by Wes Penre

September 13, 2012
from WesPenre Website

Spanish version



1. A Serious Sirius Talk

When the gods and the humans that Lord ENLIL had saved had been brought back to Earth, helped down from higher ground, EA had done the same with his enhanced humans, and ENLIL finally had calmed down enough to have a serious talk with EA, they met at Sinai Spaceport in the Middle East to have a chat.

The discussion went from bad to worse.


The two brothers accused each other for one crime after another and threatened each other with death penalty. ENLIL accused EA to have gone behind his back and disobeyed his orders as the Commander, which is treason, he said, and could be penalized with a death sentence, and he would be fair game for all the rest of the Sirians if he ever showed up in their Empire in a new body or in spirit.


EA, on his end, accused ENLIL for had tried to destroy their Experiment without EA's consent, in spite of a contract they had signed ages ago, clearly stating that the two of them would have to make all critical decisions together.

So it went on for a while. ENLIL insisted that EA had contaminated the original Experiment and therefore it had to be destroyed.


And here they stood with the remnant of four different experiments:

  • ENLIL's slave race (without the Fire of the Goddess)

  • Project Elohim (the enhanced Neanderthals with the Fire of the Goddess)

  • Project Erectus (slightly less intelligent than Project Elohim, but also with the Fire of the Goddess)

  • the Pleiadian Giants (not many of them left, but still a decent amount).

"So, what now?" shouted ENLIL.

The two brothers stood and stared into each other's eyes for a while, breathing heavily, saying nothing. ENLIL finally broke the silence, calmed down and asked his brother to sit down.


ENLIL had a plan. He said that both Project Elohim and Erectus had been failures in the sense that these humans were too clever. For heaven's sake, they had eaten from both trees and quickly approached the level of the gods. That was not tolerable by any means. The Experiment had gone out of hand.


Both projects had to stop, and now it was ENLIL's turn to set the rules. He demanded it as the Lord of Commands.

The biological son of ANU had the following to say: instead of terminating EA's projects, he wanted the humans to be less intelligent and more obedient and available for manipulation. Therefore, he wanted EA to fuse their DNA together, make them less intelligent and less multidimensional. He also wanted them to forget what they had learned from the Trees of Life and Knowledge, and their lifespan should be decreased.


Instead of having the chakras too wide open, all of them except the two survival chakras (survival and sex) should be closed down (the closed down chakras can be said are connected with the 'junk DNA' scientists now have just hardly started to understand).


Furthermore, he wanted the Men and Women of Fire to be implanted between lives to forget all about the Divine Feminine and the Feminine Universe.


No more Goddess worship.

"We are the Gods!" ENLIL said in the middle of an adrenaline rush.


"We are the ones to be worshipped, not some Mother in the stars! We are the Heirs of the Universe, EA. We are going to take what is ours and the humans are going to help us!"

Figure 8-1




Figure 8-2



EA got furious.


He could compromise with the intelligence level of his creation, but not with the Fire.


That was his ingenious idea and not to be tampered with! And didn't ENLIL understand that to connect with the Mother Universe, they needed humans with Fire?

ENLIL did understand, but without saying so to his brother, he was afraid of the humans. Their Fire was very powerful. He was jealous of them but also afraid they would one day become greater than him.


Still, he knew that if the Sirian Overlords didn't get access to the Fire, they had little chance to accomplish their goal to overthrow the Mother Goddess.

"Well," ENLIL said.


"At least reduce their power for now. Create bloodlines that possess more Fire than others and these bloodlines are the ones we will take advantage of first hand. These are the ones we'll make our personal slaves; especially the women. Let them have your blood and the Fire of NEKH-TT - the Fire of the KHAA.


Let the average mankind forget who they are and where they come from. If they still have the Fire, we can take advantage of them, too, but if we breed certain bloodlines, we can let brother and sister, fathers and daughters, mothers and sons be intimate and bear children.


These children will be ours to use.


The rest of mankind will be our slaves, servants and foot soldiers as usual. Lastly, enhance the intelligence of those who used to be my miners and slaves before the passing of Ša.AM.e to approximately the same level as the Erectus. Their genetic setup, however, shall prevent spirits of Fire to enter these vessels.


These humans will not have the Fire of the KHAA!"

ENLIL and his brother sat quiet for a while, contemplating what had just been said.


EA thought that most of ENLIL's ideas sounded reasonable, especially as he, NEKH-TT's son and Master Geneticist, knew something ENLIL didn't. Even if he stupefied his creation and reduced their Fire by adjusting their bodies, the Fire would not stay dormant forever, because that is the way of the Fire; it can't be kept isolated and imprisoned for any longer duration of time.


