7. Dawn of A New Cosmic Day

The Gnosis by Montalk

9 June 2011

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This article and the next concern cosmic cycles, the end of the world

as we know it, alien timewars,

and the Big Picture of what it all means.




Demiurgic Weaponry in Indian Mythology

After the Atlantean and subsequent cataclysms, technologically advanced survivors fractured into various populations that colonized separate areas around the globe.


Wherever they went, they commandeered the local native population. It was typical for a small number of fair skinned elite to rule over a vast population of darker skinned primitives.

One group of survivors colonized Northern India and became the Indo-Aryans, whose symbol was the swastika. They impressed upon the natives the foundations of the Vedic culture, which included the caste system, complicated metaphysics, technological instructions, and myths encoding the antediluvian history of their people.


They took up elite roles as scientist-priests, known as Brahmins, and were the earliest of the Brahmin kings. The same pattern played out elsewhere with the Chinese, Celtic, Meso-American, Sumerian and Egyptian cultures.

The Indo-Aryan culture contributed significantly to what was later woven into the two major Indian epics, the Mahabharata and Ramayana.


Like the Old Testament, there is a layer of technological information embedded in these myths. As is well known, the Indian epics contain detailed information on flying vehicles called Vimanas. Another example is the divine weaponry employed in their wars, which are fundamentally demiurgic in operation.

Professor Jarrod Whitaker wrote an interesting paper systematizing the use of demiurgic energy in divine weaponry:

[I]n no other mythological corpus is the concept of divine weapons more developed and more complex than in the two Indian epics.

[T]he divine weapons cannot be properly understood without a comprehensive examination of the concept of tejas or "fiery energy." [B]ecause tejas govern the way the divine weapons operate in the mythology, the primary aim of the following paper is to outline its "intrinsic laws" and to codify them systematically into a working model.

[T]he fire of the divine weapons is not the element itself, but the more subtle energy-substance tejas or "fiery energy". These are not weapons of fire per se, but weapons of energy.


The Sanskrit word derives from the root tij- meaning "to be sharp". […] By the time of the Upanisads, tejas surpasses other energy-substances while incorporating their diverse roles. It becomes the central creative principle of the supreme god, and furthermore, the energy of all movement and activity (rajoguna) in the universe.


It is further ascribed to be the subtle essence of the Hindu atman or "soul", and thus "is the ever-changing energy which passed on along the downward current of evolution and taken back into evolution."
(Whitaker, Divine Weapons and Tejas in the Two Indian Epics. Indo-Iranian Journal, 2000. Volume 43 #2, pp. 87-113)

Apparently tejas was their term for etheric energy.


It is that which comprises the lower part of the soul, permeates creation, and ultimately weaves linear time and space. It is demiurgic energy in every sense.


Whitaker then quotes Magnone:

"As an energy, tejas is eminently transferable, and the effects of its transfer are different according to whether the broader or narrower notion of tejas is applied. In the former event, the grant of tejas is coextensive with creation, and its confiscation with dissolution."

Etheric energy is the substrate of reality, and matter is but its condensation or epiphenomenon.


It is the Universal Solvent, the primary agent involved in the Alchemical dictum "Solve Et Coagula" or "Dissolve and Coagulate." What the Demiurge creates, the Demiurge destroys. The significance of this will be elaborated later in the article.


Magnone continues:

"When tejas is intended in the narrower sense, i.e., as the cause of mere excellence, and not generally of existence, then its acquisition and loss do not entail an absolute inception or cessation, but simply a promotion or demotion to or from a higher level of existence."

This is precisely the other function of etheric energy within the human organism, to enable perception of higher realms and transubstantiation or translation into same.


The cycles of higher and lower etheric energy concentrations on Earth dictates the cyclical proximity of our environment from the higher ones inhabited by inter-dimensional humanoids.

Whitaker comments:

On the gross level, tejas preserves its ancient connections with fire and heat, and when possessed by persons or objects suggests the English words "glory", "majesty", "ardor", and "splendor." On the subtle level, as an energy, tejas is responsible for knowledge, and when in excess is highly destructive.

The Ark of the Covenant was associated with a glowing plasmatic vortex known as the Shekhina, meaning "Glory of the Lord."


As explained, the Shekhina was the veritable "soul" of the device, the entitized thought-form anchored to the Ark Stone. The glowing energy field itself was an intense etheric vortex that precipitated electrical charges and hence ionized the air. The Ark conferred illumination to prepared initiates but destruction to others.


The Ark was therefore an example in Semitic lore of the same type of divine weaponry mentioned in the Indian epics.

What is central is the mental relationship divine weapons have with their wielder as they reside in the mind. Furthermore, divine weapons are closely connected with such emotions as rage and anger. When unleashed they invoke all the raw power of a warrior's fury, infused with the tejas of the gods, and thus are capable of laying waste hundreds of opponents in one concentrated act of violence. […]

Most divine weapons are named after the deities who preside over them, and, in general, they manifest the natural phenomena associated with the particular powers they reflect. […]

The divine weapons are also sentient beings, who often appear anthropomorphically. They can even assume therianthropic forms, which in a bestial fury tear their victims apart.


The personification of divine weapons develops to the point in the Puranic literature where the Sudarsana discus, as one example, is not only "capable of following Visnu's instructions and acting independently of him, but it is also capable of feeling emotions like wrath and dissatisfaction."

Ultimate, all divya astras are weapons of a single divine energy - tejas. This energy is channeled into the physical world by their wielders, who, with the correct mantras and, more importantly, their own reserves of tejas, control the energy by uniting it with a more tangible weapon, most commonly an arrow, or the energy can be simply released on its own.


Divine weapons are far more destructive and efficacious than ordinary weapons (sastras) and their use enhances a warrior's natural prowess in combat.


However, this weaponry represents immense and often volatile power, and is reserved for the greatest of heroes, putting them in direct communion with the gods, as any warrior possessing a divine weapon can unleash the energy of the gods in the human realm.

Again, demiurgic technology may employ entitized thought-forms to automate tasks.


In the previous article this was stated in regard to Gray alien automatons and alien ships that carry out commands delegated to them.

In the case of the Ark of the Covenant, the inhabiting entity Yahweh was precisely one of wrath and dissatisfaction. Yahweh was not localized to the Ark Stone like some kind of etheric CPU, but was rather a cosmological intelligence that the Ark Stone tapped into like a computer terminal into a remote server, just as in the Indian epics the weapons were often possessed by the tejas of various gods.


The warrior combining his etheric energy with a mantra to activate the weapon and channel the "energy of the gods" is precisely what the Mosaic Priests employed. Recall that the Great Pyramid functions as a vocal resonator while the shape itself concentrates etheric energy.


The Ark Stone in the King's Chamber must have been used to "unleash the energy of the gods in the human realm" and thereby allowed Yahweh, aka the Corrupted Demiurge, to enter the human realm much more deeply than before.

Whitaker describes the basic principles of etheric warfare:

Firstly, tejas is harnessed, absorbed, neutralized, and contained by other entities that possess tejas themselves. Tejas is the active substance required to deal with tejas. Secondly, various qualities of tejas affect the outcome of the neutralization process. Here a priest's tejas is superior to a warrior's tejas.


Furthermore, these qualities define the hierarchy of tejas. Thus, not only does one need greater quantities of tejas, but to defeat and opponent of superior tejas one needs more potent energy, which is illustrated by Visvamitra's concern to attain brahmanhood in order to gain access to brahmatejas.

Different grades of etheric energy exist.


