August 15, 2002

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"Beloved, I (jesus) wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in HEALTH, even as thy soul prospereth"

(III John v.3).


Definition of terms for this exposé

Vaccination and inoculation are often used interchangeably today


To be immune from catching a certain disease e.g., childhood measles makes a person immune from catching measles for the rest of his/her life.



Injection of diseased matter of cows, calves, monkeys, pigs or other animals into the human bloodstream in order to make one immune from human diseases like smallpox.


The practice of injecting a human disease like smallpox into the bloodstream in order to make a person immune from catching smallpox.


Medieval Latin or scientific name for SMALLPOX – an exclusively HUMAN disease which is caused by the bite of a blood-sucking insect named Cimex Lectularius or the bedbug.


From the Latin word for COW. Name that was given to cowpox that Jenner injected into humans in order to make them immune from smallpox.



A disease of cows' udders which is caused by milking cows with dirty or cut hands.



Vacca is the Latin word for cow.


A calf is a young cow or bull. Lymph (poison) for vaccines comes from calves.

A bull is a male cow.



Medicine man Edward Jenner was the father of modern vaccination!!

Edward Jenner - a quack doctor - was the father of the filthy practice of vaccination:

Edward Jenner S.J. (1749 —1823).


Edward Jenner was an S.J. - a Slick Jesuit - who taught the medical world how to use the POISONED NEEDLE. He was the first to associate human diseases with that of animals. This idea paved the way for vaccination which is responsible for the deaths of multiplied millions of people around the world. The idea that humans and animals are related and share the same diseases led to the theory of evilution which is responsible for the spiritual death of multiplied millions more.

In the countryside in Gloustershire, England, where Jenner lived, the farmers had a legend or superstition that catching cowpox (a disease of cows which was transferred to the cows' udders by unwashed or bleeding hands) would act like a charm or amulet to make them immune from catching the human disease of smallpox.

Medicine man Jenner took this local legend or old wives' tale and turned it into a scientific FACT. He did this by first getting some scientific credentials (M.D., F.R.S. - Fellow of the Royal Society). Next he wrote a book and on the title page only he used the term VARIOLAE VACCINAE. This means in Medieval Latin: smallpox of the cow. Thus associating a human disease with a disease of the cow. There never was such a disease as smallpox of the cow until "Dr." Jenner invented it for the title of his book.

Jenner invented a new disease - VARIOLAE VACCINAE - smallpox of the cow!!

Cover of Jenner's book written in 1798.

Notice how medicine man Jenner cleverly uses the scientific name for smallpox, VARIOLAE, and associates it with the cow disease of cowpox. He NEVER mentions the name VARIOLAE VACCINAE again in his book. It is mostly about HORSE GREASE being the cause of smallpox of the cow. Jenner figured that very few people would actually read the book but most would just look at the COVER and make a mental association between Smallpox and Cowpox.

Dr. Charles Creighton - a brilliant Scottish doctor - exposed Jenner's clever sleight of hand in his masterly tome: Jenner and Vaccination.

Dr. Charles Creighton

"The title of Jenner's cowpox paper is: "An Inquiry into the Causes and Effects of the Variolae Vaccinae, a Disease discovered in some of the Western Counties, especially Gloucestershire, and known by the name of the Cowpox." An objection might be taken to "discovered," but let that pass. The leading line in this full and learned title is Variolae Vaccinae, which is the only name in the short title. Now Variolae Vaccine is Latin for smallpox of the cow.


An affection of cows and milkers, which had been known to country people for generations as the cowpox, is suddenly introduced to the learned, who had never heard of it before, under a brand-new name. The new name is put in the forefront of the title, it overshadows the old country name both by its prominence and by its semblance of scientific precision, and, for purposes of short reference, it becomes the sole name. This startling novelty is on the title-pages, and only on the title-pages.


Jenner never says, in the preface or text, that the name is a new one, hitherto unheard of in veterinary or medical writings; he never says a single word to justify its invention; he never once uses it in the preface or text at all. But there it stands in the title as the full, correct, and scientific name of the disease, to be copied in journals and repeated in a hundred ways when not one word of the essay would be copied or repeated, carrying with it, in short, all the power over the ideas that a descriptive synonym for an unfamiliar thing does naturally carry with it."

