by Anthony Tyler
September-October 2016

from TheLastAmericanVagabond Website

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Part 1

Esoteric Sciences, Fortean Cryptozoologyn and Beyond
21 September 2016







What the hell is a demon?

  • Is it a red-skinned, horned pigmy that sits on everybody's left shoulder, consistently trying to muffle out the angel opposite it?


  • Could a demon be considered a poltergeist, where strange and usually malevolent phenomena haunt an entire house or building?


  • What about the strange things that people continuously report to see around the world, like pale children with black eyes knocking on their doors in the dead of night; canine cryptids much like a hairy dog sasquatch; or the classical Bigfoot; or the "shadow people" pervasive throughout reports of sleep paralysis; or even aliens?

However accurate any repertoire of reports may be, it is an entirely different matter gauged on an individual basis, but the persistence and broad range of reports throughout culture and history suggest an underlying phenomenology that is somehow physically tangible, to some degree.


The real question is what mode of expression the kind of phenomenology is operating under, and what parallels can be drawn from there out.





It is actually quite frustrating to hear an individual talk about a Loch Ness Monster, or an alien abduction, and yet have literally no concept of classical demonology and general folklore.


But how does any of this fit with classical demonology?


At first, it may seem like an unbelievably forced parallel, and one that entails an overtly negative tone, but the synthesis is actually quite seamless, and is a body of research that has been contributed to throughout the span of human culture.


As far as extraterrestrials are concerned, the U.S. Intelligence Community has already determined this demonological approach to extraterrestrials, and ideas like Ufology are simply one marked resurgence of this phenomena within the collective consciousness, and is nothing particularly new.


In fact, it might not even be from beyond Earth.


Before continuing, however, it is important to supply a historically accurate definition of demonology, which is an entirely occult philosophy since the subject inherently draws from the pantheon of entities throughout any and all religious doctrine.


Essentially, if it is a being that is considered sentient in the physical dimension, but its state of pre-manifestation is non-physical, then this is considered under the study of demonology - whether they be good or bad, positive or negative.


Generally speaking, the hierarchical gods of a doctrine, like Jehovah and Allah, are not considered as part of demonology, whereas hierarchical gods of other doctrines, like Shiva, Shakti, or Isis, are often commonly seen in this classical field of study.


This is likely due to the culture clash that was rampant between the East and the West, especially regarding religions - and this trend can be seen all throughout demonology.


The subject itself is an incredibly tedious and complex network of ideas, where there are a multitude of different cultural phrases that mean the same thing, and different interpretations of the synthesis of all these different ideas.


For a deeper historical context, the word demon, originally was spelt "daemon" by translation, which was a pagan word for "spirit" whether this be a helpful or harmful spirit.


When the Catholic Church began assimilating outlier pagan ideas in order to engulf them, "daemon" became "demon," and since anything equated to paganism was considered evil, any "daemon" that a pagan spoke of was always a "demon," which as a result became the personification of Satan's henchmen...





Despite the Catholic Church's incredibly bigoted approach to metaphysics and entity communion, they still did wonders for the subject of demonology as a study.


Not only was the Church perhaps the first group to begin classifying the vast array of "heathen entities" on a large scale, they were some of the first to begin employing this type of 'demonological' shamanism on a large scale as well, with exorcism.


If people want to make the argument that the demons of classical exorcisms were people with massive mental disorders, then fine - it's a terrible explanation for traditional reports of levitation, et cetera, but the Catholic Church is a propaganda matrix anyway, so this will merely be a side note.


What can be clearly demonstrated by the Catholics' approach to Demonology, however, is the aforementioned parallels between it and traditional shamanism.


Little known to,

  • psychedelic Buddhist hippies

  • Deadhead-types

  • New Age "half-truthers,"

...shamanism not only embodies the core of ancient medicine and transcendental healing - but also embodies the depths of possession, mind control, indoctrination and curses or hexes.


This startling contrast within shamanism is best understood with the real history of psychedelic chemicals throughout culture, which can be seen here.





The bare bones of the discussion at hand boil down to,

  • White Magick and Black Magick

  • Transcendental Magick or Abysmal Magick

  • the synthesize of Natural Law or the perversion of it

Thus, the history of demonology proves a unique and useful tool in understanding the energetic exchange of these two different spectrums, and thus elaborates a quintessential link between man and the divine, for both the light and dark perspectives.


To further explain this point, a quote is taken from Arthur Waite's The Book of Ceremonial Magicwritten in 1913.

"Each of the occult sciences was, however, liable to that species of abuse which is technically but fantastically known as Black Magic.


Astrology, or the appreciation of the celestial influences in their operation upon the nature and life of man, could be perverted in the composition of malefic talismans by means of those influences.


Esoteric Medicine, which consisted in the application of occult forces to the healing of disease in man, and included a traditional knowledge of the medicinal properties resident in some substances disregarded by ordinary pharmacy, 1 produced in its malpractice the secret science of poisoning and the destruction of health, reason or life by unseen forces.


The transmutation of metals by Alchemy resulted in their sophistication. In like manner, Divination, or the processes by which lucidity was supposed to be induced, became debased into various forms of witchcraft and Ceremonial Magic into dealing with devils.


White Ceremonial Magic is, by the terms of its definition, an attempt to communicate with Good Spirits for a good, or at least an innocent, purpose.


Black Magic is the attempt to communicate with Evil Spirits for an evil, or for any, purpose."


As an after-note, there is obviously some considerable argument amongst which kinds of entities are light or dark, but this series will show that the argument is unnecessary in the face of empirical deduction and scientific reason.