As explained,

  • lower grade energy can be harvested from freshly boiled plants and cereals

  • higher grade from sacrificed animals

  • even higher from sacrificed humans

  • emotional energy of extreme joy or anger can likewise produce it

But none compares to the quality, quantity, and vibration of etheric energy channeled directly from the Logos, hence the Grail Stone, activated by those initiated into the Christ consciousness, was more powerful than its earlier cruder function as the Ark Stone, which was powered by animal sacrifices and blind worship.


It's not just the quantity or amplitude of the energy that matters, but the quality or frequency.

When Vasistha absorbs and contains the Brahma astra, its tejas is so intense that the brahman is transformed, making him more violent and a threat to the universe. The incoming fiery energy is so excessive that flames shoot forth from his skin. In a verse that encompasses the neutralization process, the text even implies that the brahman could lose control of himself.


Vasistha is told: "You must contain the tejas with your own tejas!" […] an intake of excessive energy can cause uncontrollable rage or self annihilation. […] Clearly, one must possess adequate tejas to handle an intake of new energy.

Frank Joseph emphases in Opening the Ark of the Covenant that the Ark Stone induced megalomania in many of its operators, tyrant pharaoh Akhenaten being an example.


The Levite priests underwent special training that elevated their own etheric energy levels and qualities before they could even handle the Ark.


The function of special gear they wore, such as the mysterious breastplate worn by Aaron (Moses' brother), is revealed by what Whitaker says next:

Various kinds of amulets (mani) appear throughout the Vedic literature, which bestow upon the wear many different energy-substances, including tejas, when bound to a part of the body. […]


This is also the case with other items and materials, such as a gold plate, which bestows upon the wearer its innate tejas. Thus, the innate energy of these items is drawn upon to augment one's own energy pool.

As for excessive energy causing fiery discharges, the Ark was known for this, but it also brings to mind spontaneous human combustion caused by premature kundalini activation.


It further relates to the ancient Gaul warriors who went into battle without combustible clothing. They wore only metal neck torcs, open ended metal rings fitted around their necks, which were identical in function to Lakhovsky coils, or electromagnetic resonators that raise etheric energy levels in the wearer. The Celts/Gauls were among the last remnants of the post-Atlantean superhuman culture, and the Druids were their equivalent of the Indian Brahmins.

The above merely illustrates the use of demiurgic technology in common combat. But its effects are not limited to the battlefield. The central theme of this Gnosis article is that demiurgic technology can have global or universal effects.


Whitaker cites one example:

The cataclysmic evil (sumahan dosah) of the divine weapons is so devastating that it can destroy the universe. This is a striking statement considering the importance of the divine weapons.


At its strongest, dosa translates as "evil", but means at least a "fault", "deficiency" or "detrimental effect." Therefore, what is the "detrimental effect" that can bring about the end of the universe?

[…] By drawing upon themes already encountered with the principles of the divine weapons the answer can be simply stated: if a divine weapon struck a being of insufficient tejas (alpatejas), its inherent tejas will not be neutralized; moreover, the divine weapon will take the tejas of its victim(s), causing it to increase in size, and after many such incidents it will possess enough energy to threaten the universe.


This is the cataclysmic danger in the divine weapons!


This occurs in one of the longest divine weapon episodes. The Narayana astra is directed at the human footsoldiers and begins to swell to such proportions that the universe is nearly destroyed. It is only by Krsna's invention and his direct concern with cutting off the divine weapon's access to any potential fuel sources than the Narayana astra is finally countered.

The preceding analysis assumes that a divine weapon will appropriate the tejas of an inadequate target. This can be verified as the text reveals more about the nature of the divine weapons in the warning that identifies their misuse as a dosa or "evil."

That is but one example of the misuse of demiurgic technology, in this case an etheric chain reaction that would consume the whole world if given the opportunity.


Wilhelm Reich explained how orgone energy flows from low concentrations to high concentrations; thunderstorms inherently do this by gathering it from the surrounding environment in a chain reaction until discharging the energy via lightning and precipitation.

Point being that if an extreme influx of etheric energy meets an insufficiently prepared recipient, the low-to-high energy flow may mean the recipient is annihilated when his/her/its etheric foundation is vacuumed away.


As will be discussed below, this is one possibility we face regarding 2012 type phenomena.



Ambient Etheric Energy Cycles

Finally, Whitaker touches on what will become the presiding theme for the remainder of this article:

The last principle pertaining to the divine weapons is Arjuna's loss of them after Kuruksetra war. There are two central factors that relate to the loss of the divine weapons:

  1. the change in the yugas or "cosmic ages"

  2. the subsequent loss of tejas

By the epic period, a complex system of cosmological time had developed based on the four ages of the cosmos (yugas) that make up one complete cyclic age of existence (mahayuga).


The four successive yugas are characterized by progressively decreasing lifespans, virtues, and quality of human life. The Ramayana takes place in the Treta yuga, while the Mahabharata is set at the end of the Dvapara yuga. At the end of the great Kuruksetra war Kali yuga begins.


The present age of the universe, Kali yuga, is characterized by the final decline of the dharma and a general sense of suffering and impurity. The world and human beings are at their worst in all matters.


It is this general sense of deterioration in Kali yuga that can be specifically correlated with the loss of the divine weapons due to an intrinsic decline in the potential tejas available to all mortals, including warriors.

This speaks of a great decline in the ambient etheric energy field that triggers the onset of a spiritual dark age.


Frank Joseph pins the end of the Kuruksetra war to around 3150 B.C., which is when the final post-Atlantean advanced civilization broke up and migrated around the globe.


Those arriving in Central/South America, for instance, established the Long Count calendar (aka the Mayan Calendar) whose most commonly accepted starting point is August 14th, 3114 B.C.


There are other calendars around the world that also start around that time. The Long Count calendar is one that measures linear time, so the Mayans referred to its beginning as the beginning of time as we now know it.


Of course, ambient etheric energy varies in a complicated way over time and geographic locale, somewhat like graphs of economic indicators that contain major cycles and numerous sub-cycles along with random variables thrown in. Thus it's not a smooth four-stage sinusoid as the four yugas might imply.


In short, the world was once more etherically charged, and will be again.



See above my theoretical graph of etheric energy cycles

based on the subharmonics of Earth's precessional cycle.

Turns out the Platonic Year is identically how long it takes light to travel

between Earth and the Galactic Center,

suggesting some kind of coupling mechanism.


To turn to the loss of the divine weapons:

the Kuruksetra war is resolved, and Kali yuga commences. […] Arjuna begins to lament his defeat, and blames his inability to employ his divine weapons on the nature of fate.


The divine Vyasa drives the point home when he informs Arjuna:

"He who was once powerful loses that power, and he who was once lord is ruled by others. Your astras, which have accomplished their mission, have gone and they will return in the future to your hand when the [appropriate] time arrives."

Arjuna's loss of the divine weapons is thus due to the workings of fate (daiva) and time (kala), and one manifestation of time is the yugas.

The loss of the divine weapons can also be correlated with a loss of tejas. […] If Arjuna has lost his tejas it would explain the reason behind the mysterious disappearance of his divine weapons. Without the correct quantity of tejas Arjuna will be unable to control or employ the divine weapons successfully. […]


The sage Vyasa informs Arjuna that his weakness in battle is for the following reason:

"Power, intuition, tejas, and foresight exist in times of prosperity, an they perish in opposite conditions… All this has its root in time, which is the principle cause of the universe…


Time thus unexpectedly takes it all away again. [The wise man] knows in yuga after yuga that the natural law dharma is crippled in one foot, and that the life expectancy and energy of mortals follow the rules of the yuga."

The epic authors are suggesting that in the world in which they live, Kali yuga, no one can own or employ divine weapons of the caliber portrayed in Dvapara yuga.


