by Douglas McClure, M.A.

January 2009

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Douglas McClure is a former South African civil servant who worked at Cabinet level in the South African government between 1990 and 2000 serving three Ministers and three Presidents.


He worked on the declassification of the South African ballistic missile and atomic bomb projects, compiled the President’s Council Report on Economic Literacy in South Africa and assisted at the constitutional negotiations towards a more democratic South African dispensation between 1990 and 1994.


Prior to that he spent nearly ten years in radio and television and lectured at the South African Naval Staff College and at two South African universities in international relations, strategic studies and comparative politics.


He has a B.A. (Hons) University of Michigan (USA); Diploma in African Government and Politics University of Edinburgh (UK); and M.A. Political Science University of Cape Town (RSA)





The age old search for the answer to the meaning of life is taking on new dimensions as scientists crack the DNA code and investigate the implications of their ever expanding knowledge of the human genome.


Darwin’s “missing link may have been found through information contained in a form of time capsule involving ancient Sumerian clay tablets outlining the origins of man, coupled with the latest data from the Hubble Space based telescope and confidential research illustrating humankind’s true hidden potential and very real hitherto unutilized powers. The sudden and dramatic expansion of the human consciousness round the world carries enormous ramifications with it for the further evolution of humanity.


Watch this space!

  • Who are we?

  • Where did we come from?

  • How did we get here?

  • What is our life’s purpose?

  • Where are we going?

These constitute the most fundamental questions for all of humanity.


Yet only now through the hazy miasma of lies, distortions and half-truths invented and reinforced down the centuries, are we beginning to discern truthful answers to these questions. For many the truth is as shocking and terrifying as it is unacceptable to the vast majority of programmed human beings with vested religious interests.


The antagonism arising to those answers from a vast spectrum of devotees to various faiths is predictably proportionate to the extremely serious ramifications they carry for the world. Yet the avalanche of information on these topics is so vast and being revealed with such alacrity that humankind cannot ignore the facts and the hard core scientific basis on which those facts link the ancient world with contemporary global circumstances and the consequences for the future.

The first eminent modern scientist, who sought realistic empirically derived answers to these basic questions and who paid a terrible price for the revelations of his findings and research, was Charles Darwin (1809 – 1882).[1]


He was an English naturalist, eminent as a collector and geologist who proposed and provided scientific evidence to the effect that all species of life have evolved over time from common ancestors by virtue of a systemic process which he encapsulated in his theory of natural selection involving sexual choice and the survival of the fittest. Intriguingly, Darwin found a lead for his theory of natural selection in the whimsical hobby of pigeon fancying, where the birds showed an enormous variety of form and behavior.

Treated with contempt by his Victorian peers after the publication of his findings, Darwin’s life was made a living hell. His hypothesis was at total variance with biblical teachings of the time. Even today it is a controversial topic for deeply committed religious devotees in America. Yet, by the 1930s his theories had become generally accepted aside from one glaring problem area, about which he himself was disarmingly candid during his lifetime and in his writings.

Curiously, Darwin could trace the evolutionary process of animal to man up to a point but confessed that in the jump from ape to man, there prevailed a conspicuous gap for which he could not, in all honesty, account – a gap so glaringly obvious and disparagingly blatant that it became derisively dismissed by his critics as the “missing link”. Were Darwin to be alive today, he would be thrilled to learn that we are inexorably and irresistibly moving into an age where he will be most terribly vindicated and his missing link is being gradually exposed and explained in spectacular fashion.

Almost exactly one hundred years later an American scientist by the name of Dr J Craig Venter, who, notwithstanding his South African sounding Dutch name, is as American as motherhood and apple pie, commenced work on a project so closely related to Darwin’s futile search for the missing link that it leaves one breathless. [2]

Francis Crick (right) and James Watson with their DNA model.

