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April 16, 2024
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A Brief, Straightforward Guide

for Those Who

Still Refuse to Understand...



Bill Gates' rise to power and influence is a story of unbridled ambition and the dangers of concentrated wealth and power in the hands of a select few.


Through his tenure at Microsoft, Gates demonstrated a ruthless and calculated approach to business, employing predatory practices to crush competitors and dominate the market.


Now, having amassed an immense fortune, Gates seeks to extend his reach even further, positioning himself as a,

global puppet master pulling the strings of humanity's fate...

Gates' vision for a global ID system is a thinly veiled attempt to establish a technocratic dystopia, where every aspect of human life is monitored, controlled, and manipulated by an elite class of technologists.


This plan draws its roots from the early philosophy of Technocracy, which sought to reduce human beings to mere cogs in a machine, their value determined solely by their productive capacity and consumption habits.

The requirements outlined in the Technocracy Study course of 1934 lay bare the true intentions behind the agenda.


By providing a continuous inventory of all production and consumption, registering every good and service, and tracking the consumption patterns of each individual, Gates and his ilk aim to create a society where privacy is a distant memory and personal autonomy is sacrificed at the altar of efficiency and control.

The Technocrat Magazine's definition of Technocracy as,

"the science of social engineering",

...further underscores the sinister nature of these plans.


Under the guise of progress and innovation, technocrats seek to reduce human society to a mere engineering problem, where individuals are stripped of their agency and subjected to the whims of a scientific dictatorship.

In this brave new world, there is no room for the messy realities of politics, finance, or individual freedom.


Instead, a centralized system of control, likely in the form of a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), will be used to micromanage every facet of human existence.


This digital panopticon will enable the technocratic elite to monitor and manipulate the behavior of the masses, rewarding compliance and punishing dissent.

The end game of this technocratic takeover is,

  • the abolition of private property

  • the concentration of all power in the hands of the Technate

By eliminating the need for finance and financiers, Gates and his cohorts aim to create a world where they alone hold the reins of power, dictating the terms of human existence according to their own twisted vision of progress.

The "50 in 5" initiative, spearheaded by the United Nations, is a deeply troubling development that threatens to undermine individual liberty and privacy on a global scale.


Under the guise of "digital public infrastructure" (DPI), this program seeks to impose a comprehensive system of control over every aspect of human life, from financial transactions to personal data, all under the watchful eye of governments and unelected bureaucrats.

The inclusion of central bank digital currencies is particularly alarming.

CBDCs represent a fundamental shift in the nature of money, granting unprecedented power to central banks and governments to monitor and control the financial activities of their citizens.

By eliminating the anonymity and freedom associated with physical cash, CBDCs pave the way for a dystopian future in which every transaction is tracked, every purchase is scrutinized, and every individual is reduced to a mere data point in a centralized system of surveillance and control.

Moreover, the push for digital identification and comprehensive data systems as part of the DPI framework is a blatant assault on personal privacy and autonomy.


The notion that governments and international organizations should have access to vast troves of personal data, spanning every facet of an individual's life, is antithetical to the principles of a free and open society.


Such a system, once in place, would inevitably be abused by those in power, leading to,

  • the suppression of dissent

  • the manipulation of public opinion

  • the erosion of fundamental rights

The fact that this initiative is being framed as a means to accelerate the imposition of the UN's 2030 Agenda and its "Sustainable Development Goals" (SDGs) only adds to the sinister nature of the project.


The SDGs, far from being a benevolent blueprint for a better world, represent an attempt to concentrate power in the hands of a global elite, under the pretense of addressing various social and environmental challenges.

The mass-murdering Chinese regime's boast of playing a "crucial role" in developing this plan should be a red flag to anyone concerned with human rights and individual liberty.

Bill Gates' involvement in this scheme is particularly egregious, given his track record of supporting population control measures and his troubling association with convicted child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein.


Gates' celebration of the potential of DPI to create a "safer, healthier, and more just world" rings hollow when one considers the dystopian implications of the technologies he is championing.

In essence,

the "50 in 5" initiative is nothing more than a blatant power grab by the UN, billionaire elites, and their government collaborators.

It represents a concerted effort to erode national sovereignty, individual privacy, and personal freedom on a global scale, all in the name of a supposed "greater good."

The fact that dozens of governments, including corrupt kleptocracies and socialist regimes, have already volunteered their populations to serve as guinea pigs for this Orwellian experiment showcases the depths of depravity to which these actors are willing to sink in their quest for total control.

U.S. and European taxpayers are being conscripted to fund this dystopian initiative through UN agencies and international "development" banks, which is an outrageous misuse of public funds and a betrayal of the public trust.

The suite of "digital public goods" and "infrastructure" being pushed under this program is nothing less than a technological panopticon, designed to enable total surveillance and control over every individual on the planet.


The Orwellian implications of such a system cannot be overstated.


Once fully implemented, every transaction, every movement, and every decision will be tracked, monitored, and potentially controlled by those in power.

The UN bureaucrats' attempts to put a positive spin on this program, framing it as "people-centric governance" and a means to "accelerate the Sustainable Development Goals," are a transparent attempt to mask the sinister nature of the initiative.


The notion that a centralized, top-down system of digital control could ever be "rights-based" or serve the interests of the people is a blatant falsehood, designed to lull the public into complacency as their freedoms are systematically eroded.

Virtually all national governments and central banks are already working on central bank digital currencies.

CBDCs, by their very nature, represent a profound threat to individual privacy and autonomy...

