Last update: November 04, 2004

Crystalline-Scalar-Mechanics based weapon technology promoted by the collective of renegade Necromiton-Andromie/Jehovian Anunnaki hybrid Nephilim races, now member of the UIR - United Intruder Resistance in contact with a group of Humans known as the "Labyrinth Group."

This technology utilizes inter-time manipulation intended to create "minute time rips" into the Phantom Matrix.

These groups has code-named this process "Blank State Technology "or "BST" (Founders think of it as "the BeaST").

Release of the "BeaST Pulse" is intended to accomplish several invasion objectives.

Objective three constitutes the intentional shattering of the dimension 8 through 12 portions of Earth Planetary Shields and reversal of the natural "Fire Letter Sequences" (Scalar Wave Sequences) in D-1 through D-7 portions of Earth’s Planetary Shields.

This despicable plan would seemingly serve to "erase history," creating a "Blank Slate" of Earth history within which to insert the history of Phantom Earth (thus the "BS-T" code name)

I would be as if our true history was "erased" and a portion of our present literally inserted into the Phantom Earth time line.

(Voyagers II - Page 554-555)

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Phantom Earth

Last update: November 04, 2004

(See: Phantom)

During the 2012-2017 transition, the particles of Earth that are unable to fully shift into the faster pulsation rate, those that can not reach an accretion level of 3.5, will create a Phantom Earth that will return to the D-3 time cycle. (2.5 Accretion Level)

The Phantom Earth will no longer remain attached to the Morphogenetic Field (MF) of Earth and Tara.

This condition is referred as a planet being "cut out of the grid".

The planet is no longer attached to the evolutionary imprint contained within its morphogenetic field.

A Phantom Planet is no longer capable of evolving out of the Harmonic Time Cycle in which it is placed, it is no longer considered an Ascension Planet, it is called a Descending Planet.

Such a planet will continue to evolve within its
Harmonic Universe time cycles, slowly expending the energies held within its core, until its particle pulsation rhythms slow, its temperature cool and eventually implodes to become a Black Hole.

It can take billions of years for Descending Planet to meet this destination, this does not occur quickly, and life can continue to evolve upon its surface for many years.

The phantom version of Earth will be cut off form the interdimensional Time Matrix

(Voyager II – Page 166)

If the core energy centers of your bodies are not raised to sufficient pulsation rhythm to receive the stellar frequencies which will be transmitting through Earth’s grid during Earth’s Stellar Activations, you will be unable to accompany Earth in the Stellar Activation process.

In this case, Earth will make the shift into the Bridge Zone Time Continuum, but you will not; you will find yourselves stationed upon the "Phantom Earth" Descending Planet.

In Phantom Earth you will be cut off form your Soul Matrix and evolutionary blueprint and in need of a Host Soul Matrix Transplant in order to continue evolution.

This condition can be avoided through a conscious participation in the Stellar Activation process.

(Voyager II – Page 473)

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Last update: November 04, 2004

The term Phantom refers to the state of a Planet, Galaxy, Universe, etc. - or the part of it - which have become Descending, that is, unable to evolve out of the Time Matrix.

Phantom: Unable to Ascend through the multi-dimensional cosmic structure and out of the Time Matrix.

(See: Phantom Earth, Phantom Matrix)

A Phantom Planet, along with all life forms on it, is trapped within the fields of time.

(Personal Healing Through Planetary Service Handbook – Page 11)

This Phantom Planet condition is referred to as planet being "cut out the grid". The planet is no longer attached to the evolutionary imprint contained within its Morphogenetic Field.

A Phantom Planet is no longer capable of evolving out of the Harmonic Time Cycle in which it is placed, it is no longer considered an Ascension Planet, it is called a Descending Planet.

Such a planet will continue to evolve within its present
Harmonic Universe time cycles, slowly expending the energies held within its core, until its particle pulsation rhythms slow, its temperatures cool and eventually it implodes to become a black hole.

It can take billions of years for a Descending Planet to meet its destination, this does not occur quickly, and life can continue to evolve upon its surface for many years.

(Voyagers II – Page 167)

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Phantom Matrix

Last update: November 04, 2004

(See: Phantom)

The Phantom Matrix is an unnatural
Black Hole System that continually accretes energy and consciousness from the living "host" Time Matrix to which it is attached.

In 22,326 BC, the Founders recognized that the Phantom Matrix, created during the Lyran-Elohim Founders Wars 250 billion years ago (Earth time translation), had almost reached.

