by Michael E. Salla, Ph.D
Kona, Hawaii
from Exopolitics Website

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Recently, Benjamin Fulford, a former bureau chief for Forbes Magazine in Japan, has come forward to reveal deep splits within the global power structures that control international finance, religious institutions and geo-politics.


Fulford argues that these splits have grown so severe that unless a covert policy for significant global depopulation through contrived means is immediately abandoned, that there will be harsh consequences for those seeking to implement such a policy.


Fulford has publicly taken on the role of spokesperson for what he claims are Chinese secret societies opposed to global depopulation policies that specifically target the Asian population. He has recently come out with public warnings on behalf of these secret societies on a popular radio show where he was interviewed on July 5

Fulford's claims and warnings to supporters of a covert global depopulation program are so startling that they could easily be dismissed as wild conjecture and neurotic conspiracy theory. There are however a number of reasons why his claims should not be simply dismissed and be considered on their merits.

  1. First, the quality of Fulford's journalistic investigations and professional background do not indicate he is someone prone to exaggeration and making unsubstantiated claims. Many of his articles with Forbes Magazine were and continue to be essential reading for Western businessmen desiring to invest or conduct business in Japan.


  2. Second, he has interviewed people in very senior positions in Japan over the last decade including seven Prime Ministers, captains of industry, security police and leading figures in the Japanese underworld. So he does have access to the shadowy underworld figures he claims have approached him to take on the issue of a covert global depopulation program.


  3. Finally, while a Canadian by nationality, Fulford has spent 20 years studying and working in Japan, speaks the Japanese language fluently, and understands Japanese culture and public policy making process very well. He therefore qualifies as a westerner very sympathetic to Asian values and could act as a spokesperson for a powerful organization with deeply embedded networks in Japanese society.

All this suggests that Fulford's claims need to be considered on their merits.

Fulford traces the origins of the powerful elites responsible for the alleged covert global depopulation program to the leading banking families in Europe and North America. Due to their historical association with Freemasonry he refers to these elite banking families as comprising the modern day 'Illuminati' whose history can be traced all the way back to ancient Babylon (see The History Of The Illuminati - How the Celtic Peoples Were Enslaved by Babylonian Tyrants).


Fulford argues that a faction of the Illuminati centered around the Rockefeller family is intent on a radical global depopulation plan through a contrived war on terror, artificially created pandemics, and environmental disasters produced through advanced eco-weapons.


In contrast, another branch of the Illuminati centered around the European based Rothschild family has distanced itself from such a plan as evidenced in broad European opposition to the Iraq war. (See The Secret Race to Control Iraq's Extraterrestrial Heritage).

Most significantly from an exopolitical perspective, Fulford claims that there is an attempt to produce a global Armageddon with a contrived extraterrestrial enemy that will wipe out a significant proportion of humanity. According to Fulford, this would leave survivors so traumatized that they would be easily manipulated by the Illuminati.


A number of whistleblowers including the late Werner Von Braun have argued that a covert plan exists to fabricate an extraterrestrial enemy to justify a new global war

Fulford claims that it was his investigation into artificially created pandemics that targeted Asians in a covert effort to reduce their overall population to 500 million that triggered the attention of Chinese secret societies. He claims that the SARS virus and the avian flu virus (H5N1) are the first in a series of artificially created viruses that specifically target the Asian genome.


Disturbed by the possibility that a covert global depopulation policy that targeted Asians was underway, secret Chinese societies based in Taiwan contacted Fulford to offer him their protection and recruited him to be their spokesperson.

Fulford contends that the effort to reduce the Asian population is a result of deeply entrenched racism and cultural chauvinism among Illuminati members who historically are centered in Europe and North America.


Assuming that Fulford is correct that a depopulation program targeted at Asians is underway, it is worth exploring a number of exopolitical factors for why such a policy might have been implemented by Illuminati members, and the role of the Rockefeller family in such a policy.

  1. First, the covert policy allegedly aims to reduce the current population of Asia from approximately 3.7 billion (over 56% of the global population) to 500 million people. One of the major reasons why new energy technologies and extraterrestrial disclosure have not occurred is that this would level the geo-political playing field very quickly. Cheap inexpensive energy that could be produced in-house would rapidly transform major population centers like China (1.3 billion) and India (1.1 billion).


    These and other Asian nations that currently struggle to feed and provide jobs for all citizens, would be transformed into flourishing financial powerhouses where their citizenry's full productive capacities could be utilized. Such a development would transform the way global financial structures are dominated from capital intensive industries in North America/Europe to information intensive industries in China/India, etc.

  2. Second, not only would there be an erosion of Illuminati power and prestige due to its loss of control over global financial institutions, but there would also be widespread diffusion of technological capacities. This would significantly erode U.S. hegemony in the research and development of advanced technologies. This is especially important when it comes to the secret reverse engineering of extraterrestrial technologies which is dominated by the US military industrial complex.


