by Noel Huntley


excerpted from

"ETs and Aliens - Who Are They? and Why Are They Here?"

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The Orion constellation is one of the most brilliant. In legend, it represents a mighty hunter brought down by his own pride.


He boasts he could slay all wild animals but he was killed by a scorpion. The constellation's most celebrated feature is the huge nebula 1,500 light years away that lies within the hunter's sword.


Amongst the hundreds of stars in the system are two super giants, Betelgeuse and Rigel, 430 and 770 light years away, respectively.

Germain, channeled by Lyssa Royal, tells us that Orions are 89% Vegan and 11% Lyran. Note that Vega is a star in the Lyra constellation of stars, whereas the Orions we are interested in are apparently from the Betelgeuse and Rigel star systems.

Of the Orions who are Vegan (89%) in nature, most are of the human type  - a smaller percentage is nonhuman.


Of the Orions who are Lyran stock (11%), most are light-browned skin, and about 10% are Caucasian type with light hair. Although their bodies are water based like ours they have an oily, fatty content acting like a lubricant. Also, as we indicated earlier, the little Greys occupy a small percentage of the Orion population; their origin, Zeta Reticuli, is a neighbor of the Orion constellation.

Thus, overall, the genetic differences are quite marked.


Orions have a reputation for possessing an aggressive nature and have been involved in many destructive wars. Note that the masculine energy is associated with the evolution of beings from the star systems of Orion, which are related to Earth, whereas inhabitants of the Sirius star system, also very much involved with Earth, carry the feminine energy or polarity.

Although there is a symbiosis between consciousness and technology, the Orion races probably pushed this principle to the limit and developed advanced technology (of a type) while still war-waging. The typical scenario was the Light against the Dark; peace-loving Orions opposed by self-serving 'aggressive' Orions.

According to Light Network there are three major players in the galaxy:

  • the Intergalactic Confederation of different star systems throughout the galaxy

  • the Reptoid Federation, a conglomeration of many reptoid species

  • the Orion Empire, ruled by one leader

Now within the domain of the Orion Empire, three groups formed, the dominant Orion Empire, the Black League resistance (to the Empire), and the victims of both these groups.


Even though this pattern of behavior still operates it is less widespread and many individuals have been awakened since the incarnation in Orion of a great avatar.

The authoritarian trait, present on Earth, is not typical amongst ET civilizations and has been acquired from Orion.


Many Orions, including the Black League, went to Maldek and settled - this is the planet in our system that was inhabited by many of the so-called fallen angels, who were given the opportunity to reform.


As is well known, the civilization failed to turn to a more spiritual path and the planet was destroyed, leaving the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.


Some sources indicate it was struck (or disturbed) by the huge planet Nibiru as it entered our system in its counter-direction to the other planets. Many of these Dark forces are on Earth at this time; hence the authoritarian nature that pervades this planet, including an enforced reliance on authority.

On the positive side, however, the Orions have contributed their mental powers for the development of smoothly running systems on Earth. They beam the yellow ray frequency to earth for the stabilization of the intuitive powers within human consciousness.


They are the source for many organizational structures of government, business and industry. Nevertheless this energy is only relevant to Earthman's frequencies, which we shall outgrow and then receive other energies from more advanced races, such as the Lyrans.

Of the genetic percentages mentioned above, the smaller group of nonhuman Vegans would cover the Greys and reptilians and accompanying varieties.


It is not uncommon for abductees to refer to small aliens (Greys) directed by a single tall alien (reptilian type, or sometimes, Nordic). The Greys tend to be servants or mercenaries for the tall reptilians.


These Greys and Dracos are known as the Rigelians (from the Rigel star) and are extremely dangerous.

The Orions, who have Vegan characteristics, have particularly striking eyes. In fact their priests, who live twice as long as the general population - about a thousand years - have bright blue eyes, which change to that color as a result of strict spiritual training, involving diet and psychic experience. The common color for the eyes is brown. Their height is usually in the 7 foot- tall category.