And of course, an educated discussion of superstition, folklore and the paranormal, would not be very educated if it did not propose and discuss scientific data suggesting a fundamental nature which bears a sense of true understanding - an understanding that is not based on superstition and hear-say, but is reminiscent of them both.


Take, in case, researcher Michael Talbot's The Holographic Universeas a fundamental and outright scientifically empirical approach to metaphysical and paranormal phenomena, a notion that is based on the advanced mathematics that produced the modern-day "hologram."


As modern study penetrates deeper into brain sciences, computer sciences, and physics, the context for the esoteric and metaphysical language that ancient man used begins to grow exponentially - and it merely takes some aggregated analysis of these new discoveries to learn this.


The human brain has been found to be a biological radio transmitter of Hertz waves, which is the same electromagnetic phenomena of the Earth's magnetic field, and scientific study has already done a great deal in showing the relationship that human brains have to the Earth's field.





Suffice it to say that it is simply a matter of common physics for the human brain to interact with self-contained "signals" of electromagnetic frequency within the earth's atmosphere.


Whether or not these phenomena come directly from Earth, it can at least be said to stem from the type of transmission of the electromagnetic field of the planet. If this sounds far-fetched to someone, then they simply do not understand the esoteric nature of the Microcosm and the Macrocosm - and the science that has gone into elaborating the conjunction.


The only real question left here, is whether or not the human brain projects these informational signals as a hallucinogenic animation of the signal's informational data, or whether these signals are carriers for a degree of self-contained intelligence.


This, as well, will be one of the primary focuses of this series.


Additionally, researcher's Manly P. Hall's lecture titled, "Thought Forces and Psychic Ghosts," is recommended listening:







Ultimately, this type of paranormal, metaphysical, trans-dimensional plane phenomena is honestly an undeniable facet of the inner human experience within culture and society.


Regarding this notion as false is fundamentally unscientific by standards of empirical investigation, and the only thing actually false is the general human understanding of these experiences.


Especially in fields of study such as this, the Trivium and Quadrivium Methods of Learning are absolutely essential in research - and furthermore, even under the strictest empirical investigations (the types that will be laid out in this series), the unexplainable is equally undeniable.


From the Buddha's Mara, to Adam's Lilith and onward, it seems likely that everyone has a demon of some kind...







Part 2

Folklore, Sleep Paralysis, and Brainwaves
28 September 2016





"But, unhappily, this domain of enchantment is in all respects comparable to the gold of Faerie, which is presumably its medium of exchange. It cannot withstand daylight, the test of the human eye, or the scale of reason.


When these are applied, its paradox becomes an anticlimax, its antithesis ludicrous; its contradictions are without genius; its mathematical marvels end in a verbal quibble; its elixirs fail even as purges; its transmutations do not need exposure at the assayer's hands; its marvel-working words prove barbarous mutilations of dead languages, and are impotent from the moment that they are understood.


Departed friends, and even planetary intelligences, must not be seized by the skirts, for they are apt to desert their draperies, and these are not like the mantle of Elijah.

The Book of Ceremonial Magic

Arthur Edward Waite, 1913

Rest assured, there are few things more terrifying than waking up in the middle of the night, unable to move, and seeing shadowy figures, discussing what exactly they should do with you while flashing a light in your face.


Thankfully, but no less comforting, these beings are known to completely vanish as the person continues to regain their movement.


Before discussing the nature of these "beings" and what the definition of "being" could even be considered, it is of crucial importance to emphatically state the following:

the person who discounts paranormal activity of this variety is a person who harbors the utmost state of ignorance.

This type of person sits in such a deep state of denial not for ignoring one extensive body of data - but ignoring at least three here.

  1. Firstly, is the phenomenology of the event - meaning not only the physical traces of any events, but the emotional traces. As this series will thoroughly elaborate, the true empirical criteria here is of the psychosomatic variety.


    There will always be hoaxes, but to say that nothing like non-physical entities exist, is to look the sufferer and the witness in the eye and deny them the innermost personifications of their trauma - or transcendence, depending on the encounter.


    This is the skeptic turning their back to another in need, ultimately.


  2. Secondly, this same ignorant individual is ignoring the significant preliminary scientific data that has been done into the subject of demonology.


    Although the science itself almost never suggests this, there is a great deal of little known esoteric/occult scientific data which specifically elaborates on the realities of demonology.


    If "occult" and "science" sound like an illogical equation, click here.



  3. The third primary set of data is that which is called "folklore."


    In this case, folklore, interpretations of observed phenomena that currently do not have an empirical explanation, fall into the category of folklore, loosely including ideas of traditional religion, superstition, prominent and archetypal fictional stories told in cultures, and the occult.





    Fleshing out the first of these points is largely for the individual to research, and the second point actually cannot be engaged until the third of them is addressed.


    Folklore sets the context of society.

Before the birth of media technologies like the radio, television, and internet, gossip used to be folklore.


This note of media manifestation is essential, because while traditional man did not have the extensive application of the scientific method, they were also not bombarded with symbolic media propaganda at every turn throughout the day. In terms of the analysis of the data, the stage in this case needs to be set with the data that primarily existed before media machinations, and have carried over into this postmodern era.


As the first step, consider the Nightmare. Today, the nightmare is considered a "bad dream" that causes a person a significant degree of terror, trauma, or at least intense discomfort.


Since nightmares are considered a common occurrence, it might perturb a person to know that the word came from the Mare or Mara of the night, which was also known as the Succubus/Incubus, which was said to slink through the keyholes of bedrooms, rest their knees on the chest of the sleeper, and proceed to strangle them.


