by Peter Koenig

September 13, 2022
from GlobalResearch Website

Have you ever wondered how come that people, especially young people, almost in uniformity walk around in torn jeans?


This includes highly educated university students and graduates. They have become lasting fashion models over the past two decades - and the fashion prevails.


To the point that people pay more for ripped and used-looking pants than for new ones. Common sense has totally disappeared from the mainstream.

There are lots of every-day trend-setting facets, indoctrinated by media and propaganda - not only for commercial purposes, but for reasons of subtle but targeted mind-bending.

"Their" plot is brilliant.

Gradually forging people's minds into one direction, one template - is needed for eventually achieving total control.

Another little example, you may or may not know about:

Car colors...

Have you noticed, during the past two decades or so, the vast majority of cars - actually about 90% to 95% - are either black or white, or shades in between?

All with the same purpose.


We, the people, ought to think in a black and white pattern.

Some 15 years ago, responding to my remark that,

he had only black and white cars in his lot, a car dealer smiled and said, yes, that's the norm.


He added that about 90% or more of all the cars in Europe and the US (and maybe elsewhere) were black or white or shaded in between.


He noted, this was done on purpose to influence people's thinking.

I was flabbergasted...


But then observing it myself and today connecting the dots - it all makes sense. Brilliant. No coincidence...


Things seem to be changing a bit, as you may see now, more colorful cars are decorating our western road networks.


But by far not enough.

Will it last?


Will people's minds be open for colors?


For a kind of societal "Color Revolution"?


Or is it just a little time-bound relief, making believe we actually have a choice.

What better occasion than the 21st Anniversary of 9/11 (2001), the wanton collapse of the NYC Twin Towers, to reflect on the endless lies, deceptions and targeted mind manipulation humanity has been exposed to for the last at least 100 years.


All with the intent to enslave the population, control the people and reduce the population, so that the benefits and bounty of our generous Mother Earth may be shared among just a small elite - and their insect-eating slaves.


The rest of the surviving population serving the same elitist people and financial corporate organizations - becoming confined, physically and mentally, and digitized transhumans that obey 5G-emitted signals.





Dr. Mike Yeadon, former Pfizer Vice President and Pfizer's Director of Research appeals to us, the People, to react now, before it is unretrievably too late, namely when this coming Global Northern winter 2022 / 2023 the last fatal crackdown on humanity may take place.


Among other calamities, you may expect geoengineered freezing, famine, by artificially created energy and food shortages, blackouts, communication interruptions, lockdowns for a myriad of reasons, police patrolled streets and urban warfare to suppress protest movement - and more.

But be not afraid - just aware...


And being aware should give us the power NOW to prevent the Reset bulldozer from implementing its agenda.

Dr. Yeadon calls on all people to imagine the unimaginable, namely,

that we have been and continue to be betrayed by our governments which work for the obscure all-controlling Cult Organization.


He warns us and recommends that we "experimentally" adopt the position that our government is actively working to harm us, to dismantle modern society and enslave all people in a digitally controlled totalitarian world.


If we accept this realty, all we have been living through the last 2 ½ years makes sense and fits together.


There are No coincidences.

See the full warning by Dr. Mike Yeadon.


We are living under a targeted mind manipulation, leading to total mind-control.


Key instruments are:

  1. lying politicians, whom we trust since we (believe) having elected them, and since they are paid by our taxes;

  2. the bought, 24/7 indoctrinating media, 90% of which belong to five huge international media corporations, all pulling on the same string, all funded by the same corporate finance giants;

  3. fashion - yes, fashion - and imposed lifestyle trends, and

  4. ever newly invented fear campaigns, or "invisible non-existent viruses" - and

  5. the newest announced food and energy shortages, from where - they say - stems the astronomical inflation, for which to combat, societies' debts - yours and mine - need to be charged higher interest rates.

Anything goes, lie after miserable lie, and people buy it...


We know, however, the purpose is the contrary, namely leading to the ruin and collapse of western industry and civilization.


Who is to blame for it all?

Of course, Russia-Russia-Russia, or rather President Putin...

Another flagrant lie...!





All is made in the US of A and in their vassal-Continent, called Europe; by bought, compromised and unelected criminal politicians, who enjoy wielding their dictatorial power over people.

People! Wake up to reality, before it is too late.


There is not much time left.


You are also being sold a "Green Agenda" - supposedly preventing man-made climate change.


Be aware: Carbon as well as CO2 is a life support line.


Without CO2, there are no trees, no plants, no life.


Today's Green is yesterday's Brown.

We are being lied to, that man-made CO2 is destroying our planet.

We are drifting ever faster into a total-control, digital Fascist One World Order (OWO)...!

Globalization is taking hold as we are doing nothing against it, and tacitly letting it happen.


Solidarity is out of the window, as the "Dark Cult Masters" invent ever new means to divide us, divide society, countries, political parties and even families.


Yes, climate change is man-made - but its not what you are made to believe. It's called "geoengineering" - highly sophisticated weather manipulation.


