by David Griffin, M.Sc.

July 2008

from ExopoliticsJournal Website


About the Author


David Griffin - Born in the English Midlands, he has lived in many areas of the UK. He does not come from a background of UFOlogy but like many people has found that you repeatedly end up in this field after years of research in wider areas.


Academically he managed to obtain a place on Bradford University's infamous ‘Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution' degree course the year the college was under pressure to shut the course down from then Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.


Has worked in virtual learning and learning innovation after obtaining an M.Sc. in Interactive Media and Education with emphasis on Human Computer Interaction but also a variety of areas including NHS support for people with chronic addictions, and NLP based learning and events promotion.


Currently expanding the UK node of Exopolitics sites and pursuing methods of pushing the field in the UK and Europe. Main website:

"One must either put this fascinating conglomeration of events down to mere coincidence, see it as proof a wide, multi-level conspiracy or be forced to seek a deeper meaning, evidence of a hidden force in nature, connecting tissue among events that cannot be discerned from our three dimensional surface."1

Peter Levinda



This paper aims to examine a culmination of issues that face the human species at the start of the 21st century.


In particular it examines the issue of global population reduction from the viewpoint of exopolitical research. It is put forward that although population reduction is most definitely on high-scale agendas we may not be examining the subject seriously both due to a collective denial and due to constraints of viewing such topics through models that are already flawed; by failing themselves to account for the ET angle - one that it is suggested is at the core of geopolitical decision making.


After focusing on ET influence on ecology based issues and a new paradigm-breaking bio-weapon, we look at what possible complications and ultimately advantages the human species gains from ensuring off-planet civilizations are engaged with, in order to resolve the perceived issues of eco-imbalance.



Models, Lenses and Language

On the front page of the Exopolitics UK website I've made a point of encouraging the research community to see the definition and span of the field as one that is still fluid and under organic development.

Part of the reasoning for this approach is that today’s world with its complex array of cultural, political and scientific interactions demands a model that can encompass the post-modern infosphere whilst still maintaining a sufficiently strong narrative to engage people and act as a call to action.


A core part of this process involves locating exopolitical thought within what Peter Dale Scott [P.D.S.] 2 calls the 'Deep Politics' paradigm.

By integrating the field within the umbrella of P.D.S's concept we hopefully highlight one of the core issues which both exopolitics, and the wider activist community, are collectively facing.

As a crude summary, P.D.S. suggests that our current frameworks for dealing with [meta] political issues is wholly insufficient as it fails to account for the more complex relationships thrown up in the 21st century. These include the fact that there is now little distinction between elected government, civil administrations, religious organizations and the trans-national corporate world.


Further to these increasingly blurring nodes of connection, and backed up by sufficient historical evidence, we should also add criminal networks - not only in the usual Mafia-like form but also, for example, in the form of state or intelligence backed drug trafficking. The model also makes the point that our collective inability to deal with this new picture is based on an understandable denial that they either exist at all or exist in such a manner sufficient to impact on life as we know it.


I've suggested that we add the alien/UFO phenomena as another core component to those mentioned as it easily fulfils the category of repressed and suppressed denial and because, as exopolitical researchers know, this area also must be added to any coherent formula to take us forward from the current global quagmire and avoid the evolutionary F grade.



The Reality of Agendas

This interplay of Deep Politics and Exopolitics becomes more important as we approach the literal or metaphoric shift that many people are feeling today. At some indefinable point - the fears and hopes of the many facets of activist communities seems to be merging. One of the key aspects of this era equally denied and yet overt is the program for dramatically reducing the planet's population.


Whilst viewed purely as a nefarious New World Order scheme, planned by a small cabal, it is easily dismissed.


Yet the evidence for such a program exists external to intelligentsia think tanks and shady Bilderberg meetings; involving numerous cross-political views and ultimately manifesting in the huge post-war established organizations such as the WHO (World Health Organization) and UN 3 (United Nations).


