by Daniel Winter

with inset on the Michael Line by Gustavo Figueiredo

August 2000
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(a summary is at bottom: see Epilog)

The Portuguese word "SAUDADE" has no English Equivalent: it describes the feeling of missing something very intensively.


The Portuguese also say: "To Yearn for the Future" - Feeling for the connection to a destiny in time that is NOT YET, may be a particular genetic skill of a bird brain born from the serpent... Squirting forth inhabiting time itself...


But then, maybe, their greatest poet, Fernando Pessoa (the "Soul of Portugal" like someone called him), already knew that...



God wills, the man dreams, and the work is born.
God did that the earth should be all one,
That what the sea might join be now not torn.
He hallowed you. Foam-unveiling, you went.

And the white orle from isle to continent lit
Up, running on and on to the world's end,
And suddenly Earth was seen total, out
From the profound azure arising, round.

Who hallowed you created you Portuguese.
To the sea and to us you were His call.
The Sea grew whole, the Empire shook to pieces.
Lord, Portugal has yet to fulfill its destiny!

20-2-1933 (From "Mensagem", by Fernando Pessoa)


Questal said, the Celtic blood (roots of Portugal) was the highest RH-Negative percent on Earth (RHesus monkey part of the reptile gene is recessive).


Here the Dragon/reptilian brain stem looms large.

Reiki often said, these were time travelers (Anunnaki our star elders) who came back in time - to us - their own past, yearning to re-splice themselves onto their own future.. ("The Golden Ones").


Maybe they are the Dragon's circling their egg ... some poison in the shell seeds the pearl.



Dragons guarding the entrance to a cave at Quinta da Regaleira

(see http//


Guarded entrance to underground passages


The shell they protect contains a smaller one.

(Self Embedded / Fractal)


Dragon's Egg's Entry:

1. as naturally formed in ancient celtic land,

2. as formed as water vortex dimples,

3. architecturally - similar to the well at Sintra

(see below):




Start Image:

 Tetra View of Christos/Mare - Triangle is symbol of Draco Craft from Orion

 (Major Sightings near Sintra include

 Fatima, Orion Queen Family Connection Linking Fatima & Moors: thecollective)

 to Star Tetra / Mogen David Symbol of Hiburu..

 Family of Christ from the Triangle of the Dragons...


Image of a Dragon Emerging from Rock - Family Crest of Camões

 (the famous Portuguese poet how wrote the Epic called "Os Lusídadas")

 Camões literally means "to rise from the dimple (or deepness)" or simply "like a hiding place, a dimple"


Portuguese Flag:

 Golden Ratio Divider Holds the "Armilar Sphere":

 Crest shows 7 Spins Outside 5 Inside


Armilar Sphere from the
Portuguese Flag (also a symbol of Thoth)

 Shows 34 degree tilt close to correct angle to nest cube in dodeca

 (see also chin angle of sphinx ../sphinx to make grid navigable...

 When the aura implodes, psychonavigation begins...



Click above image...

Europe's body is a Queen bee-ing.

Portugal Makes the Face which Faces the Azores and America...

(this a work from the theology professor Dr. Heinrich Bunting,

where Lusitânia - original name for Portugal -  is the crown of Europe)

Interestingly, Lusitânia means LAND OF THE LIGHT.

Which also implies that the Lusitanos are the PEOPLE OF THE LIGHT

In a painting by Master Jorge Afonso

(The Apparition of Christ to the Virgin, 1515 A.D.)

St. John the Baptist's face is the inverted shape of the face of Portugal...

It is also interesting to notice that St. John the Baptist is the announcer of Light

...her face could launch a thousand ships,




Europe is lying propped upon her elbows:
From East to West she lies, starting
Out, reminiscent, - Greek eyes from the shelter
Of romantic hair.

Behind her back the left elbow is cast;
The right has the angle place.
That once says Italy in its repose;
This one says England where, gathered apart,
It holds the hand up to support the face.

She stares, her gaze doom-heavy, sphingical,
Out at the West, the future of the past.

The face with which she stares is Portugal.

 From "Mensagem", by Fernando Pessoa

...and her nose (Sintra) points to Azores and the Eagle in Pennsylvania.



There in ARCadia, the ARK-AN's(as) (Clinton / Rockefeller blood) steers.

Book "Pandora's Box" at UFO & Alien Text Files




Establishing a potent metaphor...

for the spiritual destiny of nations and bioregions can serve the spirit of "E Pluribus Unum". Namely, to become an instrument as symmetry seed for HOW MANY BECOME ONE

We developed this notion in the SPIRITUAL DESTINY OF THE AMERICA's at ../eldorado , and also at ../america . Here we included starmaps for the 'projective geometry' which squirt nations, soulgroups, or genepools into their destined.

Specifically, we suggest along with solar physicist Maurice Cotterell, that genetic survival requires the skill to navigate by symmetry into, and inhabit: THE SUN.


This romantic idea is actually accompanied by a rigorous new physics of how consciousness produces electrical embedding, and thus the forces of self organization to waves, and Suns. At an initial level, it is how soul groups and nations get an electric body of coherence into a 'bubble' which can then move as one (the 'pearl', the real Egg File).

Egypt was He-Ka-Ptah (the etheric BODY of Ptah), USA is a magnetic Eagle Body and Portugal has a face, etc. John Michell describes hundreds of significant examples of faces in land in his book "Simulacra".


As we shall see in this article, the ability to inhabit and STEER the magnetism of the land, depends on ability and will to FEEL the land.


The ability to do that, depends on the shape and magnetic conductance of the land being:

1. recursive or embedable or fractal
2. (related) the shape being morphic to BODYness in general (or ANTHROpomorphic)

Examples of this principle include "Loves Body" by Norman Brown, reflecting the James Joyce's hills of Dublin as the shape of a living body (A sleeping Irishman's belly etc.).


More directly, Rome had 7 hills, Lisbon has 7 hills, Tomar (another Portuguese Templar city) has 7 hills, Jerusalem has 7 hills - as does has the heart 7 muscle spin layers.


