by Elena Danaan
May 01, 2023

from ElenaDanaan Website




Since the regressive extraterrestrials have been removed from the Sol system, a powerful enforcement has been deployed to guard it against eventual reprisals.


These reinforcements are fleets from the Intergalactic Confederation and from the Negumak Gnomopo,

the nemesis of the Ciakahrr (Draconians) from the Scorpius constellation...

They are all stationed in formations outside of the plasma shield of the solar system.

The Negumak are the only culture feared by the Ciakahrr.


The Ciakahrr Empire is raging to be cut from the Sol system and they started recently to increase provocations towards the Negumak.


Well, you cannot simply play with the Negumak's nerves...


The Ciakahrr are visibly trying to start a war with them.

To remind about the latest developments, in 2021, agreements were passed between the Negumak Gnomopo, from the Antares star system, and the Galactic Federation of Worlds, in order to request assistance to the Negumak in the war that was raging in the Sol system.


For the first time, a diplomatic dialogue was initiated with the Negumak.

The Negumak Gnomopo are one of the oldest interstellar cultures in this galaxy.


Tall and large, looking insectoid, they are not humanoid based and their genetic composition is neither reptile, gray, human or anything else related.

Negumak Gnomopo are unique.

They are terrible warriors who terrorize everyone, even the Ciakahrr.


They are highly feared and not members of the Galactic Federation of Worlds.

Negumak have the power to wipe out the Ciakahrr out of existence if they decide to, but they are not moved by desire of conquest and power, luckily for everyone.


Their ships are made of a dark glossy metal and of very elaborate shapes. Terran governments are well aware of their existence, since first contact was made in 1989.


The Ciakahrr and Orion occupation forces tried to turn the Terrans against the Negumak, scaring everyone immensely and instilling fear regarding the future of humanity.


The Cabal used as they always do, a reverse narrative with the Hollywood movie "Independence Day", where the Negumak are depicted as the terrible alien invader...


The Cabal fears them and if the Negumak would ever had to come to Earth in order to get this planet rid off the Reptilian Ciakahrr, we would have mistaken them as the frightening alien invaders.

Interestingly enough, the only reason why the Negumak never intruded into our sector of the galaxy, is because of territorial agreements passed with the Anunnaki.


When the custodial tyranny of Enlil was defeated and Earth given back to their inhabitants, Enki was put in charge to make this transition, giving back the sovereignty and custody of the Sol system to its leading indigenous civilization:

the Terrans...

These accords were passed on Saturn moon's Mimas in December 2022.


However, with the permission of the Earth Alliance, Enki didn't alter the territorial agreements protecting the area from Negumak intrusions and thanks to this protection,

the Negumak still need authorization of the Anunnaki AND the Earth Alliance to penetrate the plasma barrier of our star system...

The Negumak Gnomopo are officially and technically our allies, but in regards to their power and as they are not members of the Galactic Federation of Worlds, understandable precautions are taken.

April 19, 2023

A Negumak ship was allowed by the Galactic Federation of Worlds to enter the Sol system, to meet with representatives of the High Council and the High Command of the Excelsior, notably the head of the genetic department.


The Negumak requested to access the Galactic Federation of Worlds' genetic frequency database of Terra, in order to locate specific Ciakahrr hybrid signatures among the population of Terra.

A considerable number of Ciakahrr hybrids have been engineered during these last decades and they are roaming free among the population of Terra.


These hybrids are watched closely by the Galactic Federation of Worlds but in regards to the galactic jurisdiction, they haven't been removed yet.


They are under observation.

Many of these Ciakahrr Hybrids were placed in positions of agents of the counterintelligence.


The reason why the Negumak wish to locate these Ciakahrr Hybrids, is that they intend to take them as hostages, to play in an attempt of peace negotiation with the Ciakahrr.


These Hybrids are precious to the Ciakahrr Empire for they have human DNA and most of all,

they hold key positions for the Cabal...

The Ciakahrr want them safe, but these negotiations may fail because why would the Ciakahrr bother, as they probably already have some of these human Hybrids among their ranks, off this star system.


The only materiel for negotiation is that if taken off, these Ciakahrr Hybrids will not be replaced, as the Ciakahrr do not have power of action anymore on Earth.

This would be discussed in a meeting where I would be invited to participate as a reporter. I always wanted to meet a Negumak, well Thor Han told me that this was the occasion.


I would not be allowed to interact, only to be present. The meeting would take place, as I was told first, in this solar system in an undisclosed location.


I did not even know at the time, if I would attend physically or holographically from one of the Excelsior's meeting rooms.