    The Illuminati provide significant financial resources and global networks to ensure that the US gets the lion's share of extraterrestrial technologies recovered world wide and secretly relocated to the US. Much of this is achieved by maintaining present global dependence on fossil fuel consumption, and preventing alternative energy sources being developed.

  3. Third, there is the possibility that a staged extraterrestrial invasion can be conducted to deceive the global population into surrendering civil liberties and political rights. This would enable the passage of draconian national security laws which would monitor and control the behavior and thoughts of the global citizenry. The development of a global national security system would ensure the control of elites who might fear that the official disclosure of extraterrestrial life would lead to a loss of governmental and covert Illuminati control over the global population. The collapse of governmental authority was an important factor cited by the 1960 Brookings Institute Report into the consequences of the general public learning of the existence of extraterrestrial life.

  4. Fourth, the role played by the Rockefeller family in the development of US policies concerning extraterrestrial technologies and life cannot be underestimated. It was the intervention of both Nelson and David Rockefeller that was critical in persuading President Dwight Eisenhower to relinquish direct executive presidential control over extraterrestrial related projects. A corporatized military structure that was run by an appointed committee, Majestic-12 Special Studies Group, that was outside the normal governmental oversight process was instead created.


    The Rockefellers were able to ensure that through their control of organizations such as the Council of Foreign Relations and key personnel such as Dr Henry Kissinger, that they would play a substantial role in directing covert policies on extraterrestrial affairs (see Failure of Power Politics as a Strategic Response to the Extraterrestrial Presence). Most importantly, the Rockefellers have been the leading proponents of a global secrecy program concerning extraterrestrial life with the exception of a few family members such as Laurence Rockefeller (see E.T. Politics in the Clinton White House). 

How much credence should be given to Fulford's radical claims?


Certainly his professional background and access to senior political, financial and cultural figures in Japan can be verified.


He has also published a recent book detailing at greater length his claims and providing evidence to substantiate the existence of a covert depopulation program that specifically targets Asians. As far as him being a spokesperson for Chinese secret societies vehemently opposed to such a depopulation program, that is harder to verify.


Nevertheless, his work for Forbes Magazine gave him privileged access with key figures and forces in the Japanese economy which almost certainly included the Japanese underworld. This makes it very plausible that he is familiar with and could have been easily approached by Chinese secret societies as he claims. Significantly an Australian expert in reverse speech analysis tested Fulford's speech patterns during his July 5 radio interview and concluded that he was not lying and that the reverse speech patterns are congruent with his claims (see The Warnings of Benjamin Fulford).

Perhaps most credence for Fulford's claims come from the revelations of filmmaker Aaron Russo who claims to have befriended a leading member of the Rockefeller family, Nick Rockefeller.


According to Russo, Rockefeller admitted that 911 was in inside job, that the war on terror was contrived to convince the global population to submit to draconian national security laws such as microchipping, that leading banking families intended to maintain strict control, and that a depopulation program to cull the global population by at least 50% was underway.

While investigations have just begun to determine the accuracy of Fulford's radical claims, the exopolitical implications of a struggle between Asian and North American/European secret societies can be expected to be very significant.


If Fulford is accurate in his main claim concerning the determination and ability of Chinese secret societies to target banking elites involved in a global depopulation policy, then it becomes clear Asian secret societies can severely disrupt any contrived global depopulation program by the North American branch of the Illuminati. This would ensure that in a post-disclosure world the full productive capacities of China and other Asian nations would not be significantly diminished.

The frustration of plans to covertly depopulate strategic regions of the planet such as Asia, would inevitably lead to a major realignment of financial and political power on the planet.


More significantly, the power and influence of the Rockefeller family in repressing information concerning extraterrestrial life and technology would be significantly diminished.


This would significantly accelerate the timing of official disclosure concerning extraterrestrial life. Most importantly, it would influence the way in which disclosure was made and thereby lead to the failure of efforts to present extraterrestrials as a new security threat justifying advanced space weapons or to stage a fake extraterrestrial invasion (see Using Space Weapons Against Extraterrestrial Civilizations).


This would consequently lead to the release of suppressed technologies and alternative energy sources that are used by extraterrestrial civilizations. Extraterrestrial disclosure would prove very beneficial to Asian economies which have the bulk of the world's population and stand to benefit most from distribution of alternative energy sources.

Just as the regular U.S. military is not happy with continued suppression of advanced extraterrestrial technologies (which is why so many military personnel have been safely able to come forward - see The Disclosure Project), so too secret societies in China, and other Asian nations are not happy with the current non-disclosure program.


Furthermore, there appears to be a genuine split between North American and European branches of the Illuminati (elite banking families) over global depopulation policies.


That makes for a powerful alliance of pro-disclosure interests that must greatly worry members of the increasingly isolated North American based Illuminati and Majestic-12 Group that has historically played a leading role in repressing information concerning extraterrestrial life and technology.