by Jim Quinn - Administrator
August 2020
from TheBurningPlatform Website




"A really efficient totalitarian state

would be one in which the all-powerful

executive of political bosses and

their army of managers

control a population of slaves

who do not have to be coerced,

because they love their servitude."

Aldous Huxley

Brave New World

"Every record has been destroyed or falsified,

every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted,

every statue and street building has been renamed,

every date has been altered.

And the process is continuing

day by day and minute by minute.

History has stopped.

Nothing exists except an endless present

in which the Party is always right."

George Orwell










August 01, 2020

Huxley and Orwell were contemporaries.



Orwell and Huxley



Huxley's dystopian masterpiece was published in 1932 at the outset of the rise of totalitarianism, while Orwell's was published in 1949 after 65 million people perished in a World War and Stalin had already murdered tens of millions of his own citizens.


Those were dark times.


They also coincided with Edward Bernays 1928 publication of Propaganda, in which he revealed the existence of an invisible government who used propaganda to manipulate the minds of the public to insure those controlling the levers of power were able to engineer their desired outcomes.

Debate has raged over the decades whether Huxley's or Orwell's dystopian vision of the future would be more accurate.


Both visions required the successful use of propaganda by those in power to achieve their agendas. Huxley wrote a letter to Orwell after reading 1984 in 1949, shortly before Orwell's death.


His conclusion was as follows:

"Within the next generation I believe that the world's rulers will discover that infant conditioning and narco-hypnosis are more efficient, as instruments of government, than clubs and prisons, and that the lust for power can be just as completely satisfied by suggesting people into loving their servitude as by flogging and kicking them into obedience.


In other words, I feel that the nightmare of Nineteen Eighty-Four is destined to modulate into the nightmare o f a world having more resemblance to that which I imagined in Brave New World.


The change will be brought about as a result of a felt need for increased efficiency.


Meanwhile, of course, there may be a large-scale biological and atomic war - in which case we shall have nightmares of other and scarcely imaginable kinds."

I would assess Huxley's vision was more accurate in the West, but Orwell's was more accurate in regards to Russia, China, and numerous dictatorships in South America and Africa.

The key word is "was"...

Since 9/11, the United States has unequivocally moved in the direction of Orwell's 1984 vision.


We are now experiencing a dystopian amalgamation of the worst of both novels. Virtually every conspiracy theory ridiculed by the corporate controlled media pundits, captured academics, and government apparatchiks over the last few decades have proven to be accurate and true.

But very few are able to discern the truth because The Party/Invisible Government/Deep State has been hugely successful in utilizing propaganda and public education indoctrination to dumb down and manipulate the minds of the masses into believing whatever they are told by their masters.


The complete success of this mass psychological conditioning has been on display for the last four months, as the majority have come to love their enslavement and servitude based upon the inept and hysterical misinformation propagated by medical "experts", government bureaucrats, corrupt politicians, and the fake news media complex.

Huxley's infant conditioning and narco-hypnosis were close, as public education has not been about learning critical thinking skills for decades, but indoctrination to what the government desires, producing non-questioning workers who can be easily manipulated through propaganda into obedience and conformity.


The pervasive use of Ritalin to make boys act more like girls has been heavily pushed by the educational complex (dominated by women), attempting to produce zombies who don't cause trouble or act like boys should.

The feminization of males has contributed greatly to the downward spiral of our society. Huxley did foresee technology being used to distract the masses, producing a trivial culture, egotism, pleasure seeking and passivity.


The boob tube, internet, and social media have fulfilled this prophecy, producing generations of pliable, easily controlled victims, whose minds have been molded and ideas formed by those pulling the strings of our society behind the scenes.

The willingness of tens of millions to unquestioningly believe what they have been told by their leaders and supposed medical "experts" regarding a virus which will not kill 99.97% of the American population is a fascinating exploration of herd mentality and the power of fear propaganda.


This nasty virus, supposedly let loose from a Wuhan bio-lab, is less deadly than the annual flu among those under 65 years old and more deadly when purposefully introduced into nursing homes by politicians.

The virus has less negative impact on school age children than the annual flu. But governors, mayors and teachers' unions are refusing to open schools in the Fall, despite the data and actual experience in European schools proving it is safe to do so.


The path of history during 2020 has not been natural or propelled by normal un-manipulated circumstances.


The manner in which events have transpired seems staged, well planned, and designed for a purpose not yet revealed to the masses.


The year started with fears of war with Iran after the assassination of a key general in Iraq.


