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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."
- Cliché by Arthur C. Clarke
"Profiles of The Future", 1961


Well it's not his fault it's a cliché. It wasn't one when he wrote it and actually it's an honor to have one's thought repeated 282,000 times on the Internet (according to a recent search).


Apparently people - many of them within the SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) community - love to say this thing. But how many take the time to think what it means?

For instance: when we see what we take to be magic, could we be looking at a sign of advanced technology?

A preposterous suggestion. It's logically valid, of course, but so hypothetical. Who sees magic anyway?

Noted author Paul Von Ward, writing in Gods, Genes, and Consciousness (see Open SETI Forums II) shows how man's early contact with what he calls Advanced Beings, gave rise to magical interpretations and magical religions, leading directly down the line to today's supernatural religions and belief in God. Directly.


People today who practice religion and believe in God - including members of the very SETI community just mentioned - have accepted for their personal and public truth the degraded remnants of the effects of early encounters with "Advanced Beings", however abhorrent they may find this assertion to be.

But "magic" itself never disappeared. It has remained important and an important influence on human society down the ages into the present. There are many many examples of the practice of magic within our society.

But it doesn't "work", right? Many practitioners would say that it does.

  • Do you suppose they might have some reason for saying so?

  • And if it does, could there still be an advanced technology lurking in the background?

  • And if there is, could there be technology lurking behind religion as well?

Welcome to War in Heaven. This book was self-published by Kyle Griffith in 1988 and has long been out of print; Griffith's publishing company no longer exists, and his whereabouts had been unknown for years.


We present here a detailed summary of the book.

Mr. Griffith has responded to this publication, is now in touch with Open SETI, and is planning a public presence on the web. Meanwhile Griffith has endorsed these notes and supports their development.

Note: A complete digital copy of War in Heaven is now available on the Internet for free download. See Kyle Griffith's post in the War in Heaven Forum for more information.



Part One, the introduction to the book proper, is not included here, but portions of it will eventually be reproduced on this website or in the associated War in Heaven Forum.


For example, an excerpt concerning the origins of materialistic science is available under the title The Copernican Compromise.

The remainder of War in Heaven (WiH) consists of a dialog between Griffith and a "disembodied spirit" who claimed to be a member of a group calling itself The Invisible College. The format consists of questions and answers. Griffith states that the answers were received by automatic writing and read back to the contacted entity for review and correction. The questions and answers that appear in the text are actually the result of several iterations of review and discussion.

The material thus generated is both convincing and compelling, and appears to be of vital importance to human society. That is a claim we see all the time; this time I submit that the claim is truly justified.

Since there is at the moment no other way for readers to gain access to the ideas or information expressed in WiH, I am undertaking to summarize the key points here, and where appropriate on various pages of the Open SETI website. Use the Open SETI search engine to locate specific information related to WiH.

The intent was to use this material to enrich the discussions on those pages. Whatever could not be used in that manner, and yet seemed crucial, was placed here on this page. The reader should be warned. This book is of direct concern to SETI. Yet it is about religion. It is about magic. And magic, at times, is about sex.

These matters are all about the past, present, and future situation of the human race.









The Invisible College (1)


As explained in Open SETI, on the Soul Technology page, there is a type of matter having the same atomic and molecular structure as physical matter, but whose particles are much less dense, and whose gravitation does not interact with physical matter. This is called astral matter in WiH.

Every human has a somatic soul, closely resembling the physical body but made of astral matter, and an astral soul, also made of astral matter, which comprises the more permanent self. Astral souls may or may not equate to higher selves as discussed in A Synthetic Myth.

Spirits are simply astral souls operating without somatic souls and physical bodies.

The Invisible College that is mentioned in occult literature does indeed exist as a political organization of spirits.

Hundreds of thousands of spirits from worlds with advanced technological civilizations have been sent to Earth by their governments to work with the Invisible College to assist humans in fighting a war to liberate ourselves from the oppression and exploitation of Theocracy. This seems to be an important form of interplanetary contact, which is why it is discussed in the context of Open SETI.

Disembodied spirits are forced to incarnate after a few years. When they do, they lose most of the memories they brought with them, especially after repeated reincarnations. However, they, as well as many native Earth people, can learn to communicate with the discarnate Invisible College on a completely conscious level. This requires "proper psychic training".

Any human being can receive telepathic messages from the Invisible College subconsciously.

Invisible College members consider themselves ordinary people like ourselves. Their previous bodies, on their home worlds, may or may not have resembled ours, but they are based on the same basic genetic code.

The home worlds possess what we would call advanced knowledge in many scientific and humanistic fields. Of particular importance is their capability with psychic energy that can produce changes in astral matter. That technology was used to send them here, but they were not able to bring their equipment with them.

Although there must have been other interventions over a long period of time, the intervention of the Invisible College took place in the late Middle Ages.


The Invisible College has been manipulating the development of human civilization on Earth ever since.

Their motives are both altruistic and selfish. Had they not intervened, the human race would have evolved in directions that posed a serious threat to their own worlds and space colonies. So they are fighting a "preventive war" on their own behalf, but they also feel the overwhelming majority of Earth people will support their cause once they are able to explain the situation fully.

They operate mostly by influencing the subconscious minds of Earth people. Although we might want to call this unethical, they maintain that they taught us many of our philosophical concepts. They come from civilizations that actually practice "human dignity and rights," "individual sovereignty," "social justice," "consent of the governed," and "equality of opportunity".


Anyway, they say, "We are at war here, and we are fighting on your behalf as well as our own."

They must practice these social values, because they possess technology that would totally eliminate individuality if they did not have sufficient social, political, and ethical knowledge to keep the technology under control.

Their societies live with this threat, and we will eventually have to live with it too. But the greatest danger we face in the next few decades (written in January 1987), is that Theocracy and our exploding population will cause a spiritual cataclysm that will destroy the human race as it now exists and threaten their civilizations too if it goes unchecked.


They will probably be able to avert catastrophe and guide these upheavals in constructive directions, but the fate of many Earth people will still depend on their own actions.


Therefore the information in WiH is provided to help us prepare ourselves.


Theocratic Bands


The concept of a Theocrat as a human who chooses to exert power over and ultimately to consume other humans, rather than to undergo reincarnation, was introduced on the Open SETI Soul Technology page.

Griffith's Invisible College contact states that many notorious tyrants, conquerors, evil religious leaders, black magicians, and criminals have become Theocrats after death, but so have some people whom history calls saints or benign geniuses. This is due to the well-known tendency of power to corrupt, not to mention the prospect of achieving immortality (though most are eventually destroyed by other Theocrats).

This has been especially true of people who were religiously devout, and then found out the horrible truth about their Gods after death. If they were too powerful for the Theocrats to enslave and devour, some became members of the Invisible College to fight Theocracy, but others became Theocrats themselves.

Theocrats as a class have ruled both the Earth and its astral plane throughout most of human history. This includes most of the medieval Popes and other religious leaders notorious for being cynical and power-hungry. It also includes many famous occult leaders, from Cagliostro down to Aleister Crowley.

The Theocrats' method of absorbing energy from other spirits affects their growth patterns, causing their astral soul to go out of balance, and eventually driving them into irrational, insane, and self-destructive behavior.

Theocrats acquire bands of enslaved spirits, containing from a couple of dozen to several thousand, with the average in the low hundreds.

The daily activities of a Fundamentalist Theocratic band organized as Heaven are similar to a church service on Earth, except that they go on perpetually.


The Theocrat in charge poses as the Lord God  Jehovah, and subordinate Theocrats pose as Christ, various Angels and Apostles, and so forth. God quotes the same Biblical passages and preaches the same sermons as preachers in the corresponding sect do on Earth, and the congregation joins in singing the same hymns.

Dead Fundamentalists in Heaven still have to confess their sins and receive divine forgiveness. Christians in Heaven are kept in a perpetual state of religious ecstasy which activates their psychic powers under the control of their Gods. This collective energy is then channeled to perform necessary functions.

Most of the activities have to do with the survival of the band and especially its dictator, recruiting new members from among the recently deceased, stealing souls from other bands, fighting to keep the Invisible College from liberating members of the band, etc.

There is "Holy Communion", but as practiced in Heaven, there is nothing more unholy. All members of a Theocratic band are offered the Host, who is a rebellious or degenerating member.

Each Theocratic band works with a corresponding group of living people, whether religious, occult, political, or of other common interests: popular music, sports, or centered on other media. Theocrats can be found hanging around almost any place where crowds gather. (Remember that the astral plane is not a "place". It is right here, but of a different density.)

Theocrats communicating telepathically to individual Christians when they pray may call themselves God or Christ or the Holy Spirit... what ever they believers expect. They also may claim to be angels or saints or devils as appropriate.

Some people who deliberately become Satanists on Earth hold positions of power in "Hell" after they die. The lower classes of Hell are composed of Christians who believed the basic mythology but had too little self-confidence to believe themselves "saved." Who goes to Heaven or Hell is mostly determined by which particular band of Theocrats gets to them as they're in the process of dying.

The Moslem, Hindu, and Buddhist mythologies are also Theocratic institutions designed to imprison souls of believers in their own forms of Heaven or Hell.

With the decline in fanatical belief in organized religion, Theocrats have devised ways to persuade atheists and agnostics to join bands organized as any type of community of spirits, such as previously-deceased relatives or friends, or some famous person they greatly admire, rock stars, politicians, movie stars, writers and scientists, even fictional characters.

"Point-of-death" experiences in which the person's silver cord is not actually broken represent a major mistake by the Theocrats because they reveal information about the afterlife that the Theocrats would like to conceal.


Sometimes, members of the Invisible College show up during the encounter to warn the person that the Theocrats are imposters who enslave and destroy souls. Although most will not remember the experience consciously, many are affected by it enough to become hostile to the Theocratic aspects of religion.

Theocratic religious sects often forbid deliberate mediumistic contact with the spirit world precisely because of this need to protect knowledge of the true nature of the afterlife.

Every single one of the ideas at the core of traditional deistic doctrine is a lie:

  • Only God (under whatever name) is good; people are basically evil and are incapable of improving themselves morally by their own efforts.

  • Only God is naturally immortal, but people can gain immortality through proper service to the Deity.

  • Human beings can receive forgiveness for their sins, and divine strength to prop up their various weaknesses, by 'Letting God into their hearts'... that is, by creating a powerful psychic bond between themselves and the deity.

The important thing to realize about this whole body of lies is that it makes people weaker and more evil than they already are, and increases their dependency on the Theocrats.


Religious Mind Control


The methodology of religious mind control is what is known to modern psychologists as "operant conditioning": altering behavior and mental programming by positive and negative reinforcement on the physical and sensory level.


But Theocrats strengthen this conditioning by transmitting ideas and emotions directly into people's subconscious minds by telepathy. And they use people's own psychic powers to control other members of the congregation.

The key to the technique is putting people into a state of consciousness best called the "religious trance" -- a mild hypnotic trance in which the conscious will is awake but passive. People in this condition are completely aware of what is going on around them, and are recording these events in their memories exactly as they would in a normal waking state. They are also capable of thinking and acting voluntarily, but can do so only within certain very definite limits without breaking out of the religious trance and assuming normal consciousness.

People enter a very similar state when they read, listen to music, watch television or a movie, listen intently to a lecture or radio broadcast, etc.


The passive state of the will is often called "identification with the sensory intake," which means accepting the sensory intake uncreatively and uncritically on both the intellectual and emotional levels. It also means agreeing with the ideas being presented and feeling the same emotions being described in the song, story, play, etc.

This is a rather light trance. If the material being presented begins to contradict the person's existing opinions or knowledge, identification breaks down. He or she assumes full normal consciousness and thinks, "I don't agree with this," or "I don't understand this," or "This is wrong."


But identification with sensory input can make people accept things they would reject if they were fully conscious, as long as the input isn't controversial or unfamiliar enough to break their concentration.

But this is just the first step in entering the religious trance state. Once the conscious will becomes passive, electrical energy within the nervous system changes slightly in character, assuming a level closer to that during sleep than that during normal wakefulness. In a person fully trained to enter the religious trance, electrical activity stabilizes at exactly the right level to allow an equal flow of energy into and out of the astral soul. This allows the "astral will" to awaken partially, and creates a direct, two-way link between the physical mind and the astral mind.


(Griffith's guide had explained that during incarnated life, a human's physical and astral mind normally alternate in being conscious, the former when "awake", and the latter when "asleep.")

This allows information to pass reasonably freely between the physical mind and the astral mind and vice versa. Also, the physical mind can receive impressions from the psychic senses of the astral soul more or less directly. This type of trance is controlled by outside sensory input into both the physical and astral minds. It is a passive state used to control and brainwash people.

When religious believers say they "feel the presence of God" at church services, they are referring to telepathic communication. Most of this intake comes from other members of the congregation; this is usually a more powerful influence than anything sent by spirits.

So there is a sort of "psychic chain reaction" that occurs, as every member of the congregation influences the emotions and thinking of every other member, like a box of matches catching fire or an atomic chain reaction. This process creates a "religious group mind."

This state of religious ecstasy generates large amounts of psychic energy. Part of that energy may be directly absorbed by any Theocratic spirits present, but most of it is diverted back into the physical mind of the members of the congregation to indoctrinate them with whatever the Theocrats want them to believe or feel or do. This is the essence of religious mind control.

In other words, a Theocratic spirit sends a telepathic message into the minds of people in such a state of religious ecstasy, and they generate powerful surges of telepathically-transmitted emotion that program them to believe and act on the messages they receive. For example, the idea "Abortion is murder" might generate powerful feelings of hate, whereas "All Christians shall be as brethren" might generate feelings of familial love among all the members of the congregation.

People being controlled by this method enjoy it more than anything else in life. It is highly addictive. Theocrats make the religious mind-control process as addictive as possible to enslave believers. The whole vicious circle of sin, guilt, and forgiveness was deliberately designed to create a cycle of addiction that is almost impossible to break.

The last thing Theocrats want is for religious believers to stop sinning. That is why they made sexual pleasure a sin. Sexual desire originates on the biochemical level and cannot be extinguished by manipulating the programming of the mind. (In this context, "mind" is defined as "The information stored in the brain, plus the software for retrieving and processing that information.")

Theocrats do not confine their activities to religion and occultism, but corrupt and control human beings through all activities that produce certain states of altered consciousness. Examples include using electronic media for passive recreational purposes -- listening to popular music over the radio or on recordings, watching televised sports events and game shows, and playing the simpler computer games.

The Theocrats know a lot more about psychology than people do. In a crude analogy with computers, it is as though people can handle data input and output, and some have enough professional skills to modify some programs slightly, but the Theocrats not only know the software far more completely, but also have much easier access to the special "command mode" used to modify it. This command mode is the telepathic chain reaction used in religious mind control.

Of course, trained human psychics also have access to it, and so do spirits in the Invisible College, but it is still extremely difficult to free people from Theocratic control. The mind of the average person is run by software designed by the Theocrats to keep people from consciously finding out they exist. they simply can't understand or believe it, because the very mental programs they use for understanding and believing things, and drawing rational conclusions from certain kinds of information, were designed by the Theocrats.

In their explanation of the Theocrats' programming techniques, Griffith's guides note that memory storage and retrieval in the human mind is a cumulative rather than an absolute process. Data has to be received repeatedly, if details are to be recorded, and should be periodically retrieved. Otherwise it will be automatically forgotten.

An organism's behavioral response to stimuli depends on the quantity and quality of reinforcement that it receives for performing that response. What was described as the "religious trance state" occurs in many different places besides religious services, enabling Theocrats to practice mind control on crowds attending sporting events, in gambling casinos, at political rallies, during musical concerts of many types, and in a number of other places.

The Invisible College used the rock concerts, peace demonstrations, "love-ins," and similar events of the Sixties for exactly the same purposes. Before that, Griffith's guides state, they used meetings of fraternal organizations, a variety of progressive political meetings, and even the circuses and carnivals that used to visit every American village and town, as the Theocrats used, and still use, touring revival meetings. Both groups practice religious mind control to reprogram people whenever they get the opportunity.

I personally was involved with an "esoteric group" which at the time of the Apollo lunar landing in 1969 was asked to inject a certain concept into the mass mind of the human race while it was distracted or in a light trance state watching the landing on television. The concept had nothing whatever to do with the landing event.


It was expressed as follows:

"Individual responsibility interacting social responsibility."

The peculiar syntax was emphatically confirmed and the reason for this is anything but obvious; no explanation was given.


This was the kind of mind control we are discussing here, and I was participating as a sort of junior or apprentice controller! This experience confirms that such activities do take place. I believe it came from the Invisible College, not Theocrats.

Griffith's guides state that even though most of the individual facts that make up the model of spiritual reality presented in this book are already available to the public, very few people are capable of assembling them into a coherent theory. This is because the mental programs they use to draw conclusions from information on spiritual subjects were deliberately designed by the Theocrats to be illogical and irrational.

Seventeen years after the book was published, I have scanned the Internet looking for any signs that the book had made an impact or is even remembered today. I found only two or three references on the Web, and to me they seemed to be from people who were completely demented. This caused me momentarily to question my own sanity!


But I decided to go with the model that the book is not that bad, and that I am probably sane.

As part of the discussion being summarized here, the book goes into a long description of how principles of positive and negative reinforcement are used to maintain people's beliefs. Rituals, for example, are of great value when they remain relatively stable. This is one of the principal reasons why Theocratic religion is socially and politically conservative or reactionary.

According to basic behaviorist theory, the book states, human personality, including the mental programs that people use to evaluate data and decide what is true and false, is conditioned into them by their physical environment. Even if you leave direct telepathic programming during religious mind control out of the picture, people still receive their programming from both their physical and social environments.


Programming from the physical environment usually favors empirical thinking, which the Invisible College strongly encourages, but that from the social environment favors acceptance of doctrine on faith.

A large part of the customs and beliefs and instinctive emotional reactions that make up this social environment were created by Theocratic religion. The further back you go into human history, the greater the percentage of people who were devout believers in Theocratic religion and were subjected to religious mind control to a significant degree throughout their lives.

In the Roman and Greek civilizations, the vast majority of the populations were devout believers in Pagan religions that practiced effective religious mind control. However, there were periodic weakening of religious belief among certain elements of the population, which allowed important occult, philosophical, political, and scientific works to be written, works based on some degree of empirical thinking.


But the Greek and Roman philosophers were just a tiny elitist group of intellectuals. The majority viewpoint then was not that of Socrates, but that of the people who condemned him to death.

The hold of Theocratic religion on most of Earth's living population did not begin to weaken until the modern era, from about the 1300s down to the present. And even today, the greater part of the population is still subject to religious mind control.


Modern civilization does program people with personality structures that resist religious mind control, but the Theocrats have been able to counter by resorting to electronic mind control.


Electronic Mind Control


In 1988, the year War in Heaven was published, Internet communications protocols included remote logins, electronic mail, bulletin board systems, newsgroups, and file transfers.


These were available to a limited community of mostly professional users. The World Wide Web as an infrastructure of universal information sharing was still several years into the future. Undoubtedly if the book were to be updated, it would take up a discussion of the role of the Web in supporting a sort of mass mind of humanity.

Griffith's guides begin the discussion of electronic mind control by noting that the technology works on two different levels, just as religious mind control does.


Recall that religious mind control works by putting people into an altered state of consciousness similar to a light hypnotic trance and how the thinking and behavior of people in such a religious trance can be influenced by what they experience through the physical senses during the service. In other words, the preacher's words can have the same effect as post-hypnotic suggestions during regular hypnosis.

Electronic mind control does exactly the same thing, and often to an even greater degree. It is also even more addictive than religious mind control. Like religious mind control, electronic mind control works on two different levels, one physical and one psychic.

The physical level can be directly observed with the physical senses and analyzed with the conscious intellect. Many researchers have described the uses of subliminals in media and how to spot them.

The psychic component of electronic or media mind control employs completely different mechanisms and one needs to be careful not to confuse them.

It is also important to distinguish between the psychic phenomena of religious mind control, which function most efficiently when the people or spirits involved are spatially close to another, as though the effect were broadcast and subject to inverse-square-law energy radiation, and a second, non-broadcast system for transmitting and receiving energies between human souls.


Reminiscent of the old Greek myth about the "Threads of Destiny" woven by the Goddesses called the Fates, threads actually exist, but they aren't woven by superhuman beings. They are "transmission lines" of astral matter connecting one soul to another, and they allow telepathic communications over greater distances and with greater power than can be accomplished by ordinary "broadcast" telepathy.

These threads are created spontaneously when astral souls come into contact with one another while generating large amounts of psychic energy. Whenever the astral mind is in the correct state of consciousness, generating these threads is as natural and automatic as the process that spiders use to leave a silk strand behind them when they travel.


Added to the material about religious mind control given in the previous section, this additional theoretical information explains how television evangelists can exert a direct psychic influence over their congregations from a distance.

The process has two possible starting points. First, people who regularly attend Christian church services dominated by the Theocrats are urged to watch certain television evangelists and to listen to designated religious radio broadcasts.


