by Preston James, Ph.D
September 9, 2013
from VeteransToday Website








Is the Syrian gambit Astounding convergence of pre-staged baffooneries?

In an astounding but brilliantly managed convergence of numerous pre-staged buffooneries, it certainly appears that the Third Force has now manipulated American Politicians, Intel, the Judiciary and Officials into a situation where they are becoming completely exposed for all the criminal and unconstitutional acts they have committed, thanks to the worldwide Internet’s dispensation of "truth nuggets" which make such readily apparent to many Americans for the first time.

Has the Third Force begun its move to take down Mystery Babylon, the City of London Central Banksters, the folks who run the US Petro Dollar and hold most of the free world hostage with it?

It’s almost as if Potus is committing political suicide right before our very eyes while triggering the exposure of the rest of the USG’s serial lying, illegal warrant-less massive spying, staging of false-flag attacks and other false pretenses used to take America into illegal, undeclared, unconstitutional wars for defense contractor profits and increased police powers under the influence of foreign based powers which include the zionist city of London Central Banksters and Israeli-firster dual Citizens and NeoCon traitors.

  • Is there an "Alien Agenda" that has been set up by the Third Force as a master trap for the USG?

  • Is this all part of a big hidden trick of the "Alien Agenda" the USG entered into in secret after Roswell? Has the USG been enticed into a major trap by entering into a partnership with alien ETs to obtain advanced technology and has the USG been set up to become fully exposed and "sacrificed" as a part of a larger Alien Agenda run by the Third Force?

For those who do not accept the idea of an alien agenda being imposed on the USG and some other world governments, you are wasting your time reading this article.


However if you have a desire to learn more about what this perspective of the Third Force and its Alien Agenda is, you can refer to these two articles listed below.(1)


Some credible insiders have claimed that most top world leaders have had to enter into a contract with the Third Force which is really lucifer, the fallen one, the great deceiver of mankind, who has presented himself as the Anunnaki Master Controller Chief Alien ET which is claimed to be an an inter-generational, inter-dimensional entity that is manipulating the world according to his alien ET agenda.


This alien agenda seems to be parasitical within ins hosts who then act as parasites upon the world after they become its super-elite rulers. (2)

Never before since America became a Republic has so much USG corruption and lies been exposed in such a short time, along with the force behind such corruption which has been buying off and bribing American politicians, the zionist Israeli-firster dual citizen traitors and their illegal spy organizations like Aipac, ADL, SPLC ect.

Paul Craig Roberts, Ph.D., former Assistant secretary of the Treasury has written an important article, The West Dethroned, which clarifies the zionist hijacking of American and Israeli-firsters attempt to manipulate President Obama into being a war criminal. (3)

The USG, DHS, the Justice Department and almost all parts of the USG have now completely discredited themselves, and this has all been clearly exposed on the alternative media of the Internet.

The problem today is that most Americans just do not believe anything the USG says or testifies to in Congress, including anything from

  • the Attorney General Eric Holder

  • DHS head Janet Napolitano

  • the heads of NSA, DHS, the FBI, the CIA

  • any other USG Agency

  • either Senators McCain or Graham

  • any other of their NeoCon zios or Israeli-firster crowd

The USG and American intel has completely and perhaps irretrievably discredited itself and smear itself never to be trusted by the American people ever again on ANYTHING at all.

And then we have the Secretary of State, John Kerry, a Russell Trust Skull & Bonemans from the Yale Tomb, a fully committed luciferian, word-smithing and lying through his teeth claiming that they have evidence Assad gassed his own people. He refused to answer a question if the Syrians rebel (aka al CIA Duh) had any involvement.


For those who want to know about Skull & Bones and its parent the Russell trust, the world’s biggest opium profiteer read some basic research by Professor Anthony Sutton who was given access to their official documents by a relative of a deceased Skull & Bonesman.







Suddenly, USG corruption is being exposed on all fronts for the American public to envision.

It’s as if all the USG corruption is suddenly being exposed for all to see, showing the King to be naked to the American people, who are starting to see through the blatant USG lies being daily dispensed on the USG’s behalf by the Controlled Major Mass media (CMMM).

The current administration’s push for an attack on Assad and Syria is triggering deep insights among mainstream America and "we the people", insights never before possible.