Sometime in the future, the 'junk DNA' would start activating again; especially at the end of a cosmic cycle when information, carried on beams of Light (gamma rays in particular), would hit the vessel of the Fire - the human body.


That would make people wake up again to their true selves...


  • Wouldn't that be a bad thing for EA and the Sirians?

  • If humankind wakes up we will once again be a threat to them, won't we?

Not necessarily, EA thought. Quite the contrary!


If he, and his Sirian brothers, would at that point steer the awakening energies in the wrong direction, all that released Fire that had been suppressed for so long could be used as an enormous boost and catapulted right into the Mother Universe. In fact, it was a great idea, he said to himself. If they did the same thing on other planets they had under their control, the released energies could be used exponentially!


Perhaps it would be enough for them all to take over the Universe?

EA smiled to himself, but didn't mention this to ENLIL at the time, knowing he was not receptive for it yet. And in addition, EA wanted to have time to think about this, because he wanted to be the King of Kings of the new Universe, and he wanted to figure out how to best get there.

ENLIL was once again the one who broke the silence.

"A couple of more things", he said.


"First of all, once we've managed to erase all the memories of the existing mankind and their future offspring, we need to control them with fear; more so than we did before. We need more food and energy and that's how we'll get it.


Keep them ignorant and distort the Mother Goddess Religion. Let's tell them that right is wrong and wrong is right, and they will never figure it out. Let them worship us as their Creators and their Gods, and let them fear their Supreme Being.


Promise them a Paradise if they bow down to their Lord and threaten them with a place of Eternal Fire if they disobey. Make sure they understand that their eternal life depends on how obedient they are!"

ENLIL was very pleased with himself.

"Secondly", he said and bent over the table to look EA in his eyes, "give Project Elohim to me, and you keep the Erectus," he almost whispered.


"I want the Elohim. They will be my cattle once you have adjusted them. Okay? And your Pleiadian 'friends', the giants who survived? For now, I want them under my command so I can keep an eye on them.


If I don't have use for them, I want them to be terminated."

EA nodded and said he was fine with this, although he had his own, secret plans. ENLIL sat back in his chair and smiled, happy with the outcome.


The two brothers stood up, shook hands and went in different directions.



2. The Creation of Homo Sapiens Sapiens

If we ask several different anthropologists when Homo sapiens appeared on Earth we are going to get different answers.


Then, if we go and ask different alternative researchers, we are still going to get different answers. Most of the alternative researchers and truthseekers would probably say we were created some time before the Deluge.


I partly agree with that, but I also differ with that conclusion.

The history of mankind is very complex and multi-layered. We have existed in many different shapes and forms over time, although humans who lived in Atlantis and Mu looked pretty much exactly like we do now; like North and South American Indians, black Africans, and Caucasians (Atlantis).


However, it was after the Deluge the final version of mankind was created, with decreased abilities and shorter lifespan.


This is why I consider Homo sapiens sapiens being born after the Deluge. The versions before the Flood were still experiments in progress and would hence be Homo sapiens (without the second 'sapiens'). According to dictionaries, Homo sapiens means "thinking man, "wise man", "rational man", or "knowing man".


That would have been truer if we talk about Homo sapiens before the Flood, but these definitions become less accurate when we describe Homo sapiens sapiens. I'd rather call them (us), "modern man".

Today's humans, who originate in our current form from the time shortly after the Deluge has been extremely manipulated from the original human, who was our original selves, created not by the Sirians, or even EA, but by the Queen of the Stars, on a mission from Mother Goddess herself.


We are Her creation, not a Sirian creation, and this is very important to remember, because the Sirians will tell you they were the ones who created us and will make us feel in debt to them.


They will say that without them we would not be as intelligent as we are and still be cavemen.

That is their biggest triumph card, and it's based on a lie. The Sirians hijacked an existing experiment, instigated by the Mother Goddess herself, killed off the original inhabitants, destroyed the planet at least twice, and manipulated us into being; a much more watered-down version of our true selves than the primordial androgynous human.


However, this is still a version with great potentials, for such is the wonder of Creation; our bodies are still incredible vehicles for our souls and can do things we cannot even start to comprehend yet. More will be said about this in the last few papers.

Lord EA did exactly what his brother had suggested, and the enhanced Neanderthal, who generally were shorter, but slightly more intelligent ('in general') than the Erectus version, became the Hebrews, ENLIL's chosen people, while the Erectus became the 'gentiles'.


The general name for the whole concept of humankind after the Flood was not Homo sapiens sapiens, but 'lulus'.