See the footnote resources for basic details and Google the key terms for documentation.


Despite the often touted statement that the earth’s population could live and feed off an acre of land each and cover no more than the area of Texas, it seems population control has been the priority agenda since at least the 1960s; and, as we see later, possibly way before this.

Kissinger authored Project 2000


Here’s an extract with an alleged whistleblower employee from various covert projects:4

There wasn’t any choice, and there still isn’t.


The way they see it is there are too many people, and, you know, they're right. That's true. So they figure they need to eliminate them and they're planning solutions to this. I happen to think it doesn’t have to be that way. Apart from what I’ve mentioned so far about the space-time problems, the problem is overpopulation. It’s as simple as that.


There are programs to reduce global population for everyone’s benefit. Believe it or not, the intent there is positive.

And then he continues:

“Artificial viruses have been deployed using a number of means and are hard to detect or identify and nearly impossible to cure. Medical people in the public domain can't identify what's happening.”

I'm not alone in thinking there is an ET element to the now rapidly all-too-real meme for control or reduction of human numbers on the planet.


However, before we can explore this area we need to step outside the moral either/or framework of this being a 'bad' or 'good' issue - it's possible that the linguistic structures we attempt to map onto this area are actually preventing a proper examination of it.



‘Your Planet is Dying!’ and the Half-billion ET Meme

A UN forecast estimates half of all humanity will be living in cities by the end of 2008. This translates to over 3.3 billion people living on 3% of the Earth's land surface. This could lead to a host of challenges as the number of people living in sprawling slums without clean water or proper sanitation could surge in the coming decades.5

If you pulled out one theme from alien contacts with the modern human it is of course the idea that we are not only planetary caretakers but also an intrinsic part of some sort of Gaian over-mind. The cry “your planet is dying” is almost an ET cliché now, yet stark claims pointing out that we’ve exhausted 2/3 of the world’s resources6 demonstrate this is a real deal.


Numerous individuals such as Jim Sparks and Carlos Diaz have been shown, and felt viscerally, the two avenues of a healthy, balanced biosphere and one at the edge of destruction from over-resourcing and industrial pollutants.

Guidestones and the half-billion meme

More blatantly we have the Plejaran visitors telling Billy Meier that control of population is one of the top priorities to avoid further impact on an already strained biosphere. This race claims to have settled their population to 400 million on a planet, in the Pleiadian constellation, slightly smaller than our own 7.

This matches their calculations that we should aim for a similar figure [500 million] they claim is the ideal sustainable number for earth balance. Strangely, or maybe not - there is a correlation to the infamous Georgia Guide Stones and the recommended reduction of many current neo-pagan oriented groups that have advised various global bodies who declare a 70-80% decline in the planet’s six billion is needed.

Why does this figure of 500 million repeatedly crop up from such apparently disparate sources?


Even James Lovelock in a rather pessimistic, recent interview uses this figure:

“By 2100, Lovelock believes, the Earth's population will be culled from today's 6.6 billion to as few as 500 million.”8

There is evidence of a historic link to ETs who either seeded life here or visited the planet frequently. The Pleiadians go as far as to state the planet was engineered for this figure. It seems unlikely to me that such frequency of dedicated use has been spawned from post-1960s eco-research, but instead there is a memetic side to this based on some sort of historical resonance.

With the Pleiadian statement about the earth being engineered for this figure for proper balance, we find also an unusual piece of evidence again from George Green.

He claims that in 1904 a British researcher named Francis Younghusband 9 (image right) leads a team to Tibet and locates authentic, ancient documents which state the balanced earth population was designed at 500 million and contained information on Atlantis and nuclear power 10. With the planet already at two billion a small group was created between London and Germany whose goal was to begin the population reduction strategy.

