by J. O'Brien

May 31, 1998

from O'Brien'sExtraterrestrials Website


Yesterday I received a book titled "The Contact Has Begun", concerning a journalist named Philip Krapf who in June, 1997 was beamed up to a Starship on the back side of the moon, and in a three day period introduced to the plan of the Verdant race of aliens to peacefully introduce the entire world to the presence of ETs, and to help us become peaceful interstellar travelers.


It was his job to write this book about their plans. The book starts with his witnessing about a hundred humans being examined to discover every facet of their bodies, how they were constructed and how the functioned.


(Based upon subsequent dealings with this race, I feel that this was just for show, since they must have had years of prior data gathering time before this event.)

I had never heard of this race, but according to the book, they are the most numerous beings in the universe (subsequently shown to be another falsehood.) They live to be 20,000 equivalent earth years old, and their main interest is in discovering new things, races, planets, etc. They said that they had located God and "heaven" in their exploring of the universe, and that it was the largest structure in the universe.


Their head holy man had visited "heaven", who could be accessed through 12 "gates of pearl", reminding me of the Pearly Gates description of the christian version of heaven.


When I read this, I thought to myself,

"God is not localized. Being All that Is, He/She, apart from space is in all space. Apart from time is in all time."

After finishing reading the book and thinking about what it said, I became aware of a representative from this race who said that they wanted me to visit their star ship and get indoctrinated into their plan of revealing themselves to the world.


By the way, this plan includes a creation within a few days of a large city surrounded by green grass in the desert southwest, where the world government will be located, in which each sovereign nation would become a sovereign state, sending representatives to this central governing body.


They normally exist in the 4th density reality, a higher vibration, which makes them invisible to those in the 3rd density reality which is the one we live in, like the blades of a fan disappearing when it is turned on. However highly intuitive individuals can sense both their presence and pick up their thoughts. All aliens can move down into the 3rd density at their discretion, and their space ships can also become visible in the same manner.

So, to make a long story short, I finally agreed. So 10:00 AM this morning was supposed to be the "Beam me up, Scotty" time.

But after this agreement, the benevolent Pleiadians came by and said they wanted to talk to me after I went to bed. About three weeks ago their representative came to me and asked what they could do to even partially repay what I had done for them in turning their adversaries, the Reptilians, into allies by having them accept the power of Unconditional Love from All that Is (God ), as told in another story.


I told them that a ride in one of their UFOs would be just fine, and a tentative date had been set for this trip. When I retired I was met with a representative of the Pleiadian race who said that they wanted me to go with them before the Verdant adventure and they would be picking me up some time during the night. This seemed like a sudden change of plans since the planned date of their trip was still over a week away.


I began to have second thoughts about the whole affair. But finally I told them that I was bringing in All that Is into the agreement and anything He and they would come up with would be OK with me. This gave me peace of mind, and I went off to sleep.

However my house guest Roger, the experienced opener of many earth energy portals, and who had worked over the last several months with several negative alien races in changing their self-serving agendas toward humans, was informed by the Andromedans, whose ship Roger had sensed hidden in a small cloud earlier, that if the Verdant tried to beam him aboard their ship, they would blast it out of the sky and they knew it.


In other words the Andromedans knew that the Verdant were up to no good in so far as Roger was concerned.

I slept through the night without any Pleiadians inviting me to go with them. They apparently knew that All that Is would not allow the aliens to kill me, in view of His protection afforded me in the previous failed killing attempts by another alien race. So the Pleiadians abandoned their emergency plan to get hold of me first, which would have allowed me to miss my beam-up appointment with the Verdant...

When the time came for my being "beamed aboard" the Verdant ship as was described in the book, there was a delay of about a half hour. Then the word came from the Pleiadians that the trip had been called off at the last minute by the intervention of God (All that Is) who I understand appeared to Verdant in great power and majesty and scared the Hell out of them.


Then I was told that, contrary to all the Verdant had said in the book about not harming anyone, they had decided get me aboard their star ship and dissect my brain in order to find out where my awareness of "All that Is" was located. In other words they were going to kill my physical body.


A short while later the Verdant star ship captain appeared before me, introduced as always by my psychic dog Freckles barking and looking at the unseen visitor, and apologized for what they had planned to do. I accepted her apology.

I explained to her that this awareness was a gift which I could bestow on her if she was willing to receive it. Then a long conversation ensued in which she said that despite their million-year history of their being what they considered to be the most intelligent race in the universe, they had no concept of a personal relationship with God, or of his essence being Unconditional Love, or of reincarnation.


So after some persuasion, I invited her to repeat after me the familiar phrase "To All that Is, I thank you for your gift of the power of Unconditional Love."


An oval ball of energy appeared, covered with small yellow flames, a duplicate of the ball that appeared to the Reptilian leader in early May when he had received this gift. It remained in front of her while she contemplated whether or not to accept it. Finally she did, and she lit up just as the Reptilian leader had.

