by Julian Wash
September 3, 2013
from RattleReport Website



Many have pondered the existence of intelligent life from outside our solar system and the potential consequences their arrival would have here on Earth.


Whether we refer to these beings as "extraterrestrial biological entities" (EBE's), "aliens" or the popular "ET" label, we are generally referring to an "off world" creature of extraordinary ability and intelligence. And so let's take a moment to see the "arrival" scenario from a different angle.


Instead of how "we" might see such a visit, let us briefly consider some of the challenges and dilemmas ET would face.

Popular culture fancies the idea that if Extra Terrestrials are indeed "real" they should announce their place in the cosmos by simply landing on the much touted "White House lawn."


This of course would be followed by the hurriedly anticipated lowering of the saucer door where benign and strikingly attractive humanoids would proceed to step out, smile and wave to a nest of media cameras before proclaiming the much anticipate phrase, "we come in peace."


Okay, so that's one scenario Hollywood might send our way.

There are major dilemmas surrounding any form of ET contact let alone something as grandiose as landing on the White House lawn. I would like to address just some of these issues so that you might better appreciate the difficulties and challenges involved. Some are obvious, others less so.


In any case, countless additional scenarios are left out. Perhaps you have your own ideas as well. As we examine the following dilemmas I ask that you simply broaden your awareness and take "fear" out of the equation.


By implementing such a practice can remain objective while putting ourselves into the oddly woven, silvery shoes of an ET.

Dilemma #1 - All People Would Have to Welcome Them

It's not enough to be welcomed by just a fraction of the World Population.


All individuals on Earth would have to accept their presence. Anyone apprehensive toward the arrival of an ET would most certainly consider the visit an "invasion."


The feelings could range anywhere from a threat to someone's "status quo" to a very genuine and passionate concern for all life on the planet. This presents a most perplexing problem for any highly advanced and (benevolent) life form.


They, presumably, would not want to offend, interfere with or frighten any Human that calls Earth his or her home.

Dilemma #2 - Messiah Complex

This is of grave concern to an ET.


The propensity for Humans to "surrender their authority" and feel "inferior" to a more technologically advanced entity poses a major challenge to an ET presence.


They do not see technological achievement in the same way Humans do. In fact, they are quite fascinated by us and consider Humans "ultra" advanced entities in their own right, technology notwithstanding.


But still many will bow and worship to their "new messiah" and this would surely be a source of much discomfort to the visitors.


Dilemma #3 - Misrepresentations in Film and Television

ET's are frequently portrayed as the "evil invaders."


This distorted stereotype is firmly entrenched in the minds of the masses. With suspicion deeply etched in our psyches, we would feel hard-pressed in welcoming any visitors with open arms - let alone open minds.


Thanks to Hollywood in helping to hone the "suspicious" nature in Humans, we will harbor doubt, confusion and resistance toward the visitors. Some will argue that this is a healthy position to take and that we should not let down our guard. I submit that any modicum of logic applied to this argument would soon negate it.


Such visitors could easily wreak major havoc on Earth with or without our blessing if that was indeed their intent. We have not seen (nor will we see) any attack of this nature.

Dilemma #4 - Humans are Hypocrites

Humans would most certainly question the intent of any ET visitation as possibly hostile or dangerous - and yet this comes from a species that has maintained wars generation after generation, destroying their own kind in reckless and vicious assaults for the purpose of power, control and dominance.


It's not that Humans are inherently bad or evil - nothing could be farther from the truth. Humans are among the most peaceful and loving of all creatures. We are, however, a race that is constantly teetering in and out of our natural balance.


And though there are reasons why we've become this way, how would you expect ET to react to such a powerful, complex and conflicting entity?

Dilemma #5 - Religious and Teaching Institutions

Humans often have trouble thinking on their own, not because they can't - but because they have been repeatedly conditioned not to.


They have surrendered much of their independent thought, individual perspectives, in order to fit within templates of compliance, conformity and submission to the instruments of programming and authority.


The bias and inflexibility in thinking is part of an ongoing process and has led to our collective undoing. Humans submit wholeheartedly to religious and teaching intuitions to guide and direct them through life. Here we find "truth" commingled with agenda-driven rhetoric.


Delineating truth from agenda is a daunting task for the unaware Human where "truths" are often promoted as conditional, i.e.,

"if you believe (this) then you must therefore believe in (that)."

Since culture generally rewards those who eagerly participate in these thought-controlling organizations, the efficacy of such institutions are further cemented in place, validating their importance in the minds of the masses.


It's important for Humans to remain aware of the many subtle distinctions that exist and how our "point of attention" has been controlled and harvested. The ET is particularly fond of the Human aspect that has remained unadulterated, alive, full of spirit and independent in thought.


We can learn much from our greatest teachers - our children.

Dilemma #6 - Money as an Institution

Humans will fight, destroy, lie, cheat, swindle and manipulate all in the name of money.


But what is money? The ET is baffled by this.


Money is literally worshiped by some Humans and yet it holds no real power. It's an artificial construct, an illusion manifesting in the form of a paper bill or plastic card. Beyond that it's simply not real.


We make it real though, do we not? Practitioners of dark magic understand this "illusion" all too well and consider, for instance, the "dollar bill" as a type of talisman or sigil. Money has created damaging morality gaps in the Human condition, thus lowering our "vibration" on a collective level.


Though world societies are built around monetary systems, there is much inequity in this design.


This must be changed for ET to make direct contact.

Dilemma #7 - Humans Subordinate to Inferior "Leaders"

Humans do not usually elect people of high morality and virtue into key positions of their government.


Instead, they elect people of questionable ethics, compromised integrity and sometimes even invite downright scumbags to hold critically important positions in office.


The ET would be required to deal with this unsavory lot to convey their message to the world. They would be forced to comply with certain terms and agreements made in secrecy. This is not the conduit they are seeking.


Another very real dilemma to say the least.


Dilemma #8 - We've Already Been Invaded

Here's a point worthy of consideration. We've been attacked by our own devices.


We have cultivated a world based on fear and anger under the auspice of an enlightened society. We have created numerous problems where before none had existed. We remain divided in the name of race, religion, ethnicity and class… and in many more ways beyond this.


We continue to wage war or are told to expect engagement at any time. We no longer have a clear sense of "normal." We've taken insane ideas and notions and made them somehow acceptable.


We've already been invaded - question is, will Humans ever see it that way?


Final Thought

As alluded to earlier, this is just a small sampling of all the many possible dilemmas an ET visitor would ultimately face.


Some well-meaning souls may advise me to be wary of some; the potentially hostile or questionable nature of certain visitors such as the so-called "Greys." You will not have difficultly with them. Let them know you have a "free mind" and are aware of your "power" and of your right and place in Universe.


So far I haven't had issue with any.

The ET does, however, make numerous visitations in the best way it knows how - in the form of UFO sightings.


In 1952 they even made such an announcement over the White House. Though they did not "land" on the lawn, it was a spectacular and well-documented event none-the-less.


This technique is used to gradually phase in their presence, much like the so-called "crop circles." Curiously, even though there have been volumes of reports of sightings from highly credible witnesses, many still continue to question their existence.

Please consider the plight of the Human race before we pass judgment on any potential threat an ET visitor might present. I suggest we keep an open mind, dispel fear and embrace this incredible experience we call life here on Earth and beyond.


Humans are capable of extraordinary levels of kindness and compassion. They are a beautiful creation, intelligent beyond expression and infinitely capable of all things. We have unlimited potential. The ET is well aware of this.


Now if we could just convince ourselves...