by Ivan Cavalcanti

São Lourenço

August 20, 2009

from InterviewWithGods Website




This is a limited edition only for dissemination of the work and the author.

This is a work protected under copyright law.
All rights of distribution and dissemination of this work are exclusively reserved to the author.

We all live in a living planet, a fragile organism that needs balance to be able to sustain all living beings inside this wonderful network of minerals, plants, animals and men.
As a seeker in this universe of possibilities and information, I come to you with the intention of share my experiences and my knowledge.

I wrote a book, "Interview with Gods", which through a fictional story seeks to bring a new way to view, analyze and think about our lives and all living beings which surround us, providing us this wonderful opportunity to participate in all natural processes that sustain this universe.
The book's message is passed through an adventure, filled with actual topics, which exposes a new vision about the physical relations and supra-physical that affect our lives and our consciousnesses.
This book is free.

It's an attempt to bring to people independent information and provide them a material so they can reflect individually exempted from the pressures of any doctrines or rules.


  1. A stranger on the net

  2. One planet

  3. Security breach

  4. Inevitable meetings

  5. News from another world

  6. First interview - Creation

  7. Second interview - Life

  8. Third interview - Development

  9. Fourth interview - Integration

  10. Farewells and revelations

  11. The knowledge must be passed


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I would like to thank my family that always gave me support and comprehension.


I also would like to thank the small town of São Lourenço, located in the southern state of Minas Gerais.


Although I have born in Rio de Janeiro, since my childhood I learned to love this city, which I chose as my paradise. Its magical waters, the Mantiqueira Mountains, the pure air, birds singing, the delicious food, the sincere friends, and the feeling of living close to nature gave me joy and the balance to complete this book.


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I dedicate this book with all my heart for my dear grandparents Joao and Firmina.


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1 - A stranger on the net

From the space not so distant, the sight of our planet is like a large aquarium, a life sphere surrounded by a freezing vacuum.


At its front, the Sun, always sending incessantly to us the life's energy, which reaches every existent atom turning our spaceship in a large blue luminary, dotted by a mixture of brown shades, gray, green, and white lines. It's true that since some time ago the shades of green are decreasing fast, and with an increasing frequency we can see flashes ripping the darkness and huge swirls blocking the vision's field.


The white color that covered much of the extremities is getting blue day after day, and even the shape of the large clouds from upper layers appears to be changing. It's all changing, very quickly, but it's also undeniable that it still is an astonishing scene, a pearl, an oasis of life, which from up here seems to be the real paradise.


None sound found by ears, just this miracle, orbiting and cutting the great vacuum.

Many miles below, as we approach the surface, it becomes easier to see that the previous harmony seems to disappear. Outside the big blue ocean, the
shades of gray and brown are growing without any control and the noise is mixed in sounds of different voices, cars, planes and advertising. In the middle of all this chaos, those shades of green are the true oasis inside the great oasis quoted above. The life fight tirelessly in pursuit of expansion, but since sometime this fight has been uneven.

We're in January 2007, in the world, one more day, an afternoon or an evening, depending on where you are.


Millions sleep in their homes in parts of Europe, Asia and Oceania, while in America mothers prepare breakfast for their families. Young people are at Universities, police catches criminals, children are born and men die. Everything occurring at the same time at all parts. There will always be someone sleeping and someone waking up.

At millions of homes around the globe, in the morning, afternoon or evening, sitting in front of a computer, hundreds of millions navigate like electronic astronauts on the Internet. The issues and access are the most varied possible. While some are simply chatting, others buy any kind of goods. People do movements in their bank accounts while industries are developing new products; cultures interacts one with another.


This is a virtual world that pulsates and is always available, no matter the location or time-zone. It's like a new universe, ready to be exploited by anyone at any time, a universe where everybody feels safe. In their homes, schools or cyber cafes, they all feel protected by the apparent anonymity that brings a sense of control. It's a place where there seems not to exists the same fears of the real world.


As a Wonder land to search, buy, learn and dream freely. Is it really?

At Maryland, United States, in one of the many facilities of the government, Paul, the team leader of tracking and analysis of strategic information was about to end another day of work. Paul was an agent specialized in data communication, 35 years old and Ph.D. in telecommunications. He came to NSA (National Security Agency) after highlight himself in a large software company where he developed many projects for the government.

The NSA is the U.S. government agency responsible for tracking and making analysis of relevant information to national security and potential threats to the Western world.


This corporation works in an integrated manner with other agencies of allied countries sharing information and investigating all sort of suspicious exchange of messages circulating on the Internet, cellular telephony, wired telephony and radio equipments.


This activity is done through high technology and secret systems, as the controversial Project Echelon.


This project consists of a complex system interconnected by devices of top generation, which captures secretly patterns in any environment of electronic communication considered suspicious or of an strategic interest, through artificial intelligence and algorithms that run on supercomputers capable of performing millions operations per second.


The Echelon uses more than 100 satellites to intercept packets of information that range from e-mails exchanged on the Internet until telephone calls. It seeks in these sets of data, key words or sounds that fit into predetermined standards dictated by the agency in accordance with its fixed or momentary interests.

There is a suspicion that the system often is used to invade networks of large companies and governments in search of strategic information, military and commercial ones in order to give advantage to any firm financially linked to American interests. There is no network or computer connected to the Internet capable to escape from its invasive technology.

The Echelon was harshly criticized when its existence came to public knowledge through ex-agents. Due to the fact that it is a technology that violates the privacy rights of citizens and businesses, most of the information on this project is incomplete. The U.S. government never gave many details about them.

The existence of such kind of technology brings to light many questions about the advantages and disadvantages of the advances in modern communication and the increasing dependence we have on the Internet in our daily lives, in bank transactions, information exchange, products development, etc.

Security has become a big excuse for large government agencies to violate the people's basic rights with a furtive and illegal way in a difficult environment to control where most of people are completely ordinary. It's like taking candy from children, because even the large companies that invest millions in security, uses the technologies developed with sponsorship of these organs, and only after a long time it are released to the market.


The wolf creates the security technology and sells it to the sheep to protect themselves from each other.


But who can protect oneself from the wolf?

On his computer, Paul was analyzing a series of reports that showed to him some cases of suspicious communication among countries of Eastern Europe. In most of the time it was only e-mails exchanged by students in search of adventure or local criminals combining petty crimes.


Normally, these analysis were discarded for not to fit in the main project policies, which was early identification of plans for terrorist attacks, international smuggling of nuclear weapons, development of weapons by countries considered enemies, etc.

In his work bench he talked with the agent Junior:

- Paul: Junior, I was analyzing data from a large oil company in South America. It seems they are really doing great progress in the discovery of new reserves of oil and natural gas. Please consolidate all this information and prepare a report to our director, because there is great pressure from Washington to set a new strategy for fossil fuels for the next decade.
- Junior: Okay. I got it.
- Paul: Regarding the messages exchanged by groups in the Middle East and Asia, we'll continue reporting daily to our allies. I also want the reports with all communication of governments in all countries that we daily follow.
- Junior: Okay, boss. I have a comment about another subject.
- Paul: Go ahead.
- Junior: Since yesterday the system is detecting a range of information traveling through the internet servers in several countries, including ours, and we couldn't identify it.
- Paul: Do you know where it came from?
- Junior: I didn't find its origin yet, but I also have found that number of servers with this problem is increasing. So far no government facility or military unit has reported any invasion.
- Paul: Is it possible that to be a new program developed by an allied country?
- Junior: I still can't say what it is. Apparently the program didn't cause any damage to the affected servers.
- Paul: Have you checked if anything happened to any company affected by the anomaly?
- Junior: Yes, but the strange thing is that we have made contact with some companies here in our country and all of them reported they hadn't detected anything strange. I received the same description from all companies: there was a great loss of speed in their network and in their systems during the invasion, but no data was lost.
- Paul: What kind of virus could cause this?
- Junior: I still don't know, I'm trying to analyze the structure of this program to decodify it, but it seems to be a very complex algorithm. Its encryption key can't be broken.
- Paul: Let's get in touch with other offices to see if anyone else had also identified the anomaly. How long you think it will take to decodify the content of this program?
- Junior: Paul, it won't be easy. I named this anomaly "Inv-10512-07" and I sent all information to our expert in cryptography. I'll talk to him to see if he has made some progress. I'll call you later.
- Paul: Once you get some new information, let me know immediately. If all of this came from another crazy and intelligent hacker, we need to identify him and if necessary, neutralize him to protect our servers.

At his desktop, William, the cryptology chief and specialized in creating and unlocking encryption algorithms, answered the Junior's call, who asked him for information on the progress in the analysis of Inv-10512-07:

- William: Junior, this program seems to be a mechanism that seeks some computer address on the Internet for a particular purpose. I'm trying to identify the code system that was built, but there is a kind of protection that prevents to access its architecture. I'm still unable to identify its intention or how it was constructed. Have you managed to locate its source?
- Junior: We have two teams working on that. The program was found by our system on different servers, as if it had been inserted simultaneously from different locations at same time. The problem is that these source points are located in different continents.
- William: Do we have a new hacker?
- Junior: How would a hacker do this? Even to a multinational company, it would be very unlikely had this giant coverage. Until today, even in cases of terrorism we don't have records of unknown information moving through internet in so many places. Usually this type of communication is very limited, from point to point, making it invisible and hard to be found.

What I'm seeing now is exactly the opposite, a set of information that can't be read, and it's traveling the world via Internet.

Keep working on trying to break the encryption. I'll call Paul to tell him about this. Be prepared, because I believe it will take higher proportions if we fail to progress.

Upon receiving Junior's report, Paul became worried and called the director of NSA, a three star general of the U.S. Army in the area of security:

- Paul: Sir, we have a problem in an event called Inv-10512-07. This anomaly was identified circulating on the Internet. The usual procedures are being followed and it doesn't seem to be a threat of an aggressive type, but otherwise, so far, we failed to identify its origin or intentions.
- Director of NSA: Where this anomaly was detected?
- Paul: It's traveling through many countries, in different types of institutions such as companies, NGOs, hospitals, universities, etc. Firstly we have discarded industrial espionage because it is appearing in many places at the same time. Our major fear is that it can contain some kind of terrorist instruction or capturing information in a stealth way. We can already say that it's a product of high technology.
- Director of NSA: If this anomaly not appears to be a threat you really think that we need to elevate its status and invest time and resources on it?
- Paul: Sir, all the times we've failed to detect in advance terrorist attacks, or misuse of weapons or things like that, it happened because we couldn't intercept any information that led us to the plan before it could be executed. The success of some terrorist acts took place because of all planning and communication between members has occurred so rudimentary, without using any technology. This is the only way to escape from our tentacles.
- Director of NSA: Yes Paul, but for this type of threat we have the agents. Why are you worried?
- Paul: It's that in all other cases it was possible to detect threats in advance, through an email, a phone call or a hotel reservation. That is what worries me. Since the Echelon was activated, there is no type of information tracked by our specialists that has not been decoded and understood. The mere possibility of something indecipherable to us traveling freely in the electronic devices is a reason of great concern because it means that we could be blind and deaf again.

- Director of NSA: I understand Paul, so let's forward. Keep me informed.
- Paul: Okay, I'm changing the status from suspected anomaly to unidentified threat. As soon as I have some news, I call you.

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2 - One Planet

In 2000, in the eve of the turn of the millennium, according to the Western calendar, a Dutch couple, Hans and Catherine, traveling through the Brazilian Amazon and then by Argentinean Patagonia, delighted with all the beauty and harmony of nature that they found, and worried with the preservation of all these wonders, decided to create a group called "One Planet."


The purpose was to create a place without government or business connections in order to discuss freely issues related to environment and human behavior.


They created a website to share up to date information on the climate, deforestation, flora, fauna, human behavior, and other related issues. In the website was also created an electronic forum for all members around the world do exchange and share information on various topics posed for discussion by the group.

With little time of existence, the group quickly achieved a great success becoming a reference in electronic research and information exchange between people interested in protect the planet and other non-governmental institutions related to protecting the environment. The "One Planet" was formed by people rather eclectic on its origins and customs.


After some years of existence and consolidation of the site, it was formed a group of friends really interested in keeping their ideals, through adding new information and suggesting topics to be discussed.


An interesting feature of this group was that it had been composed by people of various nationalities, with completely different styles of life. In common, they had an awareness that nature is much more than trees, animals and water.

The cultural diversity is a feature very important in this type of activity. I say this because it's much more usual for such groups to be formed by individuals with common geographic interests. Some of them grow up quickly and often become international, as some currently known, but these larger groups are always divided in separated cells that act independently according to the closer interests.


The striking difference between the friends of the "One Planet" was that since it began, the proposal was discuss different topics related to nature in deep way and try to find out alternatives to the problems, always keeping the discussion in the field of ideas. The goal never was disclose offensive material or propose any aggressive action.

The "One Planet" never had any kind of external private sponsorship.


All expenses to the assembly of the site and for the creation of materials always have been the responsibility of people linked to its ideas. So, it always had a lean and collaborative structure, using an philosophical apolitical line of always address issues of global concern and disseminate it to largest number of people as possible, through the most democratic and cheap way, the internet. This group has become highly respected by those who had genuine interest in seeking alternatives to the problems that afflict our planet.


The group was formed primarily by professionals, scientists, teachers, and common people, who beyond their daily routines always had some time to think about something more.


They all were concerned with the quality of life that they would leave to their children and grandchildren, not just as a financial issue, but the world that these children would receive.

Returning to 2007, it was summer in the southern hemisphere. The thermometers were displaying 38 degrees Celsius in Rio de Janeiro and the beaches were full of people. Among the hot sand and the cold water, hundreds of children were hungry for fun and to get cool themselves of the intense heat. On the streets of the financial center, the men with their dark suits were melting themselves in sweat to keep a European style, while they were doing their business.


In the suburbs, thousands of improvised soccer fields were full of kids playing with a ball and with their dreams of success and fortune in European stadiums.
At the research center of Federal University, while whole city was Boiling, Joao, a Brazilian of 47 years, was working on his research to project a clean hydrogen fuel-based engine, which he was trying to develop since his degree. After many years he became a master in biochemistry.


Besides his project he taught classes to engineering students. Joao had made progress in his work and had already presented a prototype car, but in his country he never found enough financial support to invest and complete his project. In 2001 on a research trip to Europe he was introduced to the group "One Planet", when he attended a seminar on deforestation, and since then he begin to participate on all discussion forums, suggesting new topics and discussing the issues put in the website.

It was 7 o'clock in the morning.


On his workbench taken by papers, computers and instruments for chemical testing, Joao checked his emails, as he used to do every morning.


As always, he has found many messages from project staff and students seeking for help on the difficult problems of inorganic chemistry, which were part of his lessons. As always, with the messages, a lot of spam, which unfortunately infest all inboxes with all sort of junk that someone can possibly imagine, ranging from fantasy messages until the fraudulent emails seeking for personal data.


Among the usual set of messages that he has received, one aroused his curiosity.


It was written in that way:

From: External Consciousness


Subject: "Bio Matrix"

- This is a personal message. After a long time observing the development of Bio Matrix, it's essential we discuss some aspects related to its current development and future. Your temporary consciousness was located by our probes for an extraordinary event. Soon we'll send information on the rules and space-time.

Accustomed to see all kind of fanaticism and madness that fills the internet, Joao thought it very curious how the text was written, the language, mainly because it were apparently a matter linked to his personal interests.


Thinking that it could be some kind of new theme created by his friends of the group to cause impact, he decided to print the message and then get in touch with his friends via chat to see what it really was. By moving the mouse pointer over the message to select it, a curious thing happened. The message was automatically deleted from the mailbox without any alert. He couldn't save or even print it.


After a few seconds of surprise, Joao thought:

- Joao: Have I done something wrong? How is possible this email suddenly disappear under my eyes? Is it some kind of joke? If yes, it would be strange, because we never joke with serious issues, and despite the unrealistic tone of the message, it seems to be something connected to our group.

A few minutes after read his posts, Joao took the phone from his lab to listen to the messages left on the answering machine.


After listening to some scraps, for his utter amazement, he heard through a soft female voice the same text that he had just received by email. What was once a simple curiosity quickly turned into a concern, because to receive a strange message on the Internet, a means of easy access, would be an acceptable fact.


But, through a telephone call?


Who sent this message would have to know much more. In a climate that was more like a thriller movie, Joao has decided check out if there were any messages on his cellular phone. He has quickly found that there was only one voice mail in his mailbox. Again, there was an enigmatic message recorded with the same female voice. Completely stunned by the situation, he decided to contact the mobile operator to identify the number that originated the message.

He called the central, and the attendant answered:

- Attendant: Good morning, may I help you?
- Joao: Good morning, I was checking the messages left in my mailbox and I've found something weird. Could you inform me the number that originated this recording?
- Attendant: Is it for the same number that you are using to contact us?
- Joao: Yes.
- Attendant: One moment please, while I check out this information.
- Joao: Okay.
- Attendant: Sir, I have identified the existence of this message to your number, but must have been happened some problem in our system. There is no record of when the message was recorded or the number that originated this phone call. Curiously, I couldn't access the content of the message. Normally, a copy of all calls is recorded in our system with the source operator identification, number that called, date and time. The content of each call is recorded on magnetic media for some time. I'll open a ticket for our technology sector to inform about the problem occurred. Please, note the protocol number.

After completing his help request call, which did not help him to uncover the mysterious origin of the message, Joao was interrupted by the arrival of other people and by work issues.

That fact stayed in his thoughts throughout the morning.


Whenever he had a break at work he thought about how it was possible that someone had found him like this, and what was the meaning of this cryptic message. Perhaps it was some new kind of scam done by an electronic gang, those who make contact claiming any reason to get personal data from users and deceiving them in order to steal money from their bank accounts and buy goods with their credit card numbers.


He worked until 6 PM. Once arrived at his home, he picked his personal computer and entered on the website that he used to access frequently to talk with friends of the "One Planet."

Daily, the most active members of the group used to enter on the Internet, and through a chat, talk about issues related to their goals. Because it was a group with people all over the world, the day time established for the talks was be determined by the GMT time zone. Every day, since 23 hours GMT, the first to arrive were responsible to create a private chat room and be waiting for the other friends to start chatting.


Typically, the language used by members to speak was English, which has never prevented a constant exchange of words and expressions from other different languages spoken by friends.

Still on the group, Hans and his wife Catherine, the founders, were doctors in the Netherlands and they worked in a public hospital in downtown Amsterdam.

Besides them and Joao, I would like to introduce more three members:

  • Duranjaya, an Indian archaeologist, professor of history and geography, Degreed in Mumbai, he taught classes in Pune, his homeland. He met the "One Planet" through a research that he conducted on biodiversity in tropical forests, when through the site, he read about the trip made by Hans and his observations.


    Since that time, he has become an active member of the community contributing with vast material about the climatic conditions of Asia in ancient times and the changes that were occurring in recent decades.

  • Jacques, a Canadian of 30 years who studied and graduated in the United States. He was a psychologist working in a mental institution located in Quebec, his hometown.


    He has always been very connected with nature and when he was young, he participated in several expeditions to the Canadian arctic areas, where he's got the real perception of sad evolution of climate changes, among them, the polar warming that was dramatically changing the landscape of the region and forcing the residents to move more and more to the south.


    This realistic experience led him to search for information on internet, and to know the group.

  • Mudiwa, a South African of 38 years, born in the giant suburb of Soweto, located on the outskirts of Johannesburg. Since childhood, she was enforced to live with the sad reality of racial segregation. She lost a brother killed in a protest against the arrest of a political leader, a fact that had deeply disrupted her family.


    Since that day, she promised to herself to study as much as she could, to have a degree and show to everyone that the capacity of human beings to learn and develop their skills could never be related on their racial or the color of their skin. This journey was not easy, because even with the official end of apartheid in the early 90's, in real life, the difficulties of daily were enormous.


    Unfortunately, we know that the mentality of some people can't be changed from one hour to another simply by the creation of new rules and laws. She suffered, but won, and at the age of 25 she graduated in biology genetics in the top 10 of students in the course. She got a great job at a pharmaceutical company where she was part of a research team which developed new drugs for serious diseases, especially AIDS.


    She has become member of the "One Planet" on a trip to Germany, headquarters of the company where he worked. At a medical seminar on infectious diseases she met Catherine, wife of Hans, who presented her the ideas and goals of the group.


    Since this day they have become intercontinental friends.

Backing to Brazil; Joao entered on the chat room to verify if anyone was online.


Soon after seeing that Hans had just entered, he typed:

- Joao: Good evening Hans. How was your day?
- Hans: Hello Joao. Today was a busy day here. There was a train wreck out of downtown, and many injured people reached to our hospital. Fortunately it was not a terrible accident.
- Joao: Wow! Hans, a strange thing happened today, something that may have some relation with the group.
- Hans: Don't tell me that you received a strange message too? I did receive it. I just not got in touch with you and other people before because I was really busy. Catherine also received the same message by email and telephone. She is terrified.
- Joao: I don't believe on what you're telling me! So, whoever did that, he come to us through the group!
- Hans: I agree with you, but if I remember, it never was published any personal information in the site, such as addresses or phone numbers. The only people who have access to this kind of information are closer people, like you. Would be a joke? Would be a joke? In eight years of our group's existence never happened something like this.
- Joao: Let's wait a little bit to see if anyone else comes in the chat room.
- Hans: Okay, I'll be here surfing and waiting for someone come.

