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Ancient and Future Custodial Alien Races and the HyperDimensional Symbolic Cryptographic Munitions Conspiracy.
The Role of 21st Century Humanity in Preventing War for Control of Souls through Ancient and Future Sacred Sciences of Psionic Dimensional Interface Technology.

"We need a rogue agency to get the job done, otherwise we’ll all go crazy. This Order will have to be kept secret from future Presidents. We need a national security agency that nobody in government will even know about. We have no choice, dammit. Otherwise we will never get a handle around this thing. These jokers scare the hell out of me.”
Imagined Statement of a Past American President



  1. Fair Warning Rant

  2. The Alien Presence International Security Response Consortium

  3. Old Players, New Players, Changing of the Guard

  4. An Unintended Side Effect Risk of the Program

  5. Then and Now Systems for Alien Presence Suppression/Control

  6. Elite Power and the Control-By-Chaos Creed

  7. ET - Friend or Foe - Until We Know, Gotta Shut Up

  8. The Munitions of Belief and Consensus - A Tight Lid

  9. Covert Presence Prelude to Overt Invasion?

  10. Religious Shock and the Adaptation Conundrum

  11. Lock Down the Hatches Before The Breach

  12. When You Only See a Noise Floor - Ignorance is Bliss

  13. The Symbols of Nature and Evolution and ETs

  14. Secret Points of Agreement About the Evidence

  15. Secret Munitions of Hyper-Dimensional Symbols and Ritual

  16. Ancient Symbol Wars and the Control of Nature and Society

  17. History Belongs Not to the Symbols, but Those that Wield Them

  1. Thirteen Pagan Symbols Appropriated for Apotheoses of Organized Christianity

  2. Religions are Businesses, Countries are Businesses, People are Businesses - It’s all Business

  3. Where the Power and Control Hides

  4. Divine Man Trial Balloons That Can Be Popped

  5. Divine Blood, Lifeforce, Evolution and Power

  6. The Quest for Mental Emotional and Spiritual Interface

  7. Anatomy of a Cosmic Conundrum

  8. More Than Two Sides to Every Issue and Influence

  9. Anatomy of the ARC Echelons

  10. Spiritual Symbol Powers - Finding Balance Between Sun and Moon, Serpent and Feline

  11. The Barriers Between Worlds of Beingness and Power

  12. For Now, Pandora’s Box is Open and Managed with Malathion and Butterfly Nets

  13. Omega Game Secrets and the Ouroboros Breakout Choice

  14. The Sticky Icke Factor Cult Propaganda War Extended Report

  15. God is Love and Light Love is the motivator of Spirit and Heart

  16. The Egyptian Gods, the Lucifers and Messiahs, and the Future

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To rational, grounded thinkers, socially conservative, objective minded people, hard data analysts, hard core skeptics, cynical detractors, and mainstream media reporters gumshoeing virtual pop culture: ALL the information contained in the following pages is an exercise in overactive imaginary scenario development.


It is therefore just a crock if you are looking for hard evidence of anything. Go have a beer. Your debunkery targets are elsewhere. Stop the insanity. Or have a lemonade.

This imaginary reflection on alien phenomenon is only intended to:

  1. Be obliquely interesting to a few bored researchers and avid UFO pop culture watchers, and

  2. Cause cognitive dissonance in a wake-up call to a certain UFO contactees, abductees, and cult groupies, and

  3. Be startling to invested folks worshipping symbols at the expense of people, and

  4. Interest people who want to keep telepathy, crop circles, active ongoing genetics programs out of the current ET-Human cultural acclimation project, and

  5. Seed pop culture lore, and suggest a bemused take on all the presumed viable alternative roadmaps

This a picture whose meaning is prevented from finding mainstream currency by many interests, mostly motivated by fear, ignorance and editorial survival. It’s quite a show, and if you are really that interested, then go ahead and take the time to read this kind of hobo pop culture shtick.

If you want just the UFO facts, then hit your back button immediately. Yield to the tip-toeing orchestrated graduated legitimization of Ufology. Joe Firmage, for example, is of course a ‘godsend’ for those supporting the ET-story social conditioning efforts. But watch closely how quick the clueless factor catches up, despite the barrage of ‘new hard data’. It is only designed to have a certain limited potential information warhead yield, as the releasers of the information know full well.


The real truth is being suppressed and violators are impeded.

The attempt to continue progress in the so called social legitimization of ET scientific research will look good for a while. But it will falter without effective new conceptual foundations which our highest need-to-know are still too insecure and afraid to loosen up or promote.

We have to learn to see with ‘new’ senses and know in a new way, a rather psychic and spiritual way. We have to create a navigation framework to show how the Halloween fun house has been built.

The deeper mystery is how we integrate as much as we can without unveiling the more uncomfortable, unpredictable features of the landscape.

In THIS document you will find no pedigree, nothing to use for your ‘real UFO research’ so now you can forget this being another threat to the good name of Ufology! Traditional Ufology, the secret debunkery decoy-gang haven, has already roundly dismissed everything Cooper and Firmage have to offer in the way of new MJ12 evidence, as bogus.

So obviously none of this is true in reality. It is science fiction pure and simple and H.G. Wells just got something started. So relax. Get over it. Allow ET continue to be the pop culture that it is, even if you are an abductee and know “they’re really here.”

The storyline here integrates seemingly radically disparate phenomenon in our world, threaded together into a process that posits many alien civilizations covertly visiting our world for many reasons. These alien civilizations have a large menu of agendas that are driving interests from the heavens and interacting with human interests from here on Earth. But so what? If you are looking for science fiction writing, be assured that this is as bad as it gets. Read no further, and go find yourself a good book.

So who’s left? We got rid of the skeptics (yeah right!), we got rid of the average ho-hummers, offloaded folks looking for a literary experience.


So who’s left? Oh yes, the egos of some so-called respectable Ufology who try to effect some cognitive management for the rest of us bewildered herd. They avoid upfront labeled Misinformation like the plague, since striving for credibility is a passion.

However, to be fair, there is a remarkable degree of critical mass collateral developing.


But what is it after all? Pop culture gone out of control? Misuse of the internet? Irresponsible pontificating? Pseudo-science? Maybe seeds for new cults? It’s all about cults and pop culture gone out of control - that’s the story fed into the brain pan in the middle of the bell curve. Aren’t you just wasting your time on more stupid, imagined, unverifiable, implausible, indefensible, psychotic fantasy garbage? Those are the lines of defense anyway.

Don’t worry. People will never ever believe this stuff in any way that changes their life in substantial terms. The only people who actually believe this stuff will be the UFO contactees and the highest Echelons of intelligence who know it is all true and want to keep it secret. Everything else is fairly well otherwise managed. What are they going to all believe? It is simply too outrageous and therefore too boring and cliché for words. It’s bad science fiction, it’s bad fantasy, it’s bad manners, it is just plain ridiculous. A wild array of strange contentions are hypothetically accepted.

They point to a multi-party theater of cosmic operations on a hyperdimensional scale visiting Earth. ET races are all trying to roughly follow a non-interference doctrine, but we’re crawling with them anyway. Many of the visitors are coming from different times of Earth, not different space. Many visitors are genuine ET’s visiting from a different space, but in our present time. Some folk are from different times and space. That gets complicated. And it is all happening here and now on our Earth. We are in a bubble and all eyes are on us, watching to see what happens.

We seem to be in a bubble. How this reality plugs together with history is complex and highly confrontational. So don’t waste your time with this if you think you might need therapy. Go see the movie The Matrix instead and believe it is a bunch of machines pulling the wool over our eyes. The Pandora Omega hypothesis is highly offensive and frightening to certain cherished religious and scientific beliefs until they understand how they fit into the scheme of things, power brokering-wise.

The secret dark alliances and light alliances have both already forced a secret reunification of science and religion, and secret global unification of the political world, and the military, in ways never before imagined. This is what this document is about.

The possibilities of human-alien war for free-will souls, and the possible alliances already made, alliances expediently avoided, and the stages set for a range of endgames. It involves the genetics of human and alien survival, and human, natural and spiritual metamorphosis and evolution. This unexpected evolution introduces unexpected counter-forces into how the future will go ‘this time’ for Earth as a whole, and for people as free-willing individual souls and bodies.

This is hopefully not too dangerous to mental health. There are reasons to disagree. The truth is needed and so some ‘sacrifices’ are made. If this document increases UFO religious cult activity rather than defuses it, then it has probably failed in it’s purpose, or maybe it has succeeded, depending on your point of view and your own agenda.

The domain of human spirituality is unfortunately placed into a psychological battlefield context, but this is natural, and even historical. This operational stance is a fear and survival response until the long term security threat can be assessed. People are going to find themselves quite unprepared to conceptually integrate so immense a change into both their religious AND scientific worldview. When it hits their personal and global world in physical, psychological and psychic terms, they are at risk of being so cornered existentially the turmoil can be dangerous to their mental health.

Institutional science and religion equally need some serious dressing down and decomposition for us to see the truth and have a chance to understand the darker mysteries. We will find the path to reunification of science and religion fraught with underlying spiritual politics. These political interests will never respond in time to be effective. So everyone mostly remains in a state of comfortable denial and conceptual jockeying to avoid the more frightening and difficult aspects of the problem.

Are we all so hard up for some good sci-fi we go for modern Ufology, and just to be paranoid, throw in some NWO conspiracy junk? Get some better entertainment, folks! No one wants to promote public hysteria and superstition. Why on Earth would you want to obsess on this? But really, doesn’t everybody realize that it’s just a sophisticated legend, a pop culture living dynamic mythos? A cultural pop-top laugh track? But that’s the rub, it’s pop culture. Not to be taken seriously. No one in their right mind takes any of this gibberish seriously. Why would they?


You see, there actually is a mystery, a very deep abiding mystery. And like Halloween, you want to be prepared for ‘trick-or-trick’. You want take time to understand notions that might have a valuable influence on your continuing to have a nice day, and a nice life. Why on Earth would anyone want to know the End of the World was coming in ‘Z’ time? It would just make it the end of the world in ‘Z’ minus ‘Z’ time, that is the instant it is accepted as true is the end of the world, NOT the event itself which comes later.

So meanwhile, since general presence lockdown must continue, ET’s are good at putting on costumes for us human folk. And that can be troublesome if you have no sure way to ascertain underlying intentions, nor a framework into which to integrate it into common sense. Of course those in the know have a good roadmap, but the rest of the world is clueless, and yet it is being culturally immunized through gradual conditioning.

We have clear cause for asserting a philosophical and religious crisis, especially if we as a populace lack the tools to re-unify our science and religion quickly enough to see the wool being pulled over. The real story is the battle for eyeballs and attention spans that drives the heartbeat of our core popular beliefs and institutions and our consensus-reality center of gravity.

The battle lines have been drawn and the fighting is fierce. Both scientific industries and religions are different forms of ‘faith’. Science has religious faith in physical law and religion has physical faith in metaphysical law. Our currently highly polarized worldview styles of science and religion create a huge disadvantage in fully integrating alien presence into human reality.

On the other hand, all this UFO gibberish does encourage the predisposed who think science fiction is reality, and leads them close to the precipice of sanity. That’s a problem. Presumed imaginary reality sketched together from disparate sources into a cohesive picture, even as a hypothesis, is fodder for conspiracy believers, fear mongers, political anarchists, and other would be cultists and cult leaders. This kind of information can be argued to encourage the young and impressionable to make ill-informed conclusions and adopt dangerous beliefs. And of course, it’s just plain millennial madness. Or is it? Tick, tick, tick.

You know about all the lurid, despicable, unscrupulous, reprehensible socially challenged, emotionally arrested, misinformed, carnival cult characters involved in ufology! Yech! Get out why you can! Otherwise there is no hope for you. You need therapy, not conspiracy. This is not for you prime time folk. Go away! Don’t believe this. Seriously. Or do you actually want to believe terrible things, you poor sucker? You’re in too deep now.

Believe us when we say the real story after all, is something you do not want to know. You want to live in peace. You do not want to get too disturbed and worked up. You do not want to be thinking about this stuff but yet here you are. You want to live in peace, don’t you? Knowing too much about UFO’s makes peace more elusive to many intelligence and abductee and military folk who get caught up in it. So stop before you get insomnia! Only the hardboiled Ufologists trying to preserve their press forum credibility are ready to read this and yawn because they won’t consider the real truth either.

The truth is out there. What you can’t handle could very well be in here, so if you want to get out of this intact, you had better not read much more of this. Now, doesn’t that make sense? Of course it does, doesn’t it? Don’t you like your senses as they are? Don’t you want to live in peace? You want to live in peace.


Otherwise, read on.

(That was the standard lull sequence as a lame joke of course)

What is your frontier? What is your failsafe? Oh you don’t have one? That's okay.

Sleep is good. Is it not? Yawwn. Feeling sleepy yet? Oh you’re not? That's good. Sometime it’s sleepy-time and sometimes its not. No worries. Hot summers and cold lemonade. Cold winters and hot milk and chocolate. Feels so good. Eyes getting droopier. Just a moment of nod. An instant of dozing. Imagine that.
Alright, sweetie, if ANY of that affected you at ALL you must snap out of this while you can, you need to lead a normal life! Yes, that’s it, have a big deep yawn and then... here it comes... SNAP! You’re awake again! Ah! Go ahead, yawn again.

With all that said, let us get onto the seriously flaming, fulminating, furtive, festering, foreboding, forbidden, fearful, fantastic, frightful, fiendish, flammable, fringe, fitful, fertile, fabled fateful fugu-fish feast (Hopefully not fatal).

If you think the following is fabricated, fallacious, fictitious, false, fulsome, fruitless, frivolous, foul, forgery, foolery, folly, flimsy, figment, feeble, feckless, far-off, fatalistic, flippant, foolish - then you are a good scientist, a good skeptic, or a good hate-crime and cult-watch special agent in-training. Can we get you a biscuit? Plausible denial works here too, if you get the meaning. Maybe you don’t. Don’t worry. You are reading science fiction. It is all in your imagination. Got that kids? ...Now...

Tell us about your relationship with the Divine. Do you really have one? You’re going to need a real one after reading this...


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The Alien Presence International Security Response Consortium


What holds controlling institutions together on Earth, is the most secretive component of the controlling elite. It has always been keeping the lid on the Pandora’s box threat of ‘alien spiritual incursion’ since ancient times. But now it’s more understood by the same, highly removed, security control elite, understood as a rather open box but yet still sufficiently plausibly-deniable box.

Undeniable evidence, in terms that breach into hard science evidentiary plausibility that can’t be denied, is something visiting aliens seem to have no problem cooperating in making elusive. The alien deception frameworks, and the human-to-alien-response deception frameworks, operate together in tandem across the entire range of popular experience and discourse.

As it turns out, some things too hot to handle and needing deniability and mainstream implausibility are well defused by openly surfacing in multiple similar forms on the fantasy parade to help discredit any attempts by parties to force scientific admittance. As long as mainstream scientific authorities can quickly decoy affairs into popular delusion, the deniability hull remains intact.

Mainstream news is conditioned to ignore this stuff like the plague. If anybody should be looking into it, from the NY Times point of view, it’s social psychologists, pop culture experts, and anthropologists. (Skeptics suggest psychiatrists, but then there’s Dr.Mack). Plus they would send in the usual NASA/SETI/IAU/ Academic cowboys, Military spokesmen, out-front intelligence agencies, they all just get to have a laugh.


This is a hoot. Right? Oh, once in a long while a doozy gets loose, and keeps going, and a post-damage control subculture is born, like back in 46, something starting with an R, or another threat with a Swiss farmer (master hoaxer of course) in the 70’s, it’s foggy we know, but all can agree Doozy Control has reached a very refined art.

So when there is a many-witness alert, or a fresh credible contactee report alert, or a new party abduction report alert, quality physical evidence alert - anything substantial that isn’t caught in the normal channels - the fog machines go to work overtime. Isn’t it pretty? Exceptions have only had marginal effect by being minimized and diminished out of sheer resistance. They are denied any associative currency in mainstream press, science, and politics. The mainstream normal folks refuse to touch the ‘social mass delusional’ subject with a 100 foot pole.

Some notable people with credibility find themselves isolated except unto others like them. Pop culture flourishes. Any registrations of hard evidence are prevented from surfacing in more ways than one.

The circumstantial and testimonial evidence however is overwhelming. But thanks to the social psych-ops programs the consensus lid stays on tight. These are programs that keep the carnival going, and keep the personal counter-ops going, and keep the decoy Ufology expert business cracking. These programs ensure the field of inquiry is permanently branded as a Pariah. They ensure no credible individual would take the idea of UFO’s and ET’s ALREADY HERE headlines seriously unless they personally experience it. If the job is done well enough, when they do experience telepathic contact from aliens, they will believe they are hallucinating.

There is first line of defense against telepathic contact invasion by aliens. This defense is to psychologically condition the populace of potential contactees in 1st World humanity. The job is to condition the populace to operate in a state of high level denial, disbelief, unbelievability, and Free-Will to dismiss aliens as being ‘real’, yet ‘know’ who they are. That myth is reality need not be made an issue and the consensus world hums along...

This effects a shield: the consensus is unable to take the subject seriously. Ufology has a cult and carnival atmosphere to the public at large, and pervasion into pop culture over many generations. The rational world has good insularity from having any discourse with the subject.


This is done by expertly decoying the authoritative public discourse field into the domains of:

  • normal fantasy

  • science-fiction history

  • social hysteria and dangerous cults

  • mental illness

  • fads and pop culture

  • serious futurist and astronomical worlds (NASA/IAU/SETI)

With sufficient insularity gained over time through marginalization of ET as fantasy, ARC can keep the consensus world from being wracked and thrashed with real evidence of contact. That is if anyone could ever get reputable experts to take the time to sit down and really examine the evidence.

The evidence points towards an alien telepathic contact program, that includes conditioning, tinkering, educating, tagging, and other sorts of activities to literally hundreds of thousands of human beings around the world, all individually contacted and abducted. Literally millions are being addressed by current alien telepathic operations, and the tentative agenda decipherment is many different species of aliens are together building to a major culminating operation of some kind soon.

That operation has in the past involved, and could again involve physical, genetic, and religious components.


That operation have a civilization changing effect. To effect that operation without grant by human institutions, but instead with tacit telepathic permission of individual human populace, usurps our social structure. If any nation on this planet attempted what ET is attempting, they would be declared enemies and we would be in a state of war.


Guess what? We are, and its a damn shame.


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Old Players, New Players, Changing of the Guard - From the Freed Man to the Firm Age


Of course, in this day and age, the number one reputable living expert current record holder of persistence in UFO matters, is the likeable Philip Klass. Randi the Magician takes second. Carl Sagan once vied for second place.


With Klass and Randi, veritable one man army new age rambos, nobody gets out alive. When these guys are in town, watch out you puff ball social misfits! Although Stanton Friedman did proudly show off a copy of a check from Phil over a bet he lost about a bit of MJ-12 document trivia in contention.

With the new MJ-12 documents out, Stanton had initially reached a conclusion that the new stuff popularized by Joe Firmage is a massive hoax. Now, he is sure of it even more, and believes that even the original batch of MJ-12 documents that surfaced in the late 80’s are hoaxed too. These are the same documents which he has defended as appearing genuine from his research in response to what were, in long sequence, a lot of ungrounded attempts to discredit the MJ-12 document authenticity, which to Klass was a pleasant hobby. Stanton is still standing.

Social deniability has over time, found itself developing a small network of cracks, with the likes of sincere patriots of the human soul, like folks such as the late Leonard Springfield and Col. Philip Corso, or the very living Linda Moulton Howe, Robert O. Dean, Dr. Arthur Horn, Dr. David Jacobs, Dr. John Mack, Dr. Roger Lear, Dr. Steven Greer, Dr. Michael Wolf, Dr. Stanton Friedman, Richard Hoagland, Peter Gerston, Maxwell Jordan, David Icke, and many others, all with different profiles of visibility, credibility, and cachet.


These people are at the leading edge of a distributed collateral evidence avalanche that’s growing. Some of these folks have made certain authorities downright livid. They’re the latest generational crop of collateral crackers developing to threaten the debunkery and information diet machine.

For example, we now have acceleration in an ET-human acclimation program.


Why? What happened to denial? Whose agenda is truly at work here?


Before, there were tiny specks of the picture, such as the original MJ-12 documents (a dozen pages max), which engaged the Ufology culture and the media in a decade of deniable socialization through the back and forth argue-log between Philip Klass and Stanton Friedman. But today, Klass and Friedman are almost like deer caught in the headlights of practically whole truckloads of documents being dumped into popular socialization, the next phase of the ‘unrevelation’ process.

Last time it was some reporters and researchers in the UFO world: Shandera, Knapp and Moore. This time it is Cooper to Firmage with his big well funded 1998 internet website splashdown ( based on the first set of releases now to Cooper, about eleven years later after the first MJ-12 docs.

Next, the plot thickens as Klass and beloved nemesis Friedman both in unison do a decent job asserting the truckload of stuff Firmage is popularizing to all be a masterful hoax. And Friedman backs up his claim with the detection of a lifted signature from another verified known document being found in the Firmage MJ-12 documents.

Whoops, ARC knew it would be hard to bust the current status quo ceiling on social acclimation enough to get past Stanton (and even Klass, God bless him), so the deniability fail-safes planted throughout the current releases were very subtle, but there. And Stanton was on his toes as the most learned individual in the mainstream about MJ-12 document veracity.

So, what to do, what to do? Set some larger charges, thats what. Now the conveniently exploitable Firmage social acclimation machine is in place, Cooper and folks are receiving not just more new documents as before, but are now receiving a new ante in the game, originals.

And with this kind of hardball, without even handling the new evidence, let alone all the originals showing up, Friedman has come to the current sensibility not only are these Firmage packaged documents all a hoax, but the original MJ-12 documents he found confirming evidence for over all these years and published books on the subject - are ALSO a hoax.

On the other hand, until Stanton Friedman is given a pre-eminent position in the examinations of supposed originals of the MJ-12 information, the Joe Firmage entire operation is suspect as yet another unwitting mass social psych-ops vehicle, despite all of Joe’s sincere and noble intentions. Joe say’s he is interested only in hard evidence, translate he has plenty, and therefore the nuts and bolts and human genetic and spiritual lineage socialization sides of the assimilation program can make up some arrears.

The sci-fi fantasy, crackpot and pop culture psychological assimilation is far ahead of the nuts and bolts side, as it should be. But now, the nuts and bolts, genetics and “Lesser Gods” side of evidence is coming into focus.

This means the timetable has been accelerated, and Firmage is working to play his cards right in his ISSO trying to legitimize his ‘seriousness’ as a source of ‘objective’, ‘legitimate’, ‘meritorious’, ‘scientific’, ‘evidence’ about the whole ET space origins focus. It’s fine for Firmage to be an un-witting evidence release mill. He will try to see the ‘big picture’ and will certainly miss it by just running on his good, nice, evolved alien image and philosophy.

The abductions, the military cooperations, and the secret conflicting agendas that drive some of the deeper incongruencies of the whole field media and the myriad associated covert activities surrounding it, Joe may never figure. And that is well and good too, because the really scary stuff are the exact things that make the field so dismissible as mass psychotic phenomena.

