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February 4, 2000

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Woe to them that are at ease in Zion
Amos 6:1

I wish to acknowledge the great assistance given to me
by Amitakh and Archie



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Zion - Occult and Observed


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  • Have you ever wondered why everything happens the way it does?

  • Who could possibly benefit from all of the suffering and exploitation in this world?

  • Does evil really exist and affect our lives?

This book is especially written for those who are aware of the existence of evil in this world, and who are entirely repelled by it.

As I have explained extensively in my other books, ontologically there are basically two kinds of people in this world:

  • Good (True, Theomorphic Beings)

  • Evil (Counterfeit beings - robots and demons)

Mentally there are also basically two groups:

  • those who accept evil, for they are evil or severely programmed by evil, and find little or nothing wrong with themselves, their families and friends, their institutions, their communities, their nation, and their world

  • those who react automatically against evil, against abuse, exploitation, and injustice wherever they see them for they are not evil

A common illusion of the unaware, the "successful", and those who do not seem to be suffering much, is that everything is okay, things are getting better, and the world order is essentially "good".


But, the truth is, nothing is okay, things are getting worse, and the world order is temporally and spiritually evil. As hard as it might be for the average person to conceive, this world is ruled by evil.

This book is to explore the nature of evil at the highest level, its origin, its unseen agenda, its support, its progeny, and its elect in this world. As the Gnostics have known and taught since time immemorial, there is duality in this dimension, this part of creation - Good and evil - and the two opposing forces have been at war ever since the demonic consciousness took hold in some parts of this sector of creation.


The war between the spiritual essences of Good and evil is largely on a spiritual level, yet it impacts and fates this physical world and all of its inhabitants. Only a fool or a demon would argue that evil does not exist, or that it is not getting worse in this world. What is occurring at this time is unprecedented: all evil is being exposed and will soon be destroyed forever, including the source of evil.


The Light in every form, as in the Beings of Light, is being withdrawn from this dimension, and evil with all its manifestations, including all evil beings, is being left to its final fate, total destruction. The permanent solution to the temporary problem of evil is on the way.

It should come as no surprise that the two opposing forces in the war between Good and evil have their own commanders, soldiers, and supporters. There are those who are created by, and aligned with, the highest Good; and there are those who are created by, and loyal to, evil at the highest level. We refer to the (male and female) beings on each side, respectively, as the Sons (children or beings) of Light and the sons of Darkness for convenience.


By the "Light" we mean the inner divine spirit, its Source and presence in the good, True Beings.


In this book, I intend to focus on revealing the forces of evil, their nature, their battle plan, their modus operandi, their esoteric origin, their indisputable agenda, and their most loyal soldiers and supporters. And, rather than speak of all of these things in an abstract way (since they are metaphysical in nature), as I have done in other books, I will provide concrete examples of the spurious authority, deceptive success, and unjust oppression by the sons of Darkness in this world.

The targets of all spiritual oppression are the children of Light.


The reason for this is that the Counterfeit creation formed by the Darkness cannot function without the energy of the True Beings, hence, all systems are set up here to exploit that energy from them in all levels of consciousness.


Unfortunately, it has been easy for evil to deceive the unaware, unsuspecting, and isolated residents of this world, for a very long time, for the Beings of Light trapped here become unaware simply by being subjected to the programming, pollution and indoctrination of evil as I have explained in detail in the series "Making Sense of the Madness".

The success of evil requires the deception of the Good. This deception is the modus operandi of this illusional, exploitative, hypocritical world. Because the deception has been going on for eons, evil has been in control of this world, and the children of Light have been forcefully cut off from contact with their divine Source.


All of us are born into a world of pain and suffering which we are scarcely prepared for, and whose truths are hidden. This deception is intentional.

All things of this world conspire to make us accept life in this world as "normal" and "good". There are false scientific, philosophical and religious explanations of who we are, what life is all about, where we are heading and what the nature of consciousness is. Yet, these spurious explanations are part of the deception and life here is anything but wholesome and good.


Life in this world is the definition of "abnormal" and "evil".


As I explained in "Death of an Evil God", the "god" of this world is evil; the "god" of this world is an aberration, and what it has created is temporary and a fleeting illusion. This "god" is being exposed for all to see his evilness, oppression, bias, hate, ego, selfishness, and bloodthirsty nature.

Very little in this world is as you have been taught, as you may have believed, as it appears in this world. All my books are an attempt to awaken those who wish to awaken to the evil deception and lies of this plane.

I will begin by identifying the architect of evil, the commander of all of the forces of darkness, the false god, in his latest disguise, who by deception and cunning has usurped the authority of - and pretended to be - God.


And, having done that, identify his chosen, his loyal supporters, and his most evil elect. After a thorough exposure of the force and function of evil, I will explain the coming fate of all who are evil, including the false god of this world.

My very strong and much cherished friendships with a number of sincere, non-Zionist Jews were of great help in providing material for this work and for providing facts not normally available to non-Jews.


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What is Zion?

Evil does exist, and it has an identifiable source (which has been termed the Celestial Error).


Though originating beyond the physical, the spiritual essence of Evil has been in control of this physical universe which it created, and the beings who dwell here, for eons. The beings here are those theomorphic ones trapped by evil when it overran the dimension and those counterfeit ones it has created specifically for the dimension.


In this book, it is hoped to uncover evil's countenance and expression, even as it tries to hide behind a facade of "success" and "rightness" in all worldly affairs. Evil is successful in this environment not because of merit, worth, or benevolence, but because of its of cunningness, deception, and exploitation. The greatest conspiracy in life, in this world, and in this universe, is spiritual in nature.


It has a metaphysical cause, consequences, sponsor, agenda, hierarchy, order, and rulership.


Remember, evil is a spiritual force which originated on a level of existence beyond this physical plane - evil did not originate in man, but it is a compelling force driving its own progeny and anything it can contaminate, including True Beings.

Evil has a form, a name, a consciousness, and a being (or multiple beings).


The source of all evil is a usurping demigod also known as Yaldabaoth, Yahweh, or Jehovah in his latest disguise.


This demigod, with the power to create this physical universe and the vital apparatus of "men", took control of this segment of creation in direct revolt against the true God, a long, long, time ago. And, since that time, it has worked to implement its one and only aim: the exploitation and subsequent destruction of all beings of Light, and the attempted overthrow of the true God. Evil Destructiveness is its nature.

By the phrase "The Kingdom of Zion" I am referring to all evil-controlled life in this world, this universe, and other realms.


By "Zion" I mean the larger spiritual force or essence of evil, which also expresses in the souls of counterfeit men and those who have accepted evil.


Evil, wherever it has manifested in this sector of creation, has a common source, a common agenda, and an unrelenting and forceful pattern of exploitation and extinction of the Light of God.


Zion is a spiritual force, a being, a consciousness which is in direct opposition to the true God. The War of Essences is all about the Liberation of the trapped True Consciousnesses and the eradication of all evil.

The hallmark of evil is to deceive, to hide, to pretend to be other than what it is, to execute its agenda of spiritual assassination of the True Beings and its occult war with the true God. In this world, and beyond, evil pretends to be good; the evil, usurping demigod pretends to be the true God. Without this pretence, the trapped True Beings would awaken to the evil scheme faster, revolt and hasten to assist in the eradication of evil.


This is why the biblical "god" is incensed at anyone who knows there is another God, a true God, and demands that no one acknowledge any other God beyond him.


In establishing the Kingdom of Zion in this world, the demigod Yahweh has taken over every revelation of truth by divine Messengers, such as Rama, Krishna, Zoroaster, Buddha, Moses, Jesus, Manichaeus, Mohammed, Lao Tse, and so on, and perverted the truth into a lie.

  • Instead of the divine presence of God, we have books, pretending to be sacred texts, sponsored by Yahweh, the usurping demigod who has temporarily limited the appearance of Light in this world.

  • Instead of peace, freedom, goodness, joy, and love, we have a world of war, addiction, conflict, hate, lust, and relentless exploitation in all ways possible: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

  • Instead of a loving, nurturing divine order, we have a world order of evil, corruption, exploitation, oppression, and suffering as was explained in "One World".

  • Instead of direct spiritual communication with a nurturing True Source, Beings of Light have been cut off and fed lies, distortions, and fairy tales that purport to be "the Words of God".

  • Instead of a realm of Light, this is a world in darkness, approaching a total eclipse of the Light.

  • Instead of spiritual freedom and progress, we have technological enslavement and devolution.

We are living in the evil Kingdom of Zion, not the divine Kingdom of God.


From this point on, we will generally refer to the god of Zion by the name Yahweh and use the masculine, although it is to be understood no gender applies to such beings as Yahweh and "God".


Yahweh has been called "He who creates", but this does not reveal the fact that Yahweh produced a grossly imperfect creation of evil, which has displaced and overrun part of the divine creation. We are living in a world in which there is still some mingling between the two creations, divine and evil. This world is the lowest world in which any Light remains, and is slightly above the completely demonic realms of total Darkness (sometimes referred to as "hell").

Yahweh is the creator and leader of hell who has claimed dominion over this world in the ages-old war between Good and evil. He holds the rulership of the kingdom of Zion, and he has his elect in this world, his favored sons of Darkness whom I have previously called archons. They find their way into all positions of authority, control, power, and exploitation. They are the heads and prime movers of governments, religions, businesses, financial institutions, education, the media, and science.


Of all these, the primary controllers of this world are the masters of international finance.


They control money (a creation of Yahweh) which makes the world go round. And, whether they are consciously aware of it or not, their lives are for the sole purpose of maintaining the status quo of oppression of the good and reward of the evil, suppressing the truth and elevating the lie, lowering the standards of morality and goodness and turning this world into a living hell.

The evil ones, whom we shall refer to as "Zionists", have been playing with a stacked, marked deck of cards. They have also been secretly watching the hand of the unsuspecting. They own the bank and can raise any bet; they bluff and play with unmatched cunning, and they have all bets covered. They have played every side, every ideology, every system of social organization and order, and they know how to bankrupt, attack, and destroy their opposition - especially if any of the opposition get wise to the corruption, exploitation, and unfair advantage the Zionists use.

Yahweh claimed ownership over this world with his legions of darkness, but now the time has come for the final resolution of the problem of evil, and all evil is being destroyed. Yahweh and all his favored sons, elders, and elect will be transmuted by God into primordial nothingness.


Their worldly empire will collapse and disintegrate as will all the evil dimension. And, the True children of Light will be freed, forever, from this spiritual hell. The transmutation process is far more complicated than a simple transformation into nothingness. Those of evil will be trapped in a time warp, experiencing the hell they created for themselves and others for what will appear to them to be an eternity.

In the sections that follow, I intend to explain as I see things, why this world is to be destroyed, why all beings will be judged, and how evil has misled nearly everyone in its false system of order. We will see that a world of order, regulations, laws, and control without God cannot last, and is an abomination to the true God.


Yahweh's goal was a universe and earth (all the physical structures are involved) totally devoid of God, and as we will see, he uses all of the evil systems he has created to reach that end. But, again, all has been in vain. The true God is a far greater power and has been implementing a Plan to eradicate evil, for good; that Plan is all but complete.


The physical destruction of this world, this dimension and all evil everywhere, will be the final proof of the Power and Love of the true God. The viable, faithful Beings of Light shall continue to a New Dimension where, without evil, there will be no suffering, abuse, exploitation, worry, hate, or fear, disease, degeneration, death.

All will soon be aware of their individual fate, as Good is truly separated from evil, forever - not by arbitrary and unjust laws as exist here, but by True Justice of the Supreme Being of divine Justice.


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A Brief History of the World

The history of the world is remarkable in that the rule - rather than the exception - is human suffering, war, oppression, and suppression of the Truth and the Light.

James Joyce said,

"History is a nightmare from which I am trying to awake".

In A History of Knowledge, Charles Van Doren barely gets to the third paragraph of the first chapter on "Wisdom of the Ancients" before he declares,

"A large part of mankind's ingenuity has gone into inventing new ways of killing and torturing other human beings, and the threat of pain of death had been found to be the best, and often the only, means of ruling large numbers of people".

Describing societies or "civilizations" that arose in Egypt, Mesopotamia, Persia, India, and China, Van Doren observes,

"These empires gave their people law, which is to say, a measure of peace and security against the violence of other people like themselves. But they provided no security against the rulers themselves, who ruled by violence and guile".

When we look back thousands of years, and then look at this century, we see a very similar picture.


Have there been less wars, less carnage, less torture, less violence, "more civilization" in this century than existed thousands of years ago? If anything, there have been far more. This has been described by many, and confirmed by the number of deaths, to be the most violent century in known human history.


Van Doren says,

"Everywhere, in short, a state of war existed, between one people and another and between a ruler and his people. Everywhere, as Thucydides wrote, the strong did what they wished and the weak suffered what they had to. There was no arbiter except force, and justice and the right was everywhere and always no other than the interest of the stronger".

This applies as well today as it did thousands of years ago. This is about all one needs to know - and remember - about history, to understand the world today. Might makes right and all suffer, including the animal kingdom.

For those who imagine that the world is "perfecting itself", or that mankind is "rising" to some higher level, let us quickly dispel those myths. In the history of the world, Van Doren gets to paragraph seven before mentioning the Jews and their relationship (covenant) with Yahweh, noting,

"The exploitation of all the animal and vegetable kingdoms was therefore justified by divine decree."

As we shall see, he fails to mention that other "human beings" are among those the Jews felt justified and obliged to exploit in the name of their "god".


The "history of knowledge" really turns out to be a revelation of mankind's earth-shattering exploitation, ignorance, and evilness. It is a story of evil and its destructive abandon. The recorded history of mankind is like the shadow cast by a light; there is little perception of the Light, but merely a recollection of the darkness and shadows that surround at a distance.


In the absence of the Light, the forces of Darkness and Evil close in quickly, to not only try to smother any remaining light but to distort any perception or recollection of the Truth and the Light. This is the story of this world, in every age. And this sponsored ruthlessness has reached a point of self-destructiveness as well.

As evidence of this, we need only to look at the description provided of ancient civilizations all over the world, empires,

"formed to rule over vast areas and millions of subjects".

In every case, in Egypt, Mesopotamia, Persia, India, China, a civilization and "order" existed for thousands of years, controlling every facet of people's lives; it was absolute in its power, authority, and law.


To question the given world order was to die. No matter how unjust, unfair, and oppressive these civilizations were, they did one thing: they maintained their concept of order.


Hence, the goal of the New World Order:

Order without justice, mercy, equality, goodness, Light, or Truth.

It may be argued that, in the US today, with the top 1% controlling so much of the money, power, and resources in the entire country, "democracy" is no more than an illusion. The same old world order is changing into the "new" world order.


The more things change, the more they remain the same.

Human sacrifice was practiced by,

"Greeks and Romans, the earliest Jews, the Chinese and Japanese, the Indians".

Sacrificing human beings to their gods went like this:

"The victims, often chosen for their youth and beauty (the god wanted the best), were drowned or buried alive, or their throats were cut so that their blood might bedew the ground, fructifying it, or be spattered upon the altar. The throats of bulls, rams and goats were also ritually cut, their blood spilled upon the ground in the effort to please the god".

Isn't this the story of human life, the spilling of the blood of the innocents by those who seek power, authority, and reward from their "god"?


As long as there has been recorded history, the evil have been oppressing, exploiting, and killing the innocent - in service to their bloodthirsty false god. To this day, society offers up its "scapegoats" as a necessary sacrifice, to perpetuate the victimization of the innocent, to worship evil at the shrine of injustice and oppression.


The evil ones sacrifice the good, and perpetuate (not relieve) all cruelty, misery, hardship, and exploitation.

When we discuss the evil powers-that-be and elect that rule this world, remember that the Kingdom of Zion has always been this way. History - no matter how distorted, suppressed, or denied - is the story of evil ruling this world.

Is this level of consciousness improving? Some deceitfully imply that humanity is becoming more civilized, more spiritual and far more deserving of divine favor. My answer to that is baloney!


Think of this example for a moment:

The "savages" of a millennium ago, and even less, would sacrifice a young virgin to propitiate and appropriate the volcanic gods and other deities in order to gain favor and to prosper. It was said to be an honor for the family chosen to have a daughter sacrificed thus.

We can well imagine the effects on the one to be thrown down a volcano.


Well, the price of one virgin annually seems almost reasonable considering what civilized humans do today. In order to secure its prosperity in oil, the USA and the West sacrificed hundreds of thousands of Iraqis whom they consider sub-human, if we really are honest about this.


But the real human cost is realized when one thinks of the number of US soldiers sacrificed to appropriate the gods of war, of oil, of prosperity, of egotistical nationalism, of racial superiority, etc.


The soldiers who were brain-washed to serve their country, to kill as many as was necessary of the other humans, who in turn had been effectively demonized by the propaganda of war, were injected with vaccines the nature of which they did not know. As it turns out, the vaccine has caused Gulf War Syndrome. It has infected 500,000 of the 750,000 US soldiers thus far with a fatal AIDS-like virus which is more virulent, faster acting and more contagious than AIDS.


Many of the families and associates of the soldiers are already infected and millions are going to die from it. General Schwartzkopf is said to have the malady. Can you not see then that the ones in control sacrificed, not one, but thousands upon thousands to gain the same monetary advantage? I can.


If you think that was unprecedented you are more naive than you think.

  • What honor and glory could there have been for the archons of the US (and Australia) to intoxicate their soldiers with LSD and other drugs and send them into the jungles of Vietnam to fight for a non-existent cause?

  • Are the 50,000 deaths that needlessly resulted not retribution to the god of the Kingdom of Zion?

  • And what of the millions of Vietnamese who were slaughtered?

  • Who will pay for that toll?

The major portion of humanity, and its archons, have not learned to be more benign, more civilized at all.


Indeed, they have become far more evil, more cunning, more unscrupulous, more deadly. They have learned only how to be more devious and hide their wickedness from those who appear to want to be blind anyway. But they cannot fool the True Powers-that-be. With each passing day they earn the right to be dealt with the way they deserve and to me that means total annihilation, total removal off the face of creation.


Well, you may well say, at least they do not burn people to death any more.


Don't they? What about David Koresh and his followers burned to death at Waco, Texas?


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In The Name of Evil

This world was created by Evil, for evil. The Gnostics have always maintained this.


Even Jesus Christ could not have been more clear in pointing this out to us. Pondering the history of this world, Van Doren raises the question as to whether God is benevolent.


He notes that the multitudes,

"possess faith not only that God exists, but that other consequential propositions are also certainly true: God made the world, God rules the world, God loves mankind, and all that happens is for the best".

It is a nice theory, and a comforting illusion, but seeing what happens in reality in this world, it is clearly false reasoning.


No true God would ever wish his/her children to experience endless suffering, disease, war, abuse, exploitation, pain, torture, and death throughout all recorded history. It may be the order of things, but it is not right, good, or true. Just ask yourself: Would you wish suffering, pain, war, disease, abuse, and death upon yourself or your loved ones; would you wish those things upon others; would a true, loving God?


So, if this world is not ruled by a loving God, who is it ruled by - and who do the powers-that-be serve?

Who is the bloodthirsty "god" that mankind seems to worship in its every act, who is satisfied only by blood, spilled over countless thousands of years? Yahweh at first was the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Did that mean he was not the God of mankind, the... [true] God?


It is impossible to determine when Yahweh, or Jehovah, took on the universal character that he possessed by the time of Jesus, and that he possesses to this day. Suffice it to say that the God of Abraham, perhaps once a tribal deity and as such, one (perhaps the greatest) among many, is now the One God worshipped by Jews, Christians, and Moslems the world around.

History, written by the archons, and organized religion, also controlled by them, have elevated this evil bloodthirsty tribal god to the highest level, while suppressing the truth about the existence of the true God. Religions are all false renditions of Gnostic truths, and have been the basis of wars, suffering, torture, and enslavement of the human spirit - instead of liberating it.


Over time, the biblical designation YHVH, or Yahweh, has come to mean "God".

Abraham, who is clearly a liar, coward and pimp in the Old Testament of the Bible, and other Jewish patriarchs and prophets began by proclaiming that their tribal god was the greatest god of all and ended by insisting that there was only one God, Jehovah, for all men. There is this false god Yahweh, and there is the true God.


It is knowledge of the true God which has been kept out of this world by the insubordinate demi-god Yahweh, who lives on the energy gained from the suffering of the innocents, from the oppression and spiritual assassination of the good. divine Avatars such as Jesus, Moses, Buddha, Mohammed and others were messengers of the true God, here to remind the true faithful beings of Light of their connection with the true God, to teach about Good and Evil, to ask that the good reject evil (and those who are evil) in every way.


And they sustained the true Beings while the Process of Liberation was developed. Following their departure from this world, the Darkness distorted their teachings.

The most evil ones, such as Augustine of Hippo, became the fathers of the church, the "keepers of the truth", pharisees, legalists, and elders. They made sure that the difference between Good and Evil was once again completely blurred and confused in the minds of men. And, they relentlessly sought out, captured, tortured, and killed anyone, men, women, or children, whom they felt knew the real truth; these True Beings and faithful of God were known as the "Gnostics".

This world, and its appointed leaders, who are the archons, have had one goal for as long as there has been history: the ascendancy of Evil over Good. But, the messengers of the Light, of the true God, have kept coming to this world to encourage the good to persevere, promising the eventual liberation from this evil entrapment and destruction of the evil.


Jesus Christ was a Gnostic, a member of the Essene sect of Jews which honored the true God and kept the knowledge of Good and Evil, of the Celestial Error and its consequences alive, as can be readily seen from the Nag Hammadi Texts.


Van Doren notes,

"It is a curious but undeniable fact that all of the great teachers and founders of religions whose doctrines come down to us were opposed to the principles of social organization that have been enumerated here".

Why? Because society is evil, and its leaders and authorities are evil.


What were these messengers of the Truth and Light?

"They were all rebels, revolutionaries, who fought against the interests and powers of their times".

Jesus, just like Buddha, Zoroaster, Manichaeus, and many other 'Avatars', was murdered for revealing the Truth, for declaring allegiance to the true God.


He did not die to forgive or erase the "sins" of the powers-that-be, the archons and demons of this world. He condemned them and for this they killed His physical body, but not His spirit or Higher Consciousness. The evil religious institutions have sought world domination, wealth, power, and spurious authority over the lives of the True Beings, and twisted the truth into self-serving lies. They destroyed the truth even about those divine Messengers they falsely claimed gave them their authority.


And so we see, as I explained in "Death of an Evil God" that the so-called Christian Church was, and is, the greatest liar about Jesus. Its teachings and traditions have nothing to do with the true teachings of Christ.

Jesus Christ did not come here to forgive evil, or those who are immutably evil. It was the Church that decided that the good should forgive the evil, turn the other cheek and allow evil to gain the ascendancy.


The Church then made itself indispensable by claiming all needed its forgiveness. In other words, the good needed forgiveness from evil ones. Only evil demons could come up with such a perverse and reverse ideology, in the name of "god".


Over the ages, many True Beings have been trapped by this spurious dogma. Many have found it hard to accept this unfair burden, this tortuous responsibility to forgive the most terrible evils done to them and other True Beings, as demanded by the evil church, not as an expression of love, but as a means by which evil could conquer them.


It is crucial to understand this fact that, while evil asks for love and forgiveness, it does not respond to the energy of Love, Compassion and forgiveness and uses the occasions, when True Beings acquiesce, as indicators of weakness to be exploited in those who do love and forgive. History is replete with confirmatory examples.

Evil, and only evil, wants us to forgive and forget evil, so that it can continue to exploit physically, mentally and spiritually. It tortures, maims, rapes, murders, and eventually spiritually assassinates the True Beings for their energy. This is, of course, the history of the so-called Christian church for two thousand years, ever since it established itself and claimed moral authority and spiritual oneness with Christ.


In fact, as many including Martin Luther noted, it is part of the anti-Christ apparatus.

In comparing different views of Jesus Christ that were held soon after his passing, Time let a little bit of the truth slip (while trying to ridicule it in their article "The Secret Lives of Jesus").


Asking the true question, "The Son of Which God?" they revealed that Marcion, an early Gnostic after Jesus, believed that the,

"kind and good Jesus... could not possibly be the Son of the implacably just, harshly rational God of the Jewish Prophets. No, that was the wrong God, merely the creator of this world. Jesus was the Son of an unknown and greater God, who out of ... kindness and love sent his Son to deliver humankind from the legalistic master of creation".

This is, in fact, what occurred.

The article further mentions "The Manichaean Christ" and reveals that Manichaeus,

"saw the cosmos as divided between opposing forces: Light and Dark, Good and Evil, spirit and matter".

Our age, he said, was chaotic because Darkness had swallowed up portions of the Light. But, he said, Jesus came into the world as part of a battle to distil Light from the Darkness. Again, true.


This was "an astonishingly successful faith" - until the most evil religious leaders of the Catholic Church could repress, overcome, or destroy its truth.

"Horrified Christian bishops would use the word Manichaean as a catch-all invective for all satanic heresies. Indeed, long after the Manichaean Church ceased to exist in the West [having had all its adherents tortured and killed by the self-righteous Catholic Church] the Inquisition was established to put down rashes of what the Catholic Church saw as neo-Manichaeism."

In other words, whenever and wherever the truth has appeared, it has been ruthlessly destroyed by the archons.

The Time article hints in a paragraph on "Jesus the Buddha" that Jesus is spiritually merged with Buddha (in fact, it was the same Being, the Christos, in differing times) and that this Higher Being (Christ) "will come at the end of the world". True again.


This physical world shall pass, and all within it. Only the Light will remain. It is interesting to note that Plato refers to the demiurgos, the creator of this world, who is not the true God. Also note that written law, even the Law of Yahweh, is not justice, as was explained in the book "One World".

In this passing world of shadows and Darkness, faithful True Beings (there are many who have not remained faithful to the true God) need to find the Light and the Truth, and honor it. For there is a force of Evil which took over this dimension and has been consolidating its position by eradicating every last vestige of Truth and Light since then.


There is a force which causes and is benefited by all suffering.


There is an intent behind suffering; it is not just random or purposeless, an essential evolutionary step, as some scientists contend. There is a secret agenda the archons follow. And, there is a reason for all the madness, confusion, exploitation and spiritual anarchy.

Many a drunken sod or an evil programmed fool, even a mendacious archon, will tell you, without batting an eyelid, that,

"The Good Lord created this wonderful world so that we could all have fun!"

But when we look around us and critically read the history of the world, when we see that three quarters of the population of the world does not even get enough to eat, when we see that 1% owns over 90% of the wealth and refuses to share, we find it easy to share Thomas Hobbes'(1588-1679) view, given in Leviathan, that life is poor, nasty and brutish for the majority.


I will go further and say that this world was built, and is run, so that the majority suffer maximally, in the greatest number of ways, for most of the time.


And this is very much on purpose, as I have discussed elsewhere.


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The Zionists

The evil demigod has a chosen race to serve him best and that race consists of what I term the Zionists.


In Judaism and Christianity there is a purposeful, self-serving confusion between who is a "child of God" and who is not. Of course, both religions profit, prosper, and grow by identifying all of the wrong people as being the children of God, while condemning everyone else (especially the true children of Light) to the darkness of hell.


This paradox is a purposeful evil ploy. But is it any wonder that the most evil would proclaim themselves to be the most good, and declare those who know, love, or serve the true God, not the false dogmas of the religions, to be evil? Evil is cunning and masterful at reversing the truth and weaving the lie.

The biblical term that is usually translated as "trust" actually means "to hide with confidence". The powers-that-be, the archons, who head or control governments, economies, religions, business, education, law, science, and every other institution on this planet, whom we mistakenly trust, hide with confidence.


They are not just "greedy" or "ambitious", they are demons in human bodies, the spiritual force of evil.

"You shall know them by their works."

The Rothschilds (and Rockefellers, whose dynasty they financed) have the philosophy that they don't care what the "government" is, if they control the money, they control the government.


And they do control the central banks of the US, England, France, Germany, Italy, Austria, and so on.


The most powerful archons who run this world, who embody the agenda of evil, are the so-called "Zionists". By this term I mean those authorities and leaders in this world who serve the greater evil on other levels (including "hell").

This world is not the kingdom of God but the kingdom of Zion, the spiritual force of evil. And the Zionists feel that they are ordained to rule this world, that they are above Good and Evil. They consider themselves "gods" or "masters of the universe". They are the Titans whom Zeus (who was not a myth but a real being of the Christ energy) came to eradicate.


The secret world rulers believe themselves to be in the blood-line of "Zion" - tracing their origin back to the evil demi-god they serve.


They are masters of evil, passing on their evil heritage, wealth, power, and world domination, cultivating progenitors in their ontologically evil family, from one generation to the next. (Zionism is, of course, also a political ideology, largely sponsored by the Rothschilds, and responsible for the establishment of Israel, which is its spiritual homeland.)

Realize that the Zionists are not necessarily Hebrew or Jewish. Evil is not restricted to any single gene, race, or religion, as should be obvious from examining the history of the Catholic Church, the fanatical Muslims, any group or society.


I am not anti-Semitic or anti-Christian, anti-Muslim, Anti-American, or anti-black, etc. I am anti-Evil, in all its manifested forms.


The same proportion of evil beings (over 75 %, as was revealed in the series "Making Sense of the Madness") are found in just about every strata of society, every race, and in all religions.


Still, the Zionists are closely tied to the Jewish race and the Japanese race (the dual financial centers of the world are New York and Tokyo). In both of these races, special controlling consciousnesses were implanted by the evil demi-god, to advance them in the world of finance and business. For these select ones, money and control of this world's resources, in "trust" for the evil demi-god, are their total obsession in life, to ensure the subjugation of this world to Mammon, the god of money.


Very simply, those who are given the greatest power in this world are the ones who arrogantly and righteously enjoy wielding that perverse power, who willingly serve their evil source. They are the world-controlling archons, and the masterminds of the New World Order.

The New World Order, as I explained in "One World", is essentially the means for implementing the agenda of evil in this world.


Part of the plan of the New World Order is the anchoring of the evil spiritual essence in a place which totally supports it, Israel. And in typical evil perversity, the establishment of Israel has been given as a prerequisite for the Second Coming, by such diverse people as Lord Balfour in the 1920s and US President Ronald Reagan.

Israel is a very evil place manifesting typically evil modes of behavior: the imprisonment without cause of so many Palestinians, their oppression, the robbing of their lands, and destruction of their communities. These things compare to what the Jews decry has happened to them in the past. To any objective witness, the Israelis have demonstrated the same cut-throat evilness that they claim to be uniquely free from due to their special relationship with their "god".


Many have jokingly remarked that they act like reincarnated Nazis. Those who say this are not too far from the truth.

Horowitz declares, in The Spirit of Jewish Law, that,

"The State of Israel came into existence by a peaceful revolution, the seizure of sovereignty by the Jewish inhabitants of a portion of Palestine".

Of course, nothing could be further from the truth.


This description of the "peaceful" beginnings of the State of Israel is perfectly analogous to the usurping of this dimension by the evil demigod. The tactics were identical: rout the indigenous population, who were innocent and benign, destroy their communities, relocate them into hostile environments, and oppress and abuse them as much as possible.

What is this force, this power, that believes itself above all morality, all justice, all truth? It confuses might with "right", oppression with self-determination, selfishness with virtue - religion with God.


Lilienthal quotes Toynbee:

"The prevalence of this worship of collective human power is a calamity. It is a bad religion because it is the worship of a false god. It is a form of idolatry which has led its adherents to commit innumerable crimes and follies. Unhappily, the prevalence of this idolatrous religion is one of the tragic facts of contemporary human life".

This "power" is worshipped and supported by Jewish Zionists-Israelites and "a large segment of articulate Christian opinion". It is what we call, generically, "Zionism".


It is a force of Evil which the archons declare their allegiance to - a false and angry god.

In The Other Israel: The Radical Case Against Zionism, Baron Edmund de Rothschild of France took,

"the first step in the modern Jewish colonization of Palestine... The Rothschilds were (and still are) among the world's leading financiers, with the French and British branches of the family holding influential positions in the economics of these two countries".


"Political Zionism has had an immoral history since its conception, not just in Israel.


