by Alfred Lambremont Webre

Seattle Exopolitics Examiner

June 30, 2010

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Continuing spread of BP Gulf of Mexico oil spill


The Web Bot technology is now predicting a 1.289+ billion mega-death resulting from an “ill-wind” and the BP Gulf oil disaster.


Researcher Clif High has published a prediction expecting a ‘tipping point’ around November 8, 2010 into global nuclear war, triggered by a mistaken Israeli-influenced attack on Iran that could come anytime after July 11, 2010.

The BP Gulf of Mexico oil catastrophe was arguably foreseen in prophetic scenarios as set out in various sacred prophecy texts such as the Book of Revelation and the Hopi Prophecy’s Seventh Sign, as well as the visions and prophecies of 20th and 21st century psychics, extraterrestrial contactees, and shamans such as,

  • Psychic Edgar Cayce (1877-1945)

  • Argentina’s ET contactee Benjamin Solari Parravicini (1898-1974) - below video

  • Zulu shaman Credo Mutwa (1921 - present)



The Web Bot ALTA report and Zulu shaman Credo Mutwa - both of whom arguably accurately predicted the BP Gulf of Mexico oil catastrophe before it occurred - are now predicting the BP Gulf oil catastrophe may one of the largest single human depopulation events in history.

A Web-Bot ALTA report dated June 21, 2010 predicts that “1.289+ billion people” may die from the catastrophic effects of the April 20, 2010 BP oil spill and related environmental impacts in a period starting mid-July 2010.


The Web-Bot ALTA REPORT states that,

“The [oil volcano] subset continues to gain support in support of the [ill winds] area, and is still gaining support for those subsets indicating that 1.289+ billion people will perish as a result of the [ill winds] and the [oil volcano].”

According to Web Bot, this high death figure may come as a result of interactivity between the impact of the BP oil catastrophe and an expected global nuclear war starting around the period commencing November 8, 2010.

Zulu shaman and noted author Credo Mutwa on January 7, 2010 predicted an oil-related catastrophe, approximately two and one-half months before the April 20, 2010 BP Gulf oil spill occurred.


On January 7, 2010, an individual who reportedly had just attended a meeting with Zulu shaman and author Credo Mutwa in Africa posted the following message on an internet chat board,

“Credo Mutwa apparently just now said half the worlds population won’t see 2011 at a gathering where I'm attending. Some delegates have walked out because he didn't want to give an acceptable explanation, he just said ‘it's no asteroid, comet, plague, ... just OIL"

The current world population is estimated at 6.7 billion.


If half the world’s population were to die of causes that can be originally tied to the BP Gulf oil catastrophe (as well as nuclear war), that would mean that approximately 3.3 billion persons would die if Credo Mutwa’s prediction came true. It should be noted that an alternative multi-dimensional ‘reading’ regarding the accuracy of Zulu shaman Credo Mutwa’s psychic prediction indicated that Credo Mutwa’s information may have been derived from “lower astral” dimensions influenced by reptilian factors that Mr. Mutwa tends to focus on.

A review of the literature reveals a number of hypothetical worst-case scenarios for the ecological, biosphere, economic and social impact of the BP oil spill, as well as intentional international destabilization resulting in global nuclear war.


One of these worst case scenarios is that the BP oil spill (and a possible 2010 global nuclear war) are part of an intentional depopulation plan, undertaken and designed by a Rothschild-Rockefeller led (or possible grey-reptilian extraterrestrial influenced) Malthusian elite to eliminate a substantial portion of present humanity - from one billion persons to half or more of our current human population.

'Examiner' has reported there exists empirical research based on direct reports of abducted persons connecting a grey and hybrid extraterrestrial intervention strategy to a global environmental catastrophe.

An analysis of the BP oil spill worst case scenarios and of the Web Bot and ALTA report technology itself suggests, however, that the Web Bot predictions may based on memes generated by the Web Bot and other worst case predictions themselves. In this case, a hacking of the website and illegal distribution of the Web Bot ALTA report containing the prediction of 1.2 billion dead from the BP oil spill may itself have led to the self-fulfilling meme magnification effect in the Web Bot prediction.

Examiner has reported on this short-coming of the Web Bot technology in our reporting on the “2012 catastrophe meme”:

“(A) 2012 meme - One possibility is that the Web Bot technology may be detecting the presence on the Internet of an escalating meme regarding a ‘repetition of a Carrington-type [solar flare] event during the 2012-13 solar maximum,’ rather than an actual future event. This is the more probable 2012 reality.”