The key to this mystery lies in the human cell and its genetic coding locked into our DNA, which each and every normal human being carries within himself or herself. Until recently, and following its discovery by two scientists, Englishman Dr Francis Crick and American Dr James Watson from Cambridge University, we understood 3 per cent of our DNA and dismissed the remaining 97 per cent as junk DNA.[3]


But the junk DNA is now being unlocked and although much of the research appears to be highly classified, some of the information is leaking out.[4]


The exposure is likely to prove earth shattering. Dr J Craig Venter has been one of the pioneering researchers in cracking the DNA code. A mediocre high school performer and Viet Nam veteran, he is now a world famous American biologist and multi-millionaire businessman running the Institute for Genomic Research. He was a leading member of the team which proved instrumental in mapping the human genome, a project jointly conceived in 1990 by the US Department of Energy and the US Department of Health.[5]

One might well ask why the Department of Energy? Thanks to the dropping of the atomic bombs in 1945 scientists have tried to understand what radiation does to human bodies and what mutations it generates in human DNA. Work in this arena could prove definitive in addressing these issues.[6]

In 2008 and 2007 Time Magazine listed Craig Venter amongst the top 100 most influential people on earth. So what exactly is it that Dr Venter and his fellow scientists are doing which could rock the world? To answer that requires some insight into basic molecular biology.


A DNA molecule comprises a ladder formed of sugars and phosphates and four nucleotide bases:

  • adenine (A)

  • thymine (T)

  • cytosine (C)

  • guanine (G)

The genetic code is specified by the order of the nucleotide bases, and each gene possesses a unique sequence of base pairs. Scientists use these base sequences to locate the position of genes on chromosomes and to construct a map of the entire human genome.[7]

The Human Genome Project (HGP) is an international research program designed to construct detailed genetic and physical maps of the human genome, to determine the complete nucleotide sequence of human DNA, to localize the estimated 50 000 to 100 000 genes within the human genome, and to perform similar analyses on the genomes of several other organisms used extensively in research laboratories as model systems.[8]


The scientific products of the HGP will comprise a resource base of detailed information about the structure, function and organization of human DNA, information that constitutes the basic set of inherited “instructions” for the development and functioning of a human being.

Effectively, Dr Venter and his colleagues on the Human Genome Project are unlocking the hitherto mysterious 97 per cent of our 125 billion mile long, ten atoms wide DNA chain. Whilst this was originally disregarded as junk DNA by scientists, HGP researchers are now convinced that this 97 per cent comprises non-coding sequences in human DNA, untraced in other life forms on the planet and emanating from off planet or extra-terrestrial life forms.


In other words the over-whelming majority of human DNA is off-world in origin. The apparent “extra terrestrial junk genes” merely “enjoy the ride” with hard working active genes, passed from generation to generation. The implication is that humanity constitutes a contrived hybrid species certainly involving traceable terrestrial DNA and a supreme injection of off-planet DNA.

This assertion is not without controversy. The online Canadian National Newspaper recently published a series of articles quoting an alleged scientific breakthrough in this realm by a certain Professor Sam Chang, associated with the HGP.[9]


Professor Chang has proved elusive in the extreme but then so have the backgrounds and CVs of other top scientists working on super secret so called “black” projects. A world famous researcher and author on the subject has satisfied herself that Professor Chang does indeed exist, and even spoken to him. Her success is probably attributable to her superb connections and international renown.


Confirmation, however, emanating from other sources was not as scarce as the mysterious Professor Chang.[10]

The tenor of the Chang article was in line with arguments proposed by Professor Paul Davies from the Australian Centre for Astrobiology at MacQuarie University in Sydney Australia, and published in the prestigious British monthly New Scientist of August 2004.


Dr Michael Salla, writing an article in the Exopolitics Website titled, “Exopolitics and the Human Genome Project” confessed to his concern about the authenticity of Professor Chang but quoted from the New Scientist article:

DNA, the molecule that contains the script of life, encodes its data in a four-letter alphabet. This would be an ideal medium for storing a cosmic calling card. In many organisms, human included, genes make up only a tiny fraction of their DNA. Much of the rest seems to be biological gobbledy-gook, often called “junk DNA’. There is plenty of room there for ET to etch a molecular message without damaging any vital genetic organs.