Those issues are exactly what Joe is charted to avoid association with and disclaim. Things like unverifiable ‘abductions accounts’, ‘UFO related cattle mutilations accounts’, ‘entity channeling as evidence of ET-human telepathy accounts’, ‘crop circles communication accounts’, ‘spirit entity Extra-Dimensional contact accounts’, ‘Subterrestrial advanced aliens’, ‘human-ET current covert breeding program accounts’, and anything else not extant as ‘scientific evidence’.


There are many covers for genuine alien direct telepathic communication programs, and the pop-culture managed response is a careful counter-intelligence response to the direct ET to human telepathic contact activities. And this is not even to mention varieties of imagined and fantasized telepathic contacts, some of which ARE mental illness more than anything.

The existence of new MJ-12 dished-out evidence for Cooper and Firmage to ply, provides insular standards of evidence that will inevitably dwarf the world view from seeing the really much more important puzzle deciphering job at hand. But that is an expected outcome. This is all about management and controlled adaptation, to preserve civilization and protect humanity psychologically, of course by those who truly believe they know better.

Joe Firmage’s website and his ISSO operation can become another popular but more scientifically grounded social influence system that tries to avoid the paranoid topics, avoid the scary, destabilizing and cult topics and ‘turn-off’ topics, while tackling a new set of hard up assimilation domains, called the mainstream liberal consensus scientific community. The conservative consensus scientific community usually does not change except through generational change.



Interview Joe Firmage - Doug Fabrizio Utah Now




Firmage will focus on historical context and present physical evidence in his own hands alone for the most part since he has been dumped with a load to play up. It will be interesting to see how it fares in making socialization headway.


The goal?


His job is to help crack the well entrenched mainstream scientific myths of ‘no UFO evidence’ and ‘all UFO pictures are faked’, and ‘it’s only mass hysteria’. Until those myths yield a bit, current society is stalled in the ‘getting ready’ process.

There are those who hope we have enough time to acclimate society for alien acceptance before ET comes out from behind the curtain and mask. There are those who hope we can keep the whole deniability intact in case ET never steps out from behind the curtain, or more morbidly, in case there are more ways to manipulate the outcomes by keeping the populace in a high state of disbelief up to the bitter end. Or maybe it will work and we can get ET to leave us alone, assuming we can get through any other cosmic impending threats that make , shall we say, inevitable!


When ET contacts us, we have a situation where we have panic and havoc worldwide that could make Y2K, market crashes, and hurricanes look like baby burps. As a civilization we will only very slowly completely recover once that bridge is crossed, even if ‘it’ ‘goes away’ after ‘it’ happens. But ‘it’ is not showing up on the main screen, except in the periphery, buried in the pop culture noise.

Sudden undeniable worldwide impact of open alien presence! That is one thing. But covert slippery insidious presence already is now just the X-files! The boogie man, who was real, has been gentrified, and it will still make baby cry in fear, even if the boogie man is harmless, for now, when Mommy is around. Even in the safe, comfortable and familiar surroundings of our cultural identity.

The job is not to stop the aliens since we can’t, but to work with the aliens to continue to institutionally deny their genuine existence here on Earth to keep status quo civilization intact.

Individual denial is only important to maintain among certain groups. If you see a group of flying saucer pictures that are clear and undeniable, gosh, isn’t there a toy saucer out like that, or wasn’t the faked model found? UFO’s are a great cheap shot joke business. Fakin the Bacon is assumed by all who see anything convincing. Nobody will remember the toys came later when those original photos are debated in the future. Cover up the undesired disclosure by rapid assimilation into pop culture. Trot out the debunking experts. Discredit the source. Mix, stir and voila! Deniability a la Carte.


The few earnest ex-intelligence folks speaking out are lucky they are not burned. The atmosphere surrounding the rest of it just works so well that it affords their presence without much impact. They, the ones speaking out, find that no matter where they go they are stonewalled. No matter if they go to the mainstream press, congress, the military, lower TS echelon Intel, everybody sincerely claims to deny being involved. They are honestly OUT of the Loop at this point, and don’t know who the hell is IN the loop.

A few highly placed parties suspect something of cosmic consequence does seem afoot, and that it is being kept from them and they do not understand why, since they thought they were the top dogs. Nope. The top dogs were never in any front office folks! Even the Joint Chiefs haven’t a clue and they don’t like it. Now that’s security when you have an entirely compartmentalized level of government above the entire front office government right to the very top of conventional offices. That makes the alien response Consortium’s Umbra Control proud.


Our world and mankind is at stake after all, dammit.

There are always secrets, even lots of cosmic ones. It is easier to keep a secret than to integrate radical civilization shaking truth. Secrets about some things may go away as threats, all on their own, in unexpected ways, so why alert everyone to an un-assessed threat? Has anybody ever yelled fire in a crowded theater when there wasn’t one? Yet true patriots to humanity would want to get as many out before a real fire spreads.


Is there a real fire yet? Well, isn’t it obvious? Why all the secrets kept out in the wide open?


Isn’t it obvious to everybody smart enough to do honest and comprehensive analysis the occlusion strategy is pop culture camouflage. Mitigation occurs across many fronts from contactee subterfuge to solid faked evidence bait and hoax. Deniability depends on a high hoax rate ratio to real case incidence. Does anyone smell anything burning? No? Good. Go to bed. Stop reading this now. What’s on TV? Read some Sci-Fi. Aren’t you hungry? You’ll beat this thing.


Don’t worry. Be happy. In for a penny, in for a dollar. Fasten your seat belt.


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An Unintended Side Effect Risk of the Program


The stakes are just too high. The alien threat could be an immense spiritual threat, economic threat, governmental threat, a scientific threat, a mental health threat, a social hysteria threat, even most fearfully of all, a new mass religious cult threat. And that’s no small single well defined threat. The question is, which aliens are the threat? And which humans are the threat? This is what everybody is holding their breath about, besides solar flares, cometary impacts, and direct overt malevolent alien invasion - the normal ‘yawning’ distractions.

Forget about peace on Earth if you let the real cat, or serpent, or bird out the bag, assuming there is a cat or snake or bird in the damned bag. But we have to assume the worst until evidence proves otherwise.

Even a semi-coherent sounding Ed Dames of Technical Remote Viewing sounds like a nutcase ex-army psycho in this atmosphere, but think what he would sound like if just one of his big predictions were to undeniably happen. All his Art Bell appearances would launch him into the credibility stratosphere - he could suddenly become an oracle to millions, once that claim to credibility fame was seized. Then he could get down to business and work the psychology of the masses towards the formula answer, i.e. the new ET-Christianity.

But that influence power has been elusive for Ed, not because his threats assessments are mis-time-lined or it’s easy for him to get it wrong since things are changing so fast. Credibility has been elusive because of the pure hocus unbelievability of some of his outrageous predictions and statements. Not because they ARE hocus, mind you, some of them are quite accurate, but because anyone who predicts anything radical is easily stereotyped as being a hocus pocus P.T. Barnam protégé. PT can only sigh in his grave he isn’t alive today to cash in big.

Either case, even Ed Dames is still right and we do have a rough and tumble solar flare event about to sear us sometime this Solar Max, who wants to know? The desire to not know bad news you can’t do anything about is stronger than largely admitted. “Ed Dames Prophet” fits into the same domain of lacking any mainstream scientific authority.

This is so, even if Clinton took Ed’s hint and caved to give North Korea this year a big break to stop them from open-air testing a crude A-bomb and horrifying the world, believe it or not. Clinton did not want an A-bomb going off in the world under his watch if he can possibly help it.

Other than get into a paranoid hole-digging Ed Dames Prophet (some like Ed Nostra-Dames), modus operandi, what is a self respecting normal civilian person to do? Ignore the whole thing. Until it is undeniable. Maybe it will be too late. Oh well.

When we are getting implanted microchip Ids just before evacuation in case the alien solar engineers fail to prevent an Earth-searing CME, then we should take it seriously. But not until.

If there is no evacuation and most fry, then, as Ed says, it is a core wipe and reboot. A very Biblical Revelations oriented Christian interpretation. Take note of this for later. We may have to card some folks coming to the party.

Why is this religious cult threat so huge? We are a hungry high tech civilization and culture yearning for Gods capable beyond our technology. We especially yearn since our pre-high-tech era religions are not equipped to really assuage the high tech mind. And this rift between science and faith is a determining factor in the ET presence problem.

There is a current 1st World that has largely adopted a new God of science and mind. This world has adopted God(s) of mind and matter (science) over Goddess(es) of heart and spirit (feeling and faith).

The feminine societies who’ve had the backseat more recently, are starting to re-emerge, some of them with ET help. The masculine controlling orders continue to play the plausible deniability game with success. But things could change in that regard. Even if the coming revelation is yet just another very special ruse in a continuing line of higher intensity, but still deniable exposures and acclimations.

Like past ruses of revolting, maddening, and metered release activity on the part of different influence factions, from Alien autopsies to new MAJIC documents of yesteryear. And not a few money grubbing con men. And aren’t all Ufology people con men and all contactees the untreated mentally ill? That is not a inconsidered viewpoint on the part of a most science cultists.

Oops, the secret is out, that science is a cult? Any system of cognition that denies the presence of other systems of cognition to it’s adherents is a cult. Science, skepticism, rationalism, and cynicism are cults as much as religion, mysticism, compassion and hope. Science is the cult of external physical instrumentality and religion is the cult of internal metaphysical instrumentality. The bottom line is what is mainstream is not a cult and what is fringe is a cult, and that is the conditioned institutional and public mainstream authority sentiment.

Dr. John Mack has unwittingly become one of those front lines of deniability cracks, since he can’t be squashed so readily as the rest of the mentally ill. But Dr. Mack himself has certainly been judged an individual who has been taken in by his mass hysteria cult subjects, and has become an unwitting endorser of the first glimpses of a new religion. An eminent researcher, some feel he knows not what danger he places the population in by his advocacy and bringing credibility to the idea of ET abductions of humans being real. Oh, he says his patients believe it’s real, and he vouches they are not psychotic.


Hmmm. You see?


Science is controlling truth and power more than religion controls consensus in these matters in the most modern 1st world. The seduction of mechanism, electricity, physics and science has led to confidence in scientific truth so much that it controls the consensus security thermostat now more than age old but modern religions of the last couple millennia.

The organization of the Church existed to bring the populace the cult of the One God, control behavior, power and property of course, but also to stop demons in the medieval past. Now this task of stopping demons has been partly passed onto the modern world’s most secret world government. The demonic threat that existed in myth and religious history, exists today as reptilian ET’s and good looking Aryan race ET’s.


The same players, new names, new frameworks of interpretation.

The Church in its founding role, started the recent millennia’s alien resistance movement, allying themselves to the right and good loving aliens. God is love, right? Many of western civilization’s law formed as a means to stop a possible, very feared ET demonic invasion. Ally with the One God and Savior or perish in hell.


Same demons, different times?


ET has been around for a while, just hidden behind the veils of mass consciousness for the most part, but if ET has been involved as much as some fear is confirmed, then true revelation in scientific tangible form would dramatically change our civilization.

It could probably corner enough people’s psyches to cause massive mental illness, immense collapse of confidence, without preparation to really weather revelation of ET presence on Earth. That’s been a baseline assumption in the program for a long time.

The program to deny the existence of ET generates a growing conflict in the human subconscious between the reality of ET’s and the unreality of ET’s. The side-effect in the mass social psychology domain creates a mass psychology dissonance problem. This can be manipulated and used as a springboard for wild card UFO religion cults - the standard image.

It is the possibility that individuals could in the event of a faked or genuine ET mass event, rise to gain huge influence on the populace, in regards to newly established religious beliefs incorporating the existence of ET presence. The wrong individuals could lead many people into Jim Jones, Solar Temple like mass suicides. This is the fear. This is at the top of the security concerns of those who watch cults, not knowingly, but unwittingly having any connection with ET.

These newly established belief systems could generate enough verificational and organizational momentum to breach the consensus hull in several ways. Plants for this scenario are in place a good intelligence planner would assume. The plant would not be so knowingly, but unwittingly as parties of influence by virtue of certain associations they keep. Things are monitored and loosely ‘managed’.

Without providing a blueprint for would-be UFO-cult leaders of psych-ops counter-intelpro, let us just say, there are casual operations through the trickle down influence systems. Operations that seed and penetrate and gently ally with a variety of new age and other religious cult elements that have any connection to ET either physical or telepathic ET chumminess.

The more popular and accurate the UFO channeling cult, the more parallel decoys, compromise set-ups, and other credibility management chores such as associative confusion and dilutive counter-ops are applied. The internet is a new battleground of mass-social psych-ops today.

But the mainstream politic, press, science, business and military, will all likely hold well against the onslaught of inevitable disclosures that reveal merely the full depth of the ‘mass delusion’, and ‘nutcases’ on the internet. The real battleground remains the control of science, not technology, because once penetrated beyond the pale, the jigs up.

Hence our academic astrophysical scientific community and NASA community high observational power resources are very carefully controlled through lead scientific/ political/ security paths, and very effective cover of intellectual proprietary advance data analysis rights agreements to pseudo-private mainstream ‘crony’ organizations.


Of course the military asset data stream acquisitions are secure.

What’s going on out there? A lot of people would like to know. But a lot more can’t handle it, and if we think otherwise we are complete and utter idiots.




By our arrogance of our own acceptance, and ignorance of how others live, we may well condemn masses of mentally unprepared humanity to experience serious psychological anarchy. Don’t you want to live in peace? Remember the Wizard of Oz, and that sufficiently advanced technology can be indistinguishable from magic...

(Arthur C. Clark)

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Then and Now Systems for Alien Presence Suppression/Control


In olden times it was the security apparatus of the Church that was tasked with managing the demonic and angelic discourse interpretation. The Church asserted itself as the exclusive go-between between man and God. Today it is the extended security apparatus of the Church, and Private and Government Intelligence, and Military Intelligence, to name some. It is the many lines of elite echelon multinational intelligence, capital, and yes, religion.

The people that own the world more than any others, these are the people who are often allies to this cause. Those that control the world are the ones who truly own the world. Control resides in belief, money, and force. But they believe their cause is noble.


How on Earth is that so?


This secret alien threat response organization has more properly become (if it wasn’t always), a unified worldwide alien threat assessment and response security consortium, that IS the one world government hidden behind the public transient facades for normal consumption, the Above Top Secret government that spares the herd the horrible truth.

ARC (Alien Response Consortium) is essentially a worldwide, multinational intelligence command and control cartel - a consortium apparatus. ARC is operating originally on behalf of, but now above all existing public governmental authorities, and it is in possession of the most advanced technology deepest black projects, and ‘never reviewed’ need-to-know vaults can offer.


Why? It is charged with protecting our planet’s ass. At least that what it’s soldiers think.

This worldwide security apparatus of the highest echelon, is tasked with preparing for ongoing, if not continuing, covert psychical, physical and interdimensional war, which is an ancient continuing spiritual war of the first magnitude. ARC is hoping to avert overt physical war - and a war for souls is being waged instead.

The Alien Response Consortium (ARC) believes it is in it’s deepest black ops heart, truly our FRIEND. Seriously. And this is despite our fears and bad handling to the contrary. Being alien contactees is being therefore subject to bad treatment. And this is despite all the military elite goon forces gruff behavior with abductees.

Those poor military guys are pumped up with certain belief profile to effectively function, ‘psych-it-in’ (the severe psychological equivalent of suck it in and take it), be cool, and execute their well compartmentalized orders. It’s a bad scene for the abductees but no more than necessary, and those poor folks get it coming and going, but they are also the unwitting front line of engagement.

Remember in developing an appropriate response to the problem for 50 years, there are whole masses of people who have not gone to a Mall in the civilian world for many many years. Compartmentalization becomes permanent social separation for many, restricted to only their own kind, that is, a secret, few, mostly underground cities of humanity that already have alien presence integrated into their personal reality. Since these humans work with ET, since it has been ultimately acknowledged that some of the ET visitors, are future humanity coming back to play “Back to the Future” time tinkering.

The stakes are very complicated. Virtually no one has the capacity to grasp the truth through the psych-ops camouflage, and this is testament to the difficulty of the problem even to those on the other side of the camouflage ops. As long as there are no overt ET appearances enough to break the consensus science bubble, the best protection is not throwing civilization for a loop.

This cartel/consortium is only beholden to themselves, and it’s people have a philosophy of life that does indeed, in the choices between evils they make, permit them continuing excuse to commit hurtful acts on the dignity of life and the Earthly environment, all in the name of the survival of mankind (notice not ‘humanity’).

This is a longer-than-thousand year lineage quest for power, control, influence, profit, and cultural control, without direct visibility. A quest for allegiance, spiritual control, and occupying the minds of the masses.

And relative peace is the goal, from their point of view, hard to believe from all the unfounded fears of ARC. This is behavior in the name of a quest for Earthly and cosmic power, power of mind, technology, access to greatest resources, the right to power without responsibility, superiority over others including aliens, and cynically righteous abuse of power to cause pain and suffering all in the name of achieving ends of limited self-interest.

If things get bad with the ET custodians asserting physical and telepathic contact with the masses, hopefully the upside civi’s won’t all eat it, or be eaten. What are upsiders really like anyway? Upside people that is. Are they really all so bad and completely taken in by the covert ET invader forces? (With that kind of tunnel vision warped belief conditioning, no wonder this secret anti-ET work force has a bad attitude towards the poor abductees).

The elite Echelon of human and some not so human beings in association are trying to use the world, this Earth, our Mother Nature, as their personal evolutionary-impunity piggybank (Remember Nazi secret medical discoveries from brutal research on Jews ended up in the classified US CBW research system, and UFO research in the military secret space program).

The highest influential parties in Echelon wish to effect their singular most dear objective of getting into the cosmic power game beyond Earth. They know we are now under quarantine (from getting too far off planet, yet), and under embargo. So underground it is bustling. But they are still trying to get to the outside of the laboratory bell jar.

Prophecies say something of a large scale, civilization changing nature is on the horizon. Crop circles are telling of coming events and an incredible new ‘resonance’ between Humanity, Mother Gaia Earth and its Denizens (Mineral, Plant, Animal, Spirit), and Spiritual-life on the horizon.

And that coming resonance, the coming wave, will build and come to a head, either positively or negatively, with powerful, and very possibly incomprehensible Earthly and cosmic consequences.


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Elite Power and the Control-By-Chaos Creed


The lure of secrets, power, influence and evolutionary control, is the prime directive for the elite, whereas money and greed are just means to the end. The competitive warrior creed is a stance making fair game anyone in the world outside of internally defined ‘family’. Unethical behavior with impunity is declared without personal conscience even entering into the matter.

Abuse surely follows voluntary blindness to everything defined as outside of direct stakeholder interest. Everything that is not ‘yours’, all ‘outside’ humanity, animals, biosphere, geosphere, the whole environment can be trashed if the shareholders don’t really care. Now shareholders don’t usually understand, that unless it is specifically chartered into the business formation, if you are a for-profit company you have to make sure profit is balanced with ethics, and ethics are not too narrowly defined.

Unfortunately all too often, if you’re not a stakeholder, then you’re a throwaway to the deity of competitive profit. Otherwise, there are always these complications, accommodations, considerations, adjustments, balancing, and understanding and conscience that takes too much damn work. Let’s just do what the law allows us to get away with - that is usually the basic bar to meet.

Lots of the world has been manipulated out of the world-view consideration to make a bigger buck. It is an easier buck. But we know it is a pathetic buck compared to the loss of beauty, loss of life, loss of dignity, loss of culture and heritage, and the loss of humanity that inevitably happens.

These acts are justified in the disillusionment of personal disconnection, disassociation, better-than, cynicism, narrowed worldview, and experiential alienation that exists in their own psyches.

Not being connected too emotionally with the rest of the Earth outside personal immediate concerns, even in basic feeling terms, they are without means to ‘connect’. These people always contract and control their experience of nature into severe cognitively limited categories of perception, reference, decision, and affect.

This kind of energy is the Masculine energy principle pattern energies run amuck on a ‘control-of-the-world’ holiday, without any balance. ‘Control’ can never be ‘holistic’ by definition. It turns into domination and control field energies that control all perception incessantly, powerfully, so that once early symbolic and cognitive category formations had developed amongst the young, they were mostly impervious to negative and feminine symbolic influences and systems of magic.

This is the very reason the great Earth magic and sorcery of Montezuma and his Shaman priests lost so easily to Cortez. The oracles had foretold of the coming end to their world. The Spanish Christians easily demonstrated their magical powers by being totally impervious to Mayan sorcery. They control it with alignment to certain symbols and cognitive arrogance of ‘better than’, and ‘superiority’, shameless but unto their own God, with all in His name.

The mental thinking body mechanisms of consciousness bounding and discrimination, effected powerful cognitive control of the ‘interceptible’, ‘real’ and ‘normal’ universe. This domain control to outsiders, acts as a defensive shield, an effective counter-resonance to the ‘phase’ of the Mayan magic. The Cortez Christians, obsessively reinterpreted all the world around them into narrowest categories of their Christian beliefs. That is, how do we relieve the heathens of their gold (and the shackles of the devil later), all in the name of the one God and Spain.

The role of Christianity in the defense against local magic was strong but incidental to the true power of the whole framework of the occidental mind. This is the power of the linear thinking in a constant internal verbal thinking voice. It is a cognitive control system resulting in effective perception categorizing, sensory domain attenuation, and exclusive personal identity referencing. Most importantly it reduces ability to sense any perceptual domain and data and sensing skills that do not readily fit into the accepted categories.

The 1) category making, 2) domain attenuation and 3) identity referencing, each are functions operating across contents of symbols, natural memes, sensory threshold patterns, and process of mind. So it is obvious if you wanted to control against penetration by system-external symbolic competitive content, the first place to control would be is mind control. Not classic mind control, but what we all do everyday, called ‘centering our self consciousness in our mind’ using familiar frames of reference - symbolic reference, contextual reference, the power of belief, expectation, and belonging.

From this normal cognitive bunker of the occidental rational and faith filled mind, symbol war with arrogant skepticism, and automatic rejecting judgment of ‘heathen’ symbol and ritual - wins the battle. Armaments include constantly judging and using symbolic identity codes for reinforcement with persistent internal dialog. This reinforces continuity of ‘cognitive distancing’ and disassociation of anything outside the accepted norm.

Perception of their extra-senses are completely suppressed. This overwrought negative attitude, dominating energy, controlling type individual is not and can never be a true scientist, nor an impartial investigator, nor a good journalist, nor a good bedside medical doctor.

This is a perception system positioned to only see what it wants to see, what it is trained is expedient to see. This person reduces all data coming into the conscious senses to the narrowest channels, narrowest indexing, narrowest reference, and all acts are justified by the quest for profit and power in God’s name, over respect and sensitivity to anything else.


And some ET’s are like this too. Uh Oh.


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ET - Friend or Foe - Until We Know, Gotta Shut Up


The worldwide alien response consortium (ARC) for alien threat response security, needs alien technology so they can catch up, and try to get on par with these alien beings who are interacting with our world like they might be covertly executing a monstrous invasion strategy. Until we know otherwise for certain, we must prepare for the worst. That is the modern ARC doctrine of the last 50 years. It’s not changing anytime soon.

The degree to which denial, discrediting and incredulity associates to the whole UFO and alien presence and abduction field, helps prevent and retard broad or serious consensus acceptance of the intelligent alien presence. Any truly consensus acceptable authentication is suppressed and disabled at almost any cost, but as indirectly and surreptitiously as possible.

