by Mark Sircus

10 August 2010

from IMVA Website



It looks like this guy has never known much about shame, certainly not now as he promotes global warming and his friends like Al Gore.


I actually bothered to listen to him for the first time doing a half hour presentation on Ted Talks and he certainly showed how unwise the richest can be. Bill Gates left Microsoft in 2008 to focus on ridding the world of AIDS and malaria and to concentrate on hurting the poor people as much as possible in the world with his passion for vaccines.


He talks about helping the poorest two billion on the planet as if he does not sleep at night because of their suffering.

If you want to spend a half hour listening to Gates you will see he is concerned about CO2 and his answer is to spend billions and do research for the next ten years on a new nuclear power system that would bury in deep holes huge tonnages of depleted uranium.


Certainly he has no answers for the world’s problems of today and like all the global warmers, who ignore what the sun is doing, he projects the problem way out to the future when the problems we are facing are here, real and now.


It has been getting more difficult for the ruling elite to keep the masses sedated and dumbed down. Gates does his best in this regard in his presentation.


We can sit back and listen and wait for what might end up as a doomsday project that our children will have to face.

A long lull in solar activity recently may have been caused
by changes in the conveyor-belt-like process that moves
material around the surface of our star, a new study found.

His answer for the near future is more toxic vaccines, which he spends billions on even though he knows little about medicine and humane health care.


This is the talk in which he says,

“If we do a good job with vaccines, health care and reproduction services we might reduce the population by 15 percent.”

Vaccines are supposed to increase health and longevity; intelligent health care would do the same so it is hard to understand their mention with population reduction.

When the Homeland Security Bill was passed it had a hidden
rider attached protecting Eli-Lilly, the original maker of
thimerosal, the mercury-based preservative in vaccines, from litigation.

Many on the Internet picked up on the vaccine part of Bill Gates’ population reduction formula.

  • You will never hear Bill Gates talk about how many children vaccines kill or damage for life.

  • You will never get him to mention that thimerosal is a potent neurotoxin and that it is implicated in the escalating autism pandemic.

The U.S. government actually has concluded that childhood vaccines contributed to symptoms of autism in 9-year-old named Hannah Poling.


The unprecedented concession was in response to one of three test cases that allege the mercury-containing vaccine preservative thimerosal caused autism in children.

According to the case, the child was healthy and developing normally until her 18-month well-baby visit, where she received vaccinations for nine diseases, two of which contained thimerosal.


Within 48 hours of the shots, Hannah become ill, refused to walk and could not sleep through the night. Within three months, she began showing signs of autism.


It certainly sounds like his unconscious is aware of these problems so he perhaps had a Freudian slip of the tongue by tying increased use of vaccines to decreases in population. I have been in contact personally with many parents of autistic children and even parents of children whose children have died in their arms soon after receiving their shots.


Jimmy Carter and his wife were also enamored with mass vaccination of the poor so we see there is an exclusive club that takes pride in hurting families while they smile and strut their stuff in public.


Carbon Dioxide

Bill Gates does not want you to know that CO2 is actually a healthy gas; certainly we know that plants grow better in CO2 enriched environments and that we breathe better when we are not CO2 deficient.


Smoke stack pollution is a danger to our health and to humanities future but it’s not the CO2 we should be worried about.


Interesting Gates was not aware or did not mention the man in this picture who has a workable idea that could be implemented very quickly around the world but governments and men like Gates are not looking for solutions.

Skyonic, which has developed a system for converting smokestack fumes into sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and other minerals, is moving toward commercialization and says that early data from its pilot plant indicate that it will be able to undercut many of the industry estimates for the cost of capturing the gas.

“We can capture carbon for less than $22 a metric ton at scale,” said CEO Joe Jones in an interview.

Gates would rather build a new kind of atomic reactor that would take a decade and billions of dollars to develop without any real idea if it would work or be safe but it would at least come up with an excuse to bury the huge tonnages and football fields full of depleted uranium which he does show in his presentation.

Gates of course makes a fool of himself talking about global warming and he gets away with it only because it’s summer.


Yes it is hot in the northern half of the planet in many places, especially in Moscow and Russia where the heat continues to destroy one of the world’s great wheat crops and this past week they have banned exports and the price of a ton of wheat has doubled in the past 40 days or so.