It took about a half minute to seep into every part of her being, but finally she said that she had received it and it was a great gift which she would share with all those on her Star Ship. A short while later I was informed that this gift had been transmitted back to their home planet, and it was being sent to all the other planets with which they had any connection.


(Our physical bodies muffle the awareness of the presence of All that Is due to its density. But 4th density creatures have a much increased awareness allowing to communicate telepathically. So this gift makes a life-changing awareness for them.)

This is a real breakthrough, since they say that they are the most populous race in the Universe, and they maintain close relationships with countless other races and planets. So the spread of Unconditional Love is continuing.

It is interesting about the "coincidences" which happened to bring this about. First of all Roger mentioned to his friend Elora about the "Contact Has Begun" book concerning the Verdant race which he said I would probably be interested in. So she sent the book to me. My thinking about the Verdant race while reading the book attracted their attention since they are apparently capable of monitoring people's thought energy all over the earth as a means of picking out beforehand the "representatives" they were going to indoctrinate.


But I was a different type person than they had been dealing with, possessing an awareness which they did not have, and so being interested in new discoveries, they wanted to find where this awareness was located in my brain. They had no concept of there being any other location in which it could reside.

After the aborted adventure, Roger said that he had some misgivings about my going on this trip, since he knew the Verdant race was Reptilian, and they had a reputation of taking what they wanted regardless of how it was done. Upon looking back, I could see that their plan to bring peace on earth and introduce interplanetary travel was actually a benevolent form of peaceful conquering.


We would be given no alternative but to follow their plan which had been used thousands of times before and at least according to them, had never failed. But a new wrinkle was that it would include isolating the approximately 20% of the population who could not live in peace with their neighbor without stringent laws to govern them, allowing the remaining 80% to participate in the world government they had in mind, with minimum regulation. (A separate page in the front of the "Contact" book is printed with the words "To the 80%, you know who you are.").


In the meantime the 20% would not be able to reproduce and would gradually die out.

The problem here is that all other races they had ever encountered, they found could be completely analyzed by investigating only one member. All other members would be found to be the same. But they had found that humans had a wide variation in self-regulating behavior.


The Verdant believed that isolating the bad guys would eliminate any more cropping up in the remaining 80% of the population. WRONG!


Baddies will show up in this 80%, and goodies would show up in the other 20% if allowed to reproduce. So their plan will falter and ultimately fail on earth as they try to weed out the baddies who start showing up in the 80% goody portion of the population. Free will is the basic rule here in earth. This prevents predicting who will be law abiding and who will always be incorrigible It also points out the fact that behavior is primarily a function of the Spirit inhabiting the body, and much less on genetics of the body.


Genetics only produce propensities or tendencies as a starting point, not an end result.

I believe that the Verdant are in the process of rethinking a good bit of their benevolent conquering plan for the Earth Perhaps Phillip Krapf, the author of the Contact book will have to revise his book to include these revisions. And even then, since these revisions have never been tried before, there is no assurance that they will work.


There is one asset we now have with the Verdant representatives we would be dealing with. They are now being filled with Unconditional Love directly from All that Is. With this as their new basis for planning, I feel confident that things will work out for the highest good for all concerned. There will be no more taking with out regard for the "takee". They are working under a whole new set of rules and the human race can only benefit from this.

They are learning that unpredictability is the very nature of the law of Free Will under which we humans operate. This tends to make life more interesting, doesn't it?

Speaking of our interesting life, after the first visit described above, I have been contacted by the Verdant representatives about a half dozen times with their asking my advice about how to proceed in view of the new circumstances they are trying to deal with here in earth. I was not able to give them much help. Finally a few minutes ago I was told that they had abandoned their planned introduction of themselves to the earth.


They said that in another couple of years they may revisit the earth and reevaluate the new paradigm. But for now, they plan to call in all their "ambassadors" and other contactees and advise them that they are free of their commitments to help introduce the world to Aliens, and they can do whatever they wish with the information that they have been given.


It was interesting that they started using the word "take over" when referring to their benevolent contact plans.


I'm not sure that their helping the earth to become intergalactic travelers along with the tremendous advance in technology that this entails, would be a bad thing. But the method they planned to use was flawed.


I also picked up the fact that they had actually killed many thousands on planets which they had enforced their "benevolent takeover".


So as Roger says, Reptilians at heart are not basically benevolent. But I believe they can change with the infilling of the gift of Unconditional Love. We shall see.

During a final visit, the Verdant thought that I had tricked them when I revealed that their going back to their dirty tricks could cause their death because of this conflicting so completely with Unconditional Love which dwelt in them. I then explained that they could ask for the removal of this gift as easily as they had asked to receive it, and it would be taken away.


I believe that if they try this they will find an intolerable God-shaped void in their lives due to their increased 4th density sensitivity, and they will ask for the return of Unconditional Love.