The three-year Trump coup by Obama, Clinton and their co-conspirators in the FBI, CIA and Congress was once again collapsing under the weight of lies, fake news, and blind hatred, as Schiff's impeachment farce crashed and burned.


It was Trump's turn to go on the offensive, as Barr and Durham investigated the coup.

Meanwhile, the gears of the financial system had been seizing up since the middle of 2019 and the FED was propping up its Wall Street owners, hedge funds, and the billionaire class with "not" QE, while publicly lying that all was well.


The FED was desperately trying to keep the wheels from falling off. The QE, as planned, was pumped into the stock market, driving prices to all-time highs in February, showing all the signs of a blow-off top.

This was when the eleventh year of this Fourth Turning really began to get interesting.


It was almost as if the Federal Reserve needed a disaster catalyst as a reason to unleash a torrent of easy money to save their Wall Street benefactors, their corporate crony parasites, and the billionaire oligarchs who constitute the invisible government pulling the wires controlling the nation.

Just in the nick of time the 'Chinese' coronavirus conveniently spread across the globe, dutiful government funded scientists produced models predicting millions of deaths in the U.S., medical "experts" at the behest of Bill Gates convinced Trump to shut down the country based on apocalyptic forecasts, and the stock market plummeted 32% in a matter of weeks.


This was the cover Powell and his money printing minions needed to bailout bankers and billionaires with trillions in newly fabricated digital greenbacks.


It is funny the 2009/2010 swine flu pandemic was estimated by the CDC and WHO to have infected 700 million to 1.4 billion people and killed between 150,000 and 575,000, but there were no shutdowns of businesses, no lockdowns of cities and states, no mandatory mask wearing, no school closures, and no deviation from our normal lives.


A critical thinking individual might question why no mass panic and fear mongering by the media during the Obama administration pandemic, but hysteria and terror spread by medical "experts", the left-wing corporate media, the Hollywood elite, and Democrat politicians during this similar scale virus outbreak.

The purposeful destruction of our economy over a bad flu couldn't be for political purposes.

Could it?


Has the old "never let a crisis go to waste" mantra been put to good use once again by the left?

Those in control of the messaging have panicked the nation and created a 2nd Great Depression over a flu that will not kill 99.97% of the American population.


They have been so effective with their panic propaganda a recent poll found Americans believe 9% of the population (30 million people) have died from Covid-19.


The stupid, it burns...

I no longer believe in coincidences. The fake news media would classify me as a conspiracy theorist because I question this plandemic, the coordinated and suspiciously funded BLM protests/riots, and the extraordinary transfer of trillions from the public coffers into the pockets of bankers and billionaires.


It's as if a curtain of disbelief has descended upon a nation of actors, all playing a part in this tragic comedy. Shakespeare would be amazed by the plot of this play.

The level of pretending has reached levels that would have been incomprehensible at the outset of this century, when the annual budget was essentially balanced and the Fed's balance sheet was just over $500 billion.


Today we are running a $4 trillion budget deficit and the Fed's balance sheet is $7 trillion, with,

Powell, Trump, CNBC, Wall Street, Congress and Robinhood traders,

...pretending this is normal and nothing to be concerned about. Best time to buy stocks. It's a new paradigm.



The government pretends only 18 million Americans are unemployed when 118 million working age Americans are not working.


The government has been sending $600 per week to unemployed Americans, borrowed from future generations, so they will spend it today and make it appear like the economy is recovering. Small businesses pretend they are not bankrupt by pretending to pay employees with money borrowed from the government that they will not pay back, also borrowed from future generations.


The Federal Reserve (FED) and their Wall Street owners pretend the three trillion increase in the FED balance sheet was to help Main Street, when it was nothing but another transfer of public wealth to the oligarchs before they pull the plug on this farce of a financial system.

Homeowners and renters pretend to pay their mortgages and rent to banks and landlords.


Landlords pretend to pay their mortgages with the pretend rent payments. Consumers pretend to pay their credit card bills and auto loan payments to financial institutions.


Young college graduates pretend to make their student loan payments.


Wall Street banks and local financial institutions pretend they got paid because the FED has their back and will print the country back to prosperity.

Who needs to honor their obligations when the FED is in control?


Why do we need to pay taxes, if $4 trillion deficits aren't a problem?

This game of extend and pretend can only last for a short time frame.


The avalanche of consumer, commercial, and corporate defaults poised to wipe out this financially engineered pretend recovery is greater than anything witnessed in human history. And the masses are willfully ignorant, because they have been trained to believe in the all-powerful FED.