This is what they called us then, and that's what they still call us today. In the conversation I had with Utu Shamash, King Nannar's son, thus Prince of Sirius, he repeatedly called me a 'lulu'. This is an intimidating term for humans, which classifies us as nothing more than their property; their slaves. If someone calls you a lulu and knows what it means, they are looking at themselves as for more than you.


But remember, we are the ones who are 'Royal', not them. What 'Royal' in regards to humanity means will be further explained in the 'Third Level of Learning'.

It didn't require much of an adjustment for EA and his team to downgrade mankind, and Homo sapiens sapiens, Modern Man, was born, without any memories of who they were, where they came from and where they were heading. Their minds were wide open to be manipulated, because they had no direction to go.


They needed leaders to tell them what to do, and leaders they got.


In the beginning (and I am talking about post Deluge here) the world was divided between Sirian Overlords and their groups of star beings, whether they were pure Sirians, Grays, Alpha Draconians, Aryans, or some other star race.


The fact is that they were all working together even though they often were in disagreement with how to achieve the same goals. So, one thing they did was to fuse DNA strands together to degrade us.


Humankind was now more solidly than ever stuck within their 5 senses!


3. The Ruling Human Hybrid Bloodlines

The first rulers after the Deluge were Sirians; they sat on the thrones of the most powerful Kingdoms and Empires we know of today.


EA himself, for example, was the first ruler of Egypt, under the name Ptah. With that, EA's elitism was quickly reestablished, where the few ruled the many. Special breeding program took place to reestablish the 'pure' bloodlines amongst the humans, referring to the chosen few who were born after the gods had had intercourse with human females and impregnated them.


These 'special' humans were then eventually succeeding the gods on the throne of certain empire or countries.

Some of these 'pure-blooded' hybrids had mostly Aryan blood in them, while others had Sirian fathers. You could often still tell amongst both men and women who had more Sirian blood and Aryan and vice versa, because the Sirian offspring even in our days often have more body hair than those of Aryan descent.


Of course, the current population is a mix of everything, but sometimes you can still see if a person has more Sirian than Aryan blood running in their veins. However, just because a person has more body hair, it doesn't mean that person is more hot tempered (like Sirians are) and vice versa; these days it's more a cosmetic trait.


Amongst the Ruling Elite, however, you may still find those who are more aggressive while there are others who are more strategists (Sirians vs. Aryans).

The Bloodlines then intermarried within the clan of pure hybrids and kept the family line going. This is why the Presidents of the United States are all cousins, third cousins, ninth cousin, etc. Researchers who have followed their bloodlines back far enough have noticed that 'strangely enough' all these Men of Power seem to be related somehow. It is not so strange if we know how it was done.


The aliens thought that if a person was of their blood, they were for more than the rest of humanity and could rule and control them on behalf of the gods. Big mistake!


The Kings, Pharaohs, and Emperors of the world, some of them initiated in secret societies, had too much alien traits in them and many ruled with an iron fist and started seeing their own fellow humans as more stupid and not worth anything, except being hard workers for the ruling class.


Shamans and High Priests were still around, but High Priestesses were more uncommon, although some rulers had access to them in secret. The male High Priests had now taken over the Sacred Rituals of Fire, but couldn't come close to accomplishing what women had in the past.


The Priestesses who were still around and were employed by the Kings, Pharaohs, or the Emperors, instead of leading the ceremonies, now were 'attending' the ceremonies. There was always a High Priest who started off the rituals and the Priestess/shaman (now the same thing) continued from there. The results were still quite powerful, but not as powerful as they had been before the Flood.


The Ruling Elite, however, learned how to take advantage of the Goddess energies that were released in the rituals, not knowing that the 'gods' were also present, attending the ceremonies from other dimensions, where they could accumulate these energies as well.


However, there were no tribes or smaller communities anymore, where everybody could sit around a fire and let a Woman of Fire (a shaman) release enormous 96% energies that the whole tribe could gain from.


This was something of the past, and with memories erased, almost nobody could remember those times.

The Ruling Class became very much like the Sirian gods. It was hard to tell whether it was a human who sat on the throne, or a Sirian Overlord. The hybrid rulers were often strongly opinionated, and quite intolerant of the people, with a few exceptions.


Further down the line, however, when the Sirians wanted to possess those bloodlines and secretly either take over the body of the King, or just possess him and command the soul who was already in there, they found it difficult to do so, because these humans had become so self-assured and had strong personalities. They were hard to penetrate.

So, it was time for EA again to do some genetic manipulation on the Ruling Class.


ENLIL wanted to dumb them down so it would be easier to penetrate them on a soul level.


