by James Bartley
27 November 2011
from Whale Website

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To get an idea of what a Reptilian Controlled planet would look like, we must first have a general understanding of what the Reptilians are:

They are a parasitic alien species that thrives on engendering anger, confusion, fear and hatred upon a host population.

The reptilians literally and figuratively “feed” off the negative emotions thus engendered.


This is done on a macro-planetary scale but it is also done on a micro-individual scale. In order to maintain dominance of the host species (Humanity) the reptilians must genetically manipulate the host population so that a hereditary reptilian-human hybrid elite emerges which will act as plantation managers. In this way control is maintained for thousands of years through the same reptilian bloodlines.


Human Destiny is thus guided and controlled by an Unseen Hand.


Odious characteristics such as,

  • sexual aggression

  • unreasoning hostility

  • territorial acquisitiveness

  • the compulsion to sadistically control and manipulate others,

...are genetically imbued into large swaths of the surface population thus creating a veritable buffet of negative emotions for the reptilians to feed off of.

Further control of the surface human population is attained through the imposition of harsh patriarchal religions. A “Divide and Conquer” strategy is installed which results in endless wars between humans. The human race has been genetically “dumbed down” so that humanity at large cannot fulfill its spiritual and metaphysical potential.


There is a well documented agenda to cull the Earth’s human population to “sustainable” levels. The goal is to leave a relatively small amount of thoughtless, micro-chipped humans to be slaves whose descendants will remain forever confined to this planet.

Another point to consider is that the Moon is an artificial satellite.


I’m not suggesting that the reptilians created the Moon but for those who have studied the Moon in relation to UFOs, it is fairly obvious that the Moon is being utilized by someone or something. The anomalies of the Moon are too numerous to go into in this article.


A good place for the reader to start serious research about the Moon is Chapter 1 of Jim Marr’s book “Alien Agenda”:





Excerpts from "Alien Agenda"
by Jim Marrs

from Wale Website

The Greatest UFO?

One particularly bright, circular object has been observed moving through Earth's skies since the beginning of human history. Every person on the planet has seen this object. We call it the moon.

Although this object is identified-at least we have a name for it and we know it's there-the moon cannot be hastily disqualified as a UFO. Despite six visits by U.S. astronauts between 1969 and 1972, the moon remains a riddle to scientists in many regards. The solutions to these riddles could indicate an alien aspect of our familiar moon.


Before the Apollo missions, lunar scientists longed for the time when humans could walk on the moon's surface. By studying the makeup of our satellite, they hoped to resolve some of the mysteries of how our planet and solar system came into existence.


Well-known space expert and the first chairman of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration's (NASA) Lunar Exploration Committee Dr. Robert Jastrow has stated,

"The moon is the Rosetta stone of the planets."

Six moon landings later, the public perception was that we had learned all we needed to about the moon.

However, those same lunar scientists were no closer to agreement on how to answer even the most basic questions-such as how the moon was created. Despite the return of some 842 pounds of rocks and soil samples, photos and videotape, and the placement of five nuclear-powered scientific stations on the lunar surface, there are still no clear-cut solutions to the moon's mysteries.

Quite the reverse: what we have learned about the moon in the wake of the Apollo missions has only raised more questions.


Science writer Earl Ubell declared,

"The lunar Rosetta stone remains a mystery. The moon is more complicated than anyone expected; it is not simply a kind of billiard ball frozen in space and time, as many scientists had believed. Few of the fundamental questions have been answered, but the Apollo rocks and recordings have spawned a score of mysteries, a few truly breath-stopping. "

Consider some of these "breath-stopping" mysteries, or anomalies, as scientists prefer to call them.

The moon is far older than previously imagined, perhaps even much older than the earth and sun. By examining tracks burned into moon rocks by cosmic rays, scientists have dated them as billions of years old. Some have been dated back 4.5 billion years, far older than the earth and "nearly as old as the solar system," according to Jastrow. The oldest rocks ever found on Earth only date back 3.5 billion years.