Seven spins superposed make a body (tetra 7 spins is the containment of incubation - see HEART OF THE SUN). So 7 layers make the 7 cities of Cibola (meaning Onion?... layers).


Also take a look at the Seven Cities Lagoon in St. Michael's Island in Azores,

above Atlantis by Plato was a city layered by 7 water channels


Seven concentric rings

Petroglyph found near Tangil, in the North of Portugal


This becomes the general principle of how landscape zodiac starmaps make a lens for people's bliss to project starwards (Rennes zodiac, Glastonbury Zodiac, the Gothic Cathedral Virgo Zodiac starmap, and the Rabbit Stone Dolmen keyed zodiac starmap at Sintra, Portugal).


This is cultural identity, by morphic resonance - literally EMBODY-MEANT.

In terms of finding morphic bodies of cultural groups, this trip has been at least colorful in regard to boldly oversimplifying national identities for the satisfaction of sacred geometers.


At some level the genepool is served .. by this... (retelling origin stories to re-invent national identities).

For example,



In Greece, discovering that the symmetry of the Greek alphabet, is a dramatic overlay on Enochian / Ophanim (See Enochian Physics, or the origin of the Order of the Golden Dawn - The TRUE Keys of Enoch).


(Pictures of the Greek overlay to this symmetry alphabet of the high angels and origin of the "Stargate" movie, at ../orion - bottom. Vincent Bridges also used Greek gematria to break the code).


So I of course conclude that the yearning to dance biomagnetism into stars which is the origin of Greek, is in fact an angelic agenda to plant the symmetry seeds to successful black hole compression. (Ophanim - Enochian - Adawi - Greek alphabet root is clearly hypercube symmetry to permit compression, and thus implosion survival)

Thanks here to the Solar Shaman-ess in Amsterdam, Nyddia who steered our post conference fire meditation in Antwerp into a real look thru the Sun.... She said any shaman knows that to enter a black hole and survive you do not enter straight in.


It is the tilt angle by which you spiral into the vortex, which steers your intent memorably thru into the great worming. (Hint: Spiral Vortex shadow origin of alphabets.)


Then by way of another example.. we get to Britain embroiled in the lengthy scholarly conversation of why the British nobility highly distorted speech is CLEARLY THE RESULT OF A BLOODY WELL - STIFF UPPER LIP.

Turns out that in the moment before a child breaks out in tears during cruel parental suppression of will, the upper lip quivers. To prevent the tears (necessary if your Mother is E-Liz-a Beth: From Lizard Born), you then STIFFEN THE UPPER LIP.


I of course conclude that the Elizabethan dragon-line DNA thru Magdalen, has as one of it's classic signatures: inability to properly produce Mothering / and the resultant lack of bliss from heart sounds to flower the Thymus into immune identity, (it took Francis Bacon, John Dee's Ophanic student, as Shakespeare to pen "Hamlet" to check the look on his Mother's face Elizabeth while watching, in order to find out that she WAS his Mother! -


In Germany we struggle with the question of why the national identity there has still not dealt with their guilt with the murder of the Jews.


The genetic engineering Anunnaki children of Enki and Enlil (of Sumerian Epic), were the staff of Nibiru/Hiburu/Hebrew (we shall below investigate newly the meaning of IBI, as in Ibis - the Bird, crossed over - Hebrew means to cross over - with the URU Dragon worm blood).


These An's of Anunnaki were clearly Draco's, dragon queens (see Sumerian goddess morph to contemporary Draco /Dragon queen at ../lionpath ). The Draco culture which paid for the (Nibiru-HibURU) cloning to make mining slaves (Adam and Eve), clearly authorized their EGGS receive the CroMagnon DNA (into Ninhursag / Innana), but FORBID their sperm/seed be given!


Their laws about only planned SEX allowed became priestly (staff of Nibiru) GUILT. In Atlantis/Thule it was the Draco/Dravidian (dark skinned) priests against the Aryan. In the Third Reich the drama continued.


The ARYAN Fatherland in a fit of Oedipus rage, murders it's mother, the Draco Nibiru Egg!


The source of their Oedipal rage? The Nibiru mothering / dragons egging, was a rape. (Prime Directive / Non-Interventionism was NOT the law of Draco, who see genepools on planets like ours as we do forests: Their purpose in being is so that we can cut them down.)

The 'seeds' of rebellion were brewing in the blood of the brothers... (East of Eden)

The key here is to identify 2 different Mothers of Enki (Adonai/Ea) versus Enlil (at first called Yalweh, later "Michael", the "Draco Slayer"), by the same Dad (AN or Ptah of Paa Taal or Aleph Hyperion).

I suspect that Enki's son Thoth (Hermes/Queztlcoaltl/Tutankhamon) admission of being from Rigel in Orion contains the key (../thoth ;see Sintra as Rigel in Buehler's work, ../buehler ).

  • There was more IBI, Ibis - bird blood in Enki's mother (this bird is Thoth's symbol - in addition to the Armilar Sphere on the Portuguese Flag)

  • IBI becomes Ibis, N-IBI-ru, and H-IBI-ru, and IBI-rian peninsula

  • Bird tribe becomes Ophanim, Adawi, Bird Tribe, Valnaapa - according which tribe you ask

  • These were star navigators

(Read the book: "Psychonavigation"). There is some key here to why Enki could be taught by his dad to raise human's from the dead but not Enlil.

The good star navigators Cook, and Kirk and Janeway etc. were the ones who could remember/feel their past lives, steering like Dune's gold powder Spice doped Guild Navigators in the time worms.


To be able to inhabit the land, the first step to steering it's magnetism, is to open and feel that magnetism. Body armoring against feeling, (feeling is muscle's tingle in the rush of magnetic embedding) prevents a navigator from seeing his way THRU that magnetism.


So this brings us nicely to our next stop: Portugal.... Whose destiny to navigate like birds with a gaol, awaits those who open to FEEL.



So now I find myself immersed in the Templar Grail mysteries here near Lisbon and Sintra, and this dragon current again roars it's fiery head.


Riding the wave of cultural cliché we may actually navigate to where culture is aiming?

