by A.L. Webre


from Archive Website


The Infancy of Exopolitics

Exopolitics, the study of political process and governance in interstellar society, is in its infancy.


Yet Exopolitics is a key channel to transforming our human future. One immediate action program of Exopolitics is a decade of human education and community politics directed towards integration with Universe society – the Decade of Contact. (2001-2010?)

The Decade of Contact is a social program to examine the issues of extraterrestrial contact, a decade of official world participation in activating global consciousness and knowledge about Universe society.


The goals of the Decade of Contact include the implementation of Exopolitics on Earth, and the study of Earth’s role in Universe government and politics. Through education, media, and grass roots politics, a Decade of Contact can bring awareness to public consciousness about Universe society, and can reorient human science and institutions to be “extraterrestrial friendly.”


Earth is only one of countless populated planets in an organized Universe that is under the guidance of an advanced Universe society. A near majority of the human population intuitively knows the truth. Extraterrestrial civilizations visit Earth, and an interplanetary federation governs Earth itself. Humanity does not know of or see this Universe government, because Earth has been under deliberate quarantine, isolated from the rest of interstellar society.

Human religious traditions and emerging sciences like scientific remote viewing may contain fragmentary information about the catastrophic disruption in our exopolitical past.


We do not yet accurately know the full, official reasons for our planetary quarantine by the Universe. It may turn out to be the case that Earth has been quarantined for solely evolutionary reasons, as a planet not yet advanced enough for social interaction with the rest of Universe society. Perhaps a “minimal interference” rule may be in force, whereby more advanced civilizations are prohibited from interfering with a less-evolved Universe civilization.

The pattern of evidence supports the Exopolitics model.


Cumulatively, recent scientific analysis of the extraterrestrial Leaky Embargo strategy, the inner consistency among human religious traditions about the myth of “humanity’s fall from the Garden of Eden,” and scientific remote viewing data confirming the historical accuracy of exopolitical versions of a catastrophic planetary rebellion, all converge to reinforce why the Exopolitics model may be our new dominant universal paradigm.


Earth has been quarantined for essentially exopolitical reasons – reasons of Universe law or politics.


Earth has indeed suffered a severe violation of interplanetary norms in the distant past, and now must prove itself worthy of membership in the body politic of the Universe. We humans are historical victims of Universe politics in the sense that, to date, humanity has not been deemed ready to resume Universe citizenship and the exopolitical game.


Ask yourself these “what if” questions, which relate to extricating ourselves from universal isolation:

  • What if our planet Earth is part of an organized society of inhabited planets?

  • What if we have been kept deliberately ignorant, and in quarantine?

  • What if the key to reintegrating us with our fellow planets lies in our own power to change our society?

  • What if we can become ready for Universe citizenship, and Universe politics?

  • What if there are steps we humans can take to make our universal reunion happen?

The human transformation brought by addressing these questions would be profound.


If Earth is part of a well-governed Universe, then our entire human civilization –including our governance, our technology, and our ways of life – could be transformed. The discovery that we are not alone, but are part of an organized society, would be the greatest single transformation in the long history of humanity – greater than any previous scientific, political, or social shift.

Re-entry into Universe society would mean that substantial aspects of contemporary human life must be changed. Our re-entry into interplanetary society would be an evolutionary quantum leap. Our evolutionary blueprint is as an interstellar species. As a practical matter, we could actualize this blueprint only as part of organized interstellar society. As we broke through our universal isolation, we would be ejecting millennia of social and emotional baggage in our awakening to Universe citizenship.


Every morning, 6.5 billion human beings wake up to a false or incomplete story of who we are.


Our conventional history tells us that we are the only intelligent species in the entire Universe. Our collective intuition tells us differently, that we live in a populated Universe. A majority of U.S. adults tells us that we are not alone in the vastness of space. The scientifically measured intuitions of between 50 and 100 million U.S. adults seem to know that we are part of a highly organized interplanetary society. Presumably, an equal proportion of the rest of the world’s population also knows this intuitively.


Yet for evolutionary and political reasons, humanity seems to have been deliberately kept officially in the dark.


A User’s Guide to Life

It is little wonder that there is so much confusion on this planet about our role in the larger Universe.


Our personal confusion starts at birth. Our parents, who themselves have been confused all their lives about the universal role of this planet pass on their own programming to us. As we grow up, more confusion comes our way from our schools, religions, governments, institutions, media, and peers. We ourselves eventually become transmitters of confusion, and pass more advanced universal confusion on to our peers, families, friends, and children.

How much easier and less confusing life might be if we each were issued a User’s Guide to Life, at birth, one that would be updated in real time.


A User’s Guide to Life for every human being on the planet would contain standard instructions for at least four elements of our life on Earth:

  1. How most of the story modern human beings know about Earth and its environs is wrong.

  2. How it is most logical and rational that we live in a highly populous and organized Universe society of life-bearing planets.

  3. How Universe politics have kept Earth in a planetary quarantine.

  4. How that quarantine may be lifting, and what we can do to hasten a universal reunion.

A User’s Guide to Life would reassess and contradict key tenets of contemporary human civilization about the universal circumstances of planet Earth.


Paradoxically, each of humanity’s contemporary worldviews, from creationist to evolutionist, contains an element of truth about the origin and structure of the Cosmos. Our User’s Guide to Life would show how every dominant cosmology humans now espouse about the relationship of Earth to the Universe is wrong or incomplete – humanity is, in fact, not alone in the Universe.

Interplanetary society may not come as much of a surprise to the 50 to 100 million extraterrestrial-sensitive persons in the United States. If you are one of the extraterrestrial-curious elsewhere on the planet, you may likewise see the Universe in its true, populated interconnectedness.

In an evolutionary sense, the ability to see that this planet is under “invisible” extraterrestrial political and administrative control means that you have probably activated your Universe consciousness. Your extraterrestrial-friendly vision is somewhat like the vision of round Earth believers during the flat Earth era. Science, not religion, is the archetypal discipline for exploring space.


Religion, however, as an expression of the collective human intuition, may be one of our more fruitful access points to working models for the study of intelligent civilizations in interstellar space. Exobiology and Exopolitics contain ancient, modern, and emerging disciplines for the study of the Universe. The disciplines of human religious traditions – Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, and the approximately 4,000 other human religions – contain ancient and potentially fruitful models of the first principles under which the Universe is organized.

Religion was humanity’s first science and its first cosmology. Sacred, religious models of intelligent life in the Universe are a starting point. Religion is the repository of the collective intuitive reality. It often claims to be influenced or created by a higher intelligence. We can trust this collective intuition, and guide it with the principles of the scientific method.

The truth is that our Universe is filled with intelligent civilizations. In fact, advanced civilizations consciously participate in the continued evolution of our Universe. The vast expanse of interstellar space may appear ordered to you, but devoid of other intelligent life.


Our contemporary science tells us the physical Universe appears ordered because it is ruled by the natural laws described in physics, astrophysics, astronomy, and related physical sciences. Biased science holds that our cosmic reality is devoid of other intelligent life.

We on Earth do not officially recognize that our Universe is populated and organized because:

  1. Our inability to perceive higher civilizations in our universal environment is an illusion, an evolutionary mask, deliberately crafted by interplanetary society. Earth is under Universe quarantine imposed by the interplanetary government. We have not been allowed to interact overtly with other civilizations. This has had profound effects on our perceptions of our world.

