27 - Averting an Over-reaction to Aliens

In his 2006 book, Hidden Truth, Steven Greer talks about how humankind will soon be like other cosmic societies.


Rather hide the evidence for aliens,

“in the future, we will not cling to ignorance to feel safe. We will not hide in our ignorance.”

(p. 318)

When governments and media are more honest about aliens, a weight will be lifted and our standard of comparison will improve dramatically.

For the time being, however, we’re highly vulnerable. We’re on the verge of a number of crises that stem from interaction with aliens. Alien-related technologies are now in human hands, and, as history has shown, when advanced technology falls into the hands of greedy, self-serving regimes, conflict tends to follow.


The first and greatest risk is that “New World Order” elitists will use new technologies to oppress the disadvantaged then precipitate crisis in order to prolong a failed regime and make grandiose claims to deep space terra. Ironically, some of the IFSP’s reported “direct operatives” lead in such efforts.

In late February of 2007 hyper-advanced aliens went out of their way to help point out an important IFSP “direct operative”: David Rockefeller.


His role had been hinted at for more than a year but was left for human observers to investigate, given brother Nelson’s prime role in the Rockefeller coup of 1953 that stole MJ12 and PI40 committee oversight away from presidential control after Eisenhower asked Nelson to help reorganize his government.


Later, Eisenhower said it was an epic mistake (see “Political Management of the Extraterrestrial Presence” by Michael Salla).


MJ12 and PI40 controlled alien-related programs in US government. Recently, David Rockefeller was under suspicion after cousin “Nick” Rockefeller, a Council on Foreign Relations member, caused public alarm when he made bizarre statements about an elite plan to microchip all humans. That resulted in concerted, detailed probing of David’s response to various IFSP doings.


Since he’s 95 years old and unusually self-centered, David was easy to check on. Here’s how such checking is done: when the case was brought up before a larger human community, it caught David’s attention.


How? Aliens who monitored our progress on the case tipped Rockefeller that he was being checked.


That set up the perfect situation: David’s worries about Nick’s big mouth and our sudden, concerted investigation allowed us to parade a variety of details about the IFSP and its direct operatives right before David’s nose. While that was done, David’s mood, feelings and thoughts on the subject were inflated outward for us to check on. It was vivid and unmistakable. It’s a fairly advanced technique reserved for special cases.


All of David Rockefeller’s reactions indicated a direct IFSP status.


This was repeatedly and explicitly underscored by the attending aliens, who consider the case important for us to know about. Then, once David’s thinking was obvious and reaction began to sink in among the human community, IFSP and “three ellipticals” aliens tried to do damage control but betrayed their awareness of David’s status in doing so.


When the case began to unfold further (i.e. one hyper-advanced alien made graphic what appeared to be Henry Kissinger’s personal memory of walking in a well-lit corridor of the large Verdant ship that Krapf was taken to), IFSP and 3 ellipticals aliens began to make statements about why it was necessary for them to have direct control of Rockefellers.



* First, they'd been treated to a list of charges against Rockefeller (this went on for days). Eventually, response was teased out. Explicit admissions about Rockefeller continue to this day, and Rockefeller’s attitude about his direct operative status tested positive at intervals, later. He seems to have boasted about it privately, at some point.

The case is under continued scrutiny, but since Rockefeller’s Council on Foreign Relations was reportedly given effective control of both MJ12 and PI40 more than fifty years ago, such programs have been infiltrated to an extreme, due to their removal from public control.


That would help explain why numerous official sources say Republican presidents after Eisenhower were only given token information about the secret programs (except Bush Sr., who knew much more), while Democratic presidents were mostly excluded. Apparently, owing to the politics of self-interest and Rockefeller’s web of contacts, Republicans are considered easier to control. In my opinion, the crimes committed via direct operative control of alien-related programs are worse than the Intolerable Acts that sparked the American Revolution. It’s a deeper, more dangerous situation.


This time it threatens an entire planet.

It’s ironic that IFSP direct operatives premise their scheme on the monetization of all that can be enumerated, while we have yet to hear about an alien society that uses currency for daily exchanges. Some aliens have said they allot energy credits or other apportionment to their citizens, rather than allow the chaos of unlimited wealth because uncontrolled resource use is both ruinous and prone to conflict.