The Viennese journalist Theodore Herzl, founder and first leader of the Zionist movement (which was contrived in Switzerland, the heart of world banking, and previous world centre for Jehovah) negotiated to have the Czarist government of Russia diminish the Jewish population in Russia.


A similar arrangement was negotiated [with] the Nazis in 1934. Most infamous of all such negotiations were probably those carried out in Budapest between Rudolph Kästner, secretary of the Zionist committee in that city, and Adolf Eichmann in 1944.


Having won Kästner's co-operation by allowing a thousand of the wealthiest Jews to escape to Switzerland, Eichmann used him to coax another 800,000 reluctant Hungarian Jews to board the trains to Auschwitz. The mutual understanding between Zionism and anti-Semitism is shared by both sides on the political and personal levels".

Yes, Zionists have a history of encouraging the repression and expulsion of Jews from their homelands; people are quite expendable in the greater spiritual cause of Zionism.

As will be repeatedly pointed out, there are forces working at the highest levels of human society (as there are in all the levels of consciousness in this dimension) driven by the most corrupt, exploitative, and oppressive agenda, to achieve the most evil and cunning intrigue, worldwide.


Evil looks after its own, and readily sacrifices the innocent.


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Temporal and Spiritual Law

In this world, do not confuse Law with Justice.


The Law here represents vested interests, not justice for people. In the Kingdom of Zion there exists a system of apparent law and order, worldly and spiritually. And yet, in this system of "order" there exist exploitation and suffering on an almost unimaginable scale. The vast majority of people in this world do not have sufficient food, clothing, water, or shelter; they do not have productive employment or the prospect of bettering their lot.


We find that beneath any appearance or illusion of order, justice, goodness, and peace there lies a simmering hunger, discontent, injustice, inequality, poverty, strife, war, disease, and death. This is on purpose. The rich definitely exploit the poor and they do so mercilessly.


Here is one example: The annual US trading surplus went from just under 2 billion dollars to almost 20 with the establishment of NAFTA. The slave labour of the poorer countries increases the profit for the greedy, richer ones substantially.


GATT agreements do the same thing.

The Kingdom of Zion is defined by the nearly endless exploitation and suffering found in the human kingdom, the animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms. Exploitation is universal, and abuse, corruption, and injustice are rampant in all societies, in all nations, worldwide. Yahweh had purposely closed this world off from the Light, from true goodness, justice, love, peace, joy, and the grace and glory of the true God and the evil mess is the result.


In place of all that is right, good, and true, he has implemented a system of "law" and injustice. This is why all that is wrong, evil, and untrue is imbued in our media, our systems of government, education, religion, economics, politics, and especially the judiciary which follow the law of abuse, injustice and exploitation, never justice, no matter how great the pretence is.

Yahweh has reversed the divine plan for this world, and substituted suffering for true growth and joy, punishment and disappointment for true love, and relentless exploitation for true progress.


It is obvious that we are living in a world of pain and suffering, where only the "fortunate" seem to escape suffering.


It is imperative that we ask "Why must this be so?", if we are to reach any semblance of truth.


Having completely usurped authority and power in this world, like any dictator, Yahweh went about enacting his own set of laws which were completely totalitarian, unfair, and oppressive in the extreme.

Yahweh's Bible and the scriptures of Zion are a how-to book for perpetuating ignorance, unawareness, suffering, conflict, exploitation, injustice, and evil, even though superficially they may appear meritorious. And, secular laws are at least as bad. The effect is suppression of one's True nature and severe evil programming, pollution and indoctrination as we shall see, to allow maximal exploitation in situations set up especially for that purpose.

Laws do not solve problems, temporally or spiritually. We must remember the source and spurious authority of all laws, to understand why laws do not change the evil system, do not get rid of evil or injustice, and only institutionalize it.


This is why all of our laws make evil worse. Every governmental law creates unseen problems, and very often generates more corruption and more problems than it solves. Actually, the more laws there are, the more evidence there is that people are not following or even aware of the law and its increasing complexity, or else are finding ways to get around the law.


And, it doesn't matter whether we have three laws or three million, there is no decrease in unlawful activity, crime, abuse, exploitation, suffering, and victimization. This is for two reasons. Firstly the laws are there as mock structures to catch those who are the targets to be punished. The evil ones flaunt them with the disrespect they deserve.


Evil has no respect for anything, not even evil.

In a similar way, so-called and apparent spiritual "laws" are merely the means of enforcing the control, authority, and oppression by evil, to serve evil. Hence, evil always increases under this evil system.

The totally despotic, imperious, and arbitrary laws of the Kingdom of Zion are designed to entrap, punish, and spiritually assassinate the True Beings. Again, this is evident on the gross level, as we find in governments, worldwide, and on spiritual levels, as we have seen in religions. Physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual punishment is dictated as an excuse to make people comply with "the law".


But Yahweh's spiritual "laws" (and forced compliance with the laws) are just a mechanism to create, administer, and perpetuate those mechanisms of evil programming, pollution and indoctrination which maximize suffering. In fact, there is no need for, and no existence of, suffering or punishment in the remainder of the divine creation.

Pain and suffering were designed by Yahweh for the explicit purpose of maintaining control and exploiting the energy he required from True Beings.

In this dimension, there is an absence of true authority, wisdom, and love. By attacking the True Beings in this way, he has made them lose their divine energy and awareness. As a result of suffering and the relentless barrage of programming, pollution, and indoctrination, we are more easily programmed, conditioned, and controlled in our thinking and behavior.

Whether we are aware of it or not, we are living in a world of intense mind control, propaganda, brainwashing, and self-destructive programming. Society's addictions, escapism, diseases, stresses, conflicts, suffering, and wars are endless. And the promised cures, solutions, and salvations are but a mirage.

As we look more deeply into why things are the way they are, we find that there is little spiritual awareness or sense of what is right, good, or true in society. And, in that vacuum, there are endless laws, and an equally spurious system of punishment, as if laws can compensate for the loss of spiritual connection with God.

Even Yahweh's so-called "spiritual laws" are nothing more than a means to abuse, harass, stifle, confine, disadvantage, restrict, torment, and destroy the faithful True Beings rather than to uplift, liberate, enlighten, guide, or help them in any real sense.


Remember, Evil is fighting a war against the Good, trying to subdue and destroy them. True Beings are fully capable of following their divine inner guidance as long as their connection with the divine is not cut off by evil. So, Yahweh purposely cut that connection with the divine. He then replaced God's spontaneous and automatic guidance, love, and nurturing with a system of punishment and suffering which declares that such is "deserved" and "righteous" because of "transgressions against the law" and/or "original sin".


Actually, Yahweh is the original sin, the blasphemy against the true God; and the True Beings are guilty of no original sin. To say they are is a lie. divine Beings are not born of sin but born of their Father-Mother God; their spirits are created totally pure, good, loving, totally aware of their connection with their Creator, cognizant of their inner blueprint for spiritual growth, expression, and progress.


It is only because Yahweh has totally interfered with this divine plan in this corrupted sector, and, in fact, has blocked the True Beings from having any clear connection to their divine Source and guidance, that he has been able to substitute a system of unremitting evil in its place.

The real targets of punishment and suffering are True Beings. The most evil beings are, in fact, rewarded with greater evil power, worldly authority, and material prosperity for doing evil. They are not punished on the spiritual level or any other level and they form the Black Brotherhood on this and other levels.

True Beings are a minority in this world, now comprising a very small percent as more and more are lifted out. Yahweh created the counterfeit beings, both robotic and demonic beings, to exploit, confuse and overwhelm the children of the Light. All consciousnesses of the various classes in this world have incarnated into physical bodies, and to all appearances, physical bodies look alike.


In other words, it is not usually possible to look at the physical shell and know whether the being within is a True Being or an evil counterfeit one.

Under Yahweh's laws, it totally suits his purposes and the agenda of evil to have True Beings incarnate in families with evil parents, siblings, or other close relatives. The more likely an incarnating being is affected by evil, or traumatized or abused while young, the more readily will s/he be programmed and conditioned by evil and cut off from its divine inner being.


The shock and trauma of abuse and exploitation, ridicule and humiliation, and even outright psychological or physical torture, complete the brainwashing and control of the consciousness.

It is no mistake that True Beings are forced to incarnate in the physical with absolutely no memory of prior existence, though in every case, they have lived for longer than this universe has existed for they were created before the Celestial Error and Evil. The physical body has an in-built Filtering Mechanism which blocks prior knowledge. The continuity of their spiritual existence is suppressed, and further denied in Yahweh's "holy" scriptures.


They are told that they are not even children of God unless they believe the lies of the Bible. This is utter nonsense, totally evil and perverse. Regardless of what your scripture does or does not tell you, everyone has been brought under Yahweh's false spiritual Laws of Reincarnation and Karma (the means by which you are made to suffer "to make up for" some prior acts).


However, the most evil ones are above the law.

In place of divine guidance and love, Yahweh set up and has administered a false spiritual system of reincarnation and karma, in which beings are forced to incarnate in the physical over and over (countless times), and the good ones are disadvantaged and made to suffer "to learn their lessons". The one and only purpose of these spiritual laws is to slowly spiritually assassinate True Beings.


Time after time they come back, cut off from the spiritual realm, programmed by the prevailing evil social systems (including the deceitful religions), forced to act in support of the evil system, trapped in evil relationships, abused, exploited, ravaged by disease and other conditions, and physically die, over and over. The effect is designed to be cumulative, to separate a child of God from any connection to, or even remembrance of, its Father-Mother God.


Yahweh, in all his evilness, has declared that it is the greatest violation of his law, the greatest sin, to have any other "god" but him.

The more spiritual a being is, the more a being rejects this world of evil and illusions, the more a being seeks connection with the true God, the more that being is made to suffer. This is the law of Yahweh and the Kingdom of Zion.

The way secular law works, someone does something wrong and then the lawyers codify it to make it illegal for others to do the same. For example, as recently occurred, a seven-year-old girl died in a plane crash trying to set a record for flying an airplane coast to coast in the US. So, the lawyers wrote a law prohibiting little children from being allowed to pilot an airplane coast to coast when trying to set a record.


Could anything be more absurd? Yet, this is why we have endless laws today, which no one but the lawyers really know about (each knows a section only) and which transgressors only become aware of after the fact, when the system seeks to punish them.


It is not just cynicism to say that the law is a way of taking advantage of every act of wrong, stupidity, or evil done by mankind, and creating profit for the lawyers.

Similarly, the violation of all spiritual "laws" profits Yahweh, the source of those laws. His false spiritual laws are for the purpose of exploiting and punishing the most hapless, unsuspecting, and readily programmed members of society. The laws are not really to help us but to oppress us, to keep us subjugated to the evil archons, to keep us in a position of ignorance, vulnerability, and liability.


This is true of all unjust secular and spiritual law. Yet, the evil ones profit by the law; they know and use the law entirely to their benefit, to grasp more wealth, power, and control. This is, of course, quite evil, and has nothing to do with spiritual goodness or worth, but evil cunning.

The most evil, having crafted laws to oppress everyone else, are not subject to such limitations; they are never really hindered by the law. If their evil acts come to light, they merely learn to be more subtle and covert in their actions, or rationalize their exceptions to the law. The most evil beings have never had any intention of being limited in any way by laws, secular or spiritual.

So, while they make and enact unjust secular and religious law, the archons do not in the least believe in the laws, morality, or religions of the masses - they only look at the "sheep" with contempt. In their perception, the "proof" of one's spiritual worth is the extent to which one is able to gather finances, authority, and control in this world.


Surely, as their false "god" says, that is a sign of their goodness and "god's" grace and blessing.


Who would dare to question the "word of god", when he proclaims that he elevates the "righteous" in his name?

Those who sustain and uphold the Kingdom of Zion and all its evil are favored Sons of Darkness. They have no problem with evil because they are evil. Just as one small example, it is why Imelda Marcos could buy 10,000 pairs of the most expensive designer shoes, as she and her husband plundered billions of dollars from their country which consists of some of the poorest people on earth.


Evil beings feel that they deserve everything, every reward for serving evil, for sustaining evil, for perpetuating evil, injustice, and suffering. That's how they make sure they have "sheep" to rule over, and shear.


Yet, it is not the exposed Imelda Marcoses who rule this world, but far more cunning, evil, insatiable, ruthless, controlling, and merciless princes of Darkness.


They all feel that they are above the law; they have made a special deal with their "god". Clearly, fear, pain, and suffering are the forces that shape and control life on this planet, not some imagined benevolence or "love". No matter how many millions of people are brainwashed or emotionally blackmailed into "loving" their equivalent of Imelda Marcos while they are being exploited, only fools mistake their torment and abuse as a supreme "gift" of "love".


Yet, this is precisely how Yahweh and his select rulers have upheld their evil system of gross exploitation, "lawfully". They pretend to be the loving father and mother, looking after our every need - to be adored as God - but they are really just the opposite. They are evil blood-sucking parasites draining our resources, exhausting our divine inner being.

Yahweh has a covenant with those whom he has made to hold the rulership of this world, and all its resources, in trust for him. Yahweh elevates those who seem to have an innate ability to rise in this world to the highest positions of leadership and trust via cunningness, deception, and exploitation.


Select evil ones receive sponsorship and help along the way. The elders, elect, and their agents take them under their guidance, and shape the spineless, immoral, ambitious, and weak recruits into "leaders", creatures of single-minded devotion to the global agenda of domination and exploitation.


These are the favored Sons of Darkness, the archons, and their rise to all sorts of positions, including those of presidency and papacy, are guided both in the depths of hell and in the meeting rooms of the moguls of politics, media, finance, law, and religion.

Only those who willingly lick the boots of the protected archons need apply. The nurturing and protection of Bill Clinton is a good example. We have seen leaders such as Bill Clinton and Boris Yeltsin, devoted to the New World Order, speaking out of both sides of their mouths, barely able to conceal their hearts of darkness, immorality, weakness, greed, ambition, and depravity.


And yet, these are the very people whom the masses rely upon to bring "good" into this world.


Their actual role is to perpetuate suffering, deny the truth, build illusions, ridicule any opposition, propagandize about the goodness of life and how "fortunate" we all are, suppress any disclosure of evil and corruption on the highest levels, reduce awareness, destroy personal responsibility and integrity, enact endless laws and punishments, ensure that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, keep people from awakening spiritually, make a mockery of the grace and goodness of the true God, and subjugate the masses under a perverse and evil system of order.


Regardless of any apparent religious affiliation, they are among the elect of Zion. Clinton will be brought down by his own evilness and it appears Yeltsin is waking up to the "bad cards" other archons have dealt him and his country and appears ready and willing to avenge his mistreatment, if he survives. Pressure is mounting on the Clintons.


The way it is going, Bill Clinton will leave office more disgraced than Nixon; and Hillary also. Even though Clinton won, Dole, Perot, and Ralph Nader all inflicted deep wounds to the character/reputation of the Clintons. It seems that even though many voted for Clinton, they don't trust him and so they also voted for Republicans so that he has no control of congress.


And a Republican congress will be politically inclined to investigate the Democratic president.


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The Chosen and Elect of Zion

There is the force of divine Good, and there is the force of Evil and anti-God.


The Antichrist is alive and well in the world, particularly in the world's leader, the US. The law-makers, law-givers, and law-interpreters - and most of our leaders - are, of course, lawyers. It is no mistake that they are most learned in what they violate most readily. The same holds true for the religious jurists and interpreters of scriptural law, such as the Talmud.


Temporal and scriptural laws are always interpreted by the evil elite, elders, and elect in terms of what they can get away with.

Whether minions, archons, president or pope, the Zionists of this world, the evil devotees of anti-God, hold themselves out to be somehow better than the rest, more intelligent, more spiritual, more understanding, more compassionate, more noble, more self-sacrificing, more just, more respectable, more moral, more deserving, and more good.



  • They are not humble people, but are driven by unlimited ambition, ego, and arrogance

  • They are not moral, but enjoy telling everyone else to be virtuous

  • They are not understanding or wise, but are deceitful and cunning

  • They are not spiritual or compassionate, but believe in their own right to stand on everyone else's backs

  • They are not licit or lawful, but use their laws to force others to obey or be mercilessly punished.

  • They are evil

Despite any outward appearance of benevolence or mercy, the religionists are entirely unmerciful in their attack, condemnation, and abuse of those who are not accepted into their faith.


Leaders, pharisees, rabbis, ministers, priests, and pastors of all denominations fallaciously assert their authority to intercede between people and God. They set themselves up as the interpreters of God, all spiritual matters, and all worldly matters. They have a law, policy, admonition, dogma, or commandment for all things.


But, as Yahweh himself is the great pretender, the ultimate hypocrite, so too are the religionists.

Though they preach goodness, the lives and inner beings of Zionists are devoted to evil, corruption, profit, spurious authority, and power over the lives of others. The recent exposures of sacerdotal sexual abuse point to this. Though Yahweh's spiritual "law" declares that we all "be good", he is totally evil. And, so are his favored sons of Darkness, who consider themselves above the law - whether civil, criminal, or spiritual.


Recall the many exposures of corrupt, abusive, and depraved religious orders; the religionists are certainly not exempt from such lawless evil.

Religion is of little value to the Zionists in their lives; they worship money, authority, and control in this world. Things spiritual are anathema to them. But, they have such ego and cunning in their hypocritical evil nature as to consider themselves the "god-given" rulers of this world. They are Titans in their revolt against the true God, and imagine that "divine providence" has guided their worldly success.


Nothing could be further from the truth.

Instead of being ruled by a totally loving, just, wise, and good God, who all may see and be nourished by, this world is governed by an unseen force, a perverse, cunning, occult, and oppressive force, and the most fallible, ignorant, immoral, and unjust leaders. The efficiency of the worldly system depends upon coercion.


And, those favored sons of Darkness who are readily channeled into positions of authority relish the chance to lord it over the good. While pretending to be good and do good, they use every system to their advantage, they use every dirty trick to gain power and control over others. Almost without exception they are hypocrites, liars, exploiters, and corrupters. Whether president, first lady, pope, or princess, the scum of the earth - the most evil of the evil - have a way of rising to the top as amply demonstrated by the true history of this planet.


This is so, because they are favored by evil, by the unseen rulership of this world.

Yahweh is "Big Brother", the spiritual and worldly force of Evil, the unseen despot at the top of the rulership of the hierarchy of evil. And, he is supported by many sons of darkness, in other evil-controlled spiritual realms and in this world.


The chosen, elect, and elders of Zion are the archons, demons, and specially created controllers of this world's institutions.


The systems of government, finance, education, religion, science, law, politics, the media, and the military are all power positions in the spiritual battle between Good and Evil, as I elaborated in One World. And, important posts are filled by the chosen of Zion.

In Leo Baeck's The Essence of Judaism, the concept of "election" - being the exclusive elect of "god" - is defined as it relates to the Jews.

"From the very moment when the perception of its distinctiveness became clear, it penetrated as a living force into the souls of men. Only through the consciousness of election was religious energy awakened. History provided decisive proof: the prophets who grasped most firmly the heart of the Jewish religion also emphasized most decisively the election of Israel. And always afterward the idea of election was most powerfully expressed precisely by the men who remained most faithful to the essence of Judaism."

Being the "elect" of Yahweh is a matter of having a certain consciousness, the manifestation of a certain force or energy in the souls of men (and women).


Baeck says that this single-minded alignment with that force is "conscience", "and by this means alone was the community able to confront the entire world without compromise, as it often had to". In actual fact, this force is the soul-essence of Yahweh, and totally evil, not good.


This is precisely why the elect and elders of Zion are single-minded in their obsession with world control, without morals or compromise, because they interpret their mandate from Yahweh as some sort of divine grace, cherishing,

"the conviction that [they] are experiencing a sublime, yes the most sublime, life of mankind".

"The idea of election necessarily implies a certain exclusiveness."

The elect of Zion feel that they have the exclusive blessings of "god", and their worldly material success "proves" it. "The election of Israel is the first step along the road set for man by God." Israel, here, means the Jews. And, election implies their supremacy over all others.

If there is one system above all others that allows control of this world, and all its other systems, it is the Financial System. This world is controlled by the financial system, by unseen hands.


The international financiers are able to dictate the value of everything in this world:

  • they control all prices, from gold to soybeans

  • they are able to adjust economies and control the money supply

  • they control business on a global scale and the movement toward a New World Order

  • they control individual nations, governments, "elected" leaders and their advisers, worldwide.

It is not just a theory that anyone can be bought with money.


The elect of Zion have put this into practice. They have bought and paid for all of the authorities and leaders in education, politics, government, science, the media, business, and finance. In Ages past, regicide was a specialty of theirs.


And, they have done this over many decades, eons in fact, to breed a society and a world in which all of the ideologies are developed and controlled by them, all of the common thinking is programmed by them, everyday behavior is conditioned by their unseen influence, and individual destiny is subjugated to their will.

The global agenda of the elders of Zion is to lay this world, all its resources, and the will of all its inhabitants at the feet of Yahweh, the evil builder of this abomination, the demiurge of the scourge. The goal is to fully convert anything and anyone of goodness and Light to the will of evil. There are, of course, those who say such a "plot" is incredible and unheard of.


Exactly!! It is unheard of to the extent that the favored sons of Darkness have been able to keep the agenda of evil hidden.

In this world, the lie rules over the truth.

Does it hinder evil in any way, to have people accept whatever Yahweh decrees simply because they have been deluded into thinking that he is God? Of course not. This deception completely serves the agenda of evil and Yahweh. And this is why any revelation of the truth is condemned by the evil ones in society. They protect the charade of evil at all costs, knowing on the subtle levels that their very existence depends upon their staving off the truth and the correction (eradication) of evil.


This explains why most lawyers, doctors, educators, the media, and religionists are so impervious to the truth, so resistant to it, and so condemning and ridiculing of it. Their continuing existence depends upon their ability to exploit suffering for their own personal gain as I detailed in "One World". And, this further explains why the chosen of Zion most often find their way into these occupations and positions of authority.


They are occupying these positions as an army occupies a conquered land, perpetuating the impotence of the conquered, plundering the resources of the weak, rejoicing righteously in the perverted rule that might makes right.

As anyone with any awareness or Light in them knows, goodness and right are almost completely lacking in the realms of law, medicine, the media, education, religions, government, and so on. Hence, these institutions employ (literally) deception, illusion, and coercion to maintain control. Never before has the general population been so unaware, especially of spiritual truth, than at this time, regardless of the spurious "progress" of science and technology.


The hidden agenda of control over the thinking and behavior of all people in this world, via deception, duress, force, brainwashing, programming, conditioning, punishment, and outright torture and the threat of death, is being made more manifest, daily. It is not just the myth of Stalinist Russia or of the killing fields of the Pol Pot regime. It is the agenda of today, everywhere, even Australia and the USA.

It is no mistake that law enforcement is becoming increasingly militarized, that judges are corrupt, that more and more prisons are being built, that the laws are being made more harsh and merciless, that the innocent are being assassinated, and that the standards of human life are being lowered by the media to the level of sewer biology. This world is obviously being turned into a more overt hell, run by the demons.

Those in charge of our most trusted social institutions - the elect and chosen of Zion - have been delegated the authority to crush the True free human spirit, to denounce, attack, and vilify independent thinking, and to religiously assassinate the True Beings in the name of the evil, false "god".


The evil are made to destroy the good.


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The Ontological Jews

It is impossible to discuss the evil demigod Yahweh without revealing his self-described "chosen people".


The "ontological Jews" are a special spiritual progeny of Yahweh, consciousnesses that incarnate in this world to fulfill a very specific role. Ontological Jews do not necessarily incarnate into Jewish families or the Jewish religion; often they do, but they are just as likely to turn up as presidents and popes (none of whom may be considered Jewish in the traditional sense).


None of the ontological Jews are beings of Light; Yahweh is incapable of creating beings of Light, only the true God can do so. All Yahweh can create are counterfeit robotic beings and demons who cannot exist outside of this dimension. The ontological Jews, the elect of the kingdom of Zion, are demonic consciousnesses - I frequently refer to them as Zionist (not Jewish).


So, I am definitely not saying that all people who happen to be Jewish are necessarily evil or demonic; every race and religion has a majority of its constituency who are evil.


The same percentage of True Beings of the Light incarnate in Jewish families as in Christian families. What I am identifying here is a certain consciousness created by Yahweh, originally seeded in the Jewish race, but which has been implemented and incarnated in other races (such as the Japanese) as well.

The world order is temporal and spiritually evil. The great lie is that the sons and daughters of Darkness have some sort of superiority to the children of Light. The truth is, they are but shadows compared to the Light. And, all of their worldly eminence and advantage arise, not from any inner spiritual goodness, but from evil.


The children of Light are made subject to "the law", and are not only denied any advantage but are actually disadvantaged in every way possible via the mechanism of karma which, as I explained in earlier works, is biased and unjust by design. The favored sons of Darkness are given every promotion, every support, every pay-off, every privilege, every reward - regardless of how unjustified, unearned, and undeserved.

All counterfeit beings are nurtured by the essence of evil whereas the True Beings are suffocated by it and have to struggle very hard just to remain viable in the filth. It is not the cream that rises to the top in this world or in any area of society. It is the scum.

When you understand that all systems of this world have been set up by and are controlled by evil, it is easier to appreciate the nature of those in power, those who exploit every problem, those who prosper by the suffering of the innocent. Most lawyers, doctors, politicians, bankers, and religionists gain in power, authority, and wealth, the more people suffer. They exploit suffering, they capitalize on it.

If the objective of evil is to delude and oppress the True Beings, to drain them of their energy and to control all aspects of their lives, then what positions in this world would Yahweh give his elect?


Obviously, the sons and daughters of Darkness hold all leadership positions in all of the world's grandest institutions. If Yahweh is able to create counterfeit beings and control the process of incarnation of all beings onto this earth, and to predetermine the conditions of everyone's life, then does it not follow that he is able to place his elect or chosen ones in the exact positions he wishes?


This is why, when you trace any leaders, including the US presidents, you go from one to another (regardless of political party) who serve the same master, the same hidden agenda, the same evil source. They are placed in position by the same ruling evil force.

It is only the rare exception that a True Being, by playing a double role or by selling out, manages to get into a position of power or authority in this world. Double agents are often assassinated by the system before they can expose much of it or rectify some of it. Abraham Lincoln is one example, John F. Kennedy is another. Others who sell out to evil are no different from counterfeit beings.

As I pointed out in "Death of an Evil God", the Jewish consciousness was created to manage the money aspect of Yahweh's systems.


Mark Twain wrote,

"I am convinced that the persecution of the Jew is not in any large degree due to religious prejudice. No, the Jew is a money-getter. He made it the end aim of his life. He was at it in Rome. He has been at it ever since. His success has made the whole human race his enemy".

In many countries, from the US to Russia, debt has been the means of stealing the wealth of nations.

"The Jew was always ready to lend on a crop. When settlement day came, he owned the crop; the next year he owned the farm - like (the biblical) Joseph. In the England of (King) John's time everybody got into debt to the Jew. He gathered all lucrative enterprises into his hands. He was the King of Commerce, (as Shakespeare demonstrated with his Shylock in the Merchant of Venice).


He had to be banished from the realm. For like reasons, Spain had to banish him 400 years ago, and Austria a couple of centuries later. In all ages Christian, Europe has been obliged to curtail his activities."

Contrary to the warning history gave, the US took no heed and gave the Zionists free reign, and they have since disappeared from sight, having risen to the top of the pyramid of financial control.


The Zionists have financed, bought out, destroyed, and controlled their competition for centuries, globally. They own the US, just as they own Australia, Canada, and most other countries worth owning.

In keeping with the agenda of world domination, and the increasing exploitation of the True Beings, the main role of the evil Zionist consciousness is to control the world's finances, in trust for Yahweh. Whether found in the Rothschilds or Rockefellers, or any other group, this consciousness single-mindedly amasses huge amounts of money under many different covers, controls economic and financial institutions, governments, the media, education, foundations, and so on.


And, it does so for specific reasons: to perpetuate evil; to keep this world isolated from the higher spiritual realms and the truth; to replace God with Mammon; to subjugate the masses; to make life in this world appear normal, acceptable, and "good"; and, to render the True Beings less and less aware, more exploitable, and more susceptible to spiritual demise.


The "philanthropy" of these controllers and their countless foundations is but a smokescreen to cover their incessant exploitation and control over people's lives, worldwide.


And, remember, the love of money has been said to be the root of all evil.

There are limits to the amount of money that a person can spend on himself. If one were rich, one might perhaps buy a number of vehicles, eat at expensive restaurants, have a few homes, and so on. The average person would have a dilemma spending a million dollars.


The Rothschilds are said to be trillionaires. When that much money is involved, and the national banks of the richest countries in the world are under the same private control, there is obviously another agenda other than "being rich". The unspoken agenda of the Elders of Zion is total control of this world, especially financially, to bring everyone under the iron-fisted, repressive rule of Zion.


They are single-minded in their objective, and allow no individual and no nation to get in their way. It is said that whom they cannot buy they blackmail, and whom they cannot blackmail they assassinate.

The Rothschild and Rockefeller families may be said to be among the elect of Zion. Their role is to increase suffering.


Lord Lionel Rothschild is reported to have said,

"It must be terrible to be a Jew and not be named Rothschild".

There is much confusion about the "Jewish conspiracy" that is believed to rule this world, which I will attempt to clarify.


Since this world is ruled by Yahweh, he does favor his chosen ones, those whom he knows will serve him loyally because he made them to do so. Historically, wherever Jews go, they have gravitated to finance and money, throughout Europe, Africa, Australia, and the US. They have, as a group, been thrown out of more than one country for having developed an iron grip on all of its wealth.


Hitler was faced with the same problem in Germany, the Jews having taken complete control of the economy after the Germanic peoples had graciously taken them into their fold as brothers the previous century. But they were forced to regret showing such charity. I will discuss this further below.

The real problem is evil, and evil is not relegated exclusively to the Jews. Further, the Zionists (who really do control the world behind the scenes, even though they deny it and label all who point this out as paranoid conspiracy theorists) are not subject to being displaced from their position of control. They willingly sacrifice the innocent, including their fellow Jews (especially the ones who happen to be True Beings in their midst) to maintain their control.


This is why Jewish bankers financed both sides in many, many wars, including the allies and Hitler in World War II, out of total self-interest.

There are many, many people in the Jewish race or religion who have no desire to control the world, who have no desire to oppress others, and who are themselves the victims of those who are in control.


In the same way that the Papacy tortured and killed millions of Christians "in the name of God" in its inquisitions, the real target for suffering is always the innocent True Beings - in whatever race or religion they may find themselves. It is a war between Good and Evil, and these spiritual forces transcend race, religion, or nationality.

Having identified Yahweh as the evil, usurping demigod who created this physical universe, and who is responsible for all its evil, one cannot be accused of putting the blame for all of this world's ills on the Jews. They are the instrumentalities.


The ontological Jews (special evil beings) do have a primary role in world domination, but they sometimes incarnate in non-Jewish families and are not Jews in any conventional way. Anti-Semitism is misguided because the typical Jew is about as evil as the typical Christian; the endless conflict between religions, each one blaming the other for all the world's evils, serves Yahweh's evil plan. It keeps the original and real source of evil from ever coming into view or consideration.


Finding scapegoats and bringing increased suffering to the innocent is all part of Yahweh's plan, and we should have, will have, no part of that.


This is the Kingdom of Zion, so we should not at all be surprised that the Zionists rule. But, I will examine this phenomenon in much greater detail, to show how it is not necessarily goodness, or worth, that leads to elevation to positions of trust and authority in all areas of society. Rather, it is the extent to which an individual is willing to serve evil and exploit the "less fortunate".


Some are more willing and able to serve evil than others, because that is what they have been specifically created to do.


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Evil's Agenda

The agenda of evil is to replace everything that is right, Good, True and divine with what is not.


Paralleling the manner in which the false god Yahweh has displaced the true God in this world, the sons of Darkness seek to elevate themselves to a position of total control and to render the True Beings inert (spiritually dead). The evil rulers of this world refer to themselves as the "rulers of the universe", and they think of the masses as "sheep".