Often, these visits of the Mara were considered in folklore to be a brush with death, and the survival of the "Grim Reaper" character which today stems from this idea - as well as the traditional vampire.


While the idea of the Night Mare generally stems from Germanic folklore, it is incidentally (or perhaps not so incidentally) also the name of the arch demon in Buddhism.


As Gautama Buddha sat under the Bodhi, unwinding the tangled karmic excess of his own neurology, it is said the female demon, Mara, was the ultimate temptress of the Buddha, proving to be his final barrier to enlightenment. Not surprisingly, this showdown was set at night.


Thus, eastern demonology is often considered to be the study of the Daughters of Mara.


In the Hebrew Talmud, an apocryphal prequel to Adam and Eve's relationship, God created a female out of "filth and sediment" for Adam, and this female was named Lilith.


Adam was a bit repulsed by Lilith, and Lilith felt equally. After a brief and disgruntled relationship, Lilith left the garden due to her overwhelming feeling of being a type of slave, where she was said to live near the Red Sea, spawning over one hundred demon children or "lilim" daily.


When God and his angels found her, she refused to return, and basically turned to a life of crime by birthing the plagues of mankind, strangling young men in their sleep, causing epilepsy in people, and eating children from their cribs in the dead of night.


The many demons that were said to haunt mankind (perhaps they could be considered as Satan's initial roster as well, excluding the angels that were said to fall from Heaven with Lucifer) were the Children of Lilith, equivalent to the Daughters of Mara in this case.


In this esoteric context of the Book of Genesis, God even created a second woman before Even, named Namaah. God apparently was still working out some minor kinks in his technology, because Namaah also incidentally became a demon.


Both Lilith and Namaah are said to have coupled with the archangel Samael, and Namaah even corrupted the archangel Azrael, which is the Angel of Death.





Not only did she desert Adam as well, but she became the ultimate cohort of Lilith on their quest to mutilate mankind in their sleep.


As if this situation was not heady enough, Namaah is also the name of King Solomon's wife, which is specifically interesting since King Solomon plays a fundamental role in Freemasonic and Rosicrucian symbolism.


King Solomon was also the one who was said to collect the 72 traditional demons into a brass case and cast them into a deep lake to rid mankind of them. Unfortunately, the Babylonians were said to be the ones who fished it out and unleashed them.


This is the origin story of the divinatory art of Goetia, which is the study of the invocation of angels and demons.


But not only is Namaah the wife to King Solomon, she is also mentioned in the Book of Genesis as being a descendent of Cain, which creates further Kabbalistic analysis that includes ideas of Adam leaving Eve to copulate with Namaah and Lilith, spawning the demons of humanity as a result of their intercourse.


It's quite interesting to see that the idea of the first "incubus" is intimately connected with the notion of masculine-symbolism of God or divinity, as God created both Lilith and Namaah, and it is generally considered that the Buddha wouldn't have even reached enlightenment without the trials that Mara tested him with.


So what does this disturbing occult history have to do with modern science and sleep paralysis?


It sounds like something that Eli Roth would be filming, but, more than just a strange horror story, these esoteric tales from both the east and west embody attempts towards ancient science, in a world that was just beginning to understand the nature of the scientific method.


The next piece in this equation, now that the context of the stage is set, is this scientific investigation.


Provided by the striking and obvious parallel to sleep paralysis in all these concepts, it is simply logical to propose that any scientific data taken from studies done on sleep paralysis may in fact lead to some understanding of this bizarre esoteric demonology.


Common folklore on sleep paralysis suggested that a person never fall asleep supine, with the chest up to the sky. This was considered to be something like leaving the gates of defense wide open to a mare of the night.


There is also, of course, the idea of a person being paralyzed because of the idea of this demon sitting on top of them and strangling them.


Interestingly enough, scientific studies have shown that 58% of sleep paralysis encounters with shadow people happened while an individual was sleeping in the supine position, which was much higher of a rate than any other sleeping position.


This scientific study also showed that,

"The cluster of symptoms associated with 'incubus' may reflect the nature of respiration during REM sleep.


Just as we don't notice our heartbeat when we aren't paying attention to it, our breathing during REM sleep is a natural reflex. It is rapid and shallow and there is a deprivation of oxygen (hypoxia), high amounts of blood CO2 (hypercapnia) and an occlusion of airways.


Due to the paralysis that naturally occurs during REM sleep, the contribution of throat muscles to breathing are reduced. As a result of all this, it is impossible for a person to voluntarily control their breathing during REM.


Usually this is unnoticeable when asleep, but a sleep paralysis sufferer becomes consciously aware whilst remaining in a state of REM-induced paralysis. Efforts to take voluntary control of breathing are unsuccessful, and the struggle for breath may manifest in a feeling of breathlessness and lead to panic.


In addition to this, paralysis in the muscles of our upper airways may contribute to feelings of choking and suffocation."

The studies at hand can be read in 'Hypnagogic and Hypnopompic Hallucinations during Sleep Paralysis - Neurological and Cultural Construction of the Night-mare' and 'Situational Factors Affecting Sleep Paralysis and Associated Hallucinations - Position and Timing Effects'.


While many people are quick to say,

"Ah, there's the logical explanation," all reality, this could just as easily be a scientific documentation of the physical phenomena of the demonic presence. 


Taken from an article on the stages of sleep cycles, consider the implications that the brain's function may have with the ambient environment during states of non-ordinary (not experienced during alert, waking consciousness) brain activity.