  2. Humanity has not been able to perceive other intelligent civilizations in the past because we are only now evolving to the stage of acquiring the science necessary to locate other intelligent civilizations. We simply have not known how and where to find other civilizations.

  3. The Universe may appear to humans as devoid of intelligent life because we are not yet able to understand or perceive the ongoing signals from and visitations of extraterrestrial civilizations on Earth.

  4. Our perception of extraterrestrial visits is blocked by covert intelligence agencies and other human factions wanting to keep Earth isolated from the rest of interstellar society for their own reasons. One way of psychologically blocking human perception of Universe society is to inundate humanity with misleading and misinforming UFO “sightings” and phony “alien abductions” accounts.

Each of these factors is a potent force that keeps Earth physically and psychologically isolated from Universe society.

The laws of physics, astrophysics, and astronomy represent only one mode of determining the true realities and dynamics of the Universe. Universal law is even more fundamental to the workings of the physical Universe than are the laws of physics, astrophysics, and astronomy. Humanity’s evolutionary circumstances and exopolitical status are subject to Universe law.


The ancient models of the world’s religions and philosophies also provide very suggestive models for Exopolitics. A more appropriate approach to Universe society is the intuitive method of knowledge. This intuitive approach to our Universe is not what the contemporary human scientific establishment wants us to pursue. Since time immemorial, our human culture has used intuition to survive. Our User’s Guide uses the inductive, intuitive method to build a working model of what the Universe is really like.

As you study Exopolitics, try constructing your own working model of the Universe government. Use your own intuition to evaluate whether Earth is part of an interplanetary society of advanced civilizations. Your own intuition, together with the revelations of humanity’s great religions, can suggest key aspects of Universe society. There is one way you can create dramatic personal change in your life on this planet.


Let go of the illusion that outer space is empty and devoid of organized intelligent society.


Let go of the illusion that there is no organized Universe society monitoring Earth now. In letting go of your false illusions about planet Earth’s isolation, you can develop a more natural relationship to your own full Universe heritage.


Grasp hold of your intuition. It is as powerful as your intellect, if not more powerful. Let your intuition wander freely over the vision of a populated and regulated Universe, with travel and commerce among life-bearing planets, with interplanetary organizations, universities, and communications media. Visualize planetary societies and intelligent species that may differ widely in their evolution.

Visualize the workings of an interstellar federation of planets. Every school child on Earth knows that interplanetary federations mean interstellar government, laws, and politics. Interplanetary government directives are under universal law, the rudimentary workings of which we humans can understand. Universe courts and administrative tribunals adjudicate conflicts under Universe government directives.


Universe officials use the enforcement technology of interplanetary society to carry out universal law. On the surface, Universe government functions much the same as governmental bodies and courts do on Earth. That is because Earth is under universal law, and terrestrial government is derived from Universe government. Human culture is currently unaware of its Universe heritage, which provides the blueprint for our Earthly institutions.


Your intuition can help you access knowledge about Universe society, knowledge that can lead to your personal liberation. Your intuition can understand the basics of how Universe society functions. Your intuition can lead to the realization that interplanetary space is populated.


The Universe has a government which functions according to principles we on Earth can understand.



Spiritual and Material Reality

As the society of a life-bearing planet matures and evolves, it comes to understand the Universe as a sacred realm.


Understanding that the Universe is sacred and spiritual in nature is fundamental to the evolution of a higher intelligent species. At its core, the Universe is created as a place for growing souls.

Human religious traditions provide key concepts for understanding how the Universe and its advanced societies are “spiritual” and not merely “physical” in nature.


You may ask if there is any fundamental difference between the spiritual and the material. Some say the spiritual world is actually more “real” than the material world. A Swedish physicist has reportedly even measured the weight of the human soul (about two ounces). It seems that the soul, a spiritual entity in most of Earth’s traditions, coexists in the material world of the body.


What we know as “spiritual” and “material” might just be other words for energy-life dimensions.

The User’s Guide tells us that evolved dimensional beings, emanating from “spiritual” domains in the Universe, are permanently stationed around Earth, as part of the Universe society’s presence. These beings carry out such functions as monitoring our life experiment planet and enforcing the quarantine. Although at times it may seem that the human events on our planet are chaotic, these dimensional spiritual beings are crucial to Earth’s evolution, and ultimately to our re-integration into Universe society.


We humans are immersed in a very real spiritual-material ecology around Earth.


This spiritual-material ecology, based on the twin energy principles of reflectivity and dimensionality, may be a key reason why we humans are not perceptually aware of the Universe society and its quarantine of Earth. Advanced civilizations can monitor us from afar through reflectivity, and can travel to Earth without being observed by us, by navigating through the Universe’s multiple dimensions.

There is also a deeper reality to Universe society’s enforcement of Earth’s quarantine and its monitoring of Earth’s evolution. More advanced civilizations within the Universe can be based in other “dimensions.” Human religious traditions call these advanced dimensions “spiritual” or “Heavenly.” The quarantine hypothesis suggests that these “Heavenly” domains are actual dimensions within the Universe that are different from the dimensions of time and space that we humans inhabit.


Our spiritual-material ecology makes it easy for a Universe society to communicate with an increasingly aware human population. Universe society has the technology to psychologically induce humanity into mass awareness of higher intelligent civilizations, through a mode of communication our psychology calls “peripheral cueing.” Universe society uses a psychological reinforcement schedule to communicate subliminally with humans.

Covert human military-intelligence forces have also learned to mimic Universe society’s communications. Their purpose is to fool us and thereby control our mass experience of what it means to be “extraterrestrial.” At this stage of the planetary quarantine, there may still be negative organized extraterrestrial forces within Earth’s dimensional ecology, operating outside of universal law.

A covert information war – carried out both by secret terrestrial power structures and by extraterrestrial forces themselves – has sharply polarized the human race about the existence of extraterrestrial visitors and the wisdom of integrating into Universe society. Some researchers hold that a hostile, colonizing extraterrestrial force is carrying out a secret genetic takeover of Earth, under the cover of psychological warfare and “alien abductions.”

Other researchers hold that “alien abductions” are psychological warfare operations of a paramilitary nature, designed to sow confusion among humans about the extraterrestrial presence. The truth is that both sides – terrestrial and extraterrestrial – are engaged in an ongoing information war, with human attitudes as their target. Exopolitics holds that all intelligent life in the Universe is subject to universal law, much as all human life on Earth is subject to what philosophers call “natural law.”


Exopolitics also holds the existence of a Universe-wide government. Thus, Extraterrestrial visitors to Earth are subject both to universal laws of justice, as well as the specific directives of a Universe government.

On Earth, a state of armed conflict may exist between certain governments; international gangs may carry out violent agendas; vandals may destroy the beauty of their urban targets. Yet international law and natural justice preserve our evolution. It is the same situation with regard to Earth’s position in the Universe.


There may be extraterrestrial visitors who see our planet as an economic and genetic prize. Whatever their specific intentions may be, they are subject to universal law and to Universe government’s ancient plans for this planet. We can best defend our position vis-à-vis these visitors through Exopolitics.


We must become conscious that we live in a multiparty Universe, and that we can have the power of Universe law on our side.