As I was writing this last paragraph, the Pleiadians have arrived and expressed great joy and relief in the Verdant aliens packing up and leaving. Then Freckles announced loudly a new strange group of Reptilians who Roger says expressed fear and confusion at the departure of the Verdants. Roger sensed that these Beings from Sirius B.


So I contacted their leader who said that they numbered about 25 but they represented a much larger group.


With little resistance they received the gift of Unconditional Love. Then I suggested that they send one of their number through the Stargate Portal and back again. Up until now it was not allowing them through because it had been designed by Roger and his crew to pass only those filled with Unconditional Love and an equal balance of light and dark energies, and they had been trapped this side of the Portal.


So they sent one of their group to test the portal, and within about a half minute, I could detect wild elation at his return. It worked. He was not denied entrance into the portal.

Freckles behaved quite strangely during this episode. She started barking loudly to introduce them, indicating that they were negatively oriented. As they received the Unconditional Love, she calmed down. When their representative returned with the good news about the portal, Freckles apparently picked up on their elation since she jumped into my lap and started licking my face. A short time later some of the Grays showed up saying that they too wanted help, and Roger is dealing with them.


I just received a copy of Center of Attention newsletter #91 dated May 25, which includes the following:

"According to the Andromedans, via Alex Collier, the Orion group approached the Andromedan Council and claimed the Nibiru Group had the right to remove certain humans from Earth and take them to another planet where they will serve as a labor force."

This fits right into the plans of the Verdant stated above.


The "certain humans" would be the 20% misfits which they were planning to remove from the general population of earth in advance of their "benevolent takeover". No doubt the Verdant had had made a profitable slave trade agreement with the Nibiru Group to take care of this 20% for them, an ideal method of turning a liability into a profitable gain.

Hopefully we will hear from Alex when the Andromedans inform him that the Orion Group has canceled their claim, but the Andromedans may decide to wait a while to see what the Verdant are really going to do During their last visit, the Verdant told me that they were releasing their control and "protection" over all the races they had been dealing with, allowing them to now plot their own destinies.


We shall see.


Freckles just announced a visitor, a representative of the Verdant group. She said that they had sent messages to their ambassadors and other people indoctrinated in their plans to take over the world. But they did not believe that this was true. So the Verdant are resorting to beaming up all this group together and having a conference with everyone present to announce their shutting down this planned takeover.


They said that they would recommend that they come out of the closet with this information after others introduced to the world the alien presence. (I'm thinking of the work of Dr. Steven Greer's CSETI organization.)


This would add confirmation to the reality of this presence. The representative said that they did not plan to introduce any of their technology to the world, since the Pleiadians and Andromedans would become available to do this if asked.

In the meantime, I had sent a copy of this Verdant report to the author of the book "The Contact Has Begun".


With the following letter attached:

Dear Mr. Kr**f:

June 1, 1998

If any of the enclosed story is true, and I believe it is all true, by now you have been notified that the Verdant group has aborted their benevolent takeover of the planet earth, and have packed their bags and departed. If not, it makes interesting reading.

But assuming it is true, you may not have been given the complete story of how this came about. So this will fill you in on the details. I have been drawn in to dealing with a group of negative Reptilian entities when at the request of his girl friend, I placed a mental protective shield around one of their human programmed robots who was an astronomer working in the secret government/military/alien coalition.


This shield caused them to lose control over him, which if not eliminated, would cause a breach in their secrecy. And thus the manure hit the fan. I have a 17-page report of what ensued, a copy of which I will send you if you are interested.


Jack O'Brien


Note: I received a letter from his wife stating that they get an enormous amount of mail which her husband reads.


His wife commented,

"You relate a very interesting experience, and I'm sure my husband will enjoy reading about it."

I have not received an answer from Philip I would think that with all the intimate details of this report, the only reason he would not write at least a short note saying it was not true, would be that it was true.

This was written about four months ago. Recently a friend of mine, Ms A, read this book and wrote to its author. Most of her letter is copied below. This is a good source of general information about ETs and their spiritual evolution and technological advancements, as viewed by a dedicated student of the subject.


She is the one who had my letter about my experience with Devas published in http//


This letter starts the story:


Emptying Outer Darkness

Dear Mr. Kr**f:

I've just finished reading your book The Contact has Begun with great interest. But, it seems to me the story told you by the Verdants has some holes in it. I've been studying accounts of E.T. contact, and talking with people who have had them, for the past six years. Probably you've begun reading some of those books, too.

My general impression from the material you've presented is that the Verdants are not a highly evolved species in comparison to some others who have also been providing information to humanity. The advanced technology you describe is all very well but there are gaps. They don't seem to have mastered time travel.


Otherwise they could have returned you without keeping you so long.