According to the reverse spirituality of evil, the elect of Zion are godlike, and the rest of the beings constituting humanity are nothing but sheep or cattle - not even men. And, it is the spiritual obligation of the evil rulers of this world to herd the masses like sheep, fleece them, and use them to satisfy their various needs.


So, all of this world beneath the Zionists are to be herded, thought of as assets, and sacrificed at will in the greater agenda of evil. In their grandest delusions, the Zionists imagine that evil can produce Good, that their unlimited evil ultimately serves Good or God.


Nothing could be further from the truth. By definition, Evil is that force which seeks to destroy God and all that is Good. That is its sole agenda, and it has nothing to do with the True God's divine plan of all Good for the whole creation.

Examination reveals that the elders and elect of Zion, in unison, without apparent prompting do the following:

  • They perpetuate the evil doctrine that might makes right, and legitimize false authority; US bullying is a prime example.

  • They manage, manipulate, and control the "beasts of prey" or sheep of this world, primarily by violence, fear, and terror, secondarily by evil programming, pollution and the false indoctrination of education; Sponsored wars and economic conquest by Hollywood, Coca-cola, MacDonald's, etc., are examples.

  • They subdue the population with forms of escapism - alcohol, drugs, corruption of values, amusements, distractions, games, wars, scientific falsehoods, etc., and illusions of freedom.

  • They maintain despotic control of the people, with or without their knowledge or consent; enforce laws mercilessly, with the false pretence of justice for all, though the elect are entirely above the law.

  • They select and promote administrators, advisors, publicists and agents who have been trained to think and act in accordance with the will of the Zionists, and who cater to an invisible government.

  • They use the press to promote their hidden agenda, under the pretence of objectivity and freedom. Media whoredom is a reality.

  • They promote economic slavery and poverty, whereby the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, and the masses are kept in their place, while exalting the false doctrine of "equality". Such agreements as NAFTA and GATT do this precisely.

  • They use economic crises - recessions and depressions - as a way of harvesting the resources of the masses, to shear the "sheep".

  • They promote disorder and discontent through injustice, disdain, and arrogance in the legal system; create endless laws to withdraw one by one the rights and liberties of the people, surreptitiously. The sponsored insurrections such as the Russian Revolution, the recent decay of the USSR, overthrow of legitimate governments, rejection of World Court decisions, are examples.

  • They promote centralization of power and authority as a false response to disorder and corruption; regulate every aspect of life. Recent anti-terrorism laws in the US and recent anti-gun laws in Australia are examples.

  • They promote science as the "modern" answer to our problems, and displace the true God from the creation with "rational" scientific doctrines, mathematical calculations, and false theories about life. The rantings and meaningless postulates of people such as Stephen Hawking, Carl Sagan and Paul Davies which form these theories are examples.

  • They keep the masses from thinking deeply about the meaning of life; keep the intellectuals stuck in meaningless debate; direct the gullible into what are at best spiritual dead-ends which assert the false "brotherhood of man". Theology does this supremely.

  • They disarm the people, to control them, more readily than bringing war upon them; create endless talk with no understanding; support opposing positions, political parties, and economic systems. Diversity is to confuse, not enlighten.

  • They destroy independent thinking and initiative; present no true solutions; wear down the people so that, in desperation they will rationalize and even ask for a totalitarian one-world government to "solve all problems" by subduing all opposition. Independent thinkers are marginalized, ignored, then eventually destroyed.

  • They establish large monopolies and transnational corporations to control vast resources and accumulate enormous riches; use business and industry to drain the resources and energy of the masses. The evilness of international cartels and monopolies is monumental. Their greed for profit is such they have even managed, with grossly misleading advertising, to convince mothers to abandon breast-feeding their infants and give them their useless, factory produced and contaminated formulae instead. Apart from their avarice, this demonstrates how acutely and deeply many "sheep" have been programmed to respond to the archons, no matter how much what they say and do is against the "sheep's" better interest.

  • They control the working classes with economic policies which they cannot understand, and over which they cannot have any possible influence; load the people with debt, a burden that will maintain their subjugation and impotence; indoctrinate the masses that they are being aided or served while they are being oppressed. All governments lie to their workers. They promise freedom but deliver enforced economic enslavement.

  • They police nations and the world with expanded militarization and law enforcement authority, to keep people in their place; use war by the strongest nations, such as the US, to selectively eradicate any opposition to one-world government and radically thinking nations, especially if they are successful without Zionist control as Libya and Iraq were.

  • They use lawyers, judges, government administrators, media moguls, economists, industrialists, bankers, and financiers to create a network of powerful and monied interests to promote a common hidden agenda; control the legislation, selective application, and self-serving interpretation of laws. The UN, totally controlled by the USA, which in turn is totally controlled by the Zionists, does this very well. Recently Boutros Ghali was forcefully replaced by the Zionists because he demonstrated the trait of thinking, and that was dangerous to them. It is interesting to note that the excuse given by the US was that Boutros squandered money on Peace-keeping missions. The fact is the whole UN budget on Peace-keeping annually is less than the annual budget New York City, just one US city, has for its Police Department and Fire Brigade!

  • They use terrorism, hatred, anti-Semitism, endless complex laws, arbitration, propaganda, and the false principles of education to sway, challenge, manage, and channel the energies of the masses; encourage ego, ambition, greed, and conflict. It is well established, in my mind at least, that nations often commit acts of terrorism against their own people to enable swift passage of harsher laws for further unjustified control. Whether you want to believe this or not the Sydney Hilton bombing, the Oklahoma City bombing and the Tokyo subway sarin gassing were all prime examples of this. Scapegoats are always found.

  • They encourage everyone to get out and vote, but select and control those who become heads of government in an unseen manner; rig the results; encourage an illusory satisfaction in the masses, thinking they have a say in things, while demoralizing them with the results of government, so they will invite a New World Order. Exposure of vote rigging as fact has at last occurred for all to see in the US. Other nations are no better. As I write this, the rigging in Serbia is being admitted after much protestation.

  • In the event of rebellion against the New World Order, they suspend the Constitution, and replace it with executive decrees, martial law, and unmitigated crushing force; make constitutional rights nothing more than a memory, and make even that memory disappear. The Whitlam dismissal in the 1970s in Australia was a small but very significant example of this. Whitlam made the mistake of thinking outside Zionist influence and paid the price. It was US interests, via the CIA, which dismissed him. Opposition leader and eventual Prime Minister Fraser and the Governor General, who formally signed the paper to dismiss him, were merely puppets of the Zionists and the unholy dollar. Buckingham Palace was an anachronistic oddity throughout the ordeal, as it is today. It merely bows to the whims of Zionism.

  • They use the "diaspora" or scattering of the Jews as an asset, to greatly expand the international financing, control, and ascension of the Zionists. This procedure was one sponsored by Yahweh from the very beginning when he led Abraham to the royal courts so his wife, whom he called his sister, and for whom he acted as a pimp, could infect others with venereal disease as the Bible reveals. Contextually this means, in metaphysical terms, pollution of others and control by manipulative means. Sex is a very powerful manipulator.

  • They control the media, lead public opinion in whatever way serves the hidden agenda; keep opponents of the evil New World Order and the Zionist agenda from having any forum in the media; allow controlled, selective opposition, to be aware of the plans of opponents of the New World Order. Zionist control all media, full stop!

  • They consider freedom as the right to do whatever the law allows; formulate the laws to keep all real freedom and power in the hands of the evil controllers, while trapping the masses within the laws. You are free to be enslaved as they wish the enslavement to be.

  • They act to distract people from the truths of life via the media, entertainment, sports, and all sorts of social events and celebrations of the meaningless; promote technology and material "progress" while disallowing any true spiritual progress or understanding. The failures to acknowledge the worth of the paranormal and denial of existence of UFOs, an after-life, aliens, etc., all reinforce the falsehood.

  • They never reveal the occult foundations of the Zionist's faith in their worldly plans of domination; they bring all the people of the world under subjugation to the spiritual "law" of Zion and glorify the fallacious "Ten Commandments" while applying exploitative Zionist scriptural economic doctrines.

  • They promote a false "fellowship" and "equality" of man via fraternities such as Masonry, and ideologies such as socialism and communism, until the day when all the world is brought under the direct and open control of the Zionists; they sacrifice those who do not accept the New World Order as we have seen with Libya and Iraq. They are attempting to destroy Iran for the same reasons.

  • They control universities and the entire educational system; rewrite history to exclude any truths about the evil archons who rule this world, and their evil agenda worldwide; in place of teaching the deeper truths of life, promote work, relationships, and social order as the basis of a "good life"; they use memorization and programming by rote as the means of "education" to take the place of understanding; use education to render the masses incapable of thinking for themselves. Jews and Zionists are represented in gross disproportion in medicine, law, the judiciary, university posts, etc., in both the USA and Australia. In the latter, Jews make up approximately 0.8% of the population, but are some 35% of the legal profession. It is not that they are smarter, they simply control the universities and the professions. Anyone writing anti-Jewish sentiments, for whatever the reason, legitimate or otherwise, very quickly learns the meaning of Zionist control and the perverse racism under which it operates. Any such writer is ostracized and severely ridiculed in order to maintain the Zionist status quo. Helen Demidenko who wrote just in that way is a prime example.

  • Zionists brainwash the general population so that they feel an obligation or responsibility to bring independent thinkers under the iron-fisted rule of law; put in place a system of counterintelligence, spies, informants, and police agents in all groups that are opposed to the New World Order. The extremes and criminality of the CIA and Mossad (the Israeli secret service) are legendary. They deserve complete unmitigated condemnation.

  • They make suspicion of a crime the same as actual commission of a crime and recent laws in the US are reflecting this change.

  • Instead of facing sedition (discontent with or opposition towards the government, or what might be considered by some to be patriotism), they prosecute the offenders of political dissent with charges for unpopular and hateful crimes so that the offenders will be widely condemned by the media and society as frightening examples of what could be if they, the archons, were not in control. In other words, they change the emphasis of a fruitful political movement from one of possible change for the better (against the archons) to one of despicable criminality. The classical example everyone knows is that of Jesus. Instead of being charged with telling the truth and exposing the hypocrisy, He was charged with blasphemy which carried the death penalty. The ridiculousness of it cannot escape us. If even the Jews of that day contended that "God" made the world and all of us, what was wrong with Jesus saying he was a "Son of God"? The point is that they manipulated the law to promote, not justice, but evil. Their intent was to crucify Him. This is the exact same principle they use today: "We will give you a fair trial and then hang you".

  • They use loans and debt to individuals and governments to drain away all their resources, to enslave them; control the issuing of currency and the movement of economies; keep the attention on short-term finance to encourage short-sightedness and lack of awareness of the larger, long-term, hidden agenda. I will have more to say about this specialty of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund.

  • They control the wealth of the world as evidence that Zionist rule is ordained by "god". All Avatars, including Jesus and Manichaeus went to great length to distinguish between the true God and Mammon: "What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and suffer the loss of his soul?" You see, the Zionists do not even believe the book they claim to be their own "Holy Book".

  • Zionists plan for the day when all is divided and conquered, and will be united under one efficient system of order and control, by Zion; autocratic order will provide the so-called wanted happiness to mankind; the moment all power, control, and authority is transferred to Zion, all efforts will be made to ensure that mankind is productively busy; there will be no more speculation or investment by the masses.

  • As I hope to amply demonstrate, they have rewritten history, and continue to do so, in order to destroy any truth, any trace of their iniquity, so that the falsehood is presented as truth, so that those who are suspicious in the slightest way will have the wool pulled over their eyes and be lulled into the dream of evil illusions. This is exactly how Yahweh and all evil ones work. Later, I will use the Holocaust of World War II to illustrate this process in our own time. Unbiased readers of history can readily see the process also in the Bible and its spurious nonsense.

  • They dream that the world will give thanks to the "god" of Zion for having "saved" it from all evil and disorder, and all will welcome the Yahweh as "king of the world" and "pope of the universe".

Those who are aware of the agenda of the New World Order will be familiar with most of the above points.


These agenda items are quite real, and have either manifested or are being put into place now, for all to see. They are, or reflect, the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, which are ridiculed and condemned as forgeries by Zionists and demons, worldwide, to try to cover up the exposure of evil. The last thing the evil archons or sons of Darkness wish is to have their plans and their accomplishments revealed for all to see.


The children of Light would immediately recognize and remember their mortal spiritual enemies; and, the "sheep" would rebel against the rule of their keepers. Wolves, of course, often come in sheep's clothing; and, they use every cunning means of deception and subterfuge to denounce and forbid the publication of the details of their plan, claiming that they are the true victims.


No, this is not an "anti-Semitic philosophy" but a revelation of the truth of the occult and evident agenda of evil in this world.


As we have noted, the Zionists willingly sacrifice their Jewish brethren at large, and even promote anti-Semitism as a means of dispersing the Jews worldwide and keeping the good True Beings who happen to be Jewish subjugated as well.


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Democracy or Disproportionate Influence?

In a world with a billion Muslims, a billion Christians, and a billion Taoist/Confucians, how is it possible that Judaism, with about sixteen million adherents, is considered a "major religion"?


Further, how is it possible that a tiny percentage of Jews control all key social institutions in the US, Canada, Germany, Australia, and elsewhere?


They control business, finance, economic policy, education, law, science and medicine, the media, and governmental policy on the highest levels. How does ½ of one percent of the population, whether in the US, in Germany (before World War II) and elsewhere, so completely control a nation?

There are many factors which cause this disproportionate influence. Foremost is the nature of the "chosen people" of Yahweh: the evil demigod has his own favored sons of Darkness, to whom he has given undue power and authority in this world. Further, the Zionists have used the occasion of the diaspora and the holocaust to generate huge sympathy, political support, and financial reparations.


It has been estimated that the Jews (including Israel) have received hundreds of billions of dollars to compensate for their losses in World War II. As we shall see in a later section, the holocaust is the substructure of the Zionist political agenda, though its claims are largely untrue. Finally, by demonizing those who react badly to the immoderate and self-righteous Jewish presence, the evil archons are able to hide behind the cover of "anti-Semitism" and enforce their global agenda without being seen or challenged in any real way.


Hence, the greatest evil in this world remains hidden and protected behind the spurious claims of being chosen by God, of being unjustly persecuted, of being a people of goodwill who by commandment cannot harm or exploit other people in any way, and of being unfairly attacked for being behind a conspiracy of international finance and global control.


Regarding the holocaust (backed by Zionist bankers), the real suffering of the ordinary Jewish person (who had nothing to do with the agenda of the Zionists) has been subverted into a perfect cover and concealment for the Zionists. The Zionists readily sacrificed their common brethren, as they do all of the "sheep", for the greater cause of world domination.


Hence, when I talk about the undue and evil influence of the archons, the Zionists, I include their terrorization of their (in their words) "lesser" Jewish brothers, as a way of controlling them, as well.

Benjamin Franklin said,

"In whatever country Jews have settled in any great number, they have lowered its moral tone; depreciated its commercial integrity; have segregated themselves and have not been assimilated; ... have built up a state within the state; and when opposed have tried to strangle that country to death financially, as in the case of Spain and Portugal".

We can add many other countries to the list, including Germany, Hungary, Russia, and England.


But, in the present day, the Zionists have such total global control, and the control of the economies of all nations, that they are no longer challenged. They, and their subordinate organizations such as the Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission, and Council on Foreign Relations, and the central banks of the US and Europe, and so on, determine the political and economic policies of nations, worldwide.


"Democracy" is just a lie.

To this day, we find that any attempt to identify the evil archons, or their agents, is met with immediate accusations of anti-Semitism.


And, anyone who does not give blind allegiance to Israel (the spiritual homeland of the Zionists) is accused of anti-Semitism. Yet, the fact is that many Jews do not blindly support the Zionist political, financial, or spiritual agenda. As we have noted before, there are many True Beings who are born in Jewish families, who find the single-minded lust for money and obsession for control to be totally foreign to their inner spiritual being, and who refuse to have any part in it.


But the most virulently evil beings find acceptance, protection, and favour in the Zionist family; and they push their agenda of domination and control unrelentingly.

An Israeli newspaper proudly declared the undue Zionist influence over the US government noting:

the US has "an administration in which the Jews are full partners in the decision making at all levels"; a series of changes, begun by Ronald Reagan and concluded by Bill Clinton, "enhance Jewish power"; "warm Jews" (that is, ones totally loyal to Israel),

"have reached posts that are extremely sensitive for U.S. policy. They are by no means exceptions"

"seven out of eleven top staffers [in the National Security Council] are Jews."

And, they are senior directors and advisers in charge of the Middle East, South Asia, Western Europe, Africa, Latin America, and Asia.


The Jewish presence extends to,

"a long list of senior Jewish officials in the State Department... followed by many deputy secretaries and even more senior secretarys' chiefs of staff".

In the President's office it identifies: a Jewish White House counsel, schedule and programs manager, deputy chief of staff, economic adviser, media director, staff director, person in charge of volunteers, person in charge of the health program, Labour Secretary, and Commerce Secretary.

The Israeli newspaper article continues,

"The enormous Jewish influence is not limited to the government. In the Washington media a very significant part of the most important personages and of the presenters of the most popular programs on TV are warm Jews. A significant portion of senior media correspondents, newspaper editors and analysts are Jewish... Let us not forget in this context the Jewish predominance in Washington's academic institutions.


At the National Institutes of Health the percentage of Jewish researchers is very much higher than their relative percentage in the population. In the fields of security and science, in the movie industry, in art and in literature, the Jewish influence can only be described as immense, with a corresponding enhancement of Jewish power".

Remember, this is written by a Jewish newspaper published in Tel Aviv, Israel. It is not the work of "anti-Semites" or "neo-Nazis".


I am merely revealing the disproportionate Jewish influence by virtue of the unbridled arrogance of the loyal followers of the Zionist agenda. The real reason Jews are so prominent in the movie industry, art, literature, the media, science, law, medicine, education, economics, finance, labour, political policy, and so on is that they control these fields, and they promote their own.


This is also why Jews are often correspondents, editorialists, commentators, and the chosen authorities interviewed in the media, especially in what is called "public broadcasting". Money talks.

So that readers do not assume that this power, authority, or control is merited by some sort of religious or spiritual "purity" or "goodness", I add a further quote of admiration and praise from the same article.


Describing one Jewish synagogue in Washington, it notes,

"Its members belong to the creme de la creme of Washington society; senior administration officials, successful lawyers, rich businessmen. All are wealthy people.


Next week, on the Jewish New Year, the prayers will be joined by many other Jews who usually spend their weekends at the most exclusive clubs, or on the most expensive golf courses, or riding the best horses, or at their expensive hotels near the West Virginia lakes, or sailing in their private yachts.


Next week, as during all Jewish holiday seasons, the most expensive limousines that can be imagined will stop at the entrance to the synagogue, to let out elegant women, the men mummified in their expensive suits at their side, followed by the well-dressed children. The entrance fee to the synagogue is $1000 for a single holiday".

The elect of Zion truly worship Mammon, not God. And, they are rewarded by their evil demigod.


Do not imagine, as they will proclaim, that their undue power and authority is a result of merit. It has nothing to do with goodness or benevolence. Rather it is entirely a product of their single-minded obsession with money, authority, and control.


As we noted before, the Zionists were made by their false god for this specific purpose, to gather, hold, and keep the resources of this world in trust for Zion. And, we shall see that this is accomplished not by "helping" but entirely by exploiting - the rewards are proportional to the exploitation of the people, the "fleecing of the sheep".


Social gatherings, including "worship services" are occasions for deal-making among the money changers. Jesus Christ physically threw them out of the temple, long ago, but they quickly came back. He tried to show that the love of money (Mammon) had no place in the eyes of the true God.


But, as we have noted, dispersing the Jews only has the effect of widely scattering the hidden seeds of the evil demigod, Yahweh.


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The Ten Commandments

As above, so below. The spiritual laws and secular laws of this world serve the same master.


And, none of them are truly for the benefit of the spiritual resident of this world. Who could possibly question the Ten Commandments, the backbone of our entire religious tradition and Western civilization?


"Thou shalt not" is merely the admonition of a hidden, weakling "god" who cannot love, nourish, and guide the peoples of this world, but must tend his flock of sheep with the staff, the bark of the dog, and the death-threat of the wolf. Far from being any sort of spiritual inspiration, or message from God, the Ten Commandments are the spiritual law of the usurping demigod, who rules by fear not love.

Having cut off the children of God in this world from their Source, from their Love and guidance, Yahweh set about establishing false substitute spiritual "guidance".


The children of the Light have no need for Ten Commandments; their only commandment, the inherent alignment of their spirit, is toward the love of their Creator. The Ten Commandments are analogous to cutting off all light from a plant, and then issuing directives on how it should grow and in what direction.


A plant will inherently grow towards the light; a child of Light will inherently grow towards and bask in the Light of its Source. Only by cutting off any contact with that Light does the issue of "commandments" and false spiritual laws arise.


Only on such a totally evil and fictitious foundation can the Ten Commandments be built.

If we accept that Moses was a divine Messenger, like all those who came before and after him, he would have taught the difference between Good and Evil. He would not have prescribed a set of laws for everyone to follow, but rather would have taught the difference between the Good and evil creation, the children of Light and the counterfeit beings of Darkness.


He would not, in any way, try to set out laws for the evil beings to follow, since it is obvious to the divine that they have no desire to follow them. And, he would not try to establish these spurious commandments as a code of behavior for the children of Light. Rather, the Ten Commandments of the Bible are sponsored by Yahweh.


And, as such, they give absolutely no guidance in helping one to distinguish between the Good and evil of this world. Rather, like all scriptural authority, they purposely deceive and confuse the good. The evil could not care less what "laws" are written in the books, in the Bible, or in stone. They have no interest in following such laws, but only do what satisfies their lusts and ambitions.


Do you think Bill and Hillary Clinton know the Ten Commandments (unless they, being the most learned of lawyers and scholars, studied them just so that they would know how to best break the laws and get around them)?

By the way I do not accept the Biblical story of the acquisition of the Commandments.


This is what I wrote in "Death of an Evil God":

"The story of the Ten Commandments which were supposedly given to Moses on the Mount was copied from:

  1. The story of the Canaanite god Baal-Berith, the "God of the Covenant"

  2. The Commandments of the Buddhist Decalogue

  3. The life of Zoroaster who had also received the Law from Ahura Mazda from the mountain top

  4. King Hammurabi who received the Laws from the Babylonian God from a mountain top also.

The basis of the myths concerning Moses also included the expulsion of Jews from Egypt during an outbreak of pestilence.


Other sources (Choeremen, Manetho, Lysimachus, Tacitus) say that the oracles blamed the infection on foreign workers who were called the Children of Israel and the offenders were evicted from Egypt and sent into the desert. This is very different from what has been written in the extant Old Testament which claims the Jews were liberated by Jehovah's intervention.


The Jews claim they are the Chosen race of God. The True Jews (and not all born into the Jewish race are True Jews) in fact, were the chosen race of the demigod Jehovah (YHWH, Yaldabaoth). According to the Roman historian Tacitus, who has given us much insight into non-Christian history, everything before the Exodus was from non-Jewish sources and he claims that the Jews were known as "a race detested by the gods."

The Ten Commandments do not hinder or restrain the evil ones; they do not help the good. In fact, they are designed to hinder, delude, and restrain the good, in a perverse sort of way.

The first commandment is: "You shall have no other gods before me". This is an admission by Yahweh that he is not the only god, and in fact, this is an order that the children of Light (of the true God) forsake their true God, and submit to the spurious authority of Yahweh.


The demigod must enforce this commandment by deception, fraud, and the unconscionable act of cutting off the connection between all children of Light and their True Creator.


In the rest of the divine creation, this commandment is totally absurd, meaningless, and unnecessary, since every being created by their true God is aware of their God at each and every moment of their existence; no one has to command them to "have no other gods".

The larger truth that is purposely hidden by this false spiritual commandment is that there are other Gods; there is not just one God. In the spiritual reality, there is a hierarchy of the Godhead, with an Absolute creator of a universe, and above that Absolute is a Higher Absolute, a Supreme Being, and the Supreme of Supremes.


The Godhead can manifest in any part of the creation below it, at will, though in this universe which was taken over by evil, even the divine must shed its power and glory to enter this dimension. This dimension is so dense, and so anti-God, that the very presence of the energy and power of the true God would destroy it. And, this is one of the reasons why God has not entered into this dimension with all power until now, since the children of Light would be severely damaged (and lose their spiritual viability) by such an explosive entry.


Only certain parts or aspects of the Godhead have manifested in this world. They are the divine Messengers who have come repeatedly to bring whatever divine energy they could, to sustain the children of Light, and to encourage them to persevere in this hell until the Final Liberation by the divine Plan now in action.


Contrary to what the Christians believe, Jesus Christ is a son of God, but not the only son of God. In the divine Creation, God is one, though it, as the Highest Level of Consciousness, expresses in endless aspects throughout the divine creation.


Contrary to what the Jews and Christians believe, Yahweh is not God, nor the only God.

"You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain."

Again, the lie is that human beings need to do this entirely for their benefit.


The truth is, once again, this is entirely for the benefit of Yahweh. Why should "god" care if anyone uses his name in any manner? Does the Biblical "god" have an ego? The answer, as is proven throughout the Bible in Yahweh's hate and bloodthirsty rage, is yes.


It is Yahweh who takes affront when his spurious authority or position is questioned or lessened in any way whatsoever. The true God has absolutely none of this ego or total insecurity, and has no need of any such commandment.


Further, Yahweh does not wish to be named, and prefers to be incognito, so that none may know who he truly is; he can remain in hiding, and will not be identified as the "fool" (so-called by the divine Mother) who is responsible for perpetuating all evil.

"Honor thy father and mother."

Yahweh is the false spiritual "father" who totally refused to honor his Father-Mother God.


So, he must mean our physical fathers and mothers in this world, who are usually counterfeit beings and demons. It is uncanny (but predictable) the extent to which a child of Light is forced to incarnate into a family with an evil father and/or mother. The suppression, ridicule, or abuse of such an innocent child by a real demon can be beyond imagination.


Of course, the spiritual being who is "born" into such circumstances has all previous memory and spiritual understanding forcibly erased upon incarnating, so that s/he is totally unprepared for the plunge into the depths of hell which this world truly is. And, with all of the evil, false social programming, pollution and indoctrination as well as this false spiritual commandment, the child is made to feel wrong/guilty for not respecting or honoring evil.

On a further level, no True Being needs any physical "father" or "mother".


The physical parents do not ever create a spirit or divine Being. So, in no true sense are they ever really a father or mother of the incarnating True Being. In every case, True Beings were created before this physical universe came into being. The lie is that children of Light need to be or are "born" in any sense in this world. The bodies are born, but the True Beings are not the bodies.


As usual, this total fabrication, cover-up, and deception only serves Yahweh. Only Yahweh (and his minions of evil) benefits from the total lie and the ensuing gross exploitation of the children of Light who incarnate in this world. Over and over this lie is perpetrated; by grossly disadvantaging and exploiting the True Beings, their Light is diminished, and they are slowly spiritually assassinated.


So, this "birth" we are told to respect, and the parents we are told to honor, are generally a means of deluding us and spiritually killing us, not giving us life. "Honor thy father and mother" is a way to make us further forget the True divine Mother and Father (God), and to uphold the evil system of (re)incarnation.

"Thou shalt not kill".

What is so sacred about this physical existence that is erroneously called "life"?


Life is the life of the spirit, and has nothing to do with any given physical incarnation. This commandment, again, serves Yahweh; it keeps us falsely focused on the physical as life, and makes us never wish to challenge the existence of the evil beings around us. In fact, this world is overrun with demons from hell, who have incarnated in these physical bodies.


They have no injunction against killing. The truth is, they were created by Yahweh for the one and only purpose of wreaking maximum pain and suffering upon the children of Light who come into this world, be they in human or animal bodies.


Yahweh is the ultimate total hypocrite, liar, and deceiver.

  • How could a "god" who is the creator of billions of demons, who has created every form of perversity, torture, disease, murder, and death itself make such an injunction for the rest of us? Yahweh himself has the objective of murdering (spiritually) every being of Light in this universe.

  • And, who among the elect of Zion refrains from unwarranted mass murder, such as the fire-bombing of Dresden, the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, or the saturation bombing of Panama - all murderous acts?

  • Was it not Yahweh who asked for blood sacrifice also?

  • Is that not demonic?

  • Why would a divine being want the spilt blood of an innocent animal for appeasement?

Finally, we observe that the Zionists - the elders and elect of Yahweh - have no inhibition about totally exploiting everyone else in this world.


They do not believe in these silly commandments, in the same way that no evil being ever meditates upon the Ten Commandments before torturing, raping, or murdering the innocent. Do you imagine that the most evil beings, the Zionists, think about how to obey or follow the law, whether spiritual or secular? Of course not.


The favored sons of Darkness consider themselves to be above the law. They are the ones who draft and apply the laws to punish the rest of us.


They only think of how they can accomplish their agenda, by enacting fictitious laws, by getting around the law, and by avoiding any repercussions when they do break the law. They follow the law only when it suits them, when it is more to their advantage.

All laws - secular and spiritual - originating from Yahweh are evil, perverse, unjust, exploitative, oppressive, and worthless.


A word of caution: We must follow the laws to not play into the hands of the evil ones, who wish nothing more than to maximize our suffering. Always act within the laws, regardless of how stupid and evil they may be. At some point, all of these evil-created, evil-enforced laws will be seen to be totally irrelevant.


Nonetheless, obey all laws; otherwise you will be punished.


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Talmudic Law

Jesus referred to the Talmud as "the tradition of the elders".


It was, in his time, an oral tradition handed down by the elders of Zion, and elevated to the status of (and even above) the so-called teachings of Moses, which, by the way, had been distorted with reckless abandonment. The mendacious, self-justifying, rabbinical interpretation of the Talmud declares that these scriptural principles were given orally to Moses when he received the Ten Commandments, but they were not written down until many centuries later.


Of course, this gave enormous power to the elders of Zion, to say anything they wanted, and ascribe it after-the-fact to Moses - who said and taught nothing of the kind. If written scripture has been so easily revised, censored, distorted, and twisted in meaning and substance, how much more so would oral teachings?


The real proof is in the evilness of those teachings in the form in which they were finally written, the Babylonian Talmud, which consists of dozens of volumes of the most meaningless minutiae and the most self-righteous exceptions from divine law, morality, and goodness imaginable.

The more wrong, unwise, and unaware a people are, the more laws they have to fill the vacuum. Talmudic law covers every aspect of civil law, but from a religious perspective. Rabbis hold Talmudic law above that of the Bible or even the Ten Commandments. As with Christianity, the reason for such spurious authority by the priests is their desire for total control over the lives of the "faithful".


The scriptural injunctions to keep the Jews separate from and above others declare:

"A Jew must never be touched by even the shadow of a Christian church"; "Jesus is in hell and is being punished by being boiled in hot semen. Christians are boiled in hot shit"; "Christians worship their deity by defecating before the altar"; and, "All non-Jews are goyim (cattle) and were created by God to be the servants of the Jews always".

(Midrasch Talpioth 225)

In other words, follow the Talmudic injunctions and rule the world (if you are an ontologically-evil Jew); repudiate or reject the scriptural injunctions (like Jesus) and you will go to hell forever.


This arrogant, exclusive, egotistical belief in being "the elect" of god - and made to rule the world - is supposed to justify all evil done to others. There are dozens of volumes of Jewish scripture, thousands of years old, and far from losing meaning over the years, this scripture is the heart and soul of Judaism, today. The most vile and evil beliefs are not revealed to outsiders (non-Jews), and are kept for the most faithful.


The Talmud consists of:

  1. the "Mishnah" (the main text of the Talmud code of religious and civil laws governing Jewish life), followed by

  2. the "Gemara" (the commentary of the elders of Zion).

Many Jews excuse away the interpretations of the rabbis, saying that only the Mishnah is inviolable.


However, the Gemara is consistent with the Mishnah, by law; only commentaries which clarify the text and which are not interpreted contrary to it or previous commentary are allowed. Still, this allows a lot of latitude in interpreting the Talmud in whatever way appears most favorable to those who follow its laws. And, as we shall see, evil is not excluded in interpretations, but often justified and rationalized, or given Talmudic "legality".