About an hour late, Jacques entered the chat room, and typed:

- Jacques: Hello guys! How are you? Do you want to know something very strange that happened to me today?
- Hans: Good afternoon, Jacques. If you are talking about a strange message received by mail and phone call, you weren't the only one.
- Jacques: Really? Did you receive it too?
- Hans: So far I, Catherine and Joao. I'm starting to get worried. Probably others in the group received it too. Let me ask something that occurred to me now. In which language each one received the message?
- Jacques: I received in French.
- Hans: Wow! We received in Dutch.
- John: I received in Portuguese, the email and the voice message, which was recorded by a soft and beautiful female voice.
- Hans: That's impossible! Something very strange must be happening. Our group never got involved with any movement on the political, public funds or any private interest. We have never had an aggressive stance in relation to any companies or governments. We never did any protest action directed to any entity, and we also never published anything offensive. We have kept always a posture strictly scientific, focused on research, exchange of information and people awareness. I suggest that for now, we should keep this fact in secret. Let's see if someone else received this message. I will think calmly on what kind of action that we can take.

It was not long and soon Mudiwa got in the chat.


Duranjaya entered few minutes later, very tired, because in Pune were six-thirty in the morning. He had set the alarm to play early, because he was quite intrigued. Both also received the same message, Mudiwa in Afrikaans and Duranjaya curiously in Rigvedic Sanskrit, an ancient language that he had no difficulty to understand due to his history knowledge background.


They all talked for a while considering the many different possible reasons for this strange message. Because it was sent to different countries in different languages through the Internet and various mobile phone operators, try to understand and discover the origin has become a very complicated task. So they decided to wait some time to think about how best to address the situation.


Another fact to which all paid attention to, was the inexistence in the message of offensive words addressed to the group or any of its members.

They used to talk very frequently, almost daily, which over the time created in them a very strong intimacy. Although they were people with such different habits from each other, being in direct contact, beyond the philosophy shared between them, they started to develop one characteristic of almost imperceptible way. Even each one living in their own country, with their daily routines and habits, they were no longer equal the vast majority of people.


Beyond their surface features, it was possible to observe in each one of them, a peculiar joy and certain universality in the way of thinking and way of expressing themselves. Perhaps this internal security, this something more that each one of them had acquired, in a sense, kept them peaceful, even after the cryptic message received.


Somehow without explanation and despite the strangeness, the common feeling about the fact that happened was a growing curiosity, as if something very different was happening to them.


Something doesn't truly badly.


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3 - Security Breach

At NSA, on his desk, Paul was anxious waiting for some news about the strange program that had been identified, when suddenly the agent Junior arrived and told to him:

- Junior: Paul, the situation on the Inv-10512-07 is much more serious than we thought. I spent all night trying to track it on the Internet.
- Paul: What you got?
- Junior: I have activated our probes over the international cables in the Atlantic, Pacific, Arabian Sea and Persian Gulf. I have identified some voice packets flowing through the telephony networks with the same standard of encryption found on the Internet. We have activated also our satellite network, and again, we found the same packets in mobile phone networks.
- Paul: I'll request now the agency to change it status to real threat and I'll communicate the pentagon. Let's call William through a conference, to see how much he progressed.

Paul called William, and quickly everybody got in conference:

- Paul: William, I need a technical opinion on the Inv-10512-07.
- William: We have a critical situation here. I have spent hours studying the characteristics of this program. All I can say is: I never came across anything like this.
- Paul: How so? Is it some kind of threat to our network?
- William: I can't say this yet.
- Paul: So, what we got here?
- William: It was developed in an unknown programming language that uses patterns of formation different of ours. This is beyond all the technology used today, even ours.
- Paul: How is it possible?
- William: In our current standard of electronic technology, all data are converted into binary code to travel through processors, cabling and communications' equipments. When the data packets arrives at its destination they are converted, for example, from binary to voice in telephony, to words in text editors, and so on. The Inv-10512-07 certainly has an internal programming architecture more advanced; it was built in a completely different architecture from ours, different from anything that I have analyzed before. Each set of data brings embedded in its structure a binary code, which is being captured by our security systems. Moreover, there is a range of information that is indecipherable simply because it is in another pattern! Our hardware can't understand its contents. I haven't heard about any country or company that is working to develop some new standard hardware and software. Normally, we would do this.
- Paul: So, this is an unknown threat? There is any chance of some hacker has cheated our security systems? A terrorist group funded by a country would be able to develop something like this?
- William: I think not. The strange thing is that so far there is no record of any hostile action. They didn't invade any server to steal information, or even altered the content of sites. They are simply using all the communication systems for some purpose not yet known.
- Paul: Junior, have you entered in the systems of telephony companies in search of the contents of the voice packets which we have found? Anything strange was found on the calls' records?
- Junior: Not yet, we are sweeping all calls. Our partners in Europe and Oceania are helping us on this effort.

Suddenly, the phone on the desk of Paul rang out interrupting the conference.


On the other side of the line, the NSA director said to him:

- Director of NSA: How are we?
- Paul: Just a moment sir, I'm seeing on my monitor that the program has changed his own behavior. It seems that after hours of great activity on the Internet, around the entire globe, it was detected a huge activity of these packets on telephony networks of some specific countries: Canada, South Africa, Brazil, Holland and India. I'll check out this information immediately.
- Director of NSA: Okay, I'll let you keep working. As soon as you have any further information, call me immediately. I need quick answers.
- Paul: Okay, understood.

Then Paul told to the team:

- Paul: Guys, I want a complete analysis upon all this information immediately! All our offices are now in the highest level of alert. At this point the president must have already being informed about the problem. As you know, since September 11th attacks, any suspect information captured by the agency should be informed immediately to Washington. As all you know our motto of work now is: "It's better exceed some limits in the beginning than collect the bodies later".

Moments later, Paul addressed:

- Paul: Guys, we're on high alert. There is a real and unknown threat to national security, perhaps even worldwide. Let's form a work group. Please enlist your teams and meet me in five minutes at the control room.

A real buzz could be heard in the corridors of the agency; there was people running and bumping into each other.


The last time happened something like this, it was when the Allies were to attack one dictator in the Middle East and the search for strategic information drove almost all to the madness. But this time it seemed to be different, the excitement came from the technical team and not from political and military, who probably would arrive a little bit later.

After several hours of work, the team stopped for a brief meeting to update the information.


Then Junior, who was doing a scan on the network, interrupted the conversation and said:

- Junior: Guys, I crossed some keywords with the records found on email servers and telecom operators in South America, and I've found on the records of a mobile operator in Brazil a complaint from a customer about a strange message written in his voice mail. I have already confirmed that the Inv-10512-07 has passed by those servers, but as I said before, we couldn't identify its destination or intention yet. I accessed the company systems and I found out on the complaint's text, a description of a strange message received. The customer tried unsuccessfully to identify the origin of it. I didn't find the text of the message in the records of the operator; it was probably deleted.

- Paul: Good job. Surely, this voice packet was decoded when it was sent to the recipient cell phone. We already have a target to investigate. Make a survey about the owner's phone. I want all the information, even his favorite food! We need to discover the content of that message.

At this point the main cabinet members of the White House, meeting with the president and his secretary of defense, they were doing all sort of assumptions about the problem.


The director of NSA, very pressed by all, was answering the questions:

- President: Why did you take me from my bed at this hour? What's happening? Anyone have an answer?
- Secretary of Defense: President, don't it would be wiser to put our forces on alert? We still don't know what is threatening us.
- President: Oh God! We already know if it is a threat? Let us first know what it is! It was reported some movement of terrorist groups? Did we intercept some data on displacement of weapons or any plan to attack our country?
- Secretary of Defense: No sir, apparently there is no sign of military alert or any information about enemy troop movements.
- President: For now let's keep everything in secret. Has the NSA any concrete information about this possible digital threat? Any idea about whom or what is causing this?
- Director of NSA: Mr. President, we are with several teams trying to identify the origin of this abnormality in the network. But so far, we just can say that it's very advanced and quite different from the technology used by us.
- President: Are you saying there is some program acting freely through our network, and with a technology that we still can't identify? How will we defend ourselves from this kind of threat? Aren't our systems enough secure to repel a digital attack?
- Director of NSA: Sir, so far there was not identified any hostile action from the program found, but on the other hand, we also can't decipher its contents yet. We're working on it. We've identified one of the apparent receivers of the message. We've identified one of the apparent receivers of the message. It's a person located in Brazil. Once we have all the information about him, we'll let you know immediately.
- Secretary of Defense: Mr. President, I think it might be wiser to send a team for capture and interrogation of the target. Do you agree?
- President: No, I suggest that initially we only monitors the target at a distance, for extract as much information as possible before a field action. We shouldn't scare him, under a risk of losing the only current source. If there's a plan of attack, he will certainly talk with other members of the conspiracy.
- Director of NSA: We know also that similar messages were sent to other continents, but we still couldn't locate the recipients.
- President: Okay, I'll make a couple calls. Keep in touch.

Immediately after the meeting in Washington, the director took his phone and called Paul in the agency:

- Director of NSA: Paul, have we already all data of this first target?
- Paul: The most part, sir. This is a scientist working on the development of a new fuel, without much success. So far we didn't find anything abnormal, but the team is seeking for more information.
- Director of NSA: Okay, when you have something new let me know. They are pressing me here in Washington. If you can't get more information about the target, we'll probably have to go after him.
- Paul: Please give me an hour so that we can complete the sweep of his communications. When we have all the information, I'll contact you.

After concluding the call, the team has continued to sweep the entire life of the poor Joao.


Few minutes later, the agent Junior with an expression of satisfaction spoke to his boss:

- Junior: Paul, I think that I have discovered something interesting. This target is part of a group of environmentalists called "One Planet". This group has a website with a lot of recorded content and an online forum. I found no traces of Inv-10512-07 in their personal records, but I found it on his ISP. I also found that he usually chats with his group mates. I accessed the enterprise server that offers the service on the internet and I copied the contents of all conversations that they have had in recent days. You won't believe!
- Paul: Did you find the content of the message? Are there other people involved?
- Junior: Please read this chats lists that I found.

At this moment, the entire team stood before the huge LCD screen of Junior's computer to read the information.

Five minutes later they looked at each other and Paul said:

- Paul: Joao and these people received the same message, but apparently they don't know what it is. Unfortunately none of them has put the message's text on the chat.
- Junior: A message sent to a group of people starting from an unknown source and apparently smarter than us. What can this be? How to handle this situation?
- Paul: Junior, I want you get all data of the persons who participated in the chat, everything.

Some hours later, after collect all information of the targets, Paul called his director:

- Paul: Sir, we already got all information, and the situation is as follows. It seems that some members of a group called "One Planet" received the message which we are trying to trace. They all had access to the text via e-mail and voice mail, but it is certain that none of them so far know anything about its origin. They are located on different continents; one here in Canada, one in South America, Europe, Asia and Africa. None of them have records on any security agency, no criminal records on local police or any sign of participation in suspected groups. They all have a completely normal life. The only link between them is the ecological group, which also has no record of suspicious activity. Apparently they are only a group of green philosophers.
- Director of NSA: But didn't you find any information that can lead us to the contents of this message?
- Paul: Unfortunately no, sir. We have found that they communicate each other daily online. They probably will be reunited tomorrow in the same usual hour. According to the read records, they are concerned and curious about the mysterious message, but no one informed any official agency about it. We'll be monitoring the next online conversation in search of more information.
- Director of NSA: Thank you Paul, keep in touch.

The director of the NSA hung up the phone and quickly met with the president and his secretary of defense to put them abreast of new information.

They talked together at the office:

- Secretary of Defense: I think we should prevent us from quickly. I suggest that in addition to monitoring the new chat we should send now some teams to track our targets. In case of any dangerous situation, we will be ready to act.
- President: The Security Agency of Canada has been approached?
- Director of NSA: Yes Mr. President, they passed us all the information about the target who resides in Quebec. He's a psychologist who works at a local clinic. We already asked them to initiate surveillance 24 hours a day in all his steps.
- President: Don't give them details about this problem. Say to them it is a surveillance operation on suspicion of terrorist attack.
- Director of NSA: Yes sir.
- President: Well, I suggest you to follow this same procedure with the targets from Europe through London. The other people are in countries with easy access, but with all information that we have so far, I think would be safer only act on those who reside in countries where we have direct partners. I don't want to explain myself to any president unnecessarily. If this operation leaks to the press, my term will be finished. Keep all teams on standby if it becomes necessary to send agents to those countries. God grant that all this noise can be just a false alarm!
- Director of NSA: Yeah, Mr. President, this will be done as you ordered. Tomorrow afternoon we'll be ready. From now all of our resources will be mobilized; satellites, wiretaps and field agents. All Internet providers and computers will be monitored. We'll pass all actions to your office in real time.

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4 - Inevitable Meetings

In Pune, India, a new day was dawning.


From the balcony of his home, a few hours after he left the chat, Duranjaya stopped few minutes to take his morning tea and watch all movement that began to take over the streets. At that city, the old and new stood side by side. On the streets alongside thousands of bikes and cars, you could see cows circulating freely and elephants' creators crossing the traffic smoothly with their huge and domesticated companions.


Along the narrow avenues taken by vendors, buildings with more than a thousand years stood side by side with modern skyscrapers, in a wide variety of colors and smells. On the banks of Mutha River it was still possible to find women washing their clothes over the rocks and see the merchants with their baskets of fruit and spices going to the markets, as it happened since a few millennia before Europeans began to dream of reach these lands.

Still very curious about the message received by him and his friends, Duranjaya made his breakfast with his mind confused by the occurred, and then he went to his work.

Hours later in Maryland, after they seeing and reviewing all the data from the investigation, Paul and his team gathered for a quick breakfast. It had been two days since the first signs of the Inv-10512-07, but the crucial moments still should occur within few hours.

Paul and Junior checked together all steps which they had previously combined:

- Paul: Are all satellites available and active in the pursuit of this anomaly? There is some record of suspicious traffic on the Internet?
- Junior: We are monitoring everything, since our last meeting no activity was detected. It seems that the initial objective of this thing was to contact these targets.
- Paul: Have we already entered into chat's site to monitor the users? I want this provider monitored. All groups of chat online should be followed.
- Junior: This has already been provided. We followed earlier an activity of some targets in the east of our continent on their computers, but nothing unusual was found. They have accessed e-mail, local newspaper sites, material and scientific work.
- Paul: What were the events?
- Junior: In India it was possible to track the target for a short time. He logged onto his mailbox, but a few minutes later he left. He probably went to work. He used a credit card at lunch and after this no new record was found, He's probably working now.
- Paul: What about the Dutch?
- Junior: The couple of doctors didn't enter on Internet, but we detected their arrival at the hospital through the presence's system that is connected to the national Dutch health.
- Paul: Any movement of South African?
- Junior: In Africa we have record of a purchase with credit card at a convenience store. After that, she turned on her computer at the company where she works, but we didn't find anything unusual.
- Paul: Okay, keep in touch. Soon we'll have activity here in our continent.

In Quebec, Jacques had woken up early in the freezing cold of Canadian winter.


That time of year the streets were covered with a thick layer of snow, which slowed the citizens preventing their free movement through the city.

Over the streets there were only some locked cars and some pedestrians who were walking quickly for a shopping center, supermarket or a workplace. The cold was so intense that was not much prudent to be exposed to elements. At Saint Laurence River, partially frozen, the traffic of boats between Quebec and Levis was very intense.

On his way to work, walking down the Rue Saint-Louis, Jacques had the strange sensation of being watched, but he not perceived anyone following him. Actually he was a little bit puzzled by the message received and with conversation that he had with his group mates. Even with this fact, he continued with his normal routine without realize that two agents was following all his steps in the distance.


With communication devices, the agents maintained contact with the central, which reported his position according to images obtained from several traffic cameras installed in every corner of the city, making possible to follow Jacques from a safe distance and without he could see directly.

Every movement of the targets was being monitored by the NSA team. Normally when the agency was observing terrorism suspects it was common to see that these people often had temporary jobs. Usually they not used to stay a long time in a same place and they were known by a few neighbors. This was quite different from the information that was being obtained in the investigation of these people.


All they had a complete history of long-lasting educational institutions and companies employing them. There was no record of identity falsification, passports or any information that would by far make them suspects. If it were not by the strange messages that circulated on the internet, all this consumption of electronic resources and agency's staff would be unjustifiable.

At Maryland, the lunchtime was approaching when the agency team began to re-detect instances of the Inv-10512-07 on the Internet.


Paul quickly called the agent Junior to follow this new event. Together in the control room all watched the program which started to appear on servers around the United States, and this time, including government agencies.


These government organs, which were warned in advance by the agency, had increased the security level of their internal networks as much as possible, blocking all access outside their units, even for their senior officials. Neither this was enough to stop the odd program. This activity lasted about one hour, and again, the technicians of the agency could do nothing to identify or restrict access of this abnormality on the sites.


Again there were no reports of loss of data or any damage to systems.

At this time, it had become clear that this anomaly traveled through the network freely and could not be stopped. It was also impossible to say with certainty what happened each time that it was detected in one or more servers.

Some minutes after the last sign of Inv-10512-07, Junior with a pale expression spoke to all:

- Junior: Guys, the anomaly has been detected here inside the agency, in our internal network! That's impossible!
- Paul: What?
- Junior: Our firewall is still active, as if nothing had passed by its security barriers!
- William: Junior, the anomaly is going through all our data files. All our systems are stopped!
- Junior: We are isolated from the outside world! We have been disconnected from the internet. The program is controlling all our servers!

That moment, even predicted by the safety standards contained on the extensive manual of emergency procedures had never been really expected.


Paul desperately ordered:

- Paul: Turn off immediately all our computers and unplug all satellites! This thing must be stealing our information!
- Junior: We can't do that! We have lost control over all systems! They are controlling the entire security network of our building.
- Paul: Turn off the power station to cut the energy supply.
- Junior: Our energy system is fully connected to computers, and controls everything, the receipt of persons elevators, lighting, servers, everything! Even if we cut out the external supply, which is made by the mill that supplies our substation, the system will turn on immediately our generators.
- Paul: We have to turn everything off. Even if we have to blow up all generators! Let's send a team there now!

Few minutes later, the entire complex was surrounded by enormous confusion.


The staff of the administrative sector was laid out in a hurry, without understand what was happening. The huge park surrounding the buildings was taken by low-level officials, who were stunned and terrified, all forced to leave the site without an explanation. The first thing that came into people's minds was the attacks suffered years ago.


Before anyone could reach the power generators or that Paul had time to understand what was happening, all the monitors in the control room went out. On all computer's screens was only possible to see a command prompt.


The silence came over all.

- Paul: Junior, what's happening?
-Junior: It seems that the activity ceased, but we still don't know what the occurred damages were. We are still out of the control. This thing is still controlling everything.

After a moment of silence, the face of all the technical team made clear his total surprise at the improbable and the unimaginable. For the first time the wolf had been placed in a situation without defense. Check mate!


On all monitors, in the silence of LCD screens started to appear slowly a few letters.

- EC: I'm the External Consciousness. I was searching in worldwide network some temporary consciousness for a contact.

Paul asked to Junior:

- Paul: Junior, is there any way of getting in touch with Washington or other agencies? Anyone else can see what is going on here?
- Junior: Unfortunately, none electronic communication device is working. We are insulated!
- Paul: So let's make contact to at least try to understand what is happening.

Surrounded by his team, Paul began to type:

- Paul: This is a National Security Agency. Any act of intrusion or attempt to steal information will be considered by our government as an act of war. Who are you and what are your intentions?
- EC: I was searching in the worldwide network some temporary consciousness for a contact. Why are you persecuting them? We had no interest in talking with you.
- Paul: Who are you?
- E.C: Call me External Consciousness. I ask you to cease any activity of persecution against these people who I contacted. I need to follow the Schedule.
- Paul: We can't do that unless you identify yourself and explain what your intentions are.
- E.C: In five minutes your systems will work again. I can't waste time on procedures and bureaucracy, it does not interest me. Know who I am is not a matter of words, but soon you will know what I am not.
- Paul: If you can neutralize us so easily, you should certainly be able to extract any information that we have. What's your intention?
- C.E: Your information doesn't interests me. In 30 minutes I'll send a radio signal with some instructions, this signal will be sent for 30 minutes, and will be directed to your continent. Use your radio telescopes to achieve the signal using the instructions for tuning.
- Paul: But what is it? Why don't we can use this channel of communication?
- E.C: When your systems have been restored, we'll leave instructions and a key that can decode the radio signal. For now it's all.

The NRAO was a complex located in the state of New Mexico, consisting of a set of 27 antennas arranged symmetrically in the form of Y, called VLA (Very Large Array).

Each antenna has 25 meters in diameter, but together, directed to the same region its forms a large receiver apparatus, like a single giant antenna. The VLA was normally used to capture astronomical signs like Quasars, distant galaxies, Black holes, supernovas, etc.


All these elements that make up the universe emit radio waves at specific frequencies. The VLA was also used for communication with the spacecraft Voyager II when it reached the planet Neptune.


The antennas picks up millions of signals from space daily, which are stored in the database to be processed and identified.


This complex became famous with the release of the SETI program (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) which used the antennas in search of communication signals sent by other civilizations from space.

Immediately after the finish of the communication, all systems started to operate again.


After the scanning procedure was found that the databases were intact and no information had been erased. All security systems and surveillance of the complex were functioning as if nothing had happened. Different, only the set of information left in a maximum security folder of the primary server with the name of "decryption key".


A file with instructions on how to read the radio signal that would be sent also was left.

Soon after the end of the dialogue, Paul contacted the director of the agency in Washington to inform him of all that had happened. After digesting the whole situation so compulsively and quickly, he called the President's office.


In a meeting that lasted five minutes, in the face of every weakness and inability to handle the unidentified threat, it was decided to proceed with the reception of the radio signal and gain some time to think of alternative actions.