These advanced alien beings, operating covertly in our Earthly midst, quite willingly reveal themselves not to the predisposed, but to the operationally pre-designated party. The notion of our human acceptance and comfort level on a mass scale, might be taken into consideration by these aliens as to whether to institute mass contact or not. But that is just the easy way out.

ET seems to be more prevalent than ever these days with all the worldwide daily sightings. The western mainstream news ignores it all as continuing ridiculous mass hysteria, and the mainstream media editors are in total denial there is anything but fantasy social pop culture going on. While they acknowledge there is some disturbing aspects and evidence, they still all defer any championing of the dreaded UFO subject, as it should be. Are you crazy? You get the idea.

Without a credible event precipitated ‘news event’, there is only the din of all the ‘non-events’ of so called ‘pseudo-news events’ intended to saturate the populace to a pop culture phantasm ‘non-event’ of alien presence. That's the media control equation. Acclimation and denial through social pop culture glossing and mainstream gradual validating efforts directed toward desired exploitations.

In order to preserve the ancient controlling interest institutions, denial and suppression at any cost is considered the only sane operating recourse. Otherwise, the course of human history may forever be altered by some outside alien influence.

There are many already believing Satanic aliens have already infiltrated the ruling families of the world. But assuming for a moment that the leading families exercising the security apparatuses of the world are not ALREADY in league with Satanic ET’s and ALREADY rejected the light side ETs, etc., let’s follow the first tale. One way or the other, the truth is in here.

This covert ET presence is an influence that could finally come out from behind the covert presence masks, if we let it. Once that step is breached, and the masks are taken off, human society and civilization is forever changed by the conscious admitted presence of intelligent alien life.

Regardless of the ET-hugger crowd, or the ET-tagged crowd, or the ET-genetic stock source crowd, regardless of the all light force human ruling security factions and the darker alliance force ruling security factions, the rest of the world populace is no where near ready to weather this, and have us all survive as the relatively ordered civilization we have now on Earth.

If you thought there was disorder and chaos now, just invite ET to the NY Times main offices, and within weeks you will have a whole new definition, one that fits closer to hell than any heaven we can conceive, despite hopes. Many realistic, grounded psychologists and psychiatrists who are acquainted with the variety of human cognitive styles and contextual foundations around the world, are sure enough folks will go mad that society will change and our institutions will radicalize in order to adapt, if they haven’t already in secret.

Many preconceptions, mostly fearful ones, will use ET to extrapolate personal identity security concerns into extremes. Either way, human free-will may be openly subjugated, if not already covertly subjugated.

We need to do catch up, not just militarily. And this catch up process has been ongoing for many decades in technological terms.

We need to learn to re-codify our collective institutional psyches in a way that is consistent with natural telepathic transmission and reception standards of psi-etiquette in the universe. And that will never happen, most believe. So we are at odds. Unless somehow we find ourselves developing new abilities despite ourselves. We need to meet the vast super-sensory domain, and know how to emit and to receive, sense and act, and do it in a way that correlates to the ‘natural world’ telepathic metrics of tran-species communication. Whoops. Now you’ve stuck your foot in it.

While individual isolated groups can manage to attract ET contact individually, we hope ET will prefer to retain their ongoing relationship with mankind under the lid, until we won’t go crazy from confirmed verifiable contact and all turn into silly putty in the hands of Uncle Alien.

Trigger conditions may be complicated by other impending schedules relating to the Earth and humanity, like cosmic events, which may influence the ET agenda for contact.


In this light, overt mass institutional and public contact by ET which can really be either:

  1. Intelligent ExtraTerrestrial Biological Entity or

  2. Intelligent Extra-Dimensional Entity or

  3. Intelligent Sub-Terrestrial Biological Entity or

  4. Intelligent Plasmic Energy Entity.

And worse than that, alien life has been covertly and sometimes overtly involved in crucial passages of human history and religious events, including a genetic engineering influence on the course of human evolution.


That is too much to bear for most people. It completely crushes their sense of stability, authority, allegiance, and identity. It corners them and demolishes them so you get a world full of panicked, fearful, paranoid, violent, or near onset-psychosis, hallucinating people. All this from the undeniable official announcement with good video and the President addressing the nation.

The bottom line is, ARC has discovered that it is very possible that confirmation, validation and consensus scientific acceptance equals an open invitation to invasion. Think about it. Denial may be one of the most powerful measures we have at our disposal to prevent the overt acceptance of the reality of advanced alien presence into the consensus consciousness.

Denial is a munition. Use of symbolically reinforced forms of perceptual control are forms of cryptographic munitions. The yield of these deployed psi-munitions, is that the whole idea of alien presence remains in the realm of the fantastic and kooky, the implausible and mentally ill. Therefore some forms of psychiatry is closely allied with ARC goals and methods.

ARC conducts important critical socio-psychological ops to reinforce the line of defense against the aliens - ‘they don’t exist’. In ARC’s view, this is just a little “guided free will” to protect consensus belief using popular deployable psychological munitions of belief. This treats the use of symbols, ritual, belief, as mass psychology manipulation techniques.

This is a Goebbelian ultimate propaganda dream, total spiritual control of the masses. ARC deploys domestic and worldwide counter-intel measures thwarting consensus verification of the alien presence and reality just like any well honed counter-intelligence propaganda machine, and the technological compliment of tools at hand in the psi-ops theater is staggering. To prevent nightmares, some scenarios really should not even be mentioned, and shall only be symbolically hinted at. There is a V chip built into this text.

If you are an abductee or confirm a UFO as a credible witness, then you may well get harassed, discredited, debunked, ridiculed, trumped, roused, intimidated, and generally told to shut up one way or another, at least until press attention and confirmation pathways have chilled and gone home for dinner.

Relax, now you have kooks calling you for the rest of your life.


The reason for this, is no matter whether the intent of the aliens is good, bad or indifferent in abducting, probing and tagging people for monitoring, the truth of this presence must be suppressed.


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The Munitions of Belief and Consensus - A Tight Lid


Denial is a psychological weapon, a deterrent to alien incursion of mainstream reality, since the aliens appear to respect the stance of individual and group consciousness and acculturation free-will more than even military power. Therefore, we can, by accepting alien presence and existence above board in enough mainstream public, unwittingly turn off the restrictions against overt contact the aliens are following .

The overt invasion trigger is our general human acceptance. Especially if they invade parading as holy hosts. Once we get to the comfort level for alien presence acculturation, they can appear on a mass level. And if we want to preserve all the good things about our way of life we had better keep the lid on.

The covert public alien presence admittance and education program, is exactly that, largely covert, and will remain so. Part of the program is to keep the true reality of aliens forever in question and so they will still maintain psychological suppression and intimidation of any confirming evidence or highly credible witnesses. And they still want to obtain information from certain abductees about the aliens involved, there are so many.

This way, the existence of the pervasive, technologically far advanced, spiritually questionable, and possibly hostile alien presence, is kept under the lid as long as humanly possible. For once the alien presence comes out from under the fringe lid into broad consensus scientific verification, the majority of human institutions and people will have a severe identity crisis and coping crisis.


They key power elite control domains of human powers of force, money and belief would all be up for question, as to where everything stands in the grand ‘new’ pecking order.

When that happens, God and religion, military power, and confidence in the economic systems, ethics, all go absolutely haywire and need to have a response plan, an accommodation plan, an assimilation plan, a social adaptation plan. But most religions, military brain-cases, and insider scientists don’t have a plan, except to try to escape if invasion is inevitable, or even ally themselves with ET devils or angels or just plain Joes, as they may end up being.

The real in-the-know, far above top secret wonks don’t let the mil-boys know more than very strict compartments, and the real story now is the alien presence within, and boy, that's fodder for good television, in fact already tired old television.

The point is the operating modus is the ‘munition’ of consensus ‘denial’ in the national security context has critical global hyper-dimensional consequences. And don’t you forget it. The mode has been ‘save-us-all’ from the alien experimenters for a long time now. The best of humanity has been working on the problem for more than fifty years. Yeah, yeah.

The ARC programs AND the aliens jointly work to keep Earth under quarantine, embargo and free of overt alien contact, trade and integration, so that our institutions of military force, religious belief, and economic influence, can figure out a way to respond more gracefully, over more time, than they would otherwise!


Overt contact is not necessarily inevitable in the relative near future. In fact, why would it be, if covert ET contact and spiritual influence already ruled the day, so to speak. Is it an issue of who is ruling the day and who is threatening the rule of the day, that is the question.

The ET party ID cards might be mass psychologically engineered to look to be reversed, so the good guy looks really bad (that might be ANY outside heavenly ET), and the bad guys look really good (that is ET’s already here under the hood so to speak).


To counter the event of the good guy ET showing up, the bad guy ET’ have strong defenses and stand-in decoys, right up to and including ability to operate as heavenly host imposters of many religious cultures. This is the extreme apotheosis parity tactic. A tactic designed to repel or divert the impact of ‘heavenly’ contact and spin the situation to the benefit of the elite controller/owners.

But time does seem to be getting shorter.


Remember the adage about eyes on the ball? Magicians are good at it.


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Covert Presence Prelude to Overt Invasion?


Maybe since they’ve been fooling around for thousands of years covertly, it would seem for the most part, that overt contact is not necessarily the endgame unless we as a whole wish to embrace it. If on the other hand we fight it fiercely from ever becoming confirmed, then we may keep a tactical psycho-dimensional leverage. ET cannot be verified and admitted on the overt mainstream scientific level. ARC and ET cooperate here.

We must absolutely keep the lid kept closed tight on “Ongoing Active ET Presence On Earth” and find ways to transition societal institutions, if a general pseudo-invasion or covert invasion, as already appears in progress, and possibly inevitable, is in the works. Uh, who is that talking? Why none other than those that believe ET is something to be suppressed for reasons that are, shall we say, suspicious? It’s no fun to just spell it out, but...

The aliens claim to be the progenitor genetic engineers of the human race, and to be involved with very existence of many spiritual leaders through history, like Jesus and Mohammed and Joseph Smith. This makes it a real bitch for existing religious institutions to adapt to ET without handing their flocks of souls to these heavenly claimants, if and when they ever fully reveal themselves. But is this just a more complicated invasion ruse, to use our most precious symbols and beliefs against us?


The smoke and mirrors begin.

  • What will the Islamic people think when a fleet of saucers with the star and crescent moon symbol appear over Mecca?

  • What will the Jewish people think when a fleet of triangle UFO’s complete with Star of David symbol on their ships appears over Bethlehem?

  • What will Christians think when a large fleet of star shaped and platform shaped UFO’s with the holy Cross symbols and a Jesus in the flesh appears over Rome?

  • What will Hindu’s think when a fleet of Vimana ET craft appear over the whole length of the Ganges River and New Delhi and telepathically broadcast numerous religious Gods and Avatars and sacred symbols to the masses?

It could be religious holocaust operation for all of humanity if the whole thing were a vast worldwide Trojan Horse operation. Or it could be a staged UFO pre-emptive event as means to trump ET’s religious invasion plans.

The only path to overt societal assimilation or integration of the ET presence on Earth, is to do everything possible to delay and avert the aliens, divine, or demonic or indifferent, from abruptly taking away the authority of major human religions from human authorities in the minds of their flocks. Real assessments have shown we need time. Hopefully the aliens will want to continue to wait until we are ready, as a whole, to cope.

Unfortunately, a covert invasion is well underway, according to some, if that is what it is. Others think there is even more going on under even yet tighter lids. Things such as time travelling future humans coming back to mess around. Things such as the sheer exponential increase of different kinds of intelligent alien visitation happening.

If angels and devils of the heavens are all advanced good and bad ET races, then our Earth may be a combined multi-alien race petri-dish of evolutionary experimentation.


It is probably a labor of love to the good ET races, and probably a dark intentioned cold expediency to the bad ET races.


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Religious Shock and the Adaptation Conundrum

The ARC effort has spawned four critical covert programs:

  1. Global martial law before the alien presence becomes incontrovertible and undeniable, if that threshold is reached and world chaos threatens to break.

  2. Making our own ET look-alike fleet, and even, shame on us, faking returning heavenly Messiahs, just in case we need to trump any alien religion covert/overt hostile mass-psych-ops takeover card in that same regard.

  3. Needing to figure out reliable human consciousness interface to controlling captured alien craft and devices, in the effort to reach parity with the aliens, not really, but as far as Earth people are cogniscent or concerned!

  4. Releasing and slow popularization of long suppressed histories of heavenly contacts to the Earth, the interlocutor of which in the past been the Church for the modern western world, but today they are new channels (no pun intended).


    (Indigenous cultures of course, have been seeing intelligent alien creatures on occasion for thousands of years, calling them angels and demons as well, and often harmless visitors, and have largely integrated their presence into myth, ritual and belief).

One big issue is this: If the ET’s are connected to key religious characters of our history, then ET intervention and active culturing of their humanly ‘experiment’ on Earth have been going on since ancient times. That is hard to swallow. The idea of angels and devils was always a magical subjective world of beings and powers of myth and lore, not a hard nuts and bolts physical ET race with weapons and all.

To find out many heavenly religious benefactors of history and the ancients were just cloned, dickless bio-drones, carrying out orders in a heavenly hierarchy of hardware and alien super-science, is plainly a scary thought to just about anyone in power on Earth. More likely, there are aliens who do have big dicks so the question is - are they our friends or not? These are questions techno-phallic top-doG centric worshipping, economic-warrior captains and lieutenants would naturally ask.


Abductions have involved lots of sex and reproduction related genetic control activities, after all, and this makes military dicks go limp. And they are not alone. It makes the kings of power and influence all need Viagra.

They want to stop ET, but they don’t even really know who to hate, or how to stop them, and they feel awfully impotent in the face of ET’s incredibly advanced technology and powerful telepathy. All our thoughts may already be under the microscope.

Big Brother might be ET far more than Echelon can ever muster, fiberoptic networked cooled supercomputers with (deleted) and all. In fact Echelon’s first and most secret task is to closely track the covert invasion already in progress and feared to be accelerating. For the highest intelligence and control echelon in ARC, Echelon is the eyes and ears and radar to track ET tracking us to keep tabs on the progression and revelation of any ET agenda. Oh yeah, and a few terrorists, militaries, and multinational competitors on the side.

Now of course that is not the whole story. The highest privileged need to know have discovered that some aliens are actually ourselves time traveling from the future and working with yet other helper aliens to effect modifications on their own past genetic line. Some ET’s are us coming back to remake a future that went wrong. Kind of a dimensional evolutionary emigration is going on, tinkering with the temporal lines.

Other ET’s are ancient races that have a stake in our genetic pool or planet from the past, and the future. ET’s of all levels of temperament exist, from angels to devils. Some aliens are humanoid, some look vaguely like any of the animals and insects we have on Earth.


Other ET are shape-shifters and dimensional travelers. Boogie man time. The genuine threat is they all seem to be converging on physical Earth in a massive covert contact and covert influence strategy, including genetic experimentation and possible religious takeover plans.


That’s the worst case anyway.


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Lock Down the Hatches Before The Breach


Keep the coming ‘insanity’ secret until it is not possible any longer.


To face this potentially terrible global situation it is assumed to be a global security threat until proven otherwise. Psychological operations to prepare, condition, and cushion the mass populace to overt contact, should it occur, are in place. There is no ready assimilation of this new state of affairs into existing institutions.

Most all parties of Earthly authority, in religions, markets and politics are pessimistic about the ability of existing religions and markets to gracefully adapt and not immediately fall into chaos and fear. Most are pessimistic the military can ever catch up to aliens who are thousands of years technologically ahead of us, to ever place us on some force parity with the presumed ‘enemy’. The only hope is to gain a psychological counter-balance to the alien activity by covertly conditioning society at large to accept them and fit them into pre-existing categories of interpretation - religious, military, social and spiritual.

The complexity of having both good and bad ET’s, makes the whole situation intolerable. Even certain global poison pill strategies have been on the table as a means to persuade ET against overt contact. That is not a mutually assured destruction doctrine with the aliens, but instead a individually assured destruction pill to the ET human experiment. Any preemptive counter- threat against the aliens is worthwhile to prevent disclosure we are in a fishbowl.


Disclosure can cause the downfall of modern civilization and an integration and assimilation into an advanced ET custodial racial culture. Do we want that? Some Earth contacting aliens might say if we don’t play ball and accept them, then lack of alliance with good ET’s leaves it open for bad ET’s.

Or they might say any alliance with any ET invites all ET’s to come to the picnic. So the answer seems to be to both prepare for contact without the preparation tipping off the authoritative public institutions who are at risk. This is key to understanding the entire ARC preparation and assimilation program for mankind.
This means flooding the social consciousness with the existence and eventually, the plausibility of ‘ET is already here’, all without any verifiable genuine acknowledgement.

In fact every genuine acknowledgement that does manage to get out has voluminous skeptics and naysayers at the ready to ‘stop the insanity’ at the social level from taking hold in any manner that truly reaches veracity with any public institutional authorities.

If we put it all under the veil of mass delusions of individuals and crowds, discredit the subject to laughable weirdo pop culture - generate unbelievability by incorporation into popular entertainment science fiction - then serious mainstream plausibility and contention is never at issue.

It is the popular delusions and madness of crowds, it is the mass hysteria we had from Orson Welles War of the Worlds broadcast. The aliens put out the ‘bait’, and we in the ET presence suppression security apparatus (ARC) just make the ‘switch’, to prevent disclosure and relieve pressure through mass culture psych-ops.

Aliens bait, we make the switch. All in a days work to save us from assimilation on ET’s terms, not ours. What we cannot stop, we must delay. What we cannot delay, we must distort and debunk. What we cannot distort and debunk, we distract from and focus elsewhere. There is no other choice in the matter. ARC would rather start a worldwide nuclear war than welcome ET with open arms. Scorched Earth is an option unfortunately the least desirable.

This is the program. Get with it. Don’t be an idiot and give up human history and global higher authority to a bunch of nuts and bolts ET’s who could be full of lies and deceit. The covert nature of alien-human contact programs already in progress does not vouch for ET’s operating without deceit and hidden agenda. These are hidden agenda that could be threatening to human freedom - physically and spiritually - we don’t know, and until we do, the word is, “aliens don’t exist”.

And whoever says aliens do exist is in serious need of meds. That's the word from the conditioned authorities and experts, so about now a large daylight UFO sighting could happen over a major city for an extended period, and many would change the channel thinking it is just another Independence day rip-off. In other words, until the Internet came along, the whole enchilada was kept under much tighter raps. Now the Internet is here, it’s Information Ops.

The military re-abduction of abductees soon after contacts, is partly to administer those meds, partly to engage in ET agenda tracking, partly to attempt to acquire technological data which ET may have shared with the abductees, partly to monitor ET tinkering with human genetics, partly to help ET and humanoids claiming to be future humans ‘treat’ their ancestors as evolutionary adjustments.

Do you want the world to be lunch for a bunch of highly deceptive dimensional invasion force ET’s? It doesn’t matter if they are shape-shifters or hard bodies, extra-terrestrials or extra-dimensionals or time travelers, or hyper-dimensional nonphysical entities.


Until we know what is going on, until our powers-that-be have their own handle on the issue, everything is battened down, compartmentalized, and denied.


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When You Only See a Noise Floor - Ignorance is Bliss


The good old ‘SETI at Home’ screensaver is going a long way in quelling interest in UFO reports.


How can SETI not hear a thing and we have all this alien presence and dubious activity going on? Don’t you have your SETI at Home program running? If you really want to be a real human patriot, participate in the alien presence psych-ops denial program and download your copy of SETI at Home today.

The more people who are holding the line of denial and mainstream academic and scientific refusal of aliens existing, the greater the zone of exclusion we maintain humanity from overt alien integration, and as it looks to some, prevent a monstrous invasion.

Therefore, the serious UFO believers, contactees and abductees continue in their local and covert interaction with aliens.


But the mainstream public world remains protected from the threat of symbolic deconstruction and misappropriation of human spiritual and physical authority.


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The Symbols of Nature and Evolution and ETs


We need a language of hyper-dimensional symbols that codify human relationship with nature.


Symbols and ritual that codify the elements and forces of nature, codify the life processes of nature, from the little insects all the way up to the supposedly angelic and demonic ET’s. Without this language there is no means for intelligent contact to have a basis for occurring. And it could be that some symbols from history have their basis in being received alien communications.

If we cannot make genuine contact with our own Earthly Gaia-sphere, make real interspecies communication contact with our own intelligent animals living on the Earth, if we can’t even manage to get connected to the pulse of the living planet, then why would any self respecting ET alien want to make overt contact with us?


Until we’ve proven we can participate in the creative living natural Holos of our own world, i.e. (“conditioned to be telepathic transceivers”) why would we be candidates to get above-board contact from advanced ET’s? Any aliens would want to get in, do their stuff, and get the hell out and go home as quickly as possible since we might be dangerous, with our wildly uncontrolled and negative energy conditioned bodies.


The only visiting ET’s are either immune to emotions (bred out), or use protection devices, since our energy can stink to high heaven.


As for aliens who really like the human auric vibes, watch out!


Check if ET is wearing an auric protection device around their belt, otherwise they are clones or androids or maybe bad ET’s who feed on negative emotion like slurpies. The auric protection devices dampens the volatile emissions from humans reaching ET, thereby protecting ET from getting shocked by unruly human emotional energies. This also hints we have means to fight them.

Okay, before we foam at the mouth too much, lets itemize the varieties of invasion scenarios that may be operative or become operative, depending on certain factors:


Covert Invasion (Invasive) Scenarios include:

  1. Soul incarnation line infiltration as ‘natural’ human person genetic pool (the soul immigration game)

  2. Precipitated, assumed natural, cosmic offensive event, weather control, sun CME, comets, asteroids, earthquakes, blackouts, etc. (the big hit - game over games)

  3. Biological entity that appears normal (the fake-out games)

  4. Biological agent exposure, assumed naturally emergent event (the bug games)

  5. Genetic ET/human mixing for emigration into Earth, abductions (the gene games)

  6. Subconscious present and mythic influence over ages (the big history game)

  7. Brainwave ELF influence systems on selected populace (the long wave games)

  8. Psychotronic systems using electro-radionics and bio-tagging systems (the beastly big bro game)

  9. Technology breakthroughs that slowly influence direction of world (the tech uplift game)

  10. Neighbors trying to stay out of our way, underground, next plane (the bumpin burbs game)

  11. Alien-human telepathic pairing via telepathy or soul possession (the noodle fishing game)

  12. Trans-Dimensional migration of humans to more difficult Earth-phase dimensionality, assuming a limited multiplicity of futures (the soul herder game)


Semi-Overt to Fully Overt Invasion (Invasive) Scenarios include:

  1. Public mass contact as ‘rapture’ harvest’ or ‘ rescue’ of soul groups

  2. Public mass contact as wrathful control of the elements of nature

  3. Public mass contact as divine religious agency presentation gambit

  4. Public mass contact as military confrontation, but accommodation

  5. Public mass contact as outwardly friendly really but not

  6. Public mass contact as military-political global takeover

  7. Public mass contact as alien emigration adjustment

  8. Public mass contact as alien all out eradication of most if not all of humankind

Unfortunately for all the ‘looking for love in all the wrong places’ folks, NONE of these above Covert or Overt Human Invasion or Invasive scenarios is actually likely to occur. Oh shucks. Why not? According to hate-crime David Icke, that agenda has already been fulfilled from within.

Are there conditions that obviate the ARC worst case assumption position, and therefore vote for eventual societal assimilation or indefinite postponement of mass contact?


Or is this the wrong question?