This USG push for an illegal attack on Syria has triggered new and deep insight by many millions of Americans into the same lies and deceptions used to argue America into all three major Mideast wars, two in Iraq and one in Afghanistan.

Folks are connecting the dots and saying,

hey our Intel chief lied about warrant-less spying, they lied about Saddam’s so-called weapons of mass destruction, Osama bin laden was CIA and never attacked the twin towers and these wars after 911 in Iraq and Afghanistan were all based on lies.

Gee, that is what is going on now with the USG claims about Syria.

According to a news report today, the German press has reported that Assad DID NOT order the gas attack. (4)

And Assad himself has vehemently denied that he ordered any such gas attack.

And now many have read in the Alternative media on the Internet from numerous sources they respect that there is no evidence Assad used any poisonous gas against his own people and as usual the USG and the Controlled Major Mas Media (CMMM) are lying in unity to support these government liars.




And President Putin called John Kerry a liar publicly.




We also have credible reports that the Syrian rebels did the gas attacks with materials somehow obtained from DOD contractors in top secret bio-weapons labs spread around from the Caspian Basin to the Baltic. (5)

And Congress members who have seen classified intel reports claim they do not prove Assad gassed anybody. (6)

Immense pressure is now being applied to senators and Congress-persons to vote for an attack on Assad and it looks like it may not succeed. If it does it could set off a nuclear exchange leading to WW3.

It has become exceedingly clear to many Americans that Israel and its dual citizen Israeli-firsters in America and its various wealthy central Bankster influence/espionage groups are now applying immense pressure of all varieties to Congress to coerce a vote to go ahead and bomb Assad on Israel’s behalf, something President Obama has asked for but approximately 90% of the American public is against.

The exact reasons why President Obama has decided to ask for a vote, seeking Congressional approval when Clinton and Bush2 neglected to do so remains a mystery, but there have been some rumors deep inside the beltway that his football has been removed and he has been placed under "restriction" by the high military command who has now taken charge and made certain they have their Chuck Hagel and General Martin Dempsey in control, two individuals who the mainstream military explicitly trusts. So far it looks like they are American-firsters and we can only hope that is so.

Whatever happens, attack on Syria or no attack, it is a safe bet to assume that the cat is out of the bag and for the first time ever massive USG corruption and influence peddling is being exposed on all fronts and whistle-blowers are leaking from every direction, with more each day.

Not since the decline of the Soviet Union has a super power such as the United States declined so rapidly in world influence as what has occurred under

  • Bush1

  • Clinton

  • Bush2

  • now Obama,

... the while the USG has unleashed more military might than any other nation in history or all prior warfare in history.


And yet America has grown increasingly weak with a huge deficit based on borrowing funny money from a crooked fraudulent Central bank franchised out of the City of London.

The military industrial complex (aka the Secret Shadow Government or SSG) has asset stripped America bare and it nears complete economic collapse after becoming involved in a 750 Trillion dollar derivatives Ponzi scheme that could collapse any minute.

This massive display on extended American might in such perpetual war endeavors actually going back to Vietnam have asset stripped America’s middle class of its wealth to keep the fat cats of Wall Street banks, the defense industry and big oil fed huge profits.


America has been hijacked by the central Banksters who have asset stripped America through illegal taxation and huge phony loans/deficits to fund these massive wars of aggression, mass-death and major war crimes that would have embarrassed the judges at the Nuremberg Trials.

And the American people, thanks to the alternative news on the Internet and so many 911 truthers that have gone public, are starting to wake up and understand the massive lying and corruption that the USG is comprised of.

It is now becoming exceedingly clear that no matter how hard it tries, the Controlled major Mass Media (CMMM) cannot put humpty-dumpty back together again.

Many Americans are now finding out for the first time that those who run the USG, Congress, the Justice Dept, the Supreme Court and Judiciary, and American Intel are typically traitors, liars, perjurers, and Constitutional Oath violators, with some blatantly human compromised by honey traps and other blackmail schemes. It’s only a matter of time and the American people will rise up and drive ‘em out of government one way or another. Yes, the jig is about up.

Actually, the current USG, comprised of the executive, Congress and the Judiciary have morphed into a big RICO criminal syndicate using national security to invoke a complete secrecy lock-down and prevent exposure of their crimes against America and "we the people".