The dialog was:

- President: The NRAO captures signals from space; do you think these people are using satellites to cause all this damage?
- Secretary of Defense: Sir, I have got in contact with our space control center, NASA and European Space Agency. The spy satellites are on standby. Once we identify the source of transmission, we'll send all our resources to interception and identification.
- Director of NSA: Our team is coming into contact with the NRAO. I suggest that we act with great caution, because if they neutralized our resources so easily they also should be prepared to invade any network all over the planet.
- President: There would be a case of espionage? Is it possible that our black projects have been leaked and they are now using it to intimidate us?
- Director NSA: Anything is possible, but apparently the architecture of the programs found is quite different from ours. There not seems to be an attack from someone who knows our weaknesses for using them. It is much worse; this thing seems to be far more advanced than our systems.
- President: So let's continue with planned.

The NSA team came into contact with the NRAO and passed all the instructions for positioning the array of antennas and frequency range programmed. The astrophysicist John, chief scientist of the complex, was responsible for receiving information, working together with the NSA.

With all apparatus ready for receiving the signal and at the scheduled time, the antennas began to capture the radio waves.

During all process, the NSA staff was in communication with the NRAO:

- John: Paul, I am beginning to receive the radio signal. It is a small packet of information.
- Paul: Okay John, once you have concluded the package reception, please sends to us immediately.

The role of the NRAO was to capture and relay the information to the NSA, without having access to the contents of the message, which would be decoded and read only by the research team and the president's office.

- Paul: Do we have the full message?
- John: Yes, the incoming packet is complete. They are now relaying the signal repeatedly. I just send you the message for decoding.
- Paul: Is it possible to identify the source of the radio signals?
- John: The computers are doing the telemetry calculations, so when I get the confirmation I'll call you.

With the encrypted text in hand, William quickly applied the program left for its decoding.


Soon later, the anxiously expected message appeared on the agency's screens:

We do not intend and morally we can't interfere in your way of life.


We are contacting some people in order to accomplish a task. They were selected by our probes. This work should start from a few to reach many. Your interest and interference were expected and are acceptable to some extent.


We will allow you to follow the proceedings at a distance without interfering with the actions and free choice of the people who we contacted. They will voluntarily participate in the object of the mission.


Any act of violation will be understood by us as breach of agreement.


You may observe us without disturbing.

External Consciousness.

Minutes after the decoding of the message, John came back in touch with the team at the NSA, which always was connected with the presidential office in Washington.

- John: I have information that is dynamite. Our systems have recently found that the radio signals were sent from somewhere in our Sun.
- Paul: But how can this be happening?
- John: Paul, I don't know if you really understood the extent of what I said. We are receiving a radio signal coming from outside our planet. It's an alien signal which is being sent from our central star, the Sun.
- President: Gentlemen, this is extremely confidential information.
- Paul: John, he said he would transmit the signal for 30 minutes. We have to confirm the data from NRAO. Do we can use another complex to confirm the origin of this sign?
- John: I'll get in touch with an observatory in Hawaii and ask them to index their antennas and adjust their receptors with the same instructions that we received. I'll check out all the calculations, I will rework them by hand. They may be interfering with our computers.
- Paul: Ok, we'll be waiting.
- President: Do it without telling anyone. This subject requires absolute confidentiality.

Five minutes later John came into contact again:

- John: I just received confirmation of the origin of the signal. The transmission is actually being done from our Sun.
- Paul: Excuse me for asking, but is there any chance of someone being sending this signal from Earth and making it appear that was generated in the Sun?
- John: To do it they should have some equipment to relay the signal from the Sun. This is impossible. I know it's fantastic, but there is no scientific explanation for what is happening.

Soon after the president addressed to the director of the NSA:

- President: If this is correct information, what we have in our hands? What should we do?
- Director NSA: If the source of these programs and that message is really from a form of extraterrestrial intelligence, I can't imagine what we can do to prevent its action. Just the fact that they have easily broke our systems, demonstrates that its technology is centuries ahead of ours.
- Secretary of Defense: Any way, I suggest keeping all of our defense resources on high alert.
- President: I have realized initially that this contact does not suggest any intention of war. The message talks about non-interference in our business. I think they are here for a purpose, for some mission with these people who they have contacted.
- Secretary of Defense: But what if all this is some tactic to surprise us? Do they intend to use these people as guinea pigs for some kind of experiment? I'll ask NASA to activate all our telescopes in order to sweep every corner of space in search of any unknown object.
- President: If there any ship in space near the Sun or Earth, are we able to detect it?
- Director of NSA: I'm sorry sir, but I think you did not understand the gravity of the situation. We can use everything that we have at our disposal, but technically they've got us. They broke all of our electronic security barriers. They could easily invade our systems of nuclear weapons, missiles and other. Everything is controlled by the defense systems, and if we disconnect all this apparatus we'll back to the 20s. In short, we are virtually helpless if they resolve to take some aggressive attitude. All of our technology was designed to act against our enemies from here. We can't predict how they will act or what kind of resources will be used.
- President: They said they have a job to do and we could follow it. The only thing that puzzles me is why they have not contacted the government for such a mission. We must go with what we have. Tell to all agents to keep surveillance on the targets at a distance, without physical contact.
- Director of NSA: Paul, we'll continue monitoring and waiting until later, when EC probably will be in contact with the targets.

The emergency meeting lasted a little bit longer, with much speculation about what could be the intentions of this strange being in relation to our humanity.

  • Would be some kind of exchange, a technology transfer, or a hostile act?

  • How they found us?

  • Have they traveled through space?

For the first time these people were really handcuffed, and initially the only way out for them would be just observe.


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5 - News from another world

The night had already fallen in Joburg (Johannesburg), as it is affectionately called by its residents, the city considered as the pulsating heart of South Africa.


Every day, whenever Mudiwa left her company located in north part of megalopolis, which was a place taken by new business ventures; she walked around many streets and avenues to reach her home, an apartment located in a residential neighborhood not so far from Soweto and very close to Klipriver natural reserve, an island of savannah in the middle of concrete jungle.

Being a very flat and super populated region without any natural references, Joburg at first sight frightens those who have just arrived, with its visual of gray concrete scattered everywhere, as far as the eyes can reach. That has always been a town driven by money, before generated by the gold reserves and now as the most important financial and cultural center of the country.

The clock showed 10:45 PM and Mudiwa was home since eight hour, wrapped with the household chores that are common to all people who work in full time and live alone. At that hour, just few minutes were separating her from the happy moment to get in touch with her intercontinental friends.

In the United States at the headquarters of the NSA, one hour before the scheduled time for the beginning of chatting, the agency director phoned Paul:

- Director of NSA: Paul, we were gathered here in Washington examining the best way to handle this situation, and we took a decision. We must to contact each target through a phone call in the next few minutes to warn them about the message received by them, and ask for their cooperation in the coming events.
- Paul: I understood, but such kind of contact won't put us on risk of exposure in the media? What will happen if someone opens his mouth to the press?
- Director of NSA: That's a decision above my patent. I believe with a contact like this, the targets will be aware of the importance and seriousness of the situation that they are involved. Even though we don't have total control of this operation, they must be warned about the implicit risks in such situation.
- Paul: I got it boss; we have all the phone numbers available for each target. I'll start immediately.

The director of the NSA gave to Paul all the remaining information, how to approach and the words that should be used when talking with each target. Paul and his team collected all the procedures.


They started calling Jacques.

His mobile phone rang and he answered:

- Jacques: Hello.
- Paul: Good Night, Mr. Jacques Albert?
- Jacques: Yes, can I help you?
- Paul: My name is Paul, I work for a security agency of the U.S. government, and I would like to ask you some questions.
- Jacques: Is this some kind of joke?
- Paul: No, Mr. Jacques, I know it's a somewhat strange situation, but I promise that you soon will understand our reasons.
- Jacques: How do I know if you are telling the truth?
- Paul: Don't get angry, sir, I'll give you some information.

Paul gave to Jacques a complete report of his life: the motherhood where he was born, the name of his relatives, the schools where he studied, the address of his work and all kind of strictly personal information.

Jacques very surprised, answered:

- Jacques: It's awesome! How can anyone have access to all these information? This is illegal!
- Paul: We had to do a search on you because it's a matter of national security. Do you participate in a group called One Planet?
- Jacques: Yes, but why? It's a group composed by suitable persons and it has never participated in any suspicious activity or outside of international laws. We're friends of the planet and we disclose actual information in order to wake up people to the destruction caused to the environment and living beings by the human's irresponsibility.
- Paul: You're right; actually we didn't find any records of suspicious activity in your group. I just wanted to confirm this information.
- Jacques: So, what's the problem? What is the reason for this call?
- Paul: Did you receive a strange message on your computer or by phone? A message that was not possible identifies the sender?

At that moment Jacques, who was still suspicious and focused only on rebutting the interlocutor's questions, froze from head to toe, and with a trembling voice, he said:

- Jacques: This really happened and I found it very strange. I talked to some friends who also received the message to decide what to do about it.
- Paul: Jacques, we know that your friends received the same message. We also will get in touch with them to discuss the matter. Our agency is working to clarify its origin and purpose.
- Jacques: But with all this technology it should not be easily identified? We were even thinking of calling an official body to warn them about the case. But if you couldn't identify the sender, who will? How did you get my information? Isn't it the same technical procedure?
- Paul: I'll pass to you one highly confidential information. Few people here at the agency access to it. If you disclose this, the press will put the entire operation in risk and you'll be probably ridiculed.
- Jacques: Tell me what's going on.
- Paul: We have reason to suspect that message was delivered by some intelligence form very different from ours and with very advanced technological resources. We tracked these files on computers all over the world. Finally, they contacted us saying that they had an important reason to be looking for you. We must take all precautions.
- Jacques: It's unbelievable! What would they want with a mere psychologist?
- Paul: We don't know yet, actually we know nothing about them. Probably they will contact you again. They said we could follow the mission, but if something strange happen, if you have any doubt, call us immediately by this phone number.

Paul gave an emergency phone to Jacques that could be called at any time.


After noting the phone number, he asked:

- Jacques: How can you know if it isn't one of us if you can't identify them?
- Paul: We have this information, but unfortunately I can't tell how we got it. We'll be monitoring the next chat, and if any contact happens, we'll be ready.
- Jacques: You have scared me a lot. This is an unusual and fantastic situation. But for now, I can just wait to see until where this story goes.

So Paul called the other group members, one by one.


Duranjaya was waked by the call and he had the same initial reaction, thinking it was just a bad joke. The same happened to everyone, but whenever Paul spoke about the received message, the initial feeling of distrust was transformed into astonishment and curiosity.


And so it went until last call, when it passed 5 minutes from 23 hours GMT. By this time everyone was connected to the chat room anxiously waiting for a novelty, a contact. The air of mystery and the feeling in each person indicated that this conversation and this night would be very different than usual.

Hans, who was with his wife on his computer, wrote for everyone:

- Hans: Throughout my lifetime I have stood face to face with strange and dangerous situations, I saw many things that I couldn't explain, but what is happening now is so surreal that makes me think, in despite all the information I received, that all this could be some kind of fraud.

The chat was being closely watched by the whole agency team, besides who had gathered in Washington at the presidential office. Of course, this information was withheld to the members of the group.

From NSA Paul replied to Hans:

- Paul: Hans, we would like that whole situation was just a hoax. If so, I certainly wouldn't be here and this chatting would be just one in millions that are happening right now.
- Joao: What should we do now? We have not received any kind of instruction beyond the message. Should we be waiting? We usually come here daily to talk about matters related to the group, nature and the planet.
- Duranjaya: We don't know how they will contact us again. We received the first message by voice mail and the Internet.
- Mudiwa: How long we have to stay here? What if our mysterious visitor doesn't come in?

The conversation followed with a dialogue full of doubts and uncertainty, when suddenly the initials EC appeared in the online users list.


The chat room was private, and only persons invited by the group members could have access to the conversation. Of course this was not a problem for NSA, much less for our mysterious caller. Immediately, the NSA staff confirmed the presence of anomalies in the provider's site.

Paul quickly typed:

- Paul: Gentlemen, I ask everyone attention. Our visitor has just arrived in the chat room.

After some time without return, Paul repeated the message and soon received the following answer:

- E.C (External Consciousness): How it was said, from this moment all agency's people will follow this conversation as listeners, without participating. Only texts typed by me or by members of the One Planet will be added. The subjects to be treated here are of global interest, not of an organization or government. For now, just watch.

That text dropped like a bomb in the NSA and at the President's Office. To be in a position of not be able to control the situation for such people was certainly a big novelty that should be swallowed dry.


EC continued:

- E.C: Friends of the Earth, or Biomatrix, that's how we call that kind of being. As I said in the sent message, I selected your consciousness for a work to be developed in group. This job should start with a few and aims to reach many.

- Hans: Good Evening. I'm the founder of this group and I'm very curious to know about your purpose, because I have to confess you that despite the information received, all this causes me a huge distrust. The fact of you have appeared, have sent the message and later come here, don't provide me the necessary assurance to believe that is something serious.

- E.C: Friend, I understand your concern and I recognize the commitment to truth and honesty in every one of you. So here I am. Very soon all these barriers will be torn down and we'll do a great job.

- Joao: Why were we selected? About what is this task? Why we have to be part of it?

- E.C: This first contact may seem a little bit confusing. It's normal. All your questions will be answered as far as your minds can comprehend. We selected your temporary consciousness for some reasons. First, I would like to clarify that, considering that your consciousness and Biomatrix are the same living being, the fact of choosing one, ten or a thousand consciousness don't change the fact that we are taking an initiative that will cover everyone.


Throughout our search we identified millions of consciousness as yours, fit to the task, but most of them were isolated from each other. This work needs to be done necessarily in a small group of people from very different places with different traditions and customs.


When you created the One Planet and this communication channel, using the Internet, you took a giant step in the real integration of temporary consciousnesses and the relevant ideas to the development of Biomatrix. The Internet is a great opportunity for the integration of your civilization, but for it to be accomplished there's still a long way to go. Currently you already have the digital environment to do this task.


The big problem is that even into this free environment, you still behave as if you were all separated, protected by the secular mental barriers that still prevents an interaction. Your group managed to break that barrier in the name of concern for the planet.


So I contacted you.

- Jacques: Are you a kind of spatial or inter-dimensional traveler?

- E.C: No, I'm a consciousness, as you are. I introduced myself as External Consciousness because I live in a reality different from yours. During our work, I'll give you more information about me, but my goal now is inform you about what will be our mission.

- Mudiwa: Will we take part on some kind of genetic experiment?

- E.C: No, we won't have any kind of physical contact. For me it would be impossible. Now, I'll explain what will be our job, because I don't have much of your time to expend. Other consciousnesses like me are following the development of your Biomatrix since its birth. I would like to clarify that the concept of passage of time, what you would call a physical time, is directly related to the dimension where the temporary consciousness lives.


My consciousness is also temporal, but my perception of time if compared to your perception is completely different. It may seem scary, but I have been personally following your Biomatrix since very before any human walking on it, through the ages. We already got in touch with temporary consciousnesses previously during the development of your planet. These contacts were performed following the mindset and tools existent in each moment.


The wide gap that separates us makes it extremely difficult to tune in communication with you. Each time that happens we have to get in your dimension of space-time, which is a huge effort and dangerous for our bodies.

- Duranjaya: Is this process like a time travel?

- E.C: No dear friend. For the Multi-verse, the time doesn't exist. Everything happens simultaneously, all is here and now. The perception of time is a reality that our consciousness experiences when it's limited by a body that gathers and processes all information received through your different senses, in your case mostly in the brain. But this is temporary; it will last as long as this body exists. We'll talk later about it, now I have to go with the planned.


I'm here to do a clarification and a guidance job regarding the Biomatrix and your development.


This work aims to create a great integrating possibility of all forms of consciousness that makes up this wonderful being. I have no intention or ability to interfere with your natural process, because it would be a crime against all architecture. In that short space of time of your dimension we'll have five meetings and I'll present you some information on four pre-selected topics.


It will be a great challenge, a series of interviews where you'll have the opportunity to receive valuable information and also question it. At the end of the work I should leave you. I'll continue monitoring the outcome of this effort and its development from afar, for many of your generations. The interviews will be conducted over the next four Earthly days, at the same time and place that you use to talk.


The themes will be:

  • Creation

  • Life

  • Development

  • Integration

The last meeting will be used for general clarification of doubts.


This small group should record the result of the work and find a way to pass it to other consciousnesses. It's a job to be transmitted in a human way. I don't recognize any kind of your civilization's organization as an appropriate forum for such dissemination. I repeat that I see your universe as a unique living being. Certainly off the fact of its origin, the information to be discussed doesn't make a sense directly for an agency or a government. That's why I chose initially a few consciousnesses.


The most important to our work, from my view point, isn't the way you relate to each other, your social rules and your policies, but how you relate to what I call nature, as a whole. As a symbolic proof of my commitment to the Biomatrix, during the time from now until the first interview I'll send a small signal to illuminate our work and to join our minds.


Stay tuned and have a good rest, see you tomorrow.

Soon after completing his explanation, EC left the chat room. The blockade that existed for NSA was removed and for some time they talked about the new contact and the proposed work.

Catherine wrote:

- Catherine: I'll be waiting anxiously for this sign, but I can already tell that I realized something very deep in this received words. If we really are in contact with a higher being, all other things, our daily tasks should stay in the background, at least for while.
- Jacques: We just started talking, and how much was said! Only what we have so far worth the effort of a lifetime in search of information to improve our planet. There is really something else, someone who cares!
- Joao: I'm ecstatic! The possibility of all this be real, let me completely out of me. I feel like everything that I have tried throughout my entire life has brought me here; it's as if I was resuming the real project of my life.
- Mudiwa: I always believed that everything is part of a huge natural process of development, but now we have the opportunity to learn a little bit of that process. I hope to be strong and intelligent to absorb as much as possible.
- Duranjaya: I'll be at home during those days. I must be well focused to participate in this great event in a fruitful way.
- Paul: Gentlemen, now we'll meet on the agency to assess the impact of this new contact. We'll be continue monitoring you, and as I said earlier, if something happens, call me immediately. I ask you to maintain secrecy about everything that was talked, for your safety and of your families.
- Hans: Alright Paul, but if this work is really what I think, it won't be at all a threat to your agency or government. The interests that your people defend probably have nothing to do with what will be discussed.

In the United States soon after the end of conversation, they all went into conference to assess what happened.


The NSA director very concerned said:

- Director of NSA: Mr. President, how should we proceed now after knowing what are the apparent intentions of our visitor?
- President: I guess capture these people or invade and shut down the provider used for conversations wouldn't help us now. As he said before, there are thousands of others who would fit in the task. He could simply change his way of approach and leave us completely out.
- Paul: Gentlemen, I agree with this view. We're technically unable to take any action to interfere on this process. According to obtained data, this group of people is quite prepared; all they have successful careers and a good personal historic. When we need, they will be ready to collaborate with our investigations. We have an expert on biogenetic, doctors, an expert on history, geography, etc. These people were not chosen by chance. All they are intelligent and have already noticed that their lives have been changed forever.
- President: I agree. We must keep the entire operation with the smallest number of people. We'll continue following the received instructions and keep monitoring the developments. I see no immediate reason to think that he has any intention of doing something that will interfere directly and immediately in our political and social codes.
- Secretary of Defense: So I'll demobilize the alertness to not raise suspicion of an imminent threat. It better be ready, but in silence.
- President: Do it, let's keep situation under control. But what makes me curious now is what kind of signal will be sent.
- Paul: Mr. President, our visitor doesn't want to call attention. I'm sure it will be something very subtle.
- President: Okay, I want everyone ready and looking closely to the facts.

A few hours after the conversation, the main news agencies around the world distributed the following information:

Astronomers from an observatory in Mauna Kea, located on a mountain at 4,200 meters above sea level in Hawaii, have identified a huge unknown comet that's in his way to orbit the Sun.


According to initial calculations the comet will follow his path on a great distance from the Earth, without any risk of collision.


The good news is that due to its size of about 80 km in length, it will provide a beautiful sight at night when it might be observed without aid of optical instruments. The comet that was named "Millennium" will be seen starting tomorrow at the sky from all continents with a glare and a long blue tail.


The astronomers said it will be a unique spectacle.

In Washington, after the discovery of the comet, again gathered at oval room, the president and his aides commented on the fact:

- President: This new event has raised much our responsibility. We're dealing with something that we really don't know.
- Secretary of Defense: It may not have been a coincidence? But, and if he had already known about this comet before us?
- Director of NSA: Even though, just the fact of he know and we don't, shows our inferiority.
- President: We must be strong and stay quiet. It wouldn't be smart cause panic and despair among the population. It's better to wait and see how the events will unfold. In time, if we have any chance, we get in action.

Simultaneously around the world, between tears and an unparalleled thrill, one by one, the group friends were taking notice of the comet discovery.


That was the promised sign. It could only be that, after all, all the great events of mankind have always been marked by reference to astronomical sightings that occurred simultaneously.

Unfortunately this emotion was limited to a few people.


At a time where most people became accustomed to receiving a veritable flood of daily information, a fact as the emergence of a new comet has not caused great impact on ordinary citizens. The concerns about the usual routine, work, food, shopping and television don't left much time for this kind of phenomenon in their minds. But for this small group of privileged, regardless of where they were, by night or day, the news was like a vision of a miracle.


The life of these persons certainly was taking a path into the unknown.


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6 - First Interview - Creation

The hours that had elapsed since last contact seemed to be endless for the group's friends.


In India, after a night of enchantment of an ancient and superstitious people around the beautiful sight of the comet in the sky, the dawn brought the colors of another day. Duranjaya followed its trajectory until that its beautiful glow faded down behind the hills. In Europe and Africa the last hours of waiting for the first interview were accompanied by its intense brightness, and a few minutes before the meeting starts, the moonless night sky was taken by the blue of the Millennium.


