by Texe Marrs

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"A frightening behemoth is rising up from the depths of America's hidden SS establishment. Like a vast and monstrous silicon octopus, Project L.U.C.I.D. is stretching forth its ominous and threatening, high tech tentacles. Multitudes of unsuspecting, helpless victims will very soon be encircled and crushed by Big Brother's new, Gestapo police state. Who among us can possibly escape from the electronic cages now being prepared for all mankind?"
- Texe Marrs


George Orwell, in 1984, his classic novel of Big Brother and a coming, totalitarian state observed that very few people are awake and alert to the machinations and manipulations of the controllers. Thus, the people, as a whole, fall victim to a colossal conspiracy out of ignorance and because of apathy and denial of reality:

The people could be made to accept the most flagrant violations of reality, because they never fully grasped the enormity of what was demanded of them, and were not sufficiently interested in public events to notice what was happening.






Project L.U.C.I.D. - The Beast 666 Universal Human Control System

According to Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary, the word lucid means "suffused with light; luminous; translucent..."


Astonishing and undeniable evidence exists of an incredible, new universal human control system. Officially called L.U.C.I.D., it is a grotesque system of universal slavery which - even as you read this - is being implemented by federal and international intelligence police agencies.

This computerized I.D. card - to be followed eventually by an implanted chip - is an electronic straitjacket that allows the New World Order's Gestapo to track and link every man, woman, and child on planet earth.


Our activities are going to be monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week, by federal Gestapo agencies - the:

  • FBI - Federal Bureau of Investigation

  • IRS - Internal Revenue Service

  • BATF - Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms

  • CIA - Central Intelligence Agency

  • DIA - Defense Intelligence Agency

  • DEA - Drug Enforcement Administration

  • NSA - National Security Agency

  • NRO - National Reconnaissance Office

  • FINCEN - Financial Crimes Enforcement Network

  • the U.S. Treasury Service

  • the Department of Justice

  • ...and countless other police agencies



Implantable Biochips - A "Do or Die" Situation


Stunning Disclosures


Notice that my book, Mega Forces, first became available to the general public in 1987.


At the time my disclosures about the coming, new, implantable biochips which would revolutionize human - and robotic - life as we know it stunned many readers. They simply couldn't believe that the science was that far advanced. But it was.


Even as I wrote Mega Forces, I was becoming aware of super-secret experiments by government and corporate laboratories in which human subjects - usually unwilling and unsuspecting guinea pigs - were having computer chips and transmitting devices implanted into their cerebral hemispheres (e.g. their brains), auditory (ear) organs, and elsewhere in their bodies.

Of course, all of this highly classified and hush-hush research was supposedly being done "for the advancement of science, for the good of all mankind." Sure it was!

In reality, from the vantage point of the elite, there are only two reasons to develop and implement a universal system in which every man, woman, and child will be injected with a computer biochip. One, of course, is the factor of money.


There is big money ahead for the high tech corporations who receive government contracts to implant biochips in up to six billion human beings. But the primary reason for this system's use is control. The implantable biochip provides incredible potential for the Illuminati and their stooges to gain absolute, permanent control over the minds of men.

As I wrote in Mega Forces,

"Never in human history have tyrants and madmen had such tools - tools which they can use to plunder minds and terrorize an entire population... One shudders to think of the power this capability might give corrupt leaders or thugs bent on controlling the mind-thoughts of individuals."

Recently, I was quoted at length in The Boulder Weekly, a Colorado newspaper, which carried a cautionary article highlighting the downside of biochip implants.


Later, Media Bypass magazine published this excerpt:

The Boulder Weekly quoted Texe Marrs, a political science professor and author of "Dark Secrets of the New Age," as saying the implants will likely "be used by a One World government to track people and exercise control over their lives...


There is a lot of evidence that chips are under development that can tie into the brain's of neuro-network, giving someone who controls the chip the ability to control the thoughts and actions of anyone who contains the chip."

Only a few of the authorities in the field of biochips and implantable devices are joining me in running up the red flag about the mind control abuse potential of this technology.


