by Alfred Lambremont Webre
November 26, 2016
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Filmmaker Frank Jacobs and Alfred Lambremont Webre, discuss the impact the film about Life on Mars and U.S. Secret bases on Mars is having on audiences and on the 'Life on Mars Disclosure' process in America, Europe and online since it launched.


Jacobs and Webre also begin to develop a real-life Post-Trump project for bringing 'Packing for Mars' and a panel of Mars experiencers and experts on the $multi-trillion US bases on Mars to the U.S. Congress (and the U.N. General Assembly) to initiate formal public hearings on Life on Mars and U.S./international secret bases and industrial facilities on Mars - outing the Secret Space Program.



Packing for Mars - Synopsis

The 21st century is upon us:

Worldwide tensions are mounting and a new 'globalist' society is rapidly accelerating toward a massive shift in the way we live our lives, the priorities we set, the values we esteem.


Discontented hearts are organizing mass demonstrations against human injustices. New discoveries and findings are threatening to topple old power structures, systems of thought, science and beliefs.


War and global financial crisis are looming, while doomsdayers are projecting total environmental destruction. Around the world, people seem to be waiting for 'something big' to happen. But nobody knows what that big something will be.


These are apocalyptic times indeed...

Inspired by a 1970's science fiction novel entitled ALTERNATIVE 3, one man, armed with nothing but a camera and an open mind, sets forth on a journey to reveal the truth behind what may well be one of the most startling secrets:

An elite group is said to be secretly building an exclusive off-world survival colony on planet Mars.

Credible individuals have begun to emerge claiming to have been actual Mars recruits including the great granddaughter of a historically significant American president.

Soon, we are immersed deep into the lives of various researchers, experts and whistleblowers who share their extraordinary experiences.


These brilliant minds begin to create a surreal picture of reality that transcends even the Mars Agenda, metamorphosing into a cosmic cocktail proclaiming the wisdom of our times.


We explore aspects of,

Shocking and inspiring, this is a true story of enlightenment, a journey that forces us all to rethink our reality.

While in pursuit of factual evidence, the protagonist encounters a beautiful and mysterious free spirit on the road, who joins him on the adventure. The two quickly team up and explore clandestine locations where "black-op" U.S. government programs in time travel and teleportation supposedly took place.


Charming their way uninvited into the private spheres of strangers, they uncover bizarre stories that validate the quest.

Driven by an artistic visionary approach that blends cinematic imagery with an original hypnotic sound track, it's "Zeitgeist" meets "What About Me", delving deep into the dangerous philosophical territory of what many view as today's most profound ongoing discussion: Disclosure.

  • Is there a secret agenda involving a survival colony on Mars?

  • Is there an elite caste who has inside information regarding ancient knowledge and Man's true origin?

  • Is Earth on the verge of a massive shift in consciousness?

The truth is stranger than fiction, just as the journey that unfolds...



"Packing for Mars" - An Auteur Masterpiece - A Review

"Packing for Mars", Austrian filmmaker Frank Jacob's film on the secret Mars colonies, is an auteur masterpiece in filmmaking.







I am strongly urging Frank and Producer Tonia Madenford to enter "Packing forMars" in the Vancouver and Toronto International Film Festivals. If there is any justice in the world, the film should garner an Oscar nomination for best documentary!

In fact, "Packing for Mars" is the first auteur masterpiece in the world of filmmaking related to Exopolitics, the relations among intelligent civilizations in the multiverse that I have seen in many years, perhaps since 1973 when I first started paying attention to Exopolitics.


And not because I am in the film or because I played a role as the portal into the Exopolitics world for the filmmaker. I would never over-promote a film for venal reasons.


Frank Jacobs has truly exceeded expectations - with the notable exception of "Planet X and Earth organic positive timelines" - in creating a masterpiece film weaving us the audience through his search for validation of leads into the secreted world of the bases on Mars.