Mr. High has also exhibited a tendency to refer readers to cataclysmic 2012-13 pole shift scenarios that are scientifically implausible.

The same methological shortcoming may apply to the Web Bot prediction of global nuclear war by November 2010. Such maverick leaders as former Cuban President Fidel Castro Ruz in a June 27, 2010 letter predicts a Web Bot-like scenario whereby a global nuclear war would erupt out of a U.S.-Israeli attack on Iran and would itself disrupt the world’s food supply and have incalculable effect on the environment.


The Web Bot may be processing future memes of catastrophe and reifying them into actual war.

Regarding the Web Bot’s reports of possible global nuclear war by Nov. 2010, 'Examiner' has reported on the concerns of extraterrestrial civilizations about the detrimental dimensional impacts of possible global nuclear war.


'Examiner' has reported that,

“There is converging objective predictive evidence, expert opinion, exopolitical policy analysis, and extraterrestrial contactee communications supporting a hypothesis that large scale “wild card” event(s), involving mass extraterrestrial (UFO) sightings or landings over major urban or other visible centers on the planet for peaceful purposes may occur during the period leading up to 2011-12 or beyond.”

Thus, should an unwise U.S. and Israeli attack on Iran escalate into global nuclear war, it is plausible, by objective evidence, that extraterrestrial civilizations may intervene to prevent such a war (or in aid of a false flag ET invasion).

This 'Examiner' article explores the evidence that, despite the Web Bot and ALTA reports predictions of mega death from the BP oil disaster and possible 2010 (and beyond) nuclear war, the objective reality is that,

  1. mega death will probably not occur

  2. global nuclear war will not occur

  3. extraterrestrial civilizations may intervene to prevent a global nuclear holocaust destroying the ecology of Earth and humankind, or as a false flag ET operation to impose a global oppressive dictatorship on humanity


Web Bot’s and ALTA report’s predictions of April 20, 2010 false flag BP Gulf oil catastrophe

'Examiner' has reported that,

"A pattern of evidence from independent investigative reporters is emerging to suggest that the BP oil “spill” in the Gulf of Mexico may be an intentional “false flag” event in the genre of disaster capitalism, with the “environmental war” purpose of wrecking the environment of the Gulf of Mexico and the eastern United States and causing economic and social hardship to the population, and possible physical evacuation into FEMA camps operated by Halliburton on behalf of an international war crimes network. Halliburton is, by the emerging evidence, itself a prime suspect in the false flag operation.

"Key principals who, by preliminary evidence, to be tied to criminal acts associated with insider profiting on the BP oil “spill” operation and with acts of pre-meditated sabotage or criminal negligence that initially caused the oil spill and exacerbated its environmental, economic and social effects, have been tied to previous “false flag” events of disaster capitalism and are operatives of this international war crimes racketeering network."

With regard to the Web Bot, 'Examiner' has reported that,

“The Web Bot project on which the ALTA reports are based uses software to “search the Internet for about 300,000 keywords with emotional context and record the preceding and following words to create a ‘snapshot.’ Through this, the technology is claimed to be able to examine the collective unconscious of the world as a whole. It is thus said to be able to predict catastrophic [and other] events 60 to 90 days in advance.”


The Web Bot is claimed to have accurately predicted the September 11, 2001 terror attacks in June 2001, as well as the blackout of the Northeastern United States in 2003. The project was unsuccessful in predicting a Vancouver, B.C. and Pacific Northwest earthquake for December 12, 2008.”

Clif High of The Web Bot project has demonstrated publicly how it can be argued that the Web Bot technology accurately predicted the April 20, 2010 BP oil catastrophe.


In a June 24, 2010 article on, Mr. High writes:

In light of the enormous environmental BP oil catastrophe in the Gulf Of Mexico, I've been going through the 'Shape of Things to Come' ALTA (Asymmetric Linguistic Trend Analysis) Report, published March 12, 2010 by the amazing Clif High... the wizard behind the Half Past Human research.

The following are some remarkable and haunting excerpts from Clif's ALTA Report

"The oceans are described as being not as before."

"Disastrous summer problems with oceanic convection currents."
"the supporting aspect/attributes sets for the oceans being unlike their former selves."
"oceanic nightmare."
"tidal problems to impact the offloading of ships in ports."