First let us look at the physics which allows a bird brain to navigate so well by the tilt or 'warp factor' of long magnetic lines:

You use high blood charge to dissolve/bond trace mineral and iron to function as a compass needle floating in the pineal/pituitary.


(Prize to the person here who finds the map to IRON deposits in upper Minnesota/Wisconsin LOOKS JUST LIKE A DRAWING OF A BIRDS BRAIN!)


If EGYPT as a word means HE-KA-PTAH - Etheric Double of the BODY of PTAH, then what does A-MERE-I-KA? The MER were the mags of Draco/Dragon's, MER-u, mount of MER, the MERovingian, etc. See the dragon body in the spine of the Eagle extending down to Carolina at the eaglemorph pics.

Port-gal is often interpreted as the Port of the Graal.


This fits as the bird wing shape of magnetism for glands encountering the shock wave of the speed of light, is the grail cup -- in how DNA embeds. Another meaning, fits as well. The AN's of the Anunnaki becomes Tuatha de Da'anan, people of CELTIC gods. The Celtic DNA is a major root of Portugal. Those Giants of Old become "The Giants and Our Mysterious Origins" (book by Louis Charpentier, who also wrote "Mysteries of Chartres").


He tracks the AN's to LUCI-T-AN-IA (original name for Portugal... "Lights of the An's"). He tracks the name LUG in 37 early CITY names to a spiral star map on Europe.


(His other book "Os Gigantes e o Mistério Das Origens", implies the ancient GIANT ones were An's... perhaps related to the Celtic An's - this becomes LUCI-T'ANia, early name for Portugal.)



"Nailed in chakras and nervous centers

of the physical and subtle body of Gerda..."

(I like the archaic flavor this babelfish translation gives...)






Re: Charpentier:

translated from Spanish at: http//

"The Earth is alive. He is an alive being, it is Gea, the Great Mother Earth. And like the human being is crossed by nerves, arteries, veins and by subtle channels of energy yin-yang that acupuncture has discovered thus it occurs with our planet. "

It commented it when speaking of Lug and "the lines of being able " the 13 of ?, on a par that drew a map with a dozen of these lines applied to the province of Soria.

It says to Mountain Miguel the following thing with respect to the megalitos after identifying when menhir with runa Is (I), dolmen with runa Ur (one Or the other way
around) and runa Hagal (*):

"They are laying out the sensible points the more of the Earth - Gerda for the Nordics - Those strange megalíticos monuments, work of
giant beings, are acupuncture of a geography ill, who avoid new catastrophes, mooring current sensible.


Nailed in chakras and nervous centers of the physical and subtle body of Gerda, where both planes come together and where an encounter between the visible and invisible rivers takes place. They are also the first temples of initiation and the observatories of the sky "

For Mountain Miguel menhires nailed in specific sites to avoid floods, collapses and other catastrophes, and dólmenes was used for the spiritual transformation of the

The science of menhires is taught in Europe to ligures by "before" or the giants; also the one of dólmenes.

These last ones are true cítaras of stone that vibrates in indicated centers terrestrial, to the being wet by the dew or " water of the moon ". They allow therefore the mutation of the chosen one... A book of stone is everything opened to the initiate in megalíticos monuments.


The oldest alchemy is written there, the one of the Atlantis, and with her the esoteric history of the man.

Menhir represents the polar Mountain first, the Polar Axis; also the spine of the man. Soon, everything estupa búdica, all temple, also indicates the Mountain of the Revelation, in the most distant Midnight. All primitively raised promontory, all "central stone" or "omphalo"...


All Mountain and Temple also mean the body of the man.


By the same, the Arbol of the Life, the Axis, the Menhir, the Lingan, is the Invisible Spine... It is the Alchemy of the Stone, "the lapsis excilis", the Gral".

Louis Charpentier warns that dólmenes,

"almost always was placed in privileged places, in knots of telluric currents that can be of very diverse order: either they are current whose deep sources are not known to us, arisen without a doubt from the central magma, or from others, the more easily determinables, arisen from underground water tables".

Thus, while menhir they indicated the places in which "the fecundantes currents were particularly active", dólmenes were located,

"in a place where the telluric current exerts in the man a spiritual action when locating itself in a place where "it encourages the spirit"; it recreates the cavern and it is in the same Earth sine, in the dolménica room, where the man is going to look for the terrestrial gift ". The temples would be the successors of dólmenes and cromlechs, like the one of Stonehenge"



The highlander Celtic DNA transported to PORTugal becomes ABLE to navigate in the person of Henry the Navigator.


He was literally given WING by Templar money. The Piri Reis maps before Henry and the Templar's were probably more the work of psychonavigating from where magnetic lines converge, than by Vril craft from An's in Thule (Atlantis).


Henry's dream of navigating Africa, implies a psychonavigating knowledge of WHY reaching Ethiopia (The Ark?) was important (see the book "The Sign and the Seal", by Graham Hancock).

The other important meaning often given to Portugal is "THE PORT OF THE GAOL". The Gaol is the cock. In the person of the PEACOCK we get the Queztlcoatl many plumed EYES. In the person of the Ibis of IBERIA, we get the Bird who steers by Papyrii, and the symbol of THOTH!

The story of the serpent brain literally marrying the bird brain is the story of Hibiru, and of the war of the brothers: Enki/Enlil. Their early treaty ending the Orion wars tentatively (Robert Morningsky: "Guardians of the Grail"), involved accepting a dynastic marriage of one hive telepath (Orion Queen - Literally- Magdalen from Benjamin's line by Ea), with each more Aryan Prince (Jesus).

In order to understand where the Orion and Draco cultures were steering with their million year genetic history, with Earth as erstwhile pawn, we need a piece of physics. Ruling with terror, and DNA abducting has for them reached a limit.

(Citizens Against UFO Secrecy,, should ask WHY Eisenhower and Truman initiated the mega billions the NSA spent to keep the secret just because they assumed humans would panic if the truth were told. Not only did the Draco Typhon blackmail the presidents into accepting abduction, they triggered the secrecy which made schizophrenia of the world - the Greys/Khumer were merely stool pidgeons of the Draco's).

