by Kerry Cassidy
December 23, 2021

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The reality is that JFKjr/Juan (O' Savin) and Trump are a tag team.


Trump wears the real mask hiding who he really is... playing a part to garner the vote and acting like he backs the vaccine while Juan is staunchly speaking out against vaccines and telling the Patriots what's really happening in parables while being physically masked.

You could best think about this by saying that Juan wearing a mask can speak the truth and Trump without a mask has to falsely back the vax and take other positions in order to appear palatable to the portion of the Republican party that believes in old science of the "virus" and the "vaccine".


When talking about Trump and his stance on the vaccine know this...


In taking on the deep state/Luciferian alliance the white hats had to jump in a river that was flowing in one mainstream direction... and endeavor over time to bend the river in a completely different more positive direction.


But their problem is and was that people would rebel against them if they came forward with their real agenda and the real truth because the masses (and especially the old guard) were not ready to deal with or handle real change without going through the complete death of their paradigm.


Until then they would refuse to recognize that they had been deceived and backing the vampiric reptilians all those years.

That self knowledge was too hard a pill to swallow...

They needed to see the proof all around them and see the paradigm fall around their knees exposed for what it was... a blood drinking Nazi cult of death.

The philosophy goes along the lines of the Art of War...


In order for Trump to be the guy to lead the Rep party which is full of old guard and those unenlightened who back false science of vaccines and need that security blanket thinking they have that to 'save' them from a fake 'virus'.


When looking at the playing field. it's easy to see that Trump has been groomed since he was young to fit in even though he knows the real truth on so many levels and personally does not back vaxes.

I get that to play the game in the current field he has to appear to be pro-vax and yes that he rushed them to come forward with their plans even though they had been planning since 2015 and before that.


Of course David Martin says the patents for the bioweapon go back to 1999...

JFKjr and Trump are a team... with Juan/JFKjr from behind a mask, handling the Awake Patriots while Trump deals with garnering the old guard and those who refuse to see the truth of what is really happening.


To his credit Trump has often crossed the line into the truth camp while speaking about hyrdroxycloroquine and calling out the absurdity of the masks.

I see Trump as a good man. And my audience knows I back him regardless of the apparent contradiction within his platform.


The game of mainstream politics has always been one that requires wearing a real mask to go along and get along while hiding behind a facade that generates 'consensus'... in order to 'win' the vote... even though the vote is rigged and continues to be...

It is worth mentioning that (as Juan says repeatedly),

you can't get justice through the justice system. It's fully taken over...

Therefore the military is the last resort for taking back our country.

But it appears this is going to have to be a hidden takeover. If what he says is accurate... and I believe it is.

Then we are living in the days of that time.


The return to the days of revolution when we fight the British and the Germans but this time the real dark magicians at the high reaches of those countries... the Illuminati as they are sometimes called.


Those who have given their souls to Lucifer or Satan... or the Reptilian god Baal (all the same).

William Tompkins came forward to reveal the depth to which our secret space program had been sabotaged by the reptilians. The secret space program is the HEART OF THE DEEP STATE.


And so Trump and John Kennedy and the white hats FACE a formidable contingent of the dark who work in unison to enslave and control the people.

There are none so blind as those who will not see... as they day...

The job the white hats face continues to be daunting on every level and the need for deception and the wearing of masks and hiding behind false fronts is all part of their attack strategy.


They fight in underground bases and the war in the media is also a stealthy one full of covert actions and propaganda geared at convincing their followers to stick by them while they fight the good fight behind the scenes for the most part.


In the end, this is a war of influence.

What you need to look for is the occasional glimpse into the real truth behind their masks. And SEE with your heart into their hearts. This is what is required at this time.

Some do this easily, others not so much.

For those who cannot see behind the facade the good guys appear as opaque as the bad guys.

Whatever victories they gain are celebrated in the dark.


While the patriots must see through to the heart of those that would lead and know that what they see with earthly eyes is often a deception, a facade erected to protect the brave while they battle in secret.

For those of us who know the truth, this game is often painful to watch because of its maddeningly slow pace.


Watching the destruction of an old paradigm and those who are deceived enough to go down with it... our colleagues and neighbors who fell for the false science and refuse to search for the real truth or see through their hearts to read the real intent of the good guys...

While I hope the actions of the white hats will prevail I also see from my vantage point on the ground here among the people that the truth is slowly dawning... even amidst the waves of tyranny and increased Nazi era tactics rolling out all around us.


It is easy to doubt when seeing only with conventional eyes.


Without the heart and inner knowingness that resides in all of us, one has no chance in discerning the real truth. Indeed in order to see who is on the dark and who is on the light many people need the sunglasses such as were used in the movie "THEY LIVE".


Because in these dark days the dark parades around cloaked in light while the light side works only under cover of darkness...