This is because of a decline in the potential amount of tejas any given individual can acquire. If the divine weapons are left in Arjuna's possession, his de-energized state would put the universe (not to mention himself) in jeopardy, since the divine weapons will not be able to be controlled.


Thus, the divine weapons are withdrawn from circulation, so to speak, and returned to their divine owners.

And there we have an answer to the mystery of why humanoid aliens bestow and retrieve demiurgic technology, including the Ark/Grail stone, from the human sphere at certain times.


They do so in concert with ambient etheric energy cycles. These cycles not only dictate when it's even possible to openly use such devices within the Earth realm, but may also determine when it becomes necessary to use them. All this will be made clear below.


Take note, however, that the ebb and flow of etheric energy over time applies more to us "mortals" who languish in times of low energy like fish flopping aimlessly at low tide, while the alien beings withdraw to the ocean and remain fully immersed and mobile.

In summary, what can be gathered from the Indian epics is that there once existed an age where etheric energy levels were high enough that demiurgic technology was in common use for the common good. Eventually the seeds of corruption took root and competing factions arose that inevitably fell into war.


Their wars used demiurgic technology for destructive purposes, including certain misuses that threatened the very existence of the world.


Subsequently, ambient etheric energy levels declined and these weapons could no longer be used as effectively within the human realm. Their superhuman owners largely withdrew the devices and the disempowered human remnants went on their way as mere ordinary mortals, into the well of linear time and limited existence.


Thus began the onset of a spiritual dark age in which we still exist.

But as mentioned, even within the dark age there have been localized spikes in etheric energy levels, 2300-1100 B.C. being an example, which is the time period when the Ark Stone entered into Egyptian and Semitic history, and 450-1300 A.D. when the Grail Stone appeared in European and Arabian history. According to the Indian epics, these devices will surface once more, like Excalibur from the lake, to be used in a time of need; it shall occur when the ambient energy levels rise to where they once were.

The Mayan Long Count calendar, whose starting point coincides with the onset of the Kali yuga, reaches the end of its 5124 year cycle on December 21st, 2012.


For this and many other reasons, we may expect that the years, decades, or centuries to follow will see the return of the Etheric Tide, the reactivation of demiurgic technologies in the Earth sphere, and the resumption of open communion with otherworldly beings.


The alien disinformation agenda to acclimatize our ignorant and skeptical culture to the alien presence is advance preparation.



Alchemical Evolution of Mankind

This "Etheric Tide" theory brings up an important parallel to Alchemy.


The physical and spiritual evolution of mankind has always been punctuated by cyclical cataclysms. Each cataclysm destroyed the existing order and triggered a period of chaos that eventually gave birth to a more sophisticated order. Our civilization now stands at the cusp of another such discontinuity.


Like the cycle of reincarnation, the death and rebirth of civilization is an Alchemical process paralleling the production of the Philosopher's Stone.

In Alchemy, a mineral solution imbued with crude etheric energy is allowed to putrefy in a vessel so that biological activity brings the etheric charge to a higher order. The vessel is then heated to distill off a liquid containing the living etheric essence.


The remnant matter is heated until dry, then the distillate is mixed back into it; what does not dissolve is filtered out. The resulting solution is incubated for some time before the distillation process repeats. Over succeeding repetitions, a portion of the dried matter becomes increasingly etherized until the final steps trigger its quantum transformation into a quasi-living substance.


When tinged with gold, this transformed substance becomes the Philosopher's Stone.

On Earth, crude etheric energy enters the food chain and ascends upwards, driving the proliferation of life, evolution of consciousness, and production of higher soul energies in sentient beings. When conditions are ripe, a quickening process distills the "chosen" from the "damned." The latter undergo further tribulations that decimate their numbers and liberate their soul energies.


The survivors and harvested soul energies represent the distillate, the seed and nutrient, derived from the old civilization. Both pour into the post-cataclysmic world to initiate a new civilization of higher order; surviving remnants of the old who cannot adapt die out. Civilization begins anew and grows until reaching ripeness once more.

With each cycle, the population evolves somewhat in terms of conscious sophistication.


After sufficient repetitions, portions of the population most amenable to spiritualizing influences undergo a transformation into superhuman existence, especially in the final stages where additional catalysts come into play.


These superhumans join the ranks of the parallel hidden meta-civilization mentioned previously that thrives outside linear time while civilizations within linear time continue to rise and fall. They are like the developing spiritual core within an individual that transcends and survives birth and death.

But as much as human evolution parallels production of the Stone, there are some important differences.


Whereas an individual makes the Philosopher's Stone, numerous cosmic Alchemists are involved in our case, each with their own idea of where to go with human evolution:

  • In the case of the Stone, some Alchemists make it to give themselves eternal youth and perfect health. For them it's a source of etheric nourishment. Likewise, some cosmic Alchemists derive nourishment from our soul energies, and they have advanced our evolution only to produce a higher grade of this energy for themselves.


    Robert Monroe's account of loosh production in Far Journeys illustrates this perfectly. And just as the Philosopher's Stone becomes fatal when multiplied beyond a certain order of power and therefore useless as a panacea, so would humanity become useless as a source of etheric and astral food should we acquire sufficient superhuman status; therefore the predatory cosmic Alchemists are deeply invested in keeping us down, using cataclysms only as a kind of winepress to produce their precious ambrosia.


  • Some Alchemists tinge the Stone with gold or silver to produce more of the same. Likewise, cosmic Alchemists may aim to tinge our superhuman descendants with an impulse to create more like themselves, for good or bad depending on the tingeing.


    (An example would Fourth Density graduates polarizing either Service-to-Self or Service-to-Others depending on what existing Fourth Density forces they encounter and align with. In other words, new superhumans who encounter the already existing meta-civilization will be tinged by the ideologies of its various factions).


  • Some Alchemists employ the luminescent properties of a highly refined Stone to produce ever-burning lamps, and likewise some cosmic Alchemists could be aiming to potentialize mankind into shining beacons of divine power.

When immensely scaled up in power, size, and complexity, the Philosopher's Stone becomes the Ark Stone or Grail Stone, demiurgic technologies capable of large scale reconfigurations of matter, energy, space, and time.


Likewise, superhumans who achieve even higher levels of spiritual evolution asymptotically approach the creational capabilities of the Infinite Creator.

Why is this parallel between Alchemy and human evolution important?

  • First, because it says something about what this planet will face in the near future. As mentioned, our civilization stands on the cusp of another cataclysm.


    Unlike previous ones, this may be our final. And like the final distillation in Alchemy, additional etheric catalysts may be involved to boost the transformation. For instance, there is good chance our solar system will be irradiated by the aforementioned tidal wave of etheric energy.


    The psychological, spiritual, and perceptual changes induced by elevated etheric energy levels, along with the heliophysical and geophysical impact of same, accounts for a broad range of signs foretold in numerous end times prophecies.

  • Second, because a dictum of Alchemy states, "Solve Et Coagula" or "Dissolve and Coagulate."


    This is the aforementioned process of order dissolving into chaos, and chaos precipitating into a new order. It is symbolized in the myth of the phoenix bird, which burns itself to ashes only to emerge as a worm that grows once again into the bird.


    And it is contained in the "Illuminati" slogan "ordo ab chao," order from chaos. As I will show in this article, the final step of our Alchemical evolution involves dissolution of reality as we know it and its reconfiguration into a new higher order.


    The only question concerns whom shall forge the new order? That is the crux of this demiurgic war.



Effects of the Etheric Tide

Let's look more closely at the effects of increased ambient etheric energy levels.