This resulted in the nuclear explosion at Tunguska in Siberia according to Green, aimed at causing a planetary pole-shift – but this is another tangent. This element is crucial to our point as - if accurate and there is no reason to consider it not - it suggests that historic extra-terrestrial contacts have ensured that this figure of 500 million has been left in the hands of certain spiritual keepers.

The link between Tibet [maybe the Bon shamanistic religion that pre-dates the Buddhism we know today] and ETs is further backed up by more recent information that Billy Meier spent significant time at a monastery in India learning from a Buddhist monk who was also in contact with Meier’s frequently visiting Plejaren ETs.


This episode was consolidated by a 3rd party witness in the form of a former UN diplomat.11


It’s possible to surmise therefore that an archaic link exists from visiting, ancient ET contacts which were in turn recorded in religious scripts and have somehow impacted on today’s geopolitical agendas and logistics.

Although the evidence for a direct policy exists, its forms until now have been somewhat disparate and hazy. These include the war on vitamins and nutrients, chemtrails, water fluoridation, depleted Uranium, etc. In the U.K., nearly two million people signed petitions against the clampdown of vitamins and mineral supplements: this was wholly ignored.


Both the irrationality of the consumer law change itself and the fact that the huge backlash achieved little is a sign of how strongly some groups see this agenda. Now there is a new form of stealth attack that is once more being ignored; not only by mainstream medicine and the media, but also by much of the alternative media.

These forms represent a policy or PR switch in recent years if the chronology of Alex Jones' End-Game video 12 is accurate. The control of the masses by overt, fascistic means has moved, with the help of a complicit media, to massive, but stealthy assault and weakening of the nervous system.


Could it be that the sustained pressure by ETs and ET-connected experiencers against nuclear weapons which allegedly began with the 1954 Eisenhower meeting 13 has resulted in a policy move to more subtle forms of population control?


This time it's possible that the ultimate neutralizer will be invisible until it's too late.

History provides ample evidence of control by a few over a larger submissive workforce – we could even include Sitchin’s claim that humans were created for servile purposes by a genetically aware master race of ETs as having a resonant impact on this process. It's only in the post world war period that it was decided that overt fascism would no longer work and instead the media-fuelled middle classes developed en mass in post-industrial countries.


It seems issues of deep ecology or maybe what we could call a neo-paganism have recently achieved what very few could achieve before; that is unity when it comes to putting the planet before its people. Amongst the groups activating population reduction plans you'll find neo-conservatives, Marxist-socialists, green activists, trans-humanists and virtually all denominations of religion with eschatological leanings.


None of these people see the process as immoral - in most cases it's simply seen as the only way forward to avoid an ultimate destruction of the biosphere.


However, the problem is further confused because this agenda has of course attracted power seeking groups who see it as a possible vehicle for achieving their aims of a tightly controlled populous taking us back once more to feudal systems of medieval Europe and beyond.



An Example Hypervirus - The Ultimate Stealth Weapon for Population Control

The so called Morgellons 14 agent is ‘alien’ in many senses of the word - it’s so alien that those looking into it are having significant problems labeling it, its action and its possible future impact on the species. It has currently ‘infected’ people on seven continents – but these are just those displaying the overt signs. Just recently researcher Cliff Carnicom15 stated that he’d found the ‘dormant’ version of this pathogen in every sample of blood in ‘normal’ persons.


It’s a synthetic system that creates a highly damaging synergy with the nervous system – essentially mirroring aspects of DNA/RNA signaling which result in an array of symptoms. Due to its advanced, synthetic and nano based modus operandi, it seems plausible that no conventional treatment system will be effective in eradicating the agent.


There is a thesis to be done on this area alone so check the details for yourself. I’ll just add my own take on why I’m dragging such seemingly bizarre and depressing material into the exopolitical area. The ‘Morgellons’ agent has additional psychological factors – people feel an entity within themselves - even prior to the symptoms manifesting themselves.


It displays highly advanced, AI type activity - such as ‘quorum sensing’16 – apparent non-local type communication, almost Borgian in nature. It is feasible that some form of external wave transmission17 can interact with the agent and thus with consciousness itself.

