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February 27, 2023

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It was only yesterday that I got to know Daryl James 1 during an interview 2 on Alisha Braché's channel, 3 where he did a round table together with Rebecca Rose and Tony Rodrigues.


Because of my recent interests in the possible benevolent role of Russia in our near future I watched an interview Daryl James did on a Russian YouTube channel, run by Tanya Gegina. 4


In April 2022 he had an uplifting message about Russia's role, which I present at... 5

I will study more interviews that he did, because he seems trustworthy and sincere to me. Not in anyway comparable to the rather awkward story of Mary, which looked more like a SSP-parody 6 than a true Secret Space Program testimony.


So, you can expect to be hearing more from Daryl James on this website.


I checked to see if Elena Danaan, Dr. Michael Salla and Dani Henderson did an interview with him, but that doesn't seem to be the case. 7


I like to expand 'The Team' with more people in order to strengthen the validity of all that we are discussing in this 'Danaanian' sector of the disclosure movement.




Daryl James says that he was part of the Solar Warden. 11


One important contact of his was someone called 'Robert'. It must have been in a communication with him that they talked about the current state of affairs.


Just like Elena Danaan and Petersen 12 he affirms that the regressive alien forces had been removed or were on the run.


The remaining 'headless' chickens of the Deep State could be removed, either by people from the Galactic Federation or by the military of our Earth, but Daryl gives two reasons why it is not being done directly.

First of all, if the alien forces would take out the Cabal/Deep State we wouldn't learn a lot of it.


We need to go through some pains in order to see the cruelty and distortion of those who have reigned over us all those years.


To fully realize the extension of these awful practices.


He says that it would need to 'get stored in our DNA' so that we will remember this for a very long time.


If they would intervene the effect might last a hundred years, but then we would already have forgotten and be liable to fall into the same trap once again.

In the excerpt below he presents another intriguing reason:



Click image...

Daryl James on the Necessity of the Current Deep State Opera. 13

In short he says that the current approach can be compared to the difference between a death-sentence and life-imprisonment.


They could end the Deep State easily, but instead they allow them to show the world their plans, but with such a speed that the majority of the people would see through the craziness that is being pushed on them.


This way they will be caught red-handed and we can get rid of these freaks once and for all. That would be the reason why we would be going through this 'Opera'.


Of course this doesn't mean that we can just watch tiktok-videos all day as Daryl reminds us.

Alex Collier has said something similar in a 2018 webinar which was recently published. 16


In that webinar he was asked if the Deep State,

'was allowed to play their final hands so their moves can be used against them by the White Hats...?'

He confirmed this 'whole-thumbly' as you can see in the excerpt below:



Click image...
Alex Collier from webinar #68







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    Personally, my eyebrows get slightly raised by the way this Galactic Spiritual Conference in Orlando is being presented by Dani throughout the year (starting already in February) as something that every true explorer and searcher needs to attend. Although it can be nice to see other people in person you shouldn't exaggerate its importance I would say. I also sense the tendency to regard people like Elena Danaan and the members of the Team as if they are a kind of new Hollywood stars, that almost need to be worshipped as the ultimate truth bearers. I love their work and the information that they bring, but too much praise might endanger our sense of being critical. I mentioned this phenomenon once before at (10).

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