(Jenner and Vaccination, Dr. Charles Creighton, p. 44).

This is like saying that a horse chestnut (a tree) and a chestnut horse are the same thing or that a beetle (an insect) is the same thing as a BEATLE (a decomposing rock musician).

The only correlation between smallpox and cowpox is that both names ended in POX. Heaven and Hell both start with the same letter H but they are vastly different places.

Jenner inoculating his 18 months old son with swinepox. His son will die of TB when he is 20.

"Getting the jab." Jenner inoculates an 8 year old boy named" James Phipps with cowpox.

The boy will die of TB at 21.

Egyptian god Thoth in form of baboon.

Erasmus Darwin S.J. (1731—1802).


Monkeys to men fable was stolen from ancient Egypt by Darwin.

Erasmus Darwin (another doctor) was the grandfather of ape-man Charles Darwin. Since Jenner claimed that humans and animals shared the same diseases, the next step was to promulgate the idea that they had a common ancestor.

Darwin was the father of another fable called the theory of evolution. He STOLE it from the Egyptians and never paid a penny in royalty fees.


This is what Darwin said about Jenner and his vaccination:

"Dr Erasmus Darwin, the famous author of Zoonomia, wrote to Jenner on the 24th of February, 1802 (a few weeks before this death): "In a little time it may occur that the christening and vaccination of children may always be performed on the same day."

(Jenner and Vaccination, Dr. Creighton, p. 188).

(Editor's note: christening means sprinkling babies with water to make them Christians).



Both christening and vaccination are inventions of that old Serpent the devil


Charles ape-man Darwin S.J. (1809—1882)

Nobody except old Beelzebub himself has sent more souls to hell than this ape-man. His grandfather and Jenner laid the foundation of the MAD idea of turning the FABLE of evolution into a scientific FACT.


Inoculation came from ancient Egypt via India

Isis or Hathor— the Egyptian holy cow goddess.

Her name means "The Dwelling of Horus", for it was thought that Horus as the Sun God came to rest each evening on her breast before being reborn with the awakening dawn. Hathor is the great Sky-goddess that as a celestial cow gave birth to the universe. She was often represented as a cow or with bovine attributes such as a cow's head, cows’ ears or horns on her headdress.


Hathor was the goddess of Joy and Motherhood and the embodiment of all that is best in women. She was also considered the goddess of music, song, dance and lighthearted pleasure, but she was essentially a Moon goddess. She was considered the protectress of pregnant women and midwives. Her main cult centre was at Dendera, where she was worshipped along with her husband, Horus.


Hathor was the Supreme goddess of sexual love in Egypt, immediately identified with Aphrodite by the Greeks. Her temple at Dendera was in The House of Intoxication and Enjoyments. Her main attributes were two ritual instruments carried by her priestesses, the sistrum, a bronze sacred rattle and the menat, a necklace, thick with beads and a counterpoise long enough to be grasped in the hand which was only worn by Hathor, but used by her priestesses as a healing instrument.


In Greece she was also known as Diana of the Ephesians and in Rome as Venus. Papal Rome later stole her from the Egyptians... and called her the Virgin Mary!!

During the Dark Ages, Papal Rome had a death grip on Europe. The four horsemen of the Apocalypse - war, famine, disease and death - rode roughshod over the world for over 1000 years. Lack of personal hygiene and sanitation led to plagues and epidemics which caused the deaths of millions of people.


The monkish orders set the course that history took during this dark night of the world:

Anthony (251 - 330)

was the founder of the Roman Catholic monastic orders.

Anthony was an Egyptian hermit and the founder of the Roman monastic orders. He was the patron saint of pigs. In this picture he is shown with his favorite animal under his habit. Owing to the fact that the Roman monks never bathed, nobody ever got too close to them to hear what they were saying.

With the dawning of the blessed Reformation morning, Satan saw the handwriting on the (door) wall. A restored Bible would bring the blessings of true Christianity, good health, hygiene, and sanitation that Europe had not seen for over 1000 years.

Satan was not about to roll over and die however. He raised up his champion, Ignatius LIEola, to resist and delay the dawning of the blessed day.