My Auteur review of this Auteur Masterpiece "Packing for Mars"

Filmmaker Frank Jacob starts his search for a survival colony on Mars for the elite few from Earth by mentioning he had seen interviews with the great-granddaughter of President Dwight D. Eisenhower and a person claiming to have been on Mars, as he boards a plane from Austria.


Ike's great-granddaughter is Laura Eisenhower, targeted secret Mars colonist, the Marsexplorer is U.S. chrononaut and Mars jump room experiencer Andrew D. Basiago, and the interviews Frank mentions are Mars researcher Alfred Lambremont Webre's (me) interviews with Laura and Andy on life on Mars.


At the onset of the film project, Frank calls me in Vancouver, BC from Austria and I open up a Mars project portal for Frank to,

Laura, Andy, Tonia Madenford, Klaus Dona, Project Camelot stalwarts Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan, Steve Bassett, Michael Salla, Jose Escamilla, Richard Dolan, JJ Hurtak, Elizabeth Rauscher, Henry Deacon (Arthur Neumann), David Anderson, Jerry Wills, Dr. Steven Greer, Duncan O'Finioan, Credo Mutwa, Linda Moulton Howe, Alan Steinfeld, George Noory,

...and others.


Frank walks through that portal, takes a plane to meet me in Vancouver, BC and the filming begins.

Mind you, I am just one small segment of the film, speaking about Nikola Tesla, who in 1901 began the formal Exopolitical communication with the Martian civilization that eventuated in the Matrix controllers' secret Mars colonies.



[Editorial note: Tesla's original visionary intent in making the 1902 Martian contact was eventually thwarted cut in favor of the brutal Mars Colony Corporation under the directorship of one Richard B. Cheney, whom I was to judge a war criminal in 2012 as a Judge on the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal for his unlawful invasion of Iraq as an act of aggressive war.]


Enter Alternative 3, Planet X, Christoforo Barbato and the Jesuit SIV

Frank artfully introduces Matrix controller depopulation themes through HAARP, vaccines, as well as Alternative 3, the supposed fictional (and very real) Matrix controller program to establish DUMBS (deep underground military bases) on Earth and colonies on Mars for survival of the Earth human civilization and DNA [Illuminati style] in Mars colonies in the event of a Planet X type catastrophe on Earth.


In the film, researcher Christoforo Barbato introduces us to the Jesuit SIV (Vatican Intelligence Service) intelligence that Planet X/Nibiru may be making another destructive flyby of Earth around 2029 with concomitant cataclysmic depopulation and effects.


[Readers are urged to consider an alternative parallel organic positive Earth timeline on which a Planet X destructive flyby does not occur, described in detail at].



Apollo 19 and 20 Secret Missions to the Dark Side of the Moon - 1970 Red Sun secret Mission to Mars

One visual highlight is the film's public exposing, perhaps for the first time, of the joint Apollo 19 & 20 - Soviet Union secret missions to the dark side of the Moon, including secret footage of an enormous ancient structure on the moon, and footage of the still-living "Mona Lisa" ancient astronaut found on the moon.

The film also shares rare footage of Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong on the apparent 1970s Red Sun mission to Mars.


Laura Eisenhower, Andrew D. Basiago & Lemy NM Schoolhouse teleport

Laura Eisenhower, who was targeted with an attempted abduction to the secret Mars colony, provides a moving overview why it is important for Earth dwellers to stand with Earth in the positive organic timeline.

U.S. chrononaut and Mars explorer (and 2016 U.S. Presidential candidate at describes is time travel and teleportation experiences in Project Pegasus and his Mars exploration in the CIA Mars Jump room.


Filmmaker Frank Jacob and Producer Tonia Madenford search out, find and verify chrononaut Andrew D. Basiago's testimony as to Project Pegasus use of a teleport at a schoolhouse in Lemy, New Mexico.

Other Mars explorers describing their Mars experiences include,