Thanks here go to healer and shaman James Landrel, of Miami. He said negotiating the release of numbers of Draco slaves on multiple planets, they captured more humans than they could parasitize. Now they had another problem. They must wait for the PEARL. We ask, what is the PEARL these Dragon's await?

There we stood looking at the two halves of the clam shell on the cross at the Capuchin monastery at Sintra (also known as the Cork Convent).



Convento dos Capuchos, Sintra, Portugal

Painting by W. H. Burnett (XIXth century)


When the jaws of the clam shell open, there is released a pearl.

Sintra formed when volcanism coming below burped an EGG or cocoon of one rock type insoluble inside another. It was like one rock balloon inside another. Visualize the layers of an onion making a capacitor that looks like an eyeball inside a head, electrically. This brought things to a HEAD at CAPUchin (Convento dos Capuchos, Sintra). Capu literally means head (a monk's cape inside a cape, like layered Onion/Cibola).


Inside an inner sanctum room there, I felt my pineal crackle harshly and saw a dragon (female?) getting wings.

Repeatedly the story of many places in Sintra is where a MARian apparition (dragon?) appears at a magnetic cave door (as told to me by an anonymous professor from Antwerp), driving crazy the ill prepared custodian, (one famous monk at that Convent of the Capuchin's went into a small cave in hiding for 30 years, not understanding the lady -Draco Queen?- he saw in the woods).


"Slaying" the magnetic dragon current or lady at the door of the cave of turning inside-out-ness evolves to be a universal metaphor of the heart choosing to open the door to FEELING.

Outside the curator apologized for cutting trees there, saying he feared fire. I explained cutting magnetism's fractal roots in old trees prevents the rain. So the action of fearing fire causes fire. I told him the story of the bulldozer which cut the roots of the old tree above our community spring in North Carolina.


When the dowser said this was why the spring died, we took the action to heal the tree. Water follows magnetism which follows symmetry, which is what perfect tree branching as fractality is named after.

Most commonly, Sintra is known as the "Hill of the Moon", however there is another indigenous meaning. An amazon tribe names their rabbit statues the word Sintra (curiously, there are no rabbits near that tribe). So another meaning for Sintra probably includes Rabbit (Hole). The lost zodiac giant star map there, starts with a giant stone effigy of a rabbit (which can be seen from the road leading from the village to the convent) .


Alice could not make her milk taste good on the other side of the mirror/like the Rabbit hole vortex scrambles the gland fire of those who do not prepare their entry symmetrically, (implosion spits out by symmetry all that which is not shareable). Another way to say this would be to suggest that Sintra is a place where dimpling (the beginning of turning inside out, "in a rabbit hole") is possible.


This is more than suggested by the geomagnetic fold of its sacred land.



Great Serpent Mound, Adams Co., OH
From Squier and Davis (1848)



In the above map to the Ohio Serpent mound, note particularly what looks like an EGG at the mouth of the snake.

I believe that among other things, this represents the AMYGDALA of the reptilian brain stem being the MOUTH OF THE SNAKE, spitting out or regurgitating the juices of bliss, which make a blue fire cocoon or EGG growing from around the PINEAL / PITUITARY. This becomes the growing cocoon of blue fire penetrating time, during TANTRA and kundalini.


This wave is the wind beneath the wings, of the bird brain. If the serpent does not feed the Eagle, Queztlcoatl cannot return.

Because only the self organizing self lighting electrical implosion of glandular bliss, lights this cocoon up, it only comes from inside out. No amount of Draco engineering makes it. It is truly requiring virgin birth.


The nature of this electrical fire of radiant glandular and genetic bliss, squirts thru the speed of light into time. This is the PEARL. This blue fire does not consume.


It is pure self-organizing glandular induced electrical fusion/implosion. It becomes what can at first steer you into seeing stars during bliss, and eventually can navigate whole genepool/soulgroups/nations into stars. (The Boson7 DNA of the Montauk boys). This is what the Dragons so patiently wait for.


The picture of the clearly reptilian priest so patiently honoring MAGdalen in the Templar church at Tomar sacristy picture tells of this (Olivais' Church).





They look for the hive queen.


The Black Madonna was dark with Draco blood. MAGdalen's Tantric swoon star-mapped (Virgo) to the Gothic Cathedrals was a first sign of the sweet blossom of the star-navigating PEARL on this planet.

The CORONATION OF THE HOLY SPIRIT, is the completion of the bliss cocoon above the crown of persons or soul groups.


This successful Dragon's EGG, is the result of the FINDING OF THE "FATHER OF THE MOTHER". The mother is the dragon/draco (EGG), the father is the Ibi/Bird/Ophanim Angelic gene.


Successfully marrying the serpent brain again to the bird brain, produces the genetic possibility of the fiery pearl which CAN pass thru Suns, (the Solarians/Solar Beings/Viracocha/SOLurus etc.).

It seems that the dark Mag's are the MARian apparitions at the cave doors all over Sintra. They breath the fire of the Dragon MAGnetic lines. Professor Phil Callahan so clearly showed apparitions of Mary can only occur at cross points of High Magnetic symmetry. Magnetic force is assembled at these agreement or covenant points.


We can use this clue to search for the Ark of the Covenant. By not understanding the principle behind the ARK, we just chase another 'coke bottle' from "The God's Must be Crazy".

Before we complete our Grail Quest to the sacred "Ark", we need a deeper look at the scholarship and symmetry behind the world's most famous dragon line (what is new in the following analysis is the global extension):




The "Michael or Dragon Line

in the Spiritual Destiny of Portugal"

by Gustavo Figueiredo


In Nicholas Mann's book "Isle of Avalon", where the author describes the sacred mysteries of Arthur and Glastonbury's Tor, one can find in chapter five (where he points out the geomantical aspects regarding ley lines) a simple analysis of the so-called Michael Line, as mentioned by John Michell in "The View Over Atlantis" (Sago Press, 1969) or in the newly edited version "The New View Over Atlantis" (Thames and Hudson, 1983).

