by Gabriel Chiron
from ExopoliticBlogs website


It is well-known now by thoughtful and aware people of the planet Earth that Extraterrestrial Intelligent Beings (ETIB’s) have been visiting the Earth and interacting with humanity in a variety of ways from the beginning of human time. All the nonsense about whether there are or are not ETIB’s is just a stupid sociological game that is produced and maintained by government manipulators, willfully ignorant academics and the distracted masses who do not really want to know what is going on.


The cosmic situation of humanity in this early 21st Century is not about “proof” or “evidence”, for anyone who wants it can find plenty of it, nor is it about “belief” (“Do you believe in Flying Saucers”, “Do you believe in Aliens?”, “Do you believe in God?”, “Do you believe people have Souls?” and so on ad nauseam), but rather it is about the present crisis of self-destruction of humanity, destruction of the ecosystem and the role of Extraterrestrial Cosmic Powers in secretly pushing humanity into such behavior, merely observing such behavior or standing by to intervene, whether in an invasive, neutral or compassionate manner.

Who and what are the Extraterrestrial Cosmic Powers that are present and that may or may not intervene in some way in the near future, perhaps on or before the natural deadline of late 2012 AD?


Intelligent, thoughtful people of our planet are asking questions like this, but there is a scarcity of plausible cosmic information on or around this subject.


Nonetheless, there is cosmic information available for those who are seriously seeking it and attempting to process it for deep thinking and attunement. In fact, there are two current books out by serious cosmic thinkers who have attempted to give what they believe is the right interpretation of available cosmic information in terms of an attempt to describe the actual cosmic situation of present Earth humanity in conjunction with Extraterrestrial Intelligence.


One of these is Cosmic Explorers (1999) by Courtney Brown, himself an independent Remote Viewer, and the other is Exopolitics (2004) by Michael E. Salla, [formerly] Researcher at the Center for Global Peace, American University, Washington DC.

Courtney Brown has attempted some scenario planning of the near cosmic future by building up what he considers to be the only two alternative futures that will happen to Earth humanity, which are:

  1. A future where a group he calls the “Renegade Reptilians” forcibly invade and seize the Earth and rule humanity with a sadistic oppression into the far future, basically abusing and torturing human beings in the same manner as the American Army is currently treating the people of Iraq, but at least cleaning up the environment, giving some cosmic education to humanity by force and simultaneously interbreeding with Earth people to create a hybrid human/reptilian race.

  2. A future where a group of predominantly Little Grays working within a cosmic organization called the “Galactic Federation” will forcibly prevent the “Renegade Reptilians” from invading the Earth, but will also prevent any form of benign intervention from outside humanity. In this scenario, the Earth sinks into increasing environmental disasters, deterioration and human deprivation in a world dominated by thoughtless and irresponsible masses and their foolish, corrupt leaders.

These two gloomy scenarios are the only plausible future scenarios Brown wishes to build and think about from his particular remote viewing perspective.


From the standpoint of genuine Scenario Planning, even working with his limited cosmic information and beliefs, other scenarios could and should be built and become part of the thinking exercise about the future. Also, it would be helpful if his Remote Viewing would apply itself to a wider bandwidth which could include, for instance, the Pleiadeans, the Iargans, the Siriusians and other Extraterrestrial Races of our galaxy and even other galaxies, such as Andromeda, who apparently have representatives here. He is, in our opinion, over-focused on Reptilians, Little Grays and Martians.


And, even in the matter of Little Grays, he believes (as too many others also do) that the race from Zeta Reticulum are also “Little Grays”, but this is not in fact so, though there are some areas of resemblance. Strictly speaking, the Little Grays are from our old Lunar evolution of the Moon, and it is they who have utilized genetic material of Americans to create a hybrid Little Gray/human race now inhabiting a planet called Essassani.


This has apparently taken place in accord with cosmic agreements outside the knowledge and conscious willingness of Earth humanity, which has created reactions against “intrusion” in some government circles through some misunderstanding. So, we would recommend that Remote Viewing tackle a wider spread of targets in conjunction with greater research and thoughtfulness toward cosmic information from alternative sources to Remote Viewing, such as valid accounts of direct contactees, whether voluntary and conscious and involuntary and semi-conscious abductees. He should even examine more carefully various kinds of “channeled” telepathy from Extraterrestrial sources, which are virtually apposite forms of Remote Viewing.