(Note: the book says he stayed three days in their ship being indoctrinated and returned to his apartment at the end of this period. I have read of other ET societies in which the time/space traveler says to his mate that he plans to spend several months at his destination, and that if he does not return within the next two or three minutes from his starting point/time, she will know something went wrong.)

They seem highly focused on left brain intelligence without the balance of right brain, emotions or spiritual development. We already know that that kind of emphasis limits total intelligence and they don't seem to know that yet. Also they make no mention of cooperative work with other ET groups whereas virtually all other accounts do mention this.

They admit to the use of "sabotage, subterfuge, misdirection and manipulation." I think some of their statements to you are highly questionable.


For example:

  1. The claim of no repeated abductions. Somebody has done repeated abductions of one of my friends. She has written a book about her experiences. And hers isn't the only such account. Yet the Verdants talk as though they were the only ETs of any importance around.

  2. They claim to be the only race which has colonized other planets. This is unlikely and contrary to numerous other accounts, especially those from the Syrians, Orions and Pleiades.

  3. They claim that only one was abducted at a time and that one was alone. Not so according to other accounts where the spouse was present.

  4. They claim that no current government leaders have knowledge of the Verdant presence. This might be true but those leaders do know about other ET groups presence. See

  5. They recognize the sentient capacities of dolphins and whales as other ETs do, but speak of them as trapped in their bodies as though they weren't aware of their ability to move into other dimensions out of body. In fact they seem to be ignorant of other dimensions. Other ET groups speak of being mentored by beings in dimensions higher than their own and of the dimensional shift that Earth is in the process of right now.

  6. They claim to be the dominant species in the known universe, which seems very unlikely although they may think so.

  7. If learning is their greatest pleasure, why aren't they learning from other planetary civilizations? They seem to think they know it all already.

  8. They speak of God as though "he" were a separate being and of Heaven as a place rather than an energy frequency in the higher dimensions as others do who refer to God as All That Is.

Some of their story sounded like a naïve tale made up according to their view of human psychology to impress us.

If you haven't already read other sources, I suggest Lyssa Royal's, Preparing for Contact, Visitors From Within, and Prism of Lyra (the best galactic history I've found.)


You might also look at Gina Lake's The Extraterrestrial vision, Marciniak's Bringers of the Dawn, …..And there's The Only Planet of Choice by Schlemmer and Jenkins which tells of contacts over many years from a council which describes the 24 civilizations which have helped to establish Earth.

There is general agreement on several points. There is a galactic federation. We will be offered membership in the relatively near future. Earth was seeded by a number of ET groups over a long period of time. It is time we woke up and became conscious of our ET neighbors. No one can control us unless we psychologically give our power away –thinking others are superior or dangerous. We need to take care of our planet. Others have lost their planets through nuclear blasts and pollution.


They don't want to see us do that. What happens to one, affects others for exceedingly long periods of time. Evolution is not so much about physical superiority or left brain intelligence as it is about finding a balance between head and heart, technological and spiritual development.

Well, I've rattled on long enough. Let me know if you are looking for any specific kind of information. I work on the staff in a library and have some responsibility for what we add to our collection so it keeps me aware of what is being published both by the small presses and the major ones.


This letter was sent by Jack to Ms A:

I understand that the Verdants in only recent days have been pushing Philip to write a sequel to his first book, since they have shown him the great changes brought about in their society as a result of the gift of Unconditional Love. He and his fellow contactees feel they have been taken in by this former obvious misinformation from the Verdant that they would just as soon forget about the whole affair.


The above letter didn't help in his embarrassment because it pointed out obvious flaws in their story which he didn't catch.

I contacted a representative of the Verdant race who was impatient with me for calling him back to earth. They don't want any thing to do with us any more. So I reminded him that Philip had agreed to write a sequel to his first book. While I was talking to the Verdant representative, I prayed on his behalf that All that Is "open the hearts of the Verdant and fill them with your Unconditional Love."


I could feel some definite reaction. I have had trouble before with the reptilian race receiving this gift if I did not first ask that their hearts be opened. They are apparently a very unemotional bunch. I asked the Verdant to visit Philip again and give him the gift of Unconditional Love. I believe he will. His whole demeanor changed after this prayer. Apparently his race didn't actually receive fully this gift the first time. So this means that Philip may change his mind and go ahead and write the sequel.


At present I believe that he is so mortified about him and the other people being taken in by the Verdant that he wants to wash his hands of the whole affair.

Jack O'B

Ms A writes:

Dear Jack,
I received a reply from Philip today but he doesn't admit a thing about the Verdants. I'm going to write again and ask him if he can confirm that they have changed.

Jack Writes to Ms A:

I had a letter all composed to send to Mr. Philip, the author of the book on the subject, about an update on the Verdant ET civilization's abandoning their planned takeover of earth, when Freckles announced a visitor. It was a representative of the Verdant ET race. He said that it would do no good to write to Philip, since he feels that he was taken in, as were the other 200 key personnel of their worldwide indoctrination program, and he doesn't want to be reminded of it again.

