by Dr. Reiner Fuellmich
October 03, 2020

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The German expert on international law, corruption cases and medical law, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, explains in this lecture why the so-called corona 'pandemic' in his opinion is a gigantic political scandal that qualifies to be called a crime against humanity.

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich warns that the current geopolitical changes in the World are to be regarded as 'crimes against the Humanity' since they are not based on science nor reason.

Before joining the law firm Dr. Fuellmich, he worked in the corporate banking business of Deutsche Bank in Germany and Japan.


Dr. Reiner Fuellmich has successfully sued,

Deutsch Bank and VW...

Fuellmich has published various articles and books in the fields of banking law, medical law and international private law and has taught as a professor and lecturer at universities in Germany and Estonia.

Dr. Fuellmich provides clear and rational analysis of today's world wide psychological manipulation applications.

"The Corona scandal is probably the biggest crime against humanity ever committed.


Those involved must be prosecuted."

Summary of facts:

  1. How dangerous is the virus?

  2. What is the significance of a 'positive' PCR test?

  3. What damage has been caused by Corona measures?

Key players in the Corona scandal, including Tedros, head of WHO, met in Germany in May 2019.


The definition of a "pandemic" was changed 12 years ago, enabling the Swine flu to be declared as a pandemic, widespread panic was stirred up, and vaccines that damaged health were produced...


Speaks about some of the highly renowned scientists who hold a completely different opinion on the Corona virus then we're being fed.

In Bergamo, Italy, 94% of the deaths were NOT the result of Covid-19.


News of these deaths induced fear and panic worldwide, but what was the actual cause of these deaths?

Panic-mongering caused many elderly people to race to hospitals, rather than staying at home and recovering, they then fell victim to health care associated infections and malpractice, like being put on respirators.


The RKI, the German equivalent of the CDC, initially recommended that no autopsies be performed.


And there are numerous credible reports worldwide that doctors and hospitals had been paid money to declare a diseased person a victim of COVID 19, when this wasn't the case.

Imperial College's Neil Fergusson predicted an apocalypse of virus deaths, but according to Swedish authorities, what happened there was the equivalent of a mild flu.

"If it weren't for the test results reported in the media, the pandemic would be over".

The coronavirus pandemic is the greatest crime against humanity ever committed.

1. Is there a coronavirus pandemic, or is there a PCR test pandemic?

2. Do the anti-coronavirus measures, lockdown, facemasks, social distancing, serve to protect the worlds populations, or do these measures serve to make the public panic or to create profit for Big Pharma?

3. Was the German government lobbied by WHO to implement anti-coronavirus measures as a model for the rest of the world to follow based on fraudulent information?