by Theodore C. Loder III
May 27, 2011

from SiriusDisclosure Website

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Theodore C. Loder III, PhD
Professor Emeritus, University of New Hampshire and Member of CSETI








The implications for scientific and technological advancements after open contact with advanced ET civilizations are based on an analysis of a combination of the technologies needed to visit Earth, the willingness of ETs to share knowledge, and multiple reports by contactees on what they observed and what they were told.


There is also the problem of the willingness of human groups to share what they have already learned, but have kept suppressed for many decades. These will probably include many of the technologies that ETs have also developed.


The five areas of interest covered will be,

  1. transportation (including anti-gravity)

  2. energy production (including over unity devices)

  3. communication (including both super-luminal devices and consciousness communication)

  4. medical (including cures for human illnesses and resulting life extension)

  5. consciousness (including a better understanding of our spiritual nature)

In other words, there will be significant changes in many areas of human endeavor once open acknowledged contact has occurred, and there will be no "going back".


Ultimately this will be a "very good thing".




Intelligent beings from other star systems have been and are visiting our planet Earth.


They are variously referred to as,

  • Visitors

  • Others

  • Star People

  • ETs, etc.

We will use the term ET in this discussion indicating that they are generally not from Earth.


They are visiting Earth NOW; this is not a matter of conjecture or wistful thinking. Anyone with a reasonable IQ and some time can do his/her homework and realize that we are being "visited" by intelligent beings with technologies that surpass our publically acknowledged sciences and technologies.


They have developed advanced technologies needed to safely and rapidly travel between star systems while producing their energy and attending to their communication needs. Their advanced understanding of life and consciousness most likely gives them a broader view on the universe and its complexities and a comparative perspective on the human race.

In this paper 'open Disclosure' means that governments of the world and the media totally accept and publicly discuss the reality of ETs, the fact that we are and have been visited by them and the time has come to interact with them in a peaceful manner.


Once open Disclosure has occurred and these facts become widely accepted on Earth, there will be dramatic and rapid change in many areas of human endeavors. This change will result from the sharing of information by the ETs as well as the release of the knowledge gained by the covert human projects, which have spent many billions of dollars studying ETs and their technologies since before the 1940s.


This newly available information, coupled with normal human advances in science over the past century has allowed convert projects to develop and now use very advanced technologies such as,

This paper reviews some of these technologies, which should become available once open Disclosure has occurred and open and peaceful communication with ETs can occur.

The rate at which these technologies will become known and accepted will depend upon four factors:

  1. The willingness of ETs to share knowledge and rate at which they share

  2. The willingness of human covert groups to share what they have already learned, but have kept suppressed for many decades

  3. The acceptance and multiple reports by contactees on what they observed and what they were told

  4. The rate at which entrenched human organizations and governments incorporate this new information into human society



Transportation Technologies

The technology to travel rapidly between star systems will include an understanding of physics necessary to bypass normal speed of light limitations as expressed by present day physics and provide the energy to do so.


Once open Disclosure has occurred and people accept the fact the ETs are already visiting Earth, one of the first questions asked will be, how do they get here? The follow up question should be, if they can do this, why can't we?


The answer is that we can or at least we are developing the technology to do so.


Since the early experiments of T.T. Brown (late 1920s to 1960s) and others, humans have been developing anti-gravity transportation technologies based on both human science and reverse engineered ET engineering.


In this review the term anti-gravity is used although some as counter-gravity or electrogravitics also refers it to.


The development of these technologies has been reviewed by several authors including,

...and many others.

Do we already have at least some of these technologies - the answer is yes.


Multiple military witnesses for the Disclosure Project (Greer 2001) described covert military programs from the late 1950s onward, in which we had already developed working antigravity or electrogravitic aircraft.


For example, Dan Morris, a retired NRO operative noted that:

"UFOs are both extraterrestrial and man-made".

(Greer 2001, p. 364)

He also noted that we already had zero-point energy devices with no need to plug them in, devices that burn nothing and create no pollution.


Another witness, A.H. (who worked for Boeing Aerospace) noted that,

"Most of the craft operate on antigravity and electro-gravitic propulsion" and "We're flying anti-gravity vehicles up there (Area 51) and in Utah right now…"

(Greer 2001, p. 402)

Bill Uhouse (USMC ret.) worked as a test pilot on "exotic aircraft" (actual flying disks) for about 30 years.


He noted that,

"Over the last 40 years or so, not counting the simulators - I'm talking about actual craft - there are probably two or three-dozen, and various sizes that we built".

(Greer 2001, p. 384-387)

He also noted that one of the craft he worked on was,

"a controlled craft that the aliens wanted to present to our government - the U.S.A. There were four aliens on board and everything was taken to Los Alamos to be studied."