The Information War and “Alien Abductions”

The UFO phenomenon itself can provide a psychological exit strategy from the effects of Earth’s interplanetary quarantine.


UFOs are a key to awakening humanity’s awareness that Earth is part of a populated, advanced Universe society. It seems that many parties – both terrestrial and extraterrestrial alike – are competing for control of humanity’s mass attention. The UFO phenomenon, however, is at the center of a secret information war that has raged continually among various terrestrial and extraterrestrial elements for the last 50 years.

An information war is a conflict of perceptions waged with the weapons of propaganda –misinformation, disinformation, and mind control. The strategic objective of the 50-year information war against Universe society has been to enforce total secrecy about the extraterrestrial presence in Earth’s environment.


When secrecy has failed, a secret terrestrial command-and-control network has resorted to misinformation, outright lies, and black propaganda about UFO sightings. Terrestrial commandos have also undertaken disinformation operations against the civilian population, such as the MILABs, the fake alien abductions staged by the military to portray the extraterrestrial presence as hostile or colonizing in nature.

Violence has also been used against individuals who attempt to break the information barrier. Mind control weapons are used to mentally disturb and economically destitute individuals who might break the extraterrestrial information embargo. Individuals have been threatened, tortured, and assassinated. The state terrorists who perpetrate such crimes feel safe in doing so because they operate under the cover of secrecy and the doctrine of plausible deniability.

The information war is the most acute reason why our reintegration with Universe society has not occurred yet.


The principal aggressors in the anti-extraterrestrial information war appear to be military and intelligence authorities of the Anglo bloc, led by the United States, and including the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. These are the so-called “Echelon” countries, named after a secret surveillance 94 system that they operate that intercepts all electronic communications worldwide and sorts them on a key word basis. The ultimate goal of this bloc is to deny humanity its universal heritage.

We must remember that the term “extraterrestrial” refers to organized Universe society, as it exists in interstellar and multi-dimensional space. Extraterrestrial societies are the participants in the exopolitical process. Exopolitics is a fundamental organizing, mediating, socializing, and governing process in interplanetary and inter-dimensional space. Exopolitics is how a highly populous and regulated Universe governs itself.


Despite the existence of such a regime, the information war is designed to sow confused, negative human attitudes about Extraterrestrial life. As we are discovering, our planet is still subject to many negative “alien” influences in the aftermath of the planetary quarantine. Universe quarantine refers to our disconnection from universal energy circuits, and from normal interaction with Universe society. We are still under the dominion and protection of Universe authorities.

The information war has as its goal the sowing of confusion about the extraterrestrial presence on Earth. The war’s primary goal is to keep the existence of Universe society an official secret. Its secondary goal is to confound the world public about whether the extraterrestrial presence is benevolent or malevolent or a mixture of both – in order to demonize the extraterrestrial.

Universe society operates according to rules of law. Its intentions toward Earth are benign – we are its creatures. There are remnants of the planetary quarantine, however, which may operate within Earth’s near environment. Some researchers maintain that alien abductions are part of a secret alien genetic plan to develop a “hybrid” intelligent species. This new species would replace the human race on Earth after its extinction in a coming ecological or near space catastrophe, such as an asteroid collision.


Others hold that “rogue extraterrestrials” are secretly threatening Earth, but benevolent extraterrestrials will not let humanity be harmed.

As in all information wars premised upon secrecy, propaganda, and lies, it is difficult to know whether these information war scenarios are facts, distortions, or psychological projections. Some of the effects ascribed to “malevolent Extraterrestrials” could in fact be products of the information war. These effects may in reality be the ploys of classic psychological warfare operations, and phenomena of the information war.


The “alien abduction” experiences that have been reported may be a mixture of other effects. They may be growth-oriented dimensional experiences of an archetypal nature. Abductions may be virtual or psychological operations by various sides in the information war, terrestrial and extraterrestrial alike. They can be disinformation MILABs, or terrestrial military-intelligence operations, mimicking “alien abductions” as part of the information war.


Actual abduction by extraterrestrial forces may itself be a form of “psy war,” or psychological warfare campaigns, against terrestrial military-intelligence networks. Alien abductions, in short, may not be what they seem at all. The legacy of confusion from 50 years of information war has a practical antidote: the Decade of Contact. The information war must be ended and replaced by an education-based era of openness, public hearings, publicly funded research, and education about extraterrestrial reality.

There is some opinion, informed by scientific remote viewing, that it would be advantageous to humanity to enter into an open, voluntary, regulated genetic improvement program with at least one specific, spiritually advanced extraterrestrial race, the advanced Grays for purposes of repairing the Grays’ own genetic bank.


Such a regulated genetic program would not harm participating humans and would, on balance, be of great benefit to galactic society.


The advanced Grays lost their home planet in the distant Universe past because of a self-induced ecological catastrophe, not unlike that which human society seems to be bringing upon itself on Earth.


Some information indicates that these advanced Grays are now stockpiling genetic stocks of Earth flora and fauna, to facilitate our rebuilding of Earth at a future. Universe networking and diplomatic relationship can help humanity mitigate impending ecological catastrophe that will befall Earth within several decades if we are unable to transform our fossil fuel civilization in time.

The principal lesson of Exopolitics appears to be that Universe politics is not anthropomorphic. We must be interactive members of Universe society with full rights, privileges, and duties. If we wish to protect our own exopolitical and genetic interests, for example, we must reach out to and integrate with Universe society.


We must become participating members of the galactic family of planetary races.


Understanding Universe Organization

It is not by accident or delusion that between one-quarter and one-half of adult humans intuit that Earth has been visited by extraterrestrial civilizations.


Viewing the whole of the Universe, the most logical and rational conclusion is that we live in a highly populous and organized Universe society of life-bearing planets. Like most basic decisions about reality, we can best arrive at this conclusion viscerally and intuitively.


Earth’s dominant belief that the Universe is unpopulated is only as strong as the information upon which such a belief is based. The modern human belief that Earth is in a chaotic, sterile Universe is based on our own human projections. Using a common mechanism of psychological defense, projection, we project the supposition that advanced civilizations are like ours.

We also project that the Universe conforms to our human view of scientific laws. Our science and our imagination possess only the barest glimmerings of what advanced civilizations are like and what they know. The principles of reflectivity and dimensionality, for example, are officially unknown in our reality, although parascience gathers increasing knowledge of these principles.

What every intelligent life-bearing planetary society knows – that we are part of a highly organized Universe composed of billions of life-bearing planets – is treated as scientific heresy and madness in the establishment bastions of our planet. What is more, modern human society is unaware that we have been intentionally isolated through quarantine from interplanetary society.

The false illusion that we live in a lifeless Universe is, in effect, a conceptual artifact from past millennia when humanity thought that the Earth was itself the center of the Universe. This illusion, or mass delusion, is a lateral consequence of the Universe quarantine under which Earth has been laboring.

Were the planetary quarantine to be suddenly ended, we would have interplanetary commerce, transportation, communication, and participation. It is time for a fundamental re-assessment of what we know about the Universe in which we live.


We are isolated Universe hermits only as a result of the delusional blinders put in place by the quarantine of Earth.