According to Nicholas Mann, Michell stresses out that there is a line that connects all sacred places dedicated to the Archangel Saint Michael in the South lands of the United Kingdom. This line, which supposedly is also a powerful magnetic ley line, connects ancestral places like:

  • Avebury

  • Glastonbury's Tor (drop-shaped hill with the ruins of what was once the Saint Michael's Monastery)

  • Burrowbridge Mump (an unusual cone-shaped hill originally crowned with a church dedicated to Saint Michael)

  • Saint Michael's Light Tower or

  • Saint Michael's Mount further to the South

Two other names by which this ley line is also known are:

  • "The Line of the Dragon"

  • "The Line of the Day of May",

  •  ...according to Mann


Most of these places have a special significance to local folk religion, namely to the arthurian legends, where the quest for the Holy Graal is usually the main theme.

Actually, our focus here is that this particular ley line is of crucial importance to local tradition regarding this archangel's cult. It unites a large number of sacred places along a powerful magnetic vein on the land.

The idea of extending a ley line into the Ocean might seem ridiculous at a first glance, but a closer understanding of the physics that enable such powerful energetics on a sacred place might teach you that where there is water, magnetic lines tend to flow easily without any particular distortion, as we can observe in lakes.


Therefore, by using this simple principle of harmonic compatibility among wave-like energetic structures and considering the possibility that we are dealing with a very powerful and non-distorted single-direction magnetic line, we extended this ley line into the Atlantic Ocean in order to have a look to where it would hit land once again.


The result of this extended projection can be seen in the following picture (I used EarthNavigator software for spherical projection):





At a first glance, there is no doubt that the ley line is going to enter South America somewhere in the Amazons or a bit further North.


In fact, after a more detailed observation of this projection using the EarthNavigator software, we see that the line actually enters the American continent through the French Guiana.

But despite all this detailed and somehow complex analysis using accurate coordinates to correctly map the ley line on a sphere (we started by introducing the known coordinates in the UK), it seems, initially, that we don't feed much more the Avalon's folk religion by just plotting a simple line on the South American continent.


But that is a wrong assumption.


By doing that extended projection, we are, in fact, grasping the surface of what may actually be the solution to one of the deepest mysteries of the Arthurian legends:

the location of the Isle of Avalon and the beginning of a much different approach to what the Spiritual Destiny of Portugal may be.

Almost half way between the British Isles and the North East coast of South America, lies the Azores.


This set of 9 islands, at which Portugal patiently faces since their violent volcanic birth some thousands of years ago, are, in fact, the western most piece of land where Europe's culture still strives.

On some of the islands, we can still find traces of Templar's lost memories through the Feast of the Coronation of the Emperor of the Holy Spirit. This is a unique Portuguese feast related to the Order of Christ, which seems to be also related to ancient mysteries and inner workings.


It probably dates back to the early 14th century (see "Do Império do Espírito Santo ao Império da Filosofia" by António Quadros, pp 326-339, in Memórias das Origens, Saudades do Futuro) and it joins the sacred and the profane in a particular fashion, in which all participants would join in a display of universal brotherhood.


On an annual basis, this feast ritualizes the prophecy of the future Empire of the Holy Spirit through the crowning of a child (originally placed on the head of a poor man).



 Marvellous silver work found inside the Church of Ribeira
Grande, St. Michael's Island, Azores. Notice the descending dove
protected by five angels that form a pent-shaped shield around her. Also
notice the vesica at the center (demarked by the two great circles).


click above image to enlarge



This feast, however circumscribed to those places where Portuguese is spoken, is strongest on the Azores, where it has very deep roots.


Quite interesting to notice, is the fact that this feast is also commemorated in Brazil, in the Azorean immigrant communities in the USA and at Sintra and Tomar, in continental Portugal.

So what about the ley line we were mentioning back there? Actually, we found that this ley line passes through Azores, specifically, in Saint Michael's island! And here we have it...


The universal brotherhood symbolized by the geometry of the Graal at Arthur's tales (which can be found in the southern lands of the United Kingdom, where the Michael Ley Line goes through) is also commemorated in a feast in the Azores, particularly in Saint Michael's Island, where the Knights of the Order of Christ also got some of their seeds planted.



The Michael Ley Line


Adding this to the context, the Pope John XXIII's prophecy about the Azores becomes amazingly interesting:

"Welcome Arthur. Seven of Greece to the world, after the vision. And new words will conquer Earth. Repeated from Christ. Repeated by His children. It will be a moment of awakening and great chants.


The texts will be found in the Azores and they will speak of ancient civilizations that will teach ancient and new things to men. Death will disappear and there will be little suffering. The things of Earth, through these texts, will tell about things from heaven. Always more signs. Red, blue and green fast lights. They will grow.


Someone from abroad will come and wishes to meet with men from Earth. Meetings have taken place. But who really saw did not tell. If a star shows no light, it is dead. But the light that comes is of someone that already died and is returning. In the letters of the iron subterranean of Werner, always secret, the answer lies unveiled. Time is not the one we know.


We have living brothers and dead brothers. We are ourselves, time only confuses us. Welcome, Arthur, boy of the Past. You will be the evidence. And you will find the Father of the Mother."

Arthur clearly becomes a central character in this story.


The Pope's prophecy undisputedly establishes the same relationship we had to draw through the use of spherical projection and a bit of knowledge regarding Michael's ley line in Great Britain. But he tells us much more than just that.


He presents us Arthur as the Re-Born King as if we were in ancient Egypt, and the one who will be able to give us the evidence that we are only ourselves and that time is an illusion - a statement that clearly has to do with the Repair of the Fabric of Time project started by the Templars (see William Buehler's work), whose work was also profoundly inspired by the Egyptians themselves!

Clearly, the convergence point in the Atlantic regarding the Templar's work in Europe, now seems to be centered in Azores. As we also must point out, Portugal's face is looking towards these islands, as if by saying (or simply expressing the feeling) that somewhere out there in the Ocean lies our future (or the memories of our future...)