The Talmud covers the monetary worth of donkeys and the spiritual worth of people. It declares the compensation that is due when a Jew is wronged, but excuses Jews from owing any damages when harm is caused to one of the "goyim" (non-Jews) or "sheep". In other words, the Talmud interprets acts of exploitation and abuse against non-Jews as acceptable and even right.


This tradition has been handed down for thousands of years. Rather than truly correcting evil in any real way, Talmudic law rationalizes and justifies it. So, for example, it declares that if a Jew feels compelled to do great evil he should go to another land, where he is not known, and do it there (Moed Kattan 17a).


And, if he feels a need to rape then he should do so to a very young girl, who "will not be traumatized" by the act when she grows up.

"When a grown man has intercourse with a little girl, it is nothing, for when the girl is less than three years old, it is as if one puts a finger into the eye - tears come to the eye again and again; and so does virginity come back to the little girl under three years".

(Kethuboth 11a -11b)


"Pederasty with a child below nine years of age is not deemed as pederasty with a child above that... Rab makes nine years the minimum; but if one committed sodomy with a child of lesser age, no guilt is incurred. Samuel makes three the minimum."

(Sanhedrin 55a-55b).

Evil exploitation - even of a child - has been systematically excused away.


If a man has sex with a child one day over the age of three, he can obtain her by marriage. The innocent may appear to be protected by such rules, but this system of "law" is totally fallacious, perverted, and evil. Though this is considered "morality", it does little to protect innocent, good, True Beings from wrong.

Jews argue that this oral tradition is priceless; when it was finally written down, it was condemned by Christian leaders (who ordered it burned). Some may argue that this old, old teaching is just history, that it has little application today. But, this scripture and "law" remains the basis of Judaism as interpreted by the elders of Zion today. It is studied for many, many years in Jewish-only schools by all students; it is the textbook for rabbis.


And, the underlying philosophy of superiority and rightness of the Jews, even while they do wrong, is extant today. The "true believers" hold that the lowliest and most evil Jew is better than the greatest non-Jew.


They have, historically, treated the "goyim" as (at best) sheep to be sheared.


Jews, God and History notes,

"The Bible had created the nationalist Jew; the Talmud gave birth to the universally adaptable Jew, providing him with an invisible framework for the governance of man".

Accidentally it seems, the odd non-Rabbi has let the cat out of the bag as it were, when, in anger, he has declared that a Jewish fingernail is worth more than an Arab, or a black, as an Australian lawyer called Rosenbaum recently said in New York when commenting about the death of his brother, a rabbinical student, killed in a fracas with blacks.


Hence, it appears this is a validly held belief by some Jews at least. Other more assertive, and what are more malicious examples of this are given below.

Not all Jews are aware of this agenda of the Zionists amongst them, just as all Christians are not aware of the evilness of their Church. Christians have enacted torture, inquisition, rape, pillage, stealing, and murder for well over two thousand years, and Jews have been on the receiving end of some of this evilness. Some Jews have wrongly assumed that they are chosen by "god" to suffer because of their unparalleled goodness and obedience to "god".

Christians assume the Jews suffer as a race due to their disobedience to "god" or for their assumed role in the crucifixion of Jesus. Few people today know the real place of the Jews, or the ontologically-evil Zionists who comfortably hide in their midst. Their agenda is, simply, world rule. And they have already achieved it.

Money, illicit drugs, intelligence agencies, banking, capitalism, communism, organized religion, organized crime, international free trade agreements, the legal profession, the medical profession, the drug industry, law enforcement, private "national" banks, the media in all its forms - all of these have the same control, the same promoters, and the same beneficiaries. In all cases they are the Zionist rulers of this world.


The concept of one-world government simply makes more concrete the mechanism of the shadow government which already rules the world.

In a letter written by one famous Jew to another (Baruch Levy to Karl Marx), the Jews,

"will attain world dominion by the dissolution of other races, by the abolition of frontiers, the annihilation of monarchy, and by the establishment of a world republic in which the Jews will everywhere exercise the privilege of citizenship.


In this New World Order the Children of Israel will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition. The Governments of the different peoples forming the world republic will fall without difficulty into the hands of the Jews. It will then be possible for the Jewish rulers to abolish private property, and everywhere to make use of the resources of the state.


Thus will the promise of the Talmud be fulfilled, in which is said that when the Messianic time is come, the Jews will have all the property of the whole world in their hands".

This verifies the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion and the agenda of evil.


Remember, none of this is to be accomplished by truth, honesty, goodness, virtue, or justice. It is done - and has always been done - by deception, ruthlessness, oppression, exploitation, injustice, treachery, and murder of the innocents. What does the Commandment "You shall not covet" mean? The fact is that this is happening and I will go into the reasons why later.

The Talmud pronounces the value of things, including the value of a life.


A Jew's life is priceless, and each Jewish man is "worth his weight in fine gold". The life of a "goy" or non-Jew is worthless. People such as Rabbi Meir Kahane and Rabbi Yaacov Perrin have said that the lives of a million Arabs aren't worth one Jewish fingernail, and declared that the scriptures tell us so.

Tony Greenstein observes, in Return, that,

"When a group of settlers were recently arrested for the murder of a Palestinian, Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburg argued that

'one must recognize the fact that Jewish blood and non-Jewish blood are not the same. The people of Israel must rise and declare publicly that a Jew and a non-Jew are not equal, God forbid. Any trial based on the assumption that Jews and non-Jews are equal is a total travesty of justice.'

Rather than recognizing the solid foundations for these Judaeo-Nazi views in the Halachah (oral Jewish law), and eradicating them, Jewish religious authorities in the West pretend that such religious ordinances, if they ever existed, are now obsolete.


However, amongst themselves there is no such pretence. Rabbi Goren, former Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi of Israel, in a closed meeting of orthodox rabbis, declared in relation to Rabbi Ginsburg's remarks,

'Not everything that is written in the religious law should be said in public and the man who said that there is a difference between the punishment of a Gentile murderer and a Jewish murderer according to the religious law may be right, but not everything should be said.'"

In the same article, Greenstein writes that a college student says,

"Kill them, kill them all, even if you have to kill 2 million Arabs. What's the matter with you? Do you want to be a Nazi? Yes, yes. I am prepared to be a Nazi... A good Arab is a dead Arab."

Again, understand the Jewish religious tradition of the Talmud, which declares that only Jews are human and everyone else is sub-human, animals, who deserve all the evil that befalls them - especially when it is committed by a Jew.


The Jewish tradition declares that if a Jew kills a "goy" it is not a sin (Sepher Or Israel 177b, Makkoth 7b), and that even the best of the "goyim" should be killed (Abhodah Zarah 26b).

So, we have a people who have an unspoken tradition and agenda of ownership, control, and total domination of this world and its people, in a manner similar to that by which Israel was created. This world is overrun by the sons of Darkness. And, the Zionists see themselves as righteous and all-deserving, while they view all others as nothing.


The only value of the "goyim" is that they can be fleeced.

I want to emphasize that not all Jews believe in such evil, injustice, inequity, and exploitation of the "less fortunate". The most evil elect of Zion hide within their Jewish community, behind the facade of religious beliefs, behind the evil rationalization that they are destined to rule this world, that it is ordained by "god". Everything is economics to them.


Everything has a value, including human life, but nothing has as high a value as the execution of their global agenda. Lives, including Jewish lives, can be readily sacrificed for the greater cause. In the natural order of things, the elect of Zion, at the top of the pyramid, accumulate all of this world's wealth, resources, and energy. They are "god-like" and blessed with "divine providence".


Without any doubt, this is the same Nazi mind-set of world domination that has worked successfully for the elect of Zion, long before there ever were Nazis.

It is paradoxical that the same "god" who tells his people not to kill, seeds them with demonic consciousnesses that are designed to kill, to exploit, to put out the Light of God in this world. But, that is how Yahweh works, by deception, contradiction, and obfuscation. The evil sons of Darkness couldn't care less about goodness, love, compassion, truth, or the existence of God. They are too busy shearing the sheep and putting down the wild dogs.


According to the Talmudic law:

  • Jews commit no sin, and do not profane the name of "god" when they lie to the "goyim" (Babha Kama 113b)

  • Jews may lie and commit perjury to convict a "goy" (Babha Kama 113a, Kallah 1b)

  • Jews who do good to the "goyim" do not go to heaven (Zohar 1:25b)

  • Jews should conceal their hatred for the "goyim" (Iore Dea 148:12h)

  • Jews should always try to deceive the "goyim" (Zohar 1:160a)

Whatever happened to the Commandments,

"You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain", "You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor", and "You shall not steal"?

Martin Luther, the founder of Protestantism, who turned against the Catholic Church, was keenly aware of religious hypocrisy and deceit, including in the Talmudic scriptures.

"Do not their Talmud and rabbis write that it is no sin to kill if a Jew kills a heathen, but it is a sin if he kills a brother in Israel? It is no sin if he does not keep his oath to a heathen.


Therefore, to steal and rob (as they do with their money-lending) from a heathen, is a divine service... And they are the masters of the world and we are their servants - yea, their cattle! I maintain that in three fables of Aesop there is more wisdom to be found than in all the books of the Talmudists and rabbis and more than ever could come into the hearts of the Jews...


Should someone think I am saying too much - I am saying much too little! For I see in [their] writings how they curse us Goyim and wish us all evil in their schools and prayers.


They rob us of our money through usury, and wherever they are able, they play us all manner of mean tricks...."

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The "Higher" Morality of Zionists

Though the "chosen people of god" claim a higher morality, their history reveals an enormous absence of any true morality.


In Jews, God and History, Max I. Dimont observes that from the very beginning the Jews were immoral, but in every case in which this is reported by those who favor the Jews, such acts are excused away or trivialized. The patriarchs, elders, and elect of Zion are largely demons; their hypocrisy and evilness are unmistakable, no matter how some may try to trivialize or rationalize it.

Dimont writes, the patriarchs believed in the Biblical injunction to "go forth and multiply".

"They steered a course between sexual excess and continence, following to the letter the Lord's commandment to have many children. In their zeal to follow this injunction literally, it is understandable if some erred a little on the side of liberality. Many a pagan mistress, disguised as a 'handmaiden,' dwelt in the tents of the lusty patriarchs who 'begat' progeny in abundance at an age when modern man settles down to collect his Social Security."

No, we cannot excuse this unmistakable lust of demons as "liberality".


The hallmark of evil is the lust for sex, power, and wealth. The patriarchs were obsessed with all of these. And, it is not a matter of belief in "god" or "doing good" that is at the basis of this perverted and immoral behavior but rather evil. Of course, Solomon is considered the wisest of Jews, and he had a thousand wives and mistresses.


The wisest Jew had absolutely no conception of his creator's Commandment:

"You shall not commit adultery".

Dimont describes the inevitable decline that accompanies evil and excess,

"As time went on, the evils of too rapid an industrialization became all too evident. At the time of Solomon's death the nation was plagued with some of the same social and economic ills which plague nations today - landless farmers, forced labour, unemployment, absentee-landlordism, a small class of rich oppressing a large mass of poor. Excessive wealth, then as now, bred vice and corruption, and these, in turn, bred perverted justice".

This is history told by one who is strongly pro-Zionist; more modern-day tales (by other Jews) are no better in their reports of Jewish excess, immorality, and evil.


You can see for yourself the transgressions of the patriarchs by reading the Old Testament. They lied, cheated, drank to drunkenness, lusted, murdered, engaged in incest, stole, etc., etc. Who can forget that, judging from its very own revered history in Genesis, the Nation of Israel is founded on deceit and pilfery (Jacob, who is said to have been renamed Israel by "god", stole Esau's blessing); collusion and lies (his mother Rebekah urged Jacob to be dishonest, to deceive Isaac, to lie to him and steal another's right) and cheating (Jacob cheated Esau out of his birthright)?


What sort of mother would ask her son to sin by cheating and being untruthful, dishonest, like that? What sort of mother would play a favoured son against another son? Only an evil one would!


We must ask,

"Are these True beings or deceitful demons"?

We can conclude it is an evil foundation for Israel! And, as I have said many times before, no Good can come from Evil. Only evil comes from evil.

There it is written in black and white, by the evil ones, the Zionists, in their own Bible, that the Nation of Israel was conceived and born of lies, deceit, dishonesty and corruption.

  • Just what sort of existence do you think such an entity would have?

  • Just what sort of business do you think it would conduct?

  • Just what sort of an end do you think it would deserve?

In more recent times, the early 1900s, the great mansions on New York's Fifth Avenue included,

"Otto Kahn's sprawling palace, Jacob Schiff's castle, the Felix Warburgs' fairytale house of Gothic spires".

Our Crowd describes how the rich Jews moved around seasonally, and five railway cars were,

"needed to carry Jacob Schiff and his party to California. Chefs, stewards, butlers, valets, and maids traveled with their masters and mistresses, and a nurse for each child was considered essential".

Yet, Birmingham then says that these people,

"worried about being 'showy,' and spared no expense to be inconspicuous".


"To keep his Westchester estate from being an eyesore to his neighbors, [Lewisohn] employed thirty full-time gardeners to manicure his acreage and nurse his fourteen hothouses. He was so determined that his parties be the best in taste - for years his New Year's ball in his Fifth Avenue house was one of the largest in the city - that, to keep his cellars supplied with the best wine and spirits, he ran up an average bill of $10,000 a month. And yet, at the same time, he had become interested in prison reform."

Isn't the hypocrisy almost sickening?


These people lived to steal from the "goyim", to destroy them, not to be their salvation in any sense, material or spiritual. Does having "a collection of Impressionist paintings, or of fine books, rather than elaborate furs or jewels" somehow excuse the rapaciousness of the Zionists?


But, of course, they did go for the furs and jewels at a later time, when they monopolized those industries.


When you read of the "philanthropy" of these people, and how Lewisohn liked to visit condemned men on Death Row, remember that the elect are the ones who perpetuate Yahweh's system of maximum exploitation, suffering, and death of the innocents. They are the favored sons of Darkness, and their master is the designer of death, especially for the "less fortunate".


To the Talmudic Jews, visiting Death Row must have been like going to the stockyards to see cattle ("goyim") before slaughter - with that much moral sincerity.

In The Rest of Us, Birmingham observes,

"In some ways, the careers of the Russian-Jewish entrepreneurs I have chosen (rather arbitrarily) to write about, and their twentieth-century success stories, call to mind the sagas of the notorious Christian robber barons of the century before - the first-generation Fricks, Goulds, Carnegies, Vanderbilts, Harrimans, Hills, and Rockefellers... The newer Jewish barons shared many characteristics with their older Christian counterparts - brashness, energy, vast egotism, a certain rapacity, and an almost touching absence of humor".

We must ask, are these really "touching" qualities or are they the hallmarks of evil? The answer is obvious.

"All viewed 'business' as a deadly, fascinating, zero-sum game with only one winner on any field, and a joyful opportunity to outmaneuver the federal government."

Again, is this "joyful" or is it, truly, immoral? Again, the answer is obvious.


The covert, evil rulership of this world takes great pride and joy in avoiding the rules and laws that ordinary people must follow.

Birmingham continues,

"All were intelligent, even highly so, but few were the least bit intellectual".

Again we see the hallmark of evil: cunning, not wisdom.

"None seemed to enjoy their money very much when they got it in such huge quantities... their tastes in pleasure remained simple, fleshly..."

It is quite true that the most evil ones do not even really enjoy their money, but are rather obsessed by it; their lusts are insatiable.


Birmingham concludes, after all of this:

"And so what is different about the twentieth-century American Jewish entrepreneurs from Eastern Europe? Simply put, they were more honest. Almost without exception (and including Meyer Lansky), they believed in giving good weight".

Yes, Meyer Lansky the gangster affiliated with the Mafia "gave good weight" in dead bodies!


These people were all more honest, more moral, more good? What audacity! Citing the "ethical standards" of the Talmud which tell Jews not to compete with each other to their mutual detriment, the book fails to reveal the Talmudic decree to exploit the "goyim" and rule the world.

Birmingham says,

"Perhaps these ethical standards explain why, for centuries, the ruling courts of Europe preferred to conduct their most important and sensitive business affairs with Jews. They could be trusted".

The truth is, they could be trusted to kill a king who opposed them, as they had done before, to foster a revolution, or to economically strangle the nation, as they had done all over Europe.


The Jews were thrown out of England in the twelfth century, only to return a little in the sixteen century, and more so later "through the back door" after Cromwell (whom they funded) had the King, Charles I, killed, and took control of the government. The Jews were thrown out of country after country in Europe for usurping the power and control of the nation by grabbing all its wealth.


Since they established and controlled the private central banks of European nations - England, France, Germany, Italy, and so on - these nations have been forced to conduct their most important and sensitive business affairs with Jews. This is a matter of coercion, not "preference".

Economic History of the Jews, edited by Nachum Gross, says:

"Jewish banking in the 19th century begins with the rise of the house of Rothschild in Frankfort, a city which became the new banking centre of Europe as a result of the political upheaval caused by the French Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars".

Other sources say the Rothschilds and their fellow Zionists caused the French Revolution, and afterwards flooded France with so much currency as to destroy the economy.

"The founder of the house (which became the symbol of the 19th-century type of merchant banking), [was] Mayer Amschel Rothschild... His sons rose to prominence as the major European bankers, Amschel Mayer in Frankfort, Salomon Mayer in Vienna, Karl Mayer in Naples, James Mayer in Paris, and Nathan Mayer in London."

An example of their influence and control:

"The majority of the English financial dealings with the continent went through the Rothschilds' offices".


"The Rothschilds extended their business into most European states, specializing in the liquidation of inflated paper currencies and in the foundation of floating public debts. In 1818 they made loans to European governments, beginning with Prussia and following with issues to England, Austria, Naples, Russia, and other states."

And, this is how they have gained control of nations.

They also financed the destruction of Germany in World War I, to carve it up and buy up everything for pennies on the dollar. Ironically, Germany was the most tolerant nation to the Jews, having accepted refugees from other countries such as Russia. The Zionist powers brought the US into the war to help Britain, as part of a bargain by which the British gave them rights to Palestine (Israel), their primary objective.


Next, the Jews financed the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia as well, flooded the currency and again created those inflated paper currencies which they bought up, buying everything they could for pennies on the dollar.

How successful were
the Rothschilds?


Just in the period from 1815 to 1828 their total capital multiplied by a factor of 35. This is not simply "success", it is evil manipulation and exploitation in the extreme by the elect of Zion. After the breakup of the former Soviet Union, the Rothschilds used their banks to launder half a trillion dollars worth of gold, diamonds, oil, furs, and other resources plundered from Russia by the trainload. Clearly, the Jews have used money to destroy and control nations, not to "save" them.

The Rest of Us refers to New York Jews of German origin:

"As bankers, they had established valuable international connections with such powerful British and European firms as Hambro's and the House of Rothschild. During the Civil War, while amassing considerable fortunes of their own, they had helped establish the Union's credit overseas at a time when President Lincoln's treasury desperately needed it".

The Zionists financed war in the US, as they have done in Europe, to try to enact their own agenda (as described in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion), to gain control of nations via debt.


As Baron Nathan Mayer de Rothschild is reported to have said,

"Let me issue and control a nation's money and I care not who writes the laws".

Is this the "morality" of the elect of Zion?

  • President Lincoln was assassinated for his opposition to the Zionists

  • President Andrew Jackson was the target of an assassination attempt. Jackson declared, "You are a den of vipers. I intend to rout you out, and by the Eternal God I will rout you out. If the people only understood the rank injustice of our money and banking system, there would be a revolution before morning!"

  • And, of course, President Kennedy was assassinated after trying to do something so bold as to give back to the Federal Government the role of issuing money, rather than the private Federal Reserve system.

Keep in mind how Birmingham called this the "joy" of the Jews, to outmaneuver the Federal Government, and you will have some idea what forces of evil rule this world and destroy any true moral opposition.

The Jews who came from Russia after World War I included in their midst very orthodox elders or rabbis, who spent their time reading and commenting upon the Talmud. Yet, when the Jews came to the US, and became a quarter of the population of New York City, they did not inspire goodness and morality. From the beginning, they were criminals violating the law.


Police Commissioner Bingham, as described in The Rest of Us, noted that the Jews were responsible for half the crimes; as,

"men not physically fit for hard labour... they are burglars, firebugs, pickpockets and highway robbers - when they have the courage; but though all crime is their province, pocket-picking is the one to which they take most naturally...."

This is part of the same "Jewish problem" that Hitler had to deal with in Germany, before World War II.


The Zionist elect controlled banking, finance, and the economy on the highest level; and, on the lowest level, the Jews were responsible for the majority of crimes in everyday life. So, what is this supposed "higher morality" of the Jews? It is nothing but a lie.

Someone once said that when a Jew does wrong, all Jews are blamed. We are not trying to condemn all Jews.


It is the evil ones who are so arrogant, self-willed, and righteous in their exploitation of others who have given all Jews a bad name.


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The Elders of Zion

Around the time of Jesus, a very rich Jew named Hillel established the proposition that rich Jews did not need to obey the scriptures, the Torah or the benign admonishments of the Talmud.


In his widely established interpretation of scripture, Jews were allowed to exploit the masses. The most evil ones, such as Hillel, are revered as the most holy, almost on the same level as Moses, because their scriptural interpretations help the evil oppressors and exploiters to get richer and make the poor poorer.


This is interpreted as spiritual good in the tradition of the Talmud.

Who would have ever thought that a religious scripture could be based in economics? Yet, because the ontological Jews were created by Yahweh for the purpose of controlling all of this world's wealth, their very scriptures deal with economics and how to make a profit.


These teachings, which were once only handed down orally, are expounded upon in the Talmud, which rationalizes exploitation of non-Jews.

By "elders" or "wise men" of Zion, I am generally referring to Jewish rabbis. As will be seen later, the "learned elders" of Zion claim to follow no such dogmas of inequality, deceit, or exploitation (to hide their beliefs from public scrutiny).


As might be expected, the Talmud declares, regarding those whose life in the hereafter is assured:

  • all rabbis go to heaven

  • no "goyim" (non-Jews) go to heaven

  • Jewish women are the footstools of Jewish men in heaven

The following Jewish men are excluded from heaven:

"he who says there is no resurrection from death; he who says there is no Torah given from heaven, and the Epikurus" ("a man who denies the belief in reward and punishment", "who denies the belief in Providence", or "who denies Tradition").

Certain other sins supposedly keep a Jewish man from the afterlife, as well, but oppressing and exploiting mankind is not one of them.


The rabbis declare that stealing from the "goyim" or exploiting them is not a sin, because how can you steal from a non-human non-Jew? At the top of the evil hierarchy of "mankind" are the elders and elect of Zion; at the bottom are the "goyim" sheep. As we begin to move into our exposure of Zionist economic policies, worldwide, we shall see that this is, in fact, the way the world runs.

The evil are most forgiving of themselves. The Jewish prayer which is recited at the beginning of Yom Kippur, the Jewish New Year, was changed almost a thousand years ago to be the reverse of what was intended.


The Kol Nidre prayer now declares that all vows (including contracts, promises, and obligations) made by a Jew must only be obeyed up until the next year's prayer. In other words, a Jew is morally and ethically excused from honest financial dealings when the New Year comes around. It is a grant of immunity from any guilt or spiritual redress for evil dealings and exploitation, every New Year.


Remarkably, the original prayer was intended to affirm the obligation to fulfill all vows until the last saying of the prayer (the "last atonement") in one's life. But, that morality was far too binding upon the elect, and so they reversed the substance and meaning of the prayer. The elders of Zion have, at every step, excused the evildoers at the top, while enforcing endless "moral" laws and principles upon their lesser brethren and the "goyim".


Morality is basically looked at as sheep morality, by the rulers of this world; it is a utilitarian set of guides, fences, and staffs to effectively herd the sheep. Holiness or even basic morality are anathema to the elect of Zion.


They, like Yahweh, are above the law.

Schechter's Studies in Judaism notes,

"The 19th chapter of Leviticus, which is considered by the Rabbis as the portion of the Law in which the most important articles of the Torah are embodied, is headed, 'Ye shall be holy, for I the Lord your own God am holy.' And each law therein occurring, even those which concern our relations to each other, is not founded on utilitarian reasons, but is ordained because the opposite of it is an offence to the holiness of God, and profanes His creatures, whom He desired to be as holy as He is".

Why must "god" declare that he is holy and that his progeny shall also be holy?


We come to the same conclusions as we did regarding the First Commandment (to have no other God): it is the evil false god Yahweh, who remains totally hidden from view, who demands that his position as "god" be accepted without question, who declares that he and his progeny are holy. The true God has no need to hide, no need to declare personal holiness, and no need to label the children of Light as "holy".


The "holiness" bestowed by Yahweh and his religion is actually his preferred technique to label his favoured sons of Darkness as "good, loyal servants".

The loyal servants of Yahweh are promised an afterlife, while those who do not serve Yahweh are condemned to hell. The afterlife, however, is quite deceptive. All beings who have lived in this world have passed on to an afterlife, not just certain Jews (or Christians or Muslims or Mormons, etc.). Many receive revelations of the afterlife in Near Death Experiences (NDE).


Everyone winds up in an afterlife when they drop the physical body, regardless of any knowledge of, belief in, or observance of scripture. Yet, promise of an afterlife (containing some reward) is one of the primary means by which Yahweh commands total obedience in this life. It is the main precept, and deceitful promise, of the religionists.

Any given being who reincarnates from the "afterlife" may be born as a Christian in one life, a Jew, Muslim, Hindu, or atheist in another; male in one life, female in the next; black in one life, white in the next, and so on. The fact is, there is absolutely no consistency in incarnating in this world. The only thing that remains the same, life after life, is the inner spiritual essence or ontology of the incarnating being.


Good, True Beings continue to have that same inner essence regardless of the outer circumstances of their birth; and, the evil ones have the same evil essence regardless of their birth situation. Some circumstances of rebirth are dictated by negative energy accumulation as I have explained elsewhere.

The ontological Jews - the ones created by Yahweh to serve evil - often incarnate in Jewish circumstances, but they are not limited to such, just as any other being may be found in any race, religion, or nationality in any given life. But, by their works you shall know them.


As Martin Luther said of the Zionists,

"They are the real liars and bloodhounds, who have not only perverted and falsified the entire Scriptures from beginning to end and without ceasing with their interpretations. And all of the anxious sighing, longing and hoping of their hearts is directed to the time when some day they would like to deal with us heathen as they dealt with the heathen in Persia at the time of Esther... Oh how they love the Book of Esther, which so nicely agrees with their bloodthirsty, revengeful and murderous desire and hope".

Again, we have to remember the bloodthirsty false god they serve, Yahweh.


Every act of upholding the spurious authority of evil in this world is said to be rewarded, and every act of challenging the spurious authority and evil of this world is condemned. The scriptures, including the Torah, Talmud, and the New Testament are not given from heaven. Every word of the Bible is not perfect truth but part of a heartless lie and cruel deception, in which Truth has been suppressed, distorted, reversed, and confused, on purpose. Biblical half-truths make complete lies!

Denying the dogmas of Yahweh, especially his unjust system of reward and punishment (otherwise known as "karma") supposedly condemns a man to hell. Hence, Jews are forced to believe in a false god, his spurious authority, his false promises, and his inequitable system of reward and punishment. The evil ones take to this quite readily; the good, True Being who happens to incarnate in a particular life as a Jew is taken aback by the perverted religious dogma.

In their great "wisdom", the elders of Zion declare all Jewish women to be spiritually worthless; they are not required to study the Torah or even the Ten Commandments. All major religions are in agreement on this issue: women are spiritually worthless. And this stems from the demigod's hatefulness of the divine Mother who condemned him.


Yet, this offensive lie allows Yahweh to oppress at least half the population, with one simple dogma. The religious decree of who goes to heaven forever as a reward for fitting into Yahweh's system and who goes to hell forever for not fitting in, is a lie, and a false promise which Yahweh cannot keep. Actually, Yahweh excuses himself from all vows, obligations, and promises, too.

Through the elders of Zion, Yahweh has declared the value of everything and everyone in this world, and, as we might expect, in every case it is the opposite of the truth. Yahweh is only capable of creating mortal beings and counterfeit, temporary souls; only the true God can create an immortal spirit. Hence, the elect and elders of Zion have only mortal souls; and, Yahweh's promise of immortality is as false as is the promise of "sports immortality".


The illusion of "eternal rewards" for serving Yahweh, with evil, will burst like a bubble, soon.

It is out of total vindictiveness that Yahweh has created all of the evils of this world, to oppress and destroy the good; in every case it is the Light which he seeks to destroy. With endless programming, pollution, indoctrination, suffering, and emotional exploitation, the beings of Light have lost much of their Light, much of their divine heritage, much of their awareness, and much of their true inner guidance.


Many have been so damaged by evil that their spiritual viability is doubtful. With total control, total isolation of this world, total suppression of the truth, and the incessant attack upon any revelation of the truth or corresponding increase in awareness, the evil demigod has managed to defile, corrupt, damage, and destroy what he has gotten within his grasp.


This is the "god" who fills his Talmud with endless descriptions of what is "unclean" in this world - he is the source of all filth, all evil, and all impurity, and this world is floating in his excrement.

The Talmud and the Catholic church are obsessed with the worthlessness of women, their uncleanliness, and abortion.


The Talmud has page after page describing the products of abortion, and classifying them in different categories. The Catholic church elevates the value of an embryo at conception to supreme status declaring it to be "complete life", and by virtue of its dogma condemns millions of women worldwide to lives of tortured suffering in poverty.


Orthodox Jews and the Catholic church both believe that their faithful should have very large families, with no birth control. The basic idea is that "they" are the good, the faithful, "god's children" whom he blesses with more of his progeny - and the more the better. The more little robots we have programmed with perverse scriptures and religious dogma, the more "holy" and "righteous" the elect of Zion will be. Well, this is untrue.


The result is basically that it makes it easier for Yahweh's elders and elect to herd the sheep, and to hide in their "religious" community.

The wise men, elders, or rabbis of Zion, are promised by their scripture to go to heaven (a mythical place). This self-righteous, self-serving attitude, common to Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, is the basis for the most evil and anti-God behavior on this earth. Religion, which is supposed to elevate the spirit of man, is just a mechanism for mankind's continuing oppression and exploitation.


As I pointed out in "Death of an Evil God", Jews are not unique in their religious intolerance, self-righteousness, and evil abuse; the Christian crusades were explicitly for the purpose of pillaging, raping, torturing, and killing those of other faiths. It is the evil lust for wealth, power, and authority that is the driving force of the most "religious", not God.


As I also pointed out, each pope has been, almost without exception, one of the elect of Zion, one of those evil spiritual beings created by Yahweh for the sole purpose of enslaving the spirits of the good - using deception, spurious authority, and the appearance of "benevolence" to control the minds and lives of the masses, from the womb to the tomb.


Each being posing as Pope would have to be near the top of the list of "people of the lie", and one of the greatest oppressors of True Christians, true followers of the Christ energy.

Evil is nourished and protected in this world by lies, cover-ups, distortions and suppression of the truth, disinformation, controlled reporting of news, excusing away historical evil, and the acceptance of evil in all of our institutions, especially at the top. Evilness, corruption, and exploitation are protected within the inner core of religion, government, the media, and every form of money-exchange in society, especially international finance.


Most people in this world are oppressed by the system, the status quo, the way things are.

  • billions go to sleep hungry every night

  • child labour is rampant throughout the Third World

  • the resources of nations are siphoned off by the ruling elite and international financiers

Those who benefit from this evil system, and receive "rewards", seldom question whether those rewards and benefits are really deserved, or whether others are suffering on the other side of the deal. The evil ones certainly do not care.

With this understanding of the essence of evil, its embeddedness in society, and its protection in all of our institutions, it is possible to begin to understand the agenda of evil in this world, why our institutions and leaders are so corrupt, what all commerce is about - and who benefits from all the busyness (or business) of this world.


It is Yahweh and the evil elect of Zion who gain from all the horrible evil and the suffering it causes.