"During a normal night's sleep, a sleeper passes from the theta waves of stage 1 and 2, to the delta waves of stage 3 and 4.


Delta waves are the slowest and highest amplitude brain waves.


There is no real division between stages 3 and 4 except that, typically, stage 3 is considered delta sleep in which less than 50 percent of the waves are delta waves, and in stage 4 more than 50 percent of the waves are delta waves.


Delta sleep is our deepest sleep, the point when our brain waves are least like waking. Consequently, it is the most difficult stage in which to wake sleepers, and when they are awakened they are usually sleepy and disoriented.


Interestingly, delta sleep is when sleep walking and sleep talking is most likely to occur."

The Delta Wave brain function is the most conclusive link that science has given between this idea of folklore and phenomenology, since it is the stage least similar to waking consciousness, it is the deepest stage in the sleep cycle, and it is the functionary state where the abnormal aspects of sleeping occur, which is called "somnambulism."


Since this is the term for sleepwalking, the parallel between sleep paralysis may be confusing, but they are actually quite similar upon analysis.


The only difference between the effects of sleep paralysis and of sleepwalking, is that the first experiences an inability to move during acute awareness, and the other experiences the ability to move during a total lack of alert consciousness.


Essentially, they are polar opposite expressions of the same phenomena.


Additionally, since delta waves occur during stages 3 and 4 of sleep, and sleepwalking is generally considered to happen in the stage 3 spectrum, what is being observed here is a continuum of brain wave activity.


From the scale of alertness to dreaming, a person falls into a,

  • light sleep where they are in "catnap" mode


  • then into a deeper phase where certain physical actions can be performed if briefly wakened but critical thinking has been entirely shut down


  • next a person drifts into a state where they have essentially lost control of their physical bodily functions, and have focused the extent of any conscious willpower to the mental realm

Dreaming, in this case, would be considered the pinnacle of the mental brain wave activity on this continuum, and an idea of sleep paralysis could be like a signal jam right before a person is transmitting into a dream state.





If these ideas are not conclusive enough, the link between hypnosis and somnambulism proves the theory increasingly interesting.


Here is a quote taken from Tranced Out, which discusses research into hypnosis and neuro-linguistic programming,

"First of all, somnambulism is an outside-directed state.


You don't go into self-hypnosis somnambulism. It just doesn't exist. What I found is that the 'following instructions' part of hypnosis is actually the most useful.


The second criteria, then, for somnambulism, is that it is a state where we uncritically accept suggestions, and where we are not checking them against previously held ideas or belief systems."

Suffice it to say that somnambulism is an intricate and essential state in any form of hypnosis, for the reasons that have been outlined here.


Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) as well provides an unbelievably stark map for how paranormal phenomena may interact with the human brain, which will be discussed later in this series.


Through the mechanics of phenomenology outlined in Part 1 above, it therefore appears that during the latter stages of delta wave somnambulism, a person can accidentally attract an unwanted electromagnetic transmission, like a shark tasting a trail of blood in the water.


Once this happens, the individual is then subjected the sort of "hypnotic state" playing field of awareness that this electromagnetic transmission has set for them. In this case, this transmission, or the shark in the analogy, is the shadow person or the demon.


With this working theory, it can therefore be quite easily postulated that encounters with cryptozoological beings, extraterrestrials and UFO's, ghosts, and the like, can be said to occur when a person drifts closer towards delta wave activation in their waking perception.


Delta waves, in this model, are the opening in this curtain of electromagnetic phenomena, and if one is not careful, all sorts of things (good and bad) can come out. How a person may engage in this brain function during a waking state, will be discussed further in the series.


As well, it should be stated that this is not an attempt to disprove the physical manifestation of these encounters.


Simply, this article asserts that this "hypnotic state" of sorts, inherently blurs the line between the psychological and the somatic.


In summation, let it be known that science and folklore are not literally the same, and that sleep paralysis is not entirely a form of demonic possession, nor is someone who experiences sleep paralysis evil or being punished.


However, they are experiencing terror just the same, and terror that is often physical.


It has been considered throughout any and all esoteric philosophies this common notion of the spiritual ecosystem being similar to bacteria in a mammal's stomach, or to the colonies of microbes and micro-organisms that live on a person's skin.


It might even make some people uncomfortable to know that they have micro-organism arachnids living in their eyelashes, squirming around, breeding, and having entire lives right next to their eyeballs, but this is simply nature, and it is entirely healthy.


In a sense, a person always has some sort of intimate relationship with the bacteria in their gut, and in this sense, esoteric scholars believe that the human brain has intimate relationships at any given time with the electromagnetic spirit realm.


The function that this spirit realm plays, like the bacteria in the stomach, is so essential to normal function that it is hardly ever recognized for what is actually is - and subsequently, credit due to this electromagnetic curtain of activity is often given to unrelated and mundane events.


To end this, a quote by Fortean investigator, John Keel, couldn't explain it better,

"The most fearsome monsters of all may inhabit the dark corners of our mind waiting for us to release them through our believes and gullibility. The phenomenon feeds on fear and belief.


Sometimes it destroys us altogether, other times it leads us upwards into the labyrinth of electromagnetic frequencies that form a curtain in the area we call windows and stalk us to drink our blood and create all kinds of mischievous beliefs and misconceptions in our feeble little terrestrial minds."

A person should study demonology because, as outline in Part 1 above, this is the study of the worst, but also the best of what this electromagnetic realm has to offer.