The surge in precious metals prices and the rapidly declining dollar tells a different story.


I can't help but visualize our country as Wile E. Coyote hovering in mid-air after going off the cliff, about to plunge into the gully below, and then the anvil lands on his head.


The events taking place, the actions of politicians, the blatant disregard for the best interests of the working class by the Jerome Powell and his FED cronies, and the disgraceful display of mis-truths and misinformation spread by the media mouthpieces on behalf of their financial masters, has created a surreal spectacle of impending catastrophe.

I find myself asking whether I'm the one that's crazy.


I have trouble processing what I'm witnessing on a daily basis because the insanity of what is being done is incomprehensible for someone who believes in prudently managing their finances, obeying the law, valuing free speech, allowing free markets to determine winners and losers, having interest rates determined based on risk, and having the freedom and liberty to determine my future based upon my own efforts and initiative.

The part that has me most puzzled, because it seems inconceivable that politicians running large states and major cities would purposefully destroy their economies and businesses while encouraging the looting and burning of their communities, is this is all being done to defeat Trump in November.


The economic and physical destruction wrought by the national lockdown for a bad flu and now this engineered race war is inexplicable, unless the true motive is still being hidden by the Deep State/Invisible Government oligarchs who are pulling the levers of this concocted scenario to introduce their new world order, based upon Marxist/Fascist principles and socialized economic policies.

It appears to be a controlled demolition with a nefarious purpose, which won't be revealed until it is too late.


And the majority, just trying to make a living, raise a family, live according to a social contract that worked for centuries, and find some enjoyment during their short time on this earth, are allowing themselves to be led to slaughter by incomprehensibly evil men seeking unlimited wealth, power and control over everyone on the planet.





August 02, 2020




All the "solutions" being imposed by those in power don't solve anything, because they aren't designed to solve anything.


These are nothing but short-term emergency sustaining maneuvers to keep the dying patient alive, while the criminals ransack his house, extracting whatever wealth he has saved.


Throwing $1,200 bones and $600 a week bribes to what they consider the Main Street riff raff, while funneling trillions into the pockets of Too Big To Trust Wall Street banks, billionaire oligarchs, connected mega-corporations, and pliable corrupt politicians, is just what the doctor ordered for the ruling class.

Their weak-kneed toadies at the Federal Reserve have dutifully fulfilled their mandate of no banker or hedge fund left behind.


While Main Street is beset with potholes, boarded up small business storefronts (if they haven't been looted and burned), homeless drug addicts, and the unemployed lining up at local food banks, Wall Street is being paved in gold, with its inhabitants eating caviar, drinking champagne, and celebrating their brilliance in owning a central bank, guaranteed to enrich them.


The paths being chosen by those in power offer no exit or happy endings.


Driving the annual deficit over $4 trillion, pushing the national debt to $26.5 trillion (don't forget the $200 trillion of unfunded welfare liabilities), because you chose to shut the country down for a bad flu, has virtually guaranteed a multi-year economic contraction and eventual financial collapse.


The FED has propped up a zombie economy and horribly managed zombie corporations with zero interest rates and purchasing of their bad debt.

Free markets have been extinguished, price discovery has vanished, success is determined by who you know, and interest rates can never rise again, or the debt Ponzi collapses instantaneously.


The $600 a week in unemployment produced an economic recovery mirage, as money that has no possibility of being repaid, was spent by millions on grocery deliveries, crap from Amazon, and buying bankrupt stocks on Robinhood by unemployed day traders.

The politicians who doled out this $600 per week to millions of people they purposely forced into unemployment are now trapped. Any politician who votes to not extend the payments will be scorned by the corporate media talking heads as heartless and uncaring.


With elections just over three months away, it's now just a matter of how big the newest debt financed debacle will be (somewhere between $1 and $3 trillion).

Trump will sign whatever comes his way, because not doing so would guarantee a loss in November.


Financially, none of this can work.

The Federal government, with their co-conspirators at the FED, can get away with running massive deficits for as long as the USD is accepted around the world as a safe investment.

The record price of gold and the 9% decline in the USD since April are early warnings another financial crisis looms.

The real disaster is materializing in states, counties, and cities, as,

  • unemployed people don't generate income taxes while collecting from the unemployment fund

  • bankrupt small businesses don't pay income taxes or property taxes

  • lockdowns have massively reduced sales taxes

  • remote workers don't pay tolls or gasoline taxes

Coincidentally, many of the worst fiscally run states, including,

Illinois, California, New Jersey, Michigan and New York,

...already had a disastrous unfunded pension liability crisis before they exacerbated their fiscal disaster by locking down their states.