  • First, because etheric and life-force energy are essentially the same, health and longevity will increase for those acclimated to that quantity and quality of energy. But if the influx rate of energy is too great, there is risk of overwhelming the fragile etheric energy circuits of the body and causing injury. Likewise, if the quality of the energy is mismatched, either the body fails to receive it or else receives the wrong type to its own detriment.


    If the Etheric Tide is gradual enough that generations can slowly acclimate to it, that would be ideal.


    Bible researchers believe our antediluvian ancestors had life-spans in the hundreds of years; Nordic aliens likewise have life-spans in the centuries, and Alchemists who imbibe the Elixir of Life can do likewise. This would become the norm should ambient etheric energy saturate a society acclimated to it. The primordial Golden Age, a bygone age of peace and plenty without premature death or disease, would have required such conditions.

  • Second, there would be activation and growth of latent psychic organs in the etheric body of humans. By default, humans are currently born with very limited psychic abilities because neither our crippled genetics nor the ambient etheric levels support their development. For such people, it takes disciplined occult training to activate and develop these abilities.


    As both Fore and the Gulf Breeze contactee explained, aliens naturally emit high levels of etheric energy and, through a proximity effect, can cause psychic activation in nearby humans. In the case of an Etheric Tide, a natural phenomenon would do likewise to receptive members of the population.


    The result would be increased intuition, clairvoyance, and other supernatural powers.


    Ambient etheric energy levels provide a nutritive medium for the further development of psychic organs, leading eventually to the types of powers now only seen in aliens and occult masters.

  • Third, since through astral projection, hypnopompic states, and trained clairvoyance it is already possible to see otherwise cloaked or phased out ships in the skies and alien beings around us, an Etheric Tide would force their visibility on a far wider scale. Aliens will then be unable to hide their presence, hence the alien disinformation campaign now underway to acclimate the public for their open "arrival."

  • Fourth, a shift in consciousness brought on by etheric activation would unlock otherwise inaccessible memories and mental perspectives. This includes alien abduction/contact memories and past life memories. During the onset of an abduction or contact, an individual usually goes into an altered state of consciousness due to the proximity induction effect.


    This state of consciousness is termed Left Side Awareness or Second Attention in Carlos Castaneda's books.


    Memories recorded in this state become inaccessible when the abductee returns to normal mundane consciousness because it's like an antenna retracting and losing the signal. An Etheric Tide would extend the antenna, causing a person to flip over from the mundane mental perspective to the alternate higher one. In cases where an individual has been cached with hidden knowledge and instructions, these would activate at that time.


    Thus the activation of alien-implanted knowledge is not so much caused by a hypnotic trigger, but an etheric activation. Consequently, an Etheric Tide would kick several alien agendas into play regarding their human proxies.


    The access of hidden knowledge and instruction is said to occur during a time of great chaos, which matches the characteristic effects of an Etheric Tide.

  • Fifth, once perception of etheric energy and paranormal phenomena becomes commonplace, demiurgic technology develops quickly and naturally. Without clairvoyant perception, building devices that employ etheric energies is a matter of guesswork, but perception allows observation and the derivation of a science.


    We also know from alienology that electronic devices tend to malfunction in the presence of alien ships; there are also people who can't wear watches because they always stop working when worn. These are the same people who tend to fry out electronics and turn off street lights in their proximity. These are examples of etheric fields or specific fluctuations in them causing electrical anomalies.


    In physics terms, it fluctuates the physical constants and likely affects local electron densities, indicating a relationship between etheric energy and the divergence of the magnetic vector potential. The Etheric Tide may interfere with our electrical systems, further forcing the development of demiurgic technology as an alternative.


    The increased perception and availability of etheric energy makes this inevitable.

  • Sixth, the generation of thought-forms becomes easier and more potent since there is more ambient raw material available for their creation, and consequently the responsiveness of reality to thoughts and feelings greatly increases. Reality would then become more plastic, having been softened by the "Universal Solvent" so to speak. Etheric energy is the medium that translates impulses between matter and consciousness.


    More of it means mind has greater command over matter. Additionally, these conditions would force greater mental and emotional discipline in people, since they will no longer have the luxury of being an internal cesspool while maintaining an external appearance of equipoise; when inner and outer become more congruent, external consequences of detrimental thoughts and feelings come all the sooner.

    In a worst case scenario, those who cannot master themselves will fall victim to their own self-generated delusions, go insane, and perish.


    This is already happening in people whose unbounded paranoia creates thought-forms and physical manifestations that further validate their paranoia, creating a runaway feedback loop that ends in schizophrenia and death.

Another problem would be paranormal entities like demons, ghosts, and astral critters becoming more tangible, but that depends on how well they take up the specific quality of energy provided by the Etheric Tide; in any case, clairvoyant perception would make them more visible regardless, and that will further affect the sanity of people.


Conditions that once fostered common acceptance of fairies, elves, elementals, djinn, ghosts, etc… will return.

All this assumes people don't suffer from illness and cancer first from being unable to properly assimilate the Etheric Tide. It's already the case that emotional blockages that produce resistance against the free flow of life-force energy can cause illness and cancer; similar resistance occurs when one fails to keep up with the currents of the Etheric Tide, namely by hanging on stubbornly to old Matrix Control System reactions and outlooks.

Hence, we are looking at the possibility of mass psychosis and illness in certain stubborn sectors of the population.


The result is a filtering effect on humanity, just like the filtering out of solids that fail to dissolve in the Alchemical distillate. The filter is further enhanced by the fact that, since thoughts and feelings bend probability, it is in times of chaos that one must rely the most upon good fortune and divine grace to make it through, which can only be earned through corresponding elevation of heart and discipline of mind.


Aside from sheer resourcefulness, synchronistic protection coupled with increased clairvoyance and intuition is how the forebears of future humanity will make it through.

As an aside, whether through technology or sufficient activation of superhuman abilities, advanced forms of either should allow one to phase out of regular space-time as needed, becoming invisible to those still mired in it.


One would then naturally have access to the parallel meta-civilization composed of beings who have already achieved likewise.



Physical Cataclysm

While another round of cataclysm appears to be on the horizon, cataclysm is not always a necessary catalyst for growth. But that doesn't prevent it from happening anyway. Even so, unavoidable obstacles can still serve as catalysts for growth if used as such.

In this case, cataclysm could be an unavoidable side-effect of the Etheric Tide, the same way pain is a side-effect of the birthing process.


Earth and Sun are sensitive to etheric energy.


As Wilhelm Reich discovered, orgone energy affects nuclear decay rates, meaning it affects reality at the quantum level. But since solar output as well as Earth's seismic, volcanic, and tectonic activities are dependent on nuclear decay processes, changes in ambient etheric energy levels would impact the same.


Recent scientific studies indicate that solar activity affects nuclear decay rates on Earth, likely due to a change in neutrino flux, which itself may be linked to etheric energy. In any case, the result of an Etheric Tide would be freak solar flares and CMEs as well as a massive increase in earthquakes, volcanoes, and continental plate shifts.

The Expanding Earth Theory of Neil Adams (and Cliff High's Expando Planet Model) further suggests a change in the size of Earth.


This is clear from the fact that continent edges match each other on all sides, indicating Earth used to be a lot smaller. That's also why dinosaurs were so large, due to lower gravity levels. The question has always been where the extra matter comes from when the planet bulks up.


Well, it comes from the center of the planet/star where space-time is most stressed and a dimensional portal exists; etheric energy seems to affect the aperture of this portal, which determines how well energies from the other side translate into matter on our side.

It's precisely the same with the Ark Stone or Grail Stone, where an input of etheric energy (animal sacrifice in the case of the Ark Stone) allows for the manifestation of physical foodstuffs.