The kind that brought us in the Global North, in the summer of 2022 extreme heat waves and drought spells, never seen before in recorded history, destroying food crops, infrastructure, and outright killing livestock and vulnerable people.


Or, alternatively,

extreme flash floods, never-heard-of catastrophic monsoon rains, also destroying agriculture, infrastructure and bringing death...

See the case of Pakistan.


Geoengineering is amply documented:

Environmental Modification Techniques (ENMOD) constitute instruments of "weather warfare".

They are an integral part of the US military arsenal:

"Weather modification will become a part of domestic and international security and could be done unilaterally… It could have offensive and defensive applications and even be used for deterrence purposes.


The ability to generate precipitation, fog and storms on earth or to modify space weather… and the production of artificial weather all are a part of an integrated set of [military] technologies."

Study Commissioned by the US Air Force: Weather as a Force Multiplier, Owning the Weather in 2025, August 1996


Does the US Military "Own the Weather"? - "Weaponizing the Weather" as an Instrument of Modern Warfare?

by Prof Michel Chossudovsky, August 31, 2022

Targeted mind manipulation - actions that make you believe what is not, or what is different from the visible, from the going narrative - is more than 100 years old. It's solidly implanted in our western world's minds.


Key watershed moments of this Dark Cult campaign of treason, include,


1.     Federal Reserve Act 1913 - laying the groundwork for the US dollar to become fiat money,

unrelated to the US-economy, to be produced at will and as needed - becoming the basis for western currencies debt-economies, with the banking system becoming ever more dominant - eventually digitally controlling YOUR income, your behavior, through digitally manipulated currencies, spendable according to YOUR behavior.


If not stopped NOW, western monetary systems are soon to become instruments to enslave us, the Common People.





2.     The Cold War, end of WWII - a targeted fear campaign against communism:

The Soviets are coming, the Soviets are coming - be aware, be scared - we must contain them.


The Berlin Wall that was translating into the term, the Iron Curtain, preventing Soviets' ideas from spilling over into the freedom loving democracies of the west.





All the while, the Soviet Union, defeating Hitler's Third Reich and winning WWII for the West, was so badly damaged by the war that they could never, even if they wanted to (they never had expansionist plans) be a threat to the armed-to-the-teeth west.


The Cold War was a farce, another miserable lie, paving the way to the next Watershed Moment in the war against humanity.



3.     Wanton Destruction of the Soviet Union, leading the way to a globalized One World Order (OWO).

We are not there yet, and indications are that an ever-greater majority of people and countries are moving away from globalization.


Away from western economic and monetary systems, back to national sovereignty, and towards the East - opting for eastern associations, such as the China-Russia led Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) - which by now encompasses about half the world's population, controlling about a third of world-GDP.



4.     9/11 (2001),

marking the beginning of the end of freedom, as we thought we knew it - imposing the long-before-planned Patriot Act - depriving Americans of up to 90% of their civil and human rights, as the application of the Patriot Act supposes a State of Emergency and can be applied at will, by Presidential Decree or Congressional decision.


Most Americans are still unaware to what extent their rights have been curtailed by the Patriot Act which needed an event like 9/11 to come to fruition.


Europe followed suit by an ever more tyrannical - and it must be repeated - UNELECTED European Commission, that pretends calling the shots over 500 million Europeans



5.     The Great Reset, alias UN Agenda 2030,

the ultimate tightening of the screws around societies and individuals' necks, through an intense fear campaign, based on,

  • a fake, never isolated virus

  • denigrating and dangerous forced mask-wearing

  • social distancing - separating people from each other, lockdowns, work from home

  • travel restrictions

  • keeping people in place,

...reducing contacts as much as possible and gradually ever more restricting measures are being imposed, including a digital all-encompassing, QR-code based (or similar) ID - the final enslavement of humanity.


This, paired by a vaxx-campaign of an experimental and poisonous mRNA injection that has so far led to the death of millions of people, contributing significantly to one of the Great Reset's goals,

  • massive population reduction (40% excess deaths were recorded by insurance companies since the beginning of the vaxx-campaign, mid-December 2020)


  • artificially creating food and energy shortages with all their ramifications, famine, starvation, death


  • destroying what's left of western economies, moving the bankrupted assets to the elite-billionaires and the financial giants, like BlackRock, Vanguard, State Street and other Wall Street icons...




These preliminaries are paving the way to 5G-powered digitization of everything, including the human mind, converting surviving humans into "transhumans" - following Klaus Schwab's (WEF CEO) 'dream':

Owning nothing but being happy...


Click image...



We are not there yet. But time is short...


Togetherness, initiated by a spiritual separation from the Dark Cult, from dictate and tyranny that emanates from the World Economic Forum (WEF) - and its colossal money masters - separating ourselves as societies from our current governments and monetary systems; initiating parallel societies and monetary schemes.


If we grasp the spirit of togetherness, rather than each one for himself, dynamics of new ideas may make this endeavor come through as a societal Reset, made by the People for the People.