Most see implantable biochips as offering a marvelous and bright future for mankind. One such expert is G. Harry Stine. In his book, The Silicon Gods, Stine foresaw a near future in which men could become like gods through the use of "intelligence amplifiers" implanted in the brains.

Stine wrote that,

"very soon, intelligence amplifiers - tiny microchip devices either implanted in humans or capable of being temporarily connected to the human brain and sensory channels - will actually allow others to "get inside a person's head." With such devices, we will possess the astonishing ability to hear the thoughts of others."

Researchers have made rapid progress to bring this to reality. An eye-opening article in Science News reported that, "New electronic techniques are being developed to eavesdrop on the brain."

According to Science News,

"The techniques, under study at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, in AT&T labs, and elsewhere, will allow outsiders to directs a person's brain cell conversations and talk directly to the individual's brain neurons.


The article also said that current research centers on the eventual employment of integrated circuit chips that can either be implanted in the brain or overlaid with brain cells."

Will the L.U.C.I.D. net someday integrate this brain control technology into its global system?


Even Stine, an optimist who believes that man will not allow the abuse of these capabilities, nevertheless warns:

It also contains the seeds of unimaginable evil: the actual control of human minds by other humans.


Not brainwashing. Not propaganda. Not any of the ancient and well-proven means of mentally or physically imposing one person's will by police action or torture.


But the actual control of the human mind.



An Army of Zombies


Isolated news reports about government research into biochips bring evidence of a frightening future for mankind once the implanting of these devilish devices is initiated on a mass scale.


In 1995, Pat Cooper, a reporter for Defense News, wrote an article entitled, "Naval Research Lab Attempts to Meld Neurons and Chips." Cooper quoted Lawrence Korb, a former top DOD official, as saying that, "The studies by the Defense Department produce an army of zombies."

The research, Cooper noted,

"has captured the interest of the U.S. intelligence community."

After observing that there are unlimited useful applications of the rising, new technology, Cooper quoted Steve Aftergood, a senior analyst for the Washington-based Federation of American Scientist, who stated,

"For all the desirable applications, it (smart biochips) may have horrific applications."

Speaking before the Defense Electronics Symposium, sponsored by the American Defense Preparedness Association, in Arlington, Virginia, in 1995, William Tolles, former associate director of research of the Naval Research Laboratory, stated:

"Once this technology is proved, you could control a living species."

Kyle Olson, of the Chemical and Biological Arms Control Institute, concurs with this alarming analysis.

"The door swings in two directions," said Olson. "You've got this Frankenstein-type weapon on one hand, and it can deal with problems of the human condition on the other."


Paranoid Thinking... or Reality?


Whatever technology man can invent, the Illuminati, in the last days, will use to control and either pacify or induce fear and terror in the masses. Some may call this paranoid thinking, but the wise know it as truth.


As Media Bypass, a patriotic magazine, in an article entitled, "A Chip in Your Shoulder," stated:

Implant technology is not new. Although routinely ridiculed as a paranoid delusion, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has mandated electronic biochip implants into humans receiving pacemakers, prosthetic devices, and even breast implants since 1994.


Literally thousands of Americans now carry these micro-devices under their skin... Endangered animals and livestock also carry implants to track their migration of feeding habits.

Interestingly, Timothy McVeigh, alleged bomber of the federal building in Oklahoma City, claimed that, while on active duty, the U.S. Army implanted a "tracking device" in his body.

  • Was it this device which allowed the federal Gestapo cops to track down and locate McVeigh so soon after the bombing incident?

  • Did the feds know where the suspected terrorist was at all times, courtesy of an overflying satellite - even before the bomb went off?

Dr. Rod Lewis, publisher of C.E. Chronicles (10878 Westheimer 293, Houston, Texas, 77042) and head of a scientific study network in Houston, Texas, apparently mindful of this distinct possibility, noted:

"There are no reports that McVeigh had any type of mental illness, disorder, or displayed any clinical symptoms of paranoid or delusional thinking."

