by 2nd Smartest Guy in the World
August 03, 2023
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Dr. Jeanne Marrazzo



After a long and unprecedented career of racketeering and democide, Anthony Fauci conveniently "retired" just as PSYOP-19 (Covid-19) was finally waning.


With bivalent slow kill bioweapon uptake at around 17%, Fauci's handlers needed to shake things up ahead of their forthcoming "pandemic"...

The installed dementia pedo-criminal puppet president was ordered to nominate Dr. Jeanne Marrazzo to become director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID).

Fauci's first deadly scam in AIDS, where he murdered countless people with his AZT poison, served as a warmup for PSYOP-19 (COVID).


The lessons learned during the AIDS "epidemic" were most adroitly applied to PSYOP-19, replete with early treatment prevention, and deadly drugs (e.g. Remdesivir) that did nothing but rapidly murder patients with symptoms mimicking viral damage...

It is no wonder then that Marrazzo's research at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, where,

she happens to be the director of the medical school's division of infectious diseases, has focused on sexually transmitted diseases, and the prevention of HIV infection.

In other words,

she is all in on all of the bioterror scams, and she will serve as the perfect useful idiot to impose unconstitutional and draconian "mandates" when her handlers deploy their followup PSYOP-24 "pandemic"...




Amazingly, after almost four decades and tens of billions of dollars of AIDS "research," not a single successful vaccine was ever developed.

And yet these same researchers and Big Pharma criminals cooked up a COVID-19 "vaccine" practically overnight...?





Naturally, Marrazzo was a harsh critic of exceedingly successful early treatment drugs like Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine.


Marrazzo pushed the Proximal Origin farce like all good scientism apparatchiks:





Anyone that has been paying attention knows exactly what kind of societal dangers someone like this wannabe Dr. Mengele 3.0 fraud will be presenting.


Marrazzo's lifetime of "infectious disease" research has produced a net negative impact on society and science:

therefore, she was the perfect choice to lead the NIAID...

It is painfully obvious that Marrazzo's alleged research was always funded by,

  • Fauci

  • his NIH

  • Big Pharma

  • DoD

  • Pentagon

  • et al. partners in crime...

She was one of the many scientists that was groomed and paid for by the very same dark forces that have been perpetrating their Trust-the-Science-Safe-and-Effective crimes against humanity for many decades.




Not only does the charade not end, but it will get worse, because Marrazzo also happens to be a fervent PSYOP-CLIMATE-CHANGE devotee.


Because weather really caused the "pandemic," and weather is why never-ending Modified mRNA "vaccines" will be mandated again, because weather is the ultimate permanent emergency.........


is nothing more than a careerist grifter and misinformation spreader.


She will do exactly as she is told by the Intelligence Industrial Complex.


She will also function as the UN and WHO point person in attempting to hand over all American sovereignty to these One World Government nodes.




In order to depopulate and control the world just in time for the UN's 2030 Agenda, the manufactured global crises must always be unprecedented, and always,

require more and more State democide...

It has never been more important to protect your health, stock up on supplies, and build local communities of like-minded people.

The crimes against us have only just begun.


And psychotics like Marrazzo are now being carefully positioned to rape us yet again…

Do NOT comply...!