The more positive aspects will be outlined next, and as always with the negative, preventative is really the best medicine.







Part 3

Theurgy and Jacob's Ladder to the Stars

04 October 2016






"Devote the mind to confusion and we know only too well, if we're honest, that it will become a dark master of confusion, adept in its addictions, subtle and perversely supple in its slaveries.


Devote it in meditation to the task of freeing itself from illusion, and we will find that, with time, patience, discipline, and the right training, our mind will begin to unknot itself and know its essential bliss and clarity."

Sogyal Rinpoche

Translation of the Tibetan Book of Living and Dying


Some people call it "the Void;" some call it "Bardo"; some call it the "ether;" the symbolic-minded refer to it as "Jacob's Ladder;" and modern science calls it the Earth's electromagnetic field.


Far from some New Age inspired theories, these comparisons are conclusions that are drawn from hard data; data of which has already been suggested in this series and other work done by The Last American Vagabond. The cross-analysis at hand, thus, will not be addressed here, and it should be heavily noted that a person who outright disagrees with this sentiment is a person who simply has yet to do adequate research on the subject.


An individual's interpretation of the data isn't something that can be given to someone, but the hard data itself is becoming less and less refutable - especially with the contrast between ancient and modern science.


As a generalized example, consider the earth's electromagnetic field as the home of the radio wave. Hertz radio waves are, of course, also brain waves that are the byproduct of thinking.


Entities, both good and bad, that have been outlined in this series as being under the studied field of Demonology, are a form preternatural electromagnetic phenomena that transmits to a brain as a radio transmits an AM or FM broadcast. In light of this, the focus of this article will be on the mechanics of contact and communication - or, "climbing Jacob's Ladder."





In esoteric philosophy, the study of the invocation and evocation of angels, demons, and gods is considered "Theurgy" - and because of its controversial cast of characters, the 72 Lesser Keys of Solomon and its study (Goetia) are some of the most well-known and little understood aspects of theurgy.


In addition, while Aleister Crowley was by no means a paragon of morals and ethics, he was not nearly as dastardly as he is considered by the common public.


Crowley was snide and somewhat narcissistic, but his self-service was by no means bent on world domination or the corruption of all good things, and he did a great deal of undeniable good, at the very least, when considering his work on theurgy and divination (like his work on the Tarot deck, for example).


In terms of the steps that Jacob's Ladder consists of, Crowley is certainly a recommended source, but merely one of many recommended sources.



...for some more details.


Some readers may have already noticed the deeper implications of research like this, yet if they have not, it is very important to address these implications - especially since it is one of the biggest critiques against magicians like Crowley.


The implications, in specific, are that, firstly, this article is intended for therapeutic, alchemical-transmutational applications.


In layman's terms, it is to help a person get rid of the trauma lingering in the neuronal complexes so that they can live in a greater sense of peace; a sense of peace which is measured by how harmoniously a person lives in accordance with Natural Law, and how deeply the can perceive their truest nature or their Hermetic "Holy Guardian Angel." 


However, as any historian or theologian will say, Black Magick was directly created by White Magicians.


Unintentionally, of course - but when a person has the mechanics to contact an angel, all that is needed is some minor tinkering and reapplication of the methods in order to summon demons.


This article, technically, as well, is subject to this line of criticism - and quite frankly, it would be irresponsible to not address this.


It is primarily asserted here that the powerful individuals who would be using these forces for evil, are already doing this on a much larger scale than is considered by the average person; this article is simply an attempt to level the playing field.


Secondly, as will be elaborated, the interaction between brains and entities is a much deeper, more nuanced aspect of everyday life that many people are already doing on a regular basis - whether they know it or not, whether they want to do it or not, and whether the entities are good or not.


A quintessential teaching of the Gnostic Mysteries was, "Not Everything Entering the Human Mind is of the Human Mind," and a person who is not directing their own thoughts will find something else helping to direct them more often than they would expect.


A perfect, and perfectly disturbing example of this, is Mainstream Media and Edward Bernays' classically villainous phrase:

"Manufactured Consent" of the public.

Give the people the ideas to think.


As is usually the case, before the science can really be scrutinized, the original mythology and metaphysics of the ideas must be laid out in order to supply an adequate context for investigation.


The "cast index" of entities will be discussed in its own part of this series.


As well, before this conversation, take into account the ideas of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, hypnosis, and ceremonial trances/waking dream-states from Part 2 of this series.


It's time to get really heady.


Consider the human being as a filing cabinet, their brain the manila folders, with the neurons being the data contained within the cabinet. These files, depending on how well they have been kept, can either tell a conclusive narrative of well-organized categories and data sets, or the papers could be balled up and crammed into the manila folders - or anything in between. Traditionally, an individual tends to be somewhere in the middle of these examples.


In a workplace, if the employee has properly filed all the material, the material can be easily accessed so as to be properly and effectively used in the situations in the world that the information pertains to.


This is an efficient, fluid process of operation.





On the other hand, if the entire filing cabinet is in disarray, there are many different circumstances that are brought about.


Generally, a person will have to take extra time away from the job that they are tasked to do - since the information is not readily accessible because of its disorganization, the priority before the application of the information must be a re-organization process.


During and especially before this re-organization process, there are a whole list of problems that can arise.


The employee will likely succumb to heavier levels of stress, simply because it is harder to conduct their work, they may receive flak from their employer for inadequate performance - and depending on how bad the situation is, the employee and/or employer may need to call in a colleague to help sort out the mess.