Michael Salla gives a limited list of possible sources of cosmic information, which we will be referring to here and there, but his list includes only seven categories, whereas we acknowledge thirteen sources of potentially valid cosmic information. Also, his criteria for the validity of cosmic information is to assess its degree of acceptance in a human court of law.


But we are aware that human courts of law have been repeatedly corrupted and prejudiced in a variety of ways even in regard to ordinary Earth situations. Look at how a corrupt Supreme Court of the United States upheld election-rigging in Florida in the 2000 presidential election of America. How are they then going to be able to adequately process and evaluate cosmic evidence? Human judges and lawyers do not have the cosmic education or mental abilities to process cosmic information.


The processing of cosmic information and evidence is a profound Phenomenological and Sociological problem which would require a body of organized Cosmologists operating with full cosmic knowledge and understanding coupled with heightened awareness. They would have to be without Earth-bound ignorance or prejudice, just for starters. So, to get around this problem, we will suggest thirteen sources of cosmic information in a more natural sequence than this “court of law” business. We rely more on a kind of common sense approach coupled with higher order logic.

Another aspect of Salla’s work is that he has gone entirely overboard in projecting that governmental secret agencies and the Bilderbergers globally, in-the-know about cosmic extraterrestrial matters and technologies, have opted to invade Iraq not for Oil, but to capture old Extraterrestrial technological artifacts, such as some special “stargate he has decided must be there as a prize the Americans in particular want to unearth and possess, even possibly to gain control over possible incursions of Anunnaki invaders through that Iraq Stargate.


We would temper these conclusions with a more logical idea that they are there primarily to capture and utilize Iraq oil-reserves because of the Peak Oil crisis on the planet and only secondarily to raid ancient Extraterrestrial artifacts. Also, he himself acknowledges that the Americans seem to already possess stargates and time-portals, such as at Montauk, in which case it makes one wonder why they would be so caught-up in retrieving an ancient stargate if they already have one that works.


Salla’s logic here is a bit fuzzy and frenzied, which in our opinion spoils some of his important work in evaluating cosmic information and evaluating the governmental evaluators and their Black Projects as well. That the American government has been back-engineering Extraterrestrial technology from captured vessels is rather obvious, but it is not obvious or necessarily true that the only or even primary reason for the military conquest of Iraq is to capture a “stargate”.

Who the Extraterrestrial players are upon and around and about the Earth is not fully and satisfactorily answered by either Courtney Brown or Michael E. Salla, but they do indeed furnish us with useful cosmic information and evaluations that cannot be found in other sources. Nevertheless, there are also other sources that furnish additional and sometimes apposite cosmic information that should be taken into consideration.


We will now give our breakdown of all categories of useful sources of cosmic information and briefly discuss in each category what its potential value is.


Sources of Cosmic Information


Category A – Voluntary Conscious Physical Contactees

There have been many good, valid reports and studies of these kind of contactees for over fifty years now. That most of them have been debunked and treated as hoaxes is more a manifestation of Earth-bound ignorance and sociological pressures or outright prejudices against this kind of cosmic information. Secretive government controllers, for instance, would not want their populations seriously thinking about what contactees have been told about the actual cosmic situation of Earth humanity.


Also, most human beings do not like the idea that Extraterrestrials have picked out certain selected people as channels of cosmic information to Earth humanity. They do not want to believe this has been happening because it threatens their Earthbound non-cosmic worldviews or models of Reality. They tend to feel and believe that Voluntary Conscious Physical Contacts do not really happen and must be made-up stories for getting attention and fame or are even outright insanity or delusions of the contactees.


So, most people do not acquire and deeply study the cosmic information available from these direct contactees. They would even prefer to give more credence to the next category of freaked-out amnesiacs who have been abducted by Extraterrestrials. Investigating hypnotists then have to drag whatever kind of cosmic information they can from out of these zonked semi-victims who have haven’t got a clue why they were forcibly contacted.