Over the years, an elaborate network of astral transmission lines has been built up to link the religious broadcasters to the clergy of Theocratic congregations all over the country, and through them, to the masses of ordinary members.

These psychic threads are put in place when radio and TV preachers are invited to hold services at church conventions, or when a group of churches hosts a large local revival meeting with a media evangelist, or someone working for one, as a guest. This method is used primarily to link the churches to the hundreds of second-rank broadcast evangelists with regional or local media followings.


The superstar evangelists who already have national followings reverse this procedure: they invite the ministers and elders of selected churches all over the country to visit their studios and become part of the in-house congregation during their broadcasts. In either case, psychic linkages are established between the media evangelist and the local churches.

Some of the more ambitious TV evangelists have also directly linked large numbers of ordinary members of Theocratic congregations - and hundreds of thousands of new converts as well - into their electronic mind control networks by periodically holding huge, live revival meetings. (They are often held in major sports stadiums, which, as will be shown shortly, is especially appropriate.)


This is why several of the major evangelists have started colleges, and why one TV ministry even built its own imitation of Disneyland.

But the media networks used by the TV evangelists are not the most important electronic mind control networks in the United States right now.


The Theocrats have another mind control network that enslaves large numbers of people who have little or no interest in organized religion. It's centered around major spectator sports, organized gambling, and the communications media that service both, and it controls more people than all the Fundamentalist churches and TV evangelists combined.


It doesn't program people's surface thinking and behavior as thoroughly as Theocratic religion does, because there's less verbal-intellectual content, but it's just as effective at programming their subconscious minds into forming instinctive opinions favorable to the goals of the Theocrats.

People don't have to be watching a sermon or listening to a hymn to receive subconscious telepathic messages from the very same spirits who control Fundamentalist religion; they only have to be in the correct state of altered consciousness (which TV and radio produces automatically in all members of the audience who haven't learned specific techniques for preventing it), and they have to have the transmission lines of astral matter implanted in the right part of their soul, linking them into the network.


(This idea of connecting lines to the right part of the soul reminds one of Carlos Castañeda's mention of "shifting the assemblage point," a location on the "luminous cocoon" of awareness where all the fibers of the universe are focused into our perception of the universe.)

So live sports events and casino gambling serve the same function in this network as church services and revival meetings do in the electronic religious mind control networks. Compulsive gambling, especially on sports events through an enormous electronic bookmaking network, plays the same role as does the cycle of sin/guilt/forgiveness in Theocratic religion.

And the Theocrats are now actively expanding this form of mind control. Many states have legalized various forms of gambling that plug people into the networks just described: state lotteries, horse racing (including off-track betting), bingo, card parlors, etc. It's no accident that gambling expands on both the in-person and media levels as the Fundamentalist churches and TV evangelism decline.


The Theocrats are shifting their attention to activities more natural to the average opinions and lifestyles of present-day Americans.

Casino gambling in Nevada is one of the most important battlefields in the war between the Theocrats and the Invisible College. Once Theocratic spirits get their control threads on people gambling in the casinos, they continue to send telepathic messages into the minds of these people whenever they watch certain television programs, especially sports events and game shows.

The Invisible College also uses the Nevada casinos but they will not give a description of what they do there. But they do mention that (as of 1988 at least) the electronic mental reprogramming networks of the Theocrats and the Invisible College have their American Headquarters in Las Vegas:

the Theocrats are mostly on the Strip and the Invisible College is mostly Downtown.

At this point they suggest that Griffith put in some advice for people who enjoy recreational gambling.


Griffith responds with the advice that people who want to gamble do it in private games with friends, or at local bingo or card clubs if such are legal where they live. These forms of gambling can still plug people into an electronic mind-control network, but they're less dangerous than the Nevada casinos. Going to Reno or Vegas or Atlantic City to gamble for fun would be like going “out on the town” in Saigon during the late Sixties.


There's a war on, and the innocent can get caught up in it as easily as the combatants.

People who disregard this advice and go to Nevada to gamble anyway can minimize the danger if they are careful to remain in a normal state of consciousness. This means: don't sample the free drinks, and above all, don't gamble for more than an hour at a time. If you get at all intoxicated or spaced out from fatigue, the Theocrats can put you into the same type of trance that people go into at religious services, and start brainwashing you.

They can also make you lose more money than you intended to risk. This now happens to the majority of people who go to the Nevada casinos just to have a good time. Electronic interstate banking, allowing cash advances on almost any credit card right in the casinos, is partly responsible for this, but the major reason is simply that the War in Heaven is hotter than ever before, and both sides are generating a lot more psychic force.

Gambling is just as addictive as alcohol or heroin. The Theocrats love to turn people into compulsive gamblers. That suits their purposes just as well as turning them into Jesus-addicts needing their weekly fix of “divine forgiveness of sins.”

The Invisible College does even more electronic mind control than the Theocrats (1988), working mostly through popular music and pop culture in general. Once people have been to a certain number of live rock concerts, whether huge ones in sports stadiums or small ones in clubs, then they are permanently linked into a media mind control network run by the Invisible College, and they receive subconscious telepathic messages every time they listen to the right kind of music on the radio or on their own stereo systems.


The song lyrics perform the same function in this process as sermons do in religious media mind control.

It's hard to hear the channeled messages in song lyrics. Most of them are subliminal unless you go to special efforts to pick them out word by word, and when you do extract them, they're written in an elaborate jargon and code. People who are part of the mind control network learn a deep instinctive understanding of this code, but few can paraphrase the content of the messages into plain English.

The Invisible College does use sports and gambling for reprogramming when they can seize control of part of the network, while the Theocrats have a large and powerful following in the popular music world.

The Invisible College has a word of advice to conscious psychics and magicians who may be hostile to all forms of involuntary mental reprogramming: they can help people learn to defend themselves consciously against it by, for example, employing “clearing” rituals, which should be widely and publicly performed.

Of course, this will also knock out “beneficial mind-control linkages” so they recommend people be prepared to create new beneficial linkages of their own. But even if this is not done, it is still more important to break the Theocratic linkages. The Invisible College would rather see people completely free of control linkages than enslaved to the Theocrats.

At this point, the discussion touched on sex and drug magic. Millions of Americans now practice relatively advanced forms of sex and drug magic without bothering to learn the intellectual knowledge traditionally associated with such practices in both the East and the West. Many such experimenters have been hurt trying this, but a large number have gotten to the point where they can channel down instructions directly from spirits.


However, because they have never bothered to learn the associated spiritual, cosmological, philosophical, and ethical systems, they are almost totally ignorant of how to identify the political faction a particular spirit belongs to on the astral plane, so their channeled information is usually a mishmash from many different sources.




The History of Theocracy


The Stages of Theocracy



Tribal Shamanism


Mass human sacrifice




Major modern religions


To be discussed later



First Stage


The chief characteristic of first-stage Theocratic religions is tribal shamanism of the type that produced the Alta Mira cave paintings thousands of years ago.


First stage theocratic religions have never entirely died out, and still exist among certain tribes of North American Indians, Africans, and Australian Aborigines. But most have been evolving into more advanced types or have been replaced with outside religions since these peoples came into contact with foreigners over the past few hundred years.

The terms "primitive" and "advanced" are from the viewpoint of the Theocrats, who judge a religious system by how well it allows them to control every phase of human thinking and behavior, especially the conscious use of the psychic powers.


(This reminds us of the term "Advanced Beings" (AB) employed by Paul Von Ward to designate beings who have the power to control the relationship with ordinary Earth humans. See the Open SETI Forum on Gods, Genes, and Consciousness.)


Actually most first-stage Theocratic religions teach extremely sophisticated and effective psychic-development systems. This is what makes them primitive - in the sense of "crude and inefficient" - from the viewpoint of the Theocrats.

The shamans who serve as clergy are conscious psychics, and their religious services are usually conducted with the entire congregation in a psychic trance. For this reason, the majority of people in these societies who learned significant psychic skills in a previous lifetime have an opportunity to develop them consciously during the present lifetime.


This is in direct contrast to the more advanced forms of Theocratic religion, which discourage conscious, independent psychic activity, and employ the religious trance rather than the psychic trance.

A religious elite composed of shamans is much harder for the Theocrats to control than one composed of clerical or secular rulers who submit to religious mind control. A shaman is much more likely to put his or her own psychic development above the telepathic commands of the Theocrats.


Also, shamanistic mythologies often contain major elements of the truth about Theocracy, and so teach people an instinctive aversion for mind control and enslavement by spirits.

Most shamanistic religions teach that some spirits eat souls.


However, the information is usually encoded in such a way that the believers, including the shamans, do not realize that the "Eaters of Souls" are their own Gods. Instead, the Eaters of Souls are said to be the Gods of enemy tribes, or spirits that are very different from human beings (such as the Windigos of various Amerind tribes), or the ghosts of human criminals and outcasts. The shamantic religions usually teach that the tribe's own Gods protect people from the Eaters of Souls.

Also, the powers of the Eaters of Souls are exaggerated. Most of the legends say they can steal the souls of living people, except those of the most powerful shamans.


And this idea hasn't died out at all. It's present in the writings of H.P. Lovecraft, in the modern Fundamentalist propaganda about demonic possession, and in the extant first-stage religions themselves. For example, the present-day Navajos still have powerful instinctive fears of witches and shape-changers, and much of their traditional religious practice is intended as a defense against these evil beings.

At this point, Griffith states that he himself feels a deep instinctive fear that maybe the Theocrats can in fact forcibly take over the minds of living people or somehow damage their souls. His guides respond by saying that he learned this from a psychic and social environment that is dominated to some extent by the Theocrats and their propaganda. But they are liars. Their control over people is indirect, exercised mostly by programming the subconscious mind.


They can't overwhelm the conscious will of any normal person, only the wills of people with seriously damaged physical or astral minds; and they can't directly harm or enslave the soul when it is incarnated.

At a certain point in the future, the Theocrats will probably become more powerful. This subject will be treated in a later part of the book. But the Invisible College states that it is nothing to be unduly alarmed about, because they are prepared to deal with it.

At any rate, first-stage Theocratic religion is far less efficient than the more advanced stages of Theocratic religion in providing nourishment for the Theocrats, because it doesn't provide much opportunity for them to enslave and devour the souls of believers after death. The souls of shamans don't allow the Theocrats to control them on the astral plane. Either they reincarnate, or they set themselves up as independent Theocrats in their own right.

The whole religious system encourages people to practice conscious psychic development techniques and to become shamans themselves if they have the necessary talent. Since the shamans enjoy political power and social prestige, there is strong motivation for psychic development, even though the training methods such primitive societies employ are usually laborious, painful, and dangerous.

As to the non-shamans in those societies, they usually can't be enslaved by the Theocrats either, because their fears of the Eaters of Souls keep them from approaching their Gods after death.


They expect to become fearful wanderers after death, and that's exactly what happens. Sometimes the Theocrats manage to catch them and persuade them to put themselves under direct telepathic hypnosis, but that's the exception rather than the rule. So the Theocrats of a primitive shamanistic religion are usually quite short-lived. Often, deceased shamans try being Theocrats for a while.


Then they have to reincarnate to keep from literally starving to death.


Second Stage


The second stage of Theocratic religion involves mass human sacrifice and usually cannibalism on a large scale as well. The Aztecs practiced it until about five hundred years ago, and some of the ancient Middle Eastern people did also, starting about five thousand years ago.

Such practices were also part of many primitive shamanistic religions. The difference is in the scale of the sacrifices and cannibalism. The second-stage Theocratic religions became possible only when human societies started to become densely populated and highly organized. Such societies built cities and had reasonably sophisticated farming techniques.


They also had large, powerful governments and highly organized armies that fought major wars.

Second-stage theocratic societies, then, were large, densely populated, totalitarian, and practiced human sacrifice on a large scale. The most important factor is deism: belief in Gods that are omnipotent or at least significantly superhuman. This separates the higher levels of Theocratic religion from primitive shamanism, which considers the Gods rather similar to earthly shamans, except that they are disembodied spirits.


Often they are simply called "the Spirits of Our Ancestors" or "The Shamans in the Spirit World."

Cannibalism was practiced only by those second-stage Theocratic societies that were short of red meat in their diet -- the Aztecs and the ancient Polynesians, for example, who didn't have many domesticated food animals.

The reason that second-stage Theocratic religion practiced mass human sacrifice was to supply the Theocrats with a constant food supply. When the victims were killed as part of a large public religious ceremony, the telepathic chain reaction generated by a congregation in the religious trance was sufficient to put the victims' astral souls into a hypnotic trance before death.


When they were suddenly and violently killed, the Theocrats were usually able to get control of the souls before they had a chance to flee. This is one of the few examples in the history of Theocracy where the Theocrats were able to seize souls by force, and they could do it only with the help of large numbers of living people.

Today's Theocrats, all of them, like to see cultists do terrible things such as performing human sacrifice, even though they don't usually get control of the soul of the sacrificial victim (because there aren't enough people present at such ceremonies to generate sufficient psychic power). They support any practice that gives occultists and others outside Theocratic religion a bad name.

Griffith asked why so much less is known about second-stage Theocratic societies and their religions than about either primitive shamanism or more advanced societies. It seemed to him that the ancient Egyptians and Hebrews were not societies with second-stage Theocratic religions.

The guides replied that both were in the third stage when they first appeared in written historical records, and archaeological evidence shows that they probably went directly from the first stage to the third, as did the Greeks and the rest of the Western Aryan peoples.


The second stage of Theocratic religion was a failed experiment from the Theocratic point of view. And from the human point of view, such societies were so repugnant that few people want to learn much about them. This is why historians have written so little about them.

And this is the reason why the Romans so utterly obliterated Carthage. The Carthaginians practiced human sacrifice. Now, the Romans did also, through most of their history: gladiatorial fights to the death and throwing people to the lions are definitely in that category. But the Roman religion was third-stage, not second-stage. Human sacrifices were only a small, atavistic detail in Roman paganism, not the main focal point of the whole religious system that they were to the Carthaginians.

The main reason that second-stage Theocratic religion has been quite rare in history is simply that it's so cruel and violent. Societies like that had to fight endless wars against their neighbors or else enslave and sacrifice a significant portion of their own population. Either way, they tended to become unstable because of the mass violence, or to be conquered by their enemies.


However, the real reason such religions were short-lived is that they couldn't compete with third- or fourth-stage Theocratic religions when they came in contact with them.


Third Stage


The third stage of Theocratic religion involves mass animal sacrifices.


Although they prefer human souls, Theocratic spirits can nourish themselves off the astral souls of lower animals to some extent. And these souls are easier to paralyze and control with religious rituals than human souls are.


However, the astral tissues of animal souls aren't very compatible with the astral souls of the Theocrats, so they are not a good food source. The main reason the third stage is considered higher than the second is simply that societies with such a religion can remain stable for long periods of time.

Third-stage Theocrats tend to be short-lived, except that they also receive some nourishment from the psychic energy generated by their worshippers, which is better for them than the animal souls alone. Even more important, most of the major third-stage religions have had some fourth-stage components as well. This was especially true of the ancient Egyptians, Hebrews, Hindus, and Western Aryan Pagans. Judaism and Vedanta eventually evolved into fully-developed fourth-stage religions. The others survived for a long time with a mixture of the two.

One of the chief characteristics of all third-stage Theocratic religions was that their practices were not much concerned with the condition of life after death. Greek and Roman mythology, for example, gave an extremely accurate description of what the afterlife was actually like for believers in those religions.


Most people simply wandered aimlessly in Hades - the astral plane - for a few years and then sank into "forgetfulness." The concept of reincarnation was known, but it was stressed only by a few elite groups comparable to modern occultists - such as the Greek and Egyptian Mystery Cults.

Religious practice in third-stage religions was concerned almost entirely with gaining the favor of the Gods during earthly life, not with life after death. The Theocrats running such religions didn't know how to enslave souls on the astral plane, so they ignored them.


Instead, they programmed living people to send them the souls of sacrificed animals, and to broadcast psychic energy during orgiastic rituals.


Fourth Stage


The fourth stage of Theocratic religion is the one represented by all the major modern religions.


Its most important characteristic is that the Theocrats use religious mind control to delude souls into deliberately putting themselves under Theocratic control after death, thinking they are entering "eternal bliss in Heaven" or "union with the Godhead."

The nature of fourth-stage Theocratic religions has already been adequately discussed.




Gods, Genes, and Consciousness

by Paul Von Ward

Hampton Roads, 2004


Stages of Theocracy vs. Stages of Religion



War in Heaven

Gods, Genes, and Consciousness


Tribal Shamanism



Mass human sacrifice

ABs appear.
Magical explanations



ABs empower kings and priests.
ABs depart.
Kings and priests claim divine rights.


Major modern religions

Supernatural religions


To be discussed later




I cannot leave this topic without drawing a comparison with the stages of religion as outlined by Paul Von Ward in Gods, Genes, and Consciousness.


Note that "religion" does not equate with "Theocracy" as defined in War in Heaven.

  • The Theocracy is a particular group of beings and a power structure. It is largely non-physical.

  • Religion is a social activity, seemingly organized by humans in response to a sensed divinity (in the case of modern religions), but putatively fostered and controlled by the Theocracy.

Von Ward's information is derived from a liberal analysis of historical and archaeological data.


From his sources, he constructs a model of intervention into a preexisting naturalistic human culture. The model of Griffith's presentation is derived from non-physical players who can view the Theocrats on their level of being and action. The stages described by Griffith are as they are seen from the inside, as it were, and in terms of the needs and aims of the Theocracy, for whom the Gods of religions are fictionalized stand-ins.

A crucial difference between the two scenarios is in the nature of the ABs (Advanced Beings). Griffith's Theocrats would definitely qualify as belonging to the class of Von Ward's ABs, but they did not come swooping down onto a humanity in its naturalistic state, as Von Ward suggests.


Rather, in the War in Heaven scenario, they were already present at that stage. How the Theocracy arrived or originated is not explained at this point in the book; it is very clearly dealt with in later chapters.

There is a second apparent difference suggested by the table above: the nature of the second stage. Actually this is somewhat spurious.


Von Ward would probably not equate the practice of human sacrifice and cannibalism with the magical stage of religion, though he would likely agree that it did take place.




The Invisible College (2)


Note: The dialogs between Kyle Griffith and his guides from the Invisible College, as quoted or characterized in this section of the notes and throughout the book, may give the impression that English is the common language used between astral entities. Of course this cannot be true, and even the status of language as we know it would be dubious.

Indeed, Griffith clarifies this issue in a private communication:

"...neither the mind contained in the embodied astral soul nor the astral minds of disembodied spirits use English or any other human language. Instead, they use entirely different “pre-verbal” symbols to encode information. The speech center in the physical mind then translates these into ordinary human language."


The name “Invisible College” is just a collective term in common use on the astral plane to describe all disembodied spirits who are not members of Theocratic bands and are not merely lost souls wandering around helpless because they can't function effectively in the spirit world.


A synonym in wide use is “free spirits,” which contains a play on words because “free” is used in two senses at once. It means “free of Theocratic control” simultaneously with “free to move around the astral plane at will and communicate telepathically with other spirits.”

There are three main groups of spirits in the Invisible College: enlightened ones, magicians, and space people.


Enlightened Ones


Most of these spirits were highly advanced in spiritual knowledge and the use of their psychic powers during life, but they were also devout believers in some sect of the Eastern religious system that includes Vedanta and Buddhism.


They were wise enough to refuse to join the Theocratic bands associated with their particular sect after death, because they could psychically perceive the enslavement and exploitation going on in the various Heavens.


(Few of the Western occultists who have called themselves “Illuminati” or some other synonym of “enlightened ones” join this group after physical death; most become magicians or Theocrats.)

The enlightened ones could be very useful to the cause of the Invisible College, but few of them are willing to stay on the astral plane and help actively fight Theocracy. They believe that the Theocratic perversions of Heaven they observe there, are illusions, and that perceiving such illusions proves that they are not yet advanced enough to liberate themselves from the cycle of rebirth.


So they go back and live another earthly life, always hoping that the next time they die they will be worthy to enter the true Heaven. They consider the War in Heaven an illusion and run away from it, back into earthly existence, which they also consider illusory.

The idea that much of the universe is “maya” or illusion is just Theocratic propaganda, and the refusal of the enlightened ones to help in the war against Theocracy is a perfect example of how effective it is. Physical life on Earth is no illusion, nor is existence as a disembodied spirit on the astral plane. What's illusory is the claim of the Theocrats to be the Gods of various religions, and the lie that their Heavens offer the human soul eternal life.

What happens to saints in the Judeo-Christian religions after death?


Most become Theocrats if they are devout members of Theocratic churches during life. However, some people who claimed to work miracles through faith in religious doctrine have become magician spirits after death. They were really occultists whose faith was merely a sham to allow them to work within the religious establishment.

However, even some believers in the Western religious systems whose psychic powers are highly developed are still quite vulnerable to being enslaved by the Theocrats after death, whereas similar people in the East often remain free of Theocratic control and go on incarnating. This is because the Eastern religions teach belief in reincarnation as part of their official doctrine.