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Secret Points of Agreement About the Evidence


  1. We got cultural ‘help’ from more than one custodial ET race.

    Limited covert activity for thousands of years (purposefully managed to be kept in the realm of the unverifiable, but subliminally recorded into art, symbols, myth, religion, wars and migrations at some critical junctures in history, but contact tended to be remote and limited otherwise.


    There are several different alien races that seemed to have been chronically involved over history of humanity in an intimate way, and many other short duration contacts from other random ET explorers over the centuries).


  2. We got ‘genetic’ help!


    Genetic engineering tinkering with humanity in the deep past (about ninety thousand years ago - the move from Neanderthal to Cro Magnon man was a shift in human brain cerebral cortex complexity thought to be 70,000 - 200,000 years back in human evolutionary history.


    There appears to have been a genetic uplift operation executed by ET, mixing ET genes with human genes).


  3. We got ‘divine’ help, (and ‘devils’ bargains)!


    Involvement in mainstream religious histories (At significant points major divinities and devils appearing in history may be related to ET’s, similarly dispositioned to our expectations. Some key features of some religions may be directly related to historical ET contact and interventions, and modern versions of these religions, now institutions, don’t know how to react.


    Admitting ET as the returning savior, avatar, or God, may rightly or wrongly, discernibly or gullibly, occur. And there are some rebel ET’s out there (or under here) of the fallen brand).


  4. We got ‘tech’ help (and problems)!


    Advanced technology far beyond human technology (ET has mastered interstellar flight, time travel, even inter-dimensional travel. Much so far advanced it cannot be reverse engineered or commandeered after acquisition, except by highly trained psychics, since the machinery is ‘alive’ and operates in tandem as a symbiont to traveling ET aliens, many captured advanced wonders won’t operate for unhappy captors, so we are only effectively assimilating more rudimentary ET craft technology systems and subsystems).


  5. We got a ‘mixed bag’ of good and bad!


    Good and bad ET’s just like there are good and bad people (Some aliens want genetic samples, or want to learn and observe as cosmic voyeurs, some want to experiment with us, some want to communicate messages of love, fear, hope or doom, some want our nice planet, some hate us, some live nearby and are curious.)



  6. We got ‘intention’ ID problems!


    Many different alien beings with different Agendas (The actual ultimate intent, and consideration accorded humans who are associated with ET contact are mostly unknown, but some are known, such as future humans working with ET’s who come back through time to tinker with their own past lives, or ancient past genetic descendents - us in our present time.


    Many feel the alien convention going on around Earth makes it difficult to ascertain identities and intent with any accuracy).


  7. We got ‘psychic’ aliens!


    Most ET’s have telepathic abilities and connect to an inter-mind (Many ET species operate within both individual mind and joined group mind. They don’t need verbal audio communication, nor do they use it for the most part. Everything can be communicated via the mind.


    Some aliens seem unfeeling, disassociated with us, insect like, piercing our consciousness, seeing through us, others can send a calming influence, or induce fear, or generate a sense of pleasure, or paralysis. If they are telepathic humanity may all be a very open book to ET, maybe even our telepathic emissions are avoided by some ET’s).


  8. ARC’s got ‘deniability’ help!


    ET races operate under a non-interference doctrine (We are under embargo for contact or trade, and under quarantine as far as going certain places in our immediate solar system. ET appears to want their verifiability limited to firsthand experiences, and most ET’s and craft, while not afraid of appearing and interacting with a few parties, still go out of their way to keep hard evidence elusive.


    This helps the ARC program greatly to keep ET presence, albeit rampant, dismissed by the mainstream).


  9. We got Divine State of War going on!


    Demonic ET’s infiltrated the genetics and spirituality of leading ruling family and royal bloodlines throughout history.

    (Humanity is ruled by “the people of the snake”, we all possess reptilian brains, royal lines more than others. Eve’s serpent is alive and well. Ruling families have heavy concentrations of Orion ET genetic coding, and demons feast on their compatible blood. Call the men in white coats.


    The ET biowar is one where certain genetics are more useful to different measures of social control and soul control. The alliance and commitment is to permit cattle mutilations for ET biosupplies, and permit abductions related to genetic lines for different reasons. There is an agreed general covert presence of negative ET that has always been here.


    The conscious ruling elite are often negative ET allied, and they suppress credible knowledge of their allegiance to spiritual evil, and promote distrust of positive aliens that might make an appearance following any large negative ET operation.)



  10. We got an ET ‘watch’ going on!


    ET’s and UFO’s are interested in our ability to kill ourselves (Aliens have taken a keen interest in our NASA activities, our past Moon activities, our military weapons, and especially our use of nuclear power. They have appeared to both trigger nuclear alerts and stop missiles in flight. ET seems to be mostly operate in a defensive posture, usually just observing unless attacked or negatively provoked.


    The attention ET devotes to tracking our ability to kill ourselves off indicates either a friendly or foe stance in the works. Since the first A-bombs, ET has also been operating with an agenda that seems to be to cull samplings of Earthly genetic stocks as a salvage operation in case we do kill our beautiful planet).


    The best ET could be, in a first mass verified contact situation, would be humanity meeting a traveling ET group in some big Orb ship who come to visit after much advanced and friendly radio contact, very human looking, and not that far ahead of us, maybe a 100 years or so. Now that is something we are more ready to face, something we could assimilate without too much ado.

We have come to realize that the symbols we rely upon from our history are a conglomeration of patterns and forms that the alien presence have used and can use in the future to their own benefit.


Aliens are masters of deception if they choose to be, and they can use our own symbols against us, if they choose to.


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Secret Munitions of Hyper-Dimensional Symbols and Ritual


This is today obviously partly residing in the most secret security apparatuses in place in the world. It is residing in the highest security apparatus existing inside religion (the Church), technology (Energy Department), science (NASA), government (secret trans-agency groups), military (black budgets), and multinational authority intelligence circles (Nato, Sato, Interpol, UN, etc), secret societies, orders, cartels.

This highest in-the-know echelon does not take kindly to having their status quo agenda thwarted. It is bad enough many in the populace have already upset their agenda of controlling spiritual power (new age fearing), and controlling physical power (fostering new war and regional conflicts to keep the herd distracted).

Now with the Internet, there is an opportunity for the populace to get their eye on the ball to finally put the puzzle together enough to admit to alien presence in the mainstream scientific sense.


So expect a lot more information warfare and website sabotage in the future, which the authorities will claim are rogue hackers, not people in their own highest echelons.

People close to the Ufology crowd seriously underestimate the readiness of the rest of the world. In three words - institutions will crumble.


To avert overt alien presence acknowledgement from occurring prematurely, global and domestic counter-intelligence psychological operations (PsychOps), include all kinds of continuing socially effective ‘D’s - the Anti-Disclosure Directives in fighting any mainstream effective ET Presence Disclosure - You DE and DIS them:

Debunk, Discredit, Defame, Diminish, Deride, Disprove, Dismiss, Degrade, Dupe, Dole, De-Emphasize, Damage, Damn, Debar, Debate, Deceive, Decoy, Decry, Defy, Delay, Delete, Detain, Demonize, (Make) Deprave, Demean, Destroy (Reputation), Detract, Devaluate, Distract, Disable, Disavow, Disconnect, Disassociate, Disarm, Disbelieve, Discomfit, Disclaim, (Sew) Discord, Dispute, Dissemble, Dissent, Dissuade, Distort, Disturb, Divide, Double-Cross, Duck, Duel, Dumbfound, (Make) Dull these are ALL tools to effect ongoing, fully redundant, active DENIAL as a powerful munition to avert dimensional invasion. It’s a good thing, too. (also see Dan Drasin’s “Art of Debunkery”). This is a matter of global security and defense, like it or not.

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Ancient Symbol Wars and the Control of Nature and Society


The church and government has traditionally used many ancient natural world mystic symbol systems to interface, to energetically communicate, with the hyper-dimensional higher world energies.


Some of these symbols, ancient warrior-economic Pagan symbols, come from a direct lineage of phallic and solar worship ritualized worlds. They are adopted, adapted, and metaphorically appropriated. Today we have a sanitized re-casting of the meanings.

The meanings have changed. Just as the days of the week were names of bodies in the heavens, or Pagan festivals adopted as Christian festivals. The present day construct of modern religion is a power manager of civilization controlling memes, morphic patterns of nature that the ancients had found create an extraordinary connection to the forces of nature.


The keys of human-with-Nature, natural world communication, the control of symbols, were hijacked from the Goddess social orders of the Mother Neolithic times.

With access to the forces of Nature suppressed and in the hands of the few, an economic-religious-political Theopoly began in the form of organized Church law as it has been handed down for centuries. The very idea of nature-powers and divinities of nature was openly and harshly suppressed as devil inspired, precisely in order to gain maximum exclusive domain control of humanity in relation to nature.


Remember, this is the top invisible beneficiaries residing at the capstone of the pyramid of competitive, controlling patriarchal institutional life.

It is understandable ancient world people’s symbols would be appropriated by the church out of the necessity of territorial conversion realities. It is surprising however, the cult symbols would still remain so deep in the unconscious of modern peoples, and this be such effective symbols today, subliminally moving the masses.

Sun worship and phallic worship are still present but hidden in modern centers of power. They are hidden elements of original astro-theological cults, rituals and beliefs that have survived to the present day, cults now hidden in key present institutions of religion and geopolitical intrigue.

Our venerable institutions have buried and secreted away the true manner of their own essential astronomical spirit world worship, and have done so in symbolically well defined ways, keeping the basic symbols but changing their context of meaning over time under the press of generations and centuries. (See Jordan Maxwell’s work).


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History Belongs Not to the Symbols, but Those that Wield Them


Keys to the kingdom that allow you to negotiate the real astronomical physical and spiritual energy truths, and thus power and secret technology, are tightly held by the highest echelon in the secret orders. The orders used to trace back to the Catholic church and the Vatican, now they trace to the worldwide ARC component of the NSA.

The rarified controlling end of the biggest institution of Christianity evidently has assimilated and secretly adopted many ancient Pagan cult power invoking rituals. These rituals seem to be part of the more specific, real and effective connections with spirit that is kept secret to but a few, knowledge the church wants to suppress in the population at large, at almost any cost. Animism of the natural visible astronomical world, continues all the way back to the beginnings of intelligent prehistoric thought and belief.

In the feminine pre-history of peoples, Sacred Earth Circles and other Stonehenge-like sites, found in Europe, North and South America of the Neolithic eras, always incorporated astronomical orientational values. Was there an appropriation of magical power from the Goddess societies by the acquisition of the key ‘energetic magical rites’ that yielded power? In the ancient Goddess spirituality worlds of prehistory, the masculine and feminine symbols of energy were known to carry magical potency, and both had equality.


But when the masculine dominating economic warrior cults decided they wanted primacy, they only way to achieve it was to vilify the wholeness of the ‘pantheon’ of spiritual nature. Intricate Mother nature cults, the feminine inclusive sensibilities, were replaced with the severe simplicity of the one exclusive Masculine God. In this maneuver, the divinity of Mother Mary was only a concession to the resiliency of Goddess culture to grow the church.

The church didn’t seem to really adopt too many Goddess culture symbol systems, as many symbols had inherent within them too many equal opportunity and balancing features. The economic-warrior creeds wanted only tools of power over others, not tools of sharing power. It preferred to subliminally incorporate more of the masculine principle and related Pagan astronomical symbols, in large emphasis over the feminine symbols of the same Neolithic and post-Neolithic ancient era.

Symbol wars today are metaphor wars. The dominance of ancient traditions of Pagan origin in modern elite dominating intelligence cultures is quite noteworthy. It means there is an endgame of cosmically related intelligence and control, which means the highest scientific security echelons of NASA and local associated military security intelligence apparatus, are all following a strict alien contact evidence suppression protocol.


NASA operates under an intelligence security apparatus or wing thereof, and is following a extremely strict security directive to deny the public anything they discover confirming intelligent life elsewhere in the cosmos or right here on and around Earth.

NASA is attempting to help ARC in the process of symbolic negotiation with the ET controlling races to protect their efforts. For as long as ET perceives human action that symbolically synchronizes with certain aspects of cosmic pattern intelligence and laws, then the action is less likely to be stopped or interfered with by the Space side entities.

The one God, other than a son and ghostly agency (and a heavenly array of compliant angels), has no room for other divinities other than enemies. Natural world sensitivities were cut off as soon as possible in children by the association of the devil with anything outside a strict protocol of belief adherence.


The Church appropriated many ancient symbols far predating 2000 years past.


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Thirteen Pagan Symbols Appropriated for Apotheoses of Organized Christianity

  1. Sun worship becomes the light of God coming down from the heavens. Sun worshipping military and economic societies were swayed with solar radiance of the holy ones around Church designated divine heads, an approved saint list.




  2. Phallic worship becomes the anointing and the spires and towers reaching for God. The pillars and domes of the Church, and the staffs of Church seniority.

  3. The cross is taken from the ancient goddess circle of the four seasons and four elements, and taken from the hermetic ‘ above/below + yin/yang principle ancient magical invocation. Sun symbol with a four seasons cross becomes the Christian sign of holiness.

  4. The astrological week becomes the calendar week.

  5. The Pagan festivals of ancient habit become Christian holidays.

  6. The remnant longing for Goddess energy is conceded in the divinity of Mother Mary, but only grudgingly.

  7. The pantheon of influences of the astrological world are denied as the heavens come under the exclusive dominion of the one Male God and his angelic servants and appointed Earthly bearers.

  8. The concept of a son of God savior of our sins comes from ancient Sumerian myth. The Son is also metaphorically equivalent to the Sun. Thus the savior worship and sun worship were fused into one ancient allegiance garnering ritual.

  9. The ancient serpent cults and eastern occult knowledge lineages of Pagan times were incorporated as esoteric theology, known to the few and limited to the elite. As serpent cults were often phallic cults as well, the spiritual archetypal meme power was appropriated into the biblical serpent descriptions, associating the serpent with the devil, and holding certain esoteric knowledge as blasphemous, like the tree of knowledge.

  10. The sun worshippers were also fire worshippers, worshippers of negative chaos attractors, or revolutionary change, which turned into the secret orders of social influence and illegality under tacit control of the Church secret orders.

  11. The ancient Goddess religion sacrifice of menstrual blood to connect with Earth Spirit became the blood of Christ and the sacrament to connect with the one God.

  12. The extended cross, related to the cross of the crucifixion was appropriated as a symbol of righteous war in the image of the sword, yes especially including the sword in the stone.

  13. The Vesica Piscis, an ancient symbol of sexual and relationship symbol, the intersection of two circles, the sacred almond shape, the fish bladder, an ancient feminine archetype-society symbol was converted into use as halos and auras around holy parties.

All these symbolic powers are being controlled by the radical masculine religious, warrior and economic castes, in a power-sharing agreement.


This ancient surviving business deal has created modern civilization as we now know it more than any other thing. This was the original deal that divided up the divvy, but the boss has always been and remains the Church.


And now also the New Church, a covert Nazi-related and Nazi-mentality infested global security apparatus.

Why Nazis?


Because they were some of the first more recent movements to try to consciously engage the occult universe and use deeper symbolic powers to aid their racial ends. The swastika is many thousands of years old, originally meaning the wheel of life, as in the wheel of life-force turning the four seasons and holding the four elements. Many powerful symbols even today, even new symbols are facing covert acquisition. Nazism tried to parlay for themselves a symbol cartel. The symbols were re-interpreted publicly, but retained in their true potency, privately.

All the while, the elite are using all this supposed blasphemy in secret to further the ends of the business of the Church in the western world, or the Synagogue and Mosque in the middle eastern world, and the Temples of the far eastern world.


This is the great secret of the modern western world, that organized Christianity was a strict business deal that created the Church, once Constantine accepted the Christian faith, and the ancient deal creating the Church, organized crime, the political system and the economic system, is all still in place.


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Religions are Businesses, Countries are Businesses, People are Businesses - It’s all Business


Wars are, for the most part, just multinational government-corporate hostile takeovers. Governments are businesses too, and the dividing up of the world’s lands and human capital, and the formation of the political, social, religious, educational, and scientific infrastructures, has been dominated by a systemic, chronic continuation of controlled multinational chaos for centuries. Chaos is a powerful herd consciousness management tool.

The truth takes years of reconditioning, hence the covert, managed and controlled public education program about alien presence.


To avoid massive social breakdowns, the alien presence must be suppressed. Otherwise kiss your normal human life goodbye as we enter the science fiction world of living on a planet invaded by some of it’s original experimental caretakers, with a new identity of being kept animals in some giant laboratory, with all our spiritual and physical authority and power usurped by non-human aliens calling themselves our divine benefactors.

The true powers of symbolic spiritual psychotronic sciences are the same as the magical powers of ancient wizards.


These powers are not really known to the commonly visible leaders we would assume would know, as these people are but a changing commodity in the winds of time. The dear President and Joint Chiefs of the good old USA are ‘out of the loop’. Even that nice man, the Pope is left partly out of the loop. Who is in the loop? The answer is obvious, isn’t it?


Remember the three forms of power: belief, force, and money. All three triangulate to the security apparatus associated with each: Religion, Military, and Corporate, all and only at the very highest echelon.

The controlling secret societies have no interest in fame, only power and influence, and influence only comes in terms of capital (economic), force (military), or belief (religious) as root resources for control amongst the incognito power elite. So the leaders of capital systems, military might, and religious influence would naturally secrete and accrete themselves into well-funded, well-insulated, well-connected institutions of secrecy, inside the very systems that are vaguely aware of their presence, but unaware of their intent.


Its all just business don’t forget.


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Where the Power and Control Hides


Capital control hides itself in things like rarified private institutions, consortiums and cartels that control governments and markets, black budgets, selling drugs and arms.

Military control hides itself in things like intelligence and classification and control hierarchy which leads to the likes of the National Security Agency.
Religious control hides itself in things like the Vatican security apparatus, commissioned secret orders, influence in science, interpretations of heavenly portents which leads to the likes of the Religious Spiritual Agency.

Political control is merely a popular exercise in social self government, all largely laughable to the controlling elite since that power is more locally occupied than globally relevant. The exception to this is the extent politicians actually do effect military, economic or religious control, which does make politicians folks certain elite want to groom and influence.

To find the secret beneficiaries of greatest power, just take the backbone of key leaders in the non-appointed multi-generational custodial infrastructure of government and religious infrastructure. These are individual people in military intelligence, economic cartels and global Mafia, and secret religious security orders, though quite compartmentalized. Here you have a pretty good set of true candidates for who the actual ‘controlling elite’ are.

The very top of the pyramid in America is a group that is comprised partly of leading ex-Nazis and their next generation brethren, the multinational anti-alien global security apparatus who want to prevent alien invasion and world breakdown, so they themselves can pick at their oyster with traditional impunity. They will even ally themselves to certain aliens that can help them escape the intentions of other aliens, if necessary. Think Faust.

However, only as Feminine principles and truths are realized, suppressed since Neolithic times and the dark ages, will these interdimensional war conditions find means to abate. Then the debunkery of the hidden truth can stop. But only then, for then we will be ready to formulate symbolic interactions even more powerful than Masculine technology.


Only then will we have the means to deny the aliens access to humanity through appropriate ritualistic symbolic arbitration, rather than just deny humanity the existence aliens through symbolic munitions manipulation.


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Divine-Man Trial Balloons That Can Be Popped

Why have all this been brought into consideration here? Why the emphasis on the who is pulling strings? The issue is conflict, conflict between secret elements that have come to different conclusions, created alliances, and instigated different strategies.

The most powerful rogue elements are unfortunately the most highly placed in the above-legal system. All critical intelligence in the entire global ET-related intel gathering apparatus is diverted to these elements.

Other less rogue elements almost as highly placed realize the Faustian bargain problem going on, and are attempting appropriate counterbalancing counter-intelligence and seeding potentials for mass psych-ops operations that help.

The two opposed parties are both in the need-to-know above-the law rarified echelon levels.

Bad Rogues: engage social resistance processes, denial, and fight contact at all cost, except as useful for gaining alien technology for military use.
Good Rogues: engage social assimilation processes, tacit acceptance, and encourage human-alien awareness.

The bad rogue’s strategies worked too well. So the good rogues are seeding selected human capital with staged deniable information disclosure to counterbalance. This is becoming increasingly hard data. The thresholds of social assimilation, and resistance to assimilation are being tested to keep things from going runaway. Pullback into failsafe deniability is always included in any surrepticious disclosure program equation.

The conflict generates a wide range of inconsistent activities on the part of the elite power circles, deriving from their opposing allegiances. The deeper essence of the conflict between a bunch of very macho intelligence folks is just the same age old conflict continuing to be reflected.

The God based religions decimated or appropriated Goddess religion nature-communication technology - the power symbols, the nature communication CODECs.

The elite power struggle now manifests as the last ditch recognition by the most egregious patriarchal separatist ritualists. They effectively are getting ready to deny ET assimilation. This is true even if it’s true ET’s were involved in creating Christ.

But if the ET’s that show up in relation to representing Christ are false Messiahs, then the faithful would presume a battle in Heaven is going on. Is the activity in what the faithful might consider the heavenly dimension? If so, then relative to us, there may be activity in the same time, but in a different space.

This bodes for Bearden ELF scalar bubbles flying all over everywhere, which upon randomly arcing into our phase-space generate things in our atmosphere looking very much like radar rings. So it’s not that things are in control for humanly forces. Quite the opposite. There are competing celestial forces. Intelligent beings traveling in craft and between space, even seem to somehow ‘live’ in parallel space.

These alien beings are assumed beyond the terrestrial worldliness. But yet some are quite physical. Some of these crafty critters claim divinity. They say if we hold persons S, M, or C in our history as divine, then that is saying these ET are divine too - and they can prove it. They were there. They made it happen. Now make sure your airline convenience bag is nearby.

It is a matter of what qualifies as divine, to effectively be deserving of our open armed surrender. The authentic real McCoy may crash our image of what we held spirituality and God to be. We thought beyond biological, beyond physical, as religion had always assumed. The doctrine of the human soul, the holy trinity and Nature.

But if it’s true more than one custodial alien civilization has returned, there may be a little crowding going on, and a lot of stuff coming through the cracks. Watch closely these days. Because it is probable it will never be a hugely overt reality for a few more generations, until humanity is more ready for open contact and trade. The data can be gleaned. But critical mass will always be fought, no matter what until the aliens or humans themselves make it inevitable.

If any Earthly catastrophe of human or natural geospheric or cosmic magnitude happens, then the playing field of general populace conscious permeability to alien contact becomes much much lower, meaning, much more “Mommy, there HERE, and they want more than milk and cookies! I’m scared”.


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Divine Blood, Lifeforce, Evolution and Power


The nearby universe is a protected, alien policed reality.

Think quarantine, embargo, isolation, deception, intervention, surveillance, breeding samples, protection, camouflage, plausible deniability.

Think about the coming wave, the coming convergence of diverse human and alien and cosmic influences. Who are the essential usurper players in the game? Who in power has the most to lose in facing the prospect of a voluntary evolutionary uplift and paradigm change from Patriarchy to balance between? Who indeed.

The essential players (Remember everything in this document is entirely hypothetical, it’s science fiction, this is a fantasy play. You figured that out by now, haven’t you? I’ve never seen a classified document in my life, swear to God, don’t lose any sleep.

Human apotheosis in the ET situation, religion wise, can be a stairway to heaven, as sky watching cults, both sun and moon worship.