"Ocean changes linked to volcanoes" (lots of volcanic activity and the oil blowout itself has been compared to a 'volcano' of oil)
"many areas of costal habitat are forecast to be effectively forbidden for use."

"Destruction of life support systems."

"Indications are many of the problems are related to the core of the planet."
"humans and other life directly impacted by large clouds of drifting complex methane..."
"methane gas release events coincide with dysfunction with the propaganda press."
"percolating up"
"governments merge naval operations into some large and mysterious fleet operations."

"Substantial changes within our planetary environment under ocean"

"The Terra entity is also indicating that natural disasters will be contributing to summer 2010 blues, emotional depression of millions of humans (This is described as a coastal event.)"

"The un-natural disasters are showing as being a particular problem over July through August"

"More failures on the part of civil servants within the federal government during a regional disaster causes a large paradigm shft within the populace of USA over late spring through summer."
"natural and unnatural catastrophes that will require humans to grab their wits and immediately put them to use."

Again... all the foregoing excerpts are by Clif High of


Web Bot’s and ALTA report’s predictions of BP oil spill-related mega-death

The ALTA report dated June 21, 2010 - “The shape of things to come, volume 0, issue 6, data set analysis Asymmetric language trend analysis, interpretations and predictions for 2010-2011" - states at page 5 of 36:

“The [oil volcano] subset continues to gain support in support of the [ill winds] area, and is still gaining support for those subsets indicating that 1.289+ billion people will perish as a result of the [ill winds] and the [oil volcano].”


Web Bot’s prediction of a July 11 - November 8, 2010 corridor to global nuclear war’s June 30, 2010 prediction of a possible 2010 global nuclear war is very close to the prediction set out by former Cuban President Fidel Castro on June 27, 2010. writes:

“So it appears as though the Israelis are going to attack Iran within a short period of time, perhaps within the next 30 days. This would fit with the release language on the 11th of July, or any of the subsequent release language episodes for the rest of that month. One can also allow monkey mind to speculate that the 12 days of torment for the Obama administration minions over the first 12 days of August 'could' be provoked by the Israeli mistake having been initiated in the weeks prior.

I had a failure of imagination in that I could not conceive of the Israeli mistake (attack on Iran) as taking 'months' to lead to the overwhelming response, i.e. global thermonuclear war. This was a failure on my part. In speaking with George, we were able to noodle up a scenario whereby it does take several months following the Israeli mistake launch before the multinational thermonuclear response could/would/does occur. This then does fit the current chart (from a speculative, monkey mind perspective), in that a July attack on Iran produces a November global thermonuclear war as the Allies take on the TPTB and their stooges, the Israelis and the American Military Empire.

Being a human, this idea that TPTB trick the populace of the planet into yet another useless war over religion by the religious in servile slavish worship of the irreligious does not sit well with me. I had repeatedly thought that the Terra entity involvement within the November tipping point could well be the clue that it was to NOT be horrific, species ending war, but rather would be some giant earth changes such as the Pacific tectonic plate cracking that we are also expecting. Or even, giant radiation from the sun.

However, the recent and very large jump in magnitude of the language forecast for the 'Israeli mistake', sub set 'active war launch', is too much to ignore. So without regard as to how long it may take, or the many other ramifications, the data streaming in now suggests that the [Israeli mistake] that leads to so much planetary misery is on, and likely soon.

Please note that the temporal markers along the way to the [active attack phase (of Israeli mistake)] have all been met, and the largest, and closest to the actual manifestation of the [Israeli mistake] was the [ranking general faux pas (mal mots)] that we have just seen fulfilled in these most recent news stories about Obama and his General McCrystal.

So my position has altered in that it is seeming more likely by the day that the [Israeli mistake] is 'on' and soon. Many of the critical elements now in place are not able, from a military logistics view point, to be maintained for too long in place before their usefulness degrades below acceptable levels... therefore, certain conclusions need to be drawn appropriately.

As you may note from the chart below, the period from July 11th through to the tipping point of November 8th through the 11th is both very short, and extremely 'toothy'... as may be expected of the time between the skirmish (the Israeli mistaken attack on Iran), and the resultant global thermonuclear war.

Also note, we could be wrong about the 'whats' and 'whys' of the building tension and release tension points....there is always consistent hope for that as we get the details wrong repeatedly. However, the temporal marker of the ranking general in deep shit came from the same data set that produced the Israeli mistake forecast. So... take it all as speculative, until it is not.

Now it is up to you to decide what will occur, and how.