In the Americas only through recorded images the apparition of the comet could be seen, but soon would come the time to New World take a glimpse of this wonder and begin a journey into the unknown, towards a new vision.

At the appointed hour they were all connected to the chat room, gathered in the four corners of the earth and who knows where else.

So EC began the first interview, writing:

-E.C: Before starting, I would like to clarify that the aim of this work is to pass information seamlessly to provide to people a more natural view about the universe where they inhabit, their relations with all other beings and their responsibilities in the development of all this complex system, that I just call life.

It's not my intention to interfere in your natural process of development. My goal is making available a consistent and understandable material for all of you. When your consciousnesses begin the process of seeking a deeper understanding, such information should be available and accessible. This will be a work of awareness that shouldn't be forced upon anyone. The result should be a collection of information organized in a concise and easily accessible.

When a being starts his journey in the quest for knowledge, the answers come naturally to him. My presence here is the answer to this need, and our mission will be let this material ready to be found by those who are seeking.

After the brief introduction, EC continued:

- E.C: Dear friends, let's start our work. Creation, to create, creature. These words never will transmit the true experience. Giving life, movement and sense to something, is the ongoing process that never ceases.


Everything constantly changes, the configuration modifies itself with each new atom that appears or disappears. Don't expect to understand the literal meaning of creation. Let's try to see part of this process in a different way, from my view point. I invite everyone to a journey. Read what I'll write as if you were characters in this great cosmic history.


Don't worry about understanding or memorize all words, just feel them.

The work will be that way: I'll start writing a text on the subject, and after conclude it I'll open the meeting to questions and doubts. As established, our friends of American agency will attend the interviews just as observers. At our last meeting after the fourth interview, I'll open the forum for everyone who wants clarify doubts, without exceptions, and finally I'll leave a final message for ending this mission.

Everyone was attentive.


At NSA headquarters and at White House there was an entire electronic apparatus to synthesize in voice all typed text. In the homes of the friends, even without all this equipment and technologies, there was a great anxiety and confidence due to they are taking part of this historical event.

So, EC has started typing:

- E.C: Let's take a trip to before the creation, or as I prefer, to before the birth. I'm talking about the event that your science calls Big Bang, the great explosion that gave birth to your known universe. Universe is a term that you use to describe something which contains everything. Does it have limits? So what exists outside these limits? What was there before and what will exist next? Is it a matter of time?


Every space that you have already identified and are trying to visualize in different ways, with different theories, all that your observatories were able to capture in a small way; it's still a tiny part of what is contained in your universe, which from now I'll just call by "Life".

We're now at the exact moment of its birth, when the forces present in other "Life's" have joined trough mixing part of its own matter and energy. A conceptional explosion! Is there other "Lives" (Universes)?


Yes, many others!


Forget about the proportions that you have been used to learn, it's not a question of size but of how far each one can launch your consciousness.


It really doesn't matter which direction you go, to inside or to outside; infinity would be the best word to describe what exists everywhere. Wherever our consciousnesses are able to launch their eyes, they will always find out architecture and perfection.

Following the moment of conception, what we see is the beginning of the formation of "Life". Like a seed that has been activated, a large amount of energy released, initiates the formation of each particle of this new being. After being launched in every direction, the living energy begins to take specific forms that will meet the needs of this great cosmic tissue which begins to form. The architectural design is surprisingly synchronized, like a dance of lights that intersect and merge.


Gradually what was just energy will take different forms, and each form is established to fulfill a function by following a strict set of project characteristics, or genetic code, as you prefer.

Now we're at the point where this new being, few moments after its creation, finished the stage of transformation of live energy into all specialized energies, is beginning to gain smoother and more harmonics forms. From each energy's specialized center it will begin to develop molecules, cells, tissues and organs, making it possible to turn this embryo into a cosmic body capable of receiving a consciousness which in the future will have the ability to express itself.


But how long is this process? For you it certainly lasts an eternity, something disproportionate, impossible to imagine. What's time means? I've already talked a little about it. Will it be perceived by this new "Life" in the same way as it is for you? The answer is it won't.

Let's dive deeper into the being, until you reach somewhere in its body, an area well known by you, a small particle, less than a grain of dust, but as important as everything else. I'm talking about the part that you call Solar System, your home, another cell that makes up the galaxy-forming tissue. It's a wonder!


In its center, a sphere composed by the initial energy that has specialized and has became its core, radiating the fuel of life through the nuclear fusion. In each element of this system, a small part of the solar core is used to sustain its living structures. Around the system and at all angles, the even more specialized parts make up its body, limiting it.

We'll talk about one of these cellular elements, a being very special to your consciousnesses and bodies. It's your planet. We call this element Biomatrix. This name is directly related to its most striking feature. Through its body capable to generate bio-forms, your planet provides physical and mental energy for whole body of the cell (Solar System).


To fulfill this function, this element has been endowed with unique characteristics. It's a true barn that receives the life's energy from its nucleus, to that into its thin membrane protected as a pearl, it can be possible happen a vital process to sustain the existence of the "Life".


This release of energy allows the cell to maintain some structural and mental characteristics.


Like "Life" manifests itself through a consciousness, each part of it, every tissue, and every cell and so on, at different levels, all elements have a consciousness for express itself. Every part existing in the cosmos have life, and it can express itself in some way, including all the lives that compose the Biomatrix, including you.

The Biomatrix is a living element, a very special being, a single consciousness that operates independently. This being is made up of everything that is contained in its body, including water, soil, plants, animals and men. All these sub-elements make up this being, providing specific features according to the stage where it is in its development. The Biomatrix's consciousness expresses itself externally to other cell components trough the sum of all consciousnesses that make it up. This is somewhat more complex to understand but I'll explain carefully.


Every being that lives in the Biomatrix is the product of its development, is its extension and has a specific purpose in the whole process. Initially, a Biomatrix don't have many complex forms of temporary consciousnesses and that fact is reflected in its limitation to relate externally, which is natural. With its development, the Biomatrix gives rise into itself some sub-specialized elements with greater capacity for moving around and to understand better the environment's behavior (planet body).


These elements undergo changes during the Biomatrix's development, which causes its planetary body also undergoes changes. One of the most important stages of this development is the emergence of the human temporary consciousnesses. This is a crucial stage in the process, because this type of temporary consciousness presents a necessary feature: the ability to act throughout its planetary body freely, without a restricted programming.


The freedom allows to the human sub-element the capacity to analyze and learn throughout his relationship with all other sub-elements. As humans act initially in isolation, without the ability to recognize themselves as part of global life, their existence provides a high destructive risk. But sustain human life is an essential feature for the development of Biomatrix.


It's a natural process triggered automatically by its biological clock. Through the more developed brains of the human species the Biomatrix becomes able to start the process of cellular communication more efficiently.


Physically speaking, the Biomatrix is comprised of everything that composes it. It uses all of these life forms for exist as a unique being.


Briefly, in case of man, each one has a brain that allows his temporary consciousness to manifest himself individually. Every man has a temporal consciousness which recognizes itself as unique in its existential field. The Biomatrix physically uses every living being and every man, through their brains, to form a huge neural network. It's a wonderful physical and mental sharing, because each living being has an individual consciousness and at the same time makes up something bigger.


The life is really perfect, it's integrates itself simply and smoothly. The planetary consciousness can't realize that its decentralized nervous system is the sum of brains of all living beings in the same way that a man can't consciously identify the information and thoughts running through his neurons. You know they exist, but the act of thinking or memorizing is automatic, the whole network of neurons is used unconsciously.

Because the man is mentally connected to all the rest of humanity, he is a biological transmitter and receiver capable of connecting with others of his kind and also with the Biomatrix.

Through this vast network the Biomatrix can relates itself with other external elements, being able to perceive them and to communicate with them. The diversity, the physical composition and mental health of the brains that make its body has direct influence on the mental level expressed.


A Biomatrix that is early in its development and is composed only by less developed life forms has a minor capacity of expression than one that has already developed the higher forms. This takes us to another simple and logical fact. There are many of them scattered throughout the body of the "Life" on different levels of development.

This little blue sphere is a being that lives and breathes. As everything that exists, it's part of the perfect design of the creation project, and as well as you, it exists to fulfill a specific role in this huge web that connects everything that moves and is expressed. Hence the importance that you can understand more clearly the environment in which you're inserted, to act in greater harmony with all life existing in it.


The life of the Biomatrix is your life. You are the Biomatrix.

I believe we already have enough material; I'll open the meeting to questions.

I'm at your disposal.

The first question was asked by Duranjaya:

- Duranjaya: Well, about your view point in relation to the whole process, how can you have this vision? From where can you follow the birth of a universe? Do you have dominion over the whole process of creation?

- E.C: Actually we exist consciously in a different environment which gives us the conditions to monitor your environment. In our place of existence, after a long period of research, we developed some theories and tools that have made us able to enter and leave your universe, or "Life".


In the very beginning, we were just looking for a way of trying to understand what was around us, the meaning of existence.


The first step that actually led us to develop the ideas was to understand that there is intelligent movement everywhere. Everything follows a carefully planned script created by an unachievable intelligence form, the Architect. We started studying these cosmic structures and as our technology has evolved, it became possible to access the intelligences contained in the analyzed structures. Regarding our terms of dominion over creation, our mental evolution has given us a level of understanding that provided us to have a broader and comprehensive consciousness.


Along with that came the responsibility to act inside that environment and interact with other minds, like yours. Manipulate the energies that form the elements is possible when you are mature enough for that. But the energy itself, which created your universe and all others, the force that binds every instant each molecule of our bodies regardless of how they are, it's still the great mystery.

- Duranjaya: Regarding your statement about all elements has a consciousness to recognize themselves as unique beings, what we should understand as consciousness?

- E.C: Every life form really exists; each being that brings in itself a universe and is part of another universe is mentally connected with the creator center, which could be simply called "Unique Consciousness".

A being living organically, depending on his constitution, has organs and devices that allow his interaction with other beings and with the entire universe that surrounds him. Every being, while experiencing his biological existence, retains in his body a part of "Unique Consciousness" and starts to act like a separate and independent consciousness apart from the wholeness.


This is the feature that makes possible, in the grand scheme of creation, keep a particular characteristic of an element from energies that have been specialized. The consciousnesses are temporaries while animates beings in the various biological dimensions of space-time, though no doubt, its original nature is timeless. This is a theme that would give a specific job just for it. We can talk more about it during the interviews, but thoroughly discuss this topic is not part of our principal goal.


We must try to understand initially the being in itself and just later dip into his mind.

- Hans: The fact that there are more planets like ours leads me to believe that we aren't really alone. This is a major issue that has always caused huge discussion in our society. Personally I have always believed in the existence of a great diversity of life in the universe.


There are billions of stars, so how could we be alone? Your presence here is the definitive proof. So despite the differences, have you stated that there are many places like the Earth?

- E.C: Yes. As I said, all the elements are part of something bigger, or smaller. Everything follows a perfect structural pattern. The structure where Biomatrix is located follows a pattern, as well as the different parts in your human body.


There are many other Biomatrices composing the structures that form the tissue, from those that are still forming until those already in the process of dissipation. I think your biggest question is about the life forms contained in each of these blue spheres. Remember the architecture.

They are exactly like those you find on Earth, with some variations according to its settings, but always following the project. From the moment when the development of human life starts, the final configuration will depend on how the humanity will relate to everything else. There are millions of civilizations in different levels of development and mindset.


Some civilizations develop technologies not harmful to the Biomatrix's body while others spend much time to understand, and don't survive. Some develop a mindset for peaceful exchange of resources with the environment, while others become aggressive to the point of self-destruct. Know that "Life" has natural defense mechanisms in case of risk for its development or some important element to its survival.


The diversity of mind is a natural feature and is part of the possibilities of development in all beings. The big challenge is integration.

- Joao: You mentioned that "Life" has defense mechanisms against any risk to its health. Has our planet a similar mechanism? If yes, why it doesn't defend the planet from human actions that cause imbalance to environment?

- E.C: Great question. All the elements contained in that "Life" is part of this own life as well as all cells and all organs of a man composes his being in the same way. The "Life" has a biological defense system that operates throughout its body.


Your Biomatrix along its development has already used this type of resource. Your solar system has a region that you call Asteroid Belt. Besides this site you can also find this type of element in distinct orbits throughout the cell body (solar system). The asteroids are for your solar system like repair agents of its structural elements, including the Biomatrix.


There are other agents that can be used, depending on the type of structure requiring a change or correction. Stars collide and even entire galaxies merge to repair or build new tissues. In the case of a Biomatrix, the collision of an asteroid is used to restructure a specific region.


The energy released by impact modifies chemically the site removing unwanted elements and redoing all the mineral structures. It's clear that such action is costly, resulting in the elimination of living parts, the most sensitive like plants and animals. So this is a type of resource that can alter the physical and mental balance of the Biomatrix.

Regarding the use of these defense resources against human behavior in the environment where he lives, it's as said.


The emergence of human being with a free will is natural and essential to global development. It is part of the project and it's how should be. There is no way of a Biomatrix defends from itself. It's like a man who is in the growth phase, and for some reason his brain cells begin to develop incorrectly, causing problems in his behavior.


How could the body of this man defend from himself?


The destruction of these cells would cause the death of the man. In the case of Biomatrix, having free acting throughout its body, the man can cause damage to its structure, that is always striving for balance without affecting human development, that is ultimately its own development. A collision of a repairer asteroid in a planetary body with human life would mean the destruction of one of its most noble resource, and it's very unlikely.


Hence the risk that I quoted, of the Biomatrix lose the ability to perform its basic purpose or even die.

- Joao: Regarding the natural resources, what are its limits? Can we exhaust these resources causing our extinction?

- E.C: You call natural resources some parts that form the Biomatrix's body. Like a human body, which somehow is a projection of the planetary body, there are several innate resources, some are limited and some can be reconstructed or replaced.

From its beating heart formed by a piece of the solar core, through its fusion, the Biomatrix feeds the upper layers of its planetary body, sustaining all liquids and solids. To sustain life in itself, the Biomatrix must have a body ready for all sorts of living beings. Its outer surface must be stable and with an adequate shape to the emergence of life.


Within the membrane that separates it from the cellular space all filters and gases must be balanced in exact proportion. I turn once more to the true miracle of nature, the nature itself! It's a project flawlessly performed. How wonderful are the designed bodies!

A man, who has his body pierced and bleeding, automatically activates an entire apparatus, which immediately creates a blockade, starting the regeneration of tissue and production of more blood cells to compensate the loss. Why would it be different with the planetary body, this being that originated the man's body from itself?


Every moment, this element rebuilds itself, but like in human beings, depending on the extent of the injury, even its resources won't be able to remedy the problem. You have to understand that extinction of the human race means the stagnancy of Biomatrix and the interruption of life process for a long time.

- Jacques: And what about the collision with a comet? It seems that has already happened here on Earth. How did it affect our planet? How did you make appear this new comet?

- E.C: What do you call comets are elements responsible for the transport and activation of specific life forms. When a "Life" is born, the specialized energies, which initiate the formation of the different elements also creates this type of element that you call comet. The comets bring in its structure, components with specific genetic information necessary for the formation of biological life.


The elements of "Life", as your Biomatrix, possess basic molecules in its bodies, something like stem cells of a human body. When a comet collides with a planet, what happens is comparable to a natural insemination. The impact besides reconfiguring the surface of the planet, also releases in its body these components that acts directly on basic molecules, activating them and giving rise to different forms of life. Whenever that occurs means that the element, which can be a Biomatrix or any other, will experience a change in the configuration of its physical and mental.


Regarding the signal I sent to you, it's not an element from the "Life" where you inhabit. It's an element artificially created by us.


It was created following the genetic code of an original element, and it was inserted into your system to act temporarily and to be harmless to all other existing elements. It will disintegrate so leave your solar system without causing any alteration in the intercellular medium. It was necessary to use this kind of resource to give credibility to our work at its harder moment, the first contact.


And it's also a gift to those who still find time in their complex daily routines to look up the sky. Every astronomical event elevates the thoughts and opens the mental channels for reception of new knowledge.

- Mudiwa: So, can I accept as truth that human life may have come from space?

- E.C: What is space? Human life is the life of Biomatrix; there isn't one without the other.


The man in the configuration that you know can only exist inside its body. When a man becomes a teenager and begins to produce semen, it is activated by hormonal glands, which come into operation following the programming of another organ, which in turn is activated by the human biological clock.


Physically in the body of man, the semen that will be produced on his reproductive apparel was actually activated by another organ located elsewhere in his body. If we think simply, it's not different from what happens with the Biomatrix.


What is the comet to the Biomatrix but another element of the body of "Life"? It's all part of same thing, the same life.

- Catherine: So what about the fact that our civilization has traveled to space? We have gone to the Moon and we'll probably go to Mars very soon. How do you analyze this issue?

- E.C: Well, we're going out of the main theme. I'll answer this question and then we'll finish for today.

Being free, the man can go anywhere where his limits can reach. Go to the Moon, Mars or even to nearest star will never enable the man to reach the full view of the environment where he is inserted. Only by the local integration with the Biomatrix this enlightenment will be achieved. With this natural knowledge, the man will allow to the Biomatrix integrate itself more directly with other system elements, and so on.


All the elements are interdependent, and the integration will allow an insight together.

A blood cell travels a human body through his circulatory system. If we didn't know what a man is, and if we could travel through his body in a red cell, would we be able to describe what a man is physically? We could barely understand the circulatory system. The answers can't be found in inaccessible places.


When the red cell breaks up the walls of the artery crossing all layers of tissue until reaches the surface of the body, its closed circuit will be left behind, and at the brief moment of life out of its natural environment, it will experience new sensations. Even so, it would not be possible for this red cell having the exact idea of what a man is. They are different dimensions of existence. The architecture is perfect and shows itself in a simple way for who seek to understand it through observation of its structures, without impossible displacements.

You can go to the moon or Mars, but you'll never survive for a long time in their planetary bodies, since you're not part of them in a direct way.


You can even reproduce in these places your terrestrial environment, but always in an insignificant and limited way. I don't see how this can really help mankind to achieve a major harmony with their home, the Biomatrix. The thought should not to be looking elsewhere for the case of depletion of natural resources of your planet.


The death of a Biomatrix also means the death of all forms of existence contained in it, simple as that.


See you on next meeting.

So EC ended his first interview.


During the conversation, everybody were involved in a very familiar atmosphere, as they had become children again, as if they were faced with an old relative, listening attentively a wonderful story, in this case a brief history of the universe.

In the United States among the people who followed the interview, it was possible to individually notice a twinkle in their eyes. There were moments when the personal curiosity overcame the corporate interests.

At the end, amid all that was spoken, the director spoke to Paul:

- Director of NSA: We have quickly analyzed the content of the conversation and the president thinks by the text content, they apparently have no intention of causing any kind of shock in our social order. We need to wait for the other interviews, but for now let's keep the same approach.
- Paul: Right. Personally I see great possibilities for human development in understanding on what was said.
- Director of NSA: Paul, we must defend the interests of our country and our species. Let us leave the rest to the philosophers.
- Paul: Excuse me sir, it was just a personal moment. It won't happen again.

In the mind of the friends became clear that although they had not had time to analyze everything that was said, it was a kind of information that could change the way of people understands the life and all other things, but it should occur gradually and individually.


They began to understand the importance of the work and the sentence "start with few to reach many."


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7 - Second Interview - Life

The next day, after twenty-four hours reading, rereading and analyzing the previous interview, all were gathered again to continue the work.


As it was agreed, EC entered the chat room and began the meeting:

- E.C: Friends, yesterday we talked about the creation, or birth, as I prefer. Every birth brings to life a new being.


The man usually classifies life forms in simple or complex, and certainly among all life that you can perceive in your environment, you're the most complex life form ever found and studied. So could you say that a plant is a simple life form and a planet is a complex form? What would be for you the more complex forms, the man or the planet, the solar system or a galaxy, an ant or a tree, a star or an atom?

The energy that makes possible the expression of life in all these body structures, which operates in different dimensions, is exactly the same. The power that makes Biomatrix go its way through intercellular space around the solar core is the same that joins different atoms which form its body and the bodies of all beings who compose it. It's the same power that unites all the elements of "Life" during its long journey of growth. The existence of this energy is innate to all forms of consciousness, which express itself through all the bodies that make up the vast universe's manifestation of the Great Architect, acting as a beautiful cosmic symphony.

The Biomatrix, like all other bodies forming the "Life", has a temporal consciousness that manifests itself independently and it's linked to cellular (solar) consciousness. The cellular consciousness also manifests itself independently and it's linked to the tissue consciousness formed by the galaxy. All these consciousnesses are connected to the "Life" consciousness, which manifests itself and recognizes itself in its dimension of "Lives". Such links, if we consider in a systemic view, are endless.


I say with all my being that everything that can be seen or perceived, it's life in movement; it's the energy filling every space with its harmonics notes of creation. Any element that man is able to perceive, to see, to merge, to freeze or to manipulate is life and movement. Inertia is a human concept and doesn't exist in the real universe. There is nothing totally stopped. It's a matter of observation that not depends on any special tools. You have total capacity of discernment to begin to perceive this.

I also spoke a little bit about the solar cell and its components, among them, the Biomatrix, the repair elements and the elements that carry within them the seeds of life. With your current technology you can observe the movement of some of these objects, and also monitor and predict their routes when they are inside the Solar Cell.


I would like to clarify that all these elements are organized and have a completely harmonic behavior.

It's like a tree, which has all its molecules arranged and its fluids, which transport the substrate that feeds the whole structure. It's like a respiratory system that receives and sends oxygen through the blood, to be transformed into energy to feed all structures of animal body. The universe works on a completely organized way. There is no luck or chance in these systems. All these bodies are where they should be. The collisions occur as a natural process of repair or renovation.