Often, there is valid and highly interesting cosmic information derived from abductees, but why do people give more credence to this secondary information when the primary information is given from contactees who have consciously and willingly undergone meaningful contacts?

The cosmic information that comes from the Extraterrestrial contacts of Peter Moon and Billy Meiers with the Pleiadeans, of Antonio Ribera with the Ummo’s, of Artur Berlet with the people of Acart, the artificial hollow world revolving around Saturn, of Ludwig Pallmann with people from Itibi-Ra, and the incredible revelations of cosmic evolution given to Stefan Denaerde by the Iargans, is all very significant and important.


And this does not exhaust the whole list. Robert Charroux, for instance, has reported a contactee, Mr. N.Y. who lives near Paris in France who went to the planet Ba’avi of Proxima Centauri. There is also a video documentary with Robert Bly interpreting a contactee from Peru by the name of Sixto Paz Wells who was taken to a colony of giants in a facility on Ganymede who resemble the same people of Ba’avi who are called the Ba’al. Many of these kind of sources have been made available through the work of the indefatigable researcher, Col. Wendelle C. Stevens.


We also should not neglect to mention the book and film of Shirley MacLaine called Out On a Limb where a young man, David Manning, describes his meetings and subsequent work with a woman from the Pleiades by the name of Mayan. This itself indicates that there are colonists of ancient Mayans from the Earth dwelling in the Pleiades. In fact, there is growing evidence that there are various little groups of colonists from the Earth on various planets in the Galaxy where they have been gathered together and taken by various Extraterrestrial races as experimental colonies to see how peoples from Earth would develop in those situations. That we do not get reports from these colonies for some reason does not mean they are not there.


They are also a potentially large group of unknown contactees.

Category B – Involuntary Semi-Conscious Physical Contactees (Abductees)

Some of the most famous of these cases need serious examination, starting with Whitley Strieber of Communion fame, but also including people abducted by beings from Zeta Reticulum, such as Betty and Barney Hill, as well as Billy Herman. The abduction of Betty Andreason by little people apparently from Arcturus, is also a rich contact with important cosmic information. Collections of Abductee reports compiled by Dr. John Mack, Budd Hopkins, Judith and Alan Gonsberg, Edith Fiore, Jenny Randalls and others are also a rich field of cosmic information.

What makes these abduction reports so important is that they were physical and vivid, however unconscious and forgotten immediately after the experiences. Once the memories are retrieved, they are very cosmic memories indeed. Some of this cosmic information is virtually on a par with that which voluntary conscious contactees have gotten. And we should not forget that sometimes abductees have converted themselves into voluntary conscious contactees, as with the case of Whitley Strieber, which is itself a significant psycho-sociological issue.

Salla of course mentions this category as having significance, but his failure to mention the category of voluntary conscious physical contactees shows prejudice or undue political constraint to please those who are either prejudiced or involved in government cover-up.

Perhaps he will explain himself on this point at some future date, but the serious researcher can do plenty of investigating of Category A without the approval of Michael E. Salla.

Category C – Voluntary Semi-Conscious Alter-physical Contactees (Star People)

These are people who remember past life incarnation as Extraterrestrial Intelligent Beings (ETIB’s) prior to their present life on Earth, either through taking over a physical body of Earth (Walk-ins) or through taking birth in and as a body of Earth (reincarnation). Since most ordinary people in the Christian and Atheist regions of the Earth, such as America and Europe do not believe in Soul-transference on the one hand or Reincarnation on the other hand, taking these unpopular occult concepts a step farther into the realms of Extraterrestrial Intelligence is usually too much to ask.


However, this notwithstanding, there is a complex maze of potential cosmic information available from such sources as well. Whether memory-retrieval is from the present physical body or a previous physical body that had the same mind, it is still based on the same principle, which requires some serious investigation. Brad Steiger’s The Star People, Ruth Montgomery’s Strangers Among Us and Zoev Joh/Diana Luppi’s E.T. 101 are three books that can get you started in this fascinating area. Cosmic information can sometimes be found in this category which should not be automatically dismissed.


Of course, Salla does not mention this category either for rather obvious reasons to do with wanting to be credible to highly prejudiced and ignorant people who are in the majority in Western Civilization.

