by Zen Gardner

14 November 2011
from BeforeItsNews Website

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This is about as creepy as it gets...

Our planet is clearly under attack.


Anyone even half awake can see the world today is careening towards disaster when there is no reason for it. Our resources are plentiful, and the vast majority of people on earth are loving, ethical and well meaning individuals.

However, those in places of authority and economic power appear to be maniacal psychopaths constantly scheming for new ways to use and abuse humanity and its beautiful home called Earth, or Terra.


You name it:

  • politically

  • economically

  • socially

  • environmentally

It appears we've been literally invaded by something foreign to our world and are being systematically abused, dismantled and destroyed.




Just Look at the Nuclear Nightmare No One Notices

Nuclear radiation is showing up everywhere!


Never mind the constant death-dealing spray of radiation from Fukus-up-shima, humanity's being dosed from every which way on this insane planet.

  • leftover radiation from decades of nuclear bomb tests

  • Fukushima showers

  • cell phones

  • TSA checkpoints

  • medical offices

  • irradiated food

  • depleted uranium used in the war forum and elsewhere

  • leaking nuclear reactors,'s pathetic.


And that's all we know about.

And that doesn't include the chemtrails and other insane geoengineering "experiments", managed mega oil disasters and the toxification of our water table via gas fracking and other means, never mind the mad wars being waged worldwide, etc.




Why Are They Doing It?

  • To reduce the population?

  • Alter our genetic make up?

  • Produce a morphed human race only capable of subservient tasks to please a master race immune or protected from these mutative influences on a deliberately morphed planet?

I know, pretty freaky. But all actually plausible.

Know Your Enemy.

David Icke's recent interview on InfoWars was just terrific. Follow along when you get a moment HERE as he outlines the potential for just such a scenario. It spurred me to finish this essay which I started over a year ago, but now is clearly the time for it.


How CAN it be!
Personally I like to think how can things like this be true, and not how they're NOT possible. When it comes to strangeness we need not look beyond our current world.

We just need to look deeper at what's right before our eyes.



The Terraforming and Depopulation Agenda

Terraforming, it's not just for alien worlds anymore.

Terraforming fundamentally is at the core of much of what we're witnessing in today's world.


This transformation has been afoot for centuries, drugging and altering and culling the herd to keep it manageable while the would be Controllers attempt to create their perfect, illuminated utopian world... with us as their slaves.

And we're witnessing a whole new beyond-Orwellian stage now in their war to change and control humanity.

If you're following the trends and social memes that have surfaced over the past few years, an accelerating pattern unfolds. While our skies are sprayed with chemicals creating a consistent metallic haze worldwide, blocking the sun and poisoning our population, plants, animals, water and soil for future generations, our food chain is also being genetically modified with such reckless state-sponsored abandon it makes your head spin.

On top of that, while more and more chemical toxins are added to our food and water, our population is given vaccines and pharmaceuticals to further alter our natural make up and behavior.


The media and science promote our "embracing" of new exponentially increasing technological changes and to eventually literally accept chips in our bodies for social and economic control.


If you watch closely you'll see an onslaught of propaganda encouraging us to become "transhuman", a concept heavily promoted in the music industry and Hollywood.




Why Are They Doing This?

This Battle for Earth and the seeming preparation by covert powers for these esoteric plans and purposes has been unfolding for millennia.



Let's look at a few aspects of this struggle for dominion by generations of power mongers a little deeper.

The Front Men Set the Stage
Following is perhaps the most ominous speech in recent history.


If you can stomach it, George W. Bush lays down the boundless terms for an international assault on... an emotion. This is straight out of Orwell's 1984 where the world is continually fighting far away wars with constantly shifting evil-doing fictitious enemies.

At just before 4 minutes in you'll hear the ultimate false choice of our age, that sets the stage for the coming war to fully control humanity and usher in the New World Order they're hoping this will lead to:

"Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists."

Not a lot of wiggle room there. And since then that's exactly what we've gotten - less freedoms, more restrictions imposed by the metastasized US State and its internationalist minions.


And if you buck it or dare to criticize the State of 'US', from the invasive TSA to our Gestapo Homeland Security, you're going to see consequences become 'grave'.


"W" Spells Out the War on "Terra"
One last thing before the script for world domination is dutifully read by Aleister Crowley's retarded inbred grandson George W. Jr. (below video)


Listen carefully to the very beginning of this speech, and tell me if W doesn't seem to deliberately over Texan-ize the first use of the majorly important word terror to sound eerily like Terra, as in Earth.

Deliberate? Wouldn't put it past them... one bit. As he goes on he pronounces the word just fine.

Oh how they love to flaunt their program to the "initiated brethren". (Fine to just listen to the beginning, the rest is nauseating...)








War On Terra?

Yup. Worldwide Dominion Is Their Goal

The Illuminati elite and their minions clearly seek to subdue all peoples of the earth in a great culmination of thousands of years of planning, manipulation and wicked social engineering.


As we know, true history has been buried, twisted and rewritten by not just the victors, but the Controllers who play both sides.

However, there is a growing awakening sweeping our planet, and as a result essential facts have been coming to light for some time now. Their once secret (or occult) plans and methods are being exposed and brought to light for all to see.
As evidence to the above, I came across this in my research on the War on Terra by passionate researcher and Truth activist Ian Crane... perfect.



This is where...

"Ian R. Crane links the trauma of contrived oil and food shortages with the plan to introduce GM foods, not only to maximize the profitability of a mature oil & gas industry but also to provide a source of additional taxation for the primary purpose of funding an increasing number of illegal preemptive wars.