April 22, 2023

Early morning of April 22 2023, I was taken onboard a ship by teleportation, warned beforehand by four plasma orbs beaming down into my house as an escort.


I was given my emissary uniform to wear and when I was ready, I joined the members of the Excelsior's High Command in a holographic meeting room.


Thor Han was there with all the other officers of the High Command, preparing to project to an unknown location. I noticed only one was missing:

High Commander Denethor...

High Commander Ardaana appeared as a hologram, as she was already physically on the meeting spot with Denethor, giving us the signal to project there.


I was given by Thor Han special dark blue gloves, same as those that everybody wore, meant to work with a particular technology I had never experienced before.


These gloves had technology embedded. I was invited to imitate everyone and place my hands on a holographic pad on the circumference of a round table that looked like the holographic meeting tables I am familiar with.


Thor Han explained to me that we would not project as holograms to the meeting location, but physically bi-locate.


This explained the different tech. I had never tried this before. This was a way of being there physically and at the same time able to withdraw instantly to the ship if any problem shall occur.



The sensation felt exactly as a teleportation, and I found myself sat in a hard rudimentary chair carved in a type of dark olive-green stone.


The seat felt cold as ice and it was wet. My whole body shivered. I noticed Thor Han beside me, and the other members of the High Command sat alike in a semi-circle facing a thick white mist.


We were in a cave, it was dark, damp and freezing cold.


I heard Thor Han telepathically suggesting me to adjust my environmental belt, which I did by placing my left hand on a particular patch that read my bio-metric information and adjusted my body temperature and pressure conditions.


Somehow, the bilocation technology didn't follow through for me with these parameters, set for the personnel of the High Command, all Pleiadian Ahil without exception.


Ardaana and Denethor were there, together with Oona, Tayel and Geittak representing the Intergalactic Confederation, and two members of the High Council of the Galactic Federation of Worlds:

  • the Tengri Herald representing the council

  • the Ozman lady, galactic law "attorney" and data-keeper for the Prime Directive documents.

Ea wasn't present, but his absence made sense as the Anunnaki are no longer interfering in the politics of the Sol system.


Ea may be invited as a consultant but he has no weight in diplomatic decisions any more here since the Mimas agreements.

​Suddenly, all the frightening things I had ever seen in my whole life faded ridiculously in the sight of what appeared walking out of the mist towards us. The vision terrified me to the core of my bones and my being.


I lifted my knees against my chest, clenching my fingers in the wet slippery armrests and tears came through my eyes. I was shaking with uncontrollable fear.


Thor Han grabbed my hand firmly.

-Don't be scared, he said to me, I know they look impressive but the Negumak are nice people. Relax, please.

The creature measured about 20 Ft high and we could hear others coming behind it, barely guessing their shapes in the Negumak environmental mist.


The frightening metallic sound of their sharp claw-ended feet hitting the mineral ground was echoing dramatically in the cave.


They looked like giant spiders, with long tentacles coming from their back and browsing the space around them. They had a massive head with an exoskeleton shell covering their skin, and a dragon-like crest waving in their neck.

I understood in that moment why the Ciakahrr themselves were terrified by them!


Any life form in this universe should be!


These guys were perfect, invincible creatures!

I understood the bi-location precaution measures.


I heard Thor Han's voice again:

-They wanted us physically present, they don't do holographic meetings.

-Where are we?

-Inside of a moon of the seventh planet, An, that Terrans name Uranus.

-What moon?

-Terrans name it Ariel. Chosen for its carbon dioxide atmosphere...




Ardaana stepped forward, hands on her hips, staring up at the Negumak representative.


Definitely, this woman couldn't be impressed by anything. They engaged in a telepathic conversation but sadly, I couldn't hear it.


So Thor Han translated it for me:

-You do not have the Negumak language set up in your communicator, as they are not part of the Federation's languages.


Ardaana and the High Command received this upgrade but there was no time to provide it to you, so I am meant to translate it for you.


Ardaana is explaining to him that we cannot give non-Federation members access to the Federation's genetic database. This is the rule.


They need to become members first. Which would be a fine move to our benefit.




The lead Negumak's claw-ended feet hit the ground with anger and I backed up further deep into my seat.


The creature walked to the right then to the left, dramatically browsing the mist above him with his long tentacles, then he stopped again in front of Ardaana, who didn't move of a millimeter, stoic.


She crossed her arms on her chest and stayed silent, waiting for the creature to calm down.


Then, the Tengri Herald stepped forward and addressed the Negumak.

-He is telling him about the reiteration of the offer from the High Council of the Federation to join our ranks.