Ignatius LIEola

(1491 — 1556) (Mr. I.H.S.).


LIEola found that the European demons were powerless to resist the sword of God's Word so he decided to send his disciples to the four corners of the earth in order to find more potent poison to kill the Reformation.


 One of them, Francis Xavier was sent to India and Japan.

Jesuit priests made contact with the most powerful medicine men

in order to find more potent poison to kill the Reformation.

Francis Xavier (1506 —1552)

was sent to India and Japan.

Francis Xavier was sent to India and he made contact with the powerful Brahmin priests and medicine men. It was there that the Jesuits learned the Brahmin mode of inoculating to appease the vicious, vengeful demon of smallpox.

A Malaba woman invoking the goddess of smallpox

and carrying fire on her head symbolic of the disease.

A Religious Dramatic Representation of

the Power of the Hindu goddess of Smallpox.

"The goddess stands with two uplifted crooked daggers, threatening to strike on the right and left. Before her is a band of the executors of her vengeance. Two of them wear grinning red masks, carry black shields, and brandish naked scimitars. White lines, like rays, issue from the bodies of the others, to indicate infection.


On the left there is a group of men with spotted bodies, inflicted with the malady; bells are hung at their cinctures, and a few of them wave in their hands black feathers. They are preceded by musicians with drums, who are supplicating the pity of the furious deity. Behind the goddess, on the right, there advances a bevy of smiling young women, who are carrying gracefully on their heads baskets with thanksgiving offerings, in gratitude for their lives and their beauty having been spared.


There is, besides, a little boy with a bell at his girdle, who seems to be conveying something from the right arm of the goddess. This action may probably be emblematic of inoculation. In a country where every thought, word and deed are mere repetitions of those of their progenitors, a composition like this bears the stamp of great antiquity."

(History of Inoculation & Vaccination, Lecture Memoranda, A.M.A., p. 18).

The Jesuits became willing students of the Brahmin medicine men:

"The man who after Xavier had the greatest success in India, but who also perverted the character of the mission, and introduced the most abominable idolatry, was Father Francis Nobili. He arrived at Madura in 1606, and was surprised that Christianity had made so little progress in so long a time, which he attributed to the strong aversion which the Indian had for the European, and to the fact, that the Jesuits, having addressed themselves more especially to the Pariahs, had caused Christ to be considered as the Pariahs' God.'


He therefore resolved to play the part of a Hindu and a Brahmin. After having learned with wonderful facility their rites, their manners, and their language, he gave himself out as a Saniassi, a Brahmin of the fourth and most perfect class; and, with imperturbable impudence, he asserted that he had come to restore to them the fourth road to truth, which was supposed to have been lost many thousands of years before.


He submitted to their penances and observances, which were very painful; abstained from everything that had life, such as fish, flesh, eggs; respected their prejudices, and, above all, the maintenance of the distinction of classes. It was forbidden the catechumen Pariah to enter the same church with the Sudra or Brahmin converts. All this was the beginning of those heathen ceremonies and superstitions with which the Christian religion was contaminated."

(History of the Jesuits, J. B. Nicolini, p. 108).

Dr. J .Z. Holwell sent a most detailed account of these religious rites to the College of Physicians in London in 1767.

"Inoculation is performed in Indostan by a particular tribe of Bramins, who are delegated annually for this service from the different Colleges of Bindoobund, Eleabas, Benares, & c. over all the distant provinces: dividing themselves into small parties, of three or four each, they plan their traveling circuits in such wise as to arrive at the places of the operation consists only in abstaining for a month from fish, milk, and ghee (a kind of butter made generally of buffalo's milk); the prohibition of fish respects only the native Portuguese and Mahomedans, who abound in every province of the empire."

(An Account of the Manner of Inoculating for the Smallpox in the East Indies, Dr. J. Z. Holwell, F.R.S.).

Lady Mary Wortley Mongau

(1689 -- 1762).

In the year 1717, Lady Mary Wortley Montagu was the smokescreen that the Jesuits used to introduce this Indian religious rite into England. Lady Mary was not even a doctor. Inoculation or variolation was given the sanction of the Royal Family when 2 daughters of the Prince of Wales were inoculated. Barbaric as this religious rite was; it was the human disease of smallpox that was injected into the bloodstream.


