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October 15, 2023

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When the dark forces behind the Rockefeller Foundation initially selected and fashioned Bill Gates as their,

most "successful" front person,

...they had a decent inkling of just how rabid this genocidal puppet would eventually become, but perhaps this psychotic murderer has in fact exceeded all expectations, and then some...



Are Genetically Modified Mosquitoes

that Vaccinate Humans

now causing U.S. Malaria Cases

for First Time since 2003?



This Substack previously reported, on the illicit Bill Gates mosquito eugenics program.


And now we have the latest in Statism bioterrorism with the latest mass induced fear campaign involving "malaria:"

We know that Bill Gates has been releasing his genetically modified frankenmosquitos in Florida for years now...


And this article, exposed the recent African bioterror adventurism of the Gates Foundation:



AI, Baby Chicks, and Salty Crickets:

Gates Foundation CEO Mark Suzman

facilitating the Next Phase of the

Global Eugenics Program in Kenya.


Readers of this Substack well appreciate that psychopath Bill Gates was from an early age carefully selected and groomed by the Rockefeller Crime Syndicate to become what he is today; namely, a destroyer of humanity.


Not only was Gates instrumental in the slow kill bioweapon "vaccine" programs, he was also involved in laundering his windfall "profits" for being the Microsoft frontman, as well as his hundreds of billions in insider trading "profits" on behalf of his many "nonprofits."


Today we shall focus on the latest Gates Foundation eugenics ploy not just in Africa, but also across all other continents where democide by "vaccines" may be achieved:







Who exactly is being targeted for extermination?

Today at the 2023 Grand Challenges Annual Meeting, Bill Gates, Co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, announced new investments to advance access to mRNA research and vaccine manufacturing technology that will support 'low- and middle-income countries' (LMICs) capacity to develop high-quality, lifesaving vaccines at scale.

In other words, the poors are yet again in the proverbial depopulation crosshairs via slow kill bioweapon injections.

Ask Billy Boy, his staff, Dr. Mengele 2.0, any doctor, "expert" or anyone else for that matter to cite a single large-scale RCT study with placebo control establishing that any vaccine is safe and effective, not to mention the Modified mRNA poisons in the press release which never made it past animal trials due to their toxicities and deadlinesses.

The move builds on lessons the foundation has learned from more than 20 years of working with vaccine manufacturers in LMICs and the opportunity to leverage recent scientific advances to develop low-cost, high-quality health tools that reach more people around the world.


mRNA technology is considered a potential game-changer for a range of infectious diseases, including tuberculosis, malaria, and Lassa fever, which disproportionately affect people in LMICs.


This new technology can significantly lower the costs of mRNA research and manufacturing and enable expanded access - helping to close critical gaps.

Those lessons are quite stark indeed:

when the oral Polio vaccines were distributed to any region, Polio cases in those regions exploded, and when tetanus vaccines were administered in African towns, childbirths suddenly plummeted...

In fact, the Bill Gates sterilizing vaccines have been forced on various populations for decades.


To wit:





Lessons learned, indeed...!

It comes as no surprise then that this not so new technology can significantly lower the costs of mRNA research and manufacturing, thus further expanding the democide, helping to close critical gaps of the UN's 2030 Agenda and the WEF's Great Reset.

The foundation announced a total of US$40 million in funding to advance access to Quantoom Biosciences' low-cost, mRNA research and manufacturing platform, which was developed with an early-research Grand Challenges grant made to its parent company, Univercells.


The Institut Pasteur de Dakar (IPD) and Biovac, research institutes with vaccine manufacturing experience based in Senegal and South Africa, respectively, will receive US$5 million each to acquire the technology and will be able to use it to develop locally relevant vaccines.


To further advance the technology and lower costs for commercialization, the foundation also will provide US$20 million to Quantoom Biosciences, ensuring LMICs can benefit from the next-generation mRNA health tools.


The Gates Foundation will grant another US$10 million to other LMIC vaccine manufacturers to be named.

$40 million in funding is less than a drop of in the money laundering and insider trading "nonprofit" bucket.


And all of these various referenced biotechs are simply front companies that move money around while willfully obfuscating the manufacturing supply chains away from the patent holders in the DoD, Pentagon, et al.

"The development of new vaccines is costly, resource intensive, and concentrated in high-income countries," said José Castillo, CEO of Quantoom Biosciences.


"We're thrilled to partner with IPD and Biovac to scale our technology in Senegal and South Africa and help increase access to novel mRNA vaccines... one of medicine's most promising new tools."

With captured criminal agencies like the FDA granting EUA's without a squirt of actual (costly) drug trials, and front orgs like the CDC and WHO pushing for these "vaccines," the costs are exceedingly negligible.


In fact, these "free" DEATHVAX™ servings were paid for via taxation theft by the very slaves that were injected with these poisons.


About Grand Challenges

The Grand Challenges family of programs stems from a century-old idea that crowd-sourcing solutions to a defined set of unsolved problems can spark innovation and accelerate progress.


The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and its Grand Challenges funding partners first used Challenges - open requests for grant proposals - in 2003 to focus attention and effort on pressing global health and development problems for those most in need.


Together, Grand Challenges partners have awarded US$1.6 billion across 3,800 grants to a diverse pool of problem solvers in 118 countries, while at the same time fostering a global innovation ecosystem in places where it will have the most impact.


The foundation and its Grand Challenges partners will continue to launch RFPs to support innovators from around the world in tackling the hardest, most urgent Grand Challenges.


To learn more, visit

The game has always been to,

create seemingly innumerable front companies that form a deliberately intricate spider's web of purposely convoluted eugenics nodes...

The Grand Challenges organization is no different, having been created and funded by... you guessed it...!:





Why exactly are there so many of these various "nonprofits," NGO's and corporations...?


And why are they always all owned by the very same globalist eugenicist usual suspects...?

Because they want you dead as a function of believing that you are stupid... too stupid to track their overt criminal networks and associated deadly drugs that they gleefully push on you.

And since so many willingly bought into their "Trust the Science" scam of "Safe and Effective" by feverishly rolling up their sleeves and not just partaking in their very own slow ritual bio-suicides, but paying for it,

they are not exactly wrong about the collective IQ of humanity...

The only 'Grand Challenge' that remains is,

for enough slaves to grow brains such that there is a large enough critical mass of people offering total and absolute noncompliance.

Do NOT comply...