by J.E. Ante
September 26, 2009

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J.E. Ante, Graduate University of Indianapolis BA 1972, Head of the Life Science Institute Health Library, original organizer of first Earth Day in 1970 and local ZPG chapter in Indiana, Population and Environment Editor with Reflector at Indianapolis University, 12yr organic gardener with fruit, nuts, and berries, lifelong student of Out-of-Body spiritual techniques.


The modern day secret depopulation movement has roots that have evolved more than 60 years in America, Germany, China, and Russia and now in most all major countries of the world.


The early eugenics movement in America to breed out genetic defects in humans and sterilize retarded children was largely copied and expanded upon in Nazi Germany. Hitler saw eugenics as a license to murder all undesirables during world war two. These past ethnic cleansing and genocides have continued to evolve today from many scientific concepts and organizations including most population control groups.

After World War 2 many thousands of the scientists from Germany where virtually kidnapped to work in America’s industries of pharmaceuticals, chemical, nuclear, aerospace and most every other areas of America.


This was after their country’s defeat and the their personal experiences of mass bombings and destruction of family, friends, and neighbors from live fire and saturation bombings. These highly trained scientists were given jobs in America’s most sensitive industries and given full access to do their work for their new country.


But many of these men did not take this action well.

During World War 2 Hitler sent thousands of German citizens to America to influence America to stay out of the war and to spy upon America. Thousands of Germans came and got jobs in media, government, and industries to spy throughout America and gain technical knowledge and influence. After the war these men and women stayed in America and combined with the newly arriving scientists of Germany.

Hitler always said that the real war to conquer the world would be with America because so many of the strongest German stock had immigrated to America.


The thousands of German agents and the thousands of German scientists which America kidnapped combined to be a powerful secret influence upon America. These men would soon be placed in high offices of most every sensitive industries in America but much more so in the chemical, pharmaceutical, and aerospace industries.

Today these men may no longer dream of one day conquering the world but they have continued to harm America in many secret ways after the war in their highly placed positions in industry. Primarily this harm to America and the world is done by deliberately injecting harmful chemicals, drugs, and biological material into the human food, drugs, and vaccine supply.


These many harmful acts have allowed these American/Germans to enact a form of revenge upon America secretly for the conquest of their country many years before.

The modern day eugenics movement of the 1930s was much embarrassed by their involvement in Hitler’s Germany and the Holocaust but 60,000 undesirables and retarded children were sterilized before most all of these laws were later repeals in America. Today eugenics is largely rename and intermingled with the basic sciences called human genetics and the basic research of the Human Genome Project.

In the late 1960s and 70s Paul Ehrlich wrote the book “The Population Bomb” and started a popular discussion on the need for population control to save the planet from overpopulation and degradation. This became a large part of the first Earth Day discussions in 1969.


Many scientific studies since then have popularized this same theme - to save the world we must control population growth or we are doomed.

The lead world scientists for radical population control have linked up with the remaining German/America scientists in control of the pharmaceutical industry in America to plan the future depopulation of the Earth.


They are convinced that there is no other way for mankind to survive and so have devised a plan to do this. They have recruited many powerful allies with the same overall viewpoint that the world must be depopulated for mankind to survive in the next century.

Many of the best, the brightest, and the most powerful world leaders, scientists, military, and business leaders are involved today in many nations to depopulate the Earth. The chemical and pharmaceutical industry have taken an early lead by weakening the populations with numerous chemicals, pesticides, and drugs in the world food supply to weaken the immune system and slow population growth through ill health of the general populations.

The vaccine industries have grown exponential in recent years with vaccines to inject foreign chemicals and super viruses into the general population to further weaken immune systems.


The Russians call this a rainbow effect of many small poisons to weaken a population but not draw undue attention to yourself and what you are really doing to harm the population.

The depopulation movement made a major breakthrough with the military research of creating super viruses as biological weapons. These tailor made viruses can probably be triggered or activated by several means and can lay dormant for many years. These man made super viruses were first tested and used against the homosexual community in America as they were deemed socially undesirable.