Nancy and Chuck have over $1 trillion embedded in their porkulus HEROES package slated to bailout the pension liabilities of Democrat run states.


All Americans would get to pay for the gold-plated pension and healthcare benefits of union teachers who refuse to go back to work and teach their children.


The fiscal mismanagement at all levels of government and bubble blowing actions taken by the FED on behalf of their real constituents (not you) seem to fit into a more diabolical scheme.

As a representative of conspiracy theorists who question everything I'm told by my government, the corporate media, and self-proclaimed experts, it appears we are being led towards an outcome predetermined by the Deep State/Invisible Government.


When conspiracy theories have been confirmed and exceeded by reality,

  • government agencies at the behest of an outgoing president conduct a coup against a sitting president

  • a flu pandemic on par with the 1957 and 2009 flu pandemics is hyped into an unnecessary national lockdown

  • a highly coordinated campaign to start a race war mysteriously erupts

  • behemoth monopolistic social media corporations censor the scientific opinions of physicians and any opinion contrary to the state sanctioned narrative,

...your tin foil antenna should be picking up worrisome signals.



What is their end game?


Where are we headed?


Is there a method to the madness swirling around us?

I certainly don't have a high level of confidence in my ability to predict what is going to happen over the next year or two.


We know they have succeeded in dumbing down and socially indoctrinating multiple generations through the government run education system.


They convinced them to voluntarily relinquish their privacy rights to left wing social media corporations who act in concert with the government surveillance state.

Snowden laid it out for all to see, but the sheep remained passive and willfully ignorant, as long as they were entertained by cute cat videos and tweets from their Hollywood idols.


This concocted pandemic crisis has allowed those in control to test how far they could use propaganda, fear, dictatorial edicts and threats to make the masses do as they are told.


It has been a resounding success, as the humanity of citizens has been purged by muzzles, social distancing, quarantining in place, banning gatherings (except BLM/ANTIFA protests/riots), and convincing wage earners being forced into joblessness by government mandate is being patriotic.

They have used the pandemic to test universal basic income, paying people not to work. It's been so popular, most people don't want to go back to their former jobs.


Those receiving the $600 per week don't care where it comes from. They just know they are making more than they were working.


They are satisfied sheltering in place, buying iPhones and ordering from Amazon, while tweeting about social justice and doing their best Karen on Facebook about non face diapering criminals.

That's why these Silicon Valley behemoth corporations have made billions during this pandemic, while hundreds of thousands of small businesses go dark.

It's almost as if the powers that be want to concentrate more economic power and control in the hands of a few government sanctioned corporations.


It's much easier to control the narrative when 6 corporations dominate the mainstream media and 4 corporations control most of the social media platforms.

Herding large swaths of the population in a particular direction, invoking mass insanity, is not a new occurrence, as it has happened numerous times throughout history.


MacKay and Nietzsche have documented previous incidents, but the modern day ability of evil men to socially engineer the herd through technology in a direction beneficial to their agenda has changed the dynamic.



"In individuals, insanity is rare;

but in groups, parties, nations and epochs,

it is the rule."

Friedrich Nietzsche




"Men, it has been well said, think in herds;

it will be seen that they go mad in herds,

while they only recover their senses slowly,

one by one."

Charles MacKay

Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds

The goal of the oligarchs is to not allow individuals to recover their senses, one by one.


Individuals who question or do not conform to the approved narrative are canceled, attacked or financially ruined by the establishment attack dogs. When assessing why insane falsehoods are peddled to the masses, it's always a good bet to follow the money.


Who benefits financially from a particular narrative?

This entire BLM narrative of systematic racism is complete and utter bullshit.


The cities in which the protests and riots have occurred have been run by left wing Democrats for decades. Blacks cast 90% of their votes for Democrats. The slaughtering of young black men is being done by other young black men.


The blatantly obvious problem for black people is the 70% of households without a father, exacerbated by the welfare state implemented by liberals.

White people keeping blacks down is a lie.


But this big lie is being used to pit the white working class against blacks. This false narrative allows the billionaire class to further loot and pillage the nation through rigged markets and Federal Reserve generosity, while their media corporations promote race wars and conflict based on a false premise.