By eliminating physical cash and creating a permanent record of all transactions, CBDCs will grant governments an unprecedented degree of control over the economy and the personal financial decisions of their citizens.

Even more alarming is,

the revelation that these digital currencies will be programmable, allowing governments to manipulate consumer behavior and advance their own ideological agendas.

The Biden White House's call for CBDCs to advance "racial equity" and "environmental priorities" is a worrying example of,

how this technology could be weaponized to enforce a particular worldview, regardless of individual preferences or principles...

The simultaneous introduction of digital IDs, as shown by the Australian Senate's recent approval and similar actions in several American states, illustrates the rapid pace of this development.


The involvement of organizations associated with,

  • Gates

  • the Rockefeller dynasty

  • the UN, promoting such IDs through groups like ID2020 is a damning indictment of the true motives behind this push for digital control.

The dystopian vision of a future in which digital IDs, CBDCs, and comprehensive data systems are seamlessly integrated is a nightmare scenario that threatens to obliterate individual freedom and privacy.


CBDCs will likely be tied to personal accounts containing a wealth of personal data, credit history, and other sensitive information.

The fact that healthcare is set to become intertwined with this digital infrastructure, as evidenced by the statements of World Health Organization (WHO) boss Tedros Ghebreyesus, is particularly chilling.


The use of COVID-19 "vaccine passports" as a model for a global system of control is a disturbing indication of the direction in which this agenda is heading.


The WHO's efforts to design a similar regime for all of humanity, based on the European Union's system, should be met with fierce resistance from all who value liberty and bodily autonomy.

The statements of top globalists, such as EU President Ursula von der Leyen, praising the functionality and trust in the EU's COVID-19 digital certificate, and its subsequent adoption by numerous countries, are a perfect example of the outrageous propaganda with which this agenda is sold to the population.


The push for "interoperable, open to all, and trusted" public digital infrastructure is the beginning of a global system of surveillance and control, in which every aspect of an individual's life is subject to scrutiny and manipulation.

The looming threat of a social credit score, whereby each individual is ranked based on their compliance with the demands of technocrats, is a nightmarish prospect that must be resisted at all costs.


The potential for such a system to dictate,

where and how people can travel, what they can consume, and how they can transact with their programmable money, a direct assault on the very foundations of the "free society" these technocrats claim to uphold.

This sort of system, already existing in Communist China, shows us the endgame of this agenda. It is almost cynical that the Chinese Communist Party is being held up as a "role model" by the likes of World Economic Forum boss Klaus Schwab and other globalists.


The gradual unveiling of such a regime in the West, absent massive opposition, is a dire warning of the dark future that awaits us if we fail to act.

The prioritization of tracking children, as advocated by the World Economic Forum (WEF), under the guise of enabling,

"data-driven decision-making and policies", a deeply disturbing aspect of this plan.


The notion that the intimate details of children's lives should be harvested and exploited by governments and corporations is an affront to the very concept of childhood innocence.

The "Digital Public Infrastructure" (DPI) could lead to escalating constraints on daily life, such as the creation of "15-minute cities" and the enforcement of various mandates justified by "public health" or "climate change."


The declarations from the proponents of these systems clearly reveal their ultimate goal:

the total domination of individuals by a technocratic elite without accountability...

Perhaps most disturbing of all is Klaus Schwab's vision of a,

"fusion of our digital, our physical, and our biological identities" at the end of his so-called 'Fourth Industrial Revolution.'

The promotion of microchips to be implanted inside human brains and other transhumanist schemes is a deeply unsettling indication of the direction in which these globalists seek to steer humanity.

The aforementioned "50 in 5" campaign, officially launched in New York, represents a disturbing acceleration of the global push for a comprehensive digital surveillance and control system.


The aim to "radically shorten" the time required to digitize everything from identification to currency, through collaboration between the UN and governments, is a clear indication of the urgency with which these technocratic elites are pursuing their agenda.

Funding from governments and figures like Bill Gates fuels a network of AstroTurf groups and UN agencies, all rallying behind a dystopian vision with substantial resources at their disposal.


The participation of organizations such as,


  • the Inter-American Development Bank

  • the Centre for Digital Public Infrastructure

  • the Digital Public Goods Alliance,

...suggests a concerted effort to present this agenda as a benevolent and necessary step forward for humanity.

Developing nations, enticed by the allure of "free" money taken from Western taxpayers, are among the first to adopt this policy. This represents a manipulative exploitation of their economic vulnerabilities.


The involvement of wealthier governments, such as those in Norway and Singapore, serves to lend an air of legitimacy to the project, despite its deeply troubling implications.

The UNDP's characterization of these participating countries as "beacons of progress and inspiration" is a blatant attempt to whitewash the true nature of the "digital foundations" being laid.


Far from improving economies and the well-being of people, these digital surveillance and control tools are designed to strip individuals of their privacy, autonomy, and basic human rights.

Each government involved in the "DPI" initiative concentrates on a specific component, aiming to share outcomes with others, pointing towards efforts to establish a global, interoperable control system.


Sierra Leonean Minister Salima Mormorna Bah's urging for worldwide participation, labeling the next five years as a "window of opportunity," emphasizes the intense drive to implement this technocratic vision globally.

The devastating lies and tyranny that underpinned the Covid,

"pandemic have shattered the trust of billions of people worldwide, with most Americans now recognizing the media as an 'enemy'."

This growing awareness of the duplicity of institutions must be harnessed to mount a fierce resistance against the imposition of digital surveillance and control systems.