It is accepted by scientists today that the earth is about 4.6 billion years old. Harvard's respected astronomy journal, Sky and Telescope, reported that at the Lunar Conference of 1973, it was revealed that one moon rock was dated at 5.3 billion years old, which would make it almost a billion years older than our planet. This puzzle was compounded by the fact that the lunar dust in which the rocks were found proved to be a billion years older than the rocks themselves.


Chemical analysis showed that the moon rocks were of a completely different composition from the soil around them. Since dusty soil is usually produced by the weathering and breakup of surrounding rocks, the lunar rocks must have come from someplace other than where they were found.


But where?

The moon has at least three distinct layers of rocks. Contrary to the idea that heavier objects sink, the heavier rocks are found on the surface.


Stated Don Wilson,

"The abundance of refractory elements like titanium in the surface areas is so pronounced that several geo-chemists proposed that refractory compounds were brought to the moon's surface in great quantity in some unknown way. They don't know how, but that it was done cannot be questioned. These rich materials that are usually concentrated in the interior of a world are now on the outside."

Ubell, a former science editor for CBS television, acknowledged this mystery, saying,

"The first [layer], 20 miles deep, consists of lavalike material similar to lava flows on Earth. The second, extending down to 50 miles, is made up of somewhat denser rock. The third, continuing to a depth of at least 80 miles and probably below, appears to be of a heavy material similar to the Earth's mantle. . . ."

Ubell asked,

"If the Earth and moon were created at the same time, near each other, why has one body got all the iron and the other [the moon] not much? The differences suggest that Earth and moon came into being far from each other, an idea that stumbles over the inability of astrophysicists to explain how exactly the moon became a satellite of the Earth."

The moon is extremely dry and does not appear to have ever had water in any substantial amounts.


None of the moon rocks, regardless of location found, contained free water or even water molecules bound into the minerals. Yet instruments left behind by Apollo missions sent a signal to Earth on March 7, 1971, indicating a "wind" of water had crossed the moon's surface.


Since any water on the airless moon surface vaporizes and behaves like the wind on Earth, the question became, where did this water originate? The vapor cloud eruptions lasted fourteen hours and covered an area of some one hundred square miles, prompting Rice University physicists Dr. John Freeman Jr. and Dr. H. Ken Hills to pronounce the event one of "the most exciting discoveries yet" indicating water within the moon.


The two physicists claimed the water vapor came from deep inside the moon, apparently released during a moonquake. NASA officials offered a more mundane, and questionable, explanation. They speculated that two tanks on Apollo descent stages containing between sixty and one hundred pounds of water became stressed and ruptured, releasing their contents. Freeman and Hills declined to accept this explanation, pointing out that the two tanks-from Apollo 12 and 14-were some 180 kilometers apart, yet the water vapor was detected with the same flux at both sites, although the instruments faced in opposite directions.


Skeptics also have understandably questioned the odds of two separate tanks breaking simultaneously and how such a small quantity of water could produce a hundred square miles of vapor. Additionally, Apollo 16 astronauts found moon rocks that contained bits of rusted iron.


Since oxidation requires oxygen and free hydrogen, this rust indicates there must be water somewhere on the moon.





Four points are worth mentioning:

  1. The same side of the Moon always faces the Earth. By all rights the Moon should be rotating on its own axis.

  2. The Moon actually makes a ringing sound which last for a long time when struck by a large object such as the Lunar Lander, suggesting the Moon is hollow. If the Moon is hollow then it cannot be a natural object.

  3. NASA routinely air brushes photographs of the Moon which show unusual structures or objects. Insiders have come forward to attest to this fact.

  4. The Moon is positioned in such a way that it can cause a total eclipse of the Sun.

It is beyond the laws of chance or probability that the Moon should have accidentally wound up in its present position.


