Chapter 19

Time and the extraterrestrials are a strange mix. Since ET ships can move through time with the ease with which we walk across a street, it makes little sense for us to target the Reptilian home world at the current time. The Reptilians may be coming here from a time long in our past, or even a time far in our future. What makes more sense is to target the Reptilian home world at the peak of their civilization.


That way we can discern key characteristics of their nature as a civilization that may help us understand their current behavior. Since the Reptilians are here interfering with our home world, it only makes sense for us to shift our awareness to their home world. They have inadvertently gotten our attention. Let us now discover more about these uninvited "guests" by asking from where they carne.

The essential cue and qualifiers for this chapter's target are as follows:

TARGET 3298/0219
Protocols used for this target: Enhanced SRV

The viewer perceives through the consciousness of the Galactic Federation Contact Person for The Farsight Institute, to remote view the home world of the Reptilian ET species that is currently operating on or near Earth (during the apex of their civilization on their home world). In addition to the relevant aspects of the general target as defined by the essential cue, the viewer perceives and describes the following target aspects:

• the physical environment of the subjects' living conditions
• the age and gender variations among the subjects
• the emotional state of the subjects
• the dominant groups among the subjects, including any governmental organizations
• the primary thoughts of the collective consciousness of the subjects
• the level of technology available to the subjects
• any environmental or other problems that affect large numbers of this species


11:53 a. m.
Atlanta, Georgia
Protocols: Enhanced SRV, Type 2
Target coordinates: 3298/0219

Phase 1 begins with the repeated perceptions of hard, artificial structures. I deduct Reptilians on numerous occasions. I also deduct the idea of a gladiator. I perceive sentient subjects. After my fourth ideogram, I deduct the Reptilian home world, and I sketch a group of structures, deducting a village. I also perceive something in motion. Phase 2 data are particularly interesting for this session. I perceive a mixture of noises.


Temperatures are very warm, and I deduct Africa. Colors are blue and green with bright luminescence. There are sweet tastes, and I deduct fruit. Something smells organic, like healthy soil. My viewer feeling is that the place is beautiful and that I like it. My Phase 3 sketch appears to represent a curved surface of a planet on which a collection of structures is located. Something is moving quickly over the structures. There is an orb in the sky, perhaps a sun or moon.

In Phase 4, I immediately perceive the taste of blood. Clearly something is both salty and red. I move to the optimal location with the widest useful angle perspective, and I perceive a planet with what appears to be a sun overhead. My attention is drawn toward a particular location on the planet. I am hanging in nothingness, a void. The planet is below.


There are a multitude of lights on the surface of the planet. There is both land and water visible to me. I execute a movement exercise to gradually move to an optimal location to perceive the center of the target. As I move my awareness, I perceive that my vector of motion passes through turbulent atmospheric conditions. I am approaching land, and this place feels like the lush tropics. I have the deduction of the "time of the dinosaurs."

There is a great deal of vegetation here. I now perceive a single male subject who has a humanoid shape. But the subject does not feel human. He is old, and I have the deduction of a wise elder. There is a path cutting through the vegetation to a clearing. The subject does not appear to be perceiving me. Other subjects are nearby in the lush tropical vegetation. I perceive that this is a happy time, even between subspace and physical relations. It is a good place, a home world.

I probe the emotional collective deep mind of the target subjects, and I perceive them to have highly strung, strong emotions. I sense barking and yelping sounds, and I perceive the concept of fighting. There appears to be a collective personality that is genetically programmed. It is simultaneously reactive, sensitive, and combative.

I target the male subject that I perceived earlier, and I execute a deep mind probe. He is a leader, both older and wiser than most of the others. His clothing has multiple parts, in the sense that it is not a one-piece suit. I can discern that he is aware of the bigger picture. His skin appears dark and somewhat firm, yet it is also soft and silky, almost slippery, but dry.

I cue on the environment in the central target area, and while I find it to be lush, I do note that there is some pollution and mismanagement. The abuse of the local resources seem very typical of current human standards, but things are not yet as bad as they are on Earth today. Some of the environmental waste in this target location is very toxic. But I note an abundance of plant life that seems healthy.

Shifting my awareness to another essential aspect of this target, I perceive a fast flying metallic object. It is curved in shape, and I perceive that it is predominantly used for atmospheric transport. Moving inside the flying object, I find it cramped with little empty space. It is densely packed with complex technological parts. I move my awareness to the aspect of this flying object that is the most important to observe, and I perceive a subject wearing a uniform. He is a pilot. He has a personality suited for command. This feels like some central place inside the object. There is technology here controlling something.

Once more shifting my awareness to the next most important aspect of this target, I again perceive the planet from a wide angle perspective. The environment is generally good. The mismanagement of waste appears minimal. There is a rich atmosphere. In general, things seem optimal here. There is technology, but it is not super advanced. The place also does not feel overly populated, although there are many subjects here.

Since it seems clear that this location is not Earth, I execute a procedure in which I compare the current target location to Earth at the target time. When I probe the Earth at the target time, I get the sense of things that are out of control. Things are primitive and disruptive. Much is turbulent and chaotic. Earth is in a primitive state, like the planet is either coming apart or coming together. I perceive rocks, and I deduct volcanic activity.
I cue on life on Earth at the target time.


The environment is not easy for life on Earth. Something has happened here. It is a burned planet. There is fire and rock, and the entire planet seems a cinder. All the building blocks of life are present, but it will take time to evolve. It is like life is supposed to evolve here again, but differently. There was an evolutionary mistake, and something had to change. It is like the planet has been wiped clean. It feels like this is Earth, but it also feels like this is an entirely different kind of Earth, an alternate Earth, or not my Earth.

Feeling somewhat confused with my perceptions, I decide to cue on Buddha, a subject with whom I have had some remote viewing interactions previously (some reported in Cosmic Voyage). I quickly perceive him, and I execute a deep mind probe. I cue on the question of what is going on in this session, and I perceive the flavor of his thoughts.

This is an alternate time reality. It actually does exist. It is as real as myself. There is no "good" or "bad" reality, just a continuum of differentness. All subjects struggle for their own existence in a "slice" of experience, like a fish in a small area of a large body of water. Yet everything is connected, in the sense that all aquatic life could be located within the same body of water. There is nothing really "separate." There are degrees of distance between slices of experience, geographical, dimensional, time, etc. But there is only one existence.

I am experiencing a state of cross dimensional contact. The Earth need not be "my" Earth, although the Earth experienced in the session does exist somewhere in some reality. The current target is significantly separate from Earth's current time stream as I am now experiencing it, and given current conditions and realities on Earth.

I thank Buddha and end the session.


This session adds further complexity to my analysis of our current situation. The Reptilians visiting Earth in our current time frame may not even be from our own dimensional reality. If they have ships that can span time and space, then getting here from almost anywhere is probably possible.