Inoculation was the FOOT-IN-THE-DOOR to prepare the people for something far worse.

Edward Jenner

(1749 —1823)

When Jenner invented his Variolae Vaccinae or smallpox of the cow, he planted the insidious seed that men and beasts share the same disease... and therefore must be related. This opened the door to vaccination or the injecting of animal diseases into humans. This new bizarre rite spread like the plague all over England.


It was not confined to England however, it soon spread to Continental Europe and even crossed the ocean to America.

Dr. Luigi Sacco - The Jenner of Italy

"It was not unusual," Marshall wrote home to Jenner, "to see in the mornings of the public inoculation at the Hospital, a procession of men, women, and children, conducted through the streets by a priest carrying a cross, come to be inoculated. By these popular means it met not with opposition, and the common people express themselves certain that it was a blessing sent from Heaven, though discovered by one heretic and practiced by another."

(Jenner and Vaccination, Dr. Creighton, p. 288).

Dr. Francis Xavier Balmis - The Jenner of Spain

"The great event in connection with Spain was the expedition of Dr. Francis Xavier Balmis, physician to his Catholic Majesty. He obtained a concession to introduce vaccination to the colonies in America and Asia, and to defray expenses by freely trading in merchandise. He sailed from Corunna, 30th November, 1803, with twenty two children for the propagation of virus.


The Canary Islands were first visited, then Porto Rico, and at Caracas the party divided, Don Francis Salvani proceeding to Peru and Chili, whilst Balmis attended to Cuba and Mexico, crossing the Pacific to the Philippines with twenty-six children to maintain the succession of the virus, and proceeding from thence to Macao and Canton. Having circumnavigated the globe as vaccinator and trader, Balmis re-appeared in Madrid with great éclat, and kissed the King's hand on 7th September, 1806 . . . "

(The Story of the Great Delusion, William White, p. 401)


Louis Pasteur - the Jenner of France

Louis Pasteur was the Jenner of France. He conducted all kinds of ghoulish experiments on animals in order to prove his germ theory of disease. His ancestors were Huguenots who were forced to embrace Romanism by the Inquisition.

Louis Pasteur

 (1822 - 1895)

Pasteurization of milk is named after Pasteur. This process involved heating milk until ALL the nutrients are boiled away. We are not allowed to drink real milk but the medical Inquisition lets us be vaccinated with diseased calf lymph.

Highlights of the Life of Medicine Man Jenner





Jenner is born on May 17, in Berkeley, Gloustershire, England, son of a clergyman in the "church" of England. The only difference between the "church" of England and the "church" of Rome is that it is popery without the pope!!


At the age of 14 he was apprenticed for seven years to Mr Daniel Ludlow, a surgeon of Chipping Sodbury, where he gained most of the experience needed to become a surgeon himself.


At the age of 21 he was sent for two years as a pupil to Dr. John Hunter, of
London, who undoubtedly was the most eminent surgeon of his day, and, like
Jenner himself, a keen naturalist. While in London he became friends with Joseph Banks would later become president of the Royal Society.


At 23, Jenner returned to his native village and started to practice as surgeon and
apothecary. Here he remained for 17 years, just a plain unqualified country surgeon and apothecary, unknown to the world at large, but keeping up a correspondence with Hunter on a variety of natural history subjects.


Jenner submits a paper on the nesting habits of the cuckoo.


Thanks to his friends in high places, Jenner is elected a member of the Royal Society for his paper on the nesting habits of the cuckoo.


Jenner becomes Dr. Jenner M.D., by buying a medical degree from the University of St. Andrew's for the sum of £15.


Edward Jenner vaccinates his 18 month old son with swine-pox. In 1798 he vaccinates his son with cow-pox. His son will die of TB at the age of 20.


On May 14, Jenner inoculates James Phipps, the eight-year old son of his gardener with cowpox disease which he had obtained from a local milkmaid named Sarah Nelmes. The boy develops cowpox but lives. In July, he inoculates the boy with smallpox. The boy dies at the age of 21 from tuberculosis.