So from thereon, Sirians in the astral could possess the Ruling Elite and either coexist with the human spirit, born into the body, kick the body out and take it over, or a Sirian soul could be born into the baby body of a Ruling Elite family.


Thus, it was hard to tell (and still is) who of the Men of Power are humans and who are aliens.


Someone says that the eyes give them away, and this is true to some extent, but they also have different energies than awe humans; stronger, more intimidating, and putting themselves above others (hierarchal).


The fact is that in today's societies, no matter if it's in a city or a suburban area, you have most likely passed a Sirian or other intruding alien on the street without knowing about it, because they are using human bodies just like you and I.

Before I understood all this, I was wondering about James of the WingMakers.


He apparently came to Mark Hempel's house, and they sat and drank coffee while Mark interviewed him. James admitted to being the CEO of the 'Corteum', an alien race working with Fifteen and other top scientists of the world.


His real name, he said, is Mahu Nahi, and as a 'Corteum' he should basically be 7-9 feet tall.


I was arguing how such a giant could fly with a commercial airline and come to Mark's house in the middle of the day without drawing attention to himself. On the other hand, James says in the interview that his DNA is very similar to that of any other human, and we wouldn't be able to notice much of a difference.


Of course not. With the knowledge I now possess, I understand that James (Mahu Nahi) looks just like you and I (he is Spanish, allegedly born outside Barcelona), because he was born into a human body.


That's often how they do it. He may be 7-9 feet tall on his home planet, but not while he's here on Earth.

What has happened from the time of the Deluge and up to the present could fill volumes of books. It would be very interesting to write them, but it's beyond the scope of these papers, which purpose are to put things in perspective so we can understand the forthcoming papers that are talking about present time and the future - these are the real important ones.


The papers so far are 'only' background material, but still very significant and necessarily to write.


4. The Schizophrenic God of the Bible

I described in details in 'Level I' how YHVH was a composite of many different 'deities', such as ENLIL, EA, ANU, and more.


ENLIL, of course, was the God of Wrath, whom we all shall fear, and who told Abraham to kill his son Isaac to prove his devotion to 'God'. ENLIL then stopped him in the last minute. He just wanted to make sure he could trust his 'chosen human'.

ENLIL as YHVH/YeHoVaH, was also the one who forced his Chosen People to walk for decades in the desert to find their 'Holy Land', and he gave Moses the 10 Commandments of "Ya shall not..."


Some say the 10 Commandments are really just a watered-down version of the original commandments, which were 500 in number. ENLIL wanted to make sure that the lulus didn't have any other gods beside him. He thus became known as the 'Jealous God'.

ENLIL or ANU was the one who told Joshua to trumpet down the Walls of Jericho and kill everybody inside the city - men, women, and children(!) I've always used this example, but also the destruction of Sodom & Gomorrah as proof of an evil God, who orders his 'chosen people' (often Hebrews and Jews [Project Elohim]) to go out and kill in his name, while it clearly says in the 10 Commandments that 'Ya Shall Not Kill'.


Of course, this doesn't count if 'God' tells you to murder someone, because then killing is ordered by a 'divine' being.


The (often) Christian defenders of Jehovah are telling me that the people (including innocent children) who were killed on God's command deserved it, because they were all evil.


So, the babies were evil, too? Oh yes, I forgot. We are all born as 'sinners'...


The reader can probably clearly see how screwed up our religions are and how much harm they have done; not only Christianity, Judaism, and Roman Catholicism; all major religions are huge obstacles to mankind's progress. Only the person who is already on a spiritual path and can distinguish between deception and truth can read the Bible and other 'sacred texts' and extract the truth from the lies and evil teachings.

EA also possessed the 'God entity' YHVH on occasion, and we see a mellower God, but still someone to be worshiped and obeyed.


EA only posed as YHVH when he had something on his mind he wanted people to do. But only in these few above paragraphs it's easy to see how schizophrenic this Judeo-Christian 'God' is, and still so many people think that this is how God should be.


Who would seriously want to go to Heaven if we have to meet a God like that there? Instead of living in peace in an eternal Paradise, we would live in constant fear that God would have a schizophrenic outbreak and kick us all down to Hell.

My purpose is not to be sacrilegious here, but this whole agenda needs to be exposed for what it is, and people need to wake up, rub their eyes and look at the world in wonder, seeing a whole new reality before their eyes, where there is no God authority who can control their lives.


We are all in control of our own lives; we are individuals who are supposed to explore the Universe and bring our experiences back to Source (Mother Goddess) so we and she can all learn more about ourselves as individuals and as One.