It is of interest to ponder whether or not my perception of the Earth in the Reptilian's own dimensional reality represents a time early in Earth's history, or if it is an Earth that is in our future. Some of the data seem to suggest that life needed to start over again on Earth.


This might indicate a situation in which life on Earth was destroyed, perhaps purposefully, so that a new order of things could emerge. I wonder if this is an Earth that the Reptilians want to create, an Earth in which all human life is eradicated so that a new form of Reptilian life can prosper. This thought seems too horrible to contemplate. On the other hand, perhaps the Earth that I perceived is Earth in the distant primordial past.

Yet one thing seems certain. The Reptilians evolved from an environmentally rich home world that was lush, warm, and tropical. In their most golden era, they were a happy, although apparently quick-tempered species. I do not know how long this golden era existed. I do not know what happened to their home world after the peak in their civilization.

  • Did they eventually destroy their environment, or did they continue to maintain it?

  • After they learned to travel through space, did they favorably colonize other planets, bringing a golden era to far-off places?

  • Or did their own evolutionary history mirror that of humanity, full of ups and downs, golden eras followed by dark ages?

One day human remote viewers will have the time and the resources to answer all of these questions.

The existence of a prior golden era for a civilization does not change our evaluation of the behavior of the Reptilians who reside in our own current time frame and reality. While we now know a measured amount regarding their history and their planet of origin, we still need to know more about Reptilians as a group today.


We need to know about their society, their current civilization. We need to know more about how "our" Reptilians live among themselves, and how they organize themselves. I address these issues in the next chapter.


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Chapter 20

It is one thing to observe the activities of a species, and quite another to obtain a complete overview of their civilization. The advantage of using the Social and Political Protocols to explore Reptilian society is that one can learn more in one session using these protocols than is possible from many sessions using Basic or Enhanced SRV. From the previously presented chapters involving the Reptilian ETs, they appear to be a confrontational species.


We need to know more about the groups in their society.

  • Do all Reptilians support the overall Reptilian agenda involving humans and Earth?

  • What are the characteristics of the most dominant group in the Reptilian government?

  • Are the Reptilians who are interacting with humans on Earth working as an extension of their official government, or are they a renegade group?

Answers to all these questions, and more, are vital to our understanding of these beings.

The essential cue and qualifiers for this chapter 's target are as follows:

TARGET 9023/4792
Protocols used for this target: SPP
The viewer perceives through the consciousness of the Galactic Federation Contact Person for The Farsight Institute, to remote view the civilization of the Reptilian ET species that Ąs currently operating on or near Earth (at the time of tasking). In addition to the relevant aspects of the general target as defined by the essential cue, the viewer perceives and describes the following target aspects:

• the overall civilization as it exists in the current tasking time frame
• the most dominant group in the government of the civilization
• the group that is physically located on or near Earth in the current tasking time frame
• any group of the Reptilian ET species in the current tasking time frame that is opposed to the current activities of the primary group of Reptilian ETs that is operating on or near Earth
• the primary thoughts of the collective consciousness of the Reptilian ETs who are interacting with human governments (or their employees) on Earth

30 April 1998
12:10 p.m. Atlanta, Georgia

Protocols: SPP, Type 2

Target coordinates: 9023/4792

In Phase 1, I identify a target macro with three significant groups. The groups are separated by the way they think and perceive. The macro itself feels cohesive despite sub-macro variations among the groups. One of the groups is a central group that seems to have authority over the macro society.


There is another sub-macro group that is held together by a sense of cultural commonality. I perceive that it is internally homogeneous. I also perceive that there is a loosely assembled populace, or perhaps a collection of groups within the macro-society. This collection of groups has a common need that is satisfied by the larger society.

In Phase 2, I sense that the macro-society is huge. There is a large subspace component to this society, as well as a very large level of variation among the beings on the subspace side. It is a diverse collection of groups. There is a central pull that binds these groups together. The pull feels weak, in the sense that a group could resist and defy it if it chose to do so.


But there appears to be no useful competitive alternative attractor for this society with a stronger pull. It is as if the central authority in this society is the only game in town worth playing. The pull toward the center is constant, like the steady gravity of a planet or sun. I perceive no sense of rigid authority or any enforcement of allegiance to the central authority in the macro-society, however.


Most of the activity on which members of this society are focused reside in the subspace realm. There is also an extensive use of telepathy among these subjects. The physical side of this society seems highly dependent upon the subspace authorities.


When I probe the significant leader of the macro-society I perceive no resistance to my probes. There seems to be a benign welcoming. There is no sense of brutal authoritarianism in the subject's mind. Yet the consciousness of the subject conveys the sense of powerful leadership. This being has a large and complex array of means to assert authority. The relationship of this subject to the sub-macro groups is clear. This subject's job is to connect the disparate groups to the center of the macro-society

In the Phase 2TM consciousness map, I perceive that the physical subjects of the society are being led, somewhat blindly On the subspace side the focus is not on control but on collective advancement. In the Phase 3TM sketch of the target macro, I again identify three groups, and I label them in the conventional fashion, G1, G2, and G3.



G1 is a medium sized group with both physical and subspace aspects. There is a highly focused concentration of authority in this group. There is only a single authority attractor in this homogeneous group. The ideology of this group contains a theme of allegiance to authority. The pervasiveness of this theme is both strong and total. There is rigidity in the political ideas among the membership of this group, and there is a notable lack of deviation or variation in this regard. Membership in this group feels almost bureaucratic, and I feel no sense of emotional competition between the members of the group.

There is a significant level of physical activity among members of this group; however, they use telepathy extensively in communication. The subspace side of this group dominates the physical side. I again perceive a highly rigid central authority for this group, and the macro-society accepts this authority.

When I probe the significant leader of this group, I perceive a subspace being who is a central authority figure. There is a softness to the consciousness of this being. He is male. I sense that he is aware of my probes and not resistant to them.

Shifting my awareness to a typical non-leader member of this group, I perceive a gentle consciousness that is non-aggressive. This subject is not emotionally demanding of the central authority. The subject has unquestioning obedience to the central authority, however.



Moving to the next identified group (G2) in the society, I perceive a large population. There is significant physical genetic variation within this group, but minimal subspace variation in development. This group is highly different from the first group (G1).


The organization of this group is predominantly political. There is the collective sense that the group needs to compete with other groups in the larger macro-society as a means of survival and advancement. The leadership is judged by how well it performs this role of guiding the rather crude struggles with the group's neighbors. The group is highly competitive and potentially hostile in a general sense.

The activities of this group appear more focused on the subspace realm, and there is extensive use of telepathy as well. However, the relationship between the subspace and physical sides of this group are not highly supportive. The subspace side has only a weak influence over the physical side, and the physical side is quite disappointed in the quality of the subspace leadership.

This group is driven by competition and petty jealousy. It is not in total harmony with the center of authority in the macro-society. There is a lack of understanding regarding the motivations of the macro-authority and culture. The macro-society looks at this group with significant dismay and worry. It is like the macro-society does not know what to do with this group.