The duties of these priests is the education in theory and practice of all aspects of relationships for both marital and premarital subjects, including procreation rituals, in which full intimacies occur during a 24-hour stay in the priest's temples as a normal custom. Appearance remains similar from young to old with no senility. Attraction is not physical; awareness of inner-consciousness dominates.

In spite of the spiritual implications, there appears still to remain within the Orion civilizations the never-ending conflict between the Orion Empire and the Black League resistance. The Empire appears to be run mainly by the Greys working with a Federation of Draconian Reptilians, with the aim of extending their domination to other planets.


These Greys are mainly the ones who negotiate treaties and secret deals with Earth governments.

The resistance group have apparently built cities in and within the mountains. The Empire enforces controlled procreation, numbers of children, etc. and also enforces by Orion law that it is 'forbidden to remember'. The resistance group, however, are free from this mental control. The priests would seemingly be either from this category or the victim group.


Their customs are bound to rituals; imagination is not very free and children are told of the myth of Earth: of the freedom to be anything.

A civilization, particularly expressing what we understand by Orion energy - more masculine - would be the race from planet Vivinau nearer towards the the centre of the galaxy.


This is the home of the Warrior League. The Warrior League brings order to their society, and is essentially divided into,

  1. the 'amenable' -  people who would not rule and are subsequently trained to be amenable (no resistance, or anarchy, terrorists, protestors)

  2. the 'omnipotent' - those who would rule

The interaction of this race with humans was considered by the Orions to have the purpose of bringing a similarly designed order to us claiming this is a duty on their part given by the 'Creator'.


They notice now, however, they are ineffective; their last monitors having visited Earth in 1957 with decreasing influence to the present. They accept that the Creator no longer requires their assistance - their energy - on Earth any more, and that the Creator apparently has other plans.


These warriors wonder how we will cope. They apparently operate on the principle of destroying negativity, criminals, terrorists, to bring order, not seemingly recognizing that ultimately rehabilitation is the only way, or simply not reflecting these 'negativities' into the environment from one's own mind.


This latter, is clearly the path for humans, hence the Creator's removal of this Orion influence.

Zoltec of the warrior league answers questions via channeling in the Explorer Race books. He states that the average height of this race is over 7 feet tall. They have a similar body to humans but tougher skin. They consider humans weak, physically, mentally and emotionally - they utilize the power of passion.

Their form and means of help to Earth has been through the so-called men-in-black (MIB).


Much has been written about these mysterious 'emissaries'. From the Earth person's viewpoint more negativity seems to be associated with these MIB than positive.


But they insist that they have protected us from the negative Sirians and also (ironically) from all such races as the Pleiadians, who are,

'trying to get you to imitate them... they are chaotic.'

Also the MIB influence government decisions by advocating adherence to their successful societal model and that societies which have used that form of government on Earth have survived the longest.


Note that they praise and respect the Roman Empire.

The MIB are of human size and roughly similar appearance but contain the Orion soul essence. The bodies are cloned by the little Greys who are also in the Orion system. These clones with Orion souls are the MIB.


They are sent in small space capsules to Earth; a journey taking about seven years. On arrival they are trained for a year or so in Earth customs, etc., at an Orion station. They apparently cannot stand our weak energy.

Zoltec refers to the anarchy from the Black League, which he states originally brought down Atlantis, and he likens them to our terrorists. Prior to Atlantis they were chased from the Orion planets to Maldek, a small planet in our solar system with an ordered civilization according to Zoltec, destroyed by the Black League, now a cluster of asteroids between Jupiter and Mars.


According to Zoosh a propulsion fuel was developed to accelerate them beyond light speed for their escape.


The fuel, a 'hydrogen-oxygen combinant' was unstable but extremely powerful. It was manufactured in large quantities and was sufficient to destroy the planet. Many of these destructive beings then incarnated on Earth.