Jenner sends a paper to the Royal Society about his newly invented disease: variolae vaccinae or smallpox of the cow. The paper is rejected and returned with a warning "He had better not promulgate such a wild idea if he valued his reputation."


Jenner publishes his Inquiry into the Cause and Effects of the Variolæ Vaccinæ. Variolæ was the common name for smallpox and vaccinæ was the scientific name for cow. So Jenner was able to equate smallpox (a human disease) with cowpox - a disease of animals.


Royal Jennerian Society is formed in London but dies out in 6 years due to lack of interest.


Jenner's son dies at the age of 21 from TB.


For inventing a new disease, the University of Oxford awarded Jenner an honorary M.D. degree.


James Phipps, the boy that Jenner used in his ghoulish experiments dies at 21 of TB.


Jenner dies and goes to meet his Maker who created all things after its kind, in 6 days, 6000 years ago.


John Baron writes The Life of Edward Jenner in 2 volumes. This panegyric was written by a man who was a consulting physician to the LUNATIC ASYLUM at Gloucester.

Timeline of the Medical Inquisition





Ignatius LIEola founds the Jesuit Order in Paris, France, on August 15.


Francis Xavier is sent to India and Japan by LIEola.


Jesuits introduce inoculation from India using Lady Montague as a smokescreen. Lady Montague wasn't even a doctor. Women doctors did not appear until over 100 years later.


Dr. Holwell sends back his report on the Brahmins inoculation techniques.


Jenner sends a paper to the Royal Society about his newly invented disease: variolae vaccinae or smallpox of the cow. The paper is rejected and returned with a warning "He had better not promulgate such a wild idea if he valued his reputation."


Edward Jenner publishes his Inquiry about his newly invented disease, variolae vaccinae, or smallpox of the cow.


Doctrine and practice of vaccination spreads like the plague all over England.


Doctrine spreads like wildfire all over the world. Benjamin Waterhouse of Harvard University brings it to the U. S.


Smallpox epidemic sweeps England and kills 22,081 people.


Inoculation is outlawed by the British Parliament.


In England, the Compulsory Vaccination Act is passed by Parliament. Every parent is required to have their baby vaccinated within 3 months of birth or face a fine of 20 shillings.


Medical Inquisition begins in U. S. as Massachusetts is the first State to adopt mandatory vaccination laws. Every State in the U.S. has them now.


Charles ape-man Darwin publishes his Origin of Species --microbes to monkeys to men thesis. Since animals, especially monkeys, are our close relatives it should be no problem to inject animal diseases in the blood of humans.


Nonpayment of fines for skipping smallpox vaccination result in harsher penalties. Thousands defy the medical Inquisition and leave Britain rather than submit their children to this barbaric rite.


Anti-Compulsary Vaccination League is formed in Britain.


Outbreak of smallpox all over Europe.


Smallpox continues to rage all over Europe.


In England, a Royal Commission is appointed to inquire into certain aspects of the vaccination question. The committee would be in session for 7 years and would issue 6 reports, with the final report in 1896. The result of the final report was the Vaccination Act of 1898.


Final report of the Royal Commission on vaccination. The commission could not ignore the mountains of evidence against vaccination so they recommended that mandatory vaccination should be stopped.


Vaccination Act removes penalties from vaccination law.


The Rockefeller and J. P. Morgan syndicate buys Encyclopedia Britannica and all derogatory references to vaccination are removed.


Flexner report is issued which calls for the elimination of over half the medical schools in the U.S.


Vaccination is made mandatory in the U.S. armed forces.


U.S. soldiers are vaccinated prior to going overseas to fight in WW I. They begin to drop dead by the thousands.


675,000 Americans and 25 million die worldwide from vaccination in the worst epidemic in the history of the world. The medical Inquisition covers it up by calling it "Spanish flu."


Great swine flu hoax. President Ford is vaccinated before a TV audience of millions. More than 500 people receiving flu vaccinations become paralyzed with Guillain-Barre Syndrome.


Gulf War begins. Thousands of coalition soldiers receive vaccination with the deadly anthrax germ.


Gulf War II - the Sequel - leads to the vaccination of the entire U.S. population!!



Moses was a great Scientist and Physician

Moses had no microscope!!