The sun worshippers were/are macho male Phallic worshipping, violently One-God fixated, mostly warriors and capitalists, focused on competition, winning, use of any force in the name of redistribution of resources of power in their own concentrated favor.

Sacred Blood of War, Blood of Christ and Wine—high valuing of space Property and territorial separation and control Masculine Domination Over (impunity) The moon worshippers were/are equal opportunity, Feminine Nature worshipping, embracing Diverse spirits of Nature, mostly agrarians and artisans, empathic for cooperation, teamsmanship, group mindedness.

Sacred Blood of Womb, Blood of Life and Soma—high valuing of cycles Time and continuity of inclusive connections Feminine Dominion With (together) The gender difference that gives the Masculine principle a bad name is a twisted growth. This occurs when Masculine tries to operate without Feminine energy in balance, in real partnership.

There was the hostile takeover and radical ‘downsizing’ of Goddess Religions 3-6,000 years ago, all over Europe and Asia. The Moslem, Judaist and Christian faiths were the latest wave over the last 3000 years. The systems try to usurp and condemn any continually resurfacing elements of Goddess cults since then, usually remnant preserved in regional indigenous cultures.

The hostile takeover was successful, and after radical downsizing, they slyly, and blatantly, took over markets - the hearts and souls of human beings - and the ‘superstitious’ symbols that drive them. These symbols have become well known religious symbols.

What’s this suppressed Goddess history stuff got to do with aliens? They might not be here if we had not executed such a hostile takeover of the Goddess religions, or they might be already integrated with our very different culture. The ancient hostile takeover could be one of the reasons ET is such a big deal to us now, since we pushed our spiritual connection with nature to an all tme low while pushing our knowledge of how to manipulate it to an all time high.

Now a high tech ‘spirituality’ has found high tech ‘gods’. But could it also be that Patriarchal religions are the sole reason humanity has not been integrated with ET already? Patriarchal institutions may have been designed to keep man in power over God and Goddess and separate from Nature more than many would like to admit.

What’s this new religion ‘appropriation’ of all these nature ritual power symbols, as part of the hostile takeover? Re-deployed assets? What’s this all got to do with Above Top Secret intelligence, military activities and especially all the partnered alien program activities going on? Position maneuvering? What’s this all got to do with alien abductions.


Breeding Programs? Evacuation preparations? Ambassador training? Harvest puppets? What’s this got to do with crop circles? Alien or ‘nature’ communication Systems? Bypassing normal authority channels? Alien unconscious conditioning?


Ahh, just about now your starting to get a glimpse of the grand complexity of the overall circuitry, and thus the gawddang conundrum.


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The Quest for Mental Emotional and Spiritual Interface


The reason the government cannot fly the captured ET craft that use telepathic and telekinetic control, is that to learn these skills is completely reverse from practices of standard military mental and perceptual control styles of ’command and control’. These machines fly on the basis of ‘commune and co-create’ with their ET operators, and that is feminine, whereas the other masculine in psychotronic energy gender.

So the military will then try to find controllable agencies, that is abductees and trained remote viewers to attempt to discern the mental interface control mechanism. But the very word ‘mechanism’ holds within it the seeds of the perceptual boobytrap any symbolic scientist or compliant operator would land themselves on.

It is not a hierarchical mechanism of control, it is nonlinear resonance of co-existence and intimate connective empathy, and then formulated intent as a co-function of vision and joined ‘body image’ motion in the imaginal psycho-physical subspace domain. This connection fails if incompatible intentional, emotional or imaginal pattern mismatch occurs. It fails if non-resonant psychic conjugation factors are present in the operator attempting to interface with the craft.

The process of operator to craft handshaking, emotive communion establishment, body image joining, and effecting intentional imaginal directional navigation, is not impossible for the military to systematize , it’s just impossible for them to do it from the right N-tuple sensorial and affective coordinated intentional stance.


They usually can’t do it clear and free of contaminant psychotronic energies, and for lack of having predisposed compatible psychic connectivity. Can you say human-alien hybrids? People who have learned to do this right (fly the craft) must know how to meld AND moderate highly intense energies, so they don’t increase the risk of burning out their finite ego identity from the immersive psychic merging.


Can they return to their worldly appropriate semblance of limited self? Can they re-integrate? Can they teach it?


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Anatomy of a Cosmic Conundrum

  1. The ‘aliens’, the ‘ET’s’, and the Nature Spirits somehow largely waned and recessed after the Patriarchal takeover over multi-millennial history. The aliens took a step back into the larger circuit of nature to let us more independently cultivate and evolve, but only after adding some Messianic spice here and there, it appears.

  2. However, the aliens don’t recognize the human religious Institutions as the exclusive representatives of the people, and are establishing mostly private relationships with individuals and sometimes small groups of people. The aliens recognize the institutions and their leaders as local Earthly petri dish apotheosis gods. They don’t recognize their say-so authority over the right to check the flock and set up connectivity directly for themselves. And why not?

  3. They were involved with helping and creating many religious figures that inspired the religious institutions of our Judeo-Christian Western World. Whether it be Jesus, Moses and YHWH, Mohammed and the One God Allah, or Joseph Smith and Archangel Moroni, or for that matter, certain activities in ancient India, it is now secretly admitted that ET had a role in all along the way. That role was kept covert, removed, behind a curtain.

  4. Involvements suggest just enough alien to human contact to support certain cultural developments in the Petri-dish globe at critical points, often of spiritual consequence as much as occasional war involvement by ET over human history. Now today, effectively the last fifty years, with this sudden resurgence of direct, intimate, active contact, the institutions do realize something big is afoot. The intensive programs of contact between the once recessed ET custodians of the Earthly experiment, and their remotely herded, spiritually ‘guided’ flock, appear to be accelerating in a radical manner.

  5. The possible endgames developing of this set of complex historical and current ingredients range from optimistic to cynical, and from hysterical to tragic. A key integrative insight is the threading in all this between “who controls the hearts and minds of humanity”, and who is the custodial authority of matters of their soul and status in our universe.

  6. So realize the very human institutions that were ultimately spawned by activities of ET aliens are very much at odds with the thought of alien custodial return. These institutions are so much at odds with the very idea, they are finding they may well have to knuckle under and adapt to the populace getting a new, higher authority than them. Some of this ET activity is the ‘higher divine authority’ the institutions have supposedly been humanly praying and invoking for a long time. The heavenly authority prayed to come back and return and save the faithful and help restore the world to paradise.

  7. Now when the authorities in the heavens have indeed begun in our modern time to come back, ET, representative of the divine, is rejected and discouraged. ET is rejected roundly by the institutions governing the dollar, the soul and the sword. ET is rejected as a divine authority, and only admitted as another creature of God’s universe.

  8. When approached by ET to develop open contact with Earth citizens, and the Institutions denied them, then ET indicated they would contact people individually, directly, subliminally, surreptitiously, deceptively, privately, intimately - whether the authorities liked it or not.

  9. Horrified authorities realized the only recourse was know-thy-enemy by engaging them enough to keep track of what the hell they were doing with our populace on the sly. Hence all the partnering, the deals, the associations, the cooperation, the working relationships. They are all are designed to give us an edge in figuring out the whole deal. The deal that has been figured is two-fold - there are good and there are bad aliens. It is not that obvious to tell who is who, dammit.

  10. These ET and ED entities have been masters of perception and deception for millennia, so we can expect a formidable display of camouflage, subterfuge and psychological manipulation skills. This means some unscrupulous ET’s could take advantage of the vulnerabilities in the situation, just as we would.

  11. Therefore unholy and holy alliances have developed, from angelic to satanic, and some escape routes are being readied to avoid any ET integration at all by some science worshipping factions. Some groups are closely spiritually partnering with certain aliens. And other groups, still uncertain, want to keep the whole issue wrapped in levity and fantastic folklore of modern pop culture.

  12. Human institutions are NOT being demanded by ET to integrate and be assimilated as subordinates in an open public forum. ET supports keeping the wizards behind the curtains. Human institutions ARE, however, being faced with ET bypassing them anyway to get to the flocks. And this has institutional folks very worried, as they should be.

  13. Four secret states of Alliance relationship:

    1. “If you can’t beat em join em” - is about to be the only survival strategy for some parties.

      1. State I: Alliances with good aliens (secret state of divine apotheosis).

      2. State II: Alliances with bad aliens (secret state of demonic possession).

    2. “Don’t tread on me” - is the only survival strategy for some parties.

      1. State III: No alliances, except expedient, temporary (secret state of war).

    3. “Family secrets” - is the dominant status quo between aliens and human institutions of the dollar, the soul and the sword - that is - keeping the wizard’s curtain up.

      1. State IV: Ironic alliances (secret state of alien presence suppression and gradual societal assimilation).

  14. The aliens, or some of them, or one of them, has decided to bypass institutional mass human contact quarantine by engaging in communicating in a new language of symbols called crop circles. This has the authorities quite worried since they do not how to decipher the symbolic cryptograms. They do not know what effect they could have on the masses. Until they do, crop circles are highly debunked, marginalized and excluded from the human public awareness assimilation program that is bringing the alien presence more and more out into the open in a plausibly deniable manner.

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More Than Two Sides to Every Issue and Influence


Apparently neither human institutions nor aliens are quite ready yet to declare ‘game-over’ and all come out from behind the masks. The charade has sacred purposes and profane purposes. The sacred purpose apparently is soul evolution, and the profane purpose is apparently soul control.

The notions or Service-to-Self and Service-to-Others in popular use in channeled Ufology today are outrageous, but apt simplifications of the real intricacies of the matter. As the definitions change of exactly what ‘self’ encompasses these notions map across a wide variety of different orientations, and it is appropriate to introduce the dialectic, the triad pattern that is really involved beyond the dualistic notion.


Although merely extending the differentiating metaphor into three classes is hardly as far as it can be taken.

  1. The Ends Justify the Means Orientation

    Orion and Dark Sirian disposition pool Humanoid Demons and Devils
    Souls are commodities of central spiritual power and control and domination.
    Body and Mind worship (2 body fixated Masculine principle emphasis)
    Bottom up material evolution
    Does long division by hand, in matter
    Extreme Service-to-Self focused
    Random Process Causal Reality

  2. The Means Justify the Ends Orientation
    Light Sirian disposition pool
    Human archetype Angels, and Non-humanoid Semi-physical Creatures Souls are sovereign fragments of evolved integrated immortal creators. Heart and Spirit worship (2-body fixated Feminine principle emphasis)
    Top down spiritual evolution
    Does the spiritual division in their head
    Extreme Service-To-Others focused
    Unidirectional Causal Reality

  3. The Means are As Important as Ends Orientation
    Pleiadean and Vegan disposition pools
    Humanoid Angels and Biological Lords
    Souls are important to evolve and integrate.
    Body, Heart, Mind, and Spirit worship
    (4-body integrative, Balanced Masculine and Feminine principle emphasis)
    Egalitarian spirit-matter evolution
    Does spiritual division in head and in matter
    Balanced Service-To-Self-And-Others
    Mutual Causal Reality

Now the institutions have discovered to their great dismay, that the divinities and deviltries of history are just readily and easily bypassing them.


The last thing these institutions want humankind to generally believe, is that ET’s are the real heavenly masters of spiritual history. And in turn, they don’t wish to have the populace educated in knowing how to spot a false master when they see one.

Who is the false master? The ET’s that helped to create the Messiahs, or the human institutions that represent the Messianic divinities of history?


Now you can get an idea of how sticky the wicket gets. Therefore, our most secret institutional forces (institutions of dollars, souls and swords), in alliance (limited partnering) with ET, and in opposition to ET, and just knowledgeable about ET, have a complex developing situation.

Those who are directly involved with ET - in facilities, in abductions, in communication, are hush about their work, and even less clear about their alliances. But the alliances have developed, with several different types of ET creatures, and encounters or occasional capture of other creatures and ET technology. The baseline assumption that suggest itself is there are as many ET power factions as there are human power factions.


There are divine gifts and Faustian bargains.

There are level headed and hot headed approaches. At the highest end of level headed approaches, are the more enlightened modern day secret order Knights Templars - neo-Masonic parties. These soldiers of faith realize some aliens are indeed truly beneficent and these aliens were indeed involved with some religious figures of history. These rare soldiers realize this long term Earth experiment and all the alien intervention is about the evolution of soul and love.

And that is a good thing. It is about the spark of divinity in humankind, not about being commodity soul currency to feed the fancies of the followers of the dark laws, be psychic corn-dogs for reptilian devil creatures with technology millions of years in advance of our own. That is not a war we can win without allying with the other side. That is one prevailing view.

Is it possible one of the reasons alliances are being made by ET’s so actively with humanity, is to establish, in a timely manner, some eminent domain in matters of the soul? Is someone else of the more devilish kind on their way here? Or are they already here, hanging back a bit under force of other alien (or divine alien) rule. Are the demon aliens getting more and more unleashed, that is, allowed to interact and contact and influence the populace in the coming times?

Are the prophecies of opening seals and events of Biblical proportions veiling the coming of a new alien ET operation? Just how many different aliens are part of the ancient Earth custodial force? How many factions are there? How many ET’s are new players?


How many are we just bumping into since they have come to spectate and research Zoo-Earth?


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Anatomy of the ARC Echelons

Jam Echelon day?


All these aspects to the problem reveal themselves even more rabidly in relationship when we consider how the whole ET alliance issue HAS splintered and fractured the controlling intelligence apparatus in the world along religious and spiritual, or anti-spiritual lines. The factional ARC enclaves are direct lineage of the factional spiritual influences and human historical conditioning.


Hence the very cultish distinctions in the world’s secret controlling multi-level Echelon (with project classification keywords thought tickler P-O-E-M, in a postulated operational multi-theos organizational echelon interest control and accommodation):

  • Echelon 7:
    /DWARF, /PLASM, /SOLIS, /QUAFF, /GRATE, /ABYSS, /EXODE, /LOCUS, /NOVIS, /FIRMA, /TALIS, /CHRYS The Satanists Parading as Christian Monarch War-Supremicists (English, US, French, Human-Alien, Alien)
    **Soul Control, Telepathic Control and Earth Control Group Focus (worlds of above highest intelligence, scientific, economic)
    Neo-NSA2/NeoGCHQ2/Neo-NRO2/Dark-Druidic Faust-Masons:
    The Seditious Human Apotheosis Sacrificial intelligence sect Will sacrifice Humanity to save a few of Mankind Favors Fascism, Totalitarianism, Dictatorships (though often controlled from other systems) as the Ends, but uses Monarchy, adoration, and symbol embodiment as Means Dominance of Reptilian-Orion stellar soul resonance geno-archetype (top branch)

  • Echelon 6:
    /COBRA, /PYLON, /HELIO, /CHARM, /MYTHO, /CHIRO, /ORBIC, /SCAPE, /SPOOL, /ASTRA, /TRACT, /DWELL The Egypto-Luciferian NeoNazi Exodus Science Supremicists (US, English, Old German, French)
    ** Space and ET-Territory War and Parity Control Group Focus (worlds of highest intelligence, scientific, military, atheist, CRO)
    NeoNSA/NeoGCHQ/Neo-DIA/NeoNRO/Neo-NASA/Eugenic Neo-Masons:
    The Profane Technology Apotheosis intelligence sects
    Will sacrifice Earth to save some of Mankind
    Favors Monarchy, Autocracy, optimistic Totalitarian
    Alliance of Dominant Reptilian-Orion + Submissive Pseudo-Feline Sirian
    stellar soul resonance geno-archetypes

  • Echelon 5:
    /GHOST, /TOWER, /JANUS, /EXALT, /OCTAD, /CLOUD, /RAZOR, /OMEGA, /THEOS, /CARTA, /SIREN, /ASTAR The Christian New World Order Supremicists (worlds of intelligence, Secret Orders of Vatican and International Catholicism, economic, 1st World multinational Mafia)
    ** Belief, “Rapture” Control and Christian Moral Boundary Control Group Focus NeoNSA/GCHQ3/Neo-NRO/Neo-IAU/Neo-Mafia, some Dark and Free Masons intelligence sects:
    The Divine ET Apotheosis intelligence sects
    Will sacrifice Spirituality to save Religion (Institutions)
    Favors Capitalism, Religious Oligarchy, Autocracy
    Alliance of Dominant Avian-Pleiadean-Hawk + Submissive Reptilian-Orion
    stellar soul resonance geno-archetypes

  • Echelon 4:
    The Atheist Science Socialists and Capitalists (worlds of III - International Industrial Intelligence, Secret Economic Joint Ventures and
    Treaties, Prime Echelon System Control, 2nd world multinational Mafia, Secret One World gov.) intelligence sects:
    ** Science, NWO systems, Mind Controllers, ID Systems, and Economic Control Group Focus NSA3/GCHQ2/Neo-IMF/Neo-FRB/Neo-UN/Neo-TLC/Neo-TBG/Neo-KGB/Others:
    The Profane ET Anti-Apotheosis intelligence sects
    Will sacrifice Human Rights to Save National Governments (Institutions)
    Favors Communism, cynical Socialism, Scientism
    Alliance of Dominant Reptilian-Orion + (Submissive Avian-Pleiadean stellar soul resonance geno-archetypes + Submissive Pseudo-Feline-Sirian)

  • Echelon 3:
    Judeo-Supremicist Capitalists (worlds of intelligence, Secret Orders of Judaism, economic) intelligence sects:
    ** Economic Control, Science Control and Counter-Intel Targeting Group Focus NSA2/GCHQ1/Neo-Masons/Neo-Mossad/Neo-Interpol/Others:
    The Divine Chosen Ones Apotheosis intelligence sects
    Will sacrifice Human Alliances and Assets to Save Judaism
    Favors Capitalism, Religious Autocracy, Parlimentarian
    Alliance of Dominant Avian-Pleiadean + Submissive Pseudo-Feline-Sirian
    stellar soul resonance geno-archetypes

  • Echelon 2:
    /QUEST, /DROME, /VERGE, /PANAX, /GEMMA, /OVOID, /GLEAM, /PRIME, /PANDO, /QUEST, /ANDRO, /ANIMA Agnostic-Mainstream, Mixed Bag (worlds of baseline intelligence) intelligence sects:
    ** Communications Acquisition (SigInt), Interpretation, Trans-national Relay Group Focus NSA1, CIA2, M5, Mossad, Others:
    Prevail in Survival and Human Affairs, surveilling human affairs
    Will sacrifice National Constitutions to Obtain Intelligence, Influence and
    Favors Democracy, Parlimentarian, Capitalist
    Dominant Avian-Pleiadean stellar soul resonance geno-archetype,
    Pseudo-Submissive Reptilian

  • Echelon 1:
    /STORM, /LOGOS, /MINOS, /TROPO, /FIERY, /QUILL, /WREST, /PANOP, /OMBUS, /FENCE, /TYPHO, /TREAD Non-Denominational and Other Associates (worlds of baseline intelligence analysis, political secrecy, economic intelligence secrecy) intelligence sects:
    ** Cultural and Environmental Signet Prediction and Control Group Focus CIA1, DIA1, The President, Joint Chiefs, Congress closed subcommittees, General UN, NATO, SATO, FBI, Interpol, Other known international security infrastructure worldwide:
    The Human Loop Only domain, No driving spiritual fixation
    Will sacrifice Political and Religious Leaders to Secure Influence and Control
    Favors Democratic-Socialism, Community Authority Mixtures
    Alliance of Dominant Reptilian-Orion and Dominant Avian-Pleiadean and
    Submissive Genuine-Feline-Sirian soul resonance geno-archetypes

Decode this symbol-cipher key and super secrets are available to you, if you know how to slither:

111 120 102 374 015 814 014 325
019 749 016 119 001 697 117 954
100 261 101 040 101 182 001 172
112 331 015 736 002 488 008 179
014 315 105 177 104 191 015 317
005 174 115 632 001 629 115 110
114 320 013 514 103 271 103 490

TROVE -35 (hints)
Round the hand we count of
Essence of sisters and another on a level
Jupiter’s moon last in each world’s hand
Ritual sacrifice of the sisters by pentagram
Pleiades sunrise or sunset winds of Zephyrs
Turned by Orion’s noon sun winds and
Sirian midnight moon winds
Sunflowers ready for plucking from
Pole to pole in Tetra globe with
Royalty’s three eyes of
Dark life prime and vital in
Druidic breaths round year we do count
Full circle in all thy faces of
Sun sign marks cross the year do honor

Anyway, notice the order in the hierarchy as it reveals the dynamics of true power and influence brokering across the rarified essence players. Also notice that nobody is going to be happy with the idea that ET matters are most controlled by Echelon 7.

Echelon 2 is knowingly beholden to Echelon 1. Echelon 3 and up are outside and beyond any review or knowledge, not limited to the domain of normal human affairs, as they are all effectively obsessed with the alien problem.

Echelon 3 controls compartmentalization of Echelon 2 Echelons 4, 5 and 6 are isolated from each other, but still in the hierarchy Echelon 7 controls compartmentalization of Echelons 3 through 6.

Echelon 7 guides Echelon 6 closely without knowing Echelon 7 and Echelon 5 have some key double players. These are all intelligence clans, cabals, and crony systems. These are all derived, in historical terms, from the Catholic Church and it’s secret Orders up until the post A-bomb period, when independence developed between the key players into factions. Note these factions all splice from the deepest human belief orientations, often in their more extreme form.

Now if you think about history and how it is influenced by these key power factions, you think about how history has touched each of these parties relative to the alien presence issue. The crucible yields an amalgam of reluctantly allied forces, and extremist allied forces, and a entirely secret new world order that falls out of the hands of those who benefited first and most from captured alien technology transfer - and that so happens to be Echelon 7.

The alien problem has fractionated world powers and above TS intelligence into religious and anti-religious factions. And at the same time it has unified them into one planetary security network.

The Echelons defined themselves out of the extremities of institutional human response, and together are the ARC of how all the high-strangeness, non-fractal, abnormal, conflicting behaviors of secret government parties are created. They are all operating with impunity under the top secret ‘state-of-war’ condition we have been in for about 50 years since Fat Boy, the real deep-freeze war underneath the good cover of the cold war.

However, back to the damned or divine alien conundrum, yes, in a very practiced covert manner for the most part, these aliens act to aid and raid, assess and test, sample and breed, visit and learn, prepare and influence, outpost and relay, mentor and guide, or manipulate and deceive. The agendas are manyfold as discussed.

It is the agenda or veracity of the ET’s that claim involvement in human religions that is the Number One Priority Issue, and debate, despite the advancement of all our science as our new form of worship. The fact these divine beings beat science to hell with their own million year old science and technology and telepathic connected group-mind trumps the new form of techno-worship of rational mind we humans have developed.

Here is the gum in the works: supposedly, divine beings, in religious terms, were always considered above the flesh, above the worldliness of physical impediment, above the limitations of a physical cosmos. And now they are not? They are slimy bugs, lizards and other Dr. Moreau morphs out of our animal kingdom, and they are the heavenly hosts, angels and Olympian man-gods of history and myth. Hide this fact and throw away the key! This has driven many mad.


If some intelligent and powerful men (in the realm of the power centers of the dollar, the soul and the sword), have been driven to drink and eventual psychosis over this, one can understand the fear of War of the Worlds mass hysteria that would make the LA Rodney King verdict riots, or the Watts riots of the 60’s, look like drops in the bucket compared to the whole world rioting at once. This is why the Y2K problematic event is considered an interesting measure of our propensity for mass hysteria by those aware of the much bigger alien presence problem.