When asked how they communicate with the Creator, he describes visitations of the 'All-Powerful' in the form of a female warrior of golden light with armor and sword. She is described as the ultimate female; just to be touched with her sword was 'a wonderful thing.' The above Orion warrior material is taken from the Explorer Race books.

Clearly the only way the Creator could communicate to these warriors was in a form acceptable to them - virtually in their own making. They appear to be totally blocked of feminine energy or a world in which all problems can be solved harmoniously. In spite of their psychical abilities, their experience, intelligence and technology, they are stuck.


If they knew, however, what evolution had in store for them they would misunderstand it and reject it - simply because of the necessary feminine energy.


Hence it seems they must have more limited perception in this area than humans. When Zoltec was asked about the future of Orion (and they have advanced technologies for seeing future probabilities, etc.) he replied he didn't want to know. They didn't like what they saw; reminded them of humans - weak.

As a final piece of information about the Orions of some interest was the fact that they apparently created the huge cavern under Cape Good Hope. The Shining The Light books describe the size of this as of the order of magnitude as Rhode Island.

Following one of the many Atlantis disasters, in which the surface of Earth was not habitable, the Atlanteans, who survived, sent out signals for help.


The Orions apparently immediately responded and shortly arrived in a large ship. According to the Zoosh material their technology was such that they built the cavern about 150 miles under Cape Good Hope and did this in about 16 hours - primarily for the Atlanteans.


However, their motivations weren't without self-interest. Any opportunity to preserve a connection with Earth was taken advantage of in case they needed to utilize it in the future, such as for resources.


Thus they did in fact examine the probabilities for their future which showed they did need the connection with Earth for the next 100,000 years. They thus set up equipment in one 'corner' of the cavern, and protected it with fields, even of a nature to make Atlanteans sick if they came close.


After this they left for their home planet in Orion.


It is not uncommon for extraterrestrial civilizations to spawn rebellious members which are ostracized from their native planet.


We mentioned in the first chapter a digressive strain from the reptilians race called the Drakon. Here we shall concentrate on small pirate groups, in particular, from the relatively advanced civilizations of,

  • Orion

  • Sirius

  • the Pleiades

These comprise not more than a handful of pirates who revel in plundering planets like Earth and exploring time travel in such linear 3D highly objective realities.


Different aliens seek different resources whether it is sea water, sand, quartz, minerals or genetic material, etc.


But they have apparently learned that generally it is to their benefit to exercise cooperation with our secret government and negotiate deals with them. Over the years the government has acquired advanced technologies from ETs as a result of these negotiations.

A particularly notorious renegade cabal are the Xpotaz. In the Shining The Light books they are referred to as particularly dangerous time travelers. They no longer have a home planet.

An example is given in which the Xpotaz, which had established itself by force as go-between for other alien pirate's deals with the secret government, would warn all other rebel parties approaching Earth with a view to acquiring resources.


They would threaten them with their 'time beam weapon'; a dreaded device with which few would argue - unless they were contacted first.

Nevertheless, along came the Zetas; their first mission to Earth, seeking genetic material. This took place in the 1920s. There were nine Zeta aliens in their spacecraft, which was a product of hundreds of thousands of years of advanced technology.


Their intention was to contact Earth's governments, which would be the secret government or One World Government and negotiate a deal for the acquisition of genetic material from humans. A combination of some degree of etiquette or ethics, and cooperation for cover-ups from the public made government contact logical and wise.

The Zeta ship's approach to Earth was intercepted by the Xpotaz pirates. These Zetas were given the standard warning that unless they cooperated and conducted negotiations with the government through, and to the benefit of, the Xpotaz they would be subject to the time-beam weapon.

It had never been necessary to use it as no aliens were foolish enough to defy the Xpotaz. Nevertheless the Xpotaz were quite ready to use it to set an example to others.

Needless to say the Zetas ignored them. One must keep in mind that the Zetas had developed unsurpassed intellect. Their ships were constructed of the same material as their cloned bodies (compressed light, which was a little like plastic), and could - as they did with their bodies - bilocate: appear in two places at once.

