by Howard Middleton-Jones and James M. Wilkie
December15, 1999

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The anomalous objects observed orbiting the sun, were in fact ‘Plasma carriers’, and possibly of Eridean origin. However, there seems to be an additional object/accompanied object, which may be of a different design. (click image right)

Our planet was made up of a number of races that inhabited earth many millions of years ago, of which the Pleiadan group was the main representative. Prior to, and long after the Pleiadians, other races were involved in the genetic integration of the inhabitants of earth, and the real ‘make-up’ of our genetic ancestry may never be completely known.

As a starting point then, let us take a brief view of the origins and social structure of the Erideans to see where and what role they are playing out in this scenario.

Remember, there is a highly complex historical background as to the present scenario that is unfolding, and therefore in some circumstances complete details may not be available.


However, for the benefit of those who wish to comprehend what is transpiring and to take on board an understanding in preparation, we submit the following below.




Initial contact seems to portray them as ‘Reptoid Klingons’ for want of a better description, but without the physical fighting qualities of that class!

“They appear to follow the Reptoid pattern of having little logical brain and are controlled by spirit”

It is apparent (?) that this is the first time they have encountered man in its present form, and thus do not comprehend the human race. (What’s new I hear you ask!).

There is one common denominator between them and ‘us’, and that is the interest in an old enemy… THE ANUNNAKI.


They seem to be still looking for them. Perhaps this is their motive in orbiting our sun, to await the Anunnaki! If indeed this is the case, then we could witness to and even become drawn into a ‘final conflict’!




The Erideans themselves are a completely telepathic race and seem to originate from the constellation of Eridanus (click image right).


It is represented as…

“a very long, winding river that starts at the left foot of Orion in the north, sweeps south of Taurus, west to the edge of Cetus, then doubles back east to Caelum, and eventually ends far to the south, at the border with Hydrus.


It’s difficult now to identify which river the constellation represents. Some writers claimed it was the Tigris or Euphrates, others the Nile”

The constellation is situated approximately10.7 to 12+ light years to the near groups, which include Eridanus Delta and Epsilon.

Epsilon is very similar to our Earth and their Sun is in the same class. The Delta planet is said to be a "Carboniferous" (Agricultural) Planet that possessed diamonds as ubiquitous as is "Quartz". To them they are as decorative as are rocks on planet earth. It is inhabited by Reptoids that look fairly Human.


Their sun, however is a "variable" STAR so they also employ complete Weather control, which enables them to live in Windowless stone houses. Or possibly reinforced concrete as we know it.

The Erideans are also referred to as CETIANS, or Tau Cetians, a sort of human race of Mediterranean or South American and of tan skinned appearance. These are said to be in alliance with the Pleiadians, who have formed a kind of ‘Cetian alliance’ with others in a desire to establish a common defense against their reptilian nemesis.

It is thought that the Erideans are very hypochondriac about making contact as the telepathic noise we create would upset them greatly. In addition our gravity is slightly too much for their comfort, and there is a risk of bacterial or virus contamination.

By our standards, they may perhaps appear slightly reptilian, and therefore any contact would have to be controlled contact If they do wish to make contact, it will be at a distance without a physical landing. Due to their complete telepathic abilities, they may not appreciate our normal methods of communication, including radio and television etc.

It is possible that these Eridean Plasma carriers then, are part of a fleet, which are involved in a galactic dispute beyond Jupiter. In summing up, therefore, it is conceivable that an alliance may be possible with this group, as they appear friendlier than the Anunnaki.

There are in fact a number of diverse reptilian races distributed throughout a number of equally diverse galaxies and universes, some are good and some BAD! The Draconians for instance originate from the constellation of Draconis who almost entered our solar system, from the ‘companion’ to HALE BOPP comet in 1997.


It is believed however, they were prevented from so doing by the Galactic Federation. Otherwise it would have been a case of ‘Jurassic Park’ where earth would have provided the best ‘restaurant in the Galaxy’.

While from SIRIUS we have the red group, the Sirians, it is this group that is involved in the war beyond Jupiter. The Sirians once inhabited and ‘ruled’ earth prior to 15,000 BCE (Before the Common Era, or BC) in Atlantis.

Apparently, Sirius seems to be the epicenter of the ASHTAR or ASTARTE collective, where humanoids of various types, Sasquatch, Reptiloids, Greys, and Reptilian hybrid species seem to have collated together in the past.