Mark McCandlish, an aerospace illustrator, illustrated one of the 3 ARVs (alien reproduction vehicles, also described as Flux Liners) described by Brad Sorensen, who visited a hanger on Norton Airbase in November 1988 (Greer 2001, p. 497-510).


In it he described,

"three flying saucers floating off the floor - no cables suspended from the ceiling holding them up, no landing gear underneath - just floating, hovering above the floor".

They were between 24 and 60 ft in diameter, man-made, and started up using 2 large 24-volt batteries.


We can only assume that the technology of these types of craft has continued to develop significantly because those he saw were built over a quarter of a century ago. It is worth noting that it appears that there was some cooperation between the ETs and the US government in those early days. We can only hope that once open Disclosure has occurred this cooperation can again resume in an open and public manner.

How far has the development of these transportation technologies evolved?


We can only take to heart the comments by Ben Rich, the former head of Lockheed Skunkworks, who noted to Jan Harzan and others (in 1993) that we already have the technology to take ET home (Keller 2010, p 168).


In a private conversation at that time, Harzan asked Rich, how it (UFO propulsion) works.

Rich replied,

"Let me ask you. How does ESP work?"

Harzan replied,

"All points in time and space are connected?"

Rich replied,

"That's how it works!"

This concept was noted by Shrödinger in 1927 (see communications section below).

One of the major reasons for the massive cover up of ET information that has occurred over the past 60 plus years is because it deals with our entire multi-trillion dollar transportation and energy sector.


Not making this information available to the world is a major criminal act by covert control groups in order to extract monies from the public and control the global economies for their gain (Greer 2001; Marrs 2010).


Imagine that future earth societies will not need fossil fuels to power our transportation needs and will require fewer roads as anti-gravity technologies begin to be used.


The development of these technologies for public use will have an immense impact on all aspects of human endeavors including, not only simple transportation of goods and people, but also,

It is no wonder that the control groups have kept this information secret since they are afraid of losing control once open Disclosure has occurred.



Energy Production Technologies

As noted above, ETs traveling interstellar distances are not using conventional Earth-type fuels but utilize the energy from space itself - so called zero-point energy or energy-from-the-vacuum.


Dan Morris noted above that we already have developed such devices in covert projects.


The ARV (Alien Reproduction Vehicle) description by McCandlish also includes evidence that even our early ARV technology had solved this problem (Greer 2002). There is presently a large amount of interest in the potential of such technology although public scientific support of research in this area is very small in comparison to research in more conventional means of energy generation.


Several excellent reviews of our present understanding of zero-point energy have been published by,

  • Bearden (2002)

  • King (2001)

  • Manning and Garbon (2009)

  • Valone (2007)

  • Vassilatos (1999), well as many others.

Once open Disclosure has occurred and there is an understanding that we will not need fossil fuels and a massive power grid to provide energy needs of the world, it is expected that there will be massive blowback, altering the engine of the global economy.


For example, there will no longer be the need for more "oil wars" characteristic of the first part of the 21st century. Since we know that many of these technologies have already been developed and are being kept secret, there will probably be lawsuits and questioning of those who have withheld such knowledge from the world for their own gain.

Keep in mind that switching from fossil fuels to zero-point energy technologies will not happen over night. After all there are over 600 million cars in the world and many billions of homes and businesses all requiring electricity.


The world cannot replace all those vehicles overnight since the world's annual car production is only about 50 million per year. Developing and testing various devices to extract zero-point energy and then manufacturing them in numbers to make a significant change in the world's energy usage will take years and the equivalent of many Manhattan Projects.


There will be a massive influx of money into this project (perhaps another bail-out), which will be nothing less than the transformation of the world, as we know it. This availability of zero-point energy coupled with antigravity or electrogravitic transportation technology will totally alter the way people live, travel and work.

The "balance of power" will change.


There will be major changes in the way global money flows because 15 of the world's 20 largest oil companies are owned by governments who rely on them for substantial income. Furthermore, the energy sector employs a large number of people both in the US and abroad who pay government taxes. Tax strategies within countries will change.


We are already seeing in the US, for example, where local/state governments are dealing with the road maintenance issues and hybrid/electric cars which pay minimum or no gasoline taxes. There will be a change in the direction of the flow of money affecting the balance of trade for many countries. Low population countries with significant oil reserves (much of the Middle East, etc.) may find themselves no longer enjoying the very high per capita income they do now.


Countries that can manufacture technology (i.e. South Korea, Japan and China and others) in large numbers will find much of that old oil money flowing to them instead of the oil rich countries.

This will not happen overnight and we will still need petroleum products for a number of years after open Disclosure has begun, but it will alter the speculative nature of the oil industry.


There has been and there will continue to be great resistance by large corporations and some governments to changeover to these new technologies.