It simply must have been placed there by a civilization with truly awesome technological capabilities. It is possible the Moon itself is a space ship. The positioning of the Moon gives one the impression that it is a huge monitoring station and Earth is nothing more than a huge terrarium.


To carry on this analogy further it would be helpful to draw a comparison with human owners of pet reptiles vice the observed treatment meted out to the human host population by the reptilians.

The human owner provides a well regulated and safe habitat for his reptile. It is not unusual for the human owner to shower affection upon the reptile. The least that pets of any variety can expect from their human owners is nutritious food, abundant clean air and water as well as health care when the animals become ill.


On the other hand, this is what we know is happening to humanity:


  1. Globalist organizations such as the Codex Alimentarius are gradually ensuring that all the “food” that humans eat will be denatured, irradiated, and bereft of necessary enzymes, minerals, nutrients and essential fatty acids.


    Instead the human herd is forced to consume processed foods, much of it genetically engineered which contain carcinogenic ingredients and preservatives.


    It will soon be illegal to own, let alone plant natural seeds. The “food” literally makes us sick.


  2. The medicines provided for us by the pharmaceutical cartel make us ill and the medical treatments that are given to us by the medical system are either ineffective, make us sicker or kill us.


    Vaccines laced with viruses and adjuvants gives humans cancer and turn children autistic or give them convulsions. The toxic combination of vaccines, pharmaceuticals, GMO food, fluoridated water ad nauseum has led to widespread sterility in human males.


    Hundreds of Natural Supplements will be banned in the European Union this year, the rest of the world to follow.


  3. Chemtrails crisscross the skies with pollutants that cause widespread sickness and which may even affect us at the DNA level.


    Transnational corporations routinely desecrate the environment with toxic pollutants, a recent egregious example being British Petroleum deliberately poisoning the Gulf of Mexico with oil and dispersants which will have dire consequences for the entire planet. Spontaneous fission continues to occur in the Fukushima reactors in Japan.


    Radionuclides continue to be dispersed into the jet stream which will spread the highly toxic particulates around the entire planet. Fukushima was a contrived event. Genetically modified plants and animals once introduced into the ecosystem are incurring changes in natural crops and wildlife. Honeybees are dying off in huge numbers.


    HAARP and Seismic-Weaponry are creating artificial “natural disasters” all over the world resulting in even more shortages of natural food. “Futures” Markets are manipulated in New York and Chicago resulting in rising prices of basic foodstuffs which leads to even more starvation.


  4. A Fiat Currency system has indebted every nation on Earth to the International Banking Cartel which is the primary operating arm of the reptilian overlords on the surface of the planet.


    Countless individuals and families in Western nations are financially destitute. The peoples of the Third World have long since been impoverished.


  5. People are “De-Educated.” The Educational System is run by Behaviorist and Psychologist who utilize Skinnerian techniques. As a result entire generations of people are absolutely incapable of independent thought.


    The series of tremendous geological cataclysms resulting from comets and perhaps interplanetary wars are dismissed as absurdities by Quackademics in the Educational System. The meanings of words have been twisted and perverted.


    Full scale military invasions are described as “humanitarian interventions.”


    Anti-War protestors are described as “Terrorists” and people who believe in The Truth (i.e. any verifiable Truth which conflicts with the corporate media consensus) are demonized as “Extremists.”

All of the above and much more could be attributed to purely human masters were it not for the countless well documented accounts of abductions of humans by reptilians.

The reptilians are an objective reality. There are countless videos on YouTube and Google video which show reptilian human hybrids with vertical pupils on television manipulating and lying to the public.


Their vertical pupils and occasional shape shifting gives them away. The ratio of reptilian human hybrids in positions of power and influence compared to “normal humans” should give anyone pause for thought as to who or what is really in control of this planet.


We must first recognize the state of Cosmic Vassalage we are in.


If enough people wake up to the reality of the Reptilian Overlords in time, we may still assert our freedom and throw off the yoke of reptilian oppression. It is not too late.


If you think I am making all this up, just look up at the Moon...