Category D – Voluntary Psychic Contactees (Channelers and Visionaries)

Salla credits this category and mentions Barbara Marciniak and her Pleiadean channeling at some length. However he does not go into other interesting channeled material as Darryl Anka’s Bashar book, Judi Pope Koteen’s book, UFOs And The Nature Of Reality, which is the J.K. Knight channeling of Ramtha, or The Ra Material, which started the big rage for talking about "density levels" as the knee’s bees descriptique of levels or dimensions of cosmic existence, which is OK as far as it goes. Of course, Salla does mention the Council of Nine stuff, as in Phyllis V. Schlemmer’s The Only Planet of Choice.

However much we might like to view all this channeled material with a healthy grain of salt, the fact remains that interesting cosmic perspectives are sometimes opened up to us in this way that we cannot get from alternative sources. For instance, Marciniak’s laying out of a genetic-blocking of humanity deal between the Pleiadeans and the Reptilians is more or less valid and excruciatingly important for the humanity of the future. It is recommended that you read Intergalactic Politics, if you want to go deeply into this issue.


Have ongoing tensions been resolved between the Tall Blond Aryans of the Pleiades (who sponsored Hitler and indirectly the Holocaust or genocide of six million Jews by the Nazi German people) and Courtney Brown’s Renegade Reptilians?

Category E – Neutral Psychic Contactees (Remote Viewers and Shamans)

Salla rightly mentions this source and the work of Courtney Brown in particular as expressed in his two books, Cosmic Voyage and Cosmic Explorers. What Salla and Brown do not discuss is that native Shamans of various tribes have been “Walking-in-the-Sky” or “Voidwalking” (Remote Viewing) for thousands of years and sometimes have acquired Cosmic Information in this way.


There is thus a much wider bandwidth of this kind of cosmic information gathering than what we get from government programmed and trained scientific shamans of the modern age. However, there is no doubt that Courtney Brown and his associates have found out a great deal in regard to the old Lunar Little Grays and the plight of the Martian remnant colonies that survived underground after the orbital catastrophe on Mars, the death of millions, and the transfer of Martians to Earth hundreds of thousands of years ago as seed races for the Earth (Eastern Orientals and Western Red Indians) in Mongolia (Shambhala/ShemBa’al) and Peru.


There is indeed a colony of contemporary transferees from Mars in New Mexico, and it is they who often show up in John Keel’s book, The Mothman Prophecies, as “Men-In-Black”, though Keel does not know those people are Martians, though he may figure it out if he reads this article and Courtney Brown.

Category F – Whistle-Blowers From Inside Secret Government

Salla goes into this category at great length and cites people like Colonel Philip Corso and Dr. Steven Greer, director of the Disclosure Project. The problem here is that these people are dubious precisely because they are coming out from within the secret government that is addicted to cover-up and disinformation. If they were genuine whistle-blowers, they should now be as dead as William Cooper and Phil Schneider.

This does not mean they have no cosmic information at all for us, but it will be imparted selectively with some spin, such as trying to substantiate that all Extraterrestrial presence is intrusive, negative and dangerous.

One thing we learn from these Whistle-Blowers is that ruling members of the secret government departments charged with investigating, dealing with or making use of Extraterrestrial beings and their technology have serious limitations of consciousness and abusive motivations in terms of their attitude toward humanity and free-thinking individuals. They are control freaks without a genuine cosmic perspective. They view Extraterrestrial Cosmic Powers in a most petty and negative manner.


Who or What they think they can exploit, they will, but Who or What they cannot command or control, they fear with a great dread, and perhaps rightly so. Abusers of Power always fear greater and more powerful potential Abusers of Power most of all, for “what goes around comes around”, as the saying goes, and they all instinctively sense this even if their demented and corrupt brains cannot acknowledge Cosmic Law.

One of the great illusions perpetrated on themselves by modern people seeking cosmic information is that the governments of the Earth have all the relevant information and are successfully covering up the real thing, when in fact, the governments, all petty-minded and abusive for the most part, do not have the full and complete cosmic information.