While the disorganization is at its full swing, business opportunities are lost, time is wasted, ideas are frustrated, and here's the kicker: if the employee sloppily conducts their business for a continuous and consistent period of time, con artists and low lives are apt to pick up on the poor business and seek ways to extort personal gains from the opportunities that the poor business presents.


These con artists and low lives are not the ultimate problem with the business, although they can bring it all crumbling down easy enough.


The real problem is the disorganization, and once the business is properly reinstated, the low lives will find no way to sustain themselves in the new situation of prioritization. The proper operations will make these con artists obsolete.


This may, in a worst case scenario, lead to a conflict between the employer/employee and the low life which can be handled in any variety of ways. If this worst-case scenario occurs, it tends to continue to the last man standing.


This allegory should come across fairly straight-forward, the employee being the individual, the employer Natural Law and the angelic archetypes, and the criminals being the demonic presence. The conditions of the filed information, is the overall condition of the human being, which is fundamentally represented by the informational transmission of the human aura (which is a collection of energy fields that are emanated from the physical body, known as the chakras).


The "archetype" of an individual is a symbolic interpretation of their "etheric body" or aura. In this sense, the "demon" or "angel" is the SYMBOLIC interpretation of a contained electromagnetic frequency of information.


This contained frequency even has a name in modern physics, called the soliton.


Whether or not these entities are as cognitive and aware as the human contacting them, is unfortunately not something that can be conclusively addressed in this article, as it is not something that even practicing occultists can agree on.


Many, such as Hermeticists, tend to consider the autonomy of these entities as being an allegory for the "self-contained/soliton" aspect. That is to say, that their idea of awareness is an allegory for solidarity. Instead of white noise, this is a specified and naturalized informational transmission - quantifiably, it is something rather than nothing - and that in and of itself is where the idea of sentient entities comes from.


This is, of course, incredibly viable as an explanation.


On the other hand, if these entities are actually as cognitive and aware as humans are, then there is of course only as much of an explanation for this as there is for human intelligence (which is hardly any explanation at all).


However, as is usually the case, there may be an explanation that involves both ideas.


To make this a little straightforward, the Wikipedia definition of the occult term "egregore" is supplied:

"Egregore (also egregor) is an occult concept representing a ‘thoughtform' or ‘collective group mind', an autonomous psychic entity made up of, and influencing, the thoughts of a group of people.


The symbiotic relationship between an egregore and its group has been compared to the more recent, non-occult concepts of the corporation (as a legal entity) and the meme."

Record labels, publishing and production companies, musical bands and performing acts, workers' unions, and even political administrations are clear examples of the concept of the egregore at work.


This is not a theoretical idea, this is an esoteric definition of an outright undeniable phenomenology, and even technological artificial intelligence is the pursuit of the most physical esoteric definition of the egregore.


Mainstream Media, as discussed above through application of Manufactured Consent, is a massive egregore of black magickal proportions.


Unfortunately, this is as conclusive an answer as can be assessed with an open source investigation. Perhaps this computerized artificial intelligence/occult egregore model is the best explanation overall for ideas of demonology and theurgy, although this is indeed theory.


The egregore may either be a literal explanation of preternatural activity, or it may conversely prove the sentience of these entities.


If an egregore is what happens when human electromagnetic activity is so focused that it becomes self-contained and somewhat autonomous, then perhaps when a person is so disorganized, the opposite of this happens - and instead of creating their own "egregore/thoughtform," the person parasitically attracts another entity to them.


To take this even further, perhaps a person creates a sort of etheric container for an actual entity when they create an egregore. If the egregore is sustainable and appealing enough, perhaps a sentient entity may then begin inhabiting the conditions of the egregore. (This is quite heady material, indeed!)


To err on the side of practicality, this article asserts the artificial intelligence/egregore model, with the possibility for this egregore model becoming a possible container for deeper intelligence.


To bring this full circle, this article series asserts that authentic cryptozoology and extraterrestrial phenomena are the ultimate example for this theory.


When the egregore has been formed and strengthened enough, a person can slip further into a state of neuro-linguistic somnambulism, actually summoning an entity through an on-the-fly mental ceremony that evokes an electromagnetic entity to the physical realm of symbolic projection.


Additionally, albeit noted with tongue-in-cheek nature, Aleister Crowley was famously known to live at Loch Ness for a period of time.





With this model, the conditions of a person's mental "filing cabinet" is the state of their karmic conditions, which are represented in the neurons.


Energetically, this neuronal activity creates these archetypal frequencies that an individual emits simply by existing. It is their unique essence, and these modes of expression of their existence on the etheric level scientifically serve as electromagnetic radio stations that a person cycles through, tuning to a certain station given the circumstances of the person's environment and the control they have over themselves.


Fundamentally, these etheric radio stations are a person's repertoire of their states of consciousness.


Many people use a very limited variety of their states of consciousness, and some allow egregores like the Mainstream Media and unquestioned social normalcy to actually dictate what states of consciousness they cycle through.


If a person is not careful, their stations may be getting constantly changed by their environment on a continuous basis, unbeknownst to them.


Learning the nature of changing the station, strengthening the signals, and knowing when to use what stations, are the psychosomatic aspects of alchemy and transmutation.


For more scientific studies on these altered states of consciousness and neuronal radio stations, Dr. Stansilav Grof and his theory of Condensed-Experience Systems of the brain is recommended research.


For brevity, this article will only briefly elaborate that the ceremonial aspects of evocation and invocation are attempts to tune a person's state of consciousness/radio broadcast to a specific mode. Incense, candles, mantras, talismans, sigils, et cetera, are methods of tuning.