Moses had no microscope and he didn't need one. Moses was educated in all the wisdom of the Egyptians. The Egyptians knew a lot about the human body because they did not practice the barbaric custom of cremation. They believed in the resurrection of the body so the dead body was prepared for its last journey by mummification.

Oldest structure in the world is a burying place for the Pharaoh.

About 100 years before the Exodus, Egypt was hijacked by an ALIEN FORCE, and it became the domain of darkness and the Pharaoh was satan personified. All the false religious practices in the world today come from Babylon via Egypt.

Children of Israel worshipping the GOLDEN CALF.

The Egyptians worshipped hundreds of gods and one of them was the HOLY COW. The children of Israel brought this evil practice out of Egypt with them.

Moses was given detailed instructions by God about sanitary conditions. He speaks of frequent bathing... and washing of clothes. Quarantine was commanded to prevent the spread of infectious diseases etc., etc.


God describes the promised land as a land flowing with MILK and honey meaning that there would be lots of COWS and bees in the promised land.


Moses' Four Steps to Good Health


"If you will diligently hearken to my commandments I will put none of these diseases upon you which I put upon the Egyptians"

(Exodus 15:26).

Moses prohibited the Israelites from copying the Egyptian practice of inoculation.

"Thou shalt not ....make any cuttings in your flesh."

(Lev. 21:5).

Wherever the children of Israel settled we can be sure that they brought those hygienic practices with them.

"For Moses in old time hath in every city them that preach him, being read in the synagogue every Sabbath day."

(Acts 15:21).



Greek and Roman civilizations were clean and healthy and they did not inoculate

Roman bath. Everybody was encouraged to take a bath at least once a day and to keep their clothes clean to avoid diseases like smallpox

Roman aqueducts supplied pure drinking water to cities






Diseases like smallpox were unknown in the Roman Empire because they know that disease was spread by flies, polluted water, lack of sanitation, dirty clothes, overcrowding, etc., etc.


They never practiced inoculation because they had no need for it.

St. Paul was a great scientist too

St. Paul, who founded the true church of Rome, was also one of the most learned men that even lived. When Paul was testifying of the resurrection of Christ before King Agrippa and Festus, Festus cried out:

“Festus said with a loud voice, Paul, thou art beside thyself; much learning doth make thee mad. But he said, I am not mad, most noble Festus; but I speak words of truth and soberness."

(Acts 25: 25-26).

St. Paul’s biographer and traveling companion was another learned man a doctor named St. Luke.

“Luke, the beloved physician, and Demas greet you.”

(Col. 4:15).

St. Paul’s Biology

In the great resurrection chapter of the Bible (I Cor. 15) St. Paul talks about Christian burial and the resurrection of the body on the last day. Here is what he has to say about biology:

“All flesh is not the same flesh: for there is one kind of flesh of men, another of beasts, another of fishes, and another of birds."

(I Cor 15:39).


Editor's Notes

Calf bound and tortured to produce calf lymph for vaccines!!

"By referring to the cut on this page it will be seen that the living calf or heifer is first bound down on a movable tilting table, and its belly is shaved and on the clean, tender skin of a most tender part one or two hundred cuts or scratches are then made, as shown, and into these cuts or scratches is rubbed some "seed virus," obtained directly or indirectly from human smallpox, and other known or unknown human or animal infections.


But just what infections this "seed virus" contains it seems impossible to find out, and it seems also that even the virus makers themselves either do not know definitely what they are using and making, or will not state.


But they certainly should be compelled by law to disclose fully the exact nature and origin of their viruses, and to publish the same clearly and openly, and should also be rigidly bonded to the State and the National Government for all damages to animals or mankind caused by any disasters from their dangerous methods and products. "

(Horrors of Vaccination Exposed and Illustrated, p. 79).


Cows are injected with a deadly Growth Hormone

Thanks to Pasteur and the Medical Inquisition, we cannot buy whole raw milk anywhere in the United States but its OK to buy milk from cows injected with a DEALDY Bovine Growth Hormone.

It's OK to have diseased calf lymph injected into the bloodstream but we are not allowed to drink real milk. We can buy dead rats in the vats beer and wine at every corner but you cannot buy real uncontaminated milk anywhere!!


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