Physical ET stakeholders being part of ‘divine’ history is a difficult assimilation and will our institutions survive the full disclosure day? Things are increasingly in flux in all the metrics of physical and metaphysical reality in these millennial days to 2012. And surely Ed Dames may I.D. RV radar rings as something else than artifacts of heavenly scale war - scalar warfare blast effects leaking into our ‘weather’, as some suspect.

A few parties in the power elite are effectively Satanists, in that they harvest souls through torture and sacrifice of children, (sorry to have to say that) and use technology and unwitting people to cause Chaos. Some aliens feed on fear, Some aliens rejoice in love, some feed on love.

Chaos is a Keep-em-Busy doctrine for maintaining control of the faithful by preventing their creative ascent in spiritual terms. Inflicting chaos of social and human pain is a means to their ends of power and the pursuit of truth no matter how profane the truth or the methods of obtaining it. The lesson of the fallen angel is not lost on such folks, and from their point of view, it is well arrived at. Some people should be horrified by this or they are far too asleep.


Has the die been cast?


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Spiritual Symbol Powers - Finding Balance Between Sun and Moon, Serpent and Feline


Cults have encoded spiritual signals and gained power for the warrior and business castes.


The phallic, serpent, and sun cult worshippers were among the elite of military and economic classes, classes commissioned by the most powerful religious centers. Moon and feminine principle worship are still present and not so hidden in the existence of modern new age cults, and feminine principle worship practiced as family, community, and inclusive environmentalism today. The republicans sometimes seem a lot more allied with the warrior serpent, sun and phallic cult symbol systems, and the democrats are allied with the moon beam pussy-whipped symbol systems.

This may be because Republicans are often the party of ‘management’ and ‘competitive free enterprise’, and Democrats are often the party of ‘labor’ and ‘cooperative free services’. But the similarities are no accident. The truth that is “out there” is hidden embedded in all of culture, government, religion and economic infrastructure.

To see the hidden truth, one only need consult the right symbolic codebook dictionary, a dictionary of cryptographic munitions of soul evolution and control, a dictionary where the ‘munitions’ are the keys to human connection with the cosmos and spiritual worlds, connections with our progenitors. Social symbols evolve to carry great meaning. Jesus Christ for example was an ultimate branding event for a host of later historical Roman empire political and religious institutional building.

This is a dictionary where the ‘munitions’ are the power and consciousness of nature and the heavens and the earth, and the symbols that connote connection to them, and the politics is about our rights to individually have the freedom and personal sovereignty to access these symbols and identify who we are through them. Spiritual symbol control is the cryptography of spiritual energy control, in order to keep the populace managed. Some would prefer to profit from the prevention of free-evolution than to let it topple existing control structure advantages.

This dictionary reveals codes and means accessing spirit and ET, without specially authorized human go-betweens. Of course, the institutional authorities feel this is placing matches gasoline and guns in the hands of children. They are scared to death of the consequences, and their own loss of authority and what all this will do to change, if not destroy modern civilization as we know it. Is this fear well founded?


There is no conscious conspiracy in this regard all the way down into political parties, just natural identification of people based on their societal position and orientations to one symbol group and spiritual ‘current’ versus the other. Republicans and democrats might as well be called the God and Goddess political parties, but that is only a ridiculous generality of metaphoric flavor.

If the ancient deal between religion and economic-military hadn’t compartmentalized the perceived relationship between religion and state in the western world, we would have a very different endgame. Because of the face value compartmentalization between Church and State, the two party system helps to act as a surrogate forum of inclusion of the latent symbol systems of society that were not truly suppressed, only symbolically appropriated and re-cast into more spiritually exploitable, economically exploitable and politically exploitable forms.

To the economic-warrior phallic serpent secret society cults, a woman’s body is the property of the state via law, the law of ancient covert hostile takeover of the mother Earth. Freedoms are a state privilege, and have never been a fundamental human right under law, from Church Canon law, to old Maritime law, to modern national government laws. Humanity has always been the chattel of the Lord from the Church point of view, or chattel of the state from the economic point of view. So true freedom is granting rights to devil worship (symbolic counter-intelligence), and so it must be narrowly privileged, and simply not a fundamental right.

This is how deep things go - all of western civilization is a consequence of how institutional humanity formed in response to, and adapted to one of the last great alien contact events - the creation of Jesus Christ. Anyway, that makes alien contact an Achilles heel for religious institutions unless they find accommodation with the returning divine and profane entity masters. Meanwhile, the institution of the sword would like to catch up a little, find some parity, and even pre-empt the alien agenda if possible.

The ET craft crash recovery operations by our secret government have provided some fertile opportunities to do so. The results have been mixed, with really very little gained in comparison to what is undecipherable and completely resists being reversed engineered or commandeered and operated. But what has been gained, little as it may be in comparison to the potential bounty, is enough to bring humankind into the age of anti-gravity and free-energy.

Notice how these fields of research are being heavily debunked and suppressed out of mainstream consideration? They got some bounty and they want to keep it to themselves. Again, it is the fear of vast change that keeps these things suppressed. But the ET’s are telepathically engaging in technology transfer anyway with remote individuals.

What the secret government institutions develop as leverage around the ET problem, is mitigated by the ET’s who give counterbalance by giving the same knowledge to individual human beings who are unfettered by institutional stricture. Once again, it is not about a war for technology, it is about a war for souls, and technology is not going to be allowed to be the deciding element in the endgame. Those that know this are allying with the good ET’s, those that refuse this are allying, some unwittingly, with the bad ET’s.

On the other hand, ET was and is still willing to let things stay under the lid.

In fact, undue evolutionary disruption is something ET seems to strive to avoid. ET’s motivations for hiding from us are not the same as the secret government’s motivations for hiding ET from us, but the results are the same - the lid stays fastened on, except for the built in relief valves that exist to handle the cognitive pressure that needs to be dealt with.

This pressure is relieved in the self-discrediting, yet highly disclosing, pop culture psych-ops of popular Ufology and popular casual belief in ET.


It is all part of a program for the survival of human civilization in the mind of the secret institutional forces that are playing this game with such gusto. It is a matter of planetary security, and a matter of spiritual sovereignties at stake.


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The Barriers Between Worlds of Beingness and Power


A larger issue is the spiritual energy vortexes and other physical cosmic fluxes are opening up in this region of the universe.


Dimensional permeability between us and other worlds and spirit realms is increasing. Tremendous energies are available for assimilation or destruction it appears, depending on how the energies and influences are integrated or resisted. Sometimes the old standard symbolic ritualistic practices won’t work anymore, others will work too well and become almost frightening in their power. Watch to see this happening more and more over the next ten years.

A shaman can navigate in and out of inner worlds, but insane people are those who cannot cross back and forth under conscious control, that’s the only difference. Shamans know how to distribute their attentional awareness to include all of who they are, without losing certain references of who they were and being able to return to that starting identity at will. Insane people have attention distribution control disorder. The line between psychotic belief and religious belief is thin, and mass psychosis is something that can really happen.


Before Dr. Mack, and maybe even still after Dr. Mack, the American Psychiatric Association is more than ready to declare just about every maven related to the UFO, NWO, and religious conspiracy worlds as nuts.

These mavens and contactee and abductee people are all victims of mass hysteria cults, brain disorders, or they are sociopathic predators or hate crime suspects, or people exhibiting dangerous forms of psychosis, promoting paranoia, schizophrenia, inciting mass hysteria, mass delusion, and other conditionally arrestable hate crime offences for those rogues that get too close to the public trust.

In other words, if it could, in a well structured world, the science establishment would consign all ET telepathic contact to insanity. There would be mandatory ordered drugging to ‘cure’ people of having ‘insane spiritual experiences’ and of promoting insanity in the population at large. It is not pop culture anymore, it is a social hysteria response, a response system that must be stopped. But we haven’t got laws like that yet...

One reason the military is involved in creating hybrids is the attempt to produce alien-human beings capable of both human type control and also alien ability to effect telepathic interface. This is a situation where telepathic capacity is made stronger than the power of language to impede, deflect, or destroy telepathic reception.

With a normal person , the power of language is almost by itself sufficient to place consciousness into a limited band capacity of attention distribution. Experience not within the vocabulary of articulatuon becomes ignored and avoided. With a hybrid, the telepathic overcomes the hypnotism of language language.

Lack of telepathic interface is often only the conscious energy in play that edits the acquisition stream well before open field conscious reception can occur. Drop the invested autonomic control energies, controlling attention, mind, feeling, intuition. Then open and expand the inclusion domain of extended awareness, ‘seeing’ into an emotionally felt spatial, volumetric imaginal energetic domain encompassment. Then access is granted. Harder than it sounds?


The Mind Control Police are the next generation of big brother, already here, if we can believe the droves of coherent sounding people telling litanies of MIB and black helicopter and human security forces harassment, or other kinds or terrible liberties not believed by Readers Digest. They are capable of tagged predictive audio visual thought stream remote monitoring, and psychotronic influence that would qualify anyone for Bedlam.

The psionic broadcasting and antenna detection systems try to influence and sense thought-wave and emotion-wave scalar space events and EM-like resonances.

It is like the unworthy trying to remove the blade of Excalibur from the stone and no matter their strength and fame from afar, they are all frustrated and fail. Then the pure of heart Arthur arrives, born of the dragon, and born of the mystical goddess energy of the land of dragons and Merlin. Arthur has the touch of the righteous, and the sword comes out without effort of might but by the immediate communion and intent of the truly right.

And the only real ‘righteousness’ is knowing wholeness, sensitive inclusion, inexorable evolution towards love, tolerance of beliefs, humility, forbearance, and essential character that is congruent, and co-oriented with Nature, telepathically.

The radionic frequencies of the nature of Excalibur make it a prime sacred symbolic munition of truth, is a force that connects worlds, the power of the dragon made manifest as a concentrate, as a wielded weapon of the trans-dimensional symbolic value, and, yes, righteousness of Father God, and the Mother Earth.

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For Now, Pandora’s Box is Open and Managed with Malathion and Butterfly Nets

Are you a nice bug or not? That is the question (what is your claim on Earth and any of it’s souls or resources?). Oh, I’m sorry, you’re not a bug? You’re a very real human-species patriot perhaps who is secretly working with bugs? And other unfortunate devils or unholy hosts, and genetic hybrids for mostly ET uses.


Looks bad on the surface, but something deeper is going on. Right? Okay, lets try again and be nicer. Since we even have to ask the question if the bug is nice or not, reveals our principal strategic vulnerability! We are unable to tell what some alien agendas are because we can’t read the ET mind, and ET is not telling.


These entities are deft at communicating and contacting us using advanced subconscious subliminal techniques, which for the most part seem harmless and sometimes even beneficial for the involved parties. But the larger unknown agenda can still spell invasion, and we are in an early phase - a covert alien incursion on a marginal scale. This is not necessarily true mind you, but part of the working baseline assumptions for worst case planning and response.

ET, in one breed is a ‘bug’, and in another breed is a ‘godman’. They are all so telepathic, you wet your pants and get it over with. You know they know so much, and that you don’t know enough to authenticate their statement of identity. You know they don’t seem to perceive certain emotional states, and that makes the problem worse - they are telepathic ONLY in certain ways.

The true hosts of Christ, or of Buddha, or Mohammed, or Moses, would hopefully have the right self-evident authentication, not just to their believers, like cultists to their leader. The proof: real self-evident authentication, would extend to disbelievers of the truth, who can be dispassionately persuaded by the objective evidence and engaged in a critical dialog about it and still reach acceptance and accommodation.


Hello Jesus. Or are you Gabriel?


The degree of covert influence to discredit the Billy Meier case has been classic textbook success story of suppression and debunking campaign history. It’s been in explosive overdrive since the day Genesis III released that first coffee table book of photographs that put the need-to-know guys jaws open and aghast.

Then, by the time Meier had declared himself to have personally met Jesus Christ with the aid of time traveling aliens from the Pleiades, and brought forth a text of dubious origin he claimed to be the true, undistorted teachings of Jmmanuel, the real name of Jesus Christ during his life. The rest is history, and many people are very happy Billy Meier is marginalized.

After all, there were statements alluding his soul being directly connected with the likes of Mohammed, Moses, Enoch, Elijah and other biblical, religious messiahs, and even scientific characters like Galileo. True or not, there’s no telling what ET and Billy could have pulled off if the atmosphere had not been so volatile and suppressive.

The system still churns slowly along on Billy, making sure of one thing: he isn’t the world’s next mainstream recognized ET spokesman, savior, interlocutor, or ambassador of our ‘only’ and ‘holy’ beneficial ET origins, when and if ET makes mass ‘first’ contact. That is it folks, Billy Meier was being coached by ET to get ready to take ON that role and had a group of ET’s ready to back him up.

Whew!, now with that one down, the gates open to a lot of lesser but still vying agencies, even though contacts are limited to covert and remote, and many mass contacts are human deception technology program tests.


Still what Billy’s Pleiadeans tell him is that Earth had it’s chance to get a big end-of-century ‘first contact’, not his Pleiadeans but from nearly human beings close to our own development, maybe ahead a hundred years.

But we blew it by having our anti-alien debunking lid on so tight that social assimilation to the idea never became mature enough. Too many people would have their free-will too severely tested if ET showed up now. We are not ready, because the suppression program our world secret government has engaged in so intensely has worked so well.

The denial and suppression programs have ALREADY on NUMEROUS occasions prevented event sequences that could have led to large scale open ET contact and integration with our world. Open mass contact has not happened because the ET’s have ‘respected’ our institutional leaders requests to not instigate mass overt contact after being secretly first contacted. But that deal had a price - the intensification of an alien covert contact program, coupled with a human covert mop up operation to suppress, discredit, decoy and engage in social myth management.

Estimates of the different levels of quality of authentication of who is who are important issues when faced with such a telepathic capacity mismatch. We have an immense disadvantage on the strategic battlefield in this regard, except for those otherwise trained (remote viewing) or naturally adept (psychics) and focused (human telepathic interfaces) or military hybrid bred (hybrid human-alien telepathic interfaces).

Hopefully true and God-sent heavenly angelic hosts would NOT consent to the idea of interspecies breeding, and human-alien hybridization genetic experimentation without our consent in the present day. Or would they? There is nothing in our historical scriptures and prophecies that point to a coming heavenly Contact, OR IS THERE? Channeling Contactees want your eyeballs.

There is nothing that points to genetic engineering on a mass scale in our history, OR IS THERE? Joe Firmage wants your eyeballs.

Nondenominational perspective? The UFO evidence suppression, perceptual decoying, and debunking programs could ALL still be just a sly backdrop to hide that genetic experimentation on a mass scale by ‘aliens’ or ‘heavenly hosts’ occurred. And especially to hide that it may be getting ready to occur again.

Genetic tinkering and gathering genetic resources is already appearing to many as being a full force operation. Genetic uplifts occurred at key junctures in the evolution of the human species? We are an uplifted species, granted an extra spark from our progenitor divine custodial benefactors? Our myths of heavenly hosts, both ‘righteous’ and ‘fallen’, in many cultures, may have currency in today’s ET pantheon.


The ET pantheon could be the intersection between the most accurate Earthly religious scriptural pantheons.

But thankfully, aliens do not seem to be in a hurry to meddle with our society openly, only furtively. Aliens are not looking to capitalize on their ability to put us into mass hypnosis or insanity based on open Independence Day style invasion of our planetary sovereignty. They are interested however in their usual antics, like getting genetic samples before the pool might get destroyed. Earth won’t be destroyed by the aliens, or cosmic catastrophe, but by things all the advanced alien technology cannot change - a mankind which would destroy itself and life on the beautiful Earth.

Given some alien-to-military cooperation is apparent, the real story that is the only story justifying a lot of conduct is: the aliens that we are seeing working with the military for the most part - are future humans.

Some of these aliens are future humans from different timelines. Some future humans have returned using technology to travel through time to hybridize their future genetic complement with genetic stocks of this time and age.

There are many other ET’s of course. But future humans that went a no-win path have found they can migrate, that is, emigrate back through time to this time, some with the help of other non-human humanoid ET’s. These future human loop-backers gradually incarnate their souls into a new hybrid future/present genetic line in or near our present time-space.


They are engaging their own souls and genetic lineages from their own deep past-life embodiment, who are people we call abductees, to cause two things:

  1. An upgrade to the present embodied genetic and soul.

  2. An upgrade to the time traveller ‘self’ from the future

There is an upgrade to the future human travelling back, if they are staying or migrating to newly engineered hybrid bodies. They may not be staying and only tuning their past line to fine tune, and they do not need to abandon their future in any major respect, much less travel back into time to inhabit experimental hybrid alien-human bodies.

But some are migrating back taking the gift of the hybrid body they get to genetically re-engineer with themselves in their deep past diversity, some of us today, and then incarnate their otherwise relatively dead-ended soul line into these newly engendered hybrid bodies.

To aid the abduction process is to save ourselves in the future from losing something we somehow made the mistake of losing - capacity for the full range of human emotion and spontaneity. Therefore from one point of view, supporting abductions may be as much a matter of human species future security, as preventing abduction from the point of view of seeing just covert invasion.

To put it channeling style, in the future humans time travelling back model:

“Those of us in the future who followed the path that deserted the Heart, we evolved into abnormal extremes, we of such interspecies genetic masteries and technological power.

“We limited our brain chemistry for passion and feelings in ways to promote group harmonies, and help in our species ‘upgrade’ at the time. In time, the human enhancement program upgrades were discovered to have been more of a loss of vital function. The cost-benefit was miserable to development of certain qualities of spirituality and spiritual energies.

“This was partly by choice, partly out of survival circumstances at the time. We eventually lost our way, but by universal grace we found means to travel back in time and encode the best of our future life-streams with the best of your present life streams, and thus move on to grow again in ways we had lost.

“We leave you in peace to grow into a future that will be new and different than the one we ourselves have come from. That future is the undiscovered country, and don’t worry, in the end we are all together anyway you slice it. But our genetic uplift influence is not necessary at all if you merely don’t resist the coming wave of cosmic energies and influences.

“Just weather this time of momentous change in human history. Find the small ways you can assist present human evolution in important personal and social ways, and develop your ability to give and receive love.

“But be careful with whom you ally in the spiritual world. Follow all your sacred faith tests, and or sacred science tests, for revealing false prophets and then some.”

In private, some of you say there are ‘ET’s who are humans from the future’ working with other biocybernetic beings and cloned and hybrid human-ET experiments under various programs and pretenses.

The truth only your heart and mind and YOUR God know. And if you haven’t got a God, then that explains part of the problem. How do we love our God, identify our God, and communicate with our God?


The Church and Synagogue and Mosque and Temple all have their bona fide answers.

But from a military point of view, how do we verify our God, and in real term, authenticate presence of God’s authorized representatives as not being imposters? How do we know our God hasn’t deserted us, and we aren’t about to be claimed by high tech alien con-men salvagers and scavengers from the sky? What is in the box the aliens and the Echelon do not want us to see?


A genuine superhuman Indian guru, Sai Baba, suggests we are going through some upheaval’s a part of process of establishing a great new religion for the future. Another time, he suggested ET’s have a lot of work to do.


But as to authentication, to Baba it has always been only Love. Human misery is ultimately human created, and human divinity is ultimately our seeing the beauty of our role fitting into their larger neural net of God and Goddess and All that is.

But we need to do this in a way our institutions can survive, even if some institutions have to change their ways. Current civilization will resist an innocent and benevolent alien Contact and re-label it as a hostile alien invasion and takeover.

This is true even if the heavenly hosts of Jesus Christ, Mohammed, Moses, Abraham, and Buddha are somehow uncannily present in the big arriving heavenly host heavenly glowing metallic ships. However, it is unlikely that more than one Messiah will show up at once, unless, it is the same one looking different to all people - people seeing exactly the Messiah and savior they want to see. Hopefully it’s the right article doing all this expectation filling.

Pandora was a woman, symbolic of the Goddess religions of the ancient past. Nature was put into a box by the Patriarchal religions. She, in a manner of speaking, has returned to open the box.

The Institutions of power want to keep the lid closed, and feel too much already has flown out of Pandora’s Box. Anything that has made it out of the box has been labeled and placed into a new kind of box, an invisible box without a lid, without walls, where the truth lies right out in the open, but the wrapping still exists in our minds and hearts. This is the status quo.

Things are changing slowly but inexorably to a new state, a new paradigm of relationship with God, Goddess, Nature, Spirit and the Cosmos, and human society will never be the same. There are known and unknown trigger conditions that can occur to accelerate or impede the process of change, and the process of integration with a larger cosmos.

Since the wisdom of that so-called integration can be questioned by those who habitually suspect foul play (since they do it themselves all the time), some elements of Earth and humanity, continue to exist in an assumed state of war.

This is a state of war with the either or both divine and profane ET/ED/aliens, UNTIL there is proof of who is from Heaven and who is from Hell, and UNTIL we find out how much we have to say about the fate of Earth and our souls for ourselves, as a choice operating outside the allegiance to either of these ancient vying custodial forces.

To those that believe ET may be biblically divine or profane, that third choice of avoiding either divine or profane alien endgame may not be a viable option. But that won’t stop some of us from trying to choose our own fate outside of allegiances to such aliens, which as far as we know are just using our resident spiritual symbol systems to execute a monstrous covert Trojan Horse invasion.

One thing that could force that hand would be some kind of cosmic or environmental catastrophe that would topple civilization enough to necessitate a quick salvage operations by the aliens to not lose the fruits of their experiment. Hopefully such a forced hand endgame is not our fate. If you haven’t developed a means to authenticate your relationship with the divine, it is time to develop that before a cosmic divinity con game elbows their way into human control and exploitation. Just in case ET isn’t divine after all.

The secret government agenda is to discover the real alien agenda, in time to constructively do something about it. Meanwhile mass covert contact goes on, as maybe it has always furtively happened for thousands of years. So relax.

If they were here to truly invade us for material purposes, they would and could have done so. If they are here for spiritual purposes - beneficent or malevolent, divine or profane - their deceptive practices would make sense.

Their Wizard-of-Oz closed curtain may be to not overly force any destiny upon us if they indeed respect free will, so we cannot underestimate ‘God’ wanting to work in mysterious ways.

But forces other than our conception of God are at work, heavenly hosts, both innocent and all too knowing, hosts friendly yet threatening, hosts alien and somehow all too familiar. We are being cultivated, and they do not want to spoil the broth.


The question shall remain and always be debated, even if their presence seems to recede,

“We, humanity, are being cultivated for what”?

The simple idea is that sparks and fragments of God, called souls, invested in humanity, may be cultivated into something different and somehow beyond (not necessarily better than) their creators. The harvest rights to that bounty are probably the real endgame.

If the harvest is indeed a misnomer by it being really a voluntary free-will choosing kind of deal, then the human populace might benefit from an physical brochure and/or a psychic travel brochure or two. Religion’s and indigenous culture’s models and myths as to the architecture of the spirit world and the cosmos do indeed shed some light. The endgame is indeed benevolent should we choose it.


But how?


This is an endgame that we all know but don’t want to admit, because it could mean we have to:

  1. Submit of our own free-will to a higher order of alien assisted evolution and law, or

  2. Resist with all our might to retain our world free from outside influence, regardless of the possible divine pedigree, or

  3. Just continue to ignore the whole thing until it fades away and just pay attention to our own business.

Is free-will near it’s end, evolutionarily speaking, or do we always retain a choice in the matter?