The social media tyrants are worse than the mainstream media. Not only do they promote false narratives on behalf of their benefactors, they easily silence dissenters presenting facts to counter the false narrative.


They are disappeared with the click of a mouse.


Orwellian censorship is nothing compared to what is being done today.


Another recent narrative which is entirely false is the national cash/coin shortage, forcing people to pay electronically.

Where exactly did the cash and coins go, creating the shortage?

Economic activity is dramatically down over the last few months.


That should have created a glut of cash and coins. This is an engineered fake shortage, again gauging the reaction of the public to forcing them into a cashless society, where the banking cabal syphons off a percentage of each transaction.

Mom and pop stores prefer cash because they can't afford the banking fees for debit and credit transactions.

A cashless society would put more small business owners out of business.


Electronic transactions can be tracked and taxed.


Individuals who don't conform and obey could be electronically canceled.


More control and wealth directed into the hands of the powerful.

I know I'm experiencing increasing feelings of anger and disillusionment the longer this contrived crisis is prolonged by the authoritarians dictating from upon high to the normal/deplorables.


The anger borders upon depression, as I see no way to reverse the course of this country towards a Marxist future and civil insurrection when they push their agenda too far.

There is a simmering fury building in those being called racist, denied the ability to work, imprisoned in their homes and commanded to face muzzle by tyrant governors.


While the biggest banks, retailers, and social media corporations, along with their executives, have enriched themselves during this pandemic, the average American is seeing their lives destroyed and their future getting bleaker by the day.


The saber rattling towards China and Russia is another narrative which will be pushed harder as the pandemic panic wears off. They must keep fear alive, to further their aims.


War is hugely profitable for the Deep State and Military Industrial Complex.

This Fourth Turning still has five to ten years left before it burns itself out.

One thing is for sure. It will not de-intensify before a climax is reached, with clear winners and losers.

Much bloodshed is likely to befall the globe before its finale.


The rest of 2020 is likely to be chaotic and wrought with the potential for civil conflict. The mail in ballot clash has the potential to sever the Constitutional binds holding this nation together.


With the losing side refusing to acknowledge the winner of the presidential election, if it can even be declared on November 3, the civil unrest in the streets seen thus far will look like a walk in the park.

But this will just be a prelude to much larger clashes in the next three years.


Just examine events from the prior three Fourth Turnings on an eighty year look back:

  • 1941-1943 (Battle of Stalingrad, Battle of Midway)

  • 1861-1863 (Battle of Antietam, Battle of Gettysburg, Battle of Vicksburg)

  • 1781-1783 (Battle of Yorktown, Treaty of Paris)

The turning points of the prior three Fourth Turnings occurred during these eighty year increments.


What awaits us in 2021-2023?


Whatever the challenges that lie ahead, it will require courage, guile, cooperation, and a patriotic love of our country to defeat the globalist scum enslaving the world with their warped, sadistic greed.



Huxley's vision of the future dominated the western world for decades, as mankind has proven they could be trained to love their servitude by satisfying their infinite appetite for distractions.


Trivialities, satisfying your ego, passively accepting what you are spoon fed, and seeking pleasure have kept the masses under control until this century.


But, 9/11 began ushering in the future Orwell always feared.


The Surveillance State was born, with the Patriot Act providing cover for the Deep State to watch everything we do and say, with the social media conglomerates providing the access to our personal information.

Anyone who doesn't see the connection between this pandemic lockdown and the central theme of Orwell's 1984, where the government controls the individual by suppressing individual happiness and freedom through a combination of,

propaganda, manipulation and fear, choosing to be willfully ignorant.

The Thought Police are patrolling social media platforms and censoring the free speech of dissenters, effectively suppressing truth.

Everything is cyclical and we are most certainly entering the darkest period of this cycle.


The FED has created another fake boom in the stock market, but this fictitious prosperity will end in depression, as all credit driven booms do.


The American Empire, as we know it, is coming to an end.


The only question is whether it goes out with a whimper or a bang.

If you think the world doesn't make sense and you don't understand why people aren't acting rationally, don't worry.

You are the one who is sane...

It's the rest of the world that is crazy. Don't lose faith.


There are others out there who refuse to embrace their servitude.

Don't follow the crowd.


Think for yourself.


Question everything.


Prepare for the worst, because it's coming.


Use your time wisely.


Keep your loved ones close.


And befriend like minded people.

The future of the World (and America) hangs in the balance...


"When the whole world is running towards a cliff,

he who is running in the opposite direction

appears to have lost his mind."

C. S. Lewis