The political structure of Judeo-Christian Theocracy on the astral plane is complex. The Theocrats in charge of bands force many advanced souls within these religions to reincarnate, because such spirits don't make very good subordinate Theocrats but are too valuable to the religion as a whole to kill.

The average Theocratic spirit that has been described so far realizes that religious doctrine and mythology are lies and is cynically seeking immortality and political power. The enlightened ones, although they possess a high degree of spiritual knowledge and psychic development, still actually believe in the doctrine. Therefore, if they joined a Theocratic band and observed first-hand how it operates, they might rebel. Because of this, the leaders of Theocratic bands usually persuade such spirits to return to Earth to further the interests of the religion.

The Christian Bible contains references to this: the passages in which various people ask Jesus if he is Elias or some other Hebrew prophet returned to Earth. Liberal Christians often use passages of this type as Scriptural authority to support reincarnation, which, of course, they are.

Although Jesus denied that he was the reincarnation of any of the Hebrew prophets, this was just a simple “No” to the specific questions. He had a perfect opportunity to make a definitive statement denying the existence of reincarnation, and he didn't take it. This suggests that the author of the passage was an enemy of Theocracy and knew elements of “the Great Secret” - that is, everything this book is saying.

Getting back to the point, the Theocrats persuade many of the saints in western fourth-stage Theocratic religion to reincarnate. Often they become charismatic preachers who win large numbers of new converts, or religious leaders who increase the power of churches over the whole of society.


In the process, they may become so corrupted by earthly power that they eventually become Theocrats.




This is the second major group in the Invisible College.


The term “magician” is used very loosely to refer to people who made effective conscious use of their psychic powers while alive, and did not voluntarily join a Theocratic band after death. It is a very diverse group, and the spirits that compose it belonged to many different cultures and social classes during life.

Many magician spirits belonged to the Spiritualists, Theosophists, Rosicrucians, or other well-known Western occult groups during life. Others belonged to occult groups that are usually labeled as Pagan religions, such as Witchcraft, Voodoo, Santeria, etc. Still others had been commercial fortune-tellers or psychic healers.


(Many of the magicians in this last category considered themselves Christians and performed their psychic activities “in the name of Christ.” However, the Theocratic churches were afraid of their conscious psychic activities and banned them from membership, so they kept their freedom after death.)

In the East, many martial-arts experts, Yogis, Tantrists, Zen Masters, Sufis, etc., become magician spirits after death, as do people who make their living doing divination or practicing psychic healing. The shamans of the surviving first-stage religions also often join the magician spirits when they die.

These spirits all had wide practical experience with the operational use of their psychic powers when they were alive. (This includes some people who had possessed highly-developed psychic powers during life but were never consciously aware of them.) The average magician had definite religious beliefs during life, but these were not strong enough to compel joining a Theocratic band after death.


Magicians, living or disembodied, tend to be practical people, not mystics or “true believers.”

Most of the spirit guides who assist occultists all over the world in obtaining spiritual knowledge and in learning conscious control of their psychic powers are magicians. The Theocrats are seriously frightened of the work these spirits do, which explains why Fundamentalist propaganda contains such stern warnings against contacting them.

This accounts for the propaganda against Ouija boards and other aids that help people achieve independent, consciously-controlled contact with disembodied spirits. The warnings about demonic possession through engaging in mediumistic workings are especially ironic, as the spirit-contact that Fundamentalists achieve at services using religious mind control are much closer to the descriptions of “possession” than what happens to occultists when they hold mediumistic conversations with spirits.

But passing information to people with conscious mediumistic powers is one of the less important things magicians, do, because there aren't very many conscious spirit mediums. However, the magician spirits can communicate telepathically with a much larger segment of the living population on a strictly subconscious level, and do so very frequently.


Such spirits are responsible for many experiences that people call prophetic dreams, flashes of insight, hunches, intuition, instinctive knowledge, etc. However, some of the experiences assigned these names are entirely the product of the person's own subconscious imagination or psychic powers. There's usually no way to tell the difference.

Griffith brings up a point that worries him and he believes may worry some readers: he doesn't like the idea that a spirit or another person can plant in his mind an idea that he will consider the product of his own memory or creative powers.


This, he says, is an invasion of his privacy and of his right to make decisions for himself. It is a matter of ethics.

The response:

“Would you rather be drafted into the army to fight against beings as evil as Hitler, or to fight on their side?”

Most Earth people simply don't have the psychic strength of spiritual knowledge to remain neutral in the war between the Theocrats and the Invisible College.


If the Invisible College doesn't manipulate them subconsciously, then the Theocrats will do so anyway. Their own code of ethics applies the principle of “greatest good.” An individual manipulated by both sides is better off than if he or she were influenced by the Theocrats alone.

As to “informed consent,” this book and hundreds of similar attempts to communicate the same information are intended to provide the general public with the information they need to make a choice. They call this “making a personal breakthrough in spiritual consciousness.” They want people to learn enough about how mind control operates to avoid situations that expose them to it.

Even now, when very few people are consciously aware of the nature of Theocracy and the forces opposing it, the Invisible College thinks their methods are still more ethical than those of the Theocrats and their religions. Brainwashing people with religious mind control is the Theocrats' strategy of first choice, whereas the Invisible College employs such methods very sparingly.

When they work with people who are consciously learning occultism, they try to inform them about exactly what is going on as well as they can. The more spiritual information people learn and the stronger their conscious psychic powers become, the more they are able to avoid subconscious telepathic mind control by either side in the War in Heaven.


For example, Griffith himself seems to be quite capable of questioning them on ethical matters and making his own value judgments about what he receives in the process of writing this book.

Getting back to the description of what the magician spirits in the Invisible College do: Placing information about Theocracy in the minds of living people is only their second most important job. The principal service they perform for the human race is assisting other souls in reincarnating.

It's an old Spiritualist tradition that mediums and their spirit guides offer help to the souls of the recently deceased who seem in distress. Unfortunately, the traditional Spiritualists and those of their spirit guides who held similar beliefs during life do harm as often as good when they attempt to aid lost souls, because most of them lack even the most rudimentary knowledge about Theocracy.


Instead of attempting to help such spirits reincarnate, they talk about such lost souls being “Earthbound”, and they try to assist the distressed spirits to enter the “higher astral.”

But the whole astral plane is in direct contact with the Earth, and the only parts of it that give the illusion of not being closely linked to Earth are those under the control of the Theocrats.


All too often, when Spiritualists and similar occultists assist souls in “entering the higher astral,” they are actually sending them straight into the control of some band of Theocrats, to be enslaved and devoured. That is because the majority of Spiritualists and the magician spirits that serve as their spirit guides are too friendly to deistic religion and too ignorant of the realities of life on the astral plane.


This is beginning to change now, but it's still a major problem.

In many cases, people who had read a lot of occult literature during life put up more resistance to understanding the true nature of Theocracy than atheists, agnostics, and even some believers in orthodox religion. It's actually easier to show religious people that their Gods are impostors than it is to show occultists that there are no “planes higher than the astral.”


The beliefs of the former are easier to refute because they are simple and clear-cut. The delusions of occultists are more complex and sophisticated.


Many of them tell us,

“OK, so some Heavens are really Hells of psychic vampirism. I'm going to keep looking until I find one that's not.”

Unfortunately, there are Theocratic bands specifically designed to entrap spirits like this, bands run by Theocrats who were occultists themselves during life.

Griffith observes that the Invisible College faces the same problems in dealing with people on the astral plane as he has in getting people on Earth to accept the information described in this book.


There are thousands of years of false knowledge to overcome, and virtually every body of available spiritual information is heavily corrupted with Theocratic propaganda. It strikes him as miraculous that the Invisible College was able to start teaching such knowledge widely, both on the astral plane and on Earth.


He asks how this was done.


Space People


Griffith's guides state that about seven hundred years ago, scientists from their world established two-way contact with spirits on Earth's astral plane.


Accidents in interstellar transportation had already marooned quite a few extraterrestrial spirits on Earth, but they were not capable of communicating with the societies they'd come from.


(Ironically, psychic machines capable of establishing such communication existed on Earth's astral plane, but none of the spirits who came here by accident possessed the specialized skills for using them.)

Of course, such spirits were forced to reincarnate periodically, and every time they did so, they lost a portion of their original memories. This meant that Earth people remained ignorant of the basic facts about spiritual reality, including the true nature of the Theocratic spirits who claim to be Gods. There were always a few spirits around who knew the truth, but they were seldom able to communicate more than hints of it to others before they lost the memory of who they were and where they came from.

The two-way contact roughly coincided with the beginnings of modern Western civilization.


There are numerous passages in occult literature from the late Middle Ages on about telepathic conversations between mediums and spirit entities who resemble modern UFO-contactee descriptions of space people much more than they do the traditional angels, demons, or spirits of deceased Earth people.


Several of these accounts include what appears to be advanced information about physics, astronomy, and other sciences – and is exactly that. The accounts that have survived are just a small part of the whole.

As soon as this contact was established, spirits from advanced civilizations started coming to Earth deliberately to attempt to build an advanced civilization here. The fight against Theocracy is a necessary negative step that has to be taken before the real goal is accomplished, which is to make the Earth a fit place for human beings to live.

The guides acknowledge that both traditional occult literature and modern UFO-contactee stories lack sufficient detail to make them credible. Usually, they're just full of truisms and banalities.


They say that it's taken centuries to prepare people even to think about what life in a truly advanced society would be like. The process has to be done gradually, over a long period of time, and most of it has been done on the level of action, not that of intellectual theory.

As to why the spirits from advanced civilizations couldn't take some kind of direct action against the Theocrats right at the beginning, it simply wasn't possible. The space people don't come here physically, but as naked spirits transmitted across vast distances. We come with a certain amount of knowledge, a small part of which we can communicate directly to Earth people, and with psychic powers that are highly trained but not especially powerful in terms of force. The average Theocratic spirit is actually “stronger” than one of us in terms of sheer ability to radiate psychic energy as a disembodied spirit.

The reason is that a normal spirit can transmit only limited amounts of astral energy through the psychic powers – less than that which can be radiated by the psychic powers of a similar spirit incarnated in a physical body. But Theocratic spirits are not bound by this limitation, because they don't keep their astral soul in a normal condition.


Instead, they absorb energy from other spirits and grow as much as they can. Abnormal growth gives them access to more internal astral energy and hence stronger psychic powers than a normal spirit possesses.

So they have been forced to use finesse rather than brute strength in fighting the Theocrats, and also have been forced to enlist the aid of living people in many different ways.

But couldn't they have used those psychic machines that were here?


Not until the present because the process requires large amounts of astral energy. One of the reasons for assisting us in building a physical technology is so that they could tap some of the psychic energy raised by the electronic mind-control networks and use it to repair and run psychic machines constructed of astral matter.


They could have done it previously only by using the methods employed by second-stage Theocratic religion: mass human sacrifices and mass destruction of human souls.


This is far beyond the limits to which they will stretch their ethics.


It is a means that no end will justify.

Satan and Buddha


The whole mythology of Satan and the Rebellion of the Angels was the creation of spirits fighting Theocracy long ago, and the original teachings of the Buddha contain similar elements.

Does using terms like “Satan” invite accusations of being “devil-worshippers?”


They respond that they have good reason to use terms that encourage people to take a closer look at the Biblical myths about Satan.


But the Invisible College rejects "worship" as the term is usually defined:

"Absolute, unquestioning belief in and obedience to a spiritual being or a body of doctrine."

Individual sovereignty is the most fundamental postulate of the philosophy of the Invisible College.


Each person must assume full responsibility for making value judgments on ethical and political matters. The Invisible College never advocates absolute obedience to ANY authority, even their own. They urge people to resist orders from leaders if they disagree with them, and to use laws, customs, and ideologies only as guides for making their own decisions on specific issues. Assuming personal responsibility for running their own lives makes people wiser and stronger.


Unquestioning obedience to orders or fixed doctrine only makes them increasingly dependent and powerless.

The concepts that Satan is a "God of Evil" who demands the same kind of worship as Jehovah or other Theocratic conceptions of deity, and that he tempts people to do exactly the reverse of all the individual ethical principles in the Judeo-Christian moral code, are both Theocratic propaganda incorporated into religious doctrine to keep people from understanding the Invisible College's original and constructive purpose in creating the myth about Satan and getting it incorporated into the Bible.

Satan has a much more favorable image in literature and folk tradition in all the Judeo-Christian cultures than you'd expect him to have if he was really the archetype of reversed Biblical morality that religious doctrine claims he is.

Look at all the folk tales in which the Devil simply opposes the puritanical, "blue-nose" aspects of Christian morality that say that sex and other sensual pleasures are intrinsically evil. The Invisible College has already pointed out the role these puritanical doctrines play in the religious mind-control process.

The Theocrats want religious believers to feel guilty every time they feel sexual desire or enjoy any "pleasures of the flesh." The guilt literally addicts them to attending church services that subject them to religious mind control. When the Devil of folk tradition says that sensual pleasure is not immoral in itself, then he is actually advocating an ethical code superior to the Judeo-Christian one.

In ancient Hebrew, the word satan simply meant “adversary” or “enemy.” The Invisible College communicated the myth about the temptation of Adam and Eve by the serpent to some of the prophets who wrote the Old Testament just to ensure that people who read Judeo-Christian scripture would realize that Jehovah has enemies.


They also claim responsibility for other elements of that myth: that disobeying Jehovah by eating the forbidden fruit enabled human beings to discern good from evil, and that there was another secret, that of the Tree of Life that would give people eternal life without involvement with Jehovah or other Theocrats.

The material in the Book of Genesis, even though it pertains to the Creation and the earliest history of the Hebrews and the Jewish religion, was mostly dictated to Jewish prophets after the Exodus. Judaism started to adopt important elements of fourth-stage Theocratic religion during the Egyptian Captivity, not long after Akhenaton tried to change Egyptian Paganism into a fourth-stage religion and failed. Fourth-stage Theocratic religions all have a creation myth that includes the concept of Original Sin.

Even though first-century Judaism practiced animal sacrifices at the Temple in Jerusalem, Judaism was almost entirely into the fourth stage when Christianity broke away from it.


It started becoming a fourth-stage religion at the time of Moses, though the process was gradual rather than sudden.


Survival of limited amounts of animal sacrifice was just an atavism. The core of Jewish doctrine from the time of Moses down to the present has been that Jehovah is both an angry, judgmental deity who condemns people for Original Sin, and a loving God who forgives their sins after various acts of faith and ritual atonement.


All the Christians did was assign separate names to these two different aspects of the one deity:

Jehovah, or God the Father, to the judgmental aspect, and Jesus, or God the Son, to the forgiving aspect.

As to the origin of the concepts of Satan and the War in Heaven...

First of all, a fourth-stage Theocratic religion has no need for a God of evil to tempt people into sin: the concept of Original Sin itself makes any sort of Devil superfluous. However, if such a concept survives as an atavism from an earlier stage of the religion's development, it does no harm, any more than did the token sacrifices of doves by the Jews at Jerusalem, as described in the New Testament.

Judaism had originally been a polytheistic religion. Most of the angels with names ending “iel” had originally been “God of ..."; for example, "Barakiel - God of Lightning."


Therefore Judaism already had a concept of "Satan" similar to the "adversary" or "trickster" Gods in other third-stage religions. It was quite natural to incorporate Satan into the creation myth to tempt people into Original Sin.

Griffith asks,

“Was the Hebrew Pagan deity Satan originally a God in serpentine form like Damballa and some of the other African trickster deities?”

Possibly. We really don't know.


What we're telling you here is mostly derived from our knowledge of modern religious and occult works, supplemented to some extent by rumors that have circulated on the astral plane for thousands of years.


We have no exact historical details on any of this, just educated guesses. However, the choice of a serpent image for the deity that tempted people into disobeying Jehovah is obvious if you realize that it was enemies of Theocracy who dictated the myth in the form in which we know it.

The serpent was intended as a symbol of reincarnation, because snakes shed their skins, leaving behind a casting that resembles a dead snake to a casual glance, while the animal crawls on about its business with a shiny, new, young-looking skin.


The Theocrats who called themselves "Jehovah" did not want people to believe in reincarnation, even though the fourth-stage religious concept of "dwelling in the House of the Lord forever" was probably not known to the Jews at the time the creation myth was first dictated.

Griffith asks if the concept of reincarnation was known to the Jews at that time.

As we said before, we have no exact historical knowledge of the time, just age-old rumor and inference from literature on Earth. However, our best guess is that every human culture throughout history and back into prehistory has had at least rudimentary knowledge of reincarnation.


There are references to it in literature from every culture we know about, including those in the ancient Near East contemporary with the people who wrote Genesis, so we assume the concept was known to them. More important, a small number of people in every culture have always possessed enough conscious past-life memories to re-establish rumors about reincarnation even if a Theocratic religion has managed to suppress them.

Here Griffith asks who was opposing Theocracy at the time of Moses, or whenever the myth concerning Adam and Eve and the serpent was written, if the Invisible College has been in existence for only a few centuries.

Exact names for the forces opposing Theocracy are actually arbitrary and unimportant.


We prefer to reserve the term "Invisible College" to refer to the highly organized opposition to Theocracy that started when large numbers of spirits from advanced extraterrestrial civilizations started coming to Earth voluntarily about six or seven hundred years ago.


However, small numbers of such spirits have been accidentally transported to Earth's astral plane throughout history and far back into prehistoric times, and many of them have tried to fight Theocracy as best they could. One spirit with advanced knowledge could have been responsible for the creation myth we're describing here.

The process by which the Theocrats dictate "holy writ" to religious believers is, like that used for this book, some form of automatic writing or other mediumistic reception of data from spirits on the astral plane. The only difference is that the spirits involved are Theocrats instead of members of the Invisible College.

Since it is extremely difficult for the mediums themselves to tell exactly who in the spirit world is dictating to them at a given time, Griffith's guides always review everything he receives from them several times and leave him to be the final judge as to whether what he has received is really from them or is Theocratic deception.

Griffith realizes that he has to be responsible for that, to ensure that what he receives is internally consistent and agrees with his own rational judgment based on the evidence available in his memory.

The Invisible College finds it easier to send anti-Theocratic messages to the prophets of Theocratic religions, who don't normally question divine revelations, than it is for Theocrats to deceive conscious “Spiritual Revolutionaries” (a term Griffith and the Invisible College were promoting when this book was published).

This is exactly what happened with the myth about the serpent and the Fall. A spirit hostile to Theocracy managed to dictate the story to one of the Hebrew prophets, and somehow it survived long enough in folk tradition to be written into the Old Testament. And the Invisible College is glad it did, because it reveals some important spiritual truths to anyone capable of understanding them.

One is that Jehovah has an enemy who communicates with people and urges them to rebel. Another is that these messages of rebellion are involved with ethics and morality.


Jehovah says,

"Right and wrong are only what I tell you they are, and they are absolute values that never vary."

Satan, on the other hand, says,

"Use your intellect to determine what is right and wrong in a given situation, because such value judgments are highly dependent on the environment you're in at a given time."

Since the latter statement is rational and the former irrational, people are put into conflict with Theocratic religious doctrine every time they use their intellect to make rational value judgments.

The doctrines of organized religions have to be accepted on faith because they are not rational. This religious myth is one of the reasons why.


The Theocrats don't want people to become consciously aware of the basically illogical nature of absolute moral doctrine, but there is nothing they can do about it. The more highly developed a person's rational intellect, the less likely he or she is to accept religious doctrine on "blind faith."

The serpent myth is only a minor detail in Judeo-Christian mythology, but it has been very important over the centuries in the fight against Theocracy. And it's also obvious why the Judeo-Christian Theocrats countered it with further mythology about Satan as the Father of Lies who goes around telling people it's good to kill and steal and otherwise do the opposite of the religious moral code.

The Theocrats tried to obscure the information about using the intellect to make ethical decisions on a rational basis. They added many extraneous details to the mythology about Satan. For example, they included the idea that telepathy, mediumship, and other human psychic powers are either "works of God" or "works of the Devil." This allows them to forbid religious believers to communicate with spirits hostile to Theocracy without revealing various facts about spiritual reality that the Theocrats wish to conceal.

And then there's all the propaganda about demonic possession. As was discussed earlier, the irony of the whole concept of "possession" is that the Theocrats themselves practice something rather similar to it when they program people into becoming willing slaves through religious mind control.

The important thing to remember whenever possession is mentioned is simply this: no spirit, Theocrat or otherwise, can actually force living people to do things contrary to their conscious will and their customary ideas of right and wrong. Even religious mind control can only reprogram a person's opinions and beliefs one small step at a time: it's a slow, gradual process, not a sudden, dramatic takeover.


It's very important for the reader to realize this.

However, even gradual reprogramming can produce some extremely evil and violent people if it continues over a whole lifetime. There are plenty of people in this country right now who are emotionally and morally capable of "killing a Commie for Christ" or acting on the literal meaning of the Biblical passage, "Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live."


However, this has nothing to do with the sudden, violent "possession by evil spirits" that Fundamentalist propaganda spreads around so freely, and that many serious occultists also accept.


That, fortunately, is a myth.