Dr Salla is nothing if not scrupulous about his academic research. He accordingly dismisses Dr Chang but acknowledges Professor Davies.[11]

Is there the remotest historical and archeological evidence emerging at this point in time to justify such an assertion? The astounding answer is yes and it is emerging at the same time as the HGP scientists are cobbling together their reassessed analysis of the origins of man.[12]

Dr Zecharia Sitchin, a Jewish student of ancient Sumerian, born in Russia, brought up in Palestine and educated in England is translating the cuneiform hieroglyphs in some 500 000 Sumerian clay tablets reckoned to be 6 000 years old. Four hundred of these elaborate tablets were found at Sippar neatly stored on shelves in a 9 foot by six foot room comprising a peculiar type of time capsule in southern Iraq, where Sumeria, the first recorded human civilization, was founded, located between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.[13]


This culture seemed to have emerged from nowhere, flourished and then vanished as oddly as it appeared. Its influence stretched from the Indus valley to the Nile delta. In 2400 BC it was invaded from the north west by Semitic tribes and by about 2350 BC was under the iron fist of Sargon the Great, founder of the Semite Akkadian dynasty whose rule gave way to Hammurabi of Babylon, founder of the famous code of laws bearing his name.


At about this time the island of Santorini off Greece “exploded”, the first forms of the ancient Egyptian civilization manifested along the Nile, the inhabitants of Easter Island disappeared and the Mayan civilization began to emerge.[14]

The crucial question must be asked as to whether there is solid evidence that these events are linked and if so, in what way. The Sumerian tablets seem to carry the answers. In the first instance the tablets reflect an intimate working knowledge of space involving the completion of a 25 950 year zodiacal cycle which is only now being confirmed by the Hubble telescope.


In the second instance, the tablets maintain that everything the Sumerians achieved they obtained from their gods, and that these gods were a galactically traveling race who landed on earth to mine gold in order to salvage their own planet, Nibiru, from the same solar radiation currently threatening our earth. Nibiru, called by some the 12th planet, apparently orbits our sun roughly every 3 600 years in a vast elliptical track swinging way out of our solar system and then back in again, its proximity causing mayhem with the conventional closer planets including our own.[15]

The author, Neel Freer, is of the opinion that, in light of the evidence already obtained through the use of Pioneer 10 and 11 and two Voyager space craft, the Infrared Imaging Satellite (IRAS, ’83-84) and the data available to Dr Robert S. Harrington and T.C. van Flanderen of the US Naval Observatory when consulting with Sitchin, that Nibiru has already been identified.


It is worrying that Harrington sent an appropriate telescope to Black Birch in New Zealand to obtain visual confirmation based on the data leading to the expectation that it would be located below the ecliptic in the southern skies at this point in its orbit. He died prematurely from accelerated esophageal cancer after launching the project.


One concerned and anxious observer noted that “he was hardly cold” before his team were recalled and the program summarily shut down.

In short, the residents of Nibiru, alluded to as the Anunnaki, created the DNA combine mix for us humans in their own (god’s) image working in East and southern Africa.


This is where the genetic workshop (ala the discoveries and research of Dr Louis Leakey and others in Kenya and Tanzania took place as well as the pioneering work on the Taung Skull in southern Africa of Professor Errol Tobias at South Africa’s University of the Witwatersrand) was located for the combination of earthly DNA and Anunnaki DNA.[16]


The intention was the invention of a sub-Anunnaki slave labour caste to mine the earth’s gold for its use as an atmospheric protecting screen (much like Rolls Royce use a small filament of gold on the windscreens of their luxury cars for a similar radiation and heat conduction purpose) on Nibiru (work eminently too strenuous for the Anunnaki).


According to the tablets, much of the mining was conducted in the “Abzu” region, in contemporary east and central Africa, part of it along the great Zambezi river which possibly explains the mysterious Great Zimbabwe ruins. The gold was transported to the Sinai rocket base and thence to Nibiru. The great pyramids of Egypt equipped with crystals and coated with marble served as landing beacons for the incoming space craft, and possibly as launching pads for maser or chemical weapons platforms as well.

The Sumerian tablets are astoundingly detailed, revealing dates, names, places etc… and remarkably explicit. The two main role players in E.din (the primary area of early Anunnaki settlement, near where Iraq’s modern Basra is today) are identified as one Enlil and his colleague, Enki, the former being the commander of the expedition to Earth and the latter his executive officer and science engineer.


Ninharsag was the chief medical officer turned genetic scientist who, after many ghastly failures, successfully cloned earthly ape man DNA with Anunnaki DNA to create modern Adamu (sic – as quoted in the tablets) man. Modern man might have been created in god’s image but he was also handicapped at birth in his creation, with a vastly limited life span compared to his Anunnaki ancestors, a substantially smaller torso and a genetically coded memory lapse.