But the Verdant representative said that their whole society had been transformed into a peaceful cooperative one by the UL gift, and they had freed the control they had on all 57 planetary societies they had taken over, allowing them to take advantage of the scientific breakthroughs the Verdant had made, and giving them the UL gift. But when I asked, they said that they had not solved the almost instantaneous translation drive the Andromedans have on their ships.

In fact, the Andromedans are "around" helping supervise the ET crowds viewing the MEMORIAL in the field behind my house, and when they picked up my writing a letter about the Verdant, they went to the Verdant's home planet and zipped a representative back here so he could explain the present situation. It's handy to have them around.


I was told I could have a ride in one of these ships in my Astral body some time. I said any time they are ready, I am ready. Roger has already had such a ride in his astral body, clear to the other side of the Galaxy, almost instantaneously.

The Verdant representative did explain that all the 200 key people around the world who were a part of their indoctrination program had been beamed up to their ship stationed on the back side of the moon, in small groups and "debriefed". So they all know the plan has been scrapped.

(However Mr. Philip apparently was not in on this debriefing, based upon the subsequent story written below.)



A sequel to the book "The Contact Has Begun" was published in late 1999 titled "The Verdant Agenda: An update". It described the continued attempt by Mr. Philip Kr***t to establish contact with the Verdant over the ensuing period, resulting in a conference by a human representative who conveyed considerable information on the Verdants, and their continued interest in establishing contact with earth.

I downloaded a copy of this book, and with great difficulty finally gained access to it and read about half way through the 105 pages. However when I tried to access it again, I couldn't. I downloaded two additional copies of the book with equally disappointing results. Then I downloaded another book and it worked fine. So after several phone calls, I was instructed to delete the original access file and re-install it.


This allowed access, but I had to repeat this procedure the next two times I tried to access the book before the correction "took". I asked my guides and was told that the Verdants had picked up my thoughts about them and had scrambled the access code, not wanting me to know what their plans were.

While I was reading the remainder of the book, I felt a "funnel" forming around me and my skin starting to crawl. I sensed Verdant energy. I knew I was in the process of being beamed up to their ship. Their first attempt was thwarted by Gaia, the group spirit of the earth, with whom I was working along with others in preparing for the earth changes.


The reason for this was clear when a representative of the Verdants later visited me and apologized for attempting to beam me aboard and dissect my brain in order to find where my awareness of God was located.

This time I lost my cool. I sensed the presence of a group of seven of their 4th dimension star ships and on an impulse I directed all to be disabled and the crew terminated. My Guidance stopped the termination order thankfully, but six of the ships were disabled. I told them I wanted them to leave the earth alone and return to their home planet. They said they had no way to return their six crippled ships to their home dock with their space bridging drives disabled.


I had experience in moving star ships over considerable distance simply by means of a strong creative thought (with the help of some higher level beings). (for more information go to ROGER AND JACK'S LAST STAND. So they were apparently on hand to help in this instance, while one at a time, I "thought" each starship back to their home planet.


I told them that there were six billion humans most of whom were in the process of becoming fully awake as I was, and ONE of us could destroy all their ships in the event of a conflict, just by thinking it so. This may have had an influence in their subsequent decision to back off from their second attempt to take control of the earth.

I apologized to the Verdant leadership for my rash behavior. Then I remembered the story they told to Philip, of a malignant virus on a planet they were considering taking over, that didn't kill but which created mental cripples. They had found a cure, but no preventive vaccine. I told them I would make an attempt at removing this virus, as I had apparently successfully done with the Anthrax spores being readied for use as a terrorist tool (see DEFUSING ANTHRAX)


My last contact with them indicated the preliminary investigation of the planet affected indicated no new infections so the eradication of the virus seemed to be working.

My last effort in making up for my attempt at termination of their ship's crews, was to offer those who were willing the gift of Unconditional Love from All that Is. I had given this gift to the first group of Verdants, but this was apparently another group who did not receive it.


What follows is a channeling from Jaya (Alarah) Andrews on this subject in response to my asking for confirmation on my latest contact with the Verdants.

OK, let's see what we can say about your experience with the Verdant group.


Yes, the Verdants did wish to contact you again. They did not realize their attempt to bring you to their ship would create such a fear response in you. Since their intent, at this time, was not harmful, your Guides did prevent you from destroying them. Fortunately without doing too much damage to their ships. You did make amends by helping them to return to a safe area to make repairs.

In the case of the Verdants, they are a more what you would call neutral race of beings, in that they have no concept of "dark-light", "evil", "right-wrong" as humans do. They act out of neutrality.... which is not necessarily in balance or harmony with the good of those they wish to
convert to their way of being.


