by Rosanne Lindsay
September 13, 2018
from NatureOfHealing Website





The New Atlantis is a utopian novel by Sir Francis Bacon, published in Latin in 1624 and in English in 1627.

In this work, Bacon portrayed a vision of the future of human knowledge as well as his hopes and ideals for humanity.


There is evidence to support that Atlantis was an evolved, ancient city whose ultimate corruption, plundering, pillaging, torturing, manipulating, controlling, poisoning, and abuse of powers in exploring the dark side, led to its extinction around 1050 BC.



Utopia and Dystopia


Sir Francis Bacon was a Freemason who had a major influence on the founding of America.


Along with the Pilgrims who came to America for religious freedom, secret societies, who followed Bacon's work, came with another agenda - to use America's military and financial power to establish democracies throughout the world, and to restore The Lost City of Atlantis.

In a pure democracy, laws are made directly by the voting majority leaving the rights of the minority largely unprotected.


In a republic, laws are made by representatives chosen the people and must comply with a constitution that specifically protects the rights of the minority from the will of the majority.

All signs indicate that many of the founding fathers were Masons who shared secret knowledge among monarchies, presidencies, and Skull & Bones for control.


Underneath the 97 degrees (not 33), Freemasons have manipulated the masses through numerology, symbols, and words, i.e.,

"Public Relations," to maintain an ongoing culture of war and to separate the Haves from the Have Nots.

And it all started with the Jesuits...


In America it began with the American Revolutionary War.

Fueled by ongoing wars in the Middle East, and economic control by China, humanity sits at a precipice that could lead to a fate similar to Atlantis.


The planet has entered a period of extreme environmental change, with both natural and unnatural disasters, due to geo-engineering and scalar technologies that have escalated worldwide unchallenged.


The Weather Generator Project admits its power over the atmospheric rivers.


Evidence shows that a cabal of globalists plan to carry out an agenda to further suppress humanity through United Nations Treaties and planned events to further centralize government over the next decade (2018-2028).

However, nothing is "set in stone," and even the best-laid plans can go awry, especially when enough people wake up to the reality of their own power.

In this dual reality of light and dark, sickness and health, contrasts are par for the course and they are intensifying for a purpose - to warn and awaken us...

For every negative act by government and globalists, there are equal powerful positive acts by large numbers of conscious, caring people who take action.


This is the only way an uncontrollable growth can be reversed.


But focus is necessary.

Threats to Human Evolution





The worst thing you can do in this electronic Age of Information is to be plugged in to the electromagnetic grid and ignorant.


So prepare yourself...


Not only is the new 5G revolution dangerous to biological health, but these technologies affect behavior to create addictions and apathy.

Electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) are used in mind control.


They affect memory.


They can disrupt DNA and cause tumors.


EMFs cause cell communication to scatter.

This technology weakens the aura, the immune system, the nervous system, creates brain fog, and confusion. It keeps humanity and the planet in a low vibrational state.


Just ask why the insurance industry is withdrawing RF exposure coverage...


Another threat to the survival of the species is seen in the younger generation, which is increasingly infertile.

Genetic modification of food, drugs, vaccines, EMF exposures leads to infertility...

In addition to smart technologies,  new embryo gene-editing technologies known as CRISPR, that changes biology are released, without discussion, under the guise of deleting mutations to benefit humans.





The Ruse of 5G




These two systems, EMFs/5G and chemicals/metals in drugs and vaccines work together as a Trojan Horse to have specific biological impacts, to destroy the body's immune system.


The Coronavirus hype promotes the $35 billion vaccine market to come.


5G frequencies, at 60 GHz, disrupt oxygen uptake in the body so cells suffocate. The frequency of oxygen is 60 GHz. Lack of oxygen results in acidosis of tissues and cells, and a deficient immune system. Your immune system is your inherent defense system.


This unlicensed 60 Ghz frequency has been released throughout China in response to the Coronavirus, which will cause people to experience symptoms that will be attributed to a virus that is otherwise known as the common cold.


The remedy for 5G is ensuring a supply of oxygen to the liver and blood cells. Surround yourself in Nature, trees, plants, herbs and chlorophyll supplements, that increase oxygen.


Many feel that the Schumann Resonance is already being altered by all the radiofrequency/microwave (RF/MW) radiation, and 5G will alter it significantly more.


The Schumann frequency is a reflection of human energy.

The awareness of the Schumann Resonance helps us to see the real cosmic interconnectedness of all of us humans, animals, plants, the planet earth, and the sun and moon.


EMF and EMFR reduce melatonin secretion in animals and people.


Once we understand that, it helps us examine at least one mechanism for why, indeed, we are seeing so many health problems.