Old churches face East. An old church in Saint Michael's island faces west, sharing Portugal's vision towards an eagle flying in America. This church also shows us a resurrected Christ (15th station) on the altar - the newly (re)born King.


This is the completion of the way of light towards West. When the Eagle is fed by our vision, the dove that represents the Holy Spirit will descend upon us, making the Feast of the Coronation of the Emperor of the Holy Spirit a true event. But where are those manuscripts the Prophecy tells us about?

In a time when Portugal's collective DNA is mostly asleep, it's land is not yet able to correctly steer its magnetics in order to make a focus in the Atlantic. But time implodes there in a place where the sea meets the land and the Michael ley line enters the island.


This place is cave and its existence was already mentioned by André Thevet, a French cartographer from the XVIth century A.D., but his inability to explore the full length of this cave didn't offer him the possibility of discovering its real nature. None the less, he mentions seeing two pillars with a lintel on top, somewhere inside the cave. There, he found Hebrew inscriptions and two serpents winding up both pillars.

If an article released last year on an Azorean newspaper is right, then this cave connects with a local church there. Further investigation also tells us that this cave goes in a straight line from its entrance to this church. Maybe there is nothing really interesting inside this cave, except for the pillars and the lintel, but by looking at a military map we can conclude that this "tunnel" faces Southeast with an angle of 47.4 degrees.


Well, this is almost the same angle we've found for the Michael Ley line entering the island: 47.1 degrees!


See below:



One more detail:

the highest latitude point of the Michael Ley Line has a longitude of 35.04 East.


It surely seems no coincidence that this longitude is very similar to the longitude of Jerusalem (35.21E) - the city of the Solomon's Temple - which is to say, the place where the Ark of the Covenant was last seen.



click above and below images to enlarge



Anyway, a complete analysis of the ley lines and some historical places' relationships in Europe led us to the following conclusion:



Sintra (Portugal) and Chartres (France) clearly work as two poles for this grid. Regarding the Rosslyn-Sintra-Rome connection, Buehler has already demonstrated its meaning (see blue triangule above - click image).


But there is more: Sintra's pole is the center for a radius to St. Michael's Island and Chartres!


If we look at the intersection of these two great circles, we have a perfect Vesica! Sintra, Tomar and Serra da Estrela are also connected by a (ley?) line that also goes to La Rochelle - a place of significant importance to the Templars.

Perhaps there is a lot more to say about the Michael Ley Line, but further research is needed and it will be published in due time.




The Michael line is called the Dragon line, because it is the MAGnetic fire breathing sword in the stone.


The Ark of the Covenant necessarily followed the symmetry of this line's complement around from Jerusalem.

The Ark of the covenant was a layered cocoon of a capacitor designed to implode the charge necessary to tap the gravity field for electrical energy, (as a well designed orgone accumulator, alternating layers of organic and inorganic materials conically focuses capacitance).


When such charge layers are arranged in the mathematics of geometric recursion, we call the wind of charge imploding to center: GRAVITY. The ("Michael") line of greater flux density is a major source of the Ark's charge. It is of course, more effective where the magnetic lines converge in the sacred symmetry of flux density. (For the same reason Bruce Cathie showed critical mass for nuclear bombs varied according the their fractal position - spatial and temporal - on ley lines.)

So the Templars at the direction of the Draco's their boss, moved the ARK from one Michael line to the next. Jerusalem, to Ethiopia, and possibly to somewhere along the Michael line in Azores?


It was their humble attempt to navigate always their sails (ark-ing) into the wind of MAGnetism. This was not because they understood the principle, but rather because they did not.


Today a good fractal capacitive orgone accumulator is still not as good as one blissful family group. The ARK of the COVENANT is the electrical ARC which happens when waves can agree (make a covenant). Check the symmetry of cell division or a good sufi dance, for the electrical formula.

Really good magnetic grid engineer's (Arcturian's call this 'planet taming') are able to use this steering of long magnetics into recursion to stabilize gravity fields into reduced heat/resistance and better atmosphere maintenance. If this was better understood, the volcanos eventually getting more active now on the Michael line thru the Azores would not have to create destruction again.


Sintra was formed as a magnetically initiatory bubble eyeball volcanically, so too were the Azores. Is there a connection between Earth Change hotspots and strong long wave magnetic lines like the Michael line? The Templars moved from Rennes in France to follow those lines. Their world's largest navy of the time, carrying what may have been the world's largest treasure disappeared.


All evidence puts the destinations as:

1. Northern Scotland - Rosslyn chapel ("Temple & The Lodge" book) is on the Belinus Line

2. Sintra in Portugal - Replete with Templar lore. See the "Bavic" line of concentration of the most UFO sightings of France/Spain and Portugal (& across the Atlantic; see picture below). It points from Vichy in France, finally out to sea thru the NOSE at Sintra in Portugal. The epicenter of the Oct. 1999 Portuguese's Earthquake was just off the Nose at Sintra!


Bavic Line in red


September 99 Earthquake epicenter at the Sintra nose

(picture from the Seismology Division of Lisbon)


3. St. Michael's Island in the Azores (almost on the Sintra latitude line). This is where the world's most famous magnetic line (Michael line), aligns with the some peculiar sites on the Island. Also Jacques Cousteau's son died mysteriously just after discovering something dramatic in the Seven Cities Volcanic lagoon (western most part of the island).

The USS Scorpion, modern attack nuclear sub blew up and sank fatally 400 miles south west of the Azores.


The Southwest line at 45 degrees is dramatically close to 47 degrees SOUTHWEST, the angle at which St Michael's global dragon ley line passes thru Micheal's Island in the Azores. Perhaps the strange concentration of US satellites over the Azores suggests an awareness of a global magnetic hot spot which has more than navigational perturbation implications.

Clearly the Templars knew where to get leverage by symmetry on the magnetic spin grid of Earth. Similar to how military microwave towers invariably end up at Indigenous sacred sites in the US. Where microwave permissivity is high, so also is sacred space. Symmetry is the law of communicating, because it is the law of what makes waves distributable.