And the specifics of this big RICO crime syndicate are now being exposed to all Americans via the Alternative media of the worldwide Internet, more every single day.


But actually even though this secrecy lock-down has been massive, comprehensive and highly compartmented, it is failing at every level.


Even the criminal harassment and illegal prosecution of federal whistle-blowers is not slowing or stopping massive secrecy leaks, and soon there will be a complete end to all secrecy except launch codes. And with quantum computing on the near horizon it’s only a matter of time and those too will be completely cracked along with all crypto-graphics.

The American people are now becoming informed of all this massive USG corruption which is getting exposed more and more each day and most have about had it with the current load of Congress and Potus and Vice-Potus as well as the whole administration including the Attorney general and the heads of the NSA, DHS and CIA, all who have been caught lying and are deeply implicated in illegal unconstitutional acts against the American public.

It seems like everyone is turning against Potus, the American people, many of his democratic black constituents, the military, intel, and the NeoCon Israeli-firster zio dual citizens. How he has painted himself into such a corner is a complex phenomenon but certainly the fact that his background has been wiped clean and nobody really knows who he is or where he came from does not help either.


Did the secret Shadow Government (SSG) provide the minorities with their token black, and now are they planning to serve up a token woman for Potus in the next election, a Hillary Clinton or a Sarah Palin?

Yes, the USG has become a big RICO crime syndicate. Doubt it, carefully read and study the Civil and Criminal RICO laws.

Together this complex of institution and organizations inside the beltway that constitutes the USG actually clearly fits the definition of a large RICO crime syndicate, and it is now becoming exceedingly clear that it has hijacked America and all its wealth from "we the people" and formed their own little "Federal Family" and "National Security State in DC" and now the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) which was set up by neocon zionist neo-Bolshevik Dual-citizen Israeli-firsters to keep the "dum Goya in line", and also to eventually declare war against the American people with Red Terror and to run a New American Cheka mass-murder machine inside America to murder up to 80% of Americans.

Of course what these federal Family stooges who are not being told is that they will never get their pensions because the whole economic system has been engineered to collapse and they will be the disposable enforcers who will be consumed in the American civil war that will result.

In 1913 America was hijacked by the City of London zionist Central Banksters and they have controlled American politics ever since because they can issue or print all the money they need to buy, bride, entice almost any politician, judge, USG official, corporate chief they want.

In the process they have asset stripped America bare, destroyed its economy and money system, banking, credit and turned most citizens into debt-slaves serfs, all the while demanding more and more illegal taxation, social control and extraction of basic God given human rights guaranteed by the US Constitution.

Roswell and the crashed UFOs gave the US Military the excuse to form the Secret Shadow Government and the power to form a National Security State to provide for their needs only at the expense of most other Americans.


And they have used the UFO phenomena which started in full force ion 1947 at Roswell as their phony reason to impose "national security" as a false cloak to cover all their increasing crimes against the American people.

So what are the RICO crimes the USG been recently exposed for in this strange convergence of exposure like never before in history?

  1. Folks now realize they have a president they don’t even know who he is, where he came from, or exactly what he is. Such "strangers" like bill Clinton have become elected before but never been so fully exposed publicly for what they are or are not.


  2. The USG was caught red handed in Operation Fast and Furious providing high powered weapons to the Mexican drug cartels in a sophisticated attempt to institute a false-flag attack on the second Amendment.


    This failed and Holder and the other criminals that ordered this were fully exposed, but avoided criminal prosecution since they are those who would have to prosecute and the executive was too corrupt to appoint a special prosecutor for this clear cut Rico crime and Sedition.


  3. USG got caught murdering Ambassador Chris Steven in an attempt to cover up a bungled illegal arms transfer of captured Libyan arms to CIA mercenaries in Syria, another botched covert operation and clear cut violation of International law and illegal pre-emptive war, you know what the Nuremberg trials identified as a war crime.


    Of course there are estimated to be approximately 2,000 missing shoulder fired missiles which some say CIA mercenaries have but these "al Cia duh" are an unreliable bunch and may be selling these missiles to other groups for their own private retirement money.


    Yes, these missiles have biodegradable circuits which limit their useful life to several years or less, and some can be jammed by a several electronic warfare systems if close enough, but the fact they are out there poses a threat to any commercial, military or passenger aircraft in the world.