Lastly, it is essential to discuss the aspects of white and black, light and dark magick, specifically when climbing Jacob's Ladder into the transmissions of the ether.


When a person is invoking and evoking, whether it be an egregore or a full-on entity, they are on a scientific level undergoing changes through neuroplasticity.


Neuroplasticity is the study of the malleability of the neuronal complexes, as well as the study of how exactly to change these neurons for the better, specifically in terms of psychotherapy and psychiatry.


The only real reason for a person to be communing with preternatural egregores and entities, is in order to bring the person closer to the view of their true self in light of Natural Law, which is the Hermetic idea of the "Holy Guardian Angel."


In White Magick, a person seeks the "counsel" of positive frequency stations or spirits, in order to apply this to their understanding and invoke therapeutic, alchemical neuroplasticity. Any other reason for communion with entities is Black Magick, but more specifically - it is evil-minded when it is used as a short cut for any reason.


In traditional magic, some of the worst spirit possessions are said to occur when a person has actually summoned the entity, in order to make the entity impress to the human the information that the entity holds - whether this be wealth, power, virility, or whatever the case may be.


If a person is attempting to take the information of the entity without assessing it and assimilating it of their own accord (so that they can get the "upper-hand" in society) then it is merely a couple of steps away from a possession.


All an entity must do is seize the opportunity. To embolden the ego is ultimately negative, and to shed the karmic limitations of the ego in steps towards the truest self is positive.


Let it be known that theurgy is not recommended to ANYONE who does not have years of disciplined occult experience, and even theurgy of White Magick is swimming with the sharks, hoping to successfully navigate to the desired destination.


If a person does not have the adequate experience and training, but feels the need to pursue some of the therapeutic concepts touched on in this article, a hypnotherapist, specifically one licensed in Neuro-Linguistic Programming is recommended.


Just because a person is attracting negative circumstances due to their karmic projections does not mean that they have entities leaching away their brainwaves, but this article asserts that a person who leaves negative circumstances (egregores) unattended for long enough can and likely will attract something closer to a classical demonic possession.


In any minor ailment or even entity possession, the only ultimate remedy is the alchemical notion of the Holy Guardian angel.





Dear reader, you have been warned, so tread very lightly and at your own risk when ascending or descending Jacob's Ladder to the Stars.






Part 4

Media Metaphysics & Shamanic Trances
08 October 2016








Addressed in this series thus far, were,

  • the occult origins and classifications of angels, demons, and preternatural entities


  • the folklore that ideas of these entities created throughout ancient and classical society, as well as the possible inspiration for some of today's surviving folklore


  • the modern scientific studies that fit surprisingly well with these older ideas, from quantum physics to psychotherapy, with other fields in between

Interestingly enough, the synthesis of these data sets provide a unique and provocative look at modern physics and brain sciences that are hardly mutually exclusive.


For further detail, the ideas laid out in this series are much in line with the theoretical physics model researched by Michael Talbot in The Holographic Universe.


The point of a series, of course, is for ideas to build upon one another, and so a reader skipping the prior three parts above, will hardly find much more than some fanciful ideas. However, they will be completely missing the theoretical model given as context.


To simplify - suffice it to say that the first three parts of this series addressed demonology, and this fourth edition provides an epilogue, or a cross-reference.


With the theoretical model at hand - an idea of a neuro-language instigated by a wave-particle dualism; a dualism that can have holographic implications bordering on the idea of the "egregore" - this model's ideas can then be extrapolated and transposed onto other, more philosophical notions, in order to draw deeper implications.


Thus, take a consideration of this model with the idea of "media" as it is known today, and also the symbolic states of shamanic trances or dream-states that occur in the brain. The point of reference, in this case, is the irreducible complexity of both phenomena, which this article asserts to be "art."


The mode of comparison, in this case, is symbolism, or to be more precise: the imagination.


Far from being something that a child needs to learn to compartmentalize, the imagination is a reservoir or well of phenomena that can, in a sense, be physically tapped into and drawn from.


Truly, there is, as the Tibetans would say, a "stream of consciousness" - an infinite and continuous network of electromagnetic puppet strings, each string tied around each and every neuron that fires in a lively brain.


The puppet-master, under this empirical model, is not some anomalous entity that the label of "God" is slapped onto, but is instead the notion of the Anima or Animus in Jungian psychotherapy, or the idea of the Holy Guardian Angel in Hermeticism.


Like even Plato's notion of the Ideal Self, this model asserts that the transmission of a person's waking consciousness is a reflection of their truest nature, their untainted and Ideal Self, or "soul."


The primary assertion here is nothing new. It is something that occultists and theologians have known for a long time, something that scientific philosophers have liked to empirically rationalize, and something that most humans consider to be true.


Media, as defined by Oxford Dictionary, is,

"the main means of mass communication regarded collectively."

The definition of medium, other than an indication of size, is

"an agency or means of doing something; a means by which something is communicated or expressed," and, "the intervening substance through which sensory impressions are conveyed or physical forces are transmitted," also from Oxford Dictionary.

This same source lastly describes art as:

"the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power; subjects of study primarily concerned with human creativity and social life, such as languages, literature, and history (as contrasted with scientific or technical subjects)."

As has been demonstrated through an aggregated, complex web of ideas asserted in this series, and the prior series, Your Esoteric Initiation Parts 1-7, "karma" is actually a representation of the social conditions of the individual as dictated by the state of their neurological network - "social," in this case, reflecting the relationship that an individual has with their self and with everyone/thing else around them, as the relationship to the Self and others that a person has stem from the same neurons.