The Black Hole system had pulled into itself nearly as much energy mass and consciousness than the organically held within our natural Time Matrix.

If the Phantom Matrix reaches critical mass accretion, its draw upon the living Time Matrix will progressively accelerate and our living Time Matrix will be permanently "pulled off the grids" of the Density-5 Primal Light Fields and into the chaotically organized, finite Phantom Matrix.

If the Christos Realignment Mission is not successful during the current SAC, this entire Time Matrix, not only the Earth, will be pulled into the Phantom Matrix Black Hole via the Halls of Amenti Star Gates.

Many innocent inter-galactic civilizations would be trapped in Phantom Time, denied their right of organic Ascension Mastery and Eternal life.

Since the issue of severing the ties between the Living and Phantom Matrices came to head in 22,326 BC (when "time was up" and the "host" Time Matrix was due to collapse), the Fallen Angelics have planned to achieve forced dominion of this Time Matrix, with intention of drawing it into the Phantom Matrix as an energetic "food supply."

They continue to make this unfortunate choice, rather than accepting the Founders continually loving invitation into peaceful Emerald Covenant Co-evolution Freedom Treaties.

(Voyagers II - Page 551)

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Black Hole

Last update: November 04, 2004

All within the Time Matrix is interconnected, and when a planet or galaxy is blown off the grid a hole is left within the grid “fabric” – Called a Black Hole.

This Black Hole affects everything within the area of activity surrounding the hole, as energy flowing around the broken grid lines hits “blank spots” of breaks in the pattern.

When energy approaches the Black Hole in the fabric of the Time Matrix it is magnetically pulled into the black hole and is no longer able to reenter the Time Matrix from the position in which it first entered the hole.

This “energy” can take the form of an individual in biological form, a personal “Soul Matrix” or a Soul, a planet or galaxy or the entire galactic Soul Matrix.

When one element enters the Black Hole its own sequential program will serve as a “beacon” for all other energies possessing that particular coding and systematically pulls in more and more energy from its home system creating an exponentially expansive quantity of depleted energy in the system.

The Black Hole will not stop from pulling energy unless it is sealed off.

(See: Monadic Reversal)

(Voyager I – Page 67)

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Last update: November 04, 2004

Advanced "Crystalline Micro-chip" technologies of the ancient Atlantian and Lemurian systems that were implanted on Earth’s Template during various periods of the Atlantis/Lemuria.

  • APIN - Atlantian Pylon Implant Network.

  • LPIN - Lemurian Pylon Implant Network.

(Voyagers II – Page 518)

APIN/LPIN technology systems can be compared to massive global grid systems made of strategically placed "crystalline micro-chips" (similar to the silicon-based microchips used in conventional computer technologies) that interface directly with the natural, multidimensional, electromagnetic energy conduits of Star Gates, Axi-A Tonal and Ley Line systems organic to Earth’s Templar.

APIN/LPIN technology is not intrinsically a "negative" technology, but rather an environmentally valid application of the natural, spiritual and scientific laws of Creation Physics.

Before these technologies fell into the hands of Fallen Angelic races, they were used openly by various Guardian races in many universal systems to facilitate and enhance the experience of evolution and ascension for all.

Guardian races utilized APIN systems for everything from global free energy systems, climate stabilization and healing, to inter-stellar sub-space communications and broadcasting networks.

(Voyagers II – Page 367)

After the Lucifer Rebellion during 25,500 BC these APIN systems were in active use as tools of territorial dominion by various competing Fallen Angelic/Intruder ET factions throughout the Atlantian period.

(Voyagers II – Page 367)

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Twelve Tribes

Last update: November 04, 2004

The twelve sub-species of humans reseeded upon the Earth 20 to 25 million years ago.

At this time, the creators of the Turaneusiams decided to try another experiment: To seed again their humans into the Earth system, but this would be done more slowly – the genetic imprint of the original prototype (the 12 strands DNA Silicate Matrix) would be broken down into sections or sub-imprints.

Each imprint would be used to create a “smaller” prototype or sub-species of the original Turaneusiam created in Tara. The genetic package was broken down into twelve units, each containing two primary attributes of the original pattern that contained twelve strands of DNA.

The twelve groups of beings or “Tribes” were separated. As each of the twelve groups overcame the duality coded within its genetic structure, it would be brought into alignment with the tribes that have done the same. Through this process the human genetic strain would, over time, evolve into the wholeness of its original twelve strand DNA pattern again.