We are supposed to go out and explore the Universe, and we should have been able to do so a long time ago, but we have been stopped by the same star beings that a majority of people here on Earth still worship as Gods. As long as we do that, we are continuing to build our own trap.

The truth is everywhere, but,

  • Do people really want to see and understand it?

  • Are they willing to break the 'godspell' (a term author and researcher Neil Freer coined)?

There is no excuse for not knowing anymore.


The Internet and books and lectures are full with overwhelming evidence of the deception of the major Religions. So, the proof is there, now it just a matter of people being willing to change their belief systems. That's a tough one, but it has to be done! I can't stress that enough, and I will stress it more in later papers.


If we don't break the godspell, humankind is doomed!


Yes, it's that important.


We are stuck here as long as we agree with our oppressors, which we do when we agree with their false religions, education system, banking system, slavery, torture, war, killing, and the list goes on. All these spells need to be broken, or we are in deep trouble. I will definitely talk more about this soon.

Many empires have arisen and died over the centuries, and the Roman Empire is probably the one we first come to think of. Much is written about this, and in the context of what has been discussed in these papers so far, it's quite easy to figure out how it's all connected. I mention the Roman Empire here, however, because I want to tell the reader something peculiar, which is not very well known, because it's been erased from history.


Homer, of course, told us about giants, minotaurs, sirens, and many other odd beings and creatures in 'Odysseus', and in 'Jason and the Golden Fleece' we learn about the Minotaur as well.


Today, we read these novels as fiction, and they are to a certain degree, but there is also truth in them.

I told the reader that some of the giants survived the Deluge, and they were indeed still alive during the Roman Empire. For some time, they were used by the Romans in war, as builders etc., but eventually, most of them were killed off, although there are stories about giants as recent as 500 years ago. [*]


Are they still alive today? Yes, but perhaps not of the size they once were.


For those who are interested, I highly recommend Steve Quayle's website, which specifically talks about giant in history and present time.


Brien Foerster is another excellent source. He is an archeologist and is studying the Giant Skulls; particularly those found in Peru.


His YouTube site is this one.



5. Jesus of Nazareth, Mary Magdalene and the Knights Templar

I am not going to spend too much time on Jesus, Mary Magdalene, and the Knights Templar, but there are a few things I would like to bring up on this subject.


Yes, Jesus (not his real name, of course) existed, was married and had children, and his bloodline still exists today. However, it's not Jesus' male bloodline that is important to the Global Elite, but the female bloodline of Jesus' offspring.


Many families of the Ruling Elite claim to be direct descendants of Mary Magdalene, Jesus' alleged wife. The foremost task of the Knights Templar was to protect the 'Holy Grail', which was the bloodline of Mary Magdalene.


They also had other, more overt tasks, such as safeguarding travelers to the Holy Land, but they were just fronts for the public.

There are those who say Jesus never existed and is just a composite of beings who were born on the same date, lived a similar life, died on a cross, and was resurrected. This is true in certain terms, but that is just one way of looking at it. Jesus, as a being of flesh and blood, did exist around the time the Bible suggests, but he was perhaps not the person we think he was - the son of God.


In fact,

  • Which 'God' are we talking about?

  • How much of Jesus' teachings are unaltered, and how much was excluded?

  • Were the most revealing parts taken out from the Bible?



Figure 8-1

The Bishops of the First Council of Nicea, 325 AD

At the Council of Nicea in 325 AD, Constantine decided to put the Bible together.


He inspired people to come to him with all sacred scriptures they had and leave them with him. Constantine found his abode overwhelmingly full of ancient text, cuneiform and other kinds of scriptures.


And there was a lot about Jesus of Nazareth and Mary Magdalene, and the true story of the two.


Figure 8-2

Roman Emperor, Constantine the Great,
in a representation of the City of Constantinople, which
he founded and made the new Capital of the Roman Empire.

However, the Roman Emperor Constantine wanted a unified religion which everybody could follow so he could more easily control the population.


Hence, he excluded the majority of the most important scriptures and decided to publish the less significant ones. At that moment, lots of true history was lost (although some of these texts have recently been found, such as the 'Book of Enoch' and the 'Dead Sea Scrolls').


But still, in the Bible there is a lot of valid and important information left, because neither Constantine, nor the rest of the Council of 'Wise Men' understood what these scriptures were all about.


Many terms were unfamiliar to them, so they thought they were not important and published them. Fortunately, this still makes the Bible a resource for the historian; to a much lesser degree than it could have, but still important enough to consider being one source among many.

Although the Religion of Mother Goddess had been more or less outlawed for the common people, and its secret followers on and off were hunted down and killed by the establishment, it never really stopped being practiced.