He is telling him now that the Federation cannot provide them with all the Ciakahrr Hybrids as they are meant to play a role in the Terran's consciousness awakening.


Terrans need to experience the games they play in order to develop their discernment. He is reminding the Negumak that the laws and ethics of the Federation are against this type of removal.


-That must piss them off...

-It does. Negumak like their independence and doing things their way.

The Negumak, visibly nervous, broke from telepathy and spoke aloud.


His voice was terrifying! The language was made of rumbling and clicking sounds. He was pacing up and down the cavern, and I could hear the others agitating behind him.


I squeezed Thor Han's hand harder and tried to control my breath, holding on to the thought that we could re-locate to the ship at any moment if this was to turn bad.


Denethor stepped up and started to speak aloud in the Negumak language. The creature immobilized and listened to him with a careful attention.


Denethor is known as the scientist who cracked the code of the Nebu Hive so he earned some respect throughout the galaxy.


Thor Han continued the translation for me:

-Denethor is telling him that we can provide four of the Ciakahrr Hybrids but not them all, we can remove them from Terra and bring them to the Excelsior, and keep them there in high surveillance, as hostages on behalf of the Negumak, but we cannot give the hostages to them.




The Negumak paced up and down the cave again, then turned towards the Ozman lady who walked toward him.


I like her, she has such a graceful and settled presence always. She spoke to the Negumak by telepathy and presented a holographic copy of the Prime Directive document to him, holding the blue shimmery sphere up above her.


Thor Han continued his report:

-She gives it to him, that they can take time to consult all the clauses and chose to either join membership with the Federation and get to take the hostages with them, or accept our offer that we keep custody of the hostages for them.

The Negumak lifted one of his two front arms that are terminated by sort of hands, took the data holosphere and considered the Ozman councillor.

-He is telling her that he will consider the two options with equal interest. That's good.

The Negumak all together produced a loud sound to salute the assembly, then they walked back and disappeared into the mist.


I released Thor Han's hand and the tensions in my body at the same time. Ardanna addressed us a swift smile. It was time to re-locate to the ship.


Just before we proceeded, I noticed an asian-looking man with short black hair, a triangular face, and a yellow suit with black elements on it, in a corner of the room.


Thor Han caught my thought.

-He's a T-Ashkeru, they have a colony on this moon, they facilitated this meeting.

We re-located back to the ship and I found myself again standing at the holographic table.


I followed everyone removing my palms from the bi-location pads.

-We shall expect a second meeting now, Thor Han said to me aloud. They will give their decision.

I sighed with relief, which made Thor Han laugh.

-Hey, he said, gently punching my shoulder, you hassled me to get to meet a Negumak, there you are!

-Shall I wait for the results of the second meeting, I asked, before reporting to the Terrans?

-That should be best. After that, up to your diplomatic skills to present them with this information!

April 28, 2023

The Negumak Gnomopo gave their answer.


I was invited onboard the Excelsior, to attend the replay of a holographic meeting that had occurred earlier during the day with the High Council. The holographic broadcast was replayed in a loop in the meeting room near the teleport bay.


It was the same room when, in November 2021, Ardaana showed me how holographic meetings worked, after we bid our farewells to our friend Val Nek, who was leaving his function in the Galactic Federation of Worlds to move to a distant star system (The Seeders, p.261).


So I knew the place well.


A lot of officials were in the room, watching the holographic replay above the center of the projection table, of the Negumak leader giving his speech in his strange vocal language.


I personally prefer to see them as holograms rather than in person.


This answer was first given between closed doors with the High Council, then the important segment of it was broadcasted to all diplomatic stations of the Galactic Federation of Worlds.


Ardaana translated for me, and I will do my best to reconstruct what she said:

-The Gnomopo gave their answer.


They are not joining membership with the Galactic Federation of Worlds in conditions of bargain. They found our rules, ethics, and the materiel of the Prime Directive suitable for them to join in the future, when they will choose the right moment.


This news is positive and game changing for us, knowing that this impending membership of the Negumak Gnomopo will grant us more power and protection.


However, the reason why they prefer to wait and ponder this decision, means that they are serious about it. If they accepted only for a question of hostages' bargain, this would have not been a reliable decision.


The Gnomopo have honor and ethics, and this is good.

-This is better than I would have expected, I said.

-Yes it is, she replied, for all of us.

-What is the situation now with the hostages?

-As offered, we will keep them in our custody for the Gnomopo, until they conclude their negotiations with the Ciakahrr.

-What if they ask for termination of the hostages because negotiations failed?

-This will not likely happen.

-Are you sure?

-We have technology to calculate the near future timeline of events and in this case, this doesn't happen.

