by Bernhard Guenther

November 02, 2018

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I first came across the "topic of all topics" - the hyperdimensional control of humanity - about 20 years ago in the late 90s based on personal experiences and a life long "knowing" or intuition (which was very dim at first) that there is 'something else' going on here on Planet Earth behind the veil of this 3D physical reality.


It was if a 'seed' was planted within me before entering this body and since then, I have done extensive research into this topic (except for little detour when I took the New Age pill).


The right book, teaching, and material came across my path in perfect synchronistic timing which triggered even more 'remembering'. Eventually, it lead me to the topic of entity interferences/attachments and occult knowledge in general.


About 15 years ago I started writing about this publicly and back then, hardly anyone took these topics seriously. I was ridiculed, attacked, laughed at, and I lost many "friends" in the process.


It became a very lonely path for many years.

Throughout these years, I have mostly learned the "hard way" via direct experience; and most often these experiences came because of my own naiveté and over-estimating my level of being and understanding.


I had a certain grasp on these ideas intellectually (and they resonated deeply) but I didn't have embodied knowledge. I was also dealing with much of own unprocessed and unconscious wounds/conditioning.


In other words, I was lacking deeper sincere self-work and didn't apply what I was aware of intellectually.


There was still a lot I didn't know and truth to be told, I wasn't really ready to "know" for Truth and Knowledge are only revealed when we are sincere in our quest and truly "ready" from a soul level.


As it is written:

"To those people who simply pry into the occult from mere curiosity, we have nothing to say.


They will obtain just as much as they deserve, and nothing more. 'Ask and ye shall receive, seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you' is equally as true today, in relation to esoteric knowledge, as it was 2000 years ago…


It invariably presupposes that the supplicator and the knocker are in real earnest, and that they seek only to satisfy the deep yearnings of the immortal soul.


The doorkeeper, or guardian of the temple of truth is as mute as a granite rock to all others.


They may supplicate, they may shout and bawl until they are hoarse, they may knock and buffet the door until they rouse a nation with their clamor, and if they approach in any other spirit than [earnest desire to satisfy the deep yearnings of the immortal soul], it is all to no purpose.


We can never take the Kingdom of Heaven by storm."
The Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor - Initiatic and Historical Documents of an Order of Practical Occultism

by Joscelyn Godwin

This naiveté resulted in some very intense attacks over the years that nearly "took me out" (via suicidal thought injections).


It was like a descent into a hell of despair and suffering which I would not wish upon anyone. Some of these experiences, I haven't shared with anyone and being very outspoken publicly about these topics also attracted this other-worldly "attention".


Looking back, it felt like playing in the dark without really knowing what I was doing.


Only later on did I realize that these severe "attacks" could actually be used as huge lessons and profound initiations. Many times, when I was in the middle of them, they brought me to the brink of insanity and at first these experiences also pushed me into the victim/blame/self-pity trap.

However, during these initiatory years, there were also many positive experiences and realizations as well as Divine guidance and protection (there are divine forces as well!), 'whispering' to me:

"Keep going for this is your path".

As I have said many times before, I never consciously planned to do what I'm doing now.


It was never a "career" choice. It was all somehow arranged from "above" and I just followed/answered the call, tumbling down the rabbit hole. Suffering was my catalyst to seek Truth - needing to understand this world/reality and heal myself.


In this process I started to remember more and more why I chose to incarnate during this Time of Transition.


I have fallen into all the traps I have mentioned in my work over the years myself (and still do at times), learning the lessons via "tough grace" and burning in the fire of transmutation with all the disillusionment, emotional, physical and psychological pain that comes along with it.


I've had to eat humble-cake many times.



As Above

So Below...

Yet, the deeper and lower I fell, the higher I was able to rise; the descent and ascent at the same time.


I also realized how little control I (who I "think" I am) actually had over this process.


But all the suffering initiated a deep longing within me to (re)unite with the Divine, the only true source of Light, Joy, and Love (in the true meaning of these words, not the New Age distortions).


And that is where I encountered another paradox.


The more sincerely I aspired towards the Divine - my true self - and engaged in the necessary inner work to anchor the higher frequencies of soul-individualization (embodiment), the more my lower nature resisted, and in fact, the Light (Divine) shined a merciless light into the darkest corners of my psyche/Being, bringing all up that needs to rise and be transmuted - the less I am/was able to lie to myself, engage in spiritual bypassing or rationalize it all away.

I also realized and experienced that these hyperdimensional entities/occult hostile forces (in whatever shape and form) target these areas and heighten them through temptation, emotional manipulation, and thought injections.


It's an esoteric law/axiom (which I have written about before) that anyone who is sincere in his/her path towards awakening WILL get attacked and interfered with; most often in ways one is not at all aware of.


Hence, they serve as a teaching function; for they "highlight" our issues, wounds, and blindspots - which keep us from awakening.