There were 'witches' who still remembered some of the procedures and rituals, and how to heal people with plants, herbs, vegetables, and fruits from the Living Library, but they had to practice their religion away from society. Some didn't let themselves being intimidated and still practiced the Aryan Religion openly, but institutions like the Catholic Church chased them down and burned them at the stake - often just from hearsay.


In today's world, little do people understand that the same institution (the Roman Catholic Church) which burned witches and shamans on the stake, practiced the same religion they condemned behind closed doors. Even now, the Catholic Church is worshiping Mother Mary higher than Jesus Christ.


They understand the importance of the female bloodline. And after all they've done, Roman Catholicism is the biggest religion on Earth! What a joke that would be if it wasn't so serious.

The Knights Templar found something very valuable and stunning underneath the floor in Solomon's Temple. There was a hidden passage that led down underground and ended in a big room which had been used for practicing the Religion of the Mother Goddess and the Divine Feminine.


This shows that the Men of Power indeed know that the Universe is feminine, and rituals devoted to the Mother Goddess have been extremely important for the Ruling Elite.


And why is that? Because that's of course where the power lies and that's the key to conquering the 96%.

Newer research shows that Jesus actually didn't die on the cross, and it's easy to find material these days, showing that he and Mary traveled west and settled down in France, and they both lived a long life and had children. I am not going to go into details about that either, because detailed information can be found elsewhere, [1] but this is the whole thing with the power struggle between the Global Elite; who is of the purest 'Jesus line', or rather, the female line.

Now, if we think about it; who can Jesus have been? And who would have any interest in letting a seemingly ethical and just being come down to Earth and spread his message?

Let's say that the Sirians wanted unity; they wanted to bring the peoples of the Earth under one umbrella through religion. What would they do, and whom would they choose to do it?

Well, with all we know, we don't have to be overly clever to figure it out.

  • What are the most 'supernatural' things we know about Jesus? We know he was born from a virgin and his mother was Maria (Mary).


  • Who else goes under the name, or title, Mary? The Mother Goddess does.


  • And who is representing Mother Goddess in the 4% Universe? The Queen of the Stars, i.e. the Orion Queen.


  • Furthermore, who was born from a virgin? ENKI vs. EA, because he was born from an unfertilized egg!

And there we have it...


The virgin is the Queen of the Stars and the son who was born without a father was EA. So, Jesus was from Orion, in other words, working for the Sirians.

EA as Jesus did a good job; he managed to get a lot of followers. Not so much during his 'lifetime', but I don't think that was the purpose, either. EA's task was to spread a 'god-like' message to the people that they could relate to and take to heart.


Then it was for those who came after him to sort out what was to be published and what was not; hence the Council of Nicea etc.

And how do we know that EA/Jesus worked together with the Sirians? Why couldn't it be that he actually broke out because he regretted what he'd done and now tried to set the records straight? Well, we know he was working with the Sirians because he was promoting a masculine God; he was a messenger for the Patriarchal Regime!


And there was another reason EA was chosen for the role of Jesus as well; he was known to be a great teacher, because he was the one who had taught the early, enhanced humans about the Religion of the Mother Goddess, shamanism, and the Sacred Rituals of Fire as Lucifer, the 'Light Bearer' (bearer of Knowledge).


He was the best man to do it. Also, he didn't have the typical bad temper, attributed to the Sirian Overlords. He had patience... well, sometimes.

I want to leave it with this and let the reader ponder it. Read the New Testament and see if the puzzle pieces fit together; I bet they do. Questions will arise, but do your best to put them in perspective and see if you can figure out how it's all connected. You may find it very interesting!


Then I would suggest reading the book, 'Holy Blood, Holy Grail' by Baigent, Lee, and Lincoln, and you'll learn more about Jesus' life after the so-called 'crucifixion'. If you want to study even more, look into Sir Laurence Gardner's work on the Grail Bloodline, the Dragon Line, Star Fire, and Mary Magdalene.


None of these sources tells the whole story, but maybe you can when you've studied them?


6. Keeping us in the Dark

The world was heading for quite some barbarian times after EA's faked death on the cross, and all the way through the American Revolution.


History was rewritten many times, starting long before Jesus' birth, by Sirian 'gods', who were fighting for power. Both ENLIL and Marduk were guilty of erasing history, both wanting to be the one in charge.


And to convince the human population that this was how it was supposed to be, that they were the only God, they had to erase the traces of earlier gods. Memories had to be erased, both on the planet and in the astral, in the Between-Lives-Area (BLA), [def] and time had to be reset.

As we touched on earlier, after Christianity was created by the Sirian Overlords and their human minions it came down hard on those who were still pagan and practiced the Mother Goddess Religion.


