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  1. The Alien Jigsaw (Kay)

  2. The Warping of Space-Time (Marc Davenport)

  3. New Research on Implants and Group Abductions (Budd Hopkins)

  4. UFOs and the Alien Relationship With the Human Race (Robert Dean)

  5. The Allagash Abductions (The Allagash Four)

  6. Gulf Breeze Update (Bruce and Anne Morrison)

  7. Humanity’s Extraterrestrial Origins (Dr. Arthur Horn)

  8. Glimpses of Other Realities (Linda Moulton Howe)

  9. Close ET Encounters: From Individual Experiences to Global Manifestation (Dr. Richard Boylan)

  10. A Model of Reincarnation and UFO Activities (Dr. Leo Sprinkle)

  11. The New Paradigm of Mind and Matter (Forest Crawford)











The Alien Jigsaw

She wanted to state she has no negative connotation to use of the term abducteé, preferring to define it as having an interaction.


She has memories of this since childhood, and although going through regression, has written mostly conscious memories in her book "The Alien Jigsaw". She is still anxious about the experiences but no longer fears the aliens. Some have asked her how she can be so normal, and she credits the Pensacola MUFON and Budd Hopkins for helping her.

Katharina’s experiences began when she was 6, and total 119 so far. 45% were neutral, 32% negative, and 23% positive experiences. When she was young, she thought God was taking her away. She would be paralyzed, and not able to remember what was said to her. Some questions frequently asked of her are:

Q. How real are her experiences?

She remembered going to bed and falling asleep, and seeing beings that were not human. But in the morning, she would find blood on the sheets, scoop marks.

Q. Why are they here?

She mentioned the hybridization theory of Hopkins and Jacobs. Once on a huge craft she held a hybrid child, that was not doing too well. There was a hybrid doctor there in a white coat. Another time they presented her with a child while in her bedroom. They have done psychological and physical studies of her, using probes, pins, and rods in the joints, and believes they have taken blood, ova, hair, and bone marrow samples. She is not certain that some of her memories may be screen memories, such as a view of a grey bobcat, and the ’teaching dream’ that often occurs in abduction.

Q. How many types of beings are there?

She believes 15-20 are actively visiting the planet, with at least 4 different greys. A tan being performed medical procedures on her, and she has seen one smooth pale grey type that has 10 very skinny fingers on each hand.

Q. The four main types of greys:

1. The shortest, at 3-3 1/2 feet, no body suits worn, sometimes shiny, no external genitals but can sense their gender. These are mind-probers but seem to have no desire to communicate. They seem to float rather than walk.
2. 4-4 1/2 feet tall, stand and walk, seem to be biological technicians, not robotic, but have emotions.
3. 6 feet tall, have yellow hair, almost wig-like. Dark grey body suit, fly the cigar-shaped craft, believes these are the ’Navigators’.
4. Over 7 feet tall, look and walk like a praying mantis, she calls this type ’The Diplomat". Also, there were certain blonds that could transform, to a cat, a dog, and a light being.

Q. Can we believe what they say?

She feels in most of the cases their prophesies do not occur, but once a blond showed her a wall crumbling at her house. This did happen 8 months later, narrowly missing her. That night they visited her and told her they were repairing her heart, that had been damaged by the lightning that had destroyed the wall. She feels that both the government and the aliens want to keep us from knowing what is going on. There may be at least two different groups trying to manipulate us in different ways. In January of this year, she had a hysterectomy that left the ovaries intact, and they told her they needed to implant another uterus. Also, they needed to remove her ovaries if she wanted to come with them, so that she would not be available for experimentation by another group of aliens. There was no memory but she hasn’t yet been medically examined to see if any surgery occurred.

She feels it is extremely important to help other abductees and get the word out. Self-publishing is very difficult, but she encourages them to keep a journal of experiences, and share these with the researchers who have the resources to be able to publish.

Q. Are you being harassed by the military?

Doesn’t think so, although there might be some minor eavesdropping on her line. She has seen them working together with aliens, and it is possible they are hybrids wearing military uniforms. She has seen them in unidentifiable, as well as Navy, Marine, and Army uniforms. She has experienced angry, questioning humans at an underground base in Eastern Canada, put in a room with other abductees, and forced to watch deprogramming films, of which she has little memory. She was shown a demonstration of a fast-moving, silent orb-shaped craft, made of many flat, dark grey panels. She saw a cigar-shaped craft, 70-80 feet long, at a military base, also made of flat panels, with no external rivets. It could appear and disappear, and she was forced to ride on board it. She thought the pilot was crazy, as it was flipping around in the sky, and she did feel the G-forces. When it ended up hovering over a huge round white object in the ocean, she started kicking out a ’window’, then it landed and she crawled out.

Q. How can they keep this a secret?

They claim there is a threat to the country from the aliens. Actually, it is ourselves we should blame. We need to keep an open mind, support our organizations, and keep journals of our experiences. She is happy to have the opportunity to be part of the educational process.

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The Warping of Space-Time
Marc Davenport

He writes fiction and non-fiction, including the books "Visitors From Time - The Secret of the UFOs" and "Dear Mr. President - 100 Earth-Saving Letters", and edits "The Contact Forum - The Roundtable of Universal Communication". His articles, also available in reprint, include,

  • "Shortcuts Through Space and Time", Int’l UFO Library Mag, Apr.-May, 1994

  • "No Intelligent Life", UFO magazine, Jul.-Aug., 1993

  • "Warping Space-Time", UFO Universe, Fall 1993

  • "Hydrogen Time", Analog, Summer 1994

  • "Infinite Possibilities"’ Contact Forum, Sept.-Oct., 1993

[Contact Forum is a very informative bi-monthly newsletter available by subscription]. Address: Contact Forum c/o Wildflower Press, PO Box 726, Newberg, OR, USA 97132

Marc is married to Leah Haley, another author with "Lost Was the Key", and became interested in UFOs with the Betty & Barney Hill case of 1961. He was interested in the Adamski and other’s tales of being on the moon or Venus, and why the beings resembled us. Other questions nagged him, like why are they sighted most often on Wednesdays, the 24th of the month, in July and September? Why do they observe national boundaries? What about the Men-In-Black, and reports of rescuing humans. In one case, two cars were headed for a collision. Both drivers blacked out, and when they came to the cars were sitting inches away, and one driver found himself in the passenger seat.

