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Date:      Tue Dec 9, 2003 3:46 pm
Subject: Statement of Aspirations/Code of Conduct - Version for new Poll



In a message to humanity titled "Change the World! Decide Whether We Should Show Up!" distributed throughout the internet, a group of extraterrestrial races described the dire political problems that threaten the freedom, prosperity and sovereignty of global humanity, and how they could assist by simply 'showing up'.


They requested permission from 'individuals without distinction', as they describe those not holding significant political power, by conducting a global ballot to the question: 'Do You Wish That We Show Up?'


In response to that request, we 'individuals without distinction' wish to declare that we have long been the visionaries, social reformers, peacemakers, healers and 'contactees' in dealing with our planet's problems and communicating with extraterrestrial races. We rightfully claim our role to speak on behalf of global humanity in how extraterrestrials can assist with and transform our present global predicament.

Our planet has long been dominated by competing groups of political elites who have established predatory national policies that have threatened freedom and prosperity of all nations of our world. These predatory policies have greatly damaged social, economic and political relationships on our world, and also caused great damage to our natural environment.


As a result, many of our visionaries, Edgar Cayce, Mother Shipton, Gordon Michael Scallion and Nostradamus predicted great planetary upheaval during this time of transition which we call the 'end times'. Fortunately, these planetary upheavals have not occurred due to the extraordinary love, compassion, healing and forgiveness practiced by millions of 'individuals without distinction' who have essentially saved our planet from global catastrophe.


Unfortunately, our political elites continue in their predatory national policies and domination of our political systems, financial institutions and mass media, thereby leading to the present set of dire conditions you describe in your letter.

In exchange for the assistance extraterrestrials provide by 'showing up' and thereby catalyzing solutions to the present problems affecting our planet, we will be willing to lend our assistance in their transformation as interplanetary societies that may continue to have painful histories and antagonisms.


Due to the extensive diversity of our planet's population, history of violent conflict, and predatory policies of our political elites, we have developed unique qualities and strategies for promoting peace, compassion, empathy and healing in societies divided by painful histories of injustice and violence. These qualities are chiefly responsible for our triumph in preventing the predicted global catastrophe on our world, and we wish to draw the attention of extraterrestrial visitors to this.


We will be able to provide expert teams of healers, peacemakers, conflict resolution experts, shamans and mystics, to advise your experts in these areas in how they can be more effective in their respective interplanetary projects.

We wish to emphasize that elected political representatives of our planet's many nations have shown little desire or ability to understand, respond to or engage in public dialogue on the extraterrestrial presence or 'Message to Humanity'. The political elites of our world continue their predatory policies while exercising extensive control of our world's media, political systems and financial institutions.


The extraterrestrial presence continues to be subject to a public policy of non-disclosure by responsible government and military officials; and has involved tremendous social, political and economic cost to global humanity. We declare that we 'individuals without distinction' have lost faith in the ability of our government representatives to effectively deal with extraterrestrials on behalf of global humanity.

Therefore, we as a representative group of 'individuals without distinction' desire to respond to the prospect of extraterrestrials showing up and/or interacting with global humanity.


We declare that the following 'Statement of Aspirations' and 'Code of Conduct' applies to all extraterrestrials, visible or not, who show up, interact with, or desire to interact with global humanity.



  • 'Individuals without distinction' (IWD) - that proportion of global humanity not occupying representative public office, not having significant control of the mass media or owning appreciable financial resources.


  • 'Contact groups' - individuals who have received the letter asking IWD if they want extraterrestrials to show up, and/or given affirmative responses and/or formed groups to discuss issues associated with the letter.


  • Visitors - all 'non-humanoid', 'synthetic humanoids' or 'off-world' races that either 'show up' as a result of an affirmative answer to the requested global ballot, and/or those races previously holding secret agreements with political representatives that either subsequently reveal themselves or remain hidden on Earth.



Statement of Aspirations

1. Visitors recognize and value the unique qualities of peace, compassion, hope, joy, healing and empathy 'individuals without distinction' have developed as a result of living on a tremendously diverse planet with antagonistic histories, emotional traumas, legacies of violence; and predatory policies of competing political elites; and the contribution 'individuals without distinction' can make as peacemakers, visionaries, and healers in interplanetary relations.

2. Visitors seeking to interact with Earth, recognize that we 'individuals without distinction' have long been the visionary social reformers, peacemakers, healers, and truth seekers that have resolved many of our planet's most intractable conflicts and promoted public awareness of the visitor's presence, and therefore deserve primacy and majority representation in formal dialogues and negotiations conducted between visitors and representatives of global humanity.