What they cover-up is only those parts of cosmic information they actually have in their possession. Some of the best cosmic information they do not have and do not even suspect that they might need it, so their cover-up is self-enclosed and insular within their own circles of secrecy and cover-up. They are not therefore covering up the Truth, because they do not possess it. They are also often themselves victims of Extraterrestrial disinformation.


Take for instance, the Roswell UFO crash and the recovery of “alien” bodies. What they do not know to this day is that both the dead “aliens” and the live one were deliberately created and programmed cyborgs for the purpose of disinforming the government. Also, the crashes were deliberately done by Extraterrestrial Intelligence so that the government could learn to back-engineer and develop up-to-speed spacecraft for the future of mankind.


The Galactic and Intergalatic Powers have total military control of near-Earth space and are in no particular danger from anything the secret black government possesses. It is all just a setup by the Extraterrestrials to both prepare Earth technology on the one hand and expose the abusers of the technology on the other hand.

The Roswell Incident should be called the Roswell Rabbit Trap. The American leaders have been and remain idiots in comparison to Extraterrestrial Intelligence. I have no doubt that coming events from Space will bring this out. The American Star Wars program is just a huge waste of money.


There is no way they can fend off the Galactic Powers if those Powers choose to intervene on the Earth.

Category G – Documentary Evidence From Government

Salla is also somewhat thrilled about this source. He imagines that the Freedom Of Information Act is squeezing out some significant stuff and mentions the Black Vault, a website of John Greenwald, Jr.


The black government is not about to voluntarily release any documentary evidence where they do not consider it useful for their cover-up and disinformation campaign, which is continuing right through the present and into the future for as long as they can get away with it. If one keeps this in mind, one will not ask “What does this information prove?” but “Why do they want our attention on this particular kind of information rather than on other kinds?”


What we are dealing with here are deliberate leaks to try to get us into a certain frame of interpretation.

Category H- Superficial Excited Witnesses and Sightings Reports

There is quite a lot of this virtually useless cosmic information no matter how factually real it may be. If Extraterrestrials put on phenomenal displays for the ignorant inhabitants of the Earth, it is for another purpose than “proving they exist” as such. For instance, why do we still refer to obviously Extraterrestrial piloted spacecraft as “UFO’s” or Unidentified Flying Objects.


Think of the inane question,

“Do you believe in UFO’s?” What is that question, so sickeningly common and stupid, supposed to mean? It should literally mean, “Do you believe people are witnessing flying objects they cannot identify?” What they really mean—without having to spell it out—is, “Do you believe that people are seeing Alien Spaceships or ETV’s, Extraterrestrial Vehicles?”

But of course no one ever asks,

“Setting aside all this phenomenal excitement the Aliens are getting us into, what should we be asking ourselves about Greater Cosmic Powers and their Extraterrestrial intentions toward humanity and our planet Earth?”

Such a question would of course imply a need for thorough personal investigation, thought and expanded consciousness. There is a lot of cosmic information to find and process if one really wants to know what is going on with Extraterrestrial Intelligence on, around and about the Earth and humanity. This is a huge learning challenge of an evolutionary nature if one is up to it, but emotional excitements over phenomena are wholly superficial and virtually useless. How can it really matter if a “policeman” or a “member of government” has “seen a UFO”?


Such sheepish looking up to and deferring to local insular Earth authorities is an obvious inability to handle cosmic information. Masses of superficial emotional people looking to their governments for “explanations” are obviously looking in the wrong place.

Category I – Astute Debriefers, Debunkers and Interpreters

Salla does not mention this category precisely because he is in it. The debriefers are people like Budd Hopkins and Dr. John Mack. Dealing with lots of Missing Time or Abduction cases forces them to process some aspects of cosmic information, however reluctant they may be to do so. There are patterns of cosmic information there that are partially interpreted, sometimes with some slight intelligence, by the Debriefers, so it can sometimes be useful to listen to their conclusions about what they think it all means.

Some Debunkers, such as Jaque Vallee and John Keel, who do not like the obvious fact of physical Aliens from Outer Space, have sometimes developed interesting insights into overall patterns of unusual Beings demonstrating a presence to humanity. For instance, when Gaelic lore is used to point out that Modern Aliens are hardly different from old legends of contacts with “Fairy People”, it does not mean so much that Aliens are as ephemeral or demonic as “Fairies” as it means that Fairy People were all-too-often what we today call “Aliens” or “Extraterrestrials”.