Universe Politics and the Decade of Contact

The end to our planetary quarantine will be based on open interaction between Universe society and Earth. The teacher, Universe society, appears when the evolutionary student, Earth, is ready. The Universe is designed as a living environment for the education and evolution of consciousness. Our Universe isolation will end when we are ready for the next lesson. There is good reason to believe that the end of Earth’s isolation in the Universe is now approaching.

We humans can reassess whether we live in a populated Universe simply by empowering ourselves to do so. Barring a massive overt demonstration on Earth by extraterrestrial society, we must make it socially and scientifically safe to reassess the issue of extraterrestrial civilizations in our environment.

Exopolitics is the best strategy to exit our planetary quarantine. As a central act of Exopolitics, let us create the Decade of Contact, a ten-year social program officially dedicated to examining the issues of extraterrestrial contact, a decade of official world participation in activating global consciousness and knowledge about Universe society.


Among the goals of the Decade of Contact would be the implementation of Exopolitics on Earth, the study of Earth’s role in Universe government and politics. Through education, media, and grass roots politics, a Decade of Contact can bring awareness about Universe society to public consciousness, and can reorient human science and institutions to be “extraterrestrial friendly.”

The transition from quarantine to open interaction with Universe society is the central aim of Exopolitics.


Planetary reintegration requires active Exopolitics in the form of Earth’s participation in the politics of Universe society. This transition inevitably involves confronting the forces that consciously oppose the quarantine’s end. Ignorance, pride, arrogance, jealousy, greed, and emptiness fuel Earth’s covert hierarchy of power, which has waged an information war that has spanned the last 50 years. Exopolitics includes evolutionary forces that consciously favor integration with interplanetary society.

Ending the Universe quarantine of Earth is in some ways like any other political process, messy, with struggle between opposing forces. There are forces on Earth firmly committed to stopping a reunion with interplanetary civilization. Those controlling the military, nuclear, and petroleum-based sectors of our civilization are firmly against a reunion with a Universe society that cannot be controlled.


Access to the advanced propulsion systems of Universe society – namely “free or renewable energy” – would mean that the vested interests, embodied in private corporations and cartels, as well as the petroleum-based transportation and energy system that they control, would no longer be viable or even necessary.

Ultimately, breaking the quarantine would mean ending war and oppression. Human military establishments become obsolete as war is outlawed. The narrow human elite that perpetuates its power by maintaining the monopolies of petroleum production, nuclear power generation, and military weapons procurement would be deconstructed by interplanetary society.

Universe politics is the vehicle for our transformation into an interplanetary species of interstellar citizens. Crucial to exopolitical change is “mass awareness” on Earth. The polis, the human body politic, must become cognizant of its fundamental universal circumstances.

This change requires a critical mass of humans undergoing a changed perception of Universe in human society. A sea change in human attitudes about Earth is crucial to our re-integration into interplanetary society. Fundamentally, we must achieve a widespread understanding that we are part of a larger organized society in interstellar space.

Our attainment of a Universe relationship is vital to human reintegration with interstellar society.


That is, we must deliberately enter into conscious relationships with the other civilizations of space and build on those relationships. These interrelationships with interplanetary society must be conscious and interactive, characterized by awareness, emotion, feeling, reciprocity, and mutual interest – all factors that we presently deny about intelligent life in outer space. We must dissolve our barriers of ignorance and cultural apathy about things not related to Earth.

Although we live in a highly populous Universe, we humans send but the barest feelers out towards space. Our dominant official attitude is a hardened belief that we are the only intelligent species and are entitled to carry our war-like, polluting, and dysfunctional ways out into the Universe.


These are precisely the kinds of signals that the United States, through its militarization of space programs, is telegraphing to interplanetary society on our behalf.



Can We Heal?

As we rejoin interplanetary society, our primary tasks will be to build a critical mass of human awareness and to develop interactive relationships with the rest of the intelligent Universe.


These tasks call for profound human therapy, our own planetary healing. Universal law may provide some consolation about our planetary need for healing. If interplanetary society quarantined us for good reason, then the quarantine is likely to be lifted only for equally good reason.


Earth was put in quarantine not because we violated some law of astrophysics. We were quarantined from Universe society because Earth suffered a catastrophic violation of universal law. Therefore, Earth was subjected to interplanetary legal consequences. Natural law tells us that these consequences can be reversed. Reasonable grounds exist for the reversal of the quarantine and for allowing Earth to enter into knowing, conscious relationships with the rest of interplanetary society.

Human society has erected cultural barriers to understanding the true circumstances surrounding our place in the Universe. These cultural barriers cripple science and knowledge regarding issues of Universe society. Cultural barriers prevent formal education about Earth’s period of isolation and planetary quarantine. As a planetary culture, we are in virtual ignorance about our fundamental condition in the Universe. The future now lies in our hands. You may be ready as an individual, but we must ready humanity as a whole for Universe society.

Historically, we humans have been unable to openly acknowledge the existence of Universe society. In retrospect, the Universe quarantine has been successful. Our collective heads remain in a cosmic paper bag, and we have not been able to find our way out. After all, the plot of Earth’s history as a wayward planet is as plausible as any science fiction thriller about good and evil in the Universe. A Decade of Contact can create our collective breakthrough into interplanetary society.

The most logical and intuitive insight is that the Universe is populated and organized.

The Decade of Contact takes this life-affirming insight and gives it positive social reinforcement.

The Decade of Contact deconstructs the barriers between Universe society and human science, education, communication, government, community politics, and religion. During the decade, we will rekindle our collective human desire to experience the unity of the Universe.


The Decade of Contact reaffirms Universe integration as a most profound duty of human governments, religious and educational institutions, and families.



The End Of Permanent Warfare

In Universe society, love rather than conflict is the central organizing principle among advanced civilizations.


A heritage of our planetary quarantine is that military aggression, political oppression, and economic exploitation are the predominant means of self-government. Our conflict-based human civilization persists because of our enforced isolation. We have come to accept conflict, oppression, and suffering as normal. Earth’s culture of conflict is an aberration in the Universe. Earthly conflict will fall away with our admission into Universe society.

Earth’s enslavement to a permanent warfare economy and to a military, petroleum, and nuclear-based network of power elites will end upon our open integration into Universe society. With access to the advanced technologies of Universe society, Earth will no longer be dependent on an energy infrastructure that is environmentally degrading. Earth’s energy infrastructure is owned by a narrow, terrestrially oriented oligarchy, which actively resists Universe society.

One of the benefits of Earth’s integration into Universe society is that the military-industrial complex that U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower (1890-1969) warned us about will no longer devour an overwhelming share of Earth’s gross product. Earth’s unaccountable system of corrupt, violent governments will be transformed into more universal forms. The educational, religious, and cultural establishments of Earth, which hold blinders of ignorance over the collective human mind, likewise will be transformed upon our integration into Universe society.

In short, our planetary civilization will enter an unprecedented era of development for humanity on Earth. Unparalleled democratization and expansion of individual liberties will accompany our integration into Universe society. The permanent warfare economy will be transformed into a sustainable, cooperative Space Age society, one integrated with a larger Universe society.

The permanent warfare economy and a network of reigning oligarchies and secret agencies work to keep humanity divided and ignorant of its Universe heritage.