They do have their own "laws" or "rules" which they live by, and do have a concept of a Higher consciousness, although not as a personal god. Many of their race did accept the Unconditional Love which had been accepted by one of the ship captains/commanders and this has helped in their evolution.

Moving along, now. The Verdants have decided against converting humans to their way at this time. They have come to realize that, even with the free will concept which they were unfamiliar with, the human race is on its own path to a higher evolution and need not be interfered with, especially at this time. In the past they have dealt mostly with younger civilizations which were in such chaos they could not evolve. So while the "take-over" may have seemed to be improper in the viewpoint of others, it was beneficial to those who did accept the take-over.


They see that with humans, this not only would not work, it is not needed. Humans are preparing to evolve into a higher level of being. Those who chose not to will continue their lessons on the duplicate earth as we have said before. (See EARTH CHANGES - ASCENSION)

The Verdants visited earth many times during the days of ancient Egypt. That time period was more similar to their own planet. When they left (this time) they returned to their own planet which is similar in appearance to the part of the world that Egypt is in.


They also have pyramids. They are used as portals to other worlds/dimensions.

Suffice it to say, all of your experience with the Verdants happened, they did leave to return to their planet. They will not proceed with their plan to "take over" earth, and they will most likely not communicate with Mr. Krapf anytime in the future. It won't be necessary for you to notify Mr. Krapf but you may if you like. This is all for now.

Love and Light,

In keeping with the statement above about the Verdants not having a sense of "Right-Wrong", I asked them if they were planning on killing the 20% of the earth's population that were not law abiding and were due to be segregated from the 80% law-abiding citizens.


They said they were not, but instead were going to use them as bargaining chips for purchasing valuable minerals and other supplies they do not normally produce. They would be then used by the traders for manual labor gangs. Killing them would be less useful to their society.

I wrote to Philip informing him of this latest contact, which included the following:

Mr. Kr**f:

Your floppy disk containing the names of the 200 Ambassadors for revealing the Verdant agenda is in a safe deposit box in a branch of the xxxxxx Bank located across town from where you live.. The address is xxx. The box number is yyy. The box face is very ornate. The building is on the corner with entrance in the corner. There is an ATM on the right as you face the entrance.

This information is supplied to grab your attention and to let you know that I am able to supply very accurate information received intuitively, to substantiate the following information on the Verdants.

You may remember my sending you a long letter on June 1st of 1998 about my contact with the Verdants and their surprise when I explained that their separating the incorrigible 20% from our population would not work since our free will would allow additional incorrigibles to be born to the 80% law-abiding population.


The Verdants had several conversations with me about this, and finally decided to re-think this plan for the only free-will race they had ever encountered, and would be back in a couple of years.

They apparently have contacted you indirectly since that date and were once again planning to try again if we start behaving ourselves soon enough to prevent our nuclear annihilation. But in the intervening time period they did not know of an increasing percentage of humanity that is becoming more spiritually aware and possibly before the year is out, this increasing percentage will have ascended into the 5th vibrational octave of Reality (dimension if you prefer), on their way back to reuniting with God, at which time they will simply disappear from the 3rd dimensional world in which we live.

I have been in communication with a representative of the Verdant race and have a message to you from him. He said to tell you that they are once again pulling out and going home, this time for good, and to so advise the Ambassadors.

You may log onto my website and click onto the file on "The Problem With The Verdants" to get a history of my first contact with them, with a late addition describing my most recent contact.

Before I close, I must comment on one large discrepancy in their story. They told you that when we die we go to Heaven, and that they had discovered heaven somewhere in this Universe. This came as such a shock to you that you needed counseling. Overlooking their lying about this discovery, think of the even greater shock you would have if when you "died" you were confronted by a Being of Light so filled with the light of Unconditional Love that He/She would welcome you with "open arms" no matter how "bad" or unbelieving you were.


With your present disbelief in such a reality, you would flee in shocked terror into any place that shielded you from such radiance, since to you this would be Hell, not Heaven. Yet to those who held at least a small belief in such a possibility, and expressed this kind of love during their life, they would happily accept such a welcome and engulfed by this love, it would indeed be pure Heaven.

To say that when we die we go to heaven is an extreme simplification of the truth at best. The Verdants have absolutely no concept of the Hereafter. I would refer you to the file titled "Belief, Intent, and Freewill" on my website which is a summation from many reliable and authoritative intuitive sources on this subject.


You can also peruse other titles on this website which may attract your attention concerning the many ET races who have had contact with us over many years, mostly having their own personal agendas for taking over and "owning" the earth, just as the Verdants had in mind behind their benevolent front.

I refer you to the website http// for a complete synopsis of the different levels of reality in addition to the physical in which we can exist when spiritually awakened.

Jack O'Brien


Two days after this letter was sent, the following reply was received:

"Very good, Jack. I'm impressed.