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True Beings in every age have been confronted with a dilemma: as much as they wished to believe in a Supreme Being, and the nobility of human life, the suffering they witnessed all around them and in their own lives made them question the existence of a loving, just God who cared about them.


In The Free Mind Throughout the Ages, Edward L. Ericson says,

"The tragedy of Mark Twain lay ... in a much deeper wound as a human being. Too ruthlessly honest to believe what he considered a lie and too compassionate to be reconciled to an unfeeling universe, he suffered an inner torment that was terminated only by his death. His very power as an artist was propelled by a Promethean effort to wrest nobility and beauty out of a universe that seemed programmed for unending cruelty, misery and ruin".

The author identifies the "primal cause of his despair.


For that we must look to the myth of the vindictive God, a demon more horrid than Satan, whose punishments are always outrageously excessive and inflicted without regard to innocence or guilt". As is often the case, this "myth" is based in fact, while most popular "truths" are only myths.

Many religionists and patriots claim that free speech is permissible as long as one does not blaspheme "god". While they claim that all of their "rights" are "god-given", those who do not believe as they do are denied such rights.

"Our rights come from God".

No, they don't come from God.


Rights and privileges in this world are bestowed by the false god, Yahweh, just as long as they do not represent a threat to his inequitable, and perverse oppression. Speech may be free, but no publisher will print the truth, because this world has no tolerance for the truth. Truth is called a lie, and good is called evil. Everything is reversed in this world. Jesus Christ was killed by the religionists for simply telling the truth which exposed them.

Having committed the most irredeemable act of revolt against the true God, and having usurped all authority and power via falsehood and deception, Yahweh can make no claim to "giving rights" in this occupied territory.


Having taken away all true rights of the children of Light, the right to freedom, peace, joy, life, creative growth, and the love and guidance of their true God, Yahweh and his minions "bestow" rights upon us in this world. And, we are supposed to be grateful for having been starved of life and given the great gift of a few crumbs to nibble on while we are slowly tortured to death.


Neither Yahweh nor anyone else can give us any rights that were originally given by God and only taken from us by the force of evil.

  • Yahweh is the thief who commands that we do not steal

  • He is the murderer who commands that we do not kill

  • He is the blasphemer of God who demands that we not take the Lord's name in vain

Yahweh, in total revolt against God, demands unquestioned obedience and utter loyalty. As the designer of all suffering and disease, it is he who demands that we beseech him for healing.

It is not possible to blaspheme against God by calling Yahweh an evil fool and a liar. First of all, this is a fact. Further, Yahweh is not the true God, but a false usurping demigod. Hence, no matter how we may challenge or denounce the evilness of Yahweh - the author of all evil - we are not blaspheming the true God.

Jesus Christ is said to have admonished the Jews:

"Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it".

(Bible John 8:44)

It is reported that Jesus said this to "the Jews", but he was not spiritually condemning all Jews.


He was speaking to the ontologically (spiritually) evil Jews, whom we call Zionists. The "father" of all the demons and counterfeit beings, the liar, deceiver, and murderer, is Yahweh, the false usurping demigod.

Perhaps it is more clear why a "god" would have to resort to every sort of spiritual and secular oppression, exploitation, deception, and injustice, to maintain control, to ensure "loyalty". Clearly, this could not be a God of Love, Purity, Goodness, Wisdom, Truth, and Grace. The true God inspires loyalty and the choice to follow Supreme guidance with Supreme love. Yahweh demands loyalty via fear, hate, and the threat of punishment, suffering, and death.


The Bible says,

"The Lord is worthy of praise".

Is Yahweh, really?

There are those who are devoted to God, and there are those who are devoted to evil. And, that is why there has been a war for eons.


Those who serve evil could not care less about Love and Goodness. They have no interest in God's grace. Rather, they have, as long as these demons have existed, returned God's love with hate, responded to God's truth with lies, and rejected God's grace in favor of worldly and temporal "success".

There have always been those who have known the ancient Gnostic truths, and divine Messengers who have reminded us of those truths. The Essene Jews, for example, were a Gnostic sect that rejected all of the lies of this world, and the lies of religious authorities. They understood the truth about "duality", the difference between the divine and evil creation, the children of Light and the sons of Darkness.


Fragments of writings they left behind include The War of the Sons of Light with the Sons of Darkness, and the Manual of Discipline (a manual for spiritual survival for children of the Light).


The lives of Moses and Jesus (and of Buddha, Zoroaster, Manichaeus, Mohammed who are less well known generally in the West) were similar regarding the message they gave, and what happened after they left. They both taught the difference between Good and evil, and to some extent tried to separate Good and evil beings. After they left, Judaism and Christianity, respectively, set about confusing the difference.


Christians, before the first century A.D., embraced the doctrine of Clement, Bishop of Rome and spokesman for the Catholic Church:

"God, the God of Israel, alone rules all things: He is the Lord and Master Whom all must obey... Whosoever disobeys the divinely ordained authorities receives the death penalty!"

Yahweh was that quickly in charge of Christianity.

Jesus of course taught that his Father was not Yahweh but the true God. This message was purposely confused. Moses faced the same problem with the Jews. Jews, God, and History notes that,

"A challenging and perplexing duality runs through the Five Books of Moses in the Old Testament, the Hebrews and the Israelites... There are also two Gods, one referred to as 'Jehovah' (translated as 'Lord') and the other named 'Elohim' (translated as 'God')".

This of course hints at the truth as revealed by Moses, who distinguished between Yahweh and the true God, and divided the people into the True Beings of Light and the progeny of Yahweh.

"There are two rival temples... There are two versions of many, many other events as the perceptive reader of the Old Testament may have noticed. Are we dealing with two versions of the same story, or with two different stories merged into one?"

The latter is the case, and the distinctions between Jehovah and Elohim were lost.

"The final fusion of the Five Books of Moses, called the Pentateuch, occurred around 450 B.C. - in other words, not until eight to sixteen hundred years after some of the events narrated in them took place.


Is it not reasonable to suppose that in that period of time, before there were any written records, many changes and alterations must have occurred as the stories and legends were handed down orally from generation to generation?


Furthermore, as we have seen, priests, prophets, and policy makers were also busy during these centuries editing the manuscripts."

The references to Yahweh and to Elohim were purposely confused; the last documents to find their way into the Bible, "adding a little handiwork of their own (known as pious fraud)" referred to God as "Jehovah Elohim (translated as 'Lord God')".

There is a false "unifying" theme in religion, which is quite incongruous, ludicrous even.


It implies, as long as we all worship Yahweh and live in ignorance and evilness, let us consider ourselves as "one". No philosophical contradiction is too much for the religionists to overcome with their lies about the "brotherhood of man" and the "goodness of Yahweh".


But, while loudly declaring the "universality" of Judaism, the Jews proclaim its exclusivity, and reject, disparage, and sneer at others. They interpret their scripture to mean that they are better than others, and are meant to rule the world. They are the "elect of Zion", and their material blessing and supremacy over others mean God's plan is working perfectly.


Nothing could be further from the truth.

In this world it is the fox who is in charge of the hen house, the crook in charge of business, the robber in charge of the bank, the liar in charge of politics, the skeptic in charge of education, the illusionist in charge of the media, the oppressor in charge of law, the falsifier in charge of evil religion - and the blind fool who defends and promotes the evil world order and status quo.


These things become apparent as self-truths to any who open their eyes long enough to see what is going on in the world. Jesus Christ could not tolerate hypocrisy and lies.


Dimont entirely misrepresents Jesus, declaring:

"Nothing he preached, taught, or said was in contradiction to what other Jewish prophets, rabbis, or sects said or taught. Jesus was not in danger from the Jews. He was in danger from the Romans..."

So the Jews condemn Jesus in their holy Talmud in the most degrading terms imaginable, declaring that he was a reprobate who is now being tortured in hell; they tell the Christians that Jesus was just a nice Jewish boy who never said anything the Jews hadn't already said, in effect claiming dominion over Christianity; and blame another group of people for his physical death, which they conspired and brought about.


Are there no limits to evil's perversity?

As a result of all this purposeful confusion, there are many false premises in Baeck's The Essence of Judaism:

  • "Whoever believes with his whole soul that the God of Israel is the true God will remain entirely convinced that the essence of religion cannot be shaken by any discoveries in history, science, archaeology or philosophy"

  • "The hope for mankind is the hope for Israel"

  • "If salvation is destined for the whole world, it will be the salvation which stems from Zion and is a blessing for Zion"

The lie has once again taken firm precedence over the truth, to hopelessly confuse the seeker after the true God.


Isn't it apparent that all worldly "success" by the false god and all of his demons, Zionists, and elect, is based upon a lie? Its foundation is false, hypocritical, and evil. Its agenda is executed via deception. And, its presumed "superiority", "goodness", and "accomplishment" are untrue.


What "good" can come from a basis of denial, falsehood, deceit, rejection of truth, and the pretentious dogma of being the "chosen" and "best"? Are the Zionists truly "the hope of mankind"? Only Evil can come from Evil.

Remember, Yahweh has ruled the process of incarnation for eons, and unjustly applied his "laws" for the benefit of the evil ones.


He has blessed the sons of Darkness and cursed the children of Light who have had to fight for every tiny step, every tiny victory, every tiny accomplishment in this world. They are disadvantaged even before birth, denied their true power and abilities, cut off from God, relentlessly programmed, polluted, indoctrinated, abused, and exploited.


They have to fight for their mere survival. It is the evil ones, the elect of Zion, who irrepressibly rise into positions of unmerited authority and control. They are made and incarnate with the means to successfully deal in evil.

To a child of Light, being in this world is inordinately difficult: many have problems with money; many have health problems; many experience misfortune, mistreatment, setbacks, suffering, and failures; some even have a hard time eating or breathing.


In this evil environment they are out of their element, immersed in a deleterious medium. But, the evil sons of Darkness are like fish in water, built specifically for the evil dimension, breathing and flourishing in a way that almost defies understanding.


In the Kingdom of Zion, the most evil receive the most support.


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Wolves in Sheep's Clothing

When we think of religion, and what is and has been done in the name of "god" in this world, it is revolting.


We do not excuse away or trivialize the evils of the religionists, such as their torturous and murderous inquisitions, just because they are not today's news. There is value in understanding history - what really happened - it helps us to put things which occur in the world today in context. A correct interpretation of the acts of the Zionists, for thousands of years, helps us to understand what life on this planet is really all about, today.

Religion - traditional or New Age - is not anyone's salvation.


It will bury you in the lie or the illusion that this world is "good", life is "good", your family is "good", your elders are "good", your community or your world is "good", all people are "good"; and you, of course, because you are a good little sheep, are going to go to sheep heaven when you die, to graze contentedly in the hereafter, forever.

Why shouldn't a person surrender to the religious authorities when seeking God? Simply put: they are wolves in sheep's clothing. The shepherds are herding up the sheep with lies, deception, and the bark of the dog, just as they always have; and they are bringing them to market, for a price.


Before you run to the religionists for "spiritual help", remember the evil essence that inspires, controls, and propagandizes them - it is Yahweh, the false god. Understand, there is a reason why those who feel most inspired by this evil "god" run out and slaughter the innocents and steal all the wealth they can. They are responding in accordance with Yahweh's real spiritual essence and intent, which resonates with their own inner spiritual essence - evil.

Religion today is more subtle; it is content to steal the mind and the soul, and whatever money it can take in, well that's just icing on the cake.


Historically, the demons have used Yahweh's religions - for millennia - as a righteous excuse to murder the innocent in the name of "saving us all from sin". And they have plundered the wealth of nations to fill their own pockets, to increase their power and control, in the name of "god". The Zionists of today are doing nothing new, in that sense.


The money-grabbing Zionists were there when Jesus was crucified, and they are here, today. They are often the same beings, the same anti-God consciousness, coming back again and again to thwart the divine Messengers whenever they appear, and to delude, entrap, and spiritually assassinate the innocent. It is their mission in life.

The truth about Good and Evil, and the battle between the Light and Darkness has been ruthlessly suppressed by the archons at all times. Augustine of Hippo ("St. Augustine", the indubitable plagiarizer and distorter who is considered by many sheep as a great father of the so-called Christian church) was a particular opponent of Manichaeus, the source of the Manichaean Gnostic philosophy that was branded as "heresy" by the Church.


(Perversion knows no bounds in this evil dimension. Manichaeus was the re-incarnated Jesus, whose religious philosophy Augustine claimed he followed. But, being evil, he did no such thing of course.)

Time after time, wherever the True Messengers and children of Light have come forth, the evil demons who control the religions have tortured and murdered them - simply for believing the Truth.


Manichaeus, who brought the same divine teaching as Jesus, and who stated that Jesus was his Celestial Paraclete, was executed; the Manichees, Bogomils, and Cathars who embraced Gnostic truths and led simple, pure lives were hunted down and slaughtered.

Why is it that RELIGION, which is supposed to bring one to God, is the very force that has mercilessly killed any who have sought that knowledge or connection for themselves? Why are the religionists so anti-God? The answer is that they, and their churches and synagogues, are anti-Christ, anti-God.


The last thing they want is for anyone to know the real truth, or to escape or threaten their death grip on men's souls.

Augustine the church-father was a typical hypocrite, a demon who "wrestled" with the darkness in him, but was unable to overcome it. Rather than being heroic in any sense, his apparent "battle with evil" within him was merely the inevitable conflict that a demon has when forced by his chosen incarnation to outwardly play the role of a "good" being.


It goes totally against their grain, against every fibre of their inner being. Hence, they are conflicted by their pretence of goodness, and their evilness seeps out whenever it can. This is why Augustine took it upon himself to root out "heretics" such as the Manichees, whose truth was opposite to everything the demons wished to allow in their church.

Far from being wise, Augustine like all other Zionists, was merely skilled at weaving the lie, pretending, deceiving. Such cunning - opposing and attacking the Truth and Light at every opportunity - is a hallmark of evil.

The church slaughtered millions over the centuries in crusades, inquisitions, and the "settlement" of new lands, in which the native populations were tortured and killed, raped and pillaged, or, the "worthy ones", converted to Christianity. This false Christianity, as everything Yahweh brings about, is based upon the spilling of blood. It is not based on Truth and Love, but lies and hate.


Jews, Hindus, and Moslems, for example, are no less abounding in false dogma, lies about their specialness, hypocrisy, and hate of those who are "less" because they are not of the faith.


I am not trying to elevate one religion over another, or one perverted philosophy over another - as the religions do. Rather, I am pointing out their common control, deception, and spurious authority.

Today, religions have become more subtle or apparently benevolent (or at least less torturous). They preach "deservingness" to their loyal followers, who are told that they are worthy of all of "god's" riches because they are just so deserving of everything. Materialism drives the "most faithful" and "deserving", for whom going to church or synagogue is an occasion to flaunt their wealth or social position.


And, though the religious services may appear benign or "uplifting" they have the opposite effect, of separating one further from the truth; the lie and the illusion are made more acceptable and comfortable in the church, and the truth is never made known. It is ego that is elevated, not the true inner being.

Religion is more a means of entrapment of the spirit and soul than an obvious force of slaughter, only because that is what it can get away with, today. If people could still be burned at the stake, without bad publicity, they would be doing it. They are content, however, to simply murder your divine spirit and the truth. As you go up the religious hierarchy, the more evil it gets.

Those who are able to tolerate the lies and deception, the cunning in-fighting and politics, the obsession with power and wealth - profiting by evil - keep moving higher.


Those who are disgusted with what they see tend to fall off. At the top, the leaders are almost without exception the archons, the favored sons of Darkness. It is well known in Italy that prostitutes would nocturnally visit the Vatican regularly (I have relatives who worked there as tradesmen, witnessed this first hand and told me so) - and those sex workers did not go there, secretly under cover of night, for scriptural teaching and moral edification.


The demons who play the role of the "good" and "holy" cannot help but cater to the evilness within them, but they try to cover up their lust, greed, and immorality with fancy robes and rituals and the pretence of being holier than thou. They are, as are all of the Zionists, demons from hell. And their charade will soon be over.

It is ironic that the Christian scripture says that Christ admonished not to call any man "Father" - and yet that is exactly what the priests demand, except from their illegitimate children who are forced to call them "uncle". The evil pretend to be the good, the anti-Christ pretend to be the Christ, and the anti-God pretend to be the Father.


This is the state of religion, today. The Zionists have, over time, perfected the lie and made evil their spiritual dogma.

When the shepherds are not delivering their sheep to market, the wolves in sheep's clothing lead the sheep to the wild animals, to devour them. Though the Talmud declares,

"What is hurtful to yourself do not do to your fellow man",

...we must understand that this often-declared axiom traced to the Akkadians, long before biblical times, does not hold true for how the Zionists treat the goyim.


The key to understanding how this scriptural guidance is applied, is to realize that the Talmud also says that only Jews are men with souls, non-Jews are cattle or sheep - designed and destined for the slaughter.

  • "On the house of the goyim one looks as on the fold of cattle"

    (Tosefta Erubin VII:1)


  • "You are human beings, but the nations of the world are not human beings, but beasts"

    (Baba Mecla 114:6)


  • "An Israelite is allowed to do injury to a 'goy', because where it is written 'Thou shalt not do injury to thy neighbour,' it is not said, 'Thou shall not do injury to a goy.'"

    (Mishna, Sanhedrin, 57)


  • "When one sees inhabited houses of the 'goyim,' one says, 'The Lord will destroy the house of the proud.' And when one sees them destroyed he says, 'The Lord God of vengeance has revealed himself'"

    (Berachot 58:6).

When we come upon some high-minded religious ideal, we must realize that it is only the good, True Beings who follow spiritual admonishments to "be good"; the evil ones do not.


The Zionist rulers of this world surely do not.

  • They - holding themselves in god-like esteem - do not consider themselves men, either.

  • They are far above men; and the rules of ordinary men, designed to keep them in their place, do not apply to them.

  • They do what they will.

  • They have their own inner nature of evil, their inner commandment to abuse, exploit, and destroy all that is good.

And, that is what they obey.


True Beings already know the difference between Good and evil. Evil beings have no desire to know the difference; they prefer to habitually, and repeatedly commit evil.


The robotic beings and demons are made to fit into this evil world, and to make it more evil. The way they naturally think - which is automatic to them - is how to exploit you, how to get the better of you, how to rip you off. They do this, without a second thought, monetarily, sexually, politically, and religiously, with their abusive and corrupt authority. Such exploitation is always related even more to the spiritual or energy level.

The evil ones are always, ultimately, after the energy of the good. All other theft, abuse, and rip-offs on the more superficial level only demonstrate what is actually occurring on the more subtle spiritual level. This incessant exploitation occurs on the individual, group, national, and global levels.


Yahweh, the orchestrator of all suffering and all false "salvation" from suffering, is the one who collects the energy at the top of the pyramid, and who distributes payments in energy and financial terms to those demons who serve him well in their exploitation of the good.

This is why our institutions do not really solve mankind's problems but, in fact, perpetuate them. They are all a trap designed to ensnare, deceive, and render spiritually inert the true spiritual residents of this world. The religions trap the true spiritual seeker in false dogma; the most gullible and ignorant memorize every word of their special book, which makes them special, and which gives them "salvation".


The media fills minds with the most useless and deceptive information, trivia, and lies. All of this is carefully planned to "entertain" the sheep, to keep their minds full of nonsense, to make discerning the truth an insurmountable obstacle.

It takes an enormous effort to reject and bypass the indoctrination and self-destructive programming of society - which is evil. The evil do not make the effort to be good; the good do not realize that the "rules" that tell them to love and accept all others, to treat everyone as a brother, are merely religious indoctrination - and often the means of their spiritual demise.


Evil wishes us to be unaware of evil, as it exploits, abuses, and destroys us. This is why it pretends to be good, and destroys whoever is able to see through its charade. Indoctrination and propaganda are the primary weapons of the evil rulers of this occupied territory, in the war between Good and Evil. Whoever controls men's thinking and men's behavior, from birth to death - by whatever unscrupulous means - controls this world.


That is the agenda of Yahweh, his elect, and the elders of Zion, whose goal is to perpetuate mankind's suffering, ignorance, and exploitation.

We shall continue with an examination of the spurious philosophies and successes of the evil ones in this world, and come to a more complete understanding of how they operate, what means they advance by, and what control they exert. And, we shall see why it is all so unjust, exploitative, and evil.


Rather than being a blessing to this world, the Zionists are a blight and a curse upon the good.


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What's the Matter With Money?

Money is in one sense the medium of exchange between the energy level - our life's work and energies - and the material world.


The control of money allows control of the materialization of energies and ideas into all that is created by man in this world. And, money allows exchange in the opposite direction as well: it represents the collection or harvesting of all life's energies and products, by those who collect, control, manipulate, and accumulate the wealth of nations.


Metaphysically, money has evil energy attached to it, the evil intent of its makers, users, and gatherers.

Money is, of course, totally artificial. But, it is prized by the international financiers for its ability to exchange what is of value for what is not. The financiers or bankers are in the business of creating and controlling debt. And, "debt" allows the displacement of substance by shadow. The rulers of this world, the architects of evil globally, control all of the primary "national" banks.


With names such as "Federal Reserve", "Bank of England", "Bank of France", and so on, these private central banking institutions have the appearance of government operation, ownership, and control. Nothing could be further from the truth.

For hundreds of years, the international financiers (principally the Rothschilds, who changed their name from Amschel) have stolen the power, wealth, and policy-making from - and secretly controlled - monarchies, republics, democracies, and even dictatorships. The leader of every nation must bow his or her head when begging at the door of the money lenders. All economies, all businesses, all governments, and all social institutions run on money, or more precisely, debt.


The Zionists have, through sleight-of-hand and false principles of economics, convinced all nations that debt is good. What is negative is falsely made positive by them. In this system, debt is an asset without which nothing would operate. We have been convinced, globally, that debt is the basis of all growth, all progress.


So, philosophically, what is less than nothing - debt - has built this world and all its institutions.

The question arises: If almost everything and everyone is in debt (whether they know it or not) then who really owns everything - who owns and controls the debt? The answer is, simply, the international financiers or bankers.


Few people understand the role of money in this world, on purpose. To most people, money is just something they carry around in their wallet or purse, and something they "have" in the bank or other accounts. In reality, the money you "have" in the bank is not really there. Nor could they ever give it to you if everyone simply wished to have his or her own money.


The problem isn't as simple as the fact that there just isn't that much currency.


The much greater problem is that the vast majority of "money" has never really existed, except as a bookkeeping trick. The financiers are able to lend (and create out of nothing), anywhere from seven to thirty times the amount of money they actually receive (in any form). So, they multiply your money simply by "having" it. And, they create far more debt than is covered by money. It is called a "fractional reserve system".

In this system of economics, money (currency or Federal Reserve Notes) is backed by nothing but an empty promise or "faith" - an illusion or deception.


All of this money, which is essentially worth nothing, is multiplied. And, anyone who knows simple mathematics can appreciate that when you multiply by zero, you still get zero. So, at every point along the way, nothing is magically converted into everything. In other words, nothing is exchanged for everything, by the international financiers.

This exactly parallels the rest of Yahweh's creation. In everything he has created he has multiplied by zero. Everything in Yahweh's creation is backed by nothing. It is worth nothing. What underlies everything is only another empty illusion and deception. It is no mistake that the Zionist system of world control - international finance - so closely parallels the totally bankrupt system of Yahweh's creation.


The Kingdom of Zion is built upon, backed by, and produces, nothing in reality. Only what is less than nothing, e.g. debt, increases. Spiritually, the world is rapidly approaching total bankruptcy, and materially, all of the superstructures of society built upon and dependent upon money are also going bankrupt. Money is backed only by an illusion, by the belief in a lie which instills false confidence.


As the confidence in evil collapses, so shall all financial and economic systems of this world.

The entire financial system is based upon false confidence. When you think of money as a "note" or a receipt for something you have given to the bankers for safekeeping, you come to the shocking realization that the money changers have given a receipt to at least nine other parties for every dollar you have given them.


There was a time when currency was backed by gold and you could actually present your note or receipt and collect your goods. Not only is there nothing of substance backing currency (ever since the monetary system was removed from gold and silver backing by the bankers), but the note you hold is a receipt that has been issued to many other claimants as well. The last thing the bankers want is for everyone to show up with their duplicate receipts and find that there are no goods to be claimed by all of them.


This produces what is euphemistically called a "Bank Holiday". Yes, the banks just close their doors, having taken everyone's money, and go on holiday.

And, what a great holiday it is for the money changers.


When they have all the money, and no one else does, they just love to go on a shopping spree, buying up everything they can for pennies on the dollar, from all of those who believed that debt was their salvation. It is as if Christmas has come in July; the bankers no longer have to pretend that they have your money or that everything that is indebted to them is in some imaginary way free from their grip.


The bankers take everything of substance which has already been cunningly traded for nothing but debt.

The financial being - and it is a consciousness - that controls all of the money system is very evil, and it uses the same tactics as Yahweh: deception, fraud, corruption, and exploitation in every exchange. All of the artificially multiplied money propagated by the banks is really just "counterfeit". It has no real substance.


The counterfeit and worthless financial creations are designed to offset all that is truly of value.


Notice how this exactly reflects the spiritual agenda of Yahweh, who has created and multiplied all of the counterfeit and evil beings to overshadow the True Beings of Light. It is only "natural" that the evil beings in control of the financial system (the Zionists) are the same ones who were created to enforce spiritual oppression, deceit, exploitation, and destruction of the innocent.


They are made to make money, and to destroy the spirit of man.


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Zionist Economic Doctrines

The agenda of evil in this world is largely accomplished via economics.


Economic control allows universal exploitation, the harnessing of people's work and life energies, enslavement of the poor, the control of government, the enactment of favorable legislation, and the sustenance of other systems and institutions designed to perpetuate injustice, prejudice, oppression, disinformation, the misappropriation of authority and resources, and false indoctrination. In short, money is perverted power in this world, and the greatest money controlled gives the greatest power.


This is the essence of Zionist economic and spiritual doctrine, and the nature of business in this world, today.

As we have seen, the ontological Jews or Zionists have a scriptural mandate to perpetuate injustice and exploitation, worldwide. Regardless of any apparent benevolence in the Talmudic scriptures, those doctrines are applied in the most exploitative and evil way, to this day. We have seen how even back in the time of King Solomon, the rich got richer and the poor got poorer - on purpose - even though Jews allegedly had a "higher morality" and a commandment to not covet their neighbor's property.


But, as we have seen, such injunctions have been interpreted by the elders of Zion to only apply to the way Jews treat other "men" (scripturally defined as other Jews), not the "goyim" (scripturally defined as non-Jews or sheep).

"Do good unto others",

...and other moral principles in scripture are designed to be practiced by the sheep and the unaware lesser brethren - they are not practiced by the elect of Zion.

They never have been and never will be, because the elect of Zion are, very simply, evil.


The book Economic History of the Jews, edited by Nachum Gross, observes,

"That those and other idealistic postulates did not represent the living practice in ancient Israel we learn from the reverberating prophetic denunciations of the oppression of the poor by the rich and other social disorders".

Though some scriptures enjoined Jews from trading goods at other than their true value,

"An escape clause was opened up by the rabbis, however, through their emphasis on psychology. They taught that if a seller openly declared to the purchaser that he had overcharged him by so and so much and the purchaser accepted the deal, there was no redress".

Further, they also removed,

"such important areas as land, slaves, and commercial deeds - the latter particularly important in transferring properties from one individual to another - from the operation of this principle".


"A man could trade, for example, a needle for a coat of mail if, for some psychological reason, he preferred the needle. This was particularly true in the case of jewellery where emotional preferences might well have outweighed purely market considerations".

Notice how the elders of Zion excused away exploitation by justifying it in terms of the "psychology" of the buyers in the marketplace.


If a person feels an "emotional need" for something, then you are justified in charging whatever you want, regardless of its true value. And, of course, the Jews have mastered the art of advertising and catering to ego and emotion in the masses, to make them feel as if they need everything - far in excess of any true need, far in excess of any true value.


This has created the consumer society we live in, where people go to malls to fulfill these false psychological/emotional needs, and buy things just for the sake of buying.

As we have observed, the Jewish scriptures are largely based on economics, deception, and exploitation. The learned elders of Zion have the most cunning understanding of human psychology, which has enabled them to exploit every weakness, counter every strength, and enact their own evil global agenda. The Talmud declares that usury may be practiced upon the "goyim" (Iore Dea 159:1, Abhodah Zarah 54a).


But, the rabbis, Talmudic jurists, or elders of Zion found ways to get around scriptural injunctions against usury among Jews as well.

"The ingenuity of businessmen and jurists invented a variety of legal instruments which, formally not reflecting borrowings, nevertheless secured sizable profits for the capitalist ... It was also easy to circumvent the law by the purchase of bonds.


Since deeds were generally exempted from the prohibition of usury and could be discounted below their nominal value, there was much room for a lender by using an intermediary to extend a profitable loan to a third party. Agents, too, were entitled to charge a commission for securing credit for any borrower."

And, contracts which,

"enabled a lender to appear as a silent partner in the enterprise, opened the gate very widely for 'legitimate' profits by the 'investor'".

This kind of thinking,

"made it possible for scholars to read into the established texts of Bible and Talmud provisions, as well as limitations, to suit the changing needs of Jewish society".


"in many cases the communal leaders, rabbinic and lay, often personally immersed in a variety of economic enterprises and thus acquiring much practical experience, consciously made interpretive alterations to reflect genuine social needs".

Genuine social needs or personal gain? The Talmud notes that it is permitted to deceive the "goyim" (Zohar 1:160a, Babha Kama 113b), and to overcharge them (Choschen Ham 183:7).


Where is the "genuine social need" in that?

In short, the elders of Zion, being personally invested in the exploitation of the masses, interpreted scriptural doctrine to allow greater and greater exploitation. All sorts of "invention" went into creating forms of trade and business by which the Jews could profit in every transaction, at every level.


The Jews controlled money-changing, money coinage, money-lending, and business transactions and loans at every level. And, they were willing to finance just about anything, including arms, soldiers, military provisions, and war itself. Any imagined "morality" and "ethics" involved in these economic decisions are purely imaginary; money was, is, and always shall be, the single-minded objective of the Zionists.


And it has been sought and accumulated with religious fervour, with the blessings and self-serving scriptural interpretations of the elders of Zion. This has been the case worldwide.

What the Zionists learned to do, is to take control of nations by taking control of their economies at every level. Those who will find statistics which show that the Jews simply do not own everything, including all banks, fail to appreciate the degree of power that is possible by simply controlling an entire economy or industry.


The Jews formed nearly all of the investment banking firms - the Speyers, Lehmans, Loebs, Kuhns, Warburgs, Schiffs, Seligmans, Lazards, and so on - and they used their position to form the private Federal Reserve Bank in the US.

They have done the same thing all over the world, and control banking throughout Europe and elsewhere.


They have controlled stock exchanges, gold and other metals, diamonds and other gems, petroleum and oil products, wine and liquor, department stores, apparel and furs, brokering services ("real estate brokerage, employment agencies, commodity and security exchanges, and commission agencies"), the media, and railroading.


When we think of the railroad robber-barons of the US, we find that it was people like Jacob Schiff who financed them; the Rothschilds backed Schiff (and Rockefeller) and also financed railroads throughout Europe.

Recall, the Jews are less than one-half of one percent of the population. How have they been able to profit by and control all of these industries?


This "busyness" is ultimately part of the covenant between Yahweh and his chosen people (the ontologically-evil Jews). He made them to make and control money, and they do just that. Economic control is accomplished for a hidden purpose, by the hidden rulers of this world who co-ordinate and oversee all global enterprise.


The hidden agenda is not to "serve" people's true needs, but to create false needs, especially material "needs" which displace people from spiritual self-sufficiency and spiritual awareness. While their attention is distracted, the True Beings are exploited, indoctrinated in materialism, cut off from their true spiritual Source, and rendered spiritually inert.

Worldwide economic trade - trading what is of value for what is of lesser value (or no value) - is based upon exploitation. And, so are all other systems of world order and control dominated by the Zionists. Keep in mind the spiritual reasons for exploitation, materialism, and the misrepresentation of what is of value.