It was and is a plan that would take several hundred thousand years to complete, if the species was able to evolve rather than fall into de-evolution once more.

Adam” and “Eve” were symbolic personages representing this polarization of the twelve single strands of DNA into twelve sub-species and the birth of duality of consciousness.

The original plan for the species, as dictated by the original Turaneusiam creator groups and their Breneau allies, was the evolution of the species and the growth of the intellect and intelligence to the point where the truth of origins could be understood.

Once the new human sub-species evolved to comprehend their origins they would be able to reassemble the dismantled DNA within their cellular structure, organize the actual original memory imprints, and with the help of inter-dimensional teachers connect to their original soul matrix families. Only through this connection to their original Soul Matrices could the species re-bundle the DNA - 12 Strand of the first Turaneusiam prototype.

(Voyager I – Page 41 and 78)

The evolution of the Angelic Humans Lineage has been riddled with war and strife since its creation 568 million years ago, as Fallen Angelic Legions have continually attempted to re-direct its evolutionary path into Fallen Angelic dominion.

This war was brought to Earth from Tara 250-25 million years ago and has continued ever since, requiring 3 seeding of the Christiac Angelic Race lines. We are presently in Seeding-3 of the 12-Tribes Christiac Angelic Human evolutionary cycle.

(Voyager I – Page 177)

The Tribal name is the Master Psonn.


Tribe Name


Suffix Tone







Ze-far-Doon a-Tur




Ma-a hoo ta



Yun Zu-Xen

Yu-Un Zoo-Zen



Chia Zhun Zan La-Yung

ChE’ ah-Zoon Yan LA-Yoong’




ME hah’ta a’g-ra




rah ma yah na shrid vE’Da




I O’Na too et il’ a



Nuagu Hali

Noo ah’ goo ha’ LE




A ME’ ka sun e too’r




Ma  a  ha’ LE – BrU’ A




IsU’ too  E’ shoo



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The 13th Pillar

Last update: January 11, 2005

(Double Eckasha-Aah 13th Pillar)

In response to the activation of powerful anti-Christiac currents into our Earth and related Universe, the Arc Auto-pilot Emergency Override System was automatically upgraded to trigger what is called a Level-6 opening of the Arc of the Covenant.

The Arc of the Covenant will now be transmitting frequencies from the levels closest to God Source known as the Eckasha-Aah Universe.

The energy life-force current associated with this level of Arc opening is referred to as the Double Eckasha-Aah 13th Pillar and this Pillar began activating within Earth’s shields on May 27 2003.

( - Shield of the Arc of the Covenant Codes section)


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MCEO (Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order)

Last update: November 30, 2004

  • (Emerald Order of the Melchizedek Cloister EOMC)

  • (Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order MCEO)

(See: MCEO Agenda)

The ancient MCEO (Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order) perspectives teach of the Inner Christos, or living God-spirit alive within all things, including the natural environment. “Inner Christos” philosophies are built upon understanding of what is referred to as the “Law of One”. Inner Christos Law of One perspective respectfully acknowledges the inter-connection, interdependence and intrinsic value of all components of reality in recognition that the Living Consciousness, “God-Spirit” or “Inner Christos” is the tangible substance of consciousness and energy from and of which all things manifest are composed. MCEO teachings offer people an opportunity for advancing personal empowerment through genuine spiritual development regardless of their religious affiliation.

The “Inner Christos” of the “Law of OneMCEO spiritual teachings belongs to everyone of every creed, not just those who choose to call themselves “Christians”. The word “Christos” (from which the word “Christian” later emerged) was originally spelled “Kristos” in the most ancient texts, and referred to the personal Divine Blueprint of Conscious Living God-Spirit energy of which all things and beings manifest are made.

To get more information, please go to:

EOMC teachings presently exist on Earth as a growing body of detailed information pertaining to the spirituality and science of creation and the history and evolution of humanity.

EOMC teachings offer unique perspectives, techniques and technologies of mind and spirit that have proven useful to many people in the exploration and expansion of personal consciousness. Information contained within EOMC teachings represents a cohesive paradigm of ideas, beliefs and perspectives reportedly translated from ancient texts, which together comprise an affirmative and inspirational “point of view” or “world view” regarding the tangible realities of spirituality, the mechanics of creation, the history of our universe and the potentialities of the human condition.

