by Michael E. Salla, Ph.D.
June 2, 2012

from Exopolitics Website


The Bilderberg Group is concluding its annual meeting this weekend in Chantilly, Virginia (a suburb in the Washington DC metro area) to discuss a range of hot button international issues.


The meeting (May 31 to June 3) has attracted protestors many of whom believe that the Bilderberg annual meeting serves to expand the interests and influence of international banking cartels. Protestors and critics believe the Bilderberg meeting is a forum where world policies are secretly decided, and implemented. High among these policies is the creation of a one world government and central bank.


In contrast, the Bilderberg Group website claims that its meetings are merely,

“a small, flexible, informal and off-the-record international forum in which different viewpoints can be expressed and mutual understanding enhanced.”

The Bilderberg website further points out,

“no resolutions are proposed, no votes taken, and no policy statements issued.”

So what is the real agenda behind the Bilderberg group? Is it to promote the interests of international banking cartels and a one world government?


Alternatively, is Bilderberg simply an annual forum for leading industrialists, bankers, hi-tech gurus, and up-and-coming politicians to meet, learn about each other, and better understand international events?


The ultimate answer may be truly out of this world.

According to Bilderberg Group critics such as Alex Jones, currently leading an Occupy Bilderberg protest, the annual meeting serves the interests of an international banking cartel intent on creating a one world government and a global Central Bank.








To achieve these long term goals, the Bilderberg Group meets annually to implement international policies where they secretly manipulate national politics, economics, and global events.


The ultimate goals are all very worldly:

a One World Government controlled by a World Central Bank.

The international banking families would provide much of the capital for setting up the World Central Bank thereby creating virtually unlimited wealth for future generations of international bankers.


This wealth would be more than sufficient to satisfy the greed, ambitions, and political needs of international banking interests in controlling humanity.


The Bilderberg Group has already become, according to Daniel Estulin, a shadow world government:

…they have gathered yearly in a luxurious hotel somewhere in the world to try to decide the future of humanity… the Bilderberg Group has grown beyond its idealistic beginnings to become a shadow world government, which decides in total secrecy at annual meetings how their plans are to be carried out. They threaten to take away our right to direct our own destinies.

So are Jones, Estulin and other critics correct? Is the annual Bilderberg meeting merely a front for international banking interests that form the backbone of a shadow world government?

The following story was told to me by a former hotel employee that had worked at a venue where the Bilderberg group was meeting one year.


This was a year where Bill Clinton was attending according to this employee. I have met this former hotel employee and will simply refer to this person as Mr B. I found Mr B to very credible, and he had no reason to fabricate what follows.

While at work during the Bilderberg annual meeting, Mr B was instructed to deliver an important message to a specific person attending a meeting in one of the smaller meeting rooms being used by the Bilderbergers.


As is now well known, it is the tradition of the Bilderbergers to hire an entire hotel for its exclusive use during an annual meeting. All hotel staff are basically there to serve the needs of Bilderberg participants during the meeting. So it was not unusual for Mr B to be given such a task which he was now responsible to complete.


Initially, Mr B was refused entry and was asked to hand the message over to someone else. Mr B insisted that he was under strict orders to deliver the message personally. After some heated discussion, Mr B was given permission to enter the meeting room. That’s when things became very bizarre.

Mr B claimed upon entering he saw around 24 people seated around a large rectangular table. They were speaking in a cacophony of sounds, none of which was intelligible. It didn’t sound like any language Mr B had ever heard before. Mr B couldn’t see any faces among those seated around the table. He could see their physical bodies in suits, etc., but the faces were hazy due to some kind of mist or fog.


Mr B reported that there was an intense energy field pervading the room - it was definitely very unusual and felt otherworldly. Mr B felt resentment being projected towards him over his unwelcome presence.


He was directed towards the person to whom he had to deliver the message. Mr B delivered the message and promptly left the room. He was unaware of the message’s contents.


Soon after leaving the room, Mr B experienced a massive headache, which lasted several days and he had to take time off.

Mr B’s experience suggests that an element within the Bilderberg group does have an otherworldly composition and agenda. It’s very likely that Mr B had viewed the Bilderberg’s mysterious Executive Committee in session, and that the people running Bilderberg may be in touch with and/or controlled by an outside otherworldly force.


What is this otherworldly force? None of the major Bilderberg Group researchers elaborate on such an element. So at this point, I will outline what exopolitics researchs have revealed about this otherworldly element in Bilderberg Group meetings.

The first Bilderberg meeting in 1954 had multiple reasons to convene.


The public justification was that it was held to promote political and economic cooperation between Europe and North America as the best defense to what was now perceived as the long term threat of communism. To that end, prominent business and political leaders have been regularly invited to Bilderberg Group on an annual basis to discuss ways of coordinating national policies and anticipating global trends.