What seems to be going on here is we’re getting a glimpse of futuristic bio-tech population reduction methods. The reason so few people are acknowledging the issue of such systems is because we’re truly in another realm of concept processing here and one that isn’t pretty to discover. There is significant evidence that ‘Morgellons’ is being distributed by many routes: primarily chemtrails,18 but also in processed food and perhaps water. It has undoubtedly come from genomic military research and has been designed to replace the failings of other designer population control systems such as AIDS.


So advanced are the effects and implications of these pathogens that some have suggested they could only have been made in conjunction with a “regressive” ET group.

Down the rabbit hole, through the lens:

the Morgellons Chimera

Whether or not this is the case is not the point - the point is such things are in operation and have a specific purpose behind them.


Interestingly Morgellons’ action is in line with other methodologies the so-called New World Order has activated: instead of using the fast kill approach they’ve learned from wartime basics. If you use a grenade or mine against military personnel, one injured party will overwhelm the resources surrounding them as they treat or evacuate the person.


Similarly these agents don’t appear to kill immediately - instead we’ll see a vast rise in suicides and a health system that crumbles under the strain of just who can be treated.

This is the preferred path for those who’ve assumed control of reality as they see it and has a more ‘acceptable’ edge compared to use of neutron bombs for the same purpose.19



Eco Issues on the ET-Human Dialogue Table

  • So have we reached the point where ET groups have promoted the meme of ecological balance with a desired level of planetary inhabitants, and has this been adopted either literally in conjunction with ET groups or as a kind of morphic field effect?

  • Are we dealing just with regressive aliens who have placed an ultimatum at the feet of global governments and stated that unless this process is carried out they will themselves orchestrate an event that results in their goal?

Certainly the mass hybridization program alluded to by David Jacobs 20 offers up images of planetary domination and/or take-over, depending on how you want to view it.


Significant evidence exists of liaison taking place between official tracks of the population,21 mostly in the form of military or above-government communities and it is likely that this issue was on the table as well as many other agreements. Rumor has been rife that such agreements have been broken by both sides – how does this scenario pave the way for a shared, balanced communication on planetary issues?


George Green22 claims that as well as having benevolent ETs that are monitoring the planet,

“there is a group of aliens that want us to destroy ourselves so they can use earth’s resources...”

It is only the basic law of non-intervention that is preventing a blatant move towards this aim.

If ‘official’ tracks of ET liaison have failed or resulted in agreements with regressive types that haven’t got the interest of the majority included it seems viable that more benevolent sectors have accelerated and adapted other methods to counter this. There seems to have been a more indirect, long-term approach to the various eco and population issues. Both individual and citizen groups who consciously or otherwise end up communicating with ETs have, as we’ve mentioned, been subjected to significant exposure to an ecological bifurcation point.


This form of dramatic and efficient ‘education’ appears to have such an impact on those concerned that they change many things in their life and begin passing on their views to others en-mass. In his book, The Keepers, Jim Sparks not only describes his own transformation to eco-awareness but also mentions a bizarre synchronicity where he recognizes a male from a mass abduction he was also part of.


After calming down this man during their experience where they were part of a huge group all shown two versions of the planet’s future whilst wired up to bio-feedback machines (presumably this neural interface amplifies the emotions of the individuals – essentially bio-imprinting them at the desired moment) he some years later sees this same person at an event. Sparks doesn’t tell the person he knows about the incident immediately but does find out that the man is now producing documentary films on urgent ecological issues23.


This is one form of intervention aimed at raising awareness of the issues we face and suggests that these alien groups have a stake in survival of the biosphere – including its human life.

Jim Sparks: Far more than just abduction

We could also add what Alfred Webre calls the “genetic, cross-cultural outreach program” to the picture – the fact elements of the human species are viable genetic material in one way hints at us as some sort of precious investment – hopefully not just a resource to be exploited.