Initially he could not reproduce and Anunnaki women served as the surrogate mothers for these “test tube” babies.

Eventually it was decided to allow Adamu to procreate (the apple of life) and so Tiamat (from which the word ‘Mama’ appears to be derived) his mate was created by Ninki, one of the surrogate mothers, a princess called Damkina on Nibiru and the earthly wife of Enki (hence possibly the custom of a wife taking her husband’s name).


At first the earthly sub clones could not mate as they only had 22 chromosomes without the X and Y sex chromosomes. A young scientist by the name of Ningishzidda performed a potentially dangerous surgical procedure involving extracting the sex chromosomes from Enki and his beautiful half sister, Ninmah, (like two entwined serpents Ningishzidda the essence separated… Arranged like 2 branches on the Tree of Life were the essence…) implanting the reproductive chromosomes within the rib cages of Tiamat and Adamu.


Henceforward humans had 23 chromosomes, not 22 and were free to roam E.din. It is this hitherto encrypted genetic DNA code which the likes of Dr Venter and his colleagues appear to be finally cracking.[17]

To put it mildly, the ensuing saga of the Anunnaki during their earthly sojourn leaves much to be desired, involving a grotesque record of infighting, murder, treachery, war and backstabbing combined with inter-racial coupling with “the attractive daughters of men”, thereby donating towards the creation of earthly aristocratic and royal bloodlines.


The record recounts efforts to obliterate mankind (the great flood) at the behest of Enlil who loathed humanity, a recalcitrant and embittered son of Enki (Marduk) whose power hungry and vast territorial depredations led him to occupy the space platform in Sinai against the stern advice of his father, Enki and which eventually culminated in a form of devastating nuclear and biological war directed against him and his earthly acolytes.

He sought sanctuary in the Nile space beacon and weapon, which we know today as the Great Pyramid of Giza, and the awesome weapons unleashed during the conflict resulted in the terrible radioactive and viral contamination of a vast tract of the present Middle East turning fertile area into desolate wastelands.[18]


Consequently, the Anunnaki moved to landing grounds in present South America demarcated by the famous Peruvian Nasca patterns only visible from the air, where they continued their gold mining with renewed vigor while their home planet gradually started to shift beyond their ability to return home, even using their sophisticated technology.

The up shot of all this was that about 6,000 years ago a decision was taken by Anu, the over all leader of Nibiru on a visit to Earth, to abandon the earthlings to their fate, but leave behind knowledge of the secrets of the universe, science and life up to a measure and organize an en masse exodus to Nibiru before its orbit carried it well beyond the capacity of their technology to make the inter-planetary trip back home.


It would seem that they departed with mixed feelings because they themselves suffered aging problems on earth which were unprecedented on Nibiru and their sojourn here had not been a happy one giving rise to much fratricidal struggle and even nuclear conflict.


So the gods departed, leaving humanity in a state of utter desolation and abject confusion. Pyramidal landing platforms were built in central America, India and the Near East to attract them back again.[19]


Sacrifices were made to induce them to return, including the wholesale murder of the attractive daughters of men, amidst much wailing and renting of clothes, but all the sack cloth and ashes proved to be of no avail. The gods did not return. Mankind gradually settled down to develop its own philosophies, religions and life styles based on the legacy of the Anunnaki creator gods, and sadly to emulate its founders with much internecine bloodshed and conflict riddled unhappiness.[20]

As Michael Tellinger points out the most compelling argument against the mythological gods theory is that roughly 9,000 years BC prior to the appearance of Sumer, the Mayan civilization suddenly emerged and astoundingly showed the same predilections towards agriculture, planting, harvesting, social organization, trade and commerce as Sumeria, all attributable to the teachings of the gods. It is possible, even likely, that more than one Et group or groups have left their mark on earth.


Ancient China records a god who actually lived amongst the people and performed miracles. The similarities between Jesus and Kuan Ti are staggering. Incredibly, most of the mythologies of the ancient world, notwithstanding the vast distances between them, focus on 12 main gods, in what appears to be an ancient version of a modern TV soap opera.