In the human context, throughout its development, we observed that for you, the term "to exist" has acquired the same meaning of "to live". All things your scientists have found and have classified as biological life forms became to be considered as "living beings". The minerals in general and all its derivatives are viewed as inanimate objects without organic life.

Life is a very present word in the mind of every human being. It seems to have turned into a kind of psychological tool used to compare everything around you. You divide the world that you can perceive into living beings or not living. You're looking for signs of life in space, other planets and galaxies without knowing that in fact, you are seeking life in something that is already alive.

To your science, especially in biology, it's considered as a life form, every being that has a cellular characteristic, being composed by a membrane that encloses the body to separate its inner substance of the external environment. Internally, the cell should exchange elements with the external environment through some chemical processes and have the ability to reproduce itself.

Let's review the implications of human interpretation about the word "life" and its relationship to other words like "death" and "consciousness".

If we look deeply into human being we can have some interesting insights about what is considered life. Each of you has a body made up of millions of cells. If you get a microscopy and look inside your body you'll see different forms of cellular life which could be considered independent life forms. Each type of cell has specific functions such as formation of skeletal structure, muscle, organs, nerves, etc.


Throughout the lifetime of man, how many cells are created and destroyed? So for a human cell, what would mean to live? Would this cell could perceive its time-space existence or would it perceive the time scale of the organ where it is inserted? Or even the time scale of man who it belong to? Please don't even consider the possibility of the cell doesn't be able to perceive anything. As a living being, it has sensitivity. Does a cell that form the heart is aware of what a heart is and what is its purpose?

What actually exists is a temporary collective consciousness, in other words, the heart cells of a 50 years old man bring with them all the information acquired from pre-existing cells of this organ since the formation of this being, when the first cells were created according to the initial genetic code. There is no life or death for these cells, what really exists is a primitive consciousness which function is to maintain a certain characteristic and pass it on.


That collective consciousness, which we could call cardiac consciousness, works at different levels: individually, where each cell performs its function ignoring what is the heart; and collectively as the heart itself that needs to maintain its basic function of pumping blood, but without has the awareness that it is formed by each cell individually. Likewise, a heart hardly will be aware of what is a man, who in turn, acts as being in a completely different dimension.


A man knows he has a heart; he knows how it works and of what it's formed, but if you could step into the same dimensional level of it, you would probably become crazy. Have you thought about being aware of each cardiac muscle contraction? Be aware of each cell replacement? Your temporary consciousness doesn't need to see these movements because it operates globally. You need only use all available resources and just exist.


A man is composed by each cell, each organ, each bone and each muscle, separately and as a whole. The Biomatrix is composed by each man, animal, vegetable and mineral. Everything is alive. Everything is movement and organization.

So if you get into the atomic level, it can become a dangerous journey, because you could reach the conclusion that you actually don't exist in the way that you believe. It's all a matter of perspective. In your current science is taught that each cell consists of molecules which in turn are made up of atoms. Atoms are basically formed by even lower elements which have electric charges that are electrically balanced.


If you could see a water molecule at the atomic level, it wouldn't be the water that you're used to seeing. It would be the vision of an electric wave varying according to the motion of atoms and electrons on a complex network of exchange of energies. So when you talk about matter, that two bodies can't occupy the same space in the universe, about what kind of bodies we are talking about?


A being existing in a dimensional level similar to what you call atomic level, could passes by inside you like a ghost without you noticing it, surely both of you.

I would like to invite you to another journey.


Let's imagine hypothetically that a man can carry his consciousness to the same dimension of a carbon atom inside his own body. Imagine this man on the surface of an electron of this atom in the same proportion of a man for planetary surface. What a magnificent sight! Millions of stars in a cloudy sky and at the center, a red Sun surrounded by planets that appear in midst of great storms and light rays.


For a moment, this human consciousness forgets where he came from and the body that he had to express himself, and stays there in this atomic state, contemplating this universe for a period that we could call "atomic months". I won't talk about all he would see there, one day you will discover. Well, now it's time to return to the source dimension, because the brain is ordering something.


No problem, for the time-space dimension of the man only a few seconds have elapsed, it was enough time for his consciousness meditate and enjoy all the beauty and perfection of that micro-universe, which before his mind simply ignored.

The man, through what I call his physical consciousness, interprets and considers as alive all elements in his existential field which can be perceived by his sense organs and the tools developed to assist him. Actually I say there is nothing you know or not, that isn't alive in the real sense of this word. Life is movement, organization, creation and destruction. Life isn't an appropriate word to portray this vision. The correct word is process.


Everything you can see or not in your universe is in motion, is changing.


A rock is constantly changing, increasing or decreasing. So how can you say that something has no life? For your science when a biological being dies, certainly he won't be able to allow the manifestation of his temporary consciousness, but can we say that he is fully dead?

Death is another very dangerous word invented by you. If we saw earlier that for an atom or cell the death doesn't exist, why it would exist for humans? We could make hypothetically another comparison. That man is related to the earth in a similar way than the cell is related to the man. So for the existence of Biomatrix how many men, plants and animals have already born and died?


The big difference in this comparison is that you don't have the collective consciousness of the cell, and you see yourselves as truly independent beings. In general, the Hans who was born and lives in the Netherlands can't imagine that Mudiwa, born on other continent and he, are actually exactly the same thing. I don't mean they are the same thing because they are all human beings. I mean they are actually the same life, temporarily manifesting independently with the illusion of being separated from the wholeness.

I don't mean that you must have the same level of consciousness of a human cell, because it received a lineup of very limited existence. But somehow at some point the man lost the opportunity of seeing the world where he lives more objectively. You seem to be stagnant in a dimensional gap that emerged when you lost your ability to acquire a real link with other living beings of your same dimension.


The major goal of your humanity will be acquire the awareness of what you really are, at least in the local context of your terrestrial universe. If you can reinsert yourselves into your nature, it will be the first step to begin your journey by the different levels of awareness that you can achieve. All of you were projected for it.

You are all accustomed to accept as fundamental truth only the things that you can be perceived directly. Why do you see yourselves as separated beings? Why is it that whenever you look up to the sky, you see the Moon, the Earth and all stars as separated objects in a system with no beginning and no ending?

Let's return now to the consciousness that I described above, which spent some months in a carbon's electron. Did that consciousness could see something so different than you can see from where you are? Perhaps the main difference is that she knew what was beyond that carbon. From there, she really could see that life and death are just two words. Thankfully!

Please, we can start the questions now.

- Hans: So the whole universe is an intelligent living being?

- E.C: The "Life", as its name suggests, it's a wonderful expression of life, a whirlwind of movement and transformation that brings in it the primary energy and the cradle for expression of all temporary consciousnesses that form this complex being. Intelligence is another word created by man to classify in a pejorative way what he analyses but has no deep understanding. Consider a mountain filled with trees, rivers, snow caves. Is there no intelligence in all this? Does all this is there by chance? I think the right word to use here would be perfection. It's what exists everywhere.

- Hans: Of course, I think we all agree with your assertion. All degradation that we cause to ourselves and to our planet comes from we don't consider ourselves linked to it.

- E.C: The feeling of isolation in relation to other species to some extent is normal in human development.


Once your species acquired a more developed cerebral apparatus, especially when you have began to get more time thinking and reasoning rather than spend it looking for food, since this moment, you have walked away from other beings which carry within them a mental rigid programming relative to the behavior that they have to express for their own survival and for their participation in the organic processes of Biomatrix.


The initial separation is crucial for men in order to develop all their possibilities and capabilities that aren't common to other species. It's necessary to the Biomatrix that man can develop all his aptitudes. There were civilizations that have gone through this process quickly and soon have been reinstated to the environment, while others took longer. Some unfortunately didn't survive.

The use of your superior reasoning skills for provide yourselves with all nature's available resources is a normal behavior. The use of this superiority to irresponsibly exploit these resources is a serious problem that can cause irreparable damage.


When this behavior can be treated in time, there still hope.

- Duranjaya: If the same principle of energy that animates our planet is also present in every living being and every man as a unique being, why are we allowed to take actions that cause destruction into this being? Doesn't should it be a balance in the distribution of this energy?

- E.C: The Human nature, which is essential to the development of Biomatrix, has this feature of freedom of action and sense of independence, so becoming a potentially destructive agent.


We can't consider this as an imbalance of the energy that allows the existence of all beings, but an innate characteristic. When a human body undergoes some kind of imbalance and develops some disease, can we say it's a problem of its energetic vital principle? Don't cling to the need of have to be mathematically perfect in relation to your local universe.


Some plants are born and die without bearing fruits. Some insects are born and die devoured even before they can leave their colonies. Some men are born and die without seeing daylight or hear the sound of birds. Some men develop themselves abnormally and die very young while others become elder.


Your cells have an average lifetime, but there are always those that last longer and those that break early. Stars may explode and all near planets are consumed by its mass. I already said that there are Biomatrices that dissolve themselves before completing their development, and carry with them the entire solar cell.


When I speak of perfection I'm not referring to the constitution and functioning of different elements individually. The perfection is the architecture that spontaneously creates all these life forms, by remaking itself, correcting itself and destroying itself infinitely. As seen above, life and death are just two words.


For men, Biomatrices, Galactic Tissues and "Lives", an element is only a part of the whole. For each cell destroyed more cells are created.


For each man who dies more children are born, that is, the process never stops, at all levels.


I hope that knowledge can help you to live more fully.

- Mudiwa: Every living thing carries within itself a genetic code with all the features that it will develop throughout its life. In your view, the manipulation of genetic code represents some kind of violation to the laws of nature?

- E.C: You said it very well. Each being that exist and have a temporal consciousness brings within him a set of initial characteristics which serve as the basis for his development through the different specialized energies.


This is a feature that covers all the bodies, human, planetary, etc. The man's knowledge about the existence of this set of features and the possibility of some manipulation shows that all elements work seamlessly. If every living being, every plant and every animal has a structural encoding very similar, differing only in small parts, we must assume that the origin of this project is unique.

As I said earlier, during our development we acquire the ability to handle the basis of life. This knowledge has brought to us the risk of interfering inappropriately in this process and brought also the responsibility to actively participate in it.


But as the whole project is perfect, the primordial energy that makes the code able to be executed, it that creates the field for actuation of a temporary consciousness that will fill the body, it can't be achieved. We have already found it ready for use. One day you'll see that besides identify and change the characteristics of this code, you can add information that initially doesn't exist, and even create new codes for other temporary structures.


The current human knowledge in genetics will give you the resources to solve specific problems and improve the life's quality of your people in some aspects. I think your question is also about the processes for cloning human beings. When a man clones a life form he gives birth to another similar being that will follow the same code of characteristics that originated the first. The vital energy and the consciousness that will act inside a new being are completely out of your control. Cloning is just another distinct form of human asexual reproduction.

The genetic alteration of components of the Biomatrix, mainly from vegetable layer can indeed cause an imbalance on the environment. In your Biomatrix, the changes in the vegetal layer are a serious health problem, but it was initially due to other reasons. We'll talk about this subject in the interview devoted to development.

- Jacques: The human life has spread across the planet. Today we are more than six billions of people on its surface. The overcrowding is a factor to be considered for maintenance of natural resources?

- E.C: The Biomatrix is formed by millions of life forms of different kinds. All these forms obey a control scheme that maintains the balance of its body.


All these beings, be they mineral, plant or animals act according to their behavior on a scheduled way. It don't mean to say that these beings are devoid of reasoning ability, but all they bring into its mental structure a set of instructions that are critical to maintaining the natural balance of the ecosystem.


This is a perfect system where the way of acting of all these beings is intertwined forming a giant behavioral network that takes care of the Biomatrix's body balance.

Each living specie acts through its individual and global behavior in order to maintain this natural balance. The devices to maintain this balance are triggered automatically according to the needs of the being, through some resources such as food supply, climate, topography, life cycle, etc.

The emergence of the human species at its beginning doesn't alter this arrangement, since the first groups of humanoids also acts in an integrated way with the balance system, hunting, being hunted and geographically limited by climate and natural obstacles.


With the mental development which leads them to learn to manipulate the natural resources to their own advantage, the men begins the separation journey of this rigid control, and the expansion of their kind starts to occur very quickly due to a deficit of deaths compared to births.

Usually at this point is common occurs growth explosions at different locations where the human life arises. This fact marks the beginning of life in society and all learning inherent in it. Repeating again, all these events are part of the natural process of their development. What must be analyzed and understood is that to the extent the man learns and gets to know better the environment around him and its resources, his mentality regarding this should progress.


A man who lives in a rudimentary society without any analysis tools certainly will act more brutal in relation to other life forms that surround him, than a man who lives in a modern society equipped with all technology that allows him to understand some natural processes essential to maintenance of the planetary health.


The point is, sometimes entire civilizations acquire knowledge and technologies and even so they keep having a grotesque behavior. They continue interacting with the planet as if it were simply a bag full of gas, food and treasures.

The population planning should be done in human civilizations from their understanding of the need for natural balance and their reintegration with the system that controls this balance. This integration must occur differently from the original, being the man responsibility to understand and work collaboratively with this complex system.

Throughout the interview it became increasingly clear in the minds of the friends that the knowledge which was being passed would be something to be read and understood by each man who was seeking for understanding on these mysterious and misunderstood processes.


This work would not solve the immediate problems of our society, this wasn't the goal.

It was formed a committee in the presidential office with members of the NSA, to whom have been given the task of interpreting the interviews and produce a series of questions for the last meeting, when the forum would be open to all, as the visitor EC said. It was not being a very easy task, because the issues discussed so far didn't bring any scientific data.


The information was always in the field of ideas and human behavior. These people had a difficult task because they were designated to extract data with the objective to keep their country in scientific and technological advantage.


So far, E.C had not passed anything like this. Perhaps their hopes were based on the upcoming interviews, especially in the final meeting when they would have the opportunity to participate more actively.

Following his schedule, EC ended the second meeting:

- E.C: I would like you keep in your minds about this interview, that life or process, regardless of any classification or ways of interpretation, is a real fact; it's an innate characteristic of all temporary consciousnesses which are on the different dimensional levels of existence. Life is the movement provided by the primordial energy that fills any element, visible or not, existing in all bodies and all seeds that still have not germinated.


A seed of orange at first sight is just a small dry grain.


This small grain brings within it a latent force ready to act and pull the trigger of creation through its perfect project of development recorded genetically in every atom of its structure. This same latent force is present in all things: gases, rocks, plants, people, planets, etc. It has no beginning and no ending. It's a constant wonderfully indecipherable.

Take care everyone; see you on the next meeting.

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8 - Third Interview - Development

The third day had come.


From an anomaly that was crossing the Internet through computers all over the globe, here we were, facing a real contact with something bigger, smarter and unexplainable. These days would be remembered for a long time.


EC promptly began writing the third theme:

E.C: Friends of One Planet. Let's start our third interview.


Today we'll talk about development, a term used by your civilization to connote a change of state, a physical or behavioral change. I say that development is the inevitable path that all life forms experience in fulfilling the most striking feature of the architecture that shapes the live universe: transformation.

All energy existent in every being, shaping his contours, giving him existence and allowing the acting of his consciousness, is in the process of development, growth or decline. In your human vision, creation and destruction are the extremes that limit this process. What was there before creation and what is going to happen after the destruction is the great mystery that populates your collective unconscious. But as I said, the life's project is perfect and the living elements aren't loose parts that appear randomly, to grow and change until reach a breaking point.

Let's go back to the orange's example. Through its seed, when it touches the ground then activates the primordial energy that will follow the genetic code, or the design made for this being, and it begins its development journey that will culminate with the plant reaching the peak, when it will be able to fruitful and generate new seeds with the same structure of the seed that had generated it.


It will produce a lot of fruits, until some day, when its roots will be weak and its whole body won't be able to circulate the sap of life.


Its structure will be gradually destroyed and all elements will return to their home, until a new seed can activate them again. In the example of the orange, if we changed a few words, it could become the example of an animal, a man, a planet and so on. Is it hard to understand? The development is an inherent condition to all beings. It's the great engine that allows the movement and specialization of primordial energy.

Please consider all that was said above as the structural aspect of development which is present in everything.

Now, let's examine another no less important aspect, the mental development of all beings. As all created structures that follow an architectural pattern during its existence, the temporary consciousnesses which manifest themselves using these structures also follow a transformation process.

Take the example of a man who has a body and a temporary consciousness, which during the period of his existence will characterize him with a personal identity. This temporary identity enables man to mentally recognize himself as a unique being, and through the resources provided by his body he can interact with the environment. This temporary consciousness had emerged, as we have seen, from another consciousness, the planetary consciousness. This relationship must be well understood.


This isn't a process in which the planetary consciousness simply subdivides itself for create other consciousnesses, which after its time of existence returns to its source. It's a more complex and wonderful process. The planetary consciousness, which is also temporary, while manifesting itself as a single entity in a higher dimension, projects itself to form temporary consciousnesses in a lower dimension. I'm using the higher and lower terms to make easier your understanding. I have no intention of classifying different dimensions.

In the lower dimension, the mental structure of consciousness is presented as a reflection of its original nature, it's subdivided and gives the false impression that each of these parts operates completely independently. In fact, everything is happening at the same moment, the actions and the behavior of each sub-consciousness which lives in a lower dimension affects directly the behavior of the source consciousness.

Because they are mentally connected, all the elements of "Life" have a real tuning, and depending on the development level of each part in this great network, it can be used for many marvelous functions. In the example of cardiac cells quoted in the previous interview, the cardiac consciousness keeps its structure and the body functions through its cellular projection, where each cell operates independently to maintain its genetic characteristics allowing so the formation of the heart body.


It's the same process that allows to every man be mentally a reflection of his higher consciousness and simultaneously project himself inward, creating the sub-consciousnesses that make up his mind and body.


So, it's possible to a Biomatrix being connected to all other Biomatrices of "Life", as well as to other elements.


To the extent that each element moves towards in its development, the necessary information for trigger this process comes to any element by flowing through the "Life's" consciousness, which have designed everything that is contained therein, reaching all the elements and granting them access to all necessary information. A man, depending on his mental level can access a knowledge that has already been invented by other similar beings in different Biomatrices. It's a road where all knowledge is transmitted to those who can perceive and comprehend.

Let's consider now specifically the development of your civilization. From our dimension of existence, we are following the cycle of transformations of your Biomatrix using the technologies that we developed.

The emergence of the human species on a planet occurs naturally, because man is an extension of this planet. In reality he is the planet itself, created and specialized to operate on its body. So, their emergence takes place at specific locations, from the specialization of primordial energy that acts on the new genetic code of species. The Human life emerges on a scheduled manner at these sites, which provide the initial geological and climatic conditions necessary for their survival. It's a gradual process of physical and mental development.


Their emergence occurs spontaneously following the normal cycle, from the moment when the biological clock of the Biomatrix is activated. All resources of the "Life" and Solar Cell will be used to provide the necessary support. Some mental signals are sent from other Biomatrices already developed, through its interconnected network of temporary consciousnesses, transmitting the necessary codes for implementing this new type of sub-element.


At this point, the Biomatrix has already developed life forms capable of acting as hosts for this new genetic code that will create human beings.


So, over the surface of its body will begin the journey of one of its most special resources, the man, who will bring in his genetic code the freedom to observe, analyze and understand everything around him, through a long journey that will culminate in his voluntary reintegration with the Biomatrix, or with himself.

As I said before, isn't my intention with that work, to interfere in the development of your civilization.


I'm here in response to the mental call of planetary consciousness to provide information in order to facilitate the human understanding about themselves and the universe in which they're inserted. This knowledge will act differently in each temporary consciousness according to its mental level, and it will be important for its vision and comprehension about this living universe that is around it.

During the time that we were tracking your development we noticed that some specific facts have created degrading behavioral patterns, which have been steady since then, pushing the human mind to have some types of destructive behaviors.

The man's feature that I would like to examine is the violence against oneself and against all other life forms. The existence of primitive animal instincts is a normal part of human nature, and among these instincts, the ferocity is an essential feature at start of their journey, principally to get food and to defend from other species.


In short, this is a necessary survival characteristic in a wild environment where the primitive man has only a small physical force and a developing brain. To the extent that these beings learn to observe the environment and become able to develop tools that help them in their daily activities, this instinct for violence should decrease proportionally to the emergence of a mental superiority feeling over the other species, which directs them to the beginning of new phases in their development.


Even with all these animal instincts quite active, it's very common to find in behavior of primitive peoples a great respect for nature elements that surround them, such as veneration, which is a natural feeling that occurs before of true understanding. Usually, the human civilization begins to walk towards the reintegration from the time when men, endowed with a more developed brains become able to observe and analyze these natural elements of worship to turn them later into objects of research.


When the sum of all human interests is focused in search of knowledge to the collective growth, it's possible to reach this stage smoothly and quickly. It's very important to understand the meaning of violence that I'm dealing with.


Let us make a comparison.

A primitive tribe that would conflict with another in a dispute for food is a violence form completely different from a country, which nowadays launches a devastating attack against other nation motivated only by commercial or philosophical issues. This kind of behavior isn't natural, especially when it continues to occur thousands of years after these tribes no longer exist. It's sure to consider that other reasons such as territorial disputes and reproduction also motivated tribal clashes, but these conflicts always have revolved around obtaining better conditions for survival and perpetuation of the species.

What I'm trying to explain is that violence and conflict is a human characteristic present since its creation, however it's expected that along time this kind of behavior can be sublimated and gradually be transformed into integration.

When your civilization began to learn how to domesticate animals and how to manipulate the seeds and cultivate them in an organized way, it made arise a behavior that changed their destiny forever. Without having to spend most of the day in search for food, the man started to spend more time with his group.