    A convenient mistake that was perhaps intended to create new terror crises to further justify another large buildup in the war on terror?


  4. American intel gets caught spying engaging in massive warrant-less spying on all normal Americans by tapping and recording all electronic communications, Internet, phone, fax everything.


    And the persons responsible who run these agencies are caught lying to Congress and so far have gotten away with it when they should have been immediately arrested for illegal wiretapping, abuse of process and criminal RICO.


    No one no matter how high up should be exempt from the law, but the whole USG has placed itself above the law since The JCS and the CIA Op40 assassinated JFK in 1963, ushering in what Jack Ruby called, "a whole new form of government".


    (Ruby was referring to the emergence of the Secret Shadow Government aka military defense complex, actual best described as super-fascism, the convergence of the state and the large offshore international corporation with the corporations calling the shots - this is what President Eisenhower warned about as he left office).


  5. And now the big enchilada. In a very strange act of absurdity the US President and a significant selection of Congresspersons and the Senators want to deliver an air attack on Syria.


    Their reason is based on one of the flimsiest most easily exposed lies in history, that Assad allegedly gassed his civilians in a civil war.


    First of all it isn’t a civil war, it is an invasion by A Cia Duh mercenaries fully funded and trained by America on Israel’s behalf to protect the Petro Dollar and the new Qatar planned natural gas line that must go through Syria, an offer Assad refused. In order for this pipeline to be built Syria must fall, which will then allow the take-down of Iran, the final target of Israeli-firsters and USG NeoCons.


    And second, "Al Cia Duh", aka the so-called "Syrian rebels" actually did one gas attack which killed about 500 civilians and the second one was faked using old photos.


    The USG is being pushed to attack Assad strictly because Israeli-firsters and NeoCons and zio Infiltrators are applying extreme pressure and calling out all favors due and these efforts include plain envelopes under doors and lots of manipulative phone calls and visits. This is all part of the zionist plan for a one world zionist regime, their luciferian NWO.


    However, the Third Force (TF) apparently has a different idea. Since the TF is a master of deception, it appears that the TF is now pulling the greatest trick in history, and is fully exposing all his Cutouts for what all the crimes they have committed against America and "we the people".


    And it now appears that TF is planning on eventually hijacking this newly emergent world populism to form his own NWO completely different than what his Cutouts in the City of London, the financial engine of the Great Mystery Babylon had planned and believed in.

And of course a central part of TF’s long term plan was to build up the zionists and then also build up a parallel and a massive counter-force of Muslims and pit them against each other in a war to destroy both and usher in his own TF one world government.


Of course before this final final sequence the zionist money-changer system and their Babylonian luciferian money-magick was to be used to hijack America and then the world in order to create millions of starving debt-slaves around the world.

The biggest question of all. Is the USG being nuclear blackmailed into attacking Assad on Israel’s and the zio central Bankster’s behalf?

Have the zios been aligned with a luciferian ET led force that was also involved in the 911 false-flag attacks and coerced certain top command elements of the USAF to cooperate to avoid much greater destruction?

Is that why Senator Lindsay Graham has claimed that not to attack Assad could result in South Carolina being nuked being nuked by terrorists.


And he stated this the same day it was reported that several nukes were removed from a Dyess, Texas AFB by the "nuclear snake-eaters" with no paperwork or proper usual authorization and transported to Charleston, SC. It has also been reported that two squadrons of B1B’s have left their usual bases in America.


Why? And do all these events fit together?

And remember, some nukes taken from Minot North Dakota AF Base without proper authorization are still missing and there were six Heroes murdered in strange "Arkensides" that refused to let it go without talking.


Could an international NOW zionist entity be nuclear blackmailing the USG and threatening to use DC as ground zero?

In any event it sort of seems that the Third Force (TF) is now done with these USG Cutouts.

It certainly looks like the Third Force is done with these cutouts and is going to cut them loose by fully exposing their corruption and what they have done to America, despite the constant lies of the CMMM which is desperately trying to "whistle on the way to the gallows".

It sure looks like they will be "thrown under the bus" as the saying goes (also Bibi’s very worst fear for Israel and one he unwittingly is bringing about through his pugnacious apartheid actions).