The hottest summer since record-keeping began 130 years
ago has cost Russia more than a third of its wheat crop and
prompted the government to ban wheat exports for the rest of the year.

In the southern hemisphere, which does not exist for the northern mainstream press, it’s cold, killing cold.


Peru has declared a state of emergency after hundreds of children died from freezing conditions due to temperatures across much of the South American country that have plummeted to a 50-year low. In 16 of Peru’s 25 regions, temperatures have fallen below -24°C. Reports from the country say 409 people, most of them children, have already died from the cold, with temperatures predicted to fall further in coming weeks.

It’s so cold in South America that over one million fish and thousands of alligators, turtles, dolphins and other river wildlife are floating dead in numerous Bolivian rivers in the three eastern/southern departments of Santa Cruz, Beni and Tarija.


The extreme cold front that hit Bolivia in mid-July caused water temperatures to dip below the minimum temperatures river life can tolerate. As a consequence, rivers, lakes, lagoons and fisheries are brimming with decomposing fish and other creatures.


Unprecedented: Nothing like this has ever been seen in this magnitude in Bolivia.



Inhabitants of riverside communities report the smell is nauseating and can be detected from riverbanks as far as a kilometer away.


River communities, whose livelihoods depend on fishing, fear they’ll run out of food and will have nothing to sell. Authorities are concerned there will be a shortage of fish in markets and are more concerned by possible threats to public health, especially in communities that also use river water for bathing and drinking, but also fear contaminated or decaying fish may end up in market stalls.


They’ve begun a campaign to ensure market vendors and the public know how to tell the difference between fresh and unhealthy fish.

Yes these are palm trees and it’s snowing in Brazil.


Can you imagine it snowing in Miami where we also find this kind of vegetation?


There is no doubt that the world’s population is suffering through intense climate change but it is not warming and CO2 that should be frightening it’s the cold, the dryness, the record rains, and yes even the heat, but that has nothing to do with global warming.


We are suffering from extremes and their effects on global food supplies are going to cut into the population equation that Bill Gates is so concerned about.

Russia fought a deadly battle Tuesday to prevent wildfires from engulfing key
nuclear sites
as alarm mounted over the impact on health of a toxic smoke cloud
shrouded over Moscow. Unconfirmed reports say that diplomats are evacuating and
that radiation is threatening from the burning of land contaminated from Chernobyl.

And while we are looking at apocalyptic happenings it is sad to know that people the world over are suffering.


Floods and landslides across Asia plunged millions into misery this weekend as rubble-strewn waters killed at least 127 in northwestern China and four million Pakistanis faced food shortages amid their country’s worst-ever flooding. In Indian-controlled Kashmir, rescuers raced to find 500 people still missing in flash floods that have already killed 132, while North Korea’s state media said high waters had destroyed thousands of homes and damaged crops.

Huge hail dropped suddenly out of the sky in Colorado and one can hardly step out of doors in Moscow without falling to ones knees choking on the noxious air. And in Canada farmers are still crying over their lost crops because of the flooding. Yet the average first-world citizen thinks life will go on pretty much the same.

The high and mighty ones of our world are out to save world from the rest of us. Prince Charles thinks he has a 'special destiny' in this regard but jets around the world in private planes meaning he has an extraordinary carbon print.


Bill Gates helped father in our modern information age but it seems like the only other thing he knows how to do is plot the future harm of our race or play with dangerous nuclear ideas. He is rich and people like to listen to the rich. But in the spiritual world wealth means little and in fact it can damn a person to hell for eternity for abusing the gift and making it a weapon against others.


Even the gifts we make to charities can be dangerous when those organizations turn around and do harm to us.

My vote for worst monsters of the 20th century goes to the Rockefellers, not only for their involvement with the Nazi and with the terrible things that have happened through the exploration of oil, but for their taking over the medical industry and going into an alliance with the people of I.G. Farben, the German titans of the pharmaceutical industry.


In the name of doing good they have done more harm than can possibly be imagined.


Gates as a philanthropist seems to repeat the Rockefeller scam so it’s fitting that I group them together in this essay.