After all, it is the mass of humans who run this planet, though they may not rule it, they can shut down and stop anything they choose when they choose, by simply 'not' cooperating with stupid bullshit from the 'system'...aka, TPTB."


Fidel Castro’s June 27, 2010 web-bot like prediction of global nuclear war

These are excerpts from former Cuban President Fidel Castro's June 27, 2010 web-bot like prediction of global nuclear war triggered by a U.S. and Israeli attack on Iran.


In his retirement, Mr. Castro write periodic columns entitled Reflections.

As I was writing every one of my previous Reflections, and a catastrophe was quickly zeroing in on humanity, my major concern was to fulfill the primary duty to inform our people.

I have absolutely no doubt that as soon as the American and Israeli warships are deployed –alongside the rest of the American military vessels positioned off the Iranian coasts-- and they try to inspect the first merchant ship from that country, there will be a massive launching of missiles in both directions. At that moment exactly the terrible war will begin. It’s not possible to estimate how many vessels will be sunk or from what country.

Knowing the truth timely is the most important thing for our people.

I am neither a prophet nor a fortune teller. Nobody told me a word of what was to happen. It has all been the result of what I today describe as a logical reasoning.

We are neither new to this complicated issue nor are we meddlesome.

It is possible to predict what will happen in the rest of the Portuguese and Spanish speaking Americas during the nuclear post crisis.

Under such circumstances, it will not be possible to talk of capitalism or socialism. A stage will open that will see the management of the available goods and services in this part of the continent. Certainly, every country will continue being ruled by those who head the governments today, some very close to socialism and others euphoric over the opening of the world market to fuels, uranium, copper, lithium, aluminum, iron and other metals being sent to the developed and rich countries today that will suddenly disappear.

An abundance of food exported now to that world market will also disappear abruptly.

In these circumstances, the most basic products needed for life: food, water, fuels, and the resources found in the hemisphere south of the United States will suffice to preserve some of the civilization whose unbridled advance has led humanity into such a disaster.

Nevertheless, there are still some uncertainties. Will the two mightiest nuclear powers, the United States and Russia, be able to refrain from using their nuclear weapons against each other?

There is no doubt, however, that from Europe the nuclear weapons of Great Britain and France, allied with the United States and Israel - the same that enthusiastically imposed the resolution that will inevitably unleash the war, which for the abovementioned reasons will immediately become nuclear - are threatening the Russian territory even though this country and China have done everything within their capabilities to prevent the conflict.

The economy of the superpower will fall to pieces like a house of cards. The American society is the least prepared to endure a catastrophe like the one the empire has created in the same territory where it started.

We don’t know which will be the effect on the environment of the nuclear weapons that will unavoidably explode in various parts of the world, and that in the least serious variant will happen in abundance.

As for me, to advance a hypothesis would be pure science fiction.

Fidel Castro Ruz

June 27, 2010


Extraterrestrial intervention to avoid global nuclear war

As 'Examiner' has reported in Will there be 'wild card' extraterrestrial UFO landings worldwide in 2012 or beyond?,

“There is strong converging evidence from government whistleblowers, from Web Bot predictions, from expert opinion, from exopolitical policy analysis, and from extraterrestrial contactee communications that “wild card” global mass extraterrestrial/UFO landings may in fact occur at crucial human population centers around the world, sometime during the Obama years through 2012 or beyond.

These extraterrestrial UFO “wild card” events can severely (and beneficially) impact the human condition, and may be linked to human survival….”

In Barack Obama’s inaugural speech predicts “extraterrestrial event” on scale of Iraq war says expert, 'Examiner' reported that “Fresh from his first visit to Ottawa, Canada on February 19, 2009, U.S. president Barack Obama faces new challenges to any plans for disclosure by his administration of an extraterrestrial presence visiting earth or of U.S. secret human-extraterrestrial liaison programs

“Canadian speech recognition expert and former CBS radio producer Jon Kelly has subjected a recording of Barack Obama’s inaugural address on the steps on the U.S. capitol on January 20, 2009 to reverse speech analysis. Kelly’s reverse speech analysis (see below), shows that Barack Obama’s inaugural address contains secret messages predicting an extraterrestrial event of global impact on the scale “of the Iraq war” to occur in Obama’s term of office. Elected in 2008, Obama may serve until January 20, 2013 or January 20, 2017, if re-elected to a second term.