So, the mortality rate decreased fast and the small tribes began to expand and become large people concentrations. With the population growth, not all people worked anymore on cultivating or in the handling of animals. This was also a natural stage of their development. From this period it began to emerge artisans, artists, the future scientists, I mean, people with enough time to develop all forms of human expression.

The trade appeared at same time, from the need of population to have available some resources to sustain its growth, like food and clothing. Initially, the goods were exchanged between people in a community or between neighboring communities that had different resource types according to their crops and animals available. Unfortunately, coupled with the emergence of trade and fueled by the very strong instincts of violence, which still was strongly present in that society, it made start a behavioral transformation that affects all of you since then.

The technological development that brought knowledge and tools capable to facilitate the survival and human integration, instead it served as impetus to develop agricultural techniques from undue exploitation of natural resources and to build self-destruct mechanisms. This actually occurred in the opposite direction of artistic and cultural development which followed initially a normal flow of evolution, with the creation of works of great value.


This movement influenced several strands such as builders, painters, artists and musicians, but unfortunately with the passage of time it has been stifled by the growing of mercantile deadly behavior. What followed is well known by all of you: hunger, murder, imbalance and suffering. For a few, an apparent wealth and for the most, just blood and despair.


The first to arrive delimited the parts of Biomatrix body and took them.


The rest of the population was enslaved and forced to work for almost nothing, just enough to feed and survive. This slavery persists until now. The only difference is that before, the slaves were forced to work under violence, but today, they work voluntarily deluded by the consumer goods that are placed before their eyes, in the same way that someone offers a juicy steak to a dog. You kill yourselves and you are killing the Biomatrix to obtain that juicy steak. The effects are many.


To justify the provision of resources for food, most of the vegetation layer of the planetary body was changed, which is killing its biodiversity and changing its external structural configuration. The indiscriminate cattle creation has generated overpopulations of some species and the extinction of many others. All this has created an imbalance. How don't you see that?


The Biomatrix body is formed by all beings that are its own extension. These beings must exist in a balanced manner in order to fulfill his functions, like to form the mental body through their brains. Imagine that you on behalf of your bellies and your viewing pleasure devastated entire populations of animals. After that, you learned to keep them confined and increased his population so scary, changing their eating habits to accelerate his growth. If you had any idea on how it affects mentally the Biomatrix, the cell and even "Life", you would think carefully before do it.


It's not my intention to judge your eating habits. Everything on your planet is alive. There is nothing that you can use as food that doesn't have life. The act of eating to maintain the physical structure should be called self-eating. Everything you eat is part of yourself; the Biomatrix body is your body. What is disastrous is in the name of this noble and necessary act of feeding, to cause imbalance and affect temporary consciousnesses in all dimensions linked to Biomatrix.

Amid all these problems, your civilization has begun recently to realize the most direct effects of both time of insanity. But it's just a minority, because the most of you are still tied in a degrading mental state.

Through observation and study of its soil, oceans and atmosphere, the effects of the misuse of the planet body are pretty clear. I' m here bringing this information because, even being aware of the need to curb this behavior, you still haven't been able to develop an integrated perception of the facts. Most of the researches and the organs established to defend what you call environment still have as its basic purpose, just save a resource that is running out.


You think your planet is just something beautiful that is there almost by chance, something that somehow could develop life on its surface and now needs to be preserved so as not to lose the ability to continue supporting your existence through its natural resources.

My main goal is show you that there is only one path to the true development. This path is called integration. This will be our last theme.

We can start with the questions.

- Joao: The information we're getting are wonderful. Personally, I always felt that simply know and fight against our forms of degradation wasn't enough. I think my friends share that feeling. If there is some movement toward finding solutions by governments is due to detection and recognition of a real threat to us. Even so the corporate interests ever overlap the human interests.

- E.C: The process of awareness is slow and gradual. Our work will form a material, which if well used it will serve as one of the foundations for a new kind of thinking about nature. In the current scenario, the fact of people be aware of climate changes and problems in the atmosphere, among others, isn't enough to great majority become able to feel internally the situation and the urgent need for change something, starting by themselves.

I see institutions established to combat environmental degradation, even well-intentioned, treating this subject in a conflicted manner. It's the old fight of the weak against the strong, where the result is ever the defeat of all. The Governments are always in negotiating meetings, fighting by numbers.


Everything became a matter of numbers. In the name of industrial development all these people are pretending to be really worried.


While they talk about planning to reduce pollutant emissions and create new regulations for environmental control, more gases are released in the thin membrane that delimits the frail terrestrial body. More vegetation areas are devastated and more rubbish is thrown into rivers and oceans.
Imagine a living being attacked constantly all over his body and by his internal elements, which should act as a unique life. There is no chance to earth defend herself. Her scream can be heard beyond the solar system.

Actually there's only one way to act more responsibly: through education and awareness. I hope there's still time for that.


It will depend on you.

- Hans: Is it possible that our leaders have the ability to change their way of thinking in time to reverse this process of destruction? I don't see a fertile ground for this kind of change spontaneously and quickly.

- E.C: Let's look at this issue from a view point different than you are accustomed.

Throughout history, the men have developed rules of behavior and physical means to maintain and support these types of ideas. All these types of organs such as associations, agencies, courts and governments, among others, started to act as its own entity capable of directly interfering in the thinking of millions.


The behavior of these institutions can't be changed within them, because in fact they are merely a reflection of human ideas that had been perpetuated and fed for centuries. Every man must become aware and change his way of seeing the world, for such institutions to redirect its purposes naturally. They are formed by men.


You must renew these old ideas by imposing a new way of understanding life, creating a new society formed by more aware individuals. These new humans will be able to change all these old conceptual structures inwardly.

Take as an example, these people from the U.S. agency that is monitoring our work. As institution, its goals are clearly get as much information as possible, at any cost, to keep them in the forefront of technology and to continue controlling the world's political agenda. This thought is the result of the idea of power fueled by millions over centuries of trade and ideological disputes throughout your planet. It's from its nature; it was created for do that and never will have compatible goals with the work that we are developing, while there is still such a kind of thinking.


But, if we look at people who are part of that institution, individually, we'll certainly find a different view. The Paul, Junior and all others have their personal lives, a family, wives and children. Do they internally really want to leave a degraded world full of conflict and starvation for their children? It's surely not.


Everyone wants comfort and satisfaction for their closest people. I can see among them persons aware and concerned about the common problems of mankind. There is still hope.


It's a matter of create an awareness able to introduce in men a mental continuum feeling that allows them to experience their natural features wherever they are and to anyone, regardless of race or country. That is not a matter of people being either more or less prepared to start a new era of thought.


Humanity is one and its defects and virtues are everywhere, without exceptions.

- Duranjaya: Regarding the changes in planetary surface due to our needs, how to deal with this situation with so many people to feed?

- E.C: The feed, undoubtedly, is the factor that directly influences the unwarranted changes the corporeal and mental surface of Biomatrix, however, no kind of behavior should be imposed by force.


It's not just a matter of food habits but in fact it's a problem of mentality. As I said, all food consumption actually represents the consumption of lives, living beings, regardless of belonging to animal or plant kingdom.

The techniques used for agriculture, which destroy the layer of original vegetation by replacing large green areas by a single culture causes damage similar to the improper creation of animals. It's not just a matter of power, but of an improper exploitation motivated by the money generated by consumption.

Ask to yourselves why even with so many crops and cattle creations, the hunger is still a reality for your civilization? The answer is very easy. The food is produced for those who can pay, who have money. If there are no buyers, everything goes to the trash. Understand that natural resources must be used with responsibility to be in equilibrium.


Your society has become accustomed to looking at their consumer goods and food as manufactured products, all made in an unknown manner and brought to the cities to satisfy their eccentric appetite.

Take a child to one of these establishments that sell groceries, go to the meat section and show her a beautiful and colored package of ham or a piece of salami. Ask her how we can get such a food so beautiful and tasty. For a child and most adults, what really exists is the product's image; the colors that make them recall the flavor.


There is no direct link with the image of an animal dying and having his body slashed into parts before reach the shelves. The way you do, it's undoubtedly a painful and coward process. A picture of blood and death certainly wouldn't help the business philosophy of sales and profit. It wouldn't be attractive. This is a real fact. Do any of you ever stopped to think about it? My intention with this example is not to judge the lack of awareness of the child.


This behavior has been imposed on her. Since her birth she had no chance to feel this kind of real connection with nature. But don't confuse the human's degrading state with food philosophies. The men should use the natural resources which are available in their habitat in a conscious and balanced way. The Biomatrix gladly cedes part of itself for feed its parts, especially for the man who is a very important resource. Nurture your minds with new thoughts.


Initially, just try concentrating your energies on mutual understanding.


At the moment when you start to love yourselves, understand and respect each other, you'll naturally begin to respect all other life forms around you and you'll find fairer ways to utilize the available resources.

- Duranjaya: On the capacity of your people to be following us since the creation of our planet at different times, our rising and the whole process of evolution of our species, that is a subject very difficult to understand. During all this time there was any contact with other civilizations? Could you talk a little bit about that?

- E.C: After we achieved a real integration with all beings that are part of the environment in which we exist, we have begun a new quest for knowledge. Through much research and experimentation we finally got the technology that gave us the ability to exploit the living structures and understand more about its architecture.


Through the development and usage of equipments we found that the perception of time varies greatly, depending on the dimension where each body and his temporary consciousness are inserted. We found that perception change occurs in both dimensional directions in reverse. If we project ourselves outside, our perception of time in relation to these dimensions is much faster.


In this kind of trip the amount of energy required to maintain the consciousness launch process is absurdly high. In this type of projection, our body structures would grow old and die before we could return with the information obtained.


We worked a long time striving to perfect this form of travel, through the living structures, until the day when we finally developed complex devices capable of exploiting the lower corporal dimensions. This type of trip requires a smaller amount of energy, however, inside this dimension, the time perception works in a reverse way.


Our perception of time is always slower in relation to lower dimensions, making it impossible to send our bodies to these places. We have two alternative processes for access these dimensions. In the first kind, we can send probes capable of working in the dimensional midst, registering and recording all the information that we wish to study. These probes can stay active for years in your dimensional time. At the end of its useful life we send these devices back to our dimension to extract all information recorded.


Since the formation of your Biomatrix, thousands of our probes have been working incessantly to observe your development. The other way to access the lower dimensions is the transportation of our temporary consciousnesses. This is a delicate process. Through the genetic code manipulation of living structures we created an element capable of transporting our minds to these dimensions.


This type of trip even for our technology is very risky and it's only performed in very special cases. The dimensional difference in space-time may cause distortion fields in our psychic structures. We got control this process in a secure way only for very short duration travels, just like this journey I am doing to pass this knowledge.


These five earthly days that I'll spend with you will represent actually just a few seconds to my body in my source dimension.

Throughout the development time of your humanity, we have always been close watching every step. We know all your psychological and behavioral characteristics, but we have never interfered directly in your natural process and whenever we need to contact you it was made so as not to cause any trauma or influence on your customs and habits.


We have been in contact several times with different people at different times, always with the objective to monitor and influence the Biomatrix development in a positive way.


The reaction to contact has always been directly connected to time and the mental level of those selected, ranging since mystification until the sense of threat experienced by our colleagues from the NSA. A fact to be understood is that the content of the contact itself doesn't mean a guarantee of an instant assimilation, or a break of the mental and social codes on contacted societies.


That never have been our goal and even if we wanted it wouldn't work. The passed information is assimilated gradually. No kind of sudden change or imposed on the gallows brings lasting results.


The human mind takes a long time to transform knowledge into behavior.

- Mudiwa: I live in a continent considered the cradle of humanity. Somehow the technological development has occurred in other places and that fact has affected us in different ways. First, the shame of enslavement of many people who were removed from their tribes and forced to work in the crops in order to provide the basis for the development of other peoples.


Thereafter, those who remained in their tribes saw a violation of their customs and traditions with the construction of new urban centers, full of misery and violence, all created in an attempt to simulate the lifestyle propagated by the people more technically and commercially developed.


Why the technological development has not occurred in all parts evenly?

- E.C: I understand your question and I think it's acceptable if viewed from the current human view point, but it denotes a separatist way of understanding. For the Biomatrix, it doesn't exist in its body these people or those people. What exists is the human species, which is an integrated set of lives within planet's life.

Nevertheless we can analyze the facts described constructively.

Regarding the African continent be considered the cradle of humanity, this is an assertion based on a partial analysis. The humanity flourished simultaneously in various regions of the Biomatrix, as I said before. It was a planetary scale process. The different characteristic of body constitution of the people is related to the biological material available in each part used to implement the genetic code. Later, when these people started to get in touch, there was a mix of these characteristics generating new types of external constitution. The initial development occurred equally at all areas where the first human's families emerged.


Over the time, according to local conditions, each group has grown and developed different behavior patterns in face to the challenges offered by the habitat where they were. Certainly the severe cold and food shortages forced the groups that lived in temperate regions to spend more time preparing and developing tools and necessary techniques for their survival.


But this is a factor that can be considered as natural.


The normal path of development would be that insofar as these groups come together, they could initially exchange their experiences for establish a healthy coexistence later. As I mentioned earlier, when these groups began to develop technologies to support their activities, they focused on creating self-destruction devices instead of creating tools to aid their integration with nature.


Among all the weapons of self-destruction, I would like to quote a particular type, the shot gun, which has initiated an unprecedented era of cowardice and murder.


Entire peoples who were walking toward integration with Biomatrix's elements were decimated in the name of trade and philosophical expansion of some "developed" kingdoms. Your people, as you said, was another group that was initially taken as labor resource. After centuries of torture, the noble mind of the rulers came to the conclusion that slavery was an atrocity that should not be committed to human anymore. But only to humans, the other species continued to suffer.


Over this period your people have found themselves lost in a context where they weren't fit anymore.


So the unique solution found by them was drop in the seduction of trade's lifestyle to try to survive, and give up of the initial path they was following before being interrupted by that blind brutality.

- Catherine: As a medical professional, I have experienced all the advances of our science in recent years. We are increasingly equipped and prepared to deal with diseases that formerly killed many people. Several of these pests were transformed into simple chronic diseases.


The fact that we can extend our life span in some way can hurt the natural control over living beings, the control that regulates the amount of individuals of a species? Are we interfering in the natural process and super-populating the planet? This may be one reason for this imbalance?

- C.E: I'm glad with this question. The technological development of a civilization can't be the cause of any imbalance. It's a part of human nature, develop mentally, create tools and improve them. This feature is part of your genetic code.

We have to analyze some aspects of this issue. The scientific development on the human body's study started next to all other known forms of science, including mathematics, physics, astronomy, chemistry, etc. Unfortunately, the initial focus given by mankind to all these forms of knowledge was to concentrate most of their efforts and resources on developing weapons and consumer goods. Your priority was always to the aesthetics and self-destruction.

What I'm trying to explain is that all science should be used to obtain the necessary knowledge to elevate the mental level of all mankind simultaneously to the growth and development of society. The uncontrolled population growth is a real problem that only occurred because of man's lack of knowledge about himself.


You never were concerned about the body of Biomatrix, but with your industrialization and ideological disputes.


When your science has reached a level capable of protecting human life with a good degree of efficiency, the scene of misery and degradation was already present. So I can't agree that advances in medicine had influenced the Biomatrix corporal imbalance. It was always a question of mentality. The result is that now, the task of seeking balance became much more difficult, but not impossible.

I'll close our encounter with this question. Tomorrow we are going to finish our cycle of four meetings with the theme of integration. After the last interview I'll pass you some instructions on how to organize all these incoming information.


See you tomorrow.

The friends were absorbing frantically all received information and the dynamics of interviews, despite the restricted number of questions.


It seems that each made question could complement the doubts of all. It's true that after this crazy journey they would have to find some way to meet personally.

In the U.S., the third meeting brought an individual reflection on each agent, regarding the harsh words directed to the agency in opposition to the hope declared in each human being, individually. The monitoring work followed regardless of their inner feeling, which was kept in a particular way.

Now, there was left only one interview.


Their work would be collect all the information and summarize it in some questions, in order to get the maximum of information to the last meeting.


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9 - Fourth Interview - Integration

The last interview was just about to begin, and in fact, everything was happening very quickly, beginning with:

  • the mysterious message and followed by the first contact

  • the NSA phone call

  • the first conversation

  • the Millennium comet

  • and finally, the interviews

They were already convinced about the importance of what was happening, but they certainly would have to see and review everything to have a better understanding of this knowledge, which was being passed as never before.

All friends were experiencing a feeling of fullness, a moment of reality amid the troubled world in which they were accustomed to live and follow their daily routines. It seems that when the interviews started all they were born for a new way to experience life.

Exactly at 23:00 GMT, EC entered the chat room and began the last stage of the proposed work:

- E.C: One Planet, this group of people apparently as so different as their origins, traditions and customs, but even so, you were taken to know each other thanks to your mental spontaneous connection with the Biomatrix. This binding was able to make you closer, despite the great physical distance that separated your bodies. Your minds were always in tune.

Through the Internet, this technological resource attained by humanity, these consciousnesses have found a way to get together, and they used this channel as a tool for exchanging ideas and thoughts, above all else. All human psychological paraphernalia was left aside for simple pleasure of recognizing themselves as equals, men and women full of dreams, hopes and a desire to build a new world.


This was an initial step able to show to entire society, despite all the difficulties created by you throughout your history, the existence of an available channel ready to be used in a different way. It's time to you start to know each other as men who share expectations, problems and especially ideas.


Thanks for you have met each other, so providing this qualified channel to transmit that knowledge.

In this last interview we'll talk about integration.

  • What is the significance of this issue for you?

  • What does integrate things?

  • For you in relation to your nature, what should be achieving integration?

  • Is it simply living in harmony with your brothers without causing damage to nature and other life forms?

  • Would be only a matter of behavior change?

As I said earlier, the creation is a complex process that follows a carefully prepared script, which aims to form a body capable of allowing the temporary manifestation of the reflection of a consciousness that specialized itself and projected itself.


Of course all elements and sub-elements generated since the initial creation's process has a pattern of behavior integrated. All processes triggered in the formation of a Biomatrix occur in a synchronized manner. The creation of different types of elements which form its physical and mental structure follows strictly its genetic code.


The complex system that controls the balance of the different elements of its body acts in a completely integrated.

For example, the vegetal and animal kingdoms complement each other in a planned and perfect manner. Several species of plants and trees depend on the actions of an external element, which are usually insects and birds. So, these plants can overcome their limitation of displacement and reproduction. These animals act in a perfect manner, pollinating these plants in order to maintain a balance in the population of their species.


Does anyone might think that is it something casual?

The Biomatrix is a being that, like humans, have a complex organic system fully integrated. As the man who through his organic systems such as respiratory, circulatory, digestive, and others, they complement and act in order to keep the body available for his temporal consciousness; something similar occurs with your planet.


Each chemical process existing in your body, which means creating new atoms from the primary energy specialized according to the genetic code, it works quite well integrated as in the example of the different kingdoms of your Biomatrix. So, where it enters the human reintegration problem on this context? If the whole process is perfect in all its levels, why the human species behave away from this naturally perfect system?

I think the most spontaneous response to this question would be simply to say that humanity has deviated from their nature, but that doesn't explain everything and it would be incomplete. The human civilization was born as more one component of this complex interconnected system of the planetary body, but due to their mental nature, as they followed the normal path of their development, they began a separation journey required for the improvement of their capacity for self-recognition, very important for the decentralized nervous organ of the Biomatrix.

This characteristic of development occurs in different beings from a "Life". It's not a particularity of your planet. It's actually the natural mechanism that allows each individual to express himself through his temporary consciousness, as we have seen, that is actually a reflection of a greater consciousness.


This reflection acts independently adding impressions and experiences to his individualized consciousness. These new information, which are initially collected and stored in the nervous organ, will be sent back to his source consciousness, located at the space-time dimension immediately above.


This transference will occur when the body can no longer allow the manifestation of his consciousness. So, any new information added to the higher consciousness will change its initial state, transforming it and adding new data to its collection of impressions and records, which are likewise passed to higher dimensions infinitely.


Pay attention my friends, since this process means the return of the primary energy that started the whole cycle of creation.


This energy that specializes forming the different beings in existence returns from each of them bringing in new features, which makes it possible to maintain the continuously evolving process. We couldn't achieve yet the total knowledge of this wonderful process, but we believe that when each temporary consciousness reintegrates himself with his higher mental body it creates a disturbance that alters the structure of the entire network of life. The Architect has designed and projected itself into a self-evolving system.


The only word possible to describe all this is perfection. Therefore every existing being is very important to the process, especially those that operate independently, free of a restrictive programming.

In man himself, you can identify in his body structure some elements that act more freely. All your body systems work seamlessly and its control is automatically done without his owner being aware of it. This occurs in almost all systems, with an exception, the most important. That exception enables to the man recognize himself as an individual, be aware of him and to create a whole world of personal experience and information that ultimately will shape his behavior.


These elements are the nerve cells, the neurons, which processes all external impressions in order to allow the analysis and reasoning. These structures are fully interlinked.

All the knowledge and information which travels through the brain is actually small energetic particles that crossing the neurons through its synapses. This small being, the neuron, is the key link between body and temporary consciousness. Information is energy temporarily retained in that organ through its electrically active structure.


When the body loses its ability to retain all that information, what happens?

The energy, or information, will be released and will follow its natural return path to another available environment. Can we affirm that man completely controls this specific part of his body? Is a man able to control his thoughts and ideas objectively and consistent? Or is it mostly driven by impulse? What are these impulses that dominate his mind causing him to act as separate and irresponsible? Why is it not possible for most men control their minds?