In other words, the Earth expanding upon irradiation by an Etheric Tide is merely a planetary version of what happens in the Ark Stone. It's demiurgic geophysics. This does, however, suggest the possibility that, just as the Ark Stone required a specific mental command to specify what to materialize, so might the specific reconfiguration of Earth be dependent upon the collective thought-forms of mankind.


In that sense, how consciousness responds to the Etheric Tide might determine the severity, location, and nature of events constituting the accompanying cataclysm.



Etheric Dissolution of Reality

The biggest threat, or welcomed opportunity, would be an Etheric "Tsunami," whereby the world gets slammed by a shockwave of etheric energy.


In The Physics of 2012, I theorized that a traveling event horizon possibly originating from the super black hole at the Galactic Center could hit us. In that article, I explained how an event horizon would eject us into hyperspace where consciousness alone would decide what space-time timeline we would emerge back into.

Well, if not a traveling event horizon, then a sufficiently intense etheric field would rip space-time all the same. Or put in terms of the Gnosis series paradigm, an Etheric Tsunami would utterly dissolve our reality just as the Universal Solvent of the Alchemists dissolves metals into quantum soup. In this malleable state of chaos, consciousness acts as the tingeing agent determining what new order emerges.


An Etheric Tsunami would disconnect us from our current timeline and provide the grandest of all pivot points upon which not only the future, but the new past hinges.

But can nature alone provide such an impulse to dissolve reality?


That seems just as unlikely as nature creating random nuclear explosions on our planet. Only technology concentrating the forces of nature can create consequences so severe. Therefore instead of an Etheric Tsunami originating from the cosmos, it could be the use of demiurgic technology during a more gentle Etheric Tide that dissolves and reconfigures space-time.


That seems to be its primary function anyway, to serve as the central axis of a wider timeline pivot region made possible by the Etheric Tide.

Again, these technologies are bestowed upon humans when ambient etheric energy levels are elevated, for then are such devices not only more charged up, but reality itself is more malleable. In ancient Egypt and proto-Israel, the Ark Stone was involved in reorienting our timeline toward one where we now stand on the brink of an overt alien takeover and global totalitarian system.


It stands to reason that an upcoming Etheric Tide would also see the reactivation of the Grail Stone or devices like it.

Even in ancient Egyptian times when ambient etheric energy levels were elevated, the Ark Stone required additional life-force energy from sacrificed animals to convert thoughts into foodstuffs, alter the local geography, and other seemingly miraculous actions. These same space-time re-engineering feats were accomplished by the Grail Stone without animal sacrifice, and instead with higher vibrational energy received from the Logos by Gnostic initiates.


The implication is that, if the Etheric Tide primes conditions for deployment of the Stone, reconfiguration of reality may then occur along at least two lines:

  1. through the cataclysmic slaughter of billions providing the etheric and astral energy needed for an Ark Stone activation, which would reformulate the world into deeper conformity with the Corrupted Demiurge

  2. through the Gnostic awakening of sufficient individuals to provide the etheric and astral energy needed for a Grail Stone activation, which would reformulate the world into deeper harmonization with the Logos

In other words, negative forces may be counting on the energy harvested from mass suffering and deaths to fuel their reconfiguration of our reality into theirs.

Clearly the use of such devices allows a smaller group to decide the outcome of the greater collective, hence the Stone acts as a lever of sorts.


Who will employ it?


Probably those whose personal destinies are intertwined with the alien time-war and Grail/anti-Grail drama; the question won't personally matter to the rest of the population who are karmically indifferent to whether reality reorganizes into one timeline or another. As it stands, mankind has existed for thousands of years in complete indifference to the fact that their world is a composite construct of changes effected by superhuman forces engaged in a cosmic chess match.

In summary, whether through the power of nature, the power of consciousness, or the power of technology, demiurgic principles have the function of revolving or bending the world around a chosen center.


The center is a pivot point that moves the world without itself being moved, signifying something beyond space-time where the archetypal commands reside that determine in what manner the world is reoriented. For instance, consciousness alone has this power, as evident in the practice of reality creation.


Nature has this power in the case of the Etheric Tide inducing physical changes in Sun and Earth, or the Philosopher's Stone inducing changes in lead to produce gold. And technology has this power in devices like the Grail Stone that can bend the timeline and reconfigure reality in ways greater than either mind or nature alone can.


High Demiurgic power is the power to intentionally de-collapse and re-collapse the quantum wave-function; it is the ultimate creational power, that of the Prime Mover.


Dawn of a New Day - The Awakening of the World Soul

Etheric energy is the substrate of physical reality.


Changes in the etheric induce changes in the physical. At weak levels the change is merely probabilistic, while at strong levels it produces direct reconfigurations of matter and energy. This is merely a question of whether quantum biasing occurs at the subatomic or macroscopic scale.

But it may be equally said - and this is absolutely crucial to understand - that a certain etheric pattern sustains a certain physical pattern. Thus every particular configuration of space, time, matter, and energy is held that way by an underlying "base level" thought-form, the common denominator shared by elements of that configuration, which perpetuates the default behavior of that system.


All additional thought-forms merely deviate the system's probabilistic behavior away from this default.

In the case of the Philosopher's Stone, it is the intense etheric power and gold-tinged qualities of the Stone that overcomes the base level thought-form that otherwise holds the pattern of "lead" in place. For humans, this same base level thought-form perpetuates the laws of physics and moves the physical body toward entropic disintegration, whereas the human etheric body is an additional thought-form that counters this and allows for continuation of life.

On a cosmological scale, the Demiurge sustains the world as we know it, thus it qualifies as the default thought-form defining our space-time existence.


It is a World Thought-form or World Soul. The Corrupted Demiurge is a parasitic entitized addition or extrusion that biases the course of events toward anti-spiritual ends. The impulse of the divine Logos, via the Christ thought-form, produces counter-influence nudging things toward spiritual ends instead.

This brings us to the Rosicrucian doctrine of the World Soul.


An anonymous theosophist writing under the name Magnus Incognito explains it best in The Secret Doctrine of the Rosicrucians (1918):

The Rosicrucian concept of the World Soul - the First Manifestation - corresponds to similar conceptions found, in various forms, in most of the ancient occult teachings of the several great esoteric schools of philosophy.


In some philosophies it is known as the "Anima Mundi," or Life of the World, Soul of the World, or World Spirit. In others it is known as the Logos, or Word. In others, as the Demiurge.


The spirit of the concept is this: that from the unconditioned essence of Infinite Unmanifestation there arose an Elemental and Universal Soul, clothed in the garments of the most tenuous, elemental form of Matter, which contained within itself the potency and latent possibility of all the future universes of the new Cosmic Circle, or Cosmic Day. […]

The concept of the World Soul, in some form of interpretation and under some one of many names, may be said to be practically universal. Among many of the ancient schools of philosophy it was taught that there was an Anima Mundi, or World Soul, of which all the individual souls were but apparently separated (though not actually separated) units.


The conviction that Life was One is expressed through nearly all of the best of ancient philosophies; and, in fact, in subtly disguised forms, may be said to rest at the base of the best of modern philosophies. […]

The Demiurge was the Life of the World, or Universal Life, of which all the innumerable lives of finite creatures are but sparks in the flame or drops of water in the ocean.


And, yet, in its true sense, the concept of the Demiurge was not identified with that of God, but was rather a concept of the First Great Manifestation of God, by means of which He creates and sustains the World. […]


But it must be always noted that in the Secret Doctrine of the Rosicrucians the World Soul is not regarded as the Infinite Reality, but merely as the First Manifestation thereof, from which all subsequent manifestations proceed and into which they are finally resolved.


