by A Lily Bit
March 28, 2024
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Twenty years ago, a nefarious Trojan horse was unleashed upon the world:


Masquerading as a harmless "directory" for college students, this insidious creation rapidly metastasized into a behemoth tool of oppression, manipulation, and social control by the corporate-government panopticon.

Don't be fooled by the sycophantic mainstream media's saccharine retrospectives whitewashing Facebook's disturbing history.


Beneath the facade of shared "memories" and science fiction banalities about AI lurks a sordid tale of narrative control, censorship, and an unparalleled assault on privacy and free thought.

As digital sheep willingly surrendered their personal data to the slaughterhouse of surveillance capitalism, the powers-that-be quickly realized Facebook's potential for mass mind control.


Intelligence agencies around the globe salivated at exploiting this unprecedented window into the human psyche.

The government's censorship regime is an Orwellian public-private amalgam, with Facebook functioning as a de facto appendage of the police state.


NGOs and academic institutions like the Stanford Internet Observatory provide,

the pseudoscientific pretext for silencing "malign information" that challenges official orthodoxies...

Facebook's banal exterior belies its role as the pernicious architect of a mental prison surveilled and curated by our corporate-government overlords.


Most people are participants in a dystopian experiment in social engineering on a scale unprecedented in human history.

Facebook has anointed itself the self-appointed Ministry of Truth, deciding which ideas are acceptable and which must be expunged from the digital public square.


In this Orwellian paradigm, the platform's faceless censors act as judge, jury, and executioner over open discourse.

Their targets?

Anyone insufficiently adherent to the reigning technocratic orthodoxies...

Whistleblower Ryan Hartwig reveals how Facebook systematically suppresses conservative viewpoints while elevating "liberal" dogma.


But criticism of elite power centers like the military-industrial complex, Big Pharma, Big Tech itself, and the foreign policy blob also earns you a spot on the digital gulag.

Immigration realism? Censored.


Climate heterodoxy? Censored.


Vaccine skepticism? You best believe that's a censorship.


Even criticizing Facebook's censorial overreach will earn you a trip to the memory hole as posts are stealthily hidden or buried by inscrutable algorithms.

The hypocrisies pile up endlessly...


In 2022, Facebook sanctioned a bigoted hate campaign against Russians, allowing threats, slurs, and even praise for neo-Nazi militants - all while maintaining a laughable facade of combating hate speech.


As Hartwig exposes,

such brazen double standards extend to the most inane particulars, like carving out special protections for climate puppet Greta Thunberg...

Let's call this what it is:

social engineering by our techno-oligarch overseers designed to manufacture consent for their agenda...

In Facebook's madhouse, questioning elite dogma is treated as a form of psychopathy to be patholigized and purged from mainstream consciousness.

Internal Facebook directive

instructing content moderators

to "remove instances of attacks

aimed at Greta Thunberg."



Facebook is a festering malignancy corroding democracy itself.


In 2020, whistleblower Ryan Hartwig revealed the rampant election interference taking place on the platform through skewed content moderation policies designed to suppress one side of the political debate.


But Hartwig was just the tip of the iceberg exposing Facebook's role as a privatized ministry of agitprop and voter manipulation.


In 2018, we learned how the shady firm Cambridge Analytica harvested millions of user profiles to microtarget political ads, including for Donald Trump's 2016 campaign.


Similar insidious operations have since been uncovered worldwide:

from Kenya to Venezuela to India.

When he couldn't deny the rot, Zuckerberg himself confessed in 2022 that Facebook outright censored the Hunter Biden laptop story at the behest of the FBI.


Let that sink in...

In the weeks before a presidential election, the platform rigged by Big Brother squashed one of the biggest scandals facing a candidate.


All under the Orwellian guise of combating "misinformation"...


In Zuckerberg's sinister doublespeak, Facebook simply "decreased distribution" of a factual news report so "fewer people saw it."


No, they brazenly usurped the democratic process by burying revelations that could have swayed millions of votes against their preferred candidate.

This is the very essence of election subversion...!

Clearly, Facebook represents an existential threat to self-governance and open discourse.

While marketing themselves as digital town squares, they function as plutocrat-controlled platforms for narrative control and social conditioning.


Their information dominance permits them to shape reality itself by dictating what ideas see the light of day.

Facebook's meddling isn't limited to US elections:

their censorial tentacles extend worldwide to advance American imperial interests.

Just ask Venezuelans, where the platform censored a sitting president's call for citizens to defend their nation.

In the dystopian reality of Silicon Valley authoritarianism, speech questioning US-backed coups is rebranded "violence" to be purged.

Of course, heavy is the hand that wields Facebook's hammer of truth.


When it suits US foreign policy aims, the platform is all too happy to become a handy coup-plotting assistant fomenting civil unrest and government overthrows.



...Facebook has acted as a force multiplier for Western intelligence-backed insurrections.


These diabolical string-pullers have gone far beyond mere censorship and information control.


In 2012, Facebook conducted a sickening experiment in psychological manipulation, covertly altering the emotions of nearly 700,000 users by tweaking their news feeds.


Their conclusion?

Proving they could transfer "emotional states" and "emotional contagion" without awareness...

Over a decade ago, Facebook was already an insidious machine for hacking the human psyche:

a privatized clockwork programming unwitting subjects' very realities.

As they incorporate AI mind control tools and augmented reality, one shudders to think what deeper levels of psycho-spiritual enslavement they have planned.


We are lab rats imprisoned in Zuckerberg's metaverse panopticon - a virtual Skinner box where our emotional valences and psychic inputs are calibrated to yield maximally pliable consumer-citizens.


Our most profound states of being and perception itself have been ceded to bondage under an omnipresent technological oligarchy's systems of social control.


Reclaiming human autonomy from these technocratic overlords is the struggle that will define the preservation of our humanity itself.

  • Unmask their manipulation

  • Reject their digital prisons

  • Embrace the unvarnished authenticity of IRL (in real life) existence

  • Reject this system of technocratic control and reassert your autonomy as a free-thinking human being

  • Delete your Facebook account

  • Reclaim your privacy and identity

Our minds are the final frontier of human freedom - defend them at all costs.


Only by defeating Facebook's protocols of mental subjugation can we become truly free...!