Again, each element of a being expresses himself through the projection of his global consciousness, and a being without a strict programming will allow to his temporary consciousness exist with a certain freedom. It's like some people say: "Neither our thoughts belong to us."

Your brain network which operates in a centralized way is actually a set of millions of living cells that are receiving and transmitting the entire set of external impressions. Besides the physical task of transporting, these cells also record their impressions turning them into information. I tell you that the elements of this large network, at their cellular dimension of existence can respond individually and differently to a set of information.


The sum of all impressions collected from nerve cells will give to man the mental record of the processed information as it was a unique impression. The each new information recorded in memory banks will allow the man to experience the sensation of time passage.

What you call past is represented by all the information and conclusions stored, which are renewed every moment giving the feeling of consciousness temporal displacement.


The present is the "now", which turns into past at every second and leaving its existence. The future is a projection of the records already stored, or the old ideas and thoughts rearranged.


Other beings can perceive time in accordance with the functioning of their sensory organs. Even in the Biomatrix, each element deals differently with the sensation of time passage.


These are features that end with the destruction of the bodies and the release of the consciousnesses. Understanding these mechanisms is the initial way for you see that the space-time relation is just one more property of each dimension of existence. For free mind, the time doesn't exist. With that, I want to show that your temporary consciousness can only act on the information captured and recorded in your brain, which makes possible the perception of individuality.


Hence the great difficulty of you understands the complex world of human behavior. This behavior is the result of conflicting impressions of individual's nervous system with the vast array of information that form the mental basis of society.

The man's temporary consciousness is capable of storing and processing all the information received in each second, allowing to him even survive in an environment with behaviors that are out of his nature, but if more conflicting data are processed, less free space will be available for his natural development. With minds in conflict, all sorts of problems and deviations may arise.


This fact caused to your civilization to lose your time to biologically reintegrate yourselves with the Biomatrix.


Therefore I affirm that for human civilization can reenter consciously into system of life that surrounds them, is necessary that each man can reunite himself with his own inner nature. It's very important that each human has any time to devote to himself. You need to stop wasting time with all these silly things that you not tire to invent. Stop for a while and think about yourselves, how you fit in this big puzzle of existence. While you keep acting like robots mesmerized by all these mental creations that were fed along your history, you won't be able to see what really matters.


The integration effect will begin at individual level, and afterward will reach the collective. It will allow to entire body of Biomatrix to work more harmoniously. When this time comes, the man will cease to be a separated being and unconscious in all planetary process. You will consciously access the entire neural network by linking yourselves mentally to all planetary knowledge stored since its creation, coming from all its kingdoms.


Acting proactively and with free transit over the entire mental field of the planetary subconscious, you will effectively take for yourselves your part in the evolutionary process, firing the trigger of energy return that definitely will shake the whole universal network of existence.

Thereafter, all your computational networks will become obsolete and the great information highway will be the whole body of the Biomatrix, through its vast cerebral network.

We can start the dialogue, please.

- Mudiwa: On the problem of communication, the different languages, did it create a barrier that separated us and made us more aggressive? Why did this happen? Should we not have developed a unique way to communicate?

- E.C: The human emergence in the Biomatrix occurred simultaneously in different parts of its body, as I had spoken. Small groups of hominids were created according to human genetic code, which was initially implanted in some beings developed to serve as a starting point. Initially, their communication wasn't so different of species from animal kingdom.


Due to they have arisen in different parts of the planetary body, and despite they having a unique body constitution, the humanity developed their senses and communication tools in isolation, according to factors related to the interaction quality of each group among themselves and with external environment.


The human attribute of act spontaneously in reactions to the impressions and interactions with the external environment has opened to them a vast field of possibilities and behavioral variations.

That was the beginning, a body full of resources, designed and configured to receive this new form of expression, which through his cream curiosity and exploratory sense began his long journey toward achieving the noblest knowledge, the integrated consciousness.

In your civilization, at the time when you became able to move over greater distances, and the different groups began to interact, it has appeared in humanity a behavior of imposing ideas and lifestyles instead integration and transformation. The biggest motivating factor for this type of thinking was the spreading of created ideas from the time of formation of these societies, when the first local leaders were established.


Those societies was characterized by maintaining the social structure through the exploitation of the vast majority with imposition of ideologies and philosophies created to hold the citizens' interest in the forced labor, in order to sustain their wealth and power. In the course of time, these leaderships began to experience a feeling of dissatisfaction; the result of a normal mental growth of entire population which has began to reject the existing way of social organization.

At this time, when normally these people would begin to know each other in a natural way, after overcoming the initial conflicts that are part of the first steps, and become more integrated, instead this, what happened was the displacement of that local social vision to other communities that were conquered one after another, and transformed into commercial hubs of the conqueror states.


These populations were enslaved, assuming the position earlier occupied by the peoples mentioned above. It was like a snowball.


With the passage of time and mental development of the conquered peoples, as well as the abolition of the most barbarous conduct, the ruler classes were forced to develop new mechanisms to keep the system created.


Unfortunately this was a cycle of death, mental slavery and bigotry that was propagated till today. Even masked through the ages by different ideological models, it has not changed its operating structure.


The man has developed technologically, but it seems that in the name of commercialism he forgot to bother with himself, with his mental evolution. Since a long time all of you have all the resources to develop a unique and efficient communication system.


If you had worked together with this goal you could quickly reach it, but the type of social system where you are inserted doesn't has any interest of full integration between your peoples. The exchange of knowledge and mental evolution of man is a real threat to that ideology which is based on exploitation of lack of people knowledge.


So, it has emerged on your humanity a separatist policy that transformed human beings into robots, slaves of all this ideology of cultures isolated by the cultural systems of protection and trade, which focus only on the consumption of goods designed to keep your minds occupied and calm.

- Mudiwa: So, is the mercantile system the great villain of our story? If not for its breakthrough that led us to industrial revolution and created the current political scene, wouldn't we have reached that point of deterioration? How to develop a society without the stimulus of trade, which promotes development of new technologies to generate knowledge and exchange?

- E.C: Let's see, I didn't mean that the act of producing consumer goods and provide them to people through value systems should be necessarily a wrong behavior. I say again that the concept of trade created since the beginning of your civilization was based on an unequal relationship of exploitation and enslavement.


That is a fact, look around you and see the result of centuries of wild trade.


How many nations have been entirely decimated in the name of the conquering expansion of all kinds of explorers? How many men, women and children were cowardly murdered to make room for the progress? It's really hard for you today, after centuries of brainwashing, try to imagine other ways to establish a society in a human manner. It seems that for you, be a robot satisfies fully all the desires of the vast majority of your society today.


The human life in your Biomatrix has become a big repetition. What actually changes are only the sceneries, the spoken languages and ethnic characteristics of people. Everyone seems to be in a trance, always looking for a little bit more of currency to buy something else. To get that crumb you undergo this deadly routine doing repetitive tasks that require less of your brains.


You have created armies and new weapons to protect your rich homes from the millions of poor, which excluded, roam around your land dreaming about take their little piece of dream of a lifestyle that preaches freedom above all things.

I'm out of your life's dimension and I have been in others like yours, therefore I can really say that there are other ways to establish rules of human relationships based on equality and development together.

I can also say that in the last 20 years we observed in your society several movements that represent a beginning, even if late, an attempt at integration and sustainable development in several locations. This movement is gaining momentum with your new technological features that somehow are integrating this great mercantile system and making it globally interdependent.


This is an important step to raise awareness around the values prioritized by such system, and for the creation of a large collective reflection about the advantages and disadvantages of maintaining it. I hope it can create a field for a self-analyzing of all humanity and then start to develop a new mindset on your relationships.

It's possible to exchange knowledge without conflicts, mutual exploitation and exploitation of natural resources.


To do this you just need to see a little bit beyond the walls that surround your homes, your cities and your countries. These walls are only on the minds of every person, and right there is the place where they should be demolished initially. When they start to fall, the concrete walls won't make more sense to your lives.


All knowledge gained by man should be shared and used for the development of all, and not to become just another great product in the shelf, available to few.

- Catherine: I believe that thirst for commercial expansion generated wars, and with it, all sorts of human and environmental degradation. Is the peace the only possible way for nations to interact and break down these existing cultural blockages? How to achieve peace?

- E.C: How to talk about the world peace if you don't find this state even in your minds, which are taken by all sorts of contradictions and dualities. What is to be in peace? It means that you don't want evil to your fellows? What does this word mean?

Peace is just a word created to define conceptually a state of mood in which men do not experience desire or need to be in conflict with their equals. In short, peace is a utopian alternative that expresses a sentiment of opposition to the violent behavior of man, who found among the different ways to express himself, in another word, the higher meaning for the insanity and cruelty; war.


What drives a man to throw himself fiercely against his fellow to the point to take off his life? Would it be hunger, despair, or madness? Or it would be the will to enforce his social and ideological concept and his commercial interests to the detriment of other interests also isolated?

The violence is rather a human characteristic that accompanies its kind since its inception, when still endowed with animal instincts; they began his journey of development. It's something that comes uncontrollably but over time, with the development of reasoning should become a small trait of his personality. It's an available resource to be put into use only in case of risk to the integrity of being.

So, what kind of violence can make a general pushes a button and launches a rocket that in few minutes takes millions of temporary consciousnesses from the planetary body at once? Could the hunger cause such action?

Don't waste your time looking for excuses, because they don't exist.


This type of violence is the result of a society blindly guided by artificial concepts to human nature, all designed to sustain desperately a lifestyle incompatible with all perfection created and made available for your development. Things artificially created like some concepts: good and evil, micro and macro, dirty and clean, real and unreal.


These terms are an attempt to create boundaries where you can't impose limits. The result is that entire area enclosed by these dualities turned into a territory explored by pseudo-intellectuals and scholars who have created their own theories to control the human minds, which were so exhausted and hungry for some comfort that gave them the false hope of belonging to something that could justify such insanities.


To be clear, the man will only be able to experience something like the concept past by the word peace, when it ceases to be used, when it loses totally its sense of existence simply because there is nobody who doesn't know himself, his fellows and all other beings who share the planetary body with him.

- Duranjaya: Are the borders that separate our nations an obstacle to our development? I see national interests being placed as an obstacle to establish environmental conduct rules to protect our planet. I believe somehow everyone already has inwardly the thought of change, and the problem is in our organizations that hinder this movement. What do we do to face this challenge?

- E.C: The countries, its people and customs are the result of the continuous development and establishment of specific behaviors of groups, which have formed and have recorded this artificial information very strongly in their temporal consciousnesses, repeatedly over centuries; it was passed from generation to generation.


I have no interest in discussing issues related to sovereignty of peoples and the human right to organize themselves in the way that suits them best. I have already said that I don't see you as Africans, Americans, Europeans or Asians. I see all mankind as a single movement of life. All boundaries created by your society are purely imaginary.


What makes an African imagine that he is really different from an Asian is the virtual wall created by society, which is full of false ideologies limiting the scope of people's understanding and make them accept this artificial reality. Unfortunately all the rules of mental conduct eventually emerge from this virtual concept and away from the real nature of every being.


For example, a man who travels a lot and have contact with many people can better see the great folly of thinking about the world as an atlas cut by lines and names which divide each part of the planet in small pieces.


Travel by plane, look down and all these lines no longer will make much sense. I can guarantee that from space it's unimaginable. For Biomatrix, at its dimensional level, not even the duality of night and day is real. Every moment its body receives the invigorating warmth of the central core, like a ballet, where this beautiful blue sphere makes its way through the cell spinning in a dance of lights and shadows.

Today the Internet is a tool capable to take away from people's mind this false idea of separation. Through this network, which is a means of easy access to many of you, is possible to start a new phase of integration between people. I'm not talking about integration among governments and countries. I mean ordinary people; they should start using that network to find other cultures, talk to people who born far away.


Through these contacts you will be able to know yourselves better. Do discover that most of the differences lie in the outermost layer of your consciousness. This layer is similar to clouds covering the Sun. They prevent you to discover what lies behind, deeper in every being. When you finally discover that all of you share the same dreams, one by one, each man will act as a transforming element to the whole society.

So, just as I explained to the word peace, when come the time when most men achieve this vision of unity, the word race, color or country will also lose their sense of existence.

- Jacques: Can we fail to the point of exhausting all the natural resources of our planet?

- E.C: Unfortunately this is a real possibility. My presence here already signals a concern at different levels of existence in relation to your development. The self-destruction behavior of humanity causes a mental reflex in all "Life". The Biomatrix is a being that lives in his own dimension and his temporary consciousness can perceive changes in its body differently than a human who contracts a disease.


This living being feels mentally the attacks over his body, through his diversified network brain. The constant deforestation causes the return of multiple vegetal consciousnesses to his network. The killing of animals causes the same, but with that feeling amplified due to the nature of their consciousnesses. I can say that human behavior is projecting on the planetary mind a worrying psychological state, and this is reflected beyond his body.


I emphasize that to Biomatrix, the notion of time passage is quite different from human consciousnesses.


On his notion of time, the being feel himself as a child, with just four billion years, which to him would represent a few time, and with a whole future ahead. Of course, if you allow.

If your humanity continues insisting in damage his health certainly the immune system of "Life" will utilize its resources to prevent his death. It will be a great sadness to have to redo the entire course of biological development of this being; in order to return to his prime function in this organism.


It will be a trauma for the Biomatrix and respectively for all temporary consciousnesses, which will abruptly leave their planetary bodies and should reintegrate themselves very slowly and primitively on the healing process of Biomatrix.

- Joao: How to gather all this received information in order to pass it to others?

- E.C: All of you were chosen to participate in this work due to your ability to understand the knowledge imparted.


With time you'll have the real perception of the sheer magnitude of everything that was spoken here. Your geographical diversity at first can be an obstacle to overcome to the elaboration of the material, but it will serve in the future as a diffusing factor of new way of seeing your universe.


It will be a knowledge that will depart simultaneously from multiple locations of your planet, regardless of any social or cultural rule. It will be a human knowledge. You should not bother to change what was said, because the content is intended to impart knowledge for individual growth without impacting the social structure, as our friends from agency use to think, always concerned with keeping alive their dreams of power.


The final task of the group will be to prepare a free-form material that may be disclosed in your society, in order to this set of information somehow can encourage the curiosity and interest in each one to start a personal quest for self-recognition and subsequently, it starts the reintegration process.

After a pause, EC has continued:

- E.C: Dear friends, I'm finishing this phase of our work with great joy and with the hope that soon you can gather all information and make it available to other people.

I hope the brightness of this comet enlighten your minds and provide you the ability to understand everything that was written in these four days, for you can decide how best to complete the job.


From now on, after passed this information I finished my part in this journey, very happy to experience this great miracle of being in contact with beings from a dimension so different from mine, beings who always have been willing to hear me in search for knowledge and development.


Despite the difference of space-time, always remember that life is perfect. After all, we're all one life, and one goal.

Tomorrow we're going to meet again for the last contact. At this meeting I'll be available for other questions related to work and I also to give for our friends from NSA the opportunity to participate.

See you tomorrow.

At same day of the latest interview the newspapers said that scientists and astronomers have not yet managed to identify the possible orbit of the comet Millennium.


They said that probably the comet was crossing a long path outside the solar system before reach us, and it was not yet possible to predict his return that certainly would take millennia.

At the White House, after watching all the interviews, the president, the secretary of defense and the director of NSA, were talking:

- President: Gentlemen, I would like you analyze the risks of exposure of such information to the public.
- Secretary of Defense: Mr. President, I think if it was disclosed it would be just another material among many that have no scientific basis and are left in the field of conceptual speculations. It will be another conspiracy theory, a material to be distributed among people in search of theoretical hobbies. I don't see this as a threat to our security.
- Director of NSA: I agree partially with the vision of our secretary of defense, but I think we must gather all the key pieces of work relating to the technologies used to transport these beings, and the other concepts presented. I believe we can learn something or improve our scientific insights from these concepts.
- President: Is it possible that other countries follow the same path if they have access to this information?
- Director of NSA: I don't think so. We know that all this was a real process of external contact. The others don't need to know it, and so everything will not go over a fictional story with the objective of creating a new consciousness, and bla... bla... bla...
- President: Our agents and analysts already have the questions to be asked tomorrow?
- Director of NSA: Yes sir, we have elaborated more than 20 questions and we organized them according to priority. We don't know how many questions will be permitted. Throughout the work with the group were not many.

So, these guys continued their speculations and plans for the last contact that would be done in 24 hours.

Once again, the wolf, even cornered, was starting his plans, following his astute old style.


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10 - Farewells and Revelations

As the comet Millennium was starting its way out of the solar system and its bright diminished in intensity, everybody were following his usual routine, as if nothing special was happening.


The appearance of comet, which initially provoked a rush to the stores in search of binoculars and telescopes, no longer was causing much impact, and it was gradually losing in the audience for news trivia like the war in the Middle East, urban violence, increased of poverty, and so on.

But for a small group of people separated by thousands of miles, it was nearing the time to say goodbye to the most spectacular experience of their lives. It was something to be recorded in their memory and to be passed on through generations.

Exactly at 23:00 GMT, as on early days, EC entered the site and started the last conversation they would have:

- E.C: Since I started monitoring the work of your Biomatrix I have been waiting for this opportunity to come into direct contact with humans. Others of us have had this experience in different ways and at different times. Before this contact with you, I had watched some of these encounters.


From the moment I first saw a contact with humans I realized that I should study and prepare myself for the day when I could stand before you, and it was so. I'm very happy with this opportunity to bring from so far our known about subjects and concepts extensively studied and discussed by your society.


I don't delved so much on subject in academic way because my goal was never literally teach you about the characteristics of your universe, but show a different path in order to you see all these things. I hope you know how to take this knowledge ahead and reap its fruits.

In this last meeting, open to all who are following, I'll be on hand to answer some questions about the work and mission. For let us do it well, I'll organize the conversation as follows: I'll answer a few questions from friends of the group "One Planet" and American friends. The order may be some questions intercalated between the NSA's staff and the group.

I'm at your disposal.

So, following the order determined in advance, in NSA, Paul began with the first question. In Washington all they were monitoring, as always.

- Paul: Greetings to all, I'm here on behalf of the U.S. government, our people and all free nations. Firstly we would like to know what your origin is and what type of technological resources has enabled your civilization to identify us from among billions of stars and planetary systems. What are these probes, which have been monitoring the development of our species?

- E.C: My answers are directed to all mankind. To those who are supposedly free and to those who are truly enslaved.

I, as my fellows, exist in a dimensional plane that lies outside your current limits of understanding. We don't live on a remote planet in a distant galaxy or in any parallel universe. We're simply here, separated from you by all existing living space between our space-time dimensions. We didn't decide to study you as an exotic species or something like that.


Through our mental and technological advancement we became able to search for pseudo-physical life forms far beyond our borders. Our technology is based on manipulation of the primary structures, universally available, through the creation of a specific genetic coding to control its behavior.


Our probes are complex devices designed from the engineering that I quoted. They have the capacity to self build as they go through the different dimensional plans of space-time. Its constitution follows the available elements from each of these dimensions.


They act on a temporary and at the end of its useful life they are discarded automatically without a trace. This technology would be something like your still incipient projects in the field of nanotechnology.


Our consciousness is beyond the temporary body of your "Life".

- Mudiwa: I'm an expert in biology and genetics and I work all time studying information about different viruses that cause infectious diseases, in order to find ways to neutralize their activity in the human body. The type of technology mentioned in the previous question would allow us to overcome this kind of diseases?

- E.C: The worst kind of disease that can strike your humanity is the perception lack of the different process that unfolds in front of you every day at every moment, which prevents you from leaving your old destructive habits.


The diseases afflicting your society are a direct result of the quality of interaction held for millennia between humans and animals, plants and minerals.


Although I understand your concern, due to the fact that you are living in such chaos, the planetary body itself should be the responsible for creating conditions of equilibrium between the different species. The uncontrolled and unplanned growth of your kind by ignoring all rules of natural development has generated harsh elements to the man's vital system.


About our technology, it was created in an environment free from problems similar to yours, with another purpose.


The manipulation of the codes of life is a technological marvel for use of beings with a consciousness integrated to life. It wouldn't make sense in the context of your existence. It would be like giving food to a stone. Actually, you all act attacking the life, thereby generating elements that will certainly attack your bodies later. After do that, you start developing medicines to fight these elements, but you never stop attacking the environment.


So you are always creating new potential diseases. It's insane. Mostly often only have access to these new drugs those few men who have financial resources.


The rest suffers and dies.

- Paul: It was said in one of the interviews, about the existence of Earth-like planets throughout the universe. Could you speak more about these other planets, and how far we are from them? Will we be able to contact them in the near future?

- E.C: Your Biomatrix is a living part of an even bigger living body. This body has a structure that follows a well planned project, as well as your body follows a project in which a lot of elements are repeated to form living structures. Just as in your body, the Biomatrix is inserted into a structure that repeats itself through the body of "Life" to form another even larger structure. This information is very simple to understand from the perspective that I put.


The distance between the Biomatrices, which are embedded in the structure, is still unattainable for your science, but you have a problem bigger than this distance, which is the right way to you understand this structure. From the surface of your Biomatrix and from the cellular near space it's impossible to visualize the spatial configuration of your system elements. Regarding to contact these other planets, there is of course something to consider.

In the body's structures that compose every being, the communication between these elements is a necessary resource for maintaining them. As I mentioned in one of the interviews, the man's deployment process in a Biomatrix directly involves the passage of genetic information sent from another Biomatrices already developed, but this is an automatic communication.


The cerebral networks of all Biomatrices are interconnected providing intelligent communication at the level of planetary consciousness and its sub-elements, like the man, who is part of this vast neural network. Usually, men of various Biomatrices become able to access the conscious network of intercellular communication when they begin integrate themselves to the planetary life.