Why are they so concerned about nuclear energy? Why is it being covered up, why are there so many craft and so many different types of craft? Vallee estimates there have been over 3 million landings. But there are only 46 sunlike stars within 54 light years of Earth. In his studies from 1947, he noticed scientists are not looking at all the data. UFOlogists are usually biased towards their own pet theory.

For instance, Hynek discarded all reports that were from people who had seen them more than once, and others threw out information because it was deemed questionable if from a child, a drug user, saw ETs, had landed, or had metal fragments that contained aluminum. Also, no one was analyzing the data, no one was asking why they could really travel 40,000 mph, turn sharply, disappear, change shape, and power-fail cities.

He thought there were prerequisite questions that needed answers. How could they emit radiation of such variety, show up on radar and not visual, or vice versa, no close-up photos? Everyone had a theory, they might be from planet X, billions of other galaxies, angels, demons, or a complex mixture of many different phenomena. What about the color changes and corresponding course changes?

What is time? The time for some people on board a UFO for a few minutes becomes hours that have passed back here, and the other way around, too. What about electromagnetic effects? People will see a light while driving at night, that will pass close, then their engine will sputter and their headlights dim. Sometimes cars will start themselves up after it passes.

This was originally thought to be caused by large magnetic fields spinning, but research shows effects that strong would also bend metal and burn out components, which hasn’t been seen. There was an oil pump in a Kuwaiti field which stopped after a UFO flew over, then restarted. This restart was impossible because the equipment must be started from several locations.

Could these be time effects? Could they be warping space- time? This is a 4-dimensional continuum, which can be warped by mass. A black hole warps space-time so severely that, within it, time literally runs backward.

Paul Davies believes that the ’river of time’ is an artifact of our mind’s perception. Contrary to popular opinion, time travel is a reality. Elastic time - time dilation and time travel is part of relativity. Fred Alan Wolf said that for parallel worlds to exist, time machines that move forward and backward in time must exist. This was verified in 1985 in at Tulane and by Frank Tipler and Kip Thorne, with the wormhole of space-time theory. This subject is quantum physics. The research is much incomplete because the government threatens to cut off funds if they’re not directing the research themselves.

Could UFOs have field generators with a different continuum inside? Yes - Time could be different inside, running either faster or slower. When they change shape, materialize, or dematerialize, they may be passing backward through our time. Radiation from UFOs has been of all kinds, all the way through the electromagnetic spectrum from radio to gamma rays. The Doppler effect of a passing train is the model here, with the frequencies of heat and light being shifted as they pass through the edge of the field.

Marc found support for this effect everywhere. There have been instances of people walking up to a saucer and finding that their legs were not functioning, running into invisible shields, or a thrown rock slowing and stopping in midair. In a case in Wyoming, a man fired at a UFO, and the bullet slowed and dropped to the ground. Later examination showed it to be "inside-out". Another case had multiple witnesses watch one fly into a raging forest fire, where the flames parted, and aliens got out and walked around looking at things. A UFO exiting the water had drops draining off an invisible hull surrounding the craft.

Sometimes people noticed that distant sounds would disappear, as they were dopplered out of our hearing range. This might account for some animals seeming to pick up unheard sounds. In 1962 a seminary student was told that the visitors altered time and sound. Many times objects become weightless, as in the Washburn, Haley, and Allagash cases, and in the Knowle’s case, even a whole car lifted. Some have been floated through walls and doors.

Mathematicians say fourth-dimensional craft could do this, by going ’around’ a wall rather than through it. And, sometimes they are larger on the inside than on the outside. One person said that in a craft that looked 30’ in diameter from the outside, while inside was too far to throw a football across. A man leading a horse had it sucked up into a craft. Sometimes they leave ’Earth Cookies’, a circular patch of topsoil that has been turned completely upside-down.

He mentioned also the residual time effect, and that the Russians had measured a substantial time difference inside a landing zone, using quartz timers. In one case, three boys saw a small saucer land, went up to it and tapped on it with a flashlight. It made a sound, and all three of them said they could only run away from it in slow motion. Another time some dogs started running in slow motion, and when the owners looked up, there was a UFO. In the famous Bentwater case, a fog formed, a UFO landed, and the soldiers investigating it cast shadows on the craft, that lagged a full step behind them. There are so many more of these stories.

Here Marc showed parts of the Messengers of Destiny film, showing the hyperjump phenomena, where the craft instantaneously change location. He also remarked on the common observation of color changes under the saucer.

Time is no more linear than the Earth is flat. A good model of this is a Slinky, and how it can be stretched and folded over. There is really more than one time dimension, more than one Slinky, and these can intersect and overlap. This may sometimes lead to inconsistencies. Loops can be bigger in one Slinky than another.

He mentioned a case where Wendy Dash was taken aboard a craft, and went right through a wall, entering a large room with many people, each accompanied by several aliens. Each was there to learn something, and for her it was to learn to time travel. All humans have the capacity to time travel, and the mechanism is in their mind, not in the brain, and is not activated in most. They activated hers, and they began experiments where she would dream, back in her bed, and then wake up before the previous time she had fallen asleep. This happened numerous times, so she told them she would like to try it on her own. She knows that we can control time but it is not going to happen until our motives are right. It’s got to come from the heart.

Another case reported that someone saw three versions of a person talking with themselves, and each was ten years different in age.