The World Soul is not Eternal, but, on the contrary, appears and disappears according to the rhythm of the Cosmic Nights and Days.

This ties into the yuga cycles, the variations in the density and quality of etheric energy permeating our world, the imminent Etheric Tide, and the influence of additional thought-forms like Yahweh and Christ injected into the system.


All of these may be interpreted as fluctuations in the state of the World Thought-form, and hence the world itself. Greater fluctuations produce greater world changes.

In Rosicrucian terminology, the influx of an Etheric Tide represents an awakening of the "World Soul" and the "Dawn of a New Cosmic Day."


How is it an awakening?


As Rudolf Steiner observed, when we go to sleep the etheric body expands and decouples from the physical body and hovers nearby. Just enough remains in the body to maintain life processes, but not enough to allow perception or induced movement by the mind. The etheric body largely withdraws from the physical, forcing the latter into a vegetative state for the duration of sleep.


Awakening consists of the etheric body lowering back into the physical and fully coupling with it, allowing consciousness to resume control over the physical body.

The same process applies to our world. As will be explained more thoroughly in the next article, at some point the World Thought-form underwent a process analogous to our entering sleep. Its etheric body withdrew from the physical and consequently the ambient etheric energy levels went down significantly. Matter, energy, and space-time as we know them are left in a vegetative state, by default unresponsive to the whims of consciousness.


Hence the eventual Etheric Tide represents the return of the World Etheric Body and the awakening of the World Thought-form, which will allow consciousness to once more resume control over matter, energy, and space-time.


The various etheric energy cycles in history are analogous to the stages of sleep: various REM cycles interrupted by periods of inactivity or intermediate periods.

Jordan Maxwell, Goro Adachi, and other synchromystic researchers have been tracking ubiquitous symbolism in media, culture, politics, esoterica, etc… pertaining to the "dawn of a new day", "return of the king", "birth of Lucifer", "the Green Sun", "a New World Order", and other veiled allusions to something profoundly new and world-changing on the horizon.


But few if any suspect it could be an Etheric Tide awakening the World Soul.


It's not just the rising of some new political order, not just the establishment of some world religion, not even just the resetting of civilization through physical cataclysms, but a cosmological event capable of transforming our reality from the quantum level up.



The Cosmic Sleep

According to conventional psychology, what play out in dreams are symbolic representations of subconscious dynamics.


But the term "subconscious" is just an umbrella term signifying that which lies beyond the immediate knowledge of the conscious mind. Think of it as an elevator door, a gateway to all other floors of the building from the sunniest rooftop to the darkest basement.


Through the subconscious, our dreams may be influenced by higher positive beings, negative opportunistic feeders, unsorted residual memories from the previous day, health issues that disturb the somatic consciousness of the body, etheric thought-forms, and soul energy imbalances. The dream environment symbolically stages these influences before us, in our unawareness since upon entering sleep we tend to lose awareness that we are even sleeping.

So it is with our world when the ambient etheric energy levels changed, when we entered the so-called Kali Yuga.


Not only has the World Soul fallen asleep and the World Etheric largely withdrawn from the World Physical, but we are now living in a World Dream of sorts.


What does a World Dream even mean? It means an illusory state of existence divorced from the true existence, from the realm beyond our limited space-time bubble. It means a state where consciousness is obliviously and helplessly subjected to symbolic dramatizations of dynamics originating beyond that limited existence.

Is this not what we know of our reality right now, that forces beyond our realm are orchestrating what happens here, that we are like fish in an aquarium to these beings?


When we experience synchronicities, omens, or number sightings, doesn't it seem like intelligences beyond the veil of physicality are inserting encoded messages into our environment? How can they do this unless they are doing it from outside space-time? Space-time as we know it is none other than the World Dream Environment. There are beings outside the World Dream who influence what happens here.

Sleeping and dreaming are not just convenient metaphors in this case, but phenomena involving the interaction between the same physical, astral, etheric, and spiritual elements. These interactions and elements are as valid on the human scale as the cosmological scale. As above, so below.

And just as our own psychological structure mirrors the cosmological structure, as explained in the first Gnosis article, so will awakening of the World Soul be mirrored by our own potential awakening thanks to an increase of ambient etheric energy levels.


The final result will be a state of existence where individual consciousness exercises superior command over matter, energy, and space-time. This condition is termed "Fourth Density" by the Ra and Cassiopaean materials.

What we are possibly facing with the Etheric Tide is the awakening of the World Thought-form or World Soul from its languished condition, like the ill-stricken Grail King Amfortas being restored to full health by the Grail, or Sleeping Beauty awakening with a prince's kiss that also brings the Kingdom out of its thorn-riddled slumber.

Magnus Incognito concludes:

The World Soul, at the Dawn of the Cosmic Day, may be said to be like a dreamer freshly awakened from a deep sleep, and striving to regain consciousness of himself.


It does not know what it is, nor does it know that it is but an Idea of the Eternal Parent. If it could express its thought in words it would say that it has always been, but had been asleep before that moment.


It feels within itself the urge toward expression and manifestation, along unconscious and instinctive lines - this urge being a part of its nature and character and implanted into it by the content of the Idea of the Eternal Parent which brought it into being. Like the newborn babe, it struggles for breath and begins to move its limbs.


And as it struggles and moves, there comes to it a response from all of its nature, and its active life begins. And here we leave the World Soul, for the moment, struggling for breath and striving to move its limbs (figuratively speaking, of course).


The Enemies of Awakening

Unfortunately there are antagonists who have greatly profited from our spiritual coma; the World Dream has afforded them an environment removed from greater Creation, an environment now populated by dim souls helpless as fish at low tide. Archonic powers reign as kings over an empire of dreams.

The prime antagonist against spiritual lucidity is the Corrupted Demiurge.


Through its influence, the World Dream has become a World Nightmare unwilling to release its grip; the human race has become its prisoner. In the first Gnosis article, I explained how physicality imprinting upon the Demiurge gives rise to a predatory extension committed to ideals of materialism, just as the world imprinting upon our soul creates ego.


The same can be explained in terms of waking/dreaming, where the World Dream has given power to an entity dedicated to the ideals of spiritual sleep.

While one might think the Etheric Tide shall put an end to all this, keep in mind that the Corrupt Demiurge's agents - from negative alien deceivers to their human shadow military cohorts - have been preparing to endure and capitalize upon the coming changes instead of trying to stop them. They are aiming to maintain and secure their control in a Fourth Density environment.


Or put another way, the Corrupted Demiurge seeks to expand its tyranny beyond the current space-time bubble, beyond the current provisional timeline, into what comes after and beyond. It aims for transubstantiation from our current dream world into the Real World - Fourth Density and up - so that it may reign there as well.

Awakening of the World Soul does not by itself guarantee what will awaken and reign. Will the original and rightful Logos resume control, or will the Corrupted Demiurge extend its dominion?

To draw another metaphor, the Demiurge is like a computer, the Logos the operating system, Corrupted Demiurge the virus, Christ the antivirus program, and lesser thought-forms are various executables.


Our current Cosmic Sleep is equivalent to "Safe Mode," whereby reality now runs at lower resolution with higher functions disabled. When we finally come out of Safe Mode through a reboot, what will be in control - the operating system or the virus?


If the latter, awakening would simply result in a higher sleepwalker or zombie, fully animated but mentally and spiritually defunct. Then mankind would become nothing more than etherically enhanced instruments of ego, both their own and the World Ego, hence they would become superhuman vessels for the Corrupted Demiurge; after all, that is what higher negative forces are already.

