by Mark Sircus
September 25, 2019

from DrSircus Website





Huge forces are coming into play that we should know about.


It is bad enough that,

...and more. Too much more...


The predicaments the world faces have only grown larger and more intractable. But nothing will take us more by surprise than a brutal shift from summer right into winter...





According to latest runs, we're now just 42hrs out from the first wave of Arctic air hitting SE Canada/NW U.S., which, by the end of Fri, September 27, is expected to have engulfed large swathes of Canada as well as practically all of the Western U.S.


All-time monthly cold records are under-threat in,

central and southern Canada, as well as in the U.S. states of Montana, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Wyoming, N. & S. Dakota, Nebraska and even Kansas...

Temperature departures are set to be a staggering 20º+C below normal in some spots.





Back in Regular Life


In regular life,

if we look at dismal car sales and the stats on plummeting world trade and the fact that the world is now 270 trillion in debt, 17 trillion in bonds are in negative interest territory (so forget about saving anything) we should be able to smell the trouble, so prepare yourselves.


More people today are sensing the coming repression than they did before the last one started in 2008.


The remaining oil costs much more now to get out of the ground, it's bankrupting the oil companies.


Shale oil is a nightmare industry and so is the nuclear.


And the FED is at it again trying to save the world from a financial black hole in the Repo market.

"The negative interest rate policy of the ECB is ruining the financial system and is a socio-political poison," says Frank Kohler, CEO of Sparda-Bank Berlin.

The financial system is absurd if we have to explain to the children that money has a negative value - and thus debt is good, because you may not have to repay everything.

My response:

Well, the elite has been dealing in poison for 150 years, poisons of every type, chemicals, heavy metals, radiation, soon 5G (frequency poison) making a lot of money from everything, so now we have financial poison, one more method of suiciding humanity.


I guess the psychopaths at the top have no other choice but to continue their rein of ruin otherwise they would risk becoming  good; not much or any chance of that.

In addition,

Many factories are going into ruin and without super low interest rates most big companies would go belly up.


Suicide rates are up.


There is no doubt that there would not be a bull market without central bank intervention meaning the central banks have taken over the world.


And the workforce has degenerated into various mobs demanding something, anything, or freaking out about climate change, the kind that is not happening. 

Read the Odor of Desperation to get a sniff of what is happening behind the scenes in American politics.


And if this were not all bad enough,

"Americans from all walks of life are describing the trauma of being threatened, coerced and punished by doctors violating the informed consent ethic, who have abandoned the precautionary principle of First, do no harm.


They are behaving more like 'prison guards,' than compassionate healers" exclaims Barbara Lo Fisher.




Preparing to be Crushed by Mother Nature and Cold Climate Change


However, nothing can compare to the forces of Nature that are now arrayed against the human race.


So great is the threat that I am declaring a climate week.


I have already prepared four essays on the violent climate that is hitting us hard and exactly where it is going to hurt the most.

It is our stomachs and pocket books that are going to be growling before we know it, as agricultural disasters keep rolling in one after another because of the cold wet weather

I am not quite sure I can explain why I have been writing for ten years on cold climate change when my real focus is on medicine, health and spiritual psychology.


I used to write quite a bit on finance and economics but gave that up and let the experts shout out their warning.


However, I imagined a decade ago that a madness was afoot that was going to psychologically damage human societies well before the cold bites down hard on us.


As the cold and snow move in this week the toll on already devastated crops will be hard to hide for much longer.

Europe is projected as well to enter a deep freeze in early October but September has already seen record cold in many places and Spain has just suffered a storm for the record books


In China they have the bird flu and army worms and total devastation to their pork industry and they are having a hard time with fish production because of shortages in fish feed.


Competing with the violence is the deceit of the international press, governments and some corrupt science organizations, that are lying through their teeth about man-made global warming, when what we have is natural cooling due to the grand solar minimum that is upon us.


NASA is telling us that solar activity is falling off to a 200 year low.




Not to throw cold water on global warming fanatics but The General-Secretary Petteri Taalas of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) says that the alarmist narrative on climate change has gone off the rails and criticized the news media for provoking unjustified anxiety.


Speaking to Finland's financial newspaper Talouselämä ("The Journal") on 6 September 2019, Taalas called for cooler heads to prevail, saying that he,

does not accept arguments of climate alarmists that the 'end of the world' is at hand...

The cooling climate and this grand solar minimum is not just bringing in colder weather and shorter growing seasons, it is bring in extraordinarily amounts of rain and snow that is just too much for farmers to deal with.


Huston is suddenly underwater is the big climate news of these past few days.


Science can explain this but global warming fanatics are not into science:

they are into 'climate religion'...

This is all going to affect peoples health, not only through increasing malnutrition and increasing poverty, but also our bodies will be affected by violent climate swings that we are not prepared for because of all the lies and manipulations in the press.


Flu season will start early and vaccines are not going to help. 


As the world cools people by the millions, especially the young are losing their minds to the global warming scam, but psychologists cannot see the forest from the trees. 


We have always had child sexual abuse and rape but now we have climate abuse being driven by psychopathic climate maniacs suffering from hallucinations.


The big news is that we are moving from summer right into winter with dramatic drops in temperatures. In reality, winter snow has already afflicted certain areas at the end of summer but the more rational among us will blame the cooling on warming.


The warming crowd has just heated up their minds with all their climate models its too bad their thoughts are not strong enough to actually heat up the planet.


Weather reality is upon us and cannot be hidden but that is exactly what they are going to do to their last dying breath.


Even as place after place records historic low temperatures they will try to freak us out with fear of the end of civilization due to global warming. All political integrity has been thrown under the bus.


Do all the news outlets 'reporting' on climate even realize how dangerous it is to lie about the climate?


Even president Trump cannot and will not stand up to the lies with the truth. Extreme precipitation is a hazard in nearly all parts of the world, but the amount of rain that might be considered "extreme" varies widely.


This year we are experiencing and being educated into a new level of extreme as Huston just suffered

"Public perception is beginning to shift from complacency to fear. Countries are fast rejecting globalization in favor of nationalization.


The holes in our ecosystem - vanishing birds, insects, amphibians and fish stocks - are becoming frighteningly obvious.


The threats to life as we're accustomed to it are becoming more visible while accelerating in both magnitude and frequency," writes Chris Martenson.

US Democrats and MSM are running down a blind alley with climate news, telling themselves there's warming when there is cooling.

It has become a mass delusion.


Such a mass insanity has not been seen in all of recorded history.


The sky is falling the world is ending and the great flood is going to drown us all!

But for sure we are poisoning our beautiful planet, of that there is no doubt.


Just to remind you what you are in store again this year, remember the end of last January when the headlines read:

77 below zero?

Polar vortex yields deadly cold as thousands endure power cuts, travel issues mount in Midwest.


States of emergency had been issued in Wisconsin, Illinois and Michigan due to the extreme cold...