Marc doesn’t know where they are coming from, as we see only a tiny portion of the spectrum. If they are from our own future, this could explain a lot of things. This would be the reason for the cover-up, since they don’t want to change the future. They might be coming on certain days since they are using our calendar. Maybe they have taken out too many genes and need to put some back. Genes for fighting diseases might be available only by going to the past, and the reason for their interest in nuclear reactions might be due to the effects radiating into the future and past. He believes this is the reason they were near Roswell, so close to the first nuclear bomb tests.

He showed slides of the Sumerian clay disc seen in Sitchin’s book, and compared this with the Voyager and Pioneer discs that were sent out in the solar system. This is a record of the people who came here 450,000 years ago.

We have polluted the planet, developed nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons, tampered with genes, and might have even created the AIDS virus. This path that we are on is not one that can continue. Contacteés gave us messages, and we didn’t listen, and then the abductions started. In the 50s UFO contacteés were getting messages of love and clean up the planet, The last 47 abductees he has interviewed got messages on ecology, human rights and the bomb.

We are now working on interstellar drives, so they will let us kill each other off, help kill us off, or fix us. Some of these people are coming here to salvage us in some sense. He doesn’t know for sure, but if we don’t all share what we know, we will never find the answers.

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New Research on Implants and Group Abductions
Budd Hopkins

Abductions often aren’t viewed as a happy experience. And even in a case where a person views it favorably, as an abducteé they have to deal with a traumatic aspect of their life. But, people who have these experiences can be happy about the mind expanding transformations they go through.

New areas of investigation are bruises that don’t hurt, on the legs and arms, implants, hybrids, and group abductions of greater than 100 people. He has worked with 12 cases where people know each other and found out they have joint abductions.

An x-ray of Linda Cortile’s nose shows a coil-and-cylinder that was removed by aliens within two days of the x-ray. A 5-year-old girl in Italy fell off her bike, and an x-ray showed a parallelogram shape under one eye. It was definitely not an artifact of the x- ray, but one week later it was not there. Those implants that have been removed and analyzed by us show no unusual properties, being composed mostly from common materials such as quartz and iron.

Budd played a tape recording of a regression, where a man recounted his experience on board, where he was shown hybrids and told seven were his. They were floating in tanks of a liquid, which was feeding them. Some of them had black eyes and looked like them and some had blue eyes and looked like us. They had no umbilical cords, and had hands he described as looking like little chicken feet. In some cases, people have been shown children as they age through the years, up to age 16. He also remarked that many people said the aliens didn’t seem to understand hair, it was never taken care of, as if they had missing instincts.

In a group of abductees, one woman reported a dream, where she was in a giant room, with 100-200 naked people. There was a description of some sort of moving stairway. Two others in the group said they had had the same dream. Budd minimized their communications, then interviewed them separately. The first woman remembered seeing one of the others there. Under hypnosis, she was able to correctly describe a scar on the other’s body.

He went over facts of other cases, and one woman saw the same craft as the Cortile case but farther up the river and within an hour of the first. At a Stanton Friedman talk, a man and woman recognized each other, but had never been together. After some investigation, they recalled being abducted together. Another similar case was discovered when a woman moved here from England, and had a chance encounter. This seems to be a kind of study of human relationships.

He seems to think that there is an urgent speeding up of the alien agenda because large numbers of people are being abducted. They seem to be getting worried about the progress of their agenda. He also wonders about the government-alien connection, since they seem to be able to conceal and camouflage with screen memories. One woman he spoke to recently was a radar technician at Nellis A.F.B., and she has very few of her memories of the 9 months spent there. They were out on the range somewhere, and were suddenly surrounded by UFOs. After an intense debriefing, she remembers only a hypodermic in the neck.

Another case had a whole battalion over-flown, with some being abducted. One remembered being given an injection from a female army doctor, and told he would not remember. It is possible that a lot of this might be screen memories, as there was a case where a man remembers an abduction with lots of ordinary humans walking around, and when he looked at an MP, thinking about why they were here, the MP into an officer, then into a Nazi officer. There was also a case of a woman awakening to a strange-looking creature, and wondering if it were her sister. It turned into her sister immediately. Deception and control seems to be what they are up to.

Budd cautioned us we must not jump to conclusions, and be loving and understanding. We should know that the truth is on our side.


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UFOs and the Alien Relationship With the Human Race
Robert Dean

He served his country for 27 years, including working for NATO. He is violating his security oath purposefully, intentionally, because it is so important, to try and save the form of government we have - our Constitution. There are non-elected people who are trashing our Constitution, and he is not going to let this happen. He does have classified information that he will never reveal.

The UFO subject "is the most important and crucial issue of our time", a problem of the entire human race. He sees events that are happening that are going to change our lives in ways we can’t even begin to imagine. Events that will bring our world to an end. He sees an impending disaster - a collapse of the world’s economies, governments, and religions.

  • The extent of the lie is vast. He referred to knowledge of events occurring on the Moon and Mars.

  • There is massive mining going on on the moon, and the government knows about it.

  • This was one purpose of the Clementine probe.

  • There are advanced intelligences in the Solar System.

  • Mars has evidence of a vast and ancient civilization, and may even be connected with the entities visiting us now.

  • The Apollo astronauts saw this and were forced to lie.

We have given away our freedoms to secret agencies from fears of the Cold War, and now they don’t want to let it out. Lives have been lost to keep this a secret. Lincoln said: "You cannot continue to lie to all of the people all of the time." The CIA, NSA, etc., black budget is 50 billion a year! It was 36 billion in ’86. Robert spent years being part of this cover-up. He received, in 1963, a Cosmic Top Secret clearance at SHAPE HQ in Paris and then Brussels. (Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe).