There are numerous tangents and complexities that arise when we start to penetrate this area – but we need an open and engaging dialogue to at least shed light on the problems and begin to address them. Exopolitics is vital here as by adding the ET element to the usual cultural dialogues we take part in, we open up new horizons and these are urgently required. It seems a possibility to me that left to our own devices the human race may well drive itself to extinction or a nightmare Orwellian state – perhaps catalyzed by the medium of population control.


So in addition to the seemingly positive aspects of many aspects of human/ET covert contact and intervention we need to establish an upfront and open set of protocols for bringing their perspective into everyday political and cultural discussion. Examining the vast datasets of contact literature – it seems obvious that at a certain point - ET groups become caretakers of developing worlds, a situation that must be repeated numerous times.


A U.S. journalist who was abducted and told of the plan to unite representatives from earth with other civilizations also told us this:

For the crossover to be successful, it was necessary for the 80% of the human population who have tried to lead decent, thoughtful, creative lives to gain control over the 20% largely responsible for the planet's ills because of their greed, lack of ethics, or whatever else makes them a threat to a just and loving world.24

This suggests ET groups are aware of the issues of a ‘dominator culture’ and want to see us act to shift the balance.


However the contactee datasets also confuse the issue by often being strangely detached and almost fascistic themselves: Miriam Delicado claims the beings she was put in regular contact with were involved in human evolution and that we follow a series of transformations into more complex realms which may or may not be accompanied by what she called a ‘wiping clean’ of the old order.25


If the control cabals are justifying nefarious means to carry out their plans by claiming it is ‘part of nature’s course’ then it becomes harder to formulate alternative strategies against this if certain ET races are adopting similar metaphors in their discussions with experiencers.

The human-like groups from the various Pleiadian worlds appear to be highly efficient cataloguers of universal evolution. They state they’ve logged a total of 42 million humanoid races during their own explorative history – a mind-boggling figure and one that if correct tells us that such ETs have substantial knowledge of how we overcome issues similar to population growth – even after accounting for ‘regional’ differences!

Just as individuals can sometimes become trapped in their own reality tunnel and it takes another person with a better vantage point to help them gain perspective, it makes sense that earth’s community would also benefit from something like this.


This is especially real given the confused state we find ourselves in at present where we’ve virtually eradicated daily contact with ‘Otherness’ and fallen into a downward spiral of believing that matter and materialism are all that ‘is’. So from an exopolitical point of view, what scenarios are brought to the front of reality by acknowledging the ET presence in a more formal and constructive way than has been done to date?


Essentially we can reduce this to two issues:

  1. consciousness

  2. technology


Exopolitics and Information Acceleration - A Synergy

At the start of this piece it was suggested that,

  • Firstly, exopolitics represents a useful way of viewing complicated political systems and relationships that fare less well when mapped through other frameworks that are older and/or more rigid.

  • Secondly, we suggested that we need to detach ourselves from current concepts and meanings when approaching contentious areas like population reduction in order to examine them properly.

Both these points become more important when we consider the fact that human evolution may be accelerating towards some kind of bifurcation point or eschatological end point. It seems there is no coincidence that reality is frequently holding up mirrors to itself in the approach to the over-hyped 2012 scenario – this is the era discussed by French Postmodernist Jean Baudrillard when he created the term hyper-real or simulacra 26.


In the post-WWII period we have been subjected to nuclear weaponry capable of literally wiping humanity off the map and now a very real stealth bio-weapon that it seems can achieve the same.


Notice these each fulfill the top-down [meta] process and bottom-up [micro] process in a method mirroring Gnostic thought.


We all feel this sense of magnetism and acceleration, and when this is amplified to the collective level of social and political organization it is bringing great change. Many trends can be mathematically mapped onto a logarithmic curve becoming steeper as it heads toward infinity.