If Christianity was going to become a success in the 'civilized' world, paganism had to go. Therefore, the Catholic Church started a witch hunt on females who connected with Nature and the Divine Feminine.


So they possessed the Fire? Well, let them burn in Fire, then! was the conclusion the Papacy came to, while they themselves were dedicated to paganism and the Goddess Religion behind the scenes.


Women of Fire were burned in Fire at the stake in these very dark ages where next to no spirituality had the chance to survive. Everybody had to concentrate on their very immediate survival and didn't have time for spiritual contemplations on their own. The Sirian Overlords, on the other hand, never walked around hungry.


They had huge meals every second of the day, feeding off an enormous amount of fear.

In the meantime, there was an election being run on Ša.AM.e, according to A.R. in his e-book, 'The LINK'. [2]


This was an ongoing process, which started before Jesus was born. King ANU was stepping down as the King of Ša.AM.e, [3] and the first democratic election on the planet was held.


This was in the 700s-800s AD. All Sirians apparently left Planet Earth to participate in this historic event, and Earth was left solely in the hands of the Global Elite. Even Marduk left, but was afterwards banned from Ša.AM.e. We know from 'Level I' that the new King, and ANU's successor, was Nannar, ENLIL's son.


Nannar is still King of Ša.AM.e up until this day, according to A.R.

After the election was over, some Sirians returned to our planet. They had realized, before they left for Ša.AM.e, that Christianity by itself wouldn't unite all people, and that they still needed conflicts.


So one day in 610 AD, a forty year old man named Mohammad had a revelation, and with his conviction he managed to unite Islam, which became a widespread religion, perfect to use as a catalyst whenever needed. Other religions were created as well, all built on old pagan traditions in a new package.


Wars and unrest became the name of the day for centuries.

In Europe, the dream of a New Atlantis started taking form, and prominent secret societies, such as the Rosicrucian Order under Sir Francis Bacon, and Freemasonry, worked in unison behind the scenes to make this happen. They, of course, knew about America long before Columbus.


He, Cortez and other European 'explorers' were just forerunners, making sure that the continent in the west, which had been chosen to become the New Atlantis, was cleansed from 'savages', and that gold and other valuable things changed ownership and landed in the 'right hands'.


The American east coast had once been part of Atlantis, something these secret societies were well aware of, and now they wanted to rebuild the Empire of the Gods, and they started preparing for their return. They never really left, however, and the skeleton crew which is still here in the physical, is led by Marduk and his sons, apparently.


Still, there are many Sirians and other non-physicals in other dimensions who pull the strings behind the scenes of the Powers That Be.

Behind the American Revolution, the French Revolution, and the Russian Revolution, were not only Freemasonry and the Rosicrucians, but also another secret society, formed by a Jesuit priest, Adam Weishaupt in Bavaria in southern Germany.


The name of his group became known as the 'Illuminati', and consisted of the most brilliant thinkers of their time. When this secret group was revealed, they were banned in Germany, and the members had to flee.


However, there were Founding Fathers of the United States of America who were in continuous contact with Weishaupt and his group, something that is shown in letters which were found after the United States was established.


Thomas Jefferson was one of those who were close friends of Weishaupt's. Letter correspondence exists between the two.


The Illuminati and Freemasonry were the two driving forces behind the American Revolution, and the most prominent Founding Fathers were Freemasons, and others were tightly connected with the group. Only a few rejected Freemasonry. Both these secret societies exist today.

The history of the world's secret societies and how the Global Elite is connected through a world-wide network of those organizations is discussed in enormous detail on 'Illuminati News', so I will not go into a whole lot about that here, but the official reason why the American Revolution happened in the first place was to break free from the British Monarchy, which people thought was oppressive.


However, we now know that America has never been free from British influence, and the Monarchy is still very much in charge behind the scenes. The United States are not the Land of the Free.


There is no such thing on this planet as a free country. Since humankind, the way we know ourselves, were created, there hasn't been a Land of the Free, except perhaps Lemuria for a period of time, but even Mu was part of a bigger conspiracy, so their freedom was also to some degree an illusion.


As long as the Sirian Alliance [def] is still present on Earth, there will be no 'Land of the Free'.

The only real difference between ancient times and the world we live in now is that the 'gods' are not present among us. They are still here but are not showing themselves openly anymore. They have become invisible controllers, and we think that all the bad things that happen on the planet are due to human behavior.


This is not true. We have the DNA of the Sirians, but we also have the DNA from the Mother Goddess, and that's where human compassion, love, caring, and helpfulness comes from.