What we have there in all that Fairy Lore is a huge body of potentially useful cosmic information. The debunkers have not got very good interpretive abilities, but they have excellent information finding abilities.

Salla himself, as well as others, which for now also includes my own self, are Astute Interpreters. We are people who gather as much cosmic information we can from as many sources as we are capable of accepting. We then try to use our best thinking ability and intuitive awareness to get the big picture of the cosmic situation of humanity and where it is going.


Naturally, the more expanded our consciousness, the more we are able to merge with All-pervading Awareness as Cosmic Shamans, the better our interpretations of Extraterrestrial Intelligence will be. Courtney Brown has himself pointed this fact out quite beautifully toward the end of his book, Cosmic Explorers. This principle of Cosmic Perspective is also profoundly brought out by the ancient Buddhist Extraterrestrial Contactee, Nagarjuna, whose name literally means, “Friend-of-the-Nagas/Aliens”.


The Little Grays, for instance, would sometimes attend his lectures disguised as little children wearing hoods. The Hwa Yen Sutra, a Mahayana Text, is a masterpiece of Cosmic Perspective and the development of Cosmic Consciousness through ten stages.


If this text is studied in conjunction with the Iargan Cosmology of the Twelvefold Universe Atom, one can use such knowledge to easily expand awareness beyond the limiting cognitive constraints of Earth-bound views and opinions of ignorant and prejudiced humanity.

Category J – Alien Artifacts

Crashed ETVs, bodies of Cyborg Aliens, mutilated cattle, artificial structures on Mars and the Moon (as brought out by Richard Hoagland), and other such things, including the photograph of the obvious tiny little Martian rabbit, are all there to give us cosmic information. The more one investigates Alien Artifacts, the more obvious it becomes that they are exactly what they are, no matter how much the government cover-up manipulators or other debunkers do not want the masses looking at all such things deeply and thoughtfully.

It is rather surprising that Salla and other Astute Interpreters do not look into this source of cosmic information, but Hoagland and others have shown that potentially very important things are sometimes demonstrated by Alien Artifacts, which includes cosmic hints on the distribution of Energy within planets and stars.


Superscientific knowledge is made indirectly available to us in this way if we in fact want such knowledge, which for the majority of people on Earth is a debatable degree of interest.

Category K – Independent Archeology

Salla usefully brings up this category and is duly impressed with Erich von Daniken, Zechariah Sitchin and others. Unfortunately, he, like Courtney Brown, has not read Intergalactic Politics, or he would have a grander and more useful view on this subject with a better idea of the interaction of Sirius A with Sumerians in very ancient times.


That situation is not just about Reptilians or Giants, for instance. It is important that when we study Independent Archeology theories that we look at as wide a variety of such theories as possible, for any particular Independent Archeologist is invariably working with certain assumptions and a lack of more extensive cosmic information and this makes it hard for him to form fully correct conclusions.


For instance, it is most likely a Stargate connected with Sirius A that is buried somewhere in Iraq. There might be some interesting implications of this if the Arab peoples are in fact hybrid Atlantian/Siriusian. This might imply that American attacks on Arab Muslins might be taken as an indirect declaration of war on Sirius A, which is a genuine exopolitical issue.

Category L – Occult Societies

Occult Societies, including Theosophy and the traditions of the Sarmoun Sufis of Central Asia, often have bodies of cosmic information that are studied within their ranks. If you have not read, for instance, Helena Blavatsky’s The Secret Doctrine or P.D. Ouspensky’s In Search Of The Miraculous, you are missing significant cosmic information that puts all the sources already listed into a deeper perspective.

Category M – Science Fiction

It has been known for a long time that creative visionaries like Jules Verne have often through their science fiction stories anticipated actual future cosmic developments in regard to humanity. Sometimes real cosmic information infiltrates human consciousness through works of fiction, which can include even the X-Files series on television. The works of the American, Clifford Simak are of very high quality in this respect, as are the works of Olaf Stapleton, H.G. Wells and David Lindsay in England.