-What if?

-In respect of the agreement, we would hand the hostages to the Gnomopo.

-What are the prognostics for these negotiations?

-The Ciakahrr back up when they learn that the Negumak Gnomopo join the Galactic Federation of Worlds. This, together with the joined forces of the Intergalactic Confederation, presents no chance for the Ciakahrr to gain anything.

-They are proud, they will not forgive this.

-One day, a great war shall come in this galaxy, with only one winner. This great war will oppose the Galactic Alliance to the Ciakahrr Empire, for a final combat. This is building up and it is unavoidable.


The unbeatable forces of the Intergalactic Confederation will put an end to this madness, and the Ciakahrr will become only but the faint memory of an era.

-Will this great galactic war impact the Sol system?

-It will impact the whole galaxy, but it will not last for long. It will mark the end of the Ciakahrr Empire, once and for all. Prince Ea was here, earlier, he assured us that the full power of the Anakh Empire will fight alongside ours.


So you see, it will be more about a clearing than an actual war. It will be over quickly. The Empires of Chaos must be fought, this is the balance of the universe...




More information


The Ancient Draco vs. Negumak Conflict

Its Impact on Earth Joining the Galactic Federation
by Michael Salla

May 08, 2023

from Exopolitics Website




The Negumak are a powerful insectoid species that are the ancient enemies of the Draconian Reptilian Empire that have long interfered in human affairs.


Reclusive and mysterious, the Negumak have long been courted by the Galactic Federation of Worlds to join their growing alliance against the Draconians and the latter's Orion Gray (Nebu) allies in an ongoing galactic-wide conflict.


In her 2020 book, A Gift from the Stars, Elena Danaan first described the Negumak and failed Galactic Federation efforts to recruit them.

In this Exopolitics Today interview, Danaan describes her recent updates about attending a diplomatic meeting on April 19 involving the Negumak and their response to a renewed Galactic Federation attempt to have them join their alliance against the Draconian Empire.


She claims that recent Negumak skirmishes with the Draco have created the conditions for a union to be finally formed.


Such an alliance will have significant implications for Earth as humanity is on course to join the Galactic Federation after the final defeat of the Deep State, which comprises the former minions of the Draco Empire.

In 1989, the Negumak first made contact with Earth's governments. Soon after the Draco's Deep State minions went into action by starting a psychological warfare campaign depicting the Negumak as evil aliens with genocidal plans for humanity.


Movies such as Independence Day and the Alien vs. Predator series of movies are examples of this covert perception campaign emerging from Hollywood blockbuster movies.





In the two Alien vs. Predator movies, the Predators (resembling Draco Reptilians) are depicted as enemies to humanity, whereas the Aliens (resembling Negumak) are portrayed as genocidal.

This covert psychological warfare program is best evidenced by comparing Danaan's drawing of a Negumak after she received a mental image of one from Thor Han Eredyon that appeared in her 2020 book.


The side-by-side comparison of a Negumak with the Alien Queen shown in Independence Day: Resurgence shows a striking resemblance.


The uncanny resemblance suggests that Roland Emmerich, the Director/Producer of the Independence Day series, was given an image of a Negurak and told to make it the ultimate genocidal villain for the movie series.

In her interview with Dr. Michael Salla, Danaan further describes the significance of the Anunnaki siding with the Galactic Federation in a looming galactic confrontation with the Draco Empire and their allies.


Her Galactic Federation sources say that a galactic war with the Draco Empire is looming and both sides are recruiting allies and preparing for the inevitable confrontation.

Danaan next discusses her upcoming book 'Area 51 - Conversations with Insider Stephen Chua.'


Chua was a supersoldier from Singapore who had special abilities and was trained to fight against Draconians. Chua spent time at Area 51, where he was exposed to some of the advanced technologies used in secret space programs.


Her book, which is scheduled to be released on June 1, presents the transcripts of many hours of interviews and communications she had with Chua before his death after his first public interview.


The sequence of events culminating in Chua's death suggests that he knew he was dying due to Deep State machinations and wished his testimony would be made public before it was too late.

Finally, Danaan and Dr. Salla discuss some of the implications of extraterrestrial disclosure for the three Abrahamic religions, particularly the identity of the alleged Creator God called Yahweh/Jehovah/Allah in relation to the principal Anunnaki revered as gods by the ancient Sumerians.


They also discuss Yeshua/Jesus' secret teachings that focused on establishing a connection with an Inner Light that is part of a Universal God rather than a single Creator God and how the Roman Catholic Church suppressed these teachings after becoming the Roman Empire's state religion.



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