" via various kinds of social chaos and war

  • Then the problem is documented in an elite "scientific journal"

  • Finally, an elite globalist facility is trotted out as a resource - one that will create yet another layer of bureaucracy that will further expand elite, globalist control

The ultimate element of this charade (and probably the reason for it) will be a People's Charter for Mental Health that will provide the opportunity for the elites to create yet more command-and-control bureaucracies.

To begin with these bureaucracies may seem innocent and even innovative. But over time it will become apparent that the UN is setting up some sort of worldwide mental health apparatus to evaluate people's emotional and intellectual stability.

Worst case - if it gets that far - the UN will try to provide itself not only with the authority to evaluate people's mental competence but also the authority to send people to mental institutions and re-education camps if they are not sufficiently docile and open to the appropriate level of mind control.

Of course, we are not suggesting it will necessarily get that far.


What we call the Internet Reformation is making it increasingly difficult for the power elite to implement this sort of sociopolitical and thematic propaganda as part of their larger, apparent plan for a New World Order.


Too many people understand at least partially that they are being manipulated, and even by whom.



The mechanisms are increasingly well known and the manifestations increasingly obvious. You can read all about it in hundreds and even thousands of articles written every day by the alternative Internet media.


And of course, you can read about it here as well...