Regarding your civilization, you'll be isolated from this universe of possibilities unless you come back to the path of your natural development. This fact doesn't prevent that in your Biomatrix some men mentally developed, although still in a semi-conscious manner, can establish different levels of contact with other elements using the mental body of planet.

- Hans: Throughout our history we find several reports about sightings of unidentified flying objects. This kind of event always fed our imagination and provided us the basis for creation of numerous theories. Is there a relationship between these appearances and the devices that have been sent by your civilization through the ages?

- E.C: The existence's process of a being like your Biomatrix, which is included as an integral element of a cell body and that in turn helps to form the fabric of galaxies, involves an enormous number of mental and physical relationships that are beyond your current knowledge.


The man has always focused on discovering and studying the laws governing his existence environment from concepts extracted through his capacity of observation, which has always been directly tied to his body and mental limitations.


There is a continuous process of energy exchange between the different elements that make up the body of "Life". This energy circulates through the cellular and galactic body, through its structure, assuming different states of composition according to the environment found. Sometimes when in contact with the body of your Biomatrix these energies can take plasma forms, and when this happens, you can briefly track its movement across the atmospheric membrane.


These energies are live agents from the cell body that act by interacting with the components that form the membrane and different parts of the earthly body. The fact that you can perceive an intelligent behavior in these sightings and so producing a lot of alien theories, it's due to your inability to recognize intelligence and coordination arising from forms of existence quite different from the human, with functions completely unknown and unimaginable.

Regarding our probes, due to it is built with existing materials inside the body of your Biomatrix they are programmed to look similar to the element most appropriate, depending on the location of observation and the life form to follow. It's not common occurs contact between men and our probes, but they can happen.


These meetings are casual and in most cases you can't find evidence to do a mental association in your brains to the fact occurred, and in most cases the people soon forget what happened. But it's possible for a man who has already developed his mind to observe the psychological elements, which are invisible to the great majority, that he can actually register in his brain this type of contact and from there develop an understanding about the fact.

Many unidentified contacts made most often by ordinary people comes from objects linked to research and test technologies developed by governments and scientific communities. Most of these projects have military aims. In the name of protecting this knowledge, these entities usually carry out tests in isolated locations, and when they need to test in populated areas they do it at night.


Much of the existing conspiracy theories are created by the government to divert attention from ordinary people of the real goals of their experiments, as well as ruling out the possibility of their political and trade opponents to be aware of it and prepare themselves.

Anyway, nowadays isn't very common for most of you to get some time to observe the sky and look to the stars. It would be a valuable time for developing your minds.

After a while EC made an observation:

- E.C: As most of the questions refer to doubts that are common to all, I will permit one more question to NSA and also to the group, and after that I will end this mission.


- Paul: We would like to have more questions answered, but we'll follow your determination, up because we have no choice. We wonder what kind of technology was used to interfere in our computer's networks, sending the message to our radio telescopes and the creation of this comet. From now on, will we be defenseless to this kind of electronic trespassing?

- E.C: I'll start with the last part. There was never a time in the history of your humanity in which you weren't helpless to our probes. You are using the word "helpless" with a fear connotation, but actually you're afraid of losing the ability to control, to lose your position of technological edge over the others.

Your computer networks are still a poor mechanized version of the great life web of information that fills all bodies and minds in Multi-verse. For us, to understand the operation of your machines and use them for our purposes was a question of technological ability, as you noted.

The delivery of the message was made through the nucleus of your system with the intent to quickly get your attention. The radio broadcast is very simple even for you. To send the signal from the Sun, we put a probe in the cellular body; it was built using solar elements to resist in its environment the enough time for transmission.

The comet which you called Millennium was also inserted into the cell body and was programmed to perform a trajectory harmless to anyone of its elements, without interfering with its natural processes.


From the knowledge of the genetic code of the element's structure, we have artificially created the comet and put it in your system environment. I repeat that it was programmed to undo so leave your system, when it is at a distance where it can no longer be detected by your devices.

The fact that you are getting this kind of information, poses in front of you the possibility of dreaming about develop yourselves and some day, reach a similar technology. Just because you can hear all these things it should serve as impetus for your mental growth, but unfortunately, you always follow the selfish tendency to hide information rather than share them with the rest of humanity.


For now it's just what I say.

- Duranjaya: I would like to return to the subject related to your work of constant monitoring our civilization through the ages. We found in many records of ancient peoples as Egyptians, Mayans, Incas, Aztecs and Celts, some reports describing physical contact with higher beings, later called Gods.


These beings apparently have passed astronomical and mathematical knowledge to these people, who built monuments and symbols with an enhanced precision for that time. Most of these constructions follow an astronomical orientation.


Is there a direct relationship between your civilization and these ancient gods?

- E.C: The means of communication that we used in this journey certainly seems to be pretty straightforward for you all. The questions and responses on the issues have always been treated objectively, without flourishes or linguistic terms of double meaning.

It's important you understand that for us, even this form of expression is quite different from our natural way to relate between ourselves.


Certainly after be aware of this material the people will create in their minds the most varied ways of interpreting this contact and the transmitted knowledge. What's the image that you have formed in your brains regarding what I am?

Surely you won't think like your ancestors, but you'll be still far from the real understanding. We never made any contact with humans using any kind of resource to persuade or induce their behavior. All communication established ever aimed to indirectly assist the development of your Biomatrix.


The incentive to observe all the natural phenomena occurring in your planet's body and solar cell's body was carried out aiming to inspire those civilizations in the path of reintegration. Several of them, when were destroyed by the blood of fanaticism and ambition had already taken a big step for this natural process. So what happened after that, you can find in your history's books.

Even at your current time, it's easy to understand what I'm trying to explain just by comparing. The question of create a mythical association of these contacts.

For example, hypothetically, if a thousand years ago a helicopter landed on a square in Rome, with two pilots dressing flight suits and dark helmets,

  • What would be the reaction from who was there?

  • Do they understand what was happening or they would create some mental images to fit their perception capacity to record and interpret what was happening?

  • Would they do a relation of the strange machine with the creatures that they used to see in the sky?

Actually, even today, you will do the same sort of association by using other elements available mentally according to your current evolution.

After answering the last question, EC started what would be his final words on this remarkable journey.

- E.C: I would like to end this beautiful work with a few words of instruction and motivation. The existence is the great mystery that inhabits the mind of different beings which fill the whole life movement existing in all dimensions of space-time, the known and the unknown.


As more we think we are close to unlock this puzzle, more horizons are opened before us, showing its infinite and perfect character. I'm here, talking from a place far away and inaccessible, trying to show you what you call planet, your home; it lives, and like you is part of something bigger: the various microcosm and macrocosm existing in all directions.

This knowledge is intended to give an opportunity to you create a new way to understand this universe around you, with a more natural and organized view. I thank with all my being your willingness and intelligence in those days we were together. I won't influence or interfere with the way you choose to organize this material.


You are all humans, so you should find consensus. I'm sure you'll take care of this material produced with your own lives and certainly you'll find the best way to pass it to others.


I'll always be with you, with your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.


See you forever.

With these words this wonderful and mysterious being went away, amid tears and a sense of satisfaction and joy of all the friends, who through the group One Planet, created innocently a few years ago, started a pioneering work of integrating ideas that would culminate with this contact of historic proportions.


At NSA, the personal feeling of Paul, as well as some others, didn't differ at all from friends of the group. Despite the strict principles of agency's operation, this contact had caused a mental change in these people, in most of them.

Once it was verified by the NSA team the departure of the EC from chat room and the disappearance of the anomaly from internet, Paul quickly told to everyone:

- Paul: Gentlemen, during those days, we had been gathered here analyzing a way to handle this situation. Our director has instructed us to not let leak the information about the weakness of our systems and facilities, and the invasion made by an alien technology. That fact could bring panic and break our social codes in a sudden and uncontrolled manner. We fear by the social balance. Our mission is to find a way to let you continue with your work without hurting our safety rules. I propose a meeting for us to analyze all information, and to seek together a way to treat it prior to any disclosure. I invite you to join us next weekend in Switzerland to begin this work. We'll provide all necessary transportation.

- Hans: Guys, what do you think about his proposal?

- Jacques: It wouldn't be better we first meet alone before talking to these people?

- Paul: I'll let you meet in private before we start our meeting. It will be without listening devices or any espionage tricks. It may be in a public and open place.

- Mudiwa: I'm very afraid of what might happen.

- Catherine: After that experience, I think we should not fear anything. Certainly we disagree with all principles of these people, but they are also involved in everything that happened. If they want to cause us harm, they have the resources to do this anywhere, being us together or apart.

- Joao: If we don't resolve that issue we can never live in peace, without someone or something spying on all our steps.

- Duranjaya: EC should be anticipating this kind of situation, in case they do something against us. It's also an opportunity to gather more information. To know how they went into that story and to prepare a complete material.

- Paul: Guys, as you, I'm just a scientist searching for growth. I'm sure that above ideologies and rules, we're all interested in learning. I'm not a spy who carries a gun to kill people. I come back to my home every day, and I have dinner with my wife and my children. My team is composed of technical experts in communications and information technology.

- Hans: Friends, if we accept this meeting, do you have availability?

- Duranjaya: Guys, make backups of all gathered information.

- Joao: Yes, all my tasks will be left behind until we conclude this work. After that, I don't know.

Jacques, Duranjaya and Mudiwa also agreed to meet.


All they were aware of the difficulties they would face, but in everyone's mind there was a certainty, they would fight till the end to pass all information received without any interference by political motives. At this point the main concern of the group wasn't with the security of each one, but with the valuable information they had received.

Paul ended the conversation pointing the last details for the meeting.

- Paul: Our meeting will be held in Geneva, Switzerland. The official justification will be a congress of scientists to discuss the melting of polar ice caps.


We'll send first class tickets and a brochure of the event to everyone. When you arrive in Geneva, a driver will take you from the airport to our meeting point, a traditional hotel situated on the lakefront. We'll reserve one of the convention's halls to develop our activities.


I'll await each of you personally at the airport.

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11 - The knowledge must be transmitted

On Saturday morning, the Americans involved on the process arrived at Geneva in a U.S. government jet, and soon after they were taken and hosted in an entire floor of a hotel located right near downtown.

Little by little, the group's friends were arriving from different flights, coming from their countries. After receiving everyone with warmth and education Paul informed them on the meeting start time and then took them to the hotel. He informed to everyone that as soon as they arrived at the hotel and leave the luggage in their rooms, they could use one of the conference rooms or any other place to talk privately before the first meeting.

Hans and Catherine were the first to arrive at the hotel. A few minutes after pack up their luggage, the couple went down to the lobby to wait for other friends.

An hour later Mudiwa entered in the hotel lobby, and she was quickly recognized by her friend Catherine.


They hugged each other tightly, and amid tears they talked:

- Catherine: I don't believe we're here after all this! Are we going to succeed?

- Hans: At the beginning of it all I couldn't even imagine where we would go.

- Mudiwa: Something tells me that we'll succeed. It would be unfair after so much effort lost everything in the end. We must find a way to finish the job without the interference of these people.

- Hans: You are right, somehow we'll succeed.

A few minutes later the conversation was interrupted by the arrival of Duranjaya, who was a typical Indian with a thin body and a mild countenance.

- Duranjaya: Hans, Mudiwa? Even in thousand years I could never dream about this day! I think just what we had up here plus this opportunity to be together already worth any risk!

- Hans: What a pleasure to meet you personally! How was your flight?

- Duranjaya: I couldn't close my eyes, because I could hardly wait to meet everyone.

- Hans: I'm sure that together we'll find the wisest way to organize all that amazing material.

- Duranjaya: Friends, I got a feeling that somehow our Great Mother Earth, that is, the Biomatrix, will find a way to positively influence our challenge.

The four stood there talking. Two hours later a taxi brought together Joao and Jacques, who had arrived at same time. They were soon recognized by the group's friends who were talking near the hotel entrance hall.

Jacques arrived speaking:

- Jacques: Friends! What a joy to meet you! I always thought that we could meet personally someday, but I never imagined it would be this way and for this reason.

- Joao: Hey everybody! I'm so glad to know you personally. All thanks to the adventurous spirit of Hans and Catherine! I think the forest itself guided them on this journey!

After the initial moment of emotion fueled by these mindless set of events that brought everyone to that place, the friends decided to talk in some place outside the hotel.


The chosen place was a beautiful park right in front of the hotel, across the avenue on the banks of Lake Geneva.


There were still two hours to the scheduled start of the meeting with the staff of the NSA, but in fact, the meeting that they really cared had have already begun, over wooden benches, the sunny skies of the city, the view of the beautiful water jet at the center of lake, and behind the imposing peak of Mont Blanc.

Duranjaya started the conversation:

- Duranjaya: Folks, you know what? Look at the Sun. Since the first interview every time I look at the sky and see the Sun, I have a wonderful feeling. For a few seconds I forget everything else, my students, my family and myself. For a brief moment I have the timeless consciousness that I'm here and I can feel in every part of my body its heat that runs through all space that separates us. Only the Sun and me, as if nothing else existed. Try to do it! It is a time for integration! I believe it's the first step to begin to better understand our universe.
- Joao: I had a similar perception, but in another way. My plane flew over a large area of plantations and after flew over a native forest. That was awesome! The native forest seen from above seemed to form a homogeneous coverage, as the junction of different species of trees just formed a single layer. It was like the perfect coat of a grizzly bear. But unfortunately the areas of animal husbandry and planting seemed huge holes, with crops planted forming symmetrical designs, looking like great wounds in a body. I stopped a moment to think about it, and I made an analogy with the body of the bear. If that bear had flaws in his pelage at the same rate of deforestation of farmland in the planetary body he would certainly be in a desperate situation. I felt these wounds as if they were mine.
- Jacques: I think we're starting to learn to feel our planet as a living being. This is the miracle that we must to pass for everyone. The more people can feel what Joao felt; it will be the start of a new way to think about nature.
- Mudiwa: Our visiting friend certainly saw important qualities in us to accomplish the work. We are very different in surface features, but equal in origin and consciousness.
- Hans: Have you made copies of all the interviews?
- Joao: Yes, I made a copy on CD and another on pendrive.
- Mudiwa: I recorded it in my pendrive.
- Jacques: I printed everything and put in the safe that I have at home.
- Duranjaya: I also copied to my other computer and brought it printed.
- Catherine: I think it was a good start but we need to discuss a way to organize this information and make it available.
- Hans: I thought of publishing anything on our site, but then I figured out that even being it an ecology site, this content that was passed is different from all our material already published. It's unique.
- Mudiwa: I thought of combining a way of dividing the tasks between us, because just two days won't be enough to finish everything. We can do the work in our homes; speaking to each other through Internet, as we always did, and after finish it we could schedule another meeting to join the material.
- Duranjaya: How do these people from the NSA will deal with this situation? Will they try to convince us not to finish that work?
- Hans: Paul has already said there is information that they can't disclose. This will be a problem.
- Joao: I don't understand it; actually there is no information that directly impairs governments, organizations or private interests.
- Mudiwa: Each one is directly responsible by world that we have built. It's a shame they haven't seen it yet.
- Jacques: What they fear is that image of the agency can be impaired and that other leaders have access to information that makes some reference to advanced technologies.
- Hans: It's an absurd! Even when dealing with a subject that completely escapes the scope of military and government these people are concerned in defend his strategic interests. What about the common interest of mankind?

The friends continued to talk and look for ways to complete the mission that they would face, until Paul came to join them. He invited them to enter the hotel and begin the initial conversation with him and other members of the NSA.

Arriving at the huge hall, decorated with beautiful antique furniture and fixtures, the friends have already found inside the room three people seated and waiting for the start of the meeting.

Once everyone settled down, Paul started the conversation:

- Paul: Good afternoon everyone, before start, I would like to introduce my team, which had been together since the beginning. From right to left, this is Junior, an official responsible for tracking information on the Internet, this is William, our expert in cryptography, and this is John, the astrophysicist who captured the radio signals sent by the EC. Our director can't come because he was called by the President for a meeting at the last minute.

Everyone greeted each other politely, and then Hans said to all:

- Hans: I understand your situation as employees of that agency and your position in defending the interests of your way of life, but all that has happened doesn't give us enough information to think that something needs to be done? Are we not mature enough to know that all our lives and the life on the planet are above the governments?

- Junior: Gentlemen, we were tasked to come here and try to find a consensual way to deal with this situation. I think our government doesn't want to completely hide everything we did; otherwise, they wouldn't send us here. We are the only people inside the agency who have had access to the complete information of this process, on the content of the contact.

- William: We are all scientists and technicians. We aren't military or advocates of political systems. We just do our daily work, which we have studied and practiced in universities and in all companies where we have been working.

- John: I personally have no connection with this agency. Until the day I was called to receive the radio signal, I only heard about NSA through the movies of spying and adventure. I'm a researcher at the behavior of stars and my job is to identify and analyze each new galaxy in order to understand more about the universe. Before coming here I didn't know about the contact made. Paul informed me of everything so we got on the plane during the trip. If their goal was to cover up everything, why would they invite me?

- Paul: We are very happy to participate on this unique event.

- Duranjaya: I don't know how you expect we prepare an incomplete material. What kind of information your agency doesn't want mentioned in this work?

- Paul: They didn't speak specifically. When deciding upon this meeting, my director instructed me to meet with you and collect all received information, with no worries in censoring anything. He asked me to gather the result of this first effort and send to them for an analysis. He promised me to give us the feedback before we get back.

- Hans: Paul, I don't see a way to do it so fast. We'll need some time to gather all the information and think of a way to transmit it.

- Duranjaya: I didn't understand what the intention of your agency was when they scheduled this meeting. What did they expect? Is that we are going to do everything in two days, and then they will simply make an analysis to cut things that they don't agree?

- Mudiwa: Who said that you will be the publishers of this information? Will you use some press agency connected to the government? I doubt it!

The discussions continued and they were all starting to see the real conflict of interest between the natural proposed contact and the path that they inevitably would be forced to follow. Among the people of NSA, the strangeness wasn't much different because internally, they wanted that information could be disclosed. It was an event far more important than their mere business interests.

After an hour of conversation it was suggested a break for a quick snack, served in the same room by hotel staff.


While everyone was resting and eating delicious cookies, Hans called Paul and said to him privately:

- Paul: Hans, I would like to tell you personally that it was the most incredible experience that I ever witnessed. This experience changed something inside me, in my way of understanding all things. I talked with my companions. I could see in everyone, through their eyes, a same transformation. I'm telling you this so you know that we are as human as you. I printed all the conversations that we've had internally and also all contacts with EC, then I put it into a folder, and I sent all this by mail to some people of my complete confidence. This something new which made my conscience awake, prompted me to take this stand so that treasure received doesn't be wasted among actions of a small group of blind and selfish.
- Hans: I'm very surprised and happy with your words. It means that we really were facing something much higher.
- Paul: After all that, I don't know how to handle the situation of being here as an agent with a mission to restrict the work.
- Hans: Don't worry. We'll find a way.

Suddenly, the conversation was interrupted by a strong light, accompanied by a shock wave and an intense heat that incinerated the conference room and put everything down.

At same time in Washington, in the presidential office, the president and director of the NSA were talking:

- President: Have our teams already confirmed the deletion of all information in the homes of targets and our staff?
- Director of NSA: Yes sir, all computers and electronic devices found were collected by our agents. We had no problems with local authorities in any country, everything was done accurately.
- President: I know that it wasn't a pleasant decision. Someone may condemn us for it, but the world isn't ready to know all these things yet. Our government will work hard so that people continue to live their lives, in their families, being free to choose their professions and dreams. I do this on behalf of our society, which was built with great effort, with the blood of our heroes.
- Director of NSA: I didn't want to sacrifice my friends. They were good persons and they all believed in this dream that you just said.
- President: If they were real citizens they certainly died with honor, as our heroes who lost their lives in the name of that dream of freedom. I have already provided financial and psychological support for their families. So, I need you immediately classifies and save any material linked to that contact.

A few hours later, the major TV networks reported:

A powerful explosion destroyed early today part of a hotel in Geneva, Switzerland.


The people who were on site were already identified. There were removed 10 bodies from the rubble, and the identities were obtained through their check in records. They were all members of an ecological group, four Americans, a Dutch couple, one Brazilian, one Canadian, one Indian and one South African.


There were no survivors.


The Swiss government and other countries are investigating the case together. So far, the obtained information is leading the authorities to believe that this is another action of some terrorist group.

So, the friends of One Planet who together have managed, in a world divided by ideologies and wars, find each other, and turn that magical moment of interaction between people so different and the same time so alike; so they are gone, taking with them the newly planted seed for human modification.


For some reason they wouldn't be the disseminators of this incredible experience, not directly.

Do we really were not prepared to get in touch with all this information? Not that! If we were not, the contact would not have happened!


EC came to us in a planned, knowing this seed could be planted. But he also said he couldn't interfere in our choices. Would the interests of a few be able to override the interests of all?

I don't think so.


Perhaps EC ever knew what would happen. As he said, the time is a matter of perspective. Perhaps he knew that knowledge wouldn't be lost. It would be transmitted through a person who initially seemed to be on the other side, an agent of that cruel system that feeds itself making us believe we are much smaller than we really are. Paul, inspired by his human mind transformed by these new concepts, sent all material through the only means which it couldn't be traced, the old paper.

That was how this story could be told.

EC must have imagined that the power of natural knowledge is so great; the honest and integrated vision of the universe is so strong that it can turn even a man who always acted in an artificial way, in a truly live being.

If that knowledge is able to change only one person, it will be worth the lives of these men. Each one who becomes able to recognize oneself in everything that surrounds will become an agent capable of generating a wave that is going to transform the whole society.

Would you like to be another?



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