Bob Dratch's microwave scanning emissions technology mapping the 3D geometry of biological fire in the body as measured in the microwave spectra of ATP (which was also a map of psychological trauma because spin resistance/fear is asymmetry) was also the ultimate dowsing tool. Thus the Earth's bloodstream of high frequency and particularly microwave conductivity is also a bloodstream of her symbiosis intimacy with the biological microwave - the internet for cells whispering DNA messages globally.


Magnetic lo frequency long waves (like the Schumann harmonics and the Michael Dragon line) become wave guides or wave channels for the high frequency microwave, spin dense info blood of Earth.

In order to understand more about how our reptilian social urges, still shape our national yearning for compassionate / feeling in ROYAL BLOOD, let us look again at how nations create hive queens like bees do. Looking for a hive queen is an important physics. Story at ../honey. Royal jelly for the Mag's was the blood of menstruation with melatonin and seratonin from vestal temple training. This was "Oil of Messeh" the "crocodile juice" which makes a Messiah.

When the British people wept for Diana's royal Stewart blood, they were a hive looking for a queen. Instead they got the 100th birthday of a queen mother whose family has not radiated heart.

We need to know what a hive does when navigating for a queen.


THE HIVE IS LOOKING FOR THE DNA WHICH CAN STEER THEM TO A NEW WORLD, nested in the magnetic lines braided to where sweetness embeds in the landscape. Bee hives swarm in new directions BECAUSE THEY FOLLOW THE SMELL OF THE NOSE OF THE QUEEN into ley lines where they can embed. The star navigation of hive requires royal blood. Human nations, descended from the telepathic hive queens of the Draco/Anunnaki appropriately seek royal DNA to steer them at a time when the solar fire peaks.

This might be a good time for nations to look for royal blood. They need DNA which can steer them in a cocoon in time, when the solar fire envelopes Earth.


Real royal blood is that which contains or embeds like the Grail so much feeling for the land and its people that in its DNA map to foldedness, the map has become the terrain. Arthur and land become ONE.

So what are the practical Storals to this Mory...

1. Visiting sacred sites is more than a photo opportunity for tourists. Here if you can get still and centered, you can begin to FEEL long wave magnetism like it is your body, and thus become the navigator. Entering the cave of magnetics, you dimple..

2. Knowing your place with respect to long magnetic lines like the Dragon line, can empower you in many ways.

3. Before you hock your credit card for a ticket to the Azores consider this: Michael (Enlil/Yalweh) slays the dragon (current) by "nailing" the writhing mouth of the amygdala, to the cross of the bird brain. Rapture is at first rapt around your skull likes the talons of an eagle (the raptor). Here, the power to make a phase lock implosion still point, becomes the pearl. Hygiene for cell charge spells the difference for those who call Kundalini a headache. Those who could not FEEL a magnetic line outside their body, as if it were inside their body, PERISHED WHEN THEY ENTERED THE CAVE of the Dragon. The 'fires of hell' is the name for bliss among those who resist.

4. If you believe the strong indicators that a self aware Dragon is waking up in the old Dragon Lines, it might be wiser to hock that credit card for high ground, good water access, remoteness from cities, access to tribe, access to seeds, and shelter from high wind.

William Buehler (Templar fabric of time navigator) recently commented about the open water melt at the North Pole:

"Simeon's view appears to be along this same idea. He says "They are off base thinking it is because of CO2 emissions." I agree with Mitch Battros on that count. The effect is being caused by cosmic forces way beyond any pollutants in the air.


That needs to be addressed to, but it is not the problem here. They are probably using that as a scapegoat to keep from telling everyone what they REALLY know is about to happen. This is a NATURAL event, nothing to be shocked about. It has to do with the increased solar activity. Not too hard to figure out really."

Our group action about the Sun's activity, undoubtedly affecting the whole planet's rhythms leading to LP-40, has us using the golden ratio rhombus format (Eye of Ra relative to the Techad/Reshel) i.e. the,

"L-Gate" (Ps 118:18-24). This is to assist the Sun's present transition, an evolutionary vector. This would clearly have a dramatic effect on the solar system and all life supporting systems."


William Buehler's Original Plot:

click images to enlarge





To summarize our "Dragon Lay's Golden EGG" story very oversimplified:

A race of velociraptor relatives (Uru, / Drac) millions of years old from Alpha Draconis & then Orion sectors, highly telepathic, fiercely survival oriented, becomes one of the main blood lines among many who invest heavily in making DNA commercially valuable on Earth.


They had crossed with dog/bird/humanoid type DNA long before they intervened here. (n or h... Ibi / URU = Bird - Serpent).

One of their main reasons for investing so heavily in genetic work here, was a perceived weakness in their own genes.


They had propped up the sustainability of DNA as wave implosion using gold power (manna/ormes/spice) supplementation (in the absence of weakening gland juices).


They perhaps were not so aware of the lack of soul, of inability to survive death in memory (& loss of racial long memory in general), inability to lucid dream, but they WERE aware of the political ramifications of DNA which was not up to superluminal in the braid and so NOT ABLE TO TRAVEL IN TIME (without embarrassing heavy metal craft).


There was a later corollary of a mothering people (their matriliny) which had so forgotten how to mother as to cause failure to matriculate an immune system in the thymus of their young. (their Grey's / Khumer spawn were an example).


Essentially forgetting the gland juice skill to recur/embed (FEEL) cost them the initiative to enter and inhabit long MAGnetic worms in general. ('To dimple or not to dimple, that is the question')

So they had much to gain by investing in genetic engineering. Their gene-splicing machine code computer alphabet was Hebrew (from N-IBI-URU), as tetra helix codon symmetry for Golem, and Sumerian, whose glyphs are waveguide for coherent light to make cells (Sumerian Elixir, George Merkel).

Here we pick up with the well documented stories of the Draco Dragon queens of (biblical) Sumeria, (Enki/Enlil - Cain/Abel) planning our royal families for millennia like we were show dogs, in

I speculate it was much later in our evolution here as "the spawn of the Nephilim" (per Thoth), that they discovered the logic of human bliss emotion as being the mechanism of this implosion - PEARL magnetically which could result from DNA getting embedded/braided/san-graal(ed).