In their communications, to date, individual aliens have shown little interest in material things and seem to prefer a life of larger involvements, a more equal kind of citizenship, the irony being that they can be collectively acquisitive.


All of the alien populations that humans have encountered appear to be social commonalities, beings who share resources more equally than humans. All aliens who interact with humans emphasize this fact. It’s a most important theme - which we’ll revisit shortly.

For now, humans with a long history of crimes against humanity have acquired alien technologies that will affect us drastically in the near future:

  • psychotronics (mind-controlled technology)

  • genetics

  • abduction technology,

...and more.


Even if we choose to delay their introduction, aliens will force such issues on us.

For example, should we or should we not increase our brain capacity, and if so, through what agency? In the United States, Bible belt Republicans say they oppose human embryo research, while Republican cabal insiders have cut deals with aliens who abductees say do forced impregnation of young human girls.


Worse yet, narcotics are trafficked to fund alien-related programs and keep them out of public view. It’s a ghastly contradiction, an open wound that threatens to fester, spawning further extremes of secrecy - which may be the abductors’ plan, of course.



* For a timely overview of who controls the global narcotics empire read: Cocaine One Bust Lifts Veil on Global Narcotics Cartel


If non-IFSP alien sources are correct, some US and European right-wingers who claim to hate “big government” are actually involved in an Orwellian scheme to misguide human affairs and eventually cede control to the IFSP.


It’s an allegation that many, here, would find outlandish, yet the possibility should at least be considered, given the strong wording and breakthrough gestures of the story’s sources. Some non-western operatives are reportedly complicit (royal Sauds have been mentioned by one or more hyperversals). In other words, a critical situation has reportedly developed, yet most humans remain unaware.


Is it as government-trained remote viewers told Jim Marrs:

one alien faction is scheming to directly use and rule our planet?

A variety of alien sources have corroborated the allegation.


If true, it would help to explain why the IFSP’s reported “direct operative” humans refute reports about global warming and endangered ecology while, at the same time, they use economic leverage to deplete Earth’s resources, which could make us dependent on the IFSP for trade. They may want to erode our self-sufficiency.

There’s further irony in such doings. Although the IFSP can be cold and harsh in its control, it isn’t an aristocratic dictatorship.


Were the IFSP to gain control here, its human operatives who now live richly would have to be removed or forced to live in austerity in order for IFSP propaganda about equality to gain traction. So we see the specter of a reported 3000-4000 often wealthy “direct operativeswho may want to delay formal announcement of the IFSP’s presence (and intervention) so that they can continue to indulge in earthly pleasures.


According to non-IFSP aliens, the IFSP’s operatives are both aided by, and answer to, an alien colonizer yet may not want to compromise their lush lifestyles anytime soon. Instead, they do epic sabotage and delay all effective solutions. It’s a rapidly deteriorating situation that can only be resolved through greater awareness.

Of course, I’ve raised the issue many times for comment by IFSP aliens and “three ellipticals” hyperversals.


Their numerous replies are as follows:

  • They concede that the IFSP has numerous direct operatives in the human line-up, as outlined above, but they say that it’s all according to plan.


  • By gaining effective control of globalist money supplies, i.e. through Rothschild cohorts’ ownership of the Federal Reserve Bank (which prints US money), they say they can steer humankind into a precipitating crisis.


  • In other words, they say it’s better for them to have actual control over the wealthy economies (and key military-industrial hard-liners) so they can be prevented from veering off into dangerously weaponized, offensive stabs into deep space.

Meanwhile, the IFSP tries to occupy star systems in our vicinity, and its reported direct operatives deliberately worsen US militarization of outer space.


IFSP and “three ellipticals” aliens have said that IFSP operatives are strategically planted so that they can influence monetary policies, industry, media, and more. They say that only through such control can humans be engineered toward a relatively benign, non-sexual status then be more easily integrated into a larger, collective entity.

In short, they say yes, crimes against humanity have been committed through such operatives, and human conflicts have been manipulated to assure that IFSP operatives can wrangle effective control over human assets, but they argue that conflicts would have occurred anyway.


They say racist attitudes and imperialism were bound to result in war, hence IFSP operatives’ tipping of events toward WW II was a matter of course, not preference - the name Thyssen, an old Bush family client in Nazi Germany, has been mentioned by hyperversals.