Yes, despite all the massive gyrations of lying and denial by the CMMM, mainstream America and "we the people" are just not buying it anymore.

So apparently the Third Force has a covert unspoken message for these USG cutouts:

"thank you very much suckers, but you have been naughty and now you are now going to be fully exposed, and I am going to take over and finish the job my way. Your services are no longer needed".

So these cutouts that hijacked America and trashed its institutions of govt and rule of law are now going to be cut loose and thrown on the trash heap of history.

Too bad for them, but actually they deserve it, all of what they will get for being traitors, criminals and abusers of power. You know that old phrase, "they have the devil to pay", well in their case it fits. But they also have the American people to pay, and once American populism is fully expressed the Banksters will be prosecuted and their illegal profits clawed back until every cent is repaid.

So now the deep RICO corruption in the USG is becoming fully exposed to many Americans and the curtain has been pulled back from the Wizard of Oz showing him to be a weak old man naked and ugly.

So what are the USG’s options now that the "cat is out of the bag" and the jig is up"?

So what are the USG’s options now that they have been caught and fully exposed in their deep lies, corruption and international war crimes and crimes against humanity and the American people for starting and running illegal wars and mass-murdering and wounding many thousands of American soldiers and millions of civilians as what they have described as mere "collateral damage"?


As Madelyn Albright claimed over a half a million dead children from US sanctions against Iraq,

"difficult but worth it".

Obviously the staging of one or more Gladio style "inside job" false flag-attacks are a main option I’m sure these criminal "enemies within" are now carefully considering.

The other action that remains is to stage a serious EMP using the cover story that it was a large solar flare. In this way much of the power grid could be knocked out and martial law could be declared.


Or a complete economic collapse may be staged which will be used to declare martial law. Or the USG can geo-engineered major weather crisis like they did with Katrina to create an immediate pretense for martial law. Or the USG can conspire to start a nuclear WW3 while they hide in DUMBs and wipe out 80% of the world population in a drastic plan to create a new worldwide feudal system.

The Third Force appears to have its own plan.

Of course the Third Force may have its own specific plan, like forcing a 100% disclosure of alien ETs and anti-gravity craft which would be a major game-changer and perhaps hijacking a newly emergent worldwide Internet based populism to form the basis of a new luciferian world government based on a smooth deception that would appear to provide perfect worldwide governance.

For the first time, Americans are waking up in mass to USG corruption and violation of the US Constitution.

It has now recently become all too obvious to many Americans for the first time that Congresspersons are bought off and owned by numerous foreign interests with deep pockets and we have the worst government the most money can buy.

What was the original City of London Banksters plan to retake America after losing it during the Revolutionary War?

The plan all along was to hijack America using the City of London Banksters to foment revenge on America for winning the evolutionary War and to do this by installing a corrupt, unconstitutional, criminal money monopoly, the Federal Reserve.

This was the tip of the spear in an attack upon the Sovereignty of America and the first stage in the planned destruction of America, while using a very strange parallel track to build up America as a world superpower and a surrogate economic engine for the City of London Banksters, a means to enslave the whole world in a debt trap of US Petro Dollars.


And the US Petro Dollar was never anything more than the covert surrogate monopoly money of the City of London central Banksters.

It is now becoming apparent that the NWO plan was a Third Force ruse from the beginning and merely a vehicle to take command later. It is now becoming clear that The third Force planned to use the City of London central Banksters as cutouts to retake America and use it as an engine to capture the world and then to be later cut loose, allowing the Third Force to create a new form of one world government without any of these cutouts.

According to one of VT’s own Columnists, Dean Henderson, this struggle over whether to bomb Syria or not, is really a showdown in the Middle East to wrest control from the Illuminati central Bankers. (7)


If the American people succeed in pressuring the US Congress to vote for NO support for a Syrian attack, the Illuminati Bankster control of the Mideast situation is going to end and this is the beginning of the end of world zionism which is attached and supported by the City of London central Banksters vast wealth made through use of Babylonian Money-Magick, the art of making money from nothing and conning the nations and the public into accepting it.

In a brilliant expose, VT Managing Editor Jim Dean has pointed out clearly how America has been drawn into a two front war, a War in the Mideast and a War at Home with "we the people", that is the American people as just another enemy. (8)


And that is why DHS was set up in the first place by the NeoCon zio, neo-Bolshevik, dual citizen Israeli-first infil-traitors.