Lewis further raises eyebrows when he writes:

What makes this case even more interesting is that D. Louis J. West, M.D., Professor of Psychiatry at UCLA, was interviewed on CNN the day after the bombing as an expert on "terrorist behavior."

Dr. West was the examining psychiatrist of Jack Ruby, assassin of Lee Harvey Oswald. He is also well known for his work in mind control in the 1960s and was a proponent of the use of biochip implantation to control violence.

It has been rumored that much of Dr. West's research was funded by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). It is now known that Dr. West will be the consulting psychiatrist for the case and that all of Mr. McVeigh's military and medical records have been closed.

Dr. West's name has been mentioned in a number of books about mind control including,

  • Jim Keith's - A Casebook on Alternative 3

  • Walter Bowart's - Operation Mind Control

  • Martin Cannon's white paper - "The Controllers"

  • Is it just coincidence that of all the psychiatrists in the United States, Dr. West would be selected to oversee the psychiatric evaluation of Mr. McVeigh?

  • It seems that in the eyes of the government there was good reason - something that they did not want others to see perhaps?



Silicon Octopus - Men Trapped Inside Electronic Cages

There is a plan to bring America into a New World Order," writes Dwight Kinman in his insight-filled book, The World's Last Dictator.


In reality, Kinman says,

"The New World Order is the secret code phrase for a one world government."

This plan, Kinman adds, "is gathering momentum and accelerating with the speed of a runaway freight train:"

Behind this plan are powerful, global, megaforces that are on an inexorable, relentless drive to establish, on planet earth, a super world government by the year A.D. 2000. They believe they have it almost within their grasp, and they are about to make a dash to the finish line.

I am convinced by a mountain of evidence that Dwight Kinman is correct. The hidden plan for a super world government is in its final stages of completion. But, if so,

  • Why haven't the media reported it?

  • Why are the American people so abominably ignorant and so painfully oblivious to what is happening?

  • Why are they not more alarmed about the loss of personal privacy and freedom that is resulting from the continuing growth of Big Brother's technological chains?


images from Project L.U.C.I.D., p. 23



Is it not only the L.U.C.I.D. net, its remote sensors, its Universal Biometrics Card, and its future implantable biochip we are talking about. As invasive as this system is, Big Brother has many more tools in the realm of Black Science.


In his eye-opening book, Black is Beautiful, Dr. Peter Ruckman lists some of the startling, advanced technologies being experimented with:

This new bunch of barbarians - just as pagan as any B.C. Aztec witch doctor - are engrossed in: ELF zapped genes, single phase, speeding DNA transcription, microwave radiation, reciprocal and effective mass tensor points, micro-pyramid structures in "Cu Metal Flakes," ionic crystalline structures, transduction of theta waves, videodrome signals, the earth's Power Grid Vortex, Fluxon, Spinors, Scalars, ULF effects on biosystems, and phase relationships in the wave of motions of radio frequencies.

Why are the vast majority of Americans unaware of the electronic cages prepared for them and of the looming loss of our precious heritage of constitutional rights?


Jeffrey Baker, in Cheque Mate: The Game of Princes, writes:

America has been dumbed, dulled and tranquilized into a state of semi-conscious existence. We have become the "Stepford Nation." We look without seeing. We listen without hearing. We experience without feeling. To paraphrase a recent commercial of the past - "I've fallen and I don't want to get up."

Dr. Peter Ruckman... has also identified the controlled media as a bottleneck preventing Americans from receiving accurate and truthful information. He calls it a "News Media Curtain:"

There was a "Purple Curtain" between the Vatican and Rome from A.D. 500 to 1996. There was an "Iron Curtain" over Russia from 1945 to 1992, and there still is a "Bamboo Curtain" over China...


But, in 1996, there is a "News Media Curtain" that has prevented 200,000,000 to 300,000,000 American citizens from finding out what is actually going on under their noses...


What did Life, Time, Look, Newsweek, USA Today, CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, US News and World Report, Fortune, Omni, and the National Geographic magazine (plus 500 "dailies") follow, while they professed to be reporting the "news""?


It had to be lethal, for sixty years of reporting failed to mention one time the total and complete destruction of every civil right you ever had under the Constitution.