Simultaneous to the 5G rollout is the Transgender Movement using the diagnosis of "gender dysphoria," which seeks to redefine everyone as asexual.

Transgenderism comes from Freemasonry.


It serves to shift focus away from the divine masculine and divine feminine.

Today, our genitalia no longer determines gender due to neurobiological and genetic changes as well as laws that attempt to homogenize the human species.


In my article on the Transhumanist Agenda, I suggest that biological confusion paves the way for a focus on Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), which would mark a diversion away from human procreation.

Are humans being altered to colonize the world for another species?


Can humanity retain its original state?




The Atlantis Reset


Moving out of a system that steers us toward extinction means observing and understanding what is going on multiple levels of existence.


Humanity's previous extinction during the time of Atlantis came out of the misuse of energy by dark forces that saw Earth as a genetic laboratory and a resource center.


Through genetic engineering that altered the genders that created human-animal hybrids for entertainment and sex, the agendas favored one group's pleasure rather than enhancing all life on Earth.


Sound familiar...?

Has Earth been invaded and colonized, multiple times?


Has existence on this planet been reset multiple times and recorded by many cultures as 'Ages'?


Are other species living here, among us?


Does the DNA tell a true story of humans and other species? 


What happened to the lost history and timetable?


Are humans hybridized with these species?


Are they undergoing new genetic manipulations to humans to colonize the next reset on Earth?

Human geneticist have discovered that human DNA has been altered by 7 percent and contain DNA not from humans.


Along with that,

our bodies have changed, intellects have been declining, our immune systems are changing.


This reflects changes on a spiritual levels.

The new human-hybrid genetics may have higher IQs, enhanced motor skills, and physically stronger, yet also have less empathy, less emotions, and are dying younger.


The new Atlanteans?


The Atlantis Reset may have sent Earth back to begin anew, a new cycle of creation for the soul's evolution.

Ignorance is no excuse in the Age of Information.


Ignorance breeds distraction.


Distraction with war, economy, entertainment, and digital technology keeps humanity from clear-thinking and evolving.

Ignorance keeps our very cells numb and dumb because energy stops moving.

Are we all the new Atlanteans granted another opportunity, or will history repeat itself?


Will you choose to go backwards or forwards?

Remember, choice happens at the level of the individual, not the group, so try to refrain from joining 'group think,' a process that follows the crowd.


Recall what happens to lemmings...





A New Way of Being


The scales can tip in a positive outcome for Earth and humanity as long as we wake up to our power of creativity and freedom.


A new way of being must include the following:

  • speak your truth

  • grow or source food locally

  • strengthen the nervous system against stress from EMFs, using Bach Flower remedies, essential oils (subtle energies), and herbs such as Blue vervain, Valerian, Lavender, Lemon Balm CBD oil, and others to relax the body

  • eat clean, non-GMO foods

  • utilize herbal tinctures and spices that support circulation (Rosemary, cilantro, Gingko)

  • protect brain, nervous, and immune systems against EMFs using orgonite near your computers or near towers

  • stay hydrated

  • spend time in Nature to increase a barrier to EMFs and increase oxygen

  • withdraw consent to a corrupt Federal government actions

  • boycott corporations working against human interests

  • join together in communities to create sustainable food and economic systems

  • build strong positive emotions

  • practice clear communication in relationships

  • connect to your "higher self" in meditation to dissolve disruptive thoughts that keep you spinning

  • examine core beliefs in cases of negative thought forms

  • act with integrity, create boundaries to protect energy

  • appreciate the beauty of Nature and offer thanks

  • be focused in the frequencies of compassion and love, not fear...




To ignore the signs around us is to sign our own death certificates prematurely.


In our tunnel vision we neglect the power that connects everything in the multiverse, which is Consciousness.

We are Consciousness, compassion, and Love.


Consciousness evolves as it creates.


In this dimension it resembles a spiral moving upward and outward.


However, Consciousness can also spin in circles and lose power if we allow it.

If we can accept that we are energy and frequency, and not just physical bodies, we change our personal reality.

When we can maintain a high frequency, our energy ripples out to change the outcome for Earth and everyone around us...

The water of Earth reflects the water of the body.

Water has Consciousness and memory, and humans are 99,99% water at the molecular level...

However, choosing such a bold path means taking ownership and responsibility for our actions.


If the health of Earth and humans is not restored, it will be lost.

Earth will eventually reset itself.


She's done it before, as evidenced by past pole shifts.


The land and water remembers.

As we move forward, know the spirit of humanity is ever present. We only have to connect to it. 


Through the oversoul or higher self, we all connect to the highest Source, a force that is everywhere.  Earth is a temporal playground, but humans have a spiritual foot in another realm that we take with us when we shed the Earth suit.


We choose our direction, whether by consent or by default.


We need to know the difference...