The key danger we face is that our spiritual rebirth becomes a spiritual abortion, that instead of graduation to a higher positive environment there occurs transition to a higher negative environment. In other words, the key danger is that Earth becomes Fourth Density Service-to-Self planet; that is the ultimate goal of the negative alien agenda.

How can they achieve it?


Since they cannot stop the Etheric Tide, they would need to secure control of the other two factors:

  • human consciousness

  • demiurgic technology

The Etheric Tide energizes, human consciousness modulates, and demiurgic technology reconfigures. Sufficient reconfiguration would afford them total domination.

In context of the Lucifer Rebellion myth, this would amount to Lucifer reacquiring the jewel that fell from his crown and completing the rebellion to become King of the World. That is what the negative secret societies mean when they speak of the "return of the Sun King" and the other occult phrases tracked by synchromystics.


They await the total triumph of their prime demiurgic benefactor.



Seat of the World Soul

The sleep metaphor continues when we consider how the pineal gland functions as a regulator of wake and sleep via its periodic release of melatonin and DMT.


Melatonin establishes conditions conducive for sleep while DMT triggers the final projection into the dream state. What is the technological analogue to the pineal gland? None other than the Grail Stone.


Melatonin and DMT are loosely analogous to the Etheric Tide and Etheric Tsunami; the first has a priming function, the second a decoupling function.

The pineal gland has traditionally been considered as the seat of the soul, while the Grail Stone is the seat of the World Soul or Demiurge. The Grail Stone can reconfigure physical reality via its "root access" to the Demiurge. Additionally, the Grail Stone is oracular, allowing communication from hyper-dimensional intelligences just as the third eye, associated with the pineal gland, allows visual perception of information from beyond space-time.


The jewel in Lucifer's crown is represented in Indian mythology as a jewel embedded in the forehead and is equated with the third eye.

Hence there are symbolic connections and functional analogues between the Grail Stone, pineal gland, and the third eye. One can see this everywhere. Consider how the Great Pyramid with its vowel resonators and Ark Stone placement mimics the human vocal tract and pineal gland placement; operation of the Great Pyramid may have paralleled the process of stimulating the pineal gland through overtone chanting.


Overtone chanting at skull-resonant frequencies produces spherical standing waves that converge upon the pineal gland, which is located at the skull's precise geometric center. Just as stimulation of the pineal gland opens one up to other realms, so may operation of the Great Pyramid have opened access to other demiurgic intelligences such as the Yahweh entity.


Other connections worth mentioning are the secret society obsession with pine cone symbolism and the mathematical fact that pine cone geometry is a type of vortex; vortex symbolism figures prominently into the Grail subject and will be discussed in the next article.

The most important parallel between the Grail Stone and pineal gland is that, just as the latter regulates wake and sleep, so may the Grail Stone have played an instrumental role in the transition between Cosmic Wake and Cosmic Sleep. Use or abuse of the Grail Stone is what may have knocked us into the World Dream in the first place.


This is just another way of saying abuse of demiurgic technology corrupted the timeline.

It's only a matter of interpretation whether we entered into Cosmic Sleep, underwent a Fall into this darkened realm, or were deviated onto a corrupted timeline. These are all different ways of framing the same problem.


To better explain how demiurgic technology may have corrupted our timeline, a discussion on timeline dynamics is in order.




How do thought-forms tie into timeline dynamics?


Once created, they ceaselessly pursue their programming until the astral archetypes delineating their objectives are fully manifested in the physical. That is their demiurgic function, to take an archetypal template and realize it in the physical. Usually they do this by exerting pressure upon the timeline at quantum bifurcation points, bending it toward the probable futures where their objectives are fulfilled.


Thought-forms may be interpreted as strange attractors located in the future, pulling various timeline pathways toward them like magnets attracting iron particles along their magnetic field lines.

The prime objective of the Demiurge is to fashion the Universe, to generate and perpetuate physicality.


This objective is met every second as the Demiurge or World Thought-form collapses quantum wave functions into tangible configurations, like a sliding zipper meshing together separate strands into a single line. Hence linear time ticks on with or without our participation.

The Demiurge is responsible for time itself, just as an author is responsible for time within a novel's plot, or the subconscious for time in a dream.


Lesser thought-forms, which are but extrusions of the Demiurge, respectively modulate the properties of time according to their archetypal impulse. Weaker thought-forms merely have probabilistic influence, nudging the course of events toward one probable future instead of another, while stronger thought-forms could conceivably reformulate the entire timeline. An author may feel a weak impulse and merely change the direction of the story, or a strong impulse and rewrite it from scratch.

Christ and Yahweh signify the diametrically opposed primary extensions of the Demiurge rooted in divergent probable futures.


In one probable future, the Christ thought-form has accomplished its objective of spiritualizing matter, restoring all fallen souls, and placing physicality back under the reign of the Logos. In the other probable future, Yahweh has fully matterized spirit, enchained higher souls into the darkest of conditions, and thereby secured for itself the most exquisite energy source.

Each exerts its influence upon the timeline, each represents a particular state, aspect, or extrusion of the World Thought-form, and each sends its feedback flow into the present from our perceived future. In turn, we send our feedback flow into the future via the causal consequences of how we respond physically, mentally, and emotionally. Our response increases or diminishes the strength of either future/thought-form via the past-future feedback loop.

While the Logos is beyond even the Demiurge and is an eternal intelligence beyond time, the Christ impulse appears to be a provisional thought-form active within linear time as a probability current flowing toward the best of all possible outcomes.


Meanwhile, Yahweh is one flowing toward the worst. None can deny that these worlds exist as probable futures; it follows from the simple fact that not all futures are equal, thus some are better than others, and there exists the best and worst among them.

Christ and Yahweh are completely goal oriented like any thought-form, ceaselessly working to fulfill their objectives, one toward ultimate balance and the spiritualization of matter, the other toward ultimate imbalance and deadening of spirit.


Consequently, our timeline is under competition by two primary opposing time loops, or equivalently, our world is the intersection between higher and lower realms. This dynamic is represented in the Gnostic Christian symbol of the vesica piscis, two circles intersecting.

The late Philip K. Dick, science fiction author and modern Gnostic, speculated on the matter as follows:

The Logos is not a retrograde energetic life form, but the Holy Spirit, the Parakletos, is. If the Logos is outside time, imprinting, then the Holy Spirit stands at the right or far or completed end of time, toward which the field flow moves (the time flow). It receives time: the negative terminal, so to speak.


Related to the Logos in terms of embodying world-directives and world-organizing powers, but at a very weak level, it can progressively to a greater degree overcome the time field and flow back against it, into it, impinging and penetrating. It moves in the opposite direction. It is the anti-time. So it is correct to distinguish it from the Logos, which so to speak reaches down into the time flow from outside, from eternity or the real universe.


The H.S [Holy Spirit] is in time, and is moving: retrograde. Like tachyons, its motion is a temporal one; opposite to ours and the normal direction of the universal causal motion.

Equilibrium is achieved by the Logos operating in three directions: from behind us as causal-time-pressure, from above, then the final form, the very weak H.S. drawing toward perfection each form. But now equilibrium as we know it is being lost in favor of a growing ratio of the retrograde teleology.


This implies we are entering, have entered, a unique time: nearing completion of the manifold forms. Last pieces are going into place in the over-all pattern. The task or mode of the H.S. is completing. Not beginning, not renewing or maintaining, but bringing to the end, to the close.


An analogy would be the transit of a vehicle from one planet to another; first stage is the gravity of planet of origin; then equilibrium of both planets in terms of their pull; then the growing pull of the destination gravity-field as it gradually takes over and completes the journey. Beginning, middle, end.