Wizards at Work - Brain Implants

With the advent of the implantable biochip, the L.U.C.I.D. cybersystem could quickly become the "inner pathway" to total, human enslavement by Big Brother's mind control police.


In Microwave News, Craig McCaw, whose McCaw Communications Corporation is a cellular phone giant, is quoted as suggesting that the FCC actually reserves radio wave spectrum for implants the same way the agency does for radio, TV, and cable signals. Since McCaw's corporate empire has now been bought up and merged into the AT&T colossus, Mr. McCaw's comments cannot be passed off as science fiction. The communication wizards are hard at work developing this capability.

Andrew Kuper, in his Fortune magazine article, "AT&T's $12 Billion Cellular Dream," gave us this dramatic insight:

Craig McCaw is the kind of man who once suggested in all apparent seriousness - as the color drained from the face of a (corporate) PR man in attendance - that the Federal Communications Commission should reserve spectrum for telepathic communications to be made possible by brain implants he thinks will exist some day.

Kuper's words, "...brain implants he thinks will exist some day," beg comment.


In fact, unbeknownst to Kuper, Mr. McCaw was not alluding to some future era, decades hence, in a 21st century America. I believe he meant what he said - that the FCC best start the process now for figuring out how to allot frequency spectra for telepathic communications made possible by brain implants currently being tested on live, human guinea pigs.

Are brain communication devices and transmitters - biochips - in fact being surgically implanted in human beings? In an earlier chapter, I broached this subject. Adding to that information, I bring your attention to a book by Robert Naeslund now making waves over in Europe.


Here is some information sent to me about Naeslund's revealing, new book:

Robert Naeslund's book, When the State Rapes - The Mind Control Papers *, has been drawing a lot of attention around the world. It includes x-ray photographs showing human skulls with a variety of implants. Injectable transmitters are also featured, as well as accounts of elderly people in Naeslund's native Sweden who are getting transmitters injected into their bloodstreams.


* Mediaecco & Contact Network International

Organization for Political Research
PO Box 66
8400 AB Gorredijk
The Netherlands
VoFax: 31-(0)5133-5567

The current address may be:

Box 136
11479 Stockholm

or Robert Naeslund, Slipgaten 12, 117-39, Stockholm, Sweden

Naeslund says the transmitters produce radio waves which induce amnesia and weaken the immune system, leaving the elderly vulnerable to disease.

"The inhumanity of connecting elderly defenseless people unwittingly to computers has been going on for at least ten years", Naeslund writes.

He says there is plenty of proof of the,

"advance towards the technocratic society, governed by the new social norms that breed inhumanity... As a natural consequence, covert surveillance systems able to control the neurological activity of the brain have been developed in secret and beyond public awareness".

The following images relating to implants have been taken from:



Project L.U.C.I.D., p. 108-109 by Texe Marrs (ISBN: 1-884302-02-5)






Project LUCID - Audio Interview to Texe Marrs

from LastDay'sProphecy Website



It's Frightening, And It's Real

Project L.U.C.I.D., the covert government operation destined to devour the whole world. Soon, every person on Earth - even newborn babies - will be issued the universal biometrics I.D. card. Resisters will have a mind control biochip surgically implanted in their brains.


The ISO 9000 program requires that all manufactured goods be controlled with the number of the beast, 666.


Project L.U.C.I.D. empowers America's hidden SS establishment to use its massively powerful, computer databases to control your bank accounts and purchases, and to monitor intimate details of your life. Spy satellites; hidden, miniature video cameras; and interactive TV sets will be watching your every move.


Your telephone calls will be wiretapped and recorded by remote computers. All data on you is linked, networked, and processed by a Central Gestapo, where faceless bureaucrats give orders to police, military, and intelligence agencies.


This is the new, global police state, made up of the FBI, KGB, CIA, DEA, DIA, NSA, IRS, EPA, NCIC, USDA, FDA, NRO, BATF, FINCEN, INS, DOJ, WTO, Europol, Interpol, Mossad, and the MAB.