Their intention is to chain us to our lower nature (in whatever form is specific for and manifests within the individual) as they don't want to lose their "food" source.


This doesn't only relate to wounds, trauma, or conditioning, but to the false ego personality and its attachment to the lower nature, in general - including the various traps of agreement with these occult forces that we made in this lifetime and/or in past lives.

This path towards awakening spirals up, down, in, out, back, and forth, expanding on all levels and bringing up everything. Anything that is asleep within us (unconscious) will be put under the spotlight of Truth.


Staying always aware and fully conscious is extremely hard and nearly impossible in our normal, every-day, state of being. We all have blindspots, wounds, and triggers which occult adverse forces use against us - but again, it all HAS a teaching function.


It's the same lesson over and over again until we truly get it and don't REACT to the trigger/influence (which can often be very strong and hard to resist).


Hence, developing zero-point non-reactive consciousness is key in this process.

"If you look at yourself carefully, you will see that one always carries in oneself the opposite of the virtue one has to realize.


You have a special aim, a special mission, a special realization which is your very own, each one individually, and you carry in yourself all the obstacles necessary to make your realization perfect.


Always you will see that within you the shadow and the light are equal:

you have an ability, you have also the negation of this ability.

But if you discover a very black hole, a thick shadow, be sure there is somewhere in you a great light. It is up to you to know how to use the one to realize the other.


And if you observe carefully you will see that it is always thus with everyone. When you see a very black shadow somewhere in you, something truly painful, you can be sure that you also have the corresponding possibility of light.


This is a fact very little spoken about, but one of capital importance."
The Mother Mirra Alfassa, The Integral Yoga

Over the past 5 years, I've seen an exponential rise of awareness of the hyperdimensional matrix as well as an increased interest in the topic of entity interferences and attachments.


This is good news.


However, on the other hand,

it has also become such a "hyped" topic (in the alternative 'scene') that this has resulted in distortions, over-simplifications, disinformation, and even overly-complex convoluted information (that may appeal to the intellect) which the mind can get easily lost in it and trick itself with (a trap I've fallen into myself, in the past).

It is even easier to get lost in the rabbit hole abyss with the information overload on the Internet in this day and age; getting caught in the "second matrix", as Neil Kramer called it.


Many people also just desperately look for someone to "remove entities" for them without taking self-responsibility or attempting to understand the "mechanics" of occult interferences and entity attachments from a macro and micro perspective - seeing the role these occult hostile forces play in light of the bigger picture perspective of the Evolution of Consciousness, and how they affect each person differently and hold different soul lessons for each individual.


Often times in people, I have noticed that there is also a lack of sincere psychological and esoteric self-work as well as a lack of embodiment practices in their life that need to be addressed first before they can have the discernment to perceive these forces directly.

This also relates to the triad of,

  1. Knowledge

  2. Being

  3. Understanding

When Knowledge (intellectual pursuit of information) is over-riding Being (Embodiment/level of soul individualization) it results in lack of Understanding (embodied/applied Knowledge - Wisdom/Gnosis - beyond the Intellect).

As I've mentioned above, I'm not taking myself out of the equation.


We all learn via trail and error and no one "knows it all", including myself. I'm a 'work in progress' as is everyone else, and I am still learning, or rather "remembering" as I go along.


I may have certain insights, talents and intuitive gifts (as everyone else has to varying degrees based on their own unique soul potential) that I've developed and discovered over the years; but I'm also still dealing with interferences - sometimes intensely, sometimes more subtly.


Yet nothing compared to what I went through years ago. I'm not free from these influences nor do I claim to have fully transcended the Matrix; for the Matrix works THROUGH us and is not really anything "out there" (even though it manifests in the "outside" world as well).


Claiming that one has fully transcended the Matrix would be like stating,

"I'm enlightened".

I've gotten better at rejecting interferences and thought injections before they take a hold within me (once we "accept" their suggestion it often results in a mechanical chain reaction) and I perceive reality more and more clearly beyond the five senses; as in "seeing the unseen" - not visually, but via "sixth sense" cognition.


Yet, sometimes, they still get to me and catch me off-guard.


Hindsight is 20/20 and I see afterwards more clearly how and when these suggestions and interferences came in. I have noticed a pattern, that it is usually a slow build-up at first, and would be impossible to notice for anyone who lacks a basic level of self-awareness.

In more subtle and unconscious ways, most people are not aware of how they are being influenced and manipulated by these occult forces. This self-deception also shows itself when some people claim to be 'totally free' from entity interferences.


That statement is also like claiming,

"I'm enlightened and fully awake."

On the other hand, there are also many people who are aware of this topic yet also still "blame" entities and fall into the victim/blame trap.


Oftentimes, they're not even actually dealing with entity interferences/attachments but with thought formations of their own which have become "entities", so to speak.


This especially happens to people who are fuelled by fear, paranoia, or any other "obsessive" thoughts and desires; as these types of feelings are based on the lower nature which, ironically, is what attracts these occult hostile forces to begin with.