The Tree of Life

As the serpent myth represents the concept that people have the right to determine good and evil for themselves through the free exercise of the conscious intellect, the Tree of Life represents certain essential details of the breakthrough information - the concepts that people can only achieve immortality through reincarnation and that the "eternal life in heaven" offered by deities is a delusion.


However, you must remember that the Tree of Life is mentioned only so the Theocrats can gloat that they prevented people from gaining this knowledge. The secret referred to in this passage is not just immortality, but the complete knowledge that Theocratic spirits have about the nature of the soul, reincarnation, psychic powers, etc.


Apparently the spirit who dictated these passages tried to communicate the whole breakthrough and failed.


The beginning of Buddhism is a similar case in which enemies of Theocracy tried to help people make the breakthrough but didn't quite succeed.


After the Buddha achieved enlightenment, he made some statements that seemed self-contradictory, at least on the surface. He attributed his spiritual progress to his own efforts, not to a "gift" from omnipotent deities. He also stated in so many words that ordinary people could achieve enlightenment through practicing the proper psychic development techniques.


But at the same time, his statements about reincarnation appeared paradoxical. He said that achieving enlightenment meant that he no longer needed to reincarnate, but he also said that he would continue to do so to help other people achieve enlightenment.

The Invisible College guides attempt to explain this.


They state that what the Buddha called his enlightenment is actually a version of the breakthrough – that is, he became consciously aware of exactly what the Vedantic Gods really are and how they operate. But the words in which his followers wrote down his knowledge are somewhat confusing.

They understood the most important part of his message quite clearly: the path to enlightenment is the disciplined practice of various psychic development techniques. Notice too that the Buddha himself didn't limit his followers in which specific techniques they used, because part of his knowledge must have been that different techniques work better for a given individual than others.


He was quite vague on this, and Buddhists ever since have practiced a wide variety of techniques drawn from Yoga, Tantra, and other sources within Vedanta.

However, the basic teachings of Buddha are anti-deistic whereas those of Vedanta were highly deistic.


Many modern Buddhists believe that if they personally achieve enlightenment, their souls will merge with the soul of Buddha into Nirvana, a "state of blissful nothingness." Vedantic doctrine in the time of the Buddha already taught that enlightened souls would merge with Brahma or some other God. This doctrine was grafted onto the Buddha's teachings after his death, when Buddhism was taken over by the Vedantic Theocrats.

Buddhism was originally founded to fight Theocracy, as were Gnosticism and some forms of early Christianity.


The Buddha implied by his own example that the enlightened were capable of transcending reincarnation but deliberately chose not to do so in order to be of service to the human race. The Buddha realized he could become a Theocrat and remain on the astral plane indefinitely, but he refused to do so for ethical reasons.


This interpretation of the early Buddhist teaching is possible for people who have already made the breakthrough from some other source, but it is not stated clearly enough in the writings themselves to make finding and understanding it very easy.

Even though he founded a major religion, the enlightenment the Buddha achieved was still only a partial breakthrough. Much of what he learned from the Invisible College was on a subconscious level; it is reflected indirectly in his various teachings and practices as described by his followers after his death when they wrote the early literature, but much of it never came out in so many words in his actual teachings.

He didn't actually say that the Vedantic Gods are evil beings who eat souls, or that enlightened souls need to reincarnate for their own good as well as that of living people. This vital information is implied, but never directly stated.


For example, the Buddha did teach that animal sacrifices and "austere practices" - by which he meant self-torture, starvation, etc. - are not mandatory for one to achieve enlightenment; but he didn't antagonize the Vedantic majority around him, or their Gods, by saying that "The Gods are evil." However, after his death, the legends portrayed the Vedantic Gods as "worshipping" the enlightened Buddha, implying at the least that they had no power over him.

It is also important to remember that the Buddha was preaching to an audience with far different religious beliefs from those of modern Westerners, or of modern Buddhists, for that matter.


The Vedanta of his time was a third-stage Pagan religion based on large-scale animal sacrifice and orgiastic rituals, but its doctrine also included many atavistic myths surviving from the first stage. As well as being the priests of third-stage Vedanta, the Brahmins also functioned as first-stage shamans who insured that various spiritual beings were "fed" to keep them from eating human souls after death.


Direct references to the Gods as "Eaters of Souls" occur in Vedantic hymns used in the Soma ritual.

Griffith observes that most of the Buddha's actual sermons or lectures seemed to be on ethics, similar to the Vedantic ethics of the culture he lived in, which contained many inconsistencies.


The guides reply that he preached a version of the Vedantic ethical code and religious customs stripped of some of the worst self-contradictions, like the concept of non-violence co-existing with animal sacrifice and with various forms of violence against oneself in the name of religious practice.


However, it is easy to misunderstand what he was actually doing, which was to separate ethics from the process of achieving enlightenment.

In other words, says Griffith, he said living ethically was important, but not directly related to the psychic development that causes enlightenment. Again, this interpretation is possible from reading the Buddhist literature, but the point is not made clearly enough for most people to understand it.


Certainly most modern Buddhists don't.

Modern Buddhism, except for a few occult groups associated with it, is a Theocratic religion. Buddhists feel that their ethical conduct as well as their psychic development practices will earn them enlightenment by pleasing various incarnations of the Buddha, all of which are imagined to co-exist as Gods similar to the Vedantic Gods.


This is not what Buddha taught at all.


Certain Zen masters, whom I class with the occult minority within Buddhism, have said things like, "There are no Gods, there are no Buddhas.”

When they do this, they are fighting against the tendency of the majority of Buddhists to worship the Buddha as a God, instead of seeking enlightenment through their own efforts and practicing ethical conduct for humanistic reasons - to serve their own interests and that of other people - instead of to earn divine favor.


Zen masters have even told students who were drifting into deism,

"Contemplate the Buddha as a piece of dried shit."

This anti-deistic, anti-Theocratic teaching is even more evident in the doctrines of some of the Eastern occult secret societies involved with the martial arts.


These secret societies have often worked under the direction of the Invisible College to fight against the control of both religion and politics in China and Japan by the Theocrats.


That's why they sometimes tell initiates, "We are devils," because they are literally fighting against the "Gods," in the sense of fighting deism and defending the idea that people can achieve enlightenment through their own efforts.


However, you have to be careful when you read about secret societies of this type, because many of them have fought for the Theocrats at one time and against them at other times, depending on the personalities and beliefs of the members.

The Age of Reason

In this War in Heaven text, The Age of Reason refers to the work of the Invisible College in the old Masonic and Rosicrucian lodges several hundred years ago, when these organizations had so much influence over the development of modern civilization.

They wanted initiates on the lower levels to be reprogrammed to accept what's now called the "Philosophy of the Age of Enlightenment." [It's unclear if this is meant to be synonymous with "Age of Reason."]


This included the form of political liberalism sketched out in the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights, support of capitalism and industrial technology, a progressive attitude towards innovation in science and the arts, reliance on rational pragmatic decision-making over dependence on tradition, and a general attitude toward life that was constructive, optimistic, and tolerant.


The Invisible College realized it wasn't possible to turn most of those people into high-level psychics or magicians or to teach them much about the true nature of Theocracy; they just wanted to turn them into what would be defined in the United States today as “good average citizens".

Two types of consciousness-raising programs were used within the lodges:

  • one trained initiates in the lower degrees to become rational atheists and political liberals;

  • the other, more advanced, program, taught high-level occult knowledge and conscious control over the psychic powers.

The first of these programs always had many more members than the second. Initiates who learned to accept the Masonic philosophy often became immune to falling into a religious trance during the rituals. This is an example of the difference between the way the Invisible College reprograms people's minds and the way the Theocrats do.


The Invisible College continually plants information in the subconscious that says,

"Think for yourself. Don't accept anything without evidence. Do what you feel is best under the circumstances rather then just accepting what someone tells you.


You can become a better person if you only learn how to do so. Judge yourself realistically: you are neither a self-righteous saint nor a miserable sinner, but simply an ordinary human being with free will and control over your own destiny."

This is almost the opposite of the Theocrats' programming that takes place during Fundamentalist Christian services. They want worshippers to say "Thy will be done," and submit completely to the telepathic influences they receive, as well as to obey religious doctrine to the letter.

The method of the Invisible College tends eventually to liberate initiates from the influence of religious mind control: the more people are affected by the reprogramming process, the less motivation they have to enter the religious trance, which involves voluntarily allowing the conscious will to lose control.

The more people become accustomed to making decisions rationally and forming an accurate appraisal of their self-worth, the less likely they are to fall into a religious trance during rituals.


When individuals in one of the old lodges reached this stage of being in a normal state of consciousness during the rituals most of the time, they automatically progressed to one of the "higher" degrees and assumed one of the numerous positions of subordinate leadership. Initiates on this level were expected to study the lodge's traditions, mythology, and doctrine intensely on a strictly intellectual level. This wasn't done at rituals that employed the religious trance, but through ordinary reading and tutorial study, exactly as if the initiates were learning history or mathematics.

This is the level that tried to replace Christian faith with "worship of the Goddess of Reason," and then went into a philosophy that would be called "scientific materialism" and "rational humanism" today.


This middle level of initiation was intended to produce a personality type similar to one very common in American society today -- the millions of people who are not very much interested in spiritual matters of any kind, but are chiefly concerned with their personal survival and happiness here on Earth.


Some of them call themselves atheists or agnostics, but just as many profess nominal belief in Christianity or some other religious or occult system. However, regardless of what they say they believe, spirituality has very little emotional impact on their daily life. People like this are still either a slight majority or a very large minority in American society.

When they started this process several centuries ago, the influence of Theocratic religion was still so strong that it was easier to turn people into atheists or agnostics than to teach them directly about spiritual reality.


People were taught to relate positively to the material world, and to the advanced civilization that was beginning to develop around them, as more than just "a vale of tears to pass through on the way to Heaven."


The Invisible College wanted the relationship between people and their earthly environment to become more important than their relationship with "God" and religion. The Invisible College had to proceed step by step, using the methods of behavioral psychology, which are based on knowledge of how the human mind is actually programmed.


States of consciousness (religious trances) and environmental reinforcement are the most important factors to consider here.

First, they took people who had been raised within Theocratic religion and had been entering the religious trance during church services all their lives. They manipulated them into attending the rituals of the Masonic and Rosicrucian lodges.


These rituals also employed the religious trance and, on the lower levels of initiation, taught a doctrine that was not so alien to the average lodge member's existing Christian beliefs that it broke the trance.

During these rituals, lodge members were gradually reprogrammed to become more rational in their thinking and more materialistic in their emotional goals for their lives. The social environment of the lodge increased their self-esteem, so they no longer thought of themselves as "miserable sinners in need of salvation" but as "free men under God," and eventually as "free members of a brotherhood of equals."

Lodge members received positive reinforcement through religious mind control during lodge rituals. This made the members feel good while they learned various philosophical principles quite different from those at the core of Fundamentalist Christianity even though phrased in many of the same terms.


One very important thing to realize here is that the basic ethical philosophy of the eighteenth-century Freemasons was very, very similar to the moral codes of the various Theocratic Christian sects of the day. At least ninety-five percent of the individual precepts were the same. In fact, there is only one fundamental difference between the two codes of conduct, which affects a small number of separate ethical precepts.


Christian doctrine says,

"Your duties are:

to obey the will of God as you perceive it during church services and in private prayer and meditation;
to obey religious doctrine and tradition as you learn it on the intellectual level;
to follow the dictates of your conscience and intellectual will."

By contrast, the philosophy of the Age of Enlightenment says,

"Your duties are:

to follow the dictates of reason as applied to the knowledge you learn from your environment;
to work for your own survival and happiness as long as you don't harm other individuals or society in general by so doing;
to work for 'the greatest good for the greatest number,' which sometimes involves greater or lesser degrees of self-sacrifice."

These statements are diametrically opposed in theory, but in the routine circumstances of life in a reasonably stable society, they produce behavior that is almost identical.


In other words, both the Christian and the Freemason valued a work ethic, tried to avoid harmful excesses of all kinds, etc. The difference is not in what people did in the way of detailed, routine ethical behavior, but in the long-term effects that the two radically different philosophical codes had on total personality development.

The Christian code took people deeper into bondage to the Theocrats; the Masonic code liberated them from that bondage without substituting any other master for "God." What's most important here is that the Masonic initiates were taught to receive increasing amounts of positive reinforcement from their material and social environment, and decreasing amounts from religious mind control.

The Invisible College was using the significant increase in the quality of individual life resulting from technological advances to extinguish the influence of religious mind control over people's emotional life and personality development.

Eventually, a great many members of the lodges became immune to religious mind control and remained in a normal state of waking consciousness during the rituals. More important, they taught these same principles to their children of both genders, so the all-male lodges eventually changed the average personality structure of the whole society.

The idea that people can significantly improve the quality of life on Earth by their own efforts is one of the most important strategies that the Invisible College uses in fighting Theocracy. Its strongest point is that they don't need to use subconscious emotional manipulation or intellectual persuasion to get people to accept it.


Just living and working within a modern technological society proves the basic validity of a humanistic philosophy by direct environmental conditioning.


On the conscious level, people may think about the problems modern society has not yet solved and yearn for "the good old days"; but on a deeper level, they know they are as well off, on the average, as human beings on this planet have ever been.


Theocratic propaganda and religious mind control have great difficulty extinguishing this intuitive feeling, because it's caused by environmental conditioning rooted in physical reality.

So the disembodied spirits in the Invisible College telepathically manipulated the subconscious minds of leaders in the Masonic and Rosicrucian lodges to design their rituals and doctrines in certain ways. Many of the individual elements of these rituals and doctrines were drawn from the writings and practices of previous occult groups, including some that were quite advanced in both spiritual knowledge and psychic training techniques.


But the vast majority of the men who actually incorporated these elements into Freemasonry and Rosicrucianism in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries had only the vaguest idea of what they were doing.


They read various occult works, talked to members of many different occult organizations, and incorporated those ideas that "felt right" into the lodges they were founding or reorganizing. Of course, it was the Invisible College's subconscious telepathic influence that guided this process.

Not that the process was without conscious human conspiracy. There were many different conscious conspiracies of advanced occultists, in the seventeenth century and later, who believed they were manipulating the development of the Masonic and Rosicrucian lodges that were gradually beginning to have a major influence on the progress of Western society toward what we now call modern civilization.

Practically every advanced occultist in Europe joined one or more of these lodges at this time. And once they'd joined, they tried to teach their particular school of knowledge to their lodge-brothers and to influence the development of the lodge's doctrines and rituals to conform to their particular preconceptions.


These occultists included Cabbalists, Gnostics, Alchemists, Hermetics; influences from all these spiritual systems are still visible today in the Masonic and Rosicrucian doctrines.

There are spiritual knowledge and psychic-training techniques brought from China and India by the Islamic Sufi sect and taught to the medieval Knights Templar.


There's knowledge inherited from the ancient Egyptians, Hebrews, and Babylonians, taught to the Masons and Rosicrucians by Cabbalists, Gnostics, and Astrologers.


One very important source of psychic training techniques came from the ancient Greeks by way of the medieval Alchemists: a system of homosexual sex magic.


This is one reason why so many high-level occult lodges were exclusively male for so long: they knew homosexual sex magic techniques but not heterosexual ones.


There has always been some heterosexual sex magic in the Western occult tradition as well, from both Middle Eastern and European Pagan sources, but it's only been in the last century or so, after direct contact was established with the Orient, that the two began to become equally common.

Many of the occultists had some conscious knowledge of what the Invisible College was doing, and were actively cooperating. Unfortunately, some of them actively opposed the Invisible College by trying to turn their lodge into a Theocratic Cult. Possessing advanced occult knowledge doesn't automatically make a person morally virtuous.


Even today, some of the advanced occult lodges derived from the Masonic-Rosicrucian tradition are "Black Lodges" (lodges under the control of the Theocrats).

It's extremely important to realize that Theocratic enslavement and psychic vampirism are not things that happen only to disembodied spirits after death. Living people can do virtually the same things to other living people.


Black magicians can't literally devour other people's souls the way the disembodied Theocrats do to other spirits, but they can still deprive people of all free will and self-esteem, and eventually drive them into insanity or suicide.

This can be done in a Christian context, as Jim Jones did with the People's Temple, or in the context of almost any other religious or occult group.


Many of the modern cults are also examples of this Theocracy-on-Earth:

  • the Moonies,

  • the Rajneesh Cult,

  • etc.

However, such groups aren't always openly identified as religious or occult organizations.


The Symbionese Liberation Army was such a group, and so was the Manson Family. So are many terrorist groups, especially those in the service of Islamic Fundamentalists.

A number of present-day rock groups are actually bands of living Theocrats, enslaving their fans and draining energy from them at concerts. This last type of living Theocrat is especially dangerous right now, because such people can influence a large number of people who listen to their music on records or over the radio, using electronic mind control techniques that we will describe later.


One of the worst things about this movement is that some of these people have made the breakthrough.


They know what they are doing, and they still do it.

In other words, a person can find out the truth about Theocracy and say,

"Fine. I'm going to found a cult based on religious mind control while I'm alive; then, after I die, I'm going to control it from the astral plane and become a Theocrat."

This attitude is becoming more and more common as more people make the breakthrough and become consciously aware of the existence of Theocracy.


This is another main reason for having written this book: to warn potential victims of this new type of mind control and teach them how to avoid it.


More will be said about this fifth stage of Theocracy later.

It is important to remember that people have been making the breakthrough for centuries, in the sense of realizing that the "Gods" behind many religious groups are simply the spirits of ordinary deceased human beings playing politics and trying to remain in positions of power on the astral plane for long periods of time. But this knowledge, in itself, doesn't automatically make people hostile to Theocracy.

Many advanced occultists have made a fatal error in not realizing that Theocracy is what you might call a disease or abnormal state. Remaining on the astral plane for long periods of time and absorbing vital energy from other spirits is not a natural or healthy condition for a human spirit. All Theocrats eventually become degenerate and insane.


The Invisible College has always told this to anyone capable of holding conscious telepathic conversations with them, but they haven't always been believed. The illusion of achieving immortality for the ego is a very powerful corrupting influence. You can see why many occultists wouldn't want to listen.

The quality and completeness of a person's breakthrough knowledge are very important. Until very recently, communicating many of the individual details that constitute the breakthrough has been extremely difficult.


It is much harder to understand Theocracy without the background of many terms and concepts from recent scientific discoveries: computer science, behavioral psychology, modern physics, etc.


The presence of the lodges in Western society increased the number of advanced occultists enormously, because they served as a visible training ground for people who otherwise might never have had access to psychic training and spiritual knowledge outside organized religion.

The rituals and jargon of the lodges were secret, but everyone knew approximately what went on inside them - or at least, anyone with the potential to become an advanced occultist could guess.

This meant that fewer people who had possessed occult training in a past life would spend a "wasted" incarnation in which they had no access to formal training.


The War in Heaven is not a conflict between absolutes of good and evil. It is completely a matter of politics, and neither side is completely good or bad.


But the members of the Invisible College are convinced that theirs is better than the side of the Theocrats by any reasonable ethical standard.

Summing up, the Age of Reason was a major step in the progress of Western civilization and a significant victory for the Invisible College over the Theocrats in the War in Heaven. During the period from about 1700 to the 1960s, there was just as much improvement in the average level of individual human consciousness as there was in physical technology, scientific knowledge, and the design of social and political institutions.


The goal was to break the hold of religious mind control over the majority of people in the First World, and it has been accomplished reasonably well. Large numbers of people are still enslaved to Theocratic religion, of course, but such belief systems no longer dominate the collective consciousness of the society to the extent they once did.

Today, even the majority of people in the advanced Western countries who consider themselves devout religious believers actually put reason above faith, and humanistic concerns before blind obedience to traditional doctrine. This was accomplished through the use of the quasi-religious rituals of the Masonic and Rosicrucian lodges.

In other words, a form of religious mind control was used. And even the most advanced magical lodges based on the Masonic/Rosicrucian tradition still train their members with rituals that employ the religious trance.

But now the word is being spread telepathically that the Age of Reason is ending and a new age is beginning.


Its starting point is another major revolution in consciousness, as will be discussed next.


A Revolution in Consciousness


The modern struggle between the Theocrats and the Invisible College over the recreational and other uses of psychoactive drugs started long before the Sixties; and the drug then involved was alcohol.


The real reason that the Prohibition Amendment passed after World War I is that the Invisible College suddenly stopped opposing the anti-alcohol movement that Theocratic Fundamentalists had been leading for decades.

In other words, they decided,

"Let the Christian Temperance Union and the other prohibitionist organizations have their way; maybe total prohibition of alcoholic beverages will fail so miserably that it will convince the majority of Americans that puritanical laws regulating intimate details of the personal lives of individuals are a bad idea."

And this plan worked.

Government policy and general opinion in this society now treat alcoholism more as a medical and psychiatric problem than as a moral or criminal problem. This is actually a significant step forward for the whole civilization: learning how to deal with a social problem to minimize the total harm it does to the society.

Yet while Western society deals with the alcohol problem in a reasonably sensible and sophisticated manner, it fails to apply the knowledge learned from the "noble experiment" to psychoactive drugs other than alcohol.