This network’s intent has been to prevent advanced Universe technologies they do not own from transforming our way of life and standard of living. The permanent warfare economy controls Earth’s politics and resources, and strives to delay humanity’s reintegration into interstellar society for as long as possible.
As cited above, the richest 250 individuals or families retain more of the Earth’s wealth than do the 2.5 billion poorest persons.


Restated, the wealthiest 250 persons or families own more than half of the entire human race. There is something fundamentally rotten about this equation. A malevolent spirit of avarice animates human plutocratic elites on Earth. This gross inequality will end when the global economy becomes part of the galactic one, and humanity adopts the energy systems and cost accounting methods of the Universe.

The information war perpetuates and enhances the effects of our quarantine from Universe society by keeping humanity ignorant and isolated from the rest of Universe society. The permanent warfare economy and its networks of command and control play a dysfunctional role similar to the catastrophic one that led to the imposition of our planetary quarantine in the first place.


Perhaps this fossil fuel-nuclear civilization consciously intends to impede humanity’s universal destiny. The power structure’s hidden objective may be to delay our planetary progress as conscious beings and trans-temporal souls. We humans must demand the right to open reunion with our fellow Universe civilizations.

It is difficult to predict the full consequences of the reunion of Earth with interstellar civilization. We have no recent experience of open interaction with evolved civilizations. We can surmise that other planets have been placed in isolation. There is a regular, staged process of reintegrating planets into open participation with Universe society. Indeed, Earth may be embarking upon a path that has been tread before in the Universe.

We have experienced centuries and millennia of flawed social programming in Earth society.


If you want to grasp that the Universe is actually highly populous and organized, then activate your spirit of the contrary. Contraire spirit leads one to turn dogma upside down, and to look beyond the accepted canon of misinformation.


Our complacency builds castles of cosmic misinformation in our collective human mind:

  • Yes, the Earth is the center of the Universe.

  • Yes, the Earth is the only populated planet.

  • Yes, only fools believe that extraterrestrial civilizations know about Earth and visit it.

In reality, only the under-informed believe the Universe is unpopulated.


Not much has changed in the modus operandi of the oligarchy enforcing Earthly ignorance over the last several thousand years. Our dominant political culture – violent, conflict-prone, and terrestrially blinded – is like a dangerous obsessive abuser. Human political culture would rather keep humanity in the bondage of ignorance than allow the human race to advance to its next evolutionary destination.

Like any abusive relationship, our relationship to the dominant terrestrial civilization can be changed. We can leave behind our imprisoning terrestrial culture and transport ourselves into our real interstellar selves. We can affirm, as individuals and as a global body politic, that we are citizens of the Universe. By changing our own consciousness, we can let go of the abusive programming that isolation has foisted on us. Eventually, our new consciousness can grow into the mass mind of human Universe citizens.


Humanity will join Universe society through a dedicated Decade of Contact.



Reversing the Quarantine

An old adage says, “The world will always be with us.” Well, it is humanity’s exopolitical ignorance that keeps our world isolated and unaware.


We can move beyond our collective ignorance. We must navigate our way out of isolation from the rest of Universe society. Our ability to devise a path out of ignorance is a test as to whether we are ready to be released from this planetary quarantine.

Human science and technology are primed to discover that the Universe is organized around life-bearing planets. One key step in human science’s ability to discover planetary society occurred on November 5th, 1999.


Scientists at the University of California at Berkeley detected a planet near star HD 209458, in the constellation Pegasus, about 153 million light years (a million billion miles) from Earth.

An artist's impression,

shows an extended ellipsoidal envelope of oxygen and carbon discovered around the extrasolar planet HD 209458b.

Credit: European Space Agency and Alfred Vidal-Madjar

 (Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris, CNRS, France)







HD 209458b

A false-color image to highlight faint features

Images taken in 2001 October 13

The following is raw (unprocessed) I-band images of HD 209458,

a bright star with a planet.
HD 209458 is the star near the center of the images. The planet itself is much too faint and close to the star to be detected (lost in the star's glare). The other objects in the image are stars that happen to lie in the same direction as HD 209458.
Because HD 209458 is so bright (~7.5 mag), the telescope was purposely put out of focus.
This keeps the CCD from saturating; otherwise even a very short exposure is too bright for the sensitive equipment.
This is why the stars look a bit like donuts.

Astronomer Geoffrey Marcy stated that the planet, observable through its eclipse with its sun, gave humanity its first independent scientific confirmation of a non-local planet.


A few weeks later, on November 22nd, 1999, British scientists at St. Andrew’s University in Scotland reported isolating the light from a planet orbiting the star Tau Bootes, about 50 light years from Earth.

With the ability to detect planets, human science achieved a milestone in creating building blocks to an early interplanetary understanding. In fact, since 1993, Earth astronomers have discovered 28 extra-solar planets. Five of the six planets discovered in 1999 are in the “habitable zone.” This means that their environments can support liquid water, which is a prerequisite for life.


The goal of the scientists at St. Andrew’s is to discover solar systems that have Earth-like, life-bearing planets.


This newfound ability of science to detect life-bearing planets seems synchronistic, coming, as it does, just as we are being prepared to leave behind our planetary quarantine. Advanced evolutionary laws guide Earth in its re-integration with Universe society. We are in a collective illusion, one that makes it seem that we are alone in a Universe devoid of other intelligent life. In fact, not only are we not alone, we are guided in each step along our journey back into cosmic society.

The integration of intelligent life-bearing planets into Universe society follows a staged progression. Life-bearing planets such as Earth are constantly monitored by interplanetary society. The state of our planetary civilization – from our science to our wars – is played back in real-time to interplanetary society. It is within our power to secure our release from enforced isolation by transforming and fine-tuning how we behave as a planet.


We can dramatically improve our quality of life by becoming openly aware that the rest of interplanetary society is monitoring us. It is a genuine mistake to think that we are alone in our planetary destiny. No matter how long the Universe reintegration process takes, even millennia, we are guided by higher intelligences at multiple levels.


Our imprisoned culture may not allow us to express or feel this Universe guidance openly. Human culture will change as we expand into the Universe and into new dimensions of parascience and evolving consciousness.


Soon, it will no longer be considered taboo for a scientist to work openly on the task of reintegrating Earth into Universe society. We will be guided in our planetary evolution by our own nature as interstellar and inter-dimensional beings.


Advanced extraterrestrial, extra-dimensional civilizations are here to help us grow into new governmental, political, and social forms. Just because our culture does not acknowledge their presence does not mean that they do not exist. Spiritual dimensions are as real as the material dimensions of time and space with which we are so familiar.


Multi-dimensional “spiritual” beings guide us in our planetary development. Our Universe is fundamentally a spiritual experience, and the material world is but one platform within reality. The spiritual dimensions of the Universe guide us outward into the reaches of interplanetary space and inward into the reaches of the human soul. We humans are interstellar beings with the potential of becoming a functioning interplanetary civilization. In this evolutionary task, we are guided by more advanced multi-dimensional civilizations.


Officially, our human culture does not now acknowledge these higher civilizations. Nevertheless, the civilizations are there, and they communicate to us symbolically in the face of a hostile human authority. Their intent is not to overwhelm us, which they could easily do.

Higher civilizations intend to heal us from the mass delusion of separateness from the rest of intelligent creation.