A study called The Assessment was ordered to determined what was behind the massive high-altitude, high-speed flyovers in Europe by circular metallic craft, 40-50 in formation. The study determined that this was part of a detailed study of humans by extraterrestrials. This was very important to determine, since we had almost punched the nuclear war button 6 times due to these unidentified objects. This knowledge hit him hard, realizing that the myths and legends are not myths and legends, but truths.

The study concluded that there are 4 basic types of aliens that we’re dealing with and that one of those types is indistinguishable from us; this fact disturbed his superiors the most. Some aliens are from other star systems and galaxies. Some of the advanced intelligences are multi-dimensional.

The big question is not who are they, but who are we, where have we come from, why are we here, and where are we going. He believes we are a hybrid race, we are cousins with interplanetary, intergalactic, and interdimensional beings that can manipulate matter and time. We all must come to terms with our own new reality of who we are. All the holy books are one and the same, with one single beginning and source of truth.

There seem to be triggering mechanisms - all the phenomena are designed to bring about a massive change in humans. A door is being opened - there is a race to grow up as a species, put hatred and bloodshed behind us, to go into the 21st century as one race, one planet, one future. This event has happened 100 million times in this Universe; it is time to grow up and make the transformation, or we might not have a future. Organized religion has done so much to divide and destroy us. The experiencers talk about spirituality, and it is time we grow up and face this reality.

His conclusions: There is overwhelming evidence that the human race is a hybrid race; we have been seeded and genetically manipulated from the beginnings of recorded history. This is ongoing and designed to bring about massive changes in the human race. We have to learn to be one people from one planet and we have to do it soon.

We have an intimate interrelationship with advanced ET intelligences. It doesn’t matter what color the skin, the church one attends, language, music, and philosophy of a people, there is an immortal spark inside each of us. We are in the midst of a transformation, a transcendence. It is not mainly a paradigm shift, but a *metaneua*, a Greek term for a basic changing of our philosophy.

Cataclysm is coming - the Earth Changes. The ring-of-fire in the Pacific is activated, which he has heard from volcanologists in private conversations. They would never reveal this in public. The Fatima final prophesy predicted the crumbling ruins of the Vatican, the end of religion. The beautiful lady who keeps appearing is not Mary, but a whole lot more than that. We are becoming a new species:

We are sacred beings; we are immortal, spiritual beings. Each of you is an immortal, sacred being, part of a sacred Universe. We have to take our place with the others. Everything is alive. You are alive, you are immortal.


"I know there will be some rough times ahead - you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. It’s gonna get worse."

To quote Tolstoy:

"There is something in the human spirit that will survive and endure, that will prevail, no matter how dark this world becomes."

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The Allagash Abductions
The Allagash Four

In this shocking abduction which occurred in 1976, four art students were out in the middle of nowhere, in the remote Allagash wilderness in northern Maine. They were on an 11-day guided canoe trip through a group of lakes that is connected, and eventually turns into the St. Francis river. Flying was the only way to get there, and the nearest farm is 70 miles away. Chuck Rak was the guide, and the others were Jim and Jack Weiner, identical twins, and Charlie Folz. They had met at the Massachusetts College of Art.

They glimpsed a craft on their second night out, and were abducted on the fourth night. During the first sighting, they saw a light in the sky. It was not a star, was in the wrong place to be a planet, and through binoculars had a very odd quality of light. It had a roiling look to it. They though it might be a weather balloon or helicopter. After 30 seconds it ’imploded’ and disappeared.

On the fourth night they had made camp on Eagle Lake, and got the idea to try night fishing as soon as it got dark. They built a huge bonfire on the beach, using large logs to provide a beacon back to camp on this moonless night. It would burn brightly for a good 3-4 hours. Then they all got into one canoe and headed out into the lake. After 15-20 minutes of swatting mosquitoes, Chuck suddenly said, "That’s a hell of a case of swamp gas."

The others turned and saw a giant ball of light, not more than 200 yards away from them, with a raised horizontal and vertical band, and colored patches of red and blue light streaming and pulsating all over it. It slowly rose, making no sound, and drifted off to the shore, its lights illuminating the treetops. It was much larger than any helicopter, about 2 1/2 stories tall. Charlie decided it might be interesting to shine a flashlight at it.

"If you ever find yourself in this situation, DO NOT TRY IT!"

It suddenly came closer, shined a tubular blue beam down on the water ("slammed onto the surface is the only way I can describe it"), then shined on them, and they all (except Charlie, who wanted to meet the aliens) panicked and paddled ferociously. Charlie was enjoying the rare encounter, watching in amazement as the craft jumped instantaneously closer, to only 50 yards. The beam was like a hollow tube, a scintillating layer of blue light, with the interior of the beam black.

They were paddling so fast, that the canoe seemed to go right up on the shore. The UFO was moving around over the water, and suddenly ’imploded’, reappearing at intervals as it raced off into the sky. This gave the effect of a strobed object, except that it also changed like the phases of the moon as it left, similar to the multiple exposures of an eclipse. The blue beam was still on and illuminated first the front and then the rear of some altocumulus clouds (they form typically at about 14,000 ft).

They walked back to the camp and found the giant bonfire ONLY MEMBERS. All of them had a peculiar disinterest in investigating what had happened to the time, but elected to just go to bed. They should have been animatedly discussing the whole event, but all were drained of energy. The next morning they didn’t talk about it much, but later asked a ranger they ran into about it. He said it was searchlights crossing, and then asked,

"Did you get your rayguns out, fellahs? Everyone’s always complaining about the bugs and bears, and now Martians."

12 years later, Jim had an accident where he fell 1 1/2 stories which resulted in temporal epilepsy. He was diagnosed in 1983, and therapy reduced his seizures. In 1988 he started having terrible nightmares, where he was in a room and creatures were doing painful things to his body. Sometimes he woke up thinking there was something in his room, and once felt a tugging on his shoulder. Due to lack of sleep, his seizures began increasing. He went to his doctors and told them of John Mack’s studies, which the doctors said was crazy. Luckily, one week later he went to a MUFON meeting and heard about Ray Fowler. Ray was interested in the missing time and the fact that 4 people were involved, two of them identical twins.