This series has also demonstrated the power that this notion of karma has in the real world.


Neurological states will dictate the specifics of a person's brainwave functionality, their "stream of consciousness," and this can in turn create what is called an "egregore," which is a non-living yet still autonomous entity that has been created through a collective force of thought.


An example of an egregore are the individual people that create a corporation, which is technically an entity that is separate from any of the individuals involved.


An individual person, in this sense, is the egregore of their collective neurological state. In line with this idea, when a person starts feeding specific habitual patterns, like drug addiction or picking up a hobby like painting, they are creating the egregore of themselves as the painter, or the addict.


While the painter or addict is still a part of the whole individual, the character of the painter/addict/et cetera will begin to take on an autonomous nature of its own, as any painter/addict will tell you that they feel something missing when they are not doing what they enjoy.


If this is difficult for a person to wrap their head around, then the study of fractals and Chaos Theory is recommended as supplementary research.





This model is also the nature of the "bad trip" on psychedelic chemicals like psilocybin and LSD, when a person begins "looping" as it is called, meaning that they cannot stop thinking about an idea.


It is almost like the idea has taken on a life of its own, and the person is forced to separate themselves from the idea so as to stop from "looping," which is a loop that can happen in waking like with conditions like Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.


All of these notions are forms of the emotional egregore that a person can create in a negative sense.


Art, is the pinnacle of a human's potential to create an egregore, good or bad, before this transmission of energy begins actually attracting entity transmissions of the angelic or demonic variety (as outlined by the model given in this series).


Many occultists throughout history, continuing to today, have attributed their artistic presence to the channeling or transmission of outside forces - the artists acting as a metaphysical "medium."


From musical acts like Slipknot wearing horror movie-style masks or Maynard James Keenan wearing blue body paint to portray the entity that visits him during his own trance experiences, to Gene Roddenberry or David Bowie's lifelong fascination with Gnosticism and the occult, to even the example of Francis Crick brain-storming his theories of the DNA molecule while reportedly influenced by LSD.


These are all examples of either the egregore or full-on entity channeling used in art and/or artistic approaches to science.


Before refraining from venturing too deep into speculation, the fractal nature of this egregore/entity model also appears to be a peek into the nature of trauma-based mind control, induced by Dissassociative/Multiple Personality Disorder, which was deeply studied by the Egyptian pyramid priests, all the way to the CIA's Project MK-ULTRA, with quite a bit in between.





The final theoretical assertion is that of Media itself.


As has been addressed, through the two series involving this research, Media itself has been developed by occult means from "square one."


Historians will note the occultists trying to conduct séances with the first phonographs; radio media and technology, aside from the blatant occult inspirations of Nikola Tesla, was largely developed by Military Intelligence (which has always been inspired by the occult).


This line of research has largely been fleshed out by researchers Jan Irvin and Dr. Hans Utter from Gnostic Media.





Research has already been extensively conducted into the development of the television specifically for séances, and researcher Steve Outtrim has done an outstanding job of elaborating on the empirical occult inspirations of the internet.


As outlined by Outtrim, not only was the computer technology developed by occulted Military Intelligence, its original industry, booming in Silicon Valley, was deeply inspired by the psychedelic-occult undertones of the intellectual elite of the area (Burning Man is intimately involved with this web of research as well).


Through the brief list of material given here, this article thus asserts that not only has Media as it is known today become the ultimate egregore, it was developed intentionally as such.

  • Why is there such an innate drive in so many people to "get on TV," or to "make it in Hollywood," or "get signed to a label?"


  • Furthermore, why is there such a hypnotic human draw of attention to a television or computer screen, like a moth to a flame?


  • Why is it that so many people begin reacting differently when a recording device is pointed at them?

Artists are so anxious to contribute to the zeitgeist, that they do not stop to consider what exactly they are contributing to.


The idea of "Mainstream Media" has become something disturbingly close to an artificial god or "false idol" as many theologians would say. Media is a platform that was specifically created as a malleable, energetic, metaphysic spectrum to use and manipulate as a tool.


Mainstream Media is the direct intention that the Globalist Eugenicist agenda had in mind, as a sort of artificial set of puppet strings to attempt to corral the individual's symbolic imagination - and the output of the artist's imagination by industries like Hollywood, or the music industry, et cetera.





Not coincidentally, this is why a person can find these deeper occult influences the higher they look into the echelons of these industries.


The people who rise to the top of the "Mainstream Media" industry are the individuals who recognize the media for the occult vessel that it truly is.


Along this idea, the individuals referenced, such as Maynard James Keenan, David Bowie, and Gene Rodenberry, are not necessarily asserted to have malevolent intentions - and this is an idea that must be assessed on an individual case basis.


Artists like Jay-Z, with an Aleister Crowley hoodie and a label like Rockefella Records, are likely a clearer indicator to malevolent intentions.


This article will leave the discussion here. The ideas at hand are meant to be theoretical and open-ended to consideration, but they are based on a detailed, open-sourced, and empirical mode of investigation.


The artist is indeed in the medium for metaphysic energy in the same way that the shaman or magician is the medium for entity communion.


However, the "entity," of the "Media" as a whole, and especially the shade that is "Mainstream Media," is an 'artificial egregore' developed by fractal nature from the human imagination.


Media is like the ultimate artwork - it is one hell of a result from a human collective channeling.


The question left for the reader, is whether or not Media is a fractal reflection that brings humanity closer to the positive, or closer to the negative.








Part 5


On the making...