Among the many notable individuals involved with Bilderberg Group meetings over the decades since its formation, Daniel Estulin gives special mention to the role of Henry Kissinger who was a protégé of the Rockefeller brothers who were instrumental in the Group’s creation.


While Estulin identifies some of the Bilderberg Group’s key players, he does not discuss Bilderberg's otherworldly origins and goals.

Key personnel and agencies involved in the formation of the Bilderberg Group reveal that its hidden purpose was to encourage global cooperation in response to a perceived long term threat known to Bilderberg’s creators:

This long term threat was only shared on a need-to-know basis, and emanated from World War II events involving Nazi Germany’s advanced technology programs.


Events which Nelson Rockefeller, Kissinger, and the CIA & its OSS predecessor, became deeply intimate with during and immediately after the War - Nazi attempts to reverse engineer extraterrestrial technologies for the war effort.

The main task of the Bilderberg Group was to coordinate the nations of the world so that any information gained by any nation pertaining to extraterrestrial life and technology was to be sent to the right place for research and development. A highly secretive second Manhattan project that had begun in the United States under President Truman to deal with the alien life and technologies was expanded to include other nations in a globally coordinated effort.


Eisenhower’s election in November 1952, offered his chief supporters, the Rockefeller Family, the opportunity to have greater corporate involvement in the now ‘global’ Manhattan Project.

The Rockefeller brothers (Nelson and David) along with Henry Kissinger, were instrumental in shaping the Eisenhower government’s response to extraterrestrial technologies using Cold War covert operations as a cover, and helping set up the Bilderberg Group for that purpose.


The Bilderberg Group would meet to coordinate national policies so that humanity would have the best chance of surviving the challenges posed by visitation of different extraterrestrial factions with unknown agendas.

A vital part of the Bilderberg Group agenda was to ensure that the global media and national legislatures would not learn about an extraterrestrial presence, or of the coordinated national contributions to a globally coordinated Manhattan Project. Funding a global Manhattan Project, let alone the U.S. element that was at its core would be a monumental task.


The global Manhattan Project would cost hundreds of billions in the 1950s, and eventually grow to trillions to fund each year. It would have to be funded in a way that the mass media and national legislatures would not discover what was happening.


This funding came from diverse sources such as,

This was a key reason why international bankers were prominent in Bilderberg Group meetings.


International banking offered the means for transferring enormous sums of illicitly generated money to this unacknowledged Global Manhattan Project.

If knowledge of extraterrestrial life and technology was the real reason behind the formation of the Bilderberg group, then exactly how does this otherwordly element relate to those running Bilderberg, and international banking families?


Answers emerge from a mysterious individual called “Hidden Hand” that participated in a public dialogue in the popular internet forum, Above Top Secret in Octoberr 2008.


According to the Hidden Hand, secret elite groups control our planet and have been doing so for millennia.


The basic idea is that a select group of families with distinct bloodlines have accumulated power and pass this on from one generation to another. The Hidden Hand reveals the number of core bloodlines making up "The Family" is thirteen.


Of the thirteen base bloodlines, the Hidden Hand says that only three are indigenous to Earth. The rest have off-world origins, the so called Fallen Angels or Nephilim as described in the Book of Enoch.


S/he clearly identifies where the most power is found among the thirteen bloodlines:

"I want to be clear on this Bloodline issue. The ones you know, they are of earthly lineage. Yes, they have their place in the Family, but the Real Power lines, do not originate from this planet."

Did Mr B witness a meeting where members of these ruling bloodline families were speaking in their native non-human language at a Bilderberg Group event?

There are many significant global events and processes that are being discussed at the 2012 Chantilly meeting of the Bilderberg Group. For a majority of the participants, the Bilderberg Group discussions are merely a means of promoting international cooperation in the leading political, financial and technological issues of the day.


Those protesting the Bilderberg meeting see it as a tool for achieving the goals of international banking interests and can rightly point to key individuals such as David Rockefeller in Bilderberg Group meetings.


After all, Rockefeller claimed in his Memoirs (2003):

Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as 'internationalists' and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure - one world, if you will. If that is the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.

In probing deeper into the Bilderberg mystery and key people involved with it, one ultimately encounters an otherworldly factor in its genesis and confidential discussions.


Mr B’s experience casts light on this otherworldly or extraterrestrial element.

The prominent individuals and agencies involved in originally creating the Bilderberg group in 1954 did so with the intent of promoting international coordination in responding to an unannounced extraterrestrial presence that threatened elite global interests.


Indeed, these elite global interests may themselves have an otherworldly origin, and see extraterrestrial visitors as competitors for the control of Earth and humanity. It’s worth emphasizing that these elite global interests intimately involved in the Bilderberg Group have very different goals to the global interests of humanity.


Casting light on Bilderberg Group meetings is a step in the right direction of learning about humanity’s hidden past, possible future, and the otherworldly present.