This period identifies itself with terms such as the singularity as defined by Peter Russell and also by the late Terence McKenna. McKenna articulated an epoch where the ‘hyperdimensional object at the end of time’ would gradually reveal itself.27


He describes history as gestalt points or reflections of this ‘alien over-mind’ that would increase in frequency or connectedness28 where ultimately each of our models or frameworks would be being replaced at a vast rate. He describes history as gestalt points or reflections of this ‘alien over-mind’ that would increase in frequency or connectedness29 where ultimately each of our models or frameworks would be being replaced at a vast rate.

Some (such as population growth] follow this pattern and then crash - known as the ‘J’ curve. This crash is only prevented by a dramatic U-turn at the crucial point – something that when human behavior is involved is rarely likely to occur. However another option is possible and this has been validated by high end or chaos math adepts such as Ralph Abraham.

At the peak moment, key lines on the chart have a state-change: shifting from the ever-accelerating but increasingly unstable vector to begin to curve the other way at a slower pace towards stability. This model is called the ‘S’ curve in mathematics.


The state-change involves a lot of confusion as old models become suddenly useless and new avenues open up, and here small changes can rapidly alter the overall trajectory of events. Most people who have observed the public acceptance and understanding of the whole ET paradigm in the last decade or so will acknowledge there has been a significant shift in recent years. Gone is the treatment of the issue as separate to our own culture and almost gone is the mass media’s treatment of the issue as one associated with sarcasm or lightweight topics.


From the ‘S’ curve model above and the ideas of Russell and McKenna we can see that the next few years offer an ever increasing opportunity to seed new ideas and shift our course towards the positive and ultimately galactic communion.


It is here (now!) that each of us has the responsibility to introduce these new ideas and shine a floodlight on the very real issue of extra terrestrial intelligences (ETI).

“Right before that moment of coherence is maximum chaos, maximum disorder, maximum change.”30

Pye’s book examines evidence of human-ET breeding

As this process of greater openness to new concepts unfolds it is likely that concepts we’re putting over today such as over-unity energy systems and formal communication and contact with ETI will find greater acceptance.


In fact we should theoretically see a shift from the short-term thought processes associated with global capitalism and its disastrous hedge-fund oriented monetary flows to longer term investments in ideas related to exploration of the cosmos. These basic issues will act to bootstrap the species to higher levels of awareness and expanded consciousness.

This shift is evident already both with direct ET intervention in the form of genetically upgraded indigo children who appear to have certain concepts (such as the earth is a sentient organism) pre-wired into the mindset and also in cross-fertilization of knowledge between cultures and a greater understanding of democratic processes worldwide.


On the growing awareness of the interconnectedness of all life Jim Fournier writes:

Catalyzed by revived spiritual associations and spread through changes in information technologies, new local grassroots movements striving to protect cultural and ecological resources are sprouting up all over the globe. The image of earth from space symbolizes a new collective global experience making this moment in history different from all other times.31

If at this transition point we invite input from a federation of ETI, we may be able to make sufficient positive decisions to steer ourselves into a beneficial and creative future. It’s likely that by understanding other civilizations’ models of ‘democracy’ we could adapt and integrate a worthwhile one of our own.


For instance, we have come to see that many Western forms of democracy are flawed insofar as the majority decision is not always best for everyone and fails to always produce equitable and productive outcomes. One system claimed to be in use in the universe seems to have understood this and has developed a system that only imposes a major political decision when all members of the population agree to it.32


Similarly it has been told to more than one individual who has interfaced with these entities that our world is one of very few in the region that has created such an abstract medium of exchange in the form of money. As much as we fail to see life without this mediation system - there will be ideas on how to change things for the better. Essential also to the process of interfacing with new civilizations is a shift in how we communicate and how we see communication itself.


The current data on alien liaison with individuals adequately show that new modes of dealing with language, symbols and metaphor are at the front of an ‘education agenda’ the ETs have for the human species. Both our ability to handle large amounts of information and the fact that we’re edging towards non-verbal/visual communication methods are just some of the aspects of this shift.