Jim recounted an experience when he was a kid, and had gone out into a wet snowstorm. He fell into a deep hole and was lost for 5 hours. While he was there, two beings with cloaked faces were looking down on him. When found, his clothes were perfectly dry. These beings reminded him of the Alagash aliens.

After hypnotic regression, all four told virtually the same story. They had been drawn up into a spherical craft which had roiling red and blue lights shifting all over its surface. Inside they were naked and paralyzed, lying on tables. Strange insect- like creatures told them very firmly, and telepathically, "You will cooperate. You will not be harmed." The aliens had very large ’wrap-around’ eyes and four fingers on each hand that could oppose each other independently, giving them excellent dexterity for manipulating the probes. They examined them and took sperm and other samples, inserted probes and generally experimented on them, and then set the four back down at their camp, with one of them placed into the canoe.

Jack became obsessed with math and physics after the encounter, and had never been interested in this before. His artwork during this period became very bizarre, driven by obsessions with burned holes in graph paper. He noticed a lump on his leg, and soon had it surgically removed. The pathologist couldn’t identify it, so they told him they were sending it to the CDC. After 5 months, they told him it still hadn’t been identified. After 8 years, as part of investigating the recovered memories, he went to get the report. After searching for 5 minutes, the clerk came back and said,

"You must have gotten this while you were in the military. They sent the sample not to the CDC, but to a DOD pathology lab."

No, he wasn’t in the military, but the report was signed by Air Force personnel. In the last 3 years, he has seen UFOs twice in the woods behind his house. He’d be glad to not have to deal with it again. His advice is to not approach a UFO; it could be dangerous.

Charlie remembered lying face up on a table, with a blue light coming from a slab about a foot over his chest. He received some sort of psychic images but not as much on the craft as the others. Occasionally he hears whispers in his ears, just at the threshold of understanding, but can never quite make it out. On August 8, 1994, he had an unusual dream, which he usually doesn’t remember. He was being conducted down a passageway, and there were a lot of faces leaning in. The house next door has an ivy-covered wall facing his bedroom, and there is now a large circular patch in the stucco where the ivy is missing.

Since these were four art students, the stories they tell through their artwork are amazing. They have a tremendous amount of verbal and visual material, and have definitely been the hit of the conference so far (all four have wonderful senses of humor). I highly recommend the Fowler book, "The Allagash Abductions", or, if you can find it (currently out of print), "The Allagash Incident", in a very graphic comic-book format. Paramount Studios is interested in making this abduction into a movie.

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Gulf Breeze Update
Bruce and Anne Morrison

The Morrisons brought us up to date on the UFO activities in this area. On June 27, 1994, a woman saw a strange light outside her trailer, but when she tried to get up to look, she found she was paralyzed. On Pensacola Beach, a light was seen near a water tower. It blinked out, and when it came back on, it was encased in a black cloud. A Gulf Breeze type craft was sighted on Hwy. 98, and the huge boomerang type has also been seen, with multi-colored lights and enveloped in a mist. One person reported seeing a blue beam coming from the ground, at a 45-degree angle.

During an investigation into possible magnetic anomalies, a geologist was consulted and provided a map that showed some interesting strong fields over Pensacola bay and in the surrounding areas. Asked if he could get maps farther out into the Gulf, he said sure, and ordered them from the government. A while later he called back, totally enraged, because the map they had sent had a large triangle cut out of it, right in the area of interest.

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Humanity’s Extraterrestrial Origins
Dr. Arthur Horn

Author of "Humanity’s Extraterrestrial Origin: ET Influences on Humankind’s Biological and Cultural Evolution". He is an anthropologist, and a scientist, and believes ETs were heavily involved in our biological, cultural, and evolutionary development, even starting our first civilization. Unfortunately, the negative forces have mostly been in control throughout the 300,000 or so years of history. He was bothered by the extremely rapid rise in humans in the last 10,000 years or so. A spiritual event happened that changed his mind about Darwinian evolution and has set out to study the spiritual and physical world.

Dr. Horn is from a small Kansas town and was raised in a Christian family. He was bothered by the different sects and strife throughout history and eventually became an atheist. His engineering interests shifted to philosophy, but since he was drafted into the army, he spent a lot of time reading Darwinian books. He became a Darwinist and eventually got a PhD in anthropology at Yale. He married Lynette, a very spiritual person, in 1988 and in 1989 they had a spiritual experience that caused him to abandon his materialistic point-of-view. He resigned his professorship at Colorado State and they moved to the Mt. Shasta area of northern California.

For him the Mesopotamian accounts of our origins are the best. There are many holes in Darwinism, that is not recognized in academia. For example, for the origin of life on this planet, as currently stated, the odds against random chemical combination are calculated to be so unlikely, that it can be ruled out. Also, the fact that homo erectus lived for a million years, but only 25- 30,000 years ago the Cro-Magnon man, a fully modern human, suddenly appeared.

The tradition of oral history made it possible for us to have very old records. The Mesopotamians made copies of the Sumerian cylinder-seals, and the same accounts can be found in Acadian and Babylonian histories. There have been many, many mistranslations because we didn’t have the knowledge to make sense of them.

Dr. Horn relied heavily on Sitchin material, saying this should be viewed as our real history. We were created as a hybrid race from native hominids to replace workers that had revolted, in their gold mines. Our father is Anunnaki and our mother homo erectus. The first were infertile, however, and the chief engineer, Enki, was called on to make us fertile. The cloning through use of "Adam’s rib" was the first genetic engineering on humans. Chapter 2 of the Bible reports on this. He differs with Sitchin that there is only one type of hybrid, since there is evidence of other attempts at the project.