Shifting my awareness to a significant leader of this group, I immediately perceive that this being is a Reptilian. He is a male, and he is a fighter. This subject is resistant to my probes, and fiercely so. It is like he is being held down and forced to let me perceive him. He is the political head of his group. He is in power due to his own abilities to compete politically. His position is not totally secure. If the group becomes disappointed with his leadership, he could be ousted.

Shifting my awareness again, I focus on a typical non-leader member of the group. Again I find a fighter. There is the sense of a need to seek prey. This subject's perception of the collective good includes help from the group leadership to hunt, compete, struggle, and persevere. The subject questions leadership only if group performance falters with respect to competitive struggles.

With a consciousness map, I determine that the emotions of the physical side of this group are like that of a typical football game, excited and highly strung. On the subspace side there is sensitivity and panic.



The final group, G3, has a large population. There are moderate physical variations within this group, and subtle differences among subspace types. G3 has a group mentality. The members define their own existence in terms of their participation in group activities. This group participates in the activities of the larger macro-society because it is in the nature of all members of the group to struggle and advance in cooperation with other groups, or at least to work within a group setting.


This group could and would struggle alone, but that is not its preferred way of advancement, or of living. There appears to be no single authority or individual ruling this group. It feels almost like there is a collective means of resolving disputes and problems.

This group is highly focused in its activities on the subspace realm. There is also close cooperation between the subspace and physical sides. The macro-society values this group. It is a stable and reliable component of the larger society.

From a consciousness map of this group, I perceive subspace emotions of worry relating to the behavior of the larger macro-society. The membership of this group perceives participation in group activities to be almost spiritual in nature.


Since the macro-society has a wider and more heterogeneous group membership than this group, the members worry about the reliability of the larger society to satisfy their needs. But there appears to be no alternative for this group than to participate within the framework of the larger macro-society.

The Macro-Society Developmental Trajectory

The development trajectory of this macro-society indicates an early period in which chaos and group fragmentation dominated. There is a "Wild West" flavor to this early time. Many groups were at odds with each other.

Soon after this chaotic beginning, I perceive a crucial point of transition.


I sense a determination among the members of the society to resolve long-term potential for chaos, and to change the macro-society to operate in a more orderly direction.

Near the end of the identified developmental trajectory, there is greater coherence in the society. This society has learned how to resolve many of its inner conflicts. There is smoother social functioning and more isolated potential for conflict, especially violent conflict.



All in all, the Reptilian society seems rather normal when compared with human standards. There seem to be normal variations among various groups in the society, and I perceive no overall sense of strong authoritarianism. However, the second group examined (G2) seems remarkably different from the rest of Reptilian society, and it is probably worthwhile to comment on this group specifically.

Note that only one of the qualifiers of the target cue focuses on the group that is physically located on or near Earth in the current tasking time frame. All other qualifiers focus on either the overall Reptilian society, the dominant group in that society, or any group of Reptilians that may be opposed to the activities of the Reptilians operating on or near Earth. Since my data collected in other sessions suggest that the Reptilians interacting with humans are quite authoritarian and potentially hostile, those Reptilians are likely associated with group G2.


All of the other elements of Reptilian society seem relatively benign politically. There seem to be no inherent traits among Reptilians generally that would make me believe that their entire species is hostile. However, the observed behavior of Reptilians interacting with humans closely matches the characteristics of group G2. Moreover, the deep mind probes of the leadership of G2 qualitatively parallels that which I experienced in other sessions with this group.

My interpretation of these data now lead me to suspect that group G2 is a renegade Reptilian faction. This group is qualitatively different from the remainder of Reptilian society. It is similar to human society, as we too have our authoritarian or totalitarian factions. These factions have often behaved in total disregard to the wishes of the larger community. It now seems clear that there exists a group of Reptilians who have a chip on their shoulder.


They are highly competitive and emotionally arrogant. I suspect it is this group that is at war at the current time, not the entirety of Reptilian society.

If my interpretation of these data are correct, then we truly have a significant problem.

  • If the larger Reptilian society itself cannot control this group, then how are we to control them?

  • If this group defies the authority of its own larger species, then will it obey a directive from the United Nations?

I suspect that this Reptilian group will do whatever it wishes to ignore, manipulate, or circumvent human authorities. In my view, it will not be possible to interact openly and productively with this group of Reptilians, and it would be foolish for us to try to do so. Our own experience with human totalitarian and authoritarian regimes should help us to understand the dangers associated with working with such groups.


Based on my observations to date, we will need outside help. Unless further data suggest another course of action, I see no alternative to this. As relative newcomers in these galactic woods, we cannot, we must not, act alone.

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Chapter 21

During the first half of 1997, I obtained information from an unusual but seemingly reliable source that suggested that the Grey ETs might be placing technological objects in a desert location, possibly in the northern United States. The information suggested that the objects may be spherical in shape, and that the U.S. government (or at least part of the government) knew about their location.


At first I did not think much of this information.


I had no way to corroborate it, nor did I understand how it might involve my own activities. If the Greys were placing objects in chosen locations, so be it! At least that is how I felt about this matter, until I was given the following target by a colleague for one of my regular solo viewings. After May 8, I took the matter of strategically placed ET technology much more seriously

The target cue for this session employed an older version of the Institute's cuing formulas. The Type 3 target was given to me as one of my regular practice sessions by someone at the Institute. The cue is as follows:

The Grey ET technological objects in North American Desert (at the moment of tasking)

8 May 1997

11:30a.m. Atlanta, Georgia
Protocols: Basic SRV, Type 3

Target coordinates: 0476/9827

Using Basic SRV, I perceive land and a structure. In Phase 2, I become aware of the sounds of machinery as well as a whirring noise. The textures are glossy and polished. The temperatures are warm. I perceive the colors blue, black, silver, and gold. The level of luminescence is low, and the contrasts vary from medium to high. I perceive salty and bitter tastes, and I smell a variety of scents.


The magnitudes of the dimensions for the target include intense energetics that are somehow compact. I deduct a computer chip. My Phase 3 sketch is of a rectangular structure on which is placed another smaller rectangular structure. The smaller rectangular structure has numerous wavy lines within it.

In Phase 4, I perceive bright light. There is energy at the target site, and this energy is a mixture of a variety of energetics. I perceive particles associated with this energy that are flowing in orchestrated or uniform directions. There is the feeling of pathways along which this energy is channeled.


Something at the target site is both large and small. It is big on the outside but small on the inside. Again, these are intuitive feelings, and they may not make logical sense at first. It is as if activity is occurring in the inside of something that is on a small scale. But this small scale activity results in something else happening on a large scale.