(Here, Templar lifestyle of ascetics is replaced by simple governments whose priority is bliss/achieving charge density for genes and glands.)


This PEARL which they so anxiously awaited for millennia, was symbolized by the two sides of the sea shell around the Mary icons.


The cool non consuming fire of this glandular/genetic implosion cocooning(bliss/ tantra / Shem-AN) had the potential to redeem their race (and ours in the process). (A pure biological -fusion form of what in Atlantis/Thule was referred to as Tuoai Stone or Fire Crystal... the 'Vril').

This redemption consisted of a kind of priming of the pump / and steering pilot bubble thru lightspeed for whole soul groups (the true meaning of "The Lazarus Effect" Laze-RRR-Us, an RRRR in Sumerian meant artificial planetoid thru time.)


In effect, this 'Pearl' was the harvest bubble (true Amenti's purpose), which were gene pools / soul-groups appropriate survival test and only way out during the inevitable time when their nourishing SUN would orgasm (embed fully by phase cross in regional star gravity eros) (2000-2012 A.D. here).


Sun's like ours hungered for the stuff of soul-groups inhabiting their wormes, like a fetus hungers for ectoplasm/real blood. So although they (Solar logos) loved symbiotic genepools on their birthing planets, they are willing to risk toasting our planet in Solar wind for the chance (Compression = rapture).


It turned out convenient that purely interventionist non-ensouled soul fragments like some Draco's (abducting children, the firefight at Dulce etc.) who only eat human gland juice parasitically (most of contemporary Earth 'religion') would also be toasted in the process (like vampire Drakhul in massive sunlight implosive) since they too had otherwise lost access to the time wormes of escape (what else would teach the Pope to return the billions in gold from the murdered witches/queens).

This is what was meant by the arrival of the true high Drac. & Ciakar (winged Drac/Cherubim) signaling the end of most religion as we know it.


The Fatima Apparition (which predicts the end of Pope John's and Paul's church - much different than was officially revealed) was a Drac ship near the same Orion base known for UFO activity just North of Sintra. Read about the COLLECTIVE Doma Draco queen's apology for starting both Muslim and Catholic religion by manipulation, and further intervention at Fatima.


Also see: blackbirds nest: 

In the meantime, they (Drac's/Dragons/Asuras) used the ancient principles of installing blood rites at the magnetic lines (lightning for all primal soups) of symmetry in grids to try to catch the spin into their DNA (picture the Ark of the Covenant moved from Dragon Line to Dragon Line by Templar worker bees.)


This parallels Tutankhamon's blood rite as used in ritual to regulate weather in Egypt (Ptah's body as field embedded in fractal landscape.) (Marciniak's somewhat manipulated attempts with menstrual blood at the dome of the rock for example.)

Anger at (one of) the race(s) who engineered us serves no more purpose than Hitler's response at the interventionist H-IBI-URU, source of aryan's ORI-AN's Egg (Oedipal Mother killing by Fatherland.) The high Draco dragon queens brought to our race some of the juiciest DNA in the galaxy. This was a potentially excellent cookbook.


Crossing our Monkey plus IBIs bird Ophanic genes, was not unlike two lasers discovering how to perfectly annihilate each other without heat. The resultant phase conjugate mirror could implode & phase sort correct unto perfect sustainability and reverse in time by even our current physics, any other approaching beam. Talk about conjugal relations. Holy fusion! Let us enjoy the phi-re.


The angrier the Rabbi's get at discovering their Yalweh (Enlil) was a medium grade reptile (who without us could not embed), the more attention is drawn. Attention is the raw material of fusion (like Dorothy getting a look at her wizard behind the smoke screen.)

So this brings us to pictures of reptile and dragon (draco) like beings worshipping Magdalen (hive fans the fires of their new queen of the royal jelly.. oils of messeh).


Clearly they were a race whose power to MAGnetize came specifically from inhabiting powerful fields which travel thru rocks: (dragon's fire needing 'slaying' by Michael/Enlil... the Mother Anger one... (only) Enki's mother was IBI NOT Draco... Arthur now knows the Father of the Mother...)

In the personage of a BIRD/DOG ARI-AN or IBIs like blood line cross, the possibility existed of creating a new hybrid hive queen who could lead their ashtar collective (heartless telepathic domain) out from the trap they had fallen into, by genetic hygiene weakness, (nephelim means "fallen ones").


The trap was at this point preventing them from re-inhabiting the Sun, whose near implosion upcoming stood to toast those who could not follow their ANcestors back the way they had come (SOLARiAN's, SOL-URUs, SUN-Gods -- literally arrival was thru the eye of the sun ../eyeofthesun ).

A few of our new children are in fact able to see thru the sun like it was an extension of the focal worm of their own body incubus aura.

This skill is a prime significance to a species in SAUDADE... Yearning for a destiny that is not yet... Yearning to Navigate - at the Port of the Gaol... the Graal.





The mirror symmetry opposite line on the globe of the Michael/Dragon Line (from UK thru Azores -calculated by accurately extending the vector from Avebury thru St. Michael's Mount), comes Ashore in North America, within 25 miles of Tryon, North Carolina, where Louis XVII (Magdalen's descendant) as Daniel Peyseur settled with the Magdalen Sun King fortune seed for Rockefeller (see "Pandora's Box" book by Alex Christopher).


In this area also moved the red-haired Cherokee (Adawi as Bird tribe?) children by Merlin who spoke Celtic (Vincent Bridges scholarship).


Moving from this tilt pivot of the Eagles spine (Appalachian "Blue" "ridge" ) tail, to the head in Pennsylvania (click below image), we find the southward migration of Sinclair's Templar descendants from Nova Scotia "Holy Grail Across the Atlantic", into the Masonic "Women in the Wilderness" inhabiting "Et in Arcadia" on the 7 Arrows north from PHI-lo-D'el-PHI-a.



Unretouched Soils Map (color coded only by soil type)

of the central 1/3 of the state of Pennsylvania





Additional Information