This is because the drug controversy is now one of the two or three most important battlegrounds between the Theocrats and the Invisible College. The key to understanding why involves certain side effects of LSD and various psychedelic drugs closely related to it: mescaline, psilocybin, etc., in both their pure and their botanical forms.

Notice that most of the people who suffered "acid freakouts" during the Sixties weren't permanently damaged by them. Consider also that many of the drug users in the Sixties Movement who killed themselves, committed serious crimes, or became insane enough to be institutionalized, would probably have done something similar sooner or later anyway, even if they'd never used drugs.

The Invisible College understood and expected this.


It was a significant factor in their decision to take the risk of starting the Psychedelics Movement. Yet there were casualties. The Invisible College admits that and is sorry about it. However, they point out once again that a war is being fought and it's our freedom, that of the entire human race, that's at stake.

What was the Invisible College trying to accomplish and did it succeed?

The answer to the second question is,

“Yes, fairly well. Better than our expectations.”

As to the first question, they explain that repeated use of LSD over several years makes fundamental changes in people's mental programming.


They used LSD plus direct telepathic conditioning techniques to significantly reprogram the minds of several million Americans. They also used environmental conditioning through the general emotional climate of the Sixties counterculture itself, as expressed in its art, music, slogans, etc.

They created that emotional atmosphere simply to teach a certain amount of idealism to young people who had been raised in average Fifties American homes that almost completely lacked it. Throughout their childhoods, they had been taught to value various shallow forms of material success more than anything else. The Invisible College was trying to push them in “the right direction,” and advocating widespread use of the powerful psychedelics was their principal means of doing so.

How did the reprogramming that the Invisible College carried out through the Sixties counterculture and psychedelics movement compare in effectiveness with that accomplished through religious mind control by Theocratic religious groups?

There is a tremendous difference, roughly that between doing something using a high level of technology and doing it by human muscle power, with the psychedelic drug being analogous to the machinery. They did more reprogramming in a few years on more people than the traditional religious Theocrats do in the same number of decades.

Unfortunately, the Fifth-stage Theocrats now have access to mental reprogramming techniques just as effective as those used by the Invisible College in the Sixties; but this is a subject to be discussed later.

The Invisible College let the Sixties Movement stop when they had reached the limit of what could be programmed through the use of psychedelics.


It was extremely difficult just to program large numbers of LSD users with a set of vague idealistic principles that would make their opinion-forming and decision-making processes more tolerant and flexible. It was totally impossible to start teaching a detailed, sophisticated ideology.

The major reason for this is that the Invisible College was working almost entirely through people's subconscious minds, so that they were absorbing short strings of data at random places in their “mental files.”


As long as these messages were simple, clear, and positive, then they did more good than harm. It generally made people more socially and politically liberal. If they had tried using more complex material, it would have merely confused the recipients, probably to the point of interfering with ordinary mental functions.


In fact, most people in the Sixties counterculture suffered temporarily from a significant degree of this kind of confusion and impairment anyway.


The Aquarian Age


The Invisible College had nothing to do with putting the term “Aquarian Age” into common use.


However, once large numbers of people started using it entirely on their own, they invented their own mythology around the rudiments of the Aquarian Age story and have been transmitting it telepathically into the subconscious minds of many different people. It now appears in messages channeled to the New Agers, in popular song lyrics, and many different places in fiction and poetry.

First, here's the basic astrological myth about the Aquarian Age.


The Age just ending was called the Piscean Age, after the constellation of Pisces, the Fishes. It's an appropriate name, because this was the Age of Christianity, which has the fish as one of its symbols because in the Greek that the early Christians spoke, the word for "fish" is also an acronym for the phrase "Jesus, the Anointed One, God's Son, the Savior."


And the Age just beginning is called the Aquarian Age after the constellation of Aquarius, which represents a human being pouring water out of a jar.

Now, here's the Invisible College's supplemental mythology about the Aquarian Age, which centers around the concept of "water." In this context, Water symbolizes spiritual power.


During the Piscean Age, the human race on Earth resembled an enormous school of fish: they were utterly dependent on the water, and had very little control over it. They simply lived in it and hoped to survive.

The New Age symbol is the human being taking control of the water that represents spiritual power.


However, if you take a closer look at the astronomical mythology represented by the constellations, you'll see that the water poured out by the Water Carrier is the source of the great celestial river, the constellation Eridanus that runs from the celestial equator far down in the southern sky.


This huge outpouring of spiritual power represents several things to be covered later in the book:

  • the apocalyptic events that will free the human race on this planet from Theocracy, and

  • the birth of new Gods.

Griffith mentions that he needs details like this for this book, even when not directly connected to the point being discussed, because they demonstrate that there's a an external creative intelligence behind many of the intuitive flashes that inspire people to create modern mythologies.

The guides respond with another example concerning several modern UFO researchers who received telepathic communications containing words in an unknown language from sources that identified themselves as "space people."


Occultists later identified the words as belonging to the "Enochian" language. Over three hundred years ago, the English occultist John Dee received a long series of channeled messages in this language, and occultists still study it today.


The reason the Invisible College telepathically transmitted Enochian words like "affa" - meaning, very appropriately, "nothing" - to the UFOlogists was to steer their thinking in a certain direction. The Invisible College knew that if they published these words or repeated them very much, someone with occult knowledge would tell them where they came from.


It was just another way of supplying evidence that there is a connection between what modern UFOlogists call telepathic contact with space people, and the mediumistic communication with spirits that occultists have been practicing throughout history.

Even with evidence like this to guide them, most of the UFOlogists remain materialists.


The Invisible College keeps telling them,

"The Invisible College is composed of disembodied spirits. We're dead people, not living beings from other planets. Some of us are extraterrestrials, yes, but we're extraterrestrial spirits, not living people."

They keep telling them this whenever they are in telepathic contact, and the UFOlogists keep right on theorizing about interstellar space travel and other dimensions.

The book's discussion next turns to the so-called "Sirius Connection."


This was a complicated ploy of exactly the same type as the one just mentioned. They started sending telepathic messages like "Sirius is very important" when they found out that news of the explicit astronomical knowledge about the invisible companion of Sirius in the Sudanese Dogon Tribe's mythology was about to surface.

In the early Seventies, when the Invisible College started sending such messages, the same information that later appeared in The Sirius Mystery was already known to certain anthropologists and members of the occult and UFO communities, especially French-speaking ones.


This information is extremely impressive, because it contains the period of revolution of the companion around the larger star and the fact that this companion star is composed of super-dense matter. The information is too detailed to be easily accounted for by coincidence, and there is evidence that the Dogon possessed the information before it was discovered by Western scientists in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

The Dogon got the information centuries ago. They may or may not have gotten it second-hand from the ancient Egyptians, but they could have. This and many other pieces of advanced astronomical and astrophysical information have been in circulation among free spirits for thousands of years.

Griffith asks if the Invisible College sent out telepathic messages about Sirius to get the attention of “materialists” like Robert Anton Wilson, Timothy Leary, and various UFOlogists, knowing they'd encounter the information quite soon... since he presumes the Invisible College knew in advance that The Sirius Mystery was being written.

They reply that it's more complicated than that. If they hadn't started the telepathic communications, several of these people would have accepted the information about Sirius and the Dogon as hard proof of physical visitations to Earth by Ancient Astronauts.


As it was, the Invisible College managed to complicate the issue in their minds, and may have kept them from seriously misleading the significant number of people who regard their opinions as authoritative.

For example, Wilson made a connection between the modern Sirius Mystery and the "Great star" legends of the Masons, Rosicrucians, and various occult groups. The "Great Star" is also the "Great Secret": a version of the truth about Theocracy. This same symbolism is also being used by a number of different factions of spirits and living people involved in the psychic warfare to be described later in the book.


Some of them call themselves "cats" or "lions" and refer to certain other types of spirits as "dogs" or "Sirians."


These terms refer to different details of the physiology of the astral soul, and there are spirits of each type in the service of both the Theocrats and the Invisible College.

The remainder of this section is a slightly-edited transcript from the book, of a dialog between Griffith and the Invisible College.


Recall that War in Heaven was published in 1988.


Griffith: I also see another possible tie-in here. Ever since R.A. Wilson wrote the ILLUMINATUS! books, he's had a following composed mostly of counterculture people who publish underground magazines devoted to discussing his work, and to similar material by Leary, Burroughs, etc. Some of these people were part of the Sixties LSD movement at the time when the media were full of anti-drug propaganda claiming that LSD damaged the chromosomes, and that the children of everyone who used it would be born deformed or mutated. My own opinion at the time was simply that these claims were not supported by enough evidence to take seriously, and history seems to have proven me right.

The claims that LSD causes physical mutations seem to be entirely false. But this didn't stop certain members of the Sixties counterculture from taking this "mutation" propaganda and turning it completely around. In other words, they admitted that LSD causes mutations, and not in the descendants of the people who take the drug, but in the users themselves. And of course they claimed that these mutations were extremely beneficial, turning acid-heads into supermen.

Now, I had enough scientific knowledge and plain common sense to dismiss these claims as obvious nonsense, typical of the alternating delusions of persecution and grandeur so common in the counterculture at the time. And, on the purely physical level, nothing has happened since to convince me that my snap judgment was wrong. However, the belief that acid-heads are mutants in a literal, physical sense and therefore superior to ordinary people has never died out within the counterculture. It seems more common in the counter­culture today than it was in the Sixties.


Is the Invisible College responsible for this?


Invisible College: Yes. Some of the people who are going to read this book and other explicit writings about the War in Heaven, and who are going to make the breakthrough and join the movement to teach others the truth about the nature of spiritual reality, are going to describe themselves as "mutants" of this type.



Griffith: Personally, I feel more like an alien than a mutant: I have past-life memories set on other worlds, and I really don't feel comfortable in any cultural group on this planet.


Invisible College: This is because you're here to help in the building of an entirely new and more advanced civilization on Earth. And a large number of the people who call themselves mutants are also of extraterrestrial origin. That's another thing you'll want to concentrate on in your future writings: helping these people realize who they are, and what they're on this planet to do.



Griffith: During the Sixties, Timothy Leary often said that LSD helps people unlock cosmic secrets that are encoded in our DNA; and at the time, I found this concept completely incomprehensible. But he's still saying the same thing today. For example, he said in NEUROLOGIC just a few years ago that,

"Most of the characteristics formerly attributed to the soul now describe the functions of DNA, whose complex messages originate from higher intelligences in other solar systems. The mission of DNA is to evolve nervous systems able to escape from the doomed planet and contact manifestations of the same amino acid seeding that have evolved in other solar systems."

What is the relationship between the concept in this quotation, the acid mutants, and the cosmology that you've already given?


Invisible College: First of all, there was never a physical seeding of amino acids to start organic life. What actually happened was that disembodied spirits went to planets that were ready for life to develop, and created the amino acids by telekinetic manipulation of existing organic molecules. They assembled these amino acids into physical DNA using their own astral DNA molecules as templates.

When Leary and other scientists theorize that the physical DNA contains an evolutionary program that automatically causes new species to develop, they are slightly misinterpreting messages that we put in their subconscious minds.


What we are actually trying to tell them is that evolution is guided by the psychic manipulations of disembodied spirits, but most such scientists are still too materialistic to accept such an explanation.


Their conscious minds are unwilling to admit the literal existence of the soul and other spiritual phenomena, so they try to stretch theories from physical science to fit the evidence they discover. This sometimes causes non-scientists who read their works to engage in speculations about evolution and mutation that stray very far from reality.

[Challenges to Darwinism - Panspermia and Theories of Guided Evolution concludes with a discussion of Rhawn Joseph's “Evolutionary Metamorphosis” thesis. Logically, the statement you have just read from the Invisible College should be taken as a direct response to Joseph's idea, and in fact to the entire debate sequence outlined on the page.]

What we're really telling all these people is simply,

"Try to develop conscious control over your psychic powers during your present lifetime, so you'll have a better chance of surviving after death."

LSD and other psychedelic drugs are a dangerous but useful tool for doing this, and so are many psychic training practices derived from occultism and religion. We do want people to evolve; but the evolution is spiritual, not physical.

However, there's a lot more to the War in Heaven than just a struggle between the Invisible College and the Theocratic spirits who operate through organized religion and try to retard material progress towards an advanced civilization on this planet.


During the last five years, as this book was being written, the power of the religious Theocrats to influence the evolution of Western society has steadily declined, but that does not mean this Spiritual Revolution is going to be quick, easy, or bloodless.

What's actually been going on during the last twenty years [as of 1988] is that the Theocrats are preparing to achieve their final goal. Throughout recorded history, the Theocrats have falsely pretended to be Gods. Now, because of the Earth's extremely high and unstable population, they actually have a chance to assume Godlike powers.


This is what the War in Heaven is really all about, and this what we will describe in the next part of the book.

Hitchiking Spirits


Elements of this and following sections concerning the nature of spiritual beings, especially “the basic cosmology about the origin and destiny of the human soul,” could not have been given earlier.


Also the Invisible College did not want to describe certain things they intend to do in the future before they were fully prepared to do them. The technical preparations have now been completed, their psychic network is now in place and functioning, and it is safe to tell more.

Some advanced civilizations have a form of rapid interstellar travel that makes it possible for disembodied spirits to travel from one world to another at speeds much faster than the speed of light. When they get to their destination, they incarnate there.


However, such interstellar travel by spirits involves risks, and they sometimes get lost in transit and end up on a planet other than the one they intended to visit.


If the equipment needed to project spirits over interstellar distances does not exist there, they are marooned. If spirits find themselves marooned on a planet devoid of life, they eventually die, unless other spiritual beings are able to rescue them.


This will be discussed further later.

Accidents like this do not leave spirits marooned in empty interstellar space because the method of travel requires there to be a large mass of physical matter at the far end. The problem arises when that mass isn't the one intended.

In earlier communications that are not part of this book, the Invisible College has said that some advanced civilizations of the past have had a sort of religion that encouraged people to go around the universe creating organic life on every planet that was geologically ready for it. This statement was true as far as it went, but it didn't mention that such civilizations were very different from theirs - as different as a colony of social insects such as bees or ants is from a herd of horses or a pack of wolves.

They had also mentioned (elsewhere) that the civilizations that sent out such original missions of creation seemed to be enemies of the civilizations ancestral to their own, and that their (the Invisible College's) ancestors were partly responsible for driving them away. But they didn't tell the full story.


This subject will be treated in a later section. In the present section, they continue describing how spirits create organic life on planets that are ready for it and then guide the process of evolution until intelligent beings develop.

But they point out that everything they say about the origin and evolution of life on Earth is just scientific speculation. They're reasonably sure it's accurate, but it's not based on detailed historical records.

Griffith asks why the Invisible College doesn't have access to the histories of all the advanced civilizations going back millions of years?


Surely all such societies would have sophisticated equipment for storing information, better than our present computers here on Earth, so information about all of them would be easy to obtain. Even if civilizations are always rising and falling, communication between them should ensure that history and other information gets passed along. After all, we Earth people, primitive as we are, still possess many important written records of our own vanished civilizations. But we don't, his guides point out.


We Earth people have a few written records from the ancient Greeks, Hindus, Chinese, etc., but there are still huge gaps in our knowledge.

To answer the question: Advanced civilizations don't use electronic computers, nor do they store much of their data in durable physical forms equivalent to books, photographic film, sound recordings, etc.


The equipment they use to store and process information is made of living organic matter and is relatively fragile, so it's not that hard for specific historical knowledge to be lost. Also, the symbolic systems for storing data are neither alphabetic nor digital, but are versions of the system used for memory storage in the human brain.


Such systems are extremely complex, and translation from one system to another is often very difficult.

As long as a particular civilization is viable, it retains the information that the people in it want to retain. If it breaks up, the souls of the people who survive the breakup go to other civilizations, which have their own history, their own store of information they consider valuable. So specific information about a particular planet is often not available.

Here Griffith asks for some discussion of “the creation of the universe.”

The universe is cyclical. It really doesn't have a beginning or an end. The Big Bang theory, which most of your scientists now accept as proven, is valid; but it's just one component of a Steady State theory that operates on a larger scale. There is another Parallel Part of the universe that is contracting toward a Big Crunch, at the point where/when Earth astronomers observe evidence of the Big Bang.


That part of the universe is composed of antimatter and time flows backwards there.

The "heat death" points in our own part of the universe, the points where particles of matter lose all their energy and motion, are also the points at which particles become antimatter and pass into the other part of the universe to start falling towards the Big Crunch.

In other words, the universe didn't really have an origin at all. There wasn't a point in time when the universe didn't exist, because the very definition of time is as a measurement of changes in matter and energy.


Therefore, time cannot exist unless matter and energy also exist. It is simply a dimension as length, breadth, and height are dimensions; and this makes it part of the universe, not something independent of it.

Returning to the discussion of the creation and evolution of life: the astral souls of all intelligent beings contain a template for the DNA molecule and all the precursor chemicals that compose it. If the surface waters of an Earth-like planet are close to the correct temperature and have the right chemicals dissolved in them, disembodied spirits with the proper technical knowledge can create life by psychokinesis alone. There is no need to visit planets in spaceships and "seed" them physically.

But this does not mean that organic life is always of the same type as on Earth... or that DNA “as we know it” is the basis for all life in the universe.

There are other kinds of organic life on the surfaces of other kinds of planets, and also non-organic forms who live in the interiors of stars, comets, gas clouds, and other bodies of matter.


They all have different kinds of souls, composed of different kinds of astral matter, and there is almost no communication between the different kinds of life.

Even telepathic communication, while barely possible, is not really feasible, because the different types of organic and astral life use very different kinds symbols for communication, and also think at different rates of speed.

Griffith asks about the possibility of building translating equipment, as we do to allow data exchanges between different computers. The response is that the analogy doesn't really apply. All of our computers were designed by and for human beings. The common denominator between two different computers is the person who understands both. There is no such common denominator between people and vastly different forms of intelligent life.

More about how intelligent life is created, and the relationship between the body and the soul.


The human astral soul is both an alien parasite or symbiote, and a natural part of a human being. All mammals have astral souls, but the astral soul of a human being is extremely different from the astral soul of an ape.


Human beings were radically altered by psychokinetic genetic manipulation to become physically different from other apes.


The brain, the hands, the sense organs, the general musculature, and the organs used in standing and walking erect are all very different in humans from those in apes. However, the scientists who recently started mapping the DNA structure of anthropoid apes found it much more similar to that of humans than they had expected.

And when genetic science begins to learn the details of how DNA structure is typically changed by random mutations, the scientists will discover that the genetic differences between apes and humans don't fit those patterns. They'll realize that the particular loops in the DNA molecule that cause the genetic differences between people and apes have an artificial or alien look to them.


That's because they actually are artificial, and the changes were made by spirits from other worlds who were familiar with genetic patterns different from those on Earth.

The somatic soul of the human species was genetically altered just as radically as the body was, and is also very different from the somatic soul of an ape. The human somatic soul's nervous system is much more highly developed for transmitting and using astral energy, and the attachment point for the astral soul is much more highly developed.


This attachment point allows any human astral soul to incarnate, including those used to incarnating in bodies very different from human bodies on Earth. In other words, there is a sort of standardization among human-type bodies on many different worlds to allow them to be linked to a wide variety of astral souls.


There are often problems of astral tissue compatibility if body and soul are too different, but it is still possible for many different types of astral souls from many different worlds to incarnate on Earth.

One of the chief characteristics of intelligent beings compared with similar non-intelligent beings is that both the body and the astral soul show strong evidence of neoteny. For example, many scientists on Earth have noticed that an adult human being retains many physical characteristics found in an anthropoid ape during infancy or childhood, but lost in the ape as it matures.

When a neotenous salamander like an axolotl retains its gills while becoming sexually mature, the resulting neotenous adult is physiologically more primitive, meaning that there is less specialization of the tissues and organs than in a normal adult of the same species. Human beings are physiologically more primitive than other large primates such as gorillas, baboons, or chimpanzees.


This is especially true of the voluntary musculature.


It is well known that all the great apes far exceed human beings in relative strength, because of differences in the muscle structure. Notice too that there's a marked gender difference in humans in muscle structure as well. The adult female, with her smoother voluntary muscles and a more extensive layer of subcutaneous fat, is more primitive and more neotenous than the adult male.

Many technologically-advanced races of people use genetic engineering (modification of the genes before conception) and biological engineering (modification of the body during embryological development by the use of hormones and other chemicals) to repress the development of the secondary sexual characteristics and to increase the neotenous characteristics.


This is why so many dreams and visions of space people show them as rather androgynous.

There are three reasons why humans living under primitive conditions were genetically engineered to have less sheer muscular strength than ordinary apes.

  • The first is that if the process is properly done, they gain considerably in coordination and are are much better at doing delicate manipulations with their hands.

  • Second, having less muscular strength stimulates people's intellectual development by encouraging them to use tools and develop technology.

  • The third reason is that neoteny significantly slows down the maturation and aging process, giving people more time to develop their minds than animals have.

Since humans are physically immature and dependent on others for so long while they are growing up, this also gives them an opportunity to learn many things from their elders that they might not learn if they became independent adults sooner.