If this is multiple choice, alien style, can we make up another option outside of the adopt-an-alien program? If Mars needs women and Venus needs men, can we let them trade with each other and leave us alone? Maybe free-will with spiritual empowerment is more likely at its new beginning and we have a choice in the matter far more than meets the eye.

Unless we would surely perish without alliances being made, many of those in institutional positions would like to make their own way.


At least for a while longer before admitting Earth, and they, are no longer the center of the (spiritual) universe.


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Omega Game Secrets and the Ouroboros Breakout Choice


What are the ultra-secrets that the Echelon is afraid would screw the pooch (breakdown of civilization into panic) if they were let out of the old bag? What cannot be allowed to find curry with mainstream public science authorities below level 1? What is the final ontological matrix of hidden truth? What elucidates all the aspects of the true-to-life UFO phantasm in our past, present and future? What are the critical goals of Echelon beyond information suppression and technological catch-up? What are the hyper-intelligence focal points for the future?


The sun, our sun, is dying, and too soon. This was caused by regional dimensional vortex shutdown some 90,000 years ago. Solar instability can cause much life on Earth to be unsustainable in 40 years. Ancient astro-theology calendars all end around now.There are also dangerous interplanetary bodies, with civilization threatening capability due to cause more serious damage to Earth in another 150 years.

One way or the other we are slated to leave Earth, sooner or later, or else. This is a prevailing secret truth. Those in control would rather save themselves and a few elite than worry about the whole of mankind, despite the presence of a few well meaning but deluded true human patriots amongst the bunch. Remember when Apollo 13 said “Houston, we have a problem”, this is a case where the only equivalent is “God, we (Earth) have a problem” All other human problems dwarf in comparison. But that is still only the surface veneer of things.

The cosmic regional hyperdimensional vortices began to open back up in 1994 in the region beyond and in line with the Sirius double star system, (correlate ancient Egyptian and Dogon myths). They will be increasingly open again within the next 20 years, and hit first peak resonance, as a ‘wave’ on Earth within the next 5 to 10 years - probably 2006 or 2007. In the omega game, the critical choices are fast approaching.

Originally, the death sentence to our sun, was caused by ancient hyperdimensional vortex closure near Sirius, and unfortunately starved the sun of divine energy and caused it to emit vibrations of death and illness. On the other hand if closure had not been done, then some horrific ancient evils would have continued unabated.

The critical compensating element was the injection from high hyperdimensional sources (spiritual sources) of special soul substance of ‘high spirituality’ into Earth humanity at the time. 90,000 years ago, original Neanderthal humanity was given a remarkable gift - a higher soul substance distributed itself into humanity from beyond the physical universe. It was a compensating action against genetic evils that had already occurred. Incredibly, there was a side effect. Humans were ‘endowed’ to become spiritual powerhouses with their own individual soul vortexes.

The Earth was eventually fully quarantined about 2000 years ago, after the Immanuel Operation, and evolution largely allowed to take its course, except for meddlers who would get through, from space or from underground. Occasionally, counteracting positive forces would in extreme cases of continuing meddling, have to intervene.

Angels and devils are good and bad ET’s, and some devils have good looking angel ‘duplicates’ under their covert control, and some angels shape-shift to look like average human beings or even animals, so for the untelepathic, and that is most of us, it’s a terrible mess to decode. Plenty of room to get into trouble.

The original offending aliens who wanted control of Eden as their own perverse playground to control, manipulate, suppress and rule, were kicked off Earth to a planet in the nearby Sirius and Betelguese systems, but a few stayed hidden on Earth underground. This has been known by in-the-know status quo human powers for thousands of years.

The Sirius vortexes have opened up just enough to amplify the capacity of the soul in human beings and commence another major ‘natural’ genetic transformation, apparently encoded and dormant in humanity since the original genetic counter-engineering by positive Sirian forces 90,000 years ago. Because of this, the sun’s life can be extended if the coming big energy wave goes more positively than time travelers coming back would have us believe it went for them. What we do between today and 2007 is critical to how the wave hits then. Actually what humanity already did in the last ten years to evolve has made much of the unpredicted new future tracks even possible and now probable.

With the spiritual (hyperdimensional) vortexes now partly reopening, with enough human spiritual development, the sun can be stabilized, temporarily, or even completely.


The time available for space migration can be cushioned so radical future genetic engineering does not overtake the human race and we do not turn ourselves into hive-mind ET that we see today from the future. The need for space migration can be entirely relaxed because the sun can be stabilized for another 4000 years. We can take centuries getting off planet as a whole, instead of having less than 60 years before human extinction if we don’t get away from the sun.

The coming wave has already happened negatively, as evidenced by the existence of many time travelers - future humans - coming from distant futures long after disaster had already happened. They had advanced enough to migrate their souls back to catch a different part of the big wave that is about to happen, still in our future, but almost upon us.

The soul migration back from into the ‘past’, our present, is to redirect the human ‘future’ spiritual evolution from what futurally ostensibly happened. Therefore the present ‘real future’ is engaged in counter-phasing itself into a better outcome. Humanity is hitchhiking back into human genetics and our current time registration to catch a new direction on the coming wave. Cosmic surf’s up!


The migration back to the present of all the human souls from the future is evolutionarily grounded through reincarnational redirection of these souls eventually into Human/’ET’ hybridized bodies. The abduction programs by many aliens represent an alien-human abductee agreement, agreement mostly unconscious to the abducted humans, in a joint effort of alliance to effect an ‘dimensional immigration’ deed. The story often follows the souls or the genes of the abductees are related to the souls or the genes of the aliens, in some distant future looping back.

Future humanity screws up bad and in the mad and seemingly so rational scientific and engineering effort to save the human race, they genetically engineer the human race for space travel, and most fatefully engineer the elimination of considerable emotional neurotransmission capacity.




As a panic and depression management measure in the future to ‘save humanity’. It is a science and survival debacle that ‘has already happened’, and is reflecting back on us now as it tries to find it’s way anew.

Some ARC military components and assets interacting with the aliens in abduction activity are tasked with assisting the effort of the aliens as part of the secret evolutionary trade agreement. Other ARC elements wish only to acquire technology and disbelieve the alien’s claims to be future humans, even though admitting alien intervention in spiritual matters on Earth for thousands of years. These ARC elements are only interested in power and getting into the cosmic power and turf game.

Earth is such a magnet for monitoring by different alien civilizations because, and other than the usual explorers, most ET civilizations visiting us have some stake in the experiment, the divine garden. They have some small or large genetic and soul substance contribution in the experiment called Earth as a whole, and the agendas drive from this.

Many are coming back for genetic retrieval or soul retrieval operations, in case the coming massive multipolar quantum resonance wave goes wrong. And in trade, they are contributing evolutionary trim-tab adjustment opportunities to humanity by covertly injecting technology and spirituality generally, and effecting direct genetic alterations and belief adjustments specifically with certain abductees.

Most hybrids are not sticking around after they are created with the help of the unconsciously agreeing abductees - most go interstellar. For future humans to time travel back to our present in their own evolutionary repair operation, including both migrating into new genetic complement bodies - the Hybrids, and making genetic adjustments in certain human beings, means the coming wave is very special.

The coming resonance wave in the next decade, is in many ways, hyper-dimensional and beyond our current ability to comprehend. To some need-to-know ARC elements, this smacks of hyperdimensional invasion, yet to other need-to-know ARC elements it is the chance for apotheosis.


The question is, is it a false or genuine apotheosis? Is it spiritual liberation or entrapment?


The spiritual soul substance endowed in human beings makes humanity coveted by certain negative spiritual forces millions of years long extant in the universe, such as certain elements of the people of the snake, earlier ‘fallen’ experimental remnants from Earth history.

The reason there are over 75 technologically advanced alien species monitoring Earth, and abductions occurring from aliens from as many as 40 different planets, is Earth is the site of a joint alien long term biology and spiritual consciousness growth experiment. The joint experiment has had it’s conflicts between custodial participants. There is more than meets the eye. 90,000 years ago when the regional hyperdimensional energy vortices were shut down, and the definition of human transitioned from homo Neanderthal to Cro-Magnon distinction.

Now today we are beginning another equally immense genetic and dimensional consciousness evolutionary shift that has been encoded and dormant in our genes for 90,000 years and recently unlocked in all of us by the vortex, and slowly causing metamorphosis of our species.

Since some of that special genetic engineering was performed and designed by entirely hyperdimensional sources, all the aliens in the universe are waiting around right now with baited breath, waiting to see what happens. Whatever happens, it has never happened before in the history of this universe. Hence all the attention suddenly now more upon us out here on this lonely rim in the milky way.

Isn’t it great that we can keep all this secret or consigned out in the open to mental illness and human pop culture fantasy? Otherwise, most everybody in the need-to-know believes these truths about the current human situation in the larger cosmic scope of things would be too much for our little brains to handle and civilization will fall to the worst kind of hysteria.

But if we don’t know the truth do we not also automatically assure our consignment to insanity down the line? Could it be we are being rushed into the space age with alien help for without it we are doomed?


Or could the truth be that the crucible of this oyster Earth has produced some very beautiful human pearls, with amazing capacity to care, and to love.

  • Could it be the soul substance we were endowed with is meant to develop new evolutionary factors for the universe?

  • Is the grander plan one of humanity ultimately spreading out amongst the stars, seeding it’s consciousness and propensity to cause change, something most ultra-stable ET civilizations are rather afraid of, and few are welcoming?

  • Does humanity have the right stuff?

Some humans and aliens believe we do not and should be just used and herded as a hyperdimensional powerbase commodity.


Some humans and aliens believe humanity does have the right stuff to break free of their bonds and survive, but will take a long time getting it right.

  • Do we repeat future bad history currently on schedule or do we phase tunnel into a new future history?

  • Does the snake eat it’s tail, where the Omega is game over and starts over as the Alpha once again, or do we graduate to a new level Alpha, beyond the historical pattern loop? The loop is the harvest being plowed under.

  • Can Ouroboros stop eating it’s tail and move into the next spiral position of evolution?

If it happens well and goes positively, the loop will be broken and the new unpredicted, virgin future will occur. In that future, certain negative power enclaves do not survive, being obsolesced by spiritual evolution in humanity.


If it goes negatively, again, the loop will stay locked, and the ancient future will happen again. In that future, certain positive influences will again leave this universe until the pattern is ready to unlock again, in another 90,000 years. However, it appears that this will not happen, and that the positive outcome is probable now.

However, from the point of view of the agnostic and atheist and certain religious ARC elements, the critical counterbalancing elements that will occur to assure this positive outcome are related to how the munitions of hyperdimensional symbols, operationally activated, will be used to either psychotronically dampen or amplify the coming immense evolutionary wave into consonant or dissonant form.


The question is not just what will help or hurt humanity, the question is what will help or hurt their need-to-know institutions? Many double standards are in process.

The hyper-cryptographics of spiritual energy control and will be decisive battlefield elements in the psychotronic operations theater over the next ten years. This brings the real military battlefield directly into coordination of religious scale operations. It is now a ‘divine’ and ‘pseudo-divine’ battlefield operations theater.

If one thinks about it carefully enough, one will notice this would already have caused a new secret unification of the historically separated scientific and religious institutions, as a matter of survival, into one entity in order to manage the threat response. The threat is real. The response is really unreal. And that is how and why ARC works as it does. It is the only responsible thing to do.


Everything in the world is at stake, including our souls and our free will to shape individual destiny.


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The Sticky Icke Factor Cult Propaganda War Extended Report


Taking seriously the frightening magical mystery tour of David Icke.


A deep dark reptilian conspiracy. If but for a slap dab interval of high voltage shock treatment. This is a breaking New Age propaganda war where the line protecting people from hate speech activates anti-defamation efforts of the first order.

According to David Icke - the Bushes, Kissinger, the Windsors, the Rockefellers, the Rothchilds, and numerous other world controlling autocrat folk are shapeshifter Human-Reptilians seeded from Orion ET’s back into prehistory.


They are human alright, but preserving special ‘demonic’ bloodlines and practicing ancient worship that existed long before the birth of Christ. Uh Oh.


Can anyone say ‘children of Cain’? ET’s of all stripes already invaded a long time ago by genetically engineering humanity, and were even being involved with high history Messiahs - Jesus, Mohammed, Joseph Smith, and many others. Double Uh Oh.


The good ET’s cleaned up the place and left us to ourselves, and a remnant of naughty ET’s has had a gradual influence for thousands of years and positioned themselves within humanity.

Born again Christian UFO debunkers would call this another present day modern age high tech pop culture Christian history of Heaven and Hell denizens with Earth in the middle. High tech Gods for a high tech society, and therefore most certainly not holy. And of course the present day ET folk claim favor of holiness.

This is the same game, just like the debunkers ‘properly’ branded Billy Meier, another UFO contactee who was contender for ambassadorial throne to connection with the ‘right’ and good ET’s. Remember the Pleiadean ET ‘Iswish’ godmen who brought us ‘Jmmanuel’, the original and ‘true’ name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth? In other words - false prophets to the throne of Christ from the point of view of the establishment. But since Billy and his Pleiadean parties roundly denounced as corrupt the practices of institutions of mainstream religion, regardless of the ‘evidence’.

In the David Icke story our key world leaders are secretly satanic ET reptilian snake worshipping humans with a some ancient reptilian ET blood preserved in their genetic lines. Oh that’s all? This is the thesis of the millennially deranged say the anti-hate speech folks. Mr. Icke is saying ET’s invaded us and already rule, in the guises of our most beloved leaders of past and future to come! Where’s the popcorn?


No one is going to endorse this one as anything other than mental illness. Supposed evidentiary trails are standard NWO fodder about a bunch of conspiratorial Lizards who like to worship the sun, profit, control and science. They like warm rocks. They worship blood, a tasty treat. The consumption and sacrificial offering of life-force is a sacrament.


And our leaders do this?


That's also, in our western world sciences, a pretty tidy narrative for a quick diagnosis of sociopathic paranoid schizophrenia, many competent authorities might suggest. So just what is the sticky Icke agenda if not outright defamation and hate speech? Even if the absolute incredible were true, and some percentage our beloved leaders were found to be truly wolves in royal sheep’s clothing, that is still playing with fire and asking to be burned.


With all the self-published books and growing following Mr. Icke has managed to generate, the legitimization of the discourse could develop into a mass social hysteria paranoiac response.


That is dangerous. He is focusing on pointing out the leaders in our midst who are accused to not be quite human, and that the sides are polarized: The Icke accusations are false and true. Icke is getting his just due for inciting ridiculous anarchistic notions. He’s taken a mix of old biblical and UFO/Sci-Fi lore of grand heavenly angel versus devil altercations, and connected it to genetic alteration of human beings, somehow making the serpent race to our leaders.

The chaos will arise not because the allegations will ever be provable, or even dignified with response, quite the contrary.


Assets will be deployed to counter-attack, to help the victim of a hate speech bully. The very considerations bring immediate categorization as hate-literature, hate-inciting, and anti-semitism the ADL is ready to quash, even if none of those labels hold real water upon close examination. The legal system’s reverse railroading system could go into full operation to suppress the likes of Icke-ism.


But wait, not so fast, lets go about this from the “beginning”, the story according to Uncle Icke.

Reptilian entities across this universe have been the basic line of universal order in lower dimensions (like Earth) for thousands of years now. Wow! But, so what if they can shapeshift into Rex after a hot and juicy satanic ritual? So what if they are part reptilian and chow down on occasional human sacrifice. Meat tastes better really fresh.

There’s been all too much reptile bashing going on. So you don’t like the great Croc or Snake-god getting offered a little blood-force offering? Feelings and emotion are expediencies to be controlled, saith the old lizard brain. Reptilian ET’s are emotionally stunted physical-plane power worshippers. They go back millions of years having high-technology. They have perfected dark-force mind technology, and genetic control technology.


But goodness, that does NOT mean they don’t take pride in taking good care of their lower-life-form chattel races, we can be sure. Especially if they are already sitting in the Oval Office, Palaces and the Vatican all with common ancient bloodlines with the devil. Yeah right. Getting boring.

Managing other races has been a process of long term covert control and manipulation. It is refined ET science. If ET is already here and present on Earth for millennia, and supposing ET is smart and doesn’t want to spoil the broth, that would mean the ET invasion has really largely occurred and been long over for thousands of years. Duh!


No ET invasion is imminent since they are already well integrated into the ruling classes of humanity for millennia. Having some continuing repto-humanoid bloodlines in the ruling classes since ancient times is just a way of life. Oh God. Who cares? Get over it. So what? What’s the big deal? We all have ET blood of some kind and we all probably can shape-shift if we are correctly trained for it. Just ask any Yogi worth their salt in India, or any well trained remote viewer who has looked at these domains.

And just because erudite power focused folks can whip up a little shape shifting or dirty blood-letting magic to keep that crypto-symbolic conduit of dark power refreshment going, does NOT mean Rex does poor management work. Most bosses are by definition reptiles, and all you need is a little functional social psychosis, and voila, unstable people (a larger % than you might think) will believe the anti-Christ apocalypse is already upon us and some even go postal.

Sure it’s a lot more sinister than Clinton’s Priapus worship could ever dream up, which is why the most egregious Satanic folks are very smart and wrap themselves in the flag and Christianity of, and title of outward righteousness just to be entirely safe and secure. Duh. A few highly controlled private rituals here and there under the guise of national and global security. But these repto-boys are not so sloppy as that disgustingly empathic Clinton mammal. They know much better how to keep their scales out of view of the poor and stupid bewildered mammals.


Vote for W, he won’t molt in public.

After all, these reptile bloodline power folk have all the training and millions of years with experienced demonic lower astral assistance available to help them, their sacred progeny. (Don’t eat too much ice cream now).


A little sacrifice here and there, a peoples here, a tribe there, an ecology there, a religion there, all keeps things in ‘order’, and managed ‘chaos’, and the Croc God is properly propitiated to invoke a yummy demonic energy juice bar for all these hungry Rex folk. Souls all Set to go.

Just because sales reps, oops, we mean elite human-reps are masters of deception and NWO control games, does not mean they are not by some measure, benevolent and effective shepherds. Hiss, hiss. For the Repto-ET component of our civilization to disappear would be tantamount to civilization disappearing. They are the experts on law and order, the most ancient purveyors of government and war and psycho-social control in the universe. Without them we are just singing praises to an absent creator God. Now isn’t that a waste of time??? They would suggest.

The best civilization might have hoped for, without underlying reptilian covert-ops circumstances (called Satanism), would be to have made it to the Bronze Age by about now. How would we like that? These manipulative human-snake people, the masters of physical order, disorder and security, are here to stay, and they have been here as long as any other ET. Earth is as much their bio-gardening turf to claim as any other righteous divine beings. So there. We’re comin to eat ya. Yeah right. LOL.

Now ignore all this as just what it is, psychotic foolishness of so called New Age snake-oil salesmenship, and defuse folks like David Icke who are advocating a boycott of our top snakes. Without our top snakes running things, is anyone going to see above all the confusion and maintain civilization and institute laws for social conduct, and what to do with all the people that refuse to ‘get along’. David, are you listening?


Lets continue in the spirit of fad believability and see where this leads. If 666 is the sign of 3 Cobras, each cobra represents one of the three main branches of the snake people cult: in Christianity terms, the Father, the Sun (Son), and the Holy Ghost; in Occult terms, Blood, Sun, and Homunculi or Or Lucifer, Satan and the Demonic ghosts; in geographic terms, England, France and United States. Or maybe it’s Chaos, Control, and Cruelty. Or more likely Larry, Moe and Curly. In other words, a symbolic overlay infiltration is intimated.

How dare Mr. sticky Icke malign the good character of Prince William Windsor and the Royal Family and just about everybody else in the old money and royalty worlds! After all, doesn’t everyone want to see young heart-throb Prince William become King of the New World one day? Don’t we want W. (‘W’ as sign of the snake of course) to become our next beloved straight shooter president?


You know reptilians, they can talk the talk, walk the walk, but ask them to define compassion and it has something to with opportunities in free enterprise and capitalism for people to help themselves, or suffer the consequences. If you can’t worship money, you are ‘out’ of the system.

Poor Mr. Icke should know better. If you are going to poke sticks at our favorite nice snakes in high places, you had better realize that whether any of your allegations are true or not, these Barneys will bite back. One way or the other, and without warning. No wonder David Icke is rapidly being promoted by higher ups to be on everyone’s poopoo-list, and has gotten himself a taste of things to come in Canada recently. Heresy, Hate, Hell and Highwater. Yes, that is tricky Icke, leading the crest of a whole new anti-leadership cult, except for him of course, he would probably make a great leader, right? That's the fear some actually have.

Dear David Icke is preaching the ultimate horrific, hell-raising, religious heresy, the ultimate sin, the ultimate defamation, the ultimate blasphemy, the ultimate hate crime (all roundly say). The heresy that ancient super advanced reptilian ET’s (devils) have taken over the world and secretly already ARE the leaders of the world, ruling from the palatial crypto-symbolic bunkers of Christianity, Royalty, Capitalism and Politics.


They are all Satanic-ET (SET) worshipping, blood sacrificing owners of us bewildered mammal chattel. Glad someone is minding the store. Guess Conan didn’t behead Doom after all.

Icke had better be stopped quick, before millennial madness grants him further open refrigerator door favor and he starts to get people to believe his mountain of garbage about our leaders being devil worshipping folk. Gosh, this bashing has got to stop. Support your snake today by stopping people like Icke that cry ‘snake’ in crowded sweaty theaters! The only people that will get hurt are the mammals.

Intermission.... Now please return to your comfortable secure state of denial and pop culture sci-fi fantasy categorizations of repto-humanoid strangeness, and remember that in this day and age, any idiot can go about bashing something they don’t understand, or fuse religious myth with modern myth and stir up a batch of revelatory poobah.

A repto-humanoid is merely a better human, not a worse human. Rex likes Harmony through Control, and Control through Chaos. It is not such a bad way to go actually. It keeps us all busy and preoccupied with sufficient problems so we don’t have to hurt our brains thinking, feeling, and evolving into uncontrollable spiritual creatures, hell forbid.

You see, without a good measure of control, you human mammals could become a real spiritual problem in the local universe. You Earth humans are now getting out of control, despite all the good Draco ET sciences, human religious symbol control, and covert social counterintel-ops. We absolutely must stop this New Age cult stuff before you humans get out of spiritual control.

Stop. Don’t Think. No, you don’t need to think.


Follow your common sense and sane world view, not your sticky-Ickies who should get therapy or institutionalization before things follow in the footsteps of the People’s Temple, Solar Cross, the Davidians, and any other reptile bashing cult who deserves to die. That is not an idle fear. We are at the Millennium and social identity is under a lot of stress. Frightened people can adopt frightening beliefs.

Damn right, we put Mr. Sticky on the Watch-For list in Canada. In the final analysis, spiritual control and spiritual energy manipulation is the only way you common human sheep won’t turn into psychic H-bombs and destroy the universe. Huh? Because your stupid Creator, for some idiot reason, decided to put some of their own higher soul substance into you humans after Rex genetically messed with you a bit too much a while back.


That does not mean you are owned by the Creator, just because He turbo-charged your spiritual potential with extra soul punch. Rex has a claim too on Earth souls, goes the story. Story sounding familiar?