I continue to perceive bright light as well as the sense of flowing energy. I am also beginning to perceive emotions at the target site. These are not human emotions. The emotional quality is very uniform, as if the feelings are smooth and flowing throughout a collective consciousness. I perceive a hive mentality, and I deduct the Greys. The emotions of the subjects feel both wide and deep. They are emotions from a collective consciousness that penetrate. I begin to perceive the beings physically. I note their eyes and skin.


These beings appear to be nonhuman, but they are humanoid. Their consciousness and physicality extend deeply into the subspace realm. I have the guided deduction of the Grey home world, and the deduction of the so-called HaleBopp Companion.


(Note: The "HaleBopp Companion" refers to what appears to have been some type of dimensional gateway or portal that was briefly located near the comet HaleBopp and which has been repeatedly viewed by many remote viewers at The Farsight Institute.)

There is a structure associated with these beings. It has technology, and I perceive it is constructed of metal (at least in part). The structure is small, and I sense that the emotions of the associated beings are deeply connected with this object. It is like there is a collective consciousness of beings that extends perceptually throughout time and space.


There is very deep awareness that is associated with this target. Inwardly I reflect that this seems like consciousness as an art form. I do not perceive any human emotions associated with this aspect of the target. I deduct zillions of Greys. Humans do not have consciousness like this. It is clear and beautifully deep.

There are also humans at the target site. They do not seem as "rough" as regular humans. But they are certainly different from the Greys. I probe my Phase 3 sketch and perceive technology. The structure in the sketch feels metallic and nonmetallic simultaneously. It is definitely a structure that contains a high level of technology. I deduct molecular level technology. It is as if there are circuits inside solid metal, and the metal is alive with a network of channels containing the flow of energy The object acts to control something. The technology involved with this structure may be a hybrid biological technology, and perhaps on a very small scale. It is as if this object is alive.

Within the object, something small and possibly biological seems almost alive and moving in a purposeful way It is not purposeful solely for the organism, but also for a larger purpose that is unknown to the organism. The target structure has microcircuits, or pathways, with great internal complexity. The thing is almost self-aware.


But it is a device nonetheless. It seems to have been designed by beings who wanted all things, even their creations, to join them in self-awareness. The internal mechanisms of the target structure seem to be arranged in a stratified pattern, with open areas below the structure and densely packed technology on the upper level.
I begin to perceive that some activity is associated with this target structure.


The activity is orchestrated by many beings, apparently not human. Something is happening quickly I am now aware of a bright light in the sky. The concepts associated with that light are "watching," "pulsing," "rhythmic," "movement," and "orchestrated." The sense of deep penetrating emotions are pervasive with this target. There are multiple structures moving in the air, and I deduct ET ships. There is a bright yellow light associated with a target, and it appears to be in the sky. There are intense levels of energy associated with these airborne structures.

I am now becoming aware of a large subspace presence associated with this target. It is like the physical stuff originates from a small hole in time and space that leads to an enormous subspace existence for some species. Allowing my own consciousness to extend through this hole to the other side, I perceive vast numbers of beings, and a collective consciousness that seems to extend without end. On the subspace side of this target, there are emotions that are mixed across what feels like different levels of Being.


Remote viewing targets related to Grey ETs are always a remarkable experience for me. The aspect of their lives that stands out is the quality of their consciousness. The only way I can describe this quality is through an analogy that does not do it justice, but that will have to suffice. Whenever I extend my consciousness into their own, I get the sense of an endless clear body of water. It is as if one could drop a pin and hear it across the universe due to the seamless clarity of their mentality that extends, apparently, everywhere. The consciousness of the Greys is always collective.


They are individuals, but their minds are linked in a way that makes the totality of their collective seem as though they are almost one being. In my opinion, they have raised consciousness to an art form, and their ongoing awareness is nothing less than breathtakingly beautiful. This is not to say that they do not have problems, or that humans should try to follow their evolutionary path of collective existence. Nonetheless, just as I can recognize the beauty of a flower when I see one, I can similarly recognize that the quality of their collective consciousness is sublime.

The current session lends support to the idea that there are ET technological devices strategically located in the United States. I have remote viewed these devices more than once. Apparently, the Greys use "consciousness enhanced technology," a phrase I once heard used by Steven Greer, a gifted and courageous medical doctor who has been involved in efforts to encourage Congress and the president to openly investigate the extraterrestrial phenomenon.


The technological objects that are the focus of the current session are apparently good examples of this type of consciousness related technology. Indeed, it appears that the technology of the Greys is sufficiently evolved that at least some of their machines are approaching the level of being self-aware.

After reflecting on this session, I began to wonder how humans would react to the idea that consciousness can be more than a metaphor, and that the members of another species consider their own development in consciousness to be the primary goal of their collective evolution. Will humans continue to focus their attention on the physical aspect of life, marginalizing spiritual concerns into a soon forgotten once a week trip to a house of worship? It seems that we could learn so much from the Greys about their experiences in consciousness. Will we ever lose our fear of them, thereby allowing us to interact with them productively?

In my own mind, I feel certain that humans should not direct their collective evolution in the manner of that experienced by the Greys. We must not lose our individuality as we grow in spirit. But at least some of what the Greys have accomplished on the level of consciousness needs to be examined seriously by humans.


The magnetic draw toward the beauty of their thought is nearly overwhelming to me. Such grace is truly Godly. Perhaps we can grow to experience that same penetrating quality of clear transcendental thought without sacrificing the individuality of our personalities.

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Chapter 22

In late 1996, The Farsight Institute published some remote viewing data relating to what appeared to be an interdimensional portal or gateway that was located (at least for a short time) in our solar system near the comet HaleBopp. This was soon popularly labeled the "HaleBopp Companion." After we announced our original remote viewing results, a cottage industry seemed to form across the planet. Many people directed their attention toward the heavens in the direction of the then famous comet. They wanted to see the Companion.


They looked across the Internet, sometimes with success, for previously posted photos of the comet that contained some potentially anomalous aspects. Amateur astronomers were the most active in the search for the HaleBopp Companion. No one to my knowledge ever claimed that the Companion was always visible near the comet. Some speculation suggested that it might be able to appear or disappear at will, turning itself on and off like the headlights of a car.


As the weeks dragged on with no resolution to the matter, the comet disappeared on the other side of the sun. Some remote viewing Type 4 data collected by advanced students at the Institute during this period suggest that the Companion would change direction once the comet went behind the sun. Personally, I do not know what happened. I do not even know if the Companion was even following the comet, or whether it might have been located near the comet only briefly.

Readers should remember when they read this session that we do not know much about the Companion. If it was a dimensional portal, or something similar, its original size may not correlate with its current size at all. If the Companion is a product of advanced ET technology, we should abandon all preconceptions of what it is, or even what its purpose may be.

The cue for this session was written using an older form of tasking structure. I was given this Type 3 target "out-of-the-blue" by someone at the Institute. The exact wording of the cue is as follows.

The object formerly known as the HaleBopp Companion (at the moment of tasking): The viewer will clearly perceive and describe the HaleBopp Companion. The viewer will clearly describe the subjects associated with the HaleBopp Companion.