Advanced human civilizations inhibit the secondary sexual characteristics and certain kinds of muscular development even more, for exactly the same reasons. They gain a longer lifespan, better general health, and physical equality between the genders; and they lose very little, because they don't need great physical strength nearly as much as they need good balance, agility, and coordination.


If such a body is kept in good general muscle tone, it has greater endurance against fatigue than a more heavily-muscled body and is more resistant to many kinds of injuries.


Also, most advanced human societies reproduce entirely by ectogenesis, so there is no need for people to be capable of ordinary mammalian reproduction.

Most advanced societies have separated sexuality from reproduction.


Why create the human body by having it grow inside an adult as a parasite, when it can be grown much more efficiently in an artificial environment?


Notice the paradoxical attitude that so many Earth women have about bearing children: on one hand, they know the future of the human race may depend on it, but on the other, they also know it's damaging to the body and seriously interferes with other aspects of adult life. Especially, pregnancy and child-rearing are ready-made excuses for placing women in an inferior social status.

However, sexuality itself still exists in all advanced human societies for emotional, social, and psychic reasons.


The androgynous people you see in your dreams are all sexually functional males or females. On the average, advanced humans tend to be more sexually active than primitive humans, because their physical and mental health are better, and because they don't have to work as hard for basic survival.

Many Earth people have an instinctive feeling that the soul is an "alien parasite" attached to the body.


The somatic soul of a human being contains many structures not found in the souls of other primates. Some of these produce a form of neoteny in the body; others could cause the brain to develop into a high-quality bio-computer; and still others allow astral souls of many different types to incarnate in human bodies.


This gives many people the feeling that there is something alien about the soul.




The Invisible College has stated that Gods don't exist. That statement is completely true in the context in which they used it.


Throughout human history on Earth, some spirits have pretended to be Gods, using a definition of the term that allows them to rule over human beings without being accountable for their actions. These definitions assert that Gods are greatly superior to humans in wisdom and morality, encouraging people to let deities deny them their rights to consent of the governed.

However, the human spirits making these claims are simply lying.


They are not superior to ordinary people except in possessing certain forms of knowledge and power; and in moral terms they are significantly inferior because their very existence depends on enslaving and exploiting living people and other disembodied spirits. Since pretending to be Gods is one of the chief sources of Theocratic power, the Invisible College attacked it very strongly in an earlier section of this book.

Now it is time to look at spiritual reality from an even larger perspective, and to deal with the idea that intelligent beings greater than humans actually exist. There are two types, "elementals" and "Gods," and their description will begin in the next section of this book. However, this segment concludes with the assurance that everything previously stated about Gods and human rights still stands.


The elementals and Gods that are about to be described are still not morally superior to humans, and it is our duty - the duty of advanced human civilizations on other worlds and people on Earth as well ­ to stand up to these beings and demand our rights as sovereign individuals.




Elementals and Gods are the same kind of entity structurally, though they differ enormously in personality and behavior.


You might say that Gods are civilized elementals. So, for our descriptions of how the astral bodies and minds of these beings function, we'll use the general term "Elementals."

On one level, Elementals are specialized types of Theocratic bands. They are very large composite spirits containing thousands of human astral souls very closely linked together. On another, they are sentient creatures in their own right, with personalities and emotions quite different from those of ordinary human beings.


One thing we want to stress: Elementals and humans are not two races of beings, but different forms of one race. The astral DNA template of both is identical, but humans are the individual form and Elementals are the composite form.

Composite physical life forms exist on Earth. The bees, ants, termites, and other social insects are the most intelligent of these. The Elementals bear the same relationship to humans as an ordinary honey-bee colony does to a primitive, solitary bee or wasp.

Griffith asks whether colonies of social insects have a single very highly developed soul or group mind, since the behavior of a whole colony shows much more intelligence than the behavior of an individual.

The nature of group minds depends on the amount of control they have over their individual members. There are roughly four levels of control, though each “intergrades” with the next.


These can be verbalized as cooperation, persuasion, coercion, and compulsion.

  • Cooperation is working with others because your mutual interests coincide, and the joint effort is of mutual benefit without major concessions on the part of either party involved.

  • Persuasion is essentially barter: "I'll do this for you if you'll do that for me."

  • Coercion is similar, but the barter is negative: "I'll do harm to you unless you do some particular thing for me."

  • Compulsion is direct control of someone else that transcends that other person's volition.

Earthly societies operate mostly by cooperation and persuasion, with some coercion and only a small amount of compulsion. A bee colony operates entirely by compulsion, almost in the same way that your brain operates your body through the nervous system.

Human societies resist becoming a true composite entity, for two reasons.

  1. First, people have highly developed brains and are fully intelligent as individuals.

  2. Second, each person has a separate astral soul with an astral will that resists outside control.

It is possible to control the minds of living people by psychic compulsion under certain circumstances, but this is very difficult. People strongly resist such control because of their highly developed brains and souls.

A bee colony is a composite entity because individual bees don't have large enough brains to support true intelligence and because they don't have individual astral souls.


A colony of social insects has a single astral soul that is linked to the body of every individual in it. The brain of a bee has very limited capacity for storing information, and little programming for processing data. Instead, the individual uses telepathy to pass information to the astral mind of the hive.


This group mind processes and stores the information received from individual bees and does the thinking for the entire hive, passing down its orders by telepathy.

The collective mind of a bee colony shows intelligence far beyond the reasoning and memory-storage capacity of an individual bee. In fact, in certain narrow areas, this group mind displays a level of intelligence almost equal to that of human beings.


One example is the colony's ability to direct the physical changes that individual bees go through during the course of their lives to perform different specialized functions: gathering food, cleaning and repairing the hive, rearing the young, defending the colony from enemies, swarming to produce a new colony, etc.


A bee colony is actually better organized in terms of division of labor than a human society.

Another example is the colony's ability to control the temperature within the hive, using a biological central heating and air conditioning system. When the group mind perceives that the hive is too hot inside, certain bees are instructed to act as living ventilator fans. They cling to the walls of passageways leading to entrances of the hive, and circulate cool air by beating their wings.


When the hive is too cool, the entrances are sealed with wax; but the bees serving as fans keep on circulating air, which evenly distributes the heat generated by the metabolism of all the bees in the hive.

Human societies are superficially similar to composite entities, but they aren't true composites, because individual people have independent intelligence and will. However, the human astral soul has a strong potential for forming composite entities while it is in a disembodied state, because souls can literally link themselves together, as was described in the section on Theocratic bands.


There is much more compulsion in a Theocratic band on the astral plane than in any totalitarian society on Earth, because Theocrats attach their silver cords to other spirits and control them as directly as the human brain controls the hands.

The structure of a Theocratic band as described earlier is similar to a wheel: the spirit controlling the band is the hub, and the subordinate spirits are the spokes. Notice that the world's oldest surviving religion, Vedanta, uses such a spoked wheel as its symbol. The rayed sun used by many other religions is the same symbol, minus the rim of the wheel. However, the rim is extremely important, because it indicates that a Theocratic band naturally produces a structure of astral matter separate from the individual souls attached to it.

In other words, over the course of time, a Theocratic band develops its own astral soul and astral mind that is the equivalent of the composite astral mind of a bee or ant colony.

This is another important reason why Theocratic spirits don't achieve true immortality. The longer a Theocratic band lasts, the more it develops into a composite entity with a mind of its own. At first, the controlling Theocrat completely dominates the group mind, but eventually that mind becomes powerful enough to become independent, and the band becomes an elemental.

The term "Elemental" reminds Griffith of the Windigo legend.


Several North American Indian mythologies describe the Windigo as a huge, powerful disembodied spirit that is capable of both reasoning and speech, though it behaves like a predatory animal, not a human being. The legends say it eats the souls of the dead on the astral plane, and can sometimes kill living people and devour their souls as well. The Windigo is one of the most frightening spiritual monsters in human mythology.

Similar beings are described in mythologies from all over the world, but only a few Elementals have become as dangerous as the Windigos. Most of the Elementals that have formed on Earth so far have been less dangerous than a large Theocratic band controlled by the spirit of some human tyrant.


Most Elementals that become independent of their creator are no more intelligent than a human infant or a predatory animal. In most cases, the Elemental stays in one place, feeding on the disembodied souls of animals or humans that approach it. It was conditioned to do this while still under the control of human spirits.

Griffith assumes this is why so many myths speak of magic spells to "chain" evil spirits in one place.


And it also explains why primitive religions performed sacrifices and rituals to placate the spirits that inhabited specific places. Elementals lived there, and feeding them made it safer for living people to travel by the place.

Sometimes the "spirit of a place" was an Elemental, sometimes a Theocratic band. It really didn't matter; both wanted to be fed through sacrifices and rituals. The uninhabited areas where such sacrifices were made were very often places where large-scale religious sacrifices of humans or animals had once been conducted, where a city had once stood, or where large numbers of people had died in a battle or disaster.


Any of these activities would have formed Theocratic bands, which may have later turned into Elementals.

Most Elementals of this type are not particularly dangerous, because they were formed by first- or third-stage religions, and aren't particularly large or powerful.


However, the second stage religions that practiced mass human sacrifices created Theocratic bands that eventually formed Elementals of vast power. Second-stage Theocratic bands had to be extremely large because this was the only way they could exert enough power over their living slave populations to keep the whole society from collapsing. Invariably, such bands quickly became Elementals.

Many ancient cities that practiced second-stage Theocratic religion were abandoned after being conquered by their enemies. Carthage is one example, and the Judeo-Christian Bible mentions several more. No one wanted to live on the site for a long time, because of the presence of large and dangerous Elementals. Of course, if people avoided the place long enough, the Elemental would die of starvation, making the area safe for human habitation again.

The Windigos were a related phenomenon, except that the Elementals didn't remain where they were first formed. The Windigos had originated in those areas where the Incas, Mayas, and Aztecs practiced second-stage Theocracy.


When a new Elemental formed in this region, the other Theocratic bands attached to those tribes didn't try to chain it to one place, but worked magic to drive it far away. Some of these banished Elementals went all the way to North America and gave rise to the Windigo legend. Others went to the southern tip of South America, where the Aurucanians have similar legends.

Similar things have also happened during modern wars. The fate of Hitler and a number of the other top Nazi leaders and their Theocrat friends on the astral plane after the surrender of Germany in 1945 is an example.

Griffith wonders about the persistent rumors that Hitler didn't really die at the end of the war, but successfully fled Germany. He suspects that Hitler did commit suicide in that bunker, but immediately took charge of a band of Nazi Theocrats on the astral plane, and is probably still “up there” today, sustained by the psychic energies of creeps and misfits who continue to wear the swastika and practice the Nazi creed of bigotry and violence.

The truth, says the Invisible College guide, is much stranger than that. Hitler and hundreds of other Nazi leaders fled as disembodied spirits to Japan to assist their Theocratic allies there. They hoped that a D-Day-type invasion of Japan would prove too costly to the Allies and that Japanese Fascism would survive after a negotiated peace.

At this point, both the German and Japanese Theocrats had access to enormous amounts of energy from the millions of victims of World War Two, and they deliberately manipulated the American government into dropping the atomic bomb to provide them with even more victims.


Their hope was to create an Elemental and use its vast psychic power either to turn defeat into victory on the Earth plane, or to flee to another world.

Fortunately, the attempt failed, and the Theocrats involved were devoured by the entity they were trying to create.


This Elemental still survives on the astral plane, and will become an important focal point in the struggle between the Invisible College and the Theocrats in the future.


Griffith: Does this mean that the Theocrats themselves may be natural enemies of the Elementals?

This is quite true. That's why the third and fourth stages of Theocratic religion were invented: to allow Theocratic bands to remain stable on the astral plane for long periods of time. However, either a Theocratic spirit has to reincarnate or else its band will eventually turn into an Elemental. That's a fact of nature.

The fact that human beings tend to create a technology that allows the planet's total population to increase steadily is another factor preventing Theocratic spirits from becoming truly immortal. It's true that a rising population generates new souls in large numbers, which in turn increases the number of souls on the astral plane that are easy prey for Theocratic spirits.


But this superabundance of souls is a mixed blessing, because it encourages Theocratic bands to grow so large they go out of control and turn into Elementals. This is why Theocratic religions often try to inhibit technological progress, but such a policy is self-limiting.

Griffith: I see what you mean. If the Theocrats keep their particular society from developing technology at the same rate as neighboring societies, it's likely to be conquered from outside. Can you tell me why human beings have this instinctive drive to achieve technological progress?

Technological progress is caused by a process of Darwinian natural selection that works on the whole society.


Technology allows a society to survive natural disasters, defeat enemies in war, and develop the natural resources available to it more fully. All these give it an advantage over any society that doesn't do these things. Cultures that encourage their members to work for technological progress survive better than those that don't.

But this particular cycle contains the seeds of its own destruction: technological advancement on a primitive planet like Earth invariably causes the human population to increase to the point where exploitation of natural resources seriously upsets the planet's ecological balances.


Most people on Earth are now aware that a population bomb is ticking toward explosion.

Scientists are predicting that this rape of the planet's resources will destroy the Earth's biosphere and cause the extinction of the human species, or, at the least, destroy technological civilization. Others are more optimistic. They predict that almost everyone in the underdeveloped countries will die of plagues and famines, but that the advanced nations will survive the crisis with most of their population and technology intact.


Biologists on Earth already know that population explosions in a particular species followed by massive die-offs are quite common, and usually are not a sign that the species is headed for extinction. Overpopulation/die-off cycles are commonest in successful species that are trying to extend their range but are blocked by environmental barriers. The process often creates new variants of the species that can survive in a wider variety of environments.

We are reasonably sure from our experiences on other planets that Earth's biosphere is not so fragile that it can be destroyed by the actions of human beings, except possibly by a massive nuclear war. We are also reassured by the fact that the populations of all the technological advanced societies on Earth are already reasonably stable, even in countries like the Soviet Union [1988] where the official government policy is to encourage population growth. However, we still broadcast telepathic messages that urge people to take an alarmist position on overpopulation and possible destruction of the Earth's biosphere.

If Theocratic spirits and Elementals didn't exist, there would be a massive die-off of poor people, especially in the Third World, and then the Earth's population would stabilize and an advanced civilization would develop.


Unfortunately, Elementals do exist, and they may eventually destroy all human life on Earth, possibly all organic life of any kind as well, unless we are able to stop them.

We've already described how an increasing population forms new souls. If there is an abundance of human astral souls at a low stage of development in the astral plane for the Theocrats to recruit or feed upon, Theocratic bands tend to grow larger and larger, making the creation of new Elementals more common.


Right now, Earth has more Elemental spirits than it ever had before in its history. And this is a very dangerous situation.

As long as the Earth's population goes on increasing, the existing elementals and Theocratic bands have a steady supply of new souls to feed upon or recruit. But when massive human die-offs occur, vast numbers of new souls will be stranded on the astral plane at once. This overabundance of souls will cause thousands of embryonic Elemental spirits to start growing very rapidly towards adulthood. Once a young Elemental reaches a certain critical mass it becomes able to seize and capture souls psychokinetically against their will, something that ordinary Theocratic bands cannot do because they lack the necessary psychic energy.

As such an Elemental grows in size and psychic power, it can forcefully capture disembodied souls at a higher and higher stage of spiritual development; if it becomes big enough, it is able to devour ordinary Theocratic bands, and finally even the astral souls of living humans. If this happens, then most of the planet's human population, living and disembodied, can end up being taken over and eventually devoured by a small number of elementals.

These adult Elementals are then forced to leave their planet of origin in search of a new food supply. They can travel interstellar distances. Advanced civilizations can usually defend themselves against such beings, but they can depopulate whole planets at a lower stage of civilization very easily.


This is why the Invisible College is intervening in the evolution of human society on Earth.

The natural order of the universe is for people (not necessarily in Earth-type human bodies) to start developing an advanced technology under the control of Theocratic spirits. Such a world never gets beyond the second stage of Theocratic religion, but it does develop enough technology to allow the human population to reach into the billions. When it does, a nuclear or biological war suddenly reduces the population, and the Elementals and the Theocrats start fighting among themselves over who controls the planet, and which Elementals will reach adulthood.

Within a few years after this point is reached, the adult Elementals leave the planet and go off into deep space. Sometimes the sudden growth and violent end of the human civilization destroy the planet's biosphere, and sometimes the biosphere survives but human beings do not.


More commonly, a few living people and a few Theocratic spirits survive and the whole cycle begins again and runs its course over a period of thousands of years.



Griffith: How do the Gods differ from the Elementals?

Invisible College: On the structural level, a God is simply an adult Elemental, a huge colony of astral souls that lives in deep space and absorbs the astral energy radiated by certain stars.

The desire to form a composite entity is programmed into the astral template of every human soul. This is a major reason why so many living people desire wealth, fame, political power, and other symbols of having control over others that simulate being the guiding force of a composite entity. The ambitious earthly politician, the aspiring despot, the "Man Who Would Be King," is just acting out in the physical plane what his astral soul may be programmed to do on the astral plane.

Disembodied astral souls do the same thing when they become Theocrats. Readers have asked why Theocratic spirits would want to remain on the astral plane indefinitely if they must feed on other human souls.

This is the answer. Almost every human culture has produced some version of the saying, "A man is a God in embryo," and it's true. However, the astral template also can program the soul to act as a sovereign individual, which is why there are free spirits as well as Theocrats.


The extension of this influence to living people creates the desire for freedom and individu­ality on Earth as well.

Griffith: This dichotomy is a partial answer to the age-old "problem of evil." However, you are implying that both the desire for individuality and the desire to form a composite entity are just natural biological drives, too fundamental to be judged by terms like good and evil.

Invisible College: This is why human beings have a characteristic similar to neoteny.


Elementals are the adult form, but without a truly intelligent composite soul; they are more like animals than people. Gods are also the adult form, but have a highly developed composite mind. The civilizations you call "space people" are made up of individuals that reject the adult form.

A long time ago, the people on a particular planet developed sufficient technology to allow them to flee into deep space before adult Elementals developed and depopulated their world. After the Elementals had matured and departed, the people returned to their planet, whose biosphere had been badly damaged, and lived in space colonies circling the world.


By the time the planet again became fit for human habitation, they had no desire to return. They had become fully adjusted to life in their self-created environment, and their knowledge and technology had reached an extremely high level.

Since the population of their space colonies was low, they were able to prevent the cycle of Theocracy from re-establishing itself, but their society eventually found itself threatened with extinction through sheer stagnation. After a certain number of incarnations in a stable, "perfect" society, people became suicidal. Large numbers volunteered to be teleported as disembodied spirits to far-away planets in order to create life or guide the evolution of existing life towards the development of intelligence.

New souls replaced those who departed on suicidal missions of creation, but this didn't stop the overall stagnation of the culture: the generations who underwent their evolution in a civilized environment with little real challenge became suicidal through boredom even more quickly than those who had evolved struggling to survive. Eventually, they tried to figure out a way to balance life between danger and security - to create a dynamic cycle that would allow advanced human cultures to survive indefinitely.

They forced some of their people to re-colonize their planet under the most primitive of conditions, letting the natural evolution of human society occur there. They allowed the advance of technology to cause a population explosion, and didn't interfere when Elementals started to develop.

However, they manipulated the development of the planet's civilization much as we are doing on Earth today. Their purpose was to interfere with the natural human life-cycle in a way that would allow sovereign individual humans to live in peace with Elementals, so that both could realize their full positive potential and eliminate the negative aspects of the individual/composite dichotomy.


The result was the creation of the first true Gods.

When the planetary population reached the saturation point, and a mass die-off of souls at a low stage of spiritual development allowed Elementals to grow to maturity, the advanced civilization on the space colonies in the vicinity of the planet managed to tame or capture some of these vast spiritual creatures, and tried to turn them into civilized people instead of wild animals. Elementals have the potential to be Gods, but they don't realize it unless raised by their peers.

Elementals don't have peers in the natural cycle of their evolution because they are the composite form of another race. We individual humans are their parents as well as their children, but we also have a destiny of our own which conflicts with theirs.

This is why the space people interfere with this natural cycle of human evolution. They raise Elementals to be fully human and civilized by teaching them to accept a symbiotic relationship with individual humans. Remember, an Elemental is similar in structure to a Theocratic band, and it has a place in its astral body for individual humans to attach to it.

In a primitive, animalistic Elemental, these attachment points remain empty when the creature reaches maturity. To produce a God, human astral souls attach themselves to these points as the Elemental is growing and try to control it. If it overcomes them and remains an animal, then it may have to be killed. If the spirits win and tame the Elemental, it becomes a God.

A God allows human spirits at an advanced state of development to attach themselves and travel with it when it leaves its planet of origin and travels into deep space. These spirits are mentioned in Earth mythologies as "the sons of the Gods," "Elohim," and by many other names.


Once the young God becomes fully conscious, they stop controlling the God, and it stops trying to control them. Both cooperate for mutual benefit.

As the Gods travel through the universe, the Elohim who ride on them can visit planets and create life there, or guide the evolution of existing life, without having to die in the process as the original Missionary Spirits did.