There will be this resistance in spite of the fact that this change would have happened anyway in the near future. The large and shallow easy-to-extract fossil fuel deposits have been already taken and it is becoming increasingly difficult to meet the ever-increasing demands of an energy hungry world from deeper, more difficult-to-extract deposits.


The timing of the peak oil concept, in which the amount of easy-to-obtain oil starts to rapidly decrease, is still argued by "experts". However, there is no denying petroleum is becoming more difficult and expensive to find and deliver to the market.


Whether this happens in 2 years or 20 years is still uncertain.


However, it will ultimately happen if humans are to continue living on planet Earth in a sustainable manner with our energy needs being met and pollution from energy production decreased.


Otherwise it is "Mad Max" time...



Communication Technologies

The technology to travel rapidly between star systems would also include an understanding of physics allowing super luminal communication (SLC), also referred to as faster-than-light (FTL), which would be one of the necessary skills for both exploring space as well as colonizing space.


Thus it does not make sense that any advanced civilization visiting our solar system and planet Earth would not be able to communicate with their home planet in something approaching real time, if not instantaneously.

SLC is considered to be impossible by some researchers, as arrogantly stated by a Wikipedia article noting that:

"Because such communication is considered by science to be impossible, most articles in this category are from works of fiction".

(Wikipedia 2011a)

In spite of this prevailing attitude, there are many that are considering the possibilities very carefully, since some of our advanced physics has discovered that this is theoretically possible.


In a paper on technologies needed for space exploration and colonization, Loder (2002) reviewed recent scientific articles on the potential for SLC. Over a decade ago, Wang et al. (2000) demonstrated possible faster-than-light phenomena suggesting that there will be a whole new class of scientific phenomena that were classified as impossible by our present scientists.


Cramer (1997) discussed the possibility of faster-than-light communication and Rodrigues (2011) lists a number of references on this subject.


Bearden (2002) described in a letter the ordinary scalar potential as the basis for superluminal communication, as well as other possibilities with many citations. He also describes experiments already done at the University of Cologne, which demonstrate SLC.


The New Scientist (Anonymous 2002) reported that,

"physicists at Middle Tennessee State University have broken that speed limit over distances of nearly 120 meters, using off-the-shelf equipment costing just $500."

Whether or not these initial investigations result in workable SLC technologies remains to be seen.

However, this is only the beginning, since ET technologies are already beyond these initial experiments, which for the most part use presently understood physics. Since it is obvious that the ETs have solved the SLC problem, their help in advancing our understanding obviously will be very helpful and will most likely involve major revisions of our present day understanding of the physics.


Here is why; advanced use of the mind and consciousness for SLC is most likely the way that ETs communicate.


After all as Edwin Schrödinger noted in 1927,

"Multiplicity is only apparent, in truth, there is only one mind..." and "Quantum physics thus reveals a basic oneness of the universe".

(Wilbur 1984)

Accessing this "one mind" helps explain the reports of "remote viewers" who can essentially view objects at great distances in real time without any time delay.


However, Puthoff (2008) has noted that his best assessment of how it works is "I don't have a clue" though he noted that it may involve "multi-dimensional additional dimensions" or some some aspect of quantum entanglement.


This can be further enhanced by consciousness-assisted technology (CAT), reported to be used in black projects (Greer 1999). The use of consciousness-assisted technology by ETs was reported by a Bell Labs scientist who was given an ET communication device the size of a grapefruit to study and to reverse engineer it in the 1960s.


The device mentally communicated with the scientist that he should destroy the device since those who wished it reproduced had malice in their hearts (Greer 1999).

The use of the mind for ET communications was reported by former Air Force Sergeant Dan Sherman in his book "Above Black" in which he describes being extensively trained as an "intuitive communicator", in a program that was started in the early 1960s with genetic manipulation of embryos and his involvement for a number of years in the 1990s (Sherman 1998).


Most of his communications with various ETs involved recording many series of numbers, which he dutifully reported. However, further experience allowed him to communicate on a higher "plane", which allowed him to form questions, receive answers, and receive visual images.


The ETs noted with surprise that they had not expected humans to communicate on this higher plane.

During almost a hundred CSETI trainings that have been run for nearly two decades, we have observed multiple ways in which the ETs communicate with members of CSETI. These communication phenomena were described briefly in Greer (1999) and use all the human senses including mind communication, sight, touch, smell, hearing and feeling.


Ten years later members of the senior CSETI team compiled their observations and experiences into an entire book covering their amazing experiences with ET communication (Greer 2009).


Although ETs use many ways of communicating with people as noted above, the state of mind and indeed the level of consciousness of the individual often plays a critical role in the success of the communication.


For example, in 1999, near Mt. Shasta, CA a group of CSETI members attending a training, were meditating while listening to a guided meditation for peace on planet Earth, everyone had their eyes closed.