In addition, on entering their ships, one apprehended that the interior of the craft was greater than the outside dimensions permitted. They were exceedingly advanced, but highly specialized, resulting in an inordinate failure to understand others, combined with a certain naivety and arrogance.


Thus they rejected three warnings from the Xpotaz.

The time-beam device was directed at the Zeta spacecraft. The ship was transported back in time half-a-billion years at a location better described as the other side of the universe. Channel source Zoosh referred to this as a sad state of affairs. There was no hope of them finding their way home. To this day since the 1920s they are still lost and in fact are not expected even to be rescued within their lifetimes of another 200 years.

Underhand deals with the secret government were also negotiated by other pirate aliens such as ones from Orion and Sirius but the most treacherous are the Xpotaz.


According to the Shining The Light series of books the Orions contacted our secret government around 1910 and in return for a small laser device, obtained government agreement to turn a blind eye while they took over human bodies by force - this was as per the well-known 'walk-in' procedure, except that most walk-ins are benevolently arranged.


This means that the soul entering has agreement with the soul leaving.


Generally the departing soul is leaving a dying body and the exchange mechanics are quite complex. The new personality is rarely aware immediately that they have taken over a human body. They have the same memories, karma, ailments, etc. The Orion's purpose in controlling human bodies was of course negative.

Thus the government obtained laser technology from aliens. It took them about 30 years to understand and duplicate the laser, culminating in the development of a laser gun.

Regarding the Orion renegade's intention to take over (a few) human bodies, it amounted to nothing more than an attempt. The energy for humans was incompatible and the plot failed. Needless to say the government obtained their end of the deal.

Now regarding deals from the Sirians, the renegades originally from this planet were few in number, much less than Orion and Zeta Reticuli. Also remember that these pirate aliens in general are outcasts from their home planet - in particular Orion and Sirius but also even a number from the Pleiades (in the case of the Sirians though, these were probably the so-called negative Sirians).

The few negative Sirians apparently planned to set up conditions to harness the Earth's core. The government allowed them to utilize their technology involving a very small amount of the core, and in exchange the Sirian pirates gave them a medical chamber which was claimed to heal all ills.


The problem was, in using it discreetly in the underground bases, it required an antenna extending above ground level, directed at the sun. The extreme secrecy that the government required prohibited its application. As a result it was used very little.

The Zetas themselves did many deals. It is difficult to categorize them as negative or positive since as we have seen in the chapter on the extensive Zeta program there was a higher purpose.

The basic arrangement with the secret government was that the government turned a blind eye to the abductions to enable the Zetas to obtain genetic material. The Zetas were also given quartz, which is abundant on planet Earth, but scarce in Zeta Reticuli. In return, the Zetas were apparently almost naively generous.


The government would have accepted much less. Again this is an example of the Zeta's over specialization, resulting in a failure to evaluate relative importance and the nature of other beings.

The government were given a complete space drive.

The Zetas also gave the secret government a crystal technology that would give free energy. Free energy or over-unity energy means the device harnesses not mechanical and chemical energy, but energy from space, cosmic energy or sun light, etc. Every point in our space potentially contains an unlimited amount of energy and certain systems will extract this by resonance.


This Zeta system of free energy was achieved by internal reflection of the Sun's rays.


As is typical, however, the secret government did not make it available to the masses and kept it for themselves. The government gave them quartz and sand in exchange.

The government in fact utilized the device for nefarious purposes. The crystal technology could be used with the secret government time machines (see Montauk material) and genetic experiments to enable them to synthesize the DNA of the Zeta aliens.

This technique was successful, resulting in the creation of a slave race of cloned Zeta-type aliens.


A method was used to prevent 'normal souls' from entering the bodies - only degenerate beings and consciousness were attracted (note that as stated previously, 'normal souls' wouldn't enter clones anyway).