by Rhoda Wilson
March 31, 2022

from DailyExpose Website



Todd Callender

is an American lawyer.

He has worked in the disability, health and life insurance industry

for more than 20 years and focuses on the international convergence

of biomedical, morbidity and mortality risks in the global legal context.

 He is currently serving as lead plaintiff’s counsel

in the ongoing federal litigation relating to

the compulsory Covid vaccination of members in

the US Armed Services.




Last week, during Session 97 of the Corona Investigative Committee, Todd Callender (pictured above) discussed the role of,

...are playing in the genocide of Covid-19.


He also refers to his lawsuits against the US Department of Defence and much more.  It is a real eye opener and a wake-up call, not to only Americans but, to the world.


Todd told the Corona Investigative Committee:

"The short answer to this whole thing is that everybody that got the (Covid injections) was given some form or level of AIDS, autoimmune deficiency syndrome.


"The ones that got the one shot, it seems that they have about 30 percent of their natural immunity destroyed.


By the time they get three shots, all their natural immunity is completely gone. And we're seeing that with our doctors, experts who are testifying, in their practices.


"The real epidemic is, now... based on what it is we are seeing the rates right now:

  • excess mortality, 84 percent


  • excess, every kind of disease at 1100 percent...

We are expecting a 5,000 or so percent increase in excess mortality for this year. An enormous number.


"Almost worse than that... experts have figured out that there's an electromagnetic connection to all of this... 5G is like a butcher knife. It's a dual use item.


You can use it to communicate, but at the same time, you can use it to kill... a lot of the tests that we looked at in the scientific world focused on the 18 GHz signal and this interplays with the lipid nano-particle (in the Covid injection).


"The pathogens inside of the lipid nanoparticles, the ones that were created and are inside of the nanoparticles, inside of vaccinated people right now, are also chimeric.


In some cases,

When those lipid nanoparticles are exposed to an 18 GHz signal, they swell and become porous, which means that,

they will literally pour out those illegal nucleotides, the proteins, that cause people's bodies to produce these pathogens.

That was the whole point of the messenger RNA technology was to genetically modify people for the purpose of having them produce synthetic proteins.

In the case of Covid, it was synthetic S proteins.


After the 18 GHz signal, it will be other proteins, perhaps M proteins.

They also produce, of course, the same HIV proteins."

And that is just a glimpse of the first 17 minutes of what Todd exposed! 


We fully recommend you can watch Callender's 72-minute discussion with the Corona Investigative Committee, which you can do HERE.





You can watch the full five and a half hour Corona Investigative Committee 'Session 97 - Open Secrets', HERE or HERE (with chapters and timestamps). 


'Session 97' includes:

  • Vaccination deaths: Observations of a German funeral director in 2020-22 - Funerals increased only after vaccination started

  • Vaccination deaths: Extreme excess mortality among 18 to 40-year-olds in the US military

  • Politics: so-called Quarantine Camps in Australia - Why are more camps being built?

  • Geopolitics: The end of the unipolar world order?

  • Economics: The role of public-private partnerships

  • NGO's: Origins of the World Economic Forum (WEF) and Klaus Schwab's CIA connection

  • New World Order: The Great Carbon Reset and Agenda 21