Buddha was born of the “Queen of Heaven” and the teachings of Buddha mirror the teachings of Christ in many respects. There are many striking similarities between Shinto rituals and Sumerian traditions. In the Jain faith there is the story of the ascetic who demonstrated such combative psychic powers that the gods sent down a ‘celestial damsel’ of great beauty to seduce him and expend his accumulated potency.


Muhammed was so reluctant to recite teachings in the name of god that an “angel” grabbed him by the throat and violently shook him. A detailed exposition on the common ancestral threads and themes linking the major religions of the world is a veritable emotional minefield of relative thermonuclear capacity well beyond the scope of this article, but readers need look no further than Tellinger’s book Slave Species of God for a convincingly thorough analysis of the evidence.

In retrospect there can hardly be any other rational explanation for how so many diverse religions developed on this planet in so brief a time period. Biblical and cuneiform scholars must agree that the two histories complement each uncannily. Sadly, the first earthly wars fought by humans (cannon fodder for the Anunnaki) were over religion and/or land acquisition sponsored by our god like progenitors.


We have caught the infection.


If there is a positive note in all of this it must lie in the fact that humanity appears to have been genetically programmed to be more peaceful than its ancestors and is progressing with an evolutionary alacrity which even surprised the Anunnaki in the early days. Tellinger poses the profound question as to whether our violent nature is genetic or learned behavior from our gods. Is it nature or was it nurture?

The genetic DNA mystery of the Anunnaki, much like the mysterious Sumerian chamber containing the tablets recording all this and so much more, remained hidden down the centuries until the present day when two scientists at Cambridge University cracked the DNA code (while one of them was allegedly using LSD at the time) and Dr Zecharia Sitchin, translated what is arguably the greatest saga in all of recorded human history.


As if this were not disturbing enough, there are sound reasons to believe that Jehovah, or Yahweh, or the Hindu and Buddhist religions enjoy a special relationship to the Anunnaki, their descendants and their acolytes.


All the emerging evidence points to the fact that the great religions were established as critical and manipulative instruments of social control by various Anunnaki “gods” if not as outright tools of oppression by avaricious and power hungry priests exploiting a subtle and insidious combination of fear and faith to their own practical, financial and political advantage and to the terrible detriment of mankind’s progressive enlightenment and advancement.


Humanity would still be mired in a form of spiritual stone age but for the fact that tampering with our DNA is not only illuminating the most revealing secrets of our origins but simultaneously unlocking spiritual dimensions and enhanced consciousness, the breath and depth of which will astound mankind and mark a catalytic turning point in history.

Moreover, in every part of the world small groups of spiritually aware people are experiencing a tangible shift in consciousness from the third dimension to the fifth dimension as the remarkable capacities and capabilities of mankind are unraveled from the labyrinthine coils of humanity’s DNA and humanity gently comes to terms with its physical and spiritual origins.[21]

After such serious mind-numbing revelations, let us now have some speculative fun and embark on a Darwinian type extrapolation of our knowledge to date. It is probable that certain national intelligence agencies in the major powers of the world are well aware of this evolving research, both ancient and modern, and certain private sector/government/quasi government actors of immense wealth and enormous influence are also up to speed with the nature of the human condition and its transformation.


Certainly key individuals within NASA would be abreast of the ongoing archeological research in Iraq and in the field of the human genome.[22]


To move from the strictly empirical to the field of enhanced speculation, it is possible that if our ancestors seeded us and left, then the universe could be teeming with life, a concept embodied in the popular TV series Star Trek, which might just be closer to the truth than we would have dared to imagine.[23]

It may well be that there is some form of galactic federation in which the vast majority of beings are several million years more spiritually and technically advanced than we are or our primitive and combative off planet Anunnaki progenitors. Inter planetary travel would not be accomplished by mechanical propulsion but by time/space dimensional shifts, as postulated by Einstein, although Einstein regarded the speed of light as the ultimate calibration.


Such entities would probably have their own version of the UN or inter-galactic federation government, regulated by a form of the UN charter in the shape of a type of Prime Directive. To qualify for membership in this august body with such highly evolved entities would simply require planetary evolution to the technical point of space exploration coupled with a planetary spiritual transformation contingent on the supremacy of diplomatic and negotiating skills, superseding the hitherto earthly (and Anunnaki) characteristic use of violence and coercion.