We can make friends with these advanced forces of the Universe by allowing our unconscious and higher selves to accept their presence. A growing conscious relationship among humans and multi-dimensional Universe forces is part of Earth’s ongoing spiritual revolution. Nurturing our relationships with Universe forces is part of reintegrating Earth with the rest of the Universe.

One way to strengthen your direct connection with the intelligent Universe is by cultivating awareness of cosmic patterns. Contemplating the patterns of Earth’s connections with the Cosmos can help bond you with a larger Universe society. Were you to live on a non-quarantined planet, the interconnectedness of intelligent life in the Universe would be more apparent. As it is, on Earth, our cosmic connections are hidden, visible only to “eyes that see” and “ears that hear.”


Earth grows souls that are extraordinarily hardy, and are highly regarded throughout the Universe. We grow a unique species of intelligent souls on Earth, souls that can live on hope alone. We humans possess extraordinary inner strength, the strength of the human soul. Once we are made conscious of our isolation from Universe, we will have the strength to move ourselves out of the cosmic bubble we are in.


We will come to understand the scientific, historical, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of our Earthly quarantine, and move collectively to end it.

Fear is a dominant emotion that still governs human civilization. Fear is a remnant of the planetary cataclysmic rebellion and subsequent quarantine. Humans fear that one nation will attack another, that disease will destroy us, that we will be economically deprived, that we will fall behind our competitors, that our children will suffer.


Fear is regressive, the dominant emotion that keeps us in ignorance of our Universe heritage and consigns us to quarantine. Fear paralyses us as a civilization, leaving us locked in global and personal insecurity.


The familiar nostrum that “we have nothing to fear but fear itself” is a deep cosmic truth.

Rejoining interstellar civilization is our evolutionary heritage. We are destined for Universe citizenship because we are interstellar, dimensional beings with trans-temporal souls. Our own collective consciousness can either speed up or slow down our journey towards Universe society. If we insist on remaining enmeshed in planetary melodrama, we will remain quarantined as we are now. We have reached a key evolutionary moment, as we perceive our planetary history and our future as an interplanetary species.


There is no logical reason for stalling any longer. We can structure a systematic program to help Earth rejoin Universe society. A powerful barrier keeping us locked within a terrestrial isolation is our Earth-bound culture. Our imprisoned culture repeats its patterns of waging wars, building military establishments, supporting tyrannies, weaponizing outer space, oppressing populations, committing genocide, and engaging in mass mind control of humanity. Our culture is now hijacked by elites, that maintain this destructive agenda and deny Earth its Universe citizenship.

From the perspective of those who monitor Earth on behalf of Universe society, there is a moral bottom line to our collective behavior on Earth. What keep us imprisoned in quarantine are the violent, regressive patterns of our war-like society. In the eyes of Universe society, war and ecocide have negative consequences for human civilization.


Perpetual warfare and ecological degradation of the planet mark us as a backward civilization incapable of participating in the advanced Universe scheme of things. Earth’s behavioral transformation cannot happen overnight. A massive demonstration of Universe society’s presence would defeat an important purpose of our planetary quarantine. The path out of quarantine is interactive.


The more we openly interact with Universe society, the less the quarantine.



Reaching Out to Interstellar Society

The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) program could be an important interactive step in reaching out to join interstellar society.


But SETI has its conceptual limitations. Universe society knows full well that Earth is populated. The deliberate isolation of our planet is understood and enforced throughout the Universe. But SETI’s very existence is a plus for Earth. SETI proves that humanity is at a developmental stage where it can acknowledge interaction with other intelligent civilizations.


SETI embodies our first institutional steps to reach out to fellow civilizations in the Universe. These civilizations already know, of course, that we are in enforced isolation. SETI’s true significance is that humanity can exhibit rational social behavior in outer space.

Programs like SETI are a starting point for interactive Exopolitics.


To search for extraterrestrial intelligence, we must first acknowledge Earth as a quarantined planet in an interstellar society. In order to achieve open contact with intelligent extraterrestrial civilizations, a complete transformation of SETI’s conceptual framework must occur. Scientists Frank Drake and the late Carl Sagan founded SETI in the 1960s. SETI’s concept of the Universe is in some sense founded on the famous Drake Equation.


This equation, as set out by Frank Drake and SETI, is:

N = (R*) (fp) (ne) (fl) (fi) (fc) (L)

N is said to equal the total number of intelligent, communicating civilizations in our galaxy, the Milky Way.


According to Drake, these are those “whose electromagnetic signals and/or emissions are detectible.” As “N” turns out to be a relatively large number, it is this equation that is thought to justify the search for extraterrestrial intelligence.

Drake hesitates to estimate precisely how many civilizations there are in the Milky Way galaxy.


In arriving at the total number of planets with intelligent, communicating civilizations on them in the Milky Way galaxy, he lists the following factors in his now famous Drake equation:

  • (R*) the Rate of formation of stars suitable for development of intelligent civilization

  • (fp) the fraction of the R* stars which have planets

  • (ne) the number of planets in each such (fp) solar system that are suitable for life

  • (f1) the fraction of these (ne) planets on which life actually develops

  • (fi) the fraction of these (f1) life-bearing planets on which intelligent life develops

  • (fc) the fraction of planets with intelligent life on which a technological civilization develops and releases signals of its existence into space

  • (L) the length of time these intelligent civilizations release such signals into space

Drake himself admits that the result of this equation is highly problematical.


The entire formula is based on only one sample – that of the intelligent civilization of Earth. Thus, the result is apt to be either a human projection of evolution on Earth, or a total speculation about evolution elsewhere in the Universe.


There are no factors in the equation on which SETI is based that reflect the true and practical determinants of human communication with Universe civilizations. The Drake equation and the present SETI program do not contain a factor which states “Earth in quarantine; communication not permitted.”

SETI can search galaxy after galaxy for signals from extraterrestrial civilizations, without apparent response, and conclude its efforts have gone unrecognized by intelligent civilizations. Yet nothing could be further from the truth. SETI is not fundamentally flawed; it is just incomplete in terms of its approach. Interstellar civilizations are busy monitoring us to see whether the conditions for response and dialogue have been met.


SETI’s task is not just scientific communication. Rather, its true task is exopolitical. How do we humans present ourselves where higher intelligence would want to communicate? How do we begin the dialogue to end the quarantine and resume an open membership in interplanetary society?

Exopolitics can provide a solution to the dilemma of those like Dr. Hal Puthoff and his colleagues, as well as Washington, D.C.’s Brookings Institute, who believe that,

“despite the UFO phenomenon having continued now for over two generations, the huge technological head start of the [extraterrestrials] would come as a shock to many scientists as well as citizenry… It would be so great as to seriously challenge our consensual reality, a not insignificant danger.”

Exopolitics provides the conceptual bridge between the terrestrial consensual reality and the consensual reality of Universe society.


An exopolitical relationship between terrestrial society and Universe society is the process by which our consensual reality can integrate and normalize with that of a more advanced off-planet culture, so that cultural shock becomes cultural integration and mutuality of attraction between terrestrial and extraterrestrial civilizations.


With Exopolitics there is not shock, but relationship and meaningful interaction.



The Rebirth of Universal Consciousness

“As above, so below” is one principle by which Earth facilitates its Universe reunion.