Suddenly, a member of the training, Al Dunaway, heard a distinct voice in his head telling him to look up, so he did and saw a huge triangular craft passing directly overhead. At that point the meditation was interrupted, and everyone saw it while it was being videotaped. It was then seen two more times that week.


This is just one example of mind communication out of thousands that have occurred during CSETI trainings.

As an aside, we see that the program called SETI is really barking up the wrong tree, with millions of dollars spent on huge radio telescopes and computer systems using the wrong technology to communicate with the ETs.


They don't use speed of light limited technology - it is TOO slow...


This is a program most likely designed for the purpose of disinformation and misinformation. They report no signal - therefore no one is out there. Actually they have had some signals, but have not let the public know this.

After open Disclosure, once people and scientists start asking how do they communicate, some of this knowledge will come out. But it will take a deeper understanding of the nature of mind, consciousness, reality and the universe - not something that will come easily to the entrenched scientific establishment.


This is somewhat understood in covert projects, but will take awhile before it is completely understood and then accepted by the general scientific community.


Whether or not these communication techniques are related to the scalar or quantum potential described by Bearden (2002) or some other phenomena as referred to by Puthoff (2008), will have to wait until a later time.



Consciousness and Medical Science

There is much anecdotal evidence based on information from contactees that at least some of the ETs are more advanced than most humans in their understanding of the consciousness of intelligent beings and the place of such beings in the cosmos.


Once open Disclosure has taken place, humans will want very much to learn about the spiritual nature of the ETs, their view of the role of God in their various cultures (for there are many), and the nature of consciousness and intelligence.


Since many contactees have experienced contact with ETs through their minds, we can expect that expanding the capabilities of the human mind in order to communicate will become the goal of many humans. There will be a new awakening of the science of consciousness and desire by many to learn the many skills or capabilities (such as the Siddhis) that come from meditation and the expansion of consciousness.

As the result of better understanding of human consciousness, there will be major advancements in medical science including the treatment of diseases and the extension of life.


This will come about as the medical profession begins to better understand the relationship between a person's physical body and a person's energy or spiritual body, a further understanding of the mind-body connection.


This is already happening with some experimental medicine, but is not yet generally accepted by the medical profession. Evidence for this expectation comes from many stories told by contactees who have been diagnosed with some type of terminal illness and given a few weeks or months to live.


They later report experiencing some type of ET or spiritual contact and soon discover that they are cured. It is difficult to totally dismiss such stories out-of-hand just because they do not fit into our present understanding of medicine.

As an example, a friend from outside the USA described to me that several years ago her doctor had diagnosed her with breast cancer. Soon after that she had a very close and personal ET contact while in a deep meditation during which a little black box-like device passed over and inside her from her legs to her shoulders.


It was emanating what looked like static electricity, and she felt a slight pressure on her body. She thought the friend meditating with her was touching her but when she slightly opened her eyes, she saw him in deep meditation at a distance from her. There were also orbs of light floating in the room and she was aware of ETs walking outside the room's closed door.


Two weeks later, the next time she was examined, her cancer was totally gone.

An improved understanding of the mind-body connection with some ET help will certainly affect our ability to help increase the human life span. Since a very healthy body has the chance to live a longer and fuller life, life extension should be a natural result of improved health.


Whether or not we will be able to break through the 100+ earth-year's barrier for humans is something that will result from further research.


Nevertheless, present day scientists continue to study this area, especially the role of telomeres in the aging process (Wikipedia 2011b; Ritter 2009).


For example, a recent paper by Kelsey (2011) indicates that there is a positive effect on telomere length with exposure to ELF electromagnetic resonance fields.



In Conclusion

Finally, the acceptance of open Disclosure will be an emotional mind-wrenching paradigm change for many scientists who presently have bought into the official line that ETs could not possibly be here.


Consider these two scientists who have proclaimed a very depressing, bleak, and frankly dire view of our place in the universe (quotes from Davies, 1995, p.58).


The French biologist Jacques Monod wrote that:

"The ancient covenant is in pieces: man at last knows that he is alone in the unfeeling immensity of the universe, out of which he has emerged only by chance. Neither his destiny nor his duty have been written down."

The physicist Steven Weinberg expressed a similarly dire view in which he stated:

"The more the universe seems comprehensible, the more it also seems pointless."

Both of these men will be very surprised when open Disclosure occurs and one wonders if they will be able admit they were wrong in their assessment of the nature of man and the universe.

It should be very interesting for all of us on Earth. There will be significant changes in almost every area of human endeavor once open acknowledged contact (Disclosure) has occurred. There will be no "going back".


Ultimately this will be a "very good thing" for the human race as we take our place among the races of intelligent beings in the universe.



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