Now, this extra powerhouse punch you humans possess in the soul department comes in handy as an offering to the spiritual (demonic) allies. But if you wanna-be god-mammals try to sprout wings and fly the paradigm coop, psychically speaking, start to evolve out of control, good gardener Rex won’t be able to take care of you anymore. Remember that. You will probably die from too much higher light exposure.

Remember Mark Twain saying something about if you are looking for bad music and boring company, go to heaven, and if you are looking for good company and something to dance to, go to hell. We keep it nice and warm for all you sinner volunteers. Nothing like some fresh blood to invigorate the work force. After you are down here for while, you will think this Earth place is way way too cold, and want to help us heat the damn place up, so we don’t have to stay so near our Hades hearth all the time.


Checkers anyone? Or would you prefer Chess? Hal, open the pod bay door... I’m sorry Dave, I can’t do that.

How about we take the whole metaphor war to another level and go for the artery, and a nice interspecies archetypal geno-resonance stew:

  1. The Reptilian Lizard-like geno-archetypal way, relative to us, comes from the Orion stellar region, where “Ends justifies the Means” has been dominant. Total Control oriented. Security is one of the life focuses. Reptilian genetic Memes resonating people, naturally gravitate their behavior to domination and control, superiority, and expediency, sometimes deceptively as beneficent dominion and security. (Germany, England, upper class USA, France, the Vatican, old USSR, old Spain, upper class India, China). God is Power and Control Fear is the motivator of Body and Mind


  2. The Avian Bird-like geno-archetypal way, relative to us, comes from the Pleiadean stellar region, where “Means is equally important as the Ends” has been dominant. Balance between Freedom and Control, oriented. Pleasure is one of the life focuses. Avian genetic Memes resonating people naturally gravitate their behavior to finding the equalization, balance and equity between ends versus means conflicts, the middle path. Flock and behavior. (Swiss, middle class USA, Egyptian, Jewish, Arabian, and some French). God is Balance and Cooperation Fun is the motivator of Mind and Heart


  3. The Feline Cat-like geno-archetypal way, relative to us, comes from the Sirian stellar region, and influenced beyond, where “Means justifies the Ends” has been dominant. Total Creative Freedom oriented. Free-will is one of the life focuses. Feline genetic Memes resonating people naturally gravitate their behavior to spiritual values over any physical values, the independent path, outside of norms of behavior, live more in spirit than form. (However the Reptilians invaded a planet in Sirius and so there are now references to the negative Sirians, which are not feline) (Hungarian, African, lower class England and USA, old India, ancient Egypt, old Sumeria, Australian Aborigine).

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God is Love and Light Love is the motivator of Spirit and Heart


You can see how the reptile people like to be top dogs, and have the control-freak propensity to get there. The bird people become the middle dogs because the cat people can’t be bothered with stupid power plays that are irrelevant to spiritual growth and just hanging out and being sensual with nature.

Reptiles are the Republican Christian right, birds are Democratic Agnostic left, and cats are the Reform Party between their regular naps. But there are plenty of exceptions in all categories, this is a bunch of hocus pocus generalities no matter how you cut it.

All these ET folks, the classic legendary past historical Lizard-like, Bird-like, Cat-like ET’s, and now many others are involved with most people here on the planet one way or the other.



  • through the gene pool over the long term

  • through the soul pool

  • through the environmental pool

  • through the human collective unconsciousness pool, and very importantly,

  • through the human symbol Meme culture pool

This model of a soup of different ET genes to make humans and the same for the rest of our Biosphere is the big rap goes from a lot of different New Age channelers, almost too many to list. Of course, New Age channeling, besides some measure of pure pop culture imagination, is feared to be influenced by covert unauthorized independent, individualized ET-to-person CONTACT.

The Falun Gong leader Master Lee, (with sway over a hundred million Chinese now practicing only in mind out of fear of re-education), seems to believe all modern computer technology is a plot to take over humanity by evil old world remnant ET’s that want to control humanity. Everybody that has a computer is cataloged by these ET’s. But that’s another story. Back to other flypaper.

Sounds like a three ring circus. All smooth talking David Icke has done is turn the reptile ideas up as something somehow crucial to now pay attention to. Big yawn. Way past that. What is poor David’s problem? Did he get bit by a snake when he was a child? Served him right probably some will think.

David Icke is a revelation-showboat over-reacting to the fact of concentrations of ET souls and ET genetics into different human genetic lines and occupations on this planet, something that had been going on forever since Adam and Eve. This has been going on for a long time as we human folk are a multi-alien race joint experiment. The harvest from the experiment is getting closer.


What a mish mash, what is he talking about? Icky thinks the world leaders are reptile-human shapeshifters!


What is he smoking? The rightest he can be is a basic assumption like this: Reptilian ET’s have NOT concentrated their genetics into ruling class bloodlines on this planet. Rather, humans with emphasized Reptilian ET phenotype expressed traits are naturally attracted to power, control, security, and leadership roles. No problem.


Sounds good to us.

But if our leaders are really in league with devilfolk, and Humanity is created by a joint ET genetic ‘divine’ and ‘heavenly’ experiment, then we are indeed in a pickle if our leaders are already secretly allied with the wrong dudes. The major rub is when the holy ET host caretakers come back and contact our governments, and they are rebuffed and refused. Why? Oh there is a bit too much Reptilian blood in the leader lineages to stand such an accommodation to ET Bird or ET Cat folk, or ET whatever folk.


The snake people own the Earth? Doesn’t anybody want to wake up yet? Or fall asleep? Do you realize people that if you take any of this sticky Icke stuff very seriously, without thinking about the common sense implications of such radicalized beliefs, it could become a very negative thing. It can develop into mass psychosis and hysteria, putting a lot of men in white coats to work, institutionalizing the bunch of you totally insane nutcases running wild with an internet forum and a fanatic following of fools.

Icke-ism turns New Age Religious and Conspiratorial social discourse about many of our most revered leaders into a dance with the devil. Leader personages are all placed into disgusting association with the absolute worst imaginable attribution. Direct literal comparison with animals, devils, Satanists, ET’s, occult, child sacrifice, and so forth are made.

That kind of Icke-ism could be consigning lots of marginal gullible spiritually hungry and disillusioned people to mental illness. Or is it? They could face life long forced drug treatment for schizophrenia and paranoid delusions when they psychotically break and can’t quite ever recover. They will be seeing Reptilians everywhere! Permanent human attention distribution disorder. Good grief. Will the masses revolt? Will the mentally ill ever recover? Now you see the competing pictures.

Is Icke a revealer of anti-Christ doom and gloom, playing into the bloody hands of Satanic rite practicing leaders we ALREADY KNOW AND LOVE? If you follow this snaking logic, then Prince William is the real-to-life Damien Thorn to be. Now the Crown is pissed. This is psychological war.

The global security apparatus is designed to respond, not just observe. It sure is not worth yelling ‘Bomb’ in a crowded airport when the so called explosive element has been there since the dawn of human time before the airport was even built. Way back to the Garden of Eden when humanity got initiated into the wonders of God’s wrath after tasting a little knowledge from the Tree of Life.

If Icke reads this and thinks it the writing of Orion genetic sympathists, he is right. It would certainly be nice to know humanity had plenty of good genetic influences from as many influences as possible, the more the merrier, and why not? Look what it has made. If we are made in the image of God and that image is indeed comprised of many pieces of God’s ET fruits, then that sounds just dandy. The human form, in all colors, and the human soul, in all colors, is a beautiful thing.

If the ruling elite preserves a bit more of the Reptilian influence, that sounds like business as usual. Who thought our leaders were not mostly snakes, anyway? In truth, David Icke is NOT an anti-semite, or a conspiratorial wing-nut, or a purveyor of hate-beliefs, no, he is a purveyor of pseudo-truth turned into overblown almost psychotic revelation. And like all over-zealous messianic propheteers, he could make himself a magnet for people who are not so emotionally and psychically stable, and are looking for something to blame all their life pain on.

Reptiles in the White House? Snakes in the Federal Reserve bank, in the IMF, in the House of Windsor, Rockefellers, Rothchilds, and so forth? We should damn well hope so! How else are we going to keep all our eggs safe, our dinner live, our territory controlled, and our rocks nice and warm?


Yeah sure there are reptiles everywhere, in prisons, in police forces, in legal offices, in medical research buildings, in military uniform, in financial buildings, in government congress. But your top leaders and families are reptiles of the best kind. What’s wrong with a little worship now and then? It is what makes culture control tick.

ET-in-us is part of life. And reptiles are, shall we say, a necessary ‘evil’ to make damn good evolution happen. Paraphrasing what the Snake God Doom said to Conan, you are what we have made you. Without us, you are nothing.


Same goes here. Oh boy, the occultists are a clapping. The Christians are a praying. The debunkers are a frowning. And the rest of us are all having a good laugh between occasional fits of unfounded paranoia.

If you are the unstable type, repeat: Ignorance is bliss, ignorance is bliss, ignorance is bliss.

Is ET real? Is Satan real? Is reptilian-human bloodlines in our leaders and royal families real? Is satanic worship the means of Earthly power more than God worship?


That is the problem with the sticky Icke hypothesis: it’s the proverbial boogieman, ET, the devil, NWO conspiracy, and all key world leaders all thrown into a conceptual and turned on ‘high’.

When modern communication systems like the internet allow all manner of human mental illness to parade as learned wisdom. If annoyed and alarmed, authorities may respond to this as seditious social information warfare of the highest order. Instead of a war of viruses or hacker attacks in computer networks, it a virus planted into human Meme transmission networks. It’s a Meme cracker attack on hallowed symbols of authority and sacred dignity.

Isn’t that what defines ‘hate’? That is how any system classifies a cracker attack - as prejudiced, hateful, institutionally destructive anarchistic behavior. This classifies under a type of social psychological operations David Icke and his followers will have a problem that won’t go away if they don’t wise up. This sticky wicket is one story you will never see made in Hollywood! And rightly so. Or maybe it was, come to think of it.

The sticky Icke story is one the most convoluted world leader personage-defaming UFO pop culture stories going.

The Icke Lizards From Space kind of game shows up when all the institutions and centrist controls become easy targets for modern cult myth overlay. When overlays are promulgated by charismatic personalities, it amounts to detonation of information warfare munitions.

That’s what defamation, libel, and anti-hate-speech laws are all about, to have means to slow down people who are damaging public reputations with lies and slander. In this case, suppressing Icke pop culture fantasy is justified in the minds of authorities after they read the essential message. Icke just crosses the line by making statements treading on all the symbolic holy cows.

Now log off and stop scaring yourself for no good reason, and thinking that the world is going to end at the hands of ET Barney or NWO repto-boys.

Sorry to disappoint all the D & G’rs, but the world is not going to end, except by our own bloody hands, to say it with plain London English. Oh yeah, a small asteroid impact or two, but not the end of the Earth.


The impacts will be used to trigger the Omega Pandora Fail-safe plan, better known as the good old NWO ‘firing solution’.


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The Egyptian Gods, the Lucifers and Messiahs, and the Future


The Egyptians were fully clued in at one point.


There is a real, and frightening reason so many extremely important people are going to ‘worship’ at the pyramid of Giza in Cairo this December 31, 1999. Will the pyramid be pointing to Sirius at a certain moment? Will the Sirius vortex of the God or Gods or the Goddess cause some event to occur, even if only psychic, while sweaty Zahi Hawass flips switches for the crowds? Sirius is called the vortex of God or Gods and/or the Goddess.


This is where, for all intents and purposes, divine beings outside of “physical density” and it’s relative regions, originally come from.

The originating Giza Pyramid builders designed-in a record of this and the predictions of eventual comings of messiahs through history. Sirius is where, for all intents and purposes, divine beings outside of “physical density” and it’s relative regions, originally came from. Near Sirius is a doorway to what we would call heaven.

The doorway was scientifically proven when a pyramid array on a secret satellite detection experiment, revealed a geometric alignment where pyramid energies naturally amplify a stream of energy coming ONLY from near Sirius into our universe. The pyramid effected an interdimensional transceiver function where the subspace tunneling from the Sirius vortex domain occurred, in terms of measurable temporal field modulation.

The reason razor blades don’t rust in pyramids is not pop culture fad belief, but the result of temporal field deceleration naturally occurring in the pyramid. This is actually measurable with a tuned crystal resonator detection and reference system. Above the pyramid the time field was found to be minutely accelerated, inside the pyramid it is decelerated. When the pyramid shaft of Cheops at Giza points to Sirius, and is also aligned geomagnetically on the Earth (Cheops), momentous things are predicted to occur or least be signified.


At at certain times of day and year, there are peak conditions in the pyramid to (among other things):

  1. Communicate with the Gods from inside the Pyramid, i.e. the King’s and Queen’s Chamber - using emotion, vision and symbols.

  2. Receive energies of rejuvenation and spiritual balance from the Sirius vortex - using emotion, vision, and symbols.

  3. Out-of-body experience travel to other planes of existence and initiation and learning, using emotion, vision and symbols.

The originating Giza Pyramid designed-in a record of this and the predictions of eventual comings of messiahs through history. The old dormant code activation keys were broadcast from the cortex and received by everyone on Earth five years ago. The changes are already beginning.

Echelon knows evolution is in for a bumpy ride, and ET knows evolution is in for a bumpy ride, and the rest of us are told nothing. Yet it is we who are at stake. This is why ET and God’s ET agents, and other heavenly influences, are all so active right now, all trying to even up the need-to-know problem through covert mass contact. It is a covert assistance program, not a covert invasion. It is designed to allow us to evolve much faster than our institutions would prefer us sheep wake-up.

There are bad ET’s and there are good ET’s and a lot in between, too. The saving grace in all this is the higherdimensional Sirian soul energies of beyond our physical universe invested powerful dormant DNA encoding and high soul substance into Neanderthal humanity 90,000 years ago. The shaft in the pyramid points to Sirius.

It has been confirmed ET parties were associated closely with the existence of certain Earthly historical early messiahs and holy persons. Our religions were partly created by ET. We were truly, in every scientific physical sense of the words as well, aided by heavenly apparatus and intelligence. But this is no ordinary apparatus. We are talking about the scientific verification of the existence of God.

But this could be God as ET themselves parading as God or God’s agents, by being able to prove their historical Messianic associations, and the fact our genetics came from their divine test tube.

However this still leaves plenty of room left for deception, since there are so many damned ET factions still vying for position today. Not the least of which is our own highest Echelon response to the problem - the appropriation of the right of apotheosis away from the custodians - no matter how benevolent they are.

This is a dangerous path. It is an outwardly directed path in worship of ‘power-over’, technology of control, exclusive rights to resources, and worship of the science of separating the observer from experience. This is a climate of alien threat response management by secession from the ET agents as angels of God.

Here is the crux of the problem: The right Messianic ET’s were already rejected by our idiot world secret government. Why? Our government would not play because the true heavenly God Messianic ET agents would not broker soul rights by acceding to secret institutional control speaking for all humanity.


The worst of it is the human-perceived direct attack by the good ET’s on the human institutions of organized religion as being embodiments of the worst kind of corruption.


We wouldn't have any of that. And they were told to take a cosmic hike - and they did - at our request, except for a few isolated continuing contacts with key individual contactees. The ET’s gave up on our institutions, and our institutions gave up on them, there was to be no marriage without undesired revolution.

Part of ARC Echelon rejection of the ET agents of our historical Messiahs - who were after all good and true and spiritually divine human beings, leaves the populace without without a primer for things to come. So ET is picking up the slack by increasing covert contacts, and there are a quite of few ET visitation joyrides going on too. Our zoo is a hot ticket. Without a primer we are left to to our own wits and conditioning.


And guess what?


Plenty of alliances have come along who were not the Messianic connected ET’s and also claim involvement in our world, one way or another, usually more remote, but still associated somehow. The plot thickened, especially as some of these ET’s turned out to be rather fallen angels of a kind. Faustain bargains had been much more easily made with less caring ET’s by our institutions than with the more caring ETs. This means the institutions were left with a messy problem, and until they figured it out, and could wiggle out of certain Faustian bargains, humanity was to be left without a clue.

So the feedback response system is modified to compensate.

Humanity is exercising it’s own trim-tab compensation by receiving

  1. messages from itself in the future as precognition and dreams

  2. messages from itself from the future, as time travelers, both machine and humanoid, coming back

  3. messages telepathically from ET’s in the present, and most importantly

  4. messages directly from the original creator God and his once Earthly Messiahs, now operating as relay authentic bridges for humanity to God in these times

The status quo in the institutions, on the other hand, are, respectively:

  1. trying to downplay the dreams and precognitions are millennial madness

  2. making sure to debunk the entire field of channelers as nutcase cults

  3. making sure to debunk the entire field of Ufology as disreputable snake oil salesmen

  4. trying to reinforce peoples allegiance to the organized institutional forms of religion and science

This is the result of the actions of the Echelon elements in secession mode.


The few elements in lower Echelons that have realized the monumental mistakes they have made still don’t want to turn over authority to any genuine human contactee! They want to instead attempt to go straight to the source. This is the reason for all the secret society worship of the Gods of ancient Egypt and the reason again, for the coming festivities being attended by representatives of all the secret societies.

But the fact still remains, regardless of the noble attempts to adjust the game through the types like Joe Firmage, without a primer that requires more institutional dressing down to see the whole truth, most of humanity could rush to judgment - into a premature friend or foe determination - and get caught up in mistaken identity turmoil. This is why there are so many above top secret fake apotheosis programs in a box. They can only get away with all of this as long as we are still under basic embargo and quarantine as a planet.

It all depends if we can:

  1. keep the ET lid on, and

  2. keep the worldly natural catastrophe curve in check, or adapt fast enough to changes in the sun, for example and

  3. keep ourselves from killing ourselves off with human conflict triggered NCBW in the next 12 years,

All without without absolutely needing ET help to survive and not go extinct, we could pass through this momentum time at the end of ‘normal’ history and not have to scientifically confront the existence of alien life for almost another century.


Now wouldn’t that be nice?


Don’t worry, the abductions will all soon be over, for the most part. Besides you were just giving and getting some help. Once in a while there are a few demonic abductors running around, but that is kept in check. Every abduction event is monitored by Echelon authorities. Every ET tagged party is an Echelon tagged party. Yet, remember, human free will is still the most powerful element in the mix. You only get abducted because as a soul you agreed to it before you were born.

There is a God who exists as a non-physical creator beyond this universe, of which entities in different ET’s civilizations either love or hate, or listen to or turn a deaf ear to, depending on how much their ‘fallen’ factor is operative. Certain Vedic saints, Abraham, Moses, Jesus Christ, and Mohammed, and recently even Joseph Smith, prime examples amongst many, were all contacted by rather benevolent angel ET’s, as judged by the quality of the teachings they have promulgated.

Our institutions have recently rejected the right heavenly hosts. They left the rest of us to fend for ourselves, while they secure potential divine secessionary escape routes, or just Mexican stand-off hold-offs. This all means, good and bad ET, angelic and demonic ET, of different ilks can now covertly contact humanity on a telepathic basis, at the least, IF individual humanity ‘asks’ for it, and get a response, depending on the degree of pattern match. Negative people naturally attract similarly predisposed ET’s, and so on.

Our institutions have failed the tests and given into the devil’s temptations. The Sirian-Egyptian connection correlates to a coordinate in the heavens that highest Echelon knows the door to ‘heaven’ is. Certain Egypto-Masonic ASC Echelon types want to negotiate their own exclusive relationship with divinity, and bypass the truly ‘holy-host’ ET’s who reject their all too human power and control games. If we don’t watch it, these idiots will try to drag the rest of humanity along with them into Faustian bargain oblivion.

The only assured response strategy options are:

  1. Allow the whole thing blow over through the continued disenfranchisement of Ufology from science and religion, as ARC elements have planned and executed for fifty years, (and hope no massive new UFO religion springs up that would make things like Scientology and even Mormanism look like small stuff). Let the UFO age die-off, by forcing the ET’s away through a threatened scorched globe policy.

  2. Allow the whole thing gradually take hold socially through the personal domain of direct ET to person contact (and yes direct God to person contact) going on, physically, telepathically, symbolically, spiritually. And hopefully all the while try to marry science and religion back together in a way that allows these hallowed institutions to survive. But the bigoted radical cynical scientific rationalism cultists, and the bigoted radical optimistic religious mysticism cultists, will both have to eventually give it up. And as we all know, that will not happen without a fight.

This is why ET is denied the welcome mat on Earth and the No-Vacancy signs are on in the mainstream sense. We need time to just make it go away, or to prepare ourselves for eventual radical cultural adjustment.

Either way, ET is NOT really the issue we need to figure out anymore, even if more than half the ARC Echelon folks are still sweating it, and the abductees are tired of it.

The ONLY issue of genuine import is how our hidden human potential for divine spirituality can dovetail with the coming big wave of cosmic events and ‘energies’ over the next years so we can make the best out of it, and yes, save our own souls, and our world, with the help of God and/or Goddess.

That is the ONLY question that is relevant to be answered. Everything else turns out to be a grand distraction.

But remember Heaven’s Gate. The leader of Falun Gong, Master Li, believes evil ET’s recently seeded human civilization with technology and computers as a covert invasion plan. These evil ET’s worship technology and science like a religion, to the exclusion of higher dimensions. Drunvalo Mechelzidek holds that technology is the result of a Luciferian rebellion. The environmental crisis has stirred a contemporary “modern age” Luddite backlash against insensitive irresponsible science, commerce and industry.

The Unabomber Manifesto. Earthfirst. Back to nature worship and “superstition”.


The backlash against science is just beginning unless science stops worshipping the separation of the observer from the observed as a means to operate with impunity, and derisively dismisses claims that involve the observer. Science is actually on the way to committing suicide. But in radically responding to the problem as a turf war for souls, so will religion.

Don’t wait for your institutions to get it together for you. Common humanity may have to stand elitist management for decade or so until the inevitable happens. The inevitable is human apotheosis for the masses as a direct link between human and God and Goddess, and without ET necessarily consciously involved, and without human institutions moderating. And that scares our hallowed institutions of science and religion, our institutions of commerce and politics, it scares them all half to death. No wonder.

Mommy Goddess and Daddy God are coming into direct contact with us in a new radical fashion - not as physical ET’s like the government or evil ET’s would have us believe, but as personalized loving, forgiving and powerful spiritual energies and entities from beyond this physical universe. They are returning, big time, in non-physical terms, to re-connect and co-create with their original soul substance in this universe, located in, guess what - human hearts.

This Human-Spiritual heart reconnection is feared by the ‘fallen’ Luciferians mindsets - their game is up. Because once the true reconnection happens, it makes individual human beings hundreds of times more powerful than our high yield hydrogen bombs, in terms of potential spiritual influence. Remember the power of our historical Messiahs? They did not show what they were really capable of, despite the wonders they did demonstrate.


And remember how all Messiahs claimed that any human was capable of the same as they?


It was all only ever about growing love in the human heart. It was about growing the capacity for caring and intimacy, the incorruptible means for humanity not falling this time for well laid traps. The alien-human alliance engineered fail-safe awareness traps on the human evolutionary experiment. And they work.

The ET’s just hope we humans as a whole species learn our lessons before we get so much power. Since most of us wouldn’t trust anyone we know with too much power, and treat other species on our planet like chattel without feelings, that ought to help explain to you why ET’s have us under a form of embargo and quarantine. We humans foam at the mouth after all without any help at all from ET races.

Now see?


You didn’t need to read all this blathering gibberish after all. We warned you.


As William Shatner once said to the stunned crestfallen trekkies at a Star Trek convention, “Get a life"!


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