Partnering this increase in awareness or ‘conscious intelligence’33 is the rapid development of useful technologies. Far from mass-producing the pointless trinkets that arrive courtesy of an ever more efficient and exploitative globalised society, we will use the shift period outlined above to equip humanity for entering a galactic state.


Despite early cynicism of the story of technology seeding from alien artifacts in the post-Roswell era as discussed by Col. Phillip Corso, it’s now generally accepted that most of this took place but was done carefully so it covertly entered the usual R&D process. If this tech seeding process gave us everything it claimed, essentially providing us with today’s technological benefits, just imagine what is possible when this process is done consciously and openly in conjunction with ET groups.


In this scenario we’re not talking exponential jumps in ability but quantum leaps and advancement.


More importantly than this, though, is the point that already we see technologies that interface with consciousness itself so the use of external material kit will suddenly become an adjunct to what it is to be human or what it is to be part of a wider galactic citizenship. The fact remains that should this process begin, by the end of it we will be unrecognizable to ourselves and new horizons that appear distant now will be an accepted part of everyday thought and action.

The new era of techno-human interfacing and development thus allows us to view old problems with new eyes. Given the paradigm shifts that could take place the problem of something such as over-population brings with it new solutions.


Firstly, if it is a matter of over-stretched resources that is the prime driver of the many plans we currently see to deal with the issue, we could develop new methods of achieving increased output of food and water without stressing the biosphere in the ways we are currently doing. In a recent session with highly convincing ET channel ‘Bashar’, Darryl Anka 34 addressed the point that technology was available for this exact purpose but that it would not be provided by an ET group until we become more aware of issues related to population control.


This point highlights the need for humans to perhaps shift the educational balance towards consciousness-raising ahead of technological development. In addition Sparks claims that he was told that we should now be aiming to increase our life span and that the technology and knowledge for this purpose is “already with you”.


So we have one ET viewpoint encouraging life extension and another suggesting we need to increase awareness before anything would be offered that would assist such things. Linked to this is of course the idea (a very real idea) that we are as a species embargoed from leaving the gravity well of the planet until we can show some sort of planetary union and purpose.


However it is possible that after consultation with whatever federations claim to represent this law in our universe, we could assemble willing groups of people to leave the planet and head for either life on board a craft with its own, suitable support systems or for a planet with attributes similar to our own.


Space Migration and Technology Exchange

Just as previous generations first crossed the seas, we too will have to make the leap into space in search of new resources and new cultures.

Leary: ahead of the curve

Dr. Tim Leary was ahead of most in the 1980s when he created the field of Exo-psychology which dealt with humanity’s progress on a literal and neurological level into the cosmos. Leary used the SMI²LE acronym35 for Space Migration, Intelligence Increase, Life Extension [the “I squared” element relates to Moore’s Law of knowledge doubling every period].

He also claimed that the instinct to leave the planet and begin seeding life elsewhere in the universe was a self-selecting process - which intuitively would seem to be the case. In other words, given a fair system open to all to board a suitable vehicle and leave earth, most people would prefer to remain on the planet (conditions depending!) leaving others to go out and be the outer space representatives.


Again both UFO and experiencer reports demonstrate that most ET groups who get here from their home stations have created huge, movable structures which act as both home and transport device. It’s common for UFO reports36 to approximate some as mile long craft. Such constructions could be built in conjunction with proactive ETI and allow us to take some of the strain from the planet to new systems.


Both Leary and author Robert Anton Wilson also worked on a neuro-model of the brain/consciousness in the post-1960s era. They claimed that humans had an eight circuit system which although operating holographically as a single entity was fundamentally split between four terrestrial and four post-terrestrial circuits. Although essentially an abstract system, this detailed work the pair achieved on mapping the human brain did correspond in many ways to tangible experience.