Agriculture was begun, even though hunting and gathering was easier. This led to over population which lead to the spreading of diseases and droughts that were designed to control mankind. The first civilization had a few elite that dominate the rest, just like today.

The Anunnaki and the first humans had reptilian characteristics. They had faces that resembled frogs, with 3 fingers and 3 toes. The Anunnaki had shape-shifting abilities, and some Sumerian statuettes are definitely reptilian (image right). Around 3,000 BC many ETs left Earth and the regressive ETs took over. (Horn says that progressive ETs were responsible for cloning us but regressive ETs saw an opportunity to dominate and did so.) They have kept us controlled by distorting and altering our spirituality. The massive cover-up continues today, and Darwinism is part of this. They don’t need the secret societies anymore, since they have the secret government.

All birds and mammals bond with their offspring, and at least one parent cares for the young. Reptiles don’t do this. Reptilians are less capable of spiritual evolution. The typical grey seems to have lost its emotions by being bred out and reproducing by cloning.

We humans have the responsibility to straighten this out. Now that we know all this, we can make a conscious decision to evolve spiritually. The progressive ETs are helping with this in the form of individual inspiration. However, the regressive ones appear to be doing this too, but are lying to us. Our spiritual evolution depends a lot on our emotions - most especially love.

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Glimpses of Other Realities
Linda Moulton Howe

A TV newswoman, she has become the most visible cattle mutilation expert in the world. And not just cattle - in crop circles, various other animals have been found, such as a rat or porcupine. The wheat seeds found under the porcupine were shrunken and appeared to have been heated. Oily or overheated material was also found in these, and even some hard-as-ceramic ground circles that would grow nothing as long as two years after. Many of these mutilations and associated crop circles were happening within a 50 mile radius of Eagles Nest in NE New Mexico.

The crops have typically swollen and bent upper growth nodes and many expulsion cavities in the lower nodes, where steam has evidently escaped. The growth continues to be reoriented at the bent nodes. The bend angle averages 39 degrees from the vertical. It appears to occur from microwave heating.

The crop circles have been appearing for over 30 years. In one case of cattle mutilation in a circle, the animal was missing a section of skull plate. There was no sign of an incision through the skin, MRI could find no metal filings, and the edges of the skull opening were as smooth as glass.

In a recent case, the animal had a smell like acetone or acid, and the veterinarian performing the necropsy started feeling burning on his hands, the skin turned white and the effects lasted for a day and a half. The animal flesh was kind of cooked with a greenish color to it.

Last month on a canyon ranch in New Mexico, a ranchhand heard a sound like an arc-welder, and saw a cow that looked like it was being dragged. It was floated over a ditch and a fence. He shot at the noise with a 30.06, and after the second shot, the noise stopped. In a clearing he found one cow lying dead, and another dropped onto a log with its legs folded under it. The dragged cow was never found, and the dropped cow was gone when he came back. Eleven days later, up in the canyon pastures, a bovine calf and an elk were found. The animals were freshly killed, and the tongue, rectum and eyes were removed. Three days later flashes of white lights were observed up in the peaks, moving around above and below the treetops. Others have seen red, blue, and green lights.

A new mutilation occurred in Mora, with the vaginal, rectal, and udder sections removed. The necropsy report stated that the cuts were very clean, very accurate, with the uterus still connected to the cervix. The spleen looked like thick tar, the heart and kidneys almost degenerated, but all the other organs were fine, except for a greenish sheen on the lungs.

The late sheriff George Arnell told her he and his son were staking out a pasture, and saw a beam of light come out of it. They hired an airplane and were flying around, and suddenly the pilot screamed: There was a huge, black whale-like oval craft directly below them.

Perhaps some military organization knows the purpose of the mutilations. Mr. Doty of the OSI said her book "A Strange Harvest" upset some people in Washington. There are reports of films of 3 saucers landing at a base, which had been put on alert. The humans waited to greet the aliens, who were wearing tight-fitting suits, had cat-eyes, and were Sumerian appearing. They escorted them into a building. They were told the Sumerian gods have come back and have their own agenda. We have to get past our constant fear of discussing this phenomena when it affects our future so greatly.

She feels a revolution is about to occur, that we must come to the realization that we are only a new consciousness in the Universe, and are by no means alone. The reaction is going to be unpredictable, and so we must try to find out what is going on, and determine what is acceptable to report. This forces us to find our own way to what is on the other side of that knowledge.

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Close ET Encounters: From Individual Experiences to Global Manifestation
Dr. Richard Boylan

He believes there is a cover-up and an uncover-up going on. He got interested in UFOs when he was 8, and saw one himself in 1976. The recent Roswell balloon story is an example of this two- sidedness. In addition to physical evidence, there are many witnesses, and a CIA officer has said there were two crashes, with the surviving alien captured and kept until his death.

He heard some stories of experiences from his patients, but has found Central America, Europe, Africa, Asia, China, and Russia very much more open. There is much control over the press, and gave several reasons for the cover-up:

1. At Roswell, they didn’t figure people could take the news of visitation; but he feels that this is no longer valid today. It is interesting that shortly after this incident, the Air Force (formerly the Army Air Corps), CIA, NSA, and the NSC were created.

2. Technology can be gained from ETs. This might include Kevlar, fiber optics, saucer technology, Star Wars advances. 10 miles NW of Lancaster, California, Northrup is building crude saucers, which are taken to Area 51 for testing. They were seen being flown at both places, at a very conservative 90 miles an hour. A lot of the Star Wars projects were retroengineered from the craft and force field devices. The widely seen NASA space shuttle tape shows this type of technology, but there are actually a number of UFOs and shots at them on the full tape.

3. Fear of loss of power by governments, religions and the wealthy.

The methods being used for the cover-up:

1. Compartmentalization or need-to-know. The North American reconnaissance satellites see UFOs going by, but this is not reported, or else it’s explained away. The recent example of an intelligence agency constructing a 1,000,000 square-foot headquarters in Washington, DC made news when President Clinton stated even he himself had no knowledge of this project.