2:58 p.m.
Atlanta, Georgia
Protocols: Enhanced SRV, Type 3
Target coordinates: 1883/1129

My first ideogram feels soft and natural. I declare the target aspect a subject. I perceive the color beige and feel something soft. I sketch a humanoid's face. The second ideogram is again soft and natural. I again declare this aspect a subject, and I perceive something semi hard and angled. I sketch a standing humanoid leaning over a rectangular object.


The third ideogram is again soft and natural, and I again declare this aspect as a subject. I perceive something angular, both hard and soft, and the sense of something multiple. I sketch one humanoid sitting on something squarish while leaning over something else that is rectangular. Two other humanoids are facing this first humanoid while standing on the opposite side of the rectangular object.

The fourth ideogram feels hard and artificial. I declare it a structure, and I perceive the colors gray, blue, and yellow. Something is bright, shiny, and glowing, with high contrasts. There are energetics here, and I sense something humming. It is round, and I deduct an ET ship. I sketch a circle. My final ideogram again feels hard and artificial, and I declare it as a structure. I perceive something light and hollow, round and glowing, yellow and gold, and I deduct the idea of ET spheres. I sketch a circle with shading on the left side.

Moving to Phase 2,1 perceive the sounds of wind. The dominant texture is polished. Temperatures are cold. Among the visuals, I perceive the color gold, luminescence that is glowing, and contrasts that are high. I smell manure, and something that smells like solder paste. The magnitude of the dimensions of the target site are short verticals, narrow horizontals, something sloping, something curved and rounded, something that is light, and all this associated with energetics of some sort. My Phase 3 sketch is of a sphere or globe. The globe is shaded on the left side.

In Phase 4,1 perceive bright light that is glowing with a gold color. I again sketch a globe or sphere with shading on the left side. I perceive the concept of something round. There are motions at the target site that I describe as having "high energy" There are multiple objects that I perceive as having some specific purpose. I have the guided deduction of globes. The color is yellow, the temperature is cold. The object is very light, almost weightless.

I perceive what appears to be a different rounded structure on flat land. I deduct the idea of a dome and draw a picture of a dome on flat land. There is dirt, soil, ice, and melting water in a cold environment. Again I sense the color gold associated with a round structure, and I again deduct the idea of a dome. Something is hollow and round at the target site, and I again draw the sketch of what appears to be a dome on flat land.

I perceive a dome or curved structure on top of or embedded into the ground. It is hollow inside. There are subjects inside the structure. The outside climate is cold and harsh. There is land below the structure. The structure itself has thin walls, and it is made of artificial materials that are multilayered.

Cuing myself to move into the structure, I perceive curved walls. There are multiple subjects, both male and female. However, there appear to be more males than females. I execute a binary technique that allows me to determine the types of emotions of the subjects at the target site. I find their emotions to be generally positive. I perceive people working at what appear to be desks arranged in a geometrical pattern, and I sketch this. I get the sense that these are offices of some type, and I sketch a wide-angle perspective of the arrangement of the desks or workstations. They are arranged in concentric curved rows.

I note that the subjects are wearing clothes, and that the environment is neat and clean. Some of the subjects are wearing uniforms. I deduct the sense of something military, as well as the idea of a satellite tracking station. The subjects are definitely humanoid, and I get the sense that this is a facility. It is complex. The emotions within this facility convey the idea of tension and worry This is a working environment, and I have the guided deduction that this is a military facility.

Cuing myself to move around inside the structure, I perceive walls, partitions, and compartments. There is a complicated, mazelike layout within the structure, with lots of compartments. I deduct the idea of office dividers. The site feels like a main office. I closely examine one male subject who is wearing a uniform. I get the concept that this person has a high rank, like that of general or commander. I enter the person's mind with a deep mind probe, and I feel worry, concern, and fear.


There is a sense of patriotism within this man's mind. But something is out of control. Things are not right. This target subject is very worried. It feels like he is worried about the future. There is some element of depression within his mind, as if he is in a deep funk. He does not know if what is happening is good, or if it could be controlled. He feels sad, almost weepy. It feels as if he knows things others do not, and that they are happier than him as a result. He feels some sense of responsibility and seems to be worried about failing.

I cue myself to move 1,000 feet over the structure. It is curved and rounded. It is on land that is both wet and dry. There are nearby rectangular structures. Moving to the center of the target, I perceive subjects wearing clothes. They're working on some activity, some project. The focus of this target seems to be purposeful activity associated with this project. When I cue on the purpose of the activity, I get the sense of deception, or sleight of hand.

I execute some binary procedures that help me focus on the designed purpose of the target. I find that the focus is not people or activity, but a physical description. I then move to the location that will be optimal for me to achieve the purpose of the target. I perceive a round, spherical structure. I draw a sketch of a globe that is shaded on the left side. I perceive other objects. I cue on the objects and perceive the concept that they are gold in color, round, and of ET origin.


There is advanced solid-state technology inside the objects. I perceive no moving parts. I cue on the connection between the domelike structure and the objects. The concept of being in control is very clear to me. I deduct the idea of "explosive," and I remember perceiving some desire to explode the objects. There is some connection between the dome and the objects, but it may not be symmetric. It is not clear if the dome people have any control over the objects.

I cue myself to move to another aspect of the target location. I find myself outside in a cold and windy, harsh climate. There is land with structures that are modern and rectangular nearby. The buildings are gray, and there are subjects who are human or are very humanlike. I deduct a campus, a city, or a facility.


Readers should understand that when the so-called Hale-Bopp Companion was originally targeted by viewers at The Farsight Institute, there was no clear indication of its size. The assumption was popularly made that the Companion was extremely large, possibly much larger than the planet Earth. But the initial remote viewing data clearly indicated that the object was more than just a physical device. It seemed to be a dimensional window or portal of extraterrestrial origin, and more, much of which we could not understand.

I have always assumed that what was originally perceived could vary dramatically in size. A dimensional window or portal could expand or shrink as needed, given the circumstances at the time. It could perhaps shrink to a molecular size, or expand potentially to a size greater than that of our solar system. It is simply impossible to know the fixed dimensions of such advanced ET technology.

The object known as the Hale-Bopp Companion is clearly not a companion of a comet. Yet I do not know where it is currently. These data suggest that a governmental facility with a large domed structure is monitoring it, or perhaps searching for it. The humans in the facility are apparently very aware of the ET object. It is spherical, shiny and has a golden color. The governmental facility is apparently in an area that has a harsh and cold climate, most likely in the northern or northwestern parts of the United States. Perhaps the Dakotas might fit this description.

The high-ranking personnel who are in charge of monitoring this object appear to be quite worried about the implications of its existence. Some of these personnel would apparently like simply to destroy the object. There is a tension in the air as they continue to observe it or to search for it.