Like many popular “New Age” and “Traditional” paradigms of spiritual, scientific and historical beliefs, many points of view presented within EOMC teachings extend beyond the framework of presently recognized spiritual/religious, scientific and historical “fact” that can be verified through common contemporary scientific procedures. Thus, like many other popular belief paradigms, including ALL known “New Age” and “Traditional” spiritual/religious doctrines and many fields of contemporary scientific study, the perspectives presented within the EOMC teachings must, too, be presently categorized as theoretical in nature.

The verifiable actuality, and thus the potential validity, of the presently theoretical spiritual, scientific and historical perspectives of EOMC teachings pertaining to the:

-   Ancient Science of the Shields (scalar-standing-wave templates of matter and consciousness)
-   Merkaba Mechanics (interdimensional electromagnetic vortex mechanics)
-   DNA Template Activations (frequency accretion within the scalar template behind manifest chemical DNA)
-   Interdimensional Structure
-   15-Dimensional Anatomy
-   Bio-Spiritual Healing (support of biological healing and well being through holistic spiritual practice)
-   Humanity’s Evolutionary Journey

perspectives which are featured within the EOMC Kathara Bio-Spiritual Healing Program, EOMC Maharata “Dance For” Programs and related published works of the EOMC, cannot at this time be “proved or disproved”.

Therefore, the EOMC Paradigm and its related teachings, techniques and technologies are offered to the public as a unique and inspirational view point, solely for the purpose of public investigation, consideration and theoretical exploration.

(See: MCEO Agenda)

To get more information, please go to:

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Kathara Healing

Last update: November 10, 2004

The KATHARA Bio-Spiritual Healing System is the keystone teaching at the center of a huge body of material, all generically called the "Freedom Teachings", these are translated (not channeled) from Pre-Ancient, Pre-Atlantean, "Law of One" Maharata Texts, traces of which appear in various forms within many popular paradigms associated with "Ascension", "Merkaba", "Healing" and Personal Spiritual Empowerment.

(See: Kathara Grid, Kathara Team and Kathara Alliance)

See Kathara Healing Brochure

The tangible difference between popular paradigms and KATHARA is the self-evident, and utterly profound sense of depth, breadth, and sheer "rightness" that the materials inherently demonstrate; and to a degree truly beyond comparison.

So much so, that immense new scope is now available to develop evermore robust patterns for dramatic personal healing, growth and consciousness expansion.

KATHARA reveals the Anatomy of Creation, Core Structure, the blueprints and interconnectedness of all matter forms reaching far beyond the framework of all other holistic Healing Modalities while still embracing them fully.

The KATHARA framework enables the Core Programming Center of all life and all life conditions, to be directly accessed, to provide restoration, revitalization and regeneration of the natural, Divine, imprint for health. (Divine Blueprint)

The word Kathara refers to

that serve as the blueprints on which matter manifests.

Other energetic holistic systems utilize various "different" levels of the Morphogenetic Field, from the Chakras and Bio-Energetic System or Auric Field, to Meridians and Axiom A & B tonal lines, to facilitate healing limited only to the level of the blueprints of physical form.

The KATHARA Healing works with the core of manifest structure, it is highly compatible with all other Holistic, Traditional and Spiritual Healing systems, serving to amplify, intensify and harmonize the beneficial effects of multiple healing system combinations.

However, where numbered dimensional structure is held to be critical to the modality, some practitioners may suppose, initially, that compatibility may be more limited than is in fact the case.

Many Energetic Healing Systems that employ the framework of numbered dimensional structure do not fully acknowledge the intrinsic morphogenetic structure of the dimensional framework itself and therefore often confuse dimensional sub-harmonics and sub-frequency bands as full dimensional spectra.

The Kathara Bio-Spiritual Healing System is a 12-Level Professional Healing Certificate & Healing System sponsored by the Institute for Keylonta Science & the Azurite Press of the Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order (MCEO)

The Kathara Bio-Spiritual Healing System provides direct access to the intrinsic, core basis, original causal condition of dis-ease and its myriads of manifest form. All original, core, conditions are manifest as electro-tonal-scalar program of "Fire Letters and Geomantic Codes" (which function as Scalar Wave Guides).

The "Freedom Teachings" of which the Kathara Bio-Spiritual Healing System is an ultimate keystone, represents the authentic voice of the Law of One; a truth every open minded person, who has encountered the range, the depth, and the seamlessness of the "bodies of proof" offered, would readily, and eagerly confirm.