For the record, not falling into the victim/blame trap includes not blaming yourself either!


The mind will have some trouble with that because it is always mentally analyzing and caught in either/or - black/white dualistic thinking; always wants to blame others or itself.


There is state of being (your true self) that rises above and beyond that space and can see the Truth.

By "default" most people tend to blame others (people, situations, entities, etc.) while other people tend to excessively blame themselves for why they got themselves into a particular situation, made mistakes, or attracted an entity via an unconscious trap of agreement, etc.


The latter scenario of blaming oneself excessively is partially based on how the Law of Attraction has been distorted; where we can often find victim-blaming behaviors in others who feel they have the spiritual agency to tell other people that "they only attract what they are".


There is as well an over-simplification and limitation of shadow work that is common-place; and eventually we find that not everything needs to "integrated".


But some aspects needs to be REJECTED as NOT part of one's true nature.


People who tend to be very hard on themselves (lack of healthy self-love and boundaries) can easily slip into the guilt and shame downward spiral if they falsely identify who they truly are with these forces, which is a very low and toxic frequency.

In fact, guilt and shame are only one step above death according to David Hawkin's Map of Consciousness in his book "Power vs. Force".


I can attest to that, because in some past tribulations:

when I got stuck and wallowed in severe guilt and shame, that's precisely when the suicidal thoughts and fantasies kicked in (which were injected by these occult hostile forces).

This extreme low energy state is very paralyzing to the human but a veritable feast for the entities.


When I was in the midst of these intense attacks and diving deep into feelings of guilt and shame. I literally felt like the life was being sucked out of me, my suffering, a nutritious dish for these Draconian entities.


In those extreme states, I even felt this Reptilian entity over-shadowing my whole being and feeding off of my life force.





"There is no visible foe, but the unseen
Is round us, forces intangible besiege,
Touches from alien realms, thoughts not our own
Overtake us and compel the erring heart;
Our lives are caught in an ambiguous net.
A grisly company of maladies
Come, licensed lodgers, into man's bodily house,
Purveyors of death and torturers of life.
In the malignant hollows of the world,
In its subconscient cavern-passages
Ambushed they lie waiting their hour to leap,
Surrounding with danger the sieged city of life:
Admitted into the citadel of man's days
They mine his force and maim or suddenly kill."
Sri Aurobindo

Savitri, Book Six, Canto Two

Beyond blaming self or others there is response-ability - grounded in zero-point non-reactive consciousness.


The witness within, calm, aware and being able to observe objectively (as it is) and then responds or rejects consciously. This inner witness is connected to the true psychic being within (soul), which can never be harmed nor destroyed.


So, it all starts with responsibility (and accountability) in any situation.


This is obviously easier said than done - especially in emotionally stressful situations.

It is also interesting to note that if there is something presented which sounds disturbing or even "evil" it is oftentimes judged as "fear-mongering" or "being negative" (as I've been accused of by people who have never sincerely researched these topics nor read/watched more of my work for context).


If a person reacts to certain information with fear maybe he/she needs to examine it within him/herself why that is before blaming those who are just presenting this information.


Not many people have sincerely looked into these topics or are even aware of them; and as I've said many times - I do not "like" what I've come across and experienced, but it is there, and it doesn't go away by ignoring it or by using questionable mainstream psychology to explain it all away as "mind illusions/projections".

From a shamanic and esoteric perspective, there is a chance for healing when we get out of our own 'comfort zone'.


It is part of the awakening process to put oneself into a state of vulnerability by looking at the "darker" aspects of reality or of one's self; we make the darkness conscious by truly looking at it, facing it, not giving the ego a chance to explain it all away or (spiritual) bypass it, which we oftentimes do so that we can go back to our 'comfort zone' and ultimately, go back to "sleep".


It is not about buying into fear and panic either, nor dwelling on it, but transmuting it via inner work.


Sometimes, we need to look at the more disturbing, fringe, aspects of reality (without automatically defending our (conditioned) beliefs and views), as this allows us to look at the world and ourselves more objectively.


That's what raising consciousness implies - becoming more aware.

The war is truly THROUGH us and through everyone - without exception...


It is unconscious in most people who "dream to be awake" in their mechanical somnambulistic state of existence, identified with the false mask of the conditioned/programmed personality.


Ignorance or denial of this topic is neither a defense nor a protection. In fact, it is a "natural" by-product of the awakening process to come face-to-face with these ancient occult forces which keep humanity locked in a virtual reality frequency prison.


We cannot transcend what we are not aware of. Humanity was hijacked eons ago by this hyper-dimensional predatory alien force - which influences literally all of humanity.


The end-game of this "alien invasion" is a Singularity via Transhumanism and A.I., which intends to create empty human shells (via soul extraction) for complete possession and take-over.


If they succeed, or not, is up to each one of us with soul potential, for the future is not yet set in stone...