For example, Leary claimed that the last four post-terrestrial circuits would be (fully) activated when the brain detected the move from the gravity well associated with a planet such as Earth to regular space flight and universal voyaging. He related the moves between circuits to the DNA/RNA dialogue that occurs based on internal or external signaling, and in fact this has been validated by genetic research that discovered that set strands of our DNA are covered by histone37 until ready for use.


This of course corresponds in some manner to the recent news released by scientists that the so-termed ‘junk DNAwe have is in fact not junk but possibly extra-terrestrial! 38

Does the fact that we are already equipped as individuals for post-terrestrial spaces imply we are as important to the wider scheme of things as the planet we reside on? I think it possibly does and this should make us consider the options for both pursuing the goals of having a manageable population and creating avenues for moving us into the various off-planet existences.


The point is we need not make this move unsupported – numerous planets through eons of time have been birthed with the help of older and wiser civilizations. It seems obvious that once a civilization is at space-faring level it begins a process of sharing resources and trading in knowledge. Contactee accounts frequently discuss the point that different off-world groups rely on material and knowledge exchange as part of their evolutionary development.


We also have examples of this already occurring between earth and an ET group called the Tall Whites who exchange technology for a safe base in the U.S.39



Opening Options and Exopolitical Roles

So if this planet and presumably its inhabitants are somehow an investment or a link in a chain with other civilizations it’s likely that in extreme circumstances ET intervention will take place to correct an evolutionary course away from destruction.

Anunnaki Geneticists

We have numerous examples of situations where UFOs have been seen near earthquakes, volcanoes, nuclear power plants and even disabled nuclear launch systems. Does the under the radar approach of bio-agents such as Morgellons count as something also worthy of ET intervention?


On the scale of mass destruction it could well equal or exceed the danger posed by a nuclear strike or power plant accident, or could it be that these agents are selective and remove just the human factor, leaving ‘nature’ in the planetary sense alone to re-start again?

With many ET factions such as the Anorak and Pleiadians hinting that they’ve had a role in our evolution, how useful is the cosmic seeding experiment with the human factor gone? From the links we’ve created between ET visits and history, it seems there is a real element to the figures of balanced population but we’re mostly left to our own devices in how to ensure this is the case.


Left to the current terrestrial power systems, their imagination appears to end at a population cull – something that has been evident from the start of the 20th century. However, we should accelerate more formal structures and protocols for engaging off-planet civilizations to obtain their experienced input on how to resolve the issue without reliance on the road to doomsday or a master/slave dichotomy.


In Mexico40 the people are already beckoning this scenario and thus offering us an example of stepping outside of the doomsday controller failed imaginations. Imagine this on a wider, integrated scale with contact protocols and what this offers in a post-disclosure world.

We’ve discussed how the acceleration of information will lead to new possibilities in consciousness and technology, not to mention the fact that in this maelstrom many of the currently sequestered black project systems and knowledge alluded to by black projects chief Ben Rich could be brought into the light.


At this point adding communication with ETs could be just the nudge required to reverse much of the negativity developed in the petri-dish of the 20th century, including the release of lethal biowarfare agents. One thing is certain at present, seeking answers from closeted military bio-projects such as those at Porton Down in the U.K. or even the Center for Disease Control in the U.S. is an avenue not worth pursuing but engaging people to facilitate greater awareness and opening up their horizons to the possibilities of engaging off-planet civilizations can only be a positive move in the current situation.


The role of exopolitics here is to be the synthesizer of data strands and integrate the ET issue into the wider scheme. Although this field has previous been attacked for failing to adopt rigorous academic or scientific research standards, it will ultimately be judged by its output and ability to create a cohesive image of reality given the complex interactions it documents: it’s the nature of the 21st century political beast.


The very fact that Exopolitics is prepared to take on this function will ensure it becomes a discipline of extreme influence and importance as those areas still oriented around the Newtonian, Cartesian approach to research play a bewildered catch-up.



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