IFSP and “three ellipticals” aliens say IFSP operatives have steered such crises toward a manageable, controlled outcome.


They’ve even said that IFSP operatives made sure that HIV was engineered and deliberately inserted into human populations “for a reason” (to dissuade humans of sexual abandon, to precipitate a crisis that also feeds into their larger strategy). I’ve inquired and have objected about the case repeatedly, with specific reference to Bush Sr. and former CIA chief William Casey, as outlined by whistleblower Cathy O’Brien.


IFSP and “three ellipticals” aliens’ responses were as noted above: explicit admissions coupled with corroborating comments by non-IFSP aliens and hyperversals.


I’ve made sure that others in the human community have witnessed such remarks. Ironically, massive death in Africa could create space for an IFSP co-habitation plan or yet another “rescue” offer. Along with other humans I've remotely probed the HIV case over and over again from different perspectives, repeatedly coming up with a positive reading of what was stated, sadly enough (this was necessary because repeated probing of the same initial context can eventually seem stale, causing some humans to miss the actual significance of what they're witnessing).


So, we’ve expanded the scrutiny to allow for a variety of larger configurations and inputs. In cases of the sort, there is no room for error. Black budget whistleblower Dr. Michael Wolf also alleged that AIDS was human-created.

To humans, the IFSP’s manipulations may seem cold, but IFSP aliens say their design must be effective. IFSP and “three ellipticals” aliens say their efforts look further, on a larger scale, and that all populations go through ugly phases over time. They say crime and crude impulses must be contained and that humans aren’t up to the task, at present.


They argue a kind of realpolitik and note that human greed isn’t yet under control. They say it would all have been ugly and brutal had they intervened, or not, hence they argue that the real problem lies in human impulses that can only be changed in a more advanced context. Some “three ellipticals” aliens note that on some days, they hear news highlights regarding billions of planets, if not more.


It’s a cool, hard-nosed fact of life, they say, not a bed of soft-petaled flowers.



* The debate is ongoing.

As humankind stumbles into further crises involving new technologies, it helps to remember that alien worlds have already experienced and have often resolved such situations long ago, so the IFSP is poised to take maximum advantage of any missteps we make.


They’ll probably offer technical aid and advice in order to deepen their involvement here. Given the prep work they’ve reportedly done (abductions/breeding, placement of operatives, plus exchanges with, if not control over, black budget factions), they may try to precipitate then steer future crises to their advantage.


Although competing aliens have given us a good heads-up on exopolitics, the internal processes of human government can be compromised due to greed and secrecy there. When we ponder alternatives to the IFSP scheme of fast-burn resource depletion (alternatives like population control and conservation, or, failing that, trade with aliens and terra-forming of other planets), the IFSP will offer further inducements in exchange for a deeper role in our vicinity.

Ironically, the IFSP is nearly insignificant in the Milky Way. We’re surrounded by trillions of less destructive, native alien neighbors. Nonetheless, a Verdant presence in our galaxy is cause for concern among native aliens because Verdants take 9.1 planets for themselves for every lesser, native population that joins the IFSP.


At 2.032 billion Verdants per planet (Krapf’s reported average), this means that 18.491 billion Verdants rush in for every single planet of 5.5 billion (average) that joins the IFSP. It’s a ratio tilted toward Verdant dominance of new member planets, hence the concern, here, about Verdant designs on Earth. Again, an advanced alien source independent of the IFSP says that IFSP-affiliated aliens are “less than .0X percent,” or somewhere between 1/10,000th and 1/100,000th of the aliens in our sister galaxy, Andromeda.


Extending that ratio to our galaxy, it would seem the IFSP is nearly insignificant in the Milky Way.

One human, who contacted Philip Krapf and proved that he was assigned an ambassador role in the Verdant opening to humankind, told Krapf he was taken to spend four years on a Verdant-occupied planet two weeks travel distance from us in the Milky Way.


If we gauge the planet's distance using information provided several years ago to Phillip Krapf (Verdant "flicker drive" can take Verdants one million light years distance in a year's time), the planet would be 38,356 light years away. Allowing for navigation out and around different arms of the Milky Way, the distance could be some 20,000 to 30,000 light years, which would place the nearest reported Verdant outpost far from Earth.