I do not know the purpose of this object. It obviously can move through space, and it possibly can be used to transport beings and physical equipment. The object itself may be any size. I simply do not know its current size, nor can I discern its size from these data.

This object has caused more controversy than any previous UFO sighting except the famous Roswell crash. The existence of this object is probably extremely important in the drama that grips humanity today. Its existence is also evidence that some ETs want to force us into a psychological crisis of awareness. They do not appear to want to hide their ships or their controversial technology. They want us to see them.


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Chapter 23

The Greys have a very interesting society. With this species, we are talking about very large populations. Since the Greys are not limited to a single planet, their numbers are not limited either. Also, they have the technological capabilities to satisfy their material needs. Interestingly, however, though they lack for nothing physically, it is spiritual growth that they seek most strongly.


Never have I encountered a species in which the quest to evolve toward God is felt as deeply. In my view, this species looks toward spirituality like a starving man looks at an apple. Thus, when we examine this huge society, it is useful to note variations in their organization, as well as in their spiritual outlook. Be sure to closely examine the qualifiers in the target cue. The cue is designed to identify groups of Greys based on their level of evolution. This is one society in which such a differentiation between groups truly makes sense.

The essential cue and qualifiers for this chapter's target are as follows:

TARGET 7984/2324
Protocols used for this target: SPP
The Grey Society (at the time of tasking). In addition to the relevant aspects of the general target as defined by the essential cue, the viewer perceives and describes the following target aspects:

• the macro-Grey society that is directly or indirectly involved with contact with Earth humans
• the most highly evolved group of Greys that is directly or indirectly involved with contact with Earth humans
• the least highly evolved group of Greys that is directly or indirectly involved with contact with Earth humans


16 May 1998

4:04 p.m. Atlanta, Georgia

Protocols: SPP, Type 2

Target coordinates: 7984/2324

My first ideogram reflects a large target macro with intricate group heterogeneity. There is great complexity here, with many small units. I perceive that most of this population are subspace beings. The second ideogram represents a smaller sub-macro group that is homogeneous. It has particularly clear cultural definition. These are physical subjects.


The third ideogram reflects a combination of physical and subspace subjects, and I deduct the Greys. There is some heterogeneity in this sub-macro group, and I deduct the idea of "shades of gray". My fourth ideogram reflects physical subjects who have a clear cultural definition. They are experientially connected in some way.

In Phase 2TM, I perceive a very large macro aggregation. The population numbers are simply tremendous. There is an extreme variation in physical and subspace types, a complete continuum. The target macro is very loosely organized, leaning toward anarchy. The dominant similarity of thought among the various subgroups is of an experiential sort, as if everyone experiences something different, and it is having the experience that matters. This society is highly fragmented with low levels of habitual behavior.

Most of the activity and communication in the macro-society is subspace oriented and telepathic. The subspace side has a weak administrative role over the physical side. Variation among the sub-macro groups is tolerated, even when such groups are confrontational. The leadership of the macro-society reflects this low-key approach toward subgroups as well.

The subspace collective psychology of this macro-society includes the ideas of administration and governance. When the subjects are physical in this society they find it hard to follow some of the subspace administration. Some of the sub-macro groups in the society are confrontational, while others are cooperative. There is a complete mixture of everything in this society. Yet the macro-society tolerates this diversity religiously.

When I focus my awareness on the significant leader of the macro-society, I perceive a subspace being who has total telepathic awareness. It feels as though my consciousness has difficulty understanding the nature of this subject's consciousness. The leader is as far as one can be from authoritarian. Indeed, this leader significantly expands the definition of tolerance in the direction of anarchy.

In Phase 3TM, I identify three sub-macro groups. I label them conventionally as G1, G2, and G3.



G1 is a strange group. (That is a viewer feeling!) It is small in size, with a high concentration of authority. The type of authority seems highly sensitive to maintaining a flexible and egalitarian quality. There is almost a religious flavor to this group, held together by some kind of experiential/belief mixture.

There is little or no fragmentation with this group. The group's primary focus is on subspace activities, and the group itself is apparently a subspace group. The macro-society is not clear about what this group actually does, or how much it can or will do. The leadership is tolerant and compassionate, and the membership is similarly high-ranking in some sense.

More specifically, the group is highly homogeneous. If one can say that this group has a common ideology, the best word to describe it would be religious (although this is not quite right). This ideology is totally pervasive within this group. Politically the group has an administrative flavor, as if confrontation is not part of their normal political nature.

Focusing on a significant leader of this group, I perceive a subspace subject who is caring and compassionate. This subject has generally positive feelings that are laced with some concern or worry This subject holds an appointed position that must be approved by the larger group. In this sense, one may also think of this subject as a democratic leader, although a human understanding of democracy would probably not fit in this situation.

The collective psychology of this group contains a mentality that is a blend of philosophy and emotions. But the emotions are difficult for me to understand completely.



G2 feels like a predominantly physically focused group. It is of moderate size. There is a high concentration of authority in the sense that there is not much competition among individual members of this group. But the authority is irregular, with competitive or alternative authorities existing on a religious level.

There are political and religious themes that run throughout this group. High levels of fragmentation exist at this level. The group is aware of the physical/subspace interaction, and the subspace activity of this group seems to be coordinated with the physical activity.

This group is highly dependent on outside assistance or intervention of some type. The macro-society acts to protect this group in the same way that humans protect endangered species. The secular leadership is administrative in nature, and the group members rely heavily on this leadership. Indeed, the group membership seems vulnerable and dependent in some fashion.

The significant leader of this group is male. He has a political mentality. He has good administrative capabilities and holds comparable responsibilities as a project coordinator.



The final group upon which I focus is very large with primarily a subspace focus. There is also a great deal of physical variation among the members of this group. The group appears to use telepathy for all of its inter-group communication.

In some way, this is a simple culture, and other ways it is highly complex. The concentration of authority is quite diffuse, with multiple attractors within the group. The pervasive ideology is nearly religious, although this description does not fit exactly.


There is the sense that work and membership provide service, and that service is the political orientation or belief structure of the group. That is, the group believes in service in the same way that humans might believe in patriotism.

The subspace side of this group views the physical side almost in an artistic or even experimentalist fashion. The group seems somewhat isolated from the remainder of the macro-society in some way, and the macro-society does not entirely understand the group.

Leadership of this group is collective. While I do not understand the mechanics of governance within this group, it is clear that there is no one single leader. The group members feel very secure in their membership, almost as if they feel that they are members of a family


The Macro-Society Developmental Trajectory

I identify three significant points in the development of this macro-society In the beginning there was a significant crisis that led to a complete disruption of the society. There was a war, and various groups disintegrated.

At the end of the trajectory, I perceive lower emotional energy, even numbness relative to that found at the beginning of the trajectory. There is calm and peace at this end point.

The period between the beginning and the end of this trajectory feels smooth, as if there is a uniform transition between the two end points. But there is one critical period, a point of breakthrough in the awareness of this society. It is a critical or pivotal point. It is like a new element is added at this midway point that causes an evolutionary shift.