Next impoverished African blacks in the third world were targeted. I call this the Second Great Holocaust of man.


This Second Holocaust has been blamed on the homosexual’s themselves and a dozen other causes in the media as part of a smoke screen to keep the real cause, the obvious cause, secret from the populations.


Because if the populations knew the truth they might think they were next and rebel. The Second Holocaust is ongoing today in Africa and within the worldwide homosexual community with the man made Aids viruses.

The Third Great Holocaust is a worldwide weakening of immune systems through the many rainbow effect of chemical, pesticides, food additives, food irradiation, genetically engineered corn and soy products, drugs, and especially modern vaccines that are laced with chemicals and biological materials to slowly kill most of the population.


The flu viruses can be administered at anytime directly into a person by any vaccine and later triggered by another super virus injection. This is the military science of genetic warfare created in our own laboratories for supposedly defense purposes.


The logic was that since this new deadly genetic engineering of super virus is now available we need to know more about it to counter any super viruses from our enemies. This logic provided the funding to create and perfect biological genetic warfare in the world today.

Only a few hundred scientists in the world understand the science of this genetic biological warfare. But most all of them are concentrated in a few countries of America, China, and Russia, and Germany. The worldwide depopulation movement has almost completely taken over this military science and made it their own private area of domination and control.

The rainbow effect of depopulation may actually stimulate population growth is some cases as the bodies natural instinct for survival is stimulated. Many people in ill-health are driven to reproduce before they die because of this natural instinct to survive the human species.

There are many ethical groups and organization working to stabilize the world populations with,

  • birth control

  • education

  • economic upliftment,

..which has been shown to be successful in the developed nations of the world who now have stable and some declining population figures.


This voluntary group for population control has been been excluded from participation in the genetic engineering camp because their psychological profiles show they are untrustworthy and would not keep their world vaccine depopulation programs secret. Several hundred medical scientists that would not keep these secrets have already died mysterious deaths over many years.


The second population control camp does provide economic support unknowingly to the genetic depopulation camps through their donations for research, drugs, and vaccines.

The genetic engineering camp has recently successfully made the billionaire leaders and financiers of the voluntary camp for population control the scapegoat of their planned mass genocide of Earth through their flu vaccines. They were encouraged to meet in NYC through third parties and discuss these world population and other pressing world issues and then it was leaked to the press. And their ongoing funding to many world vaccine programs has linked them to vaccines in the general public mind.

There are two bright spots in all of these secret overpopulation dealings.


It is micro loans and 2012.


  • Micro loans to lesser developed countries are a very effective economic equalizer and stabilizer of countries. It is a gift that keeps on giving permanently. There is a 95% payback of loans in some countries and so the programs continue to expand and grow year after year and reach an ever expanding population.


    The people become engaged in uplifting themselves out of poverty and soon become better educated. Most all foreign and private aid should now become micro loans to the poorest of peoples of the world. Then the money goes directly to where it does the most good and the rich and powerful leaders can not use this money for themselves but they are also eventually benefit from it.


    Micro loans stabilize countries and ends violence, overpopulation, and ignorance which is created out of poverty, lack of education, and economic despair.


  • 2012 is the second great bright spot. The Sun will be in its most active phase in December 2012 when the planets align.


    Then massive coronal mass ejections from the sun could destroy all electronic and electrical devices on Earth and send mankind to living in a 19th century existence for many years.


    Pollution will end overnight and the Earth and mankind will have a second chance and more time to get right the many environmental problems of Earth and end mankind’s harmful technologies and practices.

Many people will die at this time if they are not helped by others from many nations.


The world will have to revert to a vegetarian diet to save billions of people from starvation. And all the world's armies war making ability will be destroyed in one day by the hand of God from the Sun.

God and Mother Nature seem to have joined hands to assist mankind now in this time of great need.


Hopefully we will make it to 2012 without terrorist exploding their nuclear bombs in American cities and the vaccine makers of death from depopulating the Earth needlessly out of fear for mankind's future.