Since the main visible part of the Milky Way is only 80,000 to 100,000 light years in diameter, a 20,000-30,000 light year distance means that Verdants would be camped on a planet that may be in a different arm of our galaxy (a Verdant told Krapf that Verdants had been on a Milky Way planet for at least 800 years).


In other words, Verdants aren’t significant in our part of the Milky Way. There are roughly 150 galaxies of various sizes that are closer to us than is the Verdant home galaxy.



* Note: In August of 2009, one hyper-advanced alien conveyed a map of the Milky Way showing that Verdant base planet to be about 36,000 light years away, in straight linear terms, or about 38,000 light years travel distance if we add travel into the unobstructed space away from our Orion arm of the galaxy then continue in one or two straight jumps toward the planet’s location near the plane of the galaxy’s spiral arms.


The map showed what appeared to be the Verdants’ navigation route to the planet: curving slightly away from our Orion arm (our Sun’s location) of the Milky Way and then following the arm around in the general direction of the galaxy M83.



In other words, the Verdant base planet would be a little more than 1/6 of the distance around our galaxy (curving away from the Andromeda galaxy) and would be located in a vicinity where the inner, Sagittarius arm of our galaxy spirals out to nearly the same radius distance that we’re located from the galaxy’s center.


More importantly, the planet is located where the straightest, shortest travel route from the reported Verdant home galaxy M83 arrives at the Milky Way.

From that base planet location, Verdants could take a short, direct path back to their home galaxy and could also travel in along the inner Scutum-Centaurus arm (also known as Scutum-Crux arm) of the Milky Way toward our galaxy’s center, perhaps to seek resources.


Although the distances are large, the route from here to the Verdant base planet appears to proceed along the plane of our galaxy’s spiral arms, quite possibly to duck down and stay close to the galactic plane in order to hide near the shadow and dust of star systems along the segments of their trip. And if that’s the case, then Verdants are trying to be discreet about what they’re doing there.


They may try to lessen some local native aliens’ fear of a Verdant presence there by offering to trade with them.

If the nearest Verdant base is that far away, we don’t need to rush to arms to ward off IFSP aliens trying to hustle us, at present. Instead, we must be more self-sufficient, better integrated and more humble. We must avert an over-reaction to aliens, despite any harm done to us by alien intervention, to date.


If we overreact militarily, Verdants might use that as an excuse to ruin our planet and take the surroundings like they did with the gray planet. It’s sad to think that’s what they’ve been reduced to after so much time, but a regime of 500 trillion can’t get all of its resources in one place. Instead, they look for easy prospects elsewhere.


As for us, it’s easy to harden people during an emergency but if we brutalize and abuse people’s sensitivities through fear, it’s difficult to rekindle those sensitivities. They’re the best part of our lives. They form extra dimensions of intelligence. The most advanced aliens advise that we refrain from violence and fear mongering. Otherwise, we’re unapproachable and will lose out for a long time to come.

Our best option is to expose the facts of human-alien interactions, allow for more transparency, and then move on for the better. Honesty is always the best policy.

Aliens are faced with similar dilemmas in their own societies. They must step back and assess whether their community is correct or whether they need to change it. Some aliens in overgrown, predatory populations may feel as though their lives are meaningless and inconsistent.


Should they speak out against wrongdoing or simply ignore the underside of off-world policy? Others may be mollified by the feel-good effects of psychotronic technology.

The more advanced and capable a society is, the more it sees that specious pretensions form a barrier to greater involvement. Communication with hyperversals and advanced community of mind requires humility, the ability to step outside of one’s skin and re-assess old assumptions. Hyper-advanced societies learn to fade themselves down in order to attend to other populations who lag in various ways.


In a finite, ± physical universe, advanced societies must decide whether ecology is merely a stasis, or whether it’s an increasingly capable, yet receding out-of-body existence - a greater community of mind/mindedness.

If we look ahead, we see that technology and inter-stellar travel isn’t an end, in itself. We’ve already witnessed the dilemma of overgrown alien populations who wax defensive about their resource “strategies.” Meanwhile, the larger community must lead them into a more mature kind of humility.


They must be readied for deeper involvement in mixed-alien community, a humbler role in a finer ecology.        


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