This is such an interesting society. The Greys are so different from us. Their consciousness has an innocence that is almost childlike. They are capable of witnessing all human activity, and they have a rich history of experience that would fill any galactic library. Yet they have turned away from simple physical enrichment. As a spiritual species, or at least a species dedicated to the inner growth of that which is spiritual, is how I perceive these beings.

I am always surprised when I hear someone say they fear the Greys. I certainly perceive no element of militaristic hostility authoritarianism, or aggressive emotions from any group of Greys. In my view, fear of this species makes no sense. They themselves do not feel fear, at least not the way we feel it.


When they perceive our fear of them, it must baffle them. They have much to tell us, much to teach us. In my view nothing is so important for humanity than for us to learn how to seek God more clearly more scientifically and more lovingly Too often we speak of God's love in the context of a fear of punishment. Religiosity and spirituality are two separate things. My experiences with remote viewing suggest to me that our understanding of spirituality, and our practice of religion, would be enhanced significantly by studying how the Greys perceive and interact with the heavenly realm.

We should learn what the Greys have learned, and we should add their knowledge to our own, thereby enhancing our own evolutionary growth. My experiences suggest that the Greys do not wish to hide anything of themselves from us. They are an open book. What is required is courage on our side to open our eyes and minds and avoid the blinding influence of fear, and to accept a gift of love that they seem so willing to share.

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Chapter 24

If you place 15 people in a room for an afternoon, within a short time someone will collect money for a pizza run. Wherever there are sentient beings, they organize themselves. This is true not only of humans. Organization is as natural as existence itself. Nearly every form of life that I know of exhibits some form of collective organization, from the growth patterns of lichen to the complex electoral processes of modern democracies.

In a setting of a galaxy full of life, communication and transport technologies are the only barriers to the formation of galactic governmental organizations. Evidence based on ET activities on or near Earth indicating the widespread existence of such technologies suggests that galactic government is a very possible proposition.


At The Farsight Institute we have often targeted an organization that we call the Galactic Federation. This is a target with many unusual aspects, and the breadth of stimuli associated with this target often demands much of a viewer's perceptual abilities. For obvious reasons, the headquarters of this organization is of especially great interest.

The target cue for this Type 3 session is written using an alternative cuing formula that was once used at The Farsight Institute. The exact specification of the cue is as follows.

The Galactic Federation Headquarters Structure (at the moment of tasking):


The viewer will clearly perceive and describe the structure housing the Galactic Federation. The viewer will clearly sketch the structure housing the Galactic Federation. The viewer will clearly perceive and describe the location surrounding the Galactic Federation Headquarters structure.





16 December1997
Atlanta, Georgia
Protocols: Enhanced SRV, Type 3
Target coordinates: 1911/0325

I initiate my target contact with an ideogram that I perceive to be semi soft, having both natural and artificial elements. I perceive the colors gray black, and white. Some aspect of the target is light and compact, as well as irregularly shaped. I deduct the idea of a robot, and I sketch an oddly shaped object with many angles. There are two large squares within the object.

Probing my second ideogram, I perceive some aspect of the target to be hard and artificial. I declare this target aspect as a structure. Something is making a loud, sharp, grinding or rat-tat-tat sound. There are bright blue and white colors with high contrasts. My sketch is of a curved horizontal line with many rectangular structures below.

My next ideogram again feels hard and artificial. I sense the colors gray tan, beige, and silver. There is a chirping sound. Some part of the target feels smooth, small, and compact. It is irregularly shaped. I deduct the idea of a space suit, and sketch another oddly shaped object, but this time with a convex, lens shaped object inside.

Moving to Phase 2, I perceive sounds that I interpret as "bratting," or "rat-tat-tatting." There are rough textures with warm temperatures. Colors include blue, yellow, and green. The luminescence is bright with high contrasts. Somewhere there is a foul and pungent smell that reminds me of sewage. The magnitudes of the dimensions include short verticals, wide and long horizontals, as well as something sloping.


Some aspect of the target is definitely curving or round. There is also the sense of something being open, as in open spaces, and I sense some type of energetics that feels like it is buzzing or humming. For my Phase 3 sketch I draw a curved horizontal line that resembles a planet's horizon as seen from space.

In Phase 4, I observe something rough and irregularly shaped. It is compact and small, and I draw the sketch of a curved structure within which are placed smaller rectangular structures. Inside the structure is something complex. I perceive many subjects, and I can sense their thoughts. These subjects are short, and I can perceive their clothes as well as their skin. Their heads are triangular shaped. All of the subjects are of a similar type. I sketch the head and face of one such being, and deduct the idea of Greys. The face looks very similar to that of a typical Grey.

There is a great deal of subspace activity at the target site. The sense is that the activity is connected to the existing physical activity. Both physical and subspace activities are going on simultaneously with transparent coordination. There is a great deal of subspace technology at the target site. I deduct the idea of a plan. I again perceive many subjects, and I am aware of the floor of the modern structure where they are located. It is shiny and polished, and I focus my attention on a particular room. I sketch this room.


There is one humanoid and many oddly shaped objects inside the room. There is a door and curved walls. It is a medium size modern structure with technology inside. The room is very clean, and I perceive no dust. There is a great deal of subspace activity, and the subspace side of things seems more active than the physical side. The activity is not frantic, but it is very directed.

There is some kind of concept or idea associated with this target that characterizes the physical and subspace activity. I want to call this concept or idea "planning," but this is not quite right. It is as if the activity is already in progress, very active, not planning to be active. It is like a campaign. The emotions at the target site feel subdued, but with great or sharp interest. I again perceive small subjects that seem young, and I deduct "young Greys." These subjects not only feel very young and fresh, but also innocent in some way. There are many of them, and many more subspace beings than physical beings.

I am now perceiving huge numbers of subjects. They are trying to initiate or trigger something. There is no sense of attacking to destroy There is a concerted effort that is coordinated and determined.

There is a large group of subjects involved in a concerted campaign of highly directed intense activity. The sense is of an all-or-nothing intensity. Some type of total commitment has been made. There is no turning back. Retreat would be possible but undesired. I perceive the idea of "their right." There is an obligation at stake. It is the sense that the activity at the target site is owed. Someone has the right to collect on a debt. There is the sense of fighting for that which is morally and defensibly theirs.

I also perceive the emotions of anger and the concept of betrayal. The anger is collective. Something was done, a debt was incurred, and someone is trying to stop the collection on that debt. The collective anger is a result of the effort to steal that which is rightfully theirs. There is also some mild shock and indignation that is connected to the notion that the debt was incurred honestly and with innocence, in the sense that such a debt should be honored with equal honesty and innocence. There is anger specifically directed at someone or some group.