As Earth develops closer to this realization so more and more off planet entities would naturally take a closer and keener interest in terrestrial affairs, akin to a prestigious London club vetting a prospective candidate for membership. This would explain the plethora of UFO sightings after the detonation of the atomic bomb and the imminent unraveling of our environmental system, as well as the multiple abduction reports all over the world, involving alleged medical examinations and occasional “briefings” on the potential/actual threat of imminent nuclear and environmental destruction.[24]

What is as extraordinary as it is exciting is that modern science is now confirming ancient revelations.


For the first time humanity stands on the brink of not only understanding the origin of human life itself on earth, but in the process its own inter galactic origins – a frightening but also inspiring prospect – which academic and intellectual information will simultaneously assist mankind to pragmatically make incomparably significant advances across the broadest possible spectrum of human existence.


We are now privileged to have a glimpse of who we really are, where we have actually come from, what our evolutionary and spiritual developmental purposes may truly be, and even possibly a tantalizing peep into the exciting future of where we just might be going.[25]

Take this knowledge, multiply it by infinity and transport it to the outermost depths of the universe and you will only begin to touch the edge of the implications all this carries with it for the people of earth and for our future.




[1] Charles Darwin – http://en/ To his credit Darwin tried honestly and thoroughly to document the evolutionary history of animals and mankind with his seminal work On the Origin of the Species published in England in 1859. The missing link always perturbed him and provided monumental ammunition for his critics. Puzzled by the geographical distribution of wildlife and fossils which he had collected on his round the world voyage on HMS Beagle, he investigated the transmutation of species and conceived his theory of natural selection in 1838. To some extent the film, Master and Commander, reflects a persona not unlike Darwin. In Cape Town he met Sir John Herschel who had also written about the mystery of mysteries, the origin of the species. He was actually composing his theory in 1858 when Alfred Russel Wallace sent him an essay with the same idea which spurred him on to publish.

[2] In 2007 Dr Craig Venter delivered the BBC Dimbleby Lecture titled “A DNA Driven World”, in which he argued that the future of life depends not only on our ability to understand and use DNA, but also perhaps in creating new synthetic life forms, that is, life which is forged NOT by Darwinian evolution but created by human intelligence. This address was a landmark address delivered before some of the most eminent scientists in the world, and broadcast on the BBC World Service TV channel. It made riveting listening. The speech is critical to our assessment, or rather, reassessment of the origin of human life because Venter accepts that what we now suspect happened 200 000 years ago is scientifically quite possible now. His speech is worth reading for much more than this, as it contains a hard core insight into the staggering world of the future, sadly a topic beyond the scope of this paper, but certainly of relevance to any reader fascinated by the subject.

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[24] Dr John E. Mack, Human Transformation and Alien Encounters – Passport to the Cosmos. Crown Publishers, New York, 1999. A professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and a fearless investigator of abduction cases, Mack was killed under strange circumstances in London by an inebriated hit and run driver. His clinical research offered hope to thousands of abductees ranging from Zimbabwe to Europe and the US, but it also led to an academic witch hunt at Harvard which he eventually successfully overcame. Conclusions drawn from his research seem to indicate that throughout certain periods in history off planet entities chose key human women for procreation with a view to injecting more intelligent, capable genes into humankind so that the genetic gene pool could be upgraded for both on and off planet use, or to heal genetic shortcomings in their own gene pool or for other reasons. Such findings tally with Genesis informing us that the “sons of Gods” came down to breed with the “daughters of men” and may well account for extraordinary accounts of virgin births, Moses and the burning bush, Muhammed’s ascension to the Heavans (Koran), chariots of fire in the Bible and other religious sagas. For a detailed account of such contactee/abductions see also Whitley Strieber, Communion – a True Story. Harper, New York, 2008.

[25] Conversely it might be argued that many simply do not wish to contemplate the psychological threats of a spiritual awakening thanks to the supremely challenging mental effort this demands in changing the already pre-established mindsets they enjoy within an explicable conventional comfort zone. To cope with this new knowledge requires an open enquiring mind coupled with a selfless passion for what is understood to be an improvement in the overall condition of humankind. Not all are cut out for this, but for those willing to accept the challenge, a literal whole new world or even worlds, are waiting out there to be discovered.