Earth can consciously connect to advanced interplanetary society (above), and mirror this cosmic principle here on Earth (below). Through open interaction with Universe society, we humans can transform Earth into a free, non-quarantined planet. There is no better way we could spend our time on Earth.

As individuals, we may not have to do anything as part of our reunion with Universe society. Universe consciousness is part of the growth of personal intuition among a large percentage of the human population. The remarkable increase in intuitive awareness of an extraterrestrial presence on Earth is a good example. Whatever the motivating force, the human population is becoming aware of Universe civilizations on Earth.

Major human governments are hostile to any extraterrestrial initiative toward Earth.


Academia and the “knowledge” establishments have likewise been aggressively hostile toward an extraterrestrial role in our planetary affairs. A covert military-intelligence establishment seems to be running disinformation-based extraterrestrial masquerade programs with the intent of “owning” the extraterrestrial experience. Yet these transparent frauds do not dilute the intuitive human experience that genuine extraterrestrial civilizations exist.

Subliminal communication is one important source for increasing human awareness of extraterrestrial activities around Earth. Universe civilizations are communicating with humans subliminally and at the level of peripheral awareness. This peripheral cueing forms a stage in Universe society’s overall strategy to integrate humanity into open interplanetary society.


Through subliminal awareness, a critical mass of humanity is becoming consciously connected to the organized Cosmos.


Advanced Universe psychologists gently work to trigger a cognitively retarded human species into full Universe consciousness, without overwhelming them with fear or paralysis. Up to 45 percent of Earth’s most affluent and educated human adults may have become Universe conscious through extraterrestrial subliminal programs. If so, this is an extraordinary success rate, one that bodes well for our full Universe reintegration.

Universal law governs humanity’s ascent into full Universe consciousness.


Earth’s evolution differs from that of a normal evolving life-bearing planet in that we are in quarantine from interplanetary society. On normal life-bearing planets, open participation in Universe society starts at the very beginnings of planetary civilization. From the point-of-view of Universe society, Earth is unique among intelligent civilizations.

We humans are now beginning open Universe integration. This is a process that occurs according to evolutionary laws governing advanced civilization. That we are ignorant of Universe laws does not make us any the less subject to them. We are an entry-level intelligent species becoming aware of the society of intelligent species in the larger Universe.

A critical mass, open to union with interstellar society, is gathering. The truth is that we are on a path to rejoin a greater society. As individuals, we can choose to experience this process as a positive opportunity, or we can resist and regress. Fear and ignorance fuels most of the resistance to Universe integration. Humanity’s open integration into the organized Universe is for our long-run benefit.


Our evolutionary cycle at this stage offers opportunities, providing we interact positively with Universe society. Of course, we can choose self-destructive reaction to Universe society’s approach and plan. Even that would be but a temporary setback in Earth’s inevitable integration into interstellar society.

Humanity is at a stage analogous to when we were first entering the Universe quarantine, only now, instead of being isolated from the organized Universe, we are rejoining Universe society. Our reintegration is made possible by our universal awareness. Exopolitics provides a conceptual structure that will allow Earth’s Universe re-integration to take place. Major planetary transformation can occur within the framework of Exopolitics.

Official science denies there is organized advanced life that is actively involved with Earth.


In order to control public opinion’s psychological gateways to Universe reintegration, secret disinformation ploys about Universe society by military and intelligence agencies mimic “extraterrestrial activity.”


Covertly orchestrated confusion feeds human attitudes and knowledge about extraterrestrial intelligence. Science fiction literature and cinema may paint a dark future for humanity in outer space. Each of these visions seems to be founded on fear, ignorance, or error, and to advance the agenda of powerful vested interests.

Compare these false, negative portrayals of the Universe with our intuitive knowledge that the Universe is organized and benign. A positive vision of life in an organized Universe is extravagant and blissful. It is not dark, fearful, conflict-ridden, or slave-like. The oligarchy that controls our terrestrial petroleum-nuclear civilization is opposed to reunion with Universe society. Our military, petroleum, and nuclear establishments may likely deconstruct when the dimensional “free energy” of advanced Universe society becomes the technological norm on Earth.

Advanced interplanetary society does not allow war. Planetary evolution on Earth will mean an end to human war as a means of production, wealth creation, or social oppression. Universe society spells the demise of militarism on Earth and in our near space environment.

Reunion with Universe civilizations will bring a closer relationship with God. The most advanced scientific reality in all creation is that God is source. As our relationship with the Universe expands, religious institutions must adapt as humanity learns that many of the details of their belief system may be mythical and scientifically false. As Earth becomes part of interplanetary society, humanity will finally cease to war against itself in the name of God.

Terrestrial power and war-making structures will largely deconstruct in the Universe reunion. Earth’s officially enforced ignorance about Universe society is no accident. You have not heard much about the organized Universe because there are powerful forces opposed to our union with Universe society. Information about Universe society has been kept from us to ensure the status quo for a narrow human ownership class that is wedded to the past.

Universe politics – Exopolitics – empowers us in our goal of reunion.


We can join Universe politics by establishing open public venues for Exopolitics. Public, community-based venues can provide the political tools to decide how public and private resources will be used in our integration with Universe society. A Universe reunion will involve a commitment of our entire civilization, planet, collective future, and way of life. It is time that we humans play the game of Universe politics openly and collectively.

Understandably, you may feel disempowered or disenfranchised on Universe issues. There is no more important human question than whether we join this greater society, and its advanced government, civilizations, technologies, and peoples. As an individual, you will want to have input into whether your planet rejoins interstellar society. In Universe politics, all movement is inevitably forward and ultimately to our collective benefit.


Even momentary adversity and upset in the process of reintegration into the organized Universe can bring its own benefits.

The essence of Universe politics is simple: we humans are not alone; we are in a collective Universe society. As a species, we do not have ultimate title to and possession of our planet and interplanetary space. Earth is a universal commons. We exist in the Universe subject to Universe laws. We are in a multi-party Universe, on a multi-party planet.

As we embark on the process of mobilizing our human awareness, we will find that we have the help and resources of a very advanced civilization that is organized throughout universal space.


Universe politics is,

  • how we humans relate to Universe society

  • how we enforce our rights in organized interplanetary society

  • how we request and seek out Universe society’s resources and responsibilities for our planet



Toward a Decade of Contact

Fear should no longer paralyze us from seeking out membership in Universe society.


One version of this fear, promoted by the military and intelligence establishment, is that we should fear an “invasion” of hostile aliens more than anything else. Contemporary world leaders have said that such a hostile invasion would truly bring humanity together.


A U.S. president broadcast this message to the world in the early 1980s at the UN, as did another as recently as 1999.


In a way, this “alien invasion” mindset is the modern equivalent of the “Earth is the center of the Universe” worldview of the ignorant and superstitious Middle Ages.

The “alien invasion” scenario is a psychological warfare initiative. It is but one more way that powerful terrestrial governments with vested interests keep the human population isolated from the advances of interplanetary civilization.

What will bring humanity together is our accessing interplanetary government. There is no authentic “alien invasion” planned. That is disinformation. Universe government is advanced, organized, peaceful, and interested in our evolution. If there is any “rogue” extraterrestrial presence on Earth, it operates outside the confines of Universe laws and will end.

How can the human population get beyond the anti-extraterrestrial conceptual traps that our institutions and terrestrial leaders keep constructing for us?


