by David Sorensen

June 25, 2024

from StopWorldControl Website






The news is roaring around the world:

Julian Assange, the man who lifted the lid

on the unspeakable crimes of the US Deep State,

and revealed them to humanity through WikiLeaks,

has been released from prison,

after five years of being in solitary confinement...


Julian Assange singlehandedly kickstarted the greatest awakening of the human race since the beginning of time, by revealing to the entire world,

how the US government is so evil, it is hard to comprehend.

The WikiLeaks files revealed for example how Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama,

are involved in systematic child abuse, among countless other crimes...

See for example this email communication between Stratfor employees, talking about children being brought in to the White House by Obama for a 'party'.


The words 'pizza' and 'hot dogs' were revealed by the FBI to be code words for girls and boys.



According to WikiLeaks the company Stratfor is an intelligence agency that provides confidential intelligence services to large corporations, such as,

  • Bhopal's Dow Chemical Co.

  • Lockheed Martin

  • Northrop Grumman

  • Raytheon,

...and government agencies, including,

  • the US Department of Homeland

  • the US Marines

  • the US Defense Intelligence Agency...

The leaked emails reveal how they participate in parties involving children.

After releasing this kind of information to the world, it is nothing less than a miracle that Julian Assange is still alive.


This raises a significant question, concerning what really happened to him.

Was he truly arrested by the cabal, or was he being protected by 'the good side'...?

In every real world scenario these kinds of men are executed by the Deep State, and the official story to the public usually reads 'suicide'...


That he is alive and well, and even was set free, speaks volumes to those who don't have their ears stuffed.


What is even more significant, is that there is post by the high level military operation entities, who sign their intel drops with the letter 'Q', that says 'June Julian Assange'.


Or in short 'JUNE JA'...

This means they knew years ago that Julian Assange would be set free again in the month of June...!




Was Julian Assange Really In Prison?

As I am writing this, I decided to check something, and to my amazement I find a Q post that literally says,

Julian Assange has always been protected...

That is a direct confirmation of what I felt in my gut.


It's quite amazing that this comes to me during the very seconds that I am writing this.


This means that for the public Julian Assange,

was finally released from prison, but in reality he is finally being released from his protection... to continue his mission...!

That signals several things that are highly encouraging.


First of all, it means that a lethal threat to his life has been eliminated.

In other words:

entities who would previously have been able to kill him, are no longer around.

That is incredibly hope giving.


The good side would never release Assange from protection, if there was still a risk that he would be murdered.

Could it be that Q managed to take out MS13, the worldwide network of murderers, used by the cabal to take out their opponents?

Q did say that MS13 was their priority!


See below Q drop 6, Oct. 29, 2017:

Why is MS13 a PRIORITY?


Could people pay such gangs to kill opponents and why / how to insulate against exposure? The truth is mind blowing and cannot fully be exposed.


These people are evil.


That would explain why we are still alive, as well as millions of other brave truth speakers worldwide.


A decade ago we would all have been dead by now... Something indescribably profound is shifting in our world, and we haven't seen anything yet!

Another element of powerful hope in the release of Julian Assange is that he is not being released to work as a lonely journalist again, but this time,

he is supported by the largest military intelligence operation of all time, to take down the evil in our world.

This is extremely exciting….

Of course, for the eyes of the public, he will continue to be presented as a lone journalist, but those who have brains to think, eyes to see and a spirit to sense, will know that something far greater is going on, beyond the view of the masses.




Is There Really an Operation to Save The World?

I have explained in great detail in the past how there is hope for this world, as there is an unprecedented military intelligence operation ongoing, globally, led by followers, who have been working for decades to save humanity from the satanic cabal.


See this post about Q.

Many of us are so severely infested with negativity, that our minds and hearts have no ability to believe that something so good could even exist.


But I can say with all sincerity, that I have been observing their actions the past years, and I am fully convinced that this operation is legit.

Here are a few examples of what they are accomplishing:


Left the original Vladimir Putin, a traitor of Russia and WEF criminal.

Right the man who replaced him, and who powerfully opposes the WEF and the globalists.

Back in 2012 the criminal puppet of the World Economic Forum (WEF), (the old) Vladimir Putin, who was selling out Russia to the satanic elites, was removed and replaced a few months later by a man who is in every way his exact opposite.

In a speech in 2017, WEF founder Klaus Schwab mentioned Russian President Vladimir Putin as a Young Global Leader, but Putin is not mentioned on any archived member list.


Putin did, however, attend a 1992 WEF meeting in St. Petersburg, where he was serving as head of the Committee for External Relations of the Mayor’s Office at the time.









A fierce enemy of the elites, and a devoted Christian, the new 'Putin' started exposing the satanism of the Western leaders, and opposed their agenda of LGBTQA+, transgenderism and pedophilia.

The man who currently plays the role of Putin,

invaded one of the central operation centers of the cabal in Ukraine, which was a hub for,

  • child trafficking

  • bioweapons

  • drug dealing

  • organ trading

  • money laundering, well as horrors I cannot even describe here, as you wouldn't believe it...

The invasion of Ukraine by 'Putin' is such a threat to the world of the satanic elites, that they are still trying to get it back, by sending innumerable troops, weapons and funds from almost every nation of the world to Ukraine.

They are in total panic, and George Soros said publicly,

'the fall of Ukraine will be the end of their civilization'...

That says it all.

You can read more about the truth about Ukraine in our report, which caused us to be censored by the highest authorities of the internet who demanded the removal of our website... because of this report...!



The military intelligence operation has also been exposing to the entire world how deeply nefarious and totally criminal the,

...and all other three letter agencies are.


They have systematically been unveiling the intensity of the corruption of the entire US government, not just to wake up the American people but to effectively wake up the entire world.

Thanks to this highly effective military operation there are now hundreds of millions of people, in every nation of the world, fully aware of the unspeakable evil of their governments.

They also have been exposing how wicked the news media is, opening the eyes of billions worldwide to the reality of mind control through criminal news media.

As a result millions are thinking for themselves again, instead of blindly absorbing every lie from the news...

And these are just a few examples. I can say a thousand times more. But I just want to provide some examples.


It is therefore utterly irrational and a sign of either severe dishonesty or extreme brainwashing to deny this obvious operation, that is strategically saving humanity from the worst evil in all of history.



Most Successful Military Operation In History

The greatest accomplishment of this military intelligence operation at the highest level worldwide, is that they woke up countless millions of people, and activated them to become citizen soldiers, who expose the deceptions, and wake up humanity.


This operation started in 2017 and has been the most successful military operation in all of history, as they managed to train and deploy many of humanities most intelligent, creative and bright civilians, who started exposing every work of evil to the human race.

The docu-series 'The Fall of the Cabal' is a central example of this.


The maker of these documentaries and our dear friend Janet Ossebaard lost her life, as the forces of darkness managed to infiltrate her life on the most personal and intimate level, and drained her to the point of suicide.


But Janet heard the clarion call of Q, and created the worlds most powerful documentaries, that exposed every aspect of the satanic works of the Deep State and Cabal, to hundreds of millions of people...


You can see the entire series

'The Fall of the Cabal'