The evil archons are invested in this psycho-spiritual-economic system of exploitation.


And, ironically, their investment draws its strength from your money.


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Monopoly Money

If you have ever played the game Monopoly, imagine what it would be like if you owned the bank.


What advantage would you have, what deals could you make, and how quickly could you destroy your competition? On the highest levels, that is precisely how this world works. Money drives every human endeavor, from sports to media, medicine to undertaking, law to science, government to religion. Every system runs on, and seeks more, money.


Every system seeks to maximize its take. So, it should come as no surprise that those who own the bank control all of these ancillary systems. The Zionists own the bank.


Willie Sutton, when asked why he robbed banks, replied:

"That's where the money is".

Are we to imagine that the most cunningly evil people of this world don't know what a common criminal knows?


The elect of Zion live for money, to own it and control it.

Multi-billionaire investor Warren Buffet spends every breath of his life figuring out how to make and control more money; he is interested in nothing else. It is ironic to see the most incredibly rich people obsessed with making money right until they die. While I practiced medicine, it never ceased to amaze me how patients at death's door were still programmed to chase profits, even when they know they could not possibly spend all they had accumulated already.


On their death-bed, they inquire about their investments. They don't ask about God, they don't ask about doing some act of good, they only care about getting, getting, getting more. Of course, the most evil ones are never written up in the media; they do all their business in secret.

The most loyal workers of evil collect money in trust for the demigod. In society, the wealthiest 5% have as much wealth as the lowest 95%. Just imagine how much work, at maybe twenty cents an hour, it takes for the global "sheep" to produce the billions of dollars that the elect collect at the top. And, at a higher level still, the Rothschilds and Rockefellers gather trillions.


Whoever controls the money of this world, controls the world.


You might imagine that it is "super-powers" like the United States that have control of this world, but that is not so. Those who control the economy and the money, whose agents decide the policies of nations, are the real, hidden powers. Everything runs on money in this world, and the leaders of nations are puppets that dance to the tune called by the Zionist rulers of this world. Individual wealth, even if it were in the trillions of dollars, would not be sufficient to rule the world.


But, by indebting nations, governments, and all institutions to them, the money-changers have gained control over global policy, on all levels. They control and get a piece of every economic or financial transaction worldwide.

Let's take a closer look at the "money business". If business can be defined as the making of money, then the money business (finance, banking, and so on) is really a means of siphoning off the money from the money makers. Banking, investments, finance, business brokerage, accounting, law, business, and government control the movement and accumulation of money.


The Federal Reserve Bank in the US is a private bank under the control of the Jews; it is owned and controlled by international investment bankers, especially the Rothschilds. Consider the role played by just the Rothschild family.


The national banks of England, France, Germany, Austria, Italy, and so on, are similarly private, owned and controlled primarily by the Rothschilds.

  • they control the price of gold and the price of commodities (the basic necessities of life)

  • they control such things as the Chicago markets and Wall Street investment houses

  • they control the issuance of money, the supply of money, and the economy

  • they control the rate of inflation, and they control the cycle of deflation and depression

  • they make and break lives at the stroke of a pen, as in the Depression of the 1930s

  • through the businesses they own and control (which they tend to monopolize), they determine the supply and cost of oil, gas, coal, diamonds, real estate, and jobs.

All of this financial and economic control originates from just one Zionist family, and there are many, many more.

The book Our Crowd by Stephen Birmingham recounts the stories of the most unbelievably wealthy Jewish families of New York, which include,

"the Loebs, Saches, Guggenheims, Schiffs, Seligmans, Speyers, Strauses, Warburgs, Lewisohns ... Lehmans and Goodharts ... the Baches, the Altschuls, the Bernheimers, Hallgartens, Heidelbachs, Ickelheimers, Kahns, Kuhns, Thalmanns, Ladenburgs, Wertheimers, Cahns, Bernhards, Sheftels, Mainzers, Stralems, Neustadts, Buttenwiesers, Josephthals, Hellmans, Hammersloughs, Lilienthals, Morgenthaus, Rosenwalds, Walters, and Wolffs".

Just about all of them come from Germany.

"They referred to themselves as 'the One Hundred'... They have been called the 'Jewish Grand Dukes.' But most often they have simply called themselves 'our crowd.'"

Of course, the pro-Jewish story of these elect of Zion is polished and sanitized, so that they all appear noble and good. Yet, nothing could be further from the truth.

Birmingham writes,

"The men of our crowd made their fortunes as merchants or bankers or - in the now somewhat antique phrase - as 'merchant bankers.'


Their business monuments include R.H. Macy & Company (Strauses), Abraham & Strauss (Abrahams, Strauses, and Rothschilds - 'the Brooklyn branch' of the European Rothschilds), and a number of celebrated investment and banking houses in Wall Street, including,

  • Lehman Brothers

  • Hallgarten & Company

  • Speyer & Company

  • Kuhn, Loeb & Company

  • Goldman, Sachs & Company

  • J&W Seligman & Company

  • J.S. Bache & Company

  • Carl M. Loeb, Rhoades & Company

Families such as Lewishohns and Guggenheims, whose fortunes are usually associated with mining and smelting, also maintained banking houses downtown.


Some families, such as the Wertheims, moved from manufacturing (cigars) into banking (Wertheim & Company)".

Notice the inevitable way in which the Zionists are favored to rise from ordinary or poor backgrounds to be scions of business, and then move from business to banking. They have a single-minded focus on money, and just keep maneuvering closer and closer to where all the money is, in banking.


None of this is coincidence; it is carefully plotted and cunningly implemented on every level.

The international elite, controlling all the money and resources of this world, and controlling all of its social systems, economies, and governments, really does feel that it owns this world. The international bankers truly own the banks, and they make all the rules of the game, controlling political allies, political and economic wars, world trade agreements, peace treaties and terms, economic sanctions against uncooperative nations, the excessive debt (loans) to all growing nations, transnational corporations, and the ownership, extraction, and pricing of global natural resources.

How is all of this accomplished? Behind the scenes.


The elect of Zion today often keep a low profile. In the past, various Zionist families tried to outdo each other in ostentatiousness, the flaunting of their wealth. But they no longer seek that kind of public attention which invites scrutiny into their affairs. It actually takes a very few men to control this world's money, politics, and economics, especially through a hierarchy of lower-level functionaries and agents in the Bilderberg Group, the Trilateral Commission, and the Council on Foreign Relations.


It may be hard for the average person to comprehend, but all key political advisors, cabinet members, transnational corporate directors and executives, international bankers, and all of the popular media voices (including network anchormen) are members of these organizations. They all laugh it off as a confabulated conspiracy.


But, anchormen in the controlled media do what they are told, and they provide selected disinformation about major news items. Recent examples include the Vietnam War, the invasion of Panama, the Lockerbie air disaster and the Gulf War.

The truth is often suppressed; it is unimportant in relation to generating revenues, shaping the thinking of the masses, pacifying and upholding all of the illusions of a grazing consumer society. This spider's web of global organizations was created by the Rockefeller-Rothschild alliance, to serve their purposes. Though they do not always agree on how to go about their business of world domination, and may even appear to oppose each other at times, when it comes to the bottom line, they are all of one mind.


Total control of this world ensures continuing profit and exploitation, and they begrudgingly share the pie. The families identified by Birmingham are just some of the New York Jews, up to the 1960s.


All of these families are very much intermixed by marriage.

"Today the intermarriage within the crowd presents a design of mind-reeling complexity. But envision a dewy cobweb in the early morning on a patch of grass. Each drop of dew represents a great private banking house; the radii that fan out are sons and daughters, grandsons and grand-daughters, and the lacy filaments that tie the whole together are marriages."

It must be obvious that there is a certain "elect of Zion" within the Jewish community that lives and breeds for the sole purpose of gathering and controlling all the money they can.

The Guggenheims, not well-known outside of New York (outside of their Guggenheim Museum), are at least as scandalous and immoral as any of the earlier (Zionist) Christian robber barons.


Our Crowd notes,

"The Guggenheims are proud to say that they started on foot and, so doing, amassed what may have been the greatest single fortune in America. The only fortune that may outweigh the Guggenheims' is that of John D. Rockefeller. It seems senseless to quibble. The Guggenheims became immensely rich.


But one of the great 'problems' with the Guggenheims, socially, in New York had less to do with their foot-borne origins and their wealth than with their curious proclivity for surrounding themselves with scandal. Several Guggenheim men have had the misfortune of dying on the doorsteps of strange ladies' houses, or of becoming involved in spectacular breach-of-promise suits".

In fact, the Zionists are totally immoral, and are driven by the most sordid lusts and greed imaginable.


The amount of personal wealth these people have is almost beyond imagination, and yet it is barely a hint of the wealth the Zionists control in their banking institutions. They are always thinking up new ways to make and control all of the money, while they pretend to be "public benefactors."

Thriving on Wall Street, Michael Milken (should he have been called Milk-'em) created the business of "junk bonds", paper instruments that were basically worthless, with a risk that was untouchable by established investment groups.


Yet, this "junk" paper was a tool for corporate raiders to gain control of cash - and asset - rich companies, and tear them apart to extract the cash - which was often the only goal of the raid. With much public relations propaganda about how they were doing a service to shareholders, and merely tightening up operations, they executed their real agenda of sucking the life-energy out of those companies, entirely to their own benefit.


This is actually how the entire monetary system works.

The paper notes issued by the Federal Reserve System are "junk" or fictitious money; they are not even "notes" under the definition of a legal note, since they are backed by absolutely nothing but "faith". Since the US monetary system was taken off the gold standard, and is not backed by gold, silver, or anything real, it truly is "Monopoly money".


The Federal Reserve (a private group controlled by the Rockefeller-Rothschild alliance) decides how much money it wants, and the US Treasury prints it. Then the Federal Reserve system charges interest on the money it supplies to the US government. So the bankers get a piece of every dollar before workers ever get their hands on it.


The Federal Reserve has received countless billions for the "benevolent act" of controlling and issuing the country's money. A large portion of the national debt (trillions) is owed to the bankers for having "funded" US debt-based economy. In this way, the issuance of money is used as a tool to gain control over real assets.


And worthless paper is a tool for exchanging everything of no value for everything of real value.

This is how economics works in this evil, exploitative world. This world is literally owned by the Zionists, to whom all nations are obligated, and to whom all "tribute" flows. They literally make the money.


Money represents the life energy of the people, the sum total of their work product, and the means by which ideas are converted into physical things in this world. Those who control the money control the functioning of the world, and the manner in which ideas (do or do not) find material expression.


This is why money (and the evil essence behind it) is able to elevate certain ideas (whatever is contrary to the spirit, such as materialism and consumerism) and suppress others (whatever truths might liberate people from economic enslavement, political subjugation, and religious fear and dogma).


The Zionists control the occupations, careers, or professions that determine what society thinks, how it behaves, what it knows, what it relies upon - and whatever it mistakenly thinks is solving all of its problems.


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Making A Career of Exploitation

Jews are drawn to finance, law, medicine, accounting, business, business brokerage, real estate, diamond trade, gold trade, money exchange, banking, and education.


All of these fields allow access to and control over money, with the exception of education. The intent behind all of these professions (with the exception of education) is obvious; they exploit every economic transaction, and collect profit from every human activity. Education appears to have a more altruistic motive, to help the young to learn and grow. But, that too is a lie.


Education is for the purpose of closing children to the spirit, from the earliest age, and replacing inner guidance and wisdom with indoctrination, programming, and the perverse values of a materialistic and God-less society. (Religious education is no less an indoctrination.)

Education further serves as a springboard for the elect of Zion to rise into positions of power, authority, and control in all areas of society. Most often this "success" is undeserved, as the elect move up, not by spiritual goodness, but by the sponsorship of evil predecessors.


Especially while in school, the most suitable candidates to serve Zion are hand-picked by ones already in positions of authority, in the same way that the Catholic Church weeds out people who are independent thinkers and cultivates the most ignorant, unaware, and blindly loyal.


People such as George Bush and Bill Clinton are recognized for their real inner nature, and guided ever-upward in the evil system, as one reporter said,

"Like scum rising to the top".

Chosen ones are identified early in their education, proclaimed "scholars", get law degrees, move into politics, and become "leaders". It is amazing how many of them are Rhode Scholars.


Their ignorance is beyond belief; they have no wisdom, only cunningness, pretence, dishonesty, and perverse thinking and morals. They are ontological Jews, Zionists, and archons, and their sole purpose in life is to perpetuate and maximize the exploitation of the good, the true, the innocent.


One example is Australia's own Bob Hawke, infamous for his self-confessed beer binges, drunkenness and womanizing.


He was elected Prime Minister of Australia and many have come to rue the day. And yet when he retired he said his only great regret in his life was the fact he had not been born a Jew! Being in the Jewish faith or race is not a prerequisite for being evil or a Zionist, but it helps greatly in business and he knew it. Many of the most loyal elect of Zion are not Jewish. Yet, many Jews (the evil ones) are the chosen of Yahweh, as well.

The late Carl Sagan was quite representative of the closed-minded, ignorant, God-less, scientific authority and skeptic. In my opinion, he knew nothing of true value, dedicated his life to closing minds to the truth, and was proclaimed a scholar and authority. In his book Demon Haunted World, he attempted to once and for all make "modern" society forget the old superstitions and myths (which were actually the truths of a much more spiritually aware past, now distorted).


Even the barest remnant of surviving truth is too much for the skeptics, who are often demons, themselves. Inevitable world changes are revealing the presence of UFOs, alien beings, discarnates, subtle or energy bodies, and spiritual dimensions (experienced in near-death experiences), and are proving the likes of Sagan wrong.


Skeptics are nothing more than programmed fools. Their "gift" to humanity is a perverse death-grip on the minds and spirits of the free. Yet, in the educational system, those in control - the most narrow-minded followers of tradition - decide who gets opportunities, where funding goes, who makes the money, who has power and tenure. Jews are favored out of all proportion to their numbers or abilities.


For the rest, boot-licking subservience to the system is almost a prerequisite for a Ph.D., academic appointment, and the best professional appointments.

Skill in arguing for our limitations - denying the deeper truths about life - guarantees a warm welcome in academia, the media, politics, and the various professions. I have often said that from a spiritual perspective, universities are open doors to closed minds. Usually, the most money can be made by propping up the greatest illusions and promoting false solutions to our problems.

Even a dog knows that water is the best solution to the problem of thirst, but billions of people worldwide have been programmed to believe that Coca Cola and Pepsi are best. Americans now consume more carbonated drinks than they do water. This is the result of billions of dollars in advertising by Coca Cola and Pepsi, and they do not do this out of some imagined benevolence to mankind.


They make billions of dollars on sugar water, and program entire generations and nations (including formerly communist ones) to accept what is essentially worthless as of immense value - and to pay for it. These drinks frame the minds of the masses; they are addictive biochemically and spiritually, and program people to accept more of the illusions of this world, gladly, as if their needs were being served.

All systems of this world, and especially economics, are based upon illusions and untruths.


Profit is, by definition, exploiting some advantage or superior position, to exchange something of lesser value for something of greater value. As a result, most profits are quite undeserved.


Those who choose to make a career of exploitation must promote the system, and uphold its injustice and ignorance at all costs. Business promotes ignorance, education promotes ignorance, religion promotes ignorance, politics promotes ignorance, and so on. The pretence is always that we are being somehow served while we are being kept in the dark, un-empowered, and exploited.

The "helping professions" are largely a self-justifying, self-perpetuating, self-serving mechanism of exploitation. Doctors and lawyers make millions, and become involved in all sorts of other businesses and investments, to make their money grow and to try to shelter it from taxation. A slack doctor will find problems so he can see you more often.


A lawyer will complicate issues to charge more. Often, they are more interested in their investments than in your well-being. It may be argued that these professionals don't know of, or have any part in, a "global conspiracy". Yet, the fact is, they play their part. And, since this system of draining the life-blood of the people has to be self-perpetuating, lawyers and doctors don't really solve mankind's problems.


They just prolong and exaggerate the mental, emotional, and spiritual suffering of the good, the innocent, the unsuspecting. The business of "managed care" essentially means that doctors are forced to associate with health-care companies, and have their procedures evaluated for maximum profitability by those companies.


A woman is given a mastectomy (a major operation) and sent home the same day, because the health-management company refuses to pay for her stay overnight in hospital. What's next, outpatient brain surgery? The fee for Caesarian sections is far greater than normal parturition.


So what happens? More and more excuses are found, especially in the US, by obstetricians to operate and deliver a neonate; hang the increased risks to the mother, the neonate and the father's bank balance!

It is all just business. Unfortunately, today, lawyers, doctors, financial experts, educators, and media reporters (and editors) are drawn to their professions not by an overwhelming feeling of benevolence to mankind but by the desire for money, power, authority, and control - though their egos rationalize this "deservingness", and they may outwardly proclaim their altruism.


Yes, there are a few good people, True Beings, who truly wish to help others, who are not "enablers" weakening their clientele and making them more dependent upon them. But, they are a tiny minority.


The ones who inevitably rise to the top, to positions of policy and influence, authority and control, are almost always the evil elect of Zion. Those who work in these fields, and personally witness the selection and advancement process, cannot explain it in any other way.

The worst demons rise higher and higher, not by merit but because of their sponsorship by evil at higher levels - and the higher they go the more evil it gets. There are larger budgets to control, more policies to make, more inertia and ignorance to institutionalize, more profits to extract, more people to "serve" - to put and keep in their place.


This is why the educators have been ensuring that children become more stupid, generation after generation, to the point where they are now often not even able to read with any degree of success after thirteen years in the public school system.

  • The educators institutionalize the closing of the mind, the rejection of spiritual reality, and the perpetuation of society's problems and failings.

  • This is also why lawyers create more laws, many being thousands of pages long, so that they will have much more work, and many more people will be unaware of, and fail to comply with, those laws.

  • And, this is why doctors have succeeded in generating the most virulent disease organisms ever, which are drug-resistant or beyond any medical treatment, while pretending to "cure" us of our problems. They are merely making more business for themselves, at our expense.

We pay for all of this with our energy: mental, emotional, and, above all, spiritual. We pay for it with our lives.


Members of the public understand less and less of these factors in their lives, and are more and more distanced from any true self-reliance or ability to solve their own problems.

Medicine is perhaps the biggest business. The entire multi-billion dollar drug and chemical industry is controlled by the Zionists, as is medicine. So, it is no surprise that drugs are elevated to an almost god-like level of respect and approval for the treatment of "what ails us". In this twisted philosophy, it isn't evil that ails us, but our discomfort with evil. We are treated to assuage our discontent, disagreement, or abuse by the evil system.


We are treated for our symptoms - physical, mental, emotional, and psychic - of the real problem, the underlying attack on our True Being. The Zionists, especially the Rockefellers, have funded every sort of drug-related medical practice through their foundations and grants. Medical school is basically about allopathic medicine: drugs.


The same ones promoting this educational agenda are the ones who make and sell all of the drugs and chemicals, worldwide. So, our suffering is caused by, and treated by, the evil system, which profits on every transaction. There are 100 million chronically sick people in the US; people are living longer but suffering longer as well. And, doctors are making a fortune. It already costs nearly half a trillion dollars per year to treat the chronically ill in the US.


Now doctors have "discovered" that over a third of Americans are obese, and that this will cause further disease, suffering, and medical treatment, hundreds of billions of dollars worth.


The doctors do not recognize this epidemic for the problem it truly is: a society raised as passive, over-fed, grazing sheep; programmed consumers; and insatiably hungry egos seeking instant gratification. Doctors welcome "discoveries" which ensure their financial future. And, the lawyers have already ensured their futures as well, with the Americans With Disabilities Act, also known as the Attorney Full Employment Act.


You have to ask yourself: Are these people truly solving our problems or just profiting by and perpetuating suffering?

The great illusion of Western medicine is that it "cures" problems by making the symptoms go away. Western medicine offers no cures; in fact, by suppressing the symptoms of deeper disease by the use of drugs, or cutting out weakened parts of the body, doctors ensure that the underlying problem is never identified or addressed.


This is called the "health" system.


One of the further ironies is that drugs themselves are concentrated evil energy, in physical form; they always have an evil, suppressive influence. They suppress not only the physical symptoms (while inevitably producing other and often far worse problems), but drugs suppress the true inner being - the spirit of God - as well. And, this is, of course, their deeper and truer intent and accomplishment.


Everything this world offers as a solution to the problems it has created are similarly misguided, deceptive, fallacious, exploitative, and spiritually destructive. Remember, the purpose of all activity in this charade called "life" is to maximize the exploitation, suppression, neutralization, and destruction of the True Beings of Light.


Nothing that Yahweh offers to "relieve" their suffering is ultimately of any value whatsoever; it is more likely just another trap, another level of suffering and negative consequences.

Remember, evil is the force which profits by our suffering. Many "occupations" are just an occupying force of evil in this war between Good and Evil. In a way, they represent a conspiracy against the public in which the individual becomes more exploitable, vulnerable, and controllable. And, the professional helpers would have it no other way; this is precisely what gives them more and more power, control, influence, authority - and profit.


People lose the sense of responsibility for their own lives, health, education, rights, and freedom. This is why we witness the growth of groups such as civilian militias. Those who do not conform are called weirdoes and targeted for reprisals by the establishment. This occurs on an individual level, group level, national level, and international level.


Nations which attempt to be self-reliant, such as Libya, Iran, and Iraq, are targeted for destruction by the "do-gooder" United States, intent on saving the world for greater exploitation, not true freedom.

Those who profess to "save" us are the ones who ensure our greater suffering. Like victims caught in a spider's web, we are kept in place, paralyzed with the poisonous bite of the one who comes rushing in to "help" us, and then slowly devoured, alive. This is exactly how life is in this world, as we are slowly spiritually assassinated, and the Light within us stolen.


The children of Light are robbed of their true spiritual heritage, their true spiritual awareness and wisdom, their spiritual life-energy, day after day, year after year, life after life.


Yahweh's system of "law" and "progress" is a sham; only evil benefits. From the top down, those who pretend to help us, to guide, us, to save us, are only there to exploit us all (the True Beings as explained earlier are the real targets) in our time of need.


Like Yahweh, they are there to destroy the good, the true, the children of Light.


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America - The Land of Zion

The overwhelming illusion and deception of evil - that everything is OK, and every problem is being fixed - is strongest in the US.


Of all nations, America has the greatest appearance of progress, benevolence, and righteousness. But, these are all just an appearance. The truth is another matter. Wherever the ontological Jews dominate every area of society, and control the money, there is another, hidden agenda being implemented.

The very pro-Zionist book Zion in America by Henry L. Feingold presents the usual rationalization for the disproportionate enrichment of the Jews in America: it is the classic story of "Jewish survival" in the face of adversity and prejudice in the world.


Feingold writes,

"Referring to their talent and daring in bringing together the several components of business, one historian has called them 'courageous' enterprisers. It was a talent long associated with the Jews of Europe.


They came to the New World ideally suited to play the role of nascent capitalists, for rather than having been steeped in an agricultural tradition they had been compelled by their circumstances to learn the 'secrets' of the business entrepreneur".



Their economic philosophy, their financing and investment - the doctrine of their learned elders - is thousands of years old: it is the Talmud.


The Jews claim that this scripture teaches them how to "survive" in foreign countries, but the teaching is much more insidious than that. As we have seen, the Zionists are historically the perpetrators of injustice, unfair advantage, and exploitation in all nations.


Feingold notes,

"It happened that Jews, scorned stepchildren of Europe, were compelled in the fifteenth, sixteenth, and seventeenth centuries to seek a haven where they could exercise their talents and energies. They found it in America, the land destined to become Europe's favorite child, which needed these talents and energies to develop its untapped resources..."

The book describes how,

"the Jews utilized the benevolence of the colonial environment to play the role history assigned them".

Again, the "energies" they brought were those of Yahweh, who assigned them their role, not "history". The fact is, the Jews were thrown out of Europe for financially taking over and strangling each country they went to, century after century - this is the "talent long associated with the Jews of Europe".

The US has become the pre-eminent holy land of Mammon. It has appropriated the largest share of this world's resources, especially the consumption of energy which drives the industrial and consumer society. Its material excess and use of energy are far out of proportion to the rest of the world, and yet it seeks to limit the development and use of energy by Third World nations who are simply trying to escape poverty.


In every way, America proves the adage that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, within the US and internationally. Drive through Arizona, New Mexico, Idaho, Montana, and other states, and you will see that the poor are living in Third World poverty.


Are Americans happier, healthier, better? No, that is just an illusion.


(Even at the Olympics, countries with far smaller populations have a much greater proportion of medals and victories, so the illusion of being "the best" is a self-delusion in America.)

Wealth is being produced and accumulated at the top of the pyramid. The masses at the base of the pyramid, worldwide, feel grateful that they even have work, food, or a roof over their heads. No matter how low the wages, even if they do not provide for subsistence, people are forced to do back-breaking labour from the earliest age. Child labour is the rule, not the exception, in all poor countries and it is creeping into First World countries as well.


And, more often than not, the goods that they produce wind up for consumption in the US. Kathie Lee Gifford was guilty of making millions endorsing a clothing line, which children worked at slave wages in Third World nations to produce. Like all other hypocrites, she immediately denied any knowledge of this and declared herself to be a spokesperson against child labour.


This parallels Ervin "Magic" Johnson's promiscuity which gave him AIDS, and which made him immediately become a spokesman against AIDS. Liz Taylor, being incredibly wealthy and having many lovers, speaks out against child poverty and AIDS. They each appear with the president, proclaim their goodness, and are applauded by the media; and just like the president, they are absolute hypocrites.


Do we still imagine that US businesses invade other countries to exploit their resources and their people for the invaded people's own "good"?


The archons have never been troubled by exploitation of the innocent - it is their goal. The lie is that we or they are being served, and "good" is being done; the truth is, exploitation and evil exist at every level of the chain of production and consumption, worldwide, for the benefit of the elect. And, our attention is only diverted from that fact by the elect, the parasites in society who make millions to uphold the system and cater to our every illusion.

If we investigate the garment or fashion industry, Hollywood, distilleries and breweries, investment, the media, and other businesses, both in North America and the world generally, we find that they are all controlled by the Zionists (and often Jews).


Again, knowing that the Rothschilds financed the Rockefellers, and the Rockefellers financed most large businesses in the US, it only makes sense that the money-lenders have gained and maintained control over multi-billion dollar industries.


Further, the people who built these businesses were largely Jews, and, they were not necessarily "good" people.

Describing Hollywood mogul Loius B. Mayer (MGM), Helen Hayes said,

"Mayer was just a gentle soft man, but he was evil".

The perversion of Hollywood is legendary; nearly all actresses had to submit to being raped on the studio couch by the (Jewish) producers.


The Jews owned and controlled the studios, the production, the theatres, and the stars. Movie stars, though worshipped as idols by the masses, were merely assets to the Hollywood moguls. As Marlon Brando noted, the Jews do own Hollywood, and they have happily portrayed all other minorities (African Americans, Asians, Native Americans) as subhuman.


As Brando said, if the Jews really had any compassion for others, as a result of their hardships, they would be more kind in their screen portrayals.


As we shall see, over and over, the Jews have always FIRST done to others what has later been done to them. In Nazi Germany, films were produced portraying the Jews as subhuman, but it was nothing worse than how the Jews had portrayed other minorities in the US for as long as there was film. In the US, the racist film image of blacks and Indians caused them to continue to suffer greatly for many, many decades, and the vast majority have never been able to escape that evil trap.


It was a tool for denying them their rights, whether political or economic, and justifying in people's minds their inferiority and their deservingness of being oppressed and destroyed. And the Jews complain of how they were portrayed!

Louis Farrakhan, of the Nation of Islam, knows about the Rothschilds and the "handful of wicked families that are hell-bent on ruling the world"; he has refused to retract his statement that the ontologically-evil Jews (he clearly says not all Jews) are "blood-suckers" - until they can prove otherwise, which will never happen.


Jewish racism and economic exploitation of blacks, from the slave trade to the ghettos, is irrefutable.

The fashion industry, like the movie industry, caters to people's illusions and must perpetuate illusions to keep profiteering. This is why fashions change every season. Money is the primary goal, and again, this business is totally controlled by the Jews, in New York City. People don't have any real need to wear different styles every year, so this artificial need, like the "need" for cola drinks, is cultivated via emotion, ego, desire, and sensory pleasure. In short, people are programmed, not served, and the profiteers are making billions.


Women especially feel that they cannot even leave the house in last year's styles; and, especially in the US, even poor children in the ghettos have "clothing consciousness", and refuse to wear anything except name brands.


The fashion industry, with its widely known sexual perversion, has replaced self-reliance with self-consciousness, and morality with gratification. Just look at the perfume ads, the jeans ads, and so on; they try to lower moral standards to the level of the gutter. Sex is promoted and sold in all products, from jeans to beer.


What is the nature of that programming that has made underwear sexy, and so glorious that fashion dictates it be worn outside of one's other clothing? This is the insanity, and evil, of the fashion industry. It will not let us be content, satisfied in any way with who we are and what we have; that isn't good enough; we have to be hip and stylish to be accepted by society. Yet, fashion has no inherent value.

Business preys upon our discontent, which it feeds and does not relieve in any real sense.


Though they claim to not be "hard drinkers", the Jews own and control the liquor business. Seagram's is a multi-billion dollar business, owned by the Bronfman family in Canada. And, they are clearly among the elect of Zion. Edgar Bronfman is chairman of the World Jewish Congress (and a main force behind the Trilateral Commission which decides US-international policy).


The liquor trade is a classic example of how the Zionists exploit the masses: liquor has no value other than to debase, delude, and destroy those who consume it. Alcohol allows further programming and easier acceptance of the evil status quo. The fact that alcohol is legal does not in any way excuse the purely evil intent and results it has; this intent is put there in its manufacture.


And, such evil and exploitative intent is behind the entire Zionist global agenda: the elect of Zion not only do not care about the harm they perpetrate upon the "goyim", they feel that it is their righteous duty to do so, to enslave their minds, to feed their illusions, to control their behavior and their lives, to profit by their ignorance.


They are serving their god, Yahweh, by oppressing and exploiting others; and if they weren't doing the "right" thing, they would not be so rewarded in this world with material success. What perverse thinking.

Lest you think of all this on the superficial level of "just doing business", look more deeply.


The apparel industry (with its exploitative sweatshops and child labour) made the retailing giants, and it remains the main profit maker for them, today (with its foreign slave wages and child labour).


The apparel industry is so successful at cunningly planning endless discontent, to sell fashion, that shopping malls around the world rely exclusively upon pricey stores featuring the latest fashions as their cornerstones, to bring in the most money.


In these examples, we see the classic pattern of Jewish control: sell illusions, fleece the sheep, and obtain money in such quantities as to not only influence but to be able to control the policies of nations, globally. It's what they do.

Wall Street is owned and controlled by the Jews.


Jews were wealthy financiers and middle-men in America since before there was a United States. They were middle-men in the slave trade; they financed both sides in the Civil War (and then took control over southern business after the war); and they set up the mercantile and commodities markets, and the investment houses in New York.


With a history of usury in lending, and profiting by the passing of paper and goods, the Jews set up shop in New York City and established the richest investment houses, Jews-only country clubs, and houses of worship. German Jews controlled all of the banking and investment business, but they were engulfed by Russian Jews who eventually assumed their own position of authority, especially in business.


The German Jews considered themselves aristocrats and would not even allow their poorer brethren into their synagogues; they looked down upon them as peasants; but, soon, the Russian Jews filled the universities and took control of the professions and retailing.


Bloomingdales, Sears, Macy's, Gimbel's, Strauss's, and so on, made a great deal of money for the founders and owners. And, money enabled them to rise to a "higher class" position.


Much of New York City is owned by the Jews; they are real estate owners and landlords, with names such as Helmsley (Harry, the miser, and his famous cold-blooded, tax-evading wife Leona),

"Uris, Durst, Tishman, Rudin, Lefrak, Fisher, Rose ... Resnick".

It is amazing how New York attracts Jews like a powerful magnet; most others are repelled by the place, its evilness, its artificiality, its pretence.