One way is to build a new, participatory exopolitical process the purpose of which is to foment and structure humanity’s preparedness to enter interplanetary society. Exopolitics will deconstruct negative disinformation about an extraterrestrial presence. Open research will shed the light of truth on alleged extraterrestrial plots to genetically enslave the human race.


The Decade of Contact is a ten-year participatory education-based process to facilitate integration with Universe society.


We dedicate a ten-year period of education and community action around integrating Earth into Universe society. The Decade of Contact is both a process and a public attitude. Extraterrestrial contact is our doorway into re-integration with Universe society. Extraterrestrial contact is an interactive process; it involves mutual interaction between our fellow humans and Universe society. Just how many decades it will take to re-establish working contact with the organized Universe is partially in our own hands.

The Decade of Contact is simple and straightforward.


Any individual, group, institution, nation, or government can participate. Participants in the Decade of Contact will commit to transform their lives, institutional focus, and resources to re-establishing integration with organized interplanetary society. Rejoining Universe society is an exopolitical process, and will happen only as political momentum gathers at the personal, local, regional, and global levels.


The process of Universe integration may take time during lift-off, like a space vehicle starting its long journey with a slow ascent from Earth.


Mobilizing the human species to integrate with Universe society will take place in many concurrent ways. A key task is the gathering of information, research, and scientific and educational resources about Universe society. Our dominant terrestrial model of reality is functionally a legacy from the Middle Ages. Our collective new knowledge base must be assembled from an exopolitical context.

There are also important cultural components to the Decade of Contact, as human awareness builds to a critical mass. These will include political movements, public events, musical concerts, art exhibits, and media productions to celebrate Universe society. Our reunion with Universe society is a ground of our basic human rights. The Decade of Contact process will transform our civilization from within, from a terrestrial culture to a universal one.

Transformation of human society will occur when we reach a Universe-sensitive critical mass.


With approximately 45 percent of Earth’s population now extraterrestrial-conscious, can a critical mass be far behind?



The End of Terrestrial Politics?

There are many cycles in Earth’s Exopolitics. We are building on the spiral of a long planetary history. We are winning back our Universe citizenship, lost eons ago and intentionally kept hidden from us over the years by terrestrial governments and power-greedy groups. Now, all that is about to be transformed.

In 1977, a U.S. presidential administration was open enough to acknowledge its ignorance about a wider universal reality in our midst. The highest democratically elected authority in the United States sought the most creative of our sciences to understand the open approaches of Universe society. But an anti-Universe information war intervened to scuttle a Carter White House study of extraterrestrial communication.


That was one of my first personal experiences with the devastating effects of the information war.

Our Exopolitics is also part of other, longer cycles. Historically, the fundamental rights of humanity, hard-won in political struggle and revolutions against old repressive orders of reality, are part of our exopolitical development. In ages past, Earth was once a member of an interplanetary society. Each one of you will decide whether this possibility is worthy of your consideration.

Exopolitics brings us into our collective Universe bodies politic. Politics is a process of mediating among various interests within a larger framework. Politics is more than an academic, analytic exercise. Politics is about the freedom of our bodies from want and of our minds from fear. Politics is about mutual empowerment. And our universal heritage is the ultimate empowerment in our known reality.


A narrowly focused military-intelligence-plutocratic power elite attempts to lead our entire generation of Earthlings into believing a planetary lie – that we are alone in the Universe. But we are not alone.

The political process and governmental structures we have on Earth do not stop at Earth’s geo-stationary orbit. Politics, government, and individual freedom extend throughout the interstellar and inter-dimensional Universe that we inhabit. Government on Earth is derived from exo-government in the Universe, and we all have inalienable rights in the Universe.

We know that the era of terrestrial politics is over, and a new age is beginning. The age of Universe politics has now landed.

How this new exopolitical age will unfold – whether violently and repressively or expansively and freely – is in some sense up to each of us. We are a nucleus of politically sensitive terrestrials that are aware that the playing field is vast. We are part of a new dimension of Universe government as it dawns on Earth.


Remember, secret networks in some terrestrial governments continue to keep the people in the dark about Universe government and Universe politics. Look to your own government in the United States or one of the other Anglo-bloc countries – Britain, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. This group carries on a secret information war against our right to Universe participation.


These are the same governments that manage the global surveillance network Echelon. The Echelon governments seem to have the largest participation in waging the anti-Universe information war.


In contrast, unofficial governmental networks, like those in France, seem to be open to the extraterrestrial presence. COMETA, a three-year study by former French space and air force officials, validated an extraterrestrial presence around Earth. The Echelon countries, led by the United States, continue this anti-Universe war for global power and global wealth.


Echelon hides a secret government network that exists to protect a global petroleum-nuclear civilization, a military-industrial complex. Its military and intelligence agency-based command and control system is a private army. The anti-Universe war is a private war prosecuted to prevent an era of free energy and expansive Universe citizenship from dawning on Earth. This oligarchy is attempting to own the future and keep us in an oppressive past.

Every citizen of Earth is a victim of the information war against Universe integration. This interplanetary war exists in order to perpetuate the concentration of wealth and justify the mind control technology of a narrow, brutal, retrogressive elite. Some of us have suffered more directly at their hands than have others. Our entire planetary reality suffers war, poverty, disease, crime, and environmental degradation (including species extinction), all legitimized by a pervasive ethic of selfishness.


The very knowledge that we are part of an organized, interstellar, multi-dimensional society makes our new Universe citizenship a reality. Knowledge itself will begin to evaporate the power of our selfish and destructive civilization. Our so-called terrestrial power structure will no longer be big fish in a small pond, but micro-personalities in an infinite ocean of reality, the Universe itself.

Exopolitics’ essential message is that we, the human population, are all collectively the exo-government, the planetary Universe society. In the United States alone, between 50 and 100 hundred million adult residents are aware that Universe society visits Earth. Seventy percent of the U.S. population disbelieves the official government information war. In other countries where governmental mass mind control is not as great, such as Brazil, even larger percentages of the population know that we are Universe citizens.


Terrestrial government is a hollow shell game, an atavistic remnant of the planetary rebellion. The evaporation of terrestrial government and the birthing of Universe government are inevitable. There is no “take me to your leader” scenario in our future. The entire Cosmos knows that the leaders of the Earth’s information war are corrupt and unworthy to lead us further. All they value is profit and control.


We, the human population, can all help land a new universal reality and Universe society into our terrestrial dimension from the inside. Our own inner awareness can shift its allegiance from terrestrial-based reality to a Universe-based reality. In such a paradigm, war and ignorance are no longer acceptable problem-solving alternatives.


There are many tactical and strategic roadways Exopolitics can take over the coming years. It would be best that they be taken in a common Decade of Contact.


In the late 1970s, the U.S. White House under President Jimmy Carter anticipated the later study by France’s COMETA validating extraterrestrials in our environment. That prophetic effort was brutally terminated by the information war, using the mind control technology of the military. Exopolitics now cycles back again, this time to prevail.

Let us set aside a special Decade of Contact to assimilate extraterrestrial contact. In all countries, let us push for legislative hearings, scientific and policy studies, community politics, and exopolitical process.


There is no doubt that our present terrestrial fabric – educational, constitutional, scientific, entertainment – needs to be transformed as part of a new Universe-based reality.