“Barack Obama’s inaugural address is not the first time speech recognition expert Jon Kelly has used reverse speech analysis to uncover secret messages in a U.S. president’s inaugural speech.


Kelly’s reverse speech analysis of former U.S. president George W. Bush’s January 20, 2001 inaugural address publicly and accurately reported the "shock and awe" strikes that opened the Iraq War 2 years in advance of the actual U.S. invasion of Iraq on March 20, 2003.”

These extraterrestrial-related wild card events - should they materialize - may possibly be related to an extraterrestrial intervention in the event of an impending global nuclear war.


How to evaluate the Web Bot and other predictions of BP oil spill mega death and global nuclear war


  1. Web Bot accuracies

    Web Bot reported accuracies in predicting the April 20, 2010 strengthen the statistical probabilities of the Web Bot technology as an accurate predictor.


  2. Web Bot methodological errors

    Web Bot predictions of future BP oil spill mega death may be consistent with:

    1. some worst case scenarios

    2. the depopulation plans of a Malthusian corrupt elite (and/or a possible grey/hybrid plan)


    However, as in the case of 2012 catastrophe memes, the Web Bot technology may be picking up of false memes of mega-death related to the BP oil spill and false meme related to a global nuclear war.


    In the case of a 2012-13 predicted solar flare catastrophe, 'Examiner' found that,

    • “’(A) 2012 meme - One possibility is that the Web Bot technology may be detecting the presence on the Internet of an escalating meme regarding a ‘repetition of a Carrington-type [solar flare] event during the 2012-13 solar maximum,’ rather than an actual future event. This is the more probable 2012 reality.’”

  3. Global nuclear war vs DU covert nuclear war

    The U.S. is already conducting a covert global nuclear war against humanity through the use of depleted uranium (DU) bombs and weapons, whose ionizing radiation is spread world-wide from Afghanistan and Iraq and is having depopulation effects on the entire human DNA. An overt nuclear war is not necessary to a global depopulation plan as the covert nuclear war is succeeding in its depopulation objectives.

  4. Global awakening

    The Web Bots and ALTA reports point to a global awakening and new human consciousness of the false flag nature of the BP oil spill disaster capitalism, environmental war operation.


    This global awakening may be part of the factors that prevents mega deaths foreseen in BP oil spill worse case scenarios, or are sought after by the corrupt elite causing the BP oil spill and destabilizing international relations so as to cause global nuclear war.


  5. Extraterrestrial intervention

    The predictions of possible nuclear war in the November 2010 time horizon give more context and content to the date suggesting possible extraterrestrial wild card events during U.S. President Obama’s term in office.


    These possible wild cards can be interpreted as ethical civilizations intervening to forestall the ecological and social effects of nuclear war, or as a false flag ET operation to impose a global oppressive dictatorship on humanity.


  6. Global Psyops

    In the calculus of the permanent war economy, war is an industrial activity to profit the owners of the war economy, and therefore a Psyops perpetrated on humanity.


    From this perspective, both the April 20, 2010 BP oil spill false flag operation and any U.S. and Israeli attack on Iran scenario leading to global nuclear war are fundamentally a Psyops in aid of global depopulation and social control plans of a corrupt elite.


    It is our duty as citizens to expose this Psyops, and contribute to the global awakening of consciousness of our follow citizens around the planet.


  7. The Powers That Think They Be (TPTTB)

    One long-time observer of TPTTB states,

    • "What I'm getting is TPTTB have lost control - timing is off (has been for some time) - and TPTTB are pulling all the dirty tricks out of the bag in a panic. That's what my inner sense tells me."


    For example, the June 21, 2010 ALTA report refers to occultic rituals of TPTTB that will publicly backfire as they are now recognizable by the awakened public.


    This observer continues,

    • "When did you say Queen Elizabeth II is going to the UN? I see she is in Canada now - must in some way relate to what Clif High was saying about the rituals?"

Current news reports of Queen Elizabeth II state visit to Canada report,

"The royal couple's first stop was the newly restored Canadian Museum of Nature, where the monarch unveiled a plaque dedicating a tower known as The Queens’ Lantern

"Queen Elizabeth II later unveiled the design of a stained glass window which is to be placed in the Senate to commemorate her Diamond Jubilee (60 years on the throne) in 2012.


She also unveiled the design for a bust of herself to be displayed in the Senate foyer.

"The Queen gave a private 30 minute audience to Prime Minister Stephen Harper. She will also give a private audience to Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff on Friday morning at Rideau Hall."