At last one senses the receiving field engage, and then correct.

(Philip K. Dick, In Pursuit of Valis, pp. 64-65)

Corruption of the timeline stems from the corruption of the Demiurge, for the Demiurge is time.


Both the quality of time and the fabric of history were affected by this corruption. If the Demiurge is responsible for time in general, the Corrupted Demiurge is responsible for linear time in particular, for the limitations imposed by linear time are favorable to its agenda.


Those who succumbed to the Corrupted Demiurge underwent a Fall into the limited space-time bubble we are now accustomed to, a realm where time marches ceaselessly forward toward entropy, atrophy, and decay and the senses are confined to the domain of matter and electromagnetic energy.


These conditions, which define the Cosmic Sleep, serve to increasingly isolate us from true reality. Were it not for the influence of Spirit/Logos, every last one of us would be matrix puppets.

Hence the influence of Logos, which intervened through the Christ or Holy Spirit thought-forms as a direct counter-reaction to the threat of the Corrupted Demiurge, may be said to be working "over and against" linear time.


It counters linear time not by creating a reversed linear time flow, but a nonlinear type of time harmonized with the Logos.



(In mathspeak: imaginary time. Tachyons don't move backwards in time, but propagate in imaginary time. The opposite of causality is not reverse causality, but acausality).



It works through synchronistic, nondeterministic, critical point intervention instead of cold mechanistic calculation. It works through the butterfly effect. Many of the parables attributed to Jesus pertain to this.



The Dissolution of Linear Time

As with the Philosopher's Stone transmuting matter, sufficient etheric energy can also override linear time.


The meta-civilization can exist outside linear time because they possess a quantity and quality of etheric energy that places them beyond the grasp of the particular World Thought-form that still holds us firmly in linear time. The implication is that the Etheric Tide irradiating Earth may loosen that grip.

Put another way, the Dawn of a New Cosmic Day, which represents a major transformation of the Demiurge, would signify a major transformation in the nature of time as well. Time could change toward nonlinearity: variable time rate, selectable location along the timeline, and greater malleability in what directional heading time takes.


Right now, linear time marches steadily forward like involuntary muscle movements during sleep, such as breathing, while nonlinear time is like consciousness returning to the body and resuming voluntary control.

The Etheric Tide poses both a dilemma and opportunity for the Corrupted Demiurge. While the dissolution of linear time would undermine the control it has enjoyed so far in our history, it can still reign afterwards should nonlinear time be successfully harmonized with its parasitic objectives.

This has already happened in certain probable futures, futures from which negative time travelers originate.


These alien manipulators are entirely steeped in nonlinear time, for they use time travel freely, but even so they are saddled with limitations that force them to rely on cold calculation to pursue their agendas.


Even with their nonlinear and demiurgic abilities, it seems they get befuddled and undermined by the even more subtle, synchronistic, and incomprehensible maneuvers of the Logos.



Time-wars and Thought-forms

Nonlinear time makes the past accessible and reconfigurable.


Thus our reality is accessible and reconfigurable by beings who operate beyond linear time. This necessarily includes forces from our own probable futures who have already undergone the Etheric Tide and broken free from linear time, be they positive or negative.

If time travel is possible, it will happen sooner or later, therefore it already has happened at some point in the future, hence we are being visited by time travelers from our perceived future. This would be mere philosophizing were it not for alienology research confirming that time travelers do indeed comprise a portion of the alien presence.


The other portions consists of meta civilizations that previously transcended linear time. Regardless of where within linear history the moment of transcendence was achieved, once beyond, one "joins the club" so to speak.

Warring among meta-civilization factions has the appearance of a time-war. As they attempt to reconfigure the past in their favor, we would experience a tug of war that continually adjusts our trajectory into the future. The subtler details are explained in Timeline Dynamics.


The more our trajectory points toward their particular probable future, the stronger and more tangible they become to us. That is mathematical fact in quantum physics.


This feedback loop resembles thought-forms acquiring energy and tangibility and is intimately tied into that process:

Better probable futures are ones that have more of the Christ impulse defining their World Thought-form, worse probable futures have the Yahweh or Corrupted Demiurge impulse underpinning theirs.


The best of all possible futures is entirely of Christ/Logos, the worst entirely by Yahweh/Corrupted Demiurge.


These are the "alive cat" vs. "dead cat" outcomes in our cosmic Schrödinger's Experiment. Currently the two states are superimposed, both outcomes exist in a mixed state, which is why both influences are simultaneously active in our world.

Quantum indeterminacy is what even allows probable futures to retroactively influence the choices that gave rise to them.


The more significantly a choice impacts the future, the more strongly it experiences competing feedback flows from those probable futures.

That is another reason why the Ark/Grail Stone was capable of hosting the Yahweh or Christ intelligences, because its power to change the timeline was so immense that the probable futures issuing from these changes had an equally immense degree of feedback flow, hence allowing full blown manifestation and communication.


The same can be said of historical figures like Joan of Arc who changed the course of history in response to visions she received.


So it should be mentioned that certain people, places, times and events have greater impact on the future than others, and the future feedback flow is correspondingly greater upon them. That flow carries with it not only probabilistic, emotional, intuitive, and mental biasing, but can also attract the interest and direct influence of time travelers from affected futures.

Time travelers are inherently aligned with the World Thought-form defining their timeline. There is a symbiotic relationship between them and their presiding World Thought-form.


Even if they don't call these forces so by name, it seems some time travelers ultimately serve Christ/Logos, others Yahweh/Corrupted Demiurge. They harness demiurgic probability currents the same way sailing fleets employ ocean currents to reach their destinations.

This is just another way of saying that alien agendas fit within cosmological agendas. It also means alien technology is attuned to different demiurgic currents, hence the Stone functions one way if hitched to the Yahweh current and another when coupled to the Christ current, in each case serving to reinforce the feedback loop between present and the best/worst future by altering history accordingly.

The symbiotic relationship between aliens and their demiurgic benefactor can be seen in certain examples drawn from alienology where,

  • the highly positive types seem to function as emissaries of the Logos on missions to restore balance and assist our gnostic awakening

  • the more Luciferian or rather pantheistic types (negative Nordics and Reptilians for instance) pretty much worship the Corrupt Demiurge since its "blood" powers their demiurgic technology and sustains their livelihood

As will be mentioned again in the next article, the latter is metaphorically depicted in the movie Dark City where the Strangers ritualistically turn toward a giant underground machine bearing a metallic face and psychically interface with it in order to "tune" the surface human world into an alternate configuration.




Apparently the Etheric Tide only increases the stakes in the cosmological conflict between Logos and Corrupt Demiurge instead of resolving it.


That makes sense if the Etheric Tide merely has a priming function. Then the decoupling function would belong to demiurgic technology, which achieves its peak potency during an Etheric Tide for maximum timeline and reality reconfiguration.

Hence the Grail Stone may be the "doomsday device" or "captured flag" that ends this phase of the conflict.


That the device requires an Etheric Tide to achieve its full potential would explain why the time-war hasn't ended sooner, back when it was in the hands of the Mosaic Priesthood or Grail Knights, since the Etheric Tide has not yet arrived. The best and worst probable futures are still in quantum superposition.

The "Stone that Fell from Heaven" was brought here on purpose (by the "Neutral Angels" according to Grail lore), lowered into our space-time bubble like a slim jim or coat hanger to lock/unlock the door from the inside to competing hyper-dimensional influences. To be more accurate, the Grail is the lock and key to our reality.


Altogether, one could say its primary role is to begin and end timelines, while its secondary role is to bend the timeline along the way depending on who controls it.



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