In The Self-Chosen, Jean Baer tries to make the case that the time of the German-American Jewish elite has passed, as well as the Russian-American Jewish elite; their business influence and social dynasties are minimized. But, on the contrary, the ultra-rich have only learned to be more discreet, and more private in their dealings.


Over the years, they have consolidated their power; the Zionist elite at the top still rule the financial world. They have created political-economic organizations which devise policies favorable to them, globally, without requiring them to be visible themselves. And they remain in control of all key financial-economic positions.

We need to keep in mind just what the monied aristocracy does: it makes money on money, and need not ever be seen mingling with the masses in the lower ranks of society. The most religious Jews go to Jews-only schools, where they study the Talmud for many years, and usually go off to the bastions of Zionism: Yale, Harvard, Princeton, and Columbia universities.


They readily become lawyers, doctors, educators, and financiers. (Among Jews it is almost a joke about which one of these professions your child will enter; it is just taken for granted.) And, though they imagine that this is because of their inherent "goodness", they remain, immutably, the favored sons of Darkness. Their cultivation and rise to all positions of power, authority, and control, and their continuing oppression of the rest of mankind in their every "success", is due to their sponsorship by evil.


They only rise to the extent that they are willing and able to serve the Kingdom of Zion.

Ironically, many favored sons of Zion belong to religious movements such as "B'nai Or", which means "Children of Light". As with all things of this world, the truth is reversed.


The most evil declare themselves to be the most good; the ones who self-importantly "serve" the rest of us are really here to spiritually destroy us. The philanthropy of the most evil Zionists (including ontological Jews such as Carnegie and Rockefeller, and Jews such as Rothschild or Bloomingdale) is quite perverse.


It merely allows them to conceal the extreme exploitation by which they accumulated their great wealth in the first place, and continue to do so. Philanthropy, far from excusing their inherent evilness or proving their goodness, merely reveals how much they wish to hide by way of their more public "service" and "contributions".


Giving away a tiny amount of money (in proportion to what has been taken in), is a public relations maneuver; it is also a method of exercising control, as in university grants, research, and endowments. Many Zionists who historically made huge fortunes were known for being misers, so obsessed with gathering money that they refused to spend any on themselves (or their children), even when they needed clothing or food.


These days, being a miser would bring too much publicity; the wealthy prefer to bask in the public acclaim of "generosity", "benevolence", and "philanthropy". How could we imagine that anyone who gives money to charity, a hospital, to education, or to children could be evil?

The evil ones know precisely how to play upon appearances, and know how readily the masses are deceived by partial truths - which promote even bigger lies, and cover up more damning truths.

In the land of Zion, appearances and illusions matter most. The bigger the lie, the bigger the profit.


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Zionism and Nazism

Zionism and Nazism actually have a great deal in common.


They are a desire for national identity, national socialism, "self-determination", and "freedom" from those who might be called "troublemakers". In fact, they are both philosophies of imagined racial superiority and purity, which have rationalized all of their actions in the name of some greater "good". And, they each conceal a deeper evil at their core.

Tracing the start of Nazism in Germany, historian David Irving observed,

"As Goebbels orchestrated the rise of the Nazi party, part of the problem... was that much of what he said was true. The Jewish community not only dominated the legal and medical professions in Berlin, they also dominated... crime,... drug dealing and narcotics. Moreover, three-quarters of the pickpockets in Berlin were Jewish".

Irving adds,

"In every new scandal in Berlin, it seemed, Jews were at the base of it - ripping off the banks, ripping off the taxpayers, and ripping off the government. And again and again, they seemed to be getting off scot-free".


"Goebbels repeatedly explained to foreign diplomats that the problem there was the usual one, in which the Jewish population disproportionately controlled all the lucrative professions."

Goebbels, who respected Jews as he grew up, eventually came to hate them; he became the author of "the final solution". As Irving points out, it was "not Adolf Hitler nor any of the other Nazis".

The Nazis were quite aware of the real problems that existed in Germany, but they kept acting and over-reacting in the wrong ways.


Irving says,

"We must not overlook the fact that the world's Jewish community lost no time in striking at Nazi Germany. We all too readily talk about the book-burning and about the Nazi boycott against the Jews as if those things happened in a vacuum. They didn't. The Nazi boycott against the Jews on April 1, 1933, was a foolish reprisal by the Nazis in retaliation for the Jewish boycott against Germany".

The fact is, the Jews had a strangle-hold on the Germany economy.

"As soon as the Nazis came to power, the world Jewish community announced an international boycott campaign against Germany. Jews would not buy any German products. ... Today, all we hear about is the Nazi boycott against the Jews, which lasted for a single day."

The Jews controlled banking and business in Germany; they controlled the economy, much as they continue to do throughout the world, to this day.


And, anti-Semitism was a force that had stirred often in Europe. The Jews had historically been evicted out of most of Europe, and there was a reason for this. If they were "divine benefactors" aiding and uplifting those they came into contact with (like Jesus), there would have been absolutely no basis for this act of rounding up the Jews and banishing them from country after country.


Rather, people were quite aware of the evil ontological Jews, the Zionists, in their midst. The people were well aware that the Jews were getting unbelievably wealthy by controlling their money and their business, and they resented it. This set the stage for what happened in Germany.


The Germans did not originally plan to slaughter the Jews; they were trying to do what had been done many times before, round up the Jews and then deport them - anywhere else they could go.

Ironically, the political Zionists created much of the need for this plan, and even supported it financially.


The political Zionists exerted all the political force they could to make sure that the US and other nations did not allow Jews to emigrate from Germany before World War II. They fervently believed that if they allowed their Jewish brethren to leave Germany (which was all the Germans really wanted), and go to other nations, then they would not be able to claim Palestine as "their land".


They made sure the Jews stayed in Germany and suffered the fate many of them did, just so that Jews would be made to go to Palestine and create Israel, after the war. This is how perverted and evil the Zionist thinking was.

We must understand the mind-set of the Jews. With their "chosen people of god" attitude, they never had any desire to assimilate in any country in which they were.


The Talmud declared that a Jewish man should say a three-part prayer that:

  1. he is not a "goy" because they are nothing

  2. he is not a "boor" (or peasant) because they have nothing

  3. he is not a woman who needs to believe nothing, and who is not rewarded in the afterlife.

Such dogma drives many non-Zionist Jews nuts, or to escapism.


But, the Zionist Jews consider it their spiritual obligation to fleece the sheep, to hold themselves above all others, and to take what they want in this world as their "reward". And, they have done this, religiously and secularly. Taking over Palestine by acts of terrorism against innocent men, women, and children, was the self-righteous act of fanatics and terrorists.


And Israel has practiced active genocide against Palestinians ever since. The Jews, in their refusal to assimilate or mix with other peoples, forcibly expelled the Palestinians from Palestine, who fled in fear of their lives. I visited Israel early in the 1990s and was distressed at the unashamed, cruel treatment of Palestinians by Jews who were cocky beyond belief, declaring America would always back them up in anything they did.


With this mind-set they practiced their open genocide and were starving the non-Jewish indigenes to death. I was saddened by what I saw and my inability to assist the down-trodden. But I also saw the evilness of men, for here was a perfect example of them having learned nothing from history. If ever there was to be a group who would understand suffering, and lessen it, it would be the Jews.


But obviously, that was not the case.

Contrary to what most Westerners, especially Americans, might imagine (due to Jewish control of the media), Israel was established as a racist, apartheid state, not a true democracy. It never was and never will be a bastion of democracy, freedom, equality, morality, or goodness. It was created with, and has continued to evolve into, a Nazi-mentality.


The Jews in Palestine even allied with the Nazis against Britain in World War II, to instigate the creation of Israel. In other words, they used anti-Semitism and Nazism to achieve their ends.


Haim Bresheeth, in an article in the British RETURN, observed:

"The first point to note regarding the appropriation of the history of the Holocaust by Zionist propaganda is that Zionism without anti-Semitism is impossible. Zionism agrees with the basic tenet of anti-Semitism, namely that Jews cannot live with non-Jews".

He concludes,

"the role played by Zionists in this period was connected to another role they could, and should have played, that of alarming the whole world to what was happening in Europe. They had the information, but politically it was contrary to their priorities. The priorities were, and still are, quite simple: All that furthers the Zionist enterprise in Palestine is followed, whatever the price. The lives of individuals, Jews and non-Jews, are secondary".

As we have seen, the lives of non-Jews "do not matter" according to the Talmud.


The Other Israel, edited by Arie Bober, observed,

"A Fascist-chauvinist mood is growing in Israel, following the classic patterns which are not necessarily characteristic of any particular nation. Expressions like 'the supremacy of the nation,' 'the sanctity of our historic values,' 'the cradle or our ancient culture,' 'the eternity of war and the sanctity of blood,' have gained wide currency.


They are emphasized in print and in speeches, on radio and television, in the press and in schools, in the Army and in youth movements.


There is also a growing clamor for 'strong leadership'; and a 'strong leader' as well as for preserving 'national unity.' At the same time there is an increase in administrative and police repression against Israel's Arab citizens. Hundreds and thousands of Israeli Arabs are subject to restriction of freedom of movement, house arrest, detention without trial, searches and harassment and are denied the legal right to organize themselves".

In fact, non-Jews are not even considered true citizens of Israel; their presence is tolerated but not welcomed.

Such Nazi mentality - and behavior - are familiar to Jews, yet surprisingly few people realize how the Jews have used this mind-set to oppress the "less fortunate".


Even back in Nazi Germany, the Zionists used Nazism as a means of achieving their own objectives, regardless of the cost in lives of their "less fortunate" Jewish brethren.


In many cases, they continued to do business with the Nazis, and even made deals with them which cost many thousands of Jewish lives, to enrich the Jewish elite. And, contrary to all of the propaganda, the model for Israel is closer to Nazism than it is to democracy.

What follows is an accurate account of how Israel was established, in an article in the Israeli Ha'ir by Guy Erlich:

"Since its establishment, the State of Israel keeps a conspiracy of silence concerning massacres committed in the War of Independence.

'The time has come' [Yitzhaki] says, 'for a generation has passed, and it is now possible to face the ocean of lies in which we were brought up. In almost every conquered village in the War of Independence, acts were committed which are defined as war crimes, such as indiscriminate killings, massacres and rapes. The only question is how to face such evidence.'

According to him, these massacres had an enormous impact on the Arab population, by inducing them from the country.

'For many Israelis it was easier to find consolation in the lie, that the Arabs left the country under orders from their leaders. This is an absolute fabrication. The fundamental cause of their flight was their fear from Israeli retribution and this fear was not at all imaginary... Sometimes the report tells about blatant massacres which were committed after the battle, sometimes the massacres are committed in the heat of battle and while the villages are 'cleansed.'


Some of my colleagues, such as Me'ir Pa'il, don't consider such acts as massacres. In my opinion there is no other term for such acts than massacres. This was at the time the rule of the game. It was a dirty war on both sides. This phenomenon spread out in the field; there were no explicit orders to exterminate'".

The article continues,

"The historian Uri Milstein, a myth-shatterer, corroborates Yitzhaki's assessment regarding the massacres' extent and goes even further. 'If Yitzhaki claims that almost in every village there were murders, then I maintain that even before the establishment of the State, each battle ended with a massacre'".

Let's recapitulate: the Jews did not have explicit orders to exterminate the Palestinians, yet they massacred, tortured, raped, and killed them.


Sounds a lot like what the Nazis did, doesn't it? The Jews felt that they were just engaging in a little "ethnic cleansing". Historically (as we read in his Bible), Yahweh has asked the Jews to exterminate many innocent men, women, and children of other ethnic backgrounds, so this was just another "justified" and "righteous" action.


So, the question arises, just what is Jewish morality? Do unto others first before they do unto you? Or, hope that what you do unto others doesn't come back to you? Once again, we see that what happened to the Jews is merely what they have always done to others. It's called Nazism when it is done against them, it is called righteous Zionism when it is done by them.

Evil by any other name, is evil.

In another RETURN article, Tony Greenstein wrote:

"As a self-styled 'national' movement, Zionism claims to represent all Jews, irrespective of their wishes and wherever they live. Support for the Palestinian national struggle and opposition to Zionism, and its concept of a 'Jewish people,' is interpreted as hatred of Jews as Jews, i.e. anti-Semitism. Jewish anti-Zionists are dismissed as 'self-haters'".

Greenstein observes,

"It is a conjuring trick which has mesmerized many an audience, but as with all such illusions has gradually lost its effectiveness. The problem for the Zionist movement is whether the equation of anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism can still be useful in intimidating its opponents".

As we shall see, the Holocaust itself is used to intimidate opponents to the evil Zionist global agenda, and to silence any opposition to the injustices, oppression, and abuses perpetrated by Israel and the Jews. In the typical modus operandi of evil, the truth is reversed or selectively applied to support further evil.

Israel is the pre-eminent racist, religionist, separatist, apartheid state in the world. By acts of terrorism, massacre, and forcible relocation, it removed hundreds of thousands of Palestinian people from their towns and their land, and denied them any right of return. Whatever villages, towns, homes, farms, and other properties were considered useful were taken over by Jews; everything else was bulldozed and destroyed, all with the US's support and sanction.


We see these things even today in 1997 in the daily News on our television screens.

We must ask the question: What did the Jews learn from the Holocaust? Nothing, except how to better cover up evil with lies, how to portray the Palestinians as sub-human "wanderers" who did not really have any towns or property rights, and how to scapegoat others for what the Jews did to them.

Les Levidow, in RETURN, wrote:

"Zionism often portrays the Palestinians as agents of an international Arab conspiracy dedicated to destroying Israel. This mentality can be understood by analogy to other colonial episodes in which the colonizers experienced the colonized as persecutors.


In the case of Zionism, Haim Bresheeth describes how the social identity of the 'New Jew' was created in the image of the European neo-colonialist model, except that Palestine's original inhabitants (if acknowledged to exist at all) were to be expelled rather than merely exploited".

The reversal of truth is a hallmark of evil. In reality, the international Zionist conspiracy of world domination is the fact.


The article concludes,

"Moreover, Zionist paranoia bears parallels to European anti-Semitism, in two senses. Palestinians are almost racially defined as anti-Jewish, as persecuted German Jews were labeled 'anti-German.' And their anticipated attacks on Jews help displace subconscious guilt about Israeli pogroms committed against Palestinians".

Again, the Jews mainly fear what they have done to others.


And, anti-Semitism - the common, worldwide reaction of people to the Zionist conspiracy of exploitation and oppression - supposedly "proves" their morality, goodness, and righteousness. How perverse. But, as we have seen, lies and bluff are all Yahweh and his evil elect know; they are incapable of REAL goodness, truth, and rightness.


The truth is anathema to them.


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The "Chutzpa" and The Hunger

The American Jewish Congress says,

"An important part of fighting Holocaust denial is developing effective means of ensuring that the Holocaust is remembered accurately".

This is, of course, a total lie. The Zionist agenda is to ensure that the lies are elevated to the status of the truth, and the truth is suppressed at all costs.

Zionist propaganda declares that the Jews deserved to take Palestine from the Arabs simply because they were Jews, and thus deserved it more. The Zionists say that they had a "hunger" for Israel, while the Arabs only had "an appetite".


Wasn't the same sort of rationale used by the Nazis in their European claims?


The Zionists absolve their murdering, pillaging, raping, terrorizing, and relocating of nearly a million Palestinians from their homes and lands with Holocaust lies - to justify their actions, to prove the need to relocate all the Palestinians, to steal their lands, and to call the resulting abomination the "Jewish Homeland".

Alan Dershowitz, in his book Chutzpa (which means a very domineering and bossy attitude), writes,

"I believed then, as I believe now, that those who singled out the 'plight' of the Arab refugees were more interested in singling out those who had allegedly caused the problem - namely the Jews - than they were in helping those who were its victims.


Elevating the Arab refugee problem above the far more compelling problem of other groups was a form of indirect international anti-Semitism, acceptable in a world too close to the Holocaust to legitimate direct anti-Jewish bigotry".

This is what the Zionists do so well, reverse the truth.


They label evil aggression by the Jews as good, and declare that opposition to Jewish evil is anti-Semitic (and comes from those who aren't sufficiently brainwashed by Holocaust lies).


Talking about the expulsion of almost a million Arabs by the Jews is a "form of indirect international anti-Semitism"? The Jews "allegedly" caused the problem? The Jews allegedly killed and relocated the Palestinians, but the Holocaust was an absolute fact? And, why is the Jewish problem "far more compelling" than the problems of the Palestinians, if not for the Talmudic injunction that the life of a Jew is priceless and the life of a "goy" is worthless?

Dershowitz has the chutzpa to declare that he is a "moralist who believed that right and wrong were everything". He says, "One does not debate morality with immoralists".


And, that is why, as he proudly declares, he feels "no conflict" over the issue of what the Jews have done to others. Contrary to what Dershowitz asserts, the truth and morality never enter into his head; he refuses to debate immorality with moralists; and he exhibits absolutely no understanding of or appreciation for the difference between right and wrong. Needless to say, Dershowitz is proclaimed to be a true scholar, and one of the great legal minds. He must be following the tradition of the Talmud.


Whatever he believes and wants is "right". These are the unquestioned moral and ethical guidelines of a person with little or no conscience - such as a mass murderer Dershowitz might choose to fervently and studiously defend and exonerate.

In fact, Dershowitz, the great defender of lies and injustice - with co-conspirators Shapiro, Bailey, and Cochran in the OJ Simpson case - is willing to believe any lie that supports his agenda, and to discount any truth which opposes it. This is what they do best, denying the truth, confusing the minds of neutral jurors and observers, and elevating the absolute lie to the level of supreme truth.


If they are willing to do this with regard to OJ Simpson, what lies and evils are they willing to perpetrate with regard to their own agenda?

Dershowitz declares,

"Any fair assessment of the Arab refugee problem made it clear that at bottom it wasn't primarily a human rights issue. The human rights aspect of the dislocation could easily have been solved by the Arab states... Had these states been willing to settle Arab refugees... the human rights aspect of the problem would have disappeared".


"At bottom it wasn't primarily a human rights issue"?

What else could it possibly be? Didn't the Nazis "dislocate" the Jews? Why is it called dislocation when it is done by the Jews, and "The Diaspora" when done to the Jews, as if in one case it has no human impact and in the other it is an act committed against "god"?


Of course, Dershowitz's assertions are the opposite to the truth:

  1. his is not a fair assessment

  2. the Arab problem is primarily a human rights issue (unless you do not consider them "human", according to evil Talmudic scripture)

  3. couldn't the argument about "there wouldn't be a problem if their brethren had taken them in" be more truthfully applied to the Jews in World War II? This reversal of the truth is what Zionists do best

Dershowitz, as a law professor, "pre-eminent legal thinker", and acclaimed appellate attorney, shows unmistakably how he believes and upholds every lie that supports his agenda, and denies and ridicules every truth that opposes it.


In the case of John Demjanjuk, accused of being "Ivan the Terrible of Treblinka", Dershowitz declares that at every step of the legal process it was proven that Demjanjuk - who "categorically denied all involvement in the Holocaust - was guilty".


He says,

"On the basis of the evidence presented, no unbiased court or jury anywhere would have come to a different verdict" when Demjanjuk was found guilty "beyond all doubt".

Dershowitz declares,

"Though I was interested in the legal arguments, I couldn't keep my eyes off the prisoner. I had been in the presence of many murderers, even some convicted mass murderers, but I had never been so close to so cruel and brutal a human being".

Now, the fact is, Demjanjuk was then sent to Israel and subsequently found innocent - in Israel, by the most bloodthirsty and biased court imaginable. And, he was released.


What is most amazing is that Dershowitz, before this came to pass, wrote:

"I kept looking at Demjanjuk for another reason. I imagined him as my killer. At the time he was murdering babies, I was five years old... But for the grace of God... I could have been one of the thousands of nameless and faceless babies he grabbed out of the hands of screaming mothers and shoved into gas chambers. I imagined him laughing with sadistic joy as he killed entire families... after taunting and torturing them gratuitously".

Well, if anything is gratuitous, it is Dershowitz's totally wrong, unsubstantiated, and ultimately unproven remarks, assertions, fabrications, and imagination.


And, this is precisely the same kind of imagination that is the basis of most of the Holocaust lies. There were, in fact, never any gas chambers for killing anyone. No one was ever killed in a gas chamber by the Nazis because they never had gas chambers. Truth has never stopped their reports.

Consider these other two examples:

  • Pictures are shown of people being herded into trains for transfer. They are passed off as Jews being taken to various concentration camps early in the Second World War. The fact that they were authenticated as post war footage of German survivors going from one town to another for supplies has not been made known.

  • Secondly, photos the US passed off before the Gulf War showing dead men, women and children in Kurdish villages supposedly from poisonous gassing by Saddam Hussein were false. They were, in fact, photos of British gassing of Kurds some seventy years earlier.

The rantings of Dershowitz are those of a madman.


And, yet, it is precisely this "authority" and "expert" and "great legal mind" who decides what the rest of us are to be believe is true, and who is and is not guilty. In reality, OJ Simpson (whom Dershowitz totally vindicated) was guilty of the most vicious butchery and murder, and Demjanjuk (whom Dershowitz totally condemned) was not.


Yes, OJ Simpson has chutzpa, and Alan Dershowitz has chutzpa, as do all of the elect of Zion and Yahweh himself.

Perversely, evil beings are proud of the lies they invent, thinking no doubt as Yahweh did that they would never be brought to account. But like Yahweh they are wrong. It is this evil way of totally denying, suppressing, distorting, and confusing the truth which allows the lie to be elevated to "absolute truth". By their works you shall know them, liars, deceivers, and murderers all, from the beginning.


The New York Times Book Review proudly declared that Chutzpa was,

"A bold, powerful book... [it] ought to be required reading for Jews, and on the suggested list for goyim. Everybody can use a little chutzpa".

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Holocaust Fact and Fiction

Alan Dershowitz believes that all American Jews should think of themselves as victims of the Holocaust; his rationale is that they were ultimately targets of the Holocaust.


But, the Holocaust is even bigger than that to the Zionists; they want everyone to believe that all wrong is done to the Jews, and no wrong is done by the Jews. And, there is a reason for this.

Robert Faurisson observes,

"Elie Wiesel won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1986. He is generally accepted as a witness to the Jewish 'Holocaust,' and, more specifically, as a witness to the legendary Nazi extermination gas chambers..."


But in what respect is Elie Wiesel a witness to the alleged gas chambers? By what right does he ask us to believe in that means of extermination?


In an autobiographical book that supposedly describes his experiences at Auschwitz and Buchenwald, he nowhere mentions the gas chambers. He does indeed say that the Germans executed Jews, but... by fire; by throwing them alive into flaming ditches, before the very eyes of the deportees! No less than that!


Here Wiesel, the false witness, had some bad luck. Forced to choose from among several Allied war propaganda lies, he chose to defend the fire lie instead of the boiling water, gassing, or electrocution lies. In 1956, when he published his testimony in Yiddish, the fire lie was still alive in certain circles. This lie is the origin of the term Holocaust. Today there is no longer a single historian who believes that Jews were burned alive. The myths of the boiling water and of electrocution have also disappeared.


Only the gas remains.

The gassing lie was spread by the Americans. The lie that Jews were killed by boiling water or steam (specifically at Treblinka) was spread by the Poles. The electrocution lie was spread by the Soviets".

Yes, these are all Holocaust lies.

"The fire lie is of undetermined origin. It is in a sense as old as war propaganda or hate propaganda, just like the false assertion of human (Jewish) skin being used to make lamp shades. In his memoir, Night, which is a version of his earlier Yiddish testimony, Wiesel reports that at Auschwitz there was one flaming ditch for the adults and another one for babies.


He writes:

'Not far from us, flames were leaping from a ditch, gigantic flames. They were burning something. A lorry drew up at the pit and delivered its load - little children. Babies! Yes, I saw it - saw it with my own eyes ... those children in the flames.'"

None of this ever happened. And, yet, such lies have earned Wiesel the Nobel Peace Prize, and made it "anti-Semitic" and even illegal to simply tell the truth about the Holocaust.

Why have lies superseded truth? And, more specifically, who benefits from the lie?


As we have observed, every lie in the evil Zionist-controlled system is designed to exploit; every lie keeps Yahweh's system of evil securely in place. In this world, everything of value is offered up to Yahweh by the Zionists, as a "burnt offering".


"Holocaust" means burnt offering; it is the perpetuation of the illusion and the elevation of the lie to the level of supreme truth, religiously.

The fact is, the Holocaust is about money, legitimacy for Israel, and the total denial of any moral failings (or evilness) in the Jewish people. Jews are outraged when it is mentioned that many gypsies and Russians suffered the same fate as Jews, because to compare a sub-human to a Jew is unspeakable.


The Jewish scripture declares that the life of a Jew is the most priceless thing to "god" and the life of a non-Jew or "goy" is worthless.

The Jews have a history of crying "holocaust". The Talmud cites examples of many billions of Jews being killed (including children being burned). Needless to say, there have never been that many Jews on the face of the earth. The same falsification and embellishment is true with regard to the "holocaust" of World War II. Many Jews died, but not the six million that is claimed.


Perhaps a million died, none from gas chambers. Red Cross documentation which Jewish controllers refuse to release, is suspected of suggesting that some 100,000 were lost. As historian David Irving and many others have rightly observed, there never were gas chambers at the concentration camps. And, it would have been impossible for the Germans to have gassed and then burned 12,000 Jews every day.


Reports by concentration camp survivors that tell of the guards going into "gas chambers" as soon as one batch of Jews had been killed, clearing out the bodies, and then filling the room again are patently false - the guards (none of whom was reported to have worn a mask) would have instantly died, since cyanide does not dissipate or disappear in a few minutes.


Also, there would have been bones and ashes to show, with cyanide residue. None of this is found. Even the Auschwitz Memorial which once stated that six million Jews had died now states that perhaps a million died. The plaque has been altered from six to one million.

That being said, even a million dead people is a lot. The degree of suffering they experienced, and the treatment they received from hateful, evil Nazis was a fact. Yet, that does not excuse all of the evils and wrongs committed by the victors, who fire-bombed civilian populations in Germany and Japan, and dropped atomic bombs on cities in Japan, before ending the war.


The intentional massacring of millions of civilians by the Allied victors was certainly a war crime, and perhaps of larger impact than what happened to the Jews. War is a terrible thing, and though it is an unwritten and unspoken policy, civilian populations are targeted and slaughtered in the worst way, to weaken the morale of the opposition.


War is not just fought by soldier against soldier, with some kind of boundary against civilians. Yet, it is always the victors who write the history; they are always in the right, and the losers are always in the wrong.


War is not black and white, truth is its first casualty, and what is written in history and in the news has little correlation with the truth.

Jewish bankers funded the Nazis, and the Zionists fiercely pressured Western nations to keep Jews from being able to leave Germany before the war began. For perverse political and economic reasons, the Zionists did not want the Jews to go to free nations, but rather had the single-minded objective of claiming Palestine as the Jewish state.


Because they could not force the creation of Israel before the war, they readily sacrificed the lives of their "lesser brethren" for the "greater cause": Israel.

There are many people who hold that all major wars in the last few centuries have been instigated by, funded by, and profited by, the Zionist international bankers. First, they instigate wars.


Then, during the war, they loan huge sums of money, and make enormous profits in their military-industrial production. After the war, they buy up property and industry at pennies on the dollar in the loser nations. This policy of economic conquest is not only a factor in war; it is how the everyday economy operates, worldwide, today. The Zionists control the economies, governments, and agreements/conflicts between major nations.


They control the daily economy, inflation, and deflation. They engaged in economic war in creating the Great Depression in the US, in which they obtained vast amounts of property and business by foreclosing on mortgages and debt. And, they have plundered the resources of Third World nations, via the issuance of debt (loans) which cannot be paid back due to usurious interest rates.

We need to understand that nothing in this world "just happens", especially not global events. Everything has a reason and a purpose behind it. There are forces that control all that happens in this world, and there is an unseen "shadow government". It uses the masses or "sheep" as cannon fodder during war, and to gain sympathy and financial aid.

We are told that we cannot forget the Holocaust, though we dismiss all other genocide that has occurred to all other racial groups throughout history.

  • Why is that?

  • Why is there no motto to remember the millions of Native Americans slaughtered by white settlers?

  • Why is there no public relations action to memorialize the millions of Africans who were slaughtered in the slave business?

  • Why is there no mention of the millions of Cambodians - nearly half their population - who were slaughtered by Pol Pot; or the twenty million Russians killed in World War II?

  • Why is it that what happens to these other groups doesn't seem to matter?

For the answer, we need to only look to Jewish propaganda and scriptural dogma: the life of a Jew matters, only a Jew is a human being; the non-Jews do not matter, their lives are worthless.

The media are controlled by the Zionists, and because most of them are Jewish they are greatly invested in the story of the Jews. They readily promote fiction over fact, the lie over the truth in all other areas, so why not in this area - in which they have such strong emotional and financial interest?


Contradicting the Holocaust lies is illegal in some countries (called an act of racial hatred and vilification, defaming the dead, and anti-Semitism). The media quickly label any less-than-glorifying-truth about the Jews as anti-Semitism. And, this, more than anything, has given the evil Zionists the greatest cover and freedom from public scrutiny.


They are able to go about their agenda of world domination and control with immunity from media attention. If you doubt this, just check to see the last time the Rothschilds and Rockefellers headed the Forbes list of richest people in the world. Rather than holding down the top spots due to their enormous and cunningly concealed wealth, they are not even on the list.


The media refuse to acknowledge the power, wealth, authority, and control that the Zionists truly have in this world, because if they did, then some attention would be directed their way when people discuss what is wrong with this world - and why. They have set things up, and controlled things so well, that they never receive this bad publicity.


Instead, they portray themselves as philanthropists and benefactors of all mankind - whom they think of as animals, and gladly sacrifice as "burnt offerings" to their blood-thirsty and evil "god" Yahweh.

The Nazis allowed a ship full of Jews to leave Germany, to see if another country would be willing to accept Jewish refugees. But, every country, including the United States, refused to let the passengers disembark.


Because of this worldwide Zionist policy of refusing to accept Jews anywhere - because of their desire to claim Israel as the homeland of the Jews - many Jews were sacrificed for the political Zionist cause. The shipload of Jews was forced to return, sacrificed as another burnt offering to the greater glory of Yahweh.

H.G. Wells noted,

"Zionism is an expression of Jewish refusal to assimilate. If the Jews have suffered, it is because they have regarded themselves as a chosen people".

The Zionist leaders of the Jewish community have repeatedly, historically, ensured the suffering of their lesser brethren.


It is they who have sacrificed the good and innocent among the Jews, willingly, consciously, methodically, so that they could implement their own, self-serving, evil agenda.


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The Legacy - Legitimization of Lies

What David Irving politely calls the "Holocaust legend" is, in fact, the Holocaust lie.


It is a willful, purposeful, and evil attempt to elevate a lie to the status of the truth, and to suppress the truth at all costs. There are laws in Germany to criminalize any discussion of Holocaust "facts" which are declared by law to all be totally true.


Yahweh's "true, every word of it". Bible now extends its fairy tales to recent history. We need to realize the extent to which lies are upheld by the media, and keep in mind the Jewish control, to understand why the lie is repeatedly challenged, and the so-called "truth" cannot stand on its own merits but has to be legislated and decreed as true.

As we have noted, there never were any gas chambers in Auschwitz, though the Jews have claimed millions of Jews were murdered therein. Chemical analyses able to detect the minutest particle of cyanide residues have found absolutely no trace in the one building declared to be a "gas chamber" at Auschwitz, which was actually built after the war, for show.


An enormous amount of cyanide residue was found in one very small brick structure used to delouse clothing. The bricks were permeated with residues which were even visible to the eye. But, there were no gas chambers. The main deaths in concentration camps - which were cruel slave labour camps - were from disease.


The pictures of malnourished prisoners neglect the fact that most prisoners died of typhus and starvation near the end of the war, when Allied bombers destroyed German supply lines and no food or medicine was able to get through.

Simon Wisenthal and Elie Wiesel, both acclaimed Jewish "authorities" in regard to the Holocaust, have been exposed as liars not just by non-Jewish historians but by Jews as well.