The Foundations of these material are vested in solid, advanced spiritual-scientific principles, build upon multiple dimensional structure, that reach beyond the Quantum, Unified Field and String Theories presently entertained by contemporary science.

And, it is on this unprecedented level of detailed and tightly integrated reasoning that a fully comprehensive Model of Identity Structure, and spiritual-psychological function, is presented.

Such a model is unparallel within contemporary Psychotherapeutic Sciences and, as a result, has withstood the scrutiny of a growing number of Medical and Complimentary Health professionals, along with the evolved skepticism of "disillusioned seekers", Therapists, Schoolteachers, "planetary grid workers" and Reiki masters to reference a few.

Kathara Healing Brochure

(Kathara Healing Workshop Brochure by Azurite Press on behalf of the MCEO)

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Keylonta (Keylontic Science - KS)

Last update: November 04, 2004

Keylontic Science derives its name form the word Keylon.

(Voyager II – Page452)

It is the language of the “Symbol Codes” (Subconscious from your perspective). The intrinsic, interior geometric-electric and magnetic structures that create the foundations for all form and structure within the dimensional systems.

(See: Keylontic Science: Uses)

A language of light, sound, pulsation and vibration of energy, and the method by which form is created and maintained within our system.

It represents the living codes of matter and all biologies built upon them. The Keylon Codes set everything from the type of body you will manifest through the genetics of your biology to the very chemical, hormonal and energetic functions which keep the body in motion.

It is the key to your known and unknown universe.

Keylonta is not merely a language as you think of it, but a tool, communications being one of its applications. Its dynamics are used in teaching and healing, but also in the literal formation of reality constructions where it serves as the structure upon which manifestations are built.

(Voyager I – Page25)

Keylonta is the new (but very old) cosmology.

  • It is the science of light, sound the subconscious symbol codes (Light Symbol Codes – which affect the way energy moves through the energy structure and biology structure) and the Base Codes of matter (Called Keylon Codes - they direct the contours of entry upon which forms are built).

  • Is the Science of creation, of the underlying structure of what matter is created from. It is the underlying structure of consciousness.

  • It is the science of creation and consciousness.

  • It is the science of microcosms and macrocosms interrelationship.

  • It is the science of energy dynamics through which matter forms and consciousness manifest.

  • It is the science of biological (physical), consciousness (spiritual) evolution.

  • It is the science of humanity’s relationship to its source and the cosmos.

  • It is the science of construction, perceptions and potentials of human organism and consciousness.

  • It is the science of the structure of multidimensional universe, humanity’s multidimensional identity and humanity’s relationship with other multidimensional life forms.

  • It is the science of the human soul and the family tree of consciousness out of which all of us emerge.

  • It is the science of DNA activation, genetic imprinting, cellular memory and transmutation of form. – Through understanding the dynamics of Keylonta we can literally change the way our DNA operates, and the DNA governs the structure of our physical body and our physical body will determine what type of consciousness we are able to bring in to our minds, our conscious mind, while we are here.

  • There is an intimate connection within Spirit - your spiritual aspect, your higher dimensional aspects - and consciousness moving through the body. Because you can have a wonderful level of developed consciousness in the higher dimensions but if you have a neurological structure that it is not able to handle the current of all that electrical information you wont have access that at your conscious levels. Keylonta gives us the tools and understanding of our parts enough so we can start to expand the potentials of our body, so we can bring more of our consciousness and awareness, so we can bring more of our soul into manifestation here.

  • It is the science of dimensional ascension, teleportation, bi-location and generation of identity by teaching you how to change vibrational rate of your molecular structure.

  • It is the science that explores the dynamics of time, space and matter and how those qualities of externalized reality are created and what are they really and what they appear to be.

  • We will find for example that time is not linear, as we perceive it to be, but simultaneous in nature, that all takes place in a non-space reality and that matter is actually a holographic illusion created by the refraction of energy particles and light and sound frequencies. We find that things are much different that what our five senses tell us how they are.

  • It is the science of ultra-micro-particle & anti-particle dynamics.

  • It is the science of the 12 human senses, not just the five.

There are 6 primary elements in the Science of Keylonta: (Keylontic Science)

1)   Partiki
2)   Partiki Grids
3)   Keylons (See: Keylontic Science: Uses)
4)   Keylon Codes
5)   The Crystal Body or Morphogenetic Field (MF)
6)   Light-Symbol Codes

(The Amenti Series 1 Classes - DVD 1)

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