2. Media choke-off. Individual communities only hear about local UFO events. Gulf Breeze sightings are not reported in California, and Ohio doesn’t hear about UFOs in Michigan.

3. Psychological warfare: shame, calling witnesses gullible, crazy, it’s even used as a litmus test of sanity. Dr. Boylan expressed a lot of warm appreciation for the experiencers.

4. Disinformation. Pseudoabductions, secret craft retrieval, intimidation of reporters, drugs, hypnosis, gang-rape, fake saucer reports. Gulf Breeze has silent drones, which are really one of our own antigravity craft.

Many early accounts of the reality of UFOs and the ET presence were not taken seriously, and there were quite a few wanna-be’s mixing things up. The Betty and Barney Hill case was the first to receive credible treatment by the press. In the 80’s the book treatment became popular, with Streiber and Hopkins having a big effect beginning in 1987. In 1992 there was a brainstorming session at MIT, attended by 150 of the country’s top scientists. The topic was abductions by aliens, and there were a half dozen reporters allowed in. They were supposed to publish their report a few months later, but are still in the process. It should come out this fall, and when it does, the cover-up will be over.

In Jacob’s "Secret Life", Dr. Boylan doesn’t agree with his conclusions regarding their intentions and motives. He estimates there are 3,000 encounters taking place every day in this country alone. The lid is going to come off with the next MIT conference.

As to the various reported races and their missions, much should be taken with a grain of salt. Some investigators use hypnosis without proper training. Dr. Boylan’s research with 137 cases shows there are from 8 to 15 races. There are 3-4, 5-7, and even 9 foot tall types. They come in various colors besides grey, including white, tan, black, blue, green, and shades in between. They are upright humanoids, with sloped almond-shaped eyes, or wrapped around the head, or more normal except with slit or starburst pupils.

They have 3, 4, or 5 fingers on each hand, and some have wide tips, almost like suction cups. Some seem to have long, slender flexible cartilage-like fingers without joints. Others have exaggerated nails or webbing between the fingers. Some are hairless, with a heavy brow ridge and a kind of fetal shape.

One type is very thin, with long limbs, an elongated head, dark eyes and a characteristic crouch, like a praying mantis. The reptilians reported have fine scales and a snoutlike face. There are chubby dwarfs that wear long hoods and cloaks, and appear almost human. This might indicate a mental image, especially for children, who also report seeing cartoon characters or animals. Adults sometimes see humans, which might turn into other humans or reptilians. The question of the true appearance of Nordics, hybrids, or other forms is an open one, due to the possibility of projected images.

The mission of the ETs seems to be purposeful, not at random, but loosely coordinated. Reversing the physical damage to the Earth, with the chemical buildup and ecological damage, is one purpose. Others are cultural uplifting, giving messages to us, psychic gifts, getting us to care more about ourselves, less violence, and coming together. All this seems to be preparing us for a close encounter of the sixth kind: An open meeting on an official basis. This seems to be coming very soon.

There is a gradual awakening of the entire Earth to their presence. Four elements are apparent:

1. The pace, boldness, and openness of the visitations is picking up.
2. The number of experiencers coming forth is increasing rapidly. They serve as ’block wardens’ to the rest of the community.
3. The large number of UFO researchers who have a strong sense to bring this out in the open.
4. The increasing number of people in high government and official positions that are working for this goal. Lawrence Rockefeller convened a conference at his ranch to discuss how to break the news.

Watch for the signs that awareness is emerging. The ETs are getting bolder, too. Dr. Boylan says this is to occur between now and the year 2000, probably sooner than later. In the future, the contact will be made by us.

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A Model of Reincarnation and UFO Activities
Dr. Leo Sprinkle

Dr. Sprinkle holds a conference at the University of Wyoming every year, for and about abduction experiences. The next conference will be June 22-24, 1995 and a brochure will be available in February.

On the question of fear used for control: for every view of UFOs there is another view. His favorite model is based on Morris K. Jessup’s idea that the humans are the sheep, the greys are the sheepdogs, and higher aliens are the shepherds. The greys will nip at our heels, and force us to meditate.

Science divides things into physical, biological, psychosocial, and spiritual realms. Also known as nature, body, mind, and soul. We are moving from a rational empirical approach to an experiential one. The newest science deals with space, matter, light, and time.

Jim Deardorf, in a British journal of astronomy, says that the ETs have placed an embargo on communications with humans. It is definitely a leaky embargo, as evidenced by the tremendous number of books and journals. Physical evidence is also withheld, and believers are called absurd, bizarre, or crazy. Sprinkle’s conclusion is that we should encourage the people studying physical traces, abductions, and adductions (bringing one back to another world).

In 1949 he had a sighting at the University of Colorado. This confounded his sense of religion. In 1956 he and his wife had a sighting. In 1963 he did a survey of 300 people with UFO claims. He spent 4 years doing a study of 82 people, and knew most were normal. He became interested in past life therapy by accident, while hypnotizing a patient with a fear of dogs. He sent him back to his youth, but could not find an incident that might be triggering the fear. So he asked him to go back to his earliest fearful experience, and was surprised when the patient said he was in medieval times, and was killed by a pack of wolves. He didn’t believe this, but the patient thanked him and later said he had finally overcome the fears.

A few weeks later, he had a similar case with a woman afraid of drowning, and she went back to a past life as a pirate, being keelhauled behind a ship. She was also cured and even learned to swim. He continued to explore this avenue, and now refers to them as POLs - Possible Other Lives.

In a study of contacteés, 1/3 of the non-UFO subjects believed in reincarnation, but 75% of the contacteés did. Some of Carl Sagan’s statements are, in his opinion, arrogant and ignorant, because none of us knows what the other person goes through. Implants are biophysical, and designed to teach us more about ourselves, meant to puzzle and prod, than for the aliens to learn about us.