You didn't hit it quite right on the nose, but you came closer than just mere guessing would take you regarding the safe deposit box. As for your other observations on the Verdants, I guess we'll just have to wait and see what develops before we know how accurate your predictions are.


Phil KrxxT"

So this may be the last we shall hear from the Verdants.


They have apparently done some good to many ET civilizations they have encountered who were immersed in stagnation and injected their version of benevolent aid. But the uniqueness of our gift of free will, combined with our apparently being on the way to ascending into higher spiritual dimensions, was beyond their ability to successfully handle.


So they gracefully bowed out.




The Verdants are back again for the third time. A warning was received two evenings ago from my guides that a mortal enemy was planning my demise during a conversation (I thought) with some benevolent ETs making arrangements for my being beamed up to their Star Ship for a short ride. I had been promised this treat for some time by the Andromedans, with different bottlenecks being uncovered, like Gaia requesting some more work be done on her behalf in helping removing darkness and evil from earth, and my two grown children not wanting me to leave earth.


But now everything seemed in readiness. So I asked Mother Earth (Gaia) for permission to leave earth. No response. Same thing with Father Sun; Sananda, and Arch Angel Michael. I sensed the Verdant energy. A vindictive female, whose husband I had terminated during their second unrequested attempt to beam me up and terminate me, was in charge of another ship.


She had enlisted help in placing veils over my contacts with these high level beings. It was she that was going to beam me not just "up" but "out" into outer space and allow my body's molecules to scatter into the void. So I used the "invalidate" edict which removes the entity from the "game board" of this reality, eliminating their having any further effect on earth's affairs.

But all such edicts have the built in proviso that the Holy Spirit can reverse the edict and use a more appropriate method of eliminating their interfering with our affairs. In this case I found out later, she had turned the vindictive widow over to the Verdant authorities, who promptly terminated her. This is typical of what I have learned of their behavior in previous dealings with them.


They display little emotion. They do what is most expedient and efficient for the survival of their specie. Vindictiveness is not an acceptable trait, so those who display it are "weeded out" of their gene pool just as their planned "weeding out" of the 20% of the earth's population who required outside controls to behave, by selling them off as slave labor.

I have been having a conversation with the Commander of the Verdant Space Fleet, composed of 200 Star Ships. I invited him to see the holographic display of some of the adventures Roger Kerr and I have had in dealing with several "service to self" ETs bent on conquering the earth who have all finally received the gift of Unconditional Love (the basic nature of "All That Is" or God/dess.


As the result they have all come to the conclusion that cooperation and compromise is the better way to solve problems that war and mass destruction (see "THE R AND J MONUMENT").

After viewing this panorama, he understands the great Divine creative power each human being has a potential for, having been made in the image and likeness of God/dess. He has also been made aware of the ascension in progress for the earth and its inhabitants into the 4th density/dimension in which the Verdant ETs reside, and then on to the 5th dimension.


If the Verdant race took control of the earth, they would find an increasing number of its population coming and going as those who had been transferred to the pseudo 3rd density world appearing as they qualified for 4th density awareness, with others disappearing as they increase in divine awareness, thus qualifying for ascension into the 5th dimension. The only way they could stop this would be to stop our ascension into the 5th dimension, which is contrary to the Divine Ascension Plan, and thus could not be done.

So at the end of our conversation, I requested the Commander to have the author of "The Contact Has Begun" and "The Verdant Agenda: An update" be contacted and request that he write me confirming that the takeover attempt by the Verdant race has been permanently abandoned.


If this is not forthcoming, the Commander and I will have another talk, after which each subsequent day of delay in this letter being received after our talk will result in another one of their Star Ships being destroyed. This letter will be posted here as soon as it is received.

Shortly after writing this, I received an intuitive message that the Verdants had been confined to the vicinity of their planet until the ascension of earth and its inhabitants into the full 4th density/dimension is complete.


I just received an answer to several questions about the Verdants I had sent to Jaya Andrews who is a gifted intuitive.


Her brief answer dictated by her Guides was,

"The Verdants are confined. They will not interfere further with the ascension."

I believe that it was Archangel Michael who did the confining, and the confinement area is inside their solar system.


So I contacted the Verdant Commander and he told me he was unable to contact the author of the Verdant books to advise him about their backing out, and he confirmed that they are confined.





Here is some recent correspondence relating to Dr. Boylan and Phillip Krapf: (I forwarded the letter I wanted to send to Philip, to Boylan about the latest Verdant contact with Phillip since he apparently does not have a published E-mail address. Note also the update at the end of this Email)

Dr. Boylan wrote:

"Mr. O'Brien,

I wouldn't think of forwarding your fear and hate-based message to Mr. Krapf."

I'm sorry you are trying to shield Phillip from useful information. I have corresponded with him in the past regarding the Verdants's decision not to interrelate with humans, and their reasons. What I wrote to you to forward contained similar information on their fourth attempt and the reasons they backed out again. I believe he is perfectly capable of evaluating this information without your biased help.