The rest, unfortunately, are Sirian traits we have inherited, but also have gained from manipulation and mind control. Humankind without the Sirian Alliance would be a very different species. We would see the best sides of ourselves develop rapidly, because they are predominant. Look around you and see. People in general want to do good; they are friendly, helpful, compassionate and loving. In general, people don't want to hurt each other.

But what about school shootings, assassination, and wars? Yes, but if we really study it and research it, we will find a common denominator.


The perpetrators were either under the influence of mind altering drugs, and/or heavy mind control. Either way, we can trace their behavior back to mind control. Someone used these people for some evil purposes; they did not do what they did by their own free will - they were manipulated.

Still, isn't it a little paranoid to blame it all on the Sirian Alliance? We humans are certainly no angels either, some might say. And if they are Christians, they would justify it by saying that we were born sinners, so our behaviors make sense. The perpetrators are of the Devil.

To this I would say that if the Sirians had left this planet alone and let the Aryan Experiment evolve on its own, we would not have these problems. And I dare say that although the Sirians manipulated us the way they did - if they then left us alone, we would still become a compassionate species who would reach the stars.


We are about 7 billion people in this world, so of course there are those who would do counter-survival things to others in such a crowd, but humanity in general would evolve just fine.

We are souls in a body. We are trapped in matter, although we don't have to be. There is nothing wrong with the material world; what's wrong is to keep people trapped and prevent them from reaching out to the other dimensions. And this is what the Sirian Alliance has done.


Sirians, Alpha Draconians, Pleiadians, Andromedans, you name it...


Factions of all these alien groups, and more, are part of the Sirian Alliance and work towards a common goal to become the Rulers of the Universe. And they want to make sure we help them to reach that goal, and they are going to see to that they get our consent. How will they do that? The way they always have - through manipulation.

No one can really help us except ourselves. So long as we agree with the Sirians and are willing to help them, which we are by buying into their manipulation and by adjusting to their fear-based 'system', we are not free, and we are participating in their universal crime and become guilty by association.

We need to claim our sovereignty, and we need to do it now.


This is not a farce or something we can read about just to get a thrill. This is about you and I, our future, and the future of our children and grandchildren. We can act and make a difference, or we can remain passive and support the criminals. It's our choice. If we choose the first option, it will lead towards freedom, and if we choose the second, it will lead to our very destruction; both as individuals and as a human species.


Ponder what that really means already now, because in a few papers away we are going into details about the real consequences of the choices we make, how we make them, consciously and unconsciously, and how sloppy thinking needs to go out the window, because it leads to our demise.


Clarity of thought, intention, and action is what is going to declare our sovereignty for the first time in history.

It's time to reach for the stars. There are friendly beings out there, waiting for us to join them. And they are waiting, impatiently. Some of them in sadness, not knowing if we are going to make it or not. There are those who think we won't. We need to prove them wrong.

We will now quickly move up to present time and discuss what we have learned so far, and the implications of it all. It is a sobering awakening; it was for me.


The soulution is simple in concept, but the difficult part is to get people to apply it. We need the numbers, and 7 billion people will suit our purpose. We are all part of a mass consciousness (the super-mind of humankind, our species), and we affect each other by our thoughts and beliefs.


There is evidence that if 3% of a species are moving in the same direction, the rest will follow. 3% is our goal; that is what we're aiming for.


And I am not talking about 'recruitment' and attempts to convince people to think in a certain way, spending hours forcing ideas on them. If we do, we become manipulators, too. No, the work we need to do has to be done from 'inside' ourselves. It's an inner, spiritual work, and it has to be done.

The human soul group is beautiful.


Once we're free, we have a lot to contribute with to the galactic community, and those waiting for us know that! It's time to reclaim our home; it's time we release ourselves and break down the invisible prison walls.



Notes and References

[*] Pleiadian Lecture, Summer 2012.

[1] A good book to start reading on the life of Jesus and Mary Magdalene would be 'Holy Blood, Holy Grail' by Michael Baigent, Richard Lee, and Henry Lincoln. There is also a sequel to this book, called 'The Messianic Legacy'.

[2] 'The LINK' is free to download.

[3] Nothing is said about whether ANU was stepping down as the King of Sirius as well, but I am confirmative that he didn't. I have sources telling me that ANU is still alive and well, sitting on the Sirian throne. Dr. Bordon does not endorse that ANU is residing in Sirius at all, claiming there are no Sirians in Sirius anymore, and that Ša.AM.e is it. The citizens of this big planet is all that remains of the Sirians. This, of course, is not true, but something Bordon claims for unknown reasons. However, light will be shed on this as well in time.