The God cannot approach the gravitational field of a planet very closely, but the Elohim can do so and return, using psychic technology that the God creates within itself. Another thing the Elohim do before they leave a planet is to create an elaborate and self-sustaining network of astral machines, which remains there for future use.

Much of what the Invisible College is doing on your planet right now makes use of such machines, which were left on Earth's astral plane by the Elohim when one of the Gods seeded your planet in the remote past. It might have been hundreds of thousands of years ago, or millions of years. The devices are constructed of organic astral matter.


They are machines, but they are also alive as plants are alive. This is why they were able to survive for unimaginable periods of time. The equipment is capable of defending itself from Theocrats and all but the largest Elementals, and of sustaining itself indefinitely. It possesses an artificial intelligence like a computer, but does not have true volition or creativity.


It repairs itself but it does not reproduce or evolve.

Griffith: Do the Elohim and Gods return to a planet when it reaches the "Last Days" and new Gods are about to be born? Most Earth mythologies imply this.

Invisible College: No. The Gods normally visit a planet once. After that, they can call to their children when they are ready. The Elohim can return to a planet, using the same type of teleportation equipment that we use. Many of the spirits in the Invisible College are in fact Elohim.

Griffith: Are Elohim and space people different races, or the same?

Invisible College: We are both the same race or species in a genetic sense, because our astral souls are capable of incarnating in the same types of bodies.


There is not a single race of space people or a single race of Elohim, though; there are actually several of each that we are in contact with. Your occult literature has for many centuries used the word "Elohim" to refer to the beings we're talking about, just as it has called space people angels. In general, the difference between the space people and the Elohim is simply that those who live in space value physical technology and life in a physical body more than the Elohim do.


Space people normally incarnate immediately after death, though they can function quite well in the disembodied state if there is reason to do so. The space people possess a high level of psychic technology, much of it learned from their friends among the Elohim people, but rely on it less to meet their total needs than they rely on physical technology.

The Elohim have cultures that reverse the patterns described above. They incarnate in bodies only for specialized reasons, such as coming to Earth to assist with the birth of new Gods. By choice, they spend most of their time in the disembodied state, traveling the universe with the Gods, or living in the astral planes of advanced societies like and unlike ours. Some cultures of space people have a very strong relationship with the Elohim, and others do not.


The ones who do often live with a lower level of physical technology than those who do not; for example, they live on the surface of planets rather than in space stations, and would rather use biologically-engineered plants and animals than machines of metal or plastic. They, like the Elohim themselves, make more extensive use of machines constructed of living astral matter then we ordinary space people do.

Another major difference between space people and the Elohim is equally difficult to describe. It has to do with group minds and the relationships between individuals within the society. The Elohim like to link their astral souls together using methods that are superficially similar to the way spirits are linked together in Theocratic bands on Earth.


However, the Elohim are civilized, moral people, and would never control or exploit one another when they do this. Their group minds compare to Theocratic bands as sexual intercourse between lovers compares to rape. We space people, on the other hand, do not link our souls together in this fashion except very briefly for specialized purposes: education, psychotherapy, etc.

It should be pointed out that these differences between cultures are matters of esthetics, not morality or level of evolution. Both groups are good in the moral sense and highly advanced in the evolutionary sense.


Of course, the cultural differences between the two groups often create political friction arising out of conflicting goals and values, but this can be beneficial and stimulating to both sides if handled correctly on the social level.


An individual can change from one group to the other, as a person on Earth might emigrate to another country and become naturalized. Whole societies have made this change in the past on the collective level, and adopted a new technology and culture.

Over the last six hundred years, both space people and Elohim have been coming to Earth in ever-increasing numbers.


Many of your greatest minds were directed by astral souls from advanced extraterrestrial civilizations. And your whole modern Western civilization is the creation of our political organization on Earth, the Invisible College.

However, not all the space people on Earth are our agents. Theocracy is not confined only to primitive planets. Even advanced societies still have a minority of people with an insane lust for power, and use planets like Earth as places of exile for them.


After spending a few lifetimes here, either they will reject their Theocratic tendencies, and become rehabilitated by joining the Invisible College and assisting in the birth of the new Gods and an advanced human civilization on Earth; or else they will be devoured by elementals during the Last Days, as the new Gods are reaching maturity.

Griffith: This confirms all these rumors I've heard about Earth's being used by other worlds as a hospital, or insane asylum. But doesn't the presence here of people with Theocratic mentalities and advanced extraterrestrial knowledge make survival and spiritual development more difficult for the native Earth people? How do you justify this ethically?

Invisible College: Most of the memories are removed from the exiles' minds before they are sent here, so they don't have the same type of knowledge that our regular agents have. The majority of them have a vague feeling of being alien to earthly society, but very few possess conscious memories of life on other worlds, and they have no technical knowledge at all. However, they do possess high intelligence and control over their psychic powers: these are essential functions of the astral mind that we don't have the right to tamper with.

Griffith: Science-fiction writers often assume that advanced societies handle their crime problems by reprogramming people's minds to rehabilitate them. Why don't you do this to your criminals instead of sending them here?

Invisible College: We do employ such methods, but only on the less serious cases. Every advanced society that's tried to eliminate all crime and insanity from the population has ended up destroying itself. It's impossible to program destructive tendencies out of the mind without also eliminating good qualities like creativity. So exile is the lesser evil. And having a few extraterrestrial Theocrats here doesn't affect the average Earth person at all: They're really no different from your own native Theocrats, and there's no shortage of those. The presence of such people on Earth really has no overall effect on events here, especially since about half of the exiles eventually rehabilitate themselves and fight on our side.

Griffith: My personal psychic experiences and my past-life memories tell me that the exiled criminals and the agents sent here to direct the War in Heaven are only a small minority among the extraterrestrial spirits now incarnating on Earth. What kind of people are the rest?

Invisible College: There are two main groups: refugees from physical, wars and disasters, and young souls seeking development in the challenge of this hostile environment. Both come here to be in at the beginning of a new civilization.

Griffith: Everything you've just described sounds like what has happened on Earth during colonization of a new area. The American West was settled by exactly the same groups: a cadre of professionals who assisted the others, refugees fleeing poverty or oppression, young people seeking opportunity, and a minority of criminals running from the law. Australia is an even better example: it started as a penal colony, and later attracted the other types of immigrants as well.

Invisible College: That is a very good analogy. And the presence of large numbers of typical colonist types here ought to make your readers feel better: the voluntary immigrants wouldn't come here unless they believed that their chances of surviving and prospering on Earth were reasonably good.

Griffith: Just what are the risks? What are the best and worst things that can happen on this planet, and what is your prediction of what will actually happen?

Invisible College: On the positive side, psychic equipment for controlling the development of the embryonic Elementals into Gods instead of all-devouring monsters is functioning extremely well.


It seems to be completely adequate for its job when the time comes. We also have plenty of spirits trained to operate the equipment, and others to work with the embryonic Gods, as well as Elohim to guide them home when they are ready to leave the planet.

On the negative side, the Theocrats still have far more influence on Earth than we'd like, considering your state of technological development. We're not worried about the eventual outcome of the battle with them. The Invisible College is going to win, because we now have much better access to psychic technology than the Theocrats do.


However, unless the control of Theocratic spirits over your technology can be broken fairly soon, the Earth's biosphere will be seriously damaged before the Last Days.


It's going to be a near thing.

Griffith: Are you referring to things like the destruction of the ozone layer by organic halogen compounds, the greenhouse effect, etc.?

Invisible College: These are only two out of a long list of symptoms, and not even the worst ones. For example, some of your medical researchers are becoming aware that insecticides and other poisonous chemicals cause mutations in bacteria and viruses that create new diseases, but they have not yet realized just how great a potential danger this is.


Over fifty million years ago, the dinosaurs became extinct because of diseases caused by chemical pollutants released by the impact of large numbers of comets with the Earth during a visit of the Sun's astronomical companion, the "Nemesis Star."

Griffith: What happens if the Earth becomes uninhabitable after the majority of the population dies off during the last Days and the new Gods depart?

Invisible College: It may be possible to start an advanced civilization of reasonable size on space colonies, as has happened on many other worlds. This is the most probable outcome, the way things look right now.


However, if there is large-scale nuclear or biological warfare, the last Days may come so soon and be so short that this won't be possible. That's the worst-case scenario, and if it happens, we will simply have to evacuate as many souls as possible to other worlds, using the same psychic equipment that we use to control the Elementals.

Griffith: Well, that sounds better than the prospect of universal death that everyone on Earth would face if the extraterrestrial spirits weren't here.

Invisible College: It is, but it still isn't a good situation. Only astral souls above a certain state of development can be teleported out of here. Weaker souls would not survive the journey.


Now, all of the agents and immigrants and even the rehabilitated exiles are strong enough to survive the journey out as they survived the journey in, but many Earth people aren't. This means that many ordinary Earth people will die under these conditions... but they will survive if this planet continues to support physical human life, or if it's possible to build space colonies in time.

Griffith: Knowing this, it's easy to see why you're pushing the New Age movement and the resurgence of occultism so hard. You want people to strengthen their astral souls through practicing psychic development techniques, because that increases their chances of survival, no matter what happens.

Invisible College: Psychic development alone does not guarantee survival. Theocracy on Earth is now entering a fifth stage of development, which is based on electronic mind control instead of religious mind control, and on belief systems with no obvious ties to organized religion.


Fifth-stage Theocracy can entrap living people into group entities similar to Theocratic bands by linking their souls together with ties of astral matter, and people capable of entering the psychic trance are not as resistant to it as they are to the religious stages of Theocracy.



The Fifth Stage of Theocracy


The fifth stage of Theocracy employs electronic mind control instead of religious mind control, and it can enslave people who subscribe to belief systems other than those of organized religion.


The fifth-stage Theocrats have much stronger psychic powers than ordinary Theocrats, because they have access to psychic machines of the same type we use, and they are also able to control elementals to some extent.


This allows them to control people sufficiently advanced in personal psychic development to resist ordinary religious mind control, and to deceive people capable of recognizing that fourth-stage organized religion is a tool to enslave and exploit human beings.

On a purely technical level, this is not a serious threat to our plans to liberate Earth from Theocracy. The Elohim races who originally perfected the astral-matter technology are allies of ours and enemies of Theocracy.


Their agents, and our agents who have received training directly from them, have much more complete knowledge of how to modify and use this equipment than any of the Theocratic spirits have.


[Griffith asks if these "agents" are living people or disembodied spirits.]

The rumors that certain living people have advanced knowledge of psychic technology are untrue. Only disembodied spirits who have never incarnated on Earth can have this knowledge -- it's far too complex a set of astral memories to survive the incarnation process. Living Earth people do make use of this technology, but they are analogous to the users of a computer system, not to the technicians and system operators who actually run it. And the use of this equipment by the Theocrats and the living people who work for them is directly analogous to what computer hackers do on Earth: they have direct control of only a limited amount of software, but they use it to make unauthorized use of the whole system.


[Griffith has noticed that much of the literature on operational magic resembles manuals for using computer systems. For example, lists of "secret names" and "words of power" seem directly analogous to passwords for accessing computer files and commands for instructing the system to perform specific functions. He also see a resemblance between "magical languages" like Enochian and computer languages. The same holds true of numerological and literological systems. And many magical spells and incantations have a structural similarity to computer programs.]

That's exactly what they are. All those books that tell people how to work magic by controlling demons or other spiritual entities are quite literally manuals for using psychic technology.

Our code name for the network of psychic machines left here by the Elohim has always been the black network, which is the origin of the term black magic. It has nothing to do with morality, but is strictly a technical term.


[Griffith observes that this is an unfortunate choice of terminology, as is the identification throughout history of the forces fighting Theocracy with the devils of the various organized religions. Why, he asks, do you do this?]

We already explained why we identify ourselves with the spiritual adversaries of the Gods of Theocratic religion: that's simply a matter of operational reality. We oppose the Gods; therefore we are devils. No matter what terminology we use, the Theocrats would say that we are morally evil and encourage people to sin, so we might as well follow our own custom. Of course, people should compare what we do with what the Theocrats do, and decide for themselves who is good and who is evil.

The use of the term black magic for psychic workings performed with the aid of psychic technology has a similar grounding in operational reality.


The energies radiated by astral-matter machines appear to be black in color when perceived with the psychic senses, whereas the energies radiated by human astral souls - including those of Theocrats - appear to be white or bright-colored. This has a physical cause related to the frequency of the radiant astral energies themselves: the former appear absorptive and the latter reflective.

All use of psychic technology radiates "black" energy and all use of people's own psychic powers radiates white energy, and this has absolutely no relationship to whether these energies are being used for good or evil purposes. The Theocrats long ago identified black magic with evil because the black network was designed by the Elohim, who are their enemies, and the Invisible College has always made more extensive use of it than the Theocrats.

Fifth-stage Theocrats work through organized religion, but they are not tied to it as strongly as are Theocrats using more primitive methods. They are capable of turning almost any group of people into a Theocratic cult and any ideology into a Theocratic doctrine.


The spectacular corruption and explosion of the Peoples Temple is an example of what they can do to a religious group, but the Symbionese Liberation Army affair - the kidnapping and conversion of Patty Hearst - is proof that they can work through a purely political group as well. Right now [1988], they are trying to turn many rock groups and their inner circles of fans into Theocratic cults, and they have also corrupted a number of occult and New Age groups.


This ties in with what we said earlier about "living Theocrats."

The best example of how fifth-stage Theocracy operates and how we are fighting it involves subliminal warfare through the electronic media. This began in the Sixties, when many idealistic people in the counterculture tried to form new religious systems to replace Judeo-Christianity. On the overt level, their attempts produced the New Age movement and the present revival of traditional occultism, but the process has had an even more important effect on Western society on a subliminal level.


A high percentage of the imaginative novels, movies, and television programs produced in the last twenty years contain hidden messages about the war between the Theocrats and the Invisible College. And popular music today is an even more effective tool for mind control than it was in the Sixties.


As soon as we started this subliminal warfare, the fifth-stage Theocrats began using it too, and both sides have been fighting desperately for control in this area all during the last twenty years.


[Griffith very quickly noticed the magnitude of this warfare when he started doing research for a book on the role of popular music in the War in Heaven. Many of today's rock songs tell the same story, over and over again. It's like reading passages from the diary of someone gradually going mad in an old horror novel. Every new rock group starts out with a few normal protest or love songs. Then they get swallowed by a group mind controlled by fifth-stage Theocrats, and from that point on, all their songs sound as if they were written by the same person. However, this Theocratic subversion is often not complete, and periodically one of the groups still writes a song about the fight to liberate the human race from mind control.]

A number of musicians who are also highly skilled magicians have set out to train and control some spiritual beings that they believe are young Gods that can eventually oust all Theocrats and Invisible College spirits from the astral plane, leaving them in control of this brain-washed spirit and thereby the rest of the world.


Furthermore, they all believe that they will somehow merge with this creature and become Gods themselves.


Griffith: This sounds identical to what you said in the last chapter about the Elohim and the birth of new Gods, yet you seem to be taking a negative attitude towards it here.

Invisible College: The actual situation is extremely complicated. Some of the people in this movement are working with Elohim, and their efforts will allow the elementals they are training to become Gods.


Such people are themselves Elohim-in-training. However, the majority of people who are involved with this are actually working with Theocratic spirits who lack both the morality and the technical knowledge to raise their elementals as true Gods. These elementals will cause a great deal of harm during the Last Days, and they will almost certainly devour all the spirits and living people linked to them.

These "false Gods" are controlled through astral-matter machines belonging to Theocratic spirits. Some of these machines can generate immense quantities of psychic powers and allow magicians to do spectacular acts of magic, which convinces them that they are truly on the way to becoming Gods, but this is just another deception. They are merely on the way to becoming Theocrats by imitating their methods and morals.


The Theocrats treat the embryonic Gods as domestic animals and use them for their own selfish purposes just as they use other human spirits, living people, and psychic machines.

The Theocrats are able to deceive many people who study the higher levels of Western occultism, because many famous magicians of the past are now Theocrats. The best example of this deception is in the medieval alchemical mythology about the Homunculus which was later picked up by the Golden Dawn and Crowleyites as the Magical Child theory.


One element in this theory is the idea that properly trained human magicians can control Gods or other spiritual beings much more powerful than they are if they know the proper spells and secret names.

Any magician who applies this concept to contact with the Theocrats, or to units of the astral psycho-technology, or to elementals, is entering on very dangerous ground. The Theocrats are quite willing to let magicians think they are controlling them, and will assist them in working all manner of magic using their various passwords. However, the more the magicians use this system, the more mental reprogramming signals the Theocrats send back along the linkages being used.


This reprogramming affects both the astral mind and the physical mind, and there is a grim irony in the phrase "You yourself are the instrument." Anyone who collaborates with Theocratic spirits to do magical workings is putting his or her own astral and physical mind directly into the reprogramming circuitry.

Griffith: The medieval literature on alchemy and ceremonial magic is full of protective spells and charms that magicians are supposed to use to protect themselves from being affected or taken over by the Gods, demons, or other spiritual beings they are supposedly enslaving to work for them. Are you saying that none of these protections work?

Invisible College: Not if the magician is in contact with Theocratic spirits. And the closely related concept that magicians cannot be affected by the entities they contact to work black magic if they are "pure in heart" is equally false.


The Theocrats don't care if people are virtuous or not; their mind-control linkages will corrupt magicians slowly but surely. There are many living magicians walking around right now who think exactly like Theocratic spirits. They think they are Gods, they think they are immortal, they think they have the right to control other people and disembodied spiritual beings to do their bidding, and they drain psychic energy freely from others like psychic vampires.

Another mythological element the Theocrats use to deceive traditional Western magicians is the concept that the Atman or higher self of a human being is itself a God, and that if an organized group of magicians merges their higher selves, they can collectively create and control a new God capable of becoming a major force in the world of the living and of taking on an equal status with existing Gods.


This whole mythos is based on the desire for power over other intelligent beings, which, of course, is one of the principal causes of Theocracy.

From our point of view, the entire mythology is completely false. It is based on a number of false assumptions about spiritual reality that you have already thoroughly debunked in this book. The key fallacy that underlies everything else concerns the so-called "higher self." It exists, of course, but it's no more Godlike than the lower self.


The 'higher self' is nothing more than the astral soul with its astral mind and psychic powers. Becoming a magician is nothing more than putting the physical mind in conscious contact with the astral mind and using the psychic powers in the astral soul.


The medieval alchemists and cabbalists developed excellent practical techniques for doing this, but their theoretical explanations of how it worked were completely wrong.

Griffith: How does the information you just gave relate to my experiences with modern rock music? For example, I sometimes seem to hear messages with my name in them. Is this how people get entrapped into Theocratic electronic mind-control networks? And what exactly are the messages - actual subliminals in the music itself, or telepathic messages that use the music as a focusing device for my own psychic powers?

Invisible College: This form of electronic mind control is extremely powerful, and much more is expressed in electronic signals than an analysis of the surface message indicates.


Modern rock music is not just a melody and a lyric with a few specific subliminals added in such a way that they can be easily extracted.


If it were, then computer scientists on Earth could put songs in digital form, separate out the subliminals that had particular effects on people's minds, and actually write a sort of computer language out of them that could be used for simple kinds of mind control. For this reason, both the Invisible College and the Theocrats deliberately keep the subliminals far too complex to be analyzed and cracked with present Earth computer technology.

Don't assume that the voices you hear on records speaking your name, or various other word patterns that you think are personal and unique to you, are proof that some living person or some disembodied spirit has the same verbal knowledge that you yourself possess. This simply isn't true. The mental programs that human beings use to deal with language involve a lot of what you could call "computer enhancement of images" and also "high-level computer languages."


The actual subliminal sounds mixed into recorded music and broadcast on radio and television are more like a computer machine language than either an ordinary spoken Earth language or a high level computer language that resembles such a spoken language. They are not words or even phonemes in English, but patterns of sound that produce certain reactions within the speech-interpretation programs in the listener's mind.

For example, when you think you hear your name being called, the signal is probably not your name as an Earth person at all, nor your name where you came from, but a descriptive term in machine language that refers to a specific type of person. It's comparable to sending a narrow-band radio signal on a certain frequency; if anyone has a set tuned to exactly that frequency, he'll hear a signal.

Some of the Theocrats and many spirits in the Invisible College know what kind of people are here doing various jobs. If they want to communicate with such people, they send a group of machine-language symbols that a mind of one exact type will receive, and no other.


If you are that type, you will hear your name being called, or will otherwise be aware that someone has a message for you. What you don't seem to be aware of is that only you or someone exactly like you can hear the signal if it is specific enough. Some of these call codes are more specific than others.


Some can be heard by nearly all conscious extraterrestrial agents; others by all extraterrestrials, period; and some by everyone with a certain degree of psychic development.

Many of these subliminal messages have the same effect on the human mind, which on one level is computer software, as programming commands sent into an computer. In other words, receipt of a group of machine-language symbols by your mind causes a particular program to start running, if you are in the correct state of consciousness and if your mind possesses the program in the first place.