In the US, Eli Rosenbaum of the US Justice Department said that Wisenthal was,

"an egomaniac spreader of false information".

When we hear stories about how Wiesel could tell if they were gassing and burning Jews or Poles on a given day "by the color of the smoke", we realize how these people have desperately sought to validate the tradition of Talmudic lies and fabrications.


And, because of these lies, innocent people who discuss the Holocaust in Germany, or the Nuremberg decisions in France, are jailed. The organized Jews have done their usual job of using the media, the law, government, and social "conscience" to claim not just untruths but the financial rewards that go with them.

Germany gives Israel about $4 billion dollars each year as reparations for Jews that were "lost" during World War II. The fact is, most really were just LOST, not killed. Millions of Jews were resettled in Palestine (and the US) after the war. In Palestine they were given new names (Hebrew ones) and new identities. Their presence was not reported because this fundamental deceit allowed Israel to gather so much emotional, political, and financial support.


They have made hundreds of billions of dollars on this lie, so of course the Zionists cover up the truth in their media. Further, many Jews came to the US and also changed their names, which is common among Jews, who do not wish to attract negative attention. Jews in a sense try to hide in the general population, but they rarely assimilate like others.


They hold themselves as Jews first, and residents of whatever nation they are in, second (except perhaps in Zionist America and Israel). This stems from Talmudic traditions.


As we noted, Yahweh has used the diaspora of the Jewish people to enhance - not negate - his plan of domination and control of all aspects of society, worldwide.

While we must understand that many innocent people - including the True Beings amongst the Jews - suffered greatly during World War II, this fact can stand on its own without need of a far greater lie to support it. The suffering of their "lesser brothers" does not give the controlling Zionists any greater moral standing, right to be believed, or right to be compensated.


As is expected, the victors - including the British secret service who conceived the gas chamber myth as a form of psychological warfare against the Nazis - write the history. And, the victors minimize and ignore the evils and war crimes that they, in fact, committed.

What we do not read about in our history books is the Nazi-Zionist collaboration which was responsible for setting up the State of Israel. As we noted, Zionist Jews financed Hitler before the war, continued to supply him during the war, and collaborated with the Nazis to attack the British in Palestine during the war - all of which led to the creation of Israel.


Israel, in view of the origins of Palestine as established by the British in the early 1900s, was intended to be a land in which all peoples had a right to live; Jews and non-Jews were to live with each other and share all aspects of social and governmental administration. But, of course, this wasn't good enough for the Jews, who use their claim as the chosen people, and selective (and contradictory) interpretation of their Bible, to claim Israel as the land of the Jews.


They used political Zionism as a rationale for attacking the British in Palestine during World War II; to attack, terrorize, murder, and relocate the Palestinians after World War II; and to invade Lebanon and kill men, women, children, and babies in refugee camps in recent times.


How can Israel invade and bomb Lebanon, and forcibly relocate hundreds of thousands of people, and not be in violation of "international law" or be condemned and attacked in a "Gulf War" like Iraq, which was also a US ally at the time of its transgression? Israel is Zionist as is the US, which similarly invaded Panama and Grenada "to protect its interests" - and self-servingly interpreted international law as allowing its acts.


Might makes right.

Whenever we trace back the origins of the Zionist policies, practices, lies, funding, and cover-ups, we come to the Rothschilds. The Rothschilds created the Zionist political and territorial agenda for what later became Israel, and started things off by buying land in Palestine to stake their claim.


They also financed I.G. Farben, a conglomerate which owned many hundreds of companies in Germany before World War II, and which financially supported the Nazis (though many of the I.G. Farben directors were Jews).


The Rothschilds were behind the British bankers who directly financed Hitler.

In order to understand how and why Jews would finance anti-Semitism, we need to recall that the elect of Zion consider themselves the masters of the universe, god-like, and far above even their lesser brothers. And, they have historically owned the banks and been able to finance BOTH sides in war. They, and their holdings, remain untouched; further, they increase their holdings regardless of who wins, by essentially buying all that is left in defeated nations, and by financing rebuilding.


So, the Jews who had an economic stranglehold on Germany before World War II actually used the Nazis to obtain an even stronger financial position after the war. The elect of Zion did not suffer or lose in any real way as a result of World War II; they willingly sacrificed their lesser brothers (and the innocent True Beings among them).

Today, I.G. Farben is a chemical giant with close to a hundred billion dollars in annual revenues just from the chemical business, spread amongst its varies subsidiary companies, BASF, Agfa, Bayer, and so on. Though it has gone through a sham "breakup" because of apparent monopolization, the Rothschilds still control all of it.


The breakup is actually quite similar to that of the oil business in the US which the Rockefellers (financed by the Rothschilds) monopolized; all of the "independent" companies, Exxon, Mobil, Standard Oil, and so on, all remain under the direction and control of the original founding family. The two dynasties have also spawned various joint venture combinations of their conglomerates, and set up myriad tax-exempt foundations to shield their wealth and keep it from taxes and government supervision.


So, did the most elite Zionists lose anything in World War II?


Not at all; they further consolidated their hidden and obvious power and wealth.


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The Business of Government

Government has been called "a necessary evil". But why is evil necessary, and why is evil in government so readily accepted?


All governments sell the lie, and so do the media. By "the lie" I mean the fundamental, intentional falsification, misinterpretation, and misrepresentation of everything that occurs in this world, and beyond. And, everyone who is selling the lie is profiting by the lie. Truth and honesty are the rarest things in this world.

If you think of government as business, you begin to understand how it is not at all benevolent. Rather, in the US it is a multi-trillion dollar business that sells lies to increase its monopoly, to increase its own authority and power, and to keep people in their place while they are being properly exploited by every other system. Smaller countries are clones of the system or aspire to be.


The system of law, far from being "just" and "equal", is a lie. It's unspoken agenda is to benefit those who have set up the law, the archons, and to keep the "less fortunate" in their place. When the oppressed - economically, financially, and spiritually - get out of line, or are too vocal in their protestation against tyranny and injustice, they are quickly imprisoned.


The law keeps the "malcontents" from spreading their disillusionment with the system. If you doubt this, consider the Los Angeles riots.


The evil society preferred to see Los Angeles burn to the ground, at a cost of billions of dollars, rather than spend a dime on truly helping the oppressed minorities. The money that could be spent on genuine education, vocational training, professional training, and jobs is instead lost in flames, or spent on new prisons to provide "public housing" for the malcontents.


The oppressed, the aware, and the innocent know that the archons are perpetuating a lie. They just don't have the power to change things in any real sense. The Zionist agenda is to kill off the malcontents, or to let them kill each other off, if their drugs and distractions (such as sports and entertainment) are not sufficient to keep them in their place.

The hate of the Zionists for people of color is legendary. And, every system that they have set up and control, including all of the policies and spending of government, perpetuates the lie of "equality" while maximizing exploitation. The great lie of government is that if we vote, if we just participate, then everything will improve for the best, for all of us.


Never will the Zionists let that happen.


Again I want to point out the dishonesty of the voting system: James Collier, author of Vote Scam, reported that vote counting for national elections is done by NES (National Election Service) which is owned by the media. Vote rigging is a growing and well-organized billion dollar business.


The electronic voting machines and even some of the mechanical ones are set to disqualify or divert a certain percent of the votes for the one to be defeated. He says 90% of all elections are fixed. He said the media and the League of Women Voters are in on it, and any one reporting the fraud is fired and never allowed to tell his/her story. He said the ability of the national networks to predict an election is so good because they know the planned outcome of the rigging.


He has been going around the country challenging people that if they think their local vote-counting is an open process to ask to be present and to even video tape the process. Those who have tried this are finding out that it is a very closed and protected process with no public oversight. And they are amazed that the media won't report any exposure of this.


Theoretically the League of Woman Voters has been part of the oversight process, but they have actually been participating in the fraud.


When he was investigating for the book, one League woman who has sat in on the process for many years told him that she misses the old days when she got to invalidate votes by punching extra holes or making extra marks,

"Nowadays the machines do it all".

He said he has been going around exposing all this but the media ignores him and all those who discover the truth of the process.

An Australian magazine, New Dawn, reports:

"Recently when US President Bill Clinton declared that some Americans who 'love their country but hate their government' were 'nut cases,' the psychiatric community wholeheartedly agreed".


"Clinical Psychiatric News declared a newly discovered 'mental illness,' which it called 'government phobia'".

The psychiatrists,

"warned that sufferers may get to the point of 'delusional intensity,' when sufferers lose all discrimination ability and start to believe government is both the source and manifestation of pure evil'".

This perception of the truth of the evilness of government - and our leaders - is called "psychotic" or losing all discrimination. Notice how this is the exact opposite of the truth. The liars and deceivers call you paranoid and delusional for merely being aware of the truth.

So, look at what the government is actually doing. New Dawn reports on a letter routinely stolen by the FBI, addressed to a politically incorrect organization, sent by a girl doing a high school project, requesting information.


The FBI considered her a "subversive" and,

"checked a credit bureau and the local police for information on [her] and her parents, and an agent interviewed her high school principal. 'More interviews ... are in order for plenty of reasons,' instructed one memo", for a variety of reasons, "chief of which are it will enhance the paranoia epidemic in these circles and will further serve to get the point across that there is an FBI Agent behind every mailbox".

The CIA, FBI, IRS, BATF, and the other alphabet agencies work together, increasing their intelligence gathering on the citizenry, in the name of "protecting" us.


They are consolidating their oppression and methods of thought control, ruling by fear, intimidation, and the very real threat of punishment - for simply daring to think or to take the tiniest step away from the enforced mind-set and indoctrination.


If you think other countries including Australia are any different, you are wrong, wrong, wrong. And, yes, if you have ever given any indication of having a mind of your own, in the US they do have a file on you, and have been plotting how best to destroy you (usually unlawfully, especially via the IRS). I have personal knowledge that this is true in Australia also and I have seen some of the rubbish, the spurious nonsense they hold as factual information in a dossier on me.


So, are we paranoid when we know that the government's intelligence agencies and law enforcement agencies have a master computer system to keep watch on us, when we know that they have historically spied on and sought to destroy anyone they labeled a threat?


Big Brother is watching, and you can be sure it is not for your spiritual benefit.

The Anti-Defamation League, ADL, (of the Jewish organization B'nai B'rith) works closely with law enforcement (especially the federal agencies) and the intelligence agencies (the Mossad and CIA).


The Mossad actively helps the Anti-Defamation League identify those individuals and groups it wishes to vilify in the media, to turn public opinion against them, and to legitimize law enforcement action against them. They pursue the Zionist agenda, and in particular the establishment of the New World Order - which will not allow contrary thought.


A Jewish journalist bragged in writing that the Anti-Defamation League had provided federal authorities with the "intelligence" on David Koresh and his fellow Branch Davidians, to legitimize the government's deadly assault. These false allegations and reports about Koresh, in the intelligence community, the media, and law enforcement, were used to justify the burning to death of eighty men, women, and children.


This is the power of the elect of Zion, to torture, kill, and burn to death the innocent, and they have done so through the ages. It is just another burnt offering to Yahweh.


I also have personal experience of the ADL. Its members in Melbourne, Australia, provided a standard defamation kit to a Jewish female to be used against me and my "philosophy" in order to discredit my testimony which went against this Jewish person. They are unscrupulous in the extreme and there is no other word but evil for them.


Their criminal methods have come to the notice of many governments, including the US.

These self-righteous demons - who else could burn people alive - in all of these organizations have an agenda that goes far beyond "law enforcement" or "protection" of people. They clearly work to oppress, condemn, and slaughter those who can see the evils of society and who do not wish to have any part of it. That awareness is seen as an enormous threat to the demons, who view True Beings as their next meal (in energy terms).


They insist upon having the innocent available so that they can bring them more suffering. They would rather slaughter the innocent than let them live their quiet lives in contact with God. The demons always demonize the innocent, and make those who simply wish to be left alone, who desire to protect themselves, the greatest threat to society.


And the Zionists will kill them for that, as they did Jesus, whose only "crime" was loving God more than the world and telling the Truth. The evil ones will not tolerate those who know the truth or who reject evil and the lie.

What is this "paranoia" that the authorities accuse the aware of suffering from?


It is often clear perception and understanding. Actually, the government is the one with the paranoia; it creates enemies where there are none, and attacks them; it distrusts all who can see its wrongs, its evilness, and attacks them. Psychiatrists, far from helping those who "suffer" from clear perception (which may include psychic and spiritual perception) are the first to want to lobotomize them, drug them into a perpetual stupor, or electroshock them.


Hence, a truly aware person is often "paranoid" about the government, the media, our leaders, the psychiatrists, the intelligence community, and so on. They all are, in fact, out to destroy whatever goodness and Light there is in this world, and replace it with evil. They do have a common source, and it is purely evil. Meanwhile, those who wish to protect themselves from the evilness and insanity of society and all of its institutions are labeled evil or mentally ill, condemned in the media, persecuted, and destroyed.


Law enforcement has a particularly microscopic view in enforcing the countless laws that exist for no other reason than to harass and oppress the innocent.


Simply having a tail light go out in your car makes you a mortal threat to society, and is grounds to be searched, detained, and locked up.

  • Why is the US government so paranoid about the militia and its own citizenry, such that it must spy on them and attack them?

  • Why does it so often frame them and scapegoat them?

  • Is there true freedom of speech, or are we, as in Orwell's 1984, merely free to repeat the propaganda of the media?

You have to recognize the attitude of the Zionist rulers, that the rest of the people are just sheep or cattle, to appreciate why they go to such lengths to keep the animals effectively herded.


They don't want you to think, they just want you to continue grazing and consuming, procreating, living an obscure life, sustaining the system, and dying. The very idea of the "animals" thinking is horrifying to them; the next thing you know, they'll have a stampede on their hands. And, the stampede IS coming.


People will stampede out of the financial, political, religious, educational, legal, and social systems. They will soon realize the absolute futility, hypocrisy, lies, and deception that these institutions engender. It will be obvious for all to see, and all will realize that the problem isn't paranoia but the unbridled, unremitting, corruption, insanity, and evilness of the system we have been living under.


Until now, the Zionists have utilized controlled rebellion of the masses or "mobs" to instigate unrest, disorder, and revolution - in a carefully controlled way. But, evil will get completely out of hand, as it comes more and more to the surface and can no longer be hidden.

As a final point in this section I want to mention what many of you have already experienced in your lives: If anyone moves out of the traps in society and attempts to stop being a sheep, it becomes very obvious to those associated with such a move that the other sheep and the archons are terrified of such a move.


They fear others will start thinking for themselves; they fear their exposure will occur; they fear they will lose control and the system will collapse. This occurs on a personal level as well as on an international level. That is why the archons could not allow free thinking countries such as Libya and Iraq, which were economic miracles since removing themselves from the reins of Western hegemony, to succeed.


Heaven forbid, others might follow and then where would that lead to?


It would be unthinkable to the Zionists to lose such control.


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Agents of Unrest

The intelligence business and crime (especially organized crime) actually have a lot in common.


They are both designed to circumvent the law, to lie, deceive, defraud, cheat, steal, deal in illegal goods, and murder their opposition. Do not assume that they are working for our "common good", but see how they serve a common evil. As I have said many times, no good ever comes from evil.

If you imagine that the intelligence agencies are trying to "save democracy", remember that the same hidden world rulers who control so-called democratic governments also control (and financed) communism.


They have no purity of ideology except to exploit the masses with the biggest lie possible. The Zionists, the international bankers and world rulers, are behind intelligence agencies such as the CIA and the Mossad (the Israeli equivalent). This is evidenced by the clear agenda of evil that these agencies pursue, willfully. Further, there is an historical basis for this understanding.


The bankers were actually the first to set up intelligence-gathering networks to protect their money. They needed to know and move with economic changes and trends; they needed to know the financial weaknesses of those they wanted to ruin or buy out, and those who might or, in fact, did oppose them; they needed to know whose loyalty and life's work they could buy; and they needed to know the potential financial, moral, or social weaknesses of those they would lend money to, to minimize their risk and maximize their control.


Bankers developed powerful intelligence services. And, theirs are the oldest, most confidential, and most devious.


They are more than a model for modern intelligence agencies; they are their foundation. The Zionists laugh at those who imagine that their intelligence agencies operate in secret. The intelligence agencies do not grant the President of the US clearance to know what they are doing, but someone knows what they are doing; someone knows what agenda they are serving - the Zionist rulers of this world know, because they control these agencies.

The Zionists know exactly what the CIA, Mossad, KGB, and other agencies are doing, because they employ their agents.


This is why the CIA is adamant (but covert) about setting up the intelligence agencies and secret police networks of nations throughout the world. They keep duplicating and spreading the endless tentacles of the Zionist intelligence-gathering network. And, this is why the US, as a puppet of the shadow government that really rules this world, cracks down so hard on nations that resist this insidious system of domestic control, such as Iran, Iraq, and Libya.


Iran had for a long time a CIA-appointed and approved despot, the Shah, whose (CIA trained) secret police and their torture and assassination were legendary for their savagery. But, as long as he kept the people in line, and kept the oil flowing cheaply to the West, he was perfect in the eyes of the US and its CIA.


Don't imagine that the US does not know - especially the CIA - exactly how brutal, repressive, and murderous its hand-picked leaders of nations are, worldwide. It trains most of them here in the US; it actually uses US taxpayer money to train them in the most effective techniques of torture and oppression of their people.


And the US claims it is the great defender of democracy! What a lie!!

The typical person in the US has no idea what the Zionists are up to, just as they have little idea what the Zionist-controlled intelligence agencies are doing with their multi-billion dollar funding, none of which is ever reported in the news. What the sons of Darkness do, they prefer to do in the dark, hidden from the light of day.

"Intelligence" agencies are really institutions of cunning, crime, deceit, denial, and assassination.


They are no more "good" than Zionist financial dealings worldwide are just "good business". There is no inherent morality, ethics, goodness, or conscience in any of their dealings. Monopolization of industry, control of economies and governments, and the more efficient ordering of human life, is like animal husbandry to the elect of Zion.


They are just tending to the "sheep" - always with the vision of subjugating and fleecing them.


The Zionist rulers of this world control the following:

  1. the Mafia and all other organized crime, drug distribution, and money laundering

  2. the CIA (which also collaborates with the Mafia in drug distribution and money laundering)

  3. the Vatican (which also collaborates with the Mafia and money laundering)

  4. the Mossad (which finances and performs terrorist acts to gain sympathy for Israel and the Jews)

  5. the intelligence agencies of the most exploitative countries in the world

The Zionists have a piece of the action everywhere evil is done. This is not "good business", but evil, plain and simple.


No matter how clandestine government agents, drug dealers, or intelligence agencies might be, they all must eventually go to the bank to launder their money. And, they turn over their money to the same bankers, as came to light with the Bank of Commerce and Credit International (also known as the Bank of Crooks and Criminals), which catered to the CIA, terrorists, and drug dealers - equally.

Ironically, President Clinton declared that the US must not do business with countries that support "terrorists" - doing business with them by day, while they engage in terrorism by night.


Of course, this is exactly what the US and Israel do. They engage in subversion and assassination when it suits their purposes - while those who react with similar acts of retaliation are labeled "terrorists". Public opinion is created and sustained by the media moguls, which are, of course, controlled by the Jews. Public policy, especially international relations, is decided by the agents of the Zionists.


And, opposition to any revelation of the truth is organized by Jewish groups who are coordinated in their efforts, worldwide, by the Mossad - which has the "official line" on what "god" wants, and has appointed itself to spill whatever blood is necessary to ensure its self-righteous and evil success.

Few people are aware that the Mossad - at the request of the CIA - hired the Syrian (not Libyan) bomber who blew up Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland in 1988, blaming innocent Libyans, as a further demonization and scapegoating of a country that is not behind the New World Order. The Zionists blew up that airliner, killed every man, women, and child, and blamed it on those who reject Zionism.


US intelligence had learned that one of the people on the flight was returning to the US to blow the whistle on Mossad-CIA drug dealing, and plotted to kill him. Downing Flight 103 also evened the score with Iran for the US blowing up one of their civilian aircraft (filled with people on a religious pilgrimage) by the US ship Vincennes.


The US had wanted to appease Iran prior to going after Iraq (which had been fighting a long war against Iran), so as not to have all of the Arab world fighting against the US when it invaded Iraq. How cunning.

The intelligence agencies are enormously powerful, worldwide, and because of their innate secrecy they allow the shadow government to covertly enact political policy and change - especially by murder, assassination, fixing elections, and paying huge amounts of money to support their chosen candidates. In country after country, the CIA has put in place leaders who are on its payroll and who will do what it says. This has allowed the CIA to set up drug smuggling rings and bases all over Central and South America and South East Asia.


Keep in mind that the same people are behind all of these activities; they have a hidden global agenda - and financial, political, military, industrial, and intelligence agency resources are used to fulfill their plans. The Zionists are already in control; they merely act to consolidate their power, and to more efficiently harvest the resources of this world.

Money is a preferred tool of the CIA and Mossad.


Ironically, the Israelis receive billions in US assistance each year and then send the Mossad to the US to buy off our politicians. Traveling around the world with suitcases full of money, intelligence operatives smooth things out for the Zionist agenda. As the Zionists believe is proper, whoever they cannot buy outright they assassinate.


The Mossad is particularly vicious in this regard, since they are driven by the Talmudic doctrine that the Jews are the children of God and everyone else is sub-human and doesn't matter. This is why these "religious" people don't mind shipping drugs around the world (as was routinely done on international flights, including Pan Am flight 103) and dealing in drugs as New York Rabbis were exposed to be doing.


The local law enforcement people always bow and scrape at the feet of the global police - the intelligence community. Even the infamous Gestapo had its roots in Zionism; it was set up as an extension of the intelligence operations conducted by I.G. Farben (the Rothschild "syndicate").


And, the US and Russia fought over who got the best Nazi agents after World War II. The US brought many of them into its newly-created intelligence agency. Once again, we can see that purity of ideology has nothing to do with serving the intelligence agencies; they will employ whatever evil they can, in the name of "good".


They can't tell the difference - or, more correctly, being evil, they interpret evil as good and effective, and goodness and morality as unnecessary or evil.

Intelligence agencies gather whatever information they can about anyone who opposes their evil agenda, declare that person or group to be evil, and assassinate them - this evil is perpetrated on the physical, psychological, social, and spiritual levels. There is no fairness, honesty, openness, or truth to be found in this "divine justice".


It is merely the single-mindedly evil manifestation of every trick, deception, abuse, brainwashing, propaganda, and exploitation they can think up. CIA psychiatrists have tortured, drugged, and sexually perverted American girls, to train them to trap, seduce, and have sex with prominent US businessmen and politicians - all of which was recorded for purposes of blackmail.


The FBI also recorded prominent politicians, business people, and social activists having illicit sex, for the purpose of blackmailing and controlling them.

When we uncover the evilness of these covert agencies in society, we are immediately faced with the realization that they are not "doing good" or "saving democracy".


They are weapons used by the evil archons to target those they wish to control, especially those who might resist their evil world order. The elders and elect of Zion believe that they can do any and every evil - and that good and "god" will be the final manifestation of their noble and loving acts. There are reports that the Oklahoma City bombing of the federal building was instigated by federal agents who wanted to create more business for themselves while scapegoating the civilian militia groups.


In Australia, members of the Secret Service, by whatever name, were suspected of the Sydney Hilton Hotel bombing, again just to make work for themselves and to increase their power and authority. How evil and sick this all is! The sons of Darkness elevate evil to the level of supreme goodness, and do everything illegal they can to eradicate all truth, goodness, and justice.


And, incredibly, they do this in the name of justice, law, and order. Then, they have the nerve to say that any reports of what has truly happened are just "hearsay", "second-hand", "uncorroborated", and "unofficial" accounts, which they totally deny and dismiss. And they cover up with governmental sanction claiming their evil deeds are inscrutable as a matter of "national security".

Just to show what lengths the demons will go to in order to try to hide their evilness, a prominent member of the Israeli media has declared publicly that a former Israeli Mossad agent, Victor Ostrovsky (who wrote two books exposing the evilness of the Mossad), "has no right to live", and has called upon "any decent Jew" to assassinate him.


This is simply because Ostrovsky told the truth about the everyday evils of the intelligence community.


How could the media be so totally opposed to any revelation of the truth, so as to demand that one who lets out the slightest bit of damning truth be assassinated? Well, they do this all the time.


They do their best to assassinate or destroy the reputation of anyone who opposes their evil agenda of deception; or, if it is sufficient, simply dismiss the truth and refuse to report it.


The aware and perceptive elements of society - especially the good True Beings who are repelled by the evil they see - are simply told that they are delusional. But, how can anyone who has seen evil, who knows what evil is, ever be forced to deny that truth. It is evil that suppresses any truth about evil, so that humanity remains enslaved in the lie and cannot take even the tiniest step toward the Truth and the Light.


This is the Zionist agenda of evil.

Zionist money buys Zionist-supported policies (and politicians) everywhere, including Australia and particularly the US where politicians are essentially blackmailed by the Jewish lobby which forces payments of billions of dollars each year to Israel. Politicians dare not say or do anything to disturb the Jews, or they will lose their financing or face re-election against a much better financially supported - and media supported - candidate.

For those who still have illusions that intelligence agencies are somehow fair or honest protectors of "good", we note that George Bush and Bill Clinton have been deeply involved with the CIA, especially its drug-running operations. The current head of the CIA is John Deutch (who changed his name from Deutsch), a foreign-born Jew.


He is strongly supportive of Israel, and they of him; and he comes from a family of political Zionists. The head of all of the US armed forces is another foreign-born servant of the globalists.


They follow in the footsteps of Henry Kissinger as favored supporters and planners of the New World Order.


Bill Clinton, beginning in his days as governor of Arkansas, when massive amounts of drugs were being smuggled by the CIA through the tiny Mena airport, has had dozens of people associated with him die in "accidents" or "commit suicide".

There are reports that Vince Foster worked for the intelligence community at a very high level, conducted banking operations around the world for them, and acted as a courier carrying money for the different accounts. Others in Arkansas, who have had their deaths ruled "suicide", have been shot five times in the chest, or had their bodies laid across railroad tracks after they were killed to make their deaths appear a "suicide" or "accident".


As most now know, there have also been reports that the CIA was responsible for introducing crack cocaine into West Coast gangs, to make money to fund its hidden, illegal activities. Congressional investigations are looming, but as always, the evildoers will buy their way out, for corruption breeds in a corrupt state. This is how sick and evil the forces are which serve the world rulers, covertly.


Pretending to do all good, they do all evil.

Deception, pretence, and the murder of the innocents is the unwritten policy, and the unspoken agenda. Secrecy and the label of "national security" provide the insulation and deniability that the most evil ones require to do their business. The system of law and order barely conceals a much greater system of organized crime, illegality, and disorder.


And, this is true on all levels, from local to global, in the Kingdom of Zion.


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The Business of Life

By now, it should be apparent that this world does not run on love, truth, or simple goodness.


We realize some simple truths:

As they are practiced, religion is a lie, politics is a lie, government is a lie, law is a lie, education is a lie, business is a lie, economics is a lie, the social order is a lie, and the media is a lie. They are based upon falsehood and are a fraud.

All of man's accomplishments are little more than vanity, illusion, and a lie.


Worse than this, as science is examined it can be seen that man's "accomplishments" are about to destroy him and the planet. In this world, the value of everything is reversed, the truth is suppressed, the lie is worshipped, and every form of delusion is accepted as normal, progressive, and good. The commerce of this world is essentially the perpetuation of illusions, injustice, exploitation, and unfair advantage.


And, those who garner the most fame, wealth, power, and control are the elect of Zion, the most loyal servants of evil. Those who control the money, its supply, its exchange, its value, and the corresponding value of all material things, are holding all of the resources of this world in trust for the evil demigod, Yahweh. And they use it to inflict suffering. In every exchange in which evil has a part, one side gains and the other loses.


On the spiritual level, all suffering in this world is designed for the purpose of extracting as much energy as possible from the good, the innocent, the unsuspecting, the children of Light. Everything that happens, every thought, and every action, either serves the true God or it serves evil.


There is no neutrality. And, since this world is ruled by evil, every system is set up by, and works, to support evil, not good. It is a fight by the good to succeed in any small measure, since they are kept unaware of the truth - and subjugated to the lie - at all costs.

If you understand how a "pyramid scheme" works, you know how life and business work. All wealth is collected at the top of the pyramid. The larger businesses get, the more resources they suck up to the top, like a giant vacuum cleaner. The little people have the illusion that because they "own stock" in corporations (or bonds of their government) they have received something.


The fact is, they have given over their money, their resources, for others to have and control. And, of course, the same holds true for the banks.


You give them all of your money, and then they loan out nine times as much as they have received. And, with this debt (private, commercial, and governmental) they actually own just about everything. Further, they have set up and gained control of the organizations, agencies, policy-making groups, and modes of information and disinformation, to manipulate all of our social systems.

The Zionists own and control enough of this world's wealth that they can dictate and control fiscal and economic policy, business and trade, political policy, governmental activity, and the media - which, as we will see, is just another multi-billion dollar business they own and totally control.


The purpose of all this activity is the collection of wealth, resources, control, authority, and energy at the top. Yahweh is the originator of this pyramid scheme, and as in any pyramid scheme, the one at the top is enriched to the maximum - and those whose beliefs, commitment, money, resources, and energy form the foundation of the pyramid are only exploited, deceived, and ruined in the end. If you doubt this, then why do the rich at the top keep getting richer, and the poor at the bottom keep getting poorer?


The economic system is set up for that purpose, to enslave the masses.


If Australian readers think this state of affairs only applies to the US, they should do some sleuthing and check who owns nearly all of Australian business. The Jews and Zionists own it all! We see the value of human life in this world when we look at the drug business. The Zionists control legal and illegal drugs, which bring in countless billions of dollars each year.

In the jungles of Peru, people make a trip each week to deposit millions of dollars in cash at their bank.


The international bankers are the ones who get all the money from the drug trade. The cash has to go somewhere, and where else but the bank? Of course, when we are considering so many billions (trillions?) of dollars, the bankers have to be creative in their book-keeping, to get around the money laundering laws.


They shift trillions of dollars all the time from one nation to another, and launder money via currency exchanges. The ease with which this is done was highlighted in the investigation of the Alan Bond (an Australian entrepreneur, now in jail) dealings of the 1980s when it was revealed he paid almost no tax by shifting profits from country to country.


More recently another mogul, John Elliot, showed how to get away with grand theft by doing the same thing. The minion who actually did the paper work confessed and went to jail.


Elliot, the archon, escaped on technicalities. Now can you see how the system works?

The banker's incentive is huge. With the fractional reserve banking system in the US, for every dollar a bank takes in it can loan out nine dollars. Hence, if the drug dealers deposit a bit over a hundred billion dollars, the bankers actually make about a trillion dollars. The bankers always win, and the oppressed and exploited "sheep" always lose.


It is said that the banks are now dependent upon drug money, especially in the US, and this is why drugs will never be stopped (and never made legal and cheap, in spite of the urgings of those health professionals who honestly investigate the problem and propose solutions).


There are even schemes by the largest insurance companies in the US, in which they have been alleged to have killed innocent people and then laundered many millions of dollars on death claims; this is reportedly one of the least publicized methods of laundering drug money. The value of a life, in the evil system, is only how much suffering, money, and energy can be elicited.

Life, in this world, is merely an excuse for exploitation, in every sense of the word.


So, in considering the nature of all of the exploitative commerce, trade, and dealing that passes for "business as usual", think of what is really lost in the exchange. Keep in mind who is losing and who is gaining, and see how undeserved, inequitable, and exploitative all of this world's commerce or business really is.


This world is one big lie.


As Gnostics know, it is the world of Falsehood. It runs on an evil illusion. It has no real substance. And, all of the myriad activities, systems, and institutions of this world are based on a lie. In terms of economics, every transaction is designed to transfer wealth, energy, and resources to the top of the pyramid.


As we shall continue to explore, all resources are centrally collected, and they pass up to the top from the "less fortunate" to the elect of Zion, to the evil financial rulers of this world, and up to their master, the false god of this world.


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