Most Americans have not understood this point that America is now involved in a two front war, one foreign, one at home against its own people who are trying to stop it and take their country back from the off shore City of London Banksters and their Cutouts.

So now we have a situation when those who run America who thought their evil and crimes against America and humanity were protected and expected their crimes to always be kept secret, are being fully exposed by the same entity that gave them the power in exchange for their very souls in the first place - The Third Force - which some at the top of the "pyramid of power" (POW), the hierarchy that runs the world, aka,

  • the illuminati

  • the order

  • the Olympiads

  • the Golden Dawn

  • Moriah Wind

  • the OTO

  • the OBN

  • the Circle of Twelve

But some of the insiders who are part of it have said that the Third Force is Lucifer and they consider him their god and they do his bidding. Yes they identify Lucifer as the Third Force, but also claim there are rigid "rules of play" that govern their behavior and one is that they must disclose what they are going to attempt to do ahead of time, at least in some sort of public disclosure to preserve human free will and obtain a sort of world consent.

Yes, these folks at the helm of the USG have been set up and are now being exposed as they nation America crumbles right before their eyes at the work of their own hands caused by their own selfishness, greed, lust and corruption.


In working so hard to deceive "we the people" they have deceived themselves and must receive whatever comes back at them for it as they become fully exposed.


The more they become exposed, their criminal hold on America weakens and the likelihood they will be brought to justice increases dramatically. Of course it was their own lust, greed and psychopathic tendencies which led them to take a bite of the forbidden apple and sell their souls.

TF’s plan is a very crafty plan.

The plan by the Third Force (TF) from the start was to use these corruptible folks to create a NWO and then take them down and expose them and destroy them when finished while mind-kontrolling and dumbing-down the masses.


But the human spirit is immutable and no matter how great the efforts have been to dumb-down, mind-kontrol, and make folks sick and weakened through eugenics, Americans are waking up from their slumber thanks to the Internet and will now proceed to take their country back from the criminal usurpers.


All through history the Third Force has been checked when it tried to make its final move to take over the whole world with a one world kingdom.


This time the Third Force believes it is closest to its ultimate goal than ever before, but it will be checked sand eventually overcome in a final Cosmic Battle of the ages.

TF’s plan was to weaken the ruling super-elite deviants it built up through blood contracts to "sell their souls in exchange for riches, power and fame", while also weakening and eventually destroying America through an elicited spontaneous emergence of worldwide populism following the emergence of the Internet truth movement.


The TF had planned to create this new world populism to expose and destroy corrupt American political institutions so the remains of America could be folded into the NWO and a one world luciferian world government based on truth, democracy (aka mob rule) and guaranteed jobs for all.

The problem here for these USG RICO criminals is that America is a sleeping giant and is now awakening in mass thanks to the recent convergence and exposure of extreme USG corruption in all sectors. And Americans are armed to the teeth and yet are still buying guns and ammo at an astounding rate.


Ask ‘em why and they blame the USG for mismanaging the economy, creating potential urban breakdown and to protect themselves from the emergence of an apparent nazi/stasi style DHS run police state which is now fully exposed.

Ask any seasoned asymmetrical warfare or low intensity warfare specialist and they will tell you than the DHS plans to declare war on America and subdue it by violence is not going to be a cake walk.


In fact most will tell you that despite early major losses the America citizen will eventually win this impending battle because as this unfold many inside DHS and the military will revolt and fight DHS and any other foreign controlled invading force the inside.



The Obama administration has entered into a dangerous gambit over a proposed attack on Assad. This has resulted in an almost complete exposure of the criminal underbelly of the USG which has become a major RICO crime syndicate.


If the proposal fails to pass in Congress and President Obama goes ahead anyway he risks impeachment and massive protests and urban unrest. If it fails, then various politicians who voted against it who are held hostage by Israel-firsters or NeoCons may find themselves fully exposed for their secret sins of the past used to human compromise them.


And if Congress votes for the proposed attack and the USG goes ahead with it, there is a possibility things could get out of hand and a nuclear WW3 could result, which could serve as political cover for an apparent fiscal cliff economic collapse which appears to be looming.








  5. Gordon Duff,



  8. Jim Dean,