This is why the voices you hear in the music seem to be trying to recruit you to their side or to scare you off from interfering with their activities. Do not jump to the conclusion that the senders have conscious knowledge of who you are or what you are doing on the level of Earth-plane activity.

They know that many different people are doing research into electronic mind control, and that among them are undoubtedly some conscious extraterrestrial agents with the correct mental programs to understand messages of the type you are now receiving from us. They also know how to send messages directly to you through music subliminals, because they know some of the mental programming you have to have to do your job.


They are "on your wavelength" or "they know your language." So, no matter who they are or which side they are on, they try to get you to join them or to keep you from interfering with them.

Another thing you have to realize is that these messages that you can now receive because you have the right programs loaded into your mind are not new. Many different groups of spirits and living magicians have been sending such messages for years. That hasn't changed; it is you who have changed.


You can now hear and see the messages, whereas a few months or years ago you couldn't. What you are receiving is quite real, but it isn't quite what you think it is either. You think that the messages are much more specific than they are. You think that they are aimed at you as a unique individual.


They aren't; they are aimed at a type of person doing a certain type of job and possessing certain kinds of mental software.



[Griffith asks how to distinguish subliminal sounds put into the music itself on the physical level from telepathic messages sent to people when they listen to the music.]

A few modern records contain subliminal messages in ordinary English, but these aren't really important.


They are usually quite crude and easy to spot, and are little different from the ones you are familiar with from the Sixties, like the "Turn me on, dead man" back-mask on that old Beatles record. The back-masked sounds on many rock records have a much simpler explanation than you presently think. First of all, the vast majority of them are not put there for any deliberate effect, but just to make the sound richer and more complex.

Modern recording engineers have a whole library of natural and artificial sounds available to them when they work, and they have it all labeled by various nomenclature systems of their own. If they want a particular effect on a particular record, they usually know approximately what kind of item in their library is appropriate.


Then they listen to samples and pick one that seems right and insert it into the mix. But they almost never know what that sound was originally, nor do they care. The recording they hear is already backwards or otherwise mechanically distorted. It is not meaningful to them except for whether or not it fits the sound criteria they need for the job at hand.

Now, when you use your own sound-mixing equipment to distort this sound until it becomes meaningful and you can recognize its origin, you are usually doing something that the people who mixed the record did not even do themselves. The information you obtain by doing this is not a secret message sent by them. The whole process is as fruitless as taking a book that is being used to prop a window open, and reading the contents to try to find out why the window was opened or who opened it.

The important subliminals in modern rock music are nothing as easily identifiable as English words.


Some of them are machine-language symbols that evoke particular words or phrases; when you receive these, you may think you are hearing words in sound, but an oscilloscope would not register the same pattern as it would from the same words actually spoken.


In other words, you could "hear" the same group of words from two completely dissimilar oscilloscope patterns of sound. Some of these machine-language groups are so basic and so powerful that a person who spoke a language like Chinese would still hear words with about the same meaning.


However, most of them would not even get through to another speaker of English unless the person also had the correct mental programming.


[Griffith asks about "Raudive voices," named for a psychic researcher (Konstantin Raudive) who postulated that disembodied spirits could impress their voices onto magnetic recording tape. He has received a large number of messages of this type during his music research. Are they put there by spirits who psychokinetically manipulate the molecules in the tape, or is there another explanation?]

The messages are not on the tapes, but in your mind.


Spirits perceive the pattern of background noise going onto the tape and key it to a telepathic message they're sending into your subconscious. You can consciously retrieve the message when you listen to the tape. The proof is that sometimes more than one person will hear the same message on a particular tape, sometimes not.


Also, if you listen to such a tape frequently, you can learn to retrieve the message without it.


Both we and the Theocrats use this method of communication frequently, on music tapes as well as tapes containing only noise.


Griffith: The scope and effectiveness of the electronic mind-control techniques you have just described give the fifth-stage Theocrats much more power to control people than the religious Theocrats have ever had. However, Western civilization still seems to be evolving towards the goals set by the Invisible College long ago: an increase in individual sovereignty in all aspects of human life, a decrease of bigotry and closed-mindedness, and a higher level of general knowledge and sophistication in both technological and social areas.

I assume that this is why you remain optimistic about the future, but nevertheless, many of the people who commented on Spiritual Revolution [a preliminary edition of War in Heaven] expressed serious doubts about the future of the human race on Earth. They believe that nuclear war, biological warfare, or destruction of the Earth's biosphere through pollution will prevent an advanced civilization from developing on this planet, no matter what the Invisible College is able to do.

Invisible College: We are still optimistic, but these fears are quite rational and deserve to be discussed in more detail. Our wars with the Theocrats over the centuries have always involved battles over the evolution of physical technology, as well as the programming of individual mental software and the design of social institutions. During the last few decades, this technology war has become one of the most important aspects of the whole struggle.

We've already described the major aspects of this technological warfare in some detail: mind-altering drugs and the electronic media. We will next discuss other aspects that are just as important, but are not as easy to identify because they don't involve direct mind control. They are factors that operate behind the scenes, but they are going to play a principal part in determining the ultimate destiny of civilization on this planet. If the Invisible College retains control of these factors, Earth will eventually take its place among the advanced human civilizations.


If the Theocrats get control of them, then the physical planet Earth is doomed, and those of its inhabitants who survive will do so only as refugees on other worlds.



The Technology War


Due to rapidly-evolving technologies and geopolitical events since the 1988 publication of War in Heaven, information in the area of The Technology War is now partially obsolete and in need of updating.

I present here a very brief summary of the state of the Technology War at that time, category by category. Kyle Griffith will provide a current look at this area in the WiH Forum.

  • The Birth Control Pill

    The pill, not birth control in general, is important because the way in which it interferes with the menstrual cycle can enhance women's ability to gain control of their psychic powers – something the Theocrats always try to suppress.

    The effect is related to changes that take place in the somatic soul during early pregnancy as it prepares itself to bond with a reincarnating astral soul. Birth-control pills simulate early pregnancy.


  • AIDS

    The AIDS virus was created by Theocrats by using psychokinetic genetic manipulation to alter a relatively harmless African venereal disease virus.

    The need to find a vaccine for AIDS through genetic engineering was one of the chief reasons why such research was sanctioned and financed on a large scale. And genetic research is far more dangerous than atomic research in its potential to produce a wider variety of weapons of mass destruction, more easily and cheaply. The risk of accidental release of such weapons is much higher than the risk of accidental nuclear war.

    Right-wing reactionaries in 1988 were conspiring to pressure governments to treat AIDS with benign neglect and to withhold vaccine from public distribution for as long as possible after it was discovered. This would allow AIDS to spread very deeply into the Third World, so that the means of preventing or curing it could eventually be used as a weapon to further First World interests.

    This power-brokerage scenario could be used with other biological agents as well.


  • Strategic Defense Initiative

    The actual goal of this program was to do basic research on lasers, magnetic pulses, and other forms of coherent radiation, leading to the development of electronic disruption weaponry.

    The Invisible College was mostly concerned that such weapons would fall into the hands of terrorists and Third World nations, enabling them to upset the balance of power between the superpowers of the time, which was preventing nuclear war.

The Last Days

Griffith: Before you start your discussion of the Last Days, I'd like to know more about the predictions of Nostradamus. I've never believed it's possible to predict the future very accurately, yet his prophetic poems have always impressed me a great deal.

Invisible College: The predictions of Nostradamus are extremely deceptive. The people who think he was able to predict events like the French Revolution and the Second World War are wrong. Most of the quatrains that seem to have come true contain specific details that matched historical events by sheer chance.


For example, one of the latest [1988] to "come true" involves a quatrain that tells how "one from France" will depose the Shah of Iran. Since the leader of the recent Iranian Revolution did in fact come out of exile in France to depose the Shah, the prediction did come true in a sense.


But we assure you this was pure coincidence.


Griffith: I've always felt the same way about the predictions of historical events between the time of Nostradamus and the present. What has impressed me are his visual images of modern technology. Some of his verses contain what seem to be accurate descriptions of airplanes, submarines, missiles, conventional and nuclear bombing, chemical and biological warfare, etc.

Invisible College: Nostradamus had visions of all these things that were quite accurate, but this had nothing to do with prophesy. Physical technology develops along similar lines on many different worlds, and the images he described were taken from the historical records of some advanced civilization.


Griffith: In other words, he had past-life memories that included the equivalent of historical movie footage of the development of technology.

Invisible College: Yes, and he also received some of the images from extraterrestrial spirits sent here especially to do that particular job.


Griffith: However, it now looks as if his predictions that the Last Days on Earth will occur at the end of the twentieth century may very well come true. How do you explain this?

Invisible College: This had nothing to do with his visions about the development of technology. The information was supplied to him by the Invisible College, and was simply an educated guess, based on our knowledge of the development of other civilizations. However, it is important to realize that what was predicted was not the Last Days themselves, but only the potential for entering them.


Earth is obviously at that point right now, but we still cannot predict exactly what will happen next, or when. The situation is extremely complex, both strategically and ethically, and to some extent we are forced to wait for events to determine their own course.


Griffith: It looks to me as if the advanced extraterrestrial civilizations that are manipulating the evolution of earthly society are divided into two factions with conflicting goals.

  • the Elohim are here to assist in the birth of new Gods, and

  • the space people are here to create a new civilization similar their own.

Invisible College: This is completely correct, and it is a difficult political situation.


The Elohim have a strong claim here because of the astral technology that their ancestors left on this planet long ago; but they also want to maintain a good relationship with us, so they will allow us to found an advanced civilization of individual humans on Earth if possible.


There is no emotional animosity between the two factions, and a complex set of rules to determine how the situation is handled. And in one sense, the Earth people themselves will determine the fate of their own world.


Griffith: Exactly what do you mean?

Invisible College: If a major nuclear war occurs before Earth has established viable space colonies, no advanced individual civilization will develop here. And even if such colonies are established, the fate of hundreds of millions of individual souls depends on the course of history from now until the Last Days. If the Earth is still capable of sustaining human life after the Last Days, many more people can be saved than if the new civilization is forced to live in space.

Griffith: This brings me to a subject I really don't want to think about, but it's so obvious from everything you've said so far that I do have to ask about it. The population of Earth is now well over five billion. How many of them have a reasonable chance of surviving as individuals? I already know that the majority will be assimilated into the new Gods as they develop, and I find this concept absolutely appalling. Is there really any difference between such a fate and simply being devoured by Theocratic spirits?

Invisible College: The Elohim say there is a difference. People at a low stage of spiritual development who become part of a God do not die, but retain the potential to incarnate on some other world in the future and continue their evolution.


Griffith: This means you are admitting that the majority of the people now alive on Earth do not have the potential of becoming like you, but must cast their lot with the Elohim and Gods, or else be devoured by Theocrats and their animalistic Elementals.

Invisible College: Yes.


Griffith: Do people who have not evolved spiritually over the course of many earthly lives have a chance of determining which fate awaits them during the Last Days?

Invisible College: Yes. Most people who die while the new Gods are forming will survive. The more advanced will survive as individuals, and the rest will be assimilated into the Gods. However, those already in Theocratic bands or animalistic Elementals will not survive. That is why we originally had you simply warn your readers about Theocracy and stop there. This alone would be enough to save the majority of Earth people at a low stage of spiritual development.


As long as such people avoid Theocratic enslavement after death, they stand an excellent chance of survival.


Griffith: Why are you complicating the issue by making the rest of the information in this book public?

Invisible College: The main reason is that Theocrats have already communicated much of it to living people, but in a form that serves their interests, not those of the Elohim and space people. It is no longer possible for us to say that Gods do not exist and that people should strive to survive death as individuals and reincarnate.


Griffith: Please clarify this.

Invisible College: During the last twenty years [1988], the fifth-stage Theocrats have manipulated millions of Earth people into believing a cosmology based much more closely on the truth than are the traditional religious mythologies.


Instead of asserting that people have to submit to the will of an omnipotent deity to survive death, they are now saying that individuals can merge with the Godhead on a more equal basis. This is one of the basic tenets of the New Age mythology, and it's just close enough to the truth to be extremely dangerous.


Griffith: I understand what you mean, but can you help me put it into words more clearly?

Invisible College: The concept that an Earth person can merge into one of the young Gods that will form during the Last Days, and still survive as an individual, is true. However, ANY ORDINARY PERSON WHO TRIES TO DO THIS RIGHT NOW WILL END UP IN A THEOCRATIC BAND. It is quite true that spirits from the Elohim races and other souls at a high stage of development are now preparing certain embryonic Elementals to become Gods, but they do not recruit ordinary Earth people to help them.


It's a job for specialists, and such people know who they are from birth. They don't need to be recruited, nor do they need to be told telepathically who and what they are. Anybody who is told something different is being deceived.


Griffith: In other words, Gods do exist. No, I mean they WILL exist, but Earth people should pretend they don't, and should make an effort to reincarnate after physical death.

Invisible College: We're all doing our best. Now do you see why we're telling you all this?


Griffith: Isn't there a better way to communicate the information than putting it into a book like this?

Invisible College: Of course, but it is a good first step. Having the information in coherent verbal form in an earthly language makes it easier to communicate it telepathically to large numbers of people. And the more people who read the book and write or talk about the ideas in it, the better. WAR IN HEAVEN is just one tiny part of our efforts to spread this information.


Griffith: I still don't think that more than a tiny fraction of the Earth's total population will be exposed to this information before the Last Days arrive, if they happen within the next few decades.

Invisible College: What you're thinking is that most Earth people live in Third-world countries, and because of that will not be given a chance to decide their fate during the Last Days. This is a reasonable fear, and it points out one of our greatest problems: timing.


Griffith: I understand. If the Last Days come reasonably soon, large numbers of people will have no chance to decide their own fate. But the longer the Earth's population remains at its present level, the more damage will be done to the biosphere.

Invisible College: You have stated the problem very well. Most of the steps we are taking to solve it involve direct psychic battles with Theocrats and Elementals, which we will not describe for security reasons. All that you and our other conscious agents on Earth can do is try to spread the verbal information we are giving you and hope for the best.


Griffith: Are you willing to talk about when the Last Days will occur?

Invisible College: No. They could happen tomorrow or in two hundred years. It's best for you not to speculate about timing in print...


Handbook for the Recently Deceased

Q. Please summarize what you want me to tell people that will increase their chances for survival.

A. Everyone who understands and accepts the basic information in this book should make a conscious effort to develop his or her psychic powers during life. It's a basic survival skill that every human being needs to know, and the rudiments of it are not that hard to learn.


The majority of occult and New Age groups are capable of teaching a person enough basic psychic skills to attract the attention of friendly spirits on the astral plane after death. If such a group isn't available, people can learn such skills by working with almost anyone who already possesses them, just using trial and error. However, we want to make it clear that the process requires real effort, applied regularly over several years.

We also have another word of caution for people who have accepted the information in WAR IN HEAVEN as true, but are not serious occultists with highly developed psychic powers. They should read accounts of point-of-death experiences and learn to recognize the common tricks that the Theocrats use to enslave the unwary after death.

Q. Yes. I've read all those stories about the dying person being met by spirits who claim to be deceased relatives or friends, deities or messengers of deities, there to welcome him or her to the afterlife. I suspect that many people who believe the breakthrough information while living may suddenly forget it when confronted after death with the "shade of their beloved mother, come to welcome them to heaven."


In other words, "Seeing is believing." A direct emotional confrontation of this type might have more weight than any rational, intellectual knowledge received during life, especially to a soul who has just undergone the trauma of dying.

A. That is an accurate and vivid description. We still lose people that way every day, in spite of our best efforts.

Q. What can people do to avoid such deceptions?

A. The only sure defense is to achieve a certain degree of psychic development.


The Theocrats are able to practice such tricks only if the psychic senses of the deceased person are being activated from outside by the Theocrats' telepathic transmissions. If the person's soul is actively perceiving the astral environment with its own telepathic and clairvoyant powers, it can usually perceive the true nature of the spirits forming the "greeting party."


This is difficult to put into English, so let's just say they "look phony" or "have bad vibes."


The closest we can come to an actual description is that some of the psychic control mechanisms that the Theocrats use to enslave other spirits on the astral plane become perceptible to anyone who psychically "reads" them actively, instead of being communicated with while remaining passive.

Q. This is one of the elements of the breakthrough information that will frighten certain readers, especially when they realize that many of their deceased relatives and friends may be slaves in Theocratic bands right now. Suppose such a person does meet his or her dead mother or some other loved­ one on the astral plane?

A. The important rule is: KEEP YOUR DISTANCE. DON'T LET ANY OTHER SPIRIT “TOUCH" YOU AS LONG AS YOU REMAIN ON THE ASTRAL PLANE. Free Spirits rarely communicate telepathically. [This may refer to encounters shortly after death.] They don't approach other spirits closely, even when they assist them in reincarnating, but instead "talk them through" the process.



Q. I've never seen this written down before, but it becomes obvious when pointed out. You explained earlier that the Theocrats enslave weaker souls by literally attaching themselves to them, allowing energies to flow directly as they do within human nerve tissue; but I didn't realize the full significance of this until right now.

A. Yes, it's information that can literally "save your soul." Unfortunately, it's as difficult to communicate warnings like this to Earth people as it is for parents to warn their children about child molesters.


It's not hard to tell them, "Don't get into cars with strangers or accept presents from anyone you don't know," but much harder to deal with the fact that a large number of molestation cases involve close friends or family members.


All we can do is repeat that it is a universal custom among non-Theocratic spirits to always keep their distance from one another. It's sad that we have to do this, but the Theocrats give us no choice.

The most important thing about this is that it requires psychic skill, not just intellectual knowledge. The more conscious control that people develop over their psychic senses and powers during this life, the better chance they have of surviving on the astral plane after death long enough to reincarnate.


Disembodied spirits see by clairvoyance, communicate by telepathy, and move by telekinesis. If you don't have conscious control over these psychic powers, you may be blind, dumb, and paralyzed after death.


If you're lucky, you'll discover after you reach the astral plane that your soul contains residual memories from a previous life that give you access to these powers; but it's best not to bet the life of your mortal soul on it. Learning psychic skills is a lot of work, but we strongly recommend it to everyone who makes the breakthrough.

Possessing intellectual knowledge about the nature of spiritual reality is not as essential to survival after death as having basic psychic skills; but we still recommend that you learn as much about the subject as possible, from this book and all other available sources. The more you study the facts about Theocracy, the Invisible War, and spiritual cosmology, the higher the probability that you will remember some of this information when you need it most.

The time of greatest danger on the astral plane is immediately after death, when the astral soul is still traumatized by the shock of separating from the somatic soul. Theocratic propaganda has created the myth that some deaths are "easy" and "natural," and that only sudden or violent deaths are traumatic.


In reality, the snapping of the silver cord is as big a shock to the astral soul as the loss of a leg is to the body. It's true that some deaths are more traumatic than others, but none are ever "easy."

On the other hand, the worst thing people can do when they die is to refuse to admit they are dead. There's a universal myth that people can prevent death if their will to live is strong enough, so they fight the process with all their strength and courage.


Our advice to people who feel they might be dying is to remain as calm as they can, concentrating all their attention on remaining conscious and alert, not on fighting to remain alive. You'll lose nothing by doing this, because in most cases there is absolutely nothing you can do by an act of conscious will to stop the physical process of death if you are indeed dying.


However, vigorously fighting against the death process significantly increases the post-death trauma. to the soul, rendering it more vulnerable during the first few crucial hours on the astral plane.



Q. In a number of point-of-death experience accounts, the dying person refused to touch or embrace the spirits he or she encountered, usually because of some vague feeling that it "just wasn't right" to do so.


However, in other accounts, there is close contact but it has a negative effect: a painful energy exchange, often compared to an electric shock, occurs, and the person on the point of death has the sense of "returning to the body." In still other cases, the greeting spirits themselves refuse close contact and say, "Go back, your time has not yet come."


How do you explain all this to make it evidence to support the concepts you're describing?

A. The important thing to remember when reading an account of a point-of-death experience is that the person relating it was never actually dead in the first place. Definitions of physical death are imprecise, but not the definition of death as perceived by spirits: detachment of the silver cord from the somatic soul. Once this happens, death is irreversible; the astral soul cannot reattach itself.

The people who have point-of-death experiences are simply close to the point where the astral soul detaches from the somatic soul, close enough to attract the attention of other spirits who get ready to receive them into the astral plane.


The same physical trauma that brings the person close to death also produces a state of consciousness in which the physical mind is extremely passive and the astral mind is awake and active, allowing easy psychic communication with spirits.


We should point out that only "old souls," those at a high stage of spiritual development, have such experiences.

This is why such people sometimes recoil from contact with the spirits: their psychic perception is keen enough to spot that something is wrong. However, even if this doesn't happen, close contact with the other spirits still cannot result in Theocratic enslavement. The soul of the dying person remains attached to the body and continues to receive energy from it through the silver cord. It is this energy that produces the electric shock effect if contact does occur.


Of course, most Theocrats are knowledgeable enough to refuse such contact themselves, to avoid the shock. However, Theocrats vary in knowledge, so both kinds of point-of-death experience occur.

This ends our transmissions on the War in Heaven...