One woman said she was incarnated as an Inca runner. She recalled seeing a strange object in the sky, was taken aboard, told she has honor, but questioned it because she believed only the elite Incas had honor. Today, some of the experiencers are being told they are light-bearers. He thinks the experiences are to puzzle and prod us so we learn more about ourselves. He suggested analyzing your own experience to figure out its meaning for yourself.

A young man recalled a life as an American Indian crawling through the brush, when a large object came down from the sky and took him aboard. The occupants told him he would not remember it until his reincarnation as a white man.

"We are truly marvelous creatures, and we go on and on."

One woman was traumatized during an abduction by the rough way in which she was treated. Under regression, she went to a past life where she was a surgeon who was rather rough with her patients.

Dr. Sprinkle finished with a demonstration of ’psychomerging’, where he attempts to channel advice for a subject. He cautioned that there was no guarantee that it would be successful. A volunteer from the audience was bothered by visions of a 9-foot tall being with transparent wings and red eyes, and she was usually unable to fall asleep ’til morning. The feathers of the wings were thought to be many lives that merge to form one life. The self is in flight with others helping. She was advised to try meditation. The task for her is to recognize that the path is lengthy, and one needs to confront one’s fears and beliefs. We each have to face ourselves, and the winged being is herself. She remarked that this didn’t seem to have meaning for her.


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The New Paradigm of Mind and Matter
Forest Crawford

Forest began with an explanation of holograms. He showed how the holographic film can be broken up, yet each section contains the whole image, just not as good resolution. Animal brains are very similar in being able to function even with large parts missing. The image can also be represented by mathematical formulas known as Fourier transforms. You can turn any pattern into a waveform, and vice versa. A hologram is a physical representation of this. The brain transforms the visual and other senses into Fourier/holograms.

If this notion is taken to a logical conclusion, then reality might not exist in actuality, or not in the way that we see it. He said to look into David Bohm’s work. The quantum world is also a hologram. This is what Bohm calls the implicate order, while the image projected from the hologram is the explicate order. The Universe becomes a ’holomovement’: all reality is of one energy.

He displayed a HERMAN cartoon that had Herman and his friend: Friend: ’If there is intelligent life out there, why don’t they contact us?’ Herman: ’Very advanced life-forms would use something much faster and more sophisticated than radio waves.’ Friend: ’Like what?’ Herman: ’Thought.’ Friend: ’Where do you get these ideas?’

An example of this lack of separateness is seen in the eddies and whirlpools of a stream. One cannot define where the eddy stops and the river begins: it is all one union. Instead of things, we should look at the world as containing relatively independent subtotalities (stuff). The thoughts of quantum physicists are known to influence experiments, so perhaps energy is consciousness. Bohm says consciousness is a basic form of thought. The ability of form to be active is a characteristic of mind. Brains function more like frequency analyzers and not like the common filing cabinet view. Plato said ’What if the energy that makes up everything is thought?’

The Universe is structured like a giant hologram, with everything connected. From a holographic Universe, we should expect to see multidimensions, ESP, psychic phenomena, ghosts, spirit beings, and different types of existences. We also might expect to experience the psychic perception of the past, present, and future and other dimensions. The major religions all have the basics of a holographic Universe. Prayers are answered, we have an immortal soul, we can become one, elevate our consciousness, and overcome reality.

There are 7 levels of existence. These correspond to frequency realms in physics. Each density level is an evolutionary step in consciousness:

1. Mineral life form - asleep
2. Plant life - life that feels
3. Animals - life that knows. Human life is life that knows it knows.
4. Life that exists in non-physical forms. There is multidimensional awareness, individuality but also connectedness. The aliens are of this density.
5. Non-physical entity - the self is part of a larger consciousness. See BASHAR - Blueprint for Change. Angels belong to this realm.
6. Perceive self as an entire dimension. Buddha and Christ are examples.
7. Perceive self as the entire Universe. God-like being.

The more commonly seen types of aliens are:

1. 5 different kinds of grey aliens.
2. Reptilian, usually thought of as evil. The TV series V dealt with this type. There have been a few instances of loving ones.
3. Insectoid.
4. Bigfoot. These crop up all the time, and are usually seen with greys and humans.
5. Blue dwarfs.
6. Nordics.

According to the polls, 69% believe in angels, and 63% believe aliens exist. It is now safe to use aliens in advertising, since the advertising executives never do anything that the public would reject. The reason there is so much appearing on TV and radio is that it is now past the 50/50 mark.

The burning, number one question is, why are they here? It seems they need something from us. If they are doing a long term genetic experiment, why bother us, unless we are related to them.

George C. Andrews has come up with a hypothesis in "Extraterrestrials: Friends or Foes?". He speculates that the ancestors of the greys were once tall blonds. They inhabited planets around Rigel, and had a great civil war that lasted three centuries. A group escaped to Procyon, while the remaining Rigellians became short greys, damaged by the war physically and mentally. They launched attacks on blonds who escaped to Procyon, and that war is now in truce. Another war between Rigel and a Sirius group is still going on.

Other observations of Andrews:

  • Originally the tall Rigellians seeded the Earth hominids to produce the Cro-Magnon man.

  • Abductees who are not returned are used for reproduction and are treated well.

  • Greys can camouflage as tall blonds.

  • Some blonds are mute and telepathic. They also do not seem to age.

  • More than one type can interbreed with humans.

  • All humans have some extra genetic material.

  • The primeval ocean was seeded with life in the precambrian times.

  • The interbreeding is done to reduce simian traits.

  • The greys are thought to basically be insane.

One must be rational in attempting to fight back. Change your level of thinking from linear to multidimensional. Individuality is your best weapon. A major weakness of the greys is their inability to think individually. The ability to hold in your mind a connection with the Godhead is your key to victory.


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