In one of his replies Phillip wrote concerning my successful intuiting where he kept the list of Ambassadors:

"Very good, Jack. I'm impressed.


You didn't hit it quite right on the nose, but you came closer than just mere guessing would take you regarding the safe deposit box. As for your other observations on the Verdants, I guess we'll just have to wait and see what develops before we know how accurate your predictions are."

Here is a confirmation that the Verdants were stopped at least temporarily from further contact with earth after their third thwarted attempt:

"August 24, 2000

I just received an answer to several questions about the Verdants which I had sent to Jaya Andrews who is a gifted intuitive. Her brief answer dictated by her Guides was "The Verdants are confined. They will not interfere further with the ascension."


I believe that it was Archangel Michael who did the confining, and the confinement area is inside their solar system. So I contacted the Verdant Commander and he told me he was unable to contact the author of the Verdant books to advise him about their backing out, and he confirmed that they are confined."


Back to August/7/2001

This was almost a year ago. It is my understanding that the Verdants were released from their confinement in order to see how they would use this freedom. They chose to once again try to establish contact with us.

The holy spirit has jurisdiction over what I do in releasing blockages to our ascension into the 4th dimension, which is about to start. The fact that my actions were not blocked in stopping their fourth attempt at taking over the control of earth means that they must have met with her approval.

On another subject, after getting approval from your (Dr. Boylan's) Higher Self, my remote healing partner and I gave you some healing this morning. She detected and removed bottled up anger and rage which was causing some lower back pain. There should be a considerable improvement in this area within the next day or two. We removed some dark energies and evil entities who had been blocking your clear vision for more than one lifetime.


When this blockage was removed, she picked up your being furious with yourself for allowing your subconscious to be programmed in this manner, and at them for doing this to you. This is the first time you had any inkling of what was going on.

She also picked up your having a chronic heart problem which mild exercise would help correct, and you have some liver damage from parasites which were removed.

In case you trashed the first letter, here is a copy which I hope you will now allow to go through to Philip.

Dear Phillip:
Well, the Verdants have been trying to gain a foothold on earth for the fourth time. The thirty two space ships they had positioned around the moon have now been returned back to their home planets. Thirty one were returned intact. The twentieth one had been cloaked and was once again trying to beam me aboard and with intentions of termination.


That ship was moved close to the sun and rotated like a wiener on a spit before being returned to them, a burnt out cinder.


(Note: This was actually sent into an alternate reality by Arch Angel Michael, rather than being cooked. My retaliatory action was considered extreme by the Holy Spirit and was thus thwarted. I located it and returned it to its home planet)


They are aware that we are ascending into the 4th density/dimension as I write. But they are not aware that the earth will be made uninhabitable from major earth changes and essentially abandoned within the next three years, for a period of several years. Those with service-to-others instincts (the supposed 80% but not that high a percentage) and who are living a life based upon Divine Unconditional Love, will be ascending into the 5th density/dimension.


While those service-to self beings (the 20% but far more than 20%) not willing to change, will find themselves moved individually overnight to a pseudo-3rd density earth. There they will be given more time to change their nature, or else their bodies will be terminated and their spirits prepared for additional incarnations.


Ultimately they will learn they are "made in the image and likeness of God" and have reunification with Him/Her as their ultimate purpose.

So the Verdants would soon find themselves with a virtually empty planet on their hands. I have had a conference with their leaders in regard to the demonstration of what would happen to their ships if they attempted another approach to earth.


Despite their friendly gestures to you and your ambassadors, they are essentially emotionless beings who do not feel love, hate, or even pain.


But they are changelings and can imitate any life form they so choose. How would the Verdants, using their cold logic, ever successfully govern humans who are emotional independent-thinking creatures, and not the uniform thinking, hive-minded creatures to which they are accustomed? Think about it!


Before you make your lecture tour, please check out the revised plans of the Verdants if they do not contact you first.


They should tell you that upon further consideration, they have discovered irreconcilable differences between the two races.

Jack O'Brien


The latest on the Verdants

I just phoned the local psychic with whom I have been communicating over the last couple of months, in regard to the status of the Verdants.


Here is what he has to say:

The Verdant command is in a state of flux, or limbo. There is no activity toward another attempt at contact Earth. He says that there are planetary energy realignments going on for the next several weeks relating to ascension of earth into the 4th dimension, and then everything will return to normal, but realigned.


New communication channels will have to be established before interdimensional travel can occur again. He said the "lost" space ship has been returned to their planet, and their reaction was of "surprise".


There were no fatalities in this event.

Note: The latest information from Philip Krapf indicates that the Verdants will attempt another contact with Earth in 2002. What this latest encounter will have on this agenda remains to be seen.


Perhaps Philip will have divulged this in his forthcoming lecture series.