As the British Government signs legislation legalizing "scientific research" into far-reaching aspects of Genetic Engineering and Trans-Genetics, the author presents the ever increasing evidence to support his hypothesis that Humanity is under attack by those who believe that they are the rightful rulers of a global dominion."

Good on you, Ian! One of many endeavoring to expose the agenda.


Find Ian Crane HERE and hear below a great radio interview on Red Ice Creations with him:







Psycho-Social Control - The Illuminati Hegelian Dialectic

First, it's important to understand how they can subjugate whole nations and populations.


This is obviously a huge subject as they use many methods including fear, intimidation, outright fabrications, phony suppositions and even witchcraft and literal mind control techniques in addition to their drugging and food altering technologies.

We watch helplessly as governments rise and fall, markets are manipulated to benefit the same greedy Illuminati robber barons, and society gets shredded with an incessant bombardment of mind-numbing hedonist media confusion.

Push Me, Pull Me - The constant stress of continual cognitive dissonance

  • Violence, sex, and rebellion are condemned while being fiercely promoted and popularized at the same time

  • In the name of so-called freedom, restraints from political correctness and phony "security" concerns shackle whole populations, which they accept gladly in the face of threats of phony external threats such as "terrorism"

  • Supposedly representative politicians make sweeping promises and habitually proceed to do the opposite

  • Religions clearly manipulate and easily sway huge masses of fabricatedly insecure people, subjected to an authoritarian hierarchy and told to love a god who will send them to hell if they get out of line

  • Child abuse is condemned while it's known to be rampant and unprosecuted amongst the religious orders and elite,


Welcome to dystopia
Anyone paying attention can see they're hitting us from all sides. And that's on purpose... it drives us to a desired place through the use of what's called the Hegelian Dialectic.


In simple practical terms David Icke explains the Hegelian Dialectic as Problem-Reaction-Solution:







Another Example - The environment is under deliberate attack, while they pretend to champion its preservation
Just observe the deliberate poisoning of our atmosphere with chemtrails and pollutants and unnecessary fossil fuel use, while the Sierra Club condemns us for driving cars or exhaling CO2.


Tell me that's not madness.


Then there's the medicating of our drinking water through fluoride, chlorine, metals and other additives while we're excoriated for challenging the government's divine wisdom in doing so.


Look at the restrictions imposed on natural medicines and supplements while they peddle dangerous drugs to the tune of multi-billions of dollars. And most horridly perhaps, the genetic modification of the very food we ingest for sustenance - while they outlaw home gardening, seeds and small farms!!



Hard to consciously digest, so to speak....




The Truth of the Matter

The world doesn't have to be the way it is - it's the mess it's in because that's how the manipulators want it.

If Earth's rightful inhabitants were left to natural and conscious laws of Universal design, we'd have plenty of food, free energy, rational and loving public discourse and happy interaction, and great intuitive conscious awareness where we would naturally align with the energy enhancing laws of the Universe... much like iron filings align and get charged by naturally occurring magnetic energy.

But worst of all for the Controllers or "powers that be", we'd be empowered, and they'd be out of a job - and no longer able to literally suck our energy and life forces like the vampires that they are.





But Who's Behind the Illuminati? What's the Plan?

Researchers have been digging, tracing, connecting dots, speculating and formulating for a long time. Truth has intrinsic power and value, much more powerful than the opposing sorcery that tries to usurp everything for itself.

And the Truth is coming out!

That they could be an alien race of trans-dimensionals, or demon-possessed wicked Satanists out to do their master's bidding is up for grabs. It could be both.


But rather than give you a false choice in the matter, why don't you figure it out?




Serious Questions Here

  • Is there a conspiracy and hidden agenda by powerful entities, or is it all just a coincidence and convergence of essentially accidental and random evolution of influences and events?


  • Would powerful people actually meet together and plan or "conspire" for a self-serving elitist agenda toward their idea of utopia that may not be to the liking of the world's inhabitants?


  • Could they be influenced or controlled to a large degree by powerful alien, trans-dimensional or spiritual entities attempting to execute some 'esoteric' plan?

Hey, who knows for sure.


But ancient history from several cultures repeatedly tells the same story of a primordial invasion of earth by another species who interbred with early hominids to create what is now known as homo sapiens.

  • How are you going to deal with that?

  • With religious myths again to keep it at arms length through hierarchical rigmarole?

Time to get conscious.


If we really believe we are all consciousness and essentially parts of an infinite Universe, maybe we better start listening to our hearts, challenging the party line and doing some serious research.

Because we are under attack...






The earth and humanity are clearly being transformed, and it's not by accident and definitely not with our consent, except through our ignorance.


If indeed we know the rulers of this world are up to a plan, which you'd be crazy not to believe, then our task is to see what that plan is and do our part to expose and stop it.

The earth is not slowly, but quickly being converted into something other than what it is naturally. The design apparently is that those who survive these manipulated changes will be the support team for these wicked trans-dimensional controllers who can survive just fine in the atmosphere they're creating. In fact, it will probably support their life form better than the current natural earth does.

A very sci-fi sounding plot? Actually it's not that far from many religious teachings.


The problem there is manipulated religions keep the masses transfixed on a very narrow, detached narrative, wholly dependent on a self-appointed hierarchy as they wait for the cavalry to save them. While there's clearly truth mixed in with religious teachings, the paradigms are usually limiting and disempowering.

Meanwhile the Controllers literally get away with murder.

Any way you look at it, humanity is under attack, and they're pulling out the stops. The more people who wake up to this heinous plot, however you see it, and take conscious action accordingly, the less power they have to execute it.

And as this vibrational change toward greater and greater conscious awareness dawns, like the sun rising after a dark night, the shadows of darkness will surely flee away.

Until then we need to light as many torches as we can!