Again focusing my attention on the structure, I perceive many rooms with advanced technology within. I cue on the concept of activity and again perceive the idea of something that is directed or coordinated. Everything is organized. There is no play time here. I cue myself to move 500 feet up so as to change my perspective, and I sense that the concept "up" has no meaning.

I then decide to move 1500 feet away from the target in an optimal direction to view the overall activity. I perceive structures that are modern and metallic. I sketch a large circular structure with many floors within. There are many subjects on the floors. It is a bright curved or round structure with many colored lights, lit up like a Christmas tree.

I then cue myself to move to the subspace activity that is at an optimal location for understanding the target activity. I sketch an oddly shaped object that resembles a flower vase turned on its side. There are elliptical or round objects inside this object. I deduct the idea of a wormhole. There is fast movement associated with transportation inside. I get the sense of being sucked through this object. It feels metallic and self-contained. I focus on one of the curved or elliptical objects inside the larger object, and I deduct the idea of a ship.


This object seems isolated, not connected to anything physical. I perceive the color black. I then sketch this smaller object. The shape of the object is almost like that of a slice of pie. Around the object is not just a vacuum, it is nothing, almost like the thinness of time and space. The space seems black with some white. I cue on the purpose of the object and sense that its purpose is to fly


These session data are filled with descriptions of a large structure that has both physical and subspace aspects. The structure seems to be a nexus for activity and communication between distant places and groups. Currently however, there appears to be activity within the headquarters that is very directed and intense.


Some major campaign is underway apparently the Galactic Federation Headquarters is not a place where beings sit around and amuse themselves with idle thoughts. It is a place of activity and struggle. It is a hub, an organizational center probably somewhat similar to our own United Nations. It seems that many Greys operate from within the headquarters.


Interestingly this headquarters also seems more based on the subspace side of existence than on the physical side.

  • What is meant by the sense of needing to collect on a debt?

  • What was done that has since been betrayed?

  • How was innocence answered with treachery?

  • Does any of this have to do with activities relating to humans, and Earth?

These questions are not answered by this session. Indeed, these data generate at least as many questions as they attempt to resolve.

Yet this much appears certain. The Galactic Federation Headquarters is a place of action. It is a meeting ground for activities that matter in important ways. Humans would be foolish to postpone knowing more about the activities of this organization. It may be that one day this organization will be summoned by ourselves to help us in our own struggle to survive and to grow as a species.


Knowledge of the capabilities and the scope of this organization's influence may one day be crucial to our own future. Indeed/ we do not understand the meaning behind the current activities at the headquarters. Perhaps some of the observed activity is associated with their efforts to assist us even now in our struggle to define our own future.

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Chapter 25

In my earlier book, Cosmic Voyage, I included a discussion of Buddha. My tasker had targeted Buddha, and a number of my remote viewing experiences suggested that he currently has a leadership role in the Galactic Federation. As odd as this may seem at first, in retrospect, everyone has to do something after physical death.


Moreover, it makes sense that an important personality such as Buddha would obtain a substantial role in a predominantly subspace organization that is attempting to influence events on Earth. My best guess is that Buddha has a leadership position that is involved in some way with the relations between Earth and the Galactic Federation.

The Type 3 session for this chapter carne as a major surprise to me. At first I was not going to include it in this volume because I could not understand it. But eventually I realized that it fit with everything else I was discovering about current activities in our galactic neck of the woods. I now think this session is possibly very significant.

The essential clue and qualifiers for this chapter 's target are as follows:

Buddha (current time). In addition to the relevant aspects of the general target as defined by the essential cue, the viewer perceives and describes the following target aspects:

• the target subject's state of mind
• the target subject's surroundings
• the target subject's activity


20 April 1998
12:02 p.m. Atlanta, Georgia

Protocols: ESRV, Type 3

Target coordinates: 6978/5654

My first ideogram is of a structure that is curved and rounded, heavy and dense. The second and third ideograms are again of a dome or curved structure. I remember during the session being able to look up into the top of a dome shape that emitted bright light. I perceive a number of subjects below or within the dome. My fourth ideogram is of a subject who seems both middle-aged and heavyset. The final ideogram is of a manmade structure. My Phase 3 sketch is of a large globe near another curved surface. There is something pointed above the globe.

In Phase 4, I again perceive the large domed object. I also sense strong emotions associated with this target. There is land here with structures, and water is nearby. The intense emotionality of the subjects who are near the structures returns to my awareness. I perceive from the subspace realm a strong concern regarding the activities at the target site. The subspace side is rooting for something. There is fighting going on, a significant conflict. I perceive a cacophony of shouted voices. While I sense a conflict, I do not perceive any physical shooting, or the use of weapons. This does not seem like a military battle, but it is just as serious in its own way.

There is intense subspace activity associated with the events at the target. The subspace realm is deeply involved with this activity. There is a struggle here, and I deduct a war and a battle, although again I do not perceive that kind of fighting in front of me. But somehow this seems associated with a war. Many people are involved in this event. Subjects are moving around some structures. There are so many subjects that they cover all of the ground, including the spaces between the structures.

I move to the center of the target, and I perceive a male subject. I sense that this subject is important, and I deduct a king. This subject is a bit heavyset. He is inside a structure looking at something. It is dark inside the structure.

I execute a deep mind probe of the male subject, and I detect that he has strong emotions at the target time. He is upset with something. I deduct the Pope, a gathering at the Vatican, and Pope John Paul II.

I move 1,000 feet above the target, and I perceive land with structures. There are many subjects. There are loud noises, like shouting and horns. Lots of people are gathered between the structures.

I again shift my awareness to the central aspects of the target, and I perceive the male subject inside the structure again. The subject is experiencing intense emotions. Apparently he is upset.


I remember the visual impressions of this session clearly. What troubled me at first about this session is that I could not understand why Buddha would be involved in a conflict that is possibly as severe as a war.


Doesn't Buddha sit around and meditate all day?


In retrospect, my understanding of the activities of evolved beings was certainly naive. If my interpretation of these data are correct, then I have a much better idea of how active all of our lives will be after we leave this physical existence. Heaven is not a gathering ground for the sleepy headed. It is a place of action.

Apparently, Buddha and the Galactic Federation are deeply involved in an intense struggle that conveys the sense of a major conflict, perhaps a war. I do not know from the data in this session if the struggle is exactly the same as that associated with the renegade Reptilians, but I suspect the two conflicts are related. In my view, the most important aspect of this session is the very fact that Buddha is highly upset about the conflict that he is witnessing. This is a struggle that matters. It is not an idle squabble between children.

Whenever I turn my mind in the direction of the Galactic Federation, I perceive an organization in the grip of opposing tides of destiny. When I look at my own planet and perceive all of the conflicts that we humans have, I realize that the same must be true of those beings who live elsewhere. In an expanding universe, it would make sense that some of the various civilizations would end up fighting to control a larger share of the available resources, however these resources may be defined.


Buddha is apparently involved in helping to resolve at least one of these conflicts.


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