Do read Olaf Stapleton’s Last And First Men, as well as, Star Maker, if you have not already done so. And Lindsay’s A Voyage To Arcturus is a veritable clinic on varieties of organic cognition shaping worldviews. This is incredibly important for the future of understanding Extraterrestrial Intelligence, especially if it is connected with an article of non-fiction philosophy by the American philosopher, Thomas Nagel, entitled, What Is It Like To Be A Bat?


And if you want to go really deep, read Carlos Castaneda’s The Fire From Within, which is from category L, Occult Societies, but brings out aspects of alternative cognition as well.


Processing Cosmic Information

If you have come this far, it is possible that you are now more alert to the full spectrum of sources of cosmic information that will provoke a much vaster perspective and deeper pattern of understanding than you will get through rejecting one or more of the categories of sources. Cosmic knowledge like any kind of knowledge, yields more if you take in as great amount of information without prejudice as you possibly can.

Another aspect of all this is that you must make yourself aware of the cognitive principle of the Sequence of Information Trap as described by Edward de Bono. What he tells us is that the sequence in which information forms knowledge in our brain will form an enclosed view in our brain as a pattern that will reject information the pattern cannot contain or assimilate and remain the same pattern.


In order to yield learning and greater consciousness, the brain must voluntarily break up its existing pattern of knowledge, information and worldview or paradigm from time to time and form a better and more accommodating pattern or cognitive view of total existence. This is the essence of learning theory, which is also corroborated in the book Holland Et Al entitled Induction, which is a standard work in Cognitive Science.


Without Paradigm Shifting and Generative Thinking, how can we update our views of the Cosmic Situation?


Finding and processing cosmic information connected to Extraterrestrial Intelligence is one of the greatest learning opportunities a human being can have in our present time on the planet Earth. If we attempt to find and process cosmic information from a dogmatic and blinkered cosmic perspective that is afraid of unusual facts, or if we want such information in order to mislead and abuse humanity at large, we are unlikely to ever know what is really going on in the Universe or in regard to Cosmic Powers dealing with the Earth.

It is also a sad fact that many people, simple cranks, try to randomly gather some parts of cosmic information in order to set themselves up as teachers or experts so that they can gather a following of gullible people who will cling to their leadership. This social urge then makes it impossible for them to give full attention to the cosmic information or to go to the trouble and expense of getting all that is available in all categories.


Eager to appear cosmic to others, they fail to actually be cosmic for themselves in their own learning. The New Age people in America and Britain are particularly subject to this cult-forming tendency, which makes them write and speak in a useless manner, which just muddies the waters of more useful and valid sources of cosmic information.


Their behavior then makes it easier for the governments to debunk valid cosmic information by pointing out the silly nonsense that the cranks and cultists produce. The only solution to all this muddying of the waters is for all of us to make our learning process more viable through seeking and processing cosmic information as widely and thoughtfully as possible. Nothing puts an end to the false better than greater and wider truth. We should remember, as J. Krishnamurti so often pointed out, that Truth is not a static thing, but a dynamically developing awareness.


The American philosopher, Richard Rorty has also pointed this out when he says we must progress beyond our “Final Vocabulary” to a sense of tempered “Irony” wherein we realize that our Worldview will never be a set of perfect, final answers. Learning to ask better questions is wholly as important as finding better answers to the usual questions we ask.

Extraterrestrial Intelligence is beyond both our present beliefs and disbeliefs that we adhere to. Finding and adequately processing cosmic information is an intellectual and spiritual adventure, which means that we must learn to confront Extraterrestrial Presences and Powers in a wholly new way. No one on Earth can rightly claim to have the one only true and final Cosmic Perspective. I would not claim it, nor should you or anyone else.


What I and others can sometimes claim is that we have taken all this farther out than virtually everybody we know to date. As Astute Interpreters, we are very aware that most people have neither the interest nor the present capacity to seek out or process a great deal of cosmic information.


For most people, they are too pressured by their problems and disappointments or too distracted by their ambitions and social frustrations or personal desires to really focus a genuinely cosmic awareness and search for greater and greater truth.