3. Visitors and 'individuals without distinction' in their relation to one another, need to consider themselves as both teachers and pupils, as sisters and brothers; and not as parents, authorities, or as saviors. Visitors recognize that they and 'individuals without distinction' are in a partnership where each seeks to identify, nurture and exchange their unique contributions as planetary societies for their mutual benefit in a wider interplanetary community based on the principles of individuality, free will, sovereignty, and Universal Law.

4. 'Individuals without distinction' and visitors are self-empowered as a result of their interactions, and mutual advancement is obtained through communication, sharing of knowledge, and expansion in all spheres of growth for humans and visitors.

5. During the first contact event, space vehicles of visitors above Earth's population centers should appear in formations that use universal symbols of peace, love and joy. Light and holographic shows similar to fireworks displays and outdoor movies should also be extensively used to demonstrate the friendliness of the visitors, and their origins.

6. When visitors first meet large numbers of 'individuals without distinction' and local officials, these meetings will use friendly and open contact scenarios that are characterized by exchanges of gifts, use of peaceful symbols and reliance on humanoid visitors that all promote confidence and trust.

7. Visitors assist global humanity for a transition period of seven years with a possible three year extension, if required, to introduce necessary reforms to prepare global humanity for full and open membership in interplanetary relations. All agreements reached between visitors and representatives of global humanity are subject to review/termination/confirmation at any time by an appropriate global planetary institution or in a global ballot of 'individuals without distinction'.

8. Visitors send delegates/emissaries to visit major cities and to attend public forums where they can meet with and answer questions from the mass media and private citizens. In cases where visitors do not agree to a more public display, arrangements will be made to offer the visitors a place where they would be more comfortable.

9. Visitors assist in ensuring the effectiveness of a 'Planetary Truth Commission' authorized to disclose the full extent of human rights violations stemming from all secret projects, agreements, technologies and activities that involved visitors collaboration with national military-intelligence agencies, scientific laboratories and corporations.

10. The trade and movement of renewable resources, intellectual property, or human visitors/workers to other planets, to be regulated by a duly constituted planetary authority established at the end of a transition period of seven years.

11. Establishment of an organization from contact groups authorized to monitor political representatives and executive officers of undue visitor influence, and to act as an advisory body to decision makers on the activities and influence of visitors.



Code of Conduct

12. Due to the unrepresentative and secret negotiations that have taken place in recent Earth history between government officials and visitors, visitors seeking to establish or to renew agreements with representatives of global humanity, must ensure that 'contact groups' and 'individuals without distinction' are respectively given major representation at all subsequent formal dialogues and negotiations.

13. All agreements reached between visitors who 'show up' and members of global humanity, representative or not, will be fully disclosed and distributed through all public information channels including the mass media, non-governmental organizations dealing with extraterrestrial affairs; and a public internet site dedicated to disclosing extraterrestrial related information on a 'round the clock' basis. Visitor rights will be respected by the Earth's media when providing such information.

14. There will be full disclosure and transparency in all visitor interventions in human affairs and the Earth's ecosystem in terms of their respective short and long-term consequences. An appropriate global institution will be created to monitor and where appropriate correct the consequences of visitor interventions or the consequences of human interventions on visitor worlds or subterranean Earth locations.

15. Visitors interacting with Earth ensure that 'secret agreements' previously made between themselves and political representatives, and all associated activities and programs, are fully disclosed to global humanity through the same communication channels as #13.
16. In all interactions between visitors and global humanity, the free will and rights of humans and visitors are at all times respected, and that all violations of these will be reported and rectified by a designated Human and Visitor Rights Office created to deal with infractions of the free will and rights of humans and/or visitors.

17. There will be full transparency and openness in all cases where visitors or their proxies, or humans or their proxies, influence or control one another by: electronic devices, mind control, etheric implants, or any other artificial methods.

18. An appropriate planetary legal institution will be responsible for creating and/or harmonizing planetary, national and local laws with the needs and rights of visitors. In interacting with political authorities at the national or sub-national levels, visitors will respect local customs and laws.

19. Visitors are required not to make any trade agreements concerning the export of Earth's non-renewable resources with any political entity, at the national, sub-national or planetary level.

20. Visitors may record information related to their experience on Earth. Visitors desiring to introduce or remove any material object from Earth must gain express permission of import/export control authorities or in compliance with regulations concerning the exchange of gifts between humans and visitors.

21. No visitor may introduce any self-replicating organism or information.

22. No visitor may initiate a chemical, biological, thermonuclear, or other chain reaction, wittingly or unwittingly.

23. Visitors recognize the principles of 'freedom of speech', 'freedom of religion' and 'freedom of thought' in all interactions with human populations, and grant reciprocal rights to human visitors to their worlds or subterranean Earth locations.

24. Visitors interact with global humanity and the Earth only in manner that is in harmony with the highest good of all beings.


Distributed December 9, 2003 on the discussion forum