“The Sirians have waged war previously with the Orion Empire or the "Unholy Six" reptilian star systems in the ORION open cluster.


The ancient dispute involves just who will serve as the "landlords" of a sector of space containing 21 star systems including the most strategic star system, SOL and particularly planet Earth, Terra or Shan - which is a virtual cosmic "oasis" of water, mineral, plant, animal and genetic resources in incredible variety compared with most other worlds.


This dispute between the Sirians and Orion reptiloids dates back to the ancient invasion of Orion by the Draconian EMPIRE, as a result of which many "Nordic" type humanoids escaped to Procyon, Sol, Sirius and elsewhere”.

This war in Sirius-B is gravitating towards the Sol System, in that the opposing agendas for this system is one of the major issues of dispute between the two [or three] warring factions sides (Evadamic-Draconian).

However, as previously mentioned the Anunnaki are the race to be apprehensive of to say the least! Who are they? We on earth are said to be genetically and symbolically, part of an off-planet civilization known as the Anunnaki. Thought to originate in the constellation of Lyra, these were the first "creator gods" who knew how to create matter, such as planets, stars, life forms for themselves, and eventually others.

The Lyran’s physical lifetimes lasted for approximately one thousand years. In time, however, as their life span decreased, they sought out a substance that would enable them to live longer. They discovered that gold not only increased their longevity, but also provided them with a superconductivity, which gave them the ability to be highly telepathic and experience their multidimensionality.

Eventually, they spread out into the cosmos and created new civilizations, a few went to Vega, others the Pleiades, and others Sirius. However, their need for gold was paramount.

The Anunnaki were said to be tall, and have been called the Nordics or Blondes, emanating a golden glow aura. Their symbol is THE WINGED DISC, which not only represents their starship Nibiru, but also symbolic of the ability of the spirit to fly free while remembering it’s wise, divine source.

These Anunnaki were later called the Elohim (gods) and Nefilim (those who descended).

Upon completion of a number of genetic experiments, in which they created other races, they eventually produced the hybrid Homo sapiens, us. The souls of those who became human came to Earth by their own free will to experience physicality. Several other extraterrestrial civilizations contributed their own input into human DNA and created many races of humans, some of which have now left earth.

Thus the Anunnaki could be said to be pattern-makers, the creators of archetypes and of the template for human life on Earth. One of the Anunnaki leaders was Enlil (also known as Jehovah). Enki and Enlil were half brothers through the same father, Anu, who was the "king" of this Anunnaki group.

Enlil did not want human to be equal to them, while Enki was in favor of human freedom and equality.


In order to ensure that humans would be able to benefit from their ancestry, Enki (the serpent of wisdom and healing) suggested those who came to be called Adam and Eve to eat from the Tree of Knowledge. This subterfuge enraged Enlil who, from that point onward, continued to punish humanity whenever they were close to coming to an answer of life itself, thus seeking to reclaim their rightful heritage.

Civilizations and religions were created by Enki and Enlil (and later their offspring). Enki and his lineage developed Egypt. But, these civilizations rarely had long periods of peace.

It is thought that Enlil irradiated Sodom and Gomorrah off the face of the Earth and Atlantis sank due to the Anunnaki’s experiments with sound technology. The last great flood, approximately 13,000 years ago, became a legend when Enki went against the other Anunnaki and saved humans (the Noah’s of Earth) when Enlil wanted to destroy them.

Mars also had a civilization that was developed by the Anunnaki. Eventually and possibly after the Exodus, other Anunnaki left the earth, and their secrets of transforming gold into the powerful substance that allowed their longevity also vanished.


In time, humans who remembered, died or disappeared. The knowledge was lost. And yet, people kept trying to capture that special essence of gold in the form of statues mistakenly believing it was their key to immortality.

Whether today the Anunnaki would be able to adapt to our planet’s environment is debatable. However, the main ‘advantage’ of the Anunnaki, like the Erideans, their telepathic ability, may also be their downfall, their Achilles heel if you will. In a telepathic society there can be little crime, but also little FREE WILL.


In general, we, as humans at least do have this choice of free will – corruption or enlightenment?


You choose!



Approximately 500,000 years ago, TERRA (planet earth) experienced a severe orbital problem due to a glancing blow from a passing meteorite.


This resulted in a rapidly decaying orbit, where failure to control this event would have created a ripple effect on neighboring stars in addition to other neighboring orbiting celestial bodies.

Thus was the scenario that brought in the involvement of the Galactic Federation. In an unprecedented move, the Federation called upon its planetary members to devise a solution to eliminate or control this imminent problem. Due to the very nature of this potential orbital disaster, much scientific and physical expertise was required in order to implement and accomplish the necessary rescue. Because of this complex task a number of worlds were involved in working on this solution.

At this time the Anunnaki inhabited planet earth, and naturally more than welcomed an offer of aid. Therefore, concessions were agreed upon between the Anunnaki and the Federation, at which time the coordinated effort of planet stabilization began.

The procedure involved the sitting and setting of a number of crystals located below strategically aligned sites throughout the globe the main focal crystal being at the Giza Plateau, the site of the Pyramid complex.


Thus crystals were placed at the many of what we today call ‘ancient sacred sites’, such as at Easter Island, Stonehenge, White Pyramids of China, Machu Picchu (Peru), Uxmal Pyramid (Mexico), Chichen Itza (Mexico) and so on.

It is interesting to note over recent months a number of earthquakes have been witnessed on or around the majority of these sites.

In addition, when we wrote the article 2012, Comet Lee etc, emphasis was placed on the date of 21st December 2012, this is also the time frame (2011/2012) when it is calculated that earth will be in the mainstream of the much discussed PHOTON BELT. See also THE PHOTON BELT ENCOUNTER.

It was reported that earth entered the sphere of influence of this belt in 1962. Every 26,000 years or so, our solar system completes a circuit around the point of origin of our sun, Alcyone in the Pleiades group, in 2012 we shall be nearing this point once more.


See AMBILAC NEWS for the Giza Plateau relationship.

Although the energy of this Photon Belt is said by some to be more etheric and spiritual in nature rather than physical, it does in fact interact with the physical aspect surrounding our galaxy.

Returning to the execution of the stabilization of planet earth, naturally, the implementation of this plan took some time, and upon completion an unforeseen problem surfaced with regard to the workforce who participated in the process. The diverse races from diverse worlds that were involved in the work had come under the influence of our planet’s gravity field.

There was a possibility that they could have been removed and ultimately re-adjusted to the gravity fields of their respective planets, however, an alternative plan was arrived at.

This alternative solution was agreed between the Federation members, an ‘Experiment’ which is still presently ‘floating in the wind’. Because of the diversity and number of Federation members already inhabiting planet Terra, earth, it was decided that an ‘experiment’ would be instigated.


The ultimate aim of this ‘experiment’ was to see if the various races, with varying belief structures, could not only mutually co-exist on a planet, but in addition, the scenario offered an opportunity to safely monitor the evolution of such an attempt.

"Now the whole earth had one language and few words"
Genesis 11.1

And the lord said, "Behold, they are one people, and they have all one language; and this is only the beginning of what they will do; and nothing that they propose to do will now be impossible for them.
Genesis 11.6

Ultimately, three entities were mutually chosen to oversee the progress of this experiment.


These entities, periodically over time, as we know it, made themselves available to assist and guide the peoples of earth through indirect intervention. Under the original experimental guide lines, direct intervention was not allowed.

The three representatives, or council members, were not a permanent part of this original plan, a fact which only came about at a later date. This, in part was due to a malicious act which the Pleiadians created, and perhaps one that they feel ashamed about and possibly looking for a way in which to make amends. The unique feature of this experiment was that the entities, or souls, were PHOTON BELT held in containment within the protective belt, which they had helped to construct.


The redistribution of these souls were aided by the sitting of monoliths on the moon which in turn was connected to the working machinery deep below the Giza Plateau, where the soul-distribution was handled directly.


To ensure all data was recorded correctly, THOTH was given the responsibility and authority to keep track of and document the records of progression, or regression as the case may be, of each and every soul. In addition Thoth (1) was given the added responsibility to help the soul along for its search for fulfillment, realization and guidance towards an understanding of the overall picture.

Each soul is viewed and recorded by the entity each and every time physical death occurs. Upon death, the slate is cleared so to speak, and the soul sent back out in order to learn from past life experiences and difficulties, thus to attain fulfillment. Some may recall these experiences and the ultimate teaching that transpires.

Thoth has also been given the authority to keep alive and further develop the levels of understanding as they relate to the realm of the sciences. This was considered importantly so considering the mix of races involved in this experiment, where each race brought a diverse history, culture and science as understood by the historical evolution of each race, not to mention their own unique personal and cultural beliefs.

It is believed that through time, these cultural differences could have been molded into a common set of understanding, where each race could find their own place within the newly integrated system.


While simultaneously, honoring that the individual would eventually comprehend that it should not dwell on the past, for this not only retards the growth of the individual, but the group as a whole. Indeed, there have been many strides forward towards the reality of this, however, there have also been (and continue to exist) many setbacks.


These problems are traced back, if it were known, only to find out that the history of any one race, and the experience of inter -racial differences of other races on their own home worlds, probably do not even exist today.

However, on the positive side we here on earth have 13 years remaining to GET IT RIGHT - December 21st 2012. This scenario now becomes even more complex due to the fact that the Draconians have set their sights on controlling this section of the Galaxy!


Simply put, as outlined in THE FINAL COUNTDOWN, WAR is headed in our direction.


The thought of this ending in a negative scenario, has caused some races to look at the possibility of coming to planet EARTH and extracting their own people. However, one major fact is being overlooked, we still have those 13 years. WE have created our own civilization, WE have made major strides forward and continue to do so at an accelerated rate of progress.


Hence – NOW IS WHEN WE SHOULD ENTER THE HALL OF RECORDS, and find out just how far we have in fact come.




We mentioned who, or under what circumstances should one ask for assistance in re-aligning the main crystal below the Giza Plateau. In the following section we will demonstrate the background, method and hazards of implementing such an alignment.

When the experiment was instigated, a certain amount of genetic engineering was carried out to assist integration of the DNA from the various races currently inhabiting earth. This was carried out over a period of time so as to allow certain races, to overcome the problems encountered of gravitational and atmospheric conditions.


Once equilibrium had been achieved between the GENE structure and the DNA, the code was then set. This is what some refer to as the BLESSING. The original blessing was ultimately handed down, or put another way, passed along generation to generation, always being carried by ONE individual.

This blessing is ‘carried’ in the centre of the femur, and in addition was left to the one whom had in his possession this DNA, the sole right to access the CRYSTAL.


With this right, the bearer was the only one who may approach the crystal in order to re-align and advance the setting in order to stabilize the planet’s core. According to GENESIS, the act of passing on the blessing consisted of placing the recipients’ right hand under the left femur of his predecessor.


Thus from that point on to carry the weight of this responsibility.




  • 25:24   When her days to be delivered were fulfilled, behold, there were twins in her womb.

  • 25:25   The first came forth red, all his body like a hairy mantle; so they called his name Esau.

  • 25:26   Afterward his brother came forth, and his hand had taken hold of Esau’s heel; so his name was called Jacob. Isaac was sixty years old when she bore them.

To illustrate the relevance, and indeed the urgent need for crystal alignment as described in previous articles, a recent occurrence, experienced by one of our group members will be described below.

One October late evening one of our colleagues was visually confronted, a face-to-face, with a reptilian species.


This reptilian was attempting to make definite telepathic communication. After a long period of what may be termed a frontal staring down, our colleague was shown a picture consisting of two DNA strands. These two strands were almost identical apart from the lower one being green in color, while the upper strand was a violet color. (2)


The name of this reptilian species, ESAU!

A week or so later, our colleague was awoken from sleep by a sharp pain in his upper middle part of his left femur. It was believed that some one or something had remotely extracted the DNA from the centre of the femur bone.

It was assumed that this procedure was carried out for or by Esau himself. This was seen as an attempt to give him access to the CRYSTAL, in order to make changes to the earth’s shield. However, instead of ADVANCING the crystal it is his plan to set it back, thus creating a change in atmosphere that would then allow the ANUNNAKI to once again walk freely on this planet.

However, Esau still finds himself unable to access the crystal as he is still missing the HARMONIC ‘key’. It must be borne in mind that he swore that he would return to claim that which he believes is his by birthright.


But it is a right that he himself willingly gave up.

  • 25:30   And Esau said to Jacob, "Let me eat some of that red pottage, for I am famished!" (Therefore his name was called Edom.)

  • 25:31   Jacob said, "First sell me your birthright."

  • 25:32   Esau said, "I am about to die; of what use is a birthright to me?"

  • 25:33   Jacob said, "Swear to me first." So he swore to him, and sold his birthright to Jacob.

  • 25:34   Then Jacob gave Esau bread and pottage of lentils, and he ate and drank, and rose and went his way. Thus Esau despised his birthright.





Essential information for agencies, and others, who may wish to assist the ‘tagged’ individual, in the re-alignment of the Giza Crystal.

It appears, from a number of sources that recently the Anunnaki were located in the area known as the ‘Badlands’ of the asteroid belt (a band of asteroids orbiting the sun between Mars and Jupiter), however they now seem to be itinerant, or ‘on the run’. It is also reported the Erideans, orbiting the sun in their Plasma carrier or SUN CRUISER have captured a number of the Anunnaki, who no doubt will be enslaved. This scenario will no doubt effect their cloaking ability, and soon we may observe evidence of their existence.

More recent reports suggest that ‘Esau’ (Anunnaki) appears to be located on Pluto involved in some ‘conference’ in an attempt to gain assistance from the Nordics and other races. The Anunnaki still seem to maintain that planet earth is their property and loath to give up claims to be "master race of earth".

Desperation looks like the attitude at present, as during this conference on Pluto the Anunnaki are attempting to enlist the help of a dwarf race from a parallel dimension. Apparently, this race is normally called in when there is ‘dirty work’ to be carried out!

However, coming back to earth with a literal bump, further investigation seems to point to the location of a small number, reconnaissance party, deep below the Giza area, Cairo.

It is apparent that this group slid in under cover of the extended Cairo smog incident of around the 26th October 1999. Although the news archives have now been deleted on the web regarding this incident, we submit the quotes below regarding this incident.

Quote by an accountant, one Mohammed Abdel Monayin, in the daily Al-Gumhuriya, circa week of 27th October.

"What is strange is that we have been given no explanation about the nature of this smoke. We demand a plausible explanation."

While Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak commented:

There may be something in the atmosphere or weather conditions may be sometimes very tough there.

Prior to this event, on the 11th October 1999, Cairo suffered the effects of a 5.2 earthquake of which the epicenter was located in the desert, South East of Cairo. Of interest to note, there was also an earthquake a few days prior in Sinai.( 05 Oct 1999 / 05:44:36.5 29.0N 34.9E 10 ML=4.8 MISR EGYPT)

An additional ‘coincidence’ was the start of the military exercise BRIGHT STAR carried out in Egypt from October 12th through November 3rd

An intriguing point to note on this exercise is advanced, long-haul satellite communications were utilized for the first time, employing 70 members of the contingent of signals from the 11th Signal Brigade.

  • Were the military expecting major incoming?

  • And geared up for a major force?

  • When unknown to them a recon’ force slid quietly through the environmental smog event?

We suggest that in fact this was the case!

The important factor here is that the Anunnaki are Hell-bent on aligning the crystal below Giza for their own ends, in order to establish a planet that will be ‘environmentally friendly’ to their personal needs.

Therefore, it is of the most UTMOST IMPORTANCE that agencies instigate arrangements with the TAGGED INDIVIDUAL (they KNOW who this is) in order to re-align the Crystal as soon as possible.

Agencies know of the location of this Crystal and are able to access it, however, they do not comprehend its purpose or method, as the Crystal is DNA activated.




1. Thoth (identified as Benjamin in Genesis), whose animal was an Ibis or dog-headed baboon was an ancient Egyptian deity. The original Ogdoad of Hermopolis were called ’the souls of Thoth’. Thoth was created by the power of utterance and was called the inventor of speech. He was said to have been ’self-begotten’, having appeared at the dawn of time on a lotus flower. One of his greatest services to Re, was the retrieval of his eye, and as a reward Re created the moon for Thoth. He was also called the ’measurer of time’, and said to be inventor of mathematics, astronomy and engineering, and as such was the accountant to the gods and the secretary of Re. It is said his silver boat transported the souls of the dead across the night sky.

2. Green represents reptilian DNA, their present ‘stage’